" Two of a Kind: An FSS Double Feature "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Game 1: Samantha Summers has always captured the essence of a free spirit. But maybe that was what trapped her.

Four years before her bombastic exit from Grass Creek, four years before she took her own life, Samantha celebrated her final year of high school by bonding with her classmates and taking advantage of the time she had left to let loose with them. But when her zest for adventure winds them up in a serious accident, she finds herself being brutally shunned by dozens of her classmates. Now denounced by the people she thought she considered friends, Sam takes it upon herself to reinvent her image - employing friends new and old to create a night as questionable as it is unforgettable.

Game 2: Samantha and Alexa both ran away from inner demons, inadvertently begging to be rescued. But what happens when a previously unexplored character must be rescued from a living nightmare? Stay tuned...

1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:22 Hey! Welcome to Two of a Kind!
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 04:29 [Eyyyy! :D]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 04:30 [Lemme grab the slots I need...I'm not sure if Red'll be around much this time. If he is he'll strictly appear in game 1; I feel like game 2 is too dangerous to bring a kid into it.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:33 I donít think posting rules will be necessary, since we know what is expected. For now, weíll start with character bios. Since we know the characters fairly well, you can keep it short.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:33 (Hey! Sounds good.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:36 Iíll start with Sam. Sam is quite tall, has bleach blonde hair (with dark roots showing through, implying that it was dyed), and bright blue eyes. She has an eclectic sense of style and wears her signature patched denim jacket.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:39 (Iíll see if I can make a character avatar of Sam sometime soon. In terms of personality, Sam is friendly, funny, sarcastic, and highly cynical. She doesnít really fit into any clique, though she is in marching band with Alexa.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:41 (Sam is undeniably cool, and universally known for not giving a crap. Under that exterior lies a deep insecurity, though.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:42 (As a HS freshman, Sam was hounded by her mom to join clubs and student government - and to lead them. However, Sam always became distracted, and never got ahold of those positions.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:46 (As she entered her final year, Samís mom made sure to remind her of her failures while continuing to push her in her other activities (like band). It was then that Sam decided to seek the friendship of the people who were in these positions. She wanted
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:48 to satisfy her mom - and herself. That said, Sam started to break away from Christina and co. ever so slightly. That was a result of selfish insecurity - she fears that sheís not worthy of her classmates, and by hanging out with them, sheís not really
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:50 ďcoolĒ. On the other side of the token, she doesnít want to ruin her friendship with them.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:51 (Obviously, Samís view of these classmates will sour, and her insecurity will eventually spiral out of control.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.1 04:52 (Alright, thatís all I have for Sam. You can do one if you want.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:04 [Sorry for disappearing; I got caught up in a bit of a dispute with a friend. XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:10 [Alrighty, I finished claiming slots. I'll do one for Christina. You probably should refresh the page.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:13 [Christina is about average height and is of Hispanic descent. She has black hair in a bobcut, dark brown eyes, and brownish skin. She tends to wear black and pink. She comes from a large family and works a job in addition to attending school. She is
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:14 interested in the innerworkings of the human mind, and thus will pursue a degree in psychology once she enters college.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:25 [This iteration of Christina is much more enthusiastic, happy, and carefree than the previously seen ones--namely, this is because her sister hasn't died yet, Sam hasn't died yet, etc.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:25 [Sorry for disappearing again; got caught up in the same argument again. XD XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:28 [As Sam's best friend, she probably has been one of the first to notice Sam's recent changes. She is somewhat concerned, but probably not as concerned as she should be, as she's quite busy with other things.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:31 [However, soon tragedy will strike and she will be very concerned...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 05:31 [Your turn!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 05:39 (Thatís okay! Hope everythingís okay.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 05:40 (Alexa has light brown skin, warm brown eyes, and very curly black hair that is pulled back into a bun. She is pretty tall and somewhat muscular.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 05:42 (Alexa is a trumpet player in marching band, and is a typical band kid: vivacious, a bit obnoxious, a bit immature, dedicated, and a nerd - specifically, a Marvel nerd.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 05:47 (Alexa is extremely loyal to her friends, and has been going with Midas with a while. )
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 05:49 (Despite her loyalty, Alexa doesnít quite realize what Sam is going through. Either Samís pretty good at hiding it, or Alexaís too caught up in her last year to really take notice.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.1 05:51 (Eleanor has long, sleek black hair thatís usually in a ponytail, brown eyes, and is of a short and stocky stature. She and her twin brother were both adopted from Korea; they have a bond, but have different interests and donít really hang out at school.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.1 05:53 (Eleanorís not as energetic as she was in Missing Pieces since sheís been caught up in rigorous classes, volleyball, and other interests. This actually makes her come across as a bit distant or even aloof.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.1 05:57 (Eleanor really, truly doesnít give a crap about what people think about her. She just doesnít convey it with the same superficial flair at Sam, which is why sheís not as popular. Eleanor also does what truly makes her happy instead of letting people
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.1 05:59 decide for her. Sheís great at forming quick decisions, and will be an asset when Sam approaches them. However, sheíll be more focused on that aspect than Samís downward spiral.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 06:02 (Josh has sandy hair in a sort of long crew cut style, downturned hazel eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Heís toned, but fairly short all things considered.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 06:05 (Josh is amiable, has a definite charm factor, and is extremely talented. His basketball skills have served him well, as he basically committed to a college by the end of his junior year.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 06:07 (He has a sizable number of friends, but heís very loyal to Midas. Theyíve been through thick and thin together since elementary school.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 06:11 (At this point, Josh is essentially your average teen: selfish. In later RPs he was more focused on the well-being of his friends, but it took a tragedy. Right now, he has his own concerns above everyone elseís - to some degree, anyways.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 06:15 (Josh hasnít really associated himself with Samantha since they hung out a few years back. He only knows Alexa because sheís Midasí girlfriend; he has knowledge of who Christina and Eleanor are, but hasnít really talked to them.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.1 06:16 (I was suddenly reminded of the possibility of bringing a Sally character into this RP... itís up to you, though.)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:17 (Luke has shoulder-length wavy black hair, somewhat old glasses, pale skin, and brown skin. Heís extremely lanky, and wears the same army green bomber jacket every day.)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:18 (Luke is a loner - not that he minds it. In his opinion, it gives him time to focus on his advanced courses and assemble his zombie apocalypse survival kit.)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:19 (However, he does feel left out, and finds himself spying on his classmates at parties and dances to fill in the loneliness.)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:20 (Luke probably wonít have a huge role in this RP. Heíll mostly be snooping around, lurking in the hallway, trying to score some digits with the girls, etc.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 06:21 [Hmm...we already had a Sally and Rae thing going on in the Alexa RP.]
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:22 (I forgot to add that Luke is extensively searching for a ďmateĒ. He nearly made progress with an online friend, until he made a creepy, unnecessary advance a few exchanges in.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 06:22 [If you want a new Sally character from scratch, then you have two options. We could go the usual silly route, meaning she'd have to be in the Sam prequel, or we could create a Sally-like character who's legitimately terrifying and actually serious who
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 06:22 would appear in the Mazy sequel.]
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:23 (This leads me to say that Luke doesnít have the sharpest social skills. He probably has Asperger syndrome.)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:24 (I actually like the latter option. Maybe Sally could be the cousin.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 06:43 [Perhaps.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.1 06:43 [Yeah, let's go with the latter option. Anyways, sorry for disappearing again; I've been doing research for an essay in addition to being on multiple RPs/chats at once. XP]
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.1 06:48 (Itís okay! I actually have to go now, so Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.1 06:48 [Alright, see ya! I'll try to finish my intro thingies.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.1 06:49 [I won't do Mazy's intro though. I'm saving that for when the Mazy sequel starts.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.1 08:12 [Midas has wavy dark brown hair, amber eyes, and is tall (easily over 6 feet) and fit. He generally wears T-shirts paired with either jeans and pants.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.1 08:12 [As mentioned, he is close friends with Josh, as well as Alexa's boyfriend. He mostly knows Christina, Sam, and Eleanor through Alexa, though he doesn't hang out with those three very much.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.1 08:21 [As always, he is the "funny guy" of the group. If he doesn't amuse or get along with someone, it's usually because he offends them. Like Eleanor, he doesn't care what other people think of him.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.1 08:23 [He is going through a bit of a selfish phase himself--relatively speaking, of course. It isn't as bad as Josh's because Midas just isn't that selfish of a person. The fact that he's in such a phase is most apparent in his behavior towards his brother--he
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.1 08:23 and Red just don't get along in this era.]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.1 08:32 [Continuing on from my previous statement, this version of Red is considerably more quiet and moody than what you've previously seen from him. He and his brother fight a lot, and his social life isn't so good.]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.1 08:38 [He mostly wears dark colors paired with primary colors. He often wears hoodies with the hood up, giving him an "edgy" look.]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.1 08:39 [In addition to his social life being unwell, he has been fumbling with his grades. Overall, this is simply not a happy period of his life. His happier times will come when he bonds with others on the road trips.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 04:39 [Last but not least, Rocco is Sam's rebellious boyfriend. He comes from not-so-nice part of town. He is of Italian descent, with tan-ish skin, dark hair, and dark eyes.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 04:40 [He generally likes to wear a black leather jacket, greenish-gray pants, and black leather boots. He is rough, aloof, and cocky.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 04:41 [He is kind of a wise guy and generally gives off juvenile delinquent qualities (most likely because he has probably been up to no good in his teenage years). In essence, he's a bad boy.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 04:42 [He also has a bad temper. However, despite how rough and tough he seems, he has a certain charisma; he has a knack for commanding the whole room when he speaks. On rare occasions and with close people, he can also be surprisingly gentle.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 04:43 [Annnd I'm done, I think!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:46 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. Iím watching TV, so my replies will continue to be slow.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:48 (Looks like weíre ready to begin! I also think Rocco will be a great addition to the game. He seems like a character that will pop off of the screen, so to speak.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:48 -ONE QUIET SATURDAY NIGHT, DURING THE FALL OF SENIOR YEAR...-
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:50 *the moon has risen, and the last of the summer cicadas and crickets are chirping outside her window* *somewhere in the distance, a train wails* *can smell a bonfire*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:51 *has spent her Saturday in an unusual way - stuck in her room* *only left to get food, or when she needed a brief change of scenery*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 04:52 [Okie dokie! Let's do this!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:52 *absentmindedly works on some sketches* *stops to chew on the eraser and scan her progress* *then throws the pencil down* *is utterly bored* *wants to get out of her room*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 04:52 [You up for a call, or would that be too distracting?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:52 *picks up her phone and calls Christina*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 04:54 (I donít think Iíll be able to do one tonight, sorry! Hopefully sometime soon, though.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 05:18 [Alright.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.2 05:19 [Sorry for disappearing. XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 05:19 *answers the call* Hey Sam!
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 05:27 How are you?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 05:29 (No worries!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 05:30 Hey. *spins around in her desk chair*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 05:30 Bored. What are you doing?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 05:48 Caring for younger siblings...homework...blech.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 05:48 Could honestly use a break.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 05:51 Me too. *sighs* I wanna get out of here.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 05:51 *props her feet up on the desk and crosses them at the ankles* Letís go somewhere. *canít remember what time it was when she called Christina, but that isnít relevant*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 05:56 Right now?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 05:57 Okay, um...where do you want to go?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:06 Letís drive out to Cedarville. Thereís a park I used to go to as a kid - letís watch the stars from there while itís still somewhat warm out.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:08 Sounds great. I'll be over as soon as I can...gotta make an excuse to leave.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:08 *considers the fact that itís probably going on 10* Díyou think you could have your sister drive us? I mean, it is late, and my mom might kill me if I take the car. *chuckles a little*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:12 Well...I was going to drive, but sure. The more the merrier.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:12 See you soon!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:14 Bye! *hangs up*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:15 *has meanwhile called two other friends - the people she has desperately been trying to get to know* *lies to her mom that sheís going to Christinaís to spend the night* *then meets up with these friends at the park* *from there, they walk to Christinaís*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:20 *arrives at Christinaís* *no doubt Christina is surprised by these two guests* *is cheery yet shifty* Hey! *pauses, jamming her hands in her pockets* Hope you donít mind that I invited Theo and Kristin along.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:21 *chuckles in an effort to ease the mood* *the two are friendly with Christina - they probably know her fairly well*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:24 Hey! Er...it's fine!
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:24 *introduces them to her older sister* ...Let's get going!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:33 *whoops, then literally skips over to the car*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:34 *grabs the side of the car and hoists herself in a bit wildly* *screams* LETíS GET OUT OF HERE! Theo: Shut up! *pushes her inside*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:35 *her sister takes the driver's seat and Christina winds up crammed in the back*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:35 Sister: In case anyone asks, we told our parents that we're going to a party at (so-and-so)'s.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:35 *seats herself behind the driver/Christinaís sister* *when Christinaís sister starts driving, she hugs the back of the driverís seat and hovers over her* Hey you. *playfully tugs at a strand of her hair*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:36 Kristin: Coolio. *promptly goes on her phone*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:37 Theo: *has claimed shotgun* *turns back and grins impishly at Christina* Sorry. I guess I shouldíve asked you if you wanted to sit up here.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:40 *loudly drawls at Theo* Scr*w youuuu! Nobody takes the front seat from Christina. *pauses* Letís turn some music on. *leans forward and fiddles with the volume knob* *then starts jamming out obnoxiously*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:41 *now that sheís out of the house, sheís started to get extremely hyper*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:44 *her sister starts jamming as well**Christina isn't so fond of this and just quietly gets on her phone*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:48 *decides to open the sunroof* Letís see what itís like from up here. *starts pulling herself through* Theo: Really?! *laughs* Kristin: *bothers to look up from her phone, a single eyebrow raised*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:49 [I think I'll name Christina's sister Dominga.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:49 Dominga: *laughs**is getting hyped up as well--and rather distracted from the road*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 06:50 Oh gosh... *starts laughing a bit*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:50 *the car is coasting down a pseudo-country road* *her hair is whipped back by the wind, and the sheer force of it keeps her eyes half shut*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:51 (Okay!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:52 *whoops* You guys have to try this! *climbs a little higher and outstretches her arms*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:54 *sing-screams along to the radio, totally off-key but totally not caring* *is just enjoying the moment*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 06:56 *Dominga begins to round a bend* *this causes her to lose her balance* *falters, then shrieks* *Dominga completely loses focus and enters panic mode*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:03 *falls through the sunroof and hits the floor* *at that same moment, Dominga veers off-road* *the car bounces wildly over grass* *there is a chorus of screams, the shattering of glass* *feels a burst of pain, and then everything goes black*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:04 *Christina, Theo, and Kristin are still conscious* *Dominga might be too, but not for much longer*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:06 *total silence ensues for a few solid minutes, save for the occasional falling of glass and creaking of metal*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:09 Kristin: *stammers in a high-pitched way* What... just... h-happened? *her phone is still miraculously in hand* Theo: Holy (BLEEP), holy (BLEEP)... *is reeling back and forth, hands clapped over his ears*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:12 Theo: *saw how instantly Dominga slammed into the steering wheel, and he knows something really bad happened* *throws open the car door and paces around outside, his hands still pressed against his ears*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:16 Theo: *roars* CALL THE POLICE! SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:18 Kristin: *truly realized the severity of thesituation when she saw Sam folded against the driverís seat and an unresponsive Dominga over the wheel* *with shaking hands, she dials 9-1-1* *is crying a little*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.2 07:19 (I have to go now. Last week, I was able to get a sense of my schedule; I should be able to get online Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. If not, Iíll do my best to let you know. See you soon!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.2 07:46 [Alright, see you soon! Sorry for disappearing again; I've just had a very busy day overall, I'm very tired, and I can't seem to multitask like I usually do tonight. XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.4 04:56 *had froze/had become stuck in a mental BSOD ever since she saw headlights heading right at them**Dominga had veered off the road to avoid an oncoming car*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.4 04:57 *is holding her breath**registers something dark, wet, and shiny on Dominga**doesn't fully process or understand what she's seeing*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.5 15:29 Kristin: *is calling the police* *her voice is shaky* *like Christina, she didnít instantly process everything* Operator: Is everyone in the car hurt? Kristin: I...I donít know... *is hunched over* *this is her default answer for parts of the call*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.5 15:32 Theo: *is still pacing around outside* *isnít sure he could go back in the van just yet, even if he had to help anyone inside*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.5 15:33 *eventually, the EMTs do arrive* *they open the door on the driverís side and help Dominga/read her vitals*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.5 15:35 *hears a bunch of vague mumbling* *opens her eyes to see an unfamiliar face, his lips moving rapidly* *squints and sits up* What...? *next thing she knows, she is being escorted out of the backseat* *her head is spinning, and her face radiates with pain*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.5 15:37 *stumbles out of the van and almost collapses to the ground* *the EMTs have to lift her up* *turns back and looks at the car* *one side is smashed like a pop can against a tree trunk* *an EMT wheels a gurney over* *her stomach lurches*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.5 15:41 *the police are also examining the scene* Kristin: *had exited the car before Christina* *some EMTS are trying to help her out, but sheís disoriented* Kristin: *is shaken, but physically unscathed* *leans back into the car* Christina. Here. *offers a hand
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:13 [I'm here!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:15 (Hi!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:16 *is staring at Dominga unblinkingly*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:16 [Hey! How are things at university? ^.^]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:18 *starts crying uncontrollably* Is...is...is...she...
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:21 *takes Kristin's hand more out of instinct than out of a conscious choice/effort*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:28 (Itís alright. Itís been a difficult adjustment in almost every aspect.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:30 Kristin: *helps Christina out* *puts an arm around her and walks her over to the ambulance* *says quietly* Címon. Itís alright, itís okay. *is saying this for her own sake, too*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:32 *she, Christina, Theo, and Kristin are taken to the hospital as a precaution* *once at the hospital, Christina is reunited with her parents*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:35 *meanwhile, Dominga is nowhere to be seen* *Christinaís parents wait in her room until the early morning hours, after a while, a doctor pulls them aside*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:38 *it is a long time before they return* *Christinaís dad looks blank, and her mom is puffy-faced* Christinaís mom: *says quietly and shakily* Christina.... *her expression crumbles immediately*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:43 *has been asking practically all night about how Dominga is doing*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:43 *hasn't really slept at all*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:44 *deep down she knows what's coming, but she is currently in denial* ...What is it?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:45 Christinaís mom: *sinks down into a chair next to Christinaís bed and begins weeping* *itís probably the hardest Christina has ever seen her cry*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:47 Christinaís dad: *is barely keeping it together* *his lip wobbles a little* Christina... we have some... bad news.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:47 *he breaks the news to her*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 04:47 *starts crying too* D-Dominga's alright, isn't she? She...she has to be...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:52 Christinaís dad: *says solemnly* In a different way, Christina.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:53 Christinaís dad: She is at peace now.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 04:59 *he hugs Christina, and suddenly canít keep it in any longer* *he starts crying too*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 05:03 *hugs him back tightly**still talks as if she's in denial, but gradually her language gets incoherent from how hard she's crying*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:10 Christinaís dad: *says assuringly* Weíll get through it. Weíll get through this.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:11 *it is a night of a lot of tears, and a few more follow* *Domingaís service takes place about four days later*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:13 *had meanwhile been recovering, both mentally and physically* *in truth, she wasnít hurt that badly, but the news of Domingaís death affected her deeply* *canít help tracing the accident back to the moment when she climbed through the open sunroof*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:14 *to top it all off, she hasnít heard from Christina - or any of her friends - since* *is extremely anxious the day of the funeral*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:16 *enters the service, her heart hammering* *is clad in a black dress, and her bruised face is unsuccessfully masked by makeup* *her mom and younger brother enter behind her*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 05:16 *the only reason she's well-groomed when she comes to the funeral is because of her mother**during the past four days, she has looked absolutely terrible because she has stopped caring for herself all that much*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:17 *scans the front of the room* *her eyes land on a closed casket topped with pink flowers* *canít stop looking at it, thinking that maybe it wouldnít be there had she not proposed the idea*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:20 *shivers* *it is cold in that room* *tries looking for Christina, but there are so many people: classmates, friends, and Christinaís massive family* *sees Eleanor and Alexa standing around a large picture of Dominga sitting atop an easel* *both of them
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 05:22 *is standing with some of her other siblings, looking melancholy*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:23 look solemn, and Alexa looks like sheís been crying* *doesnít feel like talking to them for a number of reasons* *finds herself focused on that picture of a smiling, radiant Dominga, which was ironically taken in the car*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.6 05:23 (I have to go now. I should be on tomorrow night! See you then!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.6 05:29 [Aw, bye!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 04:04 *like Alexa, she looks like she's been crying**spots Sam before Sam spots her*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 04:58 [I'm online BTW. ^.^]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:05 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. Iím not feeling well so I donít think Iíll be able to stay on for long.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:15 *isnít able to talk to Christina because the service begins* *it is difficult to get ahold of her even after the service*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:17 [Hey! OK.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:17 [BTW, have you watched the last episode of WKM yet?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:26 (Iím sorry, I havenít. Itís been a busy week, and I donít know, I just donít go on YouTube a lot. At this point, it might be better if you described the ending, haha.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:27 *sees Christina hanging around in the atrium alone* *hurries toward her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:29 Hey. Christina. *pauses after sheís gotten her attention* Um... *looks at the ground* *stammers* Um, Iím really sorry for what happened...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:30 *is talking in a fast whisper now* I just want you to know that I know Iím responsible for all of this. *her eyes start watering up*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:32 *sighs, irritated with her response* *is trying not to cry* I mean, I didnít intend for this to happen, and Iím really sorry.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:33 [Erm...it's really hard to describe. XD XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:33 [The meaning of the ending is extraordinarily complex. Episode 4 is only 10 minutes long; why don't you watch it now and I can explain it to you?]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:33 *only around
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:34 [BTW, if you feel like it's a mindsc***, that's because it's so complicated that it kind of is. XD XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:35 *her voice is a bit robotic* ...You're...you're not...it's just...
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 05:35 *is disturbingly monotone* We were all going out of control...all of us...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:50 (Okay, so I just watched it. That was weird... and creepy... and confusing. But the acting is still fantastic.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:52 *Christinaís behavior and message come across as cryptic to her* *wonders if Christina is vaguely blaming her* Christina... *breaks down into silent tears*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:53 *canít stay any longer* *there are too many reminders of that night, all of them screaming back at her* *turns on her heel and walks out, joining with her family eventually*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:55 *some people lingering around look at Christina with concern* *however, they donít want to bother her, so they just stand and watch*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:57 -NEARLY A WEEK LATER-
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 05:58 *has skipped school for over a week* *complained about experiencing aches and pains, but it becomes pretty obvious that something else is bothering her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 06:00 *has been trapping herself in her room, worrying about going back to school* *is scared to face the friends that were involved in the accident - especially Kristin and Theo* *tells herself that theyíve turned against her for the accident that she ďcausedĒ
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 06:01 *on top of that, she doesnít know how sheíll ever be on friendly terms with Christina ever again* *if she doesnít have Christina, she doesnít really have anyone*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 06:03 *it takes a screaming match between her and her mom to get her to school* *nearly throws up when she sees the familiar brick facade coming into view*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 06:03 (I have to go now. I might not be online tomorrow night because Iím going to a football game. Weíll see what happens. See you soon!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 06:16 [Aw, see you!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.7 06:17 [Have fun at the football game!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 04:36 *has also not been going to school or work for a while**she just got back to going to school and work a day or two ago*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 04:56 [I guess I
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 04:56 *I'll explain what truly happened in WKM while I'm on here.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 04:57 [So...I'll try to simplify it as much as I can...I basically had to piece this together from 4-5 hours of an 12 hour stream Markiplier did that's aptly named "I EXPLAIN EVERYTHING" (well, I think it's that one, anyway).]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 04:58 [Plus I watched the streams where he explained his two sequels for WKM, "Wilford Motherloving Warfstache" and "Damien."]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.8 05:00 (Hey! Iím here. I ended up leaving the game just a little early because I wasnít feeling well (I already have a cold).)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:07 [Yay! Gimme a sec...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:23 [Back!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:26 [Also, sorry to hear about your cold. :P I hope you get better soon.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:27 [Anywho, here's the explanation...]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.8 05:27 (Thank you!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:35 [God dang it, I needed to brb again and forgot to say so. XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:38 [Alright, so...back in the beginning, Mark, Damien, and William were very close friends. They practically grew up together.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:38 [Damien's sister Celine then came along, and Mark fell in love with her. Mind you, this isn't the Mark we know and love--this is the fictional character Actor Mark, AKA A**hole Mark. You'll learn why that's one of his nicknames.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:41 [Mark and Celine married, but Celine ultimately had an affair with Colonel William and ran off with him. Mark was devastated. He spent a lot of time alone, brooding...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:41 [But this has all been leaving out one key element. The house is a character.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:42 [Markiplier Manor isn't normal. You see, it has a sort of intelligence. Once you enter it, you're not in this world anymore. You're in a world where physics doesn't work the way it does in our world. You're also in a world where, when you die, you don't
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:42 stay dead.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:47 [The manor's intelligence works along the principle that the ends justify the means. The manor is also able to give the people within it ideas/implant thoughts in them without the people knowing where these ideas came from--the people think they came up
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:47 with the ideas themselves.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.8 05:47 (Okay. Thatís weird, but in a really interesting way.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:51 [Indeed. It's also weird in a horrifying way.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:52 [You see, the longer you stay in the manor, the more its "abnormalities" affect you.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:53 [After Celine left him, Mark spent a LOT of time by himself in the manor. He ultimately tried to kill himself, only to find that he couldn't stay dead--he would up in a dark realm called the Upside Down and was able to return to life despite having a
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:53 fatal wound.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:53 [The manor started feeding him ideas--ideas of revenge, and how to go about it. And Mark got curious about how the manor worked. He killed himself over and over and over again to learn how to harness its power.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:54 [This is why, in episode 1, the Detective says that he's been beaten, stabbed, drowned, etc.--basically, killed in numerous ways. Mark did this all to himself.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:54 [Well, almost all of it, anyway.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:55 [With the manor feeding him ideas, Mark formed a plot to frame the Colonel for his murder. He invited his friends to a party, and never drank anything himself.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:55 [He took the very drunk Colonel downstairs into the cellar. Here, he and the Colonel played a game of Russian roulette. The game did not go well for Mark--Mark was shot and "died."]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:56 [From there on out, things go according to Mark's plan--people point fingers and try to figure out who murdered him. But Celine's arrival throws a monkey wrench into the plan; Mark did not expect this.]\
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:56 *]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:58 [Mark's soul has been around the whole time. He had initially planned to ultimately steal the Colonel's body, but under the influence of the manor's ideas, there is a change of plans.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 05:59 [At the end of episode 3, Mark steals Damien's body while the manor's "intelligence" possesses Celine/kicks her out of her body.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:00 [This explains the sequence where Celine appears to be possessed--that's because she is. You may have also glimpsed the colors red and blue during this sequence. This is very important.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:00 [Episode 4 is basically where everything goes from fun to "terrifyingly sad" (Mark himself described the ending as this).]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.8 06:01 *adjusts her jacket, takes a shaky breath, and walks into school* *is sort of operating on autopilot*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:02 [The weird sequence where everything's greenish and you hear words from previous episodes (slightly different versions, actually--they're different takes of the same scenes) is a sequence that was the brainchild of Markiplier's girlfriend Amy.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:02 [It's basically the sequence where it's most apparent that the mansion defies physics and that you're not in the normal world anymore.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:03 [You finally land in the Detective's secret room--why? Why couldn't you find it before? Because the mansion didn't want you to.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:03 [The Colonel finds it too, chaos ensues, and he kills the Detective and you. Him killing you was an accident, of course.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:04 [When you die, you wind up going to the Upside Down. Here you meet the trapped souls of Damien and Celine. I think the reason Mark's body is there is because Mark hid it in the Upside Down--hence why it disappeared on its own.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.8 06:04 (Yeah, I actually found the ending to be a bit sad because the Colonel (I believe) was delusional about everything.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:06 [Mark's body can't be used because it's simply taken too much damage--it's beyond the point where you can get up in it and just keep living. The tragic thing about this situation is that this is a scenario that can't be fixed.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:06 [Yes. I'll get to that in a minute.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:06 [This is an origin story.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:06 [Celine thinks that she can fix the scenario because she's not immune to the manor feeding her ideas too. Damien, in turn, trusts Celine and thinks things will be okay.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:07 [But they won't. When Celine puts you, herself, and Damien inside your body, what happens is that Darkiplier is created.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:08 [It wasn't just the three of you put inside your body--some of the manor's intelligence comes along as well. The manor has been wanting a vessel through which it can leave the mansion/be free to go wherever it pleases.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:08 [The Damien and Celine you knew are gone from here on out. The worst traits of them (Damien's hatred for Mark, Celine's anger and manipulative nature, etc.) have been combined with the manor's intelligence to create Darkiplier.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:10 [When you (and the others inside your body) get up to face the Colonel, the Colonel goes insane. Here's why: he's been sitting beside your body for TEN HOURS.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:10 [He's been sitting there out of pure remorse...and now suddenly he sees that dead body he's been beside for ten hours just get up.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:11 [The Colonel subsequently believes death to be a joke and decides everything must've been a prank. He later dyes his mustache pink and becomes Wilford Warfstache.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:11 [This is why Warfstache kills people. He simply doesn't understand that death isn't a joke. He thinks people will just get back up and laugh with him.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:15 [After the Colonel stumbles away, you turn and pick up Damien's cane and look at the mirror. Only the issue is your body--your eyes--aren't looking at the mirror yet. Your body is not in your control anymore.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:16 [The mirror shatters as Darkiplier shoves you out of your body and into the mirror. He is no longer your friend Damien or his sister Celine. He is a cold, calculating, manipulative, anger-ridden individual. He heads away to exact revenge on Mark.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:16 [In the meantime, you're left trapped in the mirror in the mansion...forever.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:17 [I will say that a lot of this is symbolic. There's a reason why physics doesn't work the way it should. The mansion and the mirror are both symbolic of something.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:17 [I won't spoil it quite yet, though. I'd like you to see if you figure it out.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:18 [Watch its two sequels--Wilford Motherloving Warfstache and Damien--and I'll reveal the truth behind what the mansion and the mirror represent.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:18 [Oh, and I'll spoil this about Damien because frankly I don't know how anybody could figure this out: All of the events of Damien take place during the moment at the end of the Final Chapter of WKM where the feminine hand turns masculine/your body is
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:19 transformed to look like Damien.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:19 [Yes, it's not just physics that doesn't make sense. Time doesn't make sense in this world as well.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.8 06:24 (I have to go now, Iíll see you soon!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:38 [Aw, bye!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.8 06:38 *hasn't bumped into Sam yet because she's suddenly prone to being a bit late for school--something she's basically never done before*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.10 21:42 (Okay, that is some crazy stuff! Itís also quite fascinating, though, how Markiplier was able to come up with all of this. I found the origins of Darkiplier to be the most interesting. Itís kind of weird but cool that heís essentially the personalities
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.10 21:42 of different people.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.10 21:44 (Wilford is pretty messed up, Iím not going to lie. Iíd be interested in watching that video about him. Weíll see when I get the chance to do so.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.12 04:53 [Yep. I think Dark is more Damien than Celine--the sequel "DAMIEN" shows why I think this--but the idea of a character being a merger of multiple entities is a really fascinating concept that I've been playing with on other RPs.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.12 04:54 [The next video you should watch is "Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache." It takes place sort of in the middle of the Colonel's transformation--he's sort of in between being the Colonel and Wilford.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.12 04:57 [If you want a taste of what Wilford's like, here's a 3 minute video (he's basically a serial killer news reporter/journalist) of one of his interviews: https://youtu.be/kSksGcX5PDQ Enjoy.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.12 04:58 [Wilford is the reason why Markiplier stuff (thumbnails, merchandise, logos, etc.) is slathered in pink mustaches. That's Wilford's trademark; it's sort of become iconic.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.13 03:33 [I will be late tonight. XP]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.13 04:46 *forces her way through the heavy doors and into the masses* *feels small all of a sudden, but maybe because sheís making herself that way* *has her head hung low and her shoulders slouched* *becomes acutely aware of the massive bruise on her face*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.13 05:08 *skulks through the hallway, casting furtive glances at passerbys* *is a little alarmed that most of them are looking right back at her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.13 05:11 *is passing by with a group of friends* *gives Sam a wary glance*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.13 05:12 *notices that Josh and his friends start muttering amongst themselves* *one of them looks back at her* *gulps and tries to quicken her pace*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.13 05:18 *continues to get similar looks from people* *hears some people she doesnít even know say, ďYeah, thatís herĒ* *would mutter something back in retaliation, but sheís lost most of her original sass*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.13 05:18 *is nearing her locker when she sees Eleanor* *kind of approaches her, hoping sheís got at least one ally*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.13 05:20 *doesnít even meet Samís eye* *just gives a tight-lipped smile and shuffles onward*
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.13 05:22 *is observing everything from his locker* *his feelings toward Sam are neutral - doesnít know anything about the accident, and heís merely curious about why sheís getting shunned by everyone*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.13 05:24 *is hurt and confused* *rushes to her locker, desperate to get away from everyoneís judging eyes* *her heart continues to hammer as she unlocks the combination* *Christinaís locker is close by* *is a little scared to see her*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.13 05:25 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I had a busy day and wound up watching a movie with my family later at night than usual.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.13 05:25 (Iím going to have to go now. Hopefully Iíll catch you tomorrow!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.13 05:25 [Did you watch the Warfstache interview? If not, you can do so now if you want--I wouldn't mind, it's only 3 minutes.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.13 05:25 [Nooooo!! :(]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.13 05:25 [Crapsicles...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.13 05:26 [Well, I guess while I'm at it as well I'll share a classical music recommendation; I discovered this while sorting through videos and whatnot from my trip to Barcelona: https://youtu.be/VvlD7XYbI_U ]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 03:56 [I'm on!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 04:11 *doesn't really look at Sam, though she knows she's there**just focuses on getting her stuff ready for the day*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 04:12 *is among Josh's friend group**doesn't say much, though Sam probably caught him looking right at her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 04:32 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 04:35 [Hey!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 04:43 (Thanks for the recommendation! I really enjoyed it. Iíve been listening to Spanish classical music a lot lately.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 04:48 *goes up to Christina* *has been looking out for her lately* *says quietly* Everything okay?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 04:55 [Nice! ^.^]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 04:55 *just shrugs her shoulders* Kind of...
