" Cookie Land "
This game is destined to players of 5 to 13 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

All this game is about is you can roleplayin cookie land

1>Cookie (Owner of Cookie Land), 23yo.2019,Apr.29 16:03 Hello Welcome to Cookie Land
2>Isabelle (adlut ), 20yo.2019,May.10 20:27  Buying Cookie milkshake (x 1)  
1>Cookie (Owner of Cookie Land), 23yo.2019,May.10 21:34 Umm excuse me but Isabelle is not a Sweet name. It can be like strawberry cookie or a food name
3>sweetie (happy), 20yo.2019,May.10 21:48 hi it's me Isabelle changed my name
3>sweetie (happy), 20yo.2019,May.10 21:48  Buying Cookie milkshake (x 1)  
3>sweetie (happy), 20yo.2019,May.10 21:49 hello
1>Cookie (Owner of Cookie Land), 23yo.2019,Jul.31 15:34 So Sweetie how is life
3>sweetie (happy), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 18:10 want to play Elamental sisters

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