" Daydreamy Lands "
This game is destined to players of 4 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

State your daydreams. Rules: no swears, no inappropriate stuff, no forceing people to share their daydreams, tell me if you want buyables via secret message, HAVE FUN.

1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Oct.30 02:41 If you want to share people daydreams and they are on this rp share them.
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Oct.30 02:43 cool
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.1 14:06 mibuface
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:15 @ Felicity: Spammer alert... XD
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:16 THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAAA!!!!! *comes charging epicly into this RPG**runs facefirst into a wall and falls back* >.< Aww...man...
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:16 Maybe I shouldn't make my arrivals so epic... >___< XD
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:17 Anyway, hi! I daydream a lot-usually about fandoms I really like or sometimes even about my favorite operas and music.
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:19 yeah i daydream about fandoms all the time
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:26 Hi!
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:26 Crap, I think I missed you.
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:27 What fandoms do you daydream about? Recently I've been mostly daydreaming about X-Men and The Maze Runner.
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:30 still here
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:30 and doctor who
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:30 dang it i think i missed you ass well XD
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:31 Hey!
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:32 Er...that's an awkward typo you made there... o.o'
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:32 I think I missed you again. XD
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:37 lol!
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:37 oh dang it!
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:38 Yeah, crud. XP
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:38 im soo sorry for that typo!
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:38 i dont like swearing dang it!
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:38 i am going to move it up so i cant see it
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:38 .
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:38 It's fine. I've had moments like that myself.
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:38 .
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 .
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ;
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 /
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ;
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 /
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 You don't have to do that. Just don't look up at it. There's no way to get rid of it unless Kalista deletes the message.
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ;
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 '
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ;
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ';
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ;'
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 Or not...
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ;'
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 ok
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:39 It's gone now.
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:40  Secret message to Caprial  
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:42 Still there?
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:42 yes
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:43 sorry i was kinda gone all yester day and today my dad got us an xbox 360 yesterday
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:46 OK.
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:46 No offense, but...booo! PLAYSTATION FOREVERRRR!!! XD
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:46 But still, congrats on getting the Xbox. XD XP
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:48 So...uhhh...now what?
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:48 Want to go to my chat club (BrunnysAwesomeWorldOfRandomness)?
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:48 It's on the Thematic Clubs on SOTW.
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:49 :P
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:49 i just watched how to make a printed candle bc i was so bord so yes!
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:51 I cant find it :p
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:52 found it :D
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:53 Go to SOTW. Click on "Chat, Clubs, Surveys." Click "Clubs (thematic forums) Pimary, Middle school 5 - 15 years." Click "BrunnysAwesomeWorldOfRandomness." And ta daaaa. XP
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:53 Wait, nvm.
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:53 See you there!
2>Caprial (usa), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 21:54 :D
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.4 23:03 KALISTA?! YOU MADE THIS RP?!
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.4 23:38 mibuface
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.4 23:40 Yes I did.
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.4 23:41 I daydream about literally EVERYTHING.
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.4 23:44 liar
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.4 23:44 No, not lying AT ALL.
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.4 23:47 Do you daydream about a pink unicorn with purple polka dots that delivers magic sparkly eggs to the citizens of Equestria?
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.5 00:00 Well, everything I hear about.
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.5 00:01 MIBUFACE!!!!!
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.5 00:16 MIBUFACE!!!!!
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.5 00:20 MIBUFACE!!!!!
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.5 00:26 bubye
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.12 23:18 Ever since I saw Spectre I've been daydreaming about James Bond and the awesome actor Christoph Waltz...heck, I even had a dream last night where I invited Christoph Waltz to my house and he CAME!! XD
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.12 23:18 I guess that's what happens when it turns out that the latest James Bond movie is one of the best movies ever made. XD XP
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.14 02:52 I AM GOING TO SHARE MY MOST SACRED DAYDREAM EVER. DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE ELSE!!!!
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.14 02:53 I AM GOING TO SHARE MY MOST SACRED DAYDREAM EVER. DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE ELSE!!!!
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.15 03:19   + 100 Experience points to Brunnhilde  
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.15 03:19   + 50 Experience points to Caprial  
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.15 03:21   + 50 Experience points to Brunnhilde  
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.15 03:26 This is my daydream: so this made-up superhero called Miss Maydence Maydae/Me, can travel through these things I made up "cartoon worlds" which are basically different shows I like.
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:26 How is that sacred?! *falls down laughing*
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.15 03:29 Most of the time she's in Pokemon. Oh! Got to go, my battery's running low. Brb! I'll what a more tomorrow.
1>Daydreamer (Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz), 10yo.2015,Nov.15 03:30 I'll share more tomorrow, AND ITS SACRED TO ME!!!
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2015,Nov.16 22:03 -_-
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2016,Jan.2 05:08 I have constant daydreams that I'm a superhero who lives in the X-Men universe.
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2016,Jan.2 05:09 It's sacred to me. ^.^ XD
16>Cindy (DayDreamer), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 13:32 I daydream all the time because I have like my imagine world and I want it to be real
16>Cindy (DayDreamer), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 13:33 yeah... it's like I'm talking to my self all the time, but I know I am talking to someone...
16>Cindy (DayDreamer), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 13:34 maybe it's weird and yes it is, but I love them...
16>Cindy (DayDreamer), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 13:42 @Felicity: I looove Pink Fluffy Unicorn!! ^^
16>Cindy (DayDreamer), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 13:42 she's the best
3>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 13:52 Me too!
16>Cindy (DayDreamer), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 19:31 yay! unicorns! ^^ *unicorn dance*
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2016,Jan.6 04:39 Yeah...often I wish Magneto from X-Men were real and I had powers so I could epicly battle him... XD
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2016,Jan.6 04:40 I've always loved to play pretend, so if I'm alone sometimes I just randomly start roleplaying (in real life, of course, not on here/the Internet).
16>Cindy (DayDreamer), 15yo.2016,Jan.6 20:34 yea.. I moustly talk to Laem now (u don know him tho because his my imagination)
4>Ava (Daydreamer), 8yo.2016,Mar.28 14:53 Hi! I daydream my whole life! It's like there two different Ava's!
4>Ava (Daydreamer), 8yo.2016,Mar.28 15:01  Secret message to Daydreamer  
4>Ava (Daydreamer), 8yo.2016,Mar.28 15:03  Secret message to Daydreamer  
4>Ava (Daydreamer), 8yo.2016,Mar.28 15:06  Secret message to Felicity  
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2016,Apr.10 21:58 I have too many daydreams. It's like there's a second world in my head! I believe that condition is called 'maladaptive daydreaming'.
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2016,Apr.19 04:38 @ Felicity: XD Oh no.
12>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2016,Apr.19 04:39 I'm a daydreamer too, but I only do it if I'm really bored. I have a philosophy on how to fend off daydreams; would you guys like me to share it?
7>Felicity (mibuface), 13yo.2017,Nov.17 04:04 How the flip did I know about maladaptive daydreaming when I was eleven???

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