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" 3rd Annual OC Christmas Party (closed until Christmas) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 99 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:44 *sets up decorations while creating food for Christmas day. A figure sits in the shadows, humming festive songs while simply watching me work* Excuse me.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:45 Figure: *looks up at me mischievously* You're excused. *Me: shut up. Mayhem, would you mind actually being helpful for once? *Mayhem: Nope. I'm not required to be useful for 10 more days.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:46 Me: Rude. Why did I ever invite you... *Mayhem: You didnt. Now get back to work.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.25 20:21 *I sit back on the couch and makes Mayhem stand by the door* Mayhem: No one will be here for hours, why do I have to stand up there?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.25 20:25 Me: You sat back while I worked. Now I get to sit back while you stand around doing nothing, but standing nonetheless.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.25 23:52 Mayhem: I hate you. *Me: No you don't, you're smiling. Besides, if you're good I'll bring in some special guests for you.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 00:10 *an indigo dragon about the size of a large dog (me) appears about 40 feet from Blitz's house*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 00:10 *appears just behind Leonore*
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 00:11 *appears beside Leonore**his scars, scratched gold armor, and tattered black cloak indicate that this is the older Borenaga from AHAW 2 (young Borenaga never wore cloaks or capes)*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 00:12 *pops up on the other side of Leonore**is hanging upside-down in mid-air**shrieks and tumbles onto her head*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 00:17 *turns into a human dressed in black sweatpants, black shoes, and a purple sweater**has long, dark blonde hair (I'm mostly German, so you can kinda guess what I look like from that XP)**I also have big, magnificent bird wings on my black, and a long
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 00:18 feathery tail**my feathers are like a gradient--they are white at the "root" and purple at the tips*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 00:19 Ooooo... *marvels at the wings and rapidly flips through her notes*
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 00:45 *smiles* Someone is here, Alex. *Mayhem: Yeah yeah.
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 00:48 *tries sneaking out a window. He has four little Jackal pups holding onto his coat. One falls off and squeaks*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 00:55 *has been sitting up on the dragon perch with Hikari* You dropped something.
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 00:58 Shaddap. *scoops up the pup and continues crawling through the window. Before he can go anywhere he is magically pulled back into the room*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 01:49 Um...what's this getup about?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 01:49 Just testing out alternate forms...I'm thinking of changing my form again...
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 01:49 Congratulations. You made yourself even more ugly.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:01 *Leonore grabs his muzzle and wrenches it around* OW.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:01 Let's go. ^.^ *approaches the house*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 02:02 *waits for Leonore to knock on the door*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:02 *Vera, Borenaga, and a cackling Eloise follow**knocks on the door*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:02 [Hey! My Internet is bleeped up--it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting me--so I will disappear often.]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:03 [I may even eventually disappear entirely, so beware. I hope to have it fixed by later tonight.]
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 02:03 *waits a moment for effect, then opens the door* Greetings! Welcome to the festival of broken dreams! Glad you could make it!
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 02:04 Hey! Behave!
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 02:04 *@Blitz* You're no fun!
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 02:17 *sighs* come on in.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:18 Hey, didn't I kick your butt?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:19 *comes in* With help, of course. *gestures towards Blitz, smiling*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 02:23 That battle was inconclusive.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:25 It seemed pretty conclusive to me.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:26 *mutters* Well, since you all seem to know each other... *walks off **spots Hikari*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 02:26 Last I recall I was still alive by the sudden end of the fight. Therefore I clearly hadn't lost. But I hadnt won either.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:26 *looks down at Vera* Welcome back
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:27 (Hikari did that)
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:27 Surviving does not equal winning.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:27 Hi. *is relieved a little to see someone she knows* Uh...mind if I join you up there?
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 02:28 It does in my case. *smiles* You didn't kill me, you didn't defeat me.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:28 Hikari: Of course. Corvis, sir, please make room.
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:28 *moves over* Yessir.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:29 Whatever placates your ego, I guess... ^.^
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:29 *flies up and sits on the perch*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 02:29 ARMY-POO!!! *charges towards Armis*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:30 (Brb drinking a shake)
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:30 [BTW, my Internet seems fixed, but that doesn't mean it'll stay fixed.]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:30 [Okie dokie. ^.^]
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:33 No! *stuffs the pups under his jacket and starts climbing the wall*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 02:34 Ooo, presents for meee? GIVE!! *claws at him, trying to get his pups*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:34 Hikari: How have things been in your universe?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:35 Don't worry, I removed everything from her except her clothes. So long as you keep her away from any and all sharp objects and as long as you're good at hand-to-hand combat, she won't inflict serious harm. ^_^
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:35 Decent, I guess...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:35 How is your universe?
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:36 They're not for you! *hisses*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:36 *teleports Eloise to her**teleports a straightjacket onto her, and then makes rope magically appear, attach to the back of the straightjacket, and lift Eloise off the floor*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:37 I really wouldn't keep baby Irakurrian creatures near her, though...surely there's a place you can hide them?
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 02:38 *writhes and growls wildly**kicks and flips around in all directions*
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:38 Well, Imma just go--OW
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:38 *grabs Borenaga by his nonexistent ear and throws him onto the couch*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:39 Hikari: Not bad. Blitz has been hard at work. My commander has been behaving himself, has he not?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:39 Nope. You're gonna be here a while, so make yourself comfortable.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:39 Watch some B-rated horror movies or whateve depressing crap you do...
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:39 *whatever
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:39 Wha-??!? I don't watch those kinds of movies! They're stupid!
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:40 I can't help having to be a babysitter and I trust no one here enough to handle them.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:40 Huh...didn't know you had decent cinema tastes. What do you watch?
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:40 Nothing. [BLEEP] off.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:40 OK then.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:41 I suppose...who's your commander?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:42 Hikari: Commander Aldwyn. I heard he was supposed to be here, but seeing how his brother is here... Best not.
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:44 *hops down to the couch* I remember you. You were there when old Decay snapped.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:46 You know, a whole bunch of Irakurrians have showed up to my world recently...I don't think there's an Aldwyn among them, but I don't know all their names...
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:47 Mm hmm.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:48 And you were the one with that god-forsaken giant snake.
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:48 *a portal opens at the perch and a 4 year old kid drops into Corvis' lap* Oh.. Hey, kiddo! How you doin, Aidan?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:49 Aidan: O-okay, sir. *looks at the dragons nervously*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:49 *looks out the window, wondering when the others will arrive*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:49 *looks away* Yeah... I miss him... Why are you here?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:49 Hi.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:51 'Cause angelic [BLEEP]wipe over there says so. *makes a rude gesture in Leonore's direction*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:53 *sidles up to Blitz* Hey! *says quietly* Does he know who you've got in one of the other rooms? *by "he" I mean Mayhem*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:53 *chuckles* He's a little scared of new people. That and he has never seen a dragon. *looks down at Sudan* don't worry, no one is here to hurt you.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:54 Aidan: *nods* hello dragon...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:55 I
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:55 *I'm Vera. What's your name?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 02:55 Yeah he knows. He also knows not to bother them.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:56 Aidan: Aidan..
