" 😳😰Jeway City😄💀 "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 19 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Its a weird place where people missing..., welcome to Jeway.

1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,Mar.7 19:04 Hello, welcome to Jeway guys
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,Mar.7 19:22 I'm here for you security.
2>Marie-Rose (Citizen), 17yo.2019,Mar.8 20:16 Hello.
3>Dewmi (Dc), 13yo.2019,Mar.12 13:54  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=3  Hi frends
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,Mar.12 18:21 So, your parents missing..?
3>Dewmi (Dc), 13yo.2019,Mar.13 06:35 No but my cats are missing
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,Apr.7 20:46 Oh, i see
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.2 20:37 Do you really think I'll give you my pass for you to hack me, your serious? :'))
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.2 20:38  Secret message to rebbeca is dum  
10>Ryni (Mysterious Person), 001yo.2019,May.3 04:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
10>Ryni (Mysterious Person), 001yo.2019,May.3 04:10 *Talks To Himself* *Mumbles*
10>Ryni (Mysterious Person), 001yo.2019,May.3 04:16 *Talks To Himself* *Mumbles*
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.3 15:07 5 people have disappeared since 1 month ..
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:03 what kunt
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:04 GIMMIE UR PASS BEFORE I WILL CALL 911
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:04 *middle finger*
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:04 NI🅱️🅱️A
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:05 OR I WILL READ OUT THE TOMINOS HELL POEM
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:05 TO CURSE YOU 🅱️ITCH
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:05 rebecca whats your pass I wanna hack you biatch
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.7 19:06 I WILL CHANGE THIS RP'S NAME TO HELL
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.8 20:38 are you serious?
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.8 20:39 you going to call the police because you want hack me? ._.
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.8 20:40 ok i delete his username now we can make roleplay
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.13 18:33 GIMMIE THAT PASS
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.14 16:53 nope, why should I give it to you?
5>Sky (Bad girl/m character), 11yo.2019,May.18 15:34 hi ppl
5>Sky (Bad girl/m character), 11yo.2019,May.18 15:34  Secret message to Ryni  
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,May.24 19:35 FGT GIMMIE IT BEFORE I SNIPE YOU
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,May.30 12:04 nope
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,Jun.1 19:07 F... YOU!!!
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,Jun.2 21:15 x)))
6>Emme (model), 15yo.2019,Aug.14 18:14 Hi
2>Marie-Rose (Citizen), 17yo.2019,Aug.21 15:33 salut
2>Marie-Rose (Citizen), 17yo.2019,Aug.21 15:33 HAI GUYSS HOW ARE YOUUU
2>Marie-Rose (Citizen), 17yo.2019,Aug.21 15:34 'rebbeca is dum' tf r u go to hell bish
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,Aug.21 15:34 Don't scream, please.
1>Rebecca (Police), 20yo.2019,Aug.21 15:34 I AM THE ONLY CAN SCREAM~
2>Marie-Rose (Citizen), 17yo.2019,Aug.21 15:35  Secret message to rebbeca is dum  
2>Marie-Rose (Citizen), 17yo.2019,Aug.21 15:36 Ok, ok sorry.
4>rebbeca is dum (0), 0yo.2019,Aug.22 19:56 REBBECA FCK U
7>Avery (Nice Girl), 14yo.2019,Nov.9 06:06 Hey guys!
7>Avery (Nice Girl), 14yo.2019,Nov.9 06:07 I am new, does anyone wanna be friends?
8>azerty (aider), 20yo.2019,Dec.11 16:50 bj
8>azerty (aider), 20yo.2019,Dec.11 16:51  Secret message to Avery  

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