" 🔬🔭⚗️ SCIENCE SQUAD ⚗️🔭🔬 "
This game is destined to players of 1 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

We are the science squad! You are not allowed to join unless you have messaged me through my pen pal page and I said you are part of the squad. But you can give us missions like 'can you grow gummy bears?' and 'can you make C02 colorful?' We will do it all with science! To give us a mission, go to Visitor slot, and use the password: atom To give us a mission. A message for the squad: you can change your name to something science-y if you'd like!

1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.4 19:05 Hey Tiffany, just so u know, u were supposed to read the description and it says that only my pen pals can join, but I guess u can be a part of it because u r a science lover, but everyone else! Pen pals only!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.4 19:06 You can give us missions with the visitor slot though! Sorry I didn't make it yesterday! It wasn't finished!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.4 23:28 Heyo! It's Corona Prime, the last Cybertronian on Earth!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.4 23:50 Hi Corona! Oops 🙊 sorry Tiffany! Forgot u were one of my pen pals! U haven't messaged me back!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 01:14 Haha hi.
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.5 01:25  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 01:36 hey guys! ava, so how do i play? i am a little confused. but i will get it soon! heheheh!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 01:36  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 01:37 uh, now what?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 01:57 Right now, Ava and I are still working out the kinks in Science Squad, but soon there will be a website for Science Squad on Blog-City!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 02:14 I already started on it! Still working on it though!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 03:24  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 04:25  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 04:46 Hey, guys, what are your dream experiments? Like, what's the one you've ALWAYS wanted to do?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 04:58  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 04:59  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 05:43 Eva, remember how you told me to try and color CO2? Well, I have not tested this yet, but I think I could maybe use the chemical reaction to power a painting machine! Interested?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 16:04  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 16:06 Cool! Oh and me and Grace just look similar.... she got bangs so now we look like each other!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 16:08  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 16:10 That would be awesome to use that chemical reaction to power an art machine! I am working on making it colorful and I added food coloring to vinegar then added baking soda, then 💥 the color explosion!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 16:11 The science experiment I have always wanted to do, is make a lava flask! U take a flask and it looks like there is LAVA in it!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 19:11 Wait no, that's not it!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 19:13 Create a paintbrush that is connected to a neuro headset that will create the picture u think of!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 20:35 Oh, cool! Thnx.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 20:38 What are your dream experiments, Grace & Tiffany?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 21:29 Create a paintbrush that is connected to a neuro headset that will create the picture u think of!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 21:30 Sorry! Double message!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.5 22:29 It's okay. To reload the page, just press ok with no message.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.5 23:59 my dream thing would be to make a kind of tasty soda that is really healthy! it could be the healtiest thing! heheh!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 00:01  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 00:18 That's actually really cool, Grace! What about you, Tiffany?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 00:28  Secret message to Graciethefunny  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 00:34  Secret message to Graciethefunny  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 00:42  Secret message to Minh(Candice)  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 17:31 Oops! I accidentally sent the message to Grace Only. Tiffany, I need to delete your profile if you don't respond today
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 18:30 Hey girls, Tiffany forgot her password so I need to delete her character so she can make a new one
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 19:08 OK but before you do did she put her email in her profile? Because if she did she can retrieve her password.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 19:26
5>Minh(Candice) (Eva Atoms friend), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 19:33  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
5>Minh(Candice) (Eva Atoms friend), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 19:34 Hi everyone
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 20:32  Secret message to Minh(Candice)  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 20:33  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 20:36
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 20:36  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 20:37 Hi, tiffany!
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.6 20:54 Hi! Can I give a mission?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 21:05 Sure!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 21:05 You don't have to ask, you can just tell us!
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.6 21:14 Okay. My name is Ella and I'm 5. My mom is helping me type. Can u make make marshmallows?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.6 21:14 Wait, no that's not it
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.6 21:17 Fire! Wait mom says no, um make flowers turn a different color?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 21:18 Sure! Multi-Colored Flowers it is!
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.6 21:22 Yay!!!! Emojee! 😄😀😄😀😄😁😁😁🙃
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 21:56 Haha! We'll do our best! Thanks, Ella!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:12 ava, how to i get your secret messege? and also, another expreiment could be pudding that changes color every time you take a scoop! sorry if i took your idea a little, ella.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:14 ok, who wants ice cream that glows in the dark, and is totally sae! it also changes TASTE every time you take a scoop! anyone would like that?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:14 sorry i meant safe, not sae!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:22 That would be awesome Grace! And when you log in to your profile, the secret messages are right next to the sign that said Secret Message To:
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 22:27 Yeah!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:28 thnks ava!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:29 i cant find it. sorry, could you like tell me the steps? i'm sorry.
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.6 22:29 It's okay Grace. Glow in the dark ice cream would be awesome! Just picture it! You are having a party, eating ice cream, the all of a sudden.............. A BLACK OUT! Then your ice cream is glowing!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:31 heheh! yea, that messege made me smile!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:38 hm......i am hungry #ieatdinnerat6:00
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:40 just to let you guys knoooooooooow......i changed my name to Graciethefunny, but its still me.
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 22:48 What's your penpalsitesforkids number so I can join?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:51 1157626
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:51 ella, do you have a students of the world page? because i would love to be penpals!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:52 hey ava we said something at the same time!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:52 hi ashlyn! welcome to the science squad if you are able to join!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:55 ava, can you please tell me the steps to see my secret messseges? thx
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 22:55 Ok
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 22:57 I'll message ya niw
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 22:59 OMg your Ava!?Your already my pen pal!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 22:59 Yep! Ha ha!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:01 ashlyn, if you wanna be my friend, here's my number: 1115480
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 23:02 Soooo...how are you? ^^
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:02 Girls! I have an idea on how to make multi-colored flowers!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 23:03 Ok will try message you soon Grace!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 23:03 Didn't Ella suggest that?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:05 ella did suggjest it, but ava is just sayinjg she figured it how to make it.
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 23:05 Hello?!did u guys leaf me?
