" A Horribly Amazing World 3: The Future Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Over two decades have passed since Eira came home to find that everyone she loved was gone. Now, on a lonely, snowy Otemjarian mountaintop, a young, one-eyed woman and her trusty dog set out to fix things that were broken all those years ago...
This is a private/invite-only RP. If you do not understand what is going on, then you are not among those who were invited.

11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:33 I'm happy...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:33 See? You said I'm--*burp*--never happy no matter what.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:34 *just looks at her for a few moments, her expression cold*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:34 Get her out of here. *turns and starts heading back up the stairs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:35 I'm a selfish [BLEEP] but I AM happy!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:36 *sounds distressed* Eira! Eira, get back here! I love you-- *tries to get up and go after her but slips and falls down onto her hands and knees*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:37 *only pauses for a moment**doesn't look back and keeps heading up the stairs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:37 Eira, I'm happy and I love you... *Eira is gone* Eira!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 08:38 *ignores her mother and returns to the back door*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 08:49 *just looks distant*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 08:57 *crawls over to the bottom of the stairs* Eira!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:03 *goes back inside the house and checks on Saxon*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:12 I think... You should go home... I'll clean up here..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:13 *is sitting at his desk, tapping it lightly with a pen*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:13 You're up early.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:13 I want to talk to Eira!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:15 I was about to ask you the same thing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:17 Something hit the window. I think it was a bird.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:21 Is that so? I didn't hear anything of the sort.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:27 It was the window in my room.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:27 Though maybe I'm wrong. I went outside to look but couldn't find anything.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:27 What are you working on?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:28 I heard the back door open.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:29 Oh, just some notes for an upcoming meeting in Stadtler.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:30 Alright...when are you going?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:30 *tries to stand and climb the stairs but winds up falling back down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:31 *her voice gets quieter* I'm happy and I love her...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:32 The meeting is in two days.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:33 I'll help you home, okay?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:35 I wanna talk to Eira...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:35 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:35 I'm going to go make breakfast. What do you want?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:36 I don't think she will let you talk to her right now..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:37 I'm not hungry right now, but something warm to drink would be nice.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:39 *nods* Coffee? Tea?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:40 But I'm her mother and I wanna...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.12 09:40 I'd appreciate some coffee. Thank you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:42 *shakes his head and picks up Aedona. Before much of a reaction can be given, he teleports into her living room* Get some sleep....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:47 I don't wanna...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:48 Put me down!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:48 *gets a better look at him after speaking*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:51 *carries her to her room, avoiding eye contact the whole time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 09:55 *says as soon as he bends down slightly:* Don't put me down!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 09:57 *tilts his head slightly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:01 *finally makes an effort to look at her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:04 *is looking up at him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:05 ...Eira said I'm never happy...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:05 But I keep not doing what makes me happy...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:10 *nods slightly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:10 I see..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:14 I should start...you know...doing what makes me happy... *her gaze shifts between his shoulders, neck, and face*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:22 I agree. *takes note of her gaze and raises his brow ever so slightly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:27 *puts her arms around his neck and moves to kiss him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:36 *turns his head away slightly* I'm sorry... It just doesn't feel right. You're drunk and I don't want to take advantage of that... *leans down and puts her in her bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:41 *looks disappointed* No...don't put me down...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:42 I keep being so...so like...so uncomfortable near you because I'm guilty and I'm stupid...now I feel great around you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 10:42 Let's talk... after you've gotten some sleep. Okay? I'll stay here with you if that's what you want, but you need to sleep this off.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:52 I don't wanna...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 10:54 *hasn't let go of his neck*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:02 Close your eyes..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:03 I like looking at you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:05 Look at me later.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:08 *half sighs, half huffs* Fiine... *closes her eyes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:12 *rests his forehead against hers* You want me to stay here?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:14 Yes. *her arms tighten around him a bit*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:16 Okay. Where do you want me?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:18 Close to me... *moves her head up a bit, trying to kiss him again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:22 Goodnight, Aedona... *casts a bit of magic to help her fall asleep*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:25 *her voice gets a lot fainter* Stay...with me...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.12 11:26 *her arms around him go limp**is extremely drowsy**falls asleep within minutes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 11:29 *pulls her arms off from around his neck and climbs into bed beside her*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.12 19:24 (Probably best for a little time skip)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 01:26 Cadmael: *has been waiting in his dream for hours and had almost given up on waiting, but Mayhem finally enters REM. Visits Mayhem and pulls him aside* Hey, I'll keep this short, but I need you to bring Jane to me as soon as possible. I have a little
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 01:27 treat for her. *Mayhem: This is sudden. What kind of treat? *Cadmael: I have someone to find and I think she'd enjoy the ride.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 01:28 Alright. I'll see about bringing her over first thing. *Cadmael: Thank you so much. *disappears*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:01 *wakes up several hours after Aedona fell asleep*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:21 *checks on her pets, then goes into Aedona's bedroom**sees Mayhem and isn't sure what to do*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:23 *leaves the room and looks around the kitchen**gets some (not so healthy) things to eat for breakfast*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:27 *while eating, she steals Aedona's phone and plays games on it for a little while**then she goes into her room and looks around**gets a laser pointer*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:28 *goes to her Naedyrm* Wanna play? Come on.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:29 *picks the Naedyrm up and takes her out to the living room*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:31 Naedyrm: *
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:32 Naedyrm: *struggles a bit, wanting to be put down. She's already excited*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:35 *sets her down* Ready? *turns on the laser pointer*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:38 Naedyrm: *jumps at the laser*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:40 *starts wiggling the laser around**points it up at the couch*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:41 Naedyrm: *starts chasing the laser everywhere, probably uninentionally clawing some things sometimes because she doesn't yet understand how to use her claws*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 05:45 *laughs a bit, but makes the mistake of luring the Naedyrm very close to the little cabinet right next to the couch**the cabinet has a number of things on it, including a lamp*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 05:46 Naedyrm: *leaps at the cabinet and basically rams into it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:05 *the cabinet is light and the lamp winds up tilting and falling over**gasps when hearing it break*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.13 06:06 *wakes up only a little bit**turns more towards Mayhem, snuggling up against him and falling back asleep quickly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:11 *opens his eyes, confused. Hesitates, unsure if he should get up*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:16 *looks towards Aedona's bedroom anxiously*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:23 *eventually rolls over and off the bed. Straightens his clothes a bit and goes out to see what happened*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:23 *hasn't turned the laser pointer off yet**it's limp in her hand and the laser is pointed at the floor several feet from her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:24 *has gone over to get a closer look at what happened**is reaching to pick the lamp up when she realizes Mayhem is behind her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:24 *turns around quickly, looking guilty*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:26 *picks up the Naedyrm* What happened?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:29 *hesitates*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:30 I was playing with the Naedyrm and she hit the cabinet...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:35 *looks at the damage* That's unfortunate, isn't it? *pets the Naedyrm* Don't worry about it, the lamp can be replaced.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:40 *looks somewhat relieved* Okay...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:40 I'm sorry...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:44 It's alright... Just be more careful next time. *gives the Naedyrm to Jane* Do you want to go see Cadmael today?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:45 Yeah.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:49 Cadmael asked if you would like to join him on a trip. So if you wanna go, how about you go get ready while I clean this up?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:50 Okay!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:50 *hurries to her room and gets ready*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:51 *comes back out to him once she's in her regular clothes* Can I bring my pets?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 06:55 I don't think so this time.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 06:58 *sighs* Okay...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 07:07
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 07:07 [Oops]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 07:41 *takes Jane to meet Cadmael in the garden, then says goodbye and goes back to check on Aedona. Sits down on the bed beside her, deciding if he should go back to sleep or not*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 07:49 Cadmael: Alright, Jane. Ready to go back to the Midden? There's a creature there I think you'd love to meet.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 07:54 *nods* Yeah!!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 07:56 Cadmael: Let's go! *opens a portal in the ground*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:00 *goes right through the portal*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.13 08:00 *eventually lies down again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:01 Cadmael: *closes the portal behind him* I want to take this guy home since I do believe it is safe now. *leads Jane through the castle ruins*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:04 Who's the "guy?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:07 Cadmael: You'll see. We're almost there. *walks down another corridor, which opens up to a wide area resembling a plain with a few trees and a creek running through it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:09 Cadmael: I've never shown him to you because I've kept him well away from the creatures native to this place. Prisim sort of abandoned him, leaving him for me to care for.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:10 *looks around at the area curiously*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:11 Is he a pet?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:12 Cadmael: I don't consider him one.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:18 Oh...is he sick or something?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:19 Cadmael: No. He's just not a pet.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:21 Where is he?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 08:22 Cadmael: He'll come around any moment now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:24 Okay. *looks around*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:25 *says a bit loudly:* Hello?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:38 *sees some glowing from behind a nearby broken down wall**a fiery pegasus emerges from behind it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:41 *gasps* You're a horse!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:52 Elius: *smiles shyly**seems a bit disturbed by the sight of her**says gently:* I'm a pegasus...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:54 What's your name? Elius: Elius...what's yours?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:54 I'm Jane! It's nice to meet you!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 08:55 Elius: You too...where do you come from? Jane: I'm from Auceaster but now I live in Urmukka!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:01 Elius: *is rather confused**shifts his hooves awkwardly* I am sorry, I don't really know of those places...what are they like?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:02 Cadmael: She's Panthean, though she was born on my brother's planet. Auceaster isn't a fun place to be.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:02 Cadmael: Urmukka is like... It's a safe haven from the rest of the universe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:05 Auceaster was nice...Malaucay has a giant garden there.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:06 Elius: *nods at Cadmael* Is she--are you Otemjarian?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:06 Uhh...yeah!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:11 You're super glowy! It's kind of like my magic, but brighter!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:11 Elius: You have...magic? *suddenly looks hopeful*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:11 *nods* Yeah! Wanna see it? Elius: S-sure.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:12 *creates magic resembling orange sunset clouds*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:14 Elius: Wow...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:15 Elius: Are you...um...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:15 Elius: Who are your parents?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:15 My Mommy is Aedona and my dads are Malaucay and Cadmael.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:16 Elius: *looks confused but is also trying to contain excitement* Really?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:16 Elius: So you're...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:16 ...I'm what?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:20 Cadmael: *nods*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:21 *makes her magic go away and looks at both of them* I'm what?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:21 Elius: *looks ecstatic*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:22 Elius: *approaches her* You're related to Lior. Jane: Yeah...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:29 She's my grandma. Elius: *shifts a bit on his hooves in front of her* I just--I'm so--you... *turns away a bit to try to hide his face*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:29 Cadmael: I don't suppose you'd mind her joining us on the trip back home.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:29 *looks at him, confused* Are you okay? Elius: Yes... *sounds somewhat like he's crying*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:30 Elius: No...I'm happy...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:30 [Wait WTH brain]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:30 [Redo:]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:31 *You're sad...why? Elius: No...I'm happy...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:32 Elius: *sniffles**manages to turn to Cadmael, but keeps his head rather low, uncomfortable with showing his tears* I'm...I'd love to, but I have... *shudders a little* I have a duty.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:32 Elius: I have to stay here so her loved ones don't get hurt...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:35 Cadmael: Two things. You're connected to this place now, so in a technical sense you still belong to this place, or me. I've got that covered. Second, I doubt Prisim even remembers you. You are most definitely not the first one he's done this to.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:36 Prisim?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:36 What about Prisim? Elius: You...know him? Jane: He gave me a teddy bear.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:37 Elius: I...I don't know...he remembers her relatives...I don't want to cause her and them suffering...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:40 Cadmael: If all else fails, you call upon me. You do not belong to Prisim anymore. He gave you to me, therefore it is MY choice of what I do with you. Or at least that is my logic there.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:41 Cadmael: Also if you think he'd harm Aedona, think again. He'd be killed faster than a heartbeat if he did that.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:45 Elius: ...Are you...so I can...we can...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:48 Cadmael: You can.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 09:50 We can do what?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 09:51 Cadmael: Elius is going home today.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:02 Elius: *tries to hide his face by turning away*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:02 Where's his home?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:03 Cadmael: With Lior.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:04 Really?! Why isn't he there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:05 Cadmael: It wasn't safe for him to be with her, so I've had to take care of him here until it was safe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:08 Oh...am I going to meet my grandma?!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:09 Cadmael: It would seem so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:15 When?!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:16 Cadmael: Today, assuming Elius is ready to go.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:20 *turns to Elius* Can we go?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:21 Elius: *nods a little**turns towards her slowly* Do you wish to ride me?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:21 Yeah!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:21 *Elius sniffles and kneels down for her and she hops on immediately*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:29 Cadmael: *changes into his feline form, but with minor changes and furry/feathery wings* I'll get us out of here, you lead the way, kay?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:31 Elius: *nods and starts walking*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:34 Cadmael: *walks beside him* Let's see.... If I can remember where I'm opening the portal...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:35 Cadmael: *opens a portal and jumps into it. On the other side is the bridge between universes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:41 Elius: *has managed to stop crying, but he looks excited and on the verge of tears*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:41 *marvels at Cadmael* Your wings--!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:41 Cadmael, they're so pretty!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:42 Elius: *flinched, a bit startled**initially thought she was referring to his own wings*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:46 Cadmael: Oh, they're nothing special..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:48 Cadmael: *leads Elius to YinYang, then to Panthea* I'll let you take the lead from here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:51 Elius: *is looking around, sniffing the air**suddenly seems taller than before*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 10:53 Elius: You'll...you'll want to be on my back as well.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 10:55 Cadmael: *changes back to human* Alright, then.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 11:00 Cadmael: *jumps/climbs onto Elius' back*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:00 Elius: *says "Hold on" once Cadmael is mounted**starts running**spreads his wings and takes off*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:05 *whoops loudly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:05 Elius: *within seconds they wind up in the spiritual plane**stumbles onto the ground, unsteady*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:06 Elius: *bends down to let them off more out of instinct than anything*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:07 *slides off of him, looking around*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:07 *several of the gods are around**waves to them*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:08 Khyr: *immediately hurries off upon seeing Elius*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 11:09 Cadmael: *looks around curiously*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:14 *a man with blonde hair walks over**he's around 6 feet tall*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:14 Deity: Hi! What brings you here?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:15 I'm here to see my grandma!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:17 Deity: Well I'm not your grandma. But maybe I can help you find her! What's she look like?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:17 Er...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:17 Elius: *has been trying to turn in a direction where his face is hidden from everyone**turns slightly towards the deity* Zydr...please...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:18 Zydr: Nice ride you got there! What's his name?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:18 Elius!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:19 Khyr: *appears nearby with Lior**Lior freezes and stares in shock**gasps a little upon seeing Zydr*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:19 Zydr: Maybe I can take Zealousness for a spin sometime--
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:19 *looks confused*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:20 Khyr: *grabs Zydr by the arm* No. *@ Cadmael* Excuse us, he's not entirely...there. *turns and walks away, half-dragging Zydr along with her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:22 Zydr: But Khyr, I'm right here!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:22 Khyr: Mmmhmm. *disappears off with him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 11:23 Cadmael: Huh..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:33 *looks over at Lior**she and Elius have been staring at each other* ...Grandma?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:33 Lior: Is it true...? Did he renege...?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.13 11:34 Lior: It can't be possible...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 18:36 Cadmael: It's not worth keeping him with me anymore. Too much has changed. Even if he did still care, there's nothing he can do.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.13 18:41 Cadmael: Frankly, I do not like animals being left at my doorstep. To me that's always voided his little "contracts" since the creature is now in MY posession. Now... either way he cannot go through with his threats.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 05:57 Lior: She's safe? Elius: *nods and steps forward a little*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 05:58 Elius: She's safe. Lior: *hesitates only a few moments longer, then runs towards Elius**Elius runs to meet her**she hugs him and they both wind up crying*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 05:59 Lior: I've missed you so much... Elius: Me too...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:08 *looks around, getting restless**after a minute, Elius turns back to Cadmael* Elius: I... *sniffles* I don't think I could ever thank you enough...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 06:23 Cadmael: *nods* Oh, that's right... You ARE connected to that realm now, though. Normally creatures need to go back after about three weeks, but I believe I have enough residual energy that I can reset that clock anytime I visit. If there's a place we can
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 06:23 meet every few weeks, you'll be golden.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:34 Elius: *nods, looking at Lior* Lior: Of course we can arrange something.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 06:44 Cadmael: Brilliant. *looks at Jane* Lior, I don't think you've met Jane yet?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:47 *perks up* Lior: Jane? No... *looks at her**Elius nudges Lior towards Jane* Elius: She's your grandchild..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:55 Lior: *stares at Jane**beams, but seems a bit awkward* Ah...hello...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 06:55 *hurries up to Lior* Hi!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:01 Lior: Where have you and your mother been these past years?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:01 I'm from Auceaster but we moved to Urmukka! Lior: I see...is your mother alright?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:01 Yeah...she's just kind of sad a lot. Lior: Why? Did something happen?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:02 She got a divorce. Lior: Oh...I'm sorry to hear that.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:02 Can I ride your horse? Lior: Naturally. *helps her up onto Elius*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:03 Lior: I can show you around for a little while. Would you like that? Jane: Yeah!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:06 *Lior leads Elius around, showing Jane some of the areas of the spiritual plane and explaining them to her**gods around them come and go, often pausing to look over at them curiously*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:10 *after a little while, a man with white hair, ultramarine eyes, and robes like the night sky appears nearby**he doesn't notice them for a few moments, but then looks over at them and doesn't stop looking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:11 Lior: *glances over at the man**both she and Elius become visibly uncomfortable**turns to Jane* ...And that's most of the main area.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:11 Lior: I apologize, but I have a lot of work to do. I'd absolutely love to spend more time with you, but at this moment I cannot.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:12 Cadmael: *since curiosity is in his nature he's likely started wandering the area*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:12 Aww...can I come back later? This place is cool! Lior: Um--yeah, maybe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:18 Lior: Elius, take her back to Cadmael. Elius: Will you be alright...? Lior: Of course.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:20 *Elius starts walking away* Grandma! Lior: Hm?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:20 *holds out her arms to her**Lior walks over, looking a little confused**drops off of Elius into Lior's arms, giving Lior a hug*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:21 Lior: Oh gosh... *chuckles awkwardly* You're such a big girl already.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:22 Lior: *gives Jane an affectionate squeeze* Okay...off you go now... *Elius bends down and Lior puts Jane on his back again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:23 When can I come back? Lior: You will come back, I can assure it. Goodbye!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:24 Goodbye, grandma! *Elius takes her over to Cadmael*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:28 Cadmael: *climbs onto Elius' back* I'm glad you're happier now, Elius.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:33 Elius: *nods a little* Thank you...just...thank you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:33 Elius: I'll get you out of here now... *runs and returns to the mortal plane, landing in Sahlem**it is dawn*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:39 Cadmael: Thank you for letting Jane come along. And for trusting me.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:45 Elius: It...it was no problem...is there anything I can do for you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:46 Cadmael: I don't think so. I have just about everything I need.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:48 Elius: *nods* If I can ever help, just let me know..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:48 Cadmael: Will do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:50 Elius: Goodbye, I--I guess... *hesitates awkwardly, then nuzzles Cadmael* Thank you...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:52 Cadmael: You're very welcome. Go back to the life you remember. I'm sorry we had to meet like we did in the first place.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 07:55 Elius: *nods a little* See you in a few weeks...um, where do you want to meet?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 07:58 Cadmael: Any places in particular you like to go?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 08:12 Elius: *looks around* Well...I came here because I remember how to get here best...it's one of my favorite places...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.14 08:13 Cadmael: We'll meet here, then.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.14 08:27 Elius: See you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:27 *wakes up about 3 hours later*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:32 *winces, her eyes still closed**reaches up to rub her eyes but stops her hand mid-way when she realizes she's snuggled up against something warm*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 08:33 *is still asleep with an arm wrapped around Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:34 *opens her eyes**they grow wide quickly**is up against Mayhem and his arm is around her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:34 [Whoops, redundancy. XD]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:35 *holds still, staring at him, not sure what to do*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:43 *one of her legs is uncomfortable**tries to shift her body a bit*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 08:49 *shifts as well, then opens his eyes a crack*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:54 *freezes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 08:54 *looks up at him, eyes still unusually wide*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:21 *closes his eyes for a few moments, then opens them again. Cracks a small smile and says fairly quietly* So was this everything you hoped for?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:23 *keeps staring at him, her face slightly warm* ...Sorry?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:27 Don't tell me you don't remember.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:29 As...*hesitates, gathering her thoughts and trying to ignore her headache* ...as a matter of fact I don't think I do.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:31 *chuckles* It was some night. I couldn't keep you off of me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:32 *her face gets warmer* ...what...?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:33 *moves away from him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:33 *smiles wider*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:34 What happened?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:40 Other than you got hammered and REALLY wanted to kiss me? *sits up* I'm honestly flattered that you think I'm that attractive.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:44 *her face gets warmer yet**can't bring herself to look at his face anymore* So nothing else happened?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:51 I think you wished something else happened. However, I do not agree with taking advantage of the fact that you were intoxicated, so no.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:54 *nods a little*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:55 *looks relieved*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:56 U
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:56 (Bruh I was only pickinh up my phone why must you have seizure.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:56 (At least it didn't do the qqqqqq thing)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 09:58 I don't know why I didn't exactly take you for one who likes to cuddle, though. Ignorance on my part.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 09:59 [Oof, maybe you should get your phone checked by a doctor. XD]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:00 I probably wasn't really been aware of what I was doing...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:02 Maybe...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:08 Still, though... Awkward as it may have been, dodging your affection, I think we both enjoyed this little event. At least how it ended.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:08 *shrugs her shoulders, fidgeting a little*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:12 ...I'm sorry if it seems like I've been avoiding you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:12 I have, it's just...it's my doing and my fault...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 10:27 *really aware
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:53 Yes, you've sort of been over this. I DID say we'd talk about it when you were sober.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 10:59 So let's talk.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:02 ...What happened with Eira?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:02 I remember Eira was there...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:03 Ooh, yeah. That.. Oh I never went back to clean up... I don't know what happened when she left.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:04 You found yourself in the cellar behind Saxon's house.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:04 And she found you there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:12 *looks worried* Did I say anything to her I shouldn't have?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 11:14 I wouldn't exactly know what you might qualify as "shouldn't have said". You said a lot about being happy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:18 *doesn't say anything*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 11:20 *finally speaks after thinking for a little bit:* Like what?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 16:51 You mostly just insisted that you were happy..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.14 22:29 Oh...alright...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.14 23:01 *climbs out of bed* So how are you feeling?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 04:41 *shrugs her shoulders* I have a headache...I'll be fine.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 04:49 *has been sitting up on the bed since she moved away from him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 05:03 You think you might be up for some food?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 05:09 Maybe some coffee...my stomach's a bit iffy.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 05:36 Sounds about right. You have the makings for some, I assume?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 05:37 *nods and heads to the kitchen*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 05:48 *follows her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 05:58 *starts making coffee*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 06:03 Jane is with Cadmael right now. He had somplace to be and said she might like the trip.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:16 Oh...thank you for sending her to Cadmael.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:18 Want some coffee?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 06:18 Yes, please.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:25 *once the coffee is done, she gives him a cup of it and serves herself a cup too*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 06:37 Thank you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 06:48 No problem... *sits down and sips her coffee*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:05 I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable earlier.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:13 *shrugs her shoulders* If I'm uncomfortable then that's my own doing...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:14 ...You said I already addressed my discomfort around you yesterday...what did I say, exactly?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:21 You said something about feeling guilty and stupid. I get that..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:32 *nods slightly* I just...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:32 I get uncomfortable near you because of guilt...though...on the other hand...um...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:33 Earlier wasn't that bad...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:37 I'm glad...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:43 I'm glad...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:43 (Oof.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 07:54 *sips her coffee again and rests her cup on the counter, keeping her eyes fixed on it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 07:58 Aedona?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:02 *looks at him* Yes?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:13 If earlier wasn't bad... Perhaps.... You wouldn't mind... *scratches the back of his neck* ... Maybe... Going to dinner with me sometime?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:16 ...O-of course...I mean, I don't see why not...what would be a good time for you?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:23 *smiles* I think you're the one with the stricter schedule.. I should be asking what time would be best for YOU.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:34 Right...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:40 Well...I can assure you I have another day off exactly a week from now...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:46 A week? Alright, that will work. Gives me plenty of time to get some extra work done...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:51 *nods slightly, but looks at him a bit curiously*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 08:55 I am just about finished with one of my oldest project ideas. Think I'm actually excited to show it off.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:58 *smiles a tiny bit* Alright...can't wait to see it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 08:58 Where do you want to meet?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 09:12 Hmm... Maybe we can meet at the restaurant?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:14 "The" restaurant?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:15 *smiles awkwardly* Which one?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 09:19 There's one in Ahntor that I've had my eye on for some time now. Haven't gone yet, but from what I know the menu is impressive.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:22 Sounds fine to me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:22 I'm assuming Cadmael will be able to take care of Jane that day? I don't want her to be alone.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 09:50 Of course.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 09:51 Good...what time will we meet, then?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 10:14 After sunset here, so timing will be just about right on Ahntor?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:27 Alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:27 Sounds good.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:27 Where is the restaurant?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 10:40 *describes the location's address and bits of what the area looks like*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.15 10:48 *nods, listening**grabs a piece of paper and writes some of this information down*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.15 18:19 *finishes his coffee and goes to wash the cup* I should be heading out soon. I'm putting up the trim on my house today. Is there anything you need before I go?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:01 *shakes her head* No...well, I guess I wouldn't mind having Jane back, but she enjoys her visits with Cadmael and she doesn't get to see him as often anymore.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.16 05:16 She's been gone for a few hours now. Maybe I'll go get her in an hour or so? Unless of course you want her back right away.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:17 *shakes her head again* That's fine.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.16 05:34 Alright, I'll see you later, then. Thank you for the coffee.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:39 No problem.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 05:40 See you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.16 06:04 *heads back to the makings of his house and gets to work*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Sep.16 06:06 *checks how much money she has**sighs, regretting how much she spent last night*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:24 ~THREE DAYS LATER...~ *as night falls she and Saxon head to the bar in Urmukka*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 06:28 *is once again in his corner of the bar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:35 *orders a drink**it takes her a few moments to notice Siegfried**her eyes widen a little upon seeing him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 06:37 *is just sort of tuning out the rest of the bar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:39 *raises her hand a little to wave, but realizes he doesn't notice her**glances at Saxon and puts her hand back down*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:44 *looks a little confused for a moment*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 06:50 *her drink arrives**sips it immediately, trying not to look at Saxon and Siegfried*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 07:12 *decides to pay attention to his drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 07:13 *looks up eventually and looks at Eira for a few moments*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 07:30 *has the feeling of being watched and glances back over at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 07:35 *finishes his drink and orders another*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 07:38 *glances at Saxon to make sure he's looking the other way, then waves briefly at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 07:53 *waves back*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:19 *smiles awkwardly for a second and then quickly goes back to drinking*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 08:27 *takes some time to muster the energy to get up and approach Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:37 *has been talking quietly to Saxon on and off **takes a deep breath upon realizing that Siegfried is approaching**looks up at him, eyes unusually wide**looks slightly apprehensive*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 08:43 *pauses*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:47 *turns to look at Siegfried* ...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 08:53 Hi... *smiles a bit*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:01 Hi. How are you doing? *glances at Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:05 Alright...you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:08 I've certainly been worse. *feels uncomfortable*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:13 I've heard you've been abroad...what brought you back?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:18 A particularly rough night. Hoping I'll feel up to moving out again soon.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:22 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:22 I hope so too.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:28 *turns away for a minute to order another drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:29 What have you been up to, if I may ask?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:32 Spending time at home.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:32 *had stopped looking apprehensive once they started talking, but now she looks a bit apprehensive again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:33 *nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 09:35 I hope one of these days I can do the same.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:40 *nods as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.16 09:50 *doesn't say anything for a bit**finally tries to break the awkward silence* So...any drink in particular you recommend tonight?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.16 19:42 I'd say today's stock of whiskey is the best in the house. *cracks a small smile when he sees Saxon nod slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 04:49 I'll have some of that, then. *finishes her drink and orders some*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 05:43 *finishes his drink* Hey, I'm sorry my ways are perhaps too weird. Perhaps I don't really have as much of a sense of boundaries as I remember.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:19 Oh, no...you're fine.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 06:52 Are you sure?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:54 *nods and sips her drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:54 *swallows, not sips XP
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:57 *clears her throat* That was good...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 06:57 So...where are you thinking of heading?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:00 *turns around again, confused*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:04 *glances at Saxon* Er...you did say you were heading out?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:04 Um... There are a couple of places I need to go... A city far east is where I need to go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:05 Sorry if I'm being nosy, it's just that I was thinking of seeing more of Exocoel not too long ago and wouldn't mind recommendations.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:11 Well, uh... This city has a higher crime rate than Stadtler. Wouldn't exactly recommend for exploration.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:12 *raises his brow* Whatever could you need in Castell?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:13 I'm afraid I can't really tell you, sir. *Saxon: *furrows his brow, looking more concerned than ever*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:25 *orders another shot, trying not to look awkward*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:35 *looks at Siegfried again* I see.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:41 This might be a longer trip. I can't really say this time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:43 *looks rather uncomfortable for a second at the words "this time"**quickly drinks her shot*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 07:50 Who exactly are you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 07:50 My name's Siegfried. I hardly spend any time here in the valley so I'm not at all surprised you don't know me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:02 *looks at Saxon* He's the guy who helped us with the baby Naedyrm, remember?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:05 Yeah, I know I saw him, but who is he? Why have I never met him before now?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:09 *shrugs her shoulders* Coincidence, I guess. He's been around a lot lately.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 08:20 My work has been slow lately.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 08:20 So I've been back home more often.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:29 Hm..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:34 '
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:34 [Oops]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:39 *glances at Saxon* So how have you been liking being back home?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 08:42 I mean it's nice, but it's also kind of lonely here. *clears his throat* I know more people out in the world than here, I mean.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:43 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:48 So...um... *turns to Saxon* You about done here?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:48 *said this rather quietly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 08:49 *nods, staring at Siegfried for a few moments more*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 09:00 *as they pay, she smiles awkwardly and briefly towards Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 09:08 *waves momentarily*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 09:18 *waves back quickly and then gets up to leave with her father*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.17 09:37 *stays at the bar for about an hour after Eira and Saxon leave*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 09:50 You seem to have known that guy for some time now. Who is he? What does he do?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:10 He's the guy who wrote to you by falcon, I think.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:14 He's alright. He was born and bred in this valley from what I can tell. I think he just travels and helps people.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:14 What? THAT GUY?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:15 HE has the falcons??
