" Star Trek- Generations "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to the Star Trek roleplay!
When you first join, pick a character from any of the 5 TV series.
Secondly, when you are done making your slot for your character, please describe your character (Personality, physical attributes,etc).
I will be the Captain. Please do not make another Captain slot. You may make admirals, but no captains.
Don't use cuss words. Unless they are in Klingon.
Please, no powerplaying.
The roleplay will start on the USS Enterprise, in the 24th century.
When your character is...

-Doing an action
Add asterisks at the beginning and and of the action.

If you are going to talk off topic roleplay, use parentheses.

If any of you play Star Trek Timelines, I might be on... Look for Commander Kat.

Items will increase your skill level in certain areas.

Hope you enjoy!
(Live long and prosper)

1>Captain Kat (Captain), 40ishyo.2016,Oct.19 04:46 Feel free to gender bend the characters, as I did. (Mine is Captain Kirk)
2>Commander Leina (Commander), 13yo.2016,Oct.26 01:17 Hi! I could tell this was you...
2>Commander Leina (Commander), 13yo.2016,Oct.26 01:18 YOURE 40!!!!!!!!!!
2>Commander Leina (Commander), 13yo.2016,Oct.26 01:21 ( I just now read the top... Sorry...)
2>Commander Leina (Commander), 13yo.2016,Oct.26 01:23  Buying Tribble (Brown) (x 1)  Captain! I lost my new Tribble! Have you seen it?
1>Captain Kat (Captain), 40ishyo.2016,Oct.26 22:24  Secret message to Commander Leina  

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