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 23:05 Oh ok
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:05 i need to eat dinner now girls, but i will be back to talk then!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.6 23:07 Ok,I was just eating ice-cream!^^
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:08 Okay!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:08 I want ice cream! Hang on! I'm going to go get some! Be right back!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:18 ok! i am back, so whats going on? and i lso want ice cream but i just ate Chicken, corn and mashed potatoes and i am a little full!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:18 ashlyn, did you email? you dont have to, but i am just asking.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:19 I'm back! I had an ice cream sandwich! Yum yum! 👅 back to the flowers
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:21 i am eating a brownie. so, how do you make color changing flowers? also, Ella, that ide is awsome!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:21 So you know how the roots of flowers absorbs water?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:22 yea,,,,,i am liking this!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:23 i need to get another brownie really quick.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:23 i am back!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:23 turns out i m not full.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:24 turns out i m not full.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:25 sorry, i did two messeges
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:27 It's fine! Well did you notice, that petals are sometimes wet?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:36 yeah.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:48 ava, sorry but really quick can you please tell me the steps to see my secret messege? thx. ok, so i do notice the petals are wet
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 23:53
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 23:56 Hiya Asha! I'll put you on the Science Squad Website, if Eva hasn't done so already.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 23:57 Grace, to reload the page without repeating the message, just press OK without a message in the box.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:58 ok! thanks girl!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:59 corona,
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 23:59 And if you are logged in, then the text that shows up after it says 'Secret Message to Graciethefunny' is your message. The rest of us can't see it.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 23:59 wait, nevermind. soryy. *chuckles*
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.6 23:59 No prob.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:00 how do i get logged in?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:01 you already are if you are posting messages. :)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:01 sorry, i am confused.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:02 oh, but when i m typeing a messege, i dont see anything saying secre messeges.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:04 Hey Ash, can I have your penpal #? for some reason I can't find it.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:05 I don't think you have any secret messages yet. :)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:05 corona, can you send me a secret messege? i want to see something. thx.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:05 can you send me one thouygh?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:06  Secret message to Graciethefunny  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:06 Did that work?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:08 well, i see that where everyone is typing it says secret messege to me but i cant hit tit, and i dont know what to do.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:09 Is there words after it says 'Graciethefunny'?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:10 yea! yea! cool! ok, thanks!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:11 i gota go do my homework, ill be back though!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:12 ok!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:32 Sorry! Had to get the mail!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:33 Anyways, the petals are wet because the water that he roots absorb goes up to the petals!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:35 Which means, if the water had color, the petals will change color!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:37 Eva, what's your ides for the flower that changes colors?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:38 Actually, that's not why the petals are wet.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 00:38 The petals are wet due to condensation of the water in the air.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:56 So get a light colored flower, probably like a daisy, then put in in water, add food coloring in the water, wait about 25 minutes and voila! Colored flower!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 00:56 Well, okay, I'm only nine, but try my idea!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:01 I'll try it! I also have an idea.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:03 Some things can fade in sunlight. I'm not certain this will work with flowers, but I have done it with clothes, paper and even wood: you make small designs with sunscreen that lasts all day on the petals and/or leaves. Then, leave the plant in the sun all
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:05 day. Do this for multiple days, reapplying the sunscreen daily. If this works, the flower will show darker details where the sunscreen was.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:06 It's not excactly a continuously changing flower, but it's still changing it from what it would normally be.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 01:12 ,
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 01:12 Sorry!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 01:14 hey guys! back! i also got a shower...and i have to go to bed in little. its 7:14 now PM, what time is it a your place?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 01:17 7:17 PM here
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:18 4:17 PM here
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 01:37 oh. cool. see you guys tomorrow!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:47 Bye!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:52 Hey guys I came up with a new word that means 'Scientifically Fantastic'!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 01:52 Scientastic!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 02:02 awsome! so, i am leaving not now but soon. i have school tommorow. :( but i like school not tht much. but its a friday tommorow! yeyeyeyeye!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 02:04 you know, a couple minutes ago, i put a flashlight on my dolls hair, and my dolls hair is black, and when i shined the light on it, it was brown! let me just post a picture of it on my page.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 02:06 haha I like school.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 02:06 ok cool!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 02:07 i just put it up, so go look, but you cant really see it that well.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 02:56 guessing all you guys are asleep now, but it's only 5:56 PM here, almost dinnertime!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 02:59 I'm not!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 02:59 I stay up till 10:30 it's 9:00 here
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.7 03:05 Hi! My name is Anna and I'm 10 and cooking is like technically science, and experimenting, so can you make bubblegum, that can make really really big bubbles?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 03:07 Yep! I actually have a secret recipe to make a really big bubble! I'll post it tomorrow though because baking is a lot of work!
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.7 03:11 Thanks
5>Minh(Candice) (Eva Atoms friend), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 07:03 Hi all
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 17:10 Hi
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 20:01 Hi!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 20:06 Information for further visitors: Please make sure you tell up your 1st name and age so we can tell people who gave us these SCIENTASTIC ideas and missions! Thanks!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:03 Hey girls! I have a friend in Puerto Rico and I am adding her to the Science Squad! She is crazy about science!!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:04 hey guys! i just got back from school! so, ava, that way to do the flower thing is really cool.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:04 cool!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:04 i am not a SUPER FAN of science, but i like it a lot.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:06 text me what kind of school you go to. Homeschool, public, or private? and does anyone know if corona is probaly in bed????
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:06 i go to public
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:08 i'm hungry, i am going to get something. oh, ava, what is that girls ref # because i want to be friends with her!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:10 ok, well, i guess i am the only one on right now, so i'll talk to you guys later! bye!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:14 ok, i just thought tht what if there were cothing that changed color of your mood~ well........it would look sord of weird though.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:27 SCIENTASTIC should be in the dictionary. defintion: fantastic science. made by a scientist named....CORONA!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:32 I'm awake!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:32 I'm homeschooled, btw.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:33 And Eva, who is the new girl? :)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:33 ok! i missed you. so..what do you do when your homeschooled? do you like...do it on the computer? that would be really cool.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:34 there's a new girl?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:34 i was just eating spicy chips. YUMMMMMM!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:36 whats anyone favorite food? i have an idea...
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:36 MINE ARE TACOS! YUMMMMMMMMMMM! I LOVE FOOOD!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:39 Yes, I do it on the computer.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:40 I'm doing it now.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:40 OMG you love food too? eEEEEEK! But how can you have a favorite? There's too many kinds!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:42 And if my name was in the dictionary, it would be: Corona Prime, Commander of All that is Good and Awesome and Tasty.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:43 Or maybe just: CP.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:51 yea, thats true. heheh! so, wht if your food when you ate it, it just kept coming back!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:51 you could just keep eating and eating!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:54 Holy scrap nugget, that would be so cool!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 22:56 hehahahehehahah!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:57 xD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 22:58 Oh, Grace, I looked at Poptropica and made a character.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:00 If any of you guys like TRANSFORMERS, then please check out my 'War for Cybertron' Roleplay!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:17 oh my gosh! whats your username for poptropica! i wanna friend you!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:17 and yep, i'll check that out.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:19 I'll secret message it to you.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:20  Secret message to Graciethefunny  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:21 Did the message work?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:22 yep. i'll go be your friend. and also, let me secret messege you my usernme for it, so you cn friend me.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:24 The new girl doesn't have a students of the world account. Home schooled. I love SPAGHETTI 🍝 MY Poptropica thing is newyou101 and I might be able to play it again soon!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:25  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:26 That's weird, when I try to tell u girls about an awesome science website, the message doesn't show
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:27 Oh, sometimes these RPs don't like certain words.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:28 wait let me test something
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:29 corona, your charactar is so cool! and also, to add me, just go to friends and type my username. and also you cn do things to your profile. my tribe is wildfire. and also, ava, sorry about that.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:29 what are you testing?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:30 i'm gonna go on poptropica really quick
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:30 I was trying to write a word but it won't let me!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:30 :(
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:34 what word?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:36 i wonder where ashlyn was
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:36 is
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:37 I just said it wont let me write it
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:37 btw I'm friends with both of you on Poptropica now
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:45 Cool!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:52 :)
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:53 Eva what's your friend's name?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:53 Hey Grace! You know how you want to make a healthy soda?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:53 yey!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:54 how???
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:54  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=3  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:54 Oh her name is Laura
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:54 i dont knoq why i just rolled dice
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:55 so, yea, how do you make the soda?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:55  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:55 I have an idea but I'll let Commander go first (that's you, Eva!)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:56 heheh! yea!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:57 guys, keep tlking, i am gonna take a picture of me right now and put it on my page but keep talking guys! BRB
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:57 Ok then.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.7 23:57 So Eva what's your idea?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.7 23:59 i'm back! so, eva, tell us your plan.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:00 Say it!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:00 xD
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:00 and corona, while we're waiting, i sord of joined YOUR roleplay, but i just said hi because i am not a fan of transformers, but i just wanted to llook at it, ok, back to eva
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:01 me, or eva
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:01 ok
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:01 what time is it where you guys are? It's 3:01 here
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:02 Oops
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:02 i keep reloding the page to see what you guys re typing! hehehHAHAHEHH. whoops, caps lock. i cnt wait to know ava's plan!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:02 wow! heheh! sometimes i do that!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:03 its 6:04 Pm here. and is it 3:01 AM or PM
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:03 Rolling the Boredom Dice: I bet 5 Energon chips it lands above 50!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:03 Oh, well, lost 5 Energon chips.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:04 *hands grace 5 Energon Chips* here you go
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:04 3:o4 PM
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:04 wow i got 100! how bout me and you play a game. if we get above 50, tht one wins. and lets use the 100 dice. and wait for ava
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:04 thnks!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:05 awww! 28! your turn
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:05 OK. I'll put two Energon chips on the table. Whoever wins gets it!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=37  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:05 Oh, well.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:06 Higher then last time!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:06 lets see....*hands energon chips back to Corona Prime*
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=84  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:06 If Eva doesn't roll higher than me then I keep my Energon chips!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:06 84! YEY! Good job though! lets play agin!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:07 kk
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:07 Aw. *hands over 2 chips*
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:07 OK!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:07 xD Sorry!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=70  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:08 Yay! I keep my chips! (Energon chips is money for Transformers)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=82  3!? and thanks! 2 chips.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:08 ok!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=92  i wonder where eva is...