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:27 Well, he once told me that he doesn't carry a phone and to use a messenger falcon if I really need to send him a message.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:31 Huh.... what do you think of him?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:40 I think he's trustworthy. He seems kind, really.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:41 I see.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:54 He also seems close to Pierce and Wren.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:55 Is he their...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 10:56 Their what?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 11:05 How is he related to them?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 11:07 He helped raise them.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.17 11:09 Ah.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.17 22:09 [If I don't make it on tonight it's because there's a severe thunderstorm going on. It hasn't actually rained yet but there is a TON of lightning.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.18 11:20 ...I need to work on packing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.18 11:21 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *heads to Stadtler with Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.18 11:22 *she spends time walking around the city and visiting places while Saxon is at his meetings*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.18 18:04 *his meetings this time around a considerably more time consuming than usual. He does attempt to spend his little free time with Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 04:58 *feels a mounting tension inside of her the longer she is by herself **eventually is too uncomfortable to explore alone, so she goes to the building Saxon works in and just sits on the lobby, silently keeping herself occupied with her phone*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:25 *stays there until Saxon's time working is over*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:37 *finally comes out to the lobby* You haven't been sitting htere all day, have you? I'm sorry.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:49 I haven't...don't apologize.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 05:57 *nods slightly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:04 Well I'm free for the next four hours.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:09 What do you want to do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:11 We can visit some places in the city, get food, or maybe just take it easy, either by not doing much or going flying?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:19 Food and flying sound good.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:20 Though food should probably come after... *chuckles awkwardly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:20 *smiles* Let's go, then.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:30 *nods and gets up, looking at him expectantly/waiting for him to lead the way to where they'll fly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:49 *takes Eira to a rooftop where they can safely summon their wings and take flight*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:50 *makes sure her belongings are secure in her pockets and then summons her wings*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 06:59 Ready?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:00 *once they're both ready she takes off with him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:04 [Whoops, posted that before seeing your post. Nvm.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:04 Yeah.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:11 *decides to fly high over the city*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:12 *follows him**looks down at the city below*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:35 *lands on a radio tower, holding onto the antenna*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:36 *lands near him, holding on and flapping her wings awkwardly to balance herself*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:40 *laughs* Need a little more practice, I presume?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:44 Maybe... *chuckles*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:44 I haven't landed on something like this in a long time.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:50 *turns his attention to the ground hundreds of feet below*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:55 *follows Saxon's gaze, looking down*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:59 It's a gorgeous place, for a city. One of the last major historical settlements. Most have either died out or changed to a point beyond recognition.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 07:59 Why don't the other cities keep the old style?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:00 It's prettier.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:10 Different cities were inspired by different walks of life, usually meaning other planets. While the planet advanced technologically, industrially, many changed to fit their ideals, but Stadtler remains fairly close to classic.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:27 *nods* What are some planets Exocoelians were inspired by?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:45 It's a little hard to get to, but there is a city inspired by information found about Kvetti. The structures there are stunning, though it remains the least technologically advanced settlement. There's a city inspired by Amyls, by Wealdende, h***, even
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:45 Auceaster was once an inspiration for a city here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:50 Auceaster?! Why??
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:52 Auceaster used to be a regular city.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:53 How long ago was this?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:53 Funny. Most of those places ended up falling. Wealdende blew up.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:54 I don't really know.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 08:55 Wealdende...what happened to that planet, exactly?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:01 I haven't read about that planet in quite a long time. I don't remember.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:02 *nods slightly, looking back down at the city*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:06 ...Were you lonely on Auceaster?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:07 *hesitates, then shakes her head* Sorry...stupid question...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:22 Not always, but most days, yes. I don't think he ever understood the difference between alone and lonely.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:23 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:24 How did you cope with it?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:28 I didn't really have much to do to cope. Either that or I didn't have time to think about a concept such as loneliness. Normally I prefer some kind of work as a coping mechanism.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:29 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:37 I'm sorry if I'm asking you about these things rather early...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:40 *shrugs* Eh.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:45 I don't want to talk to you about anything you're not comfortable with.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 09:57 I'll be alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:09 *nods slightly**looks out at the city for a minute more, then says:* Any suggestions for where we go from here?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:13 Hmm... Race you to the mountaintop? *points toward the nearest peak*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:15 Sure. We'll go in 3...2...1...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:15 *takes off*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:18 *takes off right after her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:19 *pulls ahead fast, but burns out rather quickly, panting and slowing down*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:25 *soons passes Eira chuckling as he does so*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:33 *tries to catch her breath and not fall too far behind*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:42 *after a little while she forces herself to go faster, propelling herself just ahead of Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:48 *keeps a consistent pace nearly the whole time*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:51 *tries to keep a consistent pace, but she keeps falling into cycles of burning out, slowing down, and then catching up again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 10:52 *eventually she doesn't have the strength to catch up and get past him anymore and remains behind him for the rest of the flight*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:03 *lands on a ledge just feet from the peak*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:05 *lands next to him about 10 seconds later, panting*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:16 Not bad.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:20 *sounds breathless* Not bad??
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:20 That's...I was way behind...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:23 No you weren't. You were still able to make it here fairly quickly.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:28 I guess...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:40 You did great. You weren't ever conditioned for endurance like that, yet you still kept up better than most might.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:45 *nods a little* Thank you...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:45 I just have felt like I haven't been in shape lately.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.19 11:52 Maybe you could work on that? I just might be able to set up a course for you to practice on whenever you feel like it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:17 Really?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:22 Yeah. It could be a less extreme version of what I remember in my training.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:22 What was that like?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:53 It was tough. Couldn't hold back whatsoever. A lot of the course was deadly.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 05:55 Oh geez...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 06:02 We had to be conditioned for almost any event on this planet.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 06:11 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 06:12 Even a less extreme course sounds complicated...I know you have work, so if it's too much to set up a course you don't have to.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 07:37 But I want to. I don't have much time, but I want to do more with you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 08:00 Could I help?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 08:17 Of course
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:27 *smiles slightly* Okay...when do we start?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:29 Next time I have a few days off.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:31 Okay.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.20 09:35 *checks the time* We have... About an hour and a half before I need to get back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:02 Want to get something to eat now?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:20 Sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:33 *opens a portal back to Stadtler*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:41 *once back in Stadtler, he finds a good restaurant to eat at*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:53 *orders an avocado sandwich*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 05:57 *orders the soup of the day, which turns out to be a take on chicken gnocchi*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 06:18 *says once she's done eating:* So...um...what have you been working on?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 06:32 Some new plans regarding the expansion of the city's borders. Concerns have, of course, been brought up regarding the history of the city, but with the current rate of growth in the city's population, it would be in our best interest to expand.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:03 *nods* What sort of things will be built? Homes? Stores?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:08 Yes.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:56 *talks with him for a while longer about the expansion project before they leave the restaurant*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.21 07:57 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *decides to head to the building Saxon is in and wait even earlier than yesterday*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 08:00 *the meeting takes about an hour longer than usual and he heads back to the lobby, writing in a notebook*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.21 20:13 *sits beside Eira, finishing his note, then putting the notebook in his pocket*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 04:52 *had dozed off while listening to music on her phone**flinches and wakes up when Saxon sits down beside her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 04:53 *takes out her earbuds, blinking* Hi...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:05 Hey...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:09 What are we doing today?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:10 I don't know... What do you want to do?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:16 I'm fine just being around you...though...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:16 How long has it been since you've gone to the arcade?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 05:41 Just a few weeks, actually. I like to visit every now and then, but not nearly as often as before.... It's a bit hard to comfortably be there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.22 09:49 *looks a bit confused at that last sentence* Oh, okay...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.22 18:09 It's yet another thing I will eventually get over. I hope.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 04:35 So...is there something else you'd like to do, then? Are you hungry?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 04:55 Not really, today, sorry... *sighs* I'm just tired.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:04 Do you want to go back to the hotel and take a nap?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:05 Probably.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:09 Alright, let's go. *gets up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:09 I could open a portal nearer to the hotel...you want me to do that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:10 No, I think walking would be better.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:11 Alright. *waits for Saxon to get up before she starts walking*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:12 *stands up and heads out the front door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:19 *follows him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:32 *once outside he scans the area for a few moments, then starts back toward the hotel*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:37 *looks around a little, noticing his pause**keeps following him* Everything alright?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:40 Yeah, just a force of habit sometimes, I guess.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:43 *nods a little* It's definitely not a bad habit... *glances around some more*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:46 *as soon as he returns to his room he sits on his bed*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:48 *takes off her shoes and lies down on her bed, though she doesn't look tired*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:52 *looks over at Eira* You don't have to stay here if you don't want to. I'll be alright here for a few hours.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:55 I'm fine...I want to...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 05:55 I feel better here...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:02 You must be bored, though. You waited down in the lobby all morning. I'd have driven myself crazy doing nothing like that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:11 I hadn't been feeling so good...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:12 I felt better there too.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:19 I still think you should be going out and doing things on your own. I'm just going to sleep for a few hours, you should go outside or something. Don't let the day go to waste.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:21 I'm not...I'm alright here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:21 *doesn't look at him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:24 And what if I said I would prefer to be alone? I really do not want to make you leave. Rather you decide to go out on your own.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:28 ...If you'd rather I go... *shrugs her shoulders, still avoiding looking at him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:31 I just don't feel comfortable around people right now. Maybe I'll feel better after a little time alone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:31 *sits up and nods**her voice is quiet* Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:33 *gets up and goes to the door**still avoids looking at him* I hope you get a good rest...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:34 I hope so, too. Thank you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:37 *nods and leaves the room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:38 *starts heading to the hotel lobby, but about halfway there she stops and hesitates, then hurries back*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:40 *sits down with her arms around her knees outside of their hotel room, looking a little pale**concentrates on her breathing and then thinks for a little while*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:43 *finally gets up and heads down to the lobby, her pace slow and measured**steps outside and looks around indecisively*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:48 *turns around to go back inside, but stops herself **hesitates, then starts walking down the street**avoids looking at people's faces*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:49 *lays down and tries to fall asleep*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:52 *a small group of people are talking nearby, talking to one person in particular. Questions can be heard, asking if he's from the East and what's in his bag. Semi-normal curious questions*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 06:53 *answers with a kight chuckle that he is from the East and explains that he's got some things for his car in the bag.*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 06:53 *light
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 06:55 *he looks like an average person wearing a light gray suit. He ignores the comments about his odd-colored green-hazel and blue-hazel eyes, as if no one even asked*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 06:58 *her pace is still measured**doesn't really take note of the nearby group until she hears Litho's voice**has a slight feeling of vague familiarity and looks over at them--mostly him--curiously*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:02 *laughs at something someone says, then, as he turns his head to face the person, his eye catches Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:03 *looks away as soon as they make eye contact and keeps walking, looking at the ground ahead of her*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:06 *makes his way out of the group* Hey, wait! *picks up the pace slightly, toward Eira. The group somewhat follows behind* You're Saxon's kid, aren't you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:08 *look at him again, a bit startled**shrugs her shoulders* Yeah...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:10 I knew it. I don't think I've met anyone else with that color of hair.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:19 *stops walking* So...you know my father?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:21 *walks alongside her* I knew him for awhile, several years back. I helped him with a job in Castell. That's where I come from.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:22 (Oof nvm the first part. I misread again)
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:22 *stops walking as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:31 *frowns slightly* You sure?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:31 I mean...about the job in Castell.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:33 Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:33 *shakes her head a little* You must have the wrong person...maybe you worked with someone who dyed their hair.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:34 He never was in Castell back then, sorry. *starts walking away*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:35 No, it was Saxon. You can't just impersonate such a person.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:38 *sighs and stops again* It couldn't have been for reasons that I cannot disclose.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:42 I can explain how it could have been.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:43 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:43 *looks skeptical*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:47 *checks his phone* Oh dear... How about I explain over a meal? I have a reservation which will expire soon. Besides, I do have a couple questions of my own to ask.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:50
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:50 [Oops]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:50 I...don't think I got your name?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:54 *looks behind him, at the group of people* I don't like to say my name around any people. They'll recognize me and I really would prefer to keep on the down low right now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 07:56 I'm sure I can get the answers I need from my father. I'm sorry, but I have some arrangements of my own to attend to.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 07:58 I'm sure you can spare half an hour.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:02 *takes out her phone to check the time**shakes her head a little* I'm really not sure...what restaurant is it?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:06 The one down the street. *points at the restaurant on the corner* It's barely high class. I'll pay, of course. No strings attached, other than a bit of an exchange in information, if you will.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:08 *looks over at the restaurant**thinks quickly, then says:* So long as it's only half an hour maximum...and if I have anything I'll pay for what I have.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:09 Very well.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:12 *starts toward the restaurant*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:13 *follows him, putting her phone back in her pocket*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:15 *walks into the restaurant. He and Eira are taken to their seats* Have you been to this place before?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:19 *looks around* I don't think so.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:20 *smiles* I'm sure you'll like it.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:22 *orders his meal and starts subconsciously tapping the table*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:24 *looks at the menu**decides to order something small--like an appetizer--and chooses to just have water as her drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:27 *glances at the people nearby, then at his fingers**finally looks at his face**says a bit quietly:* May I now know the identity of who I'm dining with?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:31 *shakes his head* Best not. It is a more private restaurant but still...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:34 There's no need to say it out loud. You could write it or show it to me on your phone.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:38 Maybe... *taps the table at a bit of a faster rate*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:41 *his drink comes and he quickly drinks it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:43 *glances at his fingers* Is something the matter?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:50 *covers his hand with the other* Yeah, just a bit of a nervous thing. I'm not consciously uncomfortable, though. *clears his throat* So your father. He was in quite the hurry when I last saw him in Castell. If I recall, he stuck around for only two and a
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:52 half hours. It seemed he needed some things for a car as well as stop at several stores. I didn't know he owned a car. There certainly aren't many around HERE. As stated, there wasn't much time, so I offered to help. Hadn't seen him there since.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:53 How long ago was this, exactly?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:56 *thinks for a minute* Seven to eight years ago.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 08:57 That's impossible.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 08:58 I assure you he was there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:00 During that time frame he had certain health problems I would rather not disclose. He couldn't have been there.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:04 He was. *plays with his silverware* Is he doing alright? I heard he was finally back to stay for awhile but haven't really heard much else.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:07 He's fine.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:10 I don't understand how he could have been there then. He couldn't... *thinks for a few moments*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:10 What was he wearing?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:11 That's good. *puts the silverware down* Good... *doesn't realize he's begun scratching the table with his nails*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:12 *realizes Eira said something else* Oh! He's always worn that suit. Or at least some variant of it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:17 *looks confused* Couldn't have been him then... *sips her water*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:20 *suddenly tenses the muscles in his hand, scoring the table in the process. Looks at the damage* D*****! No! *shakes his head* No, I can do it... *puts his hands in his lap* I can do it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:22 *looks at the table, then at him, taken aback*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:23 *says rather quietly* ...Who are you?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:26 *looks up at Eira for a few moments* It doesn't matter. *looks around* Where's that food? I'm running out of time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:27 *stares at the marks on the table* What are you trying to do?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:29 I just wanted to know... And to prove him wrong...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:30 I don't understand...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:31 *looks at him again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:31 *her eyes are wider than before*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:34 *frowns* Of course you don't. I do not expect you to. *sits up straight* No, I can do this... *puts his hands back on the table* I don't mean to be worrying...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:38 What do you mean to be?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 09:39 Good? Harmless? Kind? No, I've always tried to be kind... I think? I've shown kindness... *shakes his head again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 09:48 ...Are you alright?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 10:08 Yeah... I'm okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 10:21 *opens her mouth to speak, but closes it, looking worried*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 10:27 ...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 10:34 *stares again at the marks he made on the table*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 10:35 *impulsively checks her phone*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 15:48 *his breathing has been getting shakier* I know... this has been a trainwreck... that's why.... *quickly reaches across the table and grabs Eira's wrist*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 15:51 ...It'd be better if I did this... *magic flickers in his eyes*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:09 Wha-- *looks at his face, then at his hair, then at his eyes**inhales sharply and tries to wrench her wrist out of his grip while jumping up*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 18:26 *lets go of her. Looks a bit shocked at first, but then he smiles* Heh... We're the same....
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:36 No...no we're not... *looks horrified**opens a portal to Urmukka next to her*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 18:40 The only difference is that Saxon actually cares about you. *pauses* Before you go... *pulls an envelope out of his bag* Would you please give this to your little sister? It's a gift I couldn't give since naturally I missed her birthday.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:42 *looks at him for a few moments, scared to take it**grabs it quickly and then immediately goes through the portal*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.23 18:45 *waits a minute more at the restaurant, then teleports back home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:45 *closes the portal behind her and sinks to her knees, panting since she had been holding her breath**looks around, a bit surprised at where she is**she opened a portal to the first place she remembered, which is the lake*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:56 *gets up after a minute, shakily putting her phone back in her pocket**stops abruptly, then immediately takes her phone back out and texts Saxon: "He's in Stadtler right across the street"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.23 18:57 *texts: "Please come home"*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.23 20:37 *wakes up to his phone going off. Texts back* "I'll be just fine. He's been around at random for awhile now. If I refuse to speak with him he will eventually back off."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:47 *hesitates, then texts back: "Alright"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:47 *adds "He gave me an envelope for Jane. Is it safe to open it?"*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:49 "If it's for Jane, then it should be safe. He's a lot of things, but malicious toward kids is not one of them."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:55 "Okay. Should I open it first or just give it to her?"
