" Do Not Go Gentle: An LE RP "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 200 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

On a warm summerís day in rural England, it snows. Not because of a sudden change in weather, but because of a disaster.
The corrupt English government tried to keep a major accident under wraps, but those who suffered retaliated in a most unimaginable way. Victimized by the numbers, the government does what it believes is the only fair solution: gathering nearby citizens do their part by helping to rebuild. It appears to be a rally for unity, but is that really the case?
Before the crisis tips over a boiling point, an English family and a Scottish family merge due to the fact that their mothers, who are friends, are diplomats that seek to solve the problem at a conference in Central Europe. The two families learn to bond, and life in rural England is lackadaisical... until it isnít. Here, our characters are forced out of their home and separated from each other without anything but the clothes on their backs. They adapt to strange, dangerous situations that only they can see. Reuniting seems like a pipe dream, but do they have the determination to do so? Play to find out.

1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:05 Hey! Welcome to the game! Hopefully it turns out to be an interesting one.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:06 I wonít go over the rules because they seem like common sense right now. If the need arises, Iíll do so.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:08 What I will point out, though, is that there are a specific number of characters - 2 boys, 1 girl, and a neighbor kid in the English family, and two girls in the Scottish family. I plan on playing as one of the boys and the girl in the English family and
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:09 one of the Scottish girls, but Iím open to swapping. Any remaining slots can be used for characters that our main group meets along the way.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:10 (I also recommend the ages are slightly spread out.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:15 [Guess who's back? >:D]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:18 (Yesssss!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:19 [You can create the first profile. I'll follow your lead in how to "format" character profiles.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:25 (Introducing Tom, who is my main character here and the eldest brother in the English family. He has brown hair usually swept to the side, brown eyes that have a kind gleam to them, and a short stature. Heís not lean, but heís not chubby, either. I guess
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:26 you could say heís in between. His cheeks are definitely (and maybe weirdly, haha) the main feature of his face - he has dimples.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:28 (Personality-wise, Tom is quiet and keeps to himself. He prefers hobbies such as reading (especially poetry and history), discovering old things, and gardening (which his father taught him to do). However, he can be pretty boisterous,
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:29 cheeky, and even downright fl*rtatious if the opportunity arises.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:30 (When Tom was maybe 12 or 13, he lost his father in a terrible accident. This has always haunted him, and he has anxiety - as well as a preoccupation with death - as a result. Itís probably also why heís so solitary.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:32 (After that, Tom became the ďman of the houseĒ since his mom was almost always at work. It forced him to grow up; ever since, heís been the one to clean the house (itís almost always messy- the family is a quirky one) or do the yard work on their massive
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:33 property.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:35 (Tom has yet again been assigned this role, but itís caused him more anxiety than before. Heís scared about the circumstances, and doesnít want to lose his mom, too. He also doesnít want to let his siblings see that this is bothering him. The situation
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:36 has made him more standoffish than usual, but heís trying.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:37 (Okay, done!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:39 (Okay, done!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 06:40 (Oops, double post.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:41 [Okie dokie!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:42 [Nairne is one of the two Scottish girls who will be involved. She has curly, bright red hair, green eyes, pale skin, and a freckly face. She is about average height.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:47 [She has an exceedingly boisterous personality and a sharp sense of humor. She is not afraid to say what's on her mind, and can get into trouble as a result. Her likes to do archery, go to pubs, watch videos, and play games.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:47 *watch funny videos,
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:48 [She is not fond of the British government. Due to her outspoken nature, this could easily be problematic, if not dangerous.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 06:53 [I think I'm done. I'd provide stuff about her family, but you came up with these families, soooo...]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.25 06:55 (Okay, Iíll follow up with Emma, who is the second Scottish sister. Actually, sheís American- her father met Nairneís mom, and the two married not too long ago. Emmaís been living with them ever since, and is a student in Glasgow.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.25 06:57 (Emma is tall and fit, and has reddish hair (likely dyed) and light green eyes. Her face is unusual, almost alluring, but itís constantly in some sort of scowl. She looks like she has an eyebrow permanently arched sometimes.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.25 06:59 (Emma grew up in NYC - her dad had a job that made him a globetrotter. Life certainly wasnít easy, though. Her mom didnít really pay any attention to her, and had problems with her dad. They divorced. Her dad took custody and spoiled her rotten; as a
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.25 07:00 result, sheís kind of a brat and is used to getting her way. Sheís not one to take life seriously, and got pretty s u c k e d up in the party scene at Glasgow. In fact, this trip to England is almost a summer vacation to her.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.25 07:02 (Obviously itís not the most ideal one, and sheíll probably make sure everyone knows it. Also, fun fact: Emmaís way of getting to know people is comparing/contrasting English vs. American things.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.25 07:03 (And thatís pretty much all you need to know about her for now.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.25 07:05 (Di is my final character for now (there will be another one, but heíll show up later). Sheís Tomís younger sister. Her full name is Diana, but sheís generally just called Di.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.25 07:07 (Di has long, wispy and wavy strawberry blonde hair. Itís usually tied up in a very messy ponytail. She has clear blue eyes, and enjoys wearing bright colors.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.25 07:08 (Di is pretty innocent, sweet, and bubbly. Sheís pretty eager to meet her ďnew friendsĒ from Scotland. Itís pretty hard for her to see the bad in anything, and sheís not much of a complainer.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.25 07:09 (Sheís largely responsible for the many pets in the house (dogs and cats mostly), which she enjoys dressing up. )
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.25 07:09 (And thatís Diís short introduction.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:11 [Alright, so I know more about Nairne now.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:13 [Nairne's father is her mother's first husband; when her parents divorced, her mother had practically abandoned them, so Nairne wound up in her father's custody. Nairne is not very fond of her mother and or Emma's father.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:13 [Nairne takes after her own father a lot; he is fiery, speaks his mind, and has an amazing sense of humor. However, he had her when she was already fairly old, and he has health problems. His health problems have gotten worse as he ages.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:14 [She has tried to support him and has tried getting good jobs. However, she is a bit addicted to play, and she does not like working. The main reason she works is to support her dad.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:15 [She has known about Emma for a while, but only recently got in touch with her.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:15 [That's about it.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:27 [Hmmmmm...]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:27 [Does one of the two boys in the family have to be Tom's brother?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:27 *English family
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:28 [What if it's an uncle or cousin?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:28 (Alright. We just need two more characters- a brother for Tom and Di, and a neighbor. The neighbor is basically like family to them, for reasons that can be decided. I have all of my characters, so I highly encourage you to play as them if youíd like.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:29 [Okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:29 [I guess the boy has to be Tom's brother then.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 07:29 [I will play as both Tom's brother and the neighbor.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:32 (Okay, awesome!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:34 [Noah is Tom's and Di's older brother. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is considerably taller than Tom and is rather fit, if not rather muscular.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:35 [He prefers wearing clothes that are practical and are the color dark blue, black, or even indigo or violet. He is even more quiet and reserved than Tom, though he has a more aggressive air to him--as if he'll snap at you if you disturb him (though he's
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:35 rather level-headed and actually won't).]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:36 [Before their father died, Noah played with Tom sometimes. He teased Tom a lot, but usually it was clear it was banter/he was joking. After their father died, Noah grew far quieter. He stopped playing with his younger siblings and even ignored them a lot.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:37 He buried himself in his studies, hiding in his room and reading and working on his computer. He has recently graduated from college; he is an engineer.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:38 [He is rather formal and wary of people he doesn't know. He is also not quick at all to give information about himself. He secretly partially blames himself for the accident that caused their father's death.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:39 [BTW, if there's going to be a romance, I wouldn't mind if Noah was the boyfriend and Emma was the girlfriend.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.25 07:39 [I don't know how Noah will end up in this situation, considering his degree. He might wind up doing more advanced work than everyone else will since he's an engineer.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:44 (Sure. I think Emma will go through a considerable character arc, anyways. She canít be a brat forever, and the events will have changed her.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:45 [Yep, I figured her arc would be a brat-to-nice-person arc.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:45 (I also think Nairne and Tom have some potential for a brother/sister-type bond. Even though Nairneís more outspoken, they both sort of lost their fathers.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:45 [Perhaps Nairne can help her out with that by putting her ego in its place if she says/does something particularly nasty.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:46 [Oh, Nairne's father is still alive. But she'd be worried about him, especially if the government's calling on people to work.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:47 [Cian (pronounced kee-an, I think) is Tom's neighbor. Cian is Irish; he was orphaned at a young age and went to live with an elderly English woman/friend of his family. That woman happened to be the neighbor of Tom's family.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:48 [Cian grew up alongside Tom, playing with him and going on plenty of misadventures with him. They've been friends so long and know each other so well that in a way they're like brothers.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:48 [Cian's guardian had also been living alone before adopting Cian. She was very much welcome to getting to know Tom's family; I figure she became close to the family as well.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:50 [Cian isn't that good-looking. He's short, a bit on the chubby side, and has buzz cut blondish hair. He has a very round, reddish face and squinty eyes. He prefers to wear baggy, comfortable clothes.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:52 [Cian is friendly and polite. He knows Tom very well and can read Tom's emotions easily. Cian likes to crack jokes around his friends. However, Cian isn't very brave, and while he doesn't like the British government all that much he is very squeamish at
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:52 the idea of opposing the authorities.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:53 [Cian is curious about the world, especially the natural world. He likes bugs in particular and will sometimes randomly give out trivia that's on his mind.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:53 [XD I just realized I'm playing as characters who are on extremes.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:53 [I imagine Noah is the most attractive character here, while Cian is...you can guess. XD]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:56 (Haha, thatís hilarious. Poor Cian... I think heís going to be a great character, though. He kind of reminds me of an older Rowley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid for some reason.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.25 07:57 [I hope he'll be good. Also I don't remember much of Diary of a Wimpy Kid...I only saw the movie and that was years ago.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Apr.25 07:59 (Okay, one more character. Landon will appear later. Heís Asian, and is tall/semi-muscular, with short, spiked black hair. He has fairly chiseled facial features, and is fairly good looking.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Apr.25 07:59 (Thatís all you really need to know about him for now. Heís shrouded in mystery until later.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 08:00 [Okie dokie.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Apr.25 08:00 (Rowley was the friend, and he basically looked like Cian. I think they have some similar traits, though obviously Rowley is way more immature.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 08:00 [Lemme guess...he's part of the underground rebel ring thingy.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 08:01 [Ohhh, okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 08:02 [Hmmm...Rowley has some similar physical traits, but not completely. Cian's eyes are way more squinty. His complexion is also a lot more reddish, and his hair is far shorter.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 08:02 [But yeah, I can see where the thoughts of Rowley came from.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Apr.25 08:08 (Maybe, maybe not... weíll find out.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Apr.25 08:09 (Anyways, we have a pretty solid set of characters, and I look forward to starting tomorrow! Iíll see you then! Have a good night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.25 08:10 [Alright, goodnight! See you tomorrow!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 04:13 [I'm here! My replies will be a bit slow, though; I'm doing more schoolwork.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 04:14 [It's probably not a good idea for me to be doing this right now because I feel super burned out, but eh. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 04:14 [My computer class is going to exempt some people from the final. I'm trying to wrap up one last assignment in that class to try to ensure that I'll qualify.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 04:14 [Also I finally finished a whole bunch of my geography work today. That's why I'm so burned out. XP]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 05:00 (Hey!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 05:02 (Sorry Iím late, I was watching a movie. Honestly, if you want, I can leave, haha. I totally understand what itís like to be burned out, and sometimes you need to rest.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:05 [Nah, it's fine. I want to RP. ^.^]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:08 [Go ahead and start things!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 05:14 (Ok! Letís get this show on the road.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:15 -EARLY ONE JUNE MORNING....-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:18 *it is almost 7 am* *canít tell if the sunís going to be out later, but a bit of drizzle tells her it likely wonít* *is standing outside of an apartment with Nairne* *itís the one they live in with their parents, and itís probably too small for Nairneís
