" School For Special People Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello everyone! This Roleplay is basically about past group of people that have special powers and can't control them. They are sent to a place named School for The Special. There, they will learn how to control what power they have and how not to use them in a bad manner. Here are other rules:
1). please create 3 characters and make them at least 15-30.
2) You can make up a power, but it must be real in the end and make sense.
3) You can make villians or bad guys that you like. They are immortal though.
4). You can have a hero as one of your characters too! But they must be real too!
5). This is a roll dice game. If roll a 5 or more, the damage will be 10 health points gone. 1 to 4, the health is 5 loss.
6) Have fun!

2>Nicole (Telekinetic One), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:16 [Hi! This sounded like a fun roleplay, so I decided to join! :D]
4>Caroline (Cryokinesis One(Ice)), 16yo.2015,May.25 20:45 (Like Nicole, this sounded fun, so I decided to join.)
4>Caroline (Cryokinesis One(Ice)), 16yo.2015,May.25 20:46 (My character mainly uses ice, but on rare occasions, she uses water.)
4>Caroline (Cryokinesis One(Ice)), 16yo.2015,May.25 20:47 (Also, my character will lose her temper and throw ice at people randomly.)
4>Caroline (Cryokinesis One(Ice)), 16yo.2015,May.25 20:48 (So learn to dodge! (Or else you will get hit in the face with ice!))
4>Caroline (Cryokinesis One(Ice)), 16yo.2015,May.25 20:49 (One thing: Caroline's ice will thaw out, but it will never evaporate.)
4>Caroline (Cryokinesis One(Ice)), 16yo.2015,Jun.22 19:53 (Anyone here?)
7>Michiko Sky (girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.21 14:55 [hello :)]
8>Silver (The Ghost Story), 17yo.2016,Jun.10 07:45 (Hello, this looked like fun so I decided that it wouldn't hurt trying to see if a RP was active! It's a bit like Professor X's school, if I must say! :))
8>Silver (The Ghost Story), 17yo.2016,Jun.10 07:50 (My Character is Silver. Alias: The Ghost Story. She has the ability to teleport short distances away [such as from rooftop to roof top] but she can't do it that often. She also creates shimmering silver whips and daggers. She also is good at combat.)
8>Silver (The Ghost Story), 17yo.2016,Jun.10 07:51 (At first she may seem standoffish and wary, but in time she'll warm up and be a loyal friend and a slight prankster! ^-^)
9>Stephanie (new student ), 16yo.2017,Mar.7 16:22 Hi
9>Stephanie (new student ), 16yo.2017,Mar.7 16:25 Stephanie (A girl with the power of water, she does not know how to control it)
10>Jake (new student ), 16yo.2017,Mar.7 16:26 Hi
10>Jake (new student ), 16yo.2017,Mar.7 16:28 Jake (A new boy who has the power of fire)
10>Jake (new student ), 16yo.2017,Apr.2 20:42 Stephanie! I think we should be friends

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