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:09 *gives 2 chips*
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:09 92!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:09 Ok peeps I'm here!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:09 thanks. hey ava's back!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:10 Sorry! Had to go some where!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:10 hey ashlyn!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:10 idk where she went. Should I make a separate RP just for this game? :)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:10 ok ava! so ava is about to tell us a plan for healty soda!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:10 Oh, you're back!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:10 Yeah!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:10 whats an RP?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:11 Okay, I know it's not exactly soda, but try putting a little baking soda in lemonade! It will make it fizzy
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:11 A role-play.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:11 its like everyone is typing at the same time
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:11 Ooh! My idea for soda now!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:11 I noticed. :)
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:11 So what are we doing?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:11 An RP is role-play
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:12 cool! ava! and corona make a roleplay for the game we were playing! we'll wait for you!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:12 I know!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:13 Hey Grace! What does that mean?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:13 @Ashlyn- well ava told us the plan for healthy soda, and corona might be making a seprete roleplay for a game i made up.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:13 what does what mean?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:13 Anyway, you buy something called Club Soda which is just fizzy water and mix it with fresh, healthy fruit juice and you get healthy soda!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:14 Plz stop ignoring me,and cool Ava!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:14 cool plans guys!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:14 sorry ashlyn. do you have an idea how to make healty soda?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:15 Sorry Ashlyn
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:15 corona, are you making the roleply? or are you doing it later?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:15 this is fun talking to everyone at once!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:16 Thats ok,maybe we can take a soda,then add fruits to it.Then we mix it in a blender!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:16 the gme that me and corona were plying was you roll a dice a hundreds dice nd then if its over 50, you win! and we do it over!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:16 Nice idea 💡
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:16 yea! cool!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=82  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:17 yey!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:17 i am doing everything on a computer nd i type fast
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:17 Cool, Ashlyn!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:18 I'm making the RP!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:18 Ok,you guys can join my summer camp Roleplay
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  aw, we were so close!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:18 Why do I get low numbers!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:18 i won! ok ashlyn, i'll join!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:19 are you doing 100 dice? ava?
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:20 My one has girls with brackets after camp
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:20 ashlyn, i cant find it.
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:20 I am
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:20 ........
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:21 your what?
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:21 Summer camp (girls). Look for that
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:21 ok, ashlyn
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:22 OK it's made!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:22 www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=gamble
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:22 Please join!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:23 ok, two things, ashlyn i am very sorry i still cnt look for that nd 2 everyone in this roleply that wants to ply that dice game, then go over to corona's dice roleplay. but just ask her first
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:23 Ok Corina I'll try
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:24 Anyone can join!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:24 WAIT, GAMBLE??? WE'RE TAKING MONEY???>
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:24 Grr!!! I hate these dice!!!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:24 ava, dont worry, you'll have luck
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:24 No that's about the Energon chips
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:25 remember? that's money for TRANSFORMERS
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:25 it's not real, of course. :)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:25 oh, *wipes sweat of forehead* i'll see everyone there!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:25 ok I'm already there!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 00:26 I can't find your gambling game
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:26 www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=gamble
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:27 ther's the link again.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 00:31 ashlyn, what i did was i just searche d gamble in the RP search and it comes up. me and corona started playing. you can still play though
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:34 x)
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 00:35 A 9 year old searching gamble is funny to me and one of my strange group of friends!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 02:11 Forgot about the gym recipe! Here you go Anna!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 02:19 I meant gum!!!! 1 TBSP gum base 1 TSP corn syrup 1/2 watermelon flavor 1/8 TSP citric acid 2 TBSP powdered sugar
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 02:20 I call it, WATERMELON WHAM!!!! Remember! This recipe is TOP SECRET! Don't tell anyone! Shh!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 02:20 Ok Ava
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.8 02:23 Thank you!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 02:39 I was about to ay, Eva, 'there's a recipe for gyms?' xP
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 02:55 that recipe is cool. wait, am i supposed to know it so guys wht time is it there?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 03:05 6:05 PM
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 03:33 Is no one on ANY of the RPs I go to tonight?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.8 03:34 Thank you!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 03:43 corona, whats your nme in the transformers RP?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 03:43 its 9:44 PM right now!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.8 04:58 Let's see, I'm Knockout, Megatron, Ratchet AND Optimus Prime. :)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 14:06 gooodmorning girls! its 8:07 AM! whats the plan for today. *yaawn* i had a good sleep
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 14:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 14:07 anyone want to play in roll the dice?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 15:09 is anyone here right now. 9:12 right now in the morning
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 15:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  is anyone on NOW? its 10:00 am
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 15:58 aww. 11
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 16:38 is anyone here? i feel lonely. i m gonna go to the war for cybertron roleply
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 17:09 corona, are you awake?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 17:35 Hi!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 17:53 hi ava! at least your awake! what time is i there?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 17:53 Corona? are you there, too?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 17:54 its almost 12:00 here. almost lunch time!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:24 12:23
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=83  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=51  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 18:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 21:33 hey ava, i'm back. also, is Isabella one of your penpals?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 21:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 21:33 5?!?!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.8 21:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.10 00:05 btw I'm not on on weekends usually I'm just checking in right now so bye!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.10 21:25 hey guys
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.11 13:52 Hey!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.11 22:22 hi
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.11 23:31
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.12 03:07 Girls, I have a confession to make. :( and I understand if you don't forgive me.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.12 03:11 I'm a science fraud. Ella and Anna our contributors are fake. Those girls... I pretended to be them. I wanted to make us more popular. And while doing it, I was mean and I tricked my friends. I am incredibly sorry I lied, and if you want a new leader,
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.12 03:12 Corona Prime is leader, and Graciethefunny is lieutenant.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.12 19:53 Corona Prime is leader, and Graciethefunny is lieutenant.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.12 20:11 I understand. I have done many the same. Although I do not see the reason for this, I shall be leader if you like. But my loyalty still stands.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.12 20:27 And yes, I know I'm not THAT proffesional. xD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.12 20:28 And whoever's on Poptropica, you should check out my character! I changed her hair to black, she has a bo staff, hi-tech spy glasses, and jet wings!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.12 20:28 She also has a sick black lether jasket!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.12 20:29 *jacket not jasket
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.12 20:46 May I say that you should remain leader? I am leader of many, many, MANY things. I lead my friends. I lead multiple clubs in my neighborhood & online. I have multiple RPs. I lead people that I can't tell you about. It is my turn to be led.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.13 01:51 Okay, well the Science Squad is getting boring cause EVERYBODY even people who aren't in Science Squad want missions
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.13 02:20 I have one, but it might be hard.
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.14 02:52 can you make phones stay charged?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.14 02:56 hello?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.14 03:06 Hi!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.14 03:06 What's your name and age?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.14 03:07 And sure! We'll definitely try!
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.14 03:14 9 Audrey yay!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.14 03:28 Alright! Thanks, Audrey!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.15 17:17
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.15 23:52 *whistles 'Thy Will Be' by Lauren Daigel*
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.20 05:39 *Daigle
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.20 16:57 Hey girls! I know some of you are making your costumes and others are buying, so a Halloween mission should be awesome! You can add something really special to go with your costume like I am going as Katy Perry from her music video of Candyfornia
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.20 16:59 (California Girls) which her whole outfit is made out of candy. The costume isn't, so I am adding rock sugar jewelry that I am making for my costume! Or you can find a really cool way to decorate a pumpkin like maybe a machine!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.20 17:03 Do I give the FUNNEST missions or what?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.20 18:09 XD Love the ideas!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.20 19:02 Since my costume is a character from TRANSFORMERS, I am going to carry around a drink that looks like Energon, which is a BIG part in TRANSFORMERS!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.20 20:41 It'll even glow!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.21 00:12 That's AWESOME!!!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.21 00:25 XD I'm making it out of my favorite flavor of Gatorade (which is blue), sierra mist (to give it some soda-y fizz) and glow-in-the-dark food coloring! I've done it before and it tastes so GOOD!!!]