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:19 taste* *the two arenít speaking to each other* *only recently were they told that they were being off to a strangerís home for an indefinite amount of time, and it hasnít gone over so well*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:20 [Wait, "their parents?"]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:20 *sets down her heavy suitcase* *mutters* Where the h**l are we going again? *pulls out a newfangled cigarette and lights it*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:21 [The only parent they share is their mom, so whose parents are they with?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:21 (Yeah. Parents, stepparents. I wasnít being very specific.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:21 [Ahhh, okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:21 [Also what's the name of Tom's hometown? They're heading there, right?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:22 (They would be staying with Nairneís mom/Emmaís stepmom and Emmaís dad/Nairneís stepdad.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:23 [my brain XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:24 [My poor burned out brain cannot handle that post, gimme a sec... XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:24 [Okay, so I thought Nairne and Emma shared a mom, and that their mother was Scottish.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:25 [So I thought they were half-sisters.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:29 (Yeah. Emma isnít Scottish, though; sheís American. Nairneís mom is more of a real mother to her than her own, though.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:30 (They live in the countryside, probably on the outskirts of Essex in England. Theyíll be taking a train to a major city, probably Cambridge or Colchester (which is in Essex).)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:30 [Okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:31 [So do they share a mom or no?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:33 (Yep. Emmaís mom has been out of the picture for a long time.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:34 [No, I mean biologically?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:35 [Are they half-sisters or stepsisters?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:35 *their mom bustles through the door with a suitcase* *is caught red-handed- literally* Mom: So early, Emma? I keep telliní you, youíll burn your lungs to a crisp!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:36 (Theyíre stepsisters.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:37 Mom: *turns to Nairne* Youíve got everything you need, I hope?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:37 [Okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:38 [I thought they were half-sisters. That's why I was so confused.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:38 *her dad walks out the door with a sad smile on his face* *quickly gets rid of the cigarette*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:39 Aye, of course I have.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:41 Mom: *pats her on the shoulder and smiles* Good girl.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:43 *seems a little tense*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:48 *they get in the car and drive to the station* *her dad goes to the platform with them to say goodbye*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:49 *hugs her dad tightly, struggling to hold back tears* Dad: I love you, hon. Be on your best behavior, okay? And call me anytime. Emma: *pulls back* Yeah. Okay.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 05:50 Dad: *nods at Nairne and smiles* You too. Feel free to call. *has been trying to build a relationship with Nairne, but to little success*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:55 Mm hmm. *shakes his hand*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 05:57 Goodbye.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:02 Dad: *waves* Safe travels!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:04 *gives a halfhearted wave and boards the train* *within the next 20 minutes, the train chugs off* *stares out the window, preparing for several hours of boredom*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:05 *is pretty fidgety* *taps her toes* So where are we going again?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:07 [What's the name of the town they're going to?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:07 Mom: Weíre goiní to my friend Mollyís, remember? We have to go to a conference in Paris. Youíll be spending a couple of weeks there.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:07 (Itís Colchester.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:07 [Or wait sorry, I forgot about your post.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:07 [Well nvm I was about to go with Cambridge. XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:08 *Oh
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:08 [Sorry, I'm super burned out... XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:08 We're headin' to Colchester.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:08 Why do we have to go there? *her tone shifts from inquisitive to angry* Why couldnít we just stay with Dad?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:09 (Itís fine! Iím sorry for not being more specific.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:11 Mom: Your father works- Emma: *cuts her off* Iím twenty one-freaking-years old. Mom: *looks up from her tablet* Iím not that dim.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:12 Mom: Molly has a few kids, some of them around your age. I thought it would be nice to... well, they could use the extra company.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:14 Mom: Itíll be a lovely time, just wait and see. Emma: *crosses her arms and flops back, looking pouty*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:15 *several hours later, they arrive to Colchester* *it is still dark and dreary out* *in fact, itís raining* *holds her denim jacket over her freshly straightened hair as the three twist through the platform*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:17 *is at the train station with Cian to pick up the girls and their mom* *his own mom was too busy to come out herself, so she ultimately sent Tom out between him and Noah*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:19 *didnít want to go alone, so he brought his right hand man with him* *the two are making their way through the crowds, though slowly- Cian keeps stopping to check things out*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:21 Man, why don't we come here more often?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:23 Come on, we have to keep going. *pulls Cian away from a sign with historical facts* They could be here any minute now - where did we see they were getting off at?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:23 Iím kind of glad we donít. Too many people.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:26 *suddenly, Cian trips over someoneís suitcase* *doesnít see him, so he goes down, too* *lets out a swear*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:29 *was still staring at the sign when he tripped* ...Sorry... *his face has somehow become even redder*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:31 Watch it, mate. *the suitcase owner looks down at them disdainfully and says, ďyeah, watch it!Ē* *turns back* How about you watch where you put your stuff, eh?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:32 *pats Cian on the back when they get back up* Youíre good.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:33 Mom: *notices Tom and Cain after the tumble* Is that one of Mollyís?....
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:34 Who? *looks over at them*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:34 You mean the midgets who come in chocolate and cherry flavors?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:35 Mom: I think thatís one of Mollyís sons! *runs forward a little, waving her arms* Excuse me, excuse me!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:36 *looks up at Nairne's mom* Uhh...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:36 *sort of snorts at Nairneís remark* *runs after her stepmom, looking a bit ridiculous as she attempts to hold her jacket over her head*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:37 *is thinking, ďwhat kind of loon is this?Ē until he remembers why heís there* Reckon that must be them.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:39 Mom: Thomas! I havenít seen you since you were a wee one! *hugs him* Thomas: *smiles* I canít say I remember that, but itís nice to see you.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:39 Mom: *looks at Cian* And you are?... Are you Noah?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:45 No, ma'am.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:45 I'm Cian, a family friend.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:45 Nice to meet you.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:47 Mom: And you. *backs up so that Emma and Nairne are at the forefront* This is my daughter, Nairne, and my stepdaughter, Emma.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:48 *averts her eyes and gives them a halfhearted smile*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 06:51 *waves in greeting*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:52 *glances at them shyly* Lovely to meet you both.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:53 Well, the carís back this way. We better get going so weíll be in time for dinner.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:55 *Tom brings them to an old van and takes the wheel* *she, Nairne, and her stepmom are stuffed in the back* *the drive is quite long, and the rain pelts against the windshield relentlessly* *to add to that, Tomís driving is a tad reckless* *is amused by
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:55 that- doesnít think he even looks old enough to drive*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:56 *the car bounces down some backroads and into a clearing* *a large, 18th century-style cottage looms ahead*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 06:56 Well, this is home. *pulls into the driveway* Welcome.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 06:57 *scoffs a little* So where are the seven dwarves? *is used to more modern dwellings*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 07:05 Theyíre not here, Iím sorry to say. *gets out of the car and opens the back door*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:05 I mean, do you even have electricity here?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 07:06 *pauses* *that comment sort of stung* Itís not that old.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 07:08 *his mother appears at the door* *she definitely looks frazzled, and has deep bags under her eyes* *a head of curly red hair appears behind her, and Noah comes up moments later*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 07:08 *his mom and Nairneís mom have a noisy reunion filled with hugging*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:08 *@ Emma* Do you have electricity in your brain?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:10 *rolls her eyes* I hope so.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.26 07:12 *slowly walks up to Nairne and Emma* *is wearing a pair of bunny ears* *says shyly* Hello.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 07:12 *looks very awkward*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:12 *smiles down at Di* Hi!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:12 What's your name?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.26 07:15 *says pretty innocently* Di.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.26 07:15 Are you our new friends?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:15 Yes we are!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:15 I'm Nairne and this is Emma.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:21 *forces a fake smile* *had just begun a fight with Nairne, and being at their house has been overwhelming* *says in a high-pitched voice* Hi!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:21 Molly: *gestures towards Nairne and Emma* Girls, let me show you to your room!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:22 Alrighty. *follows*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:23 Nice to meet ya, Miss Molly.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:23 *hauls her stuff into the house after Nairne * *the ascend some creaking steps, and Molly reveals a room with yellowing floral wallpaper* This is it!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:24 Molly: I hope itíll suit you well... Emma: *steps inside* *does a double take when she notices that thereís only one bed*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:28 *doesn't look too happy at the sight of the bed either, but says "Thank you" to Molly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:30 Molly: *beams* Good. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. *pats Nairne affectionately on the shoulder and leaves*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:31 *sits on the edge of the bed, which creaks under her weight* *wants to call her dad*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.26 07:32 *peers into the doorway* Do you like your new room?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:33 Yeah, it's lovely.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:39 *sighs* Can you guys maybe get out of here for a few minutes?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.26 07:45 Iím sorry youíre sad. You seem sad about something.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:45 Iím not! Iím fine. *glares at Nairne*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:46 Just-please. Can you leave?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:50 Well...fine, I guess. *looks mildly irritated**drops her bag off and leaves*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.26 07:50 Okay. *doesnít seem bothered by this* *says to Nairne* We can meet all of my pets; you have to meet all of them. Whatís your name again?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:53 *shuts the door behind them* *sits on the bed and calls her dad*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:55 *about ten minutes later, she is called by her stepmom* *huffs* I have to go now. *says goodbye and hangs up* *almost trips over a cat on her way out*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:56 My name's Nairne.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:56 And I'd love to meet your pets.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 07:56 *said that before Emma started her call*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:57 *when she gets to the dining room, everyone is seated around the table* *swiftly takes a seat next to Nairne* *says robotically* Wow, dinner looks delicious, thank you. *didnít even look at what was being served, although it is one of her favorites-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 07:57 shepherdís pie*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 07:59 Thanks. We thought weíd give it a go by making it ourselves.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 08:00 *pokes at the crust, which is crumbly and a bit scorched* *nods, as if to say that it shows*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 08:01 *Molly and Nairneís mom do a lot of catching up, as well as initiating small talk* *glances at Cian from across the table*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 08:01 *grins cheekily, happy at Emma's statement and clearly not noticing that it was robotic-sounding*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.26 08:02 *eats the pie without saying anything*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 08:08 Molly: So, what did you think youíll be doing while weíre gone? *looks pointedly at Tom* Tom: Oh, well thereís loads of stuff. We have board games... Molly: Did you tell them about the pond? Tom: Oh yeah, we can go swimming.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Apr.26 08:09 *Tom is struggling to answer, so heís relieved when she pipes in* We have lots of pets. We even have a horse! Her name is Daisy. *pets one of her dogs under the table*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 08:10 *already looks bored*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 08:11 Molly: What about you, Noah? Do you have any ideas as to how youíd like to entertain our guests?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 08:13 *suddenly feels something slick against her knee* *looks down and sees a fluffy golden tail* *the dog has decided to lick her knee* *jerks backwards*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.26 08:13 *shrugs his shoulders* Not really.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.26 08:13 *glances over at Emma*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 08:19 *makes eye contact with him, but quickly looks away* *Noah is shockingly attractive*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 08:20 Molly: *chuckles nervously* Iím sure youíll all have a wonderful time.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Apr.26 08:22 *dinner finishes on a rather quiet note* Molly: *sounds serious* Tom and Nairne, weíd like to talk to you in my office before you go to bed. Noah, too.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 08:23 Alrighty then. *gets up*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 08:23 Alright. *absentmindedly wipes his face with a napkin before rising from the table* *has always found it a little weird that Noah, the eldest brother, didnít take on the level of responsibility he had to* *itís never been more apparent now*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Apr.26 08:24 *gets up as well*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 08:24 *pets the dog and goes to follow Molly*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 08:24 (I have to go now. Next week might be a little weird - I have finals. I wonít be online tomorrow night because my anatomy exam is on Monday. I also have an exam Friday, so I wonít be online Thursday. However, I might be able to make it Wednesday instead.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.26 08:25 (I hope you have a great week, and good luck with those classes! See ya!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 08:32 [Alright, goodnight!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 08:32 [Finals come for me in about two weeks. However, one of my classes is going to give some people exemptions/let people pass without taking the final; I hope to get an exemption as well.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.26 08:33 [Good luck with your finals! Study hard!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Apr.30 03:15 (Thanks! Sorry for the late notice, but I will not be online tonight. See you Friday!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.30 05:02 [Dang, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.30 05:03 [I hope you're doing well on your finals! I have an update regarding mine: two of my professors have allowed me to take my current grade and use it as a final grade; thus, I don't have to take finals for two of my classes! :D Unfortunately, the hardest
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Apr.30 05:03 class (physics) is not among my classes that have exempted their finals.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 04:46 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 04:55 (Hey! No problem. About your exams- thatís great to hear! Iím not surprised about the physics, though...)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:00 [I may or may not have lucked out on physics too in that we were supposed to have an exam this week...except the professor has gone radio silent.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:01 [He said we were going to have an exam and assigned homework as part of pretest review. I did the homework, but no exam was ever posted.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:01 *exam this week
