" The Secret spies: Project Mc2 "
This game is destined to players of 7 to 13 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

You are a spy solving mysteries and saving the world with the gadgets of science.

1. Must check this every week or your character will be deleted
2. your character's age should be 14, 15, 16 or 17, but the real you does not need to be
3. you may give me ideas for gadgets you will be able to buy from me
4. No mean messages or you will also be deleted
5. I check this game everyday
6. Your role must be a 'spy in training'
7. every time you train you level up to becoming a real spy like me, and usually I work alone so I have NO idea why I'm making this! It's because I want there to be more spies..... :-D
8. Have Fun! :-D

1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.3 18:58 Hi. This is my secret lab and right now we are looking for clues at a small school with the 4 most smartest girls in the school: Adrienne Atoms, Bryden Bendworth, and Cameryn Coyle. You may choose to be those spies in training or make your own.
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.3 19:01 My very best friend is A.D.I.S.N. a speaking emoji journal that can keep my secrets and is super nice.
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.3 19:02 for fun I do science experiments with my lab kit.
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.3 19:03 you can also buy a really cool gadget called a lie detector and will blink red when someone lies
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.5 18:24 [For the record, Mc, B and C are 15, and A is 16. And they became friends pretty fast. Now they all work together! Have you even seen all the episodes? I know, there's, like, three, but have you seen all of them?]
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.5 18:26 [And the lie detector is disguised as a container of breath mints.]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.5 18:59 [Haru-Inachi Matsuki: She's Asian-American[she has a Japanese mother and a half-Korean, half-Filipino father, but she was born in SanFran], so she has 'Asian' skin, dark brown eyes and long, straight black hair but she dyed an electric pink streak in it.]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.5 19:32 [Cyan cowl-neck blousey crop-top with fitted 'longer short sleeves', capri jeggings, one of those triangle skirts that you tie around your waist[hers matches the highlight in her hair], black buckley-strappy sandals with a 2-inch wedge and platform.]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.5 20:12 [Backstory: She was born in San Fransisco, and lived there until a couple days before this RP takes place. In school, she was naturally teased due to being Asian even though SanFran has a huge Asian population, but she was able to deal with it due to art,
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.5 20:35 tech and obviously anime. It was okay until, like, eighth grade, when some jerk boy harrassed her and locked her up in his shed. She did find a hole because she surpassed him, and pretty much everyone else in her homeroom, in IQ level. She's currently in
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.5 20:36 tenth grade, and she's not afraid to embrace herself.]
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.5 20:43 [Oh, and you spelled A and B's last names wrong.]
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.5 20:44 [Not Atoms and Bendworth, Attoms and Bandweth.]
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.6 21:08 [You said that you check this every day...]
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.16 23:28  Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.16 23:30  Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.16 23:45  Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.16 23:46  Giving Message Rocket (x 1) to Camryn Coyle   Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.16 23:47  Giving Lie Detector (x 1) to Camryn Coyle   Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.16 23:48  Giving notebook (x 1) to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.16 23:49  Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.18 20:15  Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.18 20:15  Secret message to McKeyla McAlister  
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.18 20:16  Secret message to Haru-Inachi Matsuki  
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.18 20:16  Secret message to McKeyla McAlister  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.21 02:14 Um, Haru, What's an OC?
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Mar.21 18:26 [an OC is an original character.]
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Mar.21 18:29 [Call me Felicity. When you're talking out of the rp, use brackets and call everyone by their real name, and when you're talking in the rp, don't use brackets but call everyone by their character name.]
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.21 18:30   + 2 Strength points to Camryn Coyle   Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.21 18:39  Secret message to Camryn Coyle  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.21 18:40 [oops! I set it to secret message mode! But this was a good example!]
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.21 18:41 [and yes, I do like your OC and it was very creative!
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Mar.21 18:41 ]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Apr.10 22:00 [When will we start?]
7>Camryn Coyle (Spy-In-Training), 15yo.2016,Apr.10 22:01 [Oh, and RP tips are here, on a blog that my friend made: http://w ww.blog-city.info/en/rpguide.php]
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Apr.26 23:03 [we will start tomorrow so where will we have our mission? Oh and thanks for the RP tips!]
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Apr.28 21:48 ADISN: The quail has a new mission. McKeyla: Thanks ADISN. *returns from school*
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 01:27 *is roller-skating through town alone due to not knowing anyone in Maywood Glen*
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 01:29  Secret message to McKeyla McAlister  
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 01:29  Secret message to Haru-Inachi Matsuki  
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,May.5 22:14  Secret message to Haru-Inachi Matsuki  
5>Emily Crystal (Spy-in-training), 14yo.2016,May.5 22:24 [peach skin, bright green eyes, red hair, glasses, lots of freckles, usually wears dresses, loves to draw, write stories and songs, and bake.]
5>Emily Crystal (Spy-in-training), 14yo.2016,May.5 22:28 *rides her bike near by Haru-Inachi and almost bumps into her* woah!!! Sorry! I'm still learning to ride a bike! Are you okay?
5>Emily Crystal (Spy-in-training), 14yo.2016,May.5 22:29 [she also wears a crystal necklace]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,May.6 22:36 I'm fine.
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,May.6 22:37 [Oh, I forgot to mention, she speaks kind of monotone and/or emotionless.]
5>Emily Crystal (Spy-in-training), 14yo.2016,May.13 17:24 Okay! Good! My name is Emily Crystal.
5>Emily Crystal (Spy-in-training), 14yo.2016,May.13 17:28 [she is very positive most of the time, and she is extremely creative! She is great with technology and can program and make gadgets, except she never knows what to use them for]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,May.14 22:43 I'm Haru.
5>Emily Crystal (Spy-in-training), 14yo.2016,May.15 22:38 That's a nice name! Well, I better get going! Bye!
5>Emily Crystal (Spy-in-training), 14yo.2016,May.15 22:39 [hey felicity! What's your ref. Number? I want to be pen pals!]
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 00:37 [Felicity, where are you? I really don't want to delete your character!]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Jun.25 07:07 [Sorry, forgot that this RP existed.]
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Jun.25 07:07 *roller-skates off, not caring*
8>Haru-Inachi Matsuki (Spy-In-Training), 16yo.2016,Jun.25 07:09 [I literally came up with this just now. She acts neutral, even emotionless, which is described as a kuudere stereotype, most of the time, but she'll still embrace herself.]
1>McKeyla McAlister (secret spy), 15yo.2016,Jul.6 03:19 (So can we be pen pals? My ref number for students of the world is 1157626)
20>Isabelle (fun ), 16yo.2018,Nov.5 23:48 whats going on ?
20>Isabelle (fun ), 16yo.2018,Nov.5 23:50  Secret message to Emily Crystal  
20>Isabelle (fun ), 16yo.2018,Nov.5 23:52 I drive my car . at the market place theres no one in there . I found 3 guns at the desk

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