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 04:55 [Did you watch the Wilford Warfstache interview?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 04:56 *slowly gathers her books while eavesdropping* *maybe itís selfish, but she wonders this: why doesnít Alexa care if sheís okay?* *is starting to feel completely isolated*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:03 (Iím going to!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:04 [Okie dokie! ^.^]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:08 (Oh my god, the ďHello?Ē scenes.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:08 (Also, the ending was quite alarming.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 05:09 Alright. *pats her on the shoulder* Just let me know if you need anything. *gives her a small smile and heads off to class*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:13 *watches this with more of a twinge of jealousy* *sweeps past them and tries to think about the end of the day*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:14 [Indeed. FNAF is basically animatronics jumpscaring you until dawn. XD XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:14 [But yes, I love when Wilford finally gets one "Hello?" too many and goes "MOTHERF-"]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:15 [Anywho, that is a prime example of what the Colonel eventually turns into.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:15 [It's actually one of the less disturbing examples (e.g. he doesn't kill as many people as usual).]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:15 *it drags on* *is so stunned by everyoneís intentional lack of regard for her that she decides she canít sit in the cafeteria at lunch* *spends that half hour in one of her favorite teacherís classrooms*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:16 *sits with Alexa during lunchtime**she and Alexa have become considerably closer than before over these past days*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:18 (Okay. Itís definitely an interesting change in character, not to mention a dark one.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 05:19 *isnít pushing Christina to talk* *just sits with her to let her know sheís supported, even if itís in total silence*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:22 [Indeed. It's not nearly as horrifying as Darkiplier, though.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:22 *doesn't have much to say or talk about, but really appreciates Alexa's presence*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:24 *eats a sandwich in relative silence* *feels a little bit better after venting to her teacher about what happened, and how her classmates have been treating her for it* *is glad that someone is willing to listen to her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:25 *balls up her trash and launches it into a nearby trashcan* *gets up to go back to her locker for a few things*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:27 *the hallways are empty, but she hears voices as she approaches a stairwell* *sights none other than Theo and some of his friends* *ducks behind a locker*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:30 *strains to hear their conversation, her heart pounding* Theo: ...I thought she was going to stop, like maybe she was just joking... Someone: *snorts* Typical Samantha. Someone else: *says quietly* Do you really think it was her fault?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:38 *leans forward* *is holding her breath and breaking into a sweat* Theo: *after a long pause* I mean, yeah. *sounds really convinced of himself* Why else would we have crashed? She was the only distraction.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:40 [Oof...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:40 [The "oofage" of this scene is very strong. XD XP]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:41 *her worst fear has been confirmed* *all of the morningís events start culminating, and soon, hot tears are spilling over her eyelids* *rushes down the hall and into the bathroom*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:42 (Yeah...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:42 *)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 05:44 *pushes into a stall, which bangs behind her* *paces around and cries her eyes out* *bites down on a fist in an attempt to get it together*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 05:46 *is heading upstairs with Christina* *says hi to Theo and gang* *Theo gives them a curt nod, particularly Christina*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 05:47 *just mutters "hi"**tries not to look at Theo too much so as to not trigger memories of the car crash*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 05:50 *they go into the bathroom* *washes her hands and fixes her hair* *a stall door opens, and Sam emerges, looking worse for wear* *is about to say something, but Sam storms past*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 05:52 *is dumbfounded* *though she has a vague idea of what happened, she didnít expect Sam to lash out like that* *mutters a bit lamely* Whatís going on with Sam?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:01 *forces herself through the latter half of the day and goes home without telling her mom about any of it* *itís not like her mom is willing to listen- sheís barely come to terms with the accident herself*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:03 *the next few days proceed in a similar fashion* *is trying to follow her teacherís advice, that kindness is the best weapon in situations like these* *however, sheís still being shunned to the 3rd degree*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:05 *people avoid her like sheís some kind of leper* *the rumors continue to swirl, and people she used to hang out with/banter with on a regular basis treat her with a new hostility* *even the teachers seem flighty around her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:08 *the sting of tears becomes a familiar feeling* *finds herself sitting in her teacherís room at lunch, or working alone in projects* *is walking to the bathroom after lunch one day when she passes Theo and his friends* *is humiliated* *keeps her head down
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:10 *some girls from band class are in the bathroom, but donít seem to notice her* *slips into a stall and sits on the toilet, listening intently* Girl 1: Did Samantha Summers really cause that girlís sister to die in a car accident. Girl 2: I donít know...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:11 ...thatís what everyone else is saying...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:13 *her jaw starts quivering and the tears start falling again, but more so out of rage than anything else* *is tired of people, tired of what theyíre saying, and sick of letting them make her feel this way*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:14 *wants to do something, but she doesnít know how or what she would even do*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:15 *is in more of a sullen mood by the time school ends* *gathers her books from her locker robotically* *is skipping band for the second week in a row* *is mildly surprised no one has mentioned this to her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:17 *he and Midas are at a nearby locker, goofing off* *Midas is probably in a form of Poopenschmirtz mode* *playfully pushes Midas into a locker* *there is a crash, then an angry roar from Midas* *laughs hard*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 06:19 [Sorry for disappearing; I had to go do something and forgot to say brb. XP]
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 06:19 *is sort of skulking around in the vicinity* *has had his eye on Sam in particular* *views her as a bit of a tragic character*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:21 How dare you commit such an atrocity!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:21 How dare you betray THE DON HIMSELF!
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 06:22 (Thatís alright!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:22 *slams the door on Midas, still laughing hard*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.14 06:22 *has been gradually getting better**is actually fairly oblivious to all the hatred towards Sam, in part because she mostly sticks to being by herself, with her family, or with Alexa*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:23 OOF
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:23 ...Et tu, Brute? Et tu?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:24 *is watching them with burgeoning annoyance* *stuffs a book into her backpack* *mutters* (BLEEP) off. *directed this toward Midas and Josh, but itís not like they can hear*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:25 *quietly* Nani?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:25 [That was a reference to this BTW: https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=CDyXod3wBME ]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:27 (By the way, thereís this piece by Telemann called the Don Quixote Suite. Some of the movements kind of remind me of the Josh/Midas dynamic. I highly suggest it!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:27 [Okie dokie, I'll check it out!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:32 (Oh my gosh. That is why Midas is so awesome.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:33 *is walking down the hall* *stops to puzzle over Midas and Josh* *laughs a little* What the h**l are you guys doing?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:35 *smirks a little and motions toward Midas, who is awkwardly splayed across the interior of the locker* Just wanted to see what would happen.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:37 [XD Yup.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:38 [Technically "nani?" is from an anime, I think. So really in the end it's an anime reference.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:38 [It means "What?"]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:38 *"epicly" bursts out of the locker and grabs onto Josh as if he wants to tackle him*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:39 *screams and goes flying back* *Sam is heard exclaiming ďJesus!Ē irritably*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:41 *shakes her head* You guys are weirder than you think. *gradually approaches Sam* *Sam faces her with a challenging expression* Uh... hi. Um. I just wanted to know if you were going to band today.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:42 *averts her eyes, suddenly looking vulnerable* I-I donít think so. *impatiently zips up her backpack*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:43 We really need you, Sam. And youíre missing so much...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:44 *cackles, and then pauses to watch the drama unfold*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:45 *remembers what those girls were saying in the bathroom* *her voice starts to waver* *is talking rapidly* I really donít think I can deal with that right now, I just canít go. *briskly walks away*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:46 *is also watching, albeit judgmentally*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:47 Geez...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:47 (Haha, I noticed Midasí role. Iím inspired to change Joshís.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:48 Yeah. Wow. *in general, he agrees that Sam probably caused the accident, but only because thatís what everyone else has been saying*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 06:49 *can do nothing but watch Sam leave* *sighs and drags herself over to the football field*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 06:49 [XD Do it.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:50 (It has been done, haha.)
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.14 06:50 [XD YES]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.14 06:51 [BTW, I changed Red's role just now for fun.]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.14 06:51 [Midas: *@ Josh's role* Poopenschmirtz approves.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:51 *Friday comes around* *is sitting in her teacherís classroom at lunch once again, feeling relieved that school will be put on pause for a couple of days* *however, the week has also left a bitter taste in her mouth, and sheís determined to do something
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:51 about it*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.14 06:52 about it*
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 06:52 (I love it!!)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 06:53 (Now Iím determined that everyone should have these unique roles, haha.)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 06:57 *meanwhile, heís determined to figure out what the heck is going on with Sam* *has heard some of the rumors, but not enough to get a good idea of whatís true and what isnít*
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 07:01 *doesnít want to ask Sam, Christina, or Alexa directly - that would be a bit tactless* *is seeking out a related source instead*
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 07:02 *strides through the library during lunch* *stops to examine one of the books on the book display, which is featuring YA romance of all things* *then wanders over to the computers*
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 07:03 *suddenly notices Midas - and then Josh - sitting at the computers* *thinks* Bingo.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.14 07:05 [Yes. XD]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Sep.14 07:06 [BTW, how has college been?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:06 *he and Midas are both cooking up last-minute literary analyses for their advanced English class* *flips through A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man feverishly* *neon sticky notes protrude from every angle of the book*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:07 *is probably playing games when he should be studying (possibly a multiplayer game with Josh, if they're using their own computers)*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:07 *nvm the with Josh part*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:09 (Itís been alright. Iím getting used to it a little more, but I think itís going to continue to be an adjustment. Most of my classes are pretty interesting (well, maybe except for math). Iím also in orchestra and am looking into band,too.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:09 (What about you?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:11 *was probably playing games with Midas, but once time got ticking, he had to get down to business*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:11 [I've been doing alright. Writing papers and group projects are pains in the butt, but most of my classes are at least fairly fun. Java's still super fun as always.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:11 [I have an English class with the most boring textbook I've ever read in my entire life, though.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:12 *is still playing games because he somehow has the magical ability to goof off a lot and still get good grades*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:12 *leafs through the pages with growing annoyance* *finally just slams it shut* *murmurs* Stupid (BLEEP)ing book. *throws the book into the wall, then stares at the screen*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:14 (Yeah, definitely agree with the papers and group projects. In group projects/discussions, nobody really bothers to contribute. I had to do one for psychology, and some people wanted to use examples from a high school class to share instead of giving it
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:16 thought. Good luck with English... I feel your pain. It used to be a class I enjoyed, but after last year... that love changed to hate.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:19 [Yuck... XP Have they not heard of peer-reviewed journals?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:19 *leans back* Why do we have to analyze a theme? I mean, is that what the author even wanted?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:21 (Apparently not. I was kind of surprised by that, especially since the instructor specifically said that we needed to create our own examples.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:21 Dunno man. It's what the professor wants.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:21 [Yeesh...is it really that hard to think of examples from one's own life at the very least?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:23 *picks up the book again* *reads the back out of sheer procrastination*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:24 (Right. I mean, youíre not actively learning if you regurgitate from the textbook, lecture slides, etc.)
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 07:27 *has been circling around that region of the computer lounge for a bit* *takes Joshís complaining as a perfect opportunity to jump in* *says smugly* Looks like youíre trying to use the author as an excuse to get out of an assignment.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:28 *frowns at Luke a little* *holds up The Portrait of an Artist* Have you read this book?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:28 [Exactly.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:28 [Mostly I don't like group projects because I always get the feeling that I could do the assignment by myself just as well as I could do it with a group. :/]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:31 (Yeah. Sometimes the group just holds you down, and turns out to be unnecessary.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:32 [Indeed.]
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.14 07:32 Yeah. Itís an excellent piece of literature - very relevant to our age demographic, too.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:34 I guess, except I could barely understand it. Luke: I mean, youíre not really supposed to. *kind of babbles on about the book*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:35 *had zoned out long ago* *is kind of nodding along to whatever Luke says* So... how does that tie in with the theme, then? Luke: I need you guys to answer something for me first.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.14 07:36 (I have to go now;Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:37 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.14 07:47 What kind of a something?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 04:01 [I'm here!]
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:01 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I lost something and had to look for it.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.15 05:03 [Hey! It's fine. My replies will be a bit slow; I'm in a voice call and it's hard multitasking like this.]
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:04 *sighs and looks around* *whispers* So, whatís all this stuff Iím hearing about Samantha Summers? What happened?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.15 05:13 She was involved in the car crash...that's all that really happened.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 05:15 *is slowly typing* We werenít there. So we donít really know what happened.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:17 Then why does everyone, like, seem to be gravitating away from her? Because thatís not how it used to be.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 05:18 *is trying to focus on his paper* *says after a while* I donít know... *probably does know, he just doesnít feel like explaining to Luke*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.15 05:33 I dunno either man.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:38 *turns away and knocks on the computer table* Okay...
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:38 *says awkwardly* Guess Iíll be seeing ya around...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 05:48 See you.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.15 05:51 See ya.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:51 *later, he complains to one of his acquaintances about it* I mean, itís one of the most divisive social patterns Iíve seen yet in this school. *the acquaintance nods a little* Iím just trying to understand it.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:53 Iíve been trying to ask around, but itís just hard, you know? Nobody wants to talk about it, yet you keep hearing about it in the hallway. Itís a paradox. Acquaintance: Yeah... Hey, want me to ask?
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 05:54 Well... yeah, I guess if you want to. *seems totally dubious*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.15 06:04 *continues gaming*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:07 *the school day finally ends* *walks to her locker, a small skip in her step* *puts some books away - sheís had a lot of time to do homework in class, and she doesnít plan on doing homework over the weekend*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:09 *stops what sheís doing when she realizes someone is hovering over her - specifically, a lanky underclassman* *looks up* Hi?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 06:11 *is at Christinaís locker* *glances at Sam, slightly amused by the fact that sheís talking to Lukeís friend*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:13 Acquaintance: *says with a vague smirk* So... was that car accident really your fault?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:14 *is with Alexa*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:15 *overhears the acquaintance and freezes*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:15 *stands up* *turns away, looking utterly p**sed off* *is actually experiencing the usual side effects: teary eyes, a quivering jaw, etc.* *this time though, sheís had it*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:17 *screams* I DIDNíT MEAN FOR ANYTHING TO HAPPEN, OKAY?!
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:19 *actually flinches*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 06:19 *is at his locker when the outburst happens* *looks up and watches* *not too far away are people like Theo and Kristin, who are either watching with spite or with a new perspective*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:19 *her eyes grow wide**watches*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:20 *the hall goes silent for a split second as people hold their breath* *gives the boy a swift shove* Why donít you just (BLEEP) off? *shoots a dark glance at the growing crowd before storming off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 06:21 *is actually shocked*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 06:22 *is too stunned for words*
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 06:23 Wait, what? *finds his acquaintance* What the h**l did you just say to her? *his voice is extremely accusatory* *runs after Sam* Wait!
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Sep.15 06:24 That was super uncalled for! Iím sorry!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.15 06:26 *like everyone else in the area, sheís been watching the drama unfold* *deliberately ignored Sam that week, but she feels kind of bad now* *that moment made her realize how much criticism Samís been facing*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:28 *Luke is too late* *stalks through the doors, wiping her eyes* *doesnít stop until she reaches the town park*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:30 *goes to the bathroom without saying anything*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:32 *it is a crisp, clear afternoon* *a lot of kids are playing on the playstructures while their parents network at a nearby bench* *sits down on one of the swings* *thinks about everything and nothing* *has grown numb to all of it now*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.15 06:35 *stands in the hallway for a few moments afterward and lets out a sigh* *all of that weekís events have left her exhausted* *ultimately decides to just leave Christina alone* *goes home*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:37 *watches toilet paper blowing from a tree that was TPd nearby, the result of a senior prank* *is annoyed because it was something she couldíve been a part of, but also because itís really just pointless and inconsiderate*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:38 *wonders why people have to be so rude just to get a point across* *ends up sitting there for a long time- long enough to the point where the kids have left and Josh starts making his rounds*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:40 *nearly hyperventilating*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:40 *however, another person catches her eye* *sees a guy in a leather jacket swinging across the monkey bars-Rocco* *watches him*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.15 06:42 *went in the bathroom before leaving school to find Christina in there* *helped to calm her down, then she brought her back to her house to talk things out and watch uplifting movies*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:43 *gradually calms down and starts crying*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.15 06:43 *then goes home with Eleanor*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 06:43 *hangs upside-down and looks at Sam*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 06:50 *on the monkey bars
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 06:50 *doesn't say anything, just looks at her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 06:54 *initially looks away* *when she looks back at him and heís still looking at her, she gives him an awkward wave*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 07:03 *doesn't wave back, but climbs down and approaches her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 07:03 *seems a little intimidated* Um. Hi.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 07:04 *tries to lighten the mood a little* Have I seen you around before?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 07:06 Maybe. Maybe not.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 07:11 Whatís your name?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 07:12 Rocco.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 07:12 What's yours?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 07:19 *drags her boot in the woodchips* Samantha.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 07:20 A name as pretty as you are...nice.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 07:24 *raises an eyebrow* *says defensively yet fl*rtatiously* Yíknow, I probably shouldnít be talking to strangers.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.15 07:27 (I have to go now. Iíll see you soon!)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.15 07:30 [Aw, bye!]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.18 04:31 *raises an eyebrow right back at her* Then how are you supposed to make friends?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.18 22:20 *smirks a little* You got me there.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.18 22:20 *adds* But only because I think Iíve seen you around.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.18 22:22 (Adding to the group projects rant, I was doing a group discussion in my psychology class, and literally no discussing took place. Everyone in my group was just typing away on their computers. Does this ever happen in any of your classes?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.18 22:34 [Hmm...my group projects haven't entirely gotten going yet, so I don't know. We're supposed to have a group meeting at my next night class (which takes place on Wednesdays, so I'll be in this meeting later tonight). I'll tell you how it goes.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.18 22:35 [I'm surprised they were typing on their computers and not their phones. That's what usually happens--I have a person I'm teamed up with in another class who's on their phone 90% of the time during lectures and then seems confused about why she bombed the
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.18 22:36 last quiz. At least she puts her phone down when the professor forces people to team up and discuss things.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.18 22:36 *on her
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.18 22:37 Seen me around where? *casually sits down next to her*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.18 22:40 [Also crap...looks like I missed you by 15 minutes.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.18 22:44 [BTW, if no talking at all is taking place, try to take the initiative and start a discussion. Maybe volunteer to do certain duties (e.g. in my communications class--which is my night class--I volunteered to be the grammar checker for the group because my
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.18 22:45 writing skills are decent).]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.18 22:45 [Perhaps try to arrange deadlines--e.g. all group members have to have a certain thing done by a certain time. Of course, try to be polite about it.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.19 04:13 [I just got back from class. The group meeting went very well, but it's mostly because I took the initiative and did 90% of the talking. I basically took the lead, making suggestions on what to do next, when things should be done, etc. and everyone just
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.19 04:13 followed along and agreed. I also made sure I wasn't being a pushy butthole by simply asking if I was being pushy, and they said no and stated that they actually kind of need someone to push them.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.19 04:14 [So don't be afraid to take the initiative and make plans and suggestions. ^.^ It seems like everyone out there wants some sort of guidance, they're just afraid to step forward and ask or talk about it.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 04:17 [I'm here!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 04:17 (Thank you for your insight! Yeah, I do find that people are on their phones during lectures. Taking laptop notes also seems to give people an excuse to browse the Internet. )
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 04:17 (Hi!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 04:19 (Next time, Iíll consider doing what you did. It was just kind of difficult last time because I felt like everyone was kind of ignoring each other. )
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 04:21 *shifts a little, surprised that Rocco sat down next to her* Donít you go to (insert high school name here)?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 04:24 [I take laptop notes, but I pretty much never browse the Internet during class unless it's to look up something related to what the lecture is covering.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 04:25 [Yeah...I think everyone would've ignored each other if I hadn't taken charge and started suggesting and arranging things.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 04:34 Kind of...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 04:43 *asks a bit forcefully* Do you like it there?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 04:45 Once I did. Now I don't exactly go there much anymore, if you know what I mean.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 04:47 Did you get kicked out or something?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 04:53 In a way.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 04:55 *would ask him what happened, but she doesnít want to be invasive* *murmurs* Well, youíre not missing out.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 05:01 You still in the system?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 05:03 *blanks out for a moment* What? Yeah. Unfortunately.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 05:04 I mean, learning is a privilege. Itís just the people...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 05:05 *slides her shoes through the woodchips* Theyíre the reason I really hate it there.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 05:08 Maybe you need to find better people.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.20 05:08 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.20 05:19 [Aw, bye!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 04:37 Itís just... itís just been kind of hard lately.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 04:47 [I'm on!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 04:54 (Hey!)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 04:56 [Hi! Sorry I'm so late; I've had a busy day feeding tortoises, kissing a baby alligator, and going out for late night ice cream.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 04:57 [I went to a bird and alligator sanctuary today. ^.^]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 04:58 (Wow, that sounds awesome!)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 04:58 [It was. :D]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 05:00 [Basically the guy working there held the baby alligator just below my neck for a picture (I wasn't allowed to hold it--you have to pay extra to do that) and told me to pretend to kiss it. I leaned my head down a bit, and he said "That's not kissing it."
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 05:01 So I got a tad irritated and very impulsive and kissed it. XD]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:06 (Oh my gosh, haha. Thatís great.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 05:14 [It was so cute, sooo... XD :D]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 05:15 Mm...maybe you've been looking in the wrong places. How about you and me hang out sometime?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:15 (Iíll bet!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:16 *looks at him hopefully* Okay.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:16 It would be kinda rad to have a friend for once.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:18 *stands up* *lies* Well, the homestead is calling. See you around, I guess?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 05:33 [Sorry for disappearing. I got caught up in a conversation. Also my computer's laggy.] Around where?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 05:33 *stands up as well*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:35 Here, maybe?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:55 *Rocco agrees* *waves him off with a small smile* *is in a better mood now that her day managed to turn itself around*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:56 *the following weeks at school have continued as usual* *is meeting with Rocco in the park on a regular basis - not every day, but whenever she finds herself down*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 05:58 *has been hanging around the park quite regularly**he doesn't talk much about his own background, but asks Sam plenty of questions about herself*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 05:58 *she and Rocco find that they have a shared distaste for high school in general, and spend their time commiserating over that* *when it becomes too much to bear, she reveals to Rocco all thatís happened- from the car crash to her social isolation*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 06:02 *after laying her issues out on the table, she feels compelled to ask Rocco about his incident* *turns to him* *asks with her usual forcefulness* Whyíd you get kicked out?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 06:02 What was so bad about it that caused you to just... lose it?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.21 06:06 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.21 06:07 [Aw, bye! Sorry my replies were insultingly slow. I was in a serious conversation with some friends.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 04:47 [I'm here!]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 04:54 ...It's a long story...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:01 (Hi!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:01 *prompts him to go on* Yeah?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:05 [Hey!]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:06 Well...a lotta things built up to it, so...
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:09 I mean...the teachers su cked...they weren't even really trying...none of the counselors or advisors were much help...overall, who you hung around with was more important.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:12 My friends and I had been enemies with another gang for a long time...finally the other gang roughed up the wrong girl one too many times and I sort of just lost it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:14 *nods along, completely agreeing with everything heís saying* Well, you did the right thing.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:15 I mean... not many guys around here would go out of their way to do that.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:17 The [BLEEP]s got what they deserved.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:17 *holds up his upper arm* You see these scars?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:18 Son of a [BLEEP] cut me just before I bashed his face in.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:22 *stares at it and mutters something under her breath* And you got blamed for it?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:22 Yeah...they said and me my friends were the perpetrators...
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:23 I hate those kinds of men...they have no respect for women.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:37 *nods* No. They donít. *sounds upset*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:37 At least you have some dignity.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:41 ...You know, sometimes I just want to get out of this sick place.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:41 Go wherever I want, do whatever I want.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:44 *laughs a little* You just read my mind.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:45 *turns to her* Why don't we go someplace sometime?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:45 Escape this h**lhole?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:46 *mutters* I hate it here. The people- well, not all, but most - the places, just all of it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:47 *nods* Yeah. Letís. Iím tired of feeling trapped.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:51 *one day, she and Rocco do just that* *they skip school and head out to Cedar Point amusement park, which is a little more than an hourís drive away*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:52 *instead of sitting in the park and complaining about life, they actually have a great time* *itís a true bonding experience*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:53 *feels her stomach sink as Rocco pulls up to her house later that evening* *doesnít care about how sheíll explain to her mom- sheís worried about one thing*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 05:54 *stares into her lap* *lets out a humorless chuckle* I donít want to go back to school tomorrow.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 05:58 You don't have to. You could hang out with me.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:02 *grimaces a little* I have to go back.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:02 I donít want to use the word ďmagicalĒ to describe my experience, but... today was pretty epic.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:03 *smiles as she recalls the fun they had* Thanks for going on all the terrifying rollercoasters with me, because my other friends sure as h**l wouldnít have. Thanks for everything, really.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:04 I dunno... *looks into her eyes, his demeanor suddenly more intense than usual* I'd call it "magical."
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:04 *said that before she thanked him* Oh, you shouldn't thank me...