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 04:59 "I don't see the harm in just letting her have it."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:00 "Alright. Sorry for waking you up."
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:02 "You're alright."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:16 "I'll stop texting so you can rest. Please be careful, though."
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:37 "I will be."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:49 *decides to just walk for a while*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:51 *after about 20 minutes she opens a portal closer to Aedona's home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:52 *goes to Aedona's house after going through the portal**knocks on the door and peeks through the front window, but nobody's there*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:52 *thinks for a minute, then heads towards Mayhem's house-in-progress*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 05:57 *looks around for Mayhem once she gets there**follows the sounds of him working to him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 06:09 *spots Eira* Hi!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 06:18 *is a bit busy working on a particularly stubborn piece of electrical work*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 06:27 Hi...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 06:58 I brought something for you...it's from Litho.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 06:59 *stops what he's doing when he hears "Litho"*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 06:59 *looks a bit conflicted, but also interested* Really?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.24 07:00 Yeah. *holds out the envelope to her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:09 *takes the envelope* Eira: He said it's a birthday present. Jane: *opens it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:15 *inside the envelope is a letter and a ticket*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:23 *takes out the letter and ticket*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:26 *reads them both*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:36 *the ticket just has the name of a person and an address, as well as a few other little notes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:37 *looks at the letter*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:49 *the ticket reads:* "Wish I could have been there for your birthday. I could have gotten this to you earlier and in person. That would have been preferred. Anyway, have someone take you to the address on the ticket. The man there will help you with the
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 07:49 rest. I promise it's going to be a wonderful surprise. -Litho"
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 07:51 *hurries over to Mayhem, holding out the letter and ticket to him* Can I go?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 08:00 Sure, but probably not today. How about tomorrow?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 10:18 Okay!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 11:05 First thing tomorrow, then. For now I need to get as much of this done as possible. Could you get me the crimpers?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.24 11:51 *nods and picks up the crimpers, handing them to him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.24 22:21 Thank you. As soon as I'm done here I can show you how to finish hooking this all up so the lights will work.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.25 05:40 *nods**Eira starts walking away**looks at her* Where are you going? Eira: Back to my fami--back to my father. *opens a portal and leaves*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Sep.25 05:48 *looks confused*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Sep.25 05:54 *also looks a bit confused*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:09 *decides to stay in Urmukka for a while longer, scared that Litho is still near the hotel*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:11 *hangs around near the lake to think, but sticks behind some trees since she doesn't really want to be spotted**checks her phone every so often*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:25 *Wren takes Siegfried out to the lake to sit by the water. She does talk to him, though her voice is very quiet. Siegfried smiles patiently and listens to her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:26 *gets up and starts to quietly but quickly walk away when she realizes Siegfried and Wren are there**doesn't want to disturb them*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:37 *turns his head to face Eira* I know you're there. You don't have to hide.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:39 *stops and turns back towards them* Sorry...I just like coming to the lake to think...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:42 As do I. We're not having any important conversation. You're more than welcome to stick around.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:44 You sure I'm not intruding?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:48 You are not intruding.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:49 *nods a little**hesitates, then walks back over to them and sits down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 06:54 So..um...how have you two been?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:55 I'm doing alright. Better than most days. Wren?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 06:58 Wren: *her voice is barely a whisper* I'm good... *leans against Siegfried, holding onto his arm* *Siegfried: *pats Wren's hand gently*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:05 I'm sorry if I'm making her--you--uncomfortable...I can go if that's the case...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:06 She's alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:10 *nods a little, looking out at the lake*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:18 *looks up at the sky* How was your trip to Stadtler? One of my messengers spotted you and Saxon the other day, flying over the city.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:19 It's been alright...I plan to go back there today, actually.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:25 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:29 My father was really surprised when I told him I thought you were the person who sent a message to him by falcon.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:42 Is that so? Not surprised. I still haven't formally met him. He probably hardly knew I existed before recently.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:46 Yeah...I didn't know you existed either before recently.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:47 *thinks for a minute**then says:* If you don't mind me asking, what's interesting to you about Castell? Unless this isn't the right time to ask... *glances at Wren*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:52 Nothing in particular. As a matter of fact, I hate the place. But there are matters there I need to deal with.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 07:56 Wren: *starts to stand up, tugging on Siegfried's sleeve* *Siegfried: *stands up* I know, I'm sorry. *looks at Eira* I'll be right back, if you'll wait here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 07:56 *nods* Alright.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:02 *takes Wren back home and returns after several minutes. Sits down* She doesn't like hearing about Castell. Under the impression that I got hurt there. She's afraid it'll happen again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:06 Oh...I'm sorry I mentioned it...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:08 Don't be. She's wrong, anyway.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:11 *sighs* Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:11 So what's caught your attention there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:17 There's a group there that has been causing trouble for the city's greatest source of income. I'm going to sort it all out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:20 Huh...what's the greatest source of income there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:27 A tech company specializing in the development of computer systems, particularly systems found in Castell's vehicles.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:33 Huh...what sort of group has been causing issues? Do you know who they might be?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:38 No idea.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:42 How'd you learn about this?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:46 I was written an anonymous note from someone, likely an old client that works at the company.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:50 Oh, alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 08:51 When do you plan to go there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 08:52 In two days time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:05 *nods a little, thinking*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:16 *looks uncertain*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:21 I'm...I know how sudden it must've been when I decided to go home...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:22 *glances at Eira, then up at the sky again* I hope to only be gone a couple of days. Wanna spend as little time there as possible.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:22 *said that before she spoke*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:23 I wasn't offended or anything that you left.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:23 I'm sorry if it seemed like I ran away...it wasn't like that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:24 *said that before he replied*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:28 *nods a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:29 I figured it really did have to do with me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:29 I'm really... *sighs* I'm not sure if I'll come, but...would you be okay if I joined you on this trip?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:29 Wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. I do things in weird ways.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:33 But of course I'd love for you to join me again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:38 It...me leaving didn't have to do with you at all. It was for personal reasons.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 09:41 I understand
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 09:43 I just...it was silly...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.25 10:08 ...So...um...why do you choose to send messages by falcon?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:20 Falcons are fast, they're efficient, they're loyal. They also represent wisdom and guardianship. They're a symbol of victory and rising above a situation. The falcon is a prominent symbol in society. A good luck charm if you will.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:23 As for why I prefer them over tech... They're harder to track. They're also not just some average birds. I don't want to put them out of a job.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:30 At the end of the day it comes down to the fact that I care about them. They mean a lot to me and my way of caring is not rendering them obsolete. They're family.... In a removed sort of way..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.25 16:35 (If you manage to get online today while I'm at work I will be on Hangouts for awhile. I sent some things there.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 05:17 *nods* I understand.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 05:40 Their ability in terms of flight astounds me. How easily they maneuver and how accurate of hunters they are.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 05:44 Yeah...they're so fast.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 05:45 Do you...do you wish you could fly without, um...the health consequences?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 05:57 All the time.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 05:58 *focuses on the sky. Before his gaze often shifted*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:05 Maybe I could help you out with that...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:05 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:08 Well...with the aid of some magic I could obviously carry you. But I'm sure there are other ways...plenty of planets have rather advanced technology...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:14 I see...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:38 Maybe there's some technology that would help you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:50 I think someone is already on that, but I don't know.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 06:54 Really? Oh, okay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 06:59 Speaking of which... I need to go refill a perscription.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:02 Alright...I suppose I'll go.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:04 Oh that trip won't happen until after Castell
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:13 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:16 My bad...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:27 I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with you accompanying me to the doctor. Castell is bad, but... I'd rather you sit that one out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:28 What? Oh, no--when I said "I suppose I'll go" I meant go back to Stadtler right now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:29 I wouldn't accompany you to the doctor. That's intrusive.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:33 I agree. You can go back anytime.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:36 I'm alright with staying here...I just thought you were leaving when you mentioned the perscription.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:44 *nods* You don't have to answer this, but is there something on your mind?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 07:46 ...Yes, but I don't really feel like talking about it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 07:51 Figured.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:17 ...I'm okay not being by myself.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 08:21 I feel that. Or used to at least.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:32 Used to?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 08:36 I've had to sort of pick up mostly being on my own.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:42 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 08:43 It wasn't very nice at first, was it?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 08:55 It certainly is difficult to live with for quite awhile..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:17 *nods, staring at the lake*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:32 Eventually I just got used to the fact that I'm alone. Of course, being used to the fact and liking the fact are two very different things.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:34 *nods in understanding*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:35 If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your family?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:47 I lost one parent to old age, the other.... It's not that important. They're gone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:49 No siblings?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:49 One.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:52 Are they gone too?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 09:55 Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 09:58 *had begun to look at him again when asking him about siblings**looks a bit sad* I'm sorry to hear that...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:05 It was a long time ago.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 10:06 *looks a little surprised, but just nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:22 I think about them all the time. Wonder if I'll see them again...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 10:31 I think you will.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:35 *chuckles*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:36 We'll see about that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.26 10:43 *looks out at the lake again for a few moments**then asks:* What was your sibling like?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.26 10:56 *closes his eyes* She was... *pauses* ...smart... and patient... and... she was so kind and understanding... my best friend.. *opens his eyes* I think that may be why I was drawn to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 04:54 *smiles a bit, though she looks down, embarrassed**shrugs her shoulders*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 05:11 I'm not that smart or patient, though I am flattered...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 05:14 Well, you've been plenty patient with me and you're most certainly not stupid.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 05:15 Well, a lot of my family is smarter than me. I'm okay with that.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 05:24 You're plenty smart. What the rest of your family has in terms of intelligence isn't important.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 05:40 *nods a bit*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 05:43 You're easy to get along with. At least that's how it feels.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 06:21 *smiles a little more* You are too...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 06:33 *smiles* I'm glad.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 06:56 I like having you around. It's... Good to talk to someone..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:10 Yeah.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:16 I don't know what I'd do without having anyone to talk to ag-- *cuts herself off before finishing her sentence and clears her throat*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:19 I mean, it um...yeah, it helps.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.27 07:42 It really does..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:58 *she spends a little over an hour longer talking with Siegfried by the lake**finally, she bids farewell to him and returns to Stadtler*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 07:59 *stays in the hotel lobby for the next few hours, occasionally checking on Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:06 *she winds up coming back to the room to check on him shortly after he wakes up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:06 *wakes up, but is slow to actually get up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:10 *notices that his eyes are open**says very quietly:* Hi...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:11 *simply groans in response, rolling over halfway*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:16 Sorry... *quietly leaves the room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:16 *stands outside their room, checking the time on her phone*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:23 *sits up and stretches*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:28 *sighs and waits outside the room*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 08:47 *gets up and gets dressed, then exits his room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 09:01 *turns toward him* Oh, hi...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 09:03 Hey..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.27 09:05 How was your rest?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 18:03 It was alright.. I guess.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.27 21:46 I'm feeling a bit better.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 00:42 Good, good...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 00:43 So um...it is pretty close to when you'll have to go back. You've seemed tired today, so should I just order dinner later tonight?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 00:45 [I will be late tonight. I have a lot of homework to do for one class and if I don't get it done today I think I'm going to fall behind in all my classes.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 02:23 Probably..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 06:23 Alright.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:33 (I'm not really certain what can happen here)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:36 ~THE NEXT DAY, AT NIGHT...~
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:40 *is eating dinner with her father*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 07:45 *glances at him awkwardly every so often*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:06 *is something wrong?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:06 *-*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:10 No...I, um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:10 I've just been thinking about traveling again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:16 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:41 You've been indicating that you want some space and there are some more places I'd like to visit...so I thought maybe I'd go traveling again tomorrow.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:46 *nods* You should go traveling. It sounds like a lot of fun.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 08:50 *nods quickly**fidgets nervously* Yeah...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:02 Any places you have in mind or just general exploring?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:07 I've been thinking of a bunch of cities in general.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:19 Cool. Just be careful in some of them.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:27 *nods* Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:31 I'll still try to visit you and text you while I'm gone.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:34 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:40 If you need anything at all just let me know.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 09:55 I will. Same goes for you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:00 ...I just...I wanted to make sure you were okay with this.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:02 Of course I am.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:08 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:15 You'll be alright while I'm gone, right?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:17 I will be alright. You just go out and see the world.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:26 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:31 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *heads back to Urmukka after packing her things*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 10:36 *goes to the bar to get a drink before he leaves*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:37 *goes to the lake and waits there*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 10:39 *grabs a drink and returns home to grab his stuff, then meets Eira at the lake* Morning.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:48 Morning.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:48 So how are we getting there this time?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 10:52 It's a long way. I am willing to take regular transport or teleport.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 10:54 I've never been there before and I don't know its coordinates so I can't exactly open a portal or teleport...how long does regular transport take to get there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 18:08 A day ish.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.28 19:56 Would it be better if we got there quickly or is this not so urgent?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.28 20:18 I would prefer to get there and get out, move on to the next job.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:22 Alright...would you happen to know Castell's coordinates?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 04:26 Yes, of course. *lists the coordinates to the train station in Castell*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:30 Okay. I'm not so good at this so this'll take a little while...just hold onto my hand or backpack or something...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:40 *closes her eyes to concentrate*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 04:41 *holds onto her backpack*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:52 *after about 5 minutes they tesser to the train station*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 04:58 *looks around a bit, then turns to him* Sorry about the wait...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 05:03 It's a lot shorter of a wait than actually taking the train.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 05:10 Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 05:10 So where are we headed now?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 05:41 *walks to the main road and whistles for a cab. One is quick to stop and pick them up* We're headed to that building over there. *points out the window toward a fairly short, but broad building at the other side of the city* It's hard to see. I'll point
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 05:41 it out when we get closer.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 06:02 Okay. *gets in*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 06:15 *the cab drives them across the city in a matter of minutes. They pull up beside the building and Siegfried pays with a small card which he holds in front of a scanner* I forgot how quick transportation is here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 06:40 Yeah...wow... *gets out, looking around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 06:46 *looks at the broad building they are to go into*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 07:01 *several models of cars line the path to the front entrance. As one nears the doors, the cars get newer in design* The business doesn't exclusively deal in vehicles, but it is the CEO's greatest passion.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 07:01 From what I know, he built every model that lines this path.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 07:05 Wow...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 07:05 Is he just showcasing these or trying to sell them?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 07:08 It's a showcase.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 07:09 Ah...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:07 *goes inside the building and walks up to the front desk, to the receptionist* Hello! I'd like to speak to Bushei. Is he available?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:10 Receptionist: He is, this morning, but do you have an appointment? *Siegfried: I do not, but I am here to help with the recent problem your company has been having.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:11 Receptionist: I see. *calls up Bushei* .... Head up to his office. He was expecting you, actually.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:18 *heads with Eira up to Bushei's office* So Bushei isn't exactly what you might expect. Just mind your manners and you'll be alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:19 *looks around at the lobby curiously*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:20 *did that before heading up to Bushei's office, obviously*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:21 *looks a little confused* Um...alright.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 08:26 *Bushei is waiting by the door. He invites them in and goes to sit in his chair, which is a modified bucket seat*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 08:56 *glances around curiously**looks at his seat*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:04 Bushei: So, Siegfried.... I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you in time, but your services are no longer needed here.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:05 What? That- That never happens. What happened?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:06 Bushei: The problem was... Taken care of.... *looks at Eira* Oh? You have a new partner? *Siegfried: I don't have a history of taking partners before now. *Bushei: Ah, I see. My bad.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:07 *just waves a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:08 Bushei: Want some tea?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:10 I wouldn't mind, though... *looks at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:10 I'll have some, please. Thank you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:11 Bushei: *pushes a button and three large cups lift out of the desk and fill with fresh tea* Cream?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:12 No, thank you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:12 Sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:13 *said that at about the same time as Siegfried**looks awkward*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:14 Bushei: *gestures for Siegfried to take his cup, then pushes the button again. The cups remaining on the table mix with a bit of cream* There you go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:15 Thank you. *takes her cup and sips it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 11:20 Bushei: *takes his own cup* I really am sorry for dragging you all out here. Is there something I can send you off with?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.29 11:25 *sips again so she has an excuse not to talk**glances at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 18:05 I don't think so?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.29 19:48 Bushei: And you? *looks at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 04:53 *shakes her head*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 05:15 Bushei: Alright, then... you weirdos. Have a safe trip back home. Don't die.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 05:21 Um...thank you..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:31 Alright then... I'm sorry we were too late. *Bushei: It's quite alright. Now I have a meeting in 15 minutes. Time you two left. *Siegfried: Goodbye. Thanks for the tea. *gets up and heads for the door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:34 Goodbye.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:34 *follows Siegfried out of the building* So...where are we going now?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:38 Well... This ended earlier than I wanted, so I think I will go get my meds refilled.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:39 Okay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:41 It shouldn't take too long.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:42 Will we need to teleport again?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:47 It would be the fastest
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:48 Where is it? Maybe I can do a portal there.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:49 I can give the coordinates...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:53 *sighs* Alright...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:55 *sighs and gives her the coordinates*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:56 Hold onto my backpack again... *concentrates on calculating*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 08:59 *does so*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 08:59 *after a little while she tessers with him to Vulkanisch**looks a bit tired*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:00 *looks around, confused*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:01 Stay close.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:02 *nods* Where are we, exactly...?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:05 *looks out at the ocean, at the landmass miles away.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:05 **
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:07 *looks out at the landmass**after a few moments her eyes widen* Are we...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:08 *looks up at the mountain*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:08 Is this...?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:10 Vulkanisch.... Never liked the place, but it's essential. *takes a deep breath* I need to see Nixon.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:17 *looks at him, eyes still wide**just nods a little and sticks close to him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:18 *enters the lab and goes right for the third floor. Ignores the various doctors who give them weird looks*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:19 *looks around a lot, but still tries to stay near him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:20 *knocks on the door to Nixon's office* Weird... He usually never locks his office.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:22 "Who's there!! I told you guys to go to my room if you needed anything he had!!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:22 *You hear through the door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:23 *isn't sure what to say/do**looks at the door, then at Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:23 Quinlynn, what's happened?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:25 *Doesn't recognize him* "What? How could you not know?? What do you need???"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:27 I haven't been here in months. It's Siegfried, where's Nixon?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:29 "OH WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SO?" *Quinlynn unlocks the door, a magenta glow grows from the door handle and spreads outwards then disappears and the door opens* "Hello!!!"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:30 *looks at the magenta, confused*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:31 What happened...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:31 *looks at Quinlynn and then past her at the room*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:34 *Quinlynn blinks* "You need your medication, yeah? *Quinlynn walks into the room leaving the door open and shuffles through Nixon's drawers* "You think I'd know where it is by now but I haven't been focused on much else recently. Too busy developing NA1..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:35 You know, testing weaponry applications and flexibility. Trying to base it off of reptiles and such
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:37 Pretty difficult to balance weight distribution, flexibility, and have as many applications as it has but I'm sure I can figure it out..." *Quinlynn forgot she was looking for something and stares off*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:38 Um...I'm sorry to interject, but my father is a friend of Nixon's...how is Nixon?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:40 *Quinlynn continues to stare off, obviously stuck in her head* "Maybe have internal wiring,... Like a circulatory system..."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:42 Quinlynn!
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:42 *Quinlynn jumps and looks at him* "Oh
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:43 *"Oh.. yes?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:44 First off, this is Eira. Eira, Quinlynn.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:44 *looks at Quinlynn awkwardly*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:45 *looks at Eira and waves and looks to Siegfried for the rest of his statement*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:46 I need to refill my meds..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:49 *waves back quietly*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:49 "Oh! Yeah, sorry!! Let me find them!! I'm sure he left them in here somewhere!" *She shuffles through drawers again and pulls out his medicine. She makes sure everything was as it was before approaching Siegfried and handing him the bottle*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:51 Thank you. Nixon, though....
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:52 *Quinlynn stares at him blankly*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:52 "Is there anything else you needed?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:52 How is he?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:54 *Quinlynn glances away for a split second and she fidgets a bit* "Fine."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:54 *looks concerned* Did something happen?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:55 He's not on leave. He'd have taken you..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 09:56 *Quinlynn flinches* "He's just away right now. He's fine."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 09:57 Is he really?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 09:57 *looks worried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:00 *Quinlynn looks at him and fidgets* "What do you need him for, did something happen on your end?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:01 No...he's a family friend, that's all...
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:03 "Ah, well, he's fine."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:07 Alright...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:09 You're never like this, Quinlynn..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:11 *Quinlynn lowers her head a tad* "There's a first for everything.."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:11 *still looks worried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:13 *sighs* Did it involve Nilsson?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:15 *Quinlynn looks up at him* "What?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:15 Whatever happened.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:18 "No... He didn't do anything. I mean he did, but it doesn't have to do with Nixon.. Well, it does but Nilsson didn't..." *She trails off and looks at the ground*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:19 Quinlynn what happened to Nixon?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:20 *looks confused and worried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:21 *Quinlynn remains silent and tilts her head away from him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:23 He didn't... He wasn't that old... Did he..?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:26 *gasps*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:31 *Quinlynn shook her head aggressively* "Don't talk like that--!*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:34 Who was it??
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:34 "What do you mean who?!" *Her voice gets louder*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:38 *her eyes widen*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:38 *pauses* I'm sorry. This must be hard for you..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:39 Did someone...k-kill him?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:45 *She opens and closes her mouth; unable to speak. She covers her mouth and lowers her head again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:47 *puts her hands on her mouth Oh my god...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:47 *mouth*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 10:48 "Stop...."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:50 *gods...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:50 [I cannot English or brain]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:51 I can't believe...I...I'm sorry...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 10:55 Eira... *clears his throat* I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Sep.30 10:56 *keeps her mouth covered and goes silent*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 18:22 *Quinlynn seemed to be frozen in place, trying to stop the rush of emotion* "It's... Fine."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 20:29 It's not, though... *steps toward Quinlynn* I know what he meant to you..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 20:38 "I should be fine!! It should be fine!!" *Quinlynn straightened up, tears in her eyes, voice loud* "I already spent months crying about it and not being fine so it should be fine!!"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Sep.30 20:42 It won't be... Knowing you, you haven't talked about this to anyone. It's not okay.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Sep.30 20:47 "I-I have- I shouldn't-- It should be--" *She begins to cry* "It was my fault..."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 01:43 Come on... It's not your fault... I don't know what happened, but I'm sure Nixon wouldn't see it that way. He wouldn't want you to blame yourself..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 04:38 *says nothing**puts her hands down and looks at the floor for a bit*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 05:38 *is spending time with Mayhem**knows that she'll be going to Cadmael and Karma later today*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 05:41 *has been adding the finishing touches to the outfit he'd been making. Finally fits the jacket onto a mannequin and puts everything away.* What do you think, Jane?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 05:43 It's super cool!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 05:50 *smiles* Thanks. WELL! There's plenty of time left in the day, how about we make that trip to Castell today instead of tomorrow?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 05:53 Can we?!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:01 We can!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 06:06 YES!! *hugs him* When are we going?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:06 As soon as you are ready.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 06:11 So now?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:30 *nods*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:41 "It was my fault- He wouldn't have- if he wasn't... If I was left alone he'd be here instead of me!! She only wanted me not him... She only wanted
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:42 *..."
