" A horribly Amazing World 2! the future is just as messed up! "
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This is a fan-fiction RP which means anything happening May or maynot be consistent or in any way related to the Cannon rp's /and or possible future stories Also this is a privet rp.

4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.25 06:51 just...go...go back to sleep
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 06:51 I dont want to!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.25 06:52 no...no...you need to...sleep...sleep is save...your safest when you are asleep...you...you are quiet...and....and you can think of happy things...and....he...he wont hurt us when we are asleep he always tells us to sleep he...he likes that dont make him
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.25 06:53 angry we cant make him angry!
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 06:53 He isnt here!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.25 06:55 he...he could be...he...could be...him the dragon could be him he looks like him...Y...you....You cant handle this right now you are not keeping us Safe I...I will I will keep us Safe.... *pushes C.J out of control of the body so She is*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.25 06:55 *now in control and the only one talking out loud*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 06:57 no! stop! y...your not saposed to be doing this! Please...I...Promise I will go to sleep just let me ou....*looks down at herself and her fur is all white and she physically feels like herself which she hasnt since a puppy, she feels like she is finally
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 06:57 in her own skin* I...I...I...look like me...in...here
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.25 06:58 yes...yes you do and I look like me in there and out here... quiet....now...we are going to sleep *lays down and curls up in bed*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.25 07:01 *after a few hours she gets up but C.J still seems to be sleeping she wanders to the halls and starts cleaning*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 07:25 [So With Chia wolves there is the main conscious which is C.J and then sub consciousnesses appear normally and are defined during certain parts of the chia wolves life and soon turn into full consciousness that are stored in the pocket universe were they]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 07:27 [live, this is normal but C.J dosent have her pocket universe Mayhem dose and Scrap who only existed with the prisim trauma never had it eaither so Scrap in her mind which her perspective the world is like how it was with Prisim and Nycro looks like]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 07:29 [Prisim since he looked like Nycro alot with C.J Alot So Since Scrap isnt in the pocket universe and is stuck in the mind with C.J, in Scraps mind C.J isnt being careful and will get them hurt so Scrap took control to protect them, while they dont need]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 07:33 [Prisim minipluated and tricked C.J so much that Scrap will fallow the strict rules she has to minimize potential threats and damage]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 14:40 *the creature tries to jump down to "greet" Scrap, but Mayhem quickly tells her off. She grumbles and continues working*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 20:14  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 23:02  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.25 23:57  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:28  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:29  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:34  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:38  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:39  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:42  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:43  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:46  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 00:48  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 01:03  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 01:05  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 01:32  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 02:08  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 04:04  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 04:05  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 04:06 [Hi! Replies may be slow. My Internet connection is acting up.]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:07 *makes her way down the hall slowly as she cleans*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 04:08 Why don't you just ask the Elders? They're literally right over there.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:09 *tries to shore up the pool pump pipe mess the best he can with the resources he has (he does in fact have a few useful things for the job in his pack)*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:09 *soon finds that he needs much more--replacement parts, more tools, etc.**sighs and goes to find Mayhem and ask if he can have access to parts and/or help (e.g. he could bring a Machinist to fix it)*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:10 *soon passes by Scrap* Oh, hey...are you feeling better?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:11 *keeps cleaning and keeps her head down* Y...Yes sir
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:13 *nods, keeps walking, and then stops abruptly**is very confused by the use of the word "sir"*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:14 What the...? *turns and looks at her again* You've never called me "sir" before...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:16  Secret message to Kaliste  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:17 *sighs, shakes his head a little, and keeps walking**the pool's only going to lose more water if he delays things, and he doesn't want to get kicked out for doing an inadequate job of helping out*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:17 *says over his shoulder as he walks away:* Don't do that, I don't like it.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:18 yes sir..
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 04:20 *sighs* You just did it again...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:20 *Nycro said/did that*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:20 *decides that C.J. is just moody from whatever she just went through in the pool and keeps going*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:22 sorry sir *continues cleaning she dosent realling know what he is asking so she is just saying yes so he wont get mad*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:24 [mmk]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:24 *has gone around a corner, so he doesn't hear her third use of the word "sir"*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 04:24 Guess it can't hurt to ask the Elders for additional information about the Chroniclers.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:27 *continues cleaning down tthe hall slowly making her way twards the kitchen*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:28 [I should mention Scrap dosent use magic she never has]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:29  Secret message to Kaliste  
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:30 [C.J usually uses magic when she cleans especially at home]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 04:31 Worth a shot. *walks over to Renewal with Kaliste and Eira* *Renewal: *looks down at them, curious* Yes, humans?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:33 *stops again, wondering why she isn't cleaning using her magic*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:33 *shakes his head, deciding that maybe it's again due to something weird going on with her mood*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 04:34 (Typing with one and while I eat. Will be very slow)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 04:34 What do you know about the Chroniclers?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:36 *makes her way twards the litchen then finds that she cant get in* he....he must not...want me to cook today...he must be going out... *walks down to another room and starts cleaning*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:36 *kitchen
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:39 Renewal: The gods, Hagan, Bora, and Aakash? The gods of air, might, and sky. I am afraid we have not spoken with them in a few millennia.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:39 *soon gets to the area Mayhem is in* Hey. Sorry to bother you again, but the pipes around your pool pump took a lot of damage...I've done the best I can to patch it up, but I can't really do additional repairs without extra tools and help. I know some
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:39 Machinists who are great plumbers.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:40 [Hagen?!]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:40 [Wait, no, Hagan...that's different...]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:41 *finishes cleaning one room walks out to see Nycro and Mayhem* Mostly ignores them and keeps cleaning with her head down*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:43 Hey, C.J, you wanna go for another walk today while the house is being fixed?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:44 *ignores Mayhem and keeps cleaning*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:45 C.J, you were asked a question
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:45 *looks at C.J., genuinely and visibly confused by her behavior*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:46 my...name is scrap sir...*keeps cleaning*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:46 *resists the urge to look accusingly at Mayhem*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:46 No, it's not.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:46 *sighs**his current body language translates approximately to "Not this again"*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:47 I've been so patient, you know.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:47 *continues cleaning*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:49 *looks at Nycros feet* W...what would..you like me to make for dinner sir?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:50 I want an answer, C.J.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:50 And I do the cooking around here.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:50 What's going on, C.J.? It's like...you're acting exactly like you were with Prisim.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:51 Im...sorry sir...C.J...is sleeping...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 04:52 "Sleeping?" What do you mean by "sleeping?"
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 04:53 Well, what are the last things you know about the Chroniclers?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:53 Well wake her up. I like C.J because she is less... You.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:54 she...she went to bed sir...she is resting...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:55 I....I cant wake her up sir...she...she has to on her own..Im...Im sorry sir *backs up slightly*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 04:58 Well how shall I wake her up?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 04:59 p...positive...or...or negitive...triggers work sometimes...sir
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:05 My name isn't "sir", so stop.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:06 As for a trigger... *stops himself and looks at Nycro* What do you think?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:08 *stands there not knowing what to do*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:11 *slowly starts cleaning again*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:13 Renewal: We only know that they exist just outside the mortal realm and only accept the presence of those they deem worthy. Two have been known to have nasty tempers when fools summon them
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:14 I know some positive triggers too, though.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:16 Hey, C.J...remember that time we taught the kids the pine cone game you used to play when you were younger?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:17 *continues cleaning*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:18 *is smiling a little; the day they taught their kids that game was probably an extremely hilarious day* That had to be the biggest mistake we've ever made, don't you think?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:20 It took forever to find all the pine cones in the house and get them out...I had also never seen Akai be so competitive or ferocious in all my life, jeezus...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:20 s...she is still...a..alseep sir...I...Im sorry..y...your....your..voice is...isnt a positive trigger...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:20 *sighs, frustrated*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:20 *flinches slightly after saying that excpecting to get hurt for speaking out of line or interupting*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:21 *takes out his phone* Maybe you can call someone whose voice is a positive trigger then...like Lily or Sara...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:21 I....I dont know...who they are...I...Im sorry sir...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:23 *yawns a bit and wakes up sits up a bit and listens from inside*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:24 oh...um..she...she woke up...on her own...sir
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:24 *is actually rather hurt by that statement, but doesn't show it* Of course you do. Here, I'll call up Sara...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:24 *was about to dial Sara's number*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:25 *pauses* Oh. Well...is she um...gonna come out? *is still a bit confused about the whole Scrap-and-C.J.-being-separate-entities thing, so he isn't sure what to say*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:26 I...I dont know sir...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:27 she...she might....might be able to...to hear you sir...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:31 Well...um...can't you ask her to come out or something?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:31 I never took you for someone who'd hide, C.J. Come on, let's make a deal. I can't stand how weak this other persona is.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 05:32 Alright...thanks.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.26 05:32 *starts blinking rappidly then switches places with C.J*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:35 *yawns a bit*....how long...have I been...out?...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:35 What was that about? Is that why you were acting weird in the pool?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:36 I dunno...I think I've been working on those pipes for about two hours...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:36 it...took me a minute to figure out who she was...im not used to...to them being in my head...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:37 "Them?"
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 05:41 *looks worried* ...Should we risk it?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 05:42 Well, we have no other ideas regarding how to fix C.J. right now...so Saxon and I will go-- Eira: I'm coming with you. I'm sick of waiting here. I was stuck in one place for decades. I don't plan to re-enact that.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:43 You should, they're ruining your reputation.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:43 *stretches a bit*...Alex...what did you want to talk about?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:44 oh...what did she do?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:45 I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk later, mostly because I'm cross with Ragnar.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 05:46 *hesitates**isn't sure what to say**she wants Eira to be safe, but at the same time, she has no way to counter Eira's argument**looks at Saxon*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:46 For one, you don't call me "sir", two, you don't ignore me when I ask you questions, three, you still have at least a little bit left of what made you admirable way back when
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:47 *nods a bit* sure a walk seems nice
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 05:47 Kaliste, she's not a child anymore.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 05:49 *hesitates**then nods* Alright...let's go.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 05:52 Okay.. *goes to where the original portal is, causing it to open. Before he steps through, Renewal calls to them* *Renewal: Oh! You need the right words to call upon the gods!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 05:54 *turns to look at Renewal*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 05:54 Yes?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:55 and she...isnt trying to ignore...you she....is talking to me one sec....*pauses for a minute* mm she wasnt trying to ignore you she just didnt know what to do and she didnt want to get hurt and....p...prisim told her...to call you sir..
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 05:55 *@ C.J.* So...um...you have more than one persona?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 05:56 a...a what?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:00 Renewal: I don't know them.Those words have been lost, for the most part.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 06:02 You switched between yourself and...the way you acted around Prisim. Like you have that split personality disorder thing or something.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 06:03 Do you know of anyone who would know them?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:05 its not a disorder its normal...I have a bunch of then they just dont live in my head, um...they are born and created during specific points in my life some shorter some longer and they are fully concious and they only remember that time and any new
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:06 Renewal: *shakes her head* Perhaps some historians know?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:06 memories they make....most of them...have the same behaviors that they had when they were being formed....They...get along well with each other tho..
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:07 I remember my whole life...they remember parts of it the parts they are a part of
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:07 she....is...really nervous she...wants me to call you sir....
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 06:09 Oh...why does this one live in your head, but not the others?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 06:09 Hm... *looks at Saxon* I do have one idea on who we could ask...the issue is we can't trust them at all...
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 06:10 Who?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:10 If she calls me sir again, I'll not fight Ragnar. She wants to torment something so badly.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 06:10 The older Ravens...I don't think that's the best idea, though.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:10 I...um usually keep them in my pocket universe but...I dont have that right now
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 06:12 What happened to your pocket universe?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:13 so...you..wanted to go on a walk Alex?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 06:14 Who would you go to?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 06:15 Corvis is the only one we could trust that is old enough to know anything of the sort and no one really knows where he is
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:15 I will talk to you later Nycro... *walks off twards the gardens*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:17 *hops down from his chair and follows C.J*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 06:20 *is kind of annoyed that he didn't get an answer from Mayhem about getting help for the pool pump's pipes, but he doesn't bother Mayhem and C.J.**goes looking for tools*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 06:20 *makes sure to steer clear of Ragnar*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.26 06:22 [*plugs in Bamboo Splash Pad despite not really being in the mood to draw*]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:24 [:D]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:25 so...what did you want to talk about?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 06:26 Yeah...and last time I saw Corvis was on Panthea, when we reunited...for all we know, he could be still in Yinyang...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:26 What do you want done with that parasite? I still do have your pocket universe.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 06:26 What about the Irakurrian dragons? They have vast historical knowledge, right?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:27 well I would Like to put her in the pocket universe but as you said, You have it
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:28 Of dragon lore, yes.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:28 (Saxon said that)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:31 I am willing to give it back, for a short period of time.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:32 *Ragnar crawls on the ceiling above Nycro, then disappears into the little room where she keeps all the tools*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:33 why cant I just have it back?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 06:34 Hm...it couldn't hurt to ask.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.26 06:37 I'm just thinking that if the Elders don't know, the other dragons wouldn't either.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:37 forever...since...its something I use
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.26 06:40 Yeah...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:40 I don't feel you are ready to have it back yet. Not until you're you again
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:41 It's C.J's universe, and what I see before me isn't C.J.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:41 whats that saposed to mean?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:45 You've fallen so far since Prisim showed up.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 06:48 [mmk]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.26 20:23 ok fine, let me put scrap in first tho
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:19 Blitz would know, but the Fursonias never make anything that easy...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 01:22 Especially when they know we have someone who has the answers.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:25 *nods* True...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:25 I wonder if there's a way Corvis could be located...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 01:28 Doubt it. As I said, he's been under the radar for awhile now.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:28 Hm...what about phoenixes? I remember meeting one several times named Finick. Maybe she could help us.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 01:28 You might not like what I have to say, but I believe Armis is our best bet.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:32 *sighs, irritated* Of course...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 01:32 *she did think of him, but didn't want to mention him*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 01:34 He's taking refuge
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 01:35 (whoops. Sorry I'm also watching a new show and I keep getting distracted)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 01:36 *He's taking refuge on Amyls, just inside the southern border of the desert.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 02:21 Well, let's go talk to him, then.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 02:24  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 02:35  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 02:35  Secret message to Kaliste  
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 03:50 [hi im on]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:08 I'll put her in the pocket universe once you get it out for me
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 04:11  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 04:12  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 04:12 [Hi!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 04:15  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:15 (I swear, setting up commissions on DA is a friggin pain)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 04:16  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 04:17 *artworks on there
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:18 [:D]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 04:19 (It's fairly simple, I'm just an idiot)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 04:23 (I have the commissions up, but they aren't open to anyone right now until I finish all my reference images. The only exception being my friends who already know my art)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:25 [noice]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 04:29 *Thanks Renewal for the information and goes through the portal*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 04:33 *thanks Renewal as well and follows*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 04:33 *follows her parents*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 04:33 *has managed to patch up more stuff around the pool pump room--mostly issues with tiles and walls--but he's still in dire need of tools*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:35 so....do you want me to do it now...or wait til later?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 04:35 *since the temple is not too far from the desert, it doesn't take long to get to where Armis has chosen to stay*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:37 *Has been dozing off, lying down like a cat on a tree branch.*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:38 (honestly, that is one of my favorite images. Look up cheetah in a tree, or leopard in a tree. That's what position he's in)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:44 Well I mean it'd be better to get rid of it now.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:46 alright, then get me the pocket universe so I can take care of it
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:56 It's in the study, come on. *leaves the garden*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 04:56 [Heh, Armis was a lion creature, after all.]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 04:57 *fallows Mayhem to the study*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 05:06 *looks through some shelves full of orbs, each with different contents swirling around inside* Ah, there. *pulls a medium-sized orb from the shelf and gives it to C.J there's your pocket universe, .
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 05:06 (I have no clue what even happened there, my computer glitched)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 05:07 *opens it up and puts in back in her hoodie pocket then goes inside it and drops off Scrap a while later she comes back*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 05:07 Armis. *Armis: Eh? *Saxon: We need your help.
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 05:09 *rolls over to face Saxon, Kaliste, and Eira, his eyes barely open* Whatcha need from me?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 05:10 Do you know what god resides on Mars? *Armis: Aakash? Why do you need to know about that old beast? *Saxon: Well we need to find a way to fix C.J.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 05:10 Do you know how to call upon him?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:10 *is a C.J consciousness from another time line that came out with C.J and is using the body* And Im out! alrighty!
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 05:11 Of course I can, but why the h**l do you have to go to a Chronicler to learn that your friend cannot be helped?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 05:12 'Scuse me?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:13 Hi, Im back
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:14 I herd of you havent met you yet but whatever C.J, most call me Jay tho
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:15 I herd there is a pool here so Ima bounce...Yeah see you around goat man *walks off to the pool*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 05:15 [I'm coming up with potential paths about where this thing'll go with Jay, and one of the predictions I came up with Jay is that she's from the late 20th century. I imagined Jay running around like "Totally tubular bruh!" and I burst out laughing.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:16 *sees Jay come in* Oh, hey C.J....I wouldn't get in the pool if I were you, it's not safe...the pump isn't working properly...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:16 [no nuh un no she dosent no...its a version of C.J, If C.J wouldnt say it they probably wouldnt eaither]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:17 Since when do I care about Plumming? *scoffs* I dont live my life on the side lines tiny Dragon *jumps into the pool*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:19 You shouldnt either! hop in
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:24 *swims around in the pool* Or...are you to scared of the water?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 05:32 Huh...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:32 ...The h**l happened to you?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:32 *didn't say that angrily or accusingly**rather, he kind of has a look of blank confusion*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:33 Thats rude, buzz off whatever you are... Freakin rude Gecko Dragon...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:34 Wait, you don't remember me? I'm your husband.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:35 *scoffs a bit* Funny, no Im single always has been
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:36 whats your name?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:42 What did Mayhem do?!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:43 Nothin this wasnt him bozo
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:45 Granted I dont really know who mayhem is but my money is on goat man
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:48 but Again What is your name? I might recognise it
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:49 ..."Goat man?!" What the h**l is going on?!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:50 My name is Nycro, I'm your husband, we have three kids--one of which is somewhere around this very mansion if you don't believe me!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:50 ...My question is who are you and where's my wife?!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:50 Where's C.J.?!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:52 *laughs* OH! Your Nycro! man! you cause so much commotion! no one is allowed to talk about you in the common areas anymore beacause Last time Some of them got into a nasty fight about you
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:53 Some of them Hate your guts some of them love you to death some dont freaking care or really know who you are I never met you but man I have herd your name thrown around alot!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:54 Technically speaking I am C.J but I go by Jay I Dont have any kids I dont want kids and Im Just genuinely the best one around mmk?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 05:54 ...wat
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:56 Host C.J is busy she remembers everything your lookin for her, Im not her Oh...um a new one came today Scrap? I think um you might have met her, Im like that except im not an emotional wreck like most of them
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:57 C.J said She needed someone with a backbone to host or whatever, but Im the best one and I wanted to host and so here I am doin my thing
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 05:58 *her voice is a bit louder then C.J's her voice also sounds a little diffrent, every version of C.J has a bit of a diffrent sounding voice*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:00 ...Okay...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:00 I live in the pocket universe with the others But right now Im out and just havin fun
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:01 You still might wanna get out of the pool. It's losing water since the pipes took a lot of damage.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:01 C.J is in my head by the way she is watchin and stuff, she can hear you and whatever she just is hangin out inside
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:02 *starts trying to work again**says through gritted teeth:* I still need some god-forsaken tools and god-forsaken Machinist assistance if I'm going to get anywhere with this...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:02 Spoil sport *climbs out of the pool and shakes off right next to Nycro getting him all soaking wet*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:03 *sighs* Nope. Not dealing. *takes a seat*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:07 *]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:07 Ragnar: *Drops into the pool beside Jay* Hello, little one!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:07 ... -_-
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:07 At least you're better than Scrap...you remind me of when I was younger... *said that before Ragnar showed up*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:08 What up, whoever you are
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:08 *immediately gets very cautious when Ragnar arrives**hopes that maybe his eyes can communicate to Jay that she needs to be careful*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:12 Ragnar: *dissipates and reappears on the diving board, completely dry* Couldn't help but notice that pretty little head of yours. Mind if I try it on? *cackles and jumps from the board, onto the ground*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:13 Sorry we are at max capacity hear
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:15 *stretches a bit* Im jay who might you be?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:17 Ragnar: That can be rearranged, deary. *holds up her hand and makes a quick swiping motion toward Jay, despite being way too far away to reach her*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.27 06:19 How do we call him?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:20 alright then
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:21 Hey Jay, you should come see Soturi, I'm sure you'd find him to be a lot of fun.
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:21 Come, now, I don't go telling all the secrets of the universe. Besides, you won't remember what to say.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:22 I dont know who Soturi is nore do I care!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:26 *looks at Ragnar* Who are you..no what are you? Weird lookin creature...Cool but weird
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:28 Ragnar: Why, I'm the landlord! *giggles*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:28 Ragnar: *picks up the pace* Hmm... *lunges not for Jay, but for Nycro*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:28 Oh Nice!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:30 *easily and very quickly dodges*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:30 Excuse you? *seems totally unfazed*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:31 *@ Jay* Soturi's your son.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:32 I dont have a kid!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:33 The C.J's with kids dont talk about the kids beacause kids are a sensitive topic for some of them
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:33 Ragnar: Don't fret, dragon boy, I only want your head. I'll give it back! In return I'll give you some tooools.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:34 Carllll that kills People
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:34 *chuckles a bit at her joke*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:39 No thank you.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:41 Ragnar: It won't hurt!
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:41 Ragnar: You'll hardly notice it's gone!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:42 [...That moment of pure regret when you realize you've been using the eraser tool instead of the smudge tool, but the colors you're trying to blend are so similar you didn't notice... T_T]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:42 Nah, I'm good.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:45 Ragnar: You sure? *looks back at Jay* I'll be willing to settle for you, then.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:46 I think you'll be settling for neither of u.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:46 *us.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:47 You want my head? ok one sec *digs her paw around in her pocket universe and pulls out a goat head and throws it on the ground* You can have that one
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:47 I have a head collection
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:49 Ragnar: *starts laughing* Oh, this is precious! *circles the head, staring at it, then looks up* Consider it payment! *cackles wildly and picks up the head. She runs out of the room and places it very meticulously on Mayhem's bed*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:50 man...now I gotta find another goat head...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:51 whatever
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 06:52 *just outside the pool room is a pile of tools*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:53 dose this place have..any mushrooms? lil red ones with blue dots?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:55 or literally anything fun?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:56 There's a giant garden outside...nice enough to make the Naturalists jealous.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:57 *sees the tools* Huh... *@ Jay* Thanks. Be careful of her, though. Mayhem told me to steer clear of her...I can see why.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 06:57 Im not a garden person I need fun *flops on the ground* Ugh this is so boring!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:58  Secret message to Mayhem  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:58 The garden has way more species than you can shake a stick at. I'm sure you'll find something interesting in there.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 06:59 *takes the tools and gets to work*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:00 I dont know what they see in you...your about as nice as a soggy cracker
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:07 so far I see 0 redeeming qualities
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:07 For future reference, I came here to take care of you--well, C.J.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:08 *just smirks in response to the "0 redeeming qualities" comment* You really are like me when I was young.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:08 I still got a lot of snark in my arsenal...don't push me, I'm a busy dragon. *is still smirking in amusement, though*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:09 Oh is that why they keep you around? to fix stuff?...that makes sense....
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:11 were dose she like...live now?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 07:14 (Welp time for bed)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.27 07:14 (night)
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:14 [goodnight]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:15 I just volunteered to help fix things so I can stay here with you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:16 Before...um...well, we used to live in my worlds...the dragon worlds. Then a thing happened and...now you live here. Well, she lives here. We're working to get...her out.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:17 The dragons moved to a safer place...so once we get her out of here, I guess she's coming to the dragons' new home.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:19 not her Us, you take her you better take all of us with her
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:22 *pauses for a second* oh she...she is mad...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:27 *flinches slightly* Ow...she slammed a door...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:28 thats not why she dosent wanna leave you idiot
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:31 man for her husband you really know nothing about her sheesh like its obvious why she dosent wanna leave
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:34 like 90% of the C.J's have major body issues main C.J has it the worst
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:34 I don't care about how she looks, and neither do her kids.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:35 She hates how she looks I mean she could deal with it with her hoodie but now Scars Everywere on this body she dosent want people to see her are you kidding me?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:35 Its not about what You care The fact is she cares, she cares alot it dosent matter what you think
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:36 Family matters much more than looks.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:36 you are the most insesitive Jerk I have ever met...man...no wonder she crys beacause of you...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:37 It doesn't matter what I think? Then why is she insecure about her looks? She wouldn't be insecure if she didn't care what others thought.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:37 She cares BECAUSE others may care.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:37 [BLEEP] the pool, I'm going to go fix something else. *grabs the tools and goes off to another part of the mansion*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:38 *her last statement really hurt him**he feels like ramming into as many things as possible--not to break other things, but to beat himself up*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:38 She cares about how she looks beacause she dosent look like this, I dont look like this eaither but I dont care as much but they care alot
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:39 *knows that he'd have to basically level the rest of the mansion if he's going to give himself the beating he feels he deserves, so he goes out of his way not to hit or rub against anything for fear that if he does hurt himself, he won't be able to stop*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:41 What? Apologise?...but im right,....yeah you agree so why do I have to say Sorry?...alright fine *mumbles a bit then finds Bycro* C.J wanted me to say Sorry
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:41 *nycro*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:42 Im right but I said in a mean way...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:44 OH! I can show you! want me to show you?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:44 I can show you how she feels
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.27 07:49 ...Fine.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:51 [by]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:55 uncomfortable, parts of his torso and legs feel colder then the rest of his body, Jay hands him a mirrior revealing that scales are missing on parts of his body and were there are now scars the skin feels tight there. his coloring looks diffrent then]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:56 normal the coloring is uneven as well and it dosent look good it feels wrong and uncomfortable to look at since he probably dosent really recognise himself that much, maybe a little but not that much*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.27 07:56 What do you see, how do you feel?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 14:50 So you won't help us. *Armis: Nonsense. I'll just go with you.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.27 23:15  Secret message to Kaliste  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 00:40 *wrinkles his nose* Well, I don't like what I see...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 00:41 And I feel uncomfortable. *starts trying to itch himself*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 00:43  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 00:43 *glances at Saxon, concerned**recalls how Renewal mentioned the gods would only accept people they deemed worthy, and she fears that Armis will get them in trouble in this regard*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 00:44  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 00:45  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 00:46  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 00:46  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 00:48  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 00:49  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 00:52  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 00:56 (Imma be finishing a ref sheet tonight. Fun)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 00:58 [I'm not being sarcastic, though. Really. Lighting and shading takes me FOREVER to do...ref sheets are nice in that they minimize that part...]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 01:02 (Well Im trying to forget that I have a full scene to finish..)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 01:08 We were told you had to be worthy of the gods' presence. Don't mean to be rude, but you aren't exactly what they'd call a "devout follower".