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.21 00:25 *oops ignore the ]
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.21 23:34 Do you guys actually make these things?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.21 23:45 Yes, they are missions! We attept them, although they do not always end in success. Why?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.21 23:47 I was just wondering. Cause some people can fake this kind of thing.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.21 23:56 Sometimes they take a lot of trial and error, but we get 'er done! Do you have a mission request?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.22 17:07 Yes. My name is Soph and I am 12.
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.22 17:08 Could you make a water powered little car? Sorry that is a little crazy nvm
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Oct.22 18:55 hey everyone yourprobaly wanting to know where i am its just i cant be on roleplay that much but you can still be my penpals! science squad is AWSOME! And ava, its ok
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.22 23:41 Hey, Soph! We'll get working on that!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.23 16:02 Okay, Grace.]
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.23 16:45 *oops ignore the ]
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 18:53 Sorry for my absence!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 18:53 The b
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 18:53 *the blog is totally awesome!M
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 18:54 I hate typos XP XD
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 18:54 I know how a phone stays charged,well I can try,put it in its charger and leave I there even when it's fully charged,so
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 18:56 When you take it out it stays full charged for at least an hour
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 18:57 I think?.....
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.23 19:19 I have a plan for that one. She meant a way to keep them charged for longer without them being plugged in all the time.]
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.23 19:19 *oops ignore the ]
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.23 19:30 And thanks for the compliments!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 21:15 Your tots welcome and oh......
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 21:15 Maybe tell the apple company??.....XDXP XD
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 21:16 Jk jk peeps I'm jk!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Oct.23 21:24 Anyone here?...
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.23 21:42 XD I am back! Just had lunch.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:42 Hey girls! I haven't figured out how to make a water powered car, but I know some science behind it!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:43 Water has two jobs here. First, adding it into your RC car turns it on. The water completes an electrical circuit and allows electricity to flow from the battery to the motor. Second, it creates the mist that looks like the cars exhaust. The mist is made
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:44 from millions of tiny water droplets. Splashing around a pool creates lots of large droplets, but if you could do this ultra-fast, you would form ultra-tiny water droplets. The same thing happens in your car. A small plate vibrates super-fast to make m
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:45 millions of tiny water droplets that form the car "exhaust."
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:45 But at the project mc2 site you can buy your own water powered car!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:49 Hmm. I can't send the link to you girls because the roleplay won't let me. Hang on, all other messages I send do not regard to the role play until I say they do again
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:49 Project
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:49 Mc2
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:50 .com
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:51 http://www.blog-city.info/en/sciencesquad.php?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:52 Okay, now messages are not regardless.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.24 05:53 The blog doesn't want me sharing the link of the Mc2 site. So it's just project mc2 with .com at the end
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.24 20:34 I thought the goal of Science Squad was to do it ourselves?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.25 00:12 ........... it is, but a year ago I got really hurt trying to build a water powered car. But okay.
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.25 00:17 hello i learned something amazing
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.25 00:17 im trent im 11
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.25 00:18 if you in space with less gravity you can live longer because gravity is what kills us
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.25 00:19 intersteller....thats where i learned it...its a awesome movie
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.25 00:19 i thought you guys should know that (you probaly already do)
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.25 01:28 Hello, Trent. *clears throat* Science Squad 2nd-in-Command here. Do not trust everything you see in a movie. As Dani once told Blades in an episode of TRANSFORMERS: Rescue Bots, "Even if it's a documentary, it's not always real."
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.25 01:31 And also, you spelled interstellar wrong. Not to mention it should be capitalized, due to the fact that it is the name of a movie, so you should have written 'Interstellar', not 'intersteller'.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.25 05:25 Hello Trent do you have a mission for us? Also check out our blog at Blog-city.com! Just click on sciences, then click on Science Squad! International And then ur there! Or I can give you the link
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.25 05:30 http://www.blog-city.info/en/sciencesquad.php
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.25 05:45 Have a nice day!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.25 05:45 XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.25 06:01
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Oct.26 16:43 Hi can I join? Tiffany told me this club is Awesome!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.26 20:34 Ask our leader, Eva Atoms. Her ref is 1157626!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:59 Sure! You can join! What experiments have you ever done?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 18:22 Wow! Only one spot left for a science squad member! I'm going to tell one of my friends who wants to be a scientist too!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.27 18:38 Eva Atoms, as your 2nd-in-Command, I would like to say that you have a way to change the number from 10 slots to 20. :)
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 21:40 okay! thanks!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 21:42 ATTENTION! NEW SLOTS NOW OPENED!!!!!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.27 22:21 Why are there two Visitor slots?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.27 22:56 [its trent again]
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.27 22:56 `
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.27 22:57 [making homemade colone or perfume...maybe?]
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.27 23:00 [
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.27 23:43 Alright! And we don't use brackets here. Thank you.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.28 17:03 I don't know... Maybe one for boys and one for girls? Not sure
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.28 18:07 Probably.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.28 18:25 The thing is, we don't have any boys to help with the boy part.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.28 18:54 I meant one for boys giving missions, and the other for girls to give them. But I can get rid of one of them.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.28 19:05 Oh, you were talking about the visitor slot. LOL.
19>Deadpool (Adult), 100yo.2016,Oct.29 13:39 Hello guys! Can I join your interests and experiments? I would be happy so...
19>Deadpool (Adult), 100yo.2016,Oct.29 13:43  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
19>Deadpool (Adult), 100yo.2016,Oct.29 14:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=86  
19>Deadpool (Adult), 100yo.2016,Oct.29 14:02  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
19>Deadpool (Adult), 100yo.2016,Oct.29 14:05  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Oct.29 14:13 hello
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 14:14 ok im on the right one
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.29 16:37  Secret message to Sci Heart  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.29 16:38 Hi Visitor(s)? Do you want to give us a mission
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.29 16:39 ??
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 17:05  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 17:06 Okay so.... What should we do with some missions? Do it in our home? Or somewhere?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 17:35 um can i join?
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 17:35 its trent
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 17:36 [im not sci heart though]
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 17:37 [[i just want to join
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 17:37 no brakets sorry
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 17:38 [nvm i dont want to join]
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Oct.29 17:52 making a whistle that works
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.29 17:54 That would be cool! We will work on it! Hey Trent! He is one of my pen pals everybody! Yes you may join if you want!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.29 17:58 And Sci Heart we get missions from everywhere, and we usually do them at home, but I do them everywhere because I made my own chemistry bag! And- wait, its like 11:57 P.M. in the Philippines, shouldn't you be in bed?
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Oct.29 18:00 Hi! I'm Olivia, age 11. Can you use a science experiment to clean a car?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.29 18:01 Sure! I actually think we can do that!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:12 hello
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 18:12 'Actually'? What, you think we can't do the other ones? :
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 18:13 :\
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 18:14 Really Trent? You have to be on almost EVERY RP I'm on? -_-
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:14 hello corona
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:15 i posted a pic of myself on SOTW but it hasnt loaded yet because it just says "photo"
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:16 cuz i thought i was weird to talk to people withouteven know what you look like
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:31 *I
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:33 HELLO?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:33 sorry for caps
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:54 *it
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 18:55 9
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:20 -_-
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:21 hello
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:24 One moment, I'm updating the site.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:25 😱
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:26 🐔chickens!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:26 [what?]
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:26 [what site?]
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:27 no brakets
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:27 LEMONS!!! 🍋🍋🍋
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:27 *brackets
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:27 🍪cookies monster
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:27 Uh... Science Squad has a website, bruh.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:27 nom nom nom nom!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:28 💣
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:28 random bomb!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:28 Cookie Monster... is thrown through a wood chipper.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:30  Secret message to Melis Naz  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:30 ♲ recycle!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:30 😳what!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:30  Secret message to Melis Naz  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:30 😭
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:30 '
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:31 Oops that last one should've gone to everyone, sorry M.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:31 o'
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:31 >:)
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:31 '0'
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:31 🍋_🍋
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:31 Lemon eyes...