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:04 I should thank you. *starts to lean in towards her slowly*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:11 *takes the cue* *leans in and kisses Rocco*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:12 *pulls back after a while, looking both entrances and disoriented* *says quietly* I should go now.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:13 *opens the car door unsteadily* Iíll see you soon. *walks up her driveway, but stops midway to smile and wave*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:14 *doesn't say anything**just smiles at her and drives away*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:22 -A FEW MONTHS LATER-
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:23 *it is spring, and the school year is starting to come to a close* *that means that she and her classmates have probably been thinking a lot about graduation and college*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:24 *the rumors and bullying continued, but after hanging out with Rocco, she found her voice, and dispelled the rumors on her own*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:26 *she returned to marching band with Alexa; by doing that, Alexa gradually invited Sam back to hang out with Christina, Eleanor, and herself* *however, it was Sam who really wanted to get on better terms with Christina* *made efforts, and the two had an
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:27 extensive discussion* *now, their friendship has been restored to what it used to be*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:28 *this time, though, sheís been keeping secrets from her friends* *none of them know who Rocco is, or that Sam has been hanging out with him any time she can*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:30 *her and Roccoís connection eventually evolved into a relationship - a stormy one* *maybe their bitter attitudes contributed to this* *knows that Rocco isnít the best match for her, but she relies on him too much to put an end to it*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:31 *speaking of bitter, sheís become increasingly so* *wakes up one Saturday morning to see a neighbor/classmateís lawn TPíd and trashed* *when she goes back to school Monday, she carefully observes her classmates*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:35 *sees them walking through the hallways, so, confident, so agreeable, only worried about getting a perfect score on the AP exams and arranging the next student council meeting and not going home to worry about the trash they left on the lawn that weekend,
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:35 or about their words and how they mightíve affected her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:36 *is seriously disenchanted* *marches over to the park after school ends and finds Rocco waiting for her8
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:36 *
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:36 *says rudely* Can you get off my swing?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:42 *just sighs*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:46 *mutters* Alright, fine, whatever. *sits down a swing away from him*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:47 *sighs* Iím sorry, just... bad day at school.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:47 Theyíre hypocrites there. All of them.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:49 *tells Rocco all about her observations* They like to get in trouble when they can get away with it, but when somebody else does something bad, they get frigginí crucified.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:50 Why do you think I decided to stay out of the system?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:50 Society is a joke...[BLEEP] it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:50 Iím sick and tired of it, Rocco. I feel like they need a taste of their own medicine, and I have an idea.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 06:52 Oh?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 06:55 Yeah. *sounds slightly fanatical* I want to have a party, full of fake fun, and then crash it unexpectedly. Bust their (BLEEP)s.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 07:02 ...Let's do it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:06 Great. Awesome.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:06 My friends can probably help us out if we need it. They understand. *adds* Not like you do, but they get it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:06 How about I pass it by them tomorrow?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 07:09 *nods*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.22 07:10 Sounds like a plan.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:12 Okay. *rises* Iíll let you know tomorrow. *flashes him a smile and heads off*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:13 *wakes up the next morning before 6 am* *does a full makeup routine, then dresses in an outfit comprised of fishnet stockings, sneakers, a yellow dress, her denim jacket, and a backwards hat*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:14 *evaluates herself in the mirror when sheís all ready* *is scared that she doesnít look great, but at least sheíll grab some attention*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:15 *walks into school, trying to exude an air of confidence* *does get some looks, though most people forget or ignore her presence*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:16 *goes over to her locker, where Christina, Alexa, and Eleanor are gathered* Morning, kids. *is quite chipper*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.22 07:16 Hey.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.22 07:18 *surveys Sam with sagging eyes* So, is it supposed to be Manic Pixie Dream Girl Day or something?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:19 *gives Eleanor an irritated look* Hey. Watch it.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.22 07:19 *kind of smirks*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:20 Hey, so Iíve had this idea, and I want to know what you guys think.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.22 07:20 Yeah?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.22 07:20 (I have to go now. Iíll see you soon!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.22 07:20 *had to keep herself from smirking at Eleanor's comment*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.22 07:21 [Aw, bye!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.26 03:32 (Hey, so itís been total crunch time here. Iíve had tests in almost every class this week and next, and have an important audition and a paper coming up. Iím not sure if Iíll be able to be online tomorrow. If Iím on over the weekend, I might be late.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.26 04:33 [Alright, I totally understand. I haven't been able to stay on nearly as long as I usually do and all my professors have decided to throw a big assignment (e.g. a paper) at me all at once.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.26 04:45 [Nothing's due all that soon, but I know that if I don't get things done now I will severely regret it later.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.27 04:35 [I'm here!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 02:44 (Sorry I missed you last night! Iím probably going to be late tonight.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 04:17 [It's fine! Okie dokie.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 05:31 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 05:33 [Hey! It's fine; I'm still around. ^.^ Long time, no see!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 05:41 (Yes! It has been a while.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 05:45 [RPing? :D]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 05:46 *says airily* Iím thinking about throwing a party. And Iíd like your help planning it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 05:46 (Yep!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 05:46 *looks around at the others worriedly* Um....
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 05:47 What?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 05:49 Sam, you know the closest thing to a party Iíve been to is a marching band banquet!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 05:52 Wait, why exactly do you want to have a party in the first place?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 05:53 I'm down, but...yeah, I'm with Eleanor here. Why a party now?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 05:54 To celebrate these four memorable years, of course. *smiles* To reminisce with friends new and old.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 05:55 *can tell Sam is being her typical sarcastic self* *laughs a little* Seriously, though. Why?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 05:56 *sighs* *checks her surroundings to make sure that nobody is eavesdropping, then lowers her voice* Look, Iím kinda tired with how things are run around here.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 05:59 I just want to prove that nothing changes around here. People here are blazing hypocrites. They preach about kindness and acceptance, and then they want me to know they canít stand the sight of me.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:00 People like to talk until theyíve got something better to do. So maybe thatís what I need to do.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:01 *nods empathetically*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:01 Yeah... things certainly havenít been easy for you...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:04 Donít get me wrong, I want to do something really unforgettable. But Iíd also like to, yíknow. Have some fun with our guests. *wiggles her eyebrows mischeviously*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:04 *smirks slightly**is a bit concerned about this, but hides it* What sort of fun?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:05 *laughs a little* Yeah... I get it, though. Youíre tired of being invisible.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:06 *nods a little sheepishly* Thatís pretty much it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:06 *at Christina* I donít know yet. Thatís what I need your help with.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:06 Hmm...I guess I'm in.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:08 Sounds like it could be interesting. Wanna talk more at lunch?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:08 I think we all need a change in our normal daily schedule.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:08 *@ Alexa* Yeah, I was about to suggest the same thing.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:09 Sam: Sure. Eleanor: Okay. Iíll try to come up with some ideas by then, but I canít guarantee it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:11 Alright. Well, thanks so much for listening to me! *gives all of them a hug* See you later! *turns away and bounds to class*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:13 *waits until Sam is gone* So... what do you guys think of her idea?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:13 *smiles and waves as she goes, but then lets her concern show on her face once she's gone*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:13 I don't know...
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:14 It seems okay on the surface, but...I'm just worried about her.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:16 Yeah... she seems to be stuck in her head these days. I donít know why sheís letting those people bother her so much. I havenít heard anyone talking negatively about her for like, a month.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:17 I mean...I've heard a few things, but...yeah.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:17 On the flipside, I feel her. There are some real (BLEEP)hats here... I wouldnít mind hosting a night of frivolous fun for them.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:18 I mean, it could be pretty hilarious, depending on what Samís got in mind.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:19 Yeah. I think itís kind of cool that itís both a party and senior prank. No harm in that.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:23 Alright...if you say so...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:25 I guess so. Weíll find out more at lunch. *starts breaking away from the group* Iíve gotta get to class. See you!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:26 *waves*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:27 -AT LUNCH-
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:28 *walks over to their usual table carrying a tray of pizza* *immediately starts poking at it* This pizza is disgusting. Did I really suffer through four years of substandard pizza?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:30 *is also eating - or rather, examining- the same pizza* You canít expect it to be a five-star restaurant, but yet, it su*ks.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:30 *announces her arrival by means of plopping a bagged lunch down on the table* Hey.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:32 Hey. *is reluctantly eating some pizza*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:32 *eyes Eleanor's bag* Ooo...this that premium?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:34 Yeah. *smirks a little* Sorry.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:34 Enjoy the pizza, peasants.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:35 Thank you very much....
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:36 Okay, so Iíve been doing a bit of observing this morning.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:38 And?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:38 Oof. I feel inferior.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:38 *said that before Eleanor went on about doing a bit of observing*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:40 As far as inviting guests goes, you need to have a strategy. You need to target certain friend groups that youíre interested in, and then approach the most extroverted person in that group.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:42 For instance, Theo. *Sam is visibly uncomfortable* *notices that* Well, for starters, I advise we ask Trey Webster. *Trey is the popular jock-type who also happens to be dumber than a doornail*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:43 [Tray from Questscape is just currently like: "...wat"]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:43 *her eyes grow wide* Trey flippiní (BLEEP)iní Webster?! Heís like, the lowest common denominator in terms of ideal guests!!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:44 (Oh my god, haha. Iím sorry he has to be associated with a Trey whoís much worse.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:47 In case you havenít noticed, people tend to listen to Trey like heís Jesus on the mount. Heís necessary if you want to invite certain people. And the best thing is that heís fairly gullible.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:48 So... who wants to talk to Trey this afternoon?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:48 [XD It's fine.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:49 *hesitates, then slightly raises her hand*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:49 *looks from Christina to Sam* *mutters* I ainít talking to Trey.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:50 *says solemnly* Iíd rather eat this pizza for five years straight.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:51 Christina, why are you choosing to subject yourself to that?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:52 Someone's gotta do it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:53 You donít have to, you know.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:54 Fortunately, I have another idea, and it involves you. *looks at Alexa*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:54 Well nobody wants to do it.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:54 Whoís that guy your boyfriend is always hanging around?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:55 Josh?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:56 Yeah, him. Weíre going to ask him. Actually, that might be a better idea... Weíll ask him to ask Trey for us, and weíll make sure he does it.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:56 Yeah, I think that's Josh.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:56 *said that before Eleanor said that*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 06:56 Good plan.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:57 *starts stammering* Well, I actually donít know him as well as you think-
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 06:58 *frowns in thought* Didnít he get a scholarship or something? I thought I heard that...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 06:58 *says to Alexa* Itís Trey or Josh.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 06:59 *shuts up*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 07:00 Before we ask anyone anything, we need to set a date.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 07:01 How about later today, when it's time to go home?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 07:02 *is going out on a limb by making this offer* My parents are helping my grandma clean out her house next weekend. We can use my house.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 07:02 [Wait...brain fart. I thought she meant set a date for talking to Josh.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 07:02 [Nvm what Christina said.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 07:02 (Okay. She made the right call nonetheless.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 07:04 Thatís a bit soon, but we can definitely cook something up by then.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 07:04 Great. So, weíll ask Josh after school, then.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 07:06 [Oh, okay. Nvm my nvm.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 07:06 Yup.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 07:06 *finishes her pizza, grimacing* Eugh...see you guys then.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 07:07 Yep. See you! And hopefully by then youíll have the taste of that pizza out of your mouth.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 07:08 *the end of the day comes around* *the four of them are huddled around her locker, waiting anxiously for Midas and Josh to pass*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 07:08 *murmurs* Alright. Whoís going to ask?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.28 07:09 Uh, wasnít it supposed to be all of us?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.28 07:10 Yeah. But one of us needs to initiate.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.28 07:11 *@ Alexa* You know them better...how about you?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 07:13 Uh... okay.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 07:13 *inches forward a bit awkwardly* *then beams at Midas* Hey Midas! How was your day?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.28 07:15 Hey babe! *puts an arm around her* Splendid! How was yours?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.28 07:17 (I have to go now. I should be on tomorrow, so Iíll see you then!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.28 07:21 [Alright, see you!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 04:41 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was watching a movie.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:03 (Hi! Itís alright - so was I.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 05:04 [Hey! Okie dokie.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 05:13 *listens closely, but tries to remain casual*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:16 Great! *smiles up at him* *in a sudden move, she breaks away and approaches Josh* Hey, uh.. can we talk to you for a sec?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.29 05:17 *finds this action unusual, but doesn't question it too much; he trusts her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:28 *exchanges confused glances with Midas* Um, sure. Of course.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:29 *looks at Midas, expecting him to leave* *however, Alexa and co. lead him down the hallway*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.29 05:32 *sighs and stands back, letting Alexa and the girls have a word with him on their own**he figures he can just ask Josh about what they said later*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:33 *walks alongside Josh* Hey, so weíre having a party next week, and I expect it to be pretty swinging.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:34 *nods a little* Okay.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:35 However, to ensure that, weíre going to need your help. Can we rely on you?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:36 *nods again* Uh, yeah...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:36 I need you to do a solid for us.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:37 Okay.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:37 Like, right now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:38 *looks slightly taken aback* Um...
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 05:38 We need you to talk to somebody for us.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.29 05:38 *is snickering a little*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:38 Who?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 05:38 We need you to speak to Trey Webster. See if you can get him and his friends to join the party.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:39 Yeah. Just to, yíknow, spread the word and all.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:40 Tell him Iím holding it for the seniors.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:40 Do you know where he is?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:41 Well, he should be getting ready for lacrosse practice any time now... *looks down a hallway*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:41 Swell. Letís go see him.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:43 *is pretty embarrassed when he walks outside to the field, followed by a most unlikely group of girls* *jogs forward to separate himself from them*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:46 *stands behind the bleachers and watches the encounter* *Trey - a bulky dude with feathery blonde hair - walks over to Josh after he calls out to him* *he beams ridiculously, then bellows ďEyyy! What up, my man?Ē upon giving Josh a slap on the back*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Sep.29 05:47 *tails them, wondering what exactly they're up to**smirks slightly, knowing this must be heckin' awkward for Josh*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:47 *Josh starts talking* *smirks when she sees Trey nodding along to practically everything he says*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.29 05:49 *leans against the side of the bleachers* Always did think he was kinda a bonehead.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:50 You have to wonder if heís even listening.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:51 *now that Josh is talking to Trey, the reality is starting to set in for her* *paces around nervously*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 05:54 *says quietly* I don't think he is...look at the drool on the corner of his mouth.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:54 *Josh returns to let them know that Trey will be passing on word of the party* Sweet. Thanks so much for asking.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 05:55 (Oh my gosh, that was hilarious, haha.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 05:55 [XD Christina's particularly snarky at this age.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 05:55 Yeah, thanks!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.29 05:55 Yeah. Seeing as Trey has a pretty short attention span and all.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 05:59 *laughs a little* No problem. *surprisingly doesnít rush back into the school* So, where is this party going to be at?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:00 Alexaís parents are going to be gone for the weekend, so her house seemed like a suitable location.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:02 *knows that Midas will be there for sure, so heís slightly more interested than he was before* *however...* Arenít you afraid youíll get busted?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:04 *looks at Josh critically* So you wouldnít go if you knew you were going to get busted?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:04 We plan to take the proper precautions. *looks pointedly at the other girls while saying this*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:06 *canít keep it in any longer* We actually donít have a concrete plan for any of this, except that itís going to be at my house. *stammers* None of us are really experienced in the party department. *laughs awkwardly*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:07 *is really annoyed with Alexa right now*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:08 What even goes on at parties? *throws up her hands, laughing awkwardly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:11 *is trying hard not to judge them* Iíve only been to a few, but typically thereís food and music. *shrugs* People hang out, and stuff just happens.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:12 Yeah. Parties are all about socialization.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:12 In theory, anyway.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:13 *thinks Josh is making it sound too simple* Well, if you and Midas wouldnít mind helping me out, Iíd really appreciate it. *laughs nervously*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:14 Okay, Iíll let him know. *there is an awkward pause* Well, see you guys later. *goes back inside* *nobody can tell if he looks weirded out or not*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:16 *waits until Josh is gone, then faces Alexa* Why the h**l did you tell him that?! Now heíll tell Trey, and weíll be the freakiní laughing stock of the school!
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:17 Who gives a crap if Trey knows? He can't tell a doornail from a toenail.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:18 Let's just work on...well, getting this party idea to work.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:18 I- I donít think heíd do that! Sam: He canít be trusted! I just wanted him to ask Trey- that was it! He canít know about the rest of it!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:19 (Once again, I laughed out loud at Christinaís statement.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:21 Why would he tell Trey?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:21 [And I'm having a lot of fun with Trey's shortcomings. >:D]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.29 06:21 Just tell him itís a party-slash-senior prank, and heíll know nothing of it! Besides, we could use his knowledge. Heís been to more of those things than any of us combined.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:22 *scowls* Iíve been to a few. H**l, we couldíve just asked Midas.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:23 *turns to Christina* He was totally judging us. Who knows if he even asked Trey for us?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:24 [Meanwhile...a certain Tray is looking like this: T_T]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.29 06:24 Um, he did his job. I could tell.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:24 Seriously though, who gives a [BLEEP]?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:25 Yeah, he was judging us. That's his problem.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.29 06:25 (Hahaha, Trey here really isnít doing him justice.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Sep.29 06:26 This is technically a senior prank, right? Who doesnít love a good old fashioned senior prank?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:26 *seems to be letting up a little*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:27 If Midas is involved, Josh will be involved without question. So thereís that.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:27 Okay, whatever. He can help.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:28 And isn't Midas, like...super into pranks?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:28 *has the strong urge to vent to Rocco* I have to go now. Iíll see you guys tomorrow. *heads off to the park*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:30 *hasn't arrived at the park yet, though he'd be on his way if she texted him(
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Sep.29 06:30 *was opening her mouth to respond to Christina until Sam turned away* *raises an eyebrow* Okay then.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:30 **
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:30 ...Alright, bye?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Sep.29 06:30 ...That was weird...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:31 *arrives at the park* *contacts Rocco and waits for him on the swingset*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:31 *soon arrives*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:32 [This is a tad disturbing...there are two swingset scenes going on on two completely different RPs right now.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:33 [And this scene is quite innocent/much less frightening compared to the other one. XD XP On the other one, Pandemonium is pushing a little girl named Jane on a swing.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:34 [In case you don't remember, Pandemonium's the guy who kissed Aedona while killing her. Jane is one of Aedona's daughters, by the way.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:34 (Okay, that other one does sound really creepy.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:34 [At least Pandemonium treats kids better than he treats most people.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:34 Hey. *doesnít waste time in launching into a rant*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:36 ...I mean, I canít believe she told him. That just ruins all of my plans.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:36 *doesn't even get the opportunity to properly greet her**just sits down and listens*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:38 *sighs* I guess I canít really even trust my friends.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:38 Can't trust anybody nowadays...
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:39 Though I think things'll be alright.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:39 Just hang in there. Revenge will be ours soon enough.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:41 *nods distantly* *is trying to think of ways where she can make her own plans without the help of the others*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:41 *turns to Rocco* Do you ever go to any parties?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:48 ...Used to when I was younger.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:48 Nothing like what you're planning.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:50 Can you take me to one? I know you donít go anymore, but I want to know what theyíre like.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:54 I don't think so.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:54 It wouldn't be good for you.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:55 I donít really care. I want to see what itís like.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:56 Youíd be there with me anyways, right? *smiles a little*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 06:57 I really don't do those sorts of things anymore.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 06:59 But canít you? Just this once?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 07:03 ...No.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:05 *sighs* Fine.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:05 *doesnít give up, though* *eventually coaxes Rocco to take her to one of his old haunts* *he agrees on one condition: that they stay for an hour or less*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:06 *that weekend, Rocco drives them out a little closer to the city* *quickly realizes that he wasnít lying when he said it was dangerous*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:08 *a lot of the people in attendance are older, and probably arenít engaging in very legal activities* *is pretty nervous* *clings onto Rocco for most of their time there as sort of a defense mechanism*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:08 *despite everything, she does get friendly with some of Roccoís female friends*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 07:09 *has also convinced her to wear stuff to conceal her face partially, e.g. hoodies and whatnot*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 07:09 *and yes, a lot of illegal stuff is going on**a lot of the people know him**he would be much warmer with them if it wasn't for Sam's presence making him worried*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:10 *at one point, two guys pull out switchblades, and a fight breaks out* *chaos ensues* *her heart is racing - runs to the front door of the house with Rocco, but she canít pull her eyes away from the fight* *the danger of the situation is undeniably
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:10 thrilling*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 07:10 [He partially lied when he said he "used to when I was younger." It's true that he went to bad parties when he was younger, but he has continued going to them at this age.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 07:11 *normally he would be part of the fight, but to his chagrin he has to take care of Sam*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:12 *leaves a bit shaken yet exhilarated* *another thing Rocco was right about was that her party would have nothing on the one she was just at* *doesnít find much inspiration, but she does have a better idea of how to plan things*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Sep.29 07:13 (I have to go now. See you soon! In the meantime, good luck with any projects that come your way this week!)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Sep.29 07:15 [Alright, see you! Good luck with your projects and exams and whatnot! :)]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.4 04:48 *didn't like taking her to these places, though he did find it thrilling too*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 04:54 (Hey, sorry Iím late! I might not be able to stay online for long.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.4 04:55 [Hey! It's fine, I'm late too. I need to brb, however.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:00 (Alright.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:11 *returns to school feeling pretty inspired* *spends most of her day thinking about that party Rocco took her to* *canít wait to go to another one- if Rocco allows, of course*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.4 05:11 [Back!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.4 05:17 *has noticed how Sam seems rather preoccupied*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:18 (Welcome back!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:22 *is questioned by Christina* *laughs it off* Seriously, everything is fine. Class is pretty boring sometimes, but Iím really okay.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:26 *it is nearing the end of school, and the three of them have arranged a meeting with Midas and Josh* We should probably meet Alexa and Eleanor now.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:28 *they head over to the back of the bleachers* *up ahead, lacrosse practice has just started*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.4 05:29 *is standing around with her arms crossed* Hey. How was everyoneís day?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:30 Swell.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:31 *nods in acknowledgement* I told Midas. They should be here any minute.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.4 05:33 [Sorry, had to do something else AGAIN and forgot to say brb. XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:33 *not long later, he and Midas are striding through a back door* *is trailing behind Midas a bit*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:34 (Not a problem!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:34 *winks at Alexa* Eyyyyy!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:36 *smirks* Heyyy! *goes up to Midas and gives him a kiss on the cheek*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:36 *says awkwardly* Welcome, friends... to our small gathering...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:37 *smiles and greets the others, but he has this vague look of not wanting to be there on his face*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.4 05:39 *is focused on the lacrosse practice up ahead* *murmurs* Whoa. Heís got more game than brain...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:40 *kisses her right back*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:40 So what's the plan here?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:40 Who, Trey Webster? Eleanor: Yup.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:41 Wait, why are you guys always hating on Trey? *laughs a little, but he looks confused*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.4 05:44 I was simply complimenting his skill. You shouldíve seen that goal- Sam: Okay, letís get to business here.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:46 Alright, so what we didnít tell you guys is that this party is a senior prank - or a series of them, anyways. We need some help coming up with ideas.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:46 Alrighty, so what does "business" entail?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:46 *looks mildly more interested*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:47 *said that before Alexa started explaining*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:47 Toilet paper.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.4 05:48 *glances at Midas* You love this stuff, so I expect you to have an idea or two up your sleeve.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:49 *nods a little* Alright, toilet paper. We can do a lot with that.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 05:50 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:50 [Aw, bye!] Or...fake toilet paper.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.4 05:50 We could go to Spencer's and get a bunch of those unbreakable rolls.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.5 02:44 [I will be late tonight (e.g. I won't come on until past 8:45 PM MT). I'm going to watch a movie with my family.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.5 02:44 *10:45 PM ET
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 05:17 (Ok. I might have to leave a little early tonight; Iím pretty exhausted.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 05:18 Okay. But what exactly would we be doing with them?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.5 05:19 [Alright, that's fine. This week has been very tiring for me as well.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 05:28 (Hi, by the way! I didnít realize that you were online.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.5 05:29 [Hey! It's fine; I'm multitasking.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 05:41 *quirks his eyebrows* What do you think?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 05:41 I myself was thinking of using some of those high-intensity strobe lights. And we mustnít forget the loud music.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 05:42 My brother has some speakers.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 05:43 *at Midas* Your mind is incredibly hard to read at times, so I have no idea. *Alexa giggles*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 05:44 We have some old speakers too in the garage. Not sure if they still work.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 05:44 Well...you take all the normal toitie paper out 'cause it's useless. Then you put the unbreakable toitie paper in.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 05:45 Ta daaaa.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.5 05:45 What if we're on a budget? Midas:...Zip ties.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 05:47 So youíre essentially going to deprive everyone of toilet paper?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 05:53 Well, if we go the unbreakable toilet paper route then we could perform the ol' switcheroo in the middle of the party.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 05:53 It'd have to be a carefully coordinated effort to make sure no one notices.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 05:54 Zip ties would be less practical, but more cost-effective.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 05:57 *is laughing* Thatís actually brilliant. Weíll need to bring on the refreshments.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 05:58 I can take care of that.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.5 06:00 Since weíll need this party-prank thing to go out with a bang, I got this idea.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.5 06:02 At the end of the night - maybe 11:30 or so - Iíll scream to the entire party that my parents are home. *is smirking as she reveals the idea* At 11:15, a few of us will need to get everyone upstairs for some really bad karaoke.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:03 *snorts* Are we gonna put anyone on the spot? Alexa: Of course. Sam: Alright. By the way, Iím bringing board games.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.5 06:04 *looks incredulous* Board games?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:05 Yeah, something really embarrassing, like Twister. Believe me, people are willing to do a lot when theyíre having fun.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.5 06:07 For this to work, two of you are actually going to have to act as my parents. Iím parking my dadís car at the end of the street; itíll be your job to drive it into the driveway for maximum effect.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:07 *is giggling* This is gonna be great.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:08 Any other ideas?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.5 06:13 *mutters* We could always serve up some pizza shakes.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:14 *there is some laughter* *goes along with it, but glances at Josh out of the corner of her eye* *had dismissed him as being ďone of themĒ, but maybe heís not all that different* *feels slightly more comfortable having him on their ďcommitteeĒ*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:15 How are our guest numbers looking?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.5 06:15 Trey seems to have spread the word. I asked Theo today, and he seemed interested.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:16 *grimaces a little* Awesome. Midas? You ready to do some shopping tomorrow?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.5 06:16 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 06:32 [Aw, bye! I'm so sorry about disappearing; I got caught up in something else.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 06:43 Mmm hmm!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.5 06:43 I also volunteer to be the dad!
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 04:41 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I'm at a hotel.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 04:49 (Hey! Thatís okay. I was watching a movie myself.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 04:49 Thanks! Youíre the best. *hugs Midas*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.6 04:50 *raises her hand* I volunteer to be mom, I guess.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 04:52 *hugs her back, then turns to Eleanor* Hmmm...I dunno...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 04:52 [brb, I'm going out with my dad for dessert. ^.^]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.6 04:52 Great. Looks like weíve almost got everything settled. So... see you guys tomorrow for our shopping trip?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.6 04:53 (Alright! Have fun!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.6 04:54 What? I can just wear a hat or something.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 04:56 If anyone notices, donít worry; the windows are tinted. Also, yeah. Letís meet up after school tomorrow.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 05:17 [I'm back and I have a sugar rush! :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 05:18 [I got a chocolate milkshake at the Executive Surf Club. That's a restaurant in Corpus Christi, and a really good one at that. My parents insisted on coming to Corpus Christi today for Surftoberfest.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 05:27 (That sounds awesome! Howís it been?)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 05:27 (Sorry for the slow reply. I got caught up in looking at something.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 05:40 [It's fine! I got distracted too.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 05:40 [I've been doing very well! I think the sugar is wearing off, though... XD XP]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 05:42 (Haha, yeah... I can relate. I had more sugar than I shouldíve had today.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 05:44 *the next afternoon, she, Samantha, and Christina meet up with Midas at his van in the parking lot* *Eleanor couldnít make it due to some sort of practice, and Josh had too much homework*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.6 05:44 *claims shotgun* So, where are we going? Home Depot?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 05:45 Actually, Midas has to pick up his brother from school.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 05:56 [How are things at university?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 06:00 (This week was kind of a disappointing week. I auditioned for one of the athletic bands, and didnít get in. Iíd been practicing for months, so it was really a blow.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.6 06:00 Indeed. *gestures towards the van* Hop in. But DON'T...touch anything. *gets in the driver's seat*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:01 *pauses, then turns to Alexa for an explanation regarding Midas' behavior*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:01 [Dang...sorry to hear that. :/]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 06:01 (The annoying thing about it was that some guys who had been in the band previously felt the need to sit right outside the audition room and criticize everyone who went in.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.6 06:02 *shrugs a little*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:12 [Sorry for disappearing. My hotel Internet decided to stop working. -____-]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.6 06:12 *Midas drives to the middle school* *they pull through the pick up lane, and itís a sight to behold* *sees a girl stick her finger into her mouth and tug at a braces rubber band* *some boys flip a Gatorade bottle uproariously* *in front of them, a loaded
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.6 06:13 school bus pulls out a bit precariously* *mutters* Iím glad those years are behind me.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.6 06:13 (Thatís okay!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:29 [*internal screaming because my Internet decided to stop working AGAIN*]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:30 [*internal screaming because my Internet decided to stop working AGAIN*]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:30 [*also my browser crashed*]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:35 [My browser crashed a second time?! WTH?!!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.6 06:42 (Oh my gosh, I feel your pain, and Iím really sorry that you have to go through it. Slow Internet s u c k s. Unfortunately, I have to go, but Iíll see you soon!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.6 06:46 [Crap...see you!]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.6 06:47 *is soon seen walking by**either he doesn't notice the van or he pretends he doesn't (most likely the latter)*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:12 [Hey, I'm on! Do you have time to do a voice call?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 04:46 (Hey, sorry Iím late! I wonít be able to tonight, unfortunately. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday?)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:47 [Hey! Alright, that's fine. BTW, I heard Hangouts is actually going to be discontinued soon, so my other friends on there have been switching to Discord.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:48 [When Hangouts is discontinued, perhaps we could do voice calls using Discord?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 04:50 (Yeah! I actually have Discord, though I have yet to figure out the voice calls.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:54 [Ah, okay!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:54 [How has your week been, BTW?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 04:55 (Itís been alright, but a tad weird since itís getting colder and stuff. You?)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:58 [Crap is hitting the fan because every class I have has suddenly decided to throw multiple big assignments and an exam at me.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:59 [I'm doing my best to keep up.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 04:59 [Temperatures also haven't changed. It's still mostly in the 90s here.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:02 (Well, thatís cause for some big-time stress. Thatís kind of whatís happening to me, too. Iím trying to get some things done in advance on top of that because I have an orchestra concert coming up.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:04 [Ah, cool! May I have a refresher on what your instruments are? I sometimes get them confused with Paige's.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:04 [Also yeah, I basically am trying to work ahead all the time because otherwise I will fall behind.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:11 (Yeah. I honestly donít understand people who wait to do their homework the night before itís due. I couldnít deal with that stress.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:11 (Yeah! I play the violin and saxophone; Paige just plays the flute.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:13 [Yeah, I just can't stand turning in homework right before it's due either. I have a type A personality; I stress over homework that's due WEEKS in advance.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:13 [Ah, okay. I remembered Paige played the flute, but I forgot whether one or both of you played the violin.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:13 [How is Paige?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:14 (Me too! Especially papers.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:16 (Paige is doing well. She has a different major than mine, and there are a lot of know-it-alls in it. Since her major is actually part of a certain college, it can be cliquey, and we donít live in the dorm where itís at.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:17 (It was pretty hard for her for a while, but I think sheís getting used to it. She has a job at the library too, so thatís good.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:24 [Ah, okay. What's her major?]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:24 [And yeah, I've been stressing over papers all the time because that's what all of my classes except the Java one have been throwing at me all semester. It's been driving me insane.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:25 [I also have two group projects in two classes that I'm quite worried about. I honestly might've rather worked alone on both; I trust myself more with these sorts of assignments.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:25 [Oh, and what's your major?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:26 (Sheís doing international relations.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:27 (My major is kinesiology (science of human movement), an fortunately, the amount of papers are kept to a minimum.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:27 (Whatís yours?)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:28 [Ah. ^.^ I was a math tutor for a while and I tutored someone with a kinesiology major at one point.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:28 [Mine is computer science.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:28 (Yeah, it can be a pain to meet up with group members, dole out who takes care of what, etc. Iím sorry that you have to do two, but hopefully theyíll be over with soon.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:31 (Cool! Iíve heard that computer science can be pretty tough!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:34 [I have a knack for math and programming, so really it hasn't been all that hard so far. My Java class is actually the easiest of the classes I'm taking this semester.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:35 [It's nice to finally find other people whose majors are something different. XD XP Almost every student I meet here is either in nursing or psychology. I know kinesiology is a health science too, but it's still different from just standard nursing.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:36 (Ah. In that case, Iím sorry you got stuck with so many tedious classes.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:37 [The nursing program here is booming. I tutored plenty of people in it, and sometimes it scared me. For instance, one presented me math problems involving determining dosage. I haven't taken a nursing class in all my life, but all I had to do was look up
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:37 what equation was needed in her textbook. I explained that all she needed to do was plug the values into their respective places in the equation, and she couldn't even do that--she kept putting them in all the wrong places.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:38 [That's the sort of thing that could get a patient killed. I was horrified, though I didn't show it.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:39 (Thatís interesting. A lot of people here are into business and marketing. But yeah, kinesiology is a little more specific and less rigorous than nursing, I think. I only have to take one math class (which Iím currently struggling with), whereas nursing
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:39 students probably have to take a few calculus classes.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:41 (Yeah, I definitely wouldnít want someoneís life in my hands like that. Plus, nursing is brutal in some ways. Usually they work 12-hour shifts for relatively low pay, and Iíve heard horror stories (like patients throwing literal crap at them).)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:42 [Oh gosh. XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:43 [There's a shortage of nurses, at least down here, and their salaries seem to be alright. I think that's why there's so many people in the nursing program here.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:43 (As for psychology... I canít really imagine a major in that. Iím taking two totally different psychology classes, and they overlap a lot. Plus, I find that psychology is comprised of a lot of unnecessary definitions.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:43 [Still, medical errors are now a leading cause of death alongside heart disease and whatnot. I try not to go to the hospital very often.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:44 [Oh yeah, I recall my psychology class forced me to memorize a butt-ton of terms. I was especially forced to memorize areas of the brain and what they do.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:44 (That could be. I think it is a growing field.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:44 [Despite that, psychology is one of my favorite non-STEM classes that I've taken. I've found that some of the things I learned have some practical use.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:48 (Yeah, thereís a lot of that. Today, I was reading about interpersonal communication; it was interesting, but got extremely specific about the process of conversation.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:48 [Anywho, RPing? ^.^]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:50 (Studying people and their ways is pretty fascinating. But Iím really going to have to do something about the 3 psych classes Iím taking next semester. Itís just too much.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:50 (Sure!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:51 [Oh yeah, I'm taking a communication class this semester.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.11 05:51 [The class is fun and my group members aren't that bad, but the teacher is a grammar Nazi. XP]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:51 *notices Red easily, since he looks like middle school Midas* *rolls down the window and yells* Hey! Midasí brother! *waves at him* *is clearly doing this on purpose*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 05:52 (Oh man... those are the worst.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 05:54 *some kids around Red look from him to the van and laugh* Sam, stop! *is kind of laughing herself*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 05:55 Sam: Huh? *a smirk is playing on her lips* Alexa: Youíre embarrassing him!