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 01:09 Yeah, yeah, the Chroniclers are pretty stuck up. Don't worry about me. So what is our means of travel today?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 01:09 (Nope. Just a scene I have to draw)
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 03:31 *takes the mirrior away then Nycros skin gets tight and loose all over, super tight and itchy all on the seems and loose in between them the cokors are still wrong but now they are even more un even it just looks wrong he has scars all over and*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 03:32 *stitches holding together uneven seams and skin yogether, there os jow even more scars it still dosent hurt but it isnt comfertable, Jay hands him back the mirrior* Now what do you see and feel?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 03:33 [I Will be on late tonight really late maybe around 9? Maybe 8:30 but closer to 9 or 9:30]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:05 (So I'm watching a new show. It's fairly decently animated, for CGI, but the concepts are so beautiful. I'm so inspired for new story arcs all because of it.)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:06 (One of the main characters makes me think of either Aedona or Eira, but I'm still trying to figure it out)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 04:09 [Cool. What show is it?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 04:09 ...I hate it.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:10 (The Dragon Prince)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:10 (I started watching cause I was bored)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 04:15 [I'm a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and for some reason I get Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes from that show...I think I'd like it.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:16 (No.... It's CGI... traditional looks so much more pleasing to the eye)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:18 (You know Sokka? His voice actor voices the main character of this show)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 04:21 [Holy crap, really?]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:33 (I knew from the style itself that it was CGI. I'm not a super big fan of CGI-anime styles. It's really difficult to pull off. Studio Ghibli does it quite well.)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:38 (OMFG THE BABY DRAGON IS SO ADORABLE IM GONNA DIE! *Runs off to draw a baby dragon*)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 04:41 [Yeah...I think what Studio Ghibli actually does is a mixture. The characters are hand-drawn, but the backgrounds are not. It varies by movie (some of the earlier ones are 100% traditional), though.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:42 (yes, I know full well what Studio Ghibli does with their films)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 04:44 [I've heard that some people are sick to death of dragons being everywhere in fantasy. I don't get those people. Dragons are awesome all the time, and they are fine everywhere and anywhere. :D]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 04:45 (Also there is a character named Corvus in this show.)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 04:50 [...]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 04:56 [Hi im on]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 04:59 Thats how she physically looks and how she physically feels, thats bad enough but this is how she sees herself mentally *instandly instead of nycro seeing himself he sees a hirrible terrifying monster that is falling apart it looks a little like him but *
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 04:59 *it is bone chilling terrifying it looks rotting in some parts almost like a zombie but worse*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:10 [Soo...]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:13 (I have sketched a baby dragon)
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:13 [:D]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:14 *legitimately freaks*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:15 How we going? Teleport? Portal? Flight? *Saxon: Flight? But you told me never to- *Armis: There are other means of flight, you know?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:15 The h**l is that?!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:16 How C.J sees herself but...your version. Everytime she sees her reflextion she sees herself like that
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 05:17 *takes out a teleporter* How about we just teleport?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:17 If you felt like that and you saw yourself like this would you want to go out in public?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:20 Sounds good to me
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:21 Would you want your best friends to see you like that? Let alone your kids?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:24 You take us, my teleporters only carry one person
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:31 *hesitates, then shakes his head*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:31 But that's not what I look like. I look like that just as much as she looks like her own version of that.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 05:32 *nods* What is Mars' coordinates?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:32 Oh but its ok Nycro beacause I dont care how you look I love you no matter what. Did that help at all?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:34 Hmm.. Milky Way.. *gives the coordinates after much thought*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:34 Yeah you know you dont look that bad but you see it in your head and in every mirrior and reflective surface
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:39 And last off it dosent help if the first time your family sees you after this happened to you they look at you like this *shows From C.Js perspectice Nycro and akais and soturies first time seeing her, that all look shocked and a bit scared at *
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:40 *first before looking sad and comming over to great her*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 05:42 *enters the coordinates* Hold on. *puts a hand on Eira's shoulder**Eira in turn holds hands with Saxon*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:44 Nevertheless...she can't stay here forever. And her friends are working on fixing this. Maybe along with the cure for pain, they'll find a way to restore her body too. You never know.
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:46 (Ouch, poor Corvus saved the day but got beat with a rock)
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:46 (Don't think it matters who you are, taking a big rock to the head is painful)
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:46 She isnt in physical pain its all emotional pain! Not only dose she physically look like this *turns hin back to the scrap version* but that is tied with Months of abuse! Physical and mental abuse, and this *changes him back to the one with just color*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:48 *change and few scars* but this how you Normally see her is Also tied with physical abuse and mental trauma, Dont say it will all be ok beacause it wont she remembers everything perfectly
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:49 When she looks back on the memories she literally physically feels everything from that memory hears and tastes and smells everything
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:50 Then getting her back home will be good for her!
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:50 (There's a mute character and she's probably the most BA one in the show)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:51 That way she can spend time with family and make more memories--good memories.
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:51 *jumps down from the tree* Ready when you are.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 05:51 [Reminds me of how Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has a blind monk who can defeat a whole bunch of laser-wielding baddies with...a freakin' stick.]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 05:52 *starts blinking rappidly then switches to C.J*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:54 You dont Understand! You never Understand Im not ready to go Back I said no! Go back home We are over, this is over I am done! *runs off in tears to her room*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 05:55 (O.O I have never heard the word "doggos" used in a show)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 05:57 *teleports with everyone to Mars*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 05:57 [Really?]
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Feb.28 05:58 *comes out of the bushes from were he was hidding and evesdropping from*...Dad...what dose she mean by...y...your over?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:00 *shakes his head a little**was really shaken by the whole thing with Jay showing him how C.J. feels, but for Soturi's sake he doesn't show that he's shaken* Nothing...she's just upset...people can say crazy things when they're upset...
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 06:00 *takes a deep breath* Contrary to human belief, Mars actually is habitable. It's got its own form of water, food, even air.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:00 If she's not ready to go back, I can wait...I'll stay here for years, even...everything will be okay, don't worry.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:01 *was saying that last part mostly to himself, though he doesn't give any indication of this*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:01 Yeah...yeah, I will. *smiles at Soturi a little* It's not a one-man job, though...you wanna help?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 06:03 Aakash simply makes it seem as though it is uninhabitable so they would leave him alone. *starts walking until he finds Pathfinder* However... They still seem to want to come here. *lightly kicks the rover* Persistent little insects.
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Feb.28 06:03 No...I have training I will later tho..bye *runs off tapping his cube*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 06:09 *looks around, intrigued*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 06:09 *stares at the rover**has never seen anything like it before*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 06:15 You have to give them credit for what little they have.
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 06:16 *Snorts* Stay back, preferably behind a rock. Don't want any accidents to happen.
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Feb.28 06:16 *turns around and comes back* yeah...I do wanna help
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:19 *nods**flicks his tail for Soturi to follow* Let's go. *heads for C.J.'s room*
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Feb.28 06:19 *walks with him* Hi mom
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:20 Oh...your mom isnt here right now im one of her consciousnesses
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Feb.28 06:20 Oh ok
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Feb.28 06:21 when will she be back?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:21 when she comes back the first thing she will do is find you ok?
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Feb.28 06:21 ok! *runs off*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:22 She dosent want to talk to you Nycro she said its over and she ment it
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:25 *shakes his head* It can't be over...she is bonded to me, right?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:26 that means she wont love anyone else like that it dsoent mean she cant leave
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:35 It can't be over...not over this.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:36 This is all Prisim's doing.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:36 And it's not like I'm forcing her to go...if she wants to stay, she can stay. I'm willing to wait here for years.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:36 well she says it is
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:37 Well then maybe she just needs time.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:37 oh Really? you are the one who keeps pushing her to leave "IT will all be better when she gets out, All she has to do is get out, Dont worry we will leave soon" Every time she told you no and you didnt listen
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 06:37 (You know, I was going to say "and this all goes back to Mayhem", but then I was just like "NO! Mayhem was a good brother! He did his best.")
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:39 [its not mayhems fault]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:40 you got so caught up in what you wanted and what you felt that you didnt ask or care about what she was feeling and what she wanted *is speaking very calmly*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:44 There's a difference between force and persuasion. I was trying to persuade her to leave.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:44 I only want what's best for her, and if staying here really is that, then fine.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:45 she didnt want to be persuaded she told you no and you didnt listen.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 06:46 So...we need to call the Chroniclers...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:46 I was listening, I just didn't see why she didn't want to leave. All she had to do was tell me why.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:47 she did tell you why, I also told and showed you why, you still didnt listen
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 06:48 And as I said, "stay back, preferrably behind a rock. Don't. Want. Accidents. To happen."
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 06:52 I did! Can't you see I changed my mind?!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 06:53 *sighs**grabs Eira--who's still mesmerized by the rover--and grabs Saxon and ducks behind a rock with them*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 06:53 well good for you but she is a sobbing mess inside this head
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:03 *sighs* Maybe I should just go fix something...give us time to think...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 07:05 no she says she is never talking to you again and this...is the closest you will ever be to being near her...ok then
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 07:06 but hey... you can talk to me as long as your not being boring
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 07:08 I think your problem is nycro not that you dont want to understand, just the fact that you never will
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:09 ...Yeah, we need time to think things over...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 07:10 she says there is no We anymoe
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 07:10 *anymore
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:10 *just walks away**goes back to fixing things for a little bit, but he can't concentrate at all*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Feb.28 07:17 [AHH MAKARAINA]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:17 *clouds quickly form overhead and a beam of lightning strikes the spire before Armis. The lightning surrounds the spire as the bolt begins to take form. It stretches its wings as they form in the light, first the bones forming, then the scales and skin.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:19 [...What if the secret way to call Aakash was actually to just do the Macarena?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:20 [And whether or not you're worthy depends on how well you did the Macarena?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:20 [That'd be the Best. God. Summoning. Ever. X'D]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:21 Static and lightning surrounds Aakash as the light fades away, revealing a massive red oriental-like dragon. He glares down at Armis, mouth agape, static pulsing from it as it begins growling in an ancient language*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:21 (I'm sure some god somewhere would do it)
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:21 (Not the Chroniclers. They're a little too full of themselves. Think everyone respects them.)
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:27 *Lightning strikes the dust around him* English, dragon! None of these fools understand a word you're saying! And for the record, NO, I do NOT serve Malaucay anymore, I don't serve anyone but myself! Stop calling me a servant.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:27 [Whooaa...]
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:27 Oh, and cut the lightning, I could care less if you killed me. If you want to do it, do it later, when I've finished my own business. Or make a deal with me and kill me now.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:28 (Armis, one of my only characters who just doesn't care enough to bother with respecting the gods)
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:30 Aakash: *snarls and shifts the eye of the storm to their immediate area* How dare you ask this of me? To diirty my tongue with this primitive, vile language!
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:33 *its been a few days and he has adjusted pretty well*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:36 Aakash: Get out here and face me, miserable little mortals! *his voice rattles the ground and causes a surge of lightning in the storm around them*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:37 *turns around to face the rock Kaliste is behind and sits down*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Feb.28 07:38 [:D good job]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Feb.28 07:39 [^_^ Thank you!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 07:41 *is the first to come out from behind the rock*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 07:42 *mutters quietly while smirking to herself:* Ow, my pride...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 07:42 Uh...truth?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:42  Secret message to Kaliste  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Feb.28 07:45 habe you ever....acidently killed someone you...shouldnt have?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:45  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 07:48 *follows right behind Kaliste*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 07:51 ...I should hope not...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 07:51 Years ago I was manipulated into powering a machine...I was told it was a planet-creating machine...I thought I was helping...instead it turned out to be a planet-destroying machine that was headed straight for the Dragon Realms.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 07:52 It did damage, but we managed to stop it...I don't know the death toll, or if there even was one, since we managed to stop it really fast...
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 07:52 *follows as well*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:53 NOT speak it again! For if you return to me and request that I speak in your repulsive tongue, I shall surely char you all and serve you to the beast our brother calls "Kahoe"!
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:54 Aakash: *repeatedly hits his tail against the ground, irritated* Making me stoop so low. Next time, you three had better address me yourselves AND in MY language! What you and your human friends call "English" is a disgusting language and I shall
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 07:55 NOT speak it again! For if you return to me and request that I speak in your repulsive tongue, I shall surely char you all and serve you to the beast our brother calls "Kahoe"!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 07:58 *is pretty much unfazed**she's encountered speeches like this from gods many times*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 07:58 *was just annoyed until Kahoe was mentioned**she gets nervous after that, but hides it*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Feb.28 07:59 *is working on his computer while playing truth or dare* Hm? Sorry...is it truth or is it dare?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Feb.28 08:00 um truth
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Feb.28 08:01 We are sorry, Lord Aakash. No disrespect was intended by our hiding.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Feb.28 08:02 Oh...and the question was... Vera: *sighs, aggravated, and repeats it*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 08:03 Aakash: Speak, then! Tell me why you have disturbed my study!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Feb.28 08:03 Oh geez...no, of course not.
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Feb.28 08:03 no..um...you were...alright...Vera your turn to Ask
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 08:04 *@ Emerson* ...You're an idiot.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 08:04 I told you Theo Emerson isnt good at this game
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Feb.28 08:05 Wait, what? Oh, I was supposed to ask...oh...um, well, why didn't you tell me? Vera: I thought you wanted to know what question I had been asked...ugh...nevermind...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 08:05 Truth or dare?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 08:05 which one who are you asking?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 16:38 I'm asking you.
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 18:00 (I knew I woke up at 8:30 for a reason! I just wanted to continue my dream! Stupid me)
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 18:03  Secret message to Kaliste  
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 18:04  Secret message to Kaliste  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 18:54 Oh um dare
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Feb.28 23:47 Pinch Emerson's butt for me as painfully as you can.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 23:49  Secret message to Armis  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 23:53 [I often put myself in my characters' shoes when I play as them, and Nycro's shoes are not fun to be in at the moment...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 23:54 [I also have been waiting for a chance to play as Emerson again because I've developed his character quite a bit. Namely, I got a lot of interesting ideas for him after watching Alita: Battle Angel.]
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Feb.28 23:56  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Feb.28 23:59  Secret message to Armis  
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 00:01  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 00:01  Secret message to Armis  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 00:03  Secret message to Armis  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 00:08  Secret message to Armis  
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 00:08  Secret message to Kaliste  
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 00:11  Secret message to Kaliste  
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 00:12  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 00:14  Secret message to Armis  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 00:25 [Well, NOW I'm going. Bye!]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 01:59 [I have a lot of spare time tonight, so I'm on.]
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:16  Secret message to Kaliste  
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:17 Aakash: *huffs impatiently*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 02:25 Someone close to us has been severely wronged by one of your universe's demon gods.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 02:27 We are trying to find a way to restore her body back to its original form. We consulted other gods of your universe; they redirected us to you.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 02:28 If you could provide any suggestions or help, it would be greatly appreciated.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:28 Aakash: *looks at Kaliste coldly* Where to even start?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:29 *goes from sitting down to lying down, chuckling* Here we go!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 02:29 *looks right back at him, stoic and unfazed*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 02:34 [So Kaliste is or could be this meme: ht tp://w ww.quickmeme.com/img/db/db4a3aa94640234452edc1371313d4037d2f38e8fc5d58cd380e2d9e5fdce6fb.jpg
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:35 Aakash: Such pitiful, revolting manners, from one who shall never belong in this beautiful realm. You of all insects have no right to refer to my brothers with such derogatory terms!
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:37 Aakash: *crawls down from the spire, onto the rock Armis is lying down on. He flicks the demon away at lightning speed, streaks of lightning literally following behind him as he is launched from the rock*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:42 *the sheer force of the flick sent him through countless rocks and hills, by the end of his trip he's skipping like a rock, back around to where everyone is*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 02:44 *raises one eyebrow when Armis comes back around*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:45 alright *goes over and pinches it really hard*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:45 *isn't sure whether she should laugh like h**l or be scared**decides to take a third option and just not react at all--at least not openly*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 02:46 AYE!!! *jumps out of his seat**fumbles while trying to catch himself and winds up flat on the floor anyway*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:46 *he's clearly dead*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:47 [Actually Sara is the closest one to relating to C.J thats why she was the first human C.J openly said she liked]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:47 Truth or Dare?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:47 *takes a step back, not quite sure how he should react or what he should say*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 02:48 [Yeah. I didn't say Kaliste would understand C.J. the best among all characters, but she'd certainly understand the best among my characters.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:49 [yeah]
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:49 *it takes her the longest to realize Armis is dead**Kaliste takes a step back as well, and has to put a hand on Eira to get Eira to do the same*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:49 (Rip)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:50 (Blitz: HAH! GOT EEM!!)
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:50 [Prisim didnt Really physically hurt Kaliste as much as C.J tho only that one time while C.J had it on the daily]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 02:50 ...Dare... >_<
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:50 Y-you killed him..
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 02:50 [Yeah, but Kaliste has been in similar places mentally/emotionally.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 02:50 [Just because Prisim didn't do anything to her doesn't mean she can't relate.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:51 [yeah]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 02:51 [Kaliste has been through similar ordeals, but they're generally much less physical in nature; they're usually psychological ordeals. Let's just say that, compared with the rest of my cast, she has an odd relationship with insanity...]
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:55 *can't hide her fear as effectively as her mother**feels like stepping behind her parents, but she holds her ground*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:57 [rip gayy boi 2019 ;-;]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 02:58 I dare you to buy me Pizza
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 02:58 *is less scared, more just shocked to see who he saw as one of his most powerful rivals go down with just one move*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:00 Aakasah: *spits* As if I'd allow him the satisfaction. *reaches out and grabs something from the air that the others cannot see and throws it down at Armis' body with enough force to create a sizable dent in the ground around him*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:00 *Aakash
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:01 Wait...I meant-- Vera: We heard what you said. *is smirking*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:01 *sighs, gets on his computer again, and very quickly orders a pizza online**it is teleported to their doorstep within a couple minutes*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:02 *chuckles a bit* Thanks *picks up the Pizza and starts eating it* Theo Vera want some?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 03:03 sure *starts eating pizza* mmm Emerson your turn!
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:05 Sure! *eats some as well*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:06 Alright Sara...truth or dare?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:06 Ooo...someone wants revenge...
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:07 *about a minute later he sits up, gasping for breath* ... *takes a good, long look at himself* Is this... What it's like to be Sara?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:07 *scrafs down some more Pizza then looks emerson straight in the eye* Dare
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:13 Aakash: Scary, isn't it?
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:13 *goes silent, as he knows what Aakash means*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:14 I dare you to order us dessert. And it has to be a big dessert. *smirks*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:15 (You know, it's pretty rare that Armis doesn't have some banter for whoever he interacts with.)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:15 [Definitely.]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:16 Aakash: *turns back to Kaliste* So tell me, foreigner, what gives YOU right to call my brothers such evil names?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:19 *a few minutes later a Gaint Flan is telatported right next to her*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:20 money isnt an issue with me Emerson I have more money then you could ever imagine, ITs...a real problem honestly I dont know what to do with it all..
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:21 your Dare game is Weak Emerson you were just reusing mine, anyways its my turn again, Vera truth or dare?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 03:24 I wasn't aware I was saying anything derogatory. Those names are simply the only terms I know for them.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:24 Dare.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:28 Aakash: Typical mortal, paying no mind to the clearly hurtful titles of the Viscount order. You are the reason they've never controlled their power. Calling them "demons" for sending them to their rightful place in the Midden. Disgusting.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:29 mmm...ok Go fly over to the cutstodiands Grab one of the kids without warning and Quickly fly him over to the naturalists and set him in the middle of them without saying a word to anyone then fly back here
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:30 Aakash: H**l, they've been called demons all their lives. Becoming Viscounts would have changed that if not for you.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:31 ...That's kidnapping.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:31 It won't do any harm...I'm sure the dragons will figure it out right away.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:31 (Also have his name as "Mayhem", even though it isn't his name)
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:31 (So your point?)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:32 *sighs* Could I at least teleport him with me to the Naturalists? It'd be much easier than flying...Custodian kids can put up quite a fight, actually. *smirks a little*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:32 (There's also the Demon Wolves. That's not even their species name, it's just what they've been called for so long that they have forgotten their original names)
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:34 nope you gotta fly him thats part of the dare
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:34 (In terms of "in context", Blitz has never once referred to any of them as "demon gods")
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:34 (She doesn't hate any of them, even if they hate her.)
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:36 in complete silence
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:38 *sighs, aggravated* Fine...but never anything this extreme again, you got that?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:40 you chose dare
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 03:40 I'm sorry.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:40 *leaves and heads back to the Elders' world*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:41 [Wait, is a portal connecting Yinyang and the Elders' world still up?]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:42 (I guess? I don't know, it's not exactly strategically safe)
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:42 (Most dragons can actually come and go as they please, they just need to know how to. For dragons it is a simple feat)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:46 [Oh, okay. Then Vera's fine.]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:47 *heads to the Custodian region**sneaks around some rocks and sees a kid by himself, dabbing at a spring in a canyon*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:48 *pauses**has a huge sense of "Why the h**l am I doing this"* -____-
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:48 *sneaks up on him, grabs him, and flies off with him quickly*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:49 *the dragon kid cries out and starts fighting back**about halfway there he breaks free**quickly catches him with some Yin energy, grabs him, and makes it to the Naturalist region*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:50 *drops him in a middle of a group of Naturalists messing with some berry bushes and then leaves the Elders' realm as quickly as she can*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:50 *the kid honestly did a bit of a number on her while she was flying him over to the Naturalists**gets back to Sara's house, looking extremely ruffled and cranky*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:51 Aakash: You'd better be. *his gaze shifts from person to person, but ultimately stops on Kaliste again* Otherwise... *points at Saxon without looking away from Kaliste* I know what can hurt you. *turns his hand so his palm is facing up, then flicks his
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:51 wrist toward him, causing a massive burst of wind to throw Saxon his way. He catches Saxon by his tie and holds him up. Electricity forms on his shoulder, inching down toward his hand*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:51 Alright show...show us the memory *chuckles a bit*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:51 *toward himself
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:53 That's ex post facto.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:53 Truth or dare?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:53 *is trying very hard not to laugh at Vera's appearance*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:53 Sare
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:53 *dare
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 03:54 I am.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:55 Go throw yourself in a Reptica mud pit.
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 03:56 Dad!!
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:56 *shrugs all right *telaports off to Reptica and telaports back all muddy* Emerson truth or Dare?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 03:56 *forces herself to remain stoic, but the fear shows in her eyes*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:56 Oh god... *holds his nose*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:57 *is almost gagging* I'll answer you once you take a shower!
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:57 *is smirking* Showers won't work.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 03:58 mmm I know what will one sec *telaports to a valcano and tosses herself in then telaports back* Fire kills everything
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 03:58 *looks down at Eira, then back up at Aakash* Not in front of the kid.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 03:59 *sniffs* Uh...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 03:59 Except that. *is still smirking*
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:00 Aakash: Very well. Apology accepted. *lifts Saxon so he is at eye level* Why do the others hate you so? I believe they have lost their way as well. *puts Saxon down*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:00 how do you get it off?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:00 I dunno.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:00 mm ok VERA truth or dare?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:00 [nvm]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:00 [nvm the nvm]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 04:01 Well, I will admit that it's gotten better...but that's probably just because the fire or whatever you did got rid of the mud...
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:01 [so ye Sara asked Vera]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:02 Aakash: No Irakurrian god would have sent you to me because they would have told you the same thing. Your friend can be fixed. Either throw her into a new body or put her out of her misery. You are only seeking to help yourself by keeping her alive.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:03 Truth.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:04 how do you get the stench off?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:05 I don't know.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:06 mm ok your turn
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:06 Really, I don't. *smiles*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:06 Theo, truth or dare?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:06  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:07  Secret message to Sara  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:08 Dare...
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:08  Secret message to Vera  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:10 Get Emerson to do the Macarena, and then do the Macarena with him. Emerson: Hey, waitaminnit--
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:11 I keep asking what the Macarena is and nobody tells me because they think it's sooo funny. *rolls her eyes* It's about time for me to find out.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 04:11 *just nods a little in response*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:12 Alright Emerson do the Macarena *starts dancing the Macarena with Emerson*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 04:12 *is getting increasingly nervous as the electricity gets nearer to Saxon**is calculating tesseracts in her head rapidly in case she really needs to intervene*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 04:12 *does the Macarena*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 04:13 *glares at Vera during this**Vera finds this very amusing*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:13 Its just a dance usually a whole group of people do it to a specific song
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:13 (Despite the fact that Aakash put him down)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:15  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:15 [Whoops, I missed that post. Scratch my last post as Kaliste.]
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:16 Emerson stop dancing *sits back down* Emerson truth or dare?
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:16 (Just a few more lines and I'm on to coloring
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:16 woohooooooo)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:17  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:17  Secret message to Vera  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 04:17 Dare...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:18  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:18  Secret message to Vera  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:19 I dare you to find out how to remove the stench that mud causes
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:20  Secret message to Sara  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 04:20 Alright...this might take a while... *starts researching on his computer*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:21  Secret message to Sara  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:22 Sara while he is doing that its your turn to ask
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:22  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:23  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:23  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:23  Secret message to Vera  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:24  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:24 Vera truth or dare?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:25  Secret message to Vera  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:25  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:25  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:26 Truth.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:27 wimp, ok Were do you keep your sweet supply?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:27  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:27  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:27 [Candy, sweets ect everyone I know has at least a small stash of candy]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:28  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:28 ~_~ Very back of the upper left cabinet in the kitchen.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:29 It's not much, though...
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:29  Secret message to Vera  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:29 be right back *runs off to the kitchen*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:29  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:30  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:31  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:32  Secret message to Vera  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:33  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:33 *comes back a little bit later and hands Vera some empty candy wrappers*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:34 Thanks...
