" Baldomar Gislin Auxentios Maximanus Donne "
This game is destined to players of 15 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This game is not all about you.
This is Flamebrom Hazelsmoke's story.
At first Flamebroom will think she is Kelley Brewster.
You are a random student from a witch family, you attend the school for magic. Flamebroom is trying to take the throne as she is the heir.

Any characters with the mood 'Lead' are played by me.

8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:11 Many years ago
8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:12 There was a castle and a family
8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:12 The hazelsmoke family
8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:12 They ruled over Auxentios Kingdom
8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:13 But then
8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:13 Their child Flamebroom was kidnapped
7>Deadrot Hazelsmoke (Mother), 35yo.2018,Feb.25 02:14 I was devastated
7>Deadrot Hazelsmoke (Mother), 35yo.2018,Feb.25 02:15 I was alone, my parents died when I was a child, my husband died of shock when Flamebroom was born
7>Deadrot Hazelsmoke (Mother), 35yo.2018,Feb.25 02:17 I'd heard of the prophecy of the two queens of Auxentios, I had no idea if the rumors were true
7>Deadrot Hazelsmoke (Mother), 35yo.2018,Feb.25 02:19 That the Boilsqualks and the Newtsquirts wanted the throne instead.
8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:19 Flashback
1>Kelley Brewster (Main, student), 15yo.2018,Feb.25 02:20 Waaah Waaah
7>Deadrot Hazelsmoke (Mother), 35yo.2018,Feb.25 02:21 Flamebroom!
7>Deadrot Hazelsmoke (Mother), 35yo.2018,Feb.25 02:22 No! Nightspaz! I thought I could trust you!
8>Narrator (Narrator), 00000yo.2018,Feb.25 02:23 Nightspaz Boilsqualk kidnapped Flamebroom and sent her to the Brewsters, a banished family.

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