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:03 [Next week is finals, though.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:03 [Thank goodness I only have the physics final to do.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:06 (Okay, thatís definitely weird. I know something happened like that with my sisterís economic professor (who was a lot like your physics professor, actually), but it was for a quiz. An exam is a different story.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:07 (Whether or not you have the physics exam, itís definitely a relief that you only have one.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:12 [Yep. Unless he decides to do the exam over the weekend or something, and I don't know if he's allowed to do that.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:13 [He did say that we get to drop our grade from an entire exam. Maybe he decided to shirk that rule and just not do the exam at all.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:13 [That rule doesn't count the final BTW.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:15 (It would be nice if he could communicate that to you guys, though. Guess he decided to peace out instead... maybe.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:18 [I figure he'll HAVE to say something soon. He doesn't even have the final posted yet last time I checked.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:23 (Yeah. Hopefully something will be posted next week. Iím guessing students have emailed him already asking about it.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:24 [Probably. I actually did that while emailing him my finished homework.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:37 [RPing?]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:42 [Oh, and how did your exams go?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:42 (Sorry for the delayed response! I was doing something.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:44 (Sure! Also, they went pretty well I think! I know that wasnít the case for some people, who used Google answers that werenít even in the lecture...)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:44 [It's fine!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:52 *the three are gathered in Mollyís office, Noah standing near the door* *looks a little apprehensive, because thereís something extremely somber about the atmosphere*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:52 [Wait, people were using Google during the final?!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:53 Molly: *says with a tight smile* As you know, youíll be spending some time to yourselves. And as our three eldest children, we wanted to go over some things.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:55 (Yep. This was an anatomy exam with a free response section. One of my anatomy exams was proctored, but the final two were not, revealing some obvious cheating.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:56 [Ugh... -_____-]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:57 (The Google answers were identified by my professor/TAs in the free response section. I think those who used answers that were from Google got reported, but Iím not sure.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:59 (Yeah, itís incredibly frustrating. I didnít cheat, and knowing that other people (who may have looked up answers but were more discrete) might have gotten ahead without deserving it is annoying. Itís too bad integrity canít be seen in a grade.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 05:59 Nairneís mom: Do you know why weíre leaving tomorrow?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:00 *may know the answer to that question, but he doesnít want to think about it*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:01 [I'm guessing "free response" means "short essay" questions (that's what my institution calls them, I think)?]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:01 [I really don't understand why people think they can Google things, copy and paste, and get away with it.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:01 [My college uses plagiarism-detecting algorithms to catch that crap.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:01 [H**l, my mom's a professor and all she has to do is copy and paste a suspicious passage into Google and she'll find exactly what the student used.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:06 You have a diplomatic assignment.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:07 *sounds vaguely annoyed and tired, as if the question was too easy* [BTW, if she's wrong, please tell me why they're leaving and I'll scratch that. I'm not 100% sure if I remembered correctly.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:23 (Once again, I apologize for the delay. I should be answering more frequently now.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:25 [It's fine! I've been busy as well.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:26 (Yeah, itís ridiculous. In fact, Iím starting to think that people are a little stupider in college (the early years, anyways) than high school. I donít know if itís the circumstances, but the cheating and dishonesty has been more prevalent than I ever
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:28 remember. The questions were more like fill-in-the-blank. Iím a little more astounded by the sheer laziness of those students - they couldíve tried a little harder if they wanted the right answer.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:28 [Yeah, WTH?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:29 [Also I do remember one time I witnessed someone cheating during a proctored final. I was taking a calculus 2 final in the same room as students taking a final for another math class--possibly also calculus.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:29 Nairneís mom: *nods* Molly: There have been tensions in London. A certain group of people have become... upset with the government. Whether or not theyíre justified is yet to be determined.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:30 [There was a guy sitting in front of me. He had crutches (he obviously had a broken leg) and had piled his backpack and jacket high on top of the table.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:30 [The teacher was sitting in the front of the room. The guy propped his phone upright against his backpack and jacket, where the teacher couldn't see it.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:30 [I saw him looking at graphs for various equations on his phone. I told the teacher about it after the test.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:32 Nairneís mom: A meeting could mean the difference between saving lives, and saving relationships with other countries. Tom: *vaguely remembers seeing something on the news about a massive accident, but at the time, it seemed too far away to be of real
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:32 danger*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:33 (Dang... you did the right thing. He shouldnít have had things on his desk to begin with, but...)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:35 *looks worried* Will you be okay? In Paris? Molly: *smiles a little* Weíll be fine. We just want to make sure you and everyone else will be okay.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:36 Molly: Youíre not to let Di to hear about any of this. Sheís too young, and I worry about her. If anyone comes to the door, donít answer it. *gives a few more instructions* *smiles* Iíll trust that youíll take good care of this house, Tomcat.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:37 Mum... *is embarrassed by the old nickname, but it brings a small smile to his face*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:38 Nairneís mom: Youíre all to get along. *glances at Nairne* That couldnít be more important. *turns towards Nairne* I know that Emma is a pain in the arse, but watch over her. Will you do that for me?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:41 Yes, mum.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:42 Nairneís mom: *smiles* Good girl.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:43 *he and Nairne are excused, but Molly asks for Noah to stay back*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:43 Molly: *sounds stern* I want a word with you.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.2 06:45 *is sitting around in the shared room when Nairne walks in* *notices Nairne looking pretty solemn* What was that all about?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.2 06:50 What is it?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.2 06:51 Mum and Molly are just making sure everything's going to be alright while they're gone.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 06:53 Molly: *lowers her voice* Youíre not going to back out again. Youíre not going to sit in your room all day on your computer, isolated from everyone else. I wonít allow it.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.2 06:56 *looks a bit confused* What's this about?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.2 06:56 *his tone is artificially innocent*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 07:01 Molly: You know what Iím talking about. Your brother has been doing what you shouldíve been doing for six years, and youíre older than him! He canít do it all himself. Your brother needs you. Both he and Di do.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.2 07:04 *doesnít say anything, but Nairneís expression has her feeling a little worried*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.2 07:07 And what should I have been doing? Ignoring my schoolwork and flunking my classes?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 07:12 Molly: No, but you couldíve been less selfish.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.2 07:15 "Selfish?!"
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 07:20 Molly: *ignores that outburst* Youíre to help with the cleaning and the cooking. And I want you engaging with everyone. Do you understand?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.2 07:25 No, I don't.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 07:28 Molly: *sits back, arms crossed* *looks frustrated* Iíd like to know why.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.2 07:29 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.2 07:29 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 04:05 [I'm on! I also have something to share with you; if you log onto Hangouts I can send it to you. :D]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 04:44 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 04:45 (Great! Send away!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 04:46 [Okie dokie!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 04:46 *]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:02 I've been doing everything I can.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:13 Molly: You have to try and do more.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:16 Molly: *sighs and leans back* I know this has been hard for you. I do. *pauses* Maybe when this is over... maybe youíll be able to move to the city.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:21 *hesitates, then nods a little* I'll try.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:25 *smiles tiredly* Thank you. Iím sorry staying here hasnít been ideal, and I donít blame you if you think weíre all a bunch of gits.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:25 *Molly
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:29 ...I don't think that...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:30 Molly: *smiles* Youíre just saying that.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:31 You're just saying that. *however, he's smiling a little*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:37 *rises from her chair, grinning* Ah, I got you there. Itís getting rather late... I suppose I should get my things gathered...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:40 *nods a little*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:40 *as she begins to leave he says:* Mom?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.3 05:41 *is lingering around in the hallway* *sees Molly asking Noah to help her with something before getting distracted over the location of her boarding pass* *leans against the wall and watches a little, arms crossed*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:42 Molly: *stumbles back into her office* *mutters to herself* Oh, here it is. *picks it up* *turns to face Noah* Yes, dear?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:42 *hugs her*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:44 Molly: Oh- *hugs him back a little awkwardly at first, but her hug is warm and appreciative*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:47 *isn't the first to let go in the hug*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:47 Molly: *sniffs deeply* *looks back at Noah with a reddish, tear-stained face* *is caught up in emotion* Youíll always be my little boy.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:47 *at the end of the hug*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:51 *smiles a little, looking a bit awkward*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 05:54 *leaves her office and prepares to get everything ready for the trip* *she and Nairneís mom are set to leave very early the next morning*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 05:55 *leaves the office as well**stops and looks at Emma, but then moves on to his room without saying anything*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.3 05:56 *has been hit by the reality that the only person sheíll really have left for an indefinite amount of time is Nairne* *sleeps very little that night, and Nairne is tossing and turning*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.3 05:58 *hasnít really slept much when her stepmom/Nairneís mom comes in to wake them up* *stumbles downstairs to say goodbye*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:00 *is up too, and so is Noah* *has barely even slept* *stands by Diís door and watches as Molly leans down to give his drowsy sister a kiss* *feels a pang in his stomach*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:02 *slept somewhat better than Emma**isn't too drowsy when she goes to say goodbye to her mother*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:04 *hugs his mom tightly after she comes out of Diís room* *is trying to hold back tears*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:04 Nairneís mom: *hugs Nairne goodbye* *it is emotional, but the two are joking around a bit*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.3 06:08 *says goodbye, but it is more formal, and sheís exhausted*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:09 Molly: *goes over to Noah and give him a tight hug* *murmurs into his shoulder* Take care of them for me.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:10 *jokes around a bit more than a bit in order to try to lift her mother's mood*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 06:11 I'll...I'll try.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:27 Molly: *looks back at him hopefully and pats him on the shoulder*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:28 *helps them bring their stuff to the car, and stands in the driveway until he canít see them driving off any longer*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:29 *looks at the ground and kicks some gravel* *the world seems a lot quieter now for some reason*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.3 06:30 *goes back upstairs to catch up on some sleep* *feels sort of numb*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:32 *turns to Noah* Mind if I use your kitchen? Noah: *seems a little surprised and/or flustered* Uh...no...? Nairne: Alright, thank you. *goes to the kitchen and starts making tea*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.3 06:36 *goes back to his room as well**has too much on his mind to sleep, though*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:36 *is asleep in the house next door*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:37 *walks back into the house, looking glum* *paces around the living room* *notices Nairne moving around the kitchen* *inches closer* *the tea kettle starts whistling*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:37 Uh... think youíll have any left over?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:42 Oh yeh, I'll have plenty.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:42 *finishes making the tea and pours herself a cup**pours a second cup and holds it out to Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:43 *quickly smiles* Brilliant. Thank you.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:45 *goes into the living room* *sweeps some of Diís dress-up things off the couch and sits down* *slowly sips on the hot tea and surveys the living room*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:47 *has done this all before, but the burden feels heavier - and more extensive - than ever* *tries to brainstorm things for everyone to do, taking more frequent sips of tea* *his mind is whirring but he doesnít seem to be getting anywhere*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:49 *gets a bit of breakfast as well and comes to the living room* Nice place...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:49 *is soon heading out the front door* *begins trimming the hedges a bit* *finds that to be somewhat therapeutic*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:49 *doesn't get an answer and looks at Tom* Uuuhhhmmm...Earth to Tom!?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:50 (By the way, Tom didnít leave because Nairne came in. He mightíve left beforehand.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:55 [Oh...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:55 *]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.3 06:56 [I intended for what Nairne said/did to occur prior to him going outside to trim the hedges.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 06:59 (Okay. I didnít see that post before I posted.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:00 *Nairneís question may have prompted him to go outside* *it did bring him ďback to EarthĒ in a way, and was also kind of embarrassing*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:00 *close to an hour later, Cian comes sauntering over* *stops what heís doing and grins* Hi.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:04 Hi! How're ya doin'?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:10 *starts trimming some leaves off again* Mum left today.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:16 Oh...how ya farin'?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:25 *shrugs* Weíll see.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:26 I mean- *lowers his voice* I barely even know those two. Iíve only seen them at dinner. How the h**l am I supposed to entertain them?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:31 (I have to go now. I should be online tomorrow night! See you then!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:33 [Alright, see you! Goodnight!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:33 Well...we gotta try something...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.3 07:33 Hey, maybe I can help cook! *grins*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.4 03:45 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 05:23 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie. Itís almost over though.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.4 05:25 [Hey! It's fine, I've been kinda busy.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 05:41 *laughs a little* If you want to give it a go, yeah.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 05:42 I know Mumís got some cookbooks if you want to look through those.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.4 05:42 Alright...you wanna help?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:02 [You still there?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:03 (Yeah. Sorry about that!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:04 Maybe later. Iím almost done with this.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:05 *Di walks outside, looking tired but fairly happy* *smiles* *Cian being there has really improved his mood* Good morning. How are you doing today?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.4 06:12 Good. *walks over and promptly hugs Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:14 *drops his shears and hugs her tightly* *starts getting emotional all over again* *pulls away and goes back to work*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.4 06:15 *brings her dogs out and starts jumping on a nearby trampoline* *is donning a cape*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 06:17 *it is about 9 am* *is unpleasantly awoken by the sounds of Tom and Cian bantering away and the squeaking trampoline springs* Ughhh... *rolls over*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 06:19 *isnít just annoyed, sheís p**sed* *stumbles over to the window, opens it, and chucks a pillow out*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:20 *is laughing at something Cian said* Thatís bloody mental- *is suddenly whomped in the face by the pillow* *falls back*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:20 BLOODY H*LL!!!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:25 Oi!! The h**l was that about?!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:26 *was chuckling slightly when he said that, though**in reality he's