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:34  Secret message to Vera  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:34 My favorite...
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:34 Yup, Vera your turn
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:34  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:36  Secret message to Vera  
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:36 Aakash: So ask yourself who you are really trying to help here"
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:37  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:37  Secret message to Sara  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 04:38 I am trying to help C.J.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 04:38 She is my best friend...she lifted me out of the lowest point of my life. I am obligated to do the same for her.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:38  Secret message to Vera  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:39  Secret message to Vera  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:40  Secret message to Vera  
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:42 And what if she'd rather simply move on and leave this plane?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:44 Ask away Vera
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:45  Secret message to Sara  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:45  Secret message to Sara  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 04:46 Decades ago I was at a point where I didn't care whether I lived or died. Now look at where I am.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:47  Secret message to Vera  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 04:47 There is hope in this plane. Otherwise I don't think she'd still be alive.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:47  Secret message to Vera  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:48  Secret message to Sara  
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:48 Aakash: You said one of the Viscounts did this. It wasn't HER choice to still be alive.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:48  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:49  Secret message to Vera  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 04:49 But now it's her choice if she wants to die. She hasn't taken that route yet.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:50  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:50  Secret message to Theo  
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:51
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:51 Vera your turn to ask
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:51 [Oops]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:52 *was a little busy using ice breath on the bruises she got from the baby dragon* Truth or dare?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 04:52 um truth
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 04:56 Aakash: *stoops way down low, to Kaliste's level* What does she still have to keep going on for?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 04:59 What's your real opinion on my species?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:00 I think dragons are cool
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 05:00 She was one of the most loyal, hopeful people I've ever met.
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:01 Emerson how is it coming along?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 05:01 I'm not going to let her fall down like this. Not after what's she's been through. Not after what she's done for others.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:02 ...It's complicated...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:02 Lots of conflicting opinions...lots of people trying to sell their anti-stench products...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:03 The most common answer I'm getting, though, is to ignore all the conmen with their perfumes and soaps and just treat it like skunk spray...take a tomato sauce bath.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 05:06 She doesn't deserve what's happened to her.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:09 Aakash: And who are you to determine another's will to live? Do you assume that because you care, she has to keep going, even if every waking moment is painful? I see she's not the only one, too.
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:09 [C.J: *murders and tourchers and kills literally millions of innocent people* Kaliste: "She dsoent deserve it!"]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:10 *either, not too
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:10 [Kaliste is right]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:11 oh thats easy *telaports off a few moments later she is covered in tomato sauce*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 05:11 [That's why C.J. doesn't deserve it. She's not the same person she was when she murdered people.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:12 *chuckles* Where did you teleport to, exactly?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:12 *@ Theo* Your turn.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 05:13 I was in a rubber room when C.J. found me and lifted me back up. You could've said the same thing to her back then.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 05:14 *in a rubber room in a straightjacket
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:15 I know a Guy...
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:15 Vera truth or Dare?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:17 Dare.
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:19 I dare you...to go to an adoption agency and adopt a 6 year old child.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:21 Excuse me?!
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:21 I'm technically a minor...that's probably not legal...
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:21 you herd him, Go adopt a kid!
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:22 no, you can in these...planets *hands her a list of planets*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:22 [Vera's like "[INSERT EXCUSES AS TO WHY SHE WON'T DO THIS HERE]" while I'm internally like "Okayyy, who's playing as the kid?! :D"]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:22 Ugh, fine...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:23 Wait, no, it's not fine. Having a kid is a major undertaking. It changes your life forever, and I'm not ready for that. I won't be for a very long time/
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:23 *.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:24 I'm the Yin. There'll be people coming after me. I'm not dragging an innocent child into this.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:24 so what your saying is...your to chicken for this?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:25 No, what I'm saying is I'm not going to engage in matters that could seriously affect or even hurt people over a stupid game which I'm probably never going to play again.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:26 you know if you refuse you gotta do the forfit dare right?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:26 [Also, Vera's not going to adopt anyone, so Theo's going to have to order Emerson or Sara to do it.]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:27 *sighs* And the forfeit dare is...?
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:27 (boi)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:28 [What?]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:30 I'd rather drink a nasty smoothy than bring a child into a situation where all its caretakers are incompetent teenagers.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:30 Technically they're not-- Vera: I'm just not ready for that kind of thing and I won't be for decades, okay?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:31 [Hm...I kinda feel inclined to play as the kid, actually. Could the kid be of any species, or strictly humanoid or what?]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:32 To the kitchen!
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:32 *goes to the kitchen*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:32 [yeah any species as long as it isnt animal like, like a dog or anything it has to be a child not a pet]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:32 Oh boy... *looks at his computer, then at the kitchen, then back again**has work to do, but he really wants to see what'll happen*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:33 [what if Emerson Dares Sara to do it?]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:34 *brings some of the flan and puts in in the blender then adds some warm Mayo that has been sitting on the kitchen counter*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:34 [Nah, Emerson kind of gets Vera's point...a kid shouldn't be raised by people who are honestly kid-like themselves. And with two of them being the Yinyang duo, it is dangerous.]
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:35 *adds in some hot sauce, harbinaro peppers and Lemon lime soda* Emerson! are you gonna add Anything?!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 05:35 *is kinda waiting for Aakash's response*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:35 Alright, sure.
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:35 [Well Theo likes Sara he isnt gonnna ask her to adopt a kid, plus Sara is....the oldest in the group]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:36 [Theo could dare Sara...ooo...considering that Sara wrote in her notebook to never get attached to little kids after Eira's death, that'd be interesting...]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:36 [Nvm that then.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:36 [What if Theo dares Emerson, and when Emerson objects he changes the dare to an order? That'd work.]
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:36 [maybe Emerson or Vera says it as a joke thinking Sara will drink the smoothy..then Sara actually leaves]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:37 *adds some kale and marshmallows*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:37 [Theo isnt gonna Really order someone to adopt a kid that isnt his thing]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:38 *adds some kale and marshmallows*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:38 [Uugghh...Internet, why?! >_< ]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:38 [Yeah, Emerson or Vera jokingly daring Sara to do it would work.]
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:39 *dumps a cup of salt puts the lid on then blends it to a pulp..its a thick liqid she hands Vera the Blender* Chug it
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:42 *braces herself, hesitating for about a minute**then chugs it all down in one go*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:43 *sounds very queasy* Am I allowed to go to the bathroom and get that filth outta me?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:43 hows it taste?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:43 now throwin it up thats cheating
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:46 Emerson your turn to ask
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:53 [Sorry for disappearing.]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 05:53 ...Why do I do these things for you guys...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:55 Okay...um, Sara, truth or dare?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:55 Dare
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 05:56 How about YOU go adopt a 6 year-old? *is smirking**is sure she'll opt out and go for the deadly shake*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:57 *thinks for a minute*hmm....um...Alright *telaports off*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:57 Whoa why did you Ask Sara that? she never backs down from a dare...
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 05:58 I mean I asked Vera beacause I knew she would say no...
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:59 *a while later the telaports back to her mansion with a kid* and this...is your new home!....wanna go find a room?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 05:59 lets go find a bedroom for you
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:00 Aakash: Here is the difference. You weren't dead before then. Look at that thing over there. *gestures toward Armis* He died a painful death, but that isn't what scared him. It was being forced back into his broken body. Lucky him, I properly fixed it.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:00 He now has an idea of what it's like to be forced back into life. Your friend wasn't so lucky. She is constantly suffering and what do you want to do? Keep her tethered to this plane, just like the god did.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:00 and then we can go to the store and decorate it however you want
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 06:04 *has been going on a tirade against Emerson while Sara was gone*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:05 So I'm supposed to kill her?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:06 She has a family and several kids. I lost everything. Yes, some of those losses were self-imposed. Most of them were not my fault.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:07 She still has so many people who love her and want her back. The difference with me is that no one came looking for me until years later. If I remember correctly--which I'm not so sure--my most frequent visitor was Corvis.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:08 oh and do you wanna meet a real live Dragon?
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:08 Aakash: Not necessarily. No matter what, we cannot do anything about her current state. If Malaucay could have fixed her up properly, he would have.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:09 *said that in response to her question*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:09 Helping her is helping everyone who loves her. Love reflects. I only want what's best for everyone. That's all I've ever wanted.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:10 Aakash: Yes, Corvis is one of the more compassionate of his family. Shame that most of his descendants do not share his views on life.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:10 C.J. was told I was a lost cause too. The thing is, most of my friends were "lost causes"--people who'd been to h**l and back, people who were damaged--who banded together to do good in the world.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:11 Aakash: By trying to satisfy everyone else, you may only be hurting her more.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:13 I would never intentionally hurt her. But my point is that this is not the first time someone I know has been completely broken, and nor will it be the last, but believing that she is a lost cause is a mistake.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:14 Kid: Yeah!! *beams*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:15 Alright! lets go! *walks into the kitchen*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:15 [I think I'm gonna need a slot for the kid...hm...I don't intend to make much use of Akai anymore--he's back home, and unless he gets into trouble again I'll only have to "sub" in as him from now on--so I think I'll use slot 12.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:15 [I'm mostly bringing this up in case you guys have plans to mess with Akai some more.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:15 [kid has no name? are they just kid?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:16 [I haven't really come up with the kid's name, etc. yet.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:16 [I dont personally have any akai plans]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:17 [Well knowing Sara she would probably pick the kid who looked most left out most in need, probably someone with little to no abilities just beacause she dosent have any and a kid without abilities is easier to raise]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:18 [they may or may not be shy or maybe they just looked really sad that day but yeah she probably looked around for a while first]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:20 [gender wouldnt be a deciding factor really]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:20 Aakash: Are those broken people ever fixed, or do they just want to make you happy?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:21 [she wouldnt pick anyone who was being mean or rude ect]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:22 They're fixed...at least partially.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:25 [if you do decide to do 6 but again you dont have to]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:31 Aakash: Would you consider your husband to be what you call "fixed"? After all, he has been through so much, yet here he is, still standing before us.
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:34 [I changed the slot. I recommend reloading.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:35 Kumo look over there *points to Vera in the kitchen* A dragon!...wanna go say hi?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:35 *nods*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 06:35 *facepalms*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 06:35 Oh god...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 06:35 Emerson, I'll never forgive you...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 06:36 Wha--deh--ah--she could've said no if she wanted to!!
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:36 Alright lets go *walks over to Vera* Kumo this is Vera the dragon
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 06:36 It was a joke!!
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Mar.1 06:36 *fakes happiness for the kid's sake* Hi Kumo...how are you?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:37 *just nods a little, smiling* [Kumo isn't much of a talker.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:38 and This is Emerson and Theo
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.1 06:39 *crouches down to Kumos level* Hi bud!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.1 06:40 *waves* Hey...
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:41 *says quietly* Hi.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:41 *holds her hand out to Kumo* Con on lets go find you a bedroom *smiles a bit*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:42 [Kumo is humanoid, but he's clearly not human. He has blue skin, dark blue hair, and orangish irises. His special ability is that he can climb walls and ceilings with ease (like insects and whatnot; his name means "spider" for a reason).]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:43 [He also has a tail that can latch onto/stick to things as well (so he could hang from a flat ceiling surface from his tail as well).]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:44 [I haven't entirely come up with his background, but I imagine he was taken by authorities from the city planet Nycro and Saxon visited earlier.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 06:45 *hesitates, not wanting to hurt Saxon's feelings, but she finally nods a little* I suppose so.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:47 *walks upstairs and finds a big empty directly across from hers* Dose this one look good? or would you like a diffrent one?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:47 [Nevertheless, I do see some similarities between the species...eh, I'll come up with Kumo's species and whatnot later.]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:47 *nods*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:48 [Maybe he is a mix of species so he dosent really have a race name it would just say "Mixed race/species" on his paper]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:49 [that works]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:49 [And maybe as he gets older he'll start being able to manipulate the gravity of things other than himself...yeah, gravity manipulation opens a whole new door of possibilities.]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 06:50 [Hm...a race of gravity manipulators...that creates a lot of very interesting possibilities... >:)]
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:52 Aakash: *notices Saxon look down for a moment, but says nothing more about the subject* Very well.
8>Nightlight (Dragon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 06:55 Aakash: The gods cannot make your friend whole again, so let her make the decision herself. If she wishes to leave, let her. If not, better find her a new body. *the eye of the storm closes and lightning strikes him. He dissipates*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:01 *@ Saxon* I'm sorry.
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:02 *mostly goes for clothes that are dark blue, black, orange, and silver*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:03 *picks out some clothes for him as well before heading to the bed section*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:04 Hm? For what?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:07 For that last thing I said.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:07 You said nothing wrong.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:11 *doesn't say anything back*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:13 So...now what do we do?
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:13 [X'D Exactly.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:14 which one do you like? *they have beds in so many diffrent styles and shapes and colors everything from race cars to bunk beds and pirate ship ones ect*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:15 [omg]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:15 Now... We go see what C.J wants, I guess?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:16 *is instantly attracted to these weird, roundish pod-like ones*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:17 I talked to her once already...I think I know her answer.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:17 Her answer is no, meaning we have to make a new body for her...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:18 I have an idea on who to consult on this...it was a last resort--after all, he's very young and might not be able to do it--but it's a start.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:19 you like those ones?...which color?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:25 [Ugh, why won't it let me post?]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:25 *looks at the different pod-beds a bit*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:25 *chooses one that's silvery on the outside and dark blue on the inside**it has kind of a space theme to it*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:26 [is it stripede?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:26 [nope ok]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:26 [The reason he's choosing a bed that's enclosed all around him is because his kind (at least in their childhood, when they have less control) float around in their sleep.]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:27 [I imagine it has kind of this sof magnetic or velcro round screen door that he can easily climb in and out of but closes quite securely...sort of like one of those doors that lets outside air in while keeping the bugs out.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:27 [*stables the bedsheets to the bedframe to keep the kids in place*]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:30 You lead the way. *glances at Armis, who is just starting to get up again*
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:30 *clears his throat, standing like nothing happened* Later, losers! *teleports away*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:30 you can pick 10 toys out this time
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:33 *on Kumo's planet.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:33 Alright...let's go back to Yinyang.
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:34 *instantly picks a whole lot of stuffed animals**he's apparently very fond of soft and plushy things; his clothes tend to be softer fabrics, and he close a pod bed with one of the softer insides*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:35 *picks about 8 stuffed animals and then looks around at the section full of gadgets and whatnot*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:35 *nods and opens a portal back to the Rift*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:36 *steps back into the Rift**Eira follows close behind, eager to leave*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:39 *smiles a bit*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:41 Alright 1 more
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:41 *also buys a little superhero costume pack with a mask and cape and whatnot*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 07:42 *follows right behind them. Karasu opens another portal down to Yinyang for them*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:45 alrighty! *pays for the stuff then they telaport home she paid people to set up all the furniture mainly the dresser and the bed and she has the room all set up* Ok how do you like it Kumo? is anything missing?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 07:46 *thanks Karasu**once they're in Yinyang, she calls Sara*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:46 *shakes his head**is looking around in pure awe*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:47 *looks around, occasionally touching some of the things as if to make sure they're actually there**after a few minutes, he suddenly runs over and hugs Sara*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 07:47 *says very quietly* I love you!
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:48 *hugs him back and smiles* I love you to buddy
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 07:57 [k]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 08:05 [Aughyahguyalafhjraenavszdn...my teeth... >.< ]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 08:06 [I recently got a new retainer for my upper teeth because my old one wasn't working so well...I keep having to go back and have this new retainer adjusted so my teeth can be straightened again...this is the tightest it's ever been...I just put it back
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 08:06 in... >___< ]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 08:07 [It hurts like h**l whenever I put it in or take it out...luckily the pain wears off after a little while...]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.1 08:07 [Anyyyways...Kaliste called Sara...]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 08:12 *answers the phone after Kumo goes to walk around the room* Hmm?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 08:13 Hey, Sara. I need to have a talk with Emerson.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 08:13 I don't mean over the phone, I mean in person. Could I come over? Or could you send him over?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 08:19 not right now im busy..
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.1 19:40 Is he on a business trip or something, or is he home?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 19:49 (Oh, what timing)
3>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 19:53 (Well I finished my ref
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 19:56 (I can't really be on since I'm leaving to run some errands. I can be on a little later tho. I can say that this wasn't intended to be a reference I just wanted to draw wings)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 19:56 (aminoapps.com/p/09g8pq)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 20:53 (aminoapps.com/p/o083ls)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 20:53 (That one should work.)
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.1 21:38 He is at home But I cant get the phone to him right now, Im with my kid
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.1 21:54 *though he wasn't intending to eavesdrop on the call, he still overheard part of Sara's last statement. Takes the phone from Kaliste* Excuse me, what?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 02:02 hi...Saxon Kaliste did you put me on speaker phone?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 02:19 No she didn't, anyone with decent hearing can somewhat overhear the call.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 02:21 alright, well I cant give the phone to Emerson Im busy
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 02:23 Call him over, then. Or perhaps we can come over? Either or. Really wanna go home for a while.
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 02:24 yeah you guys can come over they are in the kitchen
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 03:57 [hi im on]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:00 [ ht tps://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/53086147_372709546898277_1577205007197929472_n.png?_nc_cat=108&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=a52ca9dd553f3f9805cac0a196acb8d0&oe=5CE1E69A ]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:00 [ ht tps://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/52880745_742674706134849_8311191798605152256_n.png?_nc_cat=102&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=a8a67139c298c08269160d1a4032c371&oe=5CDE9026 ]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:38 [Daww, the first picture's pretty endearing. ^_^ The second one is a tad uncanny valley though...I think it's the eyes, but I'm not so sure.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:39 [I imagine his skin being darker and more textured, and the tip of his nose being a darker shade of blue than the rest of his face, but that's an interesting shade of blue to choose...his design is still TBD to some extent, and I'll probably draw him
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:39 sometime, and your designs gave me ideas. For instance, I didn't imagine his bed pod having cool UFO lights on the outside. That's a good idea.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:40 [you said it was like a spaceship]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:40 [also lil kids have night lights]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:40 [I also didn't imagine him having curly hair until I saw your second picture, and I realized that curly hair honestly really fits him. He officially has curly hair now. ^_^]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:43 [And yes, humans are difficult AF to draw unless you've drawn them over and over like I have. And even then I often need references anyway because our anotomy has a lot of nuances that are easy to mess up.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:43 *humans/humanoids
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:43 [So darker blue skin
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 04:44 (did that second link work?)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:44 [Yep. When I initially came up with Kumo's design, I was honestly thinking of characters like Nightcrawler and Mystique from X-Men.]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:44 [ima make him again but im not gonna edit his hair bc I dont want to do that again so brown red or blond?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:45 *]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:45 [That's his acctual hair color, I mean. But I imagine that red or orange is common in his species as well.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:45 *actual
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 04:50  Secret message to Saxon  
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:53 ht tps://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/53376272_2319837718251753_8203580796003418112_n.png?_nc_cat=107&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=5b3a8950b71e456bfb2ea7f018cd69c4&oe=5CDD7E42
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 04:53 [I give you the darkest blue the sims would give me ]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 04:53  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 05:05  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:09 No, it's fine, I can just call Emerson since he's not busy.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:10 *she alone knows what Emerson is doing on his "business trips," so she wanted to make sure with someone else he was home before calling him*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:11 But...um...you have a kid? *is totally dumbfounded, especially considering what happened with Eira*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:13 [sorry...I got really distracted]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:15 [I....I may have...picked out um...a bunch of outfits Sara might have gotten for Kumo and the obvious "I dressed myself today" Thing that kids do were it looks silly but hey they have clothes on at least]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:16 ht tps://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/s2048x2048/53142143_2216754961927587_6813669709037174784_n.png?_nc_cat=106&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=9b7cf86d308dff9409866a5624738265&oe=5D166C24
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:16 [Also I made...toddler version of Kumo]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:18 [#BlondKumo]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:18 yes I do
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:20 Um...congratulations... *chuckles awkwardly*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:21 [Now, RED red hair would look wrong to me namely because I'd instantly be like "DARKIPLIER COLORS, RUUUUUUUN"]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:21 [you wanna see it with red hair?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:23 [Sure. But I mean orangey red, kinda like Mirada.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:23 *Merida from Brave (I can't spell names, whoop-dee-freakin'-doo)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:23 [Eh, even Merida's hair is too red...]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:25 [ ht tps://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/53216080_582956638844878_3041627574816997376_n.png?_nc_cat=105&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=94878dc3d9ea3c9d1817e572deefa765&oe=5D1BBB89 ]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:26 [Blond looks Best for him in the sims]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:27 [there is 1 red a black a few browns a few blonds that blond looks best]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:33 Yeah thanks, its Emersons fault but I love him...such a sweet kid
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:33 Emerson's fault?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:35 Hey Kumo, wanna look at some schools you could go to?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 05:37 *shrugs his shoulders**he's happy in his room*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:38 *pulls out her labtop from her backpack and brings it over has a few tabs open with the best schools in the universe on them* lets look at a couple and see if you like any
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:41 *sighs a little* Well...Sara's a mom now...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:41 *just stands there in silence for a few moments, contemplating things**tries not to look at Saxon while thinking**then dials Emerson's number*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:42 *starts showing him a few of the schools they have little virtual tours and such*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 05:44 *isn't very interested, but he doesn't say much as a person already, so it's hard to tell**he mostly just watches the tours and nods a little at Sara here and there when she talks to him*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:45 do you like any of these schools?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 05:46 *just nods a little*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 05:46 *within a couple minutes of talking to Kaliste, he grabs some things and teleports to her*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 05:46 What is it you need to talk to me about?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:47 can you point to the ones you like?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 05:50 *points at a few*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 05:52 which one would you want to go to?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 05:52  Secret message to Kaliste  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 05:54 ...How'd you know that quote? Kaliste: I've done a lot of reading in the past years.
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 05:55 *shrugs his shoulders*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 05:56 I like it here...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:58  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 05:58  Secret message to Saxon  
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 05:58 *smiles* Okay!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:00 Where do I find his labs?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:00 *smiles* Oh...wanna see something cool about your bedroom?.. come here *walks to a pannel on the wall its lower so Kumo can reach it it looks like a tablet screen*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:01 I don't know...he often had them hooked up so he could teleport them elsewhere if needed. Maybe Sara would know. But before you go, there are some things you need to know...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:02 There's a reason we didn't answer questions you had about Tomas...you need to brace yourself when you start your investigations. A lot of what he did was...a lot of his past was extraordinarily ugly. He reformed. What you'll see is not the man he was
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:02 *goes and finds Nycro* Is mom still mad at you?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:02 later on, just...a period where he was very, very lost.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:03 *is back to fixing things* Yeah...
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:03 [Kaliste obviously didnt know much about Tomas then]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:04 We can't shield you from that any longer...just keep in mind that you are not him in any way. You are very different from him. Don't let what he did influence or hurt you. Being upset over the faults of others is akin to insanity.
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:04 maybe she needs some time and space...usually when she gets mad she goes someplace else but she cant beacause she is here...so maybe if you leave and then come back that might work
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:04 [Kaliste is REALLY sugarcoating it.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:04 [She knows plenty about Tomas, she's just trying to protect Emerson.]
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:05 [Ima turn lily's slot into a Tomas on video kinda character bc there is alot of videos of Tomas recording he recorded mainly on video a few on paper but its hard to understand on paper]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:05 [Emerson is still young and his mother wound up being estranged/separated from Calvin and Emily, so he really doesn't know much about his relatives even today.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:07 [Also, one can argue that villainous people are lost. They may think they know what they're doing and what they're doing is right, but really it isn't. After all, I recall you told me not to think of villains as villains, but rather people who've made
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:07 bad decisions.]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:08 [nah Im saying she didnt know him bc she thinks he is bad...um anyway you will find out]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:08 *sighs* Maybe...or I could just stay on the other side of the mansion as much as possible...this place is big...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:08  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:09  Secret message to Kaliste  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:09 [She understands why he was doing what he did--after all, we did that story arc with the big reveal that he had issues with his family being nearly dead and him trying to find a cure in vain.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:10 [He did a lot of really horrible things to all sorts of creatures. That's what Kaliste is trying to prepare Emerson for/guard Emerson against.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:11  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:12  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:12  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:15  Secret message to Kaliste  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:15 *nods a little* Alright...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:16 I'll call you soon and let you know how things are going. This is going to take time, though.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:18  Secret message to Saxon  
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:20 [those are Volumes not individual vlogs except vlog 1 but there are many vlogs in each volume and footage ect..]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:20  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:20  Secret message to Kaliste  
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:21 but if you go you can help her while she is calming down...if you stay here when she is mad then, she is just gonna ignore you and that wont be helping mom
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:22  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:22  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:23  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:23  Secret message to Kaliste  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:23 *sighs* I'll think about it...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:23  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:24  Secret message to Kaliste  
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:24 [thats only the stuff that he could carry onto the ship when the plant blew up alot of those are Volume number .A-D, But alot got left behind he dose have alot of C.J tho]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:25  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:26  Secret message to Timmy  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:27  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:27  Secret message to Timmy  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:28  Secret message to Saxon  
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:28 [he...he had alot it started out as Volume A. 1-10 B.1-10 all the way to Z but The numbers first were when he started working not just training in the thing]
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:28  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:30  Secret message to Timmy  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:31 *teleports off **goes to find Sara*
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 06:31 [mmk]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 06:31 *walks over and looks at the tablet screen*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:31  Secret message to Kaliste  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:32 and so this controls the lights...you can make them look like stars and you can also use it to change the colors and patterns of the walls and floors and celing
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:33 you can make it look like dinasaurs, or pirates, or space *swiched through each of them* Or make it how ever you want
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:36 *shows him how to do it and it changes how the walls floors and celings look* they even have ones that move around and they have sounds to
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:37  Secret message to Saxon  
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.2 06:38 *beams and starts messing with it*
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:39 *smiles big*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:39 *overhears Sara's voice in Kumo's room and knocks*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:40  Secret message to Saxon  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:41 [The door is open] *looks over to Emerson* Oh hi
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:41  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:41 [Eh, he probably knocked anyway so as not to be rude.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:42 Hey, um...I need to perform research for something, and I was told to visit one of Tomas' old labs...do you know where any are?
