" divergent next generation "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

this is based on the books and movies of divergent where people have factions they need to be sorted in to (but you can say what faction you are in)

the factions are: dauntless, amity, candor, erudite, abnegation and factionless how ever if you are a divergent you will need to put a faction and then in bracits divergent.

in role/ job please put your faction and if your a leader and in mood put divergent if you are one and a mood in brackets.if not please don't worry
-no swearing
-no killing others
-be you
-no more than above age rated 12
-have fun

PS I am English

1>Dust (dauntless leader), 18yo.2019,Feb.16 12:49 hello im the divergent leader and will need 5 more leaders, one fore each faction
3>wladislav (king), 45yo.2019,Feb.17 16:50 hi, whats that about?

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