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If you are not registered, you cannot play. Just select a free colored area (marked as "---") and select "Join as..."
It's free and you don't have to give your email address if you don't want to.

Once you are connected (select player name, give your password, press Enter), you can:
The most part of the game will be based on discussions. So above all, you will have to write messages to talk together with other players.
Message to...Allows you to write a secret message destined to one player only. Other players will not be able to read this message, but everyone will be informed about your action.
ConnectionAllows you to select another player in the case you manage several characters
BuyAllows you to buy an item from the Game Manager shop (see player 1 inventory list in white color), provided you have enough money (see your own inventory list).
SellAllows you to sell any item from your inventory list.
Note 1: fee=$1 for any sale operation
Note 2: you cannot sell free items (price=0).
Pick upAllows you to get any item dropped on the ground. Once picked up, this item will be added to your own inventory list.
DropAllows you to drop any item to the ground. Any dropped item can be picked up by any player.
GiveAllows you to give any item to any player... You can also exchange items this way, if you trust other players.
UseAllows you to use any free item (price=$0) from your inventory. It will allow you to eat some food, drink a magical potion, cast a spell (using a parchment scroll)... Once used, this item will be removed from your inventory list.
Roll DiceDice will help you in taking a decision. In a roleplay game, many events or character/monster reactions will depend on randomness.

The Game Master (player 1) can also...
Reminder: all items and all score counters (like Money, Health...) have been set up by the Game Master before the game can start.
Give/Remove PointsAllows the game master to manage any counter (scores) of any player, by adding or removing points to them, according to the different events / actions actions that occur in the game. Dice may help him/her to make decisions.
Remove a characterAllows the game master to manage the character (player) list.
Note: the Game Master doesn't have to buy, sell or pick up anything, because he/she is the shop owner!!! However, he/she will have sometimes to drop or give free items so that players can use them.

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