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:42 [ye]
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 06:43 yeah, um I bit bit busy tho, I know...Nycro has the location of one of them, the main one with his..logs and stuff and once you get in one his computor has telaporting systems to all of them
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:45 Alright, thanks. *leaves and calls Nycro*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 06:45 [Wait, would calls be able to reach Mayhem's mansion?]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:46 (It's not completely sealed off, so technically speaking, yes)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:48  Secret message to Kaliste  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:49 *sighs and picks up his phone* What? *Emerson tells him he needs to know where one of Tomas' labs is so they can help build C.J. a new body*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:49 Alright...what are your coordinates? *Emerson tells him**writes them down* Got it...I'll meet up with you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:50 *@ Soturi* Alright, I'm going...thanks for the advice. I know how I can help C.J. now.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:51  Secret message to Kaliste  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 06:51 Could you teleport me out of here to these coordinates? *gives the note he wrote on to Soturi*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:53  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 06:54  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:56  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:57  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:58  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 06:59  Secret message to Saxon  
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:00 [im back sorry i got distracted]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 07:00 [It's fine.]
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.2 07:00 ok *telaports Nycro*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 07:01  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:02 *when thay land its outside vegitation has grown all on it areound and up the sides there is a panel for the door that is covered so it isnt broken inside the lights are all off everything is covered with big white sheets and is dusty*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 07:02  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 07:02 *heads to the lab with Nycro*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 07:02 *is describing the plan to him*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 07:04  Secret message to Kaliste  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:06 [the records were all drives and Tomas Uploaded them to the beat I decided the list were the Unlocked records]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 07:08  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 07:08  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 07:08  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.2 07:14 [I'm not sure which I'll do...we'll have to see.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 07:15 *looks around**tests if the electricity is still working by trying to turn on some of the lights*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:15 *looks around for anything that might help them in their studies**he's big, so he has a hard time not bumping or brushing up against stuff*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:16 *trips on something in the dark and bumps up against a rather bear-shaped object underneath a white sheet*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:16 Ow...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:18 [no he isnt shaped like a bear bc he decayed, its like Planktons wife from spongbob, a computor on a stick, but turn him on and he we re-create himself]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:20 [he could have bumped into the decaying body tho]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:20 [and yes the electricity dose work ]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 07:21 *turns on the lights right after Nycro bumps into the computer thing* You okay?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:21 I'm fine...this place wasn't made for creatures as big as me, though...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:22 [some rooms are for large creatures...just...not that main one]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:23 [the body probably be leaning against the pc tho]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:26 *when Nycro bumped it the computor turns on and the screen lights up from under the sheet*...elll...elll...ell...hello...hi...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:28 .....Lab function...off...re...starting....fun...fun..functions....*soon all the lights and computors turn on and a lil roomba starts dusting along with other cleaning robots who are all getting tangled in the sheets and ]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:28 Umm...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:29 *screeming ERROR ERROR ERROR PLEASE MOVE OBJECTS, or PLEASE DETANGLE OBJECTS, or PLEASE MOVE ______ TO A NEW SPOT]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:29 *looks around, then grins toothily at Emerson with fake hyper-smugness* You're welcome.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:29 *said that before it started screaming*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 07:29 *quickly goes to untangle the screaming robots*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:30 *the robots resume cleaning once the sheets are removed but the poor bear is still stuck under the sheet*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 07:30 *looks around, honestly in awe that Tomas had all these automatic things--this is sort of like Emerson's dream workspace (all the mundane tasks taken care of by robots so Emerson can focus entirely on his work)*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:31 I cannot see please help
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.2 07:31 *curiously takes the sheet off the computer he bumped into*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.2 07:32 *the robot has pixlated eyes and mouth and the carcaus is next to him he Scans Emerson* Hello Father Spawn!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 16:42 [I am not getting FNAF vibes from this...I am not getting FNAF vibes from this...I am not getting FNAF vibes from this...]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 16:42 [...God dang it...]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 16:44 Um...hi...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 17:10 [Nope, you didn't! :D]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 17:12 insane amount of time; next time I do lineless, I may consider just doing a "blob" method were I just lay down colors while doing minimal lineart).]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 17:14  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 17:19  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 17:20  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 17:23  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 17:26  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 17:31  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 17:31  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 17:36  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 19:35  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 19:46  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 23:05  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 23:06  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 23:07  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.2 23:07  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 23:18  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.2 23:19  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 00:00  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 00:04  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 00:12  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 00:13  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 00:17  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 00:20  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 00:22  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:10 bear: As a decendant of Father You have acsess to some video records I need to..re...re...re...reprint myself *A nearby kind of cylinder machine lights up and spins around the screen goes blank and a bear with a red shirt with a sun on it pops out* Hello!
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 04:22  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:22 *is in awe**goes over to look closely at the cylindrical machine* How does this work?!
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:23 You are not authorized to use the machine.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:25 *the machine turns off*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:30 I just want to know how it works.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:31 [Replies will be a bit slow; I'm multitasking.]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:31 you are authorized to veiw some of the video volumes *on another monitor a list of the volumes show up*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:34 *is getting annoyed* Am I authorized to be told how this machine works?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 04:34 *walks over and looks at the list of volumes curiously*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:35 I make the Machines work, Tomas makes the machines work you are not Authorised to make the machines work yet.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:36 Who are you?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:38 name...file corrupted...file name for this model is....bear...I am bear
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:40 Searching for files...found....personailty and emotion files...activating...files....AW! thats better Hi! *waves excitingly*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:40 You look like my Dad *pokes Emerson*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:43 Your dad?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 04:44  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:44 Tomas He created me! he programmed me!
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 04:46  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:49 OH.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:49 *Oh.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:49 So...um...I'm looking for stuff that's good for creating a wolf's body.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:50 I don't really want the body to be alive...I just kind of want it to be an "empty shell"...an inanimate body that will become animated when a soul is put in it.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:50 Do you have any files that could help me?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:50  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:51 The list of avalible Volumes are on the screen I put them up there for you so you can look at them
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:51 pick a volume and I will open it and you can pick an episode and watch the video!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 04:57 Okay...do you have any recommendations for what I should watch in order to achieve my goal?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 04:58 your not authorized to recive my advice
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:00 look at the list and pick something
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:03 Okay...um... *decides to start at the very beginning*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 05:04  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:06 own house on..on the grounds....maybe if I do what they want I can even finally leave the base...and get a house in the city but that...that will take a while
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:08 Oh I forgot to name and date this Crap...um Im Tomas age 14 the date is *insert random date* and these are my personal logs Im...allowed to say anything I want on these without repercussions so thats nice for once..
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:09 first im going to be working on plants...um right now we are trying to genetically modify plants to admit certain types of gas I will start that tomarrow and put it in my log goodbye *it turns off*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:11 Video Volume 8B. Long term Biological mechanical testing project Subject. Lily Video Volume 8C. Main projects on hold, sub-projects plant cloning Video volume 9. Plant cloning Video Volume 10. Main project canceled new main project. B.U.T.P
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:13 What does BUTP mean?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:13 That is Classified would you like to watch the Video?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:17 Umm...I'll start with volume 1 first... *has decided to just watch the whole series**his curiosity has gotten the better of him*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:23 *he talks alot about he wants to leave or at the very least work on his own projects but you cant work on your own until you can fallow orders perfectly at the end of this Volume he shows the Plants he machnically enginered they are very clearly*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:24 *winces a little*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:24 *weponds of war and you can tell they make tomas uncofertable and Nervous*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:26 BEAR: Volume one Complete which one would you like to See next?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:29 *is p***ed**the world he came from was harsh and unfair too, and he can relate to Tomas* Volume 2.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:32 Tomas: *you can tell he is struggling to say it* We....we are...starting on...Biologically and...Mechanically altering Deceased creatures....I....It...feels wrong....but...I....I...have to do it anyways....this...dont....watch this anyone please....It
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:33 it isnt decent or right to be altering the dead like this....but....if you do, I...I dont even know...just....I'm...not a bad person...I dont want to do this I dont want to be here...*it shows footage of the projects Tomas fusing metal to flesh and
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:36 *it makes him very uncomfortable and a bit guilty to*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:36 BEAR: END Of volume to which would you like to see next?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:36 *he can handle gore--after all, he has to if he's going to become a doctor--so he isn't too disturbed by what's shown**the only thing that disturbs him is the ethics of all this, naturally*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:36 V...volume 3...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 05:37 *was feeling a little sick at one point while volume 2 played, so he pretended to look around at some of the lab's other things while looking away*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:41 Said...Im to...to Valuble to kill...I....I....they shot Peter..b...beacause of me *stars tearing up and Crying again* The rest of us decided no...no more fighting...it...it isnt worth it.....we....we...cant...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:43 I...just beacause I...I dont fight...or struggle dosent mean that I want to do this Oh god have mercy on my soul...I....I dont want to hurt...anyone...but....I....I have to....I....please....I hope people dont think of this when they think of me....I dont
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 05:45 (;-;)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:47 *monsters and biologically and mechinically minipulating them along with other studies like medical studies and even studies on beauty products at the end he makes a Final video*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:47 *he doesn't realize it, but he's silently crying*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 05:48 *again, at a certain point he has to look away**Emerson responds to the horror differently, feeling that he can't look away*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:48 I....I normally show what I do but *is crying again throught this series he crys alot* I...I cant face them...I cant look at them in the eye...I...we found out...us...scientist found out that...apologizing to them and such makes it harder for them...the.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:50 victims...knowing that we dont want to hurt them...so we us guys decided when any of us do live testing...play...play the bad Guy...some of the boys started already...do the victims hate them? Yeah but...they cope with it better...its...easier for them to
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 05:50 (i havent drawn lily in awhile)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:51 see us as the bad guys...so...next time I...I do live studies I will...play the bad guy...I...it will be hard...really hard...but its best for them...*it ends*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:51 [Lily isnt apeared yet actually this is pre Lily]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:51 BEAR: Volume 3 complete which one next?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 05:52 (still)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 05:52  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:53 [ye she comes up tho in volume 8B is lilly]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:54 *doesn't answer**just sits down, staring ahead blankly in horror*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 05:55 This isn't my business...I shouldn't be watching this...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:55 Stay.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:55 Please...stay.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 05:57 Bear: I recomend Volume 7 it is nice no violence and has positive themes
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 05:59  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 05:59 *sighs**sees the look on Emerson's face, and his fatherly traits/instincts kick in**walks over, sits beside Emerson, and rests his head on top of Emerson's to comfort him*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 06:00 *they just sit there like that for a little while before Emerson wipes away the tears and gets up again*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:01 *turns to the bear* I want to watch them all in order...I'll...I'll need context...so...um...volume 4.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:01 Bear: Would you like me to Play Volume 7?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:03  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:03 Bear: you cannot watch them in order 1A-G is not avalible 2A-J is not avalible 3A-3.2Z is not avalible you do not have Acesses to those in the order
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:03  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:03 I said volume 4. *it's taking him a lot of effort to be this assertive at this point*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:04  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:04 Bear: You show signs of emotional distess I would highly recomend Volume 7
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:10  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:10 Just...fine!!
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:12  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:12  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:14 Tomas: *comes on screen beeming holding two puppies one pure whitw and one black and greyish but missing fur on his paws* So this is a continuation of my independant cloning project! we got more cells from the other universe and I cloned 3 puppies...one
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:14  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:14  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:15  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:15  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:15  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:16  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:16  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:17  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:17 Is...she came out....perfect....so beautiful and this lil guy Alfie he is missing fur on his lil paws and ankles but he is good to...I am gonna study how they grow...I just hope they dont have magic...but we wont be able to tell for a few months I think
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:18  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:21 joke one of the guys is playing, it had a green hoodie for Cara in it but she dosent wanna wear it she says it will cover up her princess fur *he smiles more more videos show of C.J and alfie as toddlers then a clip of C.J using magic and them Scanning*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:23 *C.J and Alfie the last vlog in this Series Tomas comes holding Cara and Alifie* So....So C.J has magic we found out C.J: Yeah lots and lots they say ima be powerful! Tomas: y...yes C.J....So...you...you get to stay here at the...the lab and Alfie
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:24 Dosent have magic so he gets...to go live at my house now Alfie: Tomas! got me these Socks!! *alfie lifts up his paws showing his socks*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:28 her *is practically bawling* She....She is so sweet I...I dont want to hurt her but these Sadistic ***** Are making her a test subject in My...lab and they said they will give me a list of projects to do to her...I.....Im starting tomarrow giving C.J the
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:29 Cold shoulder...stopping the kindness....beacause I dont want her to feel bad for me...its better for her to hate me so she dosent become conflicted and hurt and confused....I....I wish she wasnt born with magic...why couldnt she just be like Alfie?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:30 *has a glass of liquid and he drinks it and slams it on the table Sobbing* why?...couldnt she just be magicless *the video turns off* BEAR: Volume 7. Complete
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 06:31 *now he's left staring blankly in horror*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:35 *honestly doesn't feel that much better
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:35 **
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:36 Bear: Would you like to see volume 8?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:36 Okay...can we go back to volume 4? Nycro: *wants to see what happens after volume 7, but says nothing*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:37 Bear: *scans Nycro* The dragon wants to see Volume 8.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:38 (The shadow in the corner wants to see Volume 8)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:39 [Wait, shadow? *gets paranoid about a certain demon god* >.< ]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:39 (Ouch)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:39 Well, I want to see volume 4. I'm trying to learn how to make a body, so...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:40 Stuff about cloning...would...be...ugh, fine, volume 8...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 06:40 [I mean, you did confirm he was stalking Aedona after he died, sooo...]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 06:41 (Mayhem hates his shadow form)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:46 *her fur she is seen really crying and screaming beacause she truely loved how she looked, parts of her fur got shaved off some got burned off by the chemicals Trials got worse and worse and harder and harder to watch even though they are sped up,*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 06:47 *now he's the one who's so horrified he can't look away**Emerson, on the other hand, does look away at a certain point*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:49 *top it at Some point when C.J is a puppy Lily is brought in but you only see her in a few shots since this one is about C.J, they watch C.J get poked and prodded and sliced open and cut roughly handled and reciving medication that makes her weak and*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:56 medical...and biological studies..or anything that isnt..the...the maniacal projects like Lily... so...so...she...she will...be...starting...m...machincal alterations....but...that that is on hold since they need me to observe the plant cloning...for
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 06:59 the next group of kids...I need to plan lessons and instruct them on the cloning...I...I hope I get a bunch of Idiot...I am going to draw this out for as long as I can, while C.J is on hold...from...me adding...maniacal elements...she will be...used
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:00 by the students to practice...basic medical procedures...like sewing up...cuts and such.. on her torso area...thats...best so she can cover it...*Tears up alot more* C.J If...If you ever see this...I am so..so so so so Sorry...I never wanted to hurt you!
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 07:02  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:02 Or anyone! but they made me I had to to protect my wife...they would have killed her... If I didnt....You...I wish I could have gotten you out...so many times I nearly unlocked that Kennel door...I wish I had...Im so so sorry *continues crying*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:03 You hate me and I deserve all of it every tiny bit of it Im so sorry *turns it off*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:03 Bear: While you watched I found written files! shorter with more details and facts!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:10  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 07:10 *replies by taking out his anguish on the nearest cleaning robot, grabbing it in his claws and teeth and breaking it to pieces easily*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:11 *Scream* HENRY!!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 07:11 *then just lies down and covers his face with his front paws*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 07:12  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 07:12  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:12 Y...You killed Henry! *stars crying*...e...motion...emotion files re...recovered...y...you killed Henry...he...all he wanted to do was clean the floor you monster!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:12 *is just sitting with his head in his hands*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:13 *understands why Kaliste warned him*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:13 [and this is why Tomas kept bear off he got emotionally attached to the robots for he was a robot]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:13 *wonders how he's going to ever get around to helping C.J. if he has to plow through this sort of content*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:13 *feels like he'll go insane before he can get around to helping C.J.*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:15 w...why do you wanna use the Cloning machine? Tomas..spawn...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:16 you...you can use it if...if you fix Henry *looks at Emerson hopefully beacause Tomas used to fix Broken machines*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:18  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:19  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:19 *nods* Okay...yeah...I'll see what I can do...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:20 *kneels beside Henry and starts assessing the damage**feels kind of like he's in a dream--he's still processing what he just saw and heard, so he feels like he isn't fully "present"--like he's a spectator, and not in control of what he's doing*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 07:21  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:21 *gradually starts to focus as familiar robotics stuff comes to the forefront of his mind**manages to push a lot of the newfound pain to the back of his mind and focus solely on the task at hand*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:22  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:23 Henry is a good robot...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:24 *runs into plenty of things he's not so familiar with, of course* Do...do you have any blueprints or files on Henry?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:26  Secret message to Lily  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:27  Secret message to Lily  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:27  Secret message to Lily  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:29  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:30  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:30  Secret message to Lily  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:31  Secret message to Lily  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:31  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:32  Secret message to Lily  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:32  Secret message to Lily  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:33  Secret message to Emerson  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:34  Secret message to Lily  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:35  Secret message to Lily  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:35  Secret message to Lily  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:35 yes...*uses another cylinder in a different color to make all the hardware parts* he just needs his coding uploaded...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:36 *nods**takes the parts and starts putting him back together*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:36 Where's his coding?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:36 *also starts instinctively looking for and asking for tools he needs*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:37 the chip *points to it* my paws are to big to put it in
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:38 Got it...can I have the (so-and-so)? In fact, can I have a whole toolbox?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 07:39  Secret message to Emerson  
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:39 go to his tech workroom
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:40  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:40  Secret message to Saxon  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:40 Okay...which way is it?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:42 *prints Emerson a layout of the lab and hands it to him* Put Everything back were you find it...Tomas liked things labbled and organized
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:44 Okay... *takes the paper and goes to the tech workroom**gets the tools he needs and comes back**spotted some tools that were used in the videos as well and felt rather sick*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:45 [no Tomas didnt bring tools from his old lab when the planet blew up he got his own labs his own tools and everything]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:46 [Still, he's a doctor. He probably has surgical tools that were the same type used in the videos.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:47 [They may not be the same tools, but they're most likely the same tool type. If you see something horrible done with a screwdriver, you're probably gonna find any screwdriver disturbing.]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:49 [sergical tools are not in his robotics workshop they are in his medical room but ye he has scredrivers in his machanical workshop]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:49 [Ima make Tomas Lab on the sims one day]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:51 *works on the robot**it takes him a while--at least half an hour--but he finally puts it back together again and inserts the chip*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:53 [Yep.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 07:54 *sits back and wipes away sweat*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.3 07:54 *hasn't come back in yet*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 07:56 [aww...ok bye..]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 18:51 *looks at Henry, waiting to see if he'll work now*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:19 (Indeed it does. I was bored)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:20 (I'm on the tablet now, typing is hard since I'm not used to typing on bigger screens. But hey unlimited data so..)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:22 [Yeah, I can relate, though I can't stand typing on any sort of touch screen device...all those onscreen keyboards are too small for me.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:22 (I managed to type up some more of the story last night and a little today. If I keep up the pace I will be able to send the link within the month lol)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:23 (Working on touchscreen is a pain, especially with]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:23 *copy and pasting)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:24 (Well actually, people who can type super fast are more often than not addicted to their device)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:25 [Yeah, I can't stand copying and pasting on a touch screen...it's so freaking finicky. For that matter, I have issues tolerating any device without a freaking right clicker.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:25 [Right click is vital for me on my laptop...I have no idea how people get by with these laptops that have no clickers at all, just a touchpad thingy.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:27 [Also, yeah...everyone seems addicted to their phones nowadays, actually. If I'm in a setting where people mostly sit (e.g. in a restaurant), I look around, and the majority of people aren't talking to each other, they're just on their phone... :/]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:27 (My laptop doesn't have a left or right clicker but it doesn't matter since I've only used the mouse pad a few times)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:28 (I use my tablet pen most of the time when clicking or right clicking)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:30 Blender and GIMP, and with GIMP I primarily use Ctrl-Z). My laptop doesn't have a touchscreen, so the only time I use a pen is when I hook my Bamboo Splash Pad up to it.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:31 (I hook up my tablet to my laptop since my laptop doesn't have touchscreen either)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:34 (I simply don't care. I'd honestly rather get ads related to things I have spoken about than ads that I DEFINITELY do NOT want to see.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:35 (Also I don't really get ads anymore on this computer because I use adblock but that's another story)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:37 (I got sent ads that I didn't even talk about in any way, so my point still stands. Still rather see animemes)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:37 (Use UBlock Origin)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:37 [I use NoScript. It works like a charm on most sites.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:37 *uBlock Origin
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:38 [It's not just for ads though, it protects against a lot of malicious stuff, e.g. clickjacking. It's saved me from clickjacking a whole lot of times over the years, actually.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:38 (I can even get past those stupid 3rd party hulu streaming ads)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:39 [It also makes loading most things so much faster because a lot of unwanted scripts from other sites are just plain blocked.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:39 (Where it opens a link? uBlock quickly closes tabs that open due to clicking on a page)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:40 (The site I use to get my audio for videos does that where you click download and it redirects you to another site. uBlock closes it)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:40 [Ah, so it closes ads that the website tries to open in new tabs?]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:41 (It does a lot of things)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:43 (uBlock has a thing where you can hide things in the page and I accidentally clicked on the message bar, deleting it.)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:44 (Got it back)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:45 [Really, NoScript isn't a true "adblocker"--it's really designed to just block malicious scripts and only allow scripts from trusted sites. By blocking scripts, however, it blocks/takes out most ads along the way.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:46 (uBlock gets rid of everything because it's a little overachiever)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:46 [You might want to try it out sometime; it makes browsing so much faster. It just takes getting used to; you have to sort of manually allow scripts for sites, and sometimes you do have to go into preferences and tweak a few very specific things (e.g.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 19:47 there's something called ABE in it that I think is active by default, but I recall I needed to turn it off to get some sites to work).]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.3 19:49 (Why not)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 20:05 *turns on the robot it buzzes and starts cleaning* Henry! Yay! Ok you wanna make any thing? Come this way *leads him to a boxy machine with a hold in it at arms hight* put your arm in that will get you acsess and the key to using everything perfectly
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 20:09 Okay... *sticks his arm in*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 20:10 *the machine locks his arm in place takes a blood and tissue sample then realeases his arm and the machine turns on*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 20:12 *the top opens and a machine drops an orb in*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 20:25 *a few minutes later tomas pops out he looks Emersons age but ue dose look like 18yo Tomas* Ah thank you..Elts *hugs the Bear then looks around a bit* Elts...did you make a test clone first without my consciousness and soul? *motions to Emerson*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.3 20:27 I told you not to, but whatever we can find a spot for it *scratches he back of his head*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 22:30 *is staring in shock**realizes he was in the middle of scratching the back of his head too**stops and stares at his hand*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 22:34 *tries to get his act together* I-I-I-I'm not a clone.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.3 22:35 M-my name is Emerson...I think I'm...I think I'm your great-grandson.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 00:24 Blitz: *quickly retreats back into the shadow of her corner*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 00:36 My great grandson?! Elts? waht year is it? *elts says the year*...I...I had the dna needed cryogenically frozen Elts...I told you were it was..did you forget again? Elts: Yes I forgot again but I found your spawn! I scaned him and got the dna all by
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:46 Leonore:...This. Means. WAR.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:46 Um...Calvin.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.4 00:49 *throws away the small toy and goes back to sulking*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 00:50 *smiles a bit* yeah...sounds about right.... Its...she was yourr grandmother then, oh its so nice to meet you *smiles really big*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:51 *smiles a little back, but he's still disturbed by what he saw in the videos*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:52 If you have more questions about them, then sorry, my answers will be uh...limited...I didn't know them all that well. My mother got separated from them at a certain point...I still don't really know what happened...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:52 I mostly remember visiting them when I was really little.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 00:52 Bltiz: Wasn't MY idea!
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 00:53 Blitz: But it's a thing now. I have been subjecting my friends to countless chocolatey headshot wounds. >:3c
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 00:55 thats alright they were really good people...you look shooken up are you ok?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:56 Leonore: Two can play that game!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:56 I think so...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 00:57 Blitz: You stay away from my chocolate. I generally hate it, but it's still mine.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:59 Leonore: Stay away from your chocolate, eh? >:) *slowly closes in on Blitz's chocolate* Ehh?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:59 Leonore: *gets even closer*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 00:59 Leonore: EHHH?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 01:00 Um...do you know Nycro?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 01:00 Elts did you scare him?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 01:00 Oh Nycro...um...I maybe once or twice? its that dragon right the lily tiny guy?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 01:01 [gtg. See you later!]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 01:01 Elts: I showed him the Videos!
