" Lifestyles (private rp) "
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This is the day to day life of Maxwell the otton and Spirit the vulpis, his adopted sister.

1>Maxwell (Otton), 15yo.2017,Dec.17 02:24 Spirit! cmon! we're gonna be late!
11>Spirit (Volpis ), 14yo.2017,Dec.17 02:27 Nuuuuu me NU want to go to scwol
1>Maxwell (Otton), 15yo.2017,Dec.17 02:28 *Picks spirit up by the tail* well, too bad. you're going.
11>Spirit (Volpis ), 14yo.2017,Dec.17 02:30 Den me snuggle in hoodie ?
1>Maxwell (Otton), 15yo.2017,Dec.17 02:30 fine. But you're still going to school.
11>Spirit (Volpis ), 14yo.2017,Dec.17 02:30 Yay!!
11>Spirit (Volpis ), 14yo.2017,Dec.17 02:31 *finds shinny coin*
9>Blitz (Vulpis), 17yo.2017,Dec.17 02:31 (XD VULPIS)
11>Spirit (Volpis ), 14yo.2017,Dec.17 02:31 *puts coin in mouth*
11>Spirit (Volpis ), 14yo.2017,Dec.17 02:31 I know...
1>Maxwell (Otton), 15yo.2017,Dec.17 02:32 *spirit and Maxwell get teleported to Protsve Middle school* alright. we're here.
1>Maxwell (Otton), 15yo.2017,Dec.17 02:32 oi! Gimme that! *takes coin*

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