This game is destined to players of 1 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is the pumpkin decorating contest! You can do absolutely anything to decorate ur pumpkin! Carve it, paint it, glue decorations on it, anything!!! Use the competitor slot and type in the password: pumpkin . Tell me ur name and age so I can put up the results! I will put up the top ten list and #1 gets to decide next contest and all others on the list get extra points if they enter the next contest. Basically a better chance of winning! Put a picture of ur pumpkin on ur students of the world profile and don't forget to tell me ur ref. Number on students of the world so I can look at ur pumpkin!!! Contest begins Oct. 20!!! Contest ends Nov. 1!!!

1>Host and Judge (Host and Judge), ??yo.2016,Oct.21 00:11 Welcome!! If you want to join you CANNOT make a character must read description!!!!!
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.26 23:42 my name's walker, i'm ten from america.
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.26 23:48  Secret message to Host and Judge  
1>Host and Judge (Host and Judge), ??yo.2016,Oct.27 22:08 Hi. Remember to post your decorated pumpkin on ur pen pal profile!
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.27 22:15 its trent again
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.27 22:15 im not done yet
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.28 02:19 It's walker, my ref is 1245637
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.28 02:19 I have.. the pumpkin.
1>Host and Judge (Host and Judge), ??yo.2016,Oct.29 16:40 Okay cool!
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.29 22:01 i have my pumpkin but walkers is a lot better....btw its teej/trent
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.29 23:40 mine has a knife in its head and its smoking a pumpkin cigarette
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.29 23:44 but i now its not going to win because walkers is very good but i really don't care because im not winning anything so
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Oct.29 23:44 *know
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2016,Nov.23 17:00 Who won?
4>harriana (pumpkin), 13yo.2017,May.19 00:40 hi
6>adasdasdsa asassa (asdasd), 22yo.2018,Mar.19 07:20 haaaaaaaaai
6>adasdasdsa asassa (asdasd), 22yo.2018,Mar.19 07:27  Secret message to amber  
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2018,Apr.15 10:42  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=17  
9>Competitor (??), ??yo.2018,Apr.15 10:43 oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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