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 01:02 Tomas: ELTS! Come on! you...you dont! no! that...We talked about this...we dont show people those... Elts:Sorry.... Tomas: *sighs* It...Its ok
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 01:04 Saxon:...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 03:51 or who I wanted to be for that matter it was a complicated situation with no right choices
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 04:58 [....we wait]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 05:01 Is...um C.J still around? I have no idea how long her lifespan is...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 05:02 (indeed we do)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 05:47 [.........yoom]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 18:53 [Hey guys, sorry I didn't make it on last night. My Internet at home is not working. We tried fixing it for a long time to no avail; it's not a problem on my end, it's a problem with the Internet provider. It was super windy last night, so maybe the
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 18:54 weather knocked out one of their Internet towers or something...then again, they have a tendency to mess around and update crap without telling anybody on Sunday nights, and they could just be jerks who decided to kick us off while they do updates and
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 18:55 whatnot. A tech-savvy friend of mine said that if the latter is the case, they could easily be putting us on another tower or slowing down our speed (but still giving us Internet), which means if they did intentionally knock us off they're being careless
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 18:55 buttholes. >_< ]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 18:55 [Anywho, I'm obviously not on my Internet at home, I'm at school. I should hope it's fixed by tonight, but I can't guarantee anything. Again, I'm sorry about this. :/]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 18:56 (Eh, means I had time to work on a character sketch. Working on outlines now.)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 18:56  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:01 (This is why I can't wait to go back home(Been staying with my brother while my parents' house is remodelled). It's in a location that actually manages to get up to 20mbps, unlike most of my town which barely gets 12)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 19:01 No, it's okay, I understand...they weren't giving you any choice...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:01 (Living in a valley means no 40+mbps.)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:03 (It's nice having internet speeds that rival that of data speeds.)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 19:03 [Yeah, I can relate...I live out in the country, so I actually had dial-up for the longest time until our landline stopped working.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:03 (In my dreams)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 19:05 [Ahh...I can still remember those weird sounds the computer made whenever connecting to the Internet...EEEE-AAAA-EEEEE-UUUUU...the nostalgia... *tries not to scream from how freaking screechy the sounds are*]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:10 (Only heard that a couple of times, before we moved in with our grandparents for the first time. Never had any computer or internet problems there. My uncle worked tech support at Microsoft back then)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:10 (My grandparents just paid for good internet.)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:15 (This new redesign I've been working on is likely my most ambitious redesign yet. By far not animator friendly unless a 3D model is made)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.4 19:21 (Well it should be finished tonight, or at least a wip will be sent tonight)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 19:26 I'm here because of C.J., actually...she's still alive...sort of...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.4 19:39 [gtg super soon. I have another class to go to.]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.4 23:32 Sort of? What do you mean sort of?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 00:13 [Whoo! I'm home and the Internet is working again! :D]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 00:14 Um...well...it's a really long story...but um...I guess I'm more fit to tell it than Nycro is...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 00:24 (Oh cool)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 00:30 [Oh, hey!]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 00:31 (Yo)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 00:34 *basically he summarizes what's been going on since Leo started coming after her*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 00:34 ...So a friend named Kaliste--who's been helping out--instructed me that our only real option now is to make her a new body.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 00:35 She directed me to find out of your labs since you would have already performed the research necessary to do such a thing.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 00:35 So I went to see if Sara knew where one of your labs were, and she sent me to Nycro, and Nycro took me here...and I guess you know the rest.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:06 Oh well, and I didnt do the reasearch, I engineered and delveloped it from scratch, live clonning sucsessful cloning of complex organic matter, I published some not all of my findings and almost all cloning derives from my work
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:14 (Ey)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:16 [:3)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 01:19 *nods a little* Well...I don't really need a clone, I just need an inanimate body to transfer her soul into...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 01:19 Her current body is...well, I haven't seen it, but from what I've heard she's basically a zombie...she needs a new body.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:29 Thats simple, do you work in any medical tech or science feilds?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 01:32 I'm still learning, but I hope to be a doctor someday.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:40 Good for you, do you want to learn how to make a body to put souls into or would you rather just have me do it? It takes 30 minutes tops
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:41 I can help teach you if your intrested I have my U.L.B.T.M.D
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:42 If you would want me to make the body then you could...maybe come back later?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 01:45 I'd like to learn.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 01:45 Also, uh, sorry if this is a stupid question, but what's a...U.L.B...um...?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:47 Universal lifetime Biological and Technological Medical Degree
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 01:48 Basically I can do any medical procedure with or without technology..um Cyborgs basically I can make cyborgs
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 01:48 [gtg. See you later!]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 02:53 [I'm going to be about a half hour or so late tonight. I'm going to watch a movie.]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 04:38 And do any other medical or technology based thing
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 04:43 (You wanna know the most awkward thing for me that happened today?)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 04:44 [Hmm?...]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 04:45 *is in awe* How do you get...um...one of thosE?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 04:45 *those?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 04:46 Well it takes 10 years to get and I dont know if you can get them anymore but I can teaxh you what I know
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 04:54 *nods* Okay...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 04:56 You can get other Degrees in the feild just not lifetime ones anymore
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 04:56 And diffrent places have diffrent laws and such now, it was simpiler a while ago
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 04:58 *nods, though he wonders how Tomas knows all this is he just popped out of a machine and isn't up to date with a lot of things*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 04:59 *since, not is
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:02 I hope you don't mind if I ask, but...um...how did you... *points at the machine Tomas came from* Where did you come from??
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:09 Oh um before I died I set up a machine that would take and hold my soul in stasis until Elts put my dna in and ran the code a made, but he forgot were I put my dna so he used some of yours and it extrapilated my genes and isolated the not my one and then
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:10 Machine holding my soul put it in this new body
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:11 [ they stopped giving put the degrees in Tomas lifetime thats how he knows]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:16 Its simple really
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:18 ...Oh.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:19 *chuckles a bit and looks down as he scratches the back of his head* Yeah,.. I recognize that look
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:21 *stops scratching, awkwardly glancing at his hand*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:22 So...um...will you help me fix C.J.?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:22 Crap...there's something else I really should tell him... *calls Emerson*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:22 *puts his hands in his pockets* Anyways....lets...Get started with C.J, I have some of her dna
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:23 *picks up his phone* Ae--*clears his throat*--Kaliste? What is it?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:24 We need to keep what we're doing strictly top secret. C.J. shouldn't know how her new body is made. I have several different ideas on what to tell her...after this just act like you knew practically nothing of this project, okay?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:24 If this works and she figures out where the body came from, it'd...trigger bad memories.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:25 *leans back and forth on his feet slighly*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:25 [A quick note: On Panthea, "ae" is pronounced like "I" (AKA like the "ie" in "pie"). For all Tomas knows, Emerson was saying "I" and not "Ae."]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:26 Got it...I'm a little busy right now, um...I accidentally brought my great-grandpa back from the dead, bye! *hangs up, smirking a little*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:27 *is left standing there like "What the $%#&"*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:27 *decides not to call him back for now*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:28 So...correct me if Im Wrong but beacause of Panthea's reancarnation Aedona is now Kaliste and somehow retained her memories?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:28 *nods at Tomas, signaling that he agrees with his "let's get started" statement*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:28 *nodded before Tomas asked*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:28 ...Um...yes.
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:29 Are you okay?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:29 I'm fine...it seems as if...um...Tomas is back.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:30 Let's try not to tell C.J. that unless we absolutely have to, shall we?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:30 Alright Tell her I said hi and Also Tell her I said Sorry... I should...get her a fruit basket...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:30 *said that about Aedona*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:31 Um...okay.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:32 Yeah that would be the best for C.J...*walks to his first of 2 basements this one is cold storage he walks down looking at cilinder looking fridges about waist high its very cold in the room* C.J...C.J...C.J... *opens a freezer container and pulls out a*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:33 *follows Tomas*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:33 Okay... *doesn't know much about Tomas, though she's heard a few stories about him*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:33 *Glass vial then closes the fridge* Ok lets Go *walks back upstairs and puts it in the machine* Elts Do not run it yet! I have some things to do first *hops on his computor and Quickly writes a few lines of code to alter the dna and then runs the program*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:34 In the meantime, I have some things to talk about with your father... *looks pointedly at Eira, as if to tell her that this conversation needs to be just between her and Saxon*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:34 *watches carefully*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:35 *a few minutes later it comes out in what looks like the freezers from downstiars but bigger* Keeping it cold so it stays fresh.... *the front is glass so you can see she is pure white but her eyes are closed*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:35 *sighs and crosses her arms, irritated* Alright, but where am I going to go? Kaliste: The best place would be the Elders' realm.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:35 I altered the dna so it was adult age instead of puppy age
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:36 *just keeps following Tomas, watching everything carefully*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:36 *nods* It's...just a body, right? I don't want some sort of soul-swapping spree on my hands...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:38 Yeah just a body no soul to have it come alive with a soul you need a soul to put in it, blank souls work that were wiped clean or souls with memories, Ying..yang power orbs work as souls as well but like animistic kinds not smart inteligent souls...but
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:39 those kinds are very gentle...good for...loyal pets
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:39 Interesting...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:42 *quietly sits down and eats gummy worms*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:42 um...you...you should get that to C.J quickly, dont want it to thaw out and rot...so you have about 20 hours before its no good
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:43 [Kaliste: We need to talk. Saxon: *immediately starts eating sweets*]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:43 Okay. *calls Kaliste*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:44 *sighs, irritated, and answers* What? Emerson: We have a body ready. You need to get it to C.J. fast, though.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:44 (He's sad, he NEEDS sweets)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:44 (well, not sweets, they're sour gummy worms)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:45 Nevermind... *@ Saxon and Eira* A body's already ready...we need to get it to the mansion quickly.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:45 [Ye unlike Aedona Emerson saw Tomas Crying about everything not wanting to do it and being forced into it, Aedona has no Idea that happend or that he never wanted this]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:46 (*stares blankly at the ground and eats another gummy worm*)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:46 (Blitz: Existential crisis mode, ACTIVATE!!)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:47 [She knows that his government forced him down this path and she knows about his family, though.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:48 What are your coordinates? *Kaliste tells him her coordinates* Okay...um...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 05:48 Alright, Mayhem is more inclined to listen to either one of you. He still hates my guts, if you haven't noticed..
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:48 [yeah but she had no idea how bad it was]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 05:49 [on his end I mean]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:49 [Yeah.]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 05:49 Tomas: *pints to a glass tube thing* Telaporter
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:49 I'll go with the body, then. You two stay here.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:50 *nods**looks for ways to move the freezer thing with the body in it to the glass tube (does the freezer have wheels?)*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 05:54 Tomas: Oh...you probably want a dolly... *goes and gets him one* There ya go
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:55 Thanks. *carefully puts the freezer on the dolly, probably with some help from Tomas*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:56 *wheels the freezer into the glass tube, but before departing he goes over to Tomas* Thank you for everything...oh...and...um...I'm so sorry about...what happened...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:56 *he has hung up on Kaliste by now, of course*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 05:56 Tomas: Bye, um...have fun... Oh wait let me get your phone number... *picks up his phone from his desk it probably looks ancient to Emerson*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:56 *as she waits for Emerson, she calls Nycro* Hey Nycro. I need to get back to the mansion. Could you-- Nycro: No. *sounds super depressed*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:57 *quirks his eyebrow at the phone* Huh...a dinosaur...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:57 *chuckles a little* Haven't seen those since back when I was with my mom...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:58 *he often scavenged for parts and whatnot on his planet, so he's seen plenty of "ancient" tech*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 05:58 *gives Tomas his phone number* Can I come back when I'm done with...um, all this C.J. stuff?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:59 ...What? Nycro, what happened to you, are you-- Nycro: I'm not at the mansion anymore...went to help out Emerson...needed to give C.J. space. Just call Mayhem or something.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 05:59 Tomas: Oh yeah Definitly
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 05:59 Are you sure you're okay? *Nycro responds by hanging up*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:00 *puts her fingers on her temples, trying to fight stress**mutters* What has become of us...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:00 *beams* Thanks.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:01 I'll be back at soon as I can. Thank you! *realizes he's said "Thanks" probably too many times now, but he doesn't care**teleports with the freezer to Kaliste*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:01 The body's in here.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:01 Hm...she might recognize the freezer... Emerson: Oh, I could get a different one.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 06:01 (The tail is taking so long to draw!!)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:02 Yeah, that'd be for the best. Emerson: *teleports off, does whatever mysterious thing he does for about half an hour, and comes back with a freezer that is a very different and MUCH newer brand/model, but does pretty much the same thing*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:03 *helps Emerson put the body in the new freezer*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:03 I'll handle this now...you can go. Thank you.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:04 No, thank Tomas.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:06 Oh, and he said something weird...he wanted me to tell you hi, and also that he's sorry and he ought to get you a fruit basket or...something...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:07 *hesitates, then nods a little* You ought to give him his freezer back.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:07 Okay...see you. Good luck. *teleports back to Tomas' place with his freezer, though he leaves the dolly with Kaliste*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:08 *is outside the front door**knocks**spots Nycro's tail sticking out of some nearby bushes* Uh...Nycro, you okay? *Nycro doesn't answer* Nycro?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:08 Tomas: Ah your back!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 06:08 Just leave me alone a while longer...I'll be fine... *gets the feeling that the latter is a lie*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:08 *opened the door before he said that]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:09 Yeah...I left the dolly with Kaliste, though...she probably needs it...sorry...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:10 *@ Saxon and Eira* I'll come back as soon as I can.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:10 Tomas: Its ok your fine
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:10 Tomas: *sees Nycro* Whoa...you got bigger
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:11 *puts the new freezer with the new body in it on the dolly and then teleports with the freezer and dolly to somewhere in Sahlem**wants to put some distance between herself and Saxon+Eira to keep Mayhem away from them*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:11 Yeah...I think he wants to be alone...how small was he when you knew him, by the way?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:13 a...a bit smaller then C.J
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:15 Oh...sounds like he was about Vera's size. *smiles a bit*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:15 Like a big dog, right?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:16 Yeah Like a big dog,
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:16 *pauses, thinking for a little bit about how she'll go about this*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:17 Yep...that's Vera...I think all dragon adolescents are about that size. At least in this universe. The ones from Irakurri are massive...
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:17 Do you have another dolly? *wants to help get the freezer inside*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:17 *finally yells:* Mayhem!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:18 yes I do *goes inside and gets one* Who is Vera?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:20 A friend of mine...she's the current Yin.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:20 *a portal opens right away, but Mayhem isn't there. He's busy watching his house being rebuilt*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:20 [WWWWHOOOOAAAAA]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:21 *goes through the portal, pushing the freezer through as well*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:21 oh, nice *helps him bring the freezer inside*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:21 [I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT IS, BUT IT'S AWESOME!!!]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:21 I need to set up a room then would you like to help me with something?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:21 [Is that BKN-what's-his-name?!]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:22 Sure.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:25 Alright *goes to a room and sets it up so the floor is soft and the room looks nice and calming* To basement 2 we go, *heads down to basement 2 and unlockes it goes inside walking down the isles then opens what looks like a smaller shipping*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:25 *container and starts lifting up a 3 foot tall Cat like robot [see image above}*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:26 we need to carry her up to the room before I wake her up
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:28 *nods and helps him lift the robot out of the container*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:29 *has to force himself to focus hard on the task at hand and not gape at the robot*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:31 *pauses, unsure of what to do again**part of her wants to go to C.J. first and show her the body and try to cheer her up, but another part of her senses that would end badly and would like her to be transferred into the body before she can fully react to
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:31 it*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:32 *is really curious about the robot* What...who is this?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:33 *decides that the ethical decision would be to let C.J. at least react to it first**pushes the freezer just outside C.J.'s room and knocks on the door gently* C.J.? Are you in there?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:33 want to meet her? she...might..well will probably freak out...alot when she wakes up...and we will have to lock the door
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:33 or you can wait til she settles down before meeting her
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:34 Yeah, okay
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:34 *.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:34 *said that before the "or you can wait" part*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:34 Jay: C.J's not out but come on in!
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:35 (Guys I'll be a few minutes, gonna pack up and go home)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:35 *opens the door*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:35 (Do the scene with C.J while I'm gone)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:36 [no C.J Never talks about it to Anyone]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:37 Jay: Who are you then? What do you have there?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:37 [Tomas dosent even know]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:38 Um...C.J., it's me, Kaliste...your friend...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:38 Are you okay?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:40 Jay: Oh C.J is sleeping, I Go by Jay
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:42 "Sleeping?"
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:44 [I also have a number of ideas as to how this whole idea of transferring her back to the body she was meant to have could go wrong, but I'm afraid of giving you any ideas you may not already have, sooo...]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:44 Jay: mmm hmm Im hosting the body while she rests she hasnt been in the mood to front lately
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:44 "Hosting the body"...so you're someone else.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 06:46 (K im home just gotta srt up my stuff again and ill be back)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:46 Jay: Well I am C.J just not one who has met you before
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:46 [k]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:47 Jay: so not a diffrent person, the same person from a diffrent point in her life. there are tons of us we usually stay in the pockeet universe
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:48 *frowns slightly, figuring it out* So you're...bits and pieces of her consciousness from the past?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:50 I came here to talk to the C.J. from the present. This is for her. But if she needs some space and time alone right now, that's fine, I can wait until she comes back out.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:51 (I want to note that the metal is not silver, its
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:53 Jay: If she likes it she will come out dont worry She isnt planning on comming out...Ever...she says...she isnt...leaving...she woke up... and said..she isnt leaving...Alright C.J dont worry You dont have to
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:54 I consulted some gods and ultimately got her a new body...with white fur and all. We plan to transfer her consciousness to it.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:55 Jay:what doe it look like?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 06:56 It's a wolf body with some of the prettiest white fur I've ever seen.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 06:57 What's her name?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 06:58 Jay: She wants to see it
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 06:58 are you staying here or comming to see her later?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:00 *carefully opens the freezer*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 07:00 I'll stay here.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:01 *braces herself for any sort of reaction*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:04 *she immediately Drops to the floor and a light zooms into the new body at an incredibly speed it probably looks like a flash the body stands up and wobbles a bit then runs to the mirrior and bounces around* Its me! its me! I look like me!!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 07:06 *sits down*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:07 *beams and hugs C.J.*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:07 You're beautiful!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:07 [I can't stop smiling right now. :D]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:08 *turns her on and waits wispers* you need to be quiet and calm she will be very scared
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:09 *smiles big and sits infront of the mirrior looking around more smilling big* Thats what I look like its what Im saposed to look like!
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:09 *one of her eyes is a pinish red the other is blue*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:11 It's wonderful.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:11 *the lights in her eyes flicker a bright blue as her system restarts and she recalibrates herself. Her pupils dilate a few times as they refocus themselves. Finally her eyes switch to an amber and yellow color*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 07:11 *nods*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:12 *talks very calm and softly* Hello lilly...are?..are you with us?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:14 *she looks around quickly* This isn't- Where am I? *runs from one wall to the other, her perception of depth not quite finished calibrating, so she practically runs into the walls. She reaches the door and launches herself at it* Where's my room?!
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:15 Where's my room, this isn't where I fell asleep! Get me out of here! *scratches frantically at the door* C.J, where are you?!
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:15 Lily...Lily Calm down...your ok you are safe, your not in that lab anymore
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:19 Did I do something wrong?? *hasn't yet sat down*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:20 no, no Lily you did absolutly Nothing wrong
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:20 Would you...would you like to leave now?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:21 I'm sure Akai, Lily, and Nycro really miss you.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:22 *sits down, clearly afraid*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:24 what is the last thing you remember?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:26 I remember... Being separated from C.J..
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:27 Come on. *heads back to the portal, pushing the freezer along as well*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:27 anything else?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:29 I know more happened... I can't quite.. Remember. It hasn't been THAT LONG has it?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:30 it...it has been a Very long time Lily you were sleeping...like...like a coma
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:33 they....the lab you lived in...they put you into...into storage until they needed you but I...I removed you from storage when I moved so you are safe now, no one is going to hurt you again myself included
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:36 *isn't sure if she should believe him or not* Who is he, then? *points one of her claws at Emerson*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.5 07:37 Er...I'm Emerson...I'm his great-grandson.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:38 Got all your things?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:38 That...um...is....my....great Grandson...Emerson...which sounds very weird but its true the current year is *says the current year*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:39 Yeah!
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:39 I was asleep for that long?? I shouldn't be alive anymore!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:40 Let's go! *heads back through the portal to Sahlem with C.J. and the freezer*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:40 *calls Nycro* Nycro, it's done. C.J.'s in the new body, you can come here!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:41 Where's here? *Kaliste gives her coordinates**a few seconds later he teleports to Kaliste and C.J. and hugs C.J. tightly*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:41 *is crying a little, but he can't help it and doesn't care at this point*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:41 we...we...do have Cryogenic freezers that perfectly preserve living organic materials...but your...not...exactly organic materials anymore lily..
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:42 hi
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:43 I...I know what happened to you with Tomas...I'm so sorry...I've been so stupid...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:43 No, that can't be true. I mean... I know what my paws looked and felt like when they were first replaced... Nothing has changed, I still feel exactly the same...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:43 Surely I'd feel different, right?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:44 (truth is, it's all phantom feelings)
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 07:46 in...in the medical world there is a thing called Phantom feelings or Phantom pain, sometimes when someone looses there hand or arm they will still feel it even if it isnt actually there..
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:46 (might be best if i went to sleep now. Gotta get up fairly early)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:47 What do you mean you know what happend with Tomas? You should know I told you I grew up in the lab.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:53 I found some old videos...I didn't realize...just how horrifying it was...for you AND Tomas...it was so hard to watch...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:54 *is standing behind C.J.; C.J. can't see her face, but Nycro can**looks at Nycro warningly*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:55 What do you think happend there?! Cupcakes and rainbows?!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:55 My background was so sheltered...I guess...I never truly realized...that...until I actually SAW what happened...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:56 No...I just didn't realize the full extent to how bad it was...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 07:57 You saw my scars and burns and cuts and bald spots and Everything How did you Think they got there?!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:57 I have scars too...there are many ways you can get scars, it's just some of the ways you got them were even...beyond my imagination...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:57 I'm so sorry...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 07:58 I'm an idiot...I've always been an idiot...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 07:59 Everyone likes to sugarcoat horrible things.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:01 trust me he was doing more then just sugar coating it
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:05 *has gotten to the point in crying where he's kind of just blithering about what he saw*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:05 *pauses and stares when Nycro mentions how Tomas cried and drank*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:06 Um...a-a-alright...Nycro, it'll be okay...take C.J. to the Elders' realm, alright? We...we wouldn't want Prisim to arrive and...ruin everything, would we?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:06 well I mean they literly blew up and even if they didnt they would be dead by now
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:07 When you're done...come back and meet me here right away...I need to talk to you for a moment...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:08 *nods a little, getting a hold of himself*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:08 IS it about you getting nervous Every time Nycro mentions Tomas being upset about it?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:08 [Is it alright if Nycro drops C.J. off in the Elders' world?]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:09 or that your scared that Im going to find out that this body was made in his lab?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:09 No...I just have some matters to discuss with Nycro about Emerson...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:09 Well, nevermind that then...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:09 Just go and stay with her, Nycro.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:11 *has managed to stop crying, albeit barely* Oh, um...Lily will probably...react to you weirdly...so...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:11 I need to get back to my own family...I'll see you around soon. *teleports back to Saxon and Eira*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:12 Do you think Im an Idiot Kaliste? How else would you have gotten this Body? Tomas's lab is the only place to get this specific type of dna
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:12 *said that before she left*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 08:13 There are plenty of ways...theoretically, the Panthean gods could've done it too, or made a close enough copy. Anyways, I'll see you soon. *said that before leaving*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:14 *sighs* you guys are...wow.. *pulls a small glowing orb from her hoodie reaches into the orb and pulls out a bandana puts the orb into the bandana and puts the bandana on*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:15 has now. A lot of gods specialize in specific life forms, after all.]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:16 mm I dont know if I want to right now
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:16 Why not? Lily and Akai are waiting, and it's safest there...I wouldn't want anyone to come and get you again, especially not now.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:16 [C.J wouldnt have touched it if it as so much as even smelled a little bit not quite like her]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:17 oh so Now you care thats nice *scoffs a bit and starts walking off*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:17 I've never stopped caring.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:18 The Irakurrian demon gods can't get you there. Come on.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:18 Just so we are Clear when I said we are Done I ment it. I am going back to see the Kids but I want nothing to do with you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:18 And Lily frankly has been convinced this entire time you're still dead...it's been driving me nuts.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:19 *said that before C.J. replied*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:19 ...Do you realize what losing you has put me through?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:20 What do you think this is going to do to the kids?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:20 do you realize what how you speak to me and treat me has put me through?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:21 [Anyways, here's my idea: I frankly can't imagine my dragons living anywhere but on floating islands. But at the same time, moving back to Yinyang would be totally illogical. Commuting back and forth between Yinyang and the Elders' realm is definitely
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:21 The kids are Adults now they will be fine
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:21 something I see them doing, but with all the perks the Elders' realm has to offer (especially safety), their home is staying in the Elders' world.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:22 What the h**l are you talking about? I've been as kind to you as I possibly can!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:22 And what happened with Irakurri C.J....I thought that would just free Bakura...I didn't see Prisim coming into the picture, nobody could.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:23 [Anyways, with the way the islands are sinking in their original home, this fact is clear: the dragons' presence caused the floating islands to come to be. Their planet was most likely not originally made of floating islands, but became floating islands
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:23 after hundreds of years of being occupied by dragons.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:24 [Now, what if the Elders' land is the same way? What if it used to be floating islands when the dragons were around, but sank back down to become "normal" when the dragons left?]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:25 so yelling at me, not trusting me, sending people who want to hurt me to my location, making me Feel ugly and Insaine and making me feel like I was Always doing something wrong is your Idea of kindness? Yeah...as I said we are done
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:25 [And now that the dragons are back (well, the Yinyang ones at least), perhaps the land would start breaking apart and floating again as it did millenias ago?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:25 I've trusted you more than I've trusted anyone else. You can
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:26 *can't comprehend how much I hurt when I realized what you were doing with Bakura and the other C.J.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:27 What do you Think I was doing with them?!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:27 I never "made" you feel anything--nobody "makes" you feel anything, you choose how you feel. And if I have tried to "make" you feel anything, I've never tried to make you feel ugly or insane, that's what PRISIM did!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:27 It's plain and simple. You were cheating on me, and you would've left me long ago if it wasn't for the Chia wolf love bond.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:29 That isnt What was happening at all! *looks genuinly hurt* What the h**l Nycro?!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:29 Every minute of every day ever since you died I've wanted to beat myself to a pulp a hundred times more ragged than you were as Scrap!! Every minute of every day I spent trying to figure out a way to get you back!!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 08:30 Then WHAT were you doing?! I asked you that a hundred times before you died! Are you going to answer me now?!
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:32 I was keeping C.J and Bakura away from our kids so our Kids wouldnt Think I was with Bakura and I didnt want our kids to get confused by which one is there mom which one isnt among other things!
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:34 Its the Truth you Idiot! Yes I did talk to Bakura Sometimes beacause it was nice to talk to him But I NEVER Once cheated on you with him! We looked at fake clouds and talked Like friends That is all we did!