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 05:56 *blushes and tries to pretend they don't exist*
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 05:56 *it's too late, however**some kids tease him to his face**mutters* Go away!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 05:58 *opens the backseat door, inadvertently making things worse*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 05:58 Hey Red!
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 05:59 *sighs and finally stops**glares at them* What?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:01 Weíre here to pick you up! *some middle schoolers are probably still watching*
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 06:03 *shrugs his shoulders* Pick me up for what?
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 06:04 I don't have anything to do...except go home.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:04 From school!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 06:05 *turns around* Think you could help us with one small favor? I think youíd be really good at it.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 06:05 *shrugs* Fiiine... *trudges over to the van*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 06:07 *Midas guns it to the nearest Home Depot, or a something similar* *gives Red a lowdown* So, weíre trying to prank some of our classmates - good-naturedly, of course.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 06:10 *seems markedly more interested since she mentioned the word "prank"*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 06:10 We need to find some good pranks, and your brother here made the fantastic suggestion of unbreakable toilet paper. We need your help finding some.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.11 06:10 *looks at Home Depot in disgust* Why are we here? Home Depot is boring.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:11 *cough* Spencer's *cough*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:11 [I got a roll of unbreakable toilet paper BTW. I bought it at Spencer's (we have one at our mall).]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:11 Well... any and all suggestions are appreciated. *chuckles* Maybe we should go somewhere else?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:12 [It was kind of pricey, though, for just one roll.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:12 (Haha, okay. Weíll redirect the characters.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:12 [I briefly looked up a similar product on Amazon and it was 5 dollars. XP]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:13 (Really? Wow.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:13 [I doubt they have the budget for getting a lot of those, so a cheap alternative is to put zip ties on every roll (I learned of that prank from Caprial; we utilized it in our RP).]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:13 (A bit ridiculous, if you ask me.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:13 We're here for zip ties.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:13 [Indeed.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:14 (Alright. Maybe they will have to make a quick stop in Home Depot, then.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.11 06:15 *they manage to drag a reluctant Red inside* *gets sidetracked by reading paint labels for a bit*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:17 *has been looking around with Midas* (BLEEP), these things are really hard to find!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.11 06:17 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:19 [Aw, bye!] Hmm...yes...but the Don shall prevail!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.11 06:19 Don't you worry! *within a few minutes, he finds them**grabs them and lifts them up before Alexa* AHA!
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.12 04:36 [I'm here!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.12 05:08 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.12 05:13 [Hey! Sorry I'm late.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.12 05:13 [WT* brain...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.12 05:14 [I meant to say "Hey, it's fine" but I'm in a call so I'm scatterbrained...I guess I decided to type what I read instead.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.12 05:14 [Freaking brain... >___< ]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.12 05:17 (Hahaha, thatís fine.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 05:18 The Don indeed prevailed!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.12 05:21 *jumps up and down a little* Yay! *they head to the checkout*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 05:23 *they buy the zip ties* *says while striding into the parking lot* So, have we fully satisfied our shopping list? Or are there more items that we need?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 05:24 Hmm...still couldn't hurt to browse Spencer's, though that's not exactly a place for kiddies.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 05:26 Could give us some more prank ideas. The stuff they have there is wunderbar!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 05:27 [I avoid the more "adult" part of Spencer's BTW. I just like looking at the T-shirts and prank stuff they have there.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 05:31 (Yeah, same. Iíve been in there a few times. Some of the stuff is pretty interesting to say the least, haha.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 05:31 I love that store. Letís do it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 05:32 *Midas navigates them toward the mall* *asks out of the blue* Why do you say ďwunderbarĒ? Itís kind of funny.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 06:03 [Oh crap, I'm so sorry!!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 06:04 [I'm in an argument of sorts with someone...got really sidetracked...]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 06:22 (Thatís alright!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 06:29 'Cause I like it better than "wonderful" sometimes. It has more of a...poetic quality.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 06:35 *nods* Poetic quality. Nice.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 06:38 *they get to the store* *is distracted by the band t-shirts* I could use some more of these...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.12 06:46 *sees that Sam is interested in other things* *goes with Midas and Red to check out some more prank ideas*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.12 06:47 This is a pretty novice idea, but I think we should hide whoopie cushions under the couch cushions.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 06:54 *some of the T-shirts advertise Satanic kits for kids*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 06:55 [Spencer's actually has a lot of these BTW--at least my local one does. They're hilarious.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 06:57 [E.g. this: https://images.app.goo.gl/tXJraE8zEFzRVNHBA ]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 06:57 (Haha, I donít think Iíve seen those before. In any case...) *holds up one of those shirts to Red* How about this shirt?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 06:59 [And this: https://images.app.goo.gl/4sFZhm6qY2StLijM8 ]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.12 07:05 *snorts* Weird...
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.12 07:06 [I'm so sorry about disappearing for so long BTW. XP It was just super rude of me...]
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Oct.12 07:06 [I shouldn't have gotten that sidetracked so much by that argument...]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 07:07 *hangs the shirt back up on a random hook* *says to Alexa* People will notice.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.12 07:07 (No, itís alright! I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 07:10 I've already got a whole bunch of those...those shirts are [BLEEP]in' expensive.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.12 07:10 *@ Alexa* And indeed, whoopie cushions are just what we need.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.13 04:38 [I'm on! Are you able to do a call tonight?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.13 04:38 *]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 04:52 (Hi! Yeah, I might be able to for a little bit.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 04:53 (Will it be on Hangouts?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.13 04:58 [Hey! Yep.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 05:03 (Okay!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 05:32 *sounds vaguely irritated* People will find them under the cushions.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 05:34 Not if we're discreet enough. I say we go for it. It'll be funny.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 05:35 Okay, fine. *holds up the t-shirt* And this will be my outfit of choice for that night.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 05:41 You got $30 on ya?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 05:45 Yeah. *kind of smirks while striding up to the cash register*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 05:49 *looks at the shirts with a grimace* Well, that's definitely going to make a great impression.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 05:54 I'll make sure to wear my "Mommy, Can We Keep Him?" shirt on the night of the party!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 05:54 *gives Midas a nod* Sweet.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 05:58 *gets the shirt and the whoopie cushions* *smiles at the others when she's done* I'm ready to go when you are.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 06:10 *grabs some fake poop as well* Can't leave without this. *slaps it on the counter*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:11 Uh, we're gonna need a few of those to scatter around the house. *picks up like five more*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:13 Oh, and a fake vomit.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 06:14 *mutters* What are you guys doing to my house...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:15 *Midas pays, and she donates a bit for all the fake poops/vomit she added* *says to Alexa on the way out* Don't worry. I promise we'll help you clean up after.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 06:22 I volunteer as tribute for being on fake poop cleanup duty! Real poop cleanup duty...not so much.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 06:22 That's barely a help, you know.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:23 Alexa... calm down. *grins and turns to Midas* I can't wait to rock these shirts together.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 06:26 Indeed!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 06:26 Alexa, Josh, why don't you get some of those shirts so we can all match?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 06:28 *Alexa, why
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 06:28 *mumbles* No thanks.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 06:33 You guys do realize that my parents will be home Sunday morning? It feels like that you're taking the liberty to trash my house because I gave you permission.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:36 Alexa, honey, that's not what we're doing. *gives her a one-armed squeeze* The damage will be minimal. We could be doing much worse. And like I said, we'll help you clean up. I'd never just leave your house like that. I wouldn't even use your house; it
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:36 just so happened to be available.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 06:40 *says reluctantly* Alright.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:40 Okay, good.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:45 *the week drags on until finally, it's Thursday* *is anxious about the party, and she couldn't resist going back to some of the parties held by Rocco's friends* *there, she was able to get advice from a few of his friends - as well as another addition to
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:45 the prank arsenal* *decides not to tell her friends about this one, even though she struggles to contain it*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:47 *is discussing last-minute arrangements with everyone by the field* Midas, you still have the zip ties? And toilet paper?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.13 06:48 I'm gonna get to work on my diarrhea-inducing brownies and cupcakes. I can also bring some drinks.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 06:49 *says quickly* I'll bring the drinks.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 06:54 *is pretty quiet about everything* *thinks some of the ideas are hilarious, but at the same time, he has some friends who have no idea what they're in for*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 06:57 Indeed I do!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 06:58 *@ Eleanor* Nah, you're wasting your time. Just go order some Taco Bell, it'll do the same job.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.13 06:58 Oh?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.13 06:59 Well... why not double the trouble? After eating their Taco Bell, everyone's gonna develop a sweet tooth. We need some balance.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.13 07:00 *laughs* Yeah. Just get a few Taco Twelve Packs.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.13 07:00 *snorts a little* Not a bad idea, Midas. The desired effect will be met almost immediately.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.13 07:12 Alrighty! So who's on Taco Bell duty?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.13 07:12 I volunteer as tribute.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.14 03:15 *laughs* Alright Christina!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.14 03:15 *is also laughing* This is gonna be great. *points at Midas* Donít forget that shirt.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.14 03:16 Alright, I gotta run now. See yíall later! *heads off toward the park to see Rocco* *has some things she wants to talk about*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.14 03:17 (I know you mentioned that at the end of this RP, Christina and Sam would get into a fight. Something serious is going to happen later that might cause that, but I also think Christina would be wary of Samís flighty behavior.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.16 20:32 (Oh my god, so when I was walking to class this morning, I saw someone wearing the "Sell your soul" t-shirt. It was friggin' hilarious. Just thought I'd let you know, haha.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 04:13 [Oh my GOD XD]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 04:13 [Thanks for telling me. XD Also, regarding Christina and Sam: got it.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:23 (No problem, haha. Also, hi!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 04:24 [Hey! :D How's school been?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:28 (Itís been good! I donít think the amount of homework/studying is going to slow anytime soon, though.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:28 (What about you?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 04:31 [Eh, one of my groups made a decision that basically means I'll wind up doing 90% of the rest of the work for our research paper.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 04:31 [The other group luckily seems to be splitting the work between us much more evenly.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:33 (Iím sorry, thatís completely unfair. Some people in college can be surprisingly lazy. Makes you wonder why theyíre there at all.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 04:38 [I think I honestly would've preferred the group project to be a solo assignment. I've taken it upon myself to fix all their mistakes, and it's going to be a lot of work.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 04:44 *is waiting at the swings, as usual*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:44 (Iím sorry that this all fell on you. Your other group members really should be helping. Thatís the purpose of a group project, and it helps when everyone contributes a little bit.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:47 *simply smiles at Rocco instead of saying hi* *sits down and rocks back and forth* Well, only two days left.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:47 *says after some quiet thought* I hope I can get my point across.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 04:49 [Everyone has contributed in one way or another, but a whole bunch of them are basically like "I'm done with this crap" now. XP]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 04:49 [Soooo eff me I guess.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 04:49 [Thanks for the support, though. ^.^]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 04:50 I hope so too.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 04:50 Then maybe we can get the [BLEEP] outta here...ya know, on a high note, or whatever the term is.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:52 *nods* Yeah. Iím so tired of it, but... I guess I want to go out with a bang. I want to be remembered for something other than... what happened.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:53 (Yeah, no problem!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:53 *chuckles a little* I donít know if you want to, but maybe you could show up for a few minutes. It would be nice.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 04:54 *meanwhile...* *Eleanor and Christina are walking back from the field* *suddenly appears* *says awkwardly* Hi, ladies...
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 04:56 *realizes that sounded pretty creepy* *coughs and attempts a more chill demeanor* I mean, heya... ladies.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 04:56 Maybe I could.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 04:56 *is busy talking with Eleanor**just gives Luke a curt nod and keeps talking to Eleanor*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 04:58 *has one or two advanced classes with Luke, so she knows him* *smiles, but sounds strained* Hey Luke.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 04:59 *sighs* I know itís lame high school (BLEEP), but you helped me through it, and you realized what it really was. *pauses* And I just wanna see you.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 05:00 *drags her shoes through the woodchips, looking down at them* *mumbles* I mean, I really like you. In case that isnít obvious.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 05:06 *slowly gets up and walks over to her**puts his hand on the chain of the swing she's sitting on, bending over her* What makes you think it isn't obvious?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 05:09 *looks up at him* I dunno. Iíve kind of been a (BLEEP) lately.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 05:10 [BLEEP] or no [BLEEP], I would say it isn't too hard to figure out.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 05:11 *smiles a tiny bit* [BTW, he doesn't smile very often.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 05:12 *canít help but grin* *is truly touched by that smile*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 05:13 *stands up on her tip-toes (sheís probably a little shorter than Rocco) and kisses him*
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 05:14 *sees that Eleanor and Christina have no intention of waiting for him* Hey, wait! *the two stop* So... I heard you were having a party...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:15 Samantha, actually. We just helped.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.18 05:16 *puts his arms around her and kisses her back*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 05:16 Mmm hmm.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 05:17 Cool, cool. *looks at his shoes, then sneaks a peek at Christina* So... is anyone invited?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:18 *smiles apologetically* Seniors only. Iím really sorry.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 05:19 *pretends to be surprised, but he pretty much knows that* *just wanted to ask to see how Eleanor and Christina would receive him* Oh. Dang.
10>Luke (Loner), 16yo.2019,Oct.18 05:20 Well, have fun. *does this weird hand motion in an attempt to be funny* See ya later... gators.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:21 *waves* *says in a weirded-out way when heís out of range* In a while, crocodile...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:22 *they continue walking* Word must be spreading if Luke knows. Sam will be thrilled.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:22 You looking forward to it?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 05:33 [Sorry for disappearing. I was eating a caramel apple and couldn't type much.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 05:34 [I also had a minute of panic when I discovered I accidentally got a bit of caramel on my mouse. I wiped it off the best I could.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 05:36 Kind of...I'm also kind of worried, though.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:38 (Haha, thatís okay. )
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:39 Yeah. Iím just worried about being around all those people. *laughs a little* And I donít want Sam to take things too far. I donít think she will, but you never know with her.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.18 05:40 *sighs* As always, weíll see what happens.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 05:41 -SATURDAY EVENING...-
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 05:42 *is in her living room with Midas and a vacuum cleaner, freaking out* *heís been helping her clean, hide valuables, and secure the zip ties all afternoon* *is worried that it wasnít enough*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 05:45 *arrives per Midasí request* *is promptly greeted by him... and that shirt* *stares at it with an amused but confused look* ....Nice shirt.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 05:50 [Sorry for disappearing again. I got caught up drawing. Also my dad gave me something topped with mustard that was spicy and didn't warn me it would be that hot. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.18 05:51 Thank you! ^.^
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.18 05:52 Alright...SO...about two thirds through the party, my calculations predict that the maximum number of partiers shall be in dire need of the lavatory.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.18 05:52 Ergo we shall need to swap out the normal toilet paper rolls with the zip-tied ones then.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.18 05:53 Capisce?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 05:53 (Thatís not a problem. Sorry to hear about the shockingly spicy snack, haha.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 05:54 I always knew you were a savage, Midas.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 05:55 Yeah. I just donít want anyone wiping their patooties on my shower curtains or towels.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 05:57 Guys, Iím kinda freaking now. Iím seriously worried that my house will look nothing like this when the night is over.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 06:00 *is laughing a little* Your house won't get trashed. The worst thatíll happen is someone spills something on the couch. *Alexaís eyes widen* If you need us to stay on janitorial duty until 2 am, weíd be more than happy to. Right, Midas? *slaps him on the
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.18 06:00 back*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.18 06:07 Right, yeah!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 06:07 *bursts through the back door* Hey everyone!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.18 06:07 *slaps him back on the back*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 06:07 *is wearing the shirt, of course* *shares a smirk with Midas* Love the shirt, Midas.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 06:08 So, have the zip ties been secured? Have the refreshments been set out? Has the fake poop and vomit been meticulously placed?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 06:10 By the way, I know how much you hate intruders, Alexa. So I brought these, courtesy of my brother. *holds up two potato guns* If you see someone walking into a room they shouldnít be, I give you permission to use these.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 06:10 And that goes for everyone. *places them - along with a complimentary potato - behind a couch*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.18 06:12 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.18 06:15 [Aw, bye!] *smiles evilly* Let the insanity begin.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 06:16 *notices the potato* Ooo...is a lucky potato?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 06:16 *...a
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.18 06:16 [Not sure what my brain did there. XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 04:30 [I'm on!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 04:44 (Hi! Sorry Iím late!)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 04:46 (Haha, Christinaís comment was hilarious. Midasí might as well be the quote of the night.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 04:47 *smirks at Midas* You bet.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 04:47 *clears her throat*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 04:50 [Hey! It's fine. My replies will be slow because I'm drawing and on multiple RPs.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 04:50 [I don't know why Christina is suddenly so funny in this arc, especially after what happened with her sister. Maybe she's fighting her sadness with snark.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 04:51 *turns to Alexa* Hmm?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 04:57 (I know. Sheís really on a roll right now. It is pretty interesting.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 04:58 *before anyone can respond, she comes through the back door* *is struggling to carry a few trays of baked goods*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 05:02 *quickly goes to help Eleanor*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 05:03 Hey Eleanor! *rushes over to help her* *puts the trays on the counter* Weíre just getting everything ready. Why donít you help lay out the fake poop and vomit? Iíll set up the refreshments.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:04 Sounds fun. *strides into the living room with Christina*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:12 Ah, welcome, young Padawan!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:12 I shall teach you the ways of proper fake poop and vomit distribution. Come, come.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:20 Alright. *follows Midas* *sees the potato and two guns lying behind the couch* What are those for?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:24 Self-defense.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:25 *Eleanor looks confused* Basically, if you see anyone entering a room they shouldnít be, you can shoot them - discreetly, of course.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:25 Which means shoot them where the sun doesn't shine.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 05:26 *was taking a sip of water**coughs*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:27 Sam: *calls from the kitchen* Precisely. Eleanor: Cool. I canít wait to take Trey out with bits of potato.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:28 *looks amused* Seriously, I donít know why you guys hate Trey so much.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:29 Seriously, I donít know why you LIKE Trey so much. *takes out a whoopee cushion*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 05:32 We don't hate him, we sort of just...see him like that annoying little dog across the street, ya know?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 05:33 He barks a lot and has about the same level of intelligence.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 05:33 [Good god...Christina IS on a roll right now.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 05:33 *is putting out Eleanorís brownies and cupcakes* Well, if these arenít greasy as h**l... Eleanor: Special edition recipe! Sam: Oh, right. *pulls out some plastic cups and fills them with ice* *pours some Sprite into them next*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 05:36 (Yes she is, hahaha.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 05:37 Excellent analogy, Christina. *remembers the wisdom Roccoís friends gave her* *slips a vial out of her pocket* *looks at it for a while, then hastily adds it to a few of the cups*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:38 Okay, but at least heís a good guy. *is still grinning*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:39 Ah yes, the diarrhea brownies...they come out in the same exact state they go in!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:40 Mind if I pocket a few?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:41 I wouldnít say that asking to date a teacher, stealing peopleís lunches, and terrorizing the entire first grade class with the threat of wedgies is ďgoodĒ. *walks into the kitchen, clutching a fake vomit*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:42 *laughs a little* At your own risk. *stuffs a few whoopee cushions behind the couch cushions*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 05:43 *sees Alexa coming in and jumps* *luckily, she seems pretty oblivious to that* Hey. Whatcha doing?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 05:44 *is really hoping that Alexa doesnít grab a Sprite* *isnít prepared for the effects to kick in just yet*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:47 *puts the vomit in semi-clear view of the food* Hopefully people will see this... *steps back to survey her work* Oh, I forgot. *sticks her head into the fridge and pulls out a few cases of pop*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:47 Don't worry, they're not for me. *swipes a few brownies*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 05:48 *is dismayed when Alexa puts out a variety of options, but relieved at the same time*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:50 The guests should be arriving soon. *goes into the living room and puts a game of Twister on the coffee table* *at that same moment, Josh turns on some truly horrible music*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 05:54 *looks up* Oh my god... this crap?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:55 Itís pretty cringe, but thatís the point.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 05:59 *covers his ears* God [BLEEP]...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 05:59 *laughs at Midas* Iím so sorry, man. I owe you for this.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:01 *not long later, the guests begin streaming in, starting with Trey, his friends, and some girls* Girl 1: It smells like brownies in here! Girl 2: Oh my god, FOODDDD!!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:03 *mutters* Here we go.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:05 Trey: *his burly figure emerges from the gaggle of guests* ĎEYYY!! *sees Josh* Hey bro! Whatíre you doing here? *gives him a bro hug*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:06 Trey: *doesnít even wait for Joshís answer before turning toward Midas* Big M, my buddy! Whatís up? *slaps him on the shoulder*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:08 *is standing in a corner with Christina, Alexa, and Eleanor, as per usual* *slowly turns to Alexa* ....ĒBig MĒ?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:09 *looks incredulous* *shrugs just as slowly*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 06:16 *grins coolly* The ceiling.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 06:16 *shrugs her shoulders* I have no idea.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 06:23 [Is Red present?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:29 (Probably not, but if you have ideas involving him, Iíd be open to hearing them.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:29 Trey: *just laughs*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:31 Wait, hold on. *goes up to Trey* *gushes* Trey!! Thanks so much for coming! *gives him a full-on embrace* Trey: *has a bewildered smile on his face* Thanks, Sam... *watches her as she goes into the kitchen*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:33 *gives all of the girls hugs* *welcomes any of the guests that arrive* *then returns to Christina, Alexa and Eleanor*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:34 *is practically sniveling with glee when the amount of guests keeps flowing* *that stops when Theo and co. walk in* *they look kind of lost, but go over to the snack table and grab some Sprites* *her stomach does a flip-flop*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 06:36 [Okay. I don't have any ideas regarding him, so he'll just be absent for now.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:39 *while most of the guests are crowded around the refreshments, some are spilling into the living room, dancing to the music* *all of a sudden, the song changes to something ludicrous- the Spanish ABCs song that was likely blasted in middle school Spanish
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:39 class*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:41 *whips around to face Josh* What the h**l?!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:42 *is cracking up near the couch* *wanders into the kitchen to socialize with other people*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 06:44 Oh my god!! *starts laughing*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:45 *smirks* That was actually perfect. *turns up the volume* *at that moment, Trey and some of his friends approach Sam and co.*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 06:45 *has been having a lot of fun and has been entertaining a lot of people with his ludicrous jokes*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:46 Uh oh. *crosses her arms* *watches some other people, who seem to think the Spanish ABC song was hilarious as well*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 06:48 Trey: Sam, right? Sam: *smiles* Yeah. Trey: So... you guys are throwing this? Whatíre your names again? *turns to Christina and the others*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 06:48 *is annoyed* Eleanor.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 06:52 Christina.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:56 Iím Alexa, and this is my house, so...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:57 *some of the guys laugh and start making ďHey AlexaĒ jokes in reference to the Amazon device* *some of the jokes take a totally obscene turn* *is furious* Hey! *comes forward and shoves the guy*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 06:58 Hey, that's not cool!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 06:58 *it doesnít take long for Midas to notice*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:00 Yeah. If youíre going to be that way, you might as well (BLEEP) right off! *some heads are turned*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 07:06 *sidles over* Excusez-moi?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:07 Treyís friend: *simply laughs at Midas* Nothing.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 07:07 Who needs to [BLEEP] off and why?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:08 *the song suddenly switches from a substandard pop tune to either an English madrigal or an opera aria* *this ignites a chorus of protests* *sees someone walk out the door*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:09 *points to the friend* That dude.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:12 Person: *shouts* What the (BLEEP) is this (BLEEP)?! *the protesters start descending upon the living room* Sam: Oh crap! *quickly changes the song to something more acceptable*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:18 *elaborates to Midas* He just made some sick comment about Alexa.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:21 *walks into the living room with his girlfriend* *sees the confrontation at hand* Hey, whatís going on? Sam: *tells him*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 07:22 *deep inhale*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 07:22 *then says loudly* ...All of you are uncultured pigs.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:22 *faces the guy* *says a bit fiercely* Yeah, (BLEEP) off.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 07:22 ALSO...regarding what you said to Alexa... *grabs him by the collar of his shirt* Why don't you say it again now that I'm here?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:23 (I literally laughed out loud at that.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:24 Trey: Hey man. *pushes Midasí hand away* Weíre not here for a beef, alright?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:25 Trey: Címon. *takes his ďboysĒ into the kitchen, probably to ambush the cupcakes*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:26 Bravo, Midas. I feel like they could take more than that, though...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:26 *there is a sudden shriek of ďEWW!!Ē from the kitchen* *she and Alexa share knowing glances*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:28 Yeah. You handled that pretty nicely. *he and his girlfriend take a seat on the couch* *the girlfriend is unfortunate to set one of the whoopee cushions off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:29 *there is a long, awkward between the two of them* Girlfriend: *says quietly* I swear, I didnít... Josh: *after a loaded pause* Uh... okay.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:29 *mutters* He didnít...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.19 07:30 *Sam smirks at him* *is keeping an exceptionally straight face*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.19 07:31 [XD This is the tragic story of why Josh was single by the time Mazy came around.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:33 (Hahaha, pretty much.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.19 07:34 A girl in the kitchen: *screams* Oh my god, Trey, you ate all the cupcakes!!! Eleanor: *is standing around Christina* *chuckles dryly* Go figure...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:34 We must be running out of food... Christina? Ready to buy out Taco Bell?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 07:35 I kind of wish the guy who said those things to Alexa ate all the cupcakes.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.19 07:35 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 07:35 Indeed I am. *is on her phone* I'm ordering it right now online.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 07:35 [Aw, bye!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.19 07:48 *whispers to Sam* You think it's time to deploy the "cursed" toilet paper?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 04:30 *nods* Absolutely. The cupcakes are gone, the brownies are almost gone, and the Taco Bell is on its way. Itís time.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 04:31 *says to Christina* You need a hand with picking up that order? *his girlfriend looks at him* Or maybe a few hands?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 04:33 [*internal screaming because I've been fixing my group members' papers forever now, and they're full of plagiarism and it's driving me insane*]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 04:42 [I wish this was a solo project...it would've been so much less work...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 04:42 [Also hi... >____< ]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 04:43 Indeed I will. *@ Sam* Deploy the Don.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 04:47 (Iím so sorry. Seem like they need to take that plagiarism test so itíll finally register.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 04:47 (And hi!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 04:48 *he and the girlfriend get up and prepare to leave with Christina*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 04:49 Hey Midas? We need to start Operation Toilet Paper.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 04:50 [What the [BLEEP] makes them think they can get away with these things...]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 04:50 Oh [BLEEP] dude.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 04:53 [BTW, when should Rocco arrive?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 04:58 (I know. I really donít understand people sometimes. They teach you how wrong plagiarism is in high school; youíd think theyíd know that in college.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 04:58 (Probably later, near the end of the party.)
