" A Hogwarts Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 8 to 10 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is an 8-10 year old role-play game. First, you must create a wizard. Second, you buy the items you need. Third, have fun!

P.S, Here is the list of items:
1. 3 Robes
2. 1 animal of your choice
3. 1 wand
4. 1 bed
These are just necessities, so you can buy more! *You might get kicked of if you haven't logged in often (5 or more years), so other players can join.

1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.8 17:19 Whew! We have arrived at the Hogwarts station! What a ride!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.8 17:19 I have everything I need...I think...
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.9 23:29 Well, sure I do! I just need to wait.
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.9 23:29  Dropping Night-light (x 3)  Oops! Someone can grab that.
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.9 23:29  Taking Night-light (x 2)  
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.9 23:30 There...
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.11 01:23   + 10000000 Money points to all players  
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.11 01:24 OH. MY. GOSH. Money dicount!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.11 01:24 *s
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Sep.13 22:38   - 10000000 Money points to all players  

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