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 02:56 Hikari: Pleasure meeting you, Aidan. I am Hikari.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 02:57 Good...
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:57 That's how it is with me as well. I don't want to be here.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 02:58 Are you both...Ravens? *looks at Corvis* Weren't you around two years ago?
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 02:58 Well whoop dee [BLEEP]in' doo.
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 02:59 I'm still a Raven. So is this little one. I hope. He hasn't shown any traces of magic. How rare to not inherit anything.
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 02:59 *shows up telaporting Sara Tomas Alfie and Cara with her(
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 02:59 Wuddup nerds
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:00 There are doors, you know.
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:00 *sees Tomas and backs away someplace else he obviously dosent recognise her*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:00 I have ONE JOB. Use the doors.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 03:01 Yeah, use the doors so Alex can feel good about himself
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:01 is other me here?.....*looks around* no ok...[its Ikuri Sara]
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 03:02 doors are for the weak
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:02 You've changed attire since we last met. What's with the weird clothing?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 03:03 Doors are fun. You can slam them in people's faces.
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:04 *comes into the main room for a brief moment to see who has arrived, then he grabs a tray of treats and leaves*
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 03:04 Right... I forgot to make food for the other room...
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:06 *bounces over to Vera and wags his tail* Hi
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 03:06 Um...hi.
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:07 wanna play?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 03:07 [brb. I'm going to watch a movie. I'll probably be back in around an hour even though the movie will still be on then.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:07 *sets the tray down on the table* help yourself. *takes a seat and waits* They'll be here soon.
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:08 *hears Alfie and hops and stumbles over a bit* Play are we gonna play a game?
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:08 *walks over to Saxon* hi um...which...timeline are you from?
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:09 nimnim said some people here are from diffrent time lines..I just wondering
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:15 This room is special, Sara. Please go.
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:16 ok see you around then I guess...or not *walks off*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:23 Wanna go play with the other kids? *Aidan reluctantly nods and Corvis takes him to the ground*
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:25 Yeah! wanna play to?
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:26 *nods* What are we playing?
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:26 ummmmmm....down by the banks!
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:26 OOH! I know that one!
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 03:27 Aidan: Y-yeah.. What should we play...?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 03:27 (Nvm)
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 03:27 What's that game?
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:27 *pats Aidan on the head and returns to the perch*
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:29 we all sit in a circle and we lay our hands out like this one on top one on bottom... and when we start the song we tap the others persons and and when the songs done the person who didnt tap in time looses
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:29 *sits down in the circle* Can I start the song?
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:30 ok but I get to start the next one
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 03:30 *sits down*
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:31 down by the banks of the hanky panks were the bullfrogs jump from bank to bank singing eeps eyeps oops ops jumps in the river bed and goes kerplops!
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:32 *giggles* this is fun
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 03:33 I guess so.. *grins*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:36 *calls out to Sara from the front door* Yeah, no one is allowed back there!
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:36 im Alfie! whats your names?
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:36 *pipes up as well* Its stupid!
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:36 I do what I want!
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 03:37 Aidan: My n-name is.. Aidan.
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:37 thats a nice name
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:37 Says the one who left the room almost as quick as she entered!
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:38 and I left beacause I wanted to
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:39 Or you were told to leave.
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:39 I was asked nicely and I could have said no and stayed but I want pizza rolls So Im going to get some
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:40 Yeah, right.
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:46 yeah good luck holding the door all night *walks in and grabs some pizza rolls from the snack table*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:46 Ill only be here for a little while longer.
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:47 yes and by then there will be no more hot pizza rolls only cold ones
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 03:47 Indeed. And you've been a decent person so perhaps you will get to meet those special guests.
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 03:48 I dont want your pizza rolls
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:48 Good
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:51 So, Sara, why did YOU come to this dump?
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:52 I was telaported here
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 03:52 *sighs* R.C never shows up to my parties...
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:53 But don't you have anyone to visit with?
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:54 nah
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 03:55 She wont show up beacause Im here it has nothing to do with you blitz she just hates me
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 03:58 I want her to come to some of my parties. I only have them so very often.
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 03:59 she cant leave her universe anyways even if she wanted to
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 03:59 the best she can do is send a hologram
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 03:59 *stares down at the group* Hey, Tomas. Long time, no see.
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:00 hi
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:00 *sees corvis*...papa...
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:01 *turns his attention to Cara* excuse me?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 04:02 [Back!]
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:03 (Yo)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 04:03 [Replies will be very slow. I'm watching a movie and I'm on multiple RPs.]
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:05 *waves a little bit*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:06 *slowly waves back, trying to recognize Cara*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:07 *keeps glancing at Eloise, then sneaks over to Blitz* Can you keep the pups safe? I don't want to have to worry about them falling into anyone elses hands.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 04:07 Yeah, I'll keep them. *takes the pups and shoos Armis away*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:09 *stabs front door*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:09 what?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:09 here again?
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:10 im going to get some pie do you want any?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:11 *tries to pull his sword from the door*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:13 *as soon as the pups are hidden, the straightjacket and rope disappear**springs like a cat towards Armis*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:13 GIIIIVE!!!!!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:19 *pops up behind Corvis* THAT'S CARA THAT'S CARA SHE'S ALIVE SHE NEVER REALLY DIED
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:20 [The Cara sub-plot has been driving me nuts, in case you can't tell. XD If you don't want Corvis to know, intercept my words with a silencing spell or something.]
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:20 wait Cara?
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:21 [I didnt want Tomas to know but thanks for that >:I ]
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 04:21 *opens the door and pulls the sword out* Have you heard of this revolutionary action called knocking?
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:21 *walks over Twards Cara*
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:22 *wimpers and hides behind Aiden and Vera*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:22 give me my back
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:22 Sword back*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:22 *smiles at Eloise* Give you what?
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 04:23 Sure. *tosses the sword back* knock next time
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:23 *kneels down a bit and smiles softly* Cara? that really you sweetheart?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:24 [Then don't have Tomas know. XD XP Cast a deafness spell over him.]
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:24 *nods slightly still standing behind them*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:24 Sure. *puts his sword away*
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:24 [No Caras gonna cry now and its your fault]
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:25 Cara? whats wrong sweetheart come here...
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:25 *starts tearing up and crying* Why did you hurt the tiger?...
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 04:25 Blitz, I'm done being the greeter. Where's my prize?
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:26 The tiger what Tiger? *looks a bit confused*
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:26 Lily...
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:26 *drops down to the ground* ...
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:26 [No, it's Zhiraf's and Lily's fault. :P]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:26 [AKA your fault since they're all your characters.]
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:27 Hikari: Oh, no, not at the party...