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:26 *he's mostly confused*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:28 *looks up and shades his eyes* No idea. *murmurs* Iím going to find out. *walks inside*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:31 *enters the kitchen to find Noah attempting to make breakfast/a second bacon for everyone* *eyes a limp piece of bacon he flips over* Canít remember the last time I saw you doing that.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.4 06:42 *is clearly a bit frustrated/irritated**mutters* Can't remember the last time I saw you doing this either...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 06:47 Maybe because you never leave your room, yeah? *pauses* *holds up the pillow* Know who threw this at me?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.4 06:59 Emma did.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:04 *lets out an irritated sigh through his nose* Sheís a lovely girl, I can tell.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:05 I reckon breakfast is almost ready?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.4 07:16 Mmm hmm.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:27 Alright. Iíll call in the lot. *opens the door and announces to Di and Cian (and probably Nairne if sheís in the living room) that breakfast is ready* *then goes upstairs to get Emma*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:28 *stands in front of the door for a bit, contemplating what heís going to say* *then knocks*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 07:29 *opens the door brusquely moments later* *has messy hair and is wearing baggy pajamas* What?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:31 *looks at her with slightly raised eyebrows* Just wanted to return this. *hands back the pillow* Also, breakfast is ready.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 07:32 Oh. *takes the pillow* Thanks. *is a little embarrassed*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.4 07:33 *is meanwhile already helping herself to some (very burnt) toast and jam* *says a little shyly* Thank you for breakfast, Noah.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:34 *runs back downstairs and to the table* *takes a seat across from Nairne* Did you know your sister threw a pillow at me from the second floor this morning? *laughs a little* Knocked me right on my arse.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.4 07:37 [Sorry for disappearing a lot. I've been drawing.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:43 (Thatís fine!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 07:44 *descends the staircase, looking tired* *takes a seat without saying anything*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 07:49 *surveys the breakfast spread: limp bacon, burnt toast, eggs, jam, and cheese* *blurts rudely* Who eats cheese for breakfast?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:53 *glances up at Emma* You look just the type.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.4 07:54 *says lightly* Youíre being a d***, Tom.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.4 07:55 I wasnít... I donít know whatís wrong with cheese for breakfast, thatís all.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 07:56 *is a little surprised that Di said something she shouldnít have without any intervention* *smiles a little*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.4 07:56 (I have to go now. I should be on tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.4 07:57 [Aw, bye!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.5 02:14 (Just wanted to let you know that I could be pretty late again tonight.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.5 05:30 (Iím here! I wonít be able to stay online for long because I have a meeting tomorrow.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.5 05:32 *eats the toast, but it is burnt so badly that her eyes start watering* *notices the dogs sniffing under the table* *discreetly tosses it to them*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.5 05:39 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.5 05:39 [Sorry I'm late myself. I got used to our previous schedule and forgot you'd be online; I'm sorry!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.5 05:41 [Also alright.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.5 05:42 (Hi! Itís all good.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.5 05:42 [Also Emma just offended every European imaginable with "Who eats cheese for breakfast?" XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.5 05:42 [At the very least, the breakfasts served in the hotels I've been in in Europe always, always, ALWAYS had great cheese and great bread.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.5 05:43 *eats without saying anything and, more disconcertingly, without making a face*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 05:47 Yeh, cheese is amazing.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 05:47 *has some rather runny eggs (though he actually likes them this way) and cheese with hyper-burnt toast*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.5 05:58 (Haha, yeah. That was totally the point.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 05:59 *barely managed to get it down* *not only was the bacon tough; it was partially uncooked*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.5 06:00 *cleared her plate for the most part, although there are burnt toast crusts scattered around*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:00 *is too awkward to leave much on his plate, so he winds up forcing a lot of the burnt toast down*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:01 *his eyes are so watery that he looks like he's on the verge of crying*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.5 06:03 *quickly gets up* *carries her plate almost meekly to the sink, then makes an awkward retreat back upstairs*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:04 *pushes back from the table* Thanks for breakfast, Noah.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.5 06:06 'Welcome.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:06 Yeh, it was great! *coughs a little**quickly gets up, puts his plate in the sink, and goes outside quickly*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:13 *once everyone is gone, he brings back a pile of dusty books and throws them on the table* *opens the door - Cian is out front looking for interesting creatures*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:14 ĎEy Cian? Can you come here? Iíve got a favor to ask of you.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:17 Sure!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:18 *comes over*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:19 *leads him over to the table and gestures towards the books* *keeps his voice down* Youíd probably agree that breakfast was rubbish. Noahís never cookiní again.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:20 Agreed.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:25 *pages through a cookbook* The shepherdís pie didnít go over well either, and since you said youíd be interested in taking up cooking... *glances at him with a look of mock seriousness* ...itís up to you to save us all from malnourishment.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:26 If you can find something for dinner, Iíll do whatever you want me to do for the rest of the week.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:27 *looks at him right in the eye just as seriously* It's a deal.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:32 *grins* Good man. *pats him on the shoulder on his way out* Thereís no time to waste.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:33 *enters the living room* *Nairne is sprawled out on the couch reading a book* Uh- hey.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:39 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:41 [Aw, bye!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.5 06:42 *has taken the cookbook and started flipping through it**however, as soon as he gets outside, he gets sidetracked by a bug that intrigues him*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.5 06:42 *looks up from the book* Hey.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 04:37 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:02 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:02 Hey. Iím glad to see that youíre making yourself at home. Seriously.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:04 Uh- I was just wondering if you and your sister wanted to have a look around the place? *points outside*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 05:08 [Hey! It's fine.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 05:09 I don't know about Emma, but I sure do. *gets up
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 05:09 **
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:18 Alright. Well, Iíll go ask her. *runs upstairs and knocks on the door* Emma: What. Tom: *opens the door* Hey, uh... Iím going to show my sister around the place, and wondered if you wanted to come?...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 05:19 *is sitting on the floor, looking at her phone* *freezes* *appears to be considering* *mutters resolutely* No thanks.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:20 Okay... *shuts the door slowly*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:20 *says to Nairne when he gets back down* Geez, she sure is a stick-in-the-mud.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 05:21 *suddenly comes running towards Tom* Can I come with you, can I come with you? Please?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 05:21 *watches Tom come back**doesn't seem surprised that he's alone*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:24 Yes, but youíd better hurry up. *opens the door and leads Nairne outside* *the dogs come bounding out as well*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 05:25 *grabs a small pink-and-yellow backpack off the floor and follows them out*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:26 *is figuring out where to take them when he notices Cian digging around nearby* Oi, I thought you were inside?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:30 Wot??
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 05:35 *smiles* Hey! *pets the dogs*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 05:39 Hi! *starts babbling to Nairne*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:40 Weíre all bloody depending on you, remember?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 05:41 *is talking about her backpack* ...Explorer Erica says youíll never know when you need something, so I make sure to carry it with me whenever I go outside. *is referencing a show she watches*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:43 Oh...yeh.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:43 Oops.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 05:51 That's a great idea, Di!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 05:51 [British bootleg Dora? XD]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:55 *gets up a bit guiltily*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:59 (Oh my gosh, haha. That sounds about right.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 05:59 Youíre fine. I thought youíd better get started before time runs out.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:08 *adds quietly* Before Noah finds out... *smirks*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:10 *starts walking* *yells over his shoulder* Looking forward to whatever masterpiece you come up with!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:11 Alright...I'm on it... *heads back inside*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:12 *comes over and walks beside Tom* So Di likes British bootleg Dora, huh?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:12 *is watching out the window* *sees the party walking towards an old barn, the dogs galloping after them* *turns away and thinks deeply for a moment* *then runs out the door*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:13 What? *chuckles a little, then makes the connection* Oh, like Dora the Explorer. *laughs* Yeah. You could say sheís a superfan.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:14 What? *chuckles a little, then makes the connection* Oh, like Dora the Explorer. *laughs* Yeah. You could say sheís a superfan.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:15 (Oops, double post.) I had to drive her out to Ipswich this spring to go meet her, and let me tell you, it was a big bloody riot - of toddlers, that is.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:22 Hey, wait!!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:23 *turns around, looking puzzled*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:24 *slows down, panting* *tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and glances at Tom* Sorry, I- sorry for being rude. And sorry for throwing a pillow at you earlier.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:25 *smiles a little* Itís fine.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 06:26 *peeks at Emma behind Nairne* Have you met the dogs yet?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:27 No. *crouches down next to them* What are their names? Di: This is Daisy, and thatís Lizzy. Emma: *smiles* Hey guys. *pets them*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:28 *raises her eyebrows at Emma*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:29 They look just like the dog I used to have... *chuckles* She wouldíve loved it here. It was so hard walking them in the city. Di: Do you still have it? Emma: No... we gave her to a friend when I moved here. *looks blank all of a sudden*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:30 *stands up and pretends she didnít see Nairneís look* Where are we going now?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:30 Well, I should probably show you the creek. *Di bounds after him excitedly*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:31 *leads them past the barn and into a clearing* *beyond that clearing is a small creek, which flows into a basin of water* *a willow tree looms above it, creating a sort of ledge*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:32 This is where we go swimming in the summer. Weíve already been in this year. Itís quite nice.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:35 This is braw!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:37 *grins at Nairne* Ainít it?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 06:38 Can we go swimming today?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:39 Eh... maybe not today. It might rain. But probably tomorrow. Di: Aw, okay. *doesnít seem too disappointed*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:40 *is glad Tom told Di they couldnít* *even if they do plan on it tomorrow, thereís no chance sheís going in* *is sure there are snakes or something at the bottom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:42 *moves on to the barn, where they visit the horse* *then leads them through a glade and into a clearing that reveals rows of beautiful blossoming trees*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:43 Dang, that's shan...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:43 The water looks beautiful.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:45 *slows down and looks at them contemplatively, then abruptly moves forward* Thereís something I want to show you.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:46 Hm?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:46 *leads them over to a rickety fence* *hops over the side, then opens the gate for them* Technically weíre not supposed to be here, but... we go anyways.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:49 *doesnít see what could possibly be so interesting about a grassy field* *however, a little further on, they can see countless valleys dipping and folding far into the distance*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:49 *has seen this kind of scenery in Scotland, but she didnít imagine itíd be so close to their house, too*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:50 *points* Out there, if you look closely enough, youíll be able to see a castle. *kneels down*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:51 *stares out, smiling a little**her smile seems bittersweet*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:51 *it takes a bit of searching, but she is able to find some crumbling ruins in the distance* Wow.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 06:53 *glances at Emma, curious about her reaction*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 06:55 Itís amazing to think that, at one point, people who were more important than us lived there. Kings and queens, maybe. Now theyíre lost to time.