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:32 🍕-🍕
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:33 What is that? I'm on a laptop, remember?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:33 brb breakfast time
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 19:34 pizza eyes
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:55 On this screen it looks like gooey turtles lol
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:57 btw I'm back. >XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 19:57 ->|< -
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 20:02 hello
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 20:03 gooey turtles never heard that before
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.29 20:14  Secret message to Trent  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 21:17 [no delete the message
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 21:17 ]
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.30 00:09 No! I do think we can do the other ones! It's just my dad has asked me to see if I could do it.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.30 00:15 I'm sorry if you thought I meant that we aren't smart enough to do the missions, cause I do believe that we are. 😢😔
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 00:56 hello
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 00:58 do not drink dryed coffee,peaches, tuna mixed together ive had it
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 01:03 👎 no dont do it!
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 12:48 Hello! Sorry I couldn't reply on everyone right away. Eva Atoms, it wasn't midnight when I messaged yesterday.
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 12:50 Um... I just wanted to ask if anyone here tried to burn a balloon with water inside?
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 12:53 Another thing: Do you ever wonder if cold and hot water have different moving molecules? Which of them has faster moving molecules?
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 12:54 Am I starting to give some missions? I don't know......... hehehe
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 12:59 How about the others like Isabella and C02 Lily? I wanted to hear from them. Like their experiments did or something...
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 13:04 Hi guys, what time are you chatting here in this site? I just wanted to reply right away....
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 13:14 warm water has faster molecules because its closer to boiling than cold water
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 13:14 super slow internet
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 13:17 ice has solid molecules,water has molecules that move around a slowish (because its hotter),and water vapor has molecules that move fast
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 13:25 idk why i did that but i did i wouldnt do it again
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 13:25 i dont do stupid stuff like that anymore though
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 16:26 [bye be back in 1-3 hours]
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.30 19:18 Hey Trent by the way we don't say words like that on here. Just so you know
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.30 19:21 Hey guys we are running out of space on this role play so look up at the top of the role play and see lots of our messages are gone. When our role play gets really full I will make science squad 2!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Oct.30 22:15  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Oct.31 06:44 I think... That would be great, SCIENCE SQUAD 2!
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Oct.31 15:00 Not wery much. Do you want to be pen pals? My penpal number is 1165543.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 16:15  Secret message to Trent  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 16:16 okay I will message you!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 16:17 Where's Corona Prime? I haven't gotten a pen pal message from her and she hasn't been on the role play in a while.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.31 19:05  Secret message to Trent  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.31 19:05 oops that shoula gone to everyone
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.31 19:05 *shoulda
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Oct.31 19:06 I'm not on as much on weekends, remember, lemonheads?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 20:26 Hi!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 20:27  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 20:30 I have a cool project for everyone! Get a clear jar, take off all the labels and clean them out, the use acrylic paint to paint them, (Green is good for monsters, orange for pumpkins, and white for ghosts) Then use a permanent black marker to draw on
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 20:35 them! BTW MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE JAR UPSIDE DOWN WHEN DOODLING ON IT!!!! VERY IMPORTANT! Then you take the lid off, turn it upside down, and out a candle, flashlight, flashlight from a phone, LED lights, etc. And you have a spooky shadow lantern!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 20:36 Ur supposed to put one of the items I listed under the jar!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Oct.31 20:36 I forgot to tell you that!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.1 21:18  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.1 21:38 hello everyone!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.1 21:42 Hey.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.1 21:47 hi!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.1 22:25 -_-
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.1 22:25 You act too excited.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.1 22:29
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 00:24  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 00:25  Secret message to Discord  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 00:26 hello
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 01:06 [hello]
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 01:45 Hi there! No brackets remember?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.2 01:56  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.2 01:56 Sup.
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 07:08  Secret message to Melis Naz  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 07:10 Hi guys, I couldn't do what Eva Atoms told. Nothing happened til the end... So... how about you? Anybody of you made it? (Except Eva Atoms)
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 14:55  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 16:57 Hey everyone you can make lanterns for Thanksgiving too just put a turkey on there or something!
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 18:07  Secret message to Sci Heart  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.2 19:03  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 20:16 I have an idea on how to make perfume! I was trying to figure out a way to make rose petals from getting all crunched up and dry, but then when I started doing something with ingredients, it smelled amazing!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:16 hello everyone! please get on "the meme game" branny needs competitors!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:16 *brunny
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:17 hello Eva
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:17 *Brunny
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:17 hello Eva
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:22 thanks!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 20:26 okay!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 20:26 is that a role play?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:27 yes it is
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 20:27 i will look
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:30 did you find it?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 01:25  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 01:25 Oops that last one should've gone to everyone.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 01:26 Anyway... RAISIN BRUNN!!!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 01:35 hello?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 01:38 Hi.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 01:42 hi!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 01:42 im bored
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 01:46 Get fragged. You won't be bored then. >:D
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 01:47 🙉
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 01:47 💣
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 01:48 🔫
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 01:54 >:)
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 04:08
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 07:46  Secret message to Melis Naz  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 07:48  Secret message to Melis Naz  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 07:48  Secret message to Melis Naz  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 07:49 Hello!
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 07:49 Anybody?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.3 15:23 Hi!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 18:11 Sup.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.3 20:05 I am almost done with school then I have tennis! Yay! 🎾
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 20:21 hello
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 20:39
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.3 21:11 Why do we keep just saying hello? Anyways I have an idea on how to clean a car with science! Get a test tube or small cup and fill half way with vinegar, then get a teaspoon of baking soda, put it in there and bam! See the bubbles? Try and use that for
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.3 21:11 The car!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 21:25 ok!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 21:44 hello!, i seen the blog its awesome!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 21:52  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 21:53  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 21:54  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 22:04 Wazzup...
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.3 23:22 ONE HUNDRED VIEWS ON THE WEB PAGE!!! *SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAMS HAPPILY* YaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 04:49 XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 04:51 BTW, if you didn't know this already, if you type 10 of the same letter in caps in a row, the site will turn it into one lowercase of the same letter. So that YaaaaaaaaaaY with 12 'a's really had 120!!! XD
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.4 15:15 Cool!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 15:32 XD
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.4 17:40 Okay, now we will never get our missions done if we only talk to each other so are there any ideas to modify a nerf gun to shoot candy?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 18:11 Yes, actually.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 18:12 I was thinking I would use my Nerf guns that I have and experiment by loading it with things like Smarties packets and the long Tootsie Rolls, to start.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 18:45 Then after a few tests I'd modify either the candy packets or the gun until it works. That simple!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.4 19:34 Cool!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.4 19:35 I have an idea on how to make perfume!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 19:38 k, shoot
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.4 20:25 hello
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.4 20:56 [btw a time machine,and a machine that makes you young when you are old....thats two.sorry if this is causing trouble you dont have to do it]
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.4 20:56 [and thats the wrong pic but i still like that one! keep it there]
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 23:11 k
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.4 23:59
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.5 23:42 hello everyone! i made a new blog called we are legend! type author as "Trent" thank! this is for peeps interested or people all ready in the game!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.5 23:42 *thanks!