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 06:44 Let's go!!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 06:47 I don't think Nixon could have handled losing you. Cannot imagine the suffering that would have caused him.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:49 *She cries more* "If I wasn't such a weakling I could've done something but I just sat there and watched-- I could have if I wasn't such a coward--"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 06:55 Tell me... Would he have wanted you to interfere and get yourself killed?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 06:57 *holds out his hand to Jane*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 06:59 "N-no... But I could've done something I... I could have stopped her I..." *She trails off in defeat and just cries*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:03 *hugs Quinlynn* ...You did exactly what Nixon wanted.... You survived..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:09 *grabs his hand*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:10 *looks distressed but says nothing*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:12 *Quinlynn hugs him back (rather tightly I might add) and cries into him for a while. Eventually she forces herself to stoo* "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make your visit so... Emotionally charged..."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:14 *shakes his head* I don't mind at all.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 07:15 *teleports to the top of a building in Castell* Sorry, this is the only place I remember. *leads Jane to the elevators*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:19 *looks around* This is cool!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:19 Why doesn't Urmukka have tall buildings?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:20 *Quinlynn fidgets a bit* "Well... There's your medication!.. Hehe.. You can leave now ... If you want to.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:20 *"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 07:22 Urmukka is a smaller place. It's also a lot older than this place.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:22 Do you need me to stay awhile longer?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:25 Auceaster is old and it has tall buildings.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 07:27 Auceaster advanced faster than this planet.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:30 "Well... I haven't really spent time with anyone since Litho's last visit which was a while ago... Although your friend may not enjoy my company... After that display... Heh..." *Quinlynn looks at Eira and then the ground*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:45 *looks up abruptly* L-Litho?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 07:46 Oh...why?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:46 *Quinlynn wipes some tears from her eyes and smiles weakly at her* "That's his name! He's my best friend!!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:47 "Do you know him?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:49 *immediately becomes confused* Excuse me?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 07:53 *Quinlynn blinks, also confused* "What..? Did I do something wrong?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:53 *doesn't know what to say**looks shocked*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:54 *shakes her head, chuckling not out of amusement, but from nerves* We must not be thinking of the same person.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:54 I just never expected Litho of all people...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 07:55 The person I'm thinking of is a monster...he could never be a real friend to anybody.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 07:57 Can you... Describe him?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:00 "Well you must be thinking of the wrong Litho-" *Quinlynn pulls out what looks to be a metallic wallet and opens it. Some pictures of Litho and Quinlynn hang out of it* "-See! My Litho is sweetheart!!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:01 "This is my pseudo-wallet by the way! Like in the movies! Hehe!!"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:01 *steps closer to get a better look and almost instantly looks horrified*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 08:05 ...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 08:06 The people there aren't the same as the people here. Auceaster's people were smarter.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:06 "Are you guys okay? The pictures too much? Litho thought it was funny..."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:06 *clears her throat a little* O-oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 08:07 Weird.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 08:08 I'm from Auceaster and I sometimes feel I'm smarter than the kids I play with. Am I smarter?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:11 "Is it not funny? Litho did chuckle and not full on laugh so maybe he was being sarcastic? I sometimes have a hard time reading tone I think. Or maybe I'm overthinking? Uhm... Hmmm..
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:11 *"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:13 No, it's...he um...
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:15 "What?" *Leans in curiously*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 08:16 It has nothing to do with coming from Auceaster. The civilization there simply had the right resources at the right time in order to advance. Exocoel has worked for so long to get this far.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 08:17 Didn't know he was sociable. At least not on an individual level.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:18 *says quietly* Hasn't he ever done something horrible to you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:19 *glances over at Siegfried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:20 "Horrible? Like, eat all the food on your fridge horrible or rip off your arm horrible?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:27 ...Worse...
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:28 "Well.the ripping off my arm thing was probably the worst thing
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:29 *I did accidently scrape his horn though! Viscount horns are sensitive you know!"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 08:30 ...How did you seemingly befriend him?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 08:44 "I'm not sure... I like to think I won him over with my personality but it was probably the tart treats I fed him..."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 08:50 *still looks shocked/horrified**quietly walks over to sit down*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:03 "Are you okay?"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:05 "Don't sit on the bed, you'll wrinkle the sheets!"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:09 *hesitates, then looks around for a chair*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:17 *appears lost in thought*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:20 I just...are we... *looks at Siegfried* Are we ready to go?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:21 "How about you two stay here for the night, huh? You look scared.. it is getting dark soon... Are you afraid of the dark too?"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:21 "Oh
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:22 * You want to leave okay... That's fine too.."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:23 The--the likes of me really shouldn't stay here.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:25 "What do you mean? You seem nice!"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:31 I take it Litho hasn't visited in roughly a year...?
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:33 About
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:34 *About that long, yes... We text though!"
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:34 "How... How did you know that?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:36 It's just about the time when Eira and her family arrived, according to my sources.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:36 *stares at Siegfried*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:37 "Oh? Okay..? I assume you two would like to be on your way then, huh?" *Quinlynn looks dejected but tries not to be obvious about it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:39 I can always come back.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:42 "Yeah... Come back..." *Quinlynn runs her arm and looks away for a moment* "Thanks... Thanks for coming by to... Get your medicine." *She straightens up and smiles*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:42 *rubs not runs
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:43 *smiles back* I'll come back as soon as I can, okay?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 09:45 *Bushei's building isn't far from where they appeared so it doesn't take long to get there. The receptionist grants them permission to see Bushei after Mayhem shows the ticket*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:46 "Okay."
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:46 Bushei: *invites Mayhem and Jane into his office*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:46 "I'll see you later when you get the time."
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:47 I won't be long.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:47 Thank you for your help.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:48 "No problem." *Waves*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 09:48 *says loudly as soon as she enters:* Ooo, you're glowy!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:48 Um--thank you...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:49 Bushei: *chuckles* Yes I am. You must be Jane. Litho told me about you.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:50 *Smiles at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:50 *smiles very briefly and awkwardly**moves to follow Siegfried*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 09:51 *takes a seat, keeping fairly quiet*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 09:51 *Waves goodbye to Quinlynn and leads Eira out of the lab* We can go home now.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mortal), 23yo.2020,Oct.1 09:55 *Quinlynn stares as they leave and remains there for a while. She sighs and shakes herself.* "Why do you always cry like an idiot.." *She sits on her temporary bed that she placed in her father's room.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:59 *nods slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:59 Is there anything else you need to do abroad/
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 09:59 *?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 10:00 I think I'd rather not go home yet...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:00 I'll head back out tomorrow, but for now I think I want to spend another afternoon back home.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:00 He did? What'd he say?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:01 At least by the lake or in my hideaway.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 10:02 Oh...okay... *looks behind her for a moment, then opens a portal back to Urmukka*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:04 Bushei: He told me that you liked my profession, or rather my hobby, and that you'd love to practice racing.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:06 Yeah!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:07 I race my Mommy and Amy a lot and I used to race my sister Eira a lot, but those are toy cars.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:09 Bushei: What you need is a real car to fit your size. Something a little like what Earthlings once called Bandoleros.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:11 Bandoleros?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:11 Where can I get one?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 10:33 Bushei: I will build one of course. I will walk you thriugh designs and build a good practice car.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 10:42 Really?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.1 16:11 This sounds expensive... Are you paying for all of this yourself?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.1 16:12 Bushei: Of course. Call it fulfilling an IOU. *Mayhem: To who, may I ask? *Bushei: To Litho, obviously.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 20:24 What's an IOU?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.1 20:25 *hasn't been sitting down**has been right up in front of Bushei's desk, being a bit fidgety with her feet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 20:26 *goes through the portal with Siegfried**closes it behind him* How do you know about Litho?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.1 20:27 *she opened the portal to the lake*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 00:40 Bushei: It's a way of saying I owe him something, be it money or a favor.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 00:41 He's visited this planet quite often. As a matter of fact he goes to Castell fairly regularly. And then there's the history behind him.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.2 04:01 Oh...right...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 09:32 Bushei: So here's the plan. I'll show you the car's plans and let you see what exactly you'll be getting as well as let you change some minor aesthetic features.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 09:37 If you don't want to go back home you can just stick around here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.2 10:49 Can I?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 10:50 Okay!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 10:50 *nods* Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.2 10:53 Thank you...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 10:54 Bushei: Come on. *gestures toward an elevator in the corner of his room* To the main office where we will look at the plans.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 10:58 *hurries after Bushei*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 11:00 You have your own elevator?!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 11:06 Bushei: I do. *waits for Mayhem to enter the elevator, then takes them down to the other office*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 11:07 *is the first to exit the elevator**looks around excitedly*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 11:11 *there are mini models of various vehicles on the counters.* *Bushei: So curious... What's your favorite color?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.2 21:10 Green! Like...bright green!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 22:37 Bushei: *goes to the computer and pulls up a 3D model of a muscle car and changes the color to Sassy Grass* Like this?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.2 22:38 (You'll have to refer to hangouts for the color sample)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 04:29 Kinda, yeah!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 07:31 Bushei: *Alters the shade*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 07:44 *says once the shade is brighter and more saturated:* Oooo, I like that!!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 08:00 Bushei: Wonderful. I will get started on it right away. Want to see how they run?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 09:31 Yeah!!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 18:15 Bushei: *takes Jane to a fairly small indoor race track with three small cars at the starting line* knowing Litho, he let you drive already, didn't he?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.3 22:06 *nods* I was five!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.3 23:34 Bushei: Perfect. Do you know how the gas and brake petdals work
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 00:18 Kinda...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 00:18 Like, one makes it go and the other makes it stop.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 02:07 Bushei: So I'll teach you the basics, then.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 05:55 Okay.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:20 Bushei: What about you? *looks up at Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.4 06:21 I know how to drive.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:23 Bushei: I'll show you how to work the car, Jane. *helps Jane into the car*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 06:24 *looks around at all the controls excitedly*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:35 Bushei: *helps Jane with her seatbelt and points at the button near the steering wheel* that button will start the vehicle.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 06:42 *presses the button immediately*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 06:47 Bushei: The gas pedal is furthest to the right. Brake is on the left.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 06:58 Okay. Why do I need to wear this thing? *tugs on her belt* I don't like it...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 07:16 Bushei: It's so you don't get hurt when you crash.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 07:22 Crash?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 07:22 Do racers crash a lot?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 07:34 Bushei: It's only natural. Not to mention great for the entertainment value. Racing would not have the funding it does if there was no action.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 07:53 Oh...but doesn't that hurt people?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 07:58 Bushei: Hardly ever.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 08:03 Really?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 08:06 Bushei: It looks more dangerous than it is.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 08:32 Cool!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 08:41 Bushei: I've set these cars to not move as fast as they should for now. Now... Which pedal is the brake?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 09:08 (I regret the existence of Among Us.)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 09:48 [Sorry...]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 09:50 Uh--left!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 09:57 Bushei: Correct. Now push on the brake and move the handle to your right down to the letter "D". Keep your foot on the brake.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 10:46 *nods and does so*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 10:50 Bushei: Good. Now let go of the gas. The car should start moving forward slowly. Take that time to turn the wheel, get a feel for controlling the vehicle.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 20:30 *looks a little confused for a moment**then takes her foot off the brake**a few moments after the car starts moving, she turns the wheel as far in one direction as it will go*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 22:13 Bushei: *rolls his eyes and pushes a button on a small controller in his pocket, causing the vehicle to stop before it hits a wall*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 22:29 *looks around, confused and disappointed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.4 22:29 What happened?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.4 22:44 Bushei: As normal as crashing is, try to keep from doing so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 04:28 I wanted to do donuts.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 04:54 Bushei: Not yet. Wait until you can drive.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 05:04 Litho did donuts and it was super cool.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 05:11 Bushei: Litho has been driving since he was a kid.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 05:21 You reacted pretty quickly to learning about Litho. How do you know about him?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:26 *doesn't look at him, thinking* ...It's a long story...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:41 He...he did a lot of bad things to...um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:41 *shakes her head*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 05:58 ...I don't...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 05:58 I'm going to guess Saxon. I've seen him around when he was off on his own. Doesn't seem fully there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:00 *instinctively reaches for her phone in her pants pocket*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:01 *nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:04 Yes, that's um...that's part of it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:13 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:25 Um...excuse me... *takes out her phone and starts walking away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:26 *texts Saxon, asking how he's been*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:27 Like me?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:28 Bushei: Most likely.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:31 Can I race him when I get better?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:31 *doesn't respond since he's currently in a meeting*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:33 Bushei: You might just do that eventually.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:41 When?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 06:44 Bushei: Not until you're older.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 06:45 There are three cars here... *Bushei: Yes, one of them is for you to drive as well. I know they're small cars but you'd be surprised that they can fit an adult.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 06:48 *taps her foot against the ground**waits about five minutes before putting her phone away and looking around*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 06:58 Am I going to race my Dad?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:00 Bushei: *looks at Mayhem* Not yet.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:02 Aww...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:06 Bushei: You can't race him if you don't know how to drive.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 07:07 True.. *opens the roof of the car and climbs inside, starting the engine*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:13 What do I do/
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:13 *?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:21 Bushei: Turn the wheel which way you want to go, which is following the track before you. Lightly press on the gas and try not to hit the walls
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:24 Oh, okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:24 *turns the wheel back towards the track*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:24 *presses on the gas pedal a little too hard at first*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 07:35 *manages to get back on the track and drives down it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 07:35 *walks back over to Siegfried*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 07:36 Sorry...so...what do you want to do now?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:42 Dunno. I'm down for just about anything at this point. Fairly soon I do intend to go back to see Quinlynn. She needs someone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 07:45 Oh...I'm not sure if I'm up for going back to Vulkanisch, though I wonder what happened to Nixon...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 07:55 I wouldn't be gone long. You can stay with Wren if you'd like to stay out here. She's quiet, but maybe she'll warm up to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.5 08:05 Okay.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 08:47 *follows behind Jane for awhile before taking off ahead of her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 08:53 Hey! *presses harder on the gas pedal, wanting to stay ahead*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 09:07 *stops the car when he gets back around to the starting line*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 09:14 *presses the brake a little late but hard, stopping before she hits him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 09:15 *hesitates, a bit confused about why he stopped*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.5 09:44 You can continue, Jane, just get a helmet first, please. *Bushei: I agree, put a helmet on.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 09:49 Okay! *looks around for helmets*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 10:06 Bushei: *brings her a helmet* Keep your foot in the brake until you have that on. Or better yet, push on the brake and put the car back in park.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 10:08 Okay! Uh... *looks around* How do I do that?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 10:21 Bushei: Same way you put the car into drive. Just do the same thing but in reverse.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 10:38 Ohhh, okay. *puts the car into park and then takes the helmet from Bushei*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.5 11:14 *puts it on* Can I go now?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 18:16 Bushei: Of course.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.5 22:05 (Perhaps a time skip is due?)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 00:58 [Sure. We can skip to when Mayhem heads off to Ahntor.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 00:58 [I will be late tonight. I have a lot of schoolwork to do.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 06:51 ~HOURS LATER...~
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 06:58 *is still learning how to drive with Bushei*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 07:26 *looks at the time* Oh- Jane! I think it's time to go!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 07:29 Aw...I don't wanna...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 07:36 *sighs* I can't leave you here alone.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 07:38 But I don't wanna leave...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 07:44 What do you propose I do. I have to be in Ahntor soon.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 07:53 Uh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 07:53 Can Cadmael come here??
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 07:58 Hmm... I'll see.. *tries to contact Cadmael. He doesn't answer right away, but eventually he does respond and agree to come by* So he'll be here in a few minutes.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 07:59 Okay! Can Amy come here too?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 08:04 That is up to him
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 08:10 Oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 08:18 *waits a few minutes impatiently*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 08:37 Cadmael: *shows up with a jug of milk and a shot glass* You can go home now. *Mayhem nods and teleports away* Alright... *clears his throat* Afternoon, Jane. *looks at Bushei*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 08:39 Bye Malaucay! *said that just as he teleported*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 08:40 Hi Cadmael!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.6 08:40 *looks at Bushei* I used their names so you don't get confused.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.6 08:46 Bushei: I see. Pleasure to meet you, Cadmael.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.6 08:46 Cadmael: Likewise.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 08:48 *has been silently fussing over her appearance in her house for a while*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 08:54 *checks her hair again and then inhales**hangs her bag over her shoulder and heads to Ahntor*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 08:55 *follows Mayhem's directions to the restaurant he likes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 09:01 *comes in and looks around, looking a bit uncertain*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 09:04 *goes home and cleans himself up*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 09:04 (oh crap I got distracted)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 09:05 *sits down at a table and waits*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 09:05 [Looks like Mayhem did too. XD XP]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 09:12 *makes his way to Ahntor in record time and goes to his table* I'm so sorry.. Cadmael had to come take my place..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 09:15 *looks relieved**smiles a little* Figures it'd be her doing...I still wonder how we all survive her energy.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 09:26 Right? *takes a seat*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 09:31 How is she?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 09:41 She's fine. Just learning to drive.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 09:44 Really? How does she reach the pedals?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 15:29 They're a type of small car designed for mostly kids to drive.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 16:07 Ohh...okay... *even though her tone is casual, she hasn't been able to take her eyes off his clothes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 16:34 [Me: *wakes up after 3 hours of sleep* Just 3 more hours... My right hamstring (I think): *after one hour* Haha, NOPE]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 16:36 [For the past couple of days a muscle in my right leg just looooves to randomly kill me.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 20:09 (I have ideas to pitch)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 22:06 *smiles a bit and shifts in his seat* It's... Not overkill, is it? *glances down at his outfit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 22:28 Not at all...it's amazing.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 22:32 I wouldn't mind seeing the back of it too.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 22:50 It's nothing all that special. *stands up again and turns around*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 22:53 Marvelous.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.6 23:01 I think it's kind of special.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.6 23:03 *sits again, smiling awkwardly* Thank you.. I had to do SOMETHING to compare to you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 04:08 *smiles, trying not to blush**shakes her head a little* No matter what either of us wear, you're...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 04:12 I would say it's harder for me to compare to you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 04:57 Nonsense. *looks through the menu* I don't believe I've ever compared.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 04:58 Well, we're both gods, but I'd say you're the only one who looks the part.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 05:08 Is dress sense really a determining factor of a god?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 05:09 If that's the case, then I'm questioning the credibility of my brothers.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 05:10 *shakes her head* I'd only say there's one brother whose dress sense explicitly shows just how credible he is...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 05:27 *chuckles* The only other one with dress sense has got to be Roffe.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 05:51 Good point...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 05:52 *glances down at her menu* So...what are you having?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 05:56 Not sure yet. My taste has been all over lately..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 06:04 How's the fish here?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 06:12 I don't really know. Never been here before.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 06:19 *looks a bit confused* How'd you know to recommend this place, then?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 06:23 I trust the recommendations I got.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 06:33 *nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 06:43 I think I'll try this... *points out a fish dish to him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 06:47 Ah, sounds good. *inhales deep, smelling the air* I think I know sort of what I want.. *looks through the menu and picks out a chicken dish*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 06:54 *smiles* That's cheating.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 07:01 *smiles back* Am I disqualified now? Should I go home and think about that heinous sin I've just committed?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 07:12 *smiles wider* Perhaps.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 07:17 I'll make sure to think long and hard about what I've done.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 07:32 You'd better.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 07:40 *sighs* Thanks for accepting... To join me tonight. I know it's probably a bit soon..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 07:50 *nods a little, sipping her water*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 07:51 I think I'd rather not dwell on the past tonight...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 08:16 I know. Sorry.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 08:50 *orders her food and then turns back towards him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 09:06 How long did it take you to make that? *gestures towards his clothing*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 09:40 A few months..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 09:43 Wow...I honestly would've thought something like that would take longer.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 09:46 I've been making things of a caliber similar to this since I was at least 14
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 09:49 Also I have a lot of free time, other than working on the house
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 09:55 Oh, okay.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:01 I haven't seen the house in a while...how is it going?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 10:02 It still has a lot of work left. At least 2-3 more months of fairly consistent work.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:05 Perhaps I could come over to help on weekends.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 10:06 I assume your work is treating you well?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 10:06 (OH CRAP)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 10:07 (For get he said that I was meaning to save that for later but was too busy thinking)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 10:08 Yeah, that'd be great! Love to have you over!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:12 *smiles and looks around at the restaurant a bit more*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:13 Oh...people can dance here?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:14 *has noted a small stage by an open space/a dance floor*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 10:24 It does appear so.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:26 I hope a band is playing tonight...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:31 *they receive their dinner a few minutes later*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 10:39 *they had ordered via a little touchscreen on their table*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 15:37 I'd be surprised if there wasn't.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.7 22:32 *starts eating**sure enough, a small group of beings of various species show up a little bit later and start setting up things on the stage*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 22:49 (Holy crap it feels hot outside)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.7 22:54 There's your band. *cuts into the chicken, lowkey inspecting it before actually eating it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 04:43 *notices what Mayhem did and looks at a piece of her fish for a second before eating it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 04:52 It's well cooked. Certainly pretty good. What about yours?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 04:54 It's fine. Tastes a bit unusual, but not bad.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 05:05 Doesn't taste half bad to me..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 05:05 But I do agree it is different
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 05:12 The same foods on different planets usually taste different.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 05:13 I know. I mean it's a different I haven't yet tasted. I've seen chicken prepared many different ways on several planets.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 05:40 *nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 05:41 *looks thoughtful* There's nothing quite like Sahlemese fish...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 06:35 In general or in terms of how they prepare it?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 07:02 How they prepare it. Other Panthean cultures eat the same fish but it's not quite the same.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 07:12 Well then, challenge accepted.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 09:41 *smiles* I look forward to witnessing and tasting your performance.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 10:17 You'd best. However, my kitchen is not yet complete.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 10:19 Hopefully it'll be complete soon.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 10:25 Hopefully.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 10:29 *they get quieter as they eat and the band starts playing*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 10:29 *the band's style is a mixture of techno and folk*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 10:37 *says once she's finished* That was really good...I'd love to come here again sometime.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 10:48 Yeah. Maybe I'll try something completely new next time. *stands up* Hmm.... I don't recall... Do you dance?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 10:51 Of course.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 19:39 *holds out his hand* Want to?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 22:51 *smiles a bit* Why not? *stands up and takes his hand*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 22:53 [Been doing a little research in my spare time. Apparently using keyboard and mouse on console can get you banned and only works with an adapter that disguises it as a controller. I understand the purpose of that now that I know how hard it is to aim with
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 22:55 controller, but I really hope that they later allow console players to use keyboard and mouse now that crossplay is a thing. I would think they could allow keyboard and mouse players on console to only play with other keyboard and mouse/PC players.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 22:55 [I'm talking about Apex, of course.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 23:15 (They do that because it's unfair. Ps4 and Xbox are at least on the same playing field)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.8 23:21 (It's a matter of adapting. Like switching from traditional to digital art. The reason mouse isn't allowed is because it's an unfair adclvantage since there isn't a limit to how fast one can reaxt)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 23:56 [Yeah, I understand that. I just wonder if they could make it so keyboard and mouse players on console can only play other keyboard and mouse players.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.8 23:59 [I know that such a feature would definitely take a while to implement since crossplay is still in beta, though.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:00 (Idk.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:01 (Allowing PC to play with console is usually a big no-no since pc will forever and always have the advantage)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:08 (I've never seen much of an issue playing with a controller.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:11 (Aiming seems a bit easier on controller because I tend to panic when I shoot and with a mouse I'd spray and miss every shot.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:15 *takes her out to the floor*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 00:15 [I'm just not used to first person with controller at all. I'd much rather use the mouse to move the camera. I don't really see how PC is better if you're using keyboard and mouse too.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:19 (I use controller for fps on pc)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:19 (It's a lot more comfortable.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 00:23 [Huh, okay.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 00:23 [I just have a lot of trouble controlling the camera with an analog stick. I constantly over- or undershoot and can't aim worth crap. I guess I may just have to tweak the settings and practice.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:24 (Doing things manually is a kinda trend)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:24 (Except for a car for some reason)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 00:24 [I wonder if there's an inverted option. I constantly found myself pressing down to look up and up to look down.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:26 (Flight controls... huh..(
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 00:26 [Pretty much.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 00:27 [I gtg take my dog on a walk. See ya!]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 00:28 (You can change just about any control on Apex)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 01:29 (Gonna commission someone at some point to make Siegfried's jacket. His jacket is wool and lined with fur. It'd be perfect for a winter jacket)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 05:42 [Oooo, okay. That sounds comfy.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 10:01 *dances with Mayhem**not many other customers are in the restaurant, but an older-looking couple wind up joining them on the dance floor soon*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 10:13 So just curious, who taught you to dance?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 10:16 My father.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 10:18 That's cute. I like that.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 10:22 *smiles a bit* Who taught you?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 10:31 The man I traveled with taught me. I'll be honest it was really awkward at times with certain dances.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 10:32 *smirks*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 10:33 You mean...something like this? *gets very close to him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 10:43 *stifles a laugh* Something like that, yes.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 10:50 *holds his hand and twirls away from him, chuckling**her face feels a little warm*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 11:01 *pulls her back to his side and spins her around a couple of times before grabbing her other hand and spinning with her the third time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 11:16 Ooo, nice...what culture was that one from?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 11:18 Would you believe me if I said it came from Exocoel? I was never told what region, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 11:25 I think I would.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 11:26 I'm not too familiar with Exocoelian dances, though. I rarely see them.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 11:31 They've become almost a lot art, from what I've heard.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 11:34 Probably.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:08 [Huh...I had posted the short time skip last night and then went to bed after hitting enter and seeing the top of this page load. Guess RP-City had a problem with one of the words I used or something.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:09 *they dance for a while longer, and then go back to their table*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:10 *she wants dessert, so they both have some*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:12 once they're done eating she looks at him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:12 (.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:12 **
