" The Holiday Adventure "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

It's almost the Christmas holiday and it's the time for a new adventure! This roleplay is basically going on a adventure throughout different times of the years and holidays and having fun! There will be some action, but first let me explain the rules:
1). Please choose up to 3 characters.
2). Please no foul language.
3). Create your characters as you please!
4). Please try to be on the same time as others, but it's fine if that doesn't happen.
5). Everyone can take a time with choosing an adventure!

1>Tom (Father ), 30yo.2016,Dec.12 19:50 (So for the begining of this roleplay, we are going to have this be based off the movie Krampus, for those that haven't seen it or heard of it, it's about a darker side of Saint Nichloas. He comes with his evil helpers and tries to kill off everyone!)
1>Tom (Father ), 30yo.2016,Dec.12 19:51 (We will have it that everyone's character's will be going to Tom's house to celebrate Christmas and that is where everything will get started!)
1>Tom (Father ), 30yo.2016,Dec.12 19:51 (Also if you would like to change your characters during the roleplay, feel free to! Just claim that color spot! :))
1>Tom (Father ), 30yo.2016,Dec.12 19:53 (Tom is about in his early 30's late 40's. He spends most of his time to himself and his family. He wears dark blue sweaters with nice pants with black shoes and has a really nice personality. His weapon of choice will be a shotgun.)
11>Hawkeye (Avengers ), 35yo.2016,Dec.12 19:55 (Hawkeye is pretty nice most of the time except he spends most of his time preparing for battles and keeping his team alive. His weapon of choice will be bows and arrows. He doesn't like the cold, but has no idea what is going to happen..)

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