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:37 *tears fall down* Stuff like This is why we are done Nycro you dont trust me, and when I tell you the truth you laugh in my face and tell me im lying! That stuff hurts me! this is far from the first time you have hurt me, you might have never physically
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:39 Punched me or physically hit or hurt me but You have emotionally hurt me so Much that I cant take it anymore! *crys more* I...I cant do this This is why I should never have freakin sang to you...Im done with this Im done with you and I am done with you
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 08:39 hurting me over and over like this *runs off crying*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 17:45 .... Is... Did C.J come, too?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 17:58 (It would look quite a lot different. For instance there would be land down below, because the larger dragons preferred staying on the warm ground, as the crust of that land was thin and magma heated everything.)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 17:58 *still doesn't believe what C.J. said was the reason for why she did all this**after all, the kids were basically adults when C.J. was caught (in other words, they were definitely more than smart enough to deal with two C.J.s being around), and there are
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 17:59 *is about to eat another gummy worm, but the bag disappears* Oh
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 18:04 *arrives back by Saxon and Eira* It's done...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 18:04 (I am wanting to make this a comic/animated series at some point in my life so I sort of want to avoid as many copyrighted things as possible. You will not believe how many things I have changed on Amyls in order to fit that.)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 18:04 (Exocoel is the only planet to be completely original)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 18:05 *]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 18:06 That's good I guess. Sort of figured she'd be here as well. Y'all talked to her about Tomas and Nycro, didn't you?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 18:07 (There's more to it and really, C.J's words remain accurate. Especially right before she ran off)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.5 18:09 [But yeah, I do sense that there's something more to it, so I'm probably gonna arrange for some character to get curious and go investigate the whole matter...it's not going to be Nycro because with all his arguing with C.J., it's actually a little
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 18:11 Only a little. She figured most things out for herself.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 18:13 [In the meantime, I'm procrastinating...I have a bunch of exams to do tomorrow and I need to study for them all, so I'm going to sign off. I probably won't be on until later tonight (unless my Internet goes down again -_-). See you!]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 18:15 And someone tried making excuses or consoling her? Trust me, it doesn't work, it never does.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 18:23 She isnt in this building but she is still around Emerson can probably call her
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 18:26 Or I could...If you want
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 18:42 You didn't leave her back there... Did you?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 19:50 [Bakura also a perk but, her kids is why she did it, she took Bakura and C.J when She found out she was pregnant ]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 19:57 Back where? The mansion? Of course not, she came with me back into Yinyang. She was with Nycro in Sahlem when I left.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 19:58 *]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 19:58  Secret message to Tomas  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 20:00  Secret message to Tomas  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 20:01  Secret message to Tomas  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 20:01  Secret message to Tomas  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 20:02 Not really a big shocker. She'll come through, one way or another.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 20:02 You didn't leave her back there... Did you?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.5 20:03 Yeah...she always does...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 20:18 No, No I didnt um...actually the lab dosent exist anymore right now we are in my personal lab but not the goverment one, you are safe, C.J is on another planet living her life um...Emerson knows her..do you know what C.J is up to these days?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.5 20:22 Maybe Emerson can call her and you could speak to her, would you like that Lily?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.5 22:11 *nods*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 23:10 She needs company of someone who can relate. Not you, not Nycro, not even me. I will not begin to try and understand what she's gone through, and thus will not force my opinions. These matters are complicated and really should be handled with care.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.5 23:11 Now, what did you want to talk about?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:00 Yeah...she should probably spend some time with Sara, really...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:01 *looks pointedly at Eira*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:01 *sighs, irritated, and walks out of earshot*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:02 Well... *tells Saxon what Irakurri Sara told her, though she leaves out that Irakurri Sara loves him in part because she respects Sara's right to keep that secret*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 04:07 (PINK DANGIT)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:09 I want the truth.
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 04:10 Well, um...I'll see what I um...can do... *calls Kaliste* Hey Kaliste, are you done--? Kaliste: This is a REALLY bad time to call, Emerson. *sounds really irritated*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 04:10 I just want to call C.J.-- Kaliste: Go right ahead, she's not at the mansion anymore, everything went as planned. *hangs up*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 04:11 *sighs**hopes C.J.'s number is the same and calls*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:13 The whole matter of Raina being human again is complicated. Of course I'll never stop caring for her. She's done so much for me, there's nothing I can possibly do to pay her back. She's afraid, but doesn't want to be alone, and the fact is I simply do no
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:17 belong in a place as peaceful as Urmukka. Nothing good could come of my bloodline being in a land of pacifists. I've had hundreds of years to think about this, and that life just isn't for me. Not anymore.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:19 It never really was. I love their culture, but I was raised to fight and that would bring nothing but misfortune to them.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:20 *nods a little*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:23 *It clearly hurts to be saying all of this* Besides... I like Earth so much more than Exocoel.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:27 *hesitates, then says:* And do you have any thoughts on Sara's vow to prevent me from ever being involved in your life after I die?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:28 [Replies may be slower or I may disappear. This website is acting up for me.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:30 That is for me to talk to her about.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:33 *sighs and leans against a nearby tree, staring into space in silence for about a minute*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:33 I don't know what I'd do if I regained my memories again after I die. Pantheans usually remember those they love the most, though...I may be drawn back to you or Eira or C.J. even if I never regain anything...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:34 If I were to get my memories back again, is there anything you would want me to do?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:37 I don't know...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:38 I'd want to return, but...if it'd hurt more than help, staying away would be better...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:40 [Argh...it's hard to take this scene seriously while studying Java and listening to Elvis...]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:40 (Well I'm listening to r/Choosingbeggars so...)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:40 [I think I kinda found the perfect Elvis song for the city planet Nycro and Saxon visited earlier.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:40 (And having a strange conversation about cats)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:41 ("As Yaquaet climbed the stairs to the third floor, he lost himself deep in thought about his short conversation with Valeria. ‘I was already in enough trouble.’ What did she mean? He had a few guesses but attempted to not to make any assumptions.")
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:42 (Also yeah, I've been writing)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:43 [Hm...Yaquaet...that's familiar...is that Nixon?]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:43 (ye)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:44 (“rule one, do as your told. We here do not tolerate insubordination. Rule two, do not attempt to escape, for any attempts shall result in immediate elimination. Rule three, don’t stress, you’re in good hands.” The last rule always made Yaquaet shudder.)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:44 (Nixon hates Bones and his rules)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:45 [Also, this is probably predictable, but the song that matches the city planet pretty well is Viva Las Vegas. The city seems glorious on the surface, but just underneath the surface it could annihilate you.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:46 (It will be quite awhile before I send even a wip of this)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:47 *with your
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 04:49 It would hurt more than help?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:50 [WHY WON'T THIS PAGE LOAD, IT'S ONLY EFFING TEXT]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:54 Sara had a point...dying and coming back and dying again...that sort of thing wrecks some people...look at Nycro, I've seen things in him that were in me after... *she trails off **she is referring to the time after Eira's death*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 04:56 [Oh where oh where has my little fuzzy snake gone, oh where oh where could she beeee...]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:03 It really cannot break me any more than what is already broken.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:08 (There's only one line in this song that doesn't fit and that is "I've already forgotten every woman but you")
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:09 Whatever happens...I only want what's best for you.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:12 (Saxon when he finally gets home. "It's 5 O'clock somewhere")
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:15 (Saxon definitely feels more free on Earth. His true colors can show there and that is why I call him such an upbeat character.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:17 [Yep. Sounds a bit like Aedona when she's in Sahlem--she feels most at home there by far.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:19 (He doesn't really feel at home anywhere, he just loves how Earth people don't care)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:23 (I have seriously considered animating him to Greased Lightning. The beat, the energy in Travolta's voice is exactly what he can be like. That song is so bad though, so I often reconsider)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:25 (Now I understand all the references and I'm just like O.O my parents let me watch this. *looks at rating* "PG" my butt)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:29 (The song completely contradicts Saxon's beliefs. It's full of things he'd never say. But everything else.... It's so perfect)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:30 ("We're gonna rock down to ELECTRIC AVENUE-")
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:33 We've reached an impasse, then.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:37 Us...getting back together...I know it is good for Eira, but...is it good for you?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:38 I don't want you to be part of anything you don't...want...to be part of... *is clearly difficult for her to say a lot of these things/voice her doubts*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:39 *it's
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:41 Do you think I'd give up? It'll always be you, just as I'll always be me.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:41 (azlyrics.com/lyrics/randytravis/foreverandeveramen.html)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:42 *hesitates, then hugs him tightly*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:43 (Aha i found the trick. Just remove everything before the website name and you can send the links no problem or annoying spaces))
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:44 [Aha! I need to try that out.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:44 I'm sorry...I shouldn't have doubted.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:49 (*screams while playing the guitar*)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:49  Secret message to Saxon  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 05:50 [Uhhhh...]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:51 (One of our friends)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:51 (She's my only country buddy, though.)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 05:54 (Everyone I know is like "country is awful" then I'm just crying silently because it's the only way I enjoy a love song)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:00 *Strauss'
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:00 (Most love songs, even quite a lot of country, especially the new stuff, is pretty boring or just doesn't send the right message. The country I like tells about devotion and patriotism and good spirits)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:03 [Other media be like: *dashing knight saves beautiful princess, or daring detective teams up with clever woman who eventually needs to be saved anyway, blah blah etc.*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:04 EVERYTHING, MWAH HA HA HAAA]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:05 (Well at least it's original)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:07 (*when you realize that your favorite character's story would basically be that filler-streak that Naruto Shippuden had*)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:09 (*proceeds to make fans hate me for not continuing with the story and instead spending 6 episodes telling Saxon's story*)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:09 [True...then again, when I first came up with the idea to throw Mayhem into things as a monkey wrench, I was just trying to play around with yandere tropes because I was inspired by how Darkiplier scared the h**l out of me.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:10 [I guess I kind of hit a "plot jackpot" because I had no idea how meaningful such a storyline would be for that character in particular...I had no idea about his curse or anything.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:12 (This is going to be a goal now. Imma make this a series and one day cut it off to tell Saxon's story and make people wait a month and a half before continuing with the plot)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:13 [How old is Saxon, by the way?]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:14 (Oh geez. Going on 300 now? *hears Armis laughing in the background*)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:19 (I'm usually pretty lenient on names so... I really don't have a preference..)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:20 [I research names pretty thoroughly, even for minor characters. I really like to embed meaning in my names, but that's just me.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:20 [I recall choosing "Aedona" took FOREVER...oh my god...I spent way too much time on that...]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:20 (Most names that I use, I create my own meaning to them.)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:21 (Saxon is once again the only exception.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:22 [Most of my names have an inherent meaning to them if you look them up, but some don't. For instance, I chose Akai because that's the name of a wolf from a documentary about wolves I saw as a kid; it's one of my very favorite documentaries.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:23 (I usually find a name that fits the main part of their personality, but then I work with it and turn it into something that means a lot to me personally. Saxon is an exception because well... He was created completely different from my other characters,)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:23 *main part of personality or skill
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:23 [Hm...how so?]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:24 (Armis is a name that derived from a translation of "swordsman".)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:25 (Saxon was created in a dream. Everything about his character, even the creation of Vulkanisch, came from a vivid dream involving two escaped test subjects who grew up not even knowing they once lived in a lab)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:26 (The dream was a whole lot darker than what I turned Vulkanisch into and that is saying something because Vulkanisch is still a dark place where a lot of messed up things happen)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:28 [Mayhem may have appeared once or twice too, but I'm not so sure.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:28 (So yeah, Saxon means a lot to me. Armis.... He's the only other character I've seen in a dream and... Well... For the longest time I regretted creating him)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:28 [How come? Armis is a pretty good character.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:30 *said that before*(i wrote it down not too long ago. I still remember all the details without the document)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:31 (Also Mayhem isn't THAT devil, sorry >:3)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:32 *answers the phone sniffling a bit* Hey Emerson
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.6 06:34 [Could you reply to my secret messages, please?]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.6 06:36  Secret message to Kaliste  
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.6 06:36  Secret message to Emerson  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:37 (Every time I reread that I can vividly remember the details of the dream. I wrote that down back when I didn't throw in all the details accurately.)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 06:38 Or at least talk to you.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:38 (Hence why there is so much context missing in Saxon's story)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 06:38 (Wrote that down the same time)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:38 *telaports imediatly to Emerson and sees Lily* Lily!!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 06:39 [Yeah, of course I'd ask you both for permission before using your OCs.]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:39 *has obviously been crying but she runs up and hugs lily* Hi
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:39 C.J!! *looks her up and down* You're back to normal!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 06:39 *has to do a double-take even though he knows this is C.J. in the flesh now*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:40 Yeah! *jumps up and down a bit* I....I...looked pretty bad...before this not..beacause of the lab diffrent...stuff but yeah back to normal!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 06:40 [I have this hilarious idea for a "re-enactment" of the Leonore vs. Mayhem battle. Yes, Poptarts would be involved. Lots and lots of Poptarts. Part of me doesn't want to see this idea see the light of day, but another part of me is constantly like
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 06:41 *Palpatine voice* DO IT.]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:42 That's real cool! Where have you been? Tomas said you weren't around.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:44 I....have been living....my life...I thought you died in the lab or at least when the planet blew up...I had no Idea you were still around! Im so Sorry I didnt get you sooner! If I knew I would have!
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.6 06:44 Uh...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:47 oh So these guys from another universe, Another me and Another Sara and Another you and a whole bunch of others came into this universe and its been really annoying
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:50 so...so much has happend tho
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:51 Another me?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:52 yeah
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:52 Poor thing..
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:54 she...lives with a girrafe and Cara so she is doing really well actually
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 06:57 That's... Good. Maybe if she found more friends.. I can? I mean, if her friends got past the way she looked, maybe I can, too?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 07:00 oh Yes definitly I have friends, We can start there if you would like, You havent met any of them, Sara is a good place to start she is imortal and grew up in a lab like us
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 07:00 Oh I have a daughter named Lily I named her after you of course
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 07:01 kaliste can be a bit annoying but she is good, Emerson well you met him, And we have Vera and Theo...not really my friends but they hang around us
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 07:06 They...might be a bit nervous around you when they see you for the first time but they are Very excepting and nice
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 19:36 Oh..
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.6 19:40 *hugs her back. Doesn't really have much more to say*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 19:40 I have been meaning to ask... You're feeling okay, right?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 19:44 Um..yeah aory of...physically Great physically nothing hurts and it feels like me and its Amazing
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 19:45 *sort of
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 19:46 You're hurt, though... It's alright. You don't have to tell me.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 20:10 Its...fine..Its just been alot lately...I broke it off with my husband whixh is good uts good but its hard
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 20:26
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.6 20:53 Lily... Im setting up a new house would you like to stay there with me?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 03:27 I don't know...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 04:21 [Hey! Replies will be slow; I'm very busy today.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 04:22 on at the fixed times. I'll have to update you later on when I can come on once I get used to the schedule there.]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:24 [k]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 04:27 (Aiight)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:33 how are you doing Lily?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:34 ... I... I think I'm okay? I really.. I really don't know anymore..
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:38 *nods a bit* so are you gonna stay here with Tomas for a while?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:39 Um...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 04:39 [I also have an upload going...if it finishes before I sign off tonight, I'll let you know. :D]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:43 (Define "dignity")
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:43 oh right...probably not...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:46 ("Did he at least die with dignity?" "Define "dignity", sir." *exasperated sigh*)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:53 How about you stay with me while we look for a place for you to live Lily would you like that?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:57 [Ocs as vines]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 04:57 That sounds good, but... *isn't sure if she's allowed to leave or not*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.7 04:59 Your alright Lily
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:02 [Sorry for disappearing, I'm trying to wrap up a whole bunch of assignments before the trip.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:04 [DOOOO EEEEEETTTT]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:04 *nods a bit* Alright Emerson are you coming with or staying here?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:04 (I think I'll draw all the Irakurrian powerhouses in their natural/most powerful forms)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:05 [Have fun rendering that. >:D]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:06 (It can be done.)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:07 (The internet here is trash but all I would need to do is go to my parents house. Great internet)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:08 (But I wouldn't use that gif)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:10 [....]
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:10 (I'm watching an old video that I found in middle school. It brings me so much joy)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:13 [noicre]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:13 [I know what it tis im waiting for Emerson to reply]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:14 [You may have heard it before. I see it in weird meme and video compilations. It tends to make me laugh like h**l because it usually comes out of nowhere.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.7 05:14 Uhh...I guess I'll stay here...I mostly live with Sara, Theo, and Vera now...and Kumo too I guess...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:16 Alright lets go Lily, *telaports to a small planet with no one else on it half of it is forest the other is grassland C.J puts up her house easily with magic this house has no mirriors in it* And here we go
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:17 If you dont like anything in here let me know and I will change it *walks inside*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:18 [ye]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 05:21 *a little while later, he calls Kaliste* Kaliste: *sighs, picking up the phone* What?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:21 [If its a meme I almost definitly have proably seen/herd it before]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:22 ...So you want me to fix this? For god's sake, you're her husband.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 05:23 No no, it's just that... *sighs* She won't talk to me.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:24 She won't talk to you for a reason.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 05:25 Don't tell me you're buying her crap about--
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:26 I don't know what she was doing with Irakurri C.J. and Bakura, okay? But I do know her enough to say that you should've taken what she told you seriously.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:26 I'll go talk to her, but again, I'm not doing this just for you. *hangs up*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 05:27 *has walked back over since she saw that her mom was on her phone/the conversation between her and Saxon ended*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:28 *turns to Saxon and Eira* I think I need to have a talk with C.J...you want to come?
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.7 05:28 *has gotten worried about Kaliste and co., so she has left the Elders' realm*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:29 *nods* Thank you... *isn't quite sure what to do since she hasn't been free since she was barely old enough to walk*
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:30 and Thats why I think you have a hard time making friends
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 05:30 Don't see why not.
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:30 yeah...I...I see what you mean...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:31 yeah...its hard...deciding what to do after getting out but you will find something you enjoy, we will just try new things, lets go inside *walks inside with Lily*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:36 [Replies will be slower. My Internet is being very slow, especially with the upload I have going.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:37 *calls C.J.*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:38 *answers* what?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 05:40 (It's got complicated movement)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:41 [ooh]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:43 Hey, C.J...are you doing alright? Would you mind if Saxon, Eira, and I came over?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:48 um...sure yeah go ahead see ya *hangs up* Lily Some people are coming over some of my friends, they are really nice you will love them
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:50 Okay..
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:52 [I'll just pretend C.J. gave her her coordinates.] *she tessers with Saxon and Eira to C.J. and Lily*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:53 Hi! Saxon Kaliste Eira this is my best friend Lily! *smiles*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 05:54 *is clearly nervous*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 05:59 Hi! Oh...you must be who C.J. named her daughter after!
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:00 *nods slowly*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:07 so Kaliste what did you want to talk about?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:08 ... *whimpers slightly and looks at her paws*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:13 (It's only 24 different images for just the main character but still. If I add another character, that is a different story)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:13 oh...lily...are you ok? is this to much?....They can go its ok
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 06:18 *says quietly* Did I do something wrong?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:18 *says quietly back to Eira* No, it's okay...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:19 (The movement is glorious though.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:19 *@ C.J.* I just had some questions about...what led up to you being captured by Prisim...we can discuss it another time if you want.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:20 oh um Nycro Scr*wed me over thats what happend
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:21 He knew they would hurt me If he told them were I was and he did it anyway and you know the rest
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:21 How about you all head home now, if thats all you wanted to talk about I would have said no
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:22 *lightly taps one of her claws quickly and repetitively on the floor* I just..
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:22 *goes silent*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:23 [Yay!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:24 No, not that...I had questions about Bakura...I don't believe what he thinks, trust me, and nor did he send me here, I came of my own accord.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:24 I just wondered...why did you have to do what you did to Irakurri C.J. and Bakura for your kids? That's all I really came to ask.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:25 its ok they can go, *turns to Kaliste* bye guys *telaports the three of them back home* Im so sorry Lily, I should have asked first before having them over
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:25 *she doesn't sound accusatory at all, she's really just curious**she believes there has to be a solid reason behind it*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:26 *didnt answer her question*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:27 plans of course ENTIRELY rely on my characters having their questions answered* Nimnim: *has C.J. teleport the characters away as soon as they ask* Leonore:...NNNYYYAAAAHHHH--]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:27 *sends Kaliste a text saying that she wanted to protect her kids from getting confused and from Ikurian C.J who she knows wouldnt act kindly twards her kids*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:28 (*cries because I still need to draw Blitz, instead I'm animating a bunch of weird crap*)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:29 *texts back "Thank you"**then texts "Sorry if I'm being intrusive, but what would have Irakurri C.J. done to your children if you didn't take action?"*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:30 *texts her back* "Have you met her? What wouldnt she do?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:32 Are... Are all your friends.. Are they all human?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:34 no, not all of them...most...of them...but not All of them
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:34 oh...right...lab...the...the human thing... right....
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:35 lily...not all humans are bad most of them are really really nice, the humans we grew up with were the worst kind ever to exist...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 06:36 So that was this universe's Lily? I see the similarities, but.. Still quite different..
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:37 It will take a while to adjust to humans tho..I..I get it its really hard...I delt with it really badly
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:37 You sure...?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:37 *said that before C.J's last statement*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:37 Yes I am positive
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:40 Humans are Really not bad tho
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:42 Yes, I believe so.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:43 Don't take it personally...she's probably afraid of humans...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 06:44 That wasn't the different I was thinking about.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 06:46 (yep... that's a bucket)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:47 [Dear god...]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:47 Oh...want me to show you the Best human? the one who showed me they were not as bad as I thought when I left the lab? She is like us she grew up in a lab to
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:47 so she understands since she hated people to even though she was a human herself
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:51 Maybe? I don't know.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:52 would you like to try it?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:52 1 is alot easier then 3 and she is...good on social cues
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:53 wanna start with just maybe calling on the phone then work up to it?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:58 *sits down, thinking hard* I ought to have a talk with Nycro.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 06:59 If they're splitting up even after all he's done while she was with Prisim and Mayhem, then he must've really said something wrong...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 06:59 Sure?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:01 ok *calls Sara and puts her on Speaker phone* Hi Sara! this is C.J Im with my friend Lily
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:01 Likt Lily Lily? I thought you said she died...you cried about that for....pfft...3? years....3 years... yeah
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:02 Yeah well she isnt I found out she is alive! which is great!
13>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:03 oh nice! Hi Lily! I would love to come and meet you sometime when your more comfortable around humans
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:03 Whatever you think is best. *creates a little canine creature out of ice. It walks on its hind legs. It turns to him, shaking two of its fists at him, squeaking incomprehensibly, the only understandable word being "no!"*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:03 *It walks on its hind legs and has two pairs of upper arms*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:05 *It points at him and shoves its fists into the palms of its other paws, then cracks and shatters*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:05 *chuckles while watching the canine**squats down next to it* What's that?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:05 :/
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:06 *did that before the canine shattered*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:06 It was something I saw in a book once- *is slammed to the ground by an invisible force*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:08 Okay, okay! Geez! Next time, keep your library off limits!
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:08 *gasps and immediately tries to help Saxon up*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:08 alright thanks Sara talk to you later! Sara: No problem call anytime bye! C.J: Bye! *hangs up* she is nice
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:08 *nearly drops her phone* The h**l?!
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:10 Frickin... I'm fine.
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:10 Who did that?! *looks mad*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:10 Just being bored and SOMEONE is being an irritable little- *cuts himself off right away* Oh, nevermind. What's our next move?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:10 Lily what is something You have always wanted to do?
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:11 *said that before Eira asked her question*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:12 It doesn't matter. No actual harm was meant. This time.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:18 (You'll see that creature eventually)
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:19 Umm... I just wanted to see the world.. For a start.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:20 which one? there are billions
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:21 I think I'm going to have a talk with Nycro...I'll be right back.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:23 Oh..
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:23 Kay
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:25 *calls Nycro, gets his coordinates, and goes to him* You're an idiot.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:25 I...never denied that.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:26 But what makes you an idiot is that you don't know how to listen.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:26 C.J. was emotionally upset and telling you the truth and you scoff at her? Really?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:27 This is why she left you. Nycro: Excuse me? C'mon, she's just upset, she'll come back if I wait long enough-- Kaliste: She's building a new home with a friend of hers! Don't you get it?!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:27 Open your ears! She. Left. You!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:28 *suddenly seems rather hurt* No...she's just-- Kaliste: Will you shut up for ONE second and LISTEN?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:28 *takes out her phone and holds it in front of Nycro's face, showing her texts with C.J.* She WAS protecting the kids. Do you understand?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:29 But--
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:29 Do you understand?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:29 No...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:29 *sighs, exasperated* Alright, better question: do you WANT to understand?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:30 *Nycro doesn't answer*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:32 Here's some advice: spend a day not saying anything to anyone and just listen. Maybe then you'll figure things out.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:34 ...Surely she just needs time to think about things-- *Kaliste slaps his head**winces, though it honestly didn't hurt much since he's a big dragon*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:34 She means what she says.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:35 If there's someone who needs to stop and think about things, it's you. Do you understand?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:35 *hesitates, then nods*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:36 *says quietly* That's all I came to say. *tessers back to Saxon and Eira*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.7 07:36 *to tell you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:38 *just stays there for a while**is sort of in shock*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:38 *shock gradually turns to depression**lies down* My god... *covers his face with his paws* It's all my fault...
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:40 *has been humming a song to himself*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.7 07:41 Lily: *walks over to Nycro* Whats all your fault?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:43 I miss the jungle... And the fields..
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:46 lets hit a jungle planet then! lets go! *telaports them in the middle of a lush jungle on a jungle planet* Like this?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:46 Yeah.. *climbs into one of the trees*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 07:47 Soo... *creates a few other small creatures out of ice. These ones don't threaten to beat him*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:47 She wasn't cheating on me...she was protecting you...all of you...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:48 *climbs up with her*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:48 Your mother's back now...I'm sure you can sense and find her with your magic...I...I need...I need to go...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.7 07:48 Lily: What are you talking about?
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.7 07:49 Lily: you dont need to go you need to stay and talk and not do something stupid
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:49 *just gets up and returns to the Elders' world**goes to the Naturalist sector and sees Akai with his friends**Akai is laughing and having a lot of fun*
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.7 07:51 Hi dad!
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:54 Hi Soturi...you're happy where you are, right?
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.7 07:55 why?.... you sound depressed...are you ok?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:56 I never thought I'd climb a tree..
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 07:57 I'm fine.
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.7 07:58 no I...I am not happy beacause I...I miss my Dad.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 07:58 well you can do whatever you want now and I can help you do it
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.7 08:00 You...you shouldn't...I really...I did a lot of wrong things, and...I'm sorry.
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 08:01 What should we do next?
6>Timmy (kid), 10yo.2019,Mar.7 08:03 well you didnt do Anything wrong to me so You have nothing to Apologize for so Take it back
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 08:03 What do you want to do? if you want to do something I know were to do it
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.7 18:15  Secret message to Nycro  
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 19:50 Yeah Saying Sorry is ok but you really need to do more then say sorry since sorry wont fix things you need to make it better
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 19:52 Alright see you soon
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 19:52 ok *telaports to C.J and Lily* Hello
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 19:53 *sees Prisim and screams she falls out of the tree and gets her foot tangled in a vine she tries using magic but it isnt working*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 19:56 Oh...I'm sorry I didnt mean to scare you C.J, I came to Apologize
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 19:59 P...Please d...dont. Just LEave me alone!