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:27 *walks into the house*
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:27 *looks a bit hurt* Oh...honey...who have you been talking with? dont have to be scared of me I would never hurt you or anyone else ever *reaches his hand out twards Cara*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:27 Aidan: *grabs ahold of Corvis and hides behind him*
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:27 [No you told Tomas its your fault]
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:28 *flinches and runs to corvis and hugs him tightly* Papa...
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:29 [And who made Cara scared of Tomas in the first place?]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:29 [I also technically can't "make" characters that don't belong to me cry. You choose to make them cry, ergo it's your doing.]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:29 [MWAH HA HA HA, LOGIC]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:30 [...Because these teleportation and magic-filled RPs are known for their logic... XD]
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:30 [Still your fault]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:30 *-
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:30 (woops)
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 04:30 Right... *pulls four little cubes from thin air and throws them at the ground. They take form into strange creatures, who then move on to their human forms*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:31 [I don't think so. ^.^]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:31 so here again
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 04:31 Are those... *stares in disbelief at his brothers standing at one end of the room*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:31 well still as strange as always
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 04:32 No one cares!
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 04:32 *@ John*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:32 Shuddap Borenaga.
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:32 [no matter how much you deny it, its still your fault you made the innocent bby cry]
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 04:32 All of you behave. Pandemonium. Here. *tosses a mirror to him.*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:32 going to my corner
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:32 Welcome back John Sin!
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:33 hey
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:33 Pandemonium: Ah, yes! *smoothes back his hair* Just as gorgeous as I remember!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:33 [
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:34 *[Nope. Re-read my statements above. They prove it's Zhiraf's and Lily's fault.]
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:34 [nope still your fault ]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:35 [Nope.]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:35 *pulls out pepsi can and starts drinking it in the corner*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:35 [Nvm this, this is like trying to tell Mayhem that I beat him... XD]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:35 (rip)
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:35 (Well we treat our characters as if they were not controlled by us. We arent the only ones who do this. J.K. Rowling wrote the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book, but she made it look like it was written and published by Nest Scamander, not her)
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:36 Newt
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:36 (Freaking autocorrect)
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:37 [ye I was going to have Tomas go to the snack table then have Cara go over to Corvis but you instead told Tomas about Cara leading to her tears]
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:37 *hides behind John* You're alive!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:37 [I know.]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:37 [@ Caprial: I yelled it at Corvis. Tomas may have been out of earshot.]
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 04:38 You're all back... *gives his brothers a hug*
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:38 [no he was standing right next to corvis]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:39 gees!
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:39 yes I am
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:39 not much can kill me
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:39 Cataclysm: Yes.. It's nice to see you, too, Alex..
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:39 People in your universe are annoying, just saying.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:40 they tend to be that way
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:40 hate them all
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 04:40 Are you not happy to see me, Ludo? *Cataclysm: No, I am. You just never acted so happy.
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:41 *wimbers a bit and holds onto Corvis tightly*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:41 [Oh...I have a really bad picture of the room in my head, then. XD XP Oops...]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:41 [Replies will be faster. The movie ended.]
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:41 Cool, we both hate everyone. THAT is who I hate most right now. *points at Eloise* She won't leave me alone..
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:41 Cara...I...I..I didnt want to hurt was a can I make it better?...
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:42 (Almost next to Corvis. Corvis was up on a perch with the dragons)
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:42 okay you have fun with that
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:42 tell her your Sorry...and give her a bandaids to fix it
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:43 *nods a bit* ok...Ok I will do that I will. I promise... and I promise you I wont hurt people like that ever ever never again
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:43 *Rapacity, a tall fellow with blonde hair, starts walking around the room, eying all of the shiny valuables.*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:44 *throws John aside and tries to latch onto Armis*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:44 I NEED YOUR LIVER!!!!
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:44 *sniffles a bit* ok...*hugs Tomas* Dad...I miss home
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:44 hey watch it
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:44 *suddenly goes over and gives Cara a hug*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:44 Come here, Cara. *gestures for Cara to give him a hug* I thought you were gone..
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:45 *hugs her back tightly* Its ok I will bring you home...It..It might take a while to find you but im gonna bring you home sweetheart
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:45 Jerry why
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:45 You need nothing from me! *slaps Eloise away* Blitz why did you let her come in!
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 04:46 Cause it's fun.
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:46 *slithers out of Leonores grip and goes hugs corvis, wispers to him* Whoes the scary lady?..*points to Leonore*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:46 I NEED YOUR NOSE HAIRS TOO!!! GIVE!!! *grabs at his face*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:46 Oh yeah Nimnim, make her call me "scary" even though I look perfectly normal apart from having these gorgeous bird wings, that's flattering.
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:47 *whispers back with a sly grin* That's Miss Spoilers.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:47 You know what else is scary?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:47 Armis' nose hairs.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:48 *@ Corvis* That's THE Miss Spoilers to you.
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:48 I'm not allowed to hurt you, this isn't fair!
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:48 *nods* are you and dad going to bring me home?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:48 your not wrong about armis @Leonore
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:49 Though all that was needed was a silencing spell put around me for this to have never happened, so in a way I have collaborators...
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:49 your not wrong about armis @Leonore
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:49 (?)
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:49 *tries to take some of his hairs, but since she's not allowed to hurt anyone she winds up flung across the room by Leonore's magic automatically kicking in*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:50 what happened there?
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:50 *turns to Leonore* Dare I ask how you know what my nose hairs look like? *crackles* Oh, don't go digging yourself into the wrong hole, now.
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 04:50 the crying was your fault the child like forgivness was R.C I dont do that cute sappy
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:51 *cackles
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:51 (GOSH DANGIT)
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:51 so this is where he has gone *knocks on door*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:51 I know since Eloise knows. Jesus Christ, get some medical treatment or something.
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:51 John, don't encourage her
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:52 why not armis?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 04:52 *goes back to sitting by Hikari* I honestly don't know what's happening...who are those three? *looks at Tomas, Cara, and Corvis*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:52 This body is too young for THAT big of a problem. Who do you take me for, Corvis?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:52 Yeah Armis, why not?
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:53 Oi! Watch yourself, boy!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:53 Anyyyways, I mostly came here for the ice cream. And to hug Cara because oh my god, she needs a hug. Sooo... *dashes off and gets ice cream*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:54 Why? Because maybe next time I won't be helping your sorry teams solve their problems. I could always join the bad guys, you know? They're more fun anyway.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:55 your going to join Geo huh?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:55 how well did that work out last time?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:55 Hikari: Tomas is... From your universe. Cara, I really do not know. Corvis is a Raven, but he is also a Tenshi, an angel. Contradictory, much.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:56 Anyway, Tomas and Corvis raised Cara, back when she was a wolf.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 04:56 So...I guess Ravens aren't the nicest of beings, then?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:56 if no one is gonna open the door i will
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 04:57 [You guys may wish to reload. I added a slot.]
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:57 No, he's not worth my time. It's like you fused Mayhem and Pandemonium into one person.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:57 *opens the door sees who it is then shuts the door*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:57 *rips open door and tries to tackle Lucria*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:57 Pandemonium: *enters the scene* Did someone say my name?