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:12 (Oh hey)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:12 [So it hates the word expectently (had to misspell it on purpose)? Why???]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:13 [I split my post into three and found by trial and error that it hates that word, but why?? All I wanted to say was that she looked at him expectently...]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:13 [Also hi. XD XP]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:15 (I am completely beat today and it's barely noon)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:16 [Oh shoot...take a nap when/if you can. We both stayed up really late, but I know you woke up a lot earlier than me.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:17 (Reversible Campaign might become a Siegfried song)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:17 (I'm awake mentally. Physically dead. NOOOOOOOOO NOT ANOTHER SEMI)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:18 (ANOTHER ONE JUST SHOWED UP! Never before have I screamed "go away" at a truck)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:19 (Marleis: @delivery guy "It's lunch time, so we get to not move")
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:19 [RIP... >__< ]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:19 [XD Good point Marleis, very good point.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:20 *looks back at her* So what now?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:20 *shrugs her shoulders* I dunno...I thought you might've had a plan.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:20 What are you in the mood for?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:20 (Have some perspective: A 54 foot semi stacked top to bottom, front to back)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:22 [Oh no... 0__0]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:24 (The options...?)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:26 [Hm...they could go just about anywhere. They could go walking/exploring, they could watch a movie or show or theater, they could go to an amusement park, etc.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:28 [The Sahlemese are like the Czechs in that they really enjoy the art of puppet theater, though such shows are usually done by locals in Sahlemese and they're more for families (i.e. it'd be better if Jane were around if they went to a puppet show).]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:28 I mean... if you're down for a walk. I'll let you pick the location. If not, we can do something else, it's just one option.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:28 [I'm thinking they'd both like to go walking in nature somewhere unless Mayhem's in the mood for something else.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:29 [Called it XD XP]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:31 (Mayhem could be down for about anything)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:31 I'm fine with that too...would you rather walk somewhere with more people or somewhere secluded?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:33 Preferably someplace with less people.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:35 *nods* Okay. Let's pay and head to Panthea, then.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:35 Sounds good.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:37 (Imma steal swedish fish... anyway I'm clocked back in now so my replies may slow. I'm outside so I have a bit more opportunity to check)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:43 [Okie dokie.] *they pay and then she tessers them to a path in some balmy woods near the Sahlemese coast*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:43 [I'm reading stuff for my American Lit. class so my replies will be slow too.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:43 [Me @ my head: So how many ears do I have drained today?]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:44 [My head: Ha ha, ha, ONE]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:44 *looks around* Beautiful place..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:50 *it's a bit humid, but it's early spring, so the temperature is mild**it's late in the night and the wind courses through puffy trees with new leaves*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:51 *points behind them* Down that way is the town I lived in before Hyakujo and C.J. found me and took me in as their guide.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:52 *correction: the temperature is cool, but not uncomfortably so (I just remembered how far north Aedona lived with her father before he died; she traveled south after he died, but not too far)*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 20:56 I see..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 20:59 *points ahead of them* This path eventually leads to the ocean. It branches off through the forest here and there since people live in these woods.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 21:00 *looks down at the cobblestone path* It seems that they improved the path, at least the main part...it used to be dirt.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.9 21:00 [I gtg now. See you!]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.9 22:35 So which way are we headed, then?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.10 02:23 [I have homework to do; I will be late tonight.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.10 06:43 Whichever way you want. If you still want something more secluded I'd recommend that way. *points ahead of them again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.10 09:44 That way, then.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.10 10:21 *walks forward with him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.10 10:33 So how long of a walk is this path?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.10 11:04 I haven
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.10 11:04 *haven't been here in so long...um...20 minutes if it's a straight shot to the ocean?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.10 11:11 Perfect.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.10 11:14 It's longer depending on which branching path you take.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.10 19:26 I'll let you lead the way.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.10 23:09 (I might be altering the names of the eldest gods)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.10 23:10 (nvm I made a decision)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 04:26 *nods**keeps her pace fairly slow so she can stay next to him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 06:26 *chooses to take them on the path directly towards the ocean since he seemed to prefer that length of a walk*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 08:16 *makes an effort to stick close to Aedona. At some point he fairly subtly moves to hold her hand*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 10:08 *feels his hand and holds it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 10:16 *grins, then looks up at the sky for a few moments*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 10:18 *looks at him, smiling, and then follows his gaze, looking up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 10:21 Nothing quite like this planet's sky...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 10:22 *the sky is a very deep, dark tourquoise*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 10:23 Mm. I don't want to argue, and just call it a bias toward my home, but I seriously think certain parts of Kvetti can top it. Only a few parts can compare, though.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 10:24 Most places you've likely seen are bluer or more purple.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 10:35 *nods* Most places are.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 10:36 I've seen some dark green or crimson night skies in my travels as well.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 10:44 I personally love seeing something similar to aurora borealis shimmering almost constantly across the bright sky. I mean, Kvetti's sun is already something, but that... it's truly breathtaking.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 10:46 Depending on the time of day, the sky shifts from a soft blue to aquamarine, to some softer shades of purple. Night is a whole different story.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 10:49 *nods a bit* I see...well, I suppose I look at the Panthean sky with nostalgia.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 10:54 Sort of the same with Kvetti.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.11 11:03 I remember the Kvettian skies...they were rather remarkable compared to many other places I've been.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.11 20:23 I'll have to show you what I've been referring to sometime. I'm certain you've never seen the place.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 04:41 Oh...so the skies are different in other parts of Kvetti?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 04:51 Yep. Very different.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 05:34 Sounds lovely...I'd love to see what you're talking about sometime.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 06:42 *walks quietly with him for a few minutes**then says:* I'm sorry if I seem awkward tonight sometimes...it's just a bit difficult to avoid thinking about certain things that have happened...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 06:55 I understand. It's perfectly alright.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 07:19 I don't expect you to drop everything else that's been on your mind.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 07:19 I'm trying to anyway...I don't want to ruin anything...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 07:29 What could you ruin?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 07:32 *hesitates, thinking about how to answer, then shakes her head and leans against Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 07:43 *walks in silence practically the rest of the way*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 08:20 *stops leaning against him and looks around once the trees thin out and the beach is revealed, though she doesn't let go of his hand*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 08:51 *stares out at the beach* I don't... Think I've ever visited this place before..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 09:01 When I was young I used to come here to think, or when my friend Ophelia wanted to go swimming.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 09:05 The beaches down south around or in the desert are pure white...these ones aren't, but I still love them.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 09:18 Still a beautiful scene..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 09:29 *nods in agreement and leans against him again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 09:57 *takes a deep breath, enjoying the air by the ocean* What now, huh? Continue walking? Just find a place to sit? I can go with whatever you want to do.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 10:05 I'm fine with staying here...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 10:14 Okay. *finds a good place to sit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 10:23 *sits down next to him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 10:28 *continues to lean against him, looking up at the sky for a minute**then glances over at him a couple times*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 10:34 *has his eyes closed for a couple of minutes, but the feeling of eyes on him make him open them again. Turns to Aedona and smiles*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 10:36 *looks at him and smiles back at him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 10:38 It doesn't matter of you've been awkward. I've been enjoying tonight either way. Just hope you have, as well.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 10:41 *if
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 10:43 Of course I have. *hugs him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.12 10:45 *hugs her back as best he can from his position* I'm glad..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.12 10:48 *doesn't let go*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.12 11:13 *meanwhile, she spends the rest of the afternoon/night at Siegfried's place**tries to get along with Wren the best she can*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.12 18:34 *wren keeps her distance for much of the time Eira is there, but somewhat makes an effort to talk to her eventually*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.12 20:31 (In case you come online before tonight I sent something to Hangouts)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 04:23 *keeps her tone gentle whenever she speaks to Wren*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.13 08:29 *as the night continues, they decide to head back to Aedona's house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 09:49 ~THE NEXT MORNING...~
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 09:52 *wakes up**she slept in Pierce's room**heads to the kitchen and tries to make breakfast as quietly as she can*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.13 09:58 Wren: *is still fast asleep in her room* *Siegfried's door is still shut. It's unclear if he is back home or not*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:00 *isn't sure whether Wren will wake up anytime soon, but she tries to prepare something for her anyway*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:02 *checks her phone for texts from Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:02 *while cooking, of course&*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:03 **
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:09 *has sent a number of texts, mostly little updates. Most recent just says "good morning"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:13 *sends back a text saying "Morning! How was your sleep?"*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:15 "It was alright. Slept through the night this time. How about yours?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:16 "Mine was okay too. Woke up once. I'm making an omelette. What are you having?"
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:20 "I'll eat something at lunch. Nothing seemed appealing except a glass of juice."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:27 "Alright. How's your workday today? More meetings?"
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:39 "One more meeting today from what I know."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:43 "Okay. After that?"
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:55 Q
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:55 (Oop)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 10:55 (Yeah I can't stay awake more than a few minutes)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 11:01 [Alright. I'm going to bed now then. 'Night!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 11:02 *]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.13 15:17 "I plan on going home."
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.13 18:12 Wren: *comes out of her room and into the kitchen. She freezes for a moment, not remembering that Eira stayed the night. Opens her mouth but doesn't say anything*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 19:57 *notices Wren and turns toward her, smiling gently* Hi...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 19:57 [God freaking dang it to heck]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 19:58 [I now regret the time skip. Aedona was supposed to tell Mayhem that she loved him while they were on the beach. Oh well...let's say that happened right after she hugged him and you can tell me his reaction on Hangouts.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.13 19:58 [She would've just said "I love you" while hugging him.]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.13 20:03 (Okay)
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.13 20:04 Wren: Hi...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 03:40 Want some breakfast?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 03:42 Wren: *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 04:06 You like omelettes?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 04:12 Wren: *nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 04:14 *walks in the front door* Sorry I didn't come back last night! *goes to the kitchen* Good morning, nonetheless.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 04:28 Morning. You hungry?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 04:53 *turns to Wren* What do you like with your omelettes? Cheese? Vegetables?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 04:54 I am. You don't need to make anything for me, though..
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 04:55 Wren: .... Cheese, please...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 04:55 No, it's fine. You want an omelette too?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 04:56 ...Sure, I guess.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 04:57 What kind?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 05:01 Just a plain one.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:03 Alright. *prepares the omelettes for them and puts them on the table once she's done*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 05:05 *takes a seat* Thank you..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 05:06 *Wren sits down as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:07 *sits down and texts Saxon before eating: "Sorry for the delay, I was making breakfast. I hope to visit you soon."*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.14 05:10 *opens his eyes, looks around for a couple moments, then yawns. Wraps his arms around Aedona and promptly falls back asleep*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.14 05:11 *wakes up about halfway**only opens her eyes a little bit for a moment and snuggles closer, then falls back asleep as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:17 *picks up a fork and takes a bite while still holding her phone with the other hand*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:22 "You don't need to apologize."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:28 *puts her fork down and texts back: "Just didn't want to worry you. When are you going to have to go?"*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:29 "Meeting is in two hours."
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:43 "Oh, okay"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 05:50 *puts her phone on the table and eats, often glancing down at her phone to check for replies*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 06:00 I'm sorry nothing exciting happened yesterday. I should have tried to come back sooner.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 06:02 *shakes her head* Don't be sorry...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 06:03 I'm just...still trying to figure out whether I should tell Dad...I mean, I should, but...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 06:04 Tell your dad what? If I may ask, of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 06:05 I mean...about Nixon... *glances at Wren*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 06:11 Oh, that... right. I can't really answer that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 06:30 Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 07:02 *shakes her head a little* I probably shouldn't have brought it up...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 07:50 There was nothing wrong with doing so.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 07:51 *shrugs her shoulders*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 07:51 This is just my responsibility...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 07:57 ...I think I'd rather tell him in person...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 07:57 I don't know how I'd explain how I know...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 08:44 How might it affect him to tell him now?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 08:58 He and Nixon go way back...I don't really want to hurt him...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 09:07 I see..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 09:26 I just feel like this is something important that he should know...but I'm not sure.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.14 09:28 It is important, but timing is key.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 09:52 *nods* I know...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Oct.14 10:18 This is just something I'll have to figure out...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.14 10:46 ~HOURS LATER...~
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.14 16:15 *wakes up again but this time gets out of bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 03:49 *wakes up**watches him get up and then closes her eyes again for a few moments**then rolls onto her stomach and stretches her arms, fingers, and back, her movement reminiscent of a cat*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 03:50 *yawns and rolls back over, looking over at him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 05:03 Good morning.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 05:06 Morning. *hesitates, noting how light it is* Is it morning?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 05:07 Probably not.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 05:09 *nods and sits up, rubbing her eyes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 05:11 This might have been the latest I've slept in in a long time.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 05:24 Same with me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 05:25 *smiles slightly as she looks at him, looking a little shy*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 05:40 *looks a little confused* Everything alright?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 05:42 *nods* Yes.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 07:59 Anything in particular you want for breakfast?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:01 *shrugs her shoulders* I'll let you decide. You always know best when it comes to food.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 08:09 Alright, then. *goes out to the kitchen and starts cooking*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:16 *gets out of bed and gets dressed into something loose/casual*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:25 *goes into the kitchen and looks at what he's making*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:26 *sidles up beside him and puts her left arm around him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 08:32 Well hi there. *puts his right arm around Aedona, working with just his left*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:34 *leans her head against him, smiling* Hi.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:38 Looks good. *;ooks up at him and holds up her right hand a bit* Need some help?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:38 *looks
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 08:45 If you don't mind. Pick up anywhere you see fit.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 08:50 *helps him the best she can with her right hand*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.15 09:29 *soon breakfast is finished*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.15 18:18 *loads both of the plates and takes them to the table*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 04:13 *gets some eating utensils and sets them on the table**also gets some drinks (water, juice) and brings them and some glasses, then sits down*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 04:38 *sits down as well* Thank you for the help.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 04:42 No problem.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 05:09 *sips some water, hesitating and not looking at him**finally glances at him and says:* Yesterday was wonderful...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 05:11 I'm happy you thought so... I really enjoyed myself..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 05:24 What will you be doing today?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 05:29 Nothing much other than working on the house. Unless of course you have something else in mind.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 05:30 It's still the weekend. I can help you out with that.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 05:33 I'd appreciate that.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 05:37 *had been looking shy again when she sat at the table, but that look goes away**eats her breakfast*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 05:43 *eats his breakfast, often gkancing at Aedona, trying to read her better*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 05:47 *notices him looking at her more**says after pausing to drink:* Everything alright?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 05:49 Yes, of course. I just want to find out if I'm doing things right.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 06:00 Of course you are...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 07:30 *nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 07:42 I'm just...thinking, that's all. *finishes her breakfast*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 08:12 Thinking?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 08:16 *looks down at her plate**puts her empty cup on it* About what happened. *gets up and moves her plate and whatnot to the sink*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 08:19 What about it? *takes a sip of his drink*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 08:46 It doesn't really matter...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 08:48 It doesn't?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 08:51 It'd sound silly.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 08:53 So what if it does?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 09:08 I just wondered...how I was...to you, I mean...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 09:23 Let me put it this way... You exceeded my already high expectations. Now I could ask you the same question.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 09:38 I uh... *chuckles, scratching the back of her neck*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 09:40 *turns back towards him* And I have the same answer as you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 09:43 *just smiles*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 09:50 *smiles back at him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 09:56 ...We don't have to work on your house if you don't want to.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 09:57 *finishes his drink* I'm a bit surprised that I've still got it. It's been awhile, after all.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 09:57 *said that, of course, bedore Aedona continued*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 09:58 Oh? You got something in mind?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 10:04 *shrugs her shoulders* Nothing in particular.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 10:08 Nothing at all, huh? Well I can try and think of some things..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 10:18 Oh...?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 11:09 I don't know this place so well... Hmm... I do know it should be fairly early morning on Kvetti.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.16 11:27 You want to go there?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.16 16:34 I'd sure like to go. If you want to, we can go right away. Cadmael can meet us there, too.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.17 05:01 Sounds fine. I'll just get into something less casual first.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.17 05:17 *goes and gets into her normal outfit, then rejoins him around the kitchen*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.17 06:49 Let's get going, then?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.17 07:11 *nods*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.17 07:13 *teleports them both to Kvetti* The grassy fields at the base of the mountain are a soft lavender color*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.17 07:38 [Has Aedona seen this before?]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.17 07:48 (nope)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.17 08:06 *stares at the grass* ...Wow...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.17 08:09 There are patches of light green grass near the flatlands of the mountain peaks that smell like lemongrass.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.17 08:31 It's beautiful...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.17 09:08 It really is... The skies move and change all the time, too.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.17 09:50 *looks up at the sky at the mention of it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.17 10:15 It's still a softer blue right now, but the color moving through it is always fun to see.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.18 04:13 Yeah.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.18 05:54 It's wonderful.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.18 19:35 *starts walking through the grass, toward the mountain*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.18 23:39 *follows him* Whose domain is this? Yours?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 00:50 Yes, It's mine. Hardly anyone has been around these parts.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 00:55 How come?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:02 (Frig I was pettign a cat)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:02 It's well protected.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:03 Not by me, of course. The locals protect their home almost mercilessly.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:05 [XD ^.^ It's fine.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:05 Oh...do people come to try to kill them?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:07 No. They're simply very territorial.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:11 Huh...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:13 It's a good thing you never tried exploring this place alone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:13 Will we be seeing any of them?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:16 Naturally. Give or take a couple of minutes.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:23 *nods* Will they not mind me since you're here?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:24 They'll still be wary, but no they will not mind once I talk to them.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:24 *sure enough, about a minite later, fast-approaching footsteps are heard and they are quickly stopped by four tall bipedal goat creatures, one of which has wings on its back.*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:25 *every one of them wears at least some sort of pants, except the one with wings, who wears a full set of robes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:27 *looks up at them curiously and calmly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:27 [I forget, which ones are supposed to have wings? Is it only ones of a particular gender or rank?]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:29 *three of the creatures have vaguely gun-shaped chunks of wood slung over their shoulders*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:29 (Females have wings)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:30 They're a bit taller than I remember...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:31 *glances at the chunks of wood, but makes sure these glances are especially quick and subtle*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:31 [So Mayhem having wings is sort of like Cadmael being calico.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 01:32 [I gtg now. See you later!]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:36 *the winged Skotadi steps forward and kneels, bowing her head and holding her arm across her chest. The other three do the same*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 01:36 (I will be sending a video clip that explains what I was trying to describe)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 04:50 *looks slightly surprised**just rests her hands in front of her, holding them together*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 05:14 *repeats the action, but does not kneel*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.19 05:23 *the winged Skotadi stands up again. She looks at Aedona* I see...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 05:31 *is a bit confused but maintains her silence*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.19 05:34 *she looks at Mayhem* You have given up your status.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 05:34 *clicks his tongue* Maybe.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 05:41 *glances at Mayhem and back at the winged Skotadi*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.19 07:08 Never imagined you would.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 07:09 Nor had I.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 07:13 *smiles a little, trying not to look awkward*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.19 18:13 Have you yet explained courtship or are you both too human for that?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 18:14 I... have not.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 19:55 ["Explained courtship?" XD 0_o]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 19:56 [In a few minutes I'll have to attend a live online class meeting but that phrase has gotten me curious enough to post. XD]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 19:56 *is confused**looks at Mayhem for an explanation*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 20:17 (Traditions in the society)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 21:32 [Skotadi courtship traditions?]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.19 21:32 [Brain: "Things are about to get funky"]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 22:48 (OMG baby quail)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 22:55 I'm not ready for that. Their courtship rituals are sort of like their marriage. Skotadi have marriage similar to humans, but before then is a public ritual event which not only proves to the people that the couple is true, but it strengthens the bond,
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.19 22:55 more often than not.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 03:40 Aedona, this is one of the
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 03:40 (OOP That last thing was preloaded on my laptop and I meant to get rid of it.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 06:17 [Baby quail?! :D]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 06:17 *nods* I see...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 06:23 *wonders what the rituals entail*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 06:35 *decides to just ask* What happens in the ritual?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 07:26 There is a belief amongst the Skotadi that through a series of tests, they prove they are meant to be, and by the end they are more in tune with one another. I only remember one part in particular and it involves a red wire. You know that superstition
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 07:26 that you are tied to your soul mate by an invisible red wire? It's kind of like that.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 07:27 Alright...I think I heard of something like that on Earth once...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 07:41 Where are we headed now?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 07:41 Anywhere around here. The environment changes quite a lot around her.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 07:42 *here
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 07:50 *nods* I'll follow you wherever.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 09:53 For now we'll just explore the mountainside, then.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.20 10:00 *nods and follows him**after a few minutes she slides her hand into his*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 19:45 (That moment when you start considering how easily Roffe could drown people.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.20 20:51 (Check Hangouts)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.21 18:28 (If I post anything it'll be on the other rp)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.30 09:30 *explores the land with Aedona until later in the afternoon when Cadmael brings Jane to see them.*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.30 09:49 Mommy! Malaucay! *runs up to hug them*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.30 09:53 Hey, Jane! *hugs her* Did you have fun with Cadmael and Amy?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.30 10:19 Yeah!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.30 10:19 I still wish they could come to Urmukka.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.30 17:08 Yeah, me too.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.30 17:08 Maybe one day, but right now I don't think so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 03:53 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.31 04:55 I don't know exactly.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 04:56 *looks at Cadmael* Why can't you come to Urmukka?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 05:18 Cadmael: They don't trust me. It's alright, I don't need to be there.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 05:24 Why?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 05:24 I'm there...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 05:25 Cadmael: I know, but if I'm there then who will take care of the garden? And the mansion?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 05:32 You don't have to always be there.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 05:35 I can visit outside the valley.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 05:38 But inside the valley's nice.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 06:04 Cadmael: I bet it is.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 06:10 And I miss you and Amy sometimes.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 06:15 Cadmael: You can always come visit.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 06:21 I know...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 06:26 Cadmael: You're more than welcome to stay as long as you are allowed.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 06:31 I wish you could visit too though.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 06:38 Cadmael: I might be able to one day.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 06:43 When?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.31 06:45 That's not for us to decide.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 06:50 Can we talk to the Naedyrm again?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.31 06:51 That won't always work.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 06:59 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.31 07:03 We've all done different things that made us not allowed. Some things are less forgivable to the Naedyrm
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 07:12 Like what?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Oct.31 07:13 Enough talking, Mommy has been waiting for her hug.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 07:14 *hugs her mom**Aedona hugs her back**pulls away and says:* Like what?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 09:04 Cadmael: Like making a lot of people sick. I don't do that anymore. *shrugs*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 09:07 Why'd you do that?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 09:07 *looks alarmed/confused*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 09:15 Cadmael: It was a very long tiem ago.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 09:28 But why?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 17:36 I simply was not a good person. It was wrong. That's why I stopped. I wanted to be a better influence on Amy.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 18:06 Why weren't you a good person?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 18:16 Cadmael: That's hard to say for certain. I didn't care much for people back then. Humans are destructive and I didn't appreciate their existence. I've long since learned that they also bring a lot of good to the world.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:04 (BTW it's double XP weekend apparently. Imma be on the xbox quite a lot, taking short breaks to work on chores n stuff)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:32 [Ooo, okay. I have a lot of work to do so I probably won't be able to play until nighttime.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:32 [I've just been popping on here for a few minutes at a time as my breaks because that's all I can really afford to do.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:38 [I've also been checking the other RP BTW.]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:38 (Oop I've only been on this for the time being)
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:39 (Mirage and his ramen noodle hair)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:40 [I recommend listening to Rampart's lines while waiting for games to start. She is definitely Jane (i.e. she really has the capacity to p*** people off with her lines). Also she has a racer skin.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:40 [XD Yep.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:41 [I think it was mentioned in Rampart's lore that she races too? Not sure.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:41 [Some of her lines are rrrreeeaaaalllyyyy nasty and I love it. XD]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:42 (It would help if Respawn had more women staff XD)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:42 [I don't mind if Horizon turns out to be a great legend, I have to get Rampart next.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:43 [XD Wait, is Mirage breaking the fourth wall?]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:43 [I am confuzzled.]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:44 (We're talking about Mirage's form)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:46 [Oh XD]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:52 (We blame how there probably aren't enough women on the team)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:53 [XD Oof.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:55 [Give him a break though, he's the only legend in there who's probably even remotely close to being my type. XD]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:55 (It's a party.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:55 (Omg mood)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:57 [The rest are either too weird, too chonky, or are female (or in Bloodhound's case nobody knows). XD]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 19:57 [Or robotic for that matter.]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Oct.31 19:59 (Good to know I'm not the only one who looked at hia dating profile and said "I'd date him."