5>Minh(Candice) (Eva Atoms friend), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 02:07 Hi every1
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:13 hello!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:19 im so tired right now
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:19 yawn
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:19 * *
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:21 i tired a sliced pickle in a nerf gun...didnt work out
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:21 tryed
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:22 you would have do cut out the thing that goes in side the bullet because smart packets arent hollow
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:32 gyg be on tommorow
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 02:32 *gtg
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.6 17:03 no I have a plan and I KNOW HOW NERF GUNS WORK SO DON'T CORRECT ME!!!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:11 First you need a spray bottle then you need to put in ur favorite scents! I used pure vanilla extract, rose petals, and rose water! Pour the rose water in a cup/bowl fill it 1/4 away from 1/2. Three infuse it with ur favorite scents! I used vanilla
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:11 so put in 1 drop of vanilla,
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:13 First you need a spray bottle then you need to put in ur favorite scents! I used pure vanilla extract, rose petals, and rose water! Pour the rose water in a cup/bowl fill it 1/4 away from 1/2. Three infuse it with ur favorite scents! I used vanilla
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:14 Oops! Double message!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:18 Make that two drops of vanilla! Then tear up three rose petals really well, doesn't matter which color, then put them in the cup/bowl I would use cup mix it all together with a spoon if you used a bowl and if you used cup swirl it around by moving the cup
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:18 hello
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:19 In a small circle, then pour the perfume you made into a spray bottle then tightly close the cap and shake very very very very very very very well.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:20 thanks...but i don't wear perfume!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:20 its ok ill stick to axe
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:21 you there?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:22 Hey there!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:23 And it was for girls cuz I have absolutely no idea how to make cologne! XD
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:23 So that's how you make ur perfume every1!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:26 except for trent😞
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:26 jk
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:26 ill just stick to axe
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.7 15:03 Hey everyone! I won't be on as much so if I'm not on, Corona being lieutenant, is substitute leader
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 16:16 I've made a Science Squad pen pal group.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.7 20:20 Okay!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:22 helllo!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:22 helllo
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.7 20:27 Cool!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:27 hello!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:28 i thought you 3wont be on much?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:28 *wont
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.7 21:29 I won't, but I'll check once or twice on weekends and about five on weekdays
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.7 22:38 Wazzup!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 23:40 Wassup!!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 23:49 2 minutes!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.8 01:31 Actually you missed me by an HOUR and 2 mins. XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.9 23:20 Too quiet.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.10 20:58 Hey wait I thought we had to be on every 2 days, Eva? *raises eyebrow*
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.10 20:58 At the least, anyway.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.10 22:03 ATTENTION!!! I AM NOW DISCORD!!!!!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.11 14:43 I'm sick so not on as much. and I saw what you did with the blog! Ha ha! Can you at least give the actual picture of you?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.11 14:44 And whatever! It's Thanksgiving so I'm changing my name too!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.11 14:46 ATTENTION! I AM NOW PINKIE PIE!!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 18:23 OMG YOU DID IT TOO!!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 18:24 And sorry your sick. :)
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 18:40 Hey, Pinkie, if you have time can you check out my new My Little Pony RP? I need someone to play some of the characters.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.11 20:18 Aw Man! I was going to surprise you with an MLP RP! But sure!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 20:52 XD Sorry!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 20:52 But YAY!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 20:53 http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=discords-return
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 20:53 There's the link!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 20:53 Anyone else willing to join can if they want!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.11 21:44 I'm going to make a role play about mlp where u can roam free across Equestria
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.11 22:25 OK
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.12 03:58 GUYSOMGOMGLIGHTNINGFLASHPUTMEONAYOUTUBEVIDEO!!! *screams*
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.12 14:53 Who is lightning flash?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 15:30 hello
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.12 16:03 Hi!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.12 16:04 We missed each other by an hour lol
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:30 im bored
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.12 17:03 Lol Lightning Flash is a guy on Youtube who does a lot of MLP stuffs.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.12 20:45
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.13 01:32 Cool and check the blog
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 01:43 hello
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 01:44 I know this isn't really a mission,more like one Of Pinkie's challenges.Webeach make card relating to Scuence.Points will be given for creativity,neatness and effort]
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 01:45 Can you post this on the blog Pinkie,and hi Trent!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 01:47 I am now Sci Art,a Science talent MLP character
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 01:48 ok
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 01:57 Bye
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 01:57 bye
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 02:01 I'm back peeps!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 02:02 ok
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.13 02:49 OMG!!!!! Corona i saw u on Lighting Flash's video best video I've ever seen lol!!!!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 03:19 I didn't see her and what's pint town?
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 03:21 I am making a Drafon RP,Plz join if you can
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.13 16:35 XD XD TOLD U!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 16:36 hola!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 16:39 hello?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 16:41 \
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 16:49 hello?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.13 17:06 -_- You again.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.13 17:11 No offense.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.13 17:12 Yeah I'm on his newest video but he called me evil and didn't show his viewers the part where I explained.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.13 17:12 BUT IT'S STILL SUPER AWESOME!!!
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Nov.13 18:12 Ok calm hon.CAN y'all join my Dragon RP?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.13 19:28 Maybe. I have little time.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.14 19:34
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 21:58  Secret message to Discord  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 21:58  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.15 00:49  Secret message to Trent  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.15 01:33  Secret message to Trent  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.15 01:33  Secret message to Trent  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 01:42  Secret message to Discord  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 01:44  Secret message to Discord  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 01:45 do not join my game {to everyone]
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.15 23:20 Yeah, yeah.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.17 22:47 It's so... quiet...
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.17 22:47 *yells* I DON'T LIKE QUIET!!! XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.18 00:26 -_- But seriously, no one has been on for days.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.18 01:20 Sorry I've been really sick so I'm not on as much. I've watched your you tube video over and over again it is so funny!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.18 01:21  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.18 01:22  Secret message to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.18 01:23  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.18 01:54  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.18 04:00 I wasn't complaining that no one was on, I was just saying. So it's okay if you are not on.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.18 04:00 :)
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 16:17 My lips are sealed! 🤐
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 16:18 Hey I wonder if we could make a lie detector! That would be cool!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.20 17:05 Maybe. That's complex circuitry, though.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 20:05 Hey I wonder if we could make a lie detector! That would be cool!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 20:06 Sorry double message!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 20:07 Do any of you ever just feel evil or devilish? Cuz I'm getting that same feeling righ Now.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.20 20:08 OMG yes. At least once a day...
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.20 20:08 Plus I get WAY to far into my RPs and my characters are USUALLY evil, so... yeah. XD
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 21:52 i am evil
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.21 00:29 k
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.21 00:29 Been there, done that.
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Nov.23 08:24 http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/groups/afficher.php?Lien=84964
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.23 21:28 Wow, Melis, that's cool!!!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Nov.24 00:32 Hi! i'm back for a little!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Nov.24 01:35  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.24 06:40 Yay! XD
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Nov.24 13:53 whats been goin' on here!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Nov.24 13:55 i have a secret messege for one of my friends. whoever knows what i am coding, is that person because i dont know which person is this friend....
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Nov.24 13:58 XD XD XD, I am glad you want me back! grace the funny! what was the first word code?
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 14:09 Sorry, there's a club-killer and it deleted science sQuad club. There's the new link. http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/clubs/club.php?NomClub=Science%20Squad%20(New)
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 14:11 And thanks Corona. I admited you on the pen pal group science squad. You can chat with all members. But there's just me!! :)
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 15:30 hello!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 15:30 everyone
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 15:42 hello?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.24 16:18 kk! Everybot else join!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Nov.24 19:56 i'm here! wait, what? what did you mean corona?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.25 18:46 Wait what? XD
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 19:40  Secret message to Graciethefunny  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 23:04 I have a fun mission! Create a fun toy! And no you may not just buy a toy and take credit from it or you will be removed from science squad
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 23:04 It's Xmas themed
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 23:06 It does not have to be electronic
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 23:06 You just need to have fun with it!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.28 23:08 Does it HAVE to be a Christmas toy?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.28 23:08 And I think I will skip this... I don't do 'toys'.
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Nov.28 23:11 my mission is to make a neon shirt (pants if you want! 😉)
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 23:12 Okay! That sounds cool! What is ur name and age so we can put it on the blog?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 23:14 And Corona no it does not HAVE to be a christmas toy. It doesn't even have to be a toy. You just have to have fun with it.
