" "Place" ~ A Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay Game ~ "
This game is destined to players of 1 to 80 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

'Place' is a zombie roleplay game that is people trying to survive in USA (United States of America).

In 2016, a test in a lab gone wrong. Test subject named as 'Liam Mel'. Doctors tried some tests on him but it gone wrong. He was acting violently and crazy. At 2019 June 2, %63 was infected from a fungus. Fungus made them crazy too. 2021, It evoled... and evolved.
Year 2022, now people is being cannibals, but some of them are helpful...

1. Every melee weapon makes -15 damage, but when you have a melee weapon (knife, katana, etc.) it makes -25 or -20 damage. If you got stabbed in your head, it takes -100 health away... and you die.

2. Theres nothing you can do to increase your health, but you can heal yourself if your at 95 health or more.

3. Pistol, smg, rifle's and assault rifle's do -40 on everyone. Sniper, rpg, grenade launcher and shotgun do -75 on people too. If you got shoot from head, you die, grenade launcher and rpg do -100
per damage... don't forget!

4. Backpack slots is maximum 25 or 40.

5. Backpack, lantern, nails (etc.) is free.

6. Infected level's and name is;
1- Tik
2- Craz
3- Eater
4- Hant
5- Toxic
6- Statue
The strongest one's is statue, toxic and hant. Others has no special ability.

Infected special abilites and health (strength, etc.)
1. Tik
Ability: none
Health: 70
Strength: 100 (biting)
20 (when slapping :3 )

2. Craz
Ability: none
Health: 100
Strength: 100 (when biting)
40 (when slapping :3 )

3. Eater
Ability: none
Health: 50
Strength: 100 (when biting)
80 (when slapping :3 )

NOTE: After eater level, every infected can kill people with a bite or slap :] .

4. Hant
AB: Can climb up walls or windows.
H: 200

5. Toxic
AB: Increase's people's radiations and infects them when their radiation is 100.
H: 250

6. Statue
AB: Can disguise as a human.
H: 300 - 500

1. When your radiation is 100, you turn to tik.
2. Roleplay :3

1>Nathan Rones (Father, MSM.), 42yo.2019,Jan.27 11:08   + 1 Money points to all players  
1>Nathan Rones (Father, MSM.), 42yo.2019,Jan.27 11:11  Using Civilian outfit  
14>Mia Albertson (Student (I guess?)), 13yo.2019,Feb.13 00:06 (Is anyone online?? lol)
14>Mia Albertson (Student (I guess?)), 13yo.2019,Feb.13 00:06 k then lmao\
12>john brzęczyszczykie (drunk slav), 46yo.2019,Feb.14 23:12 hi
13>Wraith (Survivor), 22yo.2019,Feb.28 00:32  Buying Survivor outfit (x 1)  
13>Wraith (Survivor), 22yo.2019,Feb.28 00:33 Anyone Online?
13>Wraith (Survivor), 22yo.2019,Feb.28 00:34  Buying Revolver (x 1)  
2>nick (fighter), 23yo.2019,May.2 13:33 hi
19>Tai (Don't-Know-Yet), 000yo.2019,May.3 07:03  Secret message to Tai  
19>Tai (Don't-Know-Yet), 000yo.2019,May.3 07:13  Secret message to Nathan Rones  
7>Kk (School Kid), 12yo.2019,May.10 16:41  Buying Survivor outfit (x 1)  
7>Kk (School Kid), 12yo.2019,May.10 16:42  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=6  
7>Kk (School Kid), 12yo.2019,May.10 16:42  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=5  
9>ick (dumb), 5yo.2019,Aug.7 04:04 hi
8>Arion (Tik), 20yo.2019,Aug.20 13:53  Buying Gas mask (x 1)  
5>Zane Serant (A Test Subject.), 19yo.2019,Aug.22 11:19 Hello everyone! It's roleplay creator, Nathan Rones. I forgot my Password so Here I am with this character! I hope you all have a good time here!
5>Zane Serant (A Test Subject.), 19yo.2019,Aug.22 11:20 I'll make a another roleplay place in a short time! I hope you all join! :3
5>Zane Serant (A Test Subject.), 19yo.2019,Aug.22 11:42 And that RP server will have different guns! :]
5>Zane Serant (A Test Subject.), 19yo.2019,Aug.22 11:54  Buying Gas mask (x 1)  

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