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 20:00 [XD]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 20:00 [He's too old for me but if I was forced to choose a legend to go on a date with it'd probably wind up being him.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 20:01 [I'd probably feel more comfortable with Bloodhound but eh.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 20:03 [Now I'm just imagining Quinlynn being a simp for Revenant since that's basically robot Armis. XD]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Oct.31 20:11 [Anywho, I gtg. See you later!]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.31 21:44 (Meanwhile me: 30? Not the worst gap.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.31 21:45 (His personality is so enjoyable. Y'all say Hawks is my type but Mirage is so much more endearing.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Oct.31 21:46 (Anyway I have chores to do now. Cadmael has,responded.)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.1 10:03 Humans are destructive?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.1 10:03 Jane...you know some of those stories I told you?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.1 10:03 Yeah.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.1 10:04 You remember the bad guys in them?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.1 10:04 Some of them, yeah...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.1 10:05 There are people who would do the things they did, and worse.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.1 10:06 Like he said, there are plenty of people who do bad things but also plenty of people who do good things. Thankfully you've mostly been exposed to people who do good.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.1 10:06 But Cadmael and Malaucay have both done bad things sometimes.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.1 10:07 Nobody's perfect. Sometimes a good person does bad things. That's just how life is.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.1 19:46 *nods*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.1 19:49 Cadmael: We once all severely misunderstood the world, but we've changed as we came to find that understanding. Finding our place.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.2 04:20 *still looks confused/worried/thoughtful, but nods a little* Oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.2 04:20 Okay...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.2 04:20 [I'm just popping on here for a few minutes to say that I still have a lot of reading to do so I won't be RPing, on Hangouts, playing games, etc. until it's done.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.2 04:21 [I don't know how long it'll take, but keep in mind it's tough material and I'm a slow reader, so it'll be a while. I'll most likely want to play Apex afterwards (I probably will want to play zombie mode one more time), but we'll see.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.2 18:09 (I forgot to send you the other video last. Oop. I'll send it now, I guess.)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.3 03:54 [I'll have to watch that later. :P I have a lot of work to do this week, so I will be at least an hour late again. See you soon!]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.3 18:39 (Thinking that at lunch I'll type up a bit of dialogue I'd been thinking of between Mayhem and Ophelia, also potentially some things Hagen might say to Jane sometime after he wakes up, not remembering who she is. And more.)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.3 18:40 Hey, Jane. You want to try some of the treats Skotadi make? They make some good candy.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.4 00:55 *nods*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.4 10:21 Alright, then, let's go see the locals! *looks from Aedona to Jane, then changes into his canine form* It'll be much easier to climb this way. *crouches low enough for both of them to climb onto his back*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.4 10:25 *hops on immediately**Aedona hesitates, then follows*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.4 10:29 Hold on tight. The climb is rough.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.4 10:30 Where should I hold on? I don't want to cause you discomfort.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.4 10:34 I'll be just fine.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.4 10:49 Well...alright.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.4 10:49 *grabs onto tufts of his mane like they're reins*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.4 18:12 (Welp. So much for Hagen's pride. If there even was any)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.5 05:26 *starts climbing the steep mountainside, Cadmael following close behind, having changed to his feline form*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.5 08:11 *leans forward and holds on*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.5 19:20 *after a long climb up the mountain they reach a large, almost primitive, yet modern-looking settlement. Several buildings have stairs up the sides and bridges from roof to roof*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.5 22:06 (I won the first game I played on season 7)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.5 23:38 (I may or may not have begun ACTUALLY expanding upon Litho's power)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.6 05:02 *looks around very curiously, trying to get a glimpse at everything*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.6 19:39 *bipedal goat creatures stroll down,the paths from building to building*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.6 19:53 What are those?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.6 19:53 The Skotadi.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.6 23:03 They're goat creatures. Might be a little intimidating, but they're generally quite kind.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.6 23:04 (Oh gosh- Too much Gordon Ramsay on my youtube recommends. It's British Mayhem)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:42 [XD You mean not enough British Mayhem Youtube recommends?]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:43 *adjusts the collar of her shirt unconsciously/uncomfortably*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:44 [Oh heck, I just remembered something. I think I found a voice for Mayhem. I forgot to tell you last night. Let me see if I can look up a clip of this guy...]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:47 [I've seen the first few episodes of The Queen's Gambit (so far I absolutely love the show) and there's a character in it named Townes who so far has been a pretty nice guy/a really good sport.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:48 [I had a sudden moment while he was speaking where I was like "Huh, potential Mayhem voice?" His voice isn't super deep or anything, but I had a moment where it just seemed fitting.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:54 [Found the scene: https://youtu.be/vSLvYRVuuIw There's not much talking, so if you want to skip so you can hear Townes' voice then go ahead. He speaks once a little bit past 1:25 and speaks again a bit past 1:55.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:57 [I don't consider this Mayhem's canon voice now or anything, just a potential candidate.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 19:58 [I found this scene really relatable BTW. I've had to play people that I'm fond of and I feel conflicted about winning against them. There are certain kinds of chess players who are basically chill/friendly with everyone even if they have to play against
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 20:00 them, and then there are certain kinds of chess players who have to view the opponent as the enemy in order to play at their best. I've found it harder to play against people I like, so I'm probably in the latter group.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.7 20:01 [Townes is pretty much the one guy in that tournament who's been nice and encouraging to her. I could relate quite a bit to the slight reluctance Harmon showed when having the play him.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.7 20:33 They look cool..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.8 05:58 *smiles* I'm glad you think so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.9 04:03 [I have a lot of reading to do, so I will be late tonight. XP]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.9 16:35 (Litho has a point... A very good point.)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.13 10:09 *they go and get candy**helps herself to some while still sitting on Mayhem's back; Aedona, meanwhile, as dismounted*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.13 10:12 *has a bag of his own treats saved for later*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.13 10:23 *has been working out little puzzles that release the candy when she solves them*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.13 10:30 *finds aplace to lie down as the sun begins to set, causing the sky to rapidly shift from color to g
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.13 10:30 *to color *
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.13 10:31 *the color shift only lasts a few minutes before it settles on a single pallet*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.13 10:35 *watches the sky* Wow...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.13 10:35 *is sitting and leaning against Mayhem*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.13 10:36 *watches the sunset a bit, but is more focused on her puzzles*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.13 15:25 *slips his hand into Aedona's as he watches the dark sky fill with varying degrees of colorful light, very much like aurora borealis*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.14 00:18 *stares at the sky in awe**gives his hand a squeeze*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.14 00:19 *the light catches her attention**looks up at it* Whoa...what's making it do that?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.14 01:22 The sun is. Kvetti's solar system has a special sun, more powerful than most. The sun is always letting off streams of energy which hit the atmosphere, causing the lights. Because we are so close to the sun, we see these lights every single night.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.14 01:22 At least up here in the mountains.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.14 03:16 Cool!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.14 03:23 Are there more suns like this?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.14 03:23 [I have a lot of work to do and will be late tonight. :P]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.14 08:23 Only a few.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.14 09:52 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.14 09:56 They're just rare
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.14 19:03 Would they be as fascinating if they could be found everywhere?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.14 23:46 Not really...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.14 23:57 Exactly. Though there are solar systems with planets that revolve around different kinds of stars. For instance, Auceaster is on the far end of a system that revolves around a radio star.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.15 07:06 What's a radio star?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.15 07:53 It's an extremely bright star with a massive black hole in the center. It's difficult for foreigners to live on any planet in that system because of the energy it creates.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.15 08:53 Oh...wasn't Mommy a foreigner?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.15 09:23 She was, but she's also not a regular human.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.15 10:27 And neither are you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.15 10:27 I got really tired when wandering out into the woods once...was it because of the radio star?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.15 10:28 *looks back at her* When was this?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.15 10:29 Like...years ago. You guys found me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.15 10:29 Oh...that...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.15 10:50 I'm not certain.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.15 10:51 Usually a god can handle the area fairly well. Then again you are a demigod... And not of Irakurrian origin... Who knows?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.16 09:25 Why aren't I a god?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.16 09:25 Because your father wasn't one. But we can change that if you want to.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.16 09:32
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.16 09:35 *pauses for a few moments, lost in thought*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.16 09:41 We can?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.16 09:41 When the time is right.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.16 09:41 How?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.16 09:42 Demigods can be promoted to god status. It just requires the right kind of magic spell from the right kind of god. You'd have to be taken to the realm of the other gods.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.16 10:01 *falls onto his back, looking at the sky, still thinking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.16 10:21 Is that like...the place where grandma lives?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.16 10:21 Yes, exactly.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.16 10:21 That place is cool. Cadmael took me there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.17 05:35 [I just want to let you know that I've been doing homework and have 3 assignments left to complete. One assignment is easy and the other two are almost finished, so they shouldn't take hours to do. I will probably want to play Apex once I'm done.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.23 06:09 Oh? When was this?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.23 06:09 Like, yesterday.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.23 06:34 I see...was there anyone you met other than grandma?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.23 06:50 I met a big horse with wings named Elius!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.23 06:50 He was really nice.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.23 06:52 Oh, that's nice.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.23 07:29 *glances over at Mayhem, wondering what he's thinking*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.23 09:45 *snaps out of his thoughts and looks at Aedona* Hm?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.23 10:22 *looks back at Mayhem* What?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.23 10:28 You say something?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.23 10:30 Um--I was talking to Jane.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.23 10:36 Oh. Alright.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.23 10:56 I met grandma and her horse!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.23 18:08 So that's what you two were up to. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.24 00:23 Yeah, it was!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.24 00:24 [I will most definitely be late tonight. I'm actually not completely certain I'll make it on. Something came up that took up time that I would've ordinarily used to do schoolwork, and now I still have a lot of schoolwork to do.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.24 06:49 I'm certain you can visit more often if you just ask. He hardly has any real tasks other than tending to his creatures. Besides, he loves having you around. So does Amy.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.24 08:31 I've asked a lot.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.24 09:57 Have you, now? Come to think of it you may have... We'll work something out.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.24 10:16 *nods, looking hopeful* Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.25 07:17 [Well, it's been 3 hours and we still haven't finished the 15 minute presentation. XP I hope we can finish this before 1 AM CT.]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 08:23 Well now you can see why my pallet is what it is. It often reflects the night sky.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.26 10:21 *nods* It's beautiful.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 10:27 *just smiles. Takes a deep breath of the mountain air and closes his eyes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.26 10:36 *scooches over to Mayhem so she's practically up against him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 10:41 It'll be getting cold soon.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.26 10:43 I don't feel that cold yet...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.26 10:43 I'm getting chilly.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 10:46 Whatever you two want to do, I'm fine with.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.26 10:48 Do you guys have a coat?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 10:51 You can take mine if you want.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.26 10:53 *looks at Mayhem* You sure? I'd rather stay, but we can go somewhere warmer if we have to.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 10:54 I'm used to the cold up here. At the very least I can stand it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.26 10:57 Alright...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 11:00 I would like to stay out here longer. *sits up and unbuttons his suit jacket. Gives it to Jane*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.26 11:01 *takes it* Thanks. *puts it on**looks small in it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.26 11:02 *looks at Mayhem for a couple moments before looking back at the sky*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.26 11:02 *lies back down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.26 11:18 *sighs through her nose, glancing over at Cadmael*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.26 11:21 Cadmael: *is just lying down in feline form, staring at nothing in particular*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.26 11:29 *messes with her puzzles a bit more for a few minutes and then says to Cadmael:* Why couldn't you bring Amy?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.26 11:31 Cadmael: I do not wish to overstay my welcome. The Skotadi are wary enough that I'm here. They'd not appreciate a second feline.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.27 09:19 Why? Malaucay likes you and Amy.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 09:21 Cadmael: Malaucay isn't always here. The way they see it is if they just let a bunch of cats roam around just because Malaucay likes them, soon the cats will start wanting more from them. It's a precautionary thing.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.27 09:27 It's stupid, though...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 09:30 Not really. It's an understandable standpoint.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.27 09:37 But if Malaucay says you're okay then they should also think you're okay.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 09:39 Malaucay isn't around enough for that verdict to mean much
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.27 10:09 *sighs*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 10:11 It is what it is.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 10:11 She's okay with being at home, anyway.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.27 10:13 Doesn't she get lonely?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 10:15 Not when she's only going to be alone for a few hours.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 10:15 She likes her time alone.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.27 10:45 Huh...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 10:50 *yawns and rolls over* I'm about ready to go home.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.27 11:24 Already?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.27 11:27 I know it's early, but I want to get an early start on my tasks in the Midden tomorrow.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.28 00:39 *looks a bit despondent*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.28 03:59 You're welcome to join me, granted you're given permission
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.28 05:06 *looks at Jane* You want to go with Cadmael?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.28 05:06 *shrugs her shoulders* I guess...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.28 05:07 It's okay if you do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.28 05:07 *tries to focus on a puzzle, still looking a bit sad*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.28 09:17 Amy's coming with me tomorrow.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.28 11:38 Where are you going tomorrow?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.28 18:59 The Midden, of course. From there... Dunno. I was going to leave that up to Amy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.29 03:42 *looks concerned*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.29 04:15 *rolls back over* It's perfectly safe down there. At least while I'm there.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.29 04:15 Besides... Many of the creatures already know Jane. She's fine.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.29 04:17 *just sighs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.29 04:28 Jane, I'll leave who you go with up to you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.29 09:25 I don't know...I guess I'll go with Cadmael...I guess...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.29 09:35 Give Malaucay more time. We'll get him to join us eventually. *stretches*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.29 09:47 *shrugs her shoulders and messes with a puzzle*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.29 09:50 I think I'll head home now, though. Amy probably wants me to watch a movie with her.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.29 11:10 *looks a bit surprised* Oh...okay... *gets up**hesitates, and then walks over to Mayhem and Aedona and puts an arm around each of them, giving them both a hug*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.29 19:38 *leans into the hug* Goodnight, Jane. Love you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.29 21:22 *kisses the side of Jane's head* I love you. Enjoy the movie.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.29 21:23 Love you too... *lets go of them after a few moments and walks over to Cadmael*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.29 22:05 You and Amy can fight over what we watch. *looks at Aedona and Mayhem* Goodnight, you two. *teleports away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.29 23:52 Goodnight! *said that before Cadmael left, obviously*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.29 23:56 *sighs* Perhaps we should plan some more activities that include both Cadmael and Amy.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.29 23:56 I don't think she wants to choose who she spends the days with like this.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.30 00:15 We probably should.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.30 00:24 Another time, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.30 00:35 *nods* Another time. *snuggles up against him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 00:39 *only realizes she's still wearing Mayhem's coat when she arrives with Cadmael* Oh--I forgot to give this back.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 00:39 *arrives at the mansion
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Nov.30 01:27 Cadmael: I'm sure he will survive the night without it.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Nov.30 01:54 *turns over and kisses her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Nov.30 05:34 *puts her arms around him and kisses him back*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 05:46 *winds up arguing with Amy about what movie they watch, though she seems uncharacteristically subdued and gives in to Amy's choice**the movie provides her with a distraction for the next few hours, after which it's time for bed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 05:47 *doesn't have much to distract her from her thoughts**pets her Naedyrm for a while before heading outside with her journal*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 05:49 *sits by the lake and tries to write for a while**sighs and ends up staring out at the lake, thinking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 05:51 *eventually, she frowns with determination and rises**crosses the lake on the stepping stones and goes out into the woods*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 05:53 *doesn't get far into the woods when she suddenly feels tired and woozy, but she forces herself onward*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:08 *eventually feels like she's having a hard time getting enough air and has to sit down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:08 *thinks for a little bit, and then yells "Exodus" several times*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:12 *stops to catch her breath and thinks some more**tries various other ways of calling a pet, including clapping and whistling*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 06:15 Exodus: *the ground shakes for several moments before she shows up. She stares down at Jane, then tilts her head curiously, confused that she's alone*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:18 *gets up a bit unsteadily* Hi...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:19 You remember me?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 06:20 Exodus: *leans down as close as she can to Jane's level*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:27 I want to talk to Litho.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 06:31 Exodus: *opens her mouth*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:39 *hesitates, a bit confused**remembers what her mother and Mayhem have told her about commuting to the city and tries to climb into Exodus' mouth*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 06:42 *once Jane is in a safe spot, she closes her mouth and burrows deep into the ground. It doesn't take more than several minutes to travel through her tunnels to the city. Once resurfaced, Exodus lets Jane go and awaits her response*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:45 *brushes herself off, feeling a bit woozier**looks up at the city and turns back to Exodus* Thank you!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 06:54 Exodus: *burrows back into the ground*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 06:58 *walks into the city*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 09:29 *inside the city, it's clear there are people around. Music can be heard from several places and light appears to be emitting from a few blocks away*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 09:50 *looks rather confused at all the noise**walks down a street towards the light, looking around at the places that music is coming from*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 10:01 *a few people stumble into the street, clearly drunk*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 10:21 *pauses and stares at the drunkards**tries to dodge around them and continue towards the light*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 10:31 *two of them pass out, the other braces himself against a wall*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 10:33 *curiously peeks in on one of the places the drunkards stumbled out of*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 10:46 *the guy who had braced himself turns to face Jane* Hey, you're not supposed to be out here..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 10:48 *looks up at the guy, wide-eyed, and backs away a few steps, not liking the way he smells*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 10:52 Where's Litho?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 10:57 Drunkard: *pushes off the wall and stumbles a couple steps toward her* Litho? That guy? H*** if I know. *coughs* Are you lost?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 10:58 I want to talk to Litho.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 11:00 Drunkard: *straightens himself out as much as possible* I'll help you find him. *grabs her hand*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 11:02 *immediately tries to yank her hand out of his* Don't touch me!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 11:05 Drunkard: Shhshushushushhh... I'm trying to help you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 11:08 *struggles to break free* Let go!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Nov.30 11:11 Drunkard: I'm not going to hurt you, just calm down! *pulls back, trying to walk down the street with her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 11:15 I already went that way, he's not there!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Nov.30 11:19 *appears in an alley and steps out to meet the guy. Grabs him by the shirt collar and pulls him away from Jane*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 23:21 *gets yanked with the guy before breaking free and falls down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 23:22 *looks up at Litho and the drunkard*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Nov.30 23:24 [Considering that Litho and Jane have similar hair, I wonder who the drunkard thinks Jane is.]
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 06:58 *switches his graps to the guy's neck and mutters something to him. His grip tightens as his gaze grows colder*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 07:00 Litho! *scrambles to her feet*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 07:15 *flinches as a sort of response, but continues choking the guy. At this point his nails have dug deep enough into the skin to cause bleeding.*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:21 *sees the blood**her eyes get wide**runs up and puts her arms around Litho, pulling on him* Litho stop!!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 09:30 *doesn't look away* No.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:33 Stop!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 09:38 Jane, he wanted to hurt you. Drunk or not, I will not allow it.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.1 09:39 *the guy does not appear drunk anymore, just terrified*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:42 Let him go!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:43 *starts hitting Litho* He's bleeding! Stop it now!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 09:44 *grimmaces, then reluctantly drops the guy, who falls to his knees, coughing, holding his throat*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:46 *backs away from Litho, looking at the guy, then back at Litho*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 09:48 *glares down at the guy, his hand twitching.* You shouldn't have come here alone, Jane.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:49 I came with Exodus.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 09:51 You are HERE. Alone.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:53 I wanted to talk to you and no one else would take me here.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 09:55 *sighs* You could have gotten seriously hurt. *gestures for her to come to him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 09:59 *hesitates, looking moodier and glancing at the guy**then walks over to Litho*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:01 *puts his hand on her head and teleports them both to his room. He jumps onto and sits cross-legged on the edge of his bed* What's up?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:02 *hesitates again, looking agitated* You keep...you keep hurting people!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:04 That man more than deserved to be killed on the spot.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:07 Why is he--why are people in your city?!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:08 I miss having people here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:11 But we had to leave because of you!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:13 What did I do? I never hurt you. I would have never attacked your mother or Malaucay if they'd have just trusted me.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:16 What did my grandpa do?!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:17 *doesn't respond*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:17 He didn't do anything to hurt you and neither did Mommy or Malaucay! You just hurt them! Why?!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:20 They tried to take people I like away from me.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:21 You hurt people you like too!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:23 We had to leave because you keep hurting and killing people and now Mommy has to live in a house I don't like and I can't see Cadmael and Amy there!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:24 I want to be with Malaucay and Mommy and Cadmael and Amy and Eira and grandpa all together and I can't because of what you did!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:24 *once again doesn't respond*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:25 *is yelling at this point and taking very few breaks to catch her breath**winds up gasping after that last sentence*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:26 And Mommy's sad a lot of the time and I don't want to say anything that'd make her more upset! I don't want to say anything that makes any of them more upset!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:28 So I'm either with Mommy or with Malaucay or with Cadmael and Amy but they're never all together anymore and I hate it!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:29 *there are tears in her eyes* And what did grandpa do?! Why did you kill him?!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:31 I lost control. The thrill was too much for me in the mental state I was in.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 10:34 I don't understand!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 10:56 Of course you don't. I hope you never do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 11:03 *grabs something nearby (some decorative object) and throws it**her throw is wild so it misses him by a lot**yells louder:* I don't understand!!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 18:39 *the object breaks. Litho doesn't even flinch* I don't know what you want from me? An apology? An acknowledgement that what I did was wrong? Because it was. He did not deserve what he got.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 21:52 Then why did you do it?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.1 21:55 [I was wondering where she got the proclivity for throwing things when she's really angry/upset since she grew up in a non-violent household. Then I remembered when Mayhem threw a glass out of rage...]