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 06:56 *doesnít say anything* *is a little transfixed by Tomís commentary* *sits down and looks, twisting some grass while she does so*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 06:57 Yeah... *hadnít really thought of it that way* *moreover, sheís not used to being surrounding by ancient history* *walks a little closer, appearing fascinated*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 07:00 *feels a droplet hit her arm* *ignores it, but then they multiply* Did you say it was supposed to rain?... *doesnít need anyone to answer - ominous clouds are rolling in*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 07:01 Ah, (BLEEP). Weíre gonna have to run home. *the drops are now coming down in a steady stream*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 07:03 Wait! *unzips her backpack* *pulls out an umbrella and a small purple raincoat* *shoves the raincoat towards Emma, and hands Nairne the umbrella* *however, Nairne is struggling to open it*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 07:05 Thank you!! *tries opening it but can't**mutters* God d*** it...son of a [BLEEP]...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 07:07 *is trying to tie the raincoat around her hair, but it keeps falling down*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 07:09 Here, lemme help. *isnít having much luck* *mutters* Ch*ap piece of (BLEEP)...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 07:12 Weíre gonna get soaked!!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 07:12 *there is a clap of thunder* *shrieks* *the dogs bark*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 07:13 [BLEEP] it, let's go! *starts running**jumps over the fence*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 07:18 *roars a bit gleefully* WEíD BETTER RUN LIKE H*LL!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 07:19 *she and Emma are bringing up the rear* WAIT FOR ME! *unfortunately, itís every man for himself* *has to fight to keep up*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 07:20 *the dogs go barreling past her in a race to the house* *is not too far behind Tom*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 07:22 *races to the house, making it there first (not counting the dogs, who are faster than everyone else)*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 07:23 *suddenly - and epically - slides to the ground*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.6 07:25 *bursts out laughing* *is laughing so hard that her sides hurt* *runs up to Tom and offers him a hand*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 07:25 Bloody h*ll, almost broke my back. *is sort of laughing about it, too*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.6 07:26 *he and Emma make it back to the house next* *poor Di struggles to make it back quickly, but eventually gets there*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 07:27 *arrives nearly on the brink of tears*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.6 07:27 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.6 07:42 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 04:13 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 04:50 *opens the door and ushers everyone in*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:04 (Hey! So sorry Iím late. I was watching Lord of the Rings (halfof it, actually) and it was longer than I expected.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:04 That was insane!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 05:05 Iím soaked. *seems frustrated by that, but sheís smiling a little*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 05:15 [Hey!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 05:15 I'm soaked too! *sounds more excited by that than anything else*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 05:15 Hey Di, are you okay?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.7 05:34 *sniffs a little* Yeah.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.7 05:35 *says stubbornly to Tom* That was Daddy watering the trees.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 05:37 *looks slightly confused, but says nothing*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:39 *comes over* Wow, you guys look like [BLEEP]! *is grinning cheekily*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.7 05:49 *says stubbornly to Tom* That was Daddy watering the trees.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.7 05:50 (Oops, double post.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:51 *says to Di* Yeah, thatís right on the money.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:51 *grins* You would too, if you had ran through a bloody downpour.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 05:52 *mutters* You shouldíve seen Tom. He fell on his butt.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:53 *laughs* That I did. Hey, whatíve you been up to while we were gone?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:56 I've been experimenting@
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:56 *!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 05:56 Wanna see?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:06 Yeah, of course!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:06 (By the way, what would Noah be doing?)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:09 [He's still figuring things out. He likely went back to his room for a while.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:09 Come on! *heads to the kitchen*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:13 *follows Cian to see whatís cooking*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:13 (Okay. Heís about to get a call.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:13 *as stated, Noah receives a call from Molly*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 06:17 *picks up the phone*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 06:17 Hello?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 06:17 *smells Cian's cooking before she sees it* Oh my [BLEEP]ing GAWD-
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:18 *some dark brown horribleness is cooking in a big pot*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:25 (Hahaha. I wasnít really expecting that, honestly.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:26 *was all smiles until he saw - or smelled, rather - the substances bubbling away on the stove* *freezes, his mouth hanging open*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:27 Oh my god, mate! *says in a sort of high-pitched way* What the bloody h**l have you been cookiní?!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:28 *takes a step closer* It looks like a bubbling crock of (BLEEP)!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:28 Molly: Hi dear. I just wanted to call to let you know that weíve landed. How are you keeping up?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:31 *looks rather sad*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:32 It's...it's supposed to be Irish beef stew...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 06:33 Alright. How are you?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:37 Molly: Iím doing well... just a bit tired. Are you getting along with everyone else?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:37 Iím sorry, but I really couldnít tell the difference.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 06:41 I guess so.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 06:42 *looks in the pot* It IS a bubbling crock of [BLEEP].
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 06:42 You weren't wrong.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:52 Molly: Good. Maybe you can try to get everyone together and do something fun. We have loads of board games. Maybe you could play one of those tonight.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:53 *is honestly glad to hear that* *stirs the pot a little* Iím not even sure if this should be called broth...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 06:53 *spoons up a jagged piece of potato - or some mysterious vegetable*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 06:54 Yeah, sure, maybe...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 06:54 That honestly looks like one of my grandma's infamous warts.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 06:54 Don't put it in your mouth, that's cannibalism.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:05 Molly: Try, if you can. *pauses* Well, Iíll let you go. I love you.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:05 *bursts out laughing* Oooo, savage...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:06 *is actually a little concerned about whatís going on in the kitchen*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:16 Now whatíre we gonna have? Is there any way to salvage this?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 07:17 Love you too. Bye. *hangs up*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 07:17 Is there any way to salvage Chernobyl?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:18 *is laughing again*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:18 *walks in* Are you making soup or something?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 07:19 I wish.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 07:19 In actuality he replicated the accident in Chernobyl in a pot. I'm really rather impressed.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:19 *chuckles and scratches the back of his neck, his face very red**there's hurt in his eyes, though*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:20 [Tom is probably the only one who can tell that Cian is putting on a front and is rather hurt (in addition to obviously being embarrassed).]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:22 *is laughing, but he notices Cian is uncomfortable* *gives him a pat on the back* Hey. You tried, mate.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:22 *speaks up again* If itís soup, I might be able to salvage it.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:27 Well, itís supposed to be stew.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:27 Irish beef stew...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:31 Great. Iím gonna need some broth if you have some, then a pot and a strainer.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:33 Okay, okay... *goes rummaging around, trying to keep that all straight* *manages to find a container of broth* *sets it on the counter* Vegetable. *puts everything else down too*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:35 Thanks. *pours it all in* Weíre gonna let this simmer for a bit. *strains ďChernobylĒ to the best of her abilities, but some of the vegetables are still soggy* *sees some remnants lying on the counter*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:37 *gestures towards Cian* Can you chop some of those up for me? Where are the spices? Tom: Above you. Emma: *opens a cupboard to find an abundance of spices* *takes out some parsley*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:38 Weíre gonna need some bread with butter. Put some of this on it. *tosses Tom a container of Italian seasonings* And maybe some cheese, too.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:38 *glances at Nairne* Okay...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:41 Yes ma'am. *gets to chopping*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 07:41 *looks a bit like a deer in headlights*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:44 Okay, so... *starts pulling out bread* *creates a sort of assembly line wherein he butters the bread, and Nairne tops it*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:46 *puts in onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper by the pinchful* *has to keep stirring and tasting*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:47 Weíll have to put this in the oven, or else itíll taste like rubbish.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.7 07:48 *is a little concerned about dinner herself* *secretly eats chocolate in the living room, which she stores away in her backpack*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:51 *throws in some of Cianís vegetables* *they even managed to find and strain some canned vegetables* Hey, can you guys taste this for me?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 07:54 Alrighty, I'm on it.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 07:54 *comes over and tastes the stew*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.7 07:54 *looks around at everyone**then says:* I think Chernobyl has been saved.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:55 *smiles, visibly relieved*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 07:56 *finishes up in his room and comes over**rests his hands on a doorway, watching them*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:56 *hesitates, then starts clapping*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:58 *grins* *actually looks kind of shy when Cian gives her a round of applause*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 07:59 Hey... I think we made a pretty good team. *glances at Nairne*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.7 07:59 *is bringing the bread out of the oven, which doesnít look too bad either* You like cooking?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 08:00 *chuckles* Yeah. I wouldnít be American if I didnít.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 08:01 *suddenly notices Noah hanging around in the doorway* *quickly looks away and pretends she didnít see*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.7 08:04 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.7 08:07 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.7 08:07 What are you guys up to?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.8 04:35 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:05 (Hey!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:05 We just finished cooking up dinner.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.8 05:06 [Hi!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.8 05:06 Seems kind of early for that, but alright.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.8 05:09 Well, we could just let it sit here I guess.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:22 ...I'm kind of hungry...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:33 An early dinner is better than no dinner. Letís eat.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:38 Yeh!!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.8 05:39 *starts getting plates**looks at Noah* You gonna help or are you gonna watch us like some sort of creep?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.8 05:40 *looks rather taken aback* Uh...I'll help. *comes in and gets utensils*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:40 (Haaaa, I love Nairneís comment.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:41 *wanders into the living room only to catch Di red-handed* You werenít the only starving, Cian.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.8 05:42 *smirks at Nairneís remark*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.8 05:46 [XD It's probably about the only sort of treatment that'll make Noah do something at this point.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:46 Oh??
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:48 Yeah. Di has loads of chocolate in her backpack. *ushers a guilty-looking Di into the kitchen*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.8 05:49 It shouldnít ruin her dinner. *puts the strew-turned-soup on the table* *is kind of worried that it wonít be substantial enough*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.8 05:50 *sorry, she got bowls, not plates*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.8 05:50 *starts putting the former Chernobyl disaster into everyone's bowls*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 05:55 *passes out the bread and takes a seat* *takes a bite of the stew-turned-soup* Mm. Chernobyl didnít turn out too bad.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.8 05:56 What? Whatís that? *is stirring her soup around cautiously* *was picking at the bread earlier*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.8 05:57 *thinks the bread could have turned out better, but overall, the soup isnít terrible at all*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.8 05:58 A former radioactive disaster that his since been tamed.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.8 06:01 *laughs* Thatís a perfect way to describe it.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.8 06:02 *is smiling* I think maybe we should take a trip to the store tomorrow.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.8 06:02 (I have to go now, unfortunately. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.8 06:08 [Aw, bye!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.8 06:08 Yeh, that'd be fun!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.9 04:26 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 04:59 (Hey! Sorry I keep showing up so late.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 04:59 Okay. *seems ambivalent*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:01 [Hey! It's alright. I've been busy myself.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:12 *finishes up* We should probably make a list. *brings her dishes to the sink*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.9 05:13 A trip to the store? For what?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:14 *looks at Noah* You literally donít have anything in here. If I hadnít saved the stew, we wouldíve been scr*wed for dinner.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:14 *raises an eyebrow*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.9 05:17 ...Oh.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.9 05:18 It...the dinner was really good. *finishes and puts his dishes in the sink as well, then walks out of the room*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:24 Thanks?....
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:25 *still has that eyebrow raised*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:25 Well, if that list is going to be an all-night event, weíd better get to it. *is being somewhat sarcastic*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:27 *faces Emma* I assume youíll be going with us?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:28 Yeah, probably.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:29 Then weíd better get it all down while itís still fresh.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:31 *gathers in the living room with Cian and Emma* *sets a paper and pen down on the coffee table* Okay, what do we need?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:33 Uh...what's the rush?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:33 I thought we would go shopping tomorrow...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:41 We need to be prepared and have something to stick to. *is afraid Emmaís intentions are to buy the entire store*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:42 Okay, so, I was looking around and... *rattles off some items*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:43 *by the time sheís done, the entire page is practically filled* *is internally freaking out*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.9 05:44 *has been lingering around, possibly out of boredom* *says innocently* Can you get some chocolate?...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:45 *looks tired* Yes.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:45 *stares at the list, baffled* Can you even afford this much???