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 19:59 I...I came to make things better and fix them..beacause I...I did something wrong to you...I...I see you got a n...new robot thats...nice its...lovely
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 20:00 L...Leave her out of this prisim please *is panicking as she tries to untangle herself*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 20:03 Just leave me...me and everyone else alone!
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 20:59 *her first instinct is to growl at Prisim. She's never once seen anyone who scared C.J more than Tomas*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:04 well..any ideas?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:14 You could leave her alone...
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:24 *thinks a bit* mmm I got an Idea! *Telaports C.J and Lily to his pocket universe its a wide open feild with the stable* You can stay here and do whatever you want no rules and I...I will do all the cooking and cleaning!
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:24 *is shaking in the feild* no...no..o I...I cant be here I cant be back here *starts panicking alot*
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:27 *walks over nevously* Prisim...who are they?...
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:28 oh Well you said I should make things better and I hurt C.J Really bad before I was learning to be good and I am trying to make it up to her by giving her a...um vaction sort of With her friend since you said you shouldnt take people from there friends
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:29 and the Tiger robot was the only friend she had with her
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:29 Prisim...Remember we..we talked about facial features and body language?
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:29 yes Its a bit confusing
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:30 but she is excited since she is shaking from excitement? Thats a thing people say I have herd it
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:33 Well..um...she is low...to the ground....and...shaking and...and has her ears back...she isnt smiling...is she sad?...no wait Scared she is Scared!...oh...hmmm Oh I know when the kids were scared I changed my form...I will change my form to make her less
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:34 Scared *shaft shifts into a small badger walking on his hind legs and waves at C.J and lily* Hello *steps forward a bit*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:34 S...Stay away from me!
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:38 she sounds upset...Elius you said when someone is upset you should go away and let them calm down so I will do that, C.J I am sorry I scared you I didnt mean to I will make it up to you after...you calm down *telaports off*
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:38 Are...um are you ok?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:39 You...You stay away to....
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 21:40 Im...Im sorry Im trying to teach Prisim to be...be good..its hard...but he...he is listening...he is trying to...to work on forgivness...we talked about not um...kidnapping people but....I...guess we have to re-touch up on um...that...that subject..
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:04 Thats a very nice robot you have, what is its name?
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:04 She...she isnt a robot...
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:06 Oh is she a A.I or...a special kind of...um tech or sculpture? I would say cybrog but they have organic material, so Im guessing some for of...whell she looks very lovely
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:07 She isnt any kind of Robot or A.I or structure she is A dwarf Tiger and she is the best thing in this stupid universe
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:16 *telaports back with Flowers and C.J backs up*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:16 Here C.J I got you Flowers *holds them out to her*....go ahead take them
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:17 l...last...last time..I...I touched flowers...you...you cut my paw off
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:19 and That was wrong and I shouldnt have done that I am sorry, see look I am being nice now, Robot would you like these flowers?
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:37 ...
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.7 22:43 Yes?....no?...they smell very nice
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 01:51  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 01:55  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 01:55  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 01:57  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:05 [Hey guys, I'm in Lisbon now!]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:06 [Normally I'd be taking a nap since I finally reached the hotel, but I got a decent amount of sleep on the plane for once.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:06  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:06 [I may disappear. The Internet connection here is a little finicky.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:07  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:07 (Oh cool. I'm here until around 11am my time. So a little less than an hour. Going on a road trip)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:08 [Okie dokie, awesome!]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:09  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:14  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:18  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:19  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:22  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:23  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:24  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:26  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:29  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:29  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:30 card reader, soooo...]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:30  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:33  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:34 I may not have done anything wrong to you, Soturi, but I...I really hurt your mother...she wasn't cheating on me with Bakura...I just found out she did what she did to...protect you...her children... *it's getting very, very hard for him to speak*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:36  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:38 I...I can't forgive myself...I just can't...so I...I j-just hope you have the strength to...forgive me someday... *hangs up and teleports away*
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:41  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:43 [This case of running off to fight may be a little different, however...he's never been pushed this far before...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.8 18:44 We probably ought to go home now-- Eira: Wait a moment. It's not every day we get to go to another universe. I want to see this universe. I was born in it, anyway. Why shouldn't we look around Panthea?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:45 *he disappears**if anyone calls him, he doesn't answer, and if anyone tries to track him down, they find it to be confusing and difficult*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:46 *he spends a lot of time thinking by himself on a desolate planet where time passes faster compared to a lot of the rest of the universe*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:48 *after days pass (for him; for everyone else, hours or even just minutes have passed), he travels again**meets with some shady individuals and gets some information out of them*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:50 *soon he arrives at a bar in black space**a humanoid with a long lizard tail is at the bar; he wears a long, ragged blank cloak**walks up to the bar, sidling up right next to the lizard man*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:50 *black
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:50 I need you to do me a favor.
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 18:51 *has his hood up**takes a sip of his drink and cringes* Ugh...give me an excuse.
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 18:51 I am the excuse.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 18:51 (At this rate I should go. I wont be on for another 6 hours ish if that)
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 18:51 *looks at Nycro for a few moments, then smirks*
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 18:52 *not long later, he and Nycro are fighting on a desolate, rainy, barren planet**instead of his scepter, he is wielding a curved blade*
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 20:10 other metals like butter, it has some very nasty properties that make it even more effective at what it does* [I imagine that Borenaga used this blade when he was young and was killing his way to the top of the Reptix hierarchy. He switched to his scepter
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 20:12 when he realized just how much more versatile magic is in combat, but he still has kept the curved blade, and he does occasionally use it in place of his scepter--such as now.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:28 *he and Borenaga fight very evenly for quite a while**both of them manage to land blows on each other (none of them major) and start to wear each other out a bit*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:30 *at one point Borenaga has jumped up and Nycro is flying at him, trying to perform a flame and headbutt attack combo**is uncharacteristically slow in executing his attack**Borenaga takes advantage, swinging his blade and leaving a big gash in his side*
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 20:31 *does a flip and kicks out with both feet hard, sending Nycro plummeting to the ground**Nycro lands so hard he leaves a dent*
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 20:32 *drops down after Nycro, slamming his blade downward towards him**Nycro very narrowly rolls out of the way, but Borenaga is too fast and slices Nycro's shoulder as he gets up*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:35 *starts backing away, trying to dodge attacks and flame Borenaga**Borenaga avoids most of the flames while landing more blows (both cuts from the blade and hits from Borenaga's feet and fists) on Nycro**when he does manage to burn Borenaga, it isn't
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:35 serious, so Borenaga heals quickly**finally makes a desperate lunge, tackling Borenaga and smooshing him against the ground*
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 20:37 *hasn't dropped his blade**pushes up against Nycro while driving the blade into Nycro's stomach**Nycro instantly becomes very weak/limp**easily hoists Nycro onto his hands and shoulders and throws him hard against a nearby rock formation*
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 20:38 *Nycro makes a couple more feeble attempts to fight back, but the rest is essentially a massacre**Borenaga takes his time, tauntingly giving Nycro many little horrible cuts before finally ripping through Nycro's throat with the blade*
17>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Mar.8 20:40 Next time you ask me for favors, be more careful. You might wind up dead. *casually rests the blade over his shoulder, laughs, and walks away**teleports a few seconds later*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:41 *is miraculously still alive, albeit barely**he's suffocating/choking on his own blood and is bleeding very heavily**just lies there*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:43 *he only has minutes to live tops unless something is done**doesn't make any effort to seek help or otherwise alleviate the situation, though*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:45 *feels that he got what he deserved and that this is for the best**thinks to himself that this will free C.J., as she doesn't deserve to be emotionally tethered to someone like him**figures that the kids will be alright, as they're already doing well
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:45 without him**has decided he's useless in everything except hurting other people, anyway*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:47 wasn't nearly as effective and the blade's magic has taken hold on all of Nycro's wounds that drew blood/penetrated through his hide.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:48 [The blade's magic is full of powerful anti-healing properties. It not only stops the body from healing itself properly (e.g. it keeps blood from clotting), but it blocks most healing magic very effectively too.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:50 [The blade's magic is also basically impossible to remove without taking the body parts it has adhered to with it, so the only way to really deal with it is to neutralize it. I can think of one thing that would really do the trick...]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:51 [I'll give you a hint: Fighting magic with magic isn't really going to work. You need something that literally neutralizes magic.]
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 20:52 Ptisim the best way to help her is to send her back and leave her alone sometimes the best way to say your sorry is to guve people sapce and time
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.8 20:54 (We are stopped for a little while to eat so ye)
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 20:54 Oh ok .... sorry c.j....ii will send you back to your family...sorry *sends lily and c.j to nycro*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:55 [You can probably see now how Borenaga sliced his way to Reptix Lordship...fight smarter, not harder was essentially his motto. He found something that could neutralize the healing factor of his own species by a considerable margin.]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 20:56 *sees nycro and panics* oh my goodness nycro?! What did you do?! *rushes over to him*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 20:57 I...I cant heal him it needs anti magic...gaw...Nycro *starts crying*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:57 *can barely move, and obviously can't speak**is barely conscious (or alive)*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 20:57 *her initial thought is "he really is a dragon", but she quickly runs over to stand beside C.J*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 20:59 *holds nycro close* no no no
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 20:59 *only the movement of his eyes indicates that he knows they are there*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 20:59 Please nycro... not you...i need you...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:02 *wants to reassure C.J. and tell her things will be better this way, but he physically can't, so all he does is very, very feebly put a claw on her paw*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:03 *nuzzles him crying* please dont go...Your family needs you I need you...
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:05 I've never done this before.. *circles Nycro, her tail flicking with anxiety* A non-lethal dose.. *as gently as she can, she stabs the tip of her tail into Nycro's wound and delivers a non-lethal dose of anti-magic* ...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:05 [Are the kids able to sense if something's gone wrong like this? They are part Chia wolf, and death sense is a thing even in beings without magic (I actually was able to sense that one of my rabbits was going to die of old age soon, so I petted her more
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:06 and talked to her more in the few weeks prior to her death).]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:07 *his neck wound can now be healed by C.J.**is moments away from dying*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:07 [Noefore they die but they can sense when the die when the soul leaves]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:08 *quickly heals nycro*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:08 Well he didn't die...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:10 Thank you lily..
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:12 *coughs up blood**is able to breathe again* No...no... *he's still bleeding heavily from his other wounds, especially his stomach wound*
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:12 (Im heading off bowl
5>Lily (Cyber Tiger), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:13 *now)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:15 [Aw, see ya!]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:16 *uheals nycro fully and hugs him tight* you stupid freakin idiot. Dont ever do that to me again
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:17 *is crying has she hugs him tightly not letting go*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:18 [Sorry about all the spelling errors my phone is being wack]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:21 [It's fine.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:22 *has started crying too* No...let me go...I'm useless...all I ever do is hurt people...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:22 Just let me go...I'm doing this to free you...you don't deserve this...you never did...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:24 *keeps hugging him tightly and crying* no your more then I deserve more then I could wish for you big dweeb
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:26 [On this road there are a ton of dead zones so I might not respond for a few mins at rabdom but im stayin ob]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:28 [Ok]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:28 I'm not...look at what I did...the whole thing with Prisim w-wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for me...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:29 Everyone I ever cared about goes away...everyone except the Custodians...now I've figured it out...it's me that's the problem...I drive everyone away...I'm so sorry...
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:30 That is not freakin true he could have taken me anytime he wanted you didnt make him come or anything
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:32 Its my fault I should have talked to you about it.
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:32 [Ok bye]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.8 21:32 [Oh yeah, and I have an Idaho question for you before I go: Who is the real JR?]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.8 21:33 But ok yeah you screwed up so make it up to me, dont die. See hah...now you cant die....that...see you...you..owe me one and you can repay me by not...not dying
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.9 04:00 (If you're referring to J.R Simplot, the guy who started Simplot, only one of, if not the largest producer of U.S potatoes? What about him?)
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.9 17:10 [Yep, sorry, it was a typo. I'm still getting used to typing on a tablet (it's one of those tablet-laptop hybrids with an external keyboard attached, but the keyboard feels really tiny to me).]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.9 17:12 [Anyways, yep, I was referring to JR Simplot. I'm pretty sure JR on the show Dallas (the oil tycoon JR) was based on him, hence the question "Who's the real JR?"]
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.9 17:29 [Anywho, my pizza quest did not go well yesterday...I got pizza at a mall type place, and it was basically a giant hunk of melted cheese on paper. The crust was so thin and tasteless it might as well have not been there. I guess it's better than pizza
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.9 17:29 that's all crust and no cheese, but still...]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.9 18:31 [Learn to make your own pizza]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.9 23:52 [I don't know if you guys are around, but I'm online!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.10 00:26 [Sooo...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.10 00:46 [I had pizza again for dinner, but it was MUCH better. It was at an actual restaurant as opposed to some little place in the mall.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.10 00:46 [The Portuguese seem to like their pizza super thin. Even the stuff at tonight's restaurant had a super thin crust. I could actually taste the crust this time, though.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.10 01:17 [I'm still around.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.10 01:56 [Still here. It's super late at nght, though, so I'll probably have to go soon. The only reason I'm still pretty awake is that my body clock is messed up.]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.10 02:28 [You still on?]
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.10 10:13 Ok?..
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 11:54 *doesn't say anything, just hugs her back**if she knows him well enough, though, she'll know he's going to follow her orders*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 12:03  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 12:04  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.10 17:30  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.10 17:32  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.10 17:32  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.10 18:30  Secret message to Nycro  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 18:32  Secret message to Nycro  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 18:42  Secret message to Nycro  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 18:45  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:10  Secret message to Theo  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:12  Secret message to Theo  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:13  Secret message to Theo  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:17  Secret message to Theo  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:18  Secret message to Theo  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:19  Secret message to Theo  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:20  Secret message to Theo  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:28 [Hey!! :D]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:31 [I have a bad combination of traits going on here...it's a relatively simple looking hand pose that is WAY harder to do than it looks, and I keep trying it over and over, and I'm too stubborn to give up, but at the same time I have an impatient streak
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:31 that finally resulted in me getting so p***ed off I rage quit...don't worry, I'll get back to work on it once I "cool down"... >______< ]
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:36  Secret message to Theo  
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 20:39 (Hands succk)
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 20:42  Secret message to Nycro  
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.10 20:43 Don't you ever do that to me again...
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:44 *just doesn't say anything*
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:45  Secret message to Theo  
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.10 20:59 (Lets just to for now)
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.10 20:59 [I was also thinking we'd just give each other's opinions on three of our OCs. E.g. I'd say "I'd like to know your thoughts on OC #1, OC #2, and OC #3."]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:03 So Emerson
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:04 What do you wanna learn?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:05 Um...I'm not really sure where to start...
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:05 Well what do you like to do?is there any machine you want to learn how to use?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:14 Umm...sure. How does that work? *points at the machine that Tomas popped out of*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:15 [Sorry for disappearing, I've been researching places to visit in Lisbon.]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:16 Oh it makes organic material if you have a soul it can make living things come on I will show you, first we need a thing to make let's go easy small peice of flesh so you go to the computer and you program the genetic compenent
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:18 You code the DNA and you can save into a program to reuse it later here lets work on programing some protein sit down, have you ever programed a clone before?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 21:19 *is eating a sandwhich*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:19 *shakes his head* No...I've mostly worked with robotics. I have quantum gun that works similarly, I guess, except it produces all sorts of solid non-organic matter.
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:20 *aims his blaster and hits Theo's sandwich with a fake foam bullet thingy*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:21 *sits down at the machine* I've read a lot about biology, though. I want to specialize in cybernetics.
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:24 (Replys might be slow when I hit deadzones but I'm not leaving I promise)
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:26 [I'm not leaving until I have to go to sleep. If my replies are slow, it simply means I'm multitasking.]
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:29 You actually want to sit over here at the computer the screen on the machine itself is more if a stop go button, first we need to build the dna a protein dna go ahead and shiw me what you think that might look like
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 21:30 *continues eating not noticing Kumo*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 21:34 (Oh wait he hit it nvm)
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 21:34 Kumo come down here please *sounds perfectly calm)
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:36 *just giggles and sits on the ceiling*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:37 *the foam bullet automatically teleports back into his blaster*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:37 Okay. *heads to the computer**tries to remember everything he learned about proteins*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 21:38 *pats The seat on the couch next to him* come on bud have a seat I need to talk to you
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:39 *tries to build the DNA, but he does require a lot of help**he has a lot of the right ideas/is on the right track, but he does miss a lot of the nuances involved*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:39 *just giggles some more*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:40 *about a minute later, though, he walks down a nearby wall, walks over, and sits on the couch**actually seems rather shy while doing this*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:41 Alright thats pretty good but some main things are these strands right there, they are very unstable having that will make your clone glitch out or even melt
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:41 *nods and tries to fix them*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 21:43 (Thought so) may I see your toy really quick? Dont worry I will give it back
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:45 *hesitates, then hands it over shyly*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 21:47 You know what this is right? Its a toy gun *pulls out a real handgun and holds it out in his other hand* do you know what this is Kumo?
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:51 *instantly jumps off the couch and hides behind the table*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 21:51 *helps and instructs Emerson on how to fix it*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 21:53 *after a while, he manages to fix all the issues with the DNA*
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 21:59 *peeks timidly over the the tabletop, and then ducks down again when he sees that Theo still has the gun*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:02 (Yeah I assumed so) its ok Kimi I want hurt you *opens the barrel and shows him* see? No bullets *puts the gun back in his pocket* you ok come here
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:02 *jump
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:03 *kumo
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 22:05 *very slowly comes back over, but doesn't sit beside him**stays a couple of feet away*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 22:07 Alrighty! And then you program calls and RNA and much more *quickly types as he formulates it he is very fast* and then when you enter, *hits the enter button and the machine starts printing it* you get something *walks over opens the machine and pulls*
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 22:07 *out a small peice of meat*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 22:08 Wow...what species is it?
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 22:09 Or, well, what kind?
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:09 Guns are a bit scary huh?...they are a wepon that means its used to hurt and kill things which is why we dont Ever point them at people I would never point a gun at you or anyone* holds up the toy gun this is a toy gun but it is still a gun which means
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:13 Careful just like with a real gun, a good rule is If you want to shoot at or Near people with your toy gun then you need to ask them if they want to play toy guns and If they say yes make sure they have one to so its fair and then you can play together as
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:14 Long as you dont shoot near the head beacause we dont want to acidently hurt someones eye ok? *holds the toy gun out to Kumo* wether its a real or toy gun we still should be safe
4>Tomas (.), .yo.2019,Mar.10 22:15 I.E-27 Edible Protien Delta7
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 22:15 *nods a little and takes the toy gun back*
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.10 22:15 Uh...okay.
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:16 Real guns are kinda scary but when your a bit older I can teach you about Real gun safety but for niw if you see a real gun dont touch it
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 22:18 *nods a little*
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:18 *takes a bite of his sandwhich and relaxes back into the couch and turns on the tv
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:19 Go ahead and play now just remwmber ask first before you shoot
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 22:21 *nods and runs off *
12>Kumo (Humanoid Kid), 7yo.2019,Mar.10 22:24 [Hm...want to switch to AHAW? I'd kind of like to get things going on there again.]
10>Theo (Human? ), 20yo.2019,Mar.10 22:27 (Sure)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 03:16  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 10:34  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 11:07  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 14:11  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 14:15  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 16:02  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 17:00  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:16  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:16  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 19:17  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 19:22  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:37  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 19:45  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:47  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:48  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 19:49  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:50  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:51  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:52  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 19:53  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 20:01  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 20:01  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 20:06  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 20:10  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 20:12  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 20:14  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 20:17  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 20:31 [gtg! I need to go to dinner. Hopefully I'll be back in time for the livestream; see ya!]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 20:46  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 22:16  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 22:18 [...But why, though...?]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:19  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:25  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:27  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:29  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 22:31  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 22:32  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:33  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:44  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:44  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:45  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 22:48  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:48  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 22:54  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:58  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 22:58  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 23:07  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 23:16  Secret message to Nycro  
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.11 23:22  Secret message to Saxon  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.11 23:23  Secret message to Nycro  
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 15:24  Secret message to Nycro  
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.12 22:08 [I don't know if you guys are around, but I'm on.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 22:30 (I've been pretty busy today actually)
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.12 22:38 [Hm...well crap...]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.12 22:39 [Aron's kinda talking to Sara on AT2, though, so we really are kind of stuck...though I suppose we could play out some stuff on here with Saxon, Kaliste, and Eira.]
15>Emerson (Steamworker), 18yo.2019,Mar.12 22:41 that maybe Kaliste would show them around Panthea, kind of as both a vacation and a way to show Eira her heritage.]
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 22:46 (Well, there's one problem with this)
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 22:46 I don't see what's wrong in staying a little longer.
20>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 22:47 Where would you like to go first?
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 22:48 [Hm...what is it?] I dunno...how about where you came from? *looks at her mother*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 22:49 Panthea? I can't see why not...give me a second, I need to calculate the tesseract...
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.12 22:50 *she has found Kaliste and co., but she chooses to remain invisible**she doesn't want to go to Panthea yet, and if she appears to them, they might question why she won't follow them, and she doesn't want to get into that**she's still upset*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 22:51 *appears* You two will have to go alone. This one has a deal to follow up on. *takes Saxon to Armis, then returns to Kaliste* No, I'm not staying, in case you were wondering. I mean, I could, but I have things to do.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 22:58 *frowns* What did you do with Saxon?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 22:58 [Sorry for disappearing; I'm multitasking.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:02 I made sure he didn't procrastinate any longer.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:07 Procrastinate what?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:12 How do you think he got Raina back so quickly? He made a deal and received his end of the bargain awhile ago.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:17 A deal with who?
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 23:18 *just looks down and fidgets with a rock with her foot*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:21 Well not with me. I'd never willingly make a deal with him.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:24 He made a deal with Matthew. I don't get how those two are friends, but whatever. I'm going back to work. *a note appears before him. He reads it* Nope, nevermind. Guess I'm staying nearby.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:25 Then who?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:25 [Scratch what she just said.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:26 *sighs* May I ask why? *other than her frown at the beginning, she's tried acting as civil as possible*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:27 The note says I have to make sure neither of you get into too much trouble.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:28 Who sent it?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:28 It's Matthew's paper. Probably sent it because Saxon is paranoid.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:30 *just shakes her head a little**puts an arm around Eira* Let's go. *tessers with Eira to Sahlem*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:32 *tessered on a hill just outside a big town**has to stop and stare**that big town has become a booming city over the course of the industrial revolution (AKA over the past decades)*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 23:32 You OK?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:34 *immediately follows them* Don't go anywhere yet, I might need your help with navigation. *returns home. He comes back with Wavelength and a young, healthy caerulean plant*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:36 *stares at the plant*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.12 23:36 What is it?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:36 *glances down at the plant* What?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:37 Haven't seen one of those since...I was with my dad...nevermind.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:38 It doesn't matter. What is it you want?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:39 I want to take this to.. *describes the land where he met Zelenka*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:40 *doesn't say anything, just looks away into the distance, thinking*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:42 *finally says:* That sounds like the farmlands about a couple miles inland from the eastern ocean.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:43 Sahlem has changed. I can't guarantee they'll even still be farmlands, but I think I can make an approximation of where you want to go.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:45 I see. Either way, I'll make a place for it. I got the seeds there, I'll return the product there. Once that is done, I'll get out of your way, for the most part.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:45 *she's still in the dress Prisim gave her, so she's feeling a little self-conscious* I'll calculate a tesseract...give me a moment...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:46 *closes her eyes and thinks**about a minute later, she grabs Eira's hand and they disappear to another part of Sahlem*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:48 *follows them, keeping distance*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:49 *when they arrive, new towns have sprung up and things are more advanced**some of the farmlands and woodlands are still there, though*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.12 23:50 *chose to go to a point on the edge of a cliff **points to the woodlands, farmlands, and towns ahead and turns to Mayhem* I think that's the region you're looking for.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:52 Probably.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.12 23:53 Wavelength: Where will we plant it?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:00 Can we go?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 00:02 Yeah, just don't go too far for now. I have to be able to keep an eye on you. Trust me, I don't want to be here, either.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 00:03 (There's a thing I'm designing for the shadow forms of my dark characters. I've decided that their shadow forms change based off of the form they were in before changing. Those forms aren't pure black, though)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 00:04 (They're intended to appear alien and more often than not, intimidating)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 00:05 (Let's just say I intend for the first design to be Mayhem in a humanoid shadow form.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:07 *really wanted to see how the first town she tried to visit changed, so she's irritated**looks around at the newer towns (as well as villages that have grown bigger) around the farmlands and woodlands and decides to visit one of them*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:07 Come on. *starts walking with Eira towards the nearest town**some parts of it are on the edge of the same clifftop she and Eira are on*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 00:11  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:16 *they arrive at the town* Eira: So, what're we doing? Kaliste: Well...what do you want to do? Eira: *shrugs her shoulders* Just...see this world, I guess. You decide what we do, I barely remember anything about this place...
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:17 Hm...I suppose the first priority is to get me out of this stupid dress, then...