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 21:57 (Yep)
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.1 22:03 I don't really know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.2 10:13 Why?!!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.2 11:01 I don't know
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.2 11:09 *puts her hands over her face* I don't understand!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.2 18:23 You're trying to understand what even I have trouble comprehending. I had no reason to do what I did, other than I was not well. I am not well.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 04:23 Why? What's wrong with you?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 04:24 [BTW, things tonight will probably be the same as last night: I'll be hours late (I'm going to go back to work after making this post) and will probably end up playing games and chatting for a few hours as a break before going back to studying again.]
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 09:43 *doesn't answer*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 09:50 What's wrong with all of you?! *goes to throw another object but fumbles while trying to grab it, knocking it onto the floor**kicks the object and storms out of the room*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 09:51 Jane! Please don't go out there! *jumps off the bed and runs after her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 10:06 *keeps running* I want to go home!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 10:08 *catches her down the hall* Don't leave yet! Please... I'll... I'll take you back to Malaucay's house, just... Stay a little longer...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 10:20 I want to go home to Malaucay, Mommy, Cadmael, and Amy but I can't because they're all separate! I want to live where I used to but they won't allow it because of you!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 10:22 That was solely their choice. They should know by now that I wouldn't hurt you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 10:28 But you hurt them!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 10:29 I did.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 10:32 And you'd just keep hurting them!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 10:33 I can leave them be if they'd just let me do my own thing.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 10:39 Grandpa let you do your own thing, didn't he?!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 10:44 When I took him, he caught me on a bad day while I was trying to make it better. I had tried offering him food and a seat, yet he declined both. That was enough for me that day.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 10:51 *looks at him in disbelief and tries to tear away from him*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 10:56 *holds her tighter* Please... I missed you... I'm not ready to let you go yet... I'll take you back, I'm just... Not ready...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 10:57 *sounds like she's about to cry* You killed my grandpa because he wouldn't eat!?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 11:00 Let go of me! I hate you!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 11:06 I didn't mean to go that far...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 11:11 *squirms and pushes away from him hard* Let go of me!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 11:22 I don't want to be alone tonight....
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 11:31 *tries to break free by blasting him with magic*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 11:36 *loosens his grip for a few moments* .... I didn't mean to...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 11:40 *breaks free as soon as his grip loosens and runs somewhat blindly**realizes she's brushed past him and gone back to his room**runs and hides in his closet*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 11:43 *returns to his room and sits against the bed, staring at the ground*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 11:45 *finds a place where she figures it'll be very hard to see her and sits down, wrapping her arms around her legs and letting some of her hair cover her face**goes completely silent*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 11:45 *a place in the closet
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.3 15:48 I can smell you, by the way. Please don't hide like this... I didn't mean it... I... People hurt me... That's why I hurt people... Even if I don't want to... I... I want to get better...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.3 21:48 *doesn't respond**if he listens very closely he might pick up a sniffle; otherwise she's silent*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 00:46 Please come out...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.4 07:28 *doesn't move or respond*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 07:51 You can't stay there all night.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.4 08:27 Be quiet! *is trying to sound angry, but she sounds really upset*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 08:47 Is this the only reason you came here?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.4 08:50 *goes silent again*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 08:57 *sighs* I really thought I had a strike of luck.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.4 08:59 Quiet!!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 09:06 I'll be quiet for awhile if you just come back out here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.4 09:12 No!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 09:36 ...One more night. That's all I'll ask. One more night with my friend, who I can talk and be close to. After which I'll take you home and leave you alone. You can hate me all you want.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 09:37 *talk with
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.4 09:52 *doesn't answer him*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.4 18:30 There are so many questions... Did Eira give youyour birthday gift? Did you like it?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 00:07 *has to pause a few moments to sniffle and try to make herself sound normal* Yes.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 00:47 That's good... I wish I could have given it to you myself
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 00:55 *rubs her face against her knees, wiping her face on her pants*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 00:58 I wish we could hit the arcade again...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 01:07 *doesn't respond to him*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 07:06 I just miss everything...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 09:13 *remains silent*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 09:24 It's just that... Not being judged so harshly is something I hardly ever experience...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 09:31 *if he listens closely he may hear sniffling*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 10:04 *finally stands up and goes to the closet*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 10:15 Go away! *tries to huddle behind his clothes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 10:33 *turns towards a wall, hiding her face*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 10:35 *it doesn't take any time to find Jane. He picks her up and walks out of the closet*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 10:38 *pushes against him* Put me down!!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 10:47 *ignores her. Walks out to the balcony and just stares out at the city for a minute*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 10:49 *wriggles, but she's more determined to not let him see her face more than anything else, so she winds up trying to look away from him and not resisting being carried as much*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 10:49 *her cheeks are wet and her eyes are red and puffy*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 10:57 *holds her head close to him with one hand, then teleports to her room in the mansion*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 11:04 *her breathing is unsteady as she tries not to keep crying*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 11:13 *slowly paces about the room*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.5 11:28 *lets him carry her for a minute before speaking**she sounds stuffy and somewhat calmer* Put me down...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.5 18:56 *sounds quieter* Not yet... A minute more...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 00:44 I want to get down.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.6 00:54 I know, I know.. Just... *hugs her tighter* At least you were my friend for awhile... It was a lot of fun.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 07:31 *says nothing, but doesn't resist/try to break free either*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.6 07:42 *just holds her for another minute, then puts her down* Goodbye.. *pauses* ...I'm sorry... *teleports away*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 07:44 *opens her mouth to speak just as he leaves*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 07:45 *winds up standing there for a little while, staring at where he was*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.6 07:54 *verbally snaps at anyone who comes to his room. Stares at himself in a mirror for awhile before going to his bed. Ends up crawling underneath it instead of sleeping on top*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 07:59 *sits on the floor, still staring in silence*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 09:43 *winds up quietly pondering things for hours, even when she finally gets in bed**it's almost light out by the time she falls asleep*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Dec.6 09:48 *passes out after awhile, but does not rest well*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 10:25 *wakes up late*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.6 10:27 *had returned home and begun planning a trip to Earth within the next week*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 10:31 *gets up to eat and doesn't say much*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.6 10:31 *has been alternating between spending time with Saxon and Siegfried/Wren*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.6 10:37 Cadmael: Did something happen last night, Jane?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.6 10:38 *has just finished preparing breakfast*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 10:39 *doesn't look at him**shrugs her shoulders* Not really...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.6 10:40 *gets up, yawning, and heads to the kitchen**smiles at Saxon* Hi.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.6 10:41 Cadmael: You're usually more talkative. Do I need to pay Litho a visit?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.6 10:42 *smiles* Good morning.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 10:45 Why?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.6 10:46 Morning. Smells good.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.6 10:50 Cadmael: I can smell him. He was with you sometime last night.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.6 10:51 *fidgets with her food*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.6 10:56 Help yourself.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.6 11:06 Thanks. *begins to eat*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.6 11:07 *serves himself as well*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.6 11:10 *woke up fairly early this morning*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.6 11:13 *woke up not long after Mayhem did and helped with breakfast*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.6 11:35 *offers to wash the dishes once they've eaten so Aedona can get ready for work*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.7 05:16 *nods, letting him wash the dishes**thanks him and prepares for work*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.7 09:28 *there's not too much to clean, so when he's done he just goes and sits on the couch*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.7 10:07 *doesn't take that long to get ready**goes over to him to say goodbye*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.7 10:16 *stands up to meet her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.7 10:27 Thanks for cleaning up. *reaches up to put her arms around his neck and kiss him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.7 10:31 *wraps his arms around her* Anytime. *kisses her back*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.7 10:37 *doesn't let go just yet after kissing him* I get off at *names a time in the late afternoon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.7 10:37 I can help you with your house then if you want me to.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.7 10:50 That would be nice.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.7 20:02 *nods* I'll come to your house as soon as I can once I get off work.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.8 00:32 Alright. I'll see you there, then.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.8 09:28 See ya. *gets on her tiptoes and kisses him on the cheek, then heads out, waving on the way out*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.8 09:36 *sticks around for several more minutes before deciding to leave for his own house.*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 09:48 Mm...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 09:59 Cadmael: Jane, I won't be angry that you saw him, but if he happened to hurt you in any way, I need to know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 10:08 You can't do anything...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 10:13 Cadmael: I'm one of few that probably can do something.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 10:17 You can't bring back dead people...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 10:37 Cadmael: That is not in any of our powers.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 10:50 *sighs* ...I went to see him...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 10:54 Cadmael: Alright. You didn't get the answers you wanted from him, did you? Did you expect that much from him?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 11:00 *shrugs her shoulders* I don't know...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 11:04 Cadmael: Understanding what makes him work is hard to do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 11:05 *pauses, trying to force herself to sound normal* He killed grandpa because he wouldn't eat.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 11:06 Cadmael: There might have been more to it. None of us know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 11:15 He said so...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 11:18 Cadmael: Maybe so, but that doesn't mean he told you everything.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 11:26 Why wouldn't he?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 11:30 Cadmael: There's a lot he doesn't tell anyone. He's been this way since I can remember. Though he appears to have been getting worse lately.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 11:34 I just want him to stop hurting my family...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 11:35 Cadmael: I almost think he does as well.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 20:22 But he keeps doing it...that's why we had to leave...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 21:04 Cadmael: His demeanor would be different if he really meant everything he did.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.8 22:08 Even if he didn't mean it what he did isn't okay.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 22:09 (*quickly backs out*)
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 22:10 Cadmael: Of course it still isn't okay.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.8 22:16 Cadmael: I just try to find some sort of understanding. There's so much we don't know about him, but I'm certain he was not always so temperamental. Those with more curious natures hardly ever are.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.9 00:01 Cadmael: None of this really justifies what he does, this is just my own curiosity at work.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.9 03:54 I try to understand him and I can't...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.9 03:55 [I will be late tonight. I have a bit of work to do.]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.9 04:26 Cadmael: Understanding him is something we really cannot do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.9 06:08 Why not?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.9 06:18 Cadmael: I'm not certain he even understands himself.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.9 09:58 Why wouldn't he?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.9 10:09 Cadmael: *shakes his head* I just don't know for sure. Maybe I'll never know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.9 10:17 *looks confused and frustrated*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.9 10:28 *lays out on a boulder, watching the sky*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 10:31 When will we be going to Earth?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 10:33 Next week, probably. I don't have any place to be.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 10:37 Where on Earth will we be going?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 10:40 I really do not have any place specific in mind other than my old hometown.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 10:44 Oh...I haven't been there in a while...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 10:49 Neither have I...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 10:57 *smiles bittersweetly for just a moment*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 11:02 It'll be nice to see what's been happening while I was gone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 11:12 Yeah.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:08 [I'm still a bit confused about Earth time vs. rest-of-the-universe time. Is Earth time still slower?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:10 [I recall that, on AHAW 2, she received an age boost when she went to live with Saxon since the gates between universes hadn't been established by the dragons yet and Irakurrian time was still faster. She went from 27 to 53 in a short amount of Yinyang
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:10 time.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:11 *Aedona received
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:30 (Idek anymore. I initially thought, way back when I wrote Saxon's story, that Earth passed time the same way as everywhere else and we were far in the future. But then apparently Sara grew up during one of the early world wars and is still somehow barely
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:31 older than Saxon. Idk
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:31 *)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:33 (Time was supposed to,be more understandable.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:46 [Plus Mayhem supposedly grew up in ancient Greece, and yet by the rest of the universe's standards he's been around for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of years.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:47 (The discrepancy really lies on the timeline with the war.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:47 [We could say that passage of time got balanced out when the dragons restored the link between universes. So before the dragons did that, Earth time (and perhaps time on other planets too) was a heckton slower, and then when the gates were established
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:47 Earth time became similar to the rest of the universe's.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:48 [I'm worried about this short trip on Earth lasting a h**l of a long time for everyone else.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:49 [Perhaps the link between universes had provided some sort of balance in time and space and, when it was taken away/when the dragons dispersed to different universes, that balance was gone and time became very wonky in some places.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:50 [And by wonky I mean time passage that is anomalous. Time passing differently near a black hole due to relativity is normal.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:51 (That's so confusing)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:51 [If the dragons destroying/restoring the link had this much of an effect on time, I imagine the effect was maybe magical in nature.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:51 [How so?]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:53 (That went through after the previous reply)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 20:55 (Connection in the shop isn't good)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:02 [Oof, okay. Also I'm not sure what the previous reply is.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:03 [Ohhh wait, your previous reply?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:03 [Also my replies will be really slow. I'm working on something.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:06 (The rp is super slow for me)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:11 [Ouch, alright.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:11 [So are we going to say that Earth time is similar to time on many other planets now that the gates between universes are back?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:12 [I'm worried about Saxon and Eira going to Earth for days or weeks and then months or even years pass for the other characters.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:16 [Also holy crap, I just remembered my question about Siegfried.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:17 (Probably?)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:18 (Took 6 minutes to send that through.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:22 [Oooof XP]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:23 [Alright. Also here's my question: how would Siegfried react to witnessing Eira kinda treating her mother like crap (like the last time she and her mother had a conversation)?]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:25 (Somewhat lowkey express disapproval)
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:35 (Slight chance that he could get angry)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:38 [If it was only lowkey disapproval then she'd probably ignore him, or at least pretend to.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:43 (How he reacts depends on what he sees and hears)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:44 [Ah, okay.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:45 [I'm really not sure how she'd react to anger. She'd be surprised by it at the very least.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:50 (He doesn't get angry often)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:58 [Yep.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.9 21:59 [I gtg now. See you later!]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.9 23:26 (I have ideas for what he might say, but his "angry" isn't quite what Mayhem's is. Mayhem's "angry" is a lot scarier to behold. Naturally. Siegfried is a bit different.)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.10 09:19 ...I just wish things could be like they were...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.10 09:22 *were before...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.10 10:05 Cadmael: *just nods in response*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.10 20:20 *looks a bit wary, half expecting him to be irritated or critical*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.10 20:28 Cadmael: *looks confused*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.10 22:20 *fidgets with her food some more*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.10 22:20 [I now know what the home of the liskas looks like: https://w ww.reuters.com/article/swiss-icecave/ice-cathedral-in-swiss-alps-offers-visitors-unique-show-idUSKBN28K21T ]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.10 22:21 [You'll have to remove the space in the "w ww"]
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.10 22:29 (Suddenly a dog in the room)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.11 10:33 I know I'm supposed to like Urmukka more, but...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.11 20:33 Cadmael: Just because it's safer doesn't mean you have to like it more. Out here really wasn't all that bad. I'll go as far as to say that you had nothing to worry about here. I firmly believe we could have co-existed with Litho. The problem lied with
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.11 20:42 his history. He would have never tried to hurt you. He would have never tried to hurt them if they had trusted him enough to keep,you safe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.11 23:37 They didn't trust him because he does things like what he did to grandpa.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.11 23:41 Cadmael: He's been that way for generations. He needs help, but who is going to even try? No one, as far as I know. Honestly, he's perhaps the worst person to call a lost cause.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 00:14 ...Could you help him?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 00:23 Cadmael: I'm not the type of person who could help him.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 00:56 Why? You help a lot of people and animals...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 01:32 Cadmael: The help he needs is with the mind.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 04:30 Oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 04:30 I get that, but...um...is that like...contagious?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 04:40 Cadmael: Not necessarily. Sure, if that behavior was a constant that someone grew up around, they would likely pick it up in one way or another.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 04:55 Saxon needed help...Mommy said it was because Litho did bad things...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 05:03 Cadmael: Litho did do bad things. Saxon did need help as a result.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 06:07 Malaucay and Aedona were around him a lot too...do they need help??
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 06:07 I sometimes...I sometimes think my Mommy does...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 07:46 Cadmael: They'll be alright.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 08:47 *nods*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 08:47 You won't tell her I said that, will you/
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 08:47 *?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 08:49 Cadmael: Tell her you said what?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 09:20 That I sometimes think she needs help.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 09:27 Cadmael: I don't think Litho is solely to blame for that.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 09:33 Litho...he... *scratches the back of her neck uncomfortably*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 09:34 He told me Malaucay did that...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 09:51 I didn't completely believe him...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 09:53 Cadmael: *doesn't respond*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 10:10 *looks alarmed when he doesn't respond* It's true?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 10:27 Cadmael: Malaucay was... Different. He didn't empathize or express himself well and it lead to some major problems. But he wanted to change for your mother, whether she'd ever trust him again or not.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 10:38 Why did he hurt her?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 10:40 Cadmael: He didn't physically hurt her. Among other things, he lost his temper and sent her to live in the Midden for awhile. It took a toll on her.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 10:58 *looks confused* The Midden isn't so bad...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 11:04 Cadmael: Well I'm there all those times.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 11:11 Was he with her in the Midden?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 19:05 Cadmael: No.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 20:19 What happened??
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.12 20:44 Cadmael: Probably was pursued by various creatures. Spending too much time there anyway is bad for a mortal.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.12 23:46 Mommy isn't mortal...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.13 00:21 Cadmael: Not anymore
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.13 00:21 She was mortal?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.13 00:57 Cadmael: A long time ago, yes.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.13 06:51 Why is being in the Midden too long bad?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.13 08:12 Cadmael: It's not a place where living mortals should exist. Really it's a land of the dead.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.13 09:32 Oh...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.13 09:38 Cadmael: Not everything there is evil. There are a lot of creatures who are just misunderstood.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.13 10:41 Is it like the woods?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.13 10:42 Like...how I shouldn't go in the woods in Urmukka because they belong to the animals?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.13 10:44 Cadmael: The woods are safe. Urmukkans leave the wildlife alone out of respect.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.13 11:04 Yeah...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.13 11:10 Cadmael: the Midden is full of dangers. None of which I cannot handle, though.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.13 19:46 Couldn't you help Mommy?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.13 21:24 Cadmael: No, I was still imprisoned at that point.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.14 04:06 Oh... *looks thoughtful but also a bit frustrated/confused*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Dec.14 10:02 I think I'll stay there for just over a week.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.14 10:32 Sounds good.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.14 10:35 Why was Malaucay different?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.14 10:48 Cadmael: It's a long story. He was hurting for a long time and in turn he hurt others.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.14 10:51 Is that what Litho does?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.14 11:01 Cadmael: Maybe? I really don't know for sure.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.14 11:07 He said people hurt him...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.14 11:08 Cadmael: Did he?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.14 11:09 *nods*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.14 11:17 Cadmael: That would explain a lot. I always knew his behaviors were not natural to him.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.14 21:30 He said he wants to get better...but he keeps hurting people...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.14 21:34 Cadmael: Changing to such a degree is a difficult thing to do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 01:10 Is there anything that can help him?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 04:17 Cadmael: There's always something that could be of help, to some extent. But no one wants to risk themselves to help him.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 09:26 Like what?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 09:30 Cadmael: I can't be certain. He won't really talk about what's wrong.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 09:34 He talked to me a bit...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 09:38 Cadmael: Consider yourself lucky, then. He never talks to the rest of us.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 09:39 *looks a bit worried*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 09:45 Cadmael: He's closest with Malaucay and he wont even tell him anything.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 09:51 Really?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 09:52 Cadmael: Malaucay has tried, too.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 09:54 *looks a bit guilty*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 10:03 Cadmael: *tilts his head curiously*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 10:05 ...He doesn't think we're friends anymore...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 10:08 Cadmael: *nods slowly, thinking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 10:13 *doesn't say anything, fidgeting*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 10:22 Cadmael: Well are you still friends?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 10:28 I don't know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 10:29 He's nice to me, but...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 10:35 He keeps hurting Mommy and Malaucay and we had to leave because of him...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.15 10:35 And I...really miss grandpa...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.15 19:01 Cadmael: Litho has always been a very different man when it comes to kids. He's been protective of themsince I've known him.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 04:27 Why?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 04:42 Cadmael: *shrugs* He's never explained.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 05:36 I don't get it...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 05:37 The people who need protecting are adults.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 05:40 Cadmael: The vast majority of the universe disagrees with that statement. Most adults can take care of themselves.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 05:44 Well adults are the ones always getting hurt and always getting into trouble.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 05:53 Cadmael: That's life. Everyone gets hurt. It's more important to adults that kids are not hurt.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 06:24 But kids can hurt when adults do...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 06:48 Cadmael: I know, but that typically isnt the priority.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:26 I hurt when you or Mommy or Malaucay hurts.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:31 Cadmael: That's not a bad thing. But none of us want you to get hurt or we'll hurt.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:34 *nods a little&
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:34 **
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:37 ...I don't know what to do...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:39 Cadmael: I'm not sure there really is much you can do.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:39 Cadmael: Not right now.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:39 Cadmael: You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but what did Litho have to say to you?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:42 *shrugs her shoulders uncomfortably* He said a bunch of things...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:43 He didn't want me to leave...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:45 Cadmael: Didn't want you to leave?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:47 3
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:47 (whoops)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:47 He wanted me to stay with him.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:50 Cadmael: Forever or just for the night?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:51 Just for the night.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 09:55 I wanted him to be quiet but he wouldn't...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 09:58 Cadmael: Still talks a lot..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 10:02 *sounds a bit upset* I might've left the closet by myself if he stopped talking but he just wouldn't...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 10:04 Cadmael: He wants acknowledgement.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 10:06 *sounds much more upset* I want grandpa...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 10:07 Cadmael: You can't see grandpa right now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 10:09 I know and it's because of him...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 10:10 Cadmael: Did he say anything about that?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 10:11 Kinda...yeah...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 10:15 Cadmael: *nods*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 10:20 *leans forward and folds her arms on the table, resting her chin just behind her arms, obscuring the lower half of her face*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 10:22 Cadmael: He's more likely to tell you the truth than Malaucay or myself.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 10:24 ......I know...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 10:29 I wish I didn't go...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 10:42 Cadmael: Wish you'd stayed with him?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.16 19:37 *shakes her head* Wish I didn't go to the city at all...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.16 20:26 Cadmael: Ah.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.18 09:03 ~HOURS LATER...~ *has gotten off of work and is helping Mayhem with his house*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.18 09:07 *it looks like a house from the outside, though most of this inside is bare and some walls not yet walls*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.18 09:13 *is generally apathetic when she learns it's about time to go back to Urmukka*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.18 09:33 *decides to pick up Jane and bring her straight back to his house in the making.*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.18 09:44 *is rather quiet**normally she's excited to see him, but today she isn't*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.18 09:54 *decides to keep an eye on Jane throughout the rest of the day, curious about her behavior*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.18 10:03 *helps work on the house as a means of distraction**Aedona quickly notices something is different/wrong and asks Jane questions every so often, but Jane gets irritable and brushes her off*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.18 10:24 *sighs and decides to talk to Mayhem about Jane after a while**says quietly to Mayhem:* She's unusually touchy...has she told you anything recently that might explain why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.18 18:23 No... I can talk to her, though?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.18 20:25 Hm...maybe that'd work...she won't really talk to me...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.19 04:52 *nods* Next time I take a break, then.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.19 09:22 *nods and continues to help with the house*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.19 19:38 *about an hour later he puts down his tools and goes up to Jane* Come. Let's go for a walk.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.19 20:14 *nods and gets up to follow him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.19 20:17 Any place in particular you would like to walk? I was thinking along the riverside.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.19 20:45 *shrugs her shoulders* Not really.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.19 20:45 [Crap I missed you XP]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.19 21:26 Okay, to the river. *starts walking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 02:55 *follows him quietly (which is unusual)*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 05:19 *keeps the silence for awhile before speaking up* What's wrong?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 05:26 *sighs* I already talked about it...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 05:47 Not to either of us, you didn't.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 05:48 I talked about it with Cadmael.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 06:16 I just want to know how I can help
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 06:35 *kicks a rock as she walks along* Is grandpa ever coming back?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 06:40 That is up to him and Hikari.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 06:43 Mommy said he wants to come back. So why hasn't he come back?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 06:46 It takes time.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 07:03 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 07:05 That's just how it works. Hikari cannot simply allow someone a second life. Especially someone not of this universe. It's risky.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 07:24 Why??