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:45 *sits back* *glances at Emma* How... how exactly are we going to pay for all of this?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 05:45 *only glances at the list* I doubt it.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 05:46 *sits down by Tom* Let's get rid of some things that we can live without.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:46 Didnít your mom leave you guys money? Donít you have any?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:47 Yes, but.... Iím not about to use it all at the supermarket!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:48 *pauses* Donít worry. Weíll use it as a guide.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:50 *mutters* Crossing things off sounds like a great idea. *thinks for a while* *then gets up* Iím going to play some records.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:53 *comes back with a stack of vinyl records* *brushes them off and brings them over to a record player*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 05:55 *watches Tom dubiously* How old are those?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:56 Probably a hundred or more. *puts in an upbeat one and smiles a little* *is considerably more relaxed*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 05:57 Some of them are Mumís. Some of them I collected myself.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 05:58 *has already started crossing things off*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.9 05:59 Ooh, I like this one! *puts on a cape and starts dancing around*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 06:00 *even though the music is noticeably old, sheís smiling and sort of nodding along* *hasnít noticed Nairne making her edits*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:04 *mutters* No... *crosses one off* No... *crosses one off* Why the [BLEEP] even... *crosses another off*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.9 06:04 Spin me around, Tom!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 06:06 *gets up* *spins Di around and dances with her, even though heís not the best*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 06:08 *is transfixed by Tom and Di* *watches him twirl her around, singing and laughing* *is totally oblivious to the fact that Nairne has reduced the list down to a few items*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 06:09 *is smiling, but inside, she feels something like jealousy building up* *has had a lot given to her over the years, but out of everything, thatís what sheís wanted the most*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 06:10 *slips away upstairs* *sits in the shared room and watches the sun set* *wipes away a few tears as a hearty rendition of ďYellow SubmarineĒ is heard downstairs*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:11 *holds up the list* Alright, this should be more manageable!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:12 ...Hey, where'd Emma...?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.9 06:12 *is sitting outside now that the rain is over and watching the sunset as well*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 06:13 Yeah... no clue.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.9 06:13 Do you think I should go find her?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 06:16 *catches sight of Noah sitting outside* *stares at him from above, both mystified and annoyed by the fact that he hardly ever comes out of his room*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 06:17 Sure, why donít you.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:18 Nah, she's probably alright.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:18 *said that before Tom told Di to go find Emma*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:18 *sighs*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 06:19 *switches out for some mellow jazz music and lounges on the couch* *says to Nairne* Is she always like this?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.9 06:20 *goes outside* *yells* EMMAAA! WHERE ARE YOUUUU? *suddenly sees Noah* Oh- hi...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 06:21 *hears Di* Ughhh... *just wants to be left alone* *gets ready for bed*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:23 I dunno...I guess so.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:24 Minus the saving Chernobyl part. I didn't expect that.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.9 06:24 Hi...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.9 06:24 Emma's not out here.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.9 06:37 Oh... okay. *runs back inside*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 06:38 I reckon itís kind of hard, if sheís so... volatile like that.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 06:38 Youíre not even related, are you?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:50 Nah...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:50 My mom's her stepmom.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 06:50 [Sorry for disappearing. XP]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:05 (Itís fine!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:05 *asks carefully* What about your dad?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 07:11 Emma's got a different dad.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 07:11 Both my parents are Scottish. Both of her biological parents are American.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:18 Do you ever see your dad anymore?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 07:19 Yeah.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:26 *nods slowly* *looks contemplative*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 07:29 ...Whatcha thinkin' about?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:39 Nothing. *smiles*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:40 *rises* I think Iím... I think Iíll go and tidy up around here. *goes into the kitchen*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:40 *glances out the front window on his way over* *the moon is shining on Noah* *feels a little sad inside*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:42 -THE NEXT MORNING-
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:43 *is up bright and early with Cian* *knocks on Nairne and Emmaís door* Wakey wakey!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 07:45 *groans* No...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:46 Youíre the one who wanted to go, so youíre goiní!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 07:47 Ugh... *stumbles out of bed* *throws on some shorts and a button-down tank top, then lazily ties her hair into a bun*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 07:47 *jumps out of bed and ties her curly, flaming red hair into a ponytail*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 07:47 *is soon in the backseat of the van, en route to the store* Whereís the list?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.9 07:50 Here. *has Cian toss it back while he drives*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 07:51 *reviews the list* Who crossed like, everything off?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.9 07:52 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a good night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 07:52 [Aw, bye! Goodnight to you too!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.9 07:52 Me.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 02:58 [Word of warning: I'll be about an hour late tonight.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 05:15 (Thatís fine! I just got here.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 05:15 *seems frustrated, but doesnít say anything*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 05:35 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 05:35 You have to understand this Emma: not everyone's as stinking rich as your daddy.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 05:45 (Hey!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 05:45 Thatís not the (BLEEP)ing point, Nairne!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 05:47 Alright, alright!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 05:47 I donít see why we have to buy everything all at once. Why canít we just come back later?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 05:48 Unless you want to come back three days later, sure.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 05:54 [Hi! :D How are you?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:03 (Iím fine! You?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 06:03 [I'm doing well!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:15 (Great!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:17 *sighs* Letís just get in and out. *pulls into the store parking lot*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:18 *the shopping trip is a rather unpleasant experience, mainly because Nairne and Emma keep fighting over the shopping list* *canít find something they actually need, and an old lady keeps getting in his way*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:20 *is looking around for some type of sauce when the old lady shoves past him* *his voice betrays some irritability* Excuse me, maíam.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:21 You were wrong, Nairne. We need sandwich stuff.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:29 *disappears to the other side of the store to find said sandwich stuff*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:30 *is standing in an aisle with only Cian* I donít know why I didnít just limit the trip to the two of us. The basketís getting heavier than I anticipated.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:32 *ends up getting some pasta and sauces, too* *remembers Di put chocolate on the list* *grabs some of that, and just to be nice, she picks up the closest thing to marshmallows and graham crackers that she can find*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 06:34 *exclusively gets things that she didn't scratch off*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 06:34 *as soon as she sees what Emma has brought they start bickering again* Pasta I get, but how the h**l are s'mores a basic necessity?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:40 I thought-
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:41 *cuts her up* Weíre ringing up right now. I donít think we can physically fit anything else.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:42 *off
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:43 *they stand in line* *of course, the grand total is a bit staggering* *sighs a little and trudges up to the register*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:45 *shoves past Tom* Tom: Wait- Emma: *mutters* Just let me handle this. *pulls out a wad of bills* *unfolds them and organizes them hastily before laying them down*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:47 *takes the mile-long receipt without so much as a word* *sweeps up a couple of grocery bags*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 06:49 *stares*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:49 *wasnít expecting that* *attempts to pick up several bags* Uh, thanks for taking care of that, Emma. *Emma pretends like she didnít hear him and makes a beeline for the door*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 06:51 *picks up as many bags as she can and follows*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 06:53 [BTW, my parents have been to Scotland (I haven't). My parents have described Scottish people as normal, good, and adamant about saving money (they helped my parents dodge rip-offs).]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:54 *says when theyíre packing up the trunk* Well, I spent almost half of my ďrichesĒ on your food, so I hope youíre happy.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 06:55 [My parents have described them as practical and down-to-earth.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 06:56 (Yeah, that sounds about right. They seem like a very sensible type of people.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 06:57 *freezes* *turns towards Emma* You know what... who shoved a stick so far up your (BLEEP) that you decided to take it out on us? Whatís the matter with you?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:07 Guys...do you really think arguing about this will get us anywhere?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:08 *her face grows red* Nothing!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:11 Sorry. Itís just... be a little mindful of what you say, alright? *looks hurt*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:12 *is just as hurt* *would tell Tom the same thing, but sheís put her foot in her mouth too many times for that to be justified*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:14 *helps bring a few bags in, but otherwise she goes straight to the guest bathroom upstairs* *shuts the door and cries* *is having a really hard time, and itís only day two*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:17 *is unpacking groceries in the kitchen with Nairne and Cian* *Emmaís absence is already pretty obvious* *says quietly* I probably shouldnít have said that.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:20 *sighs**her tone is also low* She's a lot of things, and sensitive is one.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:20 I'll go check on her.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:20 *heads upstairs and knocks on the door* Emma?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:20 Are you alright?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:23 *says after a minute* Yeah, Iím fine. *is trying to sound like she hasnít been crying, and she succeeds for the most part*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:29 Um...alright...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:29 If you need anything we're all downstairs.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:30 *goes back to crying on-and-off* *feels like sheís been in the bathroom forever when she hears footsteps running down the hall*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.10 07:31 *itís her* Emma? Weíre going swimming! Do you want to come with us?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:32 *really doesnít want anyone bothering her* *has an idea* *says as brightly as possible* Sure!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:36 [Wait, swimming at night?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:36 [Huh...]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:37 (Itís actually early afternoon. They went to the store pretty early.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:37 *follows Di downstairs* Youíll need some snacks to take with you. *rummages around in the kitchen* Here. *puts some in her backpack*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:39 *emerges from his room wearing swim trunks and carrying towels* *the dogs, who are dressed in costumes, are at his feet* *watches Emma a bit tersely*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:42 *acknowledges Tom coolly* *he and Di head out the door* Di: *says to Emma* Will you meet us there? Emma: Yeah, in a few minutes.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:42 *sighs with relief* *heads out the door too, but she doesnít follow them* *walks through the glen and past the wooden fence, which is still open from the previous day*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:45 *trudges through the grass until she can find a nice view of the castle in the distance* *reaches into a small purse she brought with her and pulls out a smoke* *thinks about what Tom said about the castle, and how the important people living there
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.10 07:45 centuries ago certainly arenít important anymore* *itís food for thought*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:47 *meanwhile, he and Cian are making bets over who can make the biggest cannonball or whatever* *itís pretty much determined that Cian will*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:47 *grins at him mischievously* Alright then. I dare you to do something else.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:48 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:49 [But Noah and Emma watched the sunset.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:50 [Was there a time skip that I missed?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.10 07:50 [Oh wait nvm, I totally forgot that we skipped to the next morning. XD XP Sorry!!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.10 07:51 Uh...well, I can do some pretty cool somersaults in the water!
