" Conspiracy theories "
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Hello. Have you ever thought about our world. Have you ever thought about humanity in total. Explain what you think here

1>Randy prozac (Theorist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:21 Hello I'm Randy. I want to talk about the new world order
1>Randy prozac (Theorist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:22 The future generations will all be sheep
1>Randy prozac (Theorist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:22 They will all be enslaved by the devices of their own making
1>Randy prozac (Theorist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:23 They are blind to reality
1>Randy prozac (Theorist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:23 And the government is taking advantage of this
1>Randy prozac (Theorist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:23 WAKE UP
1>Randy prozac (Theorist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:24 Don't be controlled by the new world order

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