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 04:59 What?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:00 [Heck, they teach how wrong plagiarism is in college here too. I just don't understand why they still do it.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:02 *they get into Christinaís car and start off to Taco Bell* *all is silent for a while, until the girlfriend speaks up rather timidly* Girlfriend: Um... whatís going on? Like, you guys were mentioning fake toilet paper, and weíre going to Taco Bell, and
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:02 ...Get it?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:02 Oh "[BLEEP]" dude?...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:02 the Spanish ABC song was playing. *chuckles a little* This has to mean something.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:03 ...Nevermind... *goes over to Eleanor and whispers that the time is right, and then goes to one of the bathrooms*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:04 *laughs* Oh! Right. *watches Midas carry out the task at hand*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:09 *meets Christinaís eyes in the rearview mirror* *is struggling to think of a response* *figures it would be easier to just tell the truth* Alright, so this is basically one big senior prank.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:11 *closes the door because otherwise it'd look weird*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:11 Girlfriend: *stares at Josh* And youíre trying to give everyone diarrhea? Josh: It wasnít my idea. Just go along with it. Girlfriend: *sounds surprisingly calm* Okay.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:12 *swaps out the normal toilet paper for the zip tied toilet paper, making sure to hide the normal toilet paper very, very well*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:12 *one of Treyís friends asks Alexa where the bathroom is* Alexa: Umm... *looks at Sam* Sam: *rushes to the bathroom* *hisses* MIDAS!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:13 Someoneís coming!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:15 Alright, one second! *soon comes out and heads away from the bathroom**whispers to Sam as he passes by her:* You saw nothing.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 05:15 Don't tell anyone, okay?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 05:16 And try not to touch the food. The food choices are all by design.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:21 *nods* *waits around the hallway to listen for the friendís reaction*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:23 Yeah, avoid the food- all of it. Girlfriend: Okay, got it. *chuckles a little*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:24 *they arrive at Taco Bell and pick up the food, which turns out to be quite a haul* *says to Christina when they head back to the car* Seriously, thanks for picking all of this up. It mustíve been a fortune.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:25 Friend: *is heard saying behind the closed door* What the (BLEEP)... whatís up with the toilet paper?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:25 *is also listening* *snickers a bit uncontrollably*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:26 Friend: *sighs* (BLEEP). *there is a really long silence, and the dilemma inside is palpable* *finally, he opens the door, looking distraught*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 05:26 Indeed it was.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:27 *snickers as well, though puts on a straight face when the friend comes out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:34 *a few moments later, they return with the feast* *yells* ĎEy guys, the Taco Bellís here!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:36 *there is a mad dash toward the kitchen*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 05:38 *leans against the wall and watches the chaos with a knowing smirk*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:40 *is also smirking* Let the diarrhea commence.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:45 *later on, the party starts getting pretty wild* *Taco Bell wrappers are scattered all over the floor, as is the food* *some people start dancing pretty suggestively* *walks over to them and sort of butts in* Ahem, make room for Jesus! Who wants to play
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 05:46 Twister? *yells* WHO WANTS TO PLAY TWISTER? *gets the game out anyways* *some people are pretty enthusiastic about this*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 05:47 *immediately joins in*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:49 *has been monitoring the bathroom traffic with Christina and Alexa* *watches unenthusiastically as the Twister game commences* Kind of ready for this to be over already.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:50 Yeah... Iím gonna go grab some air real quick. *goes downstairs*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:52 *discovers Josh and his girlfriend sitting against the wall* Oh, hey guys. Whatíre you doing down here? Girlfriend: Just taking a break. Itís kind of loud up there.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 05:54 *rummages around in the fridge* Want anything? *ends up tossing them two Faygos* *pulls out a bottled water for herself* *stands against the wall and chugs it down*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 05:56 Dude: *storms out of the bathroom* Where the (BLEEP) is the toilet paper?! *nobody acknowledges him because of the Twister game* Um... *stifles a laugh*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:01 Dude: *his savage eyes lock onto Christina and Eleanor* Do you guys know?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 06:07 Not a clue.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 06:08 Probably the sewers.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:09 *shakes her head* Nope.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:11 Dude: Well, whateverís in the bathroom isnít working. Just thought you should know. *disappears into the crowd*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:12 *shortly after that, she sees a girl running into the bathroom like her life depends on it* *laughs quietly*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:13 *is practically on top of everyone else - or vice-versa* *finally, they all collapse on the Twister board* *roars with laughter* Okay, okay... *stands up* I think thatís enough.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 06:14 *whines loudly*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:15 Thanks for joining me, though! *goes over to Eleanor and Christina* So, how are things in the bathroom?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:16 *sees the girl who ran in earlier emerge, looking almost tearful* I think itís been a pretty distressing experience for those who have gone in.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:19 *nods a little* The Taco Bell seems to be working its magic.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:20 Yeah. One minute; Iím going to get something to drink. *disappears into the kitchen*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:21 *she and Christina are left standing in silence* *observes the people around her with a critical, almost loathing stare* *her gaze trails a few people who are trying to break into one of the ďoff limitsĒ rooms*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 06:22 Indeed. I'm surprised word hasn't spread faster about the toilet paper being zip tied, though.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 06:22 *said that before Eleanor left*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:22 *mutters* Look at them. They like to get in trouble - just when they think no one is watching.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:26 *marches forward and picks up one of the potato guns* *swiftly loads it, then fires it* *some of the potato bits nail a guy in the neck* *swivels around the side of the wall before they notice her*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:28 *could really care less if they find her* *however, if she were really that careless, maybe she wouldnít have shot them in the first place* *makes the sick realization that maybe she isnít as blade as she tries to be*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:29 *her phone suddenly buzzes against the wall* Oh. *pulls it out of her back pocket* *itís Rocco, letting her know that heís waiting outside* *drops the gun and runs to the door*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 06:31 *just watches Sam quietly, rather disturbed by her sudden change on demeanor*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:33 *welcomes Rocco inside* Hi!...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:34 *comes out of the kitchen, a Sprite in hand* *is going to rejoin Christina and Sam, but her eyes land on Rocco and Sam* *frowns* .....
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:35 *sidles up next to Christina* Who is that dude? *canít help but realize how rough Rocco looks* *is making her judgements*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 06:35 *smiles a little at her* Hey. *is rather uncomfortable, but tries to hide it*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 06:35 *comes inside coolly and casually*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 06:36 *pulls out a cigarette more out of instinct than conscious thought*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 06:36 *coughs and looks pointedly at Rocco's cigarette*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:39 *??* Who IS that guy? How does Sam know him?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:40 *is fully aware that Christina and Eleanor are nearby, but sheís not ready to introduce them to Rocco* *also doesnít tell him to put away the cigarette*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:41 *finds it awkward to come up with something to say* So... whadaya think? *grins*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 06:44 Not bad. *lights his cigarette*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 06:44 Not bad at all.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 06:45 Not my type of party, but certainly not the worst kind of party of this caliber.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 06:45 No idea.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:49 *sees Rocco lighting the cigarette and freaks out* What the (BLEEP)... Alexaís gonna flip!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:49 *walks up to him and flashes a too-sweet grin* Do you mind taking that outside?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 06:55 What, am I offending you?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 06:57 *casts a glare at Sam* Yeah.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 06:58 *suddenly remembers Alexa* Yeah... you might actually want to take that outside.... this isnít my house. *chuckles*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 07:02 *hesitates, just looking at them, and then goes outside without saying anything*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:06 *before Sam can be interrogated, she, Josh, and his girlfriend return from the basement* *yells* Sam? *Sam turns her head around* *pulls some car keys out of her pocket and throws them into the air* *Sam nods*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:06 Eleanor, Midas? Come here.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:07 *sets her Sprite down and follows Alexa down the hallway*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:10 Alright, Mom and Dad. Itís time to come home. *gives Midas the keys* The car is parked six houses down. Youíll find it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 07:11 Aye aye, captain.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 07:12 Let's go. *starts walking*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:14 Alright. *follows Midas*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:15 *watches out the window* *Sam joins her* Sam: Is the finale about to begin? Alexa: Yeah. *a few minutes pass until the headlights flash on* *watches the car pull forward slowly, then turn into the driveway*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:16 *lets out a sudden, elongated shriek that even causes Sam to jump* *all goes quiet - except for the music* MY PARENTS ARE HOME!!!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:19 *there is a cacophony of running feet and shouted obscenities* *people are literally jumping over each other to get out* *falls to the floor a little dramatically, and no one stops to help* *wails* Iím sooo scr*wed!!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:20 *watches with a smirk* *sees Theo whiz by, looking as determined as ever to get through the front door*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:21 *opens the car door and slams it shut* *says in an authentic imitation of Alexaís mom* What is going on here?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 07:23 *smokes on the front porch, watching everything calmly*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:23 *sees a girl stagger into the bushes nearby, some graphic retching noises following* *her friend tries to drag her away from the house* *laughs a little*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 07:23 *says loudly* What the h**l?!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 07:24 *has gotten out of the car as well*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 07:24 *stares at the girl who's throwing up, his face wrinkled in "disgust"*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:24 *it doesnít take long for the house to clear out* *lets out a long, hearty laugh* That was spectacular. Well done, guys.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:25 *glances at Joshís girlfriend, who is laughing along with everyone else* *is pleasantly surprised*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:27 *quickly covers up her laughs* What are you kids doing here? *some more of them dart down the driveway*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:28 *once sheís sure the last of their classmates have escaped, she gives Midas a high-five* Well done.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:28 *is starting to feel pretty sick herself* *wonders if itís karma getting back at her for laughing at that girl*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 07:30 *lets out a bellowing "GET OFF MY LAWN" at the few last stragglers*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.20 07:31 *high-fives Eleanor right back*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:32 *greets Midas and Eleanor with applause* You guys really outdid yourselves. Thanks. *turns to Alexa, who is picking herself up from the floor* You guys shouldíve seen Alexa. She was great.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.20 07:33 Yeah... *the nausea is hitting hard* *obliviously pushes through the front door, then barfs all over the roses out front*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:34 *turns around* Eleanor? *rushes out of the house when she sees her hunched over the side of the porch*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 07:35 *winces, hearing Eleanor* Oh god...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:35 Eleanor, are you okay? *Eleanor responds by barfing some more, then falling back on the porch*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.20 07:35 *comes outside as well*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 07:35 *raises his eyebrows*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:35 Oh no, oh no... *paces around* *knows she shouldnít have taken the vial*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:36 Whatís going on?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:37 *starts talking rapidly and on the verge of tears* Somethingís - thereís something wrong with Eleanor! I donít know, she just started vomiting!
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:38 Someone needs to take her home! Josh's girlfriend: *is honestly more worried about Sam than Eleanor - thinks sheís overreacting* I can take her.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.20 07:39 Thanks... *sniffles a little* Sorry, I- I just get worried about my friends.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 07:39 [gtg to bed. Goodnight! *offline*]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.20 07:39 [See you on Thursday!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:39 Itís okay, Sam. *puts an arm around Samís shoulders and guides her back inside* Eleanorís gonna be fine. Letís start cleaning up. Itís a mess in there.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.20 07:40 (Goodnight! See you then!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.25 04:38 *is staying beside Eleanor* Need me to get you some water?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.25 04:38 [I'm here, obviously. Sorry I'm late; I've had a busy day.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:01 (Hey! So sorry for being late.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:01 *nods weakly*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:03 *they go back inside* *amidst all her anxiety, she sort of forgot about Rocco* Alexa: We should probably clean up. *starts pulling out some garbage bags, rubber gloves, etc*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.25 05:05 *goes in, gets some ice water, and brings it out to Eleanor*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.25 05:05 [Hey indeed! ^.^]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:08 *gulps it all down, then gasps for air* Thanks.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.25 05:11 Girlfriend: *glances at Christina* I should probably bring her back now. *helps Eleanor up with Christinaís help*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.25 05:13 You're welcome...take it slowly.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.25 05:13 *nods at the girlfriend, helping Eleanor along*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:13 *finishes his cigarette, drops it, and smudges it on the ground under his boot**then heads inside*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:15 *is cleaning up the floor with rubber glove-covered hands* *says to Alexa* So, what did you think?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:16 *doesnít want to bring Sam down by saying it wasnít really her scene* *throws in a partial truth* It was a fun way to wave off high school.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:19 *is mopping the floor with one of those Swiffer mood when she notices a figure hovering around in the doorway* *locks eyes with Rocco*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:20 *looks right back at Alexa**just casually heads inside farther and sits down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:21 *had headed into the bathroom with Midas to check out the toilet paper*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:22 *stares ahead, looking like a deer caught in the headlights* *meekly hurried toward the bathroom*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:23 *waves up at Rocco with a smile* Whatíd you think?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:23 *is heard yelling* Oh my GOD! *bursts out laughing with Midas* Called it!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:25 *looks in the bathroom* Whatís going on?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:26 Címere and see. *holds up a bundle of shower curtain, which has a brown swipe on it* Looks like someone got a little desperate.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:26 Not bad for amateurs.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:26 [Oh my- X'D]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:29 *smirks, but the word ďamateurĒ does sting* Thanks.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:30 *is laughing super hard*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:30 *hears all the laughing* What's so funny over there?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:31 *hangs her head and sighs* Alright... *thrusts the mop toward them without saying anything*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:32 *murmurs* Those two... theyíre always up to something.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:32 You guys gotta clean this.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 Which two?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 Who, me???
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 *bats his eyes at her innocently*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 *throws his arms out in front of him in protest* *is laughing* No!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:34 Take the mop. Take the mop! *aims the mop at Midas like itís a lance - jokingly, of course*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:35 Midas and Josh. My friendís boyfriend and his friend.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:37 *screeches in terror* Okay!! Okay!! Mercy!!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:37 Spare the Don!!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:40 Alright, youíre spared. *Midas takes the mop, and he and Josh attempt to swipe the poop away* *watches with her arms crossed* Youíre barely even touching it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:41 Isn't that the point though?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:41 Touch it with the mop and not your hands?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:42 *rolls her eyes with a smile* I meant with the mop.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:43 Okay. *holds the curtain taut so the broom can get more of a grip*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:46 *says "ewwww" and "this is disgusting" and "gross" several times in a girly voice as he mops up the doodoo*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:46 *suddenly lowers her voice* Okay, so... I know this is a bit random, but Sam has this weird guy in my house. Do you know him?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:46 (Oh my gosh. Midas is iconic.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:47 Nope. I can smell him from here, though.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:47 [Yes he is. XD]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:47 *is kind of laughing at Midas* Who?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:49 *wrinkles his face in disgust--it's legitimate, this time* He smokes.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:50 ...What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:51 Just tell them itís over and theyíll leave.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:53 *has already sort of taken matters into her own hands* *marches into the living room to find Rocco and Sam sitting pretty close together on the couch*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:53 *tries to sound polite, but thereís an aggressive edge to her voice* Hey, so Iím really tired, and Iím closing up shop. *gives them a tight-lipped smile* I think itís time for everyone to head out.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:55 I just got here.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:55 Unless Sam wants to leave, I don't think I feel like leaving.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:57 *knew Alexa was paranoid about her house, but now she feels like Alexa is particularly mad at her for bringing in Rocco* *stands up* *is scared that this might start a fight in the near future*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:57 Címon, Rocco. Weíre leaving. Alexa wants us out.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:58 But do you want to leave?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:58 Yeah. The doorís that way, bro. *points at it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:58 *comes out of the bathroom* *he and Midas are watching from afar*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:59 *shrugs, looking nervous* *lowers her voice* I mean, we can probably go somewhere else...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 06:06 *there is a long pause* Um... okay. *rushes over to the door* Thank you so much for letting us use your house, Alexa! See you on Monday! *pushes through the door*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 06:08 *sighs and follows her, warily glancing back at Alexa*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:08 *is sort of glaring at Rocco* *is irritated with Sam, but more so because sheís hanging around someone like Rocco and letting him think for her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:09 *comes forward* Man, that guy was a (BLEEP).
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:10 *looks exhausted* I know. I have no idea who he is or where he came from.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:11 Letís hope you never see him again. *pauses* Well, we should probably get going. *turns to Midas* Yeah?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:12 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow! I might be late.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 06:14 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.26 04:43 [I'm here!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 04:47 (Hey!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.26 04:49 [Hi!] Indeed.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 04:54 *the boys leave* *is left to finish cleaning the remaining mess*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:56 *Monday rolls around, and the general consensus is that the party was cool and the pranks were funny* *is getting a lot of compliments in the hallway that morning* *has never enjoyed being at school more*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:57 *however, a fair amount of people are ticked off about the vomiting epidemic that went around* *nobody can confirm it was her, but people have their suspicions*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:58 *Christina, Alexa, and Eleanor have their hunches* *Alexa told them about Rocco, and now theyíre really beginning to see a possible other side to Sam thatís emerging*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:58 *is getting a lot of validation, but thereís one person that she hasnít talked to yet* *waits for Christina to get to her locker*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:03 *has definitely concluded that the nausea was from the party--she just hasn't told anyone other than Alexa about this conclusion*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:03 *arrives at her locker**doesn't really look at Sam; is more focused on her own stuff*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:05 Hey. *is smiling*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:06 So, whatíd ya think? I didnít catch you after the party.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:06 *doesn't seem to be really paying attention* It was nice.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:18 *nods* Yeah, yeah... glad you liked it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:19 *senses Christina doesnít mean it* *says quietly* Is everything okay?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:22 Hmm... *looks at one of her notebooks for a little bit, then turns to Sam* Sorry, what??
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:24 *becomes a bit defensive* Did I do something wrong?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:27 *pauses, trying to figure out how to answer that*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:27 I don't think so.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:31 Okay. Because it seems like it.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:33 It's just... *sighs*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:33 Other people have been saying that the outbreak of nausea was from the party, and I've been defending you...but I want to know.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:33 Was it you?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:36 *looks at Christina straight in the eye* I donít know what youíre talking about.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:38 What do you mean? Everyone's been talking about it--people have been throwing up over and over for days.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:39 *feels really bad about lying to Christina, but after what happened to Eleanor, she canít bear to tell the truth* *sighs* I have to stop caring what people say about me. Even if I did do it, who cares? What will they matter to me in five years?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:40 *shrugs* Think what you wanna think, I guess. But I didnít do that.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:43 ...Okay. I believe you. *feels bad about lying as well, but she feels like maintaining her friendship with Sam matters more*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:45 *smiles faintly* Thanks for believing me. Iíll see you later. *heads off*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:46 *watches her go, thinking*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:46 *decides to have a talk with Alexa about this later*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 05:47 *later, after school, she talks with Eleanor and Christina for a bit about Sam* So she didnít spike the Sprite or anything?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 05:49 *leans against the wall, arms crossed* Why would she do that if she knew we were gonna be there? It doesnít add up.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 05:49 Well, you did make those brownies, Eleanor.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 05:50 Yeah, but not for you guys.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:54 I think she did.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:54 I think she's lying.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:54 I just...I didn't want to sabotage our relationship, I guess.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 05:57 *nods* Iím more worried about her and that guy. I think itís him. Ever find out who he was?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:00 Not really.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:06 You?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:06 Thereís something different about Sam, thatís all I can say. Iíve sensed it for a while now. I donít think itís anyone making her think differently; sheís just angry.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:06 *that was directed more at Eleanor*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:13 Hmm... *furrows her brows in thought*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:15 It all started after that accident.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:19 ...It did, didn't it?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:24 *nods slowly* Yeah.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:24 It seems like sheís gotten over it, but you never know. The best you can do is just be there for her.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 06:33 *nods a little, but has this small feeling that nothing will ever be the same*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:34 I have to go now. Iíll see you guys later. *gives them a wave and heads home*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:37 [Sorry for disappearing; I got distracted.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:37 Bye. *waves casually, but she's deep in thought*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:48 *itís a nice spring day, so she decides to take the long way home* *cuts through the park* *notices someone swinging pretty recklessly* *at a second glance, she sees the one and only Sam*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:48 (Thatís alright. Iíve kind of been doing something myself.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:50 *Sam is wearing headphones, presumably listening to music* *sheís also laughing with glee* *sees that the guy Alexa was talking about - Rocco - is pushing her*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:51 *is a little bit freaked out* *has no motivation to say hi anymore* *wanted to believe that Sam was just going through a phase after that conversation, but she has no doubt that something has changed*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:52 *gets out of the park before any of them can notice her- or before she sees anything that confirms her theory even more*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 06:52 -THE END-
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 06:56 (Alright, thatís a wrap! I know that maybe it wasnít the cleanest ending, but it seemed like the best way to go.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:57 [Hm...the ending worked okay. It kind of gave me an eerie/creeped out feeling, considering that we know things turned absolutely foul not long later.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 07:02 (Yep. So... whatís next?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:05 [The Mazy arc, I suppose.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:05 *]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:06 [Unfortunately I've been so caught up in schoolwork that I forgot a lot of the details we've come up with so far. XD XP How much more time do you have to stay online?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 07:12 (I have to go now, but we can discuss tomorrow! One more thing before I leave: I think the Mazy storyline should take place during Thanksgiving, just for a change of scenery. Anyways, see you tomorrow!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:14 [Alright. Let's have it be during Thanksgiving, or at least during some holiday. I actually imagined a fall setting anyway. See you!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 03:42 [I'm here!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.27 03:55 (Hey, sorry Iím late! I was doing something and didnít realize how late it was.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 04:02 [Hey! It's fine.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 04:03 [I'm still stumped regarding the Mazy arc--I've been busy writing essays all day and haven't had much time to think of it--so could we go on the RP Discussion Docs thingy and discuss it?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.27 04:12 (Yeah! Iíll open it up.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:45 (Hey, Iím back! Should we provide brief character descriptions, or just get to it?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 05:47 [Yeah, let's provide descriptions. You go first.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 05:47 [We can change the slots along the way and provide descriptions whenever new characters are introduced.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 05:48 [So for now let's introduce Josh, Kai, Midas, and Mazy (unless you have more characters to introduce, in which case go right ahead).]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:50 (Alright, Iíll start with Josh. Josh has light brown hair in a short crew-cut style, hazel eyes, slightly tanned skin, and a toned build. He is a basketball player, but actually isnít very tall considering that.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:52 (For comparison appearance-wise, Iíd say he resembles James Dean, especially in the eyes. However, heís not as attractive, and looks a lot younger.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:54 (Josh has grown up a lot since the Sam portion of the RP. Heís less immature and has learned to appreciate things he didnít in high school.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:55 (Heís amiable, enjoys a good laugh, and is popular - not exactly by will. He doesnít have a lot of free time, and finds that heíd rather spend most of it by himself.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:59 (The downside of this popularity is that Josh has become a bit full of himself. Heís used to praise; when things donít go his way, he tends to be selfish/irritated/pouty/etc.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:00 (Unlike Mazy, he doesnít really know what itís like to struggle financially. His entire education is covered by the school, and his parents support him on the side.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:01 [Oh, I just remembered something...we need to change our characters' ages (at least Midas' age needs to change).]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:01 (Josh can be pretty sensitive - more so than his other friends - but some feelings he is either confused about or prefers to hide. For instance, he clearly likes Mazy, but heís not sure if it goes anything beyond that. )
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:02 (Yep. Iíve already gotten that taken care of.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:05 (Alright, moving on to Kai. Kai has deep caramel skin, brown eyes, and curly black hair, which is also in a crew cut style. Heís fairly tall and lanky. Also, heís mixed race- part African American and part Pacific Islander.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:06 (He wears black jeans and a red and black plaid jacket with a hood. Kai is an interior design student at school, and really enjoys tapping into his creative side. Painting is one of his favorite hobbies.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:08 (Heís open-minded, passionate about causes he believes in, and enjoys social connection. Heís an extroverted-introvert - while he enjoys the occasional party, he needs time to recharge.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:09 (Kaiís introverted side sometimes make him come across as cold. It takes a bit for him to warm up to people; additionally, heís a bit critical. He also tends to be a rigid know-it-all in some situations, thus earning the title of ďDadĒ by Eleanor during
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:11 the last road trip. Kai cares deeply about his friends, whether he exhibits that or not. His friendship with Mazy might seem questionable at face value, but they have more in common than what meets the eye.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:11 (On a final note, Kai likes being in charge, directing projects, and helping people out.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:12 (And thatís Kai for you.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:13 [Okie dokie. I shall now do the Don's profile.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:16 [Midas has light skin, amber eyes, and medium length brown hair. He's tall (easily over 6 feet) and fit. He is Caucasian and usually wears a white T-shirt and dark blue pants; however, since it's fall, he now wears a dark blue jacket in addition to this.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:18 [Like Josh, Midas has matured considerably after everything that happened with Sam and Alexa. He started out as the high school clown with a callous streak (which especially showed when he dealt with Red); now, he's more compassionate and sensitive to his
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:19 friends' needs. He's also become quite philosophical, and has been studying philosophy a lot in college, though he studies mathematics as well.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:20 [He has also luckily sobered up since the Alexa arc. He still occasionally goes to wild parties, but he controls how much he drinks.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:21 [He still plays basketball sometimes, though it's much more of a hobby to him than anything else. He also keeps in touch with Josh regularly. Midas has never really cared what other people think of him, though he recognizes that Josh does care, so he
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:21 tries to support Josh whenever he recognizes that Josh is hurting from something someone else said or did.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:22 [Midas also never really got to know Mazy nearly as well as Josh did. However, his close friendship and loyalty to "Sancho" will cause him to decide to embark on a Thanksgiving break journey unlike any he's ever been on before.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:25 [Finally, we have the mystery girl herself who is going to be the girl who disappears in this arc: Mazy. She has messy, greasy, wavy, shoulder-length black hair, green eyes, pale skin, and is about average height (5'4"). She mostly wears dark colors, such
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:32 as dark gray or black (*cough* like Batman *cough*). In this arc, she wears a black hoodie, black military style boots, a black skirt, a grayish-green shirt, and dull greenish patterned pantyhose.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:36 [She also wears dark lipstick. She is an introvert and often tries to act like she doesn't exist and stay out of others' way. She likes to read books and draw, though she rarely shows her art to anyone else.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:37 [After the events of the Alexa arc she started to finally open up to people and probably spent more time than usual with Kai in between current day and the Alexa arc because she can relate to him. However, one day she abruptly stopped seeing Kai--and
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:38 that's because she fled to Wisconsin and started living with Josh, claiming that her mom had kicked her out of the house and that she and her family were broke.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:39 [She's been living with Josh for weeks now. They've tried finding a job for her to no avail, and Josh's budget has probably been strained as a result.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:40 [In addition to this, an emotional strain has been building, as she believed that she had feelings for Josh (after all, they kissed on the night she arrived at his door), but things have become confusing, and she refuses to give details about what's going
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:40 on with her family apart from what she told him on the night she arrived.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:41 [Overall, she has continued to cover up her insecurities by acting aloof and weird. This has probably created "embarrassing" situations for Josh as well, considering that he has friends who live with him.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:42 [There is clearly more to what's going on with her family than what Mazy told Josh, however. And what she's not telling him may have dire consequences.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:43 (Alright, awesome descriptions! Are we ready to start?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:43 [I gtg to bed now. See you next week! Good luck with your assignments!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:44 [Yes, we are, though unfortunately I gtg. You can kick things off with stuff about whatever's going on with Josh recently. Goodnight and see you next week!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:45 (Alright, you as well! See you soon!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:46 (Iíll get the ball rolling real quick.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:47 *it is a weekday night* *returns home after a full day of school, practice, and training* *finds Mazy sitting on the couch watching TV* *one of his friends is in the kitchen tiredly preparing a PB sandwich*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:49 *isnít completely sure whatís going on between him and Mazy, but itís definitely a relationship* *has become comfortable living around her, and so have his friends* *seems to be learning a little more about her every day, too*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:50 *drops his backpack and sits down next to her* Hey. How are you?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:45 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I've had a very busy week.] *was on her phone, looking at a picture of someone**puts her phone away quickly*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:45 *she didn't actually notice him until he came over to her**shrugs her shoulders* I'm...okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 03:53 (Hi! Thatís okay. Happy Halloween!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 03:55 *glances at her phone a little suspiciously, but quickly shrugs it off* Okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 03:56 Hey, so I have a question Iíve been wanting to ask you... *his friend saunters into the living area, slowly chewing the sandwich* *stares at him*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:56 [Hey! Happy Halloween to you too! :D]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:57 [Have you seen A Heist with Markiplier?!?! :D]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:57 *stares at the friend as well*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:00 (Unfortunately, I havenít. I donít have much time to frequent YouTube these days.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:00 [Ah, okay. Well, when you have the time, I recommend checking it out. It's a lot of fun.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:00 [It's pretty stupid, but it's the funny and crazy kind of stupid.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:01 [Have you seen Damien or Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:01 Friend: *says with a mouth full of food* What? Josh: Do you mind, like... getting out of here for a sec? Friend: *again, with mouth full* But I was gonna watch Jeopardy!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:02 (Ok! I think I did see that one.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:02 [Which one?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:03 Friend: Right, Mazy? *he and the other roommate have openly accepted Mazy, mostly because they had no other choice* I need my daily dose of knowledge!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:03 *doesn't say anything**stares down at her feet*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:08 *isn't in the mood to talk to Josh right now, but doesn't know how to express it, so she just blankly stares at her own shoes*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:09 (Iím pretty sure I saw Damien, and I also saw some Warfstache interviews.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:11 You can watch Double Jeopardy. Friend: *murmurs* Okay. *goes in his room and shuts the door*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:12 [Okay. Have you seen Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache? (Like Damien, that's another 20 minute or so video, except it's live action and it features Warfstache instead of Damien and Celine.)]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:12 *Warfstache and the Detective
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:13 Okay, so... *can tell Mazy isnít in the mood to talk for whatever reason, so this is making it kind of awkward for him* Thanksgiving is coming up.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:13 (I havenít seen that one.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:17 I have a few days off, and Iím going to see my family in Chicago. *admits with a laugh* We have this weird tradition where we do Thanksgiving at a restaurant, because my brothers and I donít have the time to go home.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:17 *looks at her* Iíd like you to come with me so you can meet them. If youíre up to it.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:20 [I recommend it. It's part of the canon--in fact, I think Mark said in a livestream that if you to put them in chronological order, his videos would be in this order: WKM, Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache, Damien, and...Markiplier TV. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:20 [Here's a spoiler: right after the events of Damien, Warfstache went up to Darkiplier like "Hey, wanna make a TV show?! :D" And Dark was just like ".........Yeah OK."]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:21 [And then Markiplier TV was born. XD If you haven't seen that, I recommend it too. It's really silly.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:21 [Oh, and in case you were wondering this (like I was for months), A Date with Markiplier just doesn't chronologically fit in anywhere. Mark confirmed this in a livestream, so don't even ask. XD XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:22 *is silent for a little bit**finally says:* Okay...that sounds okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:25 (Alright, sounds pretty zany! Iíll try to find the time one of these days, but I canít guarantee it. Iíve been incredibly overwhelmed lately, and I donít think itís going to get better until the semester is over.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:27 Great. *smiles and looks away* *there is a long pause* I donít want you to take this the wrong way, but... um... maybe you could wear something nice and put on less makeup. I want them to like you as I see you. Sometimes I think youíre trying to hide
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:27 [Yeah...the group projects have really been getting out of hand--I keep getting most of the workload put on my shoulders--so things have been overwhelming lately here too.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:28 that with what you wear and stuff.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:28 [We'll just have to muscle through this. :P]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:28 What do you mean? *looks at him, frowning slightly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:33 (Yeah. Iím sorry that this group work is getting thrown on you. Itís ridiculously unfair.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:33 *speaks quickly* Maybe you could try to look a little more open?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:35 [At least there's peer review stuff coming up...all I have to do is be honest. -_-]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:36 What, so you think I should wear dresses that go down to my buttocks and high heels?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:37 You think what I choose to wear isn't me?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:37 (Heh, yep.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:39 *now itís his turn to frown* I didnít say that. I simply asked you to wear something... else.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:44 Then what do you think I should wear?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:44 What makes you think it's your right to tell me what I should wear?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:47 *sighs, agitated* Because I know youíd probably show up in something like that if I hadnít told you!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:50 Something like what? This? *gestures to herself* THIS offends you?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:51 Maybe I'll stop eating sweets. Will that make you feel better?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:51 *sweets too.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:57 *replies stubbornly* I donít know. Do whatever you want. *pauses* I just asked a simple question. You donít have to overreact.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:00 [Sorry for the slow replies. I've been playing A Heist with Markiplier (there are 31 endings; I started playing it yesterday and I want to finish it today).]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:01 [Also I think I finally figured out the chronological order of A Date with Markiplier with respect to all the other parts of the series...ending 6 of 31 insinuates where A Date with Markiplier belongs...that cheeky son of a... XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:02 [But chronological order honestly doesn't mean much. You may have noticed that time and space don't work correctly; there's a reason for this. I'll reveal the truth behind the whole series once you also watch Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:02 I'm not overreacting, you are!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:03 *gets up* If you're so offended by what I wear, then [BLEEP] you! *starts getting some of her things*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:04 (Haha, cool. Alright! And regarding slow replies, no worries.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:04 [BTW, I'll spoil what I just discovered: ending 6 of 31 implies that A Date with Markiplier occurs after A Heist with Markiplier. I won't say how it insinuates this; you'll have to figure that out on your own.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:05 *is pretty shocked**doesnít move from the couch*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:07 *once it sinks in though, heís mad* *realizes how inflexible Mazy is*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:08 (Ok.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:08 *once she has some of her things, she started heading for the door*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:09 *stands up* If you really want to leave, go right ahead, because I really donít think we understand each other.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:09 [BTW, have you done A Date with Markiplier?]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:10 [I'm mostly curious because, if you haven't, I will warn you: there are a whole bunch of A Date with Markiplier references scattered all over the place--e.g. some endings where clearly based on A Date with Markiplier endings.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:10 [Or some elements from A Date with Markiplier were downright parodied.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:11 *all over the place in A Heist with Markiplier--
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:11 *sighs, hesitating* You clearly don't understand ME. *goes out the door**hasn't gotten all of her things--just some necessities, e.g. her wallet and her phone*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:11 (Iím pretty sure I havenít.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:12 *is incensed - a side effect of him not getting his way* *replies audibly* Yeah, well, maybe because I actually have a life.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:15 [Well, I recommend it mostly for the Darkiplier portions. A Date with Markiplier is also stupid fun with the exception of the Darkiplier part, which is my favorite part and is actually legitimately scary.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:18 *is stung but keeps moving*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:20 (Alright. Iíll look into it as well.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:21 *retreats to his room* *paces around for a bit* *is a little bit scared, not because Mazyís gone, but because he doesnít really regret what he said*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:21 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:22 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:22 [MARK NO XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:23 [AHWM (A Heist with Markiplier) is recycling a choice from ADWM (A Date with Markiplier)...in both series, there's a branch where you're given a choice between sandwiches...I'm scared because in ADWM, one of the choices ends catastrophically...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 03:08 [BTW, sorry if I've been annoying you with my constant blithering about Markiplier-related stuff. XD XP I just got a message from one of my friends who's probably lowkey annoyed at similar behavior I've been engaging in around her.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 03:08 [If you want me to shut the h**l up, just tell me. XD XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 03:18 [We can do a time skip unless you have things for Josh to do.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 03:54 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 03:55 (Haha, thatís okay. I just donít watch Markiplier a lot, so itís a bit hard for me to follow along. Also, go ahead and take the reins!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:06 [Hey! It's fine; what movie was it?]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:06 [Also, how long would it take for Josh to get worried and contact Mazy?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:10 (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I just finished the book. Iíve never actually finished the series, so I made it a goal beginning this summer.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:11 (Probably a couple of days. Heís still upset, but is probably wondering where she went.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:13 [Ah, cool!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:14 [Regarding Josh: oh crap. It'd really take that long?]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:14 [I was anticipating that it'd be hours since she didn't gather up all of her stuff (in other words, it's obvious that she means to come back later).]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:15 [She pretty much just took her wallet and her phone.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:22 (Okay. In that case, it can be a few hours. I think Josh would be quick to feel remorseful about it all, just a little bit.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:22 [Okay, that works better.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:22 [She really has nowhere else to go.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:25 [Let's make it a little longer than a few hours though. I don't feel like she'd respond to him until more than that has passed.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:25 ~5 HOURS OR SO LATER...~