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.10 07:52 *suddenly Emma hears him* Thought I was the only one.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.10 07:52 *is standing about 15 feet away behind her*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 04:56 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was watching a movie.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 05:09 (Hey! No problem.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 05:16 *jumps a little* *whirls around, then tosses the smoke in a not-so-discrete way* What?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:16 *laughs a little* Thatís nothing compared to what Iím about to ask you.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:18 I dare you to swing on one of those branches without breaking it- *gestures towards the willow tree* -before jumping in.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:28 ......Uh...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:28 Sure, I...I can do it.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 05:29 *chuckles slightly and shakes his head a little* You really didn't have to do that.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 05:29 I thought I was the only one around here who liked to come out here and smoke.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:40 Alright then. Letís see. *smirks a little*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.11 05:41 Youíre going to get hurt!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 05:43 *laughs a little, sort of embarrassed* Really? *starts messing around with her hair* *had taken it down, and itís pretty messy*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 05:43 Want one?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 05:54 ...Sure. *walks over and sits down beside her*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:55 I'll be fine.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:55 *is mostly talking to himself, though**walks over to the willow tree**grabs a branch*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:55 *tries to start swinging several times but chickens out of it each time*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 05:56 *finally takes a deep breath and swings on the branch**the branch breaks and he goes flailing and yelling into the water*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 06:00 *hands him one* Sorry for taking your place. *chuckles softly* I just needed some time to myself, and your brother showed me around yesterday. *pauses* Itís a nice place to think.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.11 06:01 *screams*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:02 *is laughing* *runs up to Cian* You almost made it! Are you alright?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:11 [Sorry for disappearing. I was distracted.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:11 Yeh...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:11 My butt hurts, but I'm okay.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 06:11 Got a lighter?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:17 *laughs a little* Okay. Iím gonna give it a go.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:18 Don--I mean, uh, sure.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:19 *takes a running start* *leaps into the air, grabbing a bundle of branches* *swings wildly and lets out a yell - the branches snap*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:19 *shakes her head at them, but she's smiling**backs up several meters, then runs and jumps into the water, screeching "YEEEEEEEEE-HOOOOO" loudly*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:19 *goes splashing into the water* *comes up a few seconds later, sputtering*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.11 06:20 *screams gleefully*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:21 *Nairneís shadow looms over him for a fraction of a second* *swears loudly before diving out of the way*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:22 *says to Nairne when she resurfaces* Almost killed me there, you did. *is smiling*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.11 06:22 *says stubbornly* Maybe you deserved it.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:23 *laughs* Aw, come on now. *Di smiles*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 06:23 Yeah. *hands one to Noah*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:26 *winces, turning away to
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:26 [Oops]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:26 *he winced and turned away to avoid having his face be splashed on*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 06:26 *hugs her legs to her chest* *says somewhat briskly* So. I hardly ever see you around.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:26 WHOOO
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:27 Almost kill you again, I shall. *swims towards the shore so that she can jump in again*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 06:27 *lights his cigarette**says after a puff:* I prefer being alone most of the time.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:28 No you wonít! *Nairne advances towards the ledge, grinning a bit sinisterly* Oh god! *starts swimming*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 06:29 *mutters* Canít really blame you I guess.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 06:31 *is struggling to come up with things to say* *is intimidated by Noah* Have you ever seen that castle over there?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:33 *cackles menacingly*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:33 You better prepare your [BLEEP]. It's about to get WRECKED! *flings herself into the water in Tom's general direction, though she intentionally made it easy for him to get away*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 06:33 Of course. I've come out here to do what you're doing for years.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:36 *lets out a yell that Emma and Noah can probably hear* *was spared, but he still gets soaked by the splash*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 06:37 *looks around very briefly, but doesn't seem too surprised*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:37 *has an idea* *runs up to the ledge and jumps in before Nairne can catch up* *his cannonball Ďexplodesí perilously close to her*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:38 Jesus Christ Nairne, calm down!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:38 ACK- *gets splashed by Tom's cannonball*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:38 *is left sputtering and coughing*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:38 Really now?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:38 Is that the best you've got?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:38 This means WAR! *swims quickly to the edge*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 06:39 Itís a nice view. A good place to sit and think... contemplate life... *chuckles* *mutters* I think I already said that.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.11 06:39 *an awkward pause lingers* *turns to him* Why?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:40 *lets out a sort of high-pitched roar* Oh god no! *swims towards the creek, where Di is floating around* Di! Save me!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:44 (Unfortunately, I have to go now. I have to start a summer class (chemistry- yay...) on Tuesday, so I wonít be online tomorrow night. The class will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I suspect I wonít be online Monday nights or Wednesday nights.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.11 06:45 (With all that said, Iíll see you soon! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:49 [Aw, bye! Good luck with your summer class!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:49 [I have one as well, but it doesn't start until next month.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.11 06:50 Why what?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:50 *laughs evilly* There is no escape.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:54 *maneuvers so the distance between her and Tom is shorter, then jumps towards him and Di*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.11 06:54 THIS IS THE CANNONBALL OF THE CENTURY!!! *lands, creating a huge splash*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:07 [I'm online! However, it's thunderstorming out, so if I disappear completely it's because my Internet and/or power got knocked out.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 04:12 (Hey! Got it.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:24 [Hi! :D]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:24 [How is chemistry so far?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:33 [The storm has gotten much worse and RP-City is loading quite slowly, so beware--I may disappear.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 04:35 (Okay! Hopefully everythingís okay.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 04:36 (Honestly, itís off to a rocky start. For starters, thereís more homework than Iím used to, and it might be self-taught. I donít remember it having as much math as I did tonight, either. The conversions are really confusing me.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 04:39 *screams in terror*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 04:40 OH GOD NO!! *gets submerged by the blast*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:46 [Oof, sorry to hear that. XP I would help you with the math if I could, but I've never taken chemistry.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:46 [Is it one of those "fast-tracked" (i.e. fewer weeks than normal) classes?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:47 *doesn't come up until about 10 seconds later*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 04:47 *catches her breath and then lets out a hearty "MWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAAA!!"*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 04:59 (Yeah... thereís a lot of units of measurement involved that might require some previous knowledge. Thanks for offering, though!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 05:00 (Yeah, itís a little more than a month. Iím also taking it through a community college, and itís surprisingly harder.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 05:01 *screams* Nairne! *splashes her*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.13 05:02 Why do you come out here all the time?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 05:02 [Really? That's surprising. Community colleges should be easier.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:03 To think.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:03 To admire the landscape.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:03 Nothing too much different from you.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.13 05:10 (Yeah. Maybe Iím just that bad at chemistry. I have taken a few CC classes in the past, and one of them - a psychology class - was fairly intensive.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.13 05:11 *nods* *says after a while* Why are you always in your room? I mean, no offense or anything, but I never see you, and now youíre sitting here talking to me.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:11 [It may not be you, though. My physics class was much harder than it should've been because the professor was not good at giving the students an understanding of what we were doing (he could explain the math just fine, but he wasn't good at explaining
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:11 what the math was doing or showing).]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:12 I'm often working on things in there.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:19 [It honestly got easier once it was moved online because the professor was good at choosing various videos that explained the concepts very well.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.13 05:25 (Yeah. Iím not even sure if the professor for this class is going to post lectures - a lot of it is reading and doing homework through this site, which of course gives easy examples before giving you harder questions.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.13 05:25 (Maybe itís just that itís the beginning of the year and thereís a lot to review. Weíll see what happens.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.13 05:30 [Aw geez, I hate it when the questions you get are harder than the examples. XP Good luck!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.13 05:30 (Thanks! Iíll need it, haha.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 05:31 *splashes Di right back**says all too innocently:* What?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 05:42 *laughs* You might kill us if youíre not careful!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 05:43 *smirks* Now who said I wasn't being careful?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 05:50 Youíre (BLEEP) near throwing yourself on us. *has a laugh*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 05:50 (By the way, Emma asked a question above. Just wanted to point that out in case you missed it.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 05:51 *swims up ahead and calls for the dogs*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 05:56 [He replied to her question.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 05:56 [Also sorry for disappearing. I'm working on a drawing. I think it'll be done tonight.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 05:58 Yeah, that's what I call careful!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 05:58 Carefulness is subjective!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 05:58 (There was another one just below his response.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 05:59 (Thatís fine! Iím reading myself.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 06:00 Maybe. *a smirk spreads across his face* *dips below the water and then comes back up to float on his back*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 06:07 [He replied to that one. Look under my post that says " what the math was doing or showing).]"]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 06:11 (Ohhh, okay. Got it.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.13 06:13 *nods a little* *doesnít really know what else to say, so she simply says, ďCoolĒ*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 06:18 *flicks water at Tom's face*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 06:21 *winces, but smiles* Stop. *Nairne doesnít* *splashes her*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 06:23 *floats away as fast as he can* *gazes up into patches of the blue summer sky, which are obscured by trees* *there havenít been many days where itís been this nice, and his spirits drop when the blue sky is suddenly obscured by thick gray clouds*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.13 06:24 *a dry wind starts blowing* *a few flecks of something random falls into his eyes*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 06:25 *is watching the flecks fall all around them* *says simply* Itís snowing out.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.13 06:25 (Alright, I have to go now. Iíll see you in a couple of days!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 06:26 [How did you know she wouldn't stop? XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.13 06:26 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.15 04:50 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:08 (Hey! I wonít be able to be online for long, but I figure itís better than nothing.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.15 05:09 [Hey! Alright, that's fine. How has class been? Do you have to go in person or is it online?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:12 *dunks himself below the surface to get the stuff out of his eyes* *climbs over the bank and jogs out into the clearing*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.15 05:13 *looks around, frowning slightly* No Di, this isn't snow...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:13 (Itís been alright, but itís still tough. Iím bracing myself for later units. Also, itís online, which I donít necessarily mind.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.15 05:13 [I figure it's raining ashes?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:13 (Yeah.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.15 05:14 [Also good. In times like this online classes are the way to go. ^.^]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:15 *holds out his hand, where some of the ashes gather* *murmurs* Jesus. *looks out at the sky* *there a billowing cloud of darkness*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:16 (For sure! There is a lot of work, though- most of what Iíd be doing in the allotted class time is on my own time.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.15 05:17 *notices that the sun has hidden quickly* *looks up to see flakes of something descending upon them* What the h**l?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.15 05:18 *looks at Tom and Nairne for an explanation* What is it? *looks - and sounds - worried*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:20 *mutters* Get inside. *heads for the house without waiting* *the dogs bound after him, still donning crowns and capes*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:21 *opens the door and runs upstairs* *yells* Noah? *approaches his door, which is open* *the room is empty* *utters a swear and runs back downstairs* *turns on the TV*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.15 05:27 *looks at a flake on his arm*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.15 05:27 We have to go home. Now. *gets up quickly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.15 05:31 *Noah takes off* *runs after him without a word*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.15 05:32 *comes home shortly after Tom gets home**goes straight to the TV*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.15 05:32 *rounds up Di and Cian and takes them home as well*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.15 05:38 Is everyone okay? *makes her way around to the TV*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:40 *his eyes are glued to a scene of London up in smoke* *in this particular scene, thick clouds of it are wafting past some tall buildings*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:44 *stares at the screen* What the [BLE--what is--
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:44 (Alright, I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.15 05:46 [Aw, bye!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.16 04:19 [I'm here!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.16 05:05 [Hello?]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.16 07:09 [Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.16 16:57 (Iím so sorry I wasnít online! As ridiculous as it sounds, my entire arm/shoulder/neck hurt really bad. I suspect it was stress from playing instruments combined with actual stress. I was also watching a compelling movie, and it ended late.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.17 02:15 (I also wonít be online tonight I donít think. Iím not feeling up to myself. Sorry! I hope you have a good night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.17 04:30 [That's fine; if you're not feeling well then you're not obliged to come online at all. Take some time off for yourself and get better. :) See you, and I hope you feel better soon!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.18 04:19 (Thanks for understanding! Iíll also be offline tonight. I think I just have allergies, and...welp, I also just lost power. Iíll see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.18 04:40 [Jesus, luck just isn't on your side recently is it? XD XP Sorry to hear that...I hope things improve for you soon. See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.19 04:30 [I'm online, though if you can't make it again I understand.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 04:05 (Yeah, not really, haha. Things are getting a little better. Iíll be online tonight, but not for long- Iíve got a monster chapter to read in chemistry tomorrow.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.20 04:22 [I'm here! Okay.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 04:32 (Hey! How are things?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.20 04:35 [Good! How's chemistry?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 04:39 (Very hard, haha. I have a feeling itís about to get worse, but Iím hanging in there. The past chapter wasnít too bad.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.20 04:44 [Oof...sorry to hear that. Keep hanging in there!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 04:47 *doesnít break his gaze from the TV* *says quietly to Noah* Did Mum make it to Paris?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 04:47 (Thanks! Iíll try!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.20 04:49 What is this? Whatís even going on?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.20 04:55 Er--
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.20 04:55 [Would Noah know? If so, what's the answer?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 05:04 (Yeah, heíd know that she got there since he received a call from her a few days back.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.20 05:06 *asks quietly* Whatís happening? *looks anxious*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.20 05:10 [Ah, okay.] She called me quite a while ago...of course she made it...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 05:13 *nods a little*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.20 05:13 (I have to go now. Since I have actual class Thursday, Iíll see you Thursday night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.20 05:17 [Alright, bye! Good luck with class!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.22 04:01 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.22 04:49 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. I was reading and got caught up in my book.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.22 04:53 [Hey! That's alright. What book was it?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.22 04:53 *]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.22 04:54 [Also I would like to share some drawings on Hangouts. ^.^]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.22 05:06 (Hi! Ok, that would be fine. Iím reading a biography about Marilyn Monroe.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.22 05:15 [Oh, cool!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.22 05:16 [I'm on Hangouts. Let me know on there when you log in.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.22 05:18 (Go ahead and send!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 04:11 [I'm on!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 04:41 (Hey!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 04:49 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 05:06 [How are you?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:08 (Iím fine. Sorry itís taken me so long to reply. How are you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 05:09 [Good! I finished the drawing/reference of Aedona.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:16 (Awesome!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 05:17 [If you want to see it I can send it to you on Hangouts. ^.^ Also, let's RP!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:25 (Ok, sounds good!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:39 *eventually answers Di and Emma* It looks like something terribleís happened in London. It looks like the whole city is gone.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:41 *obviously, places like landmarks and museums are still standing, but overall, there is a lot of destruction*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.23 05:44 *watches footage of a food factory that was set ablaze* *mutters* God...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:46 *there is footage of the now destroyed fringes of London, and of government officials that heís never seen* *doesnít know what any of it means*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 05:46 [Obviously?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 05:46 [Wait, why would landmarks and museums be spared? I'm guessing the attackers didn't want to harm those?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 05:47 What the h**l is this?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:47 *looks scared*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:52 (Yeah, but also because theyíre not really strategic. Destroying government buildings, places that house resources, etc. would elicit more of a response. However, I can definitely see where theyíd plunder a place like Trafalgar Square, just to terrorize
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:52 people.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:54 *murmurs* No idea. At least weíre not too close to London. We should be fine. *doesnít sound entirely convinced*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:55 [Huh, okay.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.23 05:56 But what if we're not??
