" The basement "
This game is destined to players of 8 to 12 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

There's a family that's going to live in a big house. The house has a locked door that reaches the basement. Some strange noises come out of there. One day they decided to go in. They had never been founded. 10 years later a family comes in the house. There is a mother, a father,3 boys and 3 girls. There are two people that if they can can play the two things that are in the basement.


1. Don't say naughty things to each other except if you are playing and doing the role of the scary things in the basement.

2. Be here the longest time possible. If not we can't play properly.

3. Have fun!

1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 12:28 Hi everyone! Please join! We will wait to have 3 characters until we start the game. Please read the description of the game. Please put the description of your character. Here is mine:
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 12:30 My name is Linda I'm 10 years old.I have ginger coloured long hair . My eyes are green. I have a turquoise T-shirt and orange shorts. I have green baskets.
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 12:30 Please have fun!
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 12:31  Dropping binoculars (x 1)  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 12:31  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 13:30  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:08   + 1 Experience points to Maja  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:09  Giving equipment (x 1) to Maja  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:09 Maja are you a child, the mother or a monster? Please describe yourself.
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:10  Dropping snack (x 1)  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:10  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:11  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=binoculars  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.10 16:11  Dropping binoculars (x 1)  
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.17 18:05 Maja, tap on connection select your player and your pasword,then you can play
3>Emmie (Sceary,Spoopy,funny), 17yo.2019,Jan.17 19:33 HI
3>Emmie (Sceary,Spoopy,funny), 17yo.2019,Jan.17 19:34 Can we play the game?
3>Emmie (Sceary,Spoopy,funny), 17yo.2019,Jan.17 19:35 ?
1>Linda (child), 10yo.2019,Jan.31 16:36 Yes of course! Just put your description and wat you are

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