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 00:18 I dunno...the dress looks nice on you... Kaliste: *just shrugs her shoulders*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:18 Maybe we can get you some Sahlemese clothing too...would you like that? Eira: Sure. *they head for clothes shops*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:20 *inflation has set in, so she soon finds that her money doesn't go as far as she anticipated it would**wants to save as much as she can, so she decides to try to trade the dress for some clothes**luckily it's a pretty nice dress, so she finds a shopkeeper
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:21 who is willing to take the dress and give both Kaliste and Eira a normal Sahlemese outfit in return*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:27 *she and Eira leave the shop, both in their Sahlemese clothes**Eira has her normal clothes in a bag the shopkeeper gave them*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 00:39 *Wavelength finds a good place to plant the flower, then they teleport back to the area Kaliste is in, only he keeps in the background*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:47 *basically they're wearing the sort of stuff Aedona wore when she was young--a long-sleeved robe shirt with an intricate pattern consisting of black and one other color, and matching pants*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:52 [That's how I imagine the more well off towns, anyway.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:53 *is aware that Mayhem is around**she just tries not to comment on it**after hanging around the town for about half an hour with Mayhem around, she decides it's okay to head back to the city*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 00:56 *is aware that Mayhem is around too, but doesn't mind it nearly as much as Kaliste does**she never hated or feared him (with the exception of when Mara was killed; that was the one time Eira was genuinely scared of him)*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 00:57 Alright, um...let's go back to that city. *starts calculating again*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 01:01 *they soon tesser back to the city they initially tried going to**is worried about Saxon and doesn't like Mayhem tailing them everywhere at all, but she hides all her emotions and keeps these thoughts to herself in part for Eira's sake*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 01:04 *in the meantime, a woman with long, curly black hair and one yellow and one silver eye is standing over the caerulean Mayhem and Wavelength planted**she sadly stares at the flower for a while before disappearing*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 01:06 *teleports into the city itself, as opposed to watching from above as he was previously doing. He changes his form to hide the color in his eyes, aside from the bright, glowing pink irids that all Irakurrian gods have, as well as hides his horns. He also
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 01:06 changes his clothes to something lighter than his usual robes, but they still bear the same symbol on the back*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 01:09 [I need to go to bed now. See you tomorrow!]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 06:27  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 06:30  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 06:33  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 06:33  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 06:35  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:09 [I'm flying home tomorrow, and I don't think I'll be online. I should definitely be back on Friday, though.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:16  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:16  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:23 (Lol it's always while I'm driving)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:25  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:26  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:29  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:32  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:34  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:35  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:37  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:39  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:41  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 21:41  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:44  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:44  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:46  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:48  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 21:55  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:15  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:16  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:19  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:21  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:22  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:28  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:30  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:31  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:32  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:33  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:48 [Back! I may disappear; this wifi still loves kicking me offline.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:50  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:50 (Oh. Well I'm trying to find a hat so I may disappear as well)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:54  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:55  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 22:56  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 22:59  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:00 *the city is much more crowded and much bigger than she remembers**lots of foreigners are around too**there's also all sorts of interesting, new tech, a lot of which makes use of the magical/mythical beings and forces of Panthea*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:01  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:02 *at one point, they pass a bar and have to dodge as a big group of light-haired, blue-eyed people riding pegasi descends into the area just in front of the bar*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:02  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:03 *the people are dressed quite differently compared to the Sahlemese, and are much lighter in hair and complexion**they whoop and tromp around on their pegasi and laugh*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:04  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:04 What the-?!
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:05 *is smiling* Otemjarians. They're from the country north of Sahlem. [Note: The "j" in "Otemjar" is pronounced like a "y."]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:05  Secret message to Kaliste  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:06 Oh...that's where your dad was from, right? Kaliste: Mm hmm. Great people...really fun-loving. Honestly, Sahlemese are kind of boring compared to them... *keeps walking with Eira up the tiled streets*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:07  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:09  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:11 You know, if I became a human again after I die, I might just want to be an Otemjarian... *they walk around for a while longer, dodging traffic a lot along the way**they begin to reach a less popular/touristy area with thinner streets and older buildings*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:12 This is what I remember...I guess it's the old town now... *keeps her voice down, as this area is quiet in general--the Sahlemese are kind of quiet as a people, unlike the Otemjarians*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:13 *walks the streets, admiring the scenery. Now and then he glances at the ground behind him. He doesn't look concerned, just confused*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:13 *suddenly stops, staring down a dark alley**soft but beautiful singing is coming from it*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:14 *almost doesn't notice that Eira stopped**stops a bit ahead of her* What is it? Eira: Hear that?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:15 *hears it, but unlike Eira, she doesn't seem to be in awe or happy about it**walks over to Eira, holding onto her arm* Come on.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:16 *starts pulling Eira along away from the alley* No, it'd be better if we left him alone.
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:17 Why?
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:19 Oh...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:19 Obscurity, why have you left your host? *the creature only he can see, a skeletal creature with a dark fiery mane, barks its response*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:19 To the people of Sahlem, singing is a form of crying. That's why it'd be better to just...leave him be.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:21  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:22 I know he's almost always sad. That's exactly why I assigned you to him. You don't have to do any of the work. He even talks to you, that's even better than what your siblings get.
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:22 *nods a little**since it's quiet, she heard Mayhem's voice nearby, and glances back in his direction*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:25 *the creature whines a little* No, it's not favoritism. You're all equal to me. You hate being a Forlorn, but will die without the negativity. You shouldn't have to be something you're not. I sent you to him so you don't have to be the one ruining his lif
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:25 *life
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:26 *pauses and looks back, curious as to what Mayhem is saying, but Kaliste yanks her along**Kaliste is trying her best to pretend he isn't there, and Eira's behavior isn't helping*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:27 *sighs, getting irritated* Let go! If I want to stop, I'll stop! *Kaliste sighs and doesn't do anything when Eira stops and looks back again*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:29 His family doesn't even know you exist. There is a reason your species isn't even recorded in history.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:32 *stays near Eira, tapping her foot impatiently**looks through the window of a nearby building at a little shop, pretending to be interested in that while she waits*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:34 You're not hurting him. If anything you're keeping him company, which is way more than he deserves. *pauses to hear Obscurity's response* Listen here. He cannot be fixed and neither can I. You're treading into dangerous territory with that mindset.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:35 Why is it that all your siblings handle their jobs with ease and you can barely handle ONE depressed soul?
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:42 *after listening for a minute, she decides to keep going**Kaliste is relieved once they start walking again*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:45  Secret message to Kaliste  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.13 23:46 *they go into a more populated area of the city again**marvels at what is the Sahlem equivalent of a tram/trolley system*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:50 [Ouch, but...yeah, I think I know who he's talking about...]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.13 23:51 (Obscurity has followed Saxon since long LONG before he met Aedona. Forlorn are Midden creatures who feed off of negativity.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:56 *smiles at the look of wonder on Eira's face* You want a ride? *Eira nods**they buy tickets and get on one of the "trams"*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:57 *there are no seats left, so they wind up standing**isn't used to this sort of thing, so once the tram gets going, she stumbles and nearly falls**Eira catches her by the arm*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.13 23:58 *she and Eira laugh as she balances herself **a whole bunch of people get off at the next stop, so they manage to sit down together and just ride the "tram" for the sake of riding it for a while*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.14 00:00 *stares out the window**eventually gets a bit sleepy and leans against her mother**Kaliste smiles and holds her close*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.14 00:02 *a little while later they get off near a giant cathedral**this one is much bigger and much more ornate than the one at Aedona's hometown**they get some things to eat at a stand nearby, eat, and then enter the cathedral and just walk around it for a while
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.14 00:02 **
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.14 00:03 *afterwards they settle down on a bench outside the cathedral, as both of them are getting a bit worn out*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.14 00:04 *sunset is setting in**is worried about Saxon and wondering what he's doing**suddenly she sees a familiar face in a nearby crowd*
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.14 00:05 *got worried about her daughter to the point that she finally decided to return to Panthea in secret**she's disguised as a mortal human*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.14 00:06 *nudges Eira**they both get up and approach Lior**isn't entirely sure if it's her, though**Lior smiles at them and waves, confirming it is her*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.14 00:08 Hey! Lior: Hey. *reaches out to Kaliste to take her hand* How are-- *suddenly the sky gets much darker and a man with silvery-white hair and robes like the night sky appears directly behind her**people gasp and back off, staring*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.14 00:09 *other*
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.14 00:13 *she, Kaliste, and Izar find themselves in some remote forests of Sahlem**looks extremely upset*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.14 00:14 Hey!! *runs forward, but they are gone**looks around nervously and frustratedly*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.14 00:15 *grabbed Lior's hand out of instinct*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 00:48 h
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 01:58  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:16 [I stand corrected. I am on at the fixed times--I got back to the US just hours ago. However, I'm so tired I feel a little cross-eyed...I have been awake for about maybe 21 hours straight... >.< ]
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:17 [I had to wake up super early to get on one of my flights, so yeah...]
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:18  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:18  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:22  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:22 (So I downloaded a mod that retextured the dragons in Skyrim and OMG ALDUIN IS BEAUTIFUL!! HE LOOKS LIKE A LIVING NIGHTMARE!)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:24 (Now THAT is a world eater!!)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:26  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:28  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:29 (Well I mean I could record myself playing, but it'd take awhile for the recording to upload to OneDrive)
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:30 [Eh, just a screenshot would do.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:31 (Still would take awhile)
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:32 [Hm...maybe you could find a picture online?]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:33  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:35  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:38  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:39 (Okay so it isn't SCARY, but it's a big improvement from his original design.)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:39 (1drv.ms/u/s!AsbJsLLH-bbEiFAoSonGRUhmRjI1)
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:39  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:40  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:41  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:42  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:43  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:44  Secret message to Mayhem  
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:44 *a gift basket with diffrent fruits and flowers and other things is telaported to C.J* What the? *she looks at the card then imediatly sets the basket on fire*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:45 (A tsunami hit)
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:45  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:46  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:48  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:48  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:49 [Hey! :D *collapses facefirst onto bed again*]
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 03:52  Secret message to Mayhem  
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:53 [Im on here and AHAW]
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 03:58 Oh, yes, it was better that I came back to godhood and YOU KILLED ME! *is starting to cry again*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 03:58  Secret message to Eira  
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 03:59 *an extremely powerful aura of sun energy is starting to form around her as her emotions get more and more intense* You killed me and you killed the man I loved the most and you kept me from knowing I had a daughter for years and years!! I HATE YOU!!!
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 04:00 *unleashes an extraordinarily powerful blast of day energy**Kaliste dives for cover in the nick of time**trees are uprooted and burned to a crisp and Izar is sent flying back*
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:00 and that is how you write a proper Thank you note for when people give you gifts or attended a party you hosted or something along those lines
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:01 shouldnt I thank them in person?
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 04:01 And how long did you terrorize my best friend?! Huh?!! How long did to terrorize Elius into submission? How long has he kept his mouth shut for you?!!
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:01 yes but you should also write a note because people like getting letters and its nice
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 04:03 *flinches and can't hide the look of pure hurt on her face**Izar is referencing how Aedona's and Riyu's magic inadvertently killed Eira, of course*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 04:04 *has already probably been a little bit hurt physically from the sheer force of Lior's attacks*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:05 *looks around, wondering if her mother will come back**decides to go back to the bench, sit, and wait**bounces her knee impatiently and worriedly*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:06 (Mayhem isn't around, he's being irresponsible, trying to find something to entertain Wavelength with)
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:07 *looks around, wondering if Mayhem is still around or doing anything about this*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:08 ("I want to transform and you just sit there and let me! I want to reach full power and you just sit there and let me! I want to blow up the planet AND YOU JUST SIT THERE AND LET ME!")
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:08 oh alright... *makes a little gift basket with some baked goods and some fruits and some nail polish and a hairbrush and writes a note*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:11 *finally rounds the corner into view of the bench. He isn't really paying attention anymore since Wavelength is super excited about a trinket he got*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:11 "Dear Kaliste, Thank you for staying at my home and cooking and cleaning for me even though you didnt want to, I would like to sincerely apologize for my behavior towards you and your husband *scribbles out the "and your husband"* best regaurds, Prisim
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:11 *telaports the basket and note to Kalistes feet right then and there*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:12 *sees Mayhem and gets up, frowning* Um...hi?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 04:13 *immediately notices it since she's hunched over/braced, and the top of the basket is practically in her face*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 04:13 *stares at it like "...the h**l????"*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:16 *turns to Eira* Right! Sorry.. What- where's- Oh boy.
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:23 Um...a white-haired man in robes that made him look like part of the night sky showed up and took both my grandma and my mother away...if that means anything...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:24 Wavelength, do your stuff. *Wavelength: Yessir! *jumps off of Mayhem's shoulder and sniffs around the area where Izar left with Lior and Kaliste* Okay got it! *runs back to Mayhem*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:24 [he is Very childish]
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 04:26 *has started repeatedly attacking Izar**shockingly, he makes no effort to fight back; at most, he just tries to block or dodge*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:26 [ye]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:27 Wavelength: It was a form of teleport. Not an Irakurrian one and not one from home. Probably this universe's teleport.
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 04:28 [Also, the Panthean gods all tesser. It's a strictly mathematical form of teleportation. Non-gods can do it too, it's just that Panthean gods know how to do it from the get-go/from the time of their birth, and it's extraordinarily difficult to learn how
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:29 It'll likely be quite dangerous.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:30 (And this is where I say I will have to leave for about 30 minutes to an hour. We are going to have to bathe a dog who hates water.)
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:32 [Then again...if she remembers anything about the times Izar attacked when she was little, she may be spooked enough to stay away...yeah, that'll work.]
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:33 *has some vague recollections of holding onto Sara for dear life while Izar attacked**doesn't feel like she's up to meeting him again yet, even if her mother will be nearby**shakes her head a little* No, I'll just wait here...
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:34 she disappears REALLY fast X'D).]
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:36 [my dog also hates water]
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.15 04:42 [Huh, weird. Maybe it has to do with your dogs' breeds vs. mine. Mine is about 75% labrador retriever. She has webbed feet to some extent.]
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:45 [my dog is a jack russle mix]
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:49 [ye]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 04:51 *gasps and rolls out of the way as the tree she was bracing herself behind gets torn to bits by a swirl of energy**the basket is luckily left unharmed*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 04:57 [mine is part Chihuahua she has the energy of a jack Russell and the nervousness of a Chihuahua ]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 04:57 *stands beside a boulder, ready to dive for cover again if needed**much of the area has become barren from the sheer power of Lior's attacks**it isn't as bad now since Lior has moved away from Kaliste, though, as she repeatedly blasts Izar back and then
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 04:57 goes after him again*
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:02 [ye]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:04 (German shepherds usually hate water)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:07 (Wavelength was named because of his inate tracking abilities. No Mayhem didn't name him, his family did)
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:10 I'm not going anywhere with you ever again! You make me sick!
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:11 reverse this.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:12 Alright. If anything goes wrong here, you know how to contact me. I have some questions when I get back as well. *teleports to Kaliste, using the intel Wavelength gave him*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:14 (He acts like we just tortured him)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:16 *still looks really upset due to Izar's reference to Eira's death*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:20 *the first thing he does is avoid the battle/argument and goes to Kaliste, moving her away from the scene* Are you alright? You aren't hurt too bad are you?
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:20 *grabs him with a massively powerful hand made out of blue sky energy and slams him into the ground so hard he winds up in a small crater*
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:21 DON'T give me that [BLEEP] anymore you narcissist! You did all that for only one person--YOU!
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:22 YOU'RE the only person you've EVER cared about!
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:22 *is crying hard while saying/doing all this*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:23 *doesn't answer him at first**can't stop staring in the direction Izar and Lior are**she finally knows why her mother never answered any of her prayers*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:23 (*starts another game of Skyrim playing as Mayhem* This cannot end well)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:23 *finally just covers her face with her hands, trying desperately not to cry* Oh god...
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:25 If you cared about me, you would've let me know I had a daughter...you would've...I...I wouldn't have just THIS as the only remnant of her past I own! *holds up the little glowing audio player**it's filled with prayers Aedona sent her over the years*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:25 (Also I'm conflicted right now as to how Mayhem should react. He's let a lot of crap happen to Kaliste to prove to her and himself that he doesn't care.)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:25 (Aw, s**** it ai know what Ill do)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:28 MOM! *runs over to Lior* Mom, no... *puts a hand on her shoulder* Mom...it's...it's okay...don't...it'll be alright...
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:28 [.]
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:28 *is on the verge of killing Izar**Izar doesn't fight back--if anything, the look in his eyes is of genuine regret*
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.15 05:29 *hesitates, then lets all her energy dissipate**stumbles away to the nearest tree left standing and leans against it, crying*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:30 *just falls on her knees, too shocked to do anything*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:31 (I'm taking this as a good thing because I don't want to have to keep painting Mayhem as something scary)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:33 *juat stays where he is, staring passively at Izar, with just a hint of malice shining through*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:34 *just
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:34 *it's been a long time since she hasn't been able to get a grip on herself, making it all the more difficult for her to try to control herself **is shaking a little bit all over as she vainly tries not to let tears fall out of her eyes*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:38  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:38  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:39  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:43 *his stare only grows colder when he sees Kaliste's emotional state*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:43 *his gaze only grows colder when he sees Kaliste's emotional state*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:44  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 05:49 [Izar probably wouldn't have left so soon if Mayhem didn't look at him like that. That's really saying something since Izar is rather narcissistic/considers himself above almost everyone else.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:51 (goodnight!)
16>Prisim (Yoom), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:52 [ggnight]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 05:52 (I'll fill you in on how much damage Mayhem did in Skyrim tomorrow. Why? Because I can. If I had a voice actor for him I would definitely record myself playing and have a voiceover done)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:19  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:20  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:20 *just looks down and closes her eyes, forcing herself to take deep breaths**the reason she's shaking is not so much because of sadness and shock (though she is VERY sad and VERY shocked), but because of overwhelming anger*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:21 *she's internally screaming for the very painful deaths of everyone who has wronged her horribly, starting with Izar*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:22 *she has sworn off killing for many decades, though, so she's having a huge internal battle with her old vengeful streak right now*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:22  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:23 [This is Aedona's biggest sin of sorts...wrath/vengeance. She has a dark streak that will seek revenge and will absolutely not stop until she gets it. She's determined not to let that streak take over ever again.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:28  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:31  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:34  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:40  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:40  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:41  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:44  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:45  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:46  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:46  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:47  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:48  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:48  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:50  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:50  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:51  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:51  Secret message to Mayhem  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:51  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:53  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:54  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:55  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:55  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:56  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 21:56  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 21:58  Secret message to Kaliste  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 22:10  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 23:11 [Geezus...the lawn must've tripled in height...I had to help out with mowing and raking.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 23:13 (Oh.)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 23:17 (I don't have a lawn yet. Not until I move. For now it's just gravel)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 23:18 [I'll have to go soon, as I have a very happy pooch who wants to go on a walk. ^_^]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 23:20 close. It grows back so fast, and then mosquitoes get in it...speaking of mosquitoes, I'm itchy...I think a few got me...ugh...]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 23:21 (I had a good size lawn before I last moved)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.15 23:27 [Annnd it's doggie walk time. I may be back in around half an hour; I'm not so sure.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 23:27 (The house I'm moving to next will be the second largest property I've lived on. The largest would be in Washington where we had a whole orchard in our back yard)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.15 23:27 (mmk. I'll likely go to the park for awhile)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 03:30 (Oml... Bad pick up lines.... I can see Mayhem... Spouting bad pick up lines..)
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 03:54 [That last post was directed at both of you.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 03:54 (I saw)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 03:55 (Maybe that's where Armis got his pickup lines. Only difference is, Armis uses them to make people uncomfortable)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 03:56 (Of course the first thing to pop up in my head is this:)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 03:57 (youtu.be/2EZWPEO_H9Ql
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 03:59 [X'D I don't know what that is, but whatever it is, it's great.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:03 ("There are no happy endings, not here and not now. This tale is all sorrows and woes. Oh, you might dream social justice and tears win the day, but that's not how this story goes. *chuckles evilly*)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:03 *"
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:04 (- The Literature Devil)
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:05 [0.o Uhhhhhhhhhhh...]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:07 (The person talks about problems with literature today and such. Mostly comic stuff)
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:07 [Sorry about my afkness i got a new embroidery machine so, patches :D]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:15 Yes, we probably should get back.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:18 *is still silently battling her anger when Lior finally turns to her and walks over*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:19 *gets up and hugs Lior tightly* You have absolutely nothing to be sorry about.
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:21 *hugs her back**after a minute, she and Kaliste let go* I will have to go back to the heavens soon...that's why he's been after me...I've been away too long.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:23 Well, if you wind up talking to him again, tell him... *hesitates**finally lets some of her extreme bitterness show* ...this: I've killed you once. Don't give me even one more excuse to do it again.
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:24 *doesn't answer her request**instead glances in Mayhem's direction and says quietly:* Eira's probably worried about you.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:25 (At first I was thinking "What does she even have to potentially kill him again, but then I realized she actually might have a couple options now)
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:26 (I KEEP FORGETTING THE "!!!)
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:28 [Kaliste honestly doesn't care that she's just a plain human. If she let her vengeful streak take over, she'd find some way to do it, even without theoskha and even if it took her many lifetimes.]
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:30 [And if she couldn't find a way, she still wouldn't give up.]
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:31 [Hence one of the reasons why she's so determined never to go down a path of vengeance again...it's sort of like a mental rabbit hole.]
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:31 [Or black hole.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:32 *hesitates* Will you be alright? Don't you want to come along?
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:32 (It's kinda scary knowing that Mayhem still cares AND already doesn't particularly like Izar)
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:32 I'll be fine...you should focus on taking care of yourself and your family. *smiles bittersweetly a little*
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:34 [Yeesh...you make a good point...I don't plan on having Kaliste try to kill him again, though. And if she did decide to do it, it'd be a very personal matter--she'd want to do it herself, and I don't see her ever deciding to try to get Mayhem's assistance
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 04:34 in the matter.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:35 *looks at Lior with a hint of longing, and then nods and walks back over to Mayhem**avoids looking at him since he's a heavy source of resentment as well, and she's determined not to do anything rash*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:35 [...And that's why she wouldn't consult his help. She's had to fight the urge to go on a path of vengeance against Mayhem too.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:37 [When you really think about it, arguably he's hurt her more than anyone else has, whether it was intentional or not...only Izar and Tomas are major competitors for that status, and I'd say Tomas doesn't fully qualify because Kaliste has managed to fully
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:37 forgive him...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:40 [Well, maybe the Olamitera portion of Katrin qualifies as a competitor as well, since her curse on Izar basically shaped/controlled a lot of Aedona's life in very nasty ways...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:41 [And Izar would most definitely not be a bad guy if it wasn't for the curse. Before the curse he was still one of the most "jerkish" of the primordials, but he was generally good/okay.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:52 Eira is waiting. *opens a portal back to Eira since he knows she more than likely doesn't want any contact with him*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 04:52 *goes through the portal without saying a word*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 04:57 *follows after, closing the portal*
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 05:05 *watches Kaliste go, and then sighs sadly and disappears*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.16 05:07 *instantly knows something is really wrong when she sees the look on her mother's face* Mom? What happened?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 05:07 I'll talk about it later...
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.16 05:08 Are you alright? What's going on?
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 05:09 I'll be fine...some time away from all this noise will do me good... *rubs her forehead; she's getting a bad headache* Let's go somewhere else.
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 05:19 Kvetti has always been a quiet planet. Probably not the best place to visit, though...
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 05:19 *clears his throat*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 05:22 *tries very hard not to make a very nasty comment in response**winds up just not saying anything at all*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 05:24 Just... Trying to think of some peaceful places..
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.16 05:25 Uhhh...what are some quiet places in Panthea? Certainly not Otemjar, if the people are all like what we saw earlier... *chuckles awkwardly**is trying desperately to help Kaliste out with her mood*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.16 05:26 [RRREEEAAALLLYYY?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 05:27 *her tone is very curt* I haven't been to Monserrat for a very long time...I guess I'll see if it's just as isolated as before.
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 05:31 *tessers with Eira to the mountainous region on the very southern tip of Sahlem**it's fairly chilly, but it's also spring here, so it's not too bad*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 05:33 (I have found a new song that Fits Mayhem on a more personal, internal level. Unsure if I wanna send it quite yet. All I can say is that the video would be more enjoyable if the lyrics were synced. I think the editor messed up)
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 20:05 *twilight has arrived**the lights of a village are seen in the distance**they are at a very high elevation, so clouds are actually below them; the sky is very clear*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 20:06 *things have changed here too, but Monserrat still isn't as advanced as Sahlem (the industrial revolution affected Sahlem the most, followed by Otemjar and Nakada; the Junayd were basically wiped out by the revolution, and I suppose one can say that if
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 20:07 Sahlem is modern day Europe or America, Monserrat is kind of a third world country--they're still catching up)*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 20:08 *some paths on a nearby mountain look very white because a man is herding lots of fluffy mammals there (they're Panthean equivalent of sheep)*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 20:10 *walks away from Eira without saying a word and goes around a thin path to the edge of a cliff jutting out over a massive valley**sits on the edge with her legs precariously dangled over the abyss below*
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 20:10  Secret message to Kaliste  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.16 20:11 *doesn't follow her mother, knowing that she probably wants some time alone**watches the man herding his animals down towards the valley*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.16 20:15 *also has a few things she wants to say to Mayhem without her mother hearing*
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 20:18 *starts quietly humming/singing to herself **being Sahlemese at heart, she only has one reason for doing this (you can probably guess what it is after that little scene I did involving Eira spotting the old man singing in the alley)*
1>yin yang C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 20:19 [Im at the same lunch]
11>Kaliste (Human), 40yo.2019,Mar.16 20:20 [Hey! :D]
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 20:33 [Maybe Lior will visit Elius soon]
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 20:39 [Probably. She's got a few things to sort out in the heavens, but she'll most likely go visit him right after.]
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 20:39 (I make patches now!!! Wanna see?)
9>Ikaros (Dragon), Babyyo.2019,Mar.16 20:40 [Sure! :D]
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 20:42 [You overestimate C.js protective instincts habd him over pssh] come on nycro Lily lets go home
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.16 20:46 *doesn't answer**just very slowly gets up and follows*
14>Elius (pegusus), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 20:46 Wanna go to the dragon lands or someplace quieter?
19>Nycro (Dragon), 70+yo.2019,Mar.16 20:47 *just shrugs his shoulders* [I'm assuming C.J. is speaking, not Elius.]
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.16 21:59 *of course he follows them after they tesser, but he doesn't do anything to follow Kaliste*
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 00:22 *makes sure Kaliste is out of earshot before speaking* Don't mention Kvetti around her...or anything pertaining to that time. I've tried asking her about it, and she... *trails off* Well, she won't talk about it with me now, so...
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 00:31  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 00:32  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 00:34  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 00:36  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 00:39  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 00:39  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.17 01:21  Secret message to Eira  
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.17 01:28 Well it was one of the only peaceful planets... Even in Irakurri it was. All throughout time, those creatures managed to avoid war amongst themselves. It used to be considered "the planet that reflected the gods"
2>Mayhem (Demon God), ?yo.2019,Mar.17 01:32  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 02:47  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 02:48  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 02:49  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 02:52  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 02:53  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 02:55  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Eira (Raven), ??yo.2019,Mar.17 02:56  Secret message to Mayhem