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:57 GIVE ME YOUR KIDNEYS!!!
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 04:58 Leonore+Borenaga: *@ Pandemonium* Shut up, no one cares!
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:58 papa I miss you lots and lots
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 04:58 *smiles wide at both of them* Of course you care. Everyone does.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 04:58 *looks at Leonore in blank shock*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 04:59 *falls on her back and kicks Eloise into the air*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 04:59 *cackles and goes back to devouring ice cream*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:59 *flips so she lands on her feet*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 04:59 *charges Lucria again*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 04:59 You can always come home. Though I don't necessarily live with Tomas anymore.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:00 Honestly I'm kind of torturing Eloise by bringing her many creatures from so many foreign universes, and she can experiment on none of them...
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:00 *turns to face Eloise with a blue aura bone ready*
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:00 I dont know how...Lily and Ziraph wont let me leave...
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:00 and im bad at moving..
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:01 and walking and everything in this body I want my old one back...
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:01 Paroxysm: *shakes his head and walks over to Eloise* Now, I am all for what you're intending, but now is not the time. Give it a rest.
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:01 *jumps over Eloise and tries smack Eloise into the ground*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:01 *easily dodges*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:02 *kicks out her leg while dodging, trying to trip Lucria*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:02 *sits down and continues drinking his Pepsi*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:02 *is teleported away by Leonore's automatic anti-fight magic just as her leg meets Lucria's leg*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:03 *uses the bone as a balance and tries to grab Eloise but misses*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:03 Alright Eloise, if my magic has to intercept you one more time you get the straightjacket again.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:03 *Paroxysm sighs and turns to Leonore* It's not often one of THOSE are cage-free.
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:04 where are you?
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:04 *replies by jumping backwards, flipping onto Armis, and trying to tackle him*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:04 JUST GO BACK! @Lucria
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:04 She's really good at staying out of cages.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:05 *teleports Eloise into the straightjacket hanging from the ceiling again*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:05 XD
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:05 nevermind *Walks over to John* what is this place
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:05 *laughs* Of course. *goes over and picks up Eloise by the scruff* tsk tsk. You really are a bundle of madness.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:06 (Nvm)
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:06 Welcome to Blitz's Christmas party, which is full of crying former Chia wolves, mad scientists hanging from the ceiling in straightjackets, and an obnoxious girl with bird wings...
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:06 [Paroxysm can still do that.]
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:06 *brushes himself off and grabs a glass of eggnog* Who is that, John?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:06 alright
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:07 (Nvm the nvm then)
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:07 I am Lucria Watson
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:08 *cackles and bites at Paroxysm's nose*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:08 i am the wife of the sona
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:09 yep
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:09 *@ Lucria* Wat
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:09 *ahem, I mean wat
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:09 about which part?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:10 Paroxysm: Now, now, calm down. *eyes the straight jacket and laughs a little* Been a long time since I've seen one of those. *spins Eloise as she hangs from the ceiling*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:10 *as in this meme: *
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:10 Wheeeeee! *slaps Paroxysm's face with her tail as she goes by*
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 05:10 *spits out her pineapple juice* WAIT WHAT!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:11 There's a 'sona...who's...married?
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:11 *walks over to John sin* Hi
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:11 *simply laughs in response*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:11 yes?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:12 yo
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 05:12 Paroxysm, don't try to control the other universe's insane. It won't work.
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:12 I know what you arrrre! *her classic sing-song tone is back again*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:13 what do you mean?
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:13 And I WANT YOOOUUU!!
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 05:13 This was never mentioned. Gonna have to have a talk with that guy later...
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:14 *sounds like a kid talking about a pet she really wants* I wanna strap you to my table and take out my knife and rip open your-- *etc. etc., allow your mind to fill in the horror*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:14 Paroxysm# *giggles* Oh? And what am I?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:14 (Brb)
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:14 *or don't if you like your sanity*
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:14 ok bye *walks over to Vera* Hi
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:14 You're an Irakurrian demooooon!
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:14 your a baby dragon *smiles a bit* how old are you
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:15 Hi again. *isn't all that enthusiastic about having Alfie around, though she doesn't show it*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:15 Hm...well, I'm a teenager in dragon years, but in human years I'm a bit older...
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:16 I'm not a baby. Dragons where I come from are just a lot smaller.
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 05:17 *is in the secret room with Saxon, taking care of a certain someone*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:18 anyways we got to get back John
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:18 ohhhhh so your like nycro and other Sara and there friends
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:18 why?
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:18 Aedona is nice but I dont like other C.J or other me...
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 05:18 *she didn't really like Irakurri Sara poking her nose in the room, but didn't say anything or react--she has just been trying to make that certain aforementioned someone happy*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:19 we have a problem with Nova
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:19 them. knew Aedona?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:19 Nova?!
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:20 just let Jerry take care of it
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:20 [Just curious, but what is a Lucario?]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:21 (Pokemon)
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:21 Can I go n--
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:21 NO.
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:21 I know her kind of she goes on adventures with C.J and Sara and Calvin...and...other people
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:22 Okay then, [BLEEP] you too.
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:22 oh Steffiny she is nice to and Theseus is a real pokemon!
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:22 Oh... *is confused**but then remembers some stories Aedona and C.J. told her back in the days when Aedona and Nymons were alive**guesses that Alfie's from the time when Aedona was young*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:22 um *looks back to john* he is already trying but the rest of the team is in the Maze
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:23 So you're from the past.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:23 So how many have been killed by the Grievers?
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:23 no im from time
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:24 [I just looked up Lucario...heck, they look cool!]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:24 (yes)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:24 Well, um...when I met Aedona, she was very old. So I'm um...actually from the future.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:24 (they are)
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:24 Paroxysm: Oh, I think you'll find I'm more than just a demon. If you lived here I'd be the god you looked up to. You belong in an Institute. *cackles evilly* All the best people do.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:24 *says loudly* How about now?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 *calls out warningly* Paroxysm.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 Shut up!
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 I don't want to worry about her again
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 Instituuuuute? *giggles* What's an Instituuuute?
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 And now!
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 *?
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 *smirks*
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:25 oh ok! wait how come you dont know me then in the future?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:26 No one cares Borenaga!
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:26 Paroxysm: I'm not doing anything.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:26 [XD I think I'm running out of jokes because I've been resorting to "no one cares about you/what you think" jokes quite a bit.]
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:26 No one cares? OK, [BLEEP] all of you, I'm out. *tries to go out the door and is teleported right back to the couch*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:27 You're from a different universe...I guess maybe you're in your universe in the future, since I'm in mine, and that's why we haven't met then?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:27 I know your past with her but your the only one who can help us
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:28 you know her, you know what she will do
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:28 oh ok
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:28 leave Lucria
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:29 fine but i'll be back
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:29 *is upside-down, to add insult to injury* Blrfnigidrgifrmpl!!!! *flips himself over very awkwardly*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:29 *growls at Eloise* He's referring to a mental hospital, where they send all they believe to be insane. Those places are all Paroxysm's domain. *mutters some other things under his breath*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:29 Who's this Nova?
