" Insanity #1 - When Survival Strikes "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 50 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Your world is ending. You've already lost all of your family. You are all alone in a world where a almost life-like disease is catching on to everyone - and you're at risk. This disease was unknown to the scientists and doctors while they were still alive, but it has killed almost all of them, too. You're only hope is to find the Scavengers, a powerful survival group, and live.

Note from the Author:
Hey! To answer a question I'm sure a lot of you have: Why 'Insanity #1'? Well, I plan to make this into a series of RPs, and will later become a series of books based on it.

This game takes place in modern-day. Also, the money is only in coins, as paper money is too fragile for the world now. Anything in the inventory with 't.' on it means 'temporary' and whatever effect it has on your character will wear off.

To start, make your character (preferably 13 or older) and have him/her start alone. Eventually have him/her meet Verista (my character) and join the Scavengers. Other than that, you are free to do whatever! Have fun, and avoid the plague!

2>Verista (Scavengers Leader), 22yo.2017,Mar.28 04:26 [Hello. Notice: The Shopkeeper (my Game Master account) is only used for the buying and selling and giving of items and points.]
3>Jefferson (Survivor), 16yo.2017,Apr.2 21:12 [hey Corona!]
3>Jefferson (Survivor), 16yo.2017,Apr.2 21:13 [btw do you have to live with he scavengers? cuz i was kinda thinking of making my own survival group]
3>Jefferson (Survivor), 16yo.2017,Apr.2 21:13 *the not he
3>Jefferson (Survivor), 16yo.2017,Apr.2 21:14 [Then survivors could pick which group they could be in]
2>Verista (Scavengers Leader), 22yo.2017,Apr.3 19:45 [Hi, sammich. Well, I don't want there being a whole lot of groups, but I was thinking there could be smaller rogue groups of 1 - 5.]
2>Verista (Scavengers Leader), 22yo.2017,Apr.3 19:55 [And most members of the Scavengers live with Verista, but some have their own places and they just join up at Verista's base.]
3>Jefferson (Survivor), 16yo.2017,May.9 23:56 [ok lets get started]
3>Jefferson (Survivor), 16yo.2017,May.9 23:57 [will we start ito the apopcalse or right before it?]
2>Verista (Scavengers Leader), 22yo.2017,Jun.10 02:42 [AGH Sorry for not being here. And don't call it an "apopcalse", it's not a zombie-type game. We will start right in the height of the disease outbreak, when almost everyone you know has died from it.]

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