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:27 *still hasn't shown back up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:28 *is up late, watching Jimmy Fallon and attempting to do homework, which he does on most nights* *can focus on neither* *all he can think about is the fight*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:31 *as the hours have ticked on, disappointment has settled in* *really did want Mazy to meet his family - he told his mom about her, so theyíre practically expecting her* *is having a hard time believing it was his fault, though*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:33 *is nonetheless a little worried* *knows that Mazy is fragile in nature, and she couldíve gone out and got herself into anything* *decides to call, albeit a bit reluctantly*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:34 *doesn't answer the call*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:34 *however, shortly after he makes a failed attempt to call her, he receives a text from him saying: "What?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:39 *asks her where she is, then asks if she plans on coming back to pick up the rest of her things* *is remorseful, but at the same time heís still irritated with Mazyís inflexibility*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:49 [Sorry for disappearing. I need to brb.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:54 *texts back "You want me to leave?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:57 (Thatís alright.) *replies* ďItís up to youĒ.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:59 (Not going to lie, Josh is really causing the Jerk-O-Meter to explode.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:02 [Mine too man, mine too. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:08 *there's a hesitation for a few minutes**then texts back "Maybe I will."*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 05:12 *doesnít answer because thereís not much he can say* *sits back and waits to see what will happen*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:37 [Sorry for disappearing; I got caught up drawing.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 05:46 (Thatís okay!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 05:46 (I have to go now, so Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:49 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:50 *a while later she texts him: "Why have you been pretending to care about me?"*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 03:39 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. Replies will be slow; I'm watching TV with family.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:10 (Hey! So sorry Iím late. Iím currently watching a movie, and my replies will be slow as well.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:11 [Hey! OK. What movie?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:13 *mutters irritably upon receiving this message* *cares about Mazy more than heís willing to admit, and heís frustrated that she didnít notice* *replies* ďItís not what you thinkĒ
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:13 (Now, Voyager. Itís a 1942 film starring Bette Davis.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:15 *adds* ďI wouldnít have done a lot of things if I really didnít careĒ*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:20 [Oh yeah, I've seen that one! It's really bittersweet. Charlotte's mother also drives me nuts.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:33 *hesitates for a few minutes**then texts: "Then what am I supposed to think?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:41 (Yeah. Iím at home this weekend, and we all kind of laughed when she fell down the stairs. Sorry for the slow response, by the way. The movie just ended.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:44 *replies* ďI donít know, itís complicated. But I donít not care about youĒ
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:45 *adds* ďYour stuff is here. I donít know if you want to come backĒ
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:53 [Okie dokie.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 05:22 [Sorry for disappearing; I got caught up drawing again. XP] *texts "What do you think?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:33 *doesnít respond* *is a little tired by the back-and-forth texting, and literally exhausted to top it all off* *retreats to his room*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:33 (Thatís alright!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 05:47 *after about 15 minutes, she texts him again: "Hey"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:52 *had fallen asleep, but his phone goes off and wakes him up* *turns it on, squinting* *looks at the text, but debates whether or not he should answer* *Mazyís text has a read receipt on it, so she can see that he looked at it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:54 *decides to give her a straight-up call*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 05:54 *this time she answers*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:57 *sounds pretty tired* Hey.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:57 *tries to say this as nicely as possible* Why do you keep texting me?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:02 I'm tired.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:02 I think I should come back.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:03 *pauses a little* Okay. Thatís fine.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:03 Where are you?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:07 Um...at a restaurant.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:08 Could we meet at the bus station at (so-and-so) street?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:12 *again, there is a pause* Sure. Iíll be there.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:13 See you soon. *hangs up and drags himself out of bed*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:14 *throws on some pants and whichever shoes are closest* *pulls on his puffy, silver winter coat and wonders if maybe he should apologize and act like nothing ever happened to restore the peace*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:15 *stop, not station XP
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:15 *leaves the "restaurant" and heads for the bus stop*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:16 *grabs his car keys and sets out to get Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:19 *arrives at the bus stop not long later*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:25 *she isn't at the bus stop, however*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:29 *is initially confused, but not all too surprised* *thinks itís probably Mazy being her typical self* *gives her a call*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:38 [gtg to bed. See you next week!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:38 *she doesn't answer* [Anyways, bye!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:46 (Alright, see you!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:47 *outside, the slight drizzle begins shifting to a heavy downpour* *drives off aimlessly, but with every intent of finding Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:49 *turns on the windshield wipers* *in the background, the radio plays quietly - specifically, the AM station, which he has developed a secret liking for* *the Elvis song that comes on is not enough to quell his increasing worry* *calls Mazy again* *the
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:49 rain hammers down harder*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:48 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; this week has been hectic.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:48 *she again doesn't answer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 04:50 (Hi! Thatís okay. Iím going to have to leave early because I have a violin lesson tomorrow morning.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:53 [Alright, that's fine!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:53 *a girl who resembles Mazy is seen rounding a corner a couple meters ahead of Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 04:56 *just hangs up and mutters a swear* *continues to drive around in circles* *finally just parks nearby for a minute*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 04:57 *catches sight of this figure and immediately makes the connection* *opens the car door*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:01 *the girl was walking away from Josh/went out of his sight*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:03 *gets out of the car and throws up his hood* *walks in the direction of this girl* *is pretty certain itís Mazy*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:08 *the girl doesn't turn around as she walks*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:09 *the girl is in dark clothing and a hoodie*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:13 *calls out* Hey!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:14 *the girl looks back at him, confused**she's not Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:19 *stands there, a little taken aback* *for some reason, he was expecting it to be Mazy* *turns to head back to his car*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:23 *as he's walking back, a truck parks across the street from where he parked*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:23 *a masculine figure comes out of the truck and approaches another darkly-clothed, darkly-haired woman*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:24 [Note: because it's rainy out and Josh is preoccupied, I don't want him to really notice the people across the street until he's in the car/until at least a minute has passed.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:25 (Okay.) *gets back in the car* *sits around tiredly before starting the ignition* *as heís doing that, though, something catches his eye again...*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:26 *the man and woman across the street have been talking to each other**suddenly the man grabs the woman, putting his hand over her mouth, and drags her into the truck*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:29 *sees this all go down, and is jolted by fear* *almost gets out of the car, but the truck takes off before his foot even makes it to the ground*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:32 *is shaking, unable to move* *basically witnessed a kidnapping* *all the while, a psychedelic, somewhat cheery song is playing on the radio, and the rain keeps pouring* *stares out the window, the scene outside melted by the rivulets of water streaming
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:33 down* *is so confused* *doesnít know if he should call the police - thereís not a lot they can do because he didnít get a good look at the people or the truck*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:35 *has this strange sensation that it was Mazy* *after all, she hasnít been answering him, and she dresses in similar clothing* *tries to convince himself that it wasnít her- she walked out, and sheís long gone*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:36 *debates with himself for a solid 20 minutes before he shifts into gear and leaves* *stumbles back into his dark apartment and goes straight to bed* *however, he has a sleepless night* *canít get Mazy out of his head*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:38 *the first thing he does when he wakes up is check his phone for any signs of forgiveness/existence from Mazy* *no dice* *gives her a call, figuring she wonít answer anyways*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:39 [Oof...the part with the cheery music really got me. Methinks we have ourselves a psychological thriller on our hands. >:)]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:40 *she doesnít* *leaves a brief message* Hey. Um. I havenít heard from you in a while, so just wanted to make sure youíre okay. *pauses* Talk to you soon.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:41 (Yeah, for sure. It seemed to fit in that moment.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:42 *the day dawns overcast, and the morning progresses without any word from Mazy* *is getting really concerned* *has drifted through the day passively, unable to think about that fact that Mazy did get kidnapped right in front of him, and he did nothing
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:43 about it* *to add onto that, the last words he potentially gave her werenít so nice* *keeps leaving voicemails, each one more vulnerable than the next*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:45 *it is later in the afternoon, and he is walking to practice* *is at his most conflicted now* *leaves one last message* Hey Mazy... itís me. I donít know where you are, or if youíll get this, but I want to apologize for what I said. Iíve had a lot to
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:46 *he receives no reply from her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:47 figure out, and... you didnít deserve that. Iím sorry. *pauses* If you get the chance to let me know that youíre okay, Iíd appreciate it. *pauses again* I miss you. *sort of choked that last part out so Mazy might be convinced to answer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:48 *ends the voicemail once he gets to the practice facility* *forces himself through the doors* *doesnít know if he can do it because his brain is so fogged up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:48 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Note that I might be late.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:50 [Alright, see you! Good luck with your violin lesson.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 04:38 [I'm on! Also, is it just me, or is there suddenly this weird text at the bottom of the page??]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:14 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late. Thatís weird... I donít see anything.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:16 [You sure? Try scrolling all the way down to the bottom. I'm seeing text that says "tml');});"]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:23 (Oh yeah... that is weird.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:32 [Yeah, the heck is that??]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:32 (Sorry about my disappearances. Iíve been trying to do some things. Anyways, it looks like a good chunk of this is going to focus on Josh for a bit, so Iíll get going.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:33 (No idea. I have noticed this site has been acting up, though.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:34 [It's fine. I'm multitasking as well. And yeah, this site has definitely been weird lately.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:34 [The other day it would barely load for me. We thought it was because some fibers were cut and our Internet provider started re-routing traffic weirdly until it was fixed. But now I'm not sure about that.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 [And RaeAnna can't post anything on her computer; it doesn't show on anyone else's devices/things don't update properly. That may just be an issue on her end, though.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 [I really don't know what's going on ehre.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 *here.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 [Anyway, go ahead and get going. Let me know when I can hop back in.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:36 *is not himself during practice* *during a team scrimmage, he takes a shot that barely hits the rim - uncharacteristic of him* *his coach yells, ďWhat the h**l was that, Josh?Ē* *tells himself heíll do better* *however, the next shot is no better*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:36 [Note: I currently imagine that eventually Josh will receive a mysterious message/hint that compels him to take action.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:37 (Wow, that is weird. I hope sheís able to get back on.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:37 (Okay. Maybe you could jump back in then?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:39 *impulsively turns around and stalks over to the locker room* *is so overcome with anger and guilt that he canít think straight*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:40 *enters the dim locker room and sits down *squirts some water from a water bottle onto a towel, wipes his face tiredly, then drapes the towel over his head* *was hoping deep down that someone would stop him, but no one has*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:43 *finally, the bench creaks from the addition of someoneís weight* *the assistant coach has come to talk to him* AC: *is a bit brash* Whatís goiní on? *the only response is a sniffle from Josh* I canít help you if you donít want to talk.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:44 [Yeah. Just let me know when it's okay to jump in and I'll do so.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:47 *is pretty sure the coach wonít understand, so he chooses not to talk* AC: Do you want to talk? *pauses* Okay. *gets up and leaves*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:48 *soon after, the rest of his teammates file in* *they seem to sense something is wrong and leave him alone* *the only one who stays back is his roommate/friend*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:50 Friend: *sits down next to him, fiddling with a towel* Whatís going on, man? *no answer* Is it that girl? *doesnít even need an answer to know this is the truth*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:51 Friend: Real talk, I heard you saying some (BLEEP)home things to her. *says jokingly* Shouldíve just let me watch Jeopardy. Josh: *smiles vaguely* Yeah... I really (BLEEP)ed up.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:53 Friend: You need to go make things right. Josh: *mumbles*Thatís what Iím trying to figure out. *explains that she hasnít answered his calls/texts, but he leaves out the kidnapping part*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:55 Friend: I donít know then. *gets up and throws his backpack over his shoulder* It might take a while to redeem yourself. See you later. *heads out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:57 *allows that to sink in* *his friend probably isnít lying* *has done everything he thought he shouldíve done, and yet, still no sign of Mazy* *doesnít want this to hang over him forever* *walks back to his apartment*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:58 (If you want, you can jump back in. Whether itís now or later, maybe Josh can find a clue.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:05 [Alright.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:07 [He won't be sent a clue right away/right now, so I'll do a short time skip.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:07 ~SOMETIME LATER, AROUND 5 IN THE MORNING...~ *the notifications on Josh's phone go off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:13 *is interrupted out of a deep slumber* *rolls over groggily and reaches for his phone, which is on his bedside table*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:14 *wipes his eyes and reads the notifications*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:15 *his phone shows that he missed a call and received a text from an unknown number*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:19 *opens up the text first*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:20 [Where is Kai from again??]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:22 (Heís from Michigan, but he goes to the same school as Mazy somewhere in Indiana.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:25 [Okay.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:55 [Sorry!!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:55 [I got super distracted... XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:55 [Sorry, I'm pretty tired...]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:57 *the text says "Culverdown 7:30 tomorrow"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:59 (Thatís okay!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 07:00 *stares at that message for a few moments, totally perplexed* *flops down in bed, too tired to put in the mental effort required to figure it out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 07:01 *a couple hours later, he sends a response* *basically asks the sender to elaborate*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 07:04 (Well, youíve left me with a cliffhanger, as I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 07:07 [Alright, bye!] *he gets no response*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 07:07 [Again, I'm so sorry about disappearing.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:32 *if Josh has been especially observant around Mazy, he might find "Culverdown" to be an oddly familiar word*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:43 (Hey! About disappearing last night, thatís totally fine.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:44 *it doesnít instantly come to mind* *disregards it as a wrong number for the time being* *as the day goes on though, he starts thinking about it more*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:46 [Hey!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:48 *if he thinks about it hard enough, he may recall Mazy using the word in conversation*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:49 *namely, it was probably mentioned way back during the searching-for-Alexa trip, perhaps when Mazy was asked where she was from*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:52 *has a feeling that it has to be a town, but heís not sure where*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:55 *is trying to study for an upcoming exam later that night, but he canít focus* *had decided earlier that calling Kai would provide some answers to his questions* *sends him a text, then calls in the next half hour*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:57 [Culverdown is the street Mazy's parents' house is on BTW.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:59 (Okay, got it.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:01 Kai: Whatís up? Josh: *sounds solemn* Something happened to Mazy. *describes everything, from Mazy appearing at his doorstep to their growing relationship, and then to the potential kidnapping*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:01 (By the way, I have a question on behalf of Paige. Youíve been dealing with this a lot, so I thought I might ask.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:02 (She has a group project due this week, but the guy she has to do it with hasnít answered about meeting up or really doing anything. Should she just go on and start the project? Or should she wait?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:04 Kai: *is heard sighing on the other end* You and Mazy... I donít know. Mazyís got a lot of baggage - a LOT. I donít know if youíd want that in your life, just hearing some of the things sheís told me.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:07 Kai: It would probably be a wise idea to stop associating with her. Josh: *pauses briefly* Really? Kai: *is taken aback by Joshís challenging tone* What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:09 I donít think thatís the problem. I... I said some things to her I shouldnít have, and I need to apologize. Plus, sheís disappeared, and I havenít been able to get ahold of her.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:09 [Oh gosh...if it's due this week, then she really ought to get started immediately.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:10 [I've been working on group projects over a month in advance. I've found that I have really needed that time.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:10 [She also really ought to mention to the professor what's going on.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:11 [Not in front of the teammate, of course, but perhaps in a one-on-one conversation with the professor she could do this.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:13 [BTW, wait, by "this week" you mean next week, right?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:18 (Yeah. Itís due on Thursday, and itís only a Power Point presentation, but Iíll let her know.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:18 (Thanks for your input!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:20 [Yeah, these things take time or research. Making a good PowerPoint can still take hours.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:20 *and research.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:20 [She also really ought to message her professor about this ASAP.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:21 [E.g. something along the lines of "I have sent messages to my teammate about the group project, but he has [insert what he has/hasn't done]. Do you have any advice on what I should do?"]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:21 [Not these exact words, but maybe something along the lines of that. Keep it respectful and non-accusatory.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:23 [I've found that making the tone of a message confused helps keep it diplomatic. So basically don't lambaste the teammate; describe what's going on in an "I'm confused about this" sort of way.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:23 [If in doubt, though, message/consult your parents.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:24 [I'm guessing they've been through college, so they can probably help you on what to do more effectively than I can.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:27 (Alright, got it. Should she let the guy know that she started working on the presentation, maybe so that will encourage him to pitch in?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:31 *tells Kai about the text he received* Kai: Thatís the street Mazy lives on - used to live on. Her parents live there. I donít know man, it sounds like risky business. But it might not help you, either. Mazyís parents are...
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:32 [Yeah, sure.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:33 Yeah, I know. I think Iím gonna go for it. I have to be in Chicago in a couple of days for Thanksgiving and all. Kai: Really? So am I. Iím going to my grandmaís. Let me know if you need anything. And let me know how it goes if you decide to go.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:35 Alright, will do. *says goodbye and hangs up* *then wanders over to his bed* *sits on the edge and meditates on the matter for a long time*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:37 *looks at a bag filled with Mazyís belongings slumped against the wall* *feels a pang of guilt - and a larger incentive to be at Culverdown at 7:30*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:39 *starts packing his bag* *tosses in a few articles of clothing, money, and other necessities that will last him a few days* *sets his bag down next to Mazyís* *before he forgets, he pulls Lukeís radio out of the closet and sets it on top of the pile*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:41 *sets his alarm for 7 and hits the sack* *stays awake and stares at the ceiling* *ponders the fact that heís going on a road trip without his friends* *has gone on long drives alone, but this is different*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:43 *looks across at his bedside table* *reaches out for his phone* *opens up the contacts app and stares at Midasí contact* *hasnít talked to him for a few weeks*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:44 *guesses that heís still up* *gives him a call*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 05:46 *puts on a high-pitched girly voice* Hello?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:50 *chuckles a little* Hey, Don. *doesnít sound as lively as he usually would*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 05:57 *keeps up the girly voice* This isn't Don, this is Donna. Who is this?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:59 *is grinning* This is Josh. Sancho.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:01 I don't know a Josh...but I know a Sancho!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:02 Well, then thatís gotta be the one.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:05 How is Sancho doing?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:07 *sighs a little* A lot of (BLEEP) has been happening.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:08 *his voice goes back to normal* Oh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:11 *probably kept Midas pretty up-to-date with Mazy after she appeared on his doorstep* Mazy and I had a fight. I asked her to go with me to meet my family for Thanksgiving, I said some things I shouldnít have, and she flipped out and left.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:12 She was going to come back, but when I went to pick her up, I donít know... something weird happened. I think I saw someone drag her into a truck and drive off. I donít know if I was imagining things, but I havenít heard from her since.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:14 Have you called the authorities?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:14 *tells him about the shady text* Iím driving out there to try and straighten things out, but I donít think itís going to help much.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:15 I mean, it happened so quick. Thereís not a lot they can do.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:17 *sighs* I know this is a lot to ask, but would you be able to make it to Chicago within the next day? I can pick you up halfway.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:18 I just donít think I can do this on my own. And I need to get ahold of Mazy.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:19 [BTW, I'm guessing Josh has already invited Midas to accompany him to the Thanksgiving thing? Midas would've definitely said yes.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:22 (Yeah. Since Midas is fairly close to Josh and his family, it would fit.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:25 Hmm...yeah, sure.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:26 [I forget...is Midas going to take a train?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:28 (Yeah.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:30 Thanks. What time are you coming in? (I think heís supposed to get there the day after Josh visits Mazyís parents, or maybe he could get there later that night.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:36 [Okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:37 I think I'll be there by later tonight.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:37 Which means I gotta get going.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:39 Alright then. Iíll see you later.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:43 I'll be taking the train. See you later too. Try not to get yourself into anything you shouldn't, okay?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:45 *pauses* Okay. See ya. *ends the call* *shortly after, he grabs his bag, Mazyís bag, the radio, and takes off*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:46 *contacts his family briefly about his plans, and then packs and heads off to Chicago by train*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:47 *the day turns out to be beautiful, and he sort of enjoys the solitary drive* *speeds across the flat land, the solar-powered radio blasting from the dashboard*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:48 *however, when he approaches Indiana later, some bruise-colored clouds roll in* *they donít exactly block out the sun, which makes for a very weird-looking afternoon*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:51 *Mazyís town is about 1.5 miles from the Indiana border* *it is an old town, with a downtown area and a few Victorian mansions**however, itís pretty deserted* *there is something very cold about it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:53 *passes an old crematorium/funeral home on the main street* *a chill goes down his spine* *not much further down the road is a muddy high school football field* *vaguely wonders if Mazy went to school there*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:55 *Culverdown Street turns out to be on the fringes of town* *slowly turns* *isnít all that surprised to see that Mazyís house is the worst one on the street* *it is shrouded by trees and bushes, and the siding is streaked with d*rt* *the shades are also
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:55 drawn*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:57 *takes a deep breath* *sits in his car for a while* *now that heís seen the house, heís really quite scared* *considers the possibility that this could be a trap*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:59 *is breaking into a sweat* *tries to counter that by taking deep breaths, but his heartbeat continues to rise* *finally, he canít bear the anxiety anymore* *pushes the car door open* *locks it and heads to the front door* *knocks*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:00 *stares at the cracked cement on the porch and says a quick prayer*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:02 *there's no answer, though he can perhaps hear something inside--perhaps a TV*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:05 *rings the doorbell this time*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:11 *after a minute, a scrawny woman opens the door* Woman: What is it you want? *her voice is hoarse and unwelcoming*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:16 *literally jumps out of his skin* Oh. Um, hi. Are you- are you Mazyís mom?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:22 Woman: *pauses**then sounds more stern* What is it you want?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:25 Iím a friend of Mazyís. She disappeared recently, and I got this text telling me to be here tonight at 7:30. I thought maybe youíd know something about it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:25 Woman: *doesn't say anything**just looks at him*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:29 Do you? Or not?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:33 Woman: What's your name, boy?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:37 *is starting to get a little freaked out* Josh.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:41 Woman: Last name?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:43 *is even more on edge* Boyd.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:51 (I have to go now, see you! Have a good week!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:53 [Aw, bye! Have a good week too! Good luck with school (good luck to Paige too, by the way)!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.16 04:11 [I'm here! I'm so sorry I wasn't on yesterday; yesterday was kinda crazy and I frankly forgot what day of the week it was.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 04:25 Woman: *just looks at him for a little bit**then says:* What makes you think you have any right to poke your nose in these parts?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:35 (Hey! Thatís totally fine; donít worry about it!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:35 *frowns a little* Because Iím concerned?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:36 I havenít heard from Mazy for days, and I think something might be wrong. I just wondered if you knew anything.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 04:44 Woman: Who are you to be concerned about her whereabouts? She's an adult. She takes care of herself.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:55 *is silent - and really frustrated* *doesn't understand why Mazyís mom is blind to the fact that Mazy could be in very real danger*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:56 *is also feeling like he made this trip for nothing* *takes a passive-aggressive stance* Okay. Youíre probably right.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:00 Woman: Yeah, I am.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:11 (Sorry for the slow replies. I had to take care of some things, so theyíll speed up now.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:12 [It's fine!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:14 Alright. Iíll get going now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:18 *gives her a nod* Thank you for your time. *is making a slight jab*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:23 *walks down the steps, internally swelling with anger every time* *stops and turns around* You know, itís kind of sad that you donít even care about your daughter, but okay.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:26 Woman: *huffs* You know nothing about any of us.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:26 Woman: Now get away before I call the cops.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:30 *stalks away to his car* *wouldnít really mind if Mazyís mom called the police - maybe then theyíd get exposed*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:32 *peels off, his blood boiling* *recklessly drives over part of their lawn*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:34 *the sun has dropped below the horizon* *speeds northbound toward Chicago* *wonders why he wasted time, money, and energy for a good chunk of the journey*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:35 *the woman makes an obscene gesture as he drives away and then stalks back into her house*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:36 *she immediately calls someone to talk about some kid showing up looking for Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:36 *got absolutely nothing out of that visit* *is mad about the ďclueĒ, and pretty much everything else* *wonders if he should even continue looking for Mazy* *it would be impossible not to, because he canít get it out of his head*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:38 *heís grown to like Mazy too, making the decision even more difficult* *however, he doesnít want to know what his friends and family would think if he were associated with someone like Mazyís mom*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:38 [When should Midas enter the picture again?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:41 (Pretty soon. Josh will be picking him up now.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:43 *pulls into the train station a few hours later* *Midas probably had to wait for a while, which makes him more upset about making the trip down to Mazyís parentsí* *goes out to meet Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:48 [Okie dokie.] *is sitting on a bench, tapping his foot impatiently*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:48 *gets up upon seeing Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:50 *sees a familiar figure leaping up* *canít help but smile* *jogs over*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:50 Midas! *gives him a one-armed hug*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:51 Sancho! *gives him a one-armed hug too, patting him on the back*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:51 What took you so long?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:53 Yeah, sorry Iím late... *pauses for a while* Remember I told you about Mazy? *starts leading them back to his car*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:59 *gathers up his stuff and follows him* Yeah, what about it?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:05 Well, I got this tip-off to go to her house in Indiana. *briefly describes the town and how crappy it was* I shouldnít have (BLEEP)ing gone. Itís pretty obvious that her parents donít care. They literally donít care.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:06 *opens the trunk and tosses one of Midasí bags inside* I have no idea where she is. The only person who might know is Kai, and he told me not to get involved.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:07 *mutters* I donít even know. I was the one who last saw her, I said some things, and... I feel like itís my responsibility to take care of it. *gets in the car*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:08 (I have to go now. I donít know if Iíll be online tomorrow night because Iím going to a musical. If I am online, Iíll be really late - probably 11:30 or so my time. Hopefully Iíll see you then!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 06:12 What happened
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 06:12 *What happened when you got to her house?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 06:13 [Alright, hopefully I'll see you then too! Goodnight!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.17 04:43 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:41 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.17 05:43 [Hey! It's fine. What musical did you see?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:51 (I saw Les Miserables! It was excellent.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:55 *starts driving* Her mom came to the door and asked me who I was. Then she basically told me that Mazy could take care of herself, and threatened to call the cops on me.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.17 05:56 [Ah, okay. Did you see a live version or the movie?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 05:57 Oof...sounds like you ran into a dead end.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:58 (It was a live performance.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:00 Exactly. It doesnít seem like thereís a lot I can do from here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:06 [Okie dokie. Cool!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:06 Hmmm...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:06 Have you gathered any more information about this? Anything at all?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:10 (Yeah! Thereís a performing arts center on campus, and they usually bring in two off-Broadway musicals per semester. Iím hoping to see the next one, Aladdin. Itís one of my favorite Disney movies/musicals.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:11 [Ah, okay. ^.^]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:13 Nothing.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:14 I just wish I knew more about her, and where she was. *sounds exhausted*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:25 [Sorry, got distracted in Hangouts.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:25 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:25 [I can't stop laughing because I typed the dumbest thing I've read in a long time...]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:26 [We were discussing anger with RaeAnna and how it effects being in character. For me it can get in the way sometimes. She said "I don't have much trouble with that, actually. It's nice when my own character would be angry as well."]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:27 [In response I sent this: "Yeah, it definitely works if it'd work for the character to be angry anyway."]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:27 [Just...brain, WT*... XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:28 Hm...maybe you should sleep on it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:29 Say, what was the name of that road again?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:36 (Oh my gosh, haha. I spent a while puzzling over that sentence.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:36 Culverdown?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:38 Huh...okay...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:39 Say, what did Mazy's house look like?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:40 Uh, it was small and white. Kind of on its last legs in terms of appearance. There was a lot of overgrowth around it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:40 *stops to wonder how Mazy even managed that*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:43 *notices Josh's odd pause* You okay?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:44 *says almost instantly* Yeah, Iím fine.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:47 Whatcha thinking about?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:48 Just... all of this. Everythingís good, though.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:50 *is wondering why Midas wants to probe his brain all of a sudden* *his optimistic side is also hoping that Midas knows a bit about Mazyís neighborhood*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:57 Alright...where are we going, exactly?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:59 Weíre going to my brotherís place to spend the night. *that would be his eldest brother, Alex*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:01 [Well that makes three RP characters named Alex. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:01 [There's Alexa, then Alexander (one of Mayhem's aliases), and now Alex.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:02 [Heck.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:02 Oh yeah...the one named after my girlfriend?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:03 (Oh my gosh, thatís a hilarious observation. I didnít realize that - I just pulled it out of the top of my head.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:03 *laughs a little* Thatís the one.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:04 *about twenty minutes later, they arrive at Alexís apartment* *is a little nervous* *hasnít seen his brother in maybe a year, let alone spend much time with him*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:05 I need to ask your parents how they could dare to steal that name from her.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:05 *said that before the time skip*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:06 *knocks on the door* *it is promptly swung open* Alex: *says with a grin* Hey, little bro! *glances at Midas, then does a double take* Wait... are you... Midas?...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:07 *had told Midas he can ask on Thanksgiving*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:08 I hope I am.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:10 *laughs* Alex: Oh my god!! *is also laughing* I think the last time I saw you was when you were in seventh grade or something. And now youíre taller than Josh! Wow.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:12 *looks down at Josh* Well...again, I hope I am. *looks at Alex, grinning*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:13 Wouldn't want to have an identity crisis during Thanksgiving break. That would su ck.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:14 Alex: For sure. Come on in. *leads them inside his apartment, which is pretty nice*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:15 Alex: So, how are you doing? Josh: Fine. *is lying through his teeth* *sets his bag on the floor* *remembers that Mazyís is in the trunk*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:16 *the two talk basketball for a bit* *then, Alex turns toward Midas* How have you been? Howís your family, your brother? God, I remember when he was a toddler... he fell off the monkey bars in the park one time, and I had to go help him.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:18 Yeah, I remember that too...don't worry, he isn't as stupid now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:18 *goes to rummage in the fridge in the meantime* *finds some orange juice and a glass, and fills it to the rim* *also discovers some Goldfish* *takes a hefty handful*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:19 My family's doing fine.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:19 *Alex laughs* *takes a sip of OJ and listens to Midas* *had forgotten to ask how everyone was doing*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:23 Alex: Great, glad to hear. *pauses* Well, I know itís not five-star lodging, but Iíve got a spare bedroom and a couch. You guys can decide who gets what.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:24 *points at Midas with the glass of OJ* *says through a mouthful of Goldfish* The bed is all yours.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:27 Alex: *notices Josh took some of his food* Hey, next time ask before you ransack my food supply. Josh: That probably wouldíve been a good idea, seeing as you got orange juice with pulp.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:29 Alex: Hey, itís better for you. Anyways, Iíll be in my room, so... goodnight. *retreats to his bedroom*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:30 *picks up his bag and sort of grins at Midas* Well... I hope youíre ready for tomorrow. Itís definitely not your average Thanksgiving.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:32 I hope I'm ready too.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:32 Also don't kid yourself. You need the rest. Take the bed. *slumps down on the couch*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:33 [gtg to bed now. Goodnight! Good luck with college, and have a good week! *offline*]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:34 *his tone gets quieter* Also, are you sure you shouldn't have contacted the authorities about...you know...? [Anyways, bye!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:34 (Alright, you too! See you!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:35 *looks down* I donít know. Itís probably too late now. *shifts around a bit* Iíll see you in the morning.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:37 *lies in bed worrying about things- an upcoming game, Thanksgiving, and a pair of shoes he mightíve lost* *most of all, he worries about the entire Mazy situation, and about her*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:14 *lies on the couch, thinking**can't really get to sleep either*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:28 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:41 [Hey! How's college been?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:47 (Well, itís definitely been the calm before the storm right now. Iíve had some papers and presentations to work on which havenít been too bad, though Iím getting really worried that I might not pass math.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:47 (By the way, Paige wanted to tell me to tell you thank you for your group project advice. The project went well, and she said your suggestions really helped.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:49 (How have things been for you?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:53 [@ Paige: You're welcome! Glad I could help. :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:54 [Things have been alright, though all of my classes have some big project or exam coming right before the final. I'm trying to get those done ASAP.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:54 [What kind of math is it? I might be able to help.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:02 (Good luck with those! Iím in college algebra, so Iíve been learning about all types of functions- linear, exponential, logarithmic, quadratic, rational, etc. I have a general idea of each, but the tests are usually harder than what is taught in the
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:03 lecture. Itís also a ton of stuff to remember - especially logarithmic and exponential functions - and I tend to blank when doing quizzes and tests.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:20 *sleeps for two hours, albeit restlessly* *gets up and helps himself to a glass of water* *downs it in a gulp or two* *then stands beside the fridge for a while and attempts to sort out his thoughts*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:21 [Ah, okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:30 [WTH? For a little while I lost access to this page. It kept redirecting me to the RP-City home page.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:31 [Sorry for all the disappearances...RP-City is acting up on me again.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:32 (Thatís really weird... donít worry about it, though. )
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:33 [I'm pretty good with college algebra. If you need some help, let me know.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:33 [I was a math tutor for a while, actually. Most of the people I helped were doing college algebra stuff.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:41 (Okay, thanks for offering! Iíll look through my notes and let you know.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:50 [Alright. BTW, do you watch Khan Academy?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:51 *has been up on his laptop*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:51 *goes over to Josh and taps him on the shoulder* Hey.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:58 (Yeah, sometimes. Iíve been going to tutoring lately, too.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:58 *jumps very slightly and turns around* Oh. Hey.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:04 [Ah, okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:05 [Whenever I have problems with math, I pretty much default to Khan Academy. It's saved my butt sometimes.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:05 Thinking about the Mazy thing too?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:06 (Alright. Iíll try to see if I can find some videos pertaining to what Iím struggling with.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:06 *looks at him and nods* Yeah. I canít sleep. *turns around and fills his glass with more water*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:08 I donít know what to do. I donít know if I should file a missing persons report, or... *takes a swig of water*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:08 Iíll take anything I can get right now. *mutters* I have her bag in my trunk.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:11 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:23 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:24 Have you tried contacting her, or contacting whoever sent you that weird text?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:24 *her again, or
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:04 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:06 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:07 *shakes his head* No.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:07 Is it even worth it?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:19 (By the way, I have some math questions. Is it okay if I share them on a Google Doc?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:34 [Hey! Sorry, I forgot to check this RP.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:34 [Sure. Send me the link to the doc in a secret message.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:35 (Alright! I might be able to share it via email, too.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:41 [Okie dokie.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:41 (Sent it! Let me know when you get it.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:46 [Got it!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:49 (Great!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:53 [Go ahead and share your questions. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 07:26 I mean...what if you got something back?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 04:56 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:01 (Hey! Thatís fine.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:02 *nods vaguely* Maybe.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:03 (By the way, I have another quick math question. Mind if I share?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 05:09 [Sure! Should we go to the doc, or can it be shared here?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:18 (I can put it in the doc if thatís okay.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 05:25 [Alright, I'll check out the doc.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:29 (Okay, Iím back! Thanks again for your help.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:31 [I'm back!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:31 [No problem! :)]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:32 *sets his glass on the counter* Well, I think Iím gonna try to get some sleep. See ya in the morning. *heads back to the spare bedroom*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:32 Do you know anyone who knows her who you could talk to?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:32 *said that before Josh set the glass down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:35 *immediately picks up his phone* *ignores all the other notifications and goes straight to the mysterious number* *sends it a message that basically demands the sender to stop messing around and that he knows the sender has further information*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:36 *lays down and stares at the screen for a little longer* *then goes to Mazyís number*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:38 *scrolls up and down through his string of unanswered texts, which only fills him with frustration* *yet, he adds another: ďWhere are you?Ē* *knows he might never get a response, but sending it helps release some stress*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:40 *thinks for a while and goes back to his laptop**shuts the laptop down and sighs**then has a thought and takes out his phone*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:40 *it's probably at least 3 in the morning, but he calls Kai anyway*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:42 *answers on the second to last ring* *sounds a bit groggy* Hello?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:45 Hey Kai, sorry to bother you this late at night, but what do you know about the situation with Mazy?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:50 Nah, youíre good. *admits with a laugh* Iíve actually just been gaming for 5 hours straight. One minute. *there is some rustling around before Kai gets back on the line*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:51 Is this the one that Josh called me about like, 2 days ago?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:16 [Sorry for disappearing, I got super distracted. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:16 Yeah.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:16 But I have an update... *explains how Josh tried to investigate to no avail*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:19 Do you have any ideas on what could be done next?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:21 (Thatís okay!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:22 Well, honestly, I donít know. Mazy was never real open about any of that. I just know that her mom lives on the bottle, and her dad might as well, too. Though heís kind of a mystery.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:23 I remember around this time of year, sheíd just stay back while everyone else went home to their families. I really donít think sheís well-connected to any of her other family members.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:24 She did tell me about this close friend she had back in her hometown. You might want to look there first if you want better answers.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:25 Are you with Josh right now or something? He told me he was spending Thanksgiving in Chicago...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:28 Indeed I am.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:28 Who's this "close friend?"