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:02 *suddenly remembers what his mom told him* Weíll worry about it when the time comes. *turns off the TV*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:05 Uh...sure...right...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.23 06:12 Hey, whyíd you turn that off? We need to see whatís going on!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:13 We... we should probably think about dinner. *walks into the kitchen*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.23 06:15 *watches Tom with a worried expression*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.23 06:17 *is more wary than worried* *reluctantly follows Tom to help out*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:18 *they make a dinner of soup and bland sandwiches, which is practically a pauperís dinner* *however, nobody complains, much less talks*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 06:19 *tries to lighten the mood to no avail with some jokes*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:20 *wasnít talking mostly because his thoughts were racing* *has no idea how to take care of this - and everyone else* *goes upstairs and calls his mom in desperation*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:23 *Molly picks up after the first ring and explains what happened* Molly: Itís what we were supposed to prevent from happening here, but as you can see... *sighs* Iím not sure what more we can do. *sounds utterly stressed*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:24 Molly: *sounds grim* I donít know when Iíll be back, Tom. Travel has been halted, and Iím hearing that theyíre starting to gather people from the outer suburbs to help rebuild London.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:27 *his eyes sting because he was expecting to hear that* What do we need to do? Molly: Donít leave the house to go to the supermarket. Youíre to stay home - I donít want any of you to get separated if theyíre recruiting there.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:29 Molly: Tell Nairne and Noah what I said. And whatever you do, donít let Di worry. Sheís... sheís too young for this. *her voice catches*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 06:30 *finishes her dinner and starts heading upstairs to go to bed*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:30 Okay. *isnít sure how much longer he can talk, so he quickly says goodbye to his mom* *tears start selling up in his eyes immediately after* *takes a deep breath and collects himself so he can go get Nairne and Noah*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 06:30 *hears Tom and hesitates near his door to listen*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 06:30 *once his call is over she quickly heads to her and Emma's room*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:32 *goes to her room first* *knocks softly* Nairne?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 06:33 Yes?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:36 I need to talk to you.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 06:36 Alright. *comes out*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:37 We need to talk to my brother too, but god knows if heíll even leave his room.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:39 *knocks on Noahís door ever so obnoxiously* Noah?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:40 Are you in there?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.23 06:41 *walks over**is out in the hallway* I'm here.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:52 Letís go in the living room. *heads downstairs and sits on the couch*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 06:53 *says once theyíre all seated* I talked to Mum. *looks at Noah* Itís bad in London. Sheís not going to be home for a while, maybe a month.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.23 07:00 Oh no...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.23 07:00 Do we have enough supplies?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 07:08 I donít know. Mum told me we canít go out - the government is apparently recruiting people to help rebuild the city as a response. We should be fine, but if you donít think so, we better go out tomorrow
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 07:10 And just because we have to stay here doesnít mean we should sit around and do nothing. We have to act like things are at least somewhat normal. *adds quietly* For Di.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 07:13 I think we should try to do something every day if we can. I hope you guys have some ideas.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.23 07:14 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.23 07:22 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 07:46 I already have plenty.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.23 07:47 Is the supermarket open tonight? Maybe we should snag supplies now.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 04:26 [I'm on!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 04:49 [Hello?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 04:58 (Hey! Sorry Iím late; I was watching a movie.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 05:13 [Ooo, what movie was it?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 05:21 (Itís called Eighth Grade, and itís an excellent film!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 05:30 If thatís what you want to do, we have a few hours left.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 05:31 [I haven't heard of it. I'll take note and see if I can watch it sometime. ^.^]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 05:33 Are you sure it's safe?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 05:38 Well...could they get recruiters out here this early?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 05:39 I donít know. Theyíre currently searching in and around London.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 05:41 They wonít come here. Certainly not now, anyways.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:00 [Sorry for disappearing. I'm drawing and while I can draw legs quite well, arms have currently been the bane of my existence. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:00 Then let's go.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:02 (Haha, itís totally fine.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:04 *is soon driving down the road at slightly terrifying speeds* *gravel flies about, and strikes the old van like Morse code*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:05 What the h**l dude?!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:05 Slow doon, you're gonna give us a flat!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:11 Iím in a race against time!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:16 We're gonna be in a h**l of a lot more of a race
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:16 *of a race if we get a flat!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:19 Letís not think about that. Letís think about the fact that the supermarket is closing in forty five minutes!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:21 *reaches the store* *the parking lot is fairly empty* *sighs* Thank (BLEEP). I was afraid the lot would be at capacity.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:27 *has his eyes on a parking space, but a guy hauling a cart - which is filled to the brim - is in his way* *eyes the cart nervously* Move along, mate.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:28 Let's go before everything is cleared out. *heads inside quickly*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:28 *whips into the parking space* Letís do the opposite of what Emma did and make this as short as possible.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:31 *the store is mostly empty, although there are a few people who are clearly panic buying* *notices that the item of choice (Hmm, what should it be this time?) is batteries*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:37 [Not toilet paper?!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:37 [*has a cardiac arrest*]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:40 *tries to get goods that are essential*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:46 (I know, right?)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:46 *picks up an inexpensive flashlight or two* *when he and Nairne try to find the batteries, theyíre almost totally gone*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:50 Hmm...did ya find any wind-up flashlights?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:56 These were the only ones... *keeps looking around, pushing things back* *finally finds something behind a box of lightbulbs*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 06:56 *has tried to get some canned food*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:57 *snatches them* We should have some at home, but Iíll take these.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:02 *tries to get toilet paper, and if there's not enough she also goes for paper towels*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:06 *says to Nairne and Noah once the cart is about full* All set?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 07:10 *has also tried to get water* Mmm hmm.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 07:10 *has a second cart of his own*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:12 *they check out* *the total is once again high, but he isnít as concerned*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:14 *drives back home* *is mindful of the speed limit this time* *when they get back, he notices Emma and Di on the porch* Thatís odd. What are they doing outside?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:15 *it is hard to see because itís so dark out, but her arms are clearly crossed*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:16 Dunno. Don't care. Let's get this stuff inside. *gets out and starts carrying things*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:18 Where were you guys?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:19 Just so you know, the powerís out.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:20 Getting supplies.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:21 *stands there a bit dumbly with a bag in each hand* It is? Emma: Yeah. Tom: Blimey. Itís a good thing I got us some torches. *puts down a bag and rifles around in it* *takes out a flashlight, then rips open the batteries*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:23 *is a bit confused, but she doesnít need to ask why* *knows their trip had something to do with what was on the news*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.24 07:25 *Tom lights the way back inside* *runs after him, whimpering a little* Iím scared!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:26 I know. Everythingís going to be okay. *is trying to put the stuff away, locate batteries, and find matches for candles all at once*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:29 *absentmindedly takes a few bags to empty* *is doing it to help Tom, but she also wants to gather more information about whatís going on*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:30 *strikes a match, the glow illuminating his face* *lights a candle and brings it into the living room* This is chocolate scented, Di. Your favorite. Di: Really? *goes over to it with mild interest*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.24 07:32 I canít sleep. Tom: Would you like me to read to you? Di: Yes. *flops down on the couch* Tom: Okay. *picks up a battered book of poetry and sits next to Di*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:34 *opens up to the first dog-eared page* ĎMy heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky: So it was when my life beganí- Di: You always read that one. Tom: Okay. *flips through the book until he finds one he likes*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:37 *glances into the living room* *tries to ignore the icy silence between Nairne, Noah, and herself* *finally crumples up a bag and faces them* Whatís going on?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:38 I heard you guys talking down here before you left. I need to know whatís going on.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:39 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:40 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 07:42 *keeps his voice down so that Di doesn't hear* Things have gotten serious.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 03:47 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 04:47 [I'm still here.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 04:47 [It's going to thunderstorm later tonight. If I disappear it's because my power/Internet got knocked out.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:05 (Hey! So sorry Iím late. My replies may be slow because Iím finishing something up.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:05 *stands in the doorway* *furrows her brow a little* *says quietly* What?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 05:12 [Hey! Alright.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 05:13 *continues to keep his voice down* Mum won't be back for at least a month and the government is trying to recruit people to work in the city. We stocked up on supplies so we can hide in here if we have to.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 05:14 But we can't tell Di this. She doesn't deserve that kind of stress.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:27 *nods a little* *looks at the floor, then mutters* (BLEEP).
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 05:39 *hesitates, then sighs* It's late. I'm going to bed. 'Night. *heads to his room*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:52 (Iím so sorry for the delay in response!) *says a delayed ďGoodnightĒ* *is thinking about herself, and how sheís pretty much trapped for more than the allotted week*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 05:52 [It's fine.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 05:53 *pats Emma on the shoulder* Don't worry. You'll live. *heads upstairs*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 05:54 *is finishing up a poem for Di: ĎDo not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the lightí* *Di is curled up into him, practically asleep* *glances at her and closes the book*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:55 *looks back at her shoulder, as if she wasnít expecting that from Nairne* *continues to stand in the doorway, arms crossed* *makes eye contact with Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 05:57 *holds her gaze before waking Di up* Up you go. *helps her off the couch and to her room*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 05:59 *has already said goodbye and gone home to his house*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:00 *that's very redundant but whatever, I'm tired XD*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:01 (Haha, itís fine. I barely noticed.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:02 -THE NEXT DAY-
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:03 *literally rolls right out of bed onto the floor* *lets out a muffled swear/yell combo* *looks at his alarm clock while he tries to get the stars out of his vision* *itís pretty early, but he might as well stay up*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:05 *the light is on in his room, though his door is closed*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:05 *hobbles downstairs, hair sticking up at all angles* *suddenly remembers what happened in London, and his head aches* *thereís some uncertainty there, but he figures today will be like any other day*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:05 [Whoops, I forgot the power was out. Nvm that.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:05 [Is there phone reception? Can they get on the Internet via a data plan?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:12 (Yeah, most likely.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:24 *is browsing the Internet on his phone, looking for more information on what happened in London*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:36 *makes some tea and goes outside* *sees Di drawing with sidewalk chalk and Cian not too far away* *ambles over* Hey.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:45 Hi!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:45 You
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:46 *You're up early.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:53 *grins a little* So are you.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:59 *asks after a bit* You sleep okay?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:59 ...Not really...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.25 07:00 Do you guys want to draw with me? Here. *starts pulling out some chalk*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:02 Aw, Di, you know I can only draw a stick-man! You do a better job of making the walkway look beautiful. *turns to Cian* Yeah. I canít stop thinking about this whole thing. I still donít really know whatís going on.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:03 *says quietly* Iím just afraid that theyíre going to find us.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:03 (I have to go now. My first chemistry exam is this week, in addition to the rest of the work, so I wonít be online until Thursday. Iíll see you then! In the meantime, have a great week!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:04 [It's raining rather hard, so beware--I may disappear.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:05 [Aw, bye! See you on Thursday and good luck with your exam!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.29 03:51 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.29 05:42 [Well, I guess you're not on. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.30 02:15 (Yeah, sorry about that. I was basically doing chemistry from 9am until 11pm. It would probably be a good idea for me to just be online from Thursday-Sunday. Most of my days have been looking like that, and besides, I have kind of a lot going on in
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.30 02:15 addition to that class. I donít think Iíll be online tonight because Iím not really feeling well. Hopefully Iíll be able to see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.30 04:20 [Darn, sorry to hear that. I hope life lays off on you soon. XD XP Get some good rest and see you soon!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.31 00:59  Secret message to Nairne  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.31 01:00  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.31 07:08  Secret message to Tom  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.1 04:56 [I'm online! If you can't make it I understand.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.2 04:50 [I'm online again!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.2 04:51  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.2 22:19  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.3 06:33  Secret message to Tom  

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