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:30 Could I go there and dissect the staaaaff?! *giggles*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:30 *opens the door but the portal is gone* John I need you to make a portal for me
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:31 One sec Loenore *Rushes outside and tries to make a portal but it doesn't work*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:32 I thought time was paused in our universes during this party?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:32 Paroxysm: Nope.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:32 *tries a few more times but it still doesn't work* hm must be this place, lets just stay inside til the party ends then well try again
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:33 ok fine
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:33 (he was talking to eloise btw)
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:33 Sits in Johns corner*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:34 @Leonore. maybe I don't know
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:34 That's quite unlike Lily to make someone stay around
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:35 anyways Nova is a magic user from the Iso Universe
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:36 Aww...that place is no fuuuun...
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:36 Oh...huh. I had a character named Nova once...
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 05:37 Yes, and if I remember correctly, one of you has another Alex, but you don't see me complaining.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:38 it imploded killing all within it, only two ever made it out
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:38 I remeber Nova! She died!
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:39 Nova and Jason where the only two
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:39 Isn't Nova that cat who stabbed me with my own sword?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:40 She call you a demon cabob?
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:41 Practically. Couldn't keep me down, though.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:42 that was her then
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:43 *@ Alfie* How do you know her? You're the other Alfie.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:43 gees. I don't even want to think about her
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:44 Aidan: Alfie.. Wanna play another game?
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:44 Well my big Sister said she was a twat I dont know what that is but I herd storeis about her
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:44 Yeah what game?!
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:45 if she heard you say that you would be gone in a instant
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:45 @alfie
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:45 John stop
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:46 gladly
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:46 *sits next to the door*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:47 Aiden: I don't know... What kind of games do you like to play?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:48 *gets back up and grabs a bowl of ice cream*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:48 Paroxysm: *stops spinning Eloise* Without those staff members I wouldn't have any form of entertainment.
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:49 Again again!!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:49 *sidles back over to Blitz and Nimnim*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:49 I have this itch
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:50 *slowly raises a pie* I don't think I can stop it...
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:50 *leans against a wall near Armis, crossing his arms* So you're an unwilling captive here too, huh?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 05:50 Another food fight? Start with pretty boy.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:51 Are there any loopholes? Or at least a room where I can escape the pontifications of these [BLEEP]holes?
6>Alfie (Ikuri one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:51 I used to play with Spark and Talie and LAolia alot but they grew up
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:51 Yep. She made me come here while I was caring for Qui'non's pups. Now they're stuck in the same room with almost all my enemies
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:51 Which one? *smirks*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:51 Well there is a balcony, but you can't jump off, just get away from the noise
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:51 oh no
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 05:52 The one continuously making sure his hair is smooth.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:52 *looks/sounds disgusted* Pups? Pff...never raise offspring of any sort. They'll only spell your downfall.
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:53 what @John
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 05:53 Got it. *runs forward* Hiiiii-YA!!!!! *leaps and slams the pie onto Pandemonium's luscious locks*
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 05:54 *starts laughing as Pandemonium screeches as if he were in agony*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:54 that *points at Leonore*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 05:55 Excuse you, they'll grow up to be powerful allies.
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:55 looks like fun
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 05:56 Cataclysm: Uh-oh. Big brother, what do we do now?
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 05:57 *picks up some fruit salad* We do this. *spoon-catapults fruit salad at Blitz*
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:58 Allies my [BLEEP]. *laughs coldly*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 05:58 Oh gosh...not again...
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 05:59 *walks over grabs a pie and throws it at John but hits Armis instead*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:59 *the straightjacket disappears and she is suddenly teleported next to the food table*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 05:59 *grabs a banana and chucks it at Armis**it hits Borenaga instead*
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 05:59 THE [BLEEP]?!?!
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:00 *narrows his eyes* Something wrong?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:00 Armis Pepsi?
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:00 *said that before*
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:00 I dont do food fights *telaports away*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:00 Sure why not?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:00 tosses him the pepsi*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:01 Cataclysm: I don't really see the point in this... *walks out of the room and pulls a little serpent out of his pocket* You're still so small.. Did you not age while I was gone?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:02 Nimniiiim!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:02 I had an itch and I needed to scratch!!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:02 *grabs another pie and throws it at Paroxysm*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:02 I'M ON YOUR SIDE BLITZ!
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:03 *drinks the soda and crushes the can* thanks. *throws the can at Eloise*
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 06:03 Ugh... *walks over to the food table and throws a few people aside to give him more room*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:04 *blocks with her tail and giggles*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:04 Paroxysm: *catches the pie* So this is what I've been missing? Say, Blitz, what made me so evil if THIS is what you always deal with?
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 06:05 *uses this as his opportunity to take out his pent up anger on everyone else**picks up a whole lot of food and throws it super fast (he's very strong, even at this age) at everyone almost indiscriminantly (not much food goes in Armis' direction)*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:05 MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 06:05 You don't understand. The closest one to understanding is Cataclysm.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:06 *chucks a pie at Paroxysm*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:07 This is for Aedona and Maxwell, by the way! *tosses some chips at Tomas*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:07 *leaves the room as well, grabbing the pups as he goes. Meets Cataclysm on the balcony* They're annoying, aren't they? *Cataclysm: Mhm. *Armis: Why don't you make it all stop, then?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:08 Paroxysm: STOP GIVING ME PIES! I can't eat that much! *catches the second pie*
15>Tomas (The gay one), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:08 *catches the chips* What about them?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:08 *throws another pie at John*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:09 *gets hit* I hate you
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:09 I know
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:10 (I JUST READ TOMAS' DESCRIPTION!! XDDDD)
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:11 Cataclym: *pets the serpent* I don't feel like it. Meddling just isn't my thing anymore.
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:12 *shields Cara and Aidan from food*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:12 *Walks over to John with a pie in hand*
7>Cara (Vinquip), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:12 papa why are they throwing food...its not nice..
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:13 *Just accepts getting pied in the face*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:13 They always do this. It's better than actually hurting each other.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:14 [I've noticed it from the beginning. XD I've just been waiting for something to happen regarding his Role box.]
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:14 *sighs*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:15 *@ Cara and Corvis* It's like you guys with the smoke bombs, except food! *throws a cherry at Corvis' nose*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:16 *slams a tub of ice cream onto Borenaga's head*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:16 *starts throwing fruit in every direction*
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:16 *catches the cherry with his mouth* thanks.
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:18 *sits on the railing* I see.. Good thing you left, then. None of them will understand the significance of keeping magical creatures. The fellow villains will only see it as a weakness.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:18 You're welcome. *slams a piece of cake on Corvis' head*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:19 THE CHERRY WAS A RUSE MWAH HA HA
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 06:19 *the rest of the cake slams at 100 mph into Leonore's head and shoulders**smirks*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:19 ...OK Borenaga, now you're p***ing me off.