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:30 Okay. If you decide to go through with this... I mean, no pressure or anything, but maybe you could swing by and pick me up? Iím at my grandmaís house in the Chicago area. *pauses* Mazyís one of my best friends, and I donít want to let this go unsolved.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:31 I think sheís a neighbor - they grew up together, went through similar experiences. The friendís parents didnít sound too great, either.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:53 [Sorry, got caught up in an argument. >__< ]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:58 Alright. How about we meet up and you take me to Mazy's friend?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:01 (Thatís alright. Hopefully everything was resolved!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:02 Maybe sometime tomorrow. Later though, since I have to be here for Thanksgiving dinner.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:02 I can send you the details later.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:09 Alright. Will you send me the details through email or phone call or what?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:17 Iíll text you the address.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:17 Got it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:20 Well, I guess Iíll see you tomorrow, then. Try to catch some sleep. *chuckles a little* Itís pretty late.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:25 Yeah...goodnight. *yawns*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:28 *Thanksgiving morning comes around* *is disappointed to see that none of last nightís texts got answered, but what more could he have expected?* *is pretty sullen all morning* *he isnít looking forward to later, and heís worried about this*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:29 (I have to go now. Hope you have a good week! By the way, Iíll be online Wednesday night. See you then!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:36 [Alright, see you! Have a good week too, and happy Thanksgiving break! :)]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 04:23 [I'm online! My replies will be quite slow. I'm working on a Java semester project.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 04:58 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:05 [Hey! It's fine.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:20 *gets dressed into something nice, as the Thanksgiving dinner is to be held at a 5-star restaurant* *adjusts his tie one last time in the mirror, then they set out* *his brother drives seperately*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:22 *is making espresso*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:22 *well, he did that before they left, obviously*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:23 *makes the trek to and through downtown Chicago* *parks, then meets up with his brother* *they walk to the Michael Jordan Steakhouse (yes, there is such a place), and wait by the back door for the rest of his family* *it is bitingly cold out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:25 *shoves his hands into the pockets of his winter coat* *his stomach twists when he sights his dad, mom, and brother walking toward them* *weirdly enough, his thoughts spiral into the Mazy ordeal at the same moment*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:28 *a mini reunion of sorts takes place by the back door* *hugs his mom and dad, and his other older brother - Hayden - just kind of smirks at him*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:29 Joshís mom: Midas? *seems surprised to see him, but goes in for a hug* How are you? Itís been so long!...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:30 I've been good! *hugs her back a bit awkwardly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:37 Joshís dad: *says a bit gruffly* Nice to see ya, Midas. *heads toward the door* *everyone else follows* Joshís mom: Oh, Aunt Pam should be here any minute... Josh: *gulps*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:38 *gives Josh's back a comforting pat*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:40 (By the way, I donít want to totally steal the show, so I would highly encourage you play as Hayden or another random family member (the weirder, the better). Hayden is definitely not the nicest brother - heís got an ego for sure. When paired with Alex,
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:40 [Okie dokie. I can be Hayden and Aunt Pam.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:41 itís double the trouble. I imagine Midas is no stranger to Haydenís bullying. Haydenís probably 2 years older than Josh, so they wouldíve hung out when they were younger.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:41 (Okay, awesome!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:46 *a waiter leads them over to a long, rectangular table* *feels a bit more unnatural every year he has to do this* *hasnít had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner since middle school, or whenever Alex left*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:48 *sits next to Midas* *gives him an apologetic glance as he unfolds a cloth napkin*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:48 [Okie dokie, I recommend reloading.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:48 *not long later, his mom flags down Aunt Pam* *Aunt Pam is fairly short, lean, has short, sandy hair, and a faceload of makeup*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:53 *comes in with her sister* EYYYYYYYYYY!
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.28 05:54 *leans back in his chair, his tone casual**is wearing a very nice suit* Eyyy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:55 *winces* *Alex and Hayden, who havenít wasted any time in delving into conversation, bother to look up* Joshís dad: Hello, Pam. Happy Thanksgiving.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:56 Alex: *gives Aunt Pam a small wave and smile*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:58 How are my nephews?!! *comes over to Alex*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 Oh, don't be shy. *ruffles Alex's hair* You're growin' up to be a fine one!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 Alex: Doing great. *gives Aunt Pam a genuine hug*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 *goes over to Hayden* And you are turning out to be a handsome boy! Got a girlfriend? Hayden: Oh, maybe one or two. *smirks*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 *did that after hugging Alex's hair, of course*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 *hugging Alex, [BRAIN WTF]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:01 Ooo, you guys better be careful or this one'll turn into James Bond!
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:02 *laughs and goes over to Josh* Hey! *sees his suit* ...eugh...could be better...
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:02 I keep telling ya you look better in pink. *hugs Josh briefly* Ah well.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:03 *smiles a tight-lipped smile* Uh, thanks for the suggestion.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:04 Joshís mom: We have a special guest here with us today. Josh: *takes the cue* Uh, yeah. This is my friend, Midas. Maybe you remember him.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 06:11 Hey. *smiles*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:17 Eyyyy! *ruffles his hair* You grew fast! Haven't seen you since you were... *holds her hand up* ...this big!
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:17 You still play Uno or what? [Yes, she's confusing him with Red.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:18 Alex: *chuckles* *says in a good-natured way* I canít believe theyíre still friends. *however, he shares a laugh with Hayden*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:19 (Oh my gosh. Aunt Pam has exceeded my expectations so far.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 06:21 Um...yes.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:25 Maybe we can play a game or two, eh? Midas: Maybe. *winks* Aunt Pam: Ooo hoo hoo, and how many girlfriends have YOU got? Midas: One.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:25 *@ Josh* More than you too, huh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:26 Joshís mom: Uh, Pam... *chuckles a little* *pauses* Speaking of girlfriends... werenít you going to bring yours, Josh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:27 *sees his dad quickly face him out of the corner of his eye* *is a little embarrassed, especially because of Aunt Pam* *his face reddens* Um. She couldnít make it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:27 Joshís mom: Aw, thatís really too bad. Alex: *laughs incredulously* Wait, Josh has a girlfriend?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:41 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted by my Java project.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:41 *says in unision with Alex* Josh has a girlfriend?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:41 Why didn't you tell me?!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:45 (Thatís okay!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:47 We just recently started... dating, I guess. *feels weird saying that*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:51 Why isn't she here?!
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:52 I could tell you if she's the type for this family!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:55 Alex: *laughs* You guess? Either you are or you arenít. Josh: *shrugs, then browses a menu with an air of nonchalance*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:55 *looks at Aunt Pam from over the menu* Something just came up.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:56 Alex: *is still grinning* Are you even telling the truth? Josh: Hey. *leans back* When was the last time you had a girlfriend? High school, maybe?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:58 Joshís dad: *drops his menu* *says like heís had to say it a hundred times before* Okay boys, thatís enough.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.28 07:00 What "came up," bruh?
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.28 07:01 Your ego?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:01 Joshís mom: Yeah, itís Thanksgiving. Be nice to each other. Why donít you pick something off of the menu, too. Midas, you can have whatever you want, hon.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 07:03 ^.^ Okie dokie.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:04 *glares at Hayden* *murmurs coolly* That sounds like a question more fit for you to answer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 07:04 *decides to order something really weird just to see how Aunt Pam will react*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:05 *Alex laughs at Haydenís question* *allows the menu to partially obscure his face again* *is getting embarrassed and píd off very quickly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:09 *around this time, Kai sends Midas the information*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:13 *the orders are placed* *it takes a while, but the ďThanksgiving feastĒ emerges* *got something pretty basic* *Hayden and his dad probably got very carnivorous dishes, while Aunt Pam and his mom opted for a bottomless salad*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:13 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 07:17 [Aw, bye! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.29 05:03 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I got caught up in schoolwork.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:08 (Hey! No problem.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:23 *Joshís dad says a few words of thanks before the meal* *canít stop glancing at Midasí dish, which is some truly exotic seafood*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.29 05:27 [Hey! Sorry, forgot to check on this tab.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:32 *his dish is still sizzling loudly*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:32 *tries not to smirk because the sizzling forces Josh's dad to speak up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:38 Joshís dad: *clears his throat a little, glancing at Midas* Alright, everyone. Enjoy your meals.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:39 Amen! *digs in*
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.29 05:44 *is looking at Midas' seafood platter a lot**his expression is somewhere in between "WT*??" and amusement*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:48 *kind of snickers, appreciating Midasí subtle rebelliousness there*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:50 *mid-meal, everyone at the table begins to talk about the latest achievements in their lives* *his mom talks about her health promotion job, Alex reveals that heís extending his contract to sit on the Bulls bench for another two years, and Aunt Pam
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.29 05:50 *nudges Alex, whispers with him a bit, then turns back towards Midas* Hey, what have you got there?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:50 *says while chewing* Heaven.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:52 babbles about her Black Friday plans* *then Hayden and his dad brag about how the former is a contender for Player of the Year within some conference/team*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:56 *feels envious* *because he broke his wrist during the first road trip, he knows heíll never be better than his brothers, at least not at Alexís level* *since he doesnít see his family often, he also finds that he doesnít really care about what theyíre
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:57 saying* *knows the same feelings would be reciprocated if he said anything* *canít think of anything to bring up, except for Mazy* *knows his family wouldnít support him if he told them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:59 *eats quickly, the frustration building up* *Hayden keeps talking* *finally, the frustration boils over into anger* *sets his fork down and pushes himself away from the table* *stands up*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.29 06:03 *she keeps praising Hayden and Alex--Hayden especially--while ignoring Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:10 *pushes in his chair while watching Aunt Pam a little* Joshís mom: Josh, whatís wrong? Josh: I have to go.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:12 *watches Josh carefully*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:13 Joshís dad: *doesnít sound particularly aggressive* Sit your (BLEEP) down. Itís Thanksgiving. Itís time to be with family. Joshís mom: Yeah, whatís going on? You havenít been yourself.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:16 Just- something came up. Alex: That seems to be happening a lot with you. Joshís mom: Itís Thanksgiving! Joshís dad: *is firm now* Sit down. Josh: *says stubbornly* No.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:18 Joshís mom: *is getting firm now* Tell me whatís going on. Josh: *wonders if people in the restaurant are looking at them, but then he remembers that theyíre the only ones there* Iím leaving now. *puts his coat on* See you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:18 *mutters* Come on, Midas.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:19 *immediately gets up to follow Josh*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:20 *smiles and waves* Thanks for the dinner! It was great. *shoves a little extra seafood in his gob, then follows Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:31 *walks back into the cold, wiping his eyes a bit* *doesnít say anything to Midas until they get in the car* Sorry. I just needed to get the h**l out of there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:34 Understood.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:34 Hayden and Pam in particular really su ck.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:43 Yeah. *murmurs* Aunt Pam is losing her mind.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:44 *drives through Chicago, unsure of where heís going* *turns the radio on*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:47 You know...I might have somewhere we can go to.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:48 *turns to Midas* Where?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:57 I was in contact with Kai last night. He agreed to meet up with me here sometime after dinner.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:59 Okay... is there a specific location?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:00 *is starting to feel a little hopeful* *had talked to Kai himself, who seemed interested in helping find Mazy*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:05 [Sorry for the slow replies. I've been working on my project.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:05 [I've gotten to the part where drawing counts as work. XD XP I'm using Krita's multibrush tool to draw snowflakes fast. It's a hypnotic experience.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:06 [Also I'm guessing Kai texted Midas back about where they'd meet up?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:12 (No problem. Haha, I can definitely see where itíd have that effect! And yeah, he did.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:14 [I can literally wig-waggle my tablet pen in any direction and it's like "oh my god that's a beautiful effect...I could watch that forever...wait it's been 15 minutes already?"]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:15 [So where did Kai say they'd meet?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:18 (Oh my gosh, haha. His grandmaís house. He likely sent Midas the address.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:20 [Okay.] *pulls up the address on his phone* Kai's grandma's house.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:20 He's got some information that might interest you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:25 *sits for a moment, considering that* Okay. Letís see what heís got.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:26 *he and Midas go up to the door and ring on the doorbell* *an older woman - presumably Kaiís grandma - opens the door* *she stares at them with narrowed eyes, then slams the door* *hears her saying behind the door, ďDonít worry everyone, just a few
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:27 Jehovahís Witnesses at the doorĒ. *looks down at his pants, then at Midasí nice coat* *laughs* Okay...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:29 *knocks again*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:29 JEHOVAH'S WITNESS!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:29 YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:30 *is thinking that they got the wrong house until the door is answered by Kai*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:30 *laughs* Sorry about that. That was my grandma. Címon in. *opens the door wide*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:32 Aww, but I was in the mood to roleplay. *comes in*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:32 *leads Josh and Midas into a semi-packed house* Hey Grandma? Those were actually my friends. Kaiís grandma: Oh, Iím sorry! Kai: *introduces them to her* This is Josh, and this is Midas.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:34 Kaiís grandma: Pleasure to meet you two. Kai: *says smoothly* Weíre actually going to a hockey game tomorrow, and since theyíre in the area, theyíre picking me up.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:35 Someone, probably Kaiís cousin: You like hockey? Kai: Uh, yeah. Itís one of my newest phases. *laughs a little*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:35 Hi! *smiles and waves*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:36 Grandma: Well, you canít just stop by without having something to eat! Josh: *smiles* Actually- Grandma: Címon, itís Thanksgiving! I didnít cook this food for nothing! Grab a plate and help yourselves!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:38 *awkwardly grabs a plate and goes into the kitchen* *some food is set up buffet-style* *takes some pumpkin pie and a few other Thanksgiving fixinís*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:39 *gets dessert as well*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:42 [gtg to bed. Goodnight!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:42 [See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:42 (Goodnight to you too! See you!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 04:15 [I'm online!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:52 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 04:53 [Hey! It's fine. We've all been busy.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:54 *hangs around on the fringes of the living room with Midas, watching the football game* *Kai soon comes up to them, a backpack slung over his shoulder*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:55 *keeps his voice low* So...how are things?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:57 *smiles a little* As good as they can be.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:03 We're hanging in there.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:11 *nods* Good. So... I had this idea. *glances at Midas, then at Josh* Mazy had a good friend who might know some things. We need to meet her before the hockey game, because she might have answers.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:12 *takes a bite of pumpkin pie and frowns* What?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:13 *wiggles his eyebrows* The hockey game.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:15 *shakes his head a little, still not following* Tell me when we get in the car.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:17 *he and Midas polish off their plates as quickly as possible* *then, they start making their way towards the door* *Kai says goodbye to his family members, who seem confused but wish them all safe travels*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:20 *calls out to Kaiís grandma* Thanks for the food! It was excellent! Kaiís grandma: Oh, anytime, anytime! You boys take care, now. *watches Josh and Midas file out the door* *wonders what they were doing all Thanksgiving*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:21 [Sorry for disappearing. I was watching Markiplier's latest 3 scary games video and some of the games there were actually quite good/really caught my attention.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:30 Yeah, the pie was fantastic!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:30 *heads to the car*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:33 (No worries!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:34 *slams the door to the driverís side and cranks up the heat*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *waits for Kai to get in* Whew...I doubt I could eat again for a week.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 Okay, so Mazy has - or had - a best friend in her town. They used to be neighbors, I think. Grew up together, parents were both neglectful... it seemed like they had a strong bond.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *looks at Josh* You doing okay?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *asked that before Kai got in*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *had climbed into the backseat*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:38 *laughs a little at Midasí comment, thinking back to his exotic meal* Yeah... Iím good. *starts driving and listens to Kai*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:39 *at Kai* So... do I need to drive back there?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:40 Thereís not a lot we can work with here, but seeing if we can catch her friend would be a start. If finding Mazy is something you really want, then yeah. Itís not too far from here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:40 *yawns* Wake me up when we get to Indiana.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 *nods* Yeah. Okay. *pulls onto the interstate and heads back that way*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 [Wait...where does Mazy's friend live?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 *laughs* Thatís probably gonna be pretty soon.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 (In the same town, probably right across the street.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:48 [Hmm...]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:48 [How long would it take them to get there?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:51 (The Chicago area is approximately 20 minutes from the Indiana border. Indiana is pretty small, so Iíd say about an hour at most.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:54 [Ah, okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:55 [Is it okay if I play as Mazy's friend, or do you want to do that?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:57 (Go right ahead!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:57 *turns up the small radio* *to Midasí delight, an Elvis ballad is on to lull him to sleep*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:59 Youíve got an aux cable and a perfectly good radio system, yet you still choose to use that old thing. *laughs a little*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:00 *smiles* Midas likes it. *really though, what would a road trip be without it?*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:01 *says after a while* So, did you ever go to Mazyís house?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:03 Yeah. *sounds disappointed* Kai: Howíd it go? Josh: It wasnít worth the trip. *describes it all* ...she threatened to call the cops on me. Maybe that wouldíve been a good thing. Kai: *sighs* (BLEEP)...yeah, I didnít realize how awful they were. Hopefully
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:04 *looks asleep, though he's not*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:05 [brb]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:06 we donít see them tonight. Josh: *keeps his eyes on the road* I donít know. I guess I wouldnít mind it. *doesnít elaborate*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:06 (Okay.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:08 *sees that his mom called, then his dad, and surprisingly, Alex* *doesnít plan on calling them back* *he can only focus on one thing right now*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:19 [Back!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:20 (Welcome!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:22 [Thanks. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:28 *eventually Elvis does indeed lull him to sleep*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:32 *canít believe it, but heís back in Mazyís town for the second time in a row* *the downtown is still as dead as ever, and seeing it sort of s u c k s the life out of him* *sees the crematorium pass by* *mutters* How did she stand it?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:34 *this is the first time heís seen Mazyís town* *watches the muddy football field roll past, feeling pretty depressed himself* I donít know.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:35 *his stomach lurches a little as he turns down Mazyís street* *slowly stops a house away from Mazyís house, which is unsurprisingly shrouded in darkness*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:36 *nudges Midas a little* Hey. Weíre here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:36 *has awoken*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:39 Oh hey, we are...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:47 *turns back to Kai* Where does her friend live?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:48 *his eyes dart around a little* Uh... I actually donít know.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:49 *sighs with annoyance and leans back* Then how are we supposed to find her.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:50 Letís just wait here while itís still light out. Maybe we can ask someone.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:50 *is really irritated, but he just goes along with it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:52 *at least 20 minutes go by* *is starting to nod off* *his eyes follow a nice car as it slows in front of a house across the street from Mazyís* *doesnít think much of it, until a girl with blonde braids emerges*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:52 *sits up a little* Hey. Guys.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:53 Hm what?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:53 *sees the girl* Oh...so...is that her?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:03 I think so. *opens the car door*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:04 *follows Josh*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 07:04 [Midas was asking Kai BTW.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 07:04 ['Cause how Josh would know I have no idea. XD XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:10 (Oh, right. Just pretend Kai confirmed that.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:10 *jogs up to her* Hey, excuse me?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 07:10 [Okie dokie.] *gets out of the car*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:13 [I recommend reloading.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:14 *pauses**looks at them warily**her voice is a bit scratchy* What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:15 *Kai and Midas are behind him* *notices that Havynís car keys are splayed between her fingers* *canít seem to figure this town out - or the people who live in it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:16 *stands back a little* Do you know someone named Mazy?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:17 *looks at them carefully for a little bit**then says:* None of your business. *goes to walk around them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:20 Wait! *runs after her a little* We really need to know.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:25 Why?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:25 Why the [BLEEP] would anyone care?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:29 Sheís missing.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:31 *nods* Yeah. I care - sheís one of my best friends. *sounds a bit annoyed, like that was a common sense answer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:32 I was here yesterday to see her parents, and they donít seem to care. Kai: *adds* We thought you might know something.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:41 *pauses*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:43 [Well, I gtg to bed. Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:46 (Aw, okay. Iíll see you then!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:47 *waits for her to speak* *is desperate for anything*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 04:32 [I'm here! Replies will be slow. I'm doing schoolwork.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 04:32 You thought I might know something about what?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:36 (Hey! No worries.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:37 Anything. Like... did she tell you anything that stood out? Maybe about her family?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 04:38 Why do you need to know?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:42 *sounds like heís trying to contain his annoyance* Mazy is missing. We need anything we can get in order to maybe track her down.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:44 You might have connections to people she could be with right now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:45 *narrows his eyes a little* Sheís not with you, is she?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:01 Why the h**l would she be with me?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:01 And how the h**l do I know you're trustworthy?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:11 We wouldnít be here if this wasnít a concern.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:12 *adds* And just so you know, we know nothing about you, except that you were one of Mazyís good friends. She told me herself.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:18 And who the h**l are you?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:25 *looks a bit surprised* Well, Iím Kai, and I go - went - to school with her before she took off. And theyíre Midas and Josh, other friends of mine.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:26 Mazy was staying at my place for a while before she went missing.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:28 [Oh crap...I just realized how similar this character's name is to Josh's brother...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:29 [Well...first we had Alexa and Alex, now we have Hayden and Havyn. Whoops. XD]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:34 ...Got proof?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:34 (I know, haha! I was almost thinking about pointing that out.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:35 Yeah. *goes to his car* *pops the trunk and pulls out a black backpack, which has a few keychains and buttons on it* *carries it over to Havyn* She left her stuff.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:51 *grabs the backpack quickly and looks through it*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:53 *hesitates* Got pictures?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:56 *shakes his head a little* No.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:57 Wait. *shoves forward* I do. *hold his phone out, showing Hayvn a few pictures he has with Mazy*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:01 *hesitates*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:01 *glances around a bit* We can talk. Just not here.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:09 Where do you want to go?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:19 *starts walking*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:25 *glances back at Kai and Midas, then follows Hayvn*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:37 [Oh crap, I got really carried away...sorry... XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:38 (Donít worry about it! Iím kind of doing something myself.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:47 *walks a couple of blocks to a bus stop*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:55 *gets in the bus*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:56 *nervously follows her* *is not feeling very optimistic about leaving his car behind for an indefinite amount of time*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:56 *gives Midas a puzzled look* *murmurs rhetorically* Where we going?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.1 07:00 No idea. *climbs in*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:04 *sits a seat across from Hayvn* *isnít pushing her for answers, but he is waiting patiently* *looks out the window* *some golden streetlamps reflect against it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:15 *the bus rolls on for a few silent minutes* *speaks up* Look, I donít mean to be rude or anything, but my car is sitting out in a strange neighborhood, and... *gets to the point* Can you tell me what you know about Mazyís family?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 07:21 I'll tell you when we get there. Midas: Get where? Havyn: *doesn't answer**gets out after a couple stops and walks off to a little park type area*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:24 *follows Havyn once again* *is kind of creeped out* *a lone, flickering streetlamp is the only source of light* *the playground equipment is old and skeletal* *a see-saw creaks and groans nearby*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:25 *sits down on the edge of a slide*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:30 *walks around the perimeter of the play structure, kicking woodchips absentmindedly*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 07:46 *turns to them* Tell me what you know so far about her.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:49 Well, youíre her friend, or were, anyways... her parents are trash... sheís an amazing artist... *is counting off what he knows* *Josh nods along*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:53 *adds* She likes candy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:54 (I have to go now, see you! I have an orchestra concert on Thursday, so I donít know if Iíll be online. Until then, have a great week!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.2 05:34 [Alright. I hope you have a great week too! Good luck with the concert!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.6 05:14 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.6 06:04 [Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:26 [Sorry for not posting BTW. I've been here for a while, I just forgot to announce it. XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:34 *hesitates*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:34 Tell me what you know about what's happened to her recently.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:39 (Hey! Thatís okay. Iíve been studying math because I have a final on Monday. Maybe itís an exaggeration, but I feel like I have 2 days left to live before doom, haha.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:41 [It's fine. I feel the same way. XD XP I have two finals on Monday, one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday...it'll be one heck of a marathon.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:41 (I do have a quick math-related question on the Google Doc though, if you wouldnít mind providing some insight!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:41 [I have something I'd like to share with you. Do you mind signing into Hangouts?]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:42 [Oh, alright.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:43 (Geez... yeah. With two in a day, youíll really have to bust butt.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:43 [The thing I have to share should only take a few minutes. Could we do that first and then switch to the Google Doc?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:43 (Crap. Iím at home this weekend and I left my laptop on campus. I donít know if Iíll be able to sign into Hangouts... sorry!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:49 [I think Hangouts should work fine on a phone or tablet or other device.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:49 [At the very least you can open a browser and go to hangouts.google.com and sign in there.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:50 [There's also a Hangouts app.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:53 (Alright.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:55 (Okay, I got the app.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:55 [Okie dokie! Meet me on Hangouts!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:47 (Iím back!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:48 [Eyy!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:49 *looks at the floor for a while, trying to figure out what he should or shouldnít say* Well, her parents kicked her out of the house. She showed up on my doorstep a while ago claiming she had nowhere else to go, and sheís been with me ever since she went
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:50 missing. *looks up at Hayvn and adds* By the way, Iím in Wisconsin.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:53 So she's with you right now?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:53 Why are you here then?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:57 Sheís not with me, and thatís a long story. But... one night I saw her walking around outside, and then someone stepped out of a truck and said something to her. I swear she got pulled into the truck then and there.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:58 *doesn't say anything(
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:58 **
