" Power Rangers: Space Zodiac Rangers "
This game is destined to players of 4 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Long ago...There were a group of of people who terrorized earth...They were the dark zodiac knights and they served Queen Aries...But one day...They went too far,A group of warriors known as the Zodiac Rangers rose up to fight them, It was a long battle,which lasted for months but The Sagittarius ranger finally mustered all his strength to seal the knights in an ancient tomb beneath the city...The Rangers lived the rest of their lives in peace but little did they know,another threat loomed,but they didn't know what...(If you were born in August, You're a Leo)Your Evil Father has risen from the tomb and has trained but abused you for years,When You're 15 you escape from him and are raised by the former Zodiac Rangers and when you're 17 he and his friends start attacking the city,but you have something called a Zodiac bracelet to transform,(You also have Animal DNA implanted in you whenever you transform)
Virgo-Ice Fox
Gemini-(Actually None,You do have wind powers and can clone yourself  tho! That's fun!) 
Aquarius-(You have Ice Powers)
Libra-(You have chains for weapons,Sorry Buddy)

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