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 06:19 Good.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:21 *sits in his corner and starts cleaning his face*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:21 you just no fun john
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:22 *Cataclysm nods* Paroxysm: *throws pumpkin pie at the sonas*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:24 *it hit by pumpkin pie and falls down**raises fist* I SHALL HAVE VENGEANCE!
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 06:25 Good, they deserve it.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:25 Rapacity: *while Blitz is cleaning pie off her face he manages to swipe most of her jewelry*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:28 Paroxysm: *leans down beside Eloise* You should dump the punch onto Mayhem's head.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:29 *gets back on my feet*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:29 *immediately dumps the punch onto Paroxysm's head*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:30 *cackles wildly, grabs the miracously untouched pineapple upside down cake, and dumps that onto Mayhem's head instead (I imagine Paroxysm has at least a little control over Eloise, so she will still partially follow his instructions*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:30 *)*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:30 *exhales slowly, smiling, having anticipated the action*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 06:31 Why, you- *grabs Eloise by the tail*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:31 *walks over to Blitz* your Blitz right?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 06:33 yes I am. *finishes cleaning her face*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:33 (totally forgot what she was gonna ask)
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:35 what is this place, and why can't I teleport out of here?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 06:35 You can only go home with the help of your sona
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:35 *pulls a pie out of her coat pocket and slams it into Mayhem's face*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:36 *blows a big, wet raspberry at him*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:36  Secret message to Blitz  
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 06:37  Secret message to Eloise  
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:37 alright
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:37 *telaports back* you people disgust me
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:37 except you Blitz your cool
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:38 Thank you. ^.^
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 06:38 *Drops Eloise, scoffing as he does so*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 06:38 *walks over to Nimnim* Um...I don't want any part of this...I have no hands, anyway, I just hang out with you or something?
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:39 *cackles wildly and runs off, taking out another pocket pie and slamming it into the back of Tomas' head*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:39  Secret message to Blitz  
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:39 *finishes wiping the pie off him, pulls out a water and starts drinking it*
8>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Dec.26 06:39  Secret message to Blitz  
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:40 Im responsible for Theos Existance
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:40 And Saras hatered twards you but sure you can hang with me
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 06:42  Secret message to Eloise  
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:43 also im responsible for your brothers death
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:43 his death was boring I've done better...
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:49 Man
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:49 I love Theo he is my favorite
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 06:50 Oh! *checks an imaginary watch then snaps her fingers, teleporting several people into the room Saxon and Kaliste are in*
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 06:52 Hello
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Dec.26 06:52 *stares, shocked, hurt, and confused*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:53 *wipes Vera's memory of what Nimnim said and sends her back over to Hikari*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:53 *Engle, the ice tiger, is the first to appear. Without hesitation she grabs Saxon and hugs him* It's been too long! You never visit anymore!
11>Eira (Raven), ???yo.2018,Dec.26 06:53 *is sitting in a wheelchair, fumbling with something in her hands**she is the certain someone Kaliste has been taking care of all this time*
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 06:54 *chokes a little in Engle's grip* I'm sorry.. I missed.. You too.. *manages to pull himself away from her*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 06:55 well ok then
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:55 What cant she hate Me Leo? I find it funny when they are all hurt by the things I do
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:56 *Raina is human again, only for the occasion. She stands right behind Cynthia, who watches Saxon with a smile. Nixon has already gotten some food and is sitting in a corner*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:57 *Karasu has also helped herself to food*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 06:58 I just wiped away the part about her brother...
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 06:59 Cenric: *helps Saxon off the ground* Nice to see you again, Saxon. *looks over at Kaliste* And you must be his wife. Pleasure to meet you. I'm Cenric. *Holds out his hand to Kaliste*
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 06:59 thats the best part
11>Eira (Raven), ???yo.2018,Dec.26 06:59 [A quick note: This is the version of Eira only about 2 years after she was taken to Irakurri. That's not current time in Irakurri on AHAW 2, but what the heck. XP]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:00 *shakes his hand* Pleased to meet you too. I'm Kaliste.
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:01 *clears her throat a little since her voice is a bit scratchy**glances awkwardly at Raina (and Sara if she's there too)*
11>Eira (Raven), ???yo.2018,Dec.26 07:01 *suddenly gets up and walks over to Karasu*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:01 Karasu: *Smiles* Eira.
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:01 why are you staring its rude
11>Eira (Raven), ???yo.2018,Dec.26 07:02 *her movements aren't entirely smooth--she's only started walking again a few months ago--and she's still mute**holds out something to Karasu*
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:02 [this sara is ikuri Sara from Caras time]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:02 *says quietly to Sara* I'm not.
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:02 Which Sara are you, and from what timeline?
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:03 Karasu: ? *reaches for whatever Eira has for her*
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:04 *after saying hello to most of the others, he finally turns to Cynthia and Raina. His eyes tear up as he approaches them*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:05 *Raina instinctively takes a step back, causing Cenric to give a slightly confused look, but she doesn't back up any more*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:06 *Cynthia goes right for the hug, crying* I miss you so much...
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:07 what year are you from?
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:07 *approaches Lucria* So what even are you?
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:08 I miss you, too... Not a day goes by when I don't think about you.
11>Eira (Raven), ???yo.2018,Dec.26 07:08 *feebly puts a small blue rock in Karasu's hand*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:09 I am a Lucario
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:09 I'll tell you after you tell me
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:09 Last time I was in Yinyang, it was (so-and-so somewhere near the current year on AHAW 2) universal time. It's been a while since I was there, though...
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:10 *still looks confused*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:10 You're Irakurri Sara. But from which year?
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 07:10 *sneaks up behind Mayhem*'s a Pokemon... *slams a pie onto his head, though she doesn't seem nearly enthusiastic as before*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 07:11 *says to everyone in general* I think my itch has been itched enough... *walks over and sits on the couch, thinking*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:11 Karasu: It's beautiful. Thank you. *hugs Eira*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:12 I am a being able to sense others aura and control aura my own aura
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:12 *shakes his head to get rid of most of the pie* It'd help if I knew what a Pokemon was.
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:12 Aura... Like magic power?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:13 no not quite
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:14 Gosh Darn It! I was really hoping I would find a way to stay dead by then!
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:15 So you're from the past.
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:16 it has many explanations but the one I choose to use is that it is your spiritual energy
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:16 *sees what Eira did and is in shock**Eira doesn't hug Karasu back, but it's clear from the extremely bittersweet smile on Kaliste's face that what Eira just did was very surprising*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:17 Strange
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:17 Karasu: *Glances at Kieron, then turns back to Eira*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:17 I am able to control my aura to enhance my own attacks
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:18 @Lucria Still am not going to learn it
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:18 *Raina looks a little surprised toward Cynthia's eagerness to meet Saxon again*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:19 (BRB)
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:19 *tries to hug Raina, but stops himself after seeing her worried expression* I'm sorry. *turns away*
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:19 If you find a way to kill me permenatly Please tell me about it I would greatly aprreciate it
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:20 *goes over and puts an arm around Eira, trying not to tear up* Very good, Eira, very good job.