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:01 I donít want to say it was a kidnapping just yet. After hearing what sheís told me, I think thereís a lot going on that we donít know about.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:06 ...What do you know about her family?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:11 I just know that theyíre alcoholics, and that they fight with her. It sounds like a nightmare.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:13 Do you know anything about anybody other than her parents?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:15 She has a brother and a sister, but thatís all I know of.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:16 *pipes in* I think sheís mentioned an uncle and aunt before.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:30 [Sorry for the delay. I got distracted drawing.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:30 *hesitates*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:30 There's been trouble with her brother. That's all I know. You never saw me. *turns and starts walking*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:36 *pauses, utterly befuddled* *then stands up and tries to stop Hayvn before she can get off the bus* Hey, wait!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:36 I just need to know how I can get ahold of him.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:42 *pauses*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:42 No idea.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:42 ...I know a bit about her aunt and uncle, though.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:44 What do you know?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:46 I know where they live.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:47 Can you?... *is basically asking her to tell them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:48 I just need to make sure sheís okay.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:56 *looks around quickly* Do you have something to write on?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:58 *hands her his phone* Just type it in.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 08:02 *takes his phone, types something in as quickly as she can, then gives it back to him* I wasn't here. *turns and leaves*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 08:02 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 08:02 (Bye! See you!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 08:03 *just stands there and watches her dart out of sight* *the bus pulls forward, and he stumbles back into a seat* *didnít even get a chance to say thank you*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 08:03 *suddenly realizes he has no idea where they are*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.8 04:57 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. I was watching the movie Alice in the Cities with my family. I recommend it.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.8 05:08 (Hey, I donít think Iíll be online tonight. I went to a concert, and Iím still not back home. Iíll see you next week! Best of luck with your finals!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.8 05:34 [Alright, see you best week! Good luck with your finals too! Kick that math's butt! :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.8 05:34 *next week!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.11 04:05 (Thank you! I ended up passing math! I was really worried I wasnít going to because I didnít too well on the last exam, but the final wasnít too bad. Thanks for all your help! It really did serve me well.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.11 04:06 (I wonít be online Thursday because I have an exam really dang early Friday morning. I actually might not be on Friday-Saturday night, but weíll see. From there, I should be online regularly.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.12 04:24 [You're welcome! I'm glad you did well. :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.12 04:25 [Also, alright. Early morning exams really su ck. Good luck, and see you around!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.14 04:29 [I'm here! By the way, I want to warn you that not long from now I will be going on a trip to Europe. I will be 7 hours ahead of where I live (which is 6 hours ahead of where you live).]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.14 04:29 [I'll still make an effort to come online every day, but I can't guarantee anything, and obviously I'll come online at weird hours.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.15 05:04 [I've been online for a while BTW. I just forgot to post. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.15 07:48 [I gtg now. I won't be on tomorrow, but I will probably be on the day after--I hope. I'll be on at weird hours, though. Hopefully I'll see you around!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.15 22:46 (Hey, sorry I missed you! I hope you have a great vacation! Where are you going?)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.15 22:47 (Iíll try to catch you if I can- just let me know the times that typically work the best, and Iíll try to be online. In the meantime, Iíll just make posts.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.16 05:08 [I'm in the airport right now. I'm going to the Czech Republic again. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.16 05:18 *looks at Josh as if to say "Now what??"*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.16 15:40 [I'm in the London Heathrow airport now, waiting for us to get our gate number to the flight connecting to Prague. I only got a few hours of sleep on the plane, so I am kinda loopy right now. XD XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.17 17:05 [I'm in Prague now, fending off jet lag. I'm still figuring out what hours I'm on the most, but I think I'll often be on late at night (maybe around 10 PM?? I think I'm 6 hours ahead of you, so that would be 4 PM where you live).]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.17 17:05 [I kind of get online and offline throughout the day depending on whether I'm in my hotel room or not, though.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.17 22:22 You...got a map?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:10 (Hey! Thatís awesome! Are you just in Prague, or going on a day trip somewhere too? Let me know about any interesting things you see!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:11 (Also, I hope the jet lag has worn off. Itís the worst.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:12 *nods a little at Midas* Yeah.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:14 *the bus driver seemingly has no intention of stopping* *forces his way to the front of the bus* Hey, excuse me, do you mind stopping real quick? *the driver wordlessly pulls over and opens the doors*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:16 Thanks. *leaps out of the bus, Midas and Kai behind him* *the temperature outside is below freezing, but itís oddly exhilarating*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:17 *exhales a cloud of frosty air* *can hardly see Midas or Josh due to the age-old glow provided by the street lamps* *mutters* Where the h**l are we?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:18 No idea. Lemme check. *opens his phone* *the light from the screen illuminates his face* *waits basically eons for Maps to load*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:19 Hey. I think I know where we are now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:21 Huh? *looks up from his phone and recognizes the dreary downtown area* *references his phone and then a shop in order to point them in the right direction*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:23 I think we have to go this way. *points up ahead* Come on. *starts walking*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:24 *they walk in silence, hunched over and hands in pockets* *is looking at some of the buildings* Hey, is that a funeral home?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:26 *looks up at the old funeral home/crematorium* Yes. Kai: Something smells toxic... maybe itís the-? Josh: *can definitely smell something too* *cuts Kai off* Stop.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:27 Kai: *chuckles a little* Are you scared? Josh: This town has a vibe, okay? *walks a little faster* *just wants to get out*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.18 10:20 [I'm going on a day trip, actually. :D I'm heading to Karlovy Vary (AKA Carlsbad).]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.18 10:20 [And yeah, I'm still slightly jet lagged, but it's not as bad as it's been on previous trips. I'm fending it off, don't worry. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.18 10:40 *follows Josh* Oh Jishwa, I'm so scarwed.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 06:57 *mutters ominously* Stop.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 06:58 *thinks he sees a trace of a smile on Joshís face, so he laughs* *when he glances at him though, there definitely isnít*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 06:59 *doesnít want Midas and Kai to think heís truly creeped out, so he attempts to downplay it* Just- please donít call me that.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:01 *they get back to the car in maybe a half hour* *gets in the backseat and leans in between Josh and Midas* So. Whereís the address that girl gave you?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:02 *had already pulled it up* *looks at it for a semi-long time, not really sure what else he expected* Itís in Tennessee.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:03 *Josh shows it to them* *immediately enters it into his phone* Itís not that far from here - five hours. We can make it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:04 *sits in contemplation for a moment* *figures that itís probably worth it if itís only a five hour drive* Okay. *shifts into gear and drives off*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:08 *the drive begins* *Josh appears to be too focused on driving/caught up in his mind to talk, so he strikes up a conversation with just Midas* Iíve been meaning to ask you, but... how is everyone? Christina, your brother, Eleanor...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:09 (Awesome! Isnít that a spa town? I took a travel and tourism class this past semester, and the spa towns of the Czech Republic were once mentioned.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:46 [Yep, that's exactly what it is! It's full of hot springs that supposedly have healing properties.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:46 [I'm actually in Karlovy Vary now. The river smells like sulfur. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:48 Last I checked, Christina's doing really well. She's getting good grades in college...the nerd.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:49 [They have a nice Christmas market outside the hotel, though, and the buildings by the river are absolutely beautiful.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:49 Eleanor...not so sure about her. I think Josh may know more.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 12:07 [Word of warning: if I disappear for a long time, it's because the Internet in my hotel in Karlovy Vary has been acting up. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 21:50 [I'm online BTW. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.20 00:08 [Well, I guess you're not here...hopefully I'll see you around tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.21 23:00 (Hey! Sorry I havenít really been on here. Iím busier than I thought I would be.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.21 23:02 (Haha, sorry to hear about the water. That kind of reminds me of the water at my university. Itís completely safe, but there are so many minerals in it that it looks - and smells - weird.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.21 23:02 *says in a trance-like way* I donít know... I think sheís okay. *probably hasnít talked to her for a while*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 09:51 [I'm back in Prague now. In terms of water, Karlovy Vary was a bit of a disappointment. We're a family that loves hot tubs, and we couldn't find any goddarn hot tubs in the whole spa town.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 09:52 [On the other hand, the views were not disappointing at all. I got some beautiful footage of the place.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 09:52 [BTW, by "we couldn't find any goddarn hot tubs," I mean we couldn't find tubs that were hot. Our hotel technically had a hot tub, but it wasn't working.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 10:31 *notices his odd tone* Hey...you awake?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:46 (Aw, Iím sorry to hear that it was sort of a rip-off. At least the town itself was nice. Iíve seen some pictures, and yeah, the views canít be beat.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:48 *glances at Midas* Yeah. Yeah, everythingís fine. *can tell Midas is trying to probe his emotions* *makes a mental note to keep it together*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:50 *the golden arches of McDonaldís rise above the passing trees* *is reminded of a time when he and his brothers would get McFlurries after a long day at the pool, when the only competition that existed was a matter of who could make the biggest cannonball*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:53 *is feeling a little stressed and a little sad* *pulls off at the next exit for a McFlurry*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:54 *had just started to nod off* *notices the car decelerating* *opens an eye* Where are we going?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:56 McDonaldís. Want anything?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:56 *is slightly confused* Nah. Iím stuffed after Thanksgiving.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.23 22:17 Sure. Maybe some onion rings.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.26 05:11 *gets him some fries instead*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.26 05:12 (Hey, merry Christmas! Just wanted to let you know that Iím going to Florida for a few days, so I probably wonít be online besides the occasional post.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.26 10:39 [Merry Christmas to you too! Have fun in Florida!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.26 12:59 *is visibly disappointed*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.28 22:11 [I saw The Devil and Kate today in the (Czech) National Theatre. It was amazing! :D]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:02 (Thatís awesome! Do you have any pictures?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:02 (Thank you, by the way!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:03 *knows heís going to regret it, but he gets a coffee to top it all off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:03 *notices Midas looks disappointed when he hands him his fries* Sorry. Thatís all they had. Unless you wanted donut sticks...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:05 *puts his coffee in the cupholder and pulls back into the freeway* *then digs into a Reeseís McFlurry* *is briefly in food heaven*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:06 They should really make these with Reeseís Pieces. *pronounces ďpiecesĒ like ďpeeceesĒ*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:08 *is lounging in the backseat, thinking about sleeping* Reeseís ďPeeceesĒ? Itís Reeseís Pieces. Thatís like asking- *assumes a high-pitched voice* ďcan I have a PEECEE of pizza?Ē
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:10 *snickers* Whatever. Same thing. *suddenly gets pretty hot* *holds the McFlurry up in one hand and takes the other hand off the wheel while attempting to slide off his coat*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:13 *the coat doesnít come off as easily as expected* *stares ahead at the road and tries to pull his arm out of one coat sleeve* *it doesnít budge* *mutters through gritted teeth* (BLEEP) it!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:14 *shakes his arm around* *the car takes a sudden, violent swerve* *clutches the wheel with his legs and precariously steers*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:15 *manages to pull his arm out of one sleeve* *shifts the McFlurry to the other hand* Midas, pull this off for me.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:22 *wakes up after the car swerves again* What the (BLEEP) is going on?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.30 04:41 [I have some pictures and plenty of videos. The device I brought with me is a camcorder, so its videos are far better than its pictures. I'm hoping to make at least one Youtube video about our vacation.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.30 04:42 [I'm also back in the US, but I've been awake for 21 hours straight so I am going to crash very soon. I'll start coming back on at the usual time tomorrow.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.30 04:43 Jesus [BLEEP], just hand me the McFlurry! *takes the McFlurry from Josh with one hand while trying to help shove his coat off of him with his other hand*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.31 04:55 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:02 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:03 (Sweet, Iím looking forward to seeing them! Also, I can kind of relate. I had to get up at 3:15 this morning to make it to the airport on time. But staying up 21 hours through different time zones is definitely tough.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:07 *shakes his coat off with the help of Midas* *the car swerves again* *someone behind them passes in an aggressive manner*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:07 What the h**l? Pull over! Someoneís gonna call the cops!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:15 *yells irritably* Itís all good! *his coat drops to the floor* *cruises for a while, then takes back his McFlurry* Thanks, Midas.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 06:04 *after that debacle, the drive continues in silence, except for when Kai asks Midas for a fry* *of course, the radio is also on* *Elvis hasnít been played for the entire trip, but at that moment, Viva Las Vegas comes on*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 06:08 *the giddy beginning sets off a current of indescribable energy in the car* *out of the corner of his eye, he sees Midas going into full-on impersonation mode* *smiles a little*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 06:08 *is immediately captured by the energy of the song* *nods along*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.31 07:54 [I'm so sorry!! I forgot to check this RP... XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.31 08:00 *sings along**is again surprisingly good, and does funny "Elvis" facial expressions* [I actually gtg to bed now...again, I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.1 06:23 [I'm here, though my replies will be slow; I'm multitasking (I finally got Minecraft and I'm still testing it out a bit--namely, I'm testing out giving my character custom skins; I'm also on multiple RPs).]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 07:11 (Hey, Iím sorry to say that I wonít be able to make it online tonight. Have a happy new year! And about last night, itís not a problem.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.1 07:33 [Alright. Happy New Year to you too!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 07:36 (Actually, I might be able to be online tonight.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:43 *Midasí overall impersonation is infectious* *sings along, stumbling over lyrics without a care*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:45 *smiles, then laughs* *isnít too familiar with the song, but he joins in anyways in the final chorus* *they roar out ďLas VegasĒ in very off-key unison*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:50 *chuckles when itís over* Ohhh. *takes a sip of coffee* *his spirits seem to have lifted*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:59 *asks Midas* So, why Elvis? Howíd you get so interested in him? *is grinning*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:00 [Crap...I didn't check again on here after reading your message. I'm sorry. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:01 Well...partially it's my parents, and partially it's that I'm an opinionated-as-[BLEEP] classical music fan who has determined that Elvis is among the best non-classical music out there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:02 [XD #ShutUpMidasTotallyAndAbsolutelyIsNotSomewhatBasedOnMeAtAll]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:06 Also please leave the singing along part to me if you don't mind.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:40 (Thatís alright!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:41 Sorry. Weíll try not to next time.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:41 Well, he started singing along and I guess... *trails off, laughing quietly*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:43 You did that out of your own free will, Josh. Donít blame me for nothing. *smirks*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:48 [Hey! Replies will be a bit slow.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:48 *chuckles a bit*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:50 *leans back* So...how much longer 'til we get to Tennessee, do you think?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:58 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:59 A while. I think weíre still in Indiana.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:08 *an hour or so later, they cross the Kentucky border* *is in a contemplative mood* Hey Midas?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 07:25 [Hey! Sorry, forgot to check if you were here.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 07:26 Hm?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:41 (Thatís fine.) *pauses* *keeps his voice low* Have you ever said anything to Alexa that you really regretted?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 07:50 *hesitates**then nods a little**says quietly* Why do you ask?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:54 *sighs a little* I said something I probably shouldnít have.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:55 We wouldnít be here if I hadnít said anything. Mazy wouldnít have gone missing.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:13 Oh...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:23 *mutters a bit shamefully* I just donít know why I end up with girls like this. *remembers Ga Eun and is immediately embarrassed* *however, she was just a heat of the moment crush* *something about his connection with Mazy is deeper*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:26 *has been eavesdropping* *pipes in* I told you, you probably shouldíve cut ties with her. What do you guys have in common anyways?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:29 Well, I turned her onto the Lakers and (insert video game here)- Kai: *snorts a little* Lakers? Really? Rockets all the way.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:30 The Rockets arenít (BLEEP). *an NBA argument that Kai didnít ask for ensues*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:31 But seriously- has she even been to any of your games?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:32 *his cheeks burn* No... Kai: Then I think you need to let this go, man. After we find her, just let it go. Josh: *is silent* *contemplates the harsh truth behind that*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:35 *says quietly* I donít know. Iím just trying to make things right, and I donít know how.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:39 ...I don't know, Kai. It did seem like she was okay.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:40 Iíd say youíre doing pretty well right here. *pauses* Iím not saying you should dump her or whatever after this, but I wouldnít go past being friends.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:42 Iím just sayiní - Mazyís got a dark past, and I donít want you to get hurt when it comes back to you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:43 *reflects on that, becoming vaguely depressed* *sees that an exit for a rest stop is approaching* Hey, I think Iím gonna stop here for a few hours, get some sleep.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:43 *pulls over* Thereís an extra blanket in the back. You guys can fight over it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:49 Midas, itís yours.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:50 *cruises past the truck lot and parks* *puts his coat back on and rests his head against the seatbelt, hood up* *is ready to call it a day*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:51 *thinks about what Kai said* *decides that the best way to reconcile would be to keep Mazy at armís length after this is all over*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:54 (I have to go now, bye! By the way, I was thinking about having a dream sequence featuring Mazy follow this, so you can play as her if you want. See ya!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:56 *takes the blanket* Thnak you.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:56 *Thank
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:56 [Alright, that's fine with me. See you!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 06:43 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:46 (Hi! Thatís fine; Iím a little late myself.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 06:48 [Hi! I'm ready for the dream sequence.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:51 (Alright!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:53 *falls into a deep slumber, and the dream begins* *is standing on Mazyís front lawn* *walks up to the front door, obviously- she could be inside* *this is when reality sort of influences the dream*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:58 (By the way, since this is a dream, there wonít be any structure. I do think that Mazy would come across as a little different in some ways - more extroverted per se, but more mysterious too.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:58 *rings the doorbell*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:09 [Okie dokie, got it.] *opens the door and smiles* Heyyy!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:11 Come in!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:13 *grins* Hey! *is taken aback - for once, Mazy isnít wearing black, and her face looks more open* *goes in for a hug because heís so relieved to see her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:18 *follows Mazy through the house* *an old show is blaring on the TV, but none of her parents are in sight*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:20 *flops down on the couch and takes out her phone**this seems a bit more like the Mazy he knows--really, the only reason she watches TV is Josh, as she prefers her phone or computer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:21 *they stop near her room* Iíve been looking all over for you. Whereíd you go?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:22 *ignore the first part of that last post*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:26 What do you mean? I've been here the whole time.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:28 *chuckles a little* Honestly, I canít remember what happened, but you either ran away or got kidnapped.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:30 *sees a transistor radio sitting on a counter* *turns the dial up* *a static blast reveals Elvis singing* *laughs in the dream - and in his sleep* Midas would love this.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:31 *chuckles* Yeah. *starts dancing a bit*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:41 *smiles at this* Anyways, I guess none of that really matters now. I just wanted you to know that Iím really sorry for making it happen.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:45 *doesn't seem to hear him* Come on, dance with me!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:47 *is still smiling, but heís frustrated that Mazy wonít acknowledge him* Mazy, I said I was sorry.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:55 Sorry for what?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:02 For what I said before you disappeared. I just need you to forgive me.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:06 Disappeared?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:06 I said I've been here. Now come on and dance.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:20 *frowns a little* Youíve been gone though.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:21 Gone where?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:26 I donít know. Thatís what Iím trying to figure out. *this is when the dream starts melting into reality* *is basically conscious, but heís trying to make the dream last so as to believe it is actually happening*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:34 Well I'm here now, right? That's what matters.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:39 *nods* Yeah. *the reality finally kicks in, and the dream fades*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:43 *wakes up suddenly, freezing cold and disappointed* *the radio plays a cheesy yet vaguely haunting 80s ballad* *winces from the glow of the streetlamp above the car* *rubs his eyes and grips the wheel* *that dream left him feeling some kind of way*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:46 *grapples for any moment of truth in that dream, but there were none* *can remember all of it pretty vividly - especially Mazy* *his mind lingers on her for a bit, and it leaves an unanticipated ache*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:49 *recalls echoes of the earlier conversation - Kai saying, ďWhat do you guys have in common anyways?Ē and Midas saying, ďIt did seem like she was okayĒ* *the dream has him convinced that maybe Midas was right*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:52 *sees the soft glow of Kaiís phone in the rearview mirror - heís up* *Midas is buried in a bundle of blanket* *thinks back to the dream, and then to Kaiís advice* *knows he has a point, but the dream kind of changed everything*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.3 08:54 *is snoring faintly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:55 *is waging an internal battle* *thinks that keeping his distance from Mazy would be the best option, but he realizes his feelings for Mazy are deeper than expected* *shifts into drive and heads back onto the interstate to distract himself*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:58 *drives down the mostly empty interstate in a daze* *is trying to focus on the road, but all he can see is Mazy from the dream* *has to keep reminding himself to focus, to follow Kaiís advice*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:59 *has been playing games on his phone since before Josh got up* *was a bit surprised by his sudden takeoff*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:59 *at this point, the sky is faintly light*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.3 08:59 *wakes up once the car gets going* ...What's...what's going on??
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 09:00 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.3 09:09 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 06:24 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:29 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:29 Just getting back on the road.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 06:33 [Hi!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:42 *drives onward to Tennessee* *by early morning, theyíve pulled up to Mazyís uncleís house* *itís off a highway, practically in the middle of nowhere*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:43 *stares at the old two-story that is supposedly the final destination* Well... this is it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:44 Itís way too early to go knockiní on the door. We need a game plan.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 06:55 Like what?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:01 *Josh turns around and looks at him* Well, letís get out of here first. Weíre gonna need to talk this out.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:02 Hm...true. Let's figure out what we'll ask them, exactly.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:03 *with that, the car heads the 12 or so miles back into town* *they stop at a Waffle House*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:17 *gets a sandwich and an ice tea*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:21 (Sorry for the slow reply. I had to look for something.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:24 *gets pancakes* *Josh gets an omelet and peanut butter toast* Okay, so we canít go up to their door all like, ďWhereís Mazy?Ē We could get involved in something we donít want to.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:25 *frowns a little* Then what else do we do?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:29 [It's fine. I'm multitasking, so my replies will be slow too.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:36 *stares ahead and squints in thought* Weíre lost and looking for directions... no, that wouldnít be enough time. We need to be there long enough in order to pick up anything about Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:38 *sets down his coffee mug loudly* What? Whatís the point of going if weíre not going to ask?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:38 We could pretend to be delivering something.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:39 Though nah...we'd need uniforms for that.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:42 We really need to play it safe, I think. *goes back to brainstorming with Midas* We ran out of gas. But what if they canít help us?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:43 Changing the topic from our car to Mazy would be a bit tough unless they have some sort of memorabilia of her.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:44 And they don't seem like the type of family that would keep each other's treasures.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:44 *shakes his head a little and looks out the window* *has so many objections, but he figures anything is better than nothing*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:46 Well then, weíll need another backup plan. Because I donít see how weíre gonna get anything out of them without looking suspicious.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:47 Hmm...I can't think of anything much better.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:49 You know, that house did look pretty dark...you think they're even there?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:50 Is the family situation really that bad? *pauses* I mean, weíve got nothing to lose. We donít even know them. If they threaten us, we drive off and call the cops.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:51 We would be on their property, though, so we wouldn'
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:51 *wouldn't have much against them unless we start talking about what we think happened to Mazy.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:52 Easier said than done, but okay. And itís about 8 am, so I wouldnít expect them to be up now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:55 *nods in agreement with Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:57 So when should we go back?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:59 Okay... maybe you guys have convinced me. We can do that and see what happens, I guess.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:00 Weíll go back in an hour or so. Iím guessing heís old, so he should be up soon.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:03 *nods and finishes his sandwich*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:07 *they take their time eating and then head back over to the uncleís house*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:10 *parks a fair distance away* *cuts the engine and sits in silence* Okay... um... whoís ringing the doorbell?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:14 ...I'll do it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:15 Wait. Weíll all go.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:16 Right. *dazedly exits the car* *despite having gone to Mazyís house alone, his stomach is churning*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:28 *they walk from the street to the porch* *glances at Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:34 *rings the doorbell**there's no answer**rings it again**no answer**yells:* Anybody home? *no answer* [Hint hint: nobody's in.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:34 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:41 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 04:41 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 04:58 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:00 *stares at the door* Thereís gotta be someone in here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:03 [Hey! It's fine; I'm late too.] Not necessarily...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:03 *starts walking around the side of the house*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:03 *peers through windows*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:11 Letís check things out. *follows Midas* *doesnít see anything in the windows, so he trudges through the mud (itís warmer down there) over to the garage*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:12 Wait! *flies after Kai* What if somebody sees you? What if someoneís inside?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:13 So? I haven't done anything wrong. I knocked and yelled first.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:15 *yells* Hello? Anybody home?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:19 *laughs at Josh* Weíre 70% certain thereís no one here. *peers inside the garage window* Hey... thereís a car in here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:25 *the car is old and clearly probably broken down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:25 *presses his nose up against the dusty glass* Itís a frickiní Oldsmobile. I donít think itís left this garage for a while.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:26 *snickers softly* Thought we were in luck.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:32 *tries to open a couple doors and windows**finally yells to Josh and Kai:* Hey, this back window is unlocked!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:41 *runs over to Midas* See anything?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:41 *jogs up next to Josh* Why the h**l would they just leave their window open like that?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:00 Dunno. Maybe they were in a rush.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:05 *tries to get a look* Seeing anything in there?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:13 *peers through* Looks like a kid's room...not sure. *goes to open the window*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:14 Think we should go in?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:20 *doesnít voice his obje
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:20 *objection, but heís nervous that someone might actually be inside*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:22 Well, drastic situations call for drastic solutions.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:23 This could be an emergency, couldn't it?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:28 Technically, yes.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:28 Youíre the tall one. Up you go.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:48 *climbs through*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:49 *looks around carefully, then beckons Kai and Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:50 *hoists himself up* *lands on the floor with a thud, then turns around and gives Kai a hand*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:52 [Sorry for the super slow replies. I've been playing Minecraft while RPing, and I got a tad carried away because a trader is in my house.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:52 [I open the door a crack and he just walks right into my house...WTH? XD >__< ]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:53 (Haha, thatís fine. Sounds like a dilemma!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:54 [Thank god...he finally got out.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:54 [Freakin' weirdo. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:56 *leaves the room*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:56 *whispers* Look for any clues about Mazy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:57 (Good, haha.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:58 *slowly wanders around the room* *picks up an old paper airplane perched on a desk* *examines it*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:00 *pulls open drawers* *isnít seeing anything eye-popping*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:09 [Freaking...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:10 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:10 [Of all the times I had to die and respawn at my house, I had to die and respawn at my house when it was surrounded by enemies.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:10 [I probably won't get any of the stuff I had when I died back. There's a time limit.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:11 *pokes his head back into the room* Erm...I'm not sure if I would look in a kid's room for clues, but okay then, be weird. *wanders off*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:14 (Dang. Iím not familiar with Minecraft, but that sounds pretty rough.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:15 Hey - you never know. Maybe this was her room at one point. Maybe she used it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:16 [It is for beginners. I'm on normal difficulty and I still die a lot.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:17 *turns back around and adds:* Look at the photos. Seems like a young boy lives here. *heads off*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:17 *looks for notes or electronics*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:19 *exits the room and wanders around the house* *picks up a random stack of papers and sifts through* Not really sure what we should be looking for.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:21 Those look like medical bills to me. Iíd suggest leaving those alone.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:22 *raises his eyebrows in an ďokay thenĒ way and lets the stack fall emphatically*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:23 *goes over to a bookshelf and rifles through some select titles* *one of his favorite fantasy novels catches his eye all of a sudden, and he immediately snatches it from the shelf* These people have taste... *opens it up*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:28 (I have to go now. Unfortunately, a new semester begins this week, so Iíll be back to my Thursday-Saturday times. See you soon!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:30 [Crap, see you!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.10 05:18 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late. I was having trouble installing something on m