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AHAW shorts

1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 05:58 David Sara Jack and Connie are moved into a new area of the lab after completing some sort of training, this section has a bedroom bathrooms eating hall, training area and a lounge. They are all ushered into the lounge seeing and meeting each other for
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:01 the very first time, altho they have met Higgins before if they have been on missions* Hello! welcome to your new living facilities! these are your roommates and partners! You will be going on missions together once your comfortable with each other so
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:02 Get to know each other! for those who dont know me Im Higgins the Mission Leader I'll be in charge of were your going and what tools you get to use and such.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:03 *looks around at David, Sara, and Jack*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:03 *waves*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:04 I have some paperwork I need to get done but I will be in that Room if you need me! *he points to a door that says "Mission Leader" above it*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:04 *he walks off into his room*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:05 Hi! Oh my goodness I havent seen anyone my age in a while! this is so cool!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:05 Well...I'm 18, actually...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:05 I'm Connie.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:06 *he sits on the top of the couch, putting his feet on the cushions*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:06 Im Sara and Im 20!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:08 Oh, cool. *didn't expect that*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:10 *looks around at everyone else quietly*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:11 hi *he signs at Jack, as he isnt able to talk*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:13 *waves back at David*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:14 *she turns to the boys* So what are your guys names?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:15 Im david Im 16
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:16 *says quietly* Nathaniel, but most call me Jack.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:16 are you deaf? *sara signs and talks at the same time*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:17 no Im just mute *he smiles as he signs*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:17 oh cool!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 *looks at David and Sara, a bit confused*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 how is Jack short for Nathaniel by the way?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 Um...so...you can't talk? *@ David*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 ...It's not...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:19 then why would people call you Jack?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:20 yeah so I sign instead *he moves his hands quickly*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:21 Um...I'm sorry, I don't know sign language...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:22 he said yeah thats why he signs
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:23 It's name on his birth certificate.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:23 Oh, okay...thank you...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:29 Oh so you changed your name?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:34 In a way.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:34 I prefer Nathaniel.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:35 ok Nathaniel! so what are everyones cool abilities?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:45 ...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:45 I can manipulate magnetism to some extent.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:52 oh cool!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:53 *doesn't answer*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:54 I can give 1st degree burns if I touch someone for long enough, like a sunburn in the shape of my hand *David laughs it sounds throaty and weird not like a normal laugh but Sara laughs with him*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:54 oh thats Awesome David!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:55 how about you Natheniel what do you do?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:00 I can read people.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:00 *@ Connie* David can burn people mildly if he touches them.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:01 Thanks...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:01 oh like mind reading?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:09 A little.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:09 I sense people's emotions and motivations. I cannot fully sense what they're thinking exactly.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:11 oh ok thats cool! I can not die, well I can but I pop back up a few minutes later, its really scary though
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:15 Wow...you're immortal?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:22 I guess, I still age though so Ill probably maybe die of old age one day
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:34 But wouldn't you come back?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:36 Well I've been here since I was 7 and when I die I dont turn 7 again so no I dont think I will
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:57 But wouldn't you come back at whatever age you die from old age at?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:07 probably not? beacause its my whole body stopping
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 08:25 Okay...??
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 08:26 So...um...where are you from?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:28 remmington
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 08:30 Where's that?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:31 absolutely no idea.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.3 04:39 *chuckles awkwardly* Okay then.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.4 20:40 Connie, is your magnetism strong enough to undo locks? Or is it more of a paperclip level which wpuld also be very helpful
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.6 05:06 Yeah, so long as the lock is small enough. It's still pretty tricky, though...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 04:31 Um...do any of you have any idea where we're going to go? You know...in terms of missions?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:32 No but we should probably train together, what training have you guys done?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 04:35 I was trained on how to torture, and torture tactics, covert operations, deep cover and gathering intel, People assume im deaf so they will talk around me.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 04:36 *promptly lists the titles of types of training she's had**most of them are technical, though some self-defense is in there as well*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:37 oh nice, Im trained in gathering Intel...under cover, suicide missions, and hostage situations, by that I mean how to gain the most information while being a hostage. since alot of the times they will assume they killed me
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 04:37 *lists his training types as well**it's evenly split between diplomatic skills/gathering intel and combat*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 04:38 *quickly adds after listing some fairly advanced combat training programs he was in:* I don't like fighting, though. It--it makes me rather...nauseous.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 04:38 I know someone who really likes it, though...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 04:39 I dont get how people can kill, I never have I dont know If I could. but Ive never been on missions just simulations. have any of you guys killed?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:40 I dont like fighting either only If I absolutely have to but I usually dont, because 9/10 my missions are for them to think they killed me
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:41 oh and David wants to know if you killed anyone
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 04:44 *gently shoves sara a bit smiling and signs* Thats not all I said God you make me sound like a creep
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:45 *Sara and David chuckle a bit*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:03 Not me, no.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:18 And yes, I could understand him, though I assume you translated for Connie.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:19 yeah
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:22 you guys are super cool! do you want smoothies? I can make us smoothies!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:25 Sure.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:25 *chuckles* When have I never wanted smoothies?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:30 make mine mango!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:32 ok! *walks to the kitchen and starts making smoothies*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:33 Jack: Um...David gave the flavor he wants. Connie: I would like strawberry! Jack: I wouldn't mind having that flavor too...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:35 *sara yells "Ok" from the kitchen down the hall*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:35 what do you guys do for fun around here?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:37 We...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:37 He asked what we do for fun.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:37 Oh. I like to read. I also like riddles and mind games.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:42 cool, I make stickers
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:50 He makes stickers. Connie: Ooo, what kind of stickers?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:51 really swell ones
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:56 Uh...good ones.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:56 Could you show me some?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:01 *he pulls some stickers from his pockets, its bees, and people and many other drawings on cut out bits of paper with dried glue on the back, he licks the back of one to wet the glue then slaps it on the wall*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:12 They are very nice!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:12 You ought to put them all over the place! Jack: Uh...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:14 I do they peel them off all the time they get so annoyed! *He starts laughing a bit*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 06:21 He says he does, but people who work here peel them off.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:21 That's a shame...if I catch anyone doing that, I'll have a word with them. *chuckles a bit, but is serious*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 06:26 *walks in with the smoothies* Strawberry....Strawberry...mango and bannana for me!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:34 Thanks! *she and Jack take the strawberry smoothies*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 06:34 *nods in thanks as he takes his**flinches a tiny bit and says "Shut up" under his breath just before he slurps on his smoothie*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:40 are you ok Nathaniel?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 06:42 I'm fine.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:49 *drinks his smoothie*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:58 *drinks hers* Wow...you really need to teach me your recipes for these!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 07:01 *she blushes a bit* Thanks!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 07:16 *finishes his smoothie astoundingly fast*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 04:35 oh if any of you need to practice leathal combat, im the best for it since I pop right back up
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.8 04:51 Uh... *chuckles nervously* I'm good. Jack: Me too...definitely...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 04:55 no thanks..
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 04:55 thats good then...dying hurts alot...anyways we should train together so we are on the same wavelength
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.8 04:56 Alright.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.8 05:18 When are we going to start training?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.14 04:17 Well what areas are your weak spots? Thats what we should train in
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.14 04:55 I dunno...I guess I never got into advanced combat, but that's not my field, and I don't like fighting, so...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 05:35 I know...fighting sucks..it makes my stomach churn...but if you guys die you dont come back..and the feild can be tough
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.16 06:40 Yeah...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.21 03:45 Im going to head to the training room *she walks off*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.26 05:06 *hesitates, then decides to follow*

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