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:22 *quickly glances around the room again and sighs**she had hoped that maybe some old friends of hers would come, though deep down she didn't expect any*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:23 *Raina says nothing, but runs up and hugs him as he starts walking away*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:24 (btw if you wanted anyone she knew to appear, they can)
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:24 I could kill you permanently @Sara
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:26 John
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:26 Please do it
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:27 Please just freakin kill me right now and end my suffering
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:27 alright *Reaches for his sword but it isn't there*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:28 not here john
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:28 *has the sword*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:29 D*** it Lucria why?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:29 not here not now
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:29 Come on!
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:30 Seriously I have been trying to die for a long time end my suffering gosh darn it!
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:30 *sighs* fine
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:31 [Most of the characters Kaliste has in mind are Caprial's.]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:32 [Also, how did John Sin and Lucria get into the secret room? Or did Sara walk out?]
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:32 [I would have added C.J but all the colors I use for her slots were taken]
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:33 [secret room I guess bc she didnt leave]
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:33 (I Meant to say that he started wondering around and Lucria has her ways to keep tabs on him)
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:38 *Raina lets go of Saxon and goes over to Cenric, who was gesturing for her to come to him* What? *Cenric: I've never seen you so jumpy. *Raina: I'm sorry...
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:38 [Ah, okay.]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:39 [Eh, you could use slot 20 and then claim that Nimnim bleeped over C.J. by temporarily changing the color of her hoodie to pink. XD]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:39 [Or, if you really want to, I could take slot 20 for Kaliste and you could have slot 10.]
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:40 [nah}
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:40 [well ok I guess]
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:40 [Her hoodie isnt pink tho]
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 07:41 CRAP I forgot C.J! *drops her in the christmas party* Spike the eggnog
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:41 @Sara sorry guess I can't help you
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:42 ok *drops the mushrooms into the eggnog*
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 07:42 perfect... *telaports C.J into the secret room*
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:42 Hey! I wanted eggnog you Snake!
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 07:43 LAter!
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:44 *sighs*
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:44 [yin yang C.J Theo time]
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:46 Cenric: He's not a threat. I know your afraid, but he won't hurt you. *Raina: I wish we'd escaped together... *looks at Kaliste* That was supposed to be me... *Of course doesn't say that loud enough for Saxon to hear*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:46 [I said you'd change it to pink in order to mess with her.]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:47 [I think that'd be hilarious, but it's up to you. ^.^]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:47 *is a bit shocked to see C.J.*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:48 *walks over to C.J. and smiles a little*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:48's been a while...
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 07:49 Oh, heck, hi, CJ!
11>Eira (Raven), ???yo.2018,Dec.26 07:49 *instinctively wanders over to Kieron's side*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:50 *hesitates, then hugs C.J.*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:50 *continues to walk around*
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:52 *stiffens up when hugged*
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:52 hey...
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:53 Kieron: *doesn't know what to say to Eira, he just feels guilty*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:54 I missed you.
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:54 a...alright
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:56 (Anders it kills me to have Raina and Eira as existing characters. It doesn't matter if the names are spelled different.)
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 07:56 (XD I can't help but think this every time I see their names)
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 07:56 (rip)
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:57 *returns to the main room, leaving Cataclysm on the balcony*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:58 (Oh, yeah, Brunny, I now have two cousins with the same name pronunciation as Raina and Eira. How did this happen)
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:58 *steps back*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 07:58 So, John, have you learned anything new about dueling since I've been gone?
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 07:59 [Oh god. XD]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:00 How are things in your universe? How are the kids?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:00 (Rayna, Aira)
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:01 all I can say Armis is that aura is dumb
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:02 Agreed. I don't even know what that is.
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:02 [Eira's name was a total accident. I came up with that name among several others, RaeAnna liked it the best, and voila.]
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:03 *accident/coincidence.
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:03 I...I should probably..go..say hi to...other..people..*walks off twards Sara*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:03 (Double rip)
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:03 im not Your Sara! Buzz off
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 08:04 I learned that our Fursonias are idiots.
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:04 I know but Im avoiding people by prentending to talk to you Alright?
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:04 *is visibly saddened/hurt*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:04 you just need to try harder John
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 08:05 *telapoints and sticks her tounge right in Borenagas ear which is very unpleasent* Dont insult me
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:05 Alright, I herd someone spiked the eggnog wanna go get some with me?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 08:06 I'll keep that statement in mind when you next interact with my characters, lizard man.
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:07 Definitly *walks off with Sara to a table and 20 cups later she is less then herself she stumbles back into the secret room with Sara* Eyy...Eyy...Its Kite...girl..
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:07 she..was starin at me...*hiccups* I dont like staring people they are saspasicious
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:08 Less go say hi *the walk over to Kaliste* heyyy
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 08:09 *grabs Nimnim and tries to rip her in half*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:09 *sighs and mutters "Oh god" to herself *
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:10 CJ, why... *doesn't sound disappointed or anything*
19>Nimnim (.), Heyyyyo.2018,Dec.26 08:10 *extends her fangs and bites him then slaps him with her Tail and slithers off through the air*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:10 Oh shut it Lucria
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:10 *pours out the eggnog while C.J. and Sara are gone*
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:10 people are deal with like this yeah?
4>Borenaga (Former Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,Dec.26 08:11 *his sheer strength allowed him to easily rip her apart, but she's a Fursonia so of course she won't die and will just mend herself in under a second*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:11 ...I suppose that's one way to put it...
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:11 Hey Saxon...your kina cute sad...your very...sadder man...but..better then Aron...*giggles* Arons a Twat
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:13 *leand on Kaliste* You know I dont like you very much *snorts* like at all even...but I think crying is an annoying sound so I dont be mean mean to you...
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:14 *shakes his head*
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:14 *sighs*
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:15 friend....and you kina pretenda be her but your not her...shes...better and...I...I dont like people who pretend to be not themselves
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:17 what about you Armis, what have you been up to since we parted
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:17 id...probably like youd...better didnt pretends to be my friend or best friend cus your not
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:18 Taking care of Qui'non and her pups. I don't think I ever introduced her to you.
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:18 *remains silent and stoic, though she feels herself starting to crack again a little on the inside*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:19 nope
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:19 *Saxon can probably see the suppressed but deep pain in her eyes*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:20 She's not as social as Vusahdiil.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:20 ok
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:21 like your ok but...Aedonas my friend and your not her and I dont realy like humans...only 4 and 3 of them died so...yeah...Emersons I dont like him hes annoting
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:22 CJ
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:23 *sounds perfectly patient, quiet, and fine* You can continue living in denial...that's the meantime, I'll just go and...take care of my daughter...