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 23:20 You can make a computer program if you want!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 00:51 Yay! XP
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Nov.29 02:06  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 06:03
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.29 20:47 Ha ha! Just give me the link for it when you're done!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 22:09 XD kk
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:06 ATTENTION EVERYONE: I have just updated the Science Squad blog to be Holidays themed. My changes should be registered by sometime tomorrow. I also added new challenges, so if you could look at that, that would be great!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.29 23:07 ok cool!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:13 :P
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:13 My changes will not be visible until tommorrow, though.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:16 Guys, just 6 more views on the site and we will be a quarter way to 1000 VIEWS!!! XD
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.29 23:18 ok cool!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:21 double message or did you mean to say that twice?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:22 HEY EVERYONE! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:24 *clears throat* Thank you. Now, I have decided that we have been doing missions and contests for quite a while now. (Almost two months, at least.) But I have decided it is time for us to do something BIG. Something that will make Science Squad a STAR.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:26 PINKIE! I need a status report. TRENT! Please gather resources. SCI HEART, SCI ART! We need publicity. Gather your friends and tell them about us.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:29 MELIS! I need to know how many missions we have accomplished, how many we've failed, and how many we have yet to do. PINKIE, forgive me for taking charge.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.29 23:30 And DISCORD! *turns around* Yes Discord? *turns back* You need to contact all members to make sure they are still one of us. *turns* Yes sir, Discord, sir!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:19 Are there any questions?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:38 Science Squad now has an SOTW spot! To register, send your message to Ref. #:1261656 and title the message 'Test:' and then your Science Squad name, then type whatever, preferably random things that won't spark a conversation.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:46  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:47  Secret message to Discord  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 00:47 hello!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:47  Secret message to Trent  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:47 Hi.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:48 Read up! *points to posts above*
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 00:48 how will i gather resources mam!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:48  Secret message to Graciethefunny  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 00:48 SOTW Account? mam?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:48  Secret message to Graciethefunny  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 00:49 nvm
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:49 Oops that last one should've gone to everyone.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:49 Ugh. Just log in to the account, will ya, Trent?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:50 And one, it's spelled ma'am, and two QUIT CALLING ME MA'AM AND START CALLING ME SIR!!!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 00:53 i just didnt see the ref. sir!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:54 XD Understood, cadet.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:56 btw you can also call me 'Lieutenant' if you want
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 00:56 brb
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 00:59 ok...Sir
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:00 btw i can't message all my friends at once anymore...for some reason
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:01 nvm....figured it out!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:04 i messages all my friends to come to Science squad one way or another!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:19 you're not back
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:20 siri...The PHONE!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:20 [wrong message]
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:20 sir
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:30 back
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:30 Cadet, you must learn to be patient.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:31 im here
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:33  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:35  Secret message to Trent  
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:37  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:43  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:44 I'm bored.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:44 ALL HAIL SIRIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:44 XD
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:47  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:50 By the way, Cadet, the SOTW account is for everyone, ok? And the leader is Ava & I am the 1st Lieutenant. I just wanted to make sure this was clear.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:51 yes...yes..i know
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:51 ALL HAIL LORD MEGATRON & SIRI!!!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:51 lol
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:52 Wanna go to You're Banned?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:52 or MAM! XD
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:52 MA'AM
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:52 SHUT. IT.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:53 MA'AM
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:53 hehehehehe
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:53 Or I leave The Meme Game.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:54 SIR
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:54 Now don't start up again, Cadet, or I will reduce your ranking to 'janitor'.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:55
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:55 XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:56 SIR...I
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:56 SIRI! XD
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:56 o.o janitor? cleaning floors!?!?!? *falls on knees and begs* please don't!!!!!!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:56 XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:57 ALL HAIL LORD MEGATRON! DISCORD SUPERIOR, AUTOBOTS INFERIOR! PEACE THROUGH TYRRANY! FOOD! Wait-wait... what?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:57 XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:58 And beneath 'janitor' is 'trash can', and beneath 'trash can' is 'barf bag'.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:58 So, I would recommend you respect your commanding officer.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:58 XD
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:59 o.o
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 01:59 XP
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 02:00 Wanna go to You're Banned?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:00 >.<
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:01 uhhhh.....
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 02:01 or meme game
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:03 yep lets go get memed up! XD XP
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 02:03 XD
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.30 16:33 Um, Ur BIG THING! was deleted by the moderater. And why didn't you at least ask permission from me to do all this. Students Of The World pen pal site is for PEN PALS! Thats why i made this role play so
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Nov.30 16:33 that we could get missions.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 21:52 Okay, one, it's called 'The Big Step', and two, that wasn't it.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 21:54 hello!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Nov.30 22:26 -_- Go to Meme Game... I want to annoy you again.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.1 01:49 Guys we are over a quarter way to 1000 views!Yay! XD
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 02:36 wont be on for the rest of the night! watching finding dory
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.1 04:35 kk
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.2 02:03 I am back people's and persons!Didja miss me? JKA people's! How's everyone?
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.2 02:10 Discord,I can't find the SOTW -_-
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.2 04:26 It was deleted, cadet. XD
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Dec.3 03:08 [hey it's Angel :)]
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Dec.3 03:12 [🤔 hmmmmm what do I do now?]
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 04:08 [ask pinkie pie to join!]
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.3 15:07 Oh, so you call HER Pinkie, but you REFUSE to call ME Discord? >:(
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.3 17:08 And no brackets are needed here! :3
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 17:09 hello Discord!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.3 17:28 And the next day you'll call me Corona again.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 17:30 then ill call Ava, Ava again
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 17:39 \
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.3 18:31 You mean like right there?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:24 yes...please...its a long story
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:24 [wrong message Cecilia]
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:24 wrong message
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:25 yes
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.3 19:47 Hi everyone!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.3 19:49 So
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.3 19:50 Co- I mean Discord, Felicity wants to be in Science Squad
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.3 19:50 And ki there Angel!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.3 19:50 *hi
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:51 hello Ava!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.3 20:24 Yeah I know. Is that okay with you, Pink?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.4 19:03 Yep!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.4 19:05 And Grace is now 2nd lieutenant. Would you mind putting it on the blog? I'm going hiking through a forest today. And I've changed the time limit on how much you need to be on. Now you must be on here once every week.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.4 19:55 kk
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.10 02:16 Anyone on today?
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 15:23 im here
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.10 19:15 derp
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.11 17:23 It has been over two weeks and Lindiwe & Lily still have not responded to my letter. I think that the accounts should be deleted if not in use.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 23:29  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.12 00:19 Hi peeps,how is everyone?
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.12 00:19 I'm good,thanks for asking I m trying on rhe stay charged phone and highly failing XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.12 00:31 XD I'm good.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.12 00:32 And that's great! I'm working on the Candy Nerf Gun experiment. It's almost ready to fire Tootsie rolls! :3
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.12 00:38 Yay :3
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.12 00:52 :3
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.12 15:34  Secret message to Trent  
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.12 15:41 Hey
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.12 18:45 Heyo, peeps! :3
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.12 21:24  Secret message to Trent  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.12 21:25 Wait that was supposed to go to everyone
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.12 21:25 Hi!
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Dec.12 21:27 Hi there! I'm elsa age 13. Can you guys make lipstick or maybe a tinted lip balm using a lollipop?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.12 21:28 Hi Elsa! We'll get working on that!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.12 22:15 Hi Elsa! And thanks! :3
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 11:41 Hello! Whats up? It was a long time no talk with me. Sorry about that. I just got conscious after all of you do not notice me. So... That's all, thank you.
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 11:42 And, now I'm back because I am hoping that all of you will be kind to me too. JK hehehe
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 11:43  Secret message to Pinkie Pie  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 11:44  Secret message to Discord  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.13 21:01 Heyo! Yay, your account is working! :3
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.13 21:01  Secret message to Sci Heart  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 12:17  Secret message to Discord  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 12:18  Secret message to Sci Art  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 12:19 I am excited for the Christmas Games, but how can we set up that since we aren't meeting? I wander what.....
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.15 07:04  Secret message to Sci Heart  
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.16 08:38  Secret message to Sci Art  
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Dec.16 08:45 MG-Mission Giver
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2016,Dec.16 08:48 Uhm, I would like to give a mission. Just confirm YES if you have done with it. Has anyone here tried to burn a balloon with water inside??? If not yet, go try it. Thatnks, that's all! -Sci Heart
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.16 19:04  Secret message to Sci Heart  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.16 19:05 Oops that last one should've gone to everyone.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.16 19:05 Hey guys, I'm online today! ^^ Yay! And I have not done the burning balloon thing, but I've seen it on Mythbusters I think.
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Dec.16 19:48 Hey guys It's Elsa! How are the missions doing?
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Dec.16 19:49 And that burning the balloon with water thing sounds a little death...
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 19:49 Death-defying?!?! :D
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Dec.16 19:50 XD No. Death giving
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.16 20:12 No, its not really. XD
20>Visitor (Mission Giver), ??yo.2016,Dec.16 20:16 Well i gtg bye!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 20:17 Bye!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 20:17 Hi Corona!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 20:17   + 30 Science Points points to Discord  
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 20:18 30 points to the most active member of science squad since it was made!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.16 20:37 XD thnx! lol
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 15:16 Wow, congratz Discord.
