" The powers of the deep "
This game is destined to players of 12 to 24 years of age.
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Anybody is welcome. In this game you can have a maximum of 3 powers each. If your power is an element it can only be that and not related to it eg if water you can't control ice just because its in a different state. Just join and we'll see where the story takes us😊 if you roll the dice and it lands on 6+ you get 3 lives. Lands on 4/5 gives 5 either energy, strength or health . lands on 1, 2,3 it gives you 9 of anything you choose😊 hope its clear. You can only choose one counter name

1>Sheila (Ruler), 19yo.2018,Jun.30 11:53 Hi there I am the 'Ruler ' of the game my three powers are that I can control water, I have super strength and I can bring drawings to life wherever I drew them or someone else did
1>Sheila (Ruler), 19yo.2018,Jun.30 12:17  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=6  
1>Sheila (Ruler), 19yo.2018,Jun.30 12:18 So I have 3 more lives.😊
1>Sheila (Ruler), 19yo.2018,Jun.30 12:22   + 3 Lives points to all players  

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