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:24 *her voice cracks a little near the end of her sentence, giving away how she feels inside*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:24 Merry Christmas. I wish only the best for you and everyone you love.
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:24 oh Heyyy Saxon No I like 2 not dead humans your one of them well your not really human but I like you
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:25 *takes a little gift she wrapped in case an old friend did show up out of her bag**sets it by C.J.'s paws and goes over to Eira*
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:25 *escorts Eira back to her wheelchair and mutters something quietly**some of Leonore's purplish magic appears and teleports Kaliste and Eira away*
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:25 I'm human enough. Please don't be so rude, either.
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:26 *sniffs the bag and opens it it has_____ in it* [Please fill in the blank]
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:26 Rude mm not just bein honestly is the best police
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:27  Secret message to C.J  
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:29  Secret message to Kaliste  
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:29 who spilt the eggnog?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:30 sorry
3>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:30 *enters the room with Aidan* This kid will never be the life of any party. I'm taking him back to the Rift. Dright and Terrin have a surprise for him. Just letting you two know because they want you two there as well. *is talking to Saxon and Karasu*
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 08:31 Karasu: Got it. We will be there soon.
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:33 I spilt a little
10>Kaliste (Human), 27yo.2018,Dec.26 08:34 *inside is the best imitation of Maxwell's mac n' cheese Kaliste could make*
5>Mayhem (God), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:34 Oh no, that's a terrible crime, Lucria! NEVER spill the eggnog!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:34 I poured it out. It had...erm...bad things in it.
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:35 oh didn't notice that
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:35 *eats the mac and cheese* Someone Left a Macaronie in a bag!! and I ate it!
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:36 wait is that why I...
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:37 *sighs and goes back to Cenric and Raina* It was wonderful to see you again, Raina.. We have to be going now, so I just want to say my goodbyes, and Merry Christmas. *clasps her old necklace back around her neck*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:38 [Kaliste gave her a package she had in her bag.]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:38 [She didn't give her the bag itself, she took a gift-wrapped container of mac n' cheese out of the bag and gave it to C.J.]
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:39 *digs in more and sees the bowl and Gasps runs over to Kaliste and falls on her* I like you ones..ever gotten me a present before and You gave me a mac and cheese bowl...its a gift and I like it your...mmm friend now
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 08:39 Raina: *turns to Saxon and hugs him tightly again, crying* Don't go, please! *Saxon: I have to... *Raina: No! Stay with me! I miss you! *Saxon: *softly* I miss you, too, but I have a family to look after.
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:39 [I assumed it was a gift bag]
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:40 And since your my friend you..should live at my house
20>C.J (.), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:40 beacause friends...are a pack and pack stays together nn dosent leave unless your kidnapped
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:44 [Kaliste also left BTW.]
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:45 [She basically dropped off the mac n' cheese, took Eira, and left ASAP.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:47 *Strokes her hair gently* I'm sorry... *Raina: You don't.... Love me anymore...? *Saxon: Of course I do... I'll always love you, but... I can't leave my family. They're-
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 08:49 Raina: *cuts him off* Don't leave me alone! *quiets down* I don't want to be alone anymore...
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:52 You won't be alone. You'll always have YingYang and Radiance, as well as your father's spirit watching over you. They're better family to you than I'd ever be... *kisses her on the forehead* Just remember I still care and always will.
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:52 *is rounding up Vera, Borenaga, and Eloise*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:53 *turns to Blitz and Nimnim* Well, I had fun, but I really need to go now. See you later! *@ Blitz* Thanks for the invitation!
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:53 *leaves*
9>Leonore (Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Dec.26 08:53 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
12>Saxon (Raven), ??yo.2018,Dec.26 08:53 *Cenric pulls Raina away so Saxon can go over to Karasu* I guess we should get going... *gives Cynthia another hug and kiss goodbye, then returns to the Rift. Soon, most everyone in the room teleports away as well*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:55 Well good, everyone is leaving again
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 08:56 *plops onto the couch after Leonore leaves* Rapacity! Get over here now and give me back my stuff!
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:56 good then we get back to Nova
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 08:57 Rapacity: Y-yes ma'am. *goes as far as putting the jewelry back on her*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 08:57 Stupid cat...
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 08:59 man I hate Nova
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:00 agreed
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 09:00 *Cataclysm returns to the room and starts cleaning the mess, using one of his creatures to eat the food all over the place* Blitz, does this mean we have to go back to Escletxa?
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 09:02 Right... *feels a bit guilty* I'm sorry, but you all still have time to serve. Maybe you could serve your time in the Midden, Ludo? I know you've taken a different approach from your brothers.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 09:02 There are creatures there you could work on taming.
2>Other (Multiple Chara), ..yo.2018,Dec.26 09:02 *Cataclysm nods*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:03 We all agree we should take the gods and end her?
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:05 what? @Armis
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:06 *gestures toward Mayhem and his brothers*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:06 Gods
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:06 Kill
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:06 Nova
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:07 I mean i'm a god
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:07 no your not John
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:08 what do you know
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:10 That's like calling Sara a god
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:10 more than you, you meaningless creature
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:11 you feeling ok Lucria?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:14 yes I am just fine
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:17 Immm... A god? *Laughs* Being an imortal god suckkks
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:17 I does in fact
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:21 god
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:22 No you arent
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:22 being immortal doesnt make anyone a god
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:26 ha
14>Sara (Human ), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:27 Your...right immortality is a curse not a blessing
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:28 yea but becoming a god does
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:29 John you aren't a god. Gods aren't created, they're born. One may be as powerful as a god but they are still not gods
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:30 I would know if you where a god
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:32 Jerry made me a god
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:32 moral boost
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:33 Right, and Blitz made me one, too.
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:34 idiots
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:36 right
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:36 With how long I've been around and the power I have accumulated, I guess I could qualify as a god, even by Blitz's standards, but I'm not cocky enough to say it
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:39 you immortal john thats it
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:40 without that sword of yours you would be nothing
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 09:46 Normally I would say same, but I have more than my sword now.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 09:50 You're all welcome to go back to whatever timeline you're from whenever you want. *sends Mayhem's brothers back to their prison* Sorry, Alex. You can at least visit Ludo in the Midden.
1>Blitz (Sona), 18yo.2018,Dec.26 09:50 Imma take a nap. *falls asleep on the couch*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:50 I have finished talking to you two
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:53 lets get going
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:54 fine
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:56 *slashes his sword*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:57 hm nothing happened
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:59 why?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 09:59 now you can't even use you sword now
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:01 hey blitz you think you can help again?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:02 going to others for help now how typical
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:04 shut it
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:05 you know what never mind
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:05 Walks out the door
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:06 Ok good it is back lets go. you coming Armis?
17>Lucria (Lucario), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:06 *goes through the Portal*
16>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2018,Dec.26 10:08 nope. see ya
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:08 ok
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:08 *goes through the Portal*
13>John Sin (Human?), n/ayo.2018,Dec.26 10:09 (Night)

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