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 15:18 So... the mission that I gave wasn't too "death giving". It is easy but we just also had to remember to becareful becasuse of the fire. It's simple!
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 15:18 *because*
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 15:22 im here
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 15:23 UHm... just a question... Who is Grace??? 2nd Lieutenant???
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 15:29 Her nicname on here is Gracethefunny
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.17 15:59 Yes! i am Grace! You could call me Gracie if you want! :) i got the name GracietheFunny by..well, i am Grace my nickname is Gracie....and...i am FUNNY! XD
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.17 15:59 who's smiles the scientist? i never really see her on here and i want usally be on RP that much. just rare times. like now.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.17 16:13 Trent, not to be mean but you spelled nickname wrong. its Nickname. with the k. :)
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.17 18:43  Secret message to Sci Heart  
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.18 16:50  Secret message to Sci Heart  
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.18 16:50 OMG that was meant to go toneveryone
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.18 16:51 I said how is everyone and that I am failing on the stay charges phone assignment XD
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.19 02:18 EVERYONE!!! BIG NEWS!! I have A YOUTUBE CHANNEL
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.19 16:46 OMG really?Whats it called!Quick!!?Ao I can check it out
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.19 17:36 It's called Daily Chatterbox
4>Sci Art (Scientist), 10yo.2016,Dec.19 18:07 Ok awesome sauce I saw it!Awesome password journal BTW!!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.19 19:08 Thnx im also doing a few challenge videos after school
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.23 18:14 hey Pinkie pie! a challenge you should do shpuld be the EA IT OR WEAR IT CHALLENGE!! ITS AWSOME!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.23 18:15 or the whisper challenge
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.23 19:35 @Sci Heart: Thanks!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.23 19:36 @ Pink: Oh, really? I'll check it out if I have spare time.
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.23 19:36 @Grace: Great ideas!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.23 20:02 Hey, guys, on the 26th I will be adding some New Year's challenges on the blog! Stay tuned!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2016,Dec.23 23:32
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 06:09 It's alright @Sci Art
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 06:10 So... How's everyone? Is there anybody online here?
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 06:10 I never met any online here, so sad...
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 06:13 :(
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 14:29 i am on! i just woke up! *YAAAAAWN* I am so tired, bu merry christmas eve if you celebrate it, and happy kwanza/hanakahh, or happy holidays!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 14:52 Good morning Gracie!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 16:29 goodmornigh pinkie pie! iyts been an hour since i sent that messge! XD So...you uploading the new randomness 3 day? sry i am too exsited! :)
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 16:53 I'm combining all randomness days i missed and it is twenty minutes long! And its SUPER funny!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 18:07 YEY! Did it upload yet?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 18:43 hey evryone, shouldnt we have a club for science squad? we NEED to! we have a blog, a roleplay, but now we just need a club! who's swith me?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 18:43 ......
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 18:43 Anyone?
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 18:51 :( nobody's on! WA. well, what are you all doing for Christmas Eve?
6>Melis Naz (THe Crazy Professor), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 20:19 But Grace, I aleready have a club named Science Squad.
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 21:11 yeah i saw that but it didnt look like anyone from science squad was on, so lets gather everyone on! sorry about that Melis Naz!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 21:27 @Discord cool!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 21:28 @Graciethefunny It did no upload because it is taking long just to get it from my camera roll because it is almost 30 minutes long because it is so funny and random
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 21:32 and did you know google pays me for putting their ads on my videos and every time someone watches my videos, they give me half a dollar. and if i watch my own videos with a different account they still pay me! XD
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 21:34 and i'm not doing anything because my grandma died 6 months ago, so my grandpa is marrying someone else and she is not very nice. First she brings nuts into the house she is staying in while I am going over for dinner with them, and I'm allergic to nuts
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 21:36 so I had an allergic reaction and then she yells at me for asking her a question, and now she brought more nuts into her house even though she knew I had an allergic reaction to them and she lied to my grandpa about the nuts when our cleaning lady found
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.24 21:38 nuts so they left because she says "if you won't believe me then we will leave" and we did not believe her because we knew it was her so we just let them leave. So we will be alone for the holidays
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.25 03:46 OMG i am so sorry! that story littarley made me cry! :( at least you will get presents from santa, right?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.25 12:31 Yeah! This morning I got so many presents! Though not as much as last year cause this one is smaller than the other but still it is so cool
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.25 12:32 Be right back I'm gonna go open all those presents!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.25 12:35 And Santa left nothing in our stocking cause usually we don't put them up so he is used to getting us lots of presents not stuff in stockings! XD
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2016,Dec.25 13:16 Hey everybody! It's Christmas day, Merry Christmas to everyone, have a nice day!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.25 16:22 Merry Christmas! I'll be having another Christmas on January 6th 2017
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.25 16:23 And Melis Naz You put the age limit at like 10 - 12. The leader of the science squad can't be on. (I'm 9)
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.26 23:39 Hi girls! and guy..if trent is on XD! but it is the day after christmas for me. i am hungry but my dad just made pizza so bye!
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.27 18:08 GOODMORNING NOW IT IS TUESDAY! I am wearing a shirt that santa got me that says: ''Tuedays are for Tacos!'' and that is perfect for me because i LOVE tacos!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2016,Dec.27 18:39 Ha ha! And that's funny cause you have Taco Tuesday on SOTW
7>Graciethefunny (2nd Lieutenant), 9yo.2016,Dec.27 21:48 Oh yeah! hHaha!
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2017,Jan.5 02:54 delete me
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2017,Jan.6 07:55 What? So you want us to delete you? Are you bored so that you want to get out of here? Joke hehhe
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2017,Jan.6 07:55 @trent
10>Visitor (Mission giver), ???yo.2017,Jan.9 07:53  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=5  
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Jan.9 22:25 @Trent: You are erasing! Oh: But he does not wish to be erased! :3
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2017,Jan.14 18:11 Trent@ WHaaaaaaaaAT?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2017,Jan.14 18:12 Hey Corona u were right! That was actually 74 A's! @Trent Why do you want to be deleted?!?!?!
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2017,Jan.14 18:13 Everyone i did Elsa's mission! I made a lolipop lipstick!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Jan.16 19:50 Cool! XD
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Jan.16 21:10 What color?
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2017,Jan.22 07:39 That's amazing! Who's that visitor who rolled the dice?
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Jan.23 21:05 @Sci Heart: idek
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Jan.26 02:08
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Jan.30 23:36 It's quiet... -.-
1>Pinkie Pie (Ava (leader)), 9yo.2017,Feb.2 20:53 I made the color like a reddish pink!
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Feb.3 19:24 Oh, cool! You know, I might actually wear that color. XD
3>Sci Heart (3rd Lieutenant), 11yo.2017,Feb.4 06:10 I feel really boring...
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2017,Feb.4 22:59 just please delete me
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2017,Feb.4 22:59 and my photo on the blog
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2017,Feb.4 23:01 just delete me
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Feb.6 20:16 You are off the blog.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2017,Feb.7 03:00 no im not
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Feb.7 19:50 I deleted your spot. It takes a bit for updates to be published. EVERY blogger knows that.
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2017,Feb.7 21:46 i know i just thought if it was on the frst page it would be updated since i used recently updated button
12>Trent (scientist), 11yo.2017,Feb.7 21:47 *first
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Feb.9 01:21 kk
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Feb.14 00:35 I accidentally deleted my SOTW account! DX
2>Discord (Lieutenant), >2000yo.2017,Feb.15 21:35
16>Science kid (Science wiz), 8+yo.2017,Mar.26 13:55 Hello people's
18>Robert (Evil Step Mom), 13yo.2017,Aug.22 19:01 HI GUYS
18>Robert (Evil Step Mom), 13yo.2017,Aug.22 19:01 I AM YOUR EVIL STEP MOM
18>Robert (Evil Step Mom), 13yo.2017,Aug.22 19:02 I AM HANGRY ALL THE TIME
15>fd (Police), 10yo.2017,Oct.14 14:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
15>fd (Police), 10yo.2017,Oct.14 14:44 hi

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