" 🐺Wild and Wolf (Roleplay) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

In this Roleplay you are a wolf. Your wolf cannot have powers. To submit your character, you have to tell your characters age (pup, young teen, teen, young adult, adult or elder), gender, eye colour/color, fur colour/color and your characters personality and past(optional).
1. No oprp (over power role playing)
2. No swearing/cussing/rude language
3. Respect the Rules
4. Be kind to other players (you can call their character 'stupid or 'idiotic' if needed but not the player themselves)
5. When you're not your character use [ ]
6. When your character's doing an action use *
7. When your character's speaking use '
8. When your character's thinking use ~
9. If you cannot play for a while make sure you notify the owner of this roleplay, or everyone
10. No character stealing
11. Finally, Have Fun!

1>Alkali (He-Wolf), 3yo.2017,Feb.27 17:33 Hello and welcome to this Roleplay! Read the description to know what to do.
1>Alkali (He-Wolf), 3yo.2017,Feb.27 17:35 [Alkali is my character's name. He is a male wolf with metallic/silver fur and ice blue-silver eyes. He is a young adult who is searching for a mate]
1>Alkali (He-Wolf), 3yo.2017,Feb.27 17:40 [he left his pack to find a mate, so far he's been unsuccessful. He is extremely flrty and can be aggressive, he was quite different to the rest of his old pack, he was the odd one out, he stood out from the rest of them]
2>Raik (Wolf~Male), 8yo.2017,Mar.1 01:55 [hello!]
2>Raik (Wolf~Male), 8yo.2017,Mar.1 01:56 [My character is stubborn...he is a lone wolf and he works by himself]
3>Proelia (she-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Mar.20 22:14 Hey, this club is a copy!
3>Proelia (she-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Mar.20 22:15 On Students of the World, there's a roleplay on clubs! It's called Wild and Wolf!
3>Proelia (she-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Mar.20 22:15 And it's been around since December. I'm part of it.
3>Proelia (she-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Mar.20 22:16 My character is Proelia.
2>Raik (Wolf~Male), 8yo.2017,Mar.20 22:18 [she is correct]
7>Snowflake (female wolf/standout), 19yo.2017,Jun.20 01:23 my character is a silly funny fun female wolf who stands out
11>Lapis (Wolf), 11yo.2017,Oct.13 11:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=83  
11>Lapis (Wolf), 11yo.2017,Oct.13 11:33 Hi! Im lapis!
11>Lapis (Wolf), 11yo.2017,Oct.13 11:36 [Lapis is my characters name. She is a female wolf with turquoise blue fur and fierce golden eyes. She is a teenager looking for a new pack.]
11>Lapis (Wolf), 11yo.2017,Oct.13 11:37 [Her last pack were killed by another pack. She has a temper and is looking for someone to melt her stone cold murderous heart.]
11>Lapis (Wolf), 11yo.2017,Oct.13 11:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
11>Lapis (Wolf), 11yo.2017,Oct.13 11:40 ~ I wonder what kind of prey I will kill today.
11>Lapis (Wolf), 11yo.2017,Oct.13 11:41 No one is playing. Are they?
16>Moon (Female, Blue Eyes), Pupyo.2017,Oct.19 09:16 Ooh
16>Moon (Female, Blue Eyes), Pupyo.2017,Oct.19 09:17  Buying Insect carcass (x 1)  
16>Moon (Female, Blue Eyes), Pupyo.2017,Oct.19 09:19 [ Moon is a newborn so she can't eat anything bigger than an insect carcass
16>Moon (Female, Blue Eyes), Pupyo.2017,Oct.19 09:22  Dropping Insect carcass (x 1)  
16>Moon (Female, Blue Eyes), Pupyo.2017,Oct.19 09:22  Taking Insect carcass (x 1)  
16>Moon (Female, Blue Eyes), Pupyo.2017,Oct.19 09:23 [ moon is also very friendly and easily scared]
4>Leo (Kid of teen Leader), Pupyo.2017,Nov.11 14:48 Hello!
4>Leo (Kid of teen Leader), Pupyo.2017,Nov.11 14:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
4>Leo (Kid of teen Leader), Pupyo.2017,Nov.11 14:50 my name is Leo and he is a Pup leader
6>SCOTT (Teen), 16yo.2018,Jan.5 14:18  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=9  
6>SCOTT (Teen), 16yo.2018,Jan.5 14:19  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=6  Hello !
14>CHUCKY (KILLER), 4yo.2018,Jan.28 17:28  Secret message to SCOTT  
14>CHUCKY (KILLER), 4yo.2018,Jan.28 17:28  Secret message to SCOTT  
15>Lia (none), 10yo.2018,Mar.10 06:42  Secret message to Lia  
15>Lia (none), 10yo.2018,Mar.10 06:42 hi

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