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 07:30 There have been people in the past who have been granted a second chance and they use their life to cause trouble for mortals.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 07:39 Grandpa would never cause trouble!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 07:46 Hikari doesn't know that.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 07:53 Can I talk to him?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 08:13 I can't take you to see him
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 08:20 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 08:29 Because.....
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 09:07 Because why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 09:12 ...I can't make it up there anymore...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 09:14 Maybe I can.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 09:20 *shakes his head* It's impossible. You need to be a god here. There's a key only the gods have.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 09:26 Then Mommy can?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 09:41 She isn't a god to this universe.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 09:51 What about Cadmael?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 09:57 Cadmael might not be welcome there, but he can make it.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 10:00 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 10:02 Viscounts are hardly welcome there. We were responsible for quite a lot of chaos.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 10:30 Why?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 10:45 It was a long time ago and we were all very different.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 11:00 *sighs*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.20 11:05 You'd have to find someone willing to take you. Roffe would but he is too busy.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.20 22:03 *looks thoughtful*
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.20 22:14 *has moved in with Amadeus at their own apartment in Ahntor**is still engaged to him, but has repeatedly done things to delay their marriage*
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 06:40 *it is a week before the marriage and she hasn't found a way to delay it any further**she is sitting in the apartment in her
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 06:49 *her beautiful silver dress
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 06:50 **
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 07:01 *is
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 07:01 [God dang it]
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 07:08 **is restless**she paces around, sits back down, spends a bit of time on the computer, and paces again*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 07:11 *comes in with flowers and starts to take his coat off* Hey, sorry I'm late.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 07:13 Work has gotten a bit hectic. Things should slow down a bit after next week because... *smiles and holds the flowers out to her, looking slightly bashful* ...yeah...
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 07:35 Next week's not happening.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 07:37 *his smile disappears**looks confused* What...??
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 07:38 *takes a deep breath* I'm not marrying you.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 07:38 I--I don't understand--we--
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:13 I never wanted to marry you!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 08:13 Wh-
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:16 I never loved you! I've hated every moment around Sara and I've hated every moment around you because you're so much like her! My mother wanted me to marry into power! I'm only here to get the h**l away from her!
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:17 *though she looks enraged, she is tearing up* I'm sick and tired of lying to myself and everyone around me! I don't love you! I've never loved you! I love someone else and he's so sweet and caring and understanding and I need him--not you!
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:26 [Cut/ignore the first "I never loved you," it's redundant XP]
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:28 I just want you to leave me alone! That's all I want!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 08:29 ... *his mouth is slightly open but he has no idea what to say**steps towards her*
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:30 *slaps the flowers out of his hands* Didn't you hear me?! Get away from me!
19>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:31 *turns around and covers her face with her hands*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 08:39 *his gaze follows the flowers**flinches when they hit the ground**initially looks blank and confused, as if he feels he's in a dream, but his expression grows darker quickly*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 08:42 *says very quietly:* I'll tell Char to cancel everything...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.21 08:45 *turns to leave but pauses at the doorway**looks at Rivkah sadly and opens his mouth to say something**however, he just shakes his head and leaves*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:49 *sometime later he gets a message from Amadeus saying "Cancel everything for next week. It's over."*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:52 *exchanges a few messages with Amadeus and then instructs Amadeus to meet him back at Char's skyscraper**however, Amadeus never shows up**continues his work and checks his messages throughout the day, occasionally sending Amadeus a message/prompt that
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:52 doesn't get answered*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 08:59 *later, he begins thinking of sending someone out to find Amadeus**intuitively thinks of calling Amphion, but immediately remembers what Amphion has done recently**sighs and shakes his head*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 09:28 *does some rapid but deep thinking and calls Roffe*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.21 10:33 *in under a minute he appears* Sir?
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 20:20 I need you to see if you can find Amadeus. Do be gentle with him, as something has happened.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 20:22 And again please stop that "sir" stuff--I'm a businessman, not a knight.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.21 20:36 Apologies. Informal speech is not common for me.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.21 22:35 *nods in understanding* Go. Time is of the essence since we can't be certain he hasn't done something rash.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.22 20:29 *nods and leaves without saying another word*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 00:16 *has gone for a walk in a seedy neighborhood*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 00:18 *is dressed better than the vast majority of the beings around him and getting some (often d!rty) looks*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 00:21 *knows he's being followed by a couple beings but doesn't care*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 09:09 *keeps watch from a distance*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 09:18 *turns to enter a building**someone roughly bumps into him and turns to him, looking offended**just keeps moving, but the being starts pushing him around and egging him on*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 09:23 *Finds a decent hidden place on the ground behind the being and changes into a human without his horns or wings*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 09:25 *several of the being's friends show up beside the one pushing him**pushes them back but doesn't actually move to hurt them**finally one bites at him (they're not human)**he dodges and punches one*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 09:35 *approaches and pulls the main being back, away from Amadeus, in a manner intended to drag it to the ground*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 09:41 *has already punched the second of the three beings when the main one is pulled to the ground*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 09:42 *the third turns and slashes at Roffe with claws*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 09:45 *keeps himself just out of reach*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 10:06 *grabs the third one from behind and throws him into a wall*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 10:08 *everyone/many of the locals end up staring at what's going down*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 10:21 *everyone around/many
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 10:25 *creates black chains around the being's neck and anchors it to the ground, then looks to his next target*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 10:40 *the second one attacks him**the third one goes to gang up on Amadeus but keeps Roffe in their peripheral vision*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 18:41 *reaches into his jacket and pulls out a gun. Loads it with two semi-transparent cartridges and fires one at the second being, then takes aim at the third*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 18:44 (Bullets not meant to kill, just cause pain and immobilize. It's like a specially modified blank cartridge)
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 22:12 *flinches a bit when he hears the gun go off, looking surprised**looks towards Roffe* Hey-!! *the third one quickly breaks away from Amadeus and kicks off a wall, launching himself away from the fight*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 22:14 [I imagine these beings have strong legs and can launch themselves really far, sort of like the bunny people (or all playable creatures really) in Overgrowth.]
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 22:40 *puts the gun away and gestures for him to continue into the building*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 22:44 *stares at Roffe for a moment, then quickly checks on the second creature, who has fallen to the ground*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 22:45 It'll be alright in a few minutes.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 22:46 *snaps his fingers and the chain holding the first being dissipates*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 22:56 *the first one gets up on its hands and feet cautiously, looking at them both, and then turns and flees*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 22:57 *alarm leaves his eyes somewhat**stands back upright* Thanks, but...there was no need for this...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 23:00 The altercation was uncalled for. Said behavior infuriates me to no end.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.23 23:08 I didn't really mind it...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 23:09 But I did.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.23 23:39 Would you like a drink?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 00:01 ... *nods*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 00:03 Come on, then. I'll buy.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 00:18 *follows him*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 00:19 It might be a good idea to transfer to another neighborhood...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 00:30 I agree
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 00:33 *points towards the nearest teleportation station*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 00:52 *nods and walks with him over to it*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 07:18 *enters, not entirely caring where Roffe wants to go/letting him chooe*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 07:18 *choose
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 08:20 *heads to a lesser known bar*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 09:45 *doesn't say anything on the way there*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 09:53 *takes a seat at the bar and orders himself a couple shots of whiskey*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 10:08 *orders a martini*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 10:10 Rough day, huh?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 10:20 *shrugs his shoulders*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 10:32 I almost expected you to say no a drink either way. Most would unless they reached a point which they no longer care.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 10:36 Maybe I just want a drink.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 10:43 Forgive me, then, for taking you for someone who wouldnt allow a complete stranger to buy you a drink. Most I've met are that way at least.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 10:55 I never said I'd let you pay for my drink.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 10:55 Drinks don't do much for me anyways.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 17:19 Well I never said I'd let you get away with paying for yourself. Also who needs drinking to get drunk? It's a recreation, that's all.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 20:09 Even if you don't get drunk, the feeling is still part of it according to most people.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 20:20 I'd say it's not as much of an experience as you'd think.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 21:17 I guess so...I wouldn't know.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 21:32 You dont really need to.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 21:55 I don't know about that.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 21:56 It fixes nothing.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 22:09 Perhaps.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 22:09 *drinks his martini* What's your name?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 22:17 (*looks through google docs*)
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 22:18 [Ethelram I think??]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 22:18 [The only reason I remember is that it's close to Adelram.]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 22:18 [Also hi. XD XP
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 22:19 *]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 22:19 [I have a bunch of chores to do so I'm going to have to brb XP]
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 22:19 (He's already known as Ethelram)
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 22:22 Aethelehrafn. It's is a little hard to say for some people, so I'm used to different nicknames.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 23:01 [Back]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 23:02 [Ah, right]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 23:03 *feels a hint of familiarity but brushes it off
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 23:03 **
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 23:11 (I dont think either of those names are pronounced even similarly.)
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.24 23:14 (Vaguely at best)
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 23:59 [Hm, okay.]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 23:59 [Still, I can get feelings of deja vu from the smallest things and I end up brushing them off and then sometimes learning much later that my gut feeling was right. It happens.]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.24 23:59 *then sometimes I learn
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 00:09 So what about you? What's your name?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 00:10 Amadeus.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 00:18 Pleased to meet you
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 00:23 You too.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 00:47 You handled yourself quiet well back there, temperament-wise. Most I know would not hesitate to strike.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 04:28 *shrugs his shoulders* I didn't really know whether I wanted to fight back or not.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 08:02 Ah, I see.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 08:10 You don't look like a local...where are you from?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 08:20 I prefer not so say, sorry. It's far from these parts, but still I'd rather keep it anonymous. The people there aren't as advanced or capable of defending themselves, so it is a necessary precaution.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 08:22 I've not even been back since... *thinks for a few moments* ...Wow... I haven't been back since... *shakes his head* I stay away to prevent being followed back there.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 08:23 *nods*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 08:33 *finishes his drink and orders another*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 08:38 *drinks the shots he'd ordered and orders one more*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.25 08:38 *in the meantime, it's getting late in Urmukka*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.25 08:53 *with the help, has managed to make some good progress on the house*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.25 08:55 *is getting a bit tired and tells Jane that it's time to go home*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.25 09:13 *puts the last of his tools away and meets Aedona and Jane outside*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.25 09:18 *looks at Mayhem* You can come with us if you want.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.25 09:23 *nods* I'd love to.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.25 09:42 *walks home with Mayhem and Jane*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.25 09:43 *volunteers to make dinner*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.25 09:45 *agrees to let Aedona make dinner while he spends some time with Jane*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.25 09:48 *while Aedona makes dinner, she says she'd like to play, but then she finds that there's nothing she's in the mood to play/do*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 09:52 What brings you here?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 09:54 I'm just looking for some odd jobs. I find it hard to stick around very long, so some career will not work for me.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 09:56 Hm... *fidgets with his glass*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 10:04 *stares ahead, preoccupied*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 10:05
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 10:05 [Oops]
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 10:06 I should be looking more actively for another job, but I think it's time I took a bit of a break.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.25 10:10 *keeps staring for a few moments, then glances over as if he didn't quite catch what Roffe said**nods a little*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.25 10:16 *ends up talking with Mayhem a bunch, though she avoids talking about her grandpa again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.25 10:17 *when dinner is ready she looks at Mayhem a bit hopefully, as if silently asking if he made progress with finding out what's up with Jane*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.25 10:25 *shakes his head a little in response to Aedona, then challenges Jane to a race to the table*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.25 10:32 *takes up the challenge but doesn't try as hard to win as she usually does*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.25 10:34 *looks a little confused as he reaches the table first*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.25 10:35 *also looks a bit confused**sits down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.25 10:36 *doesn't remark on losing**just sits down and gets to eating*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.25 10:36 Er...Jane, are you feeling alright? *Jane nods*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.27 04:33 *hears some giggling and spots a happy-looking couple sitting in a corner with their arms around each other**stares for a minute before looking away**looks pale and ill*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 11:10 *drinks some more, but looks nauseous*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 20:21 Well, I think that should be quite enough for now. *pays the tab and slips Amadeus his card. It's blank.* Thank you for accompanying me.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 20:26 *looks a bit startled**sighs* No problem...you shouldn't have...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 20:34 It's alright. No hassle for me.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 21:10 *nods a little and takes the card, slipping it in his pocket without really noticing what's on it (or the lack of what's on it)*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 21:11 *gets up without finishing his last drink and heads outside*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 21:21 *follows Amadeus outside, says goodbye, then walks away. Once out of sight completely he changes back into a bird and flies around for awhile, pretending to be searching for Amadeus before "finding" him*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 21:28 *by the time Roffe "finds" him, he's busy ignoring yet another call from Char**sighs upon seeing Roffe* Fine...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 21:38 *lands*Not my place, but what's wrong?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 21:39 It's not like anyone cares about what I want... *starts walking towards a teleportation zone*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 21:39 *said/did that before Roffe asked a question*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 21:42 *stops* It's-- *covers his eyes with his arm**shakes his head after a few moments, trying to wipe his face on his sleeve while making it look more like he's putting his arm down**keeps walking*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 21:52 *heads back to Char's skyscraper with Roffe*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 21:56 *before they go inside, he stops* You don't have to go back yet if you don't want to.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 22:07 He won't stop pushing until I talk with him.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 22:19 Maybe, but you can still take the time to work with yourself. It would not hurt to make him wait awhile longer.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 23:02 You'd get in trouble. *heads to the elevators*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 23:02 *goes to bed shortly after dinner, which is again unusual for her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.28 23:04 *looks puzzled**turns to Mayhem and explains that's she's somewhat tired up for either going on a walk or going to bed*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 23:06 Don't worry about me.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 23:08 Come on. I'll show you someplace cool. A place to unwind for a bit.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 23:08 Look, at this point he knows I'm here already anyway so it doesn't matter so lay off and leave me alone. Take the day off. If he asks about it tell him I told you to do it.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 23:09 *matter. Lay
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 23:28 *sighs* As you wish. I will not leave for another ten minutes. My offer still stands.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.28 23:33 *hesitates, then nods a little and goes to step into an elevator**however, when the doors open, Char is revealed to be in the elevator Amadeus wanted to go in*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 23:59 *glances from Chsr to Amadeus*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.29 00:48 *his arms are behind his back**steps out of the elevator**says "Stay here" to Roffe and takes Amadeus' arm, walking him into the elevator*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.29 00:48 *they head up to Char's floor (as in the floor he lives on and has all to himself), where they are guaranteed the most privacy*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.29 00:49 *they have a short but also rather heated talk, as Amadeus lashes out here and there**after about 7-8 minutes Amadeus returns to the lobby, looking irritated*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Dec.29 00:52 *has headed to a room where he can see what Amadeus is doing on the cameras*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 00:53 *looks at Roffe**hesitates, then nods to him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 00:56 *nods back*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Dec.29 01:01 *pitches the idea that perhaps they go sleep and instead go for a walk in their dreams*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Dec.29 01:05 *agrees and heads to bed*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:05 *once she's sure her parents are asleep, she sneaks out of the house and heads for the Surtil house*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:06 *she takes her Naedyrm with her for company*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:08 *goes to the Surtil house and locates Eira's bedroom window**throws pebbles at it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:09 *opens the window after a minute* Jane, what are you doing here at this late an hour?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:09 I want to talk to Roffe!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:10 What--can't this wait until tomorrow?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:10 It's important!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:10 *sighs*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:10 Are you sure this can't wait?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:11 *nods*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 01:11 *starts toward the front door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:11 ...Alright...and keep your voice down, I don't want you to disturb Dad.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 01:12 *follows him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:14 I'll be there in a second. *closes the window**goes to the back door; Jane has already hurried over to meet her there*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:14 *quietly leaves the house* Let's try to keep this trip as short as possible, okay?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:14 Okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:19 *like Jane, she is still in her pajamas, but she put on her shoes before leaving her room**opens a portal to the Rift* Come on. *holds Jane's hand and goes through it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:20 *notices the Naedyrm* Wait--why'd you bring that?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 01:20 I brought her for company...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 01:21 *sighs through her nose* Okay then...don't let her go or drop her... *keeps holding Jane's hand**looks rather tense as she walks over to Roffe's house*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 01:22 *Makes his way to a place with no surveillance and conjures a bead of magic in one of his talons*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 05:20 *has followed Roffe*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 05:23 Stand back. *hops forward a few paces, then crushes the bead, creating a small explosion of swirling magic. As the magic swirls around him he changes form into a larger, almost dragonic bird creature.*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 06:02 *looks a bit surprised*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 06:03 *knocks on the door of Roffe's house*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 06:07 *inhales deep and breathes a dark matter that forms into a large portal on the ground. Through the portal is a geometric wasteland with a city of sorts in the background*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 06:09 *approaches slowly and with uncertainty**looks down into the portal*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 06:11 *hops down onto a platform*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 06:23 Nothing to worry about.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 06:23 *hesitates for a few moments, thinking of warnings Char has given him**then follows*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 06:44 *closes the portal behind them* I don't want anything getting out. It happens.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 09:35 *looks a bit concerned but just nods*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 09:45 I never show up near the city. It's not a long flight, though.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 09:46 *waits for a bit, then knocks again**still, no one answers*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 09:47 There's a city near here?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 09:47 *sighs, muttering bitterly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.29 09:47 *looks up at Eira* What?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 09:49 Of course there is. The Midden isn't all wasteland and savage beasts. There's a history behind the place. A group of natives, too.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 09:50 They all live on this level. Away from the other creatures.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 10:02 Nothing. Just be quiet. *walks away from Roffe's house, still holding her hand*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 10:04 *reluctantly goes looking for Karasu*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 10:04 Oh...so this is the Midden...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 10:05 It's not what you'd think
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 10:06 You ever flown before?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 10:07 Karasu: *is lying down with headphones on*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 10:21 *shakes his head*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.29 10:21 I could probably use my magic to carry myself places...I just haven't really tried it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 10:27 *finds Karasu* Hey. Hey! *waves her hand in front of her*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.29 10:28 You're welcome to try
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 10:30 Karasu: *sits up and takes off the headphones* Yeah?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 10:53 Where's Roffe?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 11:02 Karasu: Gone. He's gone most of the time now. Some kind of work none of us know about.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 11:27 How long will he be gone?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 11:33 Karasu: Roughly a week maybe? We never really know his schedule.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 11:37 Hm.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 11:38 *there's a subtly scathing edge to her tone* Well, might you be kind enough to tell him Jane wanted to talk to him next time you see him?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 11:43 Karasu: I'm sorry that I can't control where he goes and when he'll get back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 11:44 That doesn't address my question.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 18:00 I'll try to let him know. That's if he comes back. He's disappeared before.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 21:07 Hm...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 21:07 I guess trying is better than the usual...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 21:08 *turns to walk away with Jane*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 21:24 Karasu: *mutters* Oh yeah, because we intentionally ignored you. * puts her headphones back on*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 21:40 *stops, hesitates, and turns back* What were the last several decades of my life then, exactly?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 21:42 *sees her headphones and suddenly looks/sounds a lot angrier* Hello? Hey? *snaps her fingers in front of Karasu*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.29 22:13 Karasu: *takes her headphones off again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.29 23:07 So I guess even now a few minutes of the Ravens' precious time are just too good for me, huh?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 00:01 Karasu: Hey I thought you were leaving.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 00:26 I thought things had changed a little.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 01:35 Things have changed.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 03:31 Yes, but not here. Not you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.30 03:36 What's going on??
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 03:37 Be quiet, Jane.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 03:40 Karasu: Same can be said for you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 04:00 No, I've changed. I do my best to make sure that I don't have to rely on anyone from here because no one would ever be able to afford to.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 06:22 Karasu: You simply have the worst timing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:06 "Timing?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:06 I needed help for almost four decades and you say I'm the one with bad "timing?"
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:07 Karasu: We were already preoccupied with other matters.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:08 For 38 years?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:08 Karasu: Yes
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:08 For 38 years you couldn't spare 5 to 10 minutes to teach me basic things?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:09 For 38 years knowing whether or not your own father was alive or dead was no longer important?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:10 Karasu: I know Dad can take care of himself.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:11 Can he? Can he really against someone with more than enough power to wipe out his entire family?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:12 So you don't care what sort of trauma he went through and whether or not there was anything that could be done at all to stop it?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:12 Karasu: There was nothing we could have done in the first place.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:13 Karasu: I wish you could have just come to terms with that and just have faith that he could pull through on his own.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:13 How was I supposed to know that when I didn't even know if he was alive?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:14 I couldn't come to terms with anything with all of you leaving me permanently in the dark. I knew practically nothing until Malaucay came back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:15 And you...you're a sorry excuse for a daughter.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:15 Your lack of concern doesn't stem from coming to terms with anything. You just lack empathy for your own family.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:16 Like the rest of them.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.30 10:19 *has made a decent attempt to use his magic to generate cosmic materials to use as a platform**rides the amalgamation of space dust and other materials typically found in other space and follows Roffe to the city*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:28 Karasu: I'm a sorry excuse for having branched out on my own like a real adult should? I'm still the only one who doesn't have a borderline unhealthy attachment to our father. Maybe that's because I accepted the fact that he will find his death one of
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:30 these days and hell be happier in another life. It'd hurt to say goodbye, but the thought of him living a more peaceful life in the Sundra is comforting.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.30 10:35 *flies up to one of many spires and stares down at the platforms, scanning the terrain for the right building* It's been quite awhile since I've visited the city itself.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:36 So you don't care what happens to him. You don't care if he dies.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:36 That doesn't make you a real adult, that just makes you loveless.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:41 Karasu: I do love him, but I am willing to let him go in order to let him achieve happiness. Do you think he'd want to return to the overworld once he dies?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:43 Why wouldn't he? So many people who love and respect him are there.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:46 Karasu: But where he'd go he'll only have to worry about how soon his family joins him. I don't want him to die but if it happens, I am ready to face it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 10:51 That doesn't make sense. Some of his family may never join him.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:01 Is the disappearance of my whole family like that too? Was that natural and bound to happen? Are you saying that I should just have just sat back and done nothing about it?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:02 *slowly approaches her* Who the [BLEEP] cares if your parents are murdered anyway? It was going to happen eventually, right?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:02 Karasu: We'll all join him eventually.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:02 (Nvm)
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:04 Karasu: That's not what I'm saying.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:04 So what you're telling me is that I shouldn't have even asked the rest of my family for assistance in the matter at all. That the time I spent here begging for help was wasted.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:04 *said that before she replied*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:04 No, that's what you were saying.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:05 [BLEEP] you.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:07 Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.30 11:08 *Eira is no longer holding her hand**stares, wide-eyed and confused**looks around briefly to see who/what else is around*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.30 11:10 *a few others have shown up but kept put of the way*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 11:18 *has gradually raised her voice as the argument progressed* Why don't you stop wasting everyone's time and just admit that all of you have only ever cared about yourselves?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 20:10 Karasu: If that's been your opinion then you're the only one who's been wasting your time.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.30 20:17 *locates an individual on an adjacent spire ands heads over to it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 20:20 I have been wasting my time considering that nothing good has ever come out of coming to this place.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 20:20 *visiting this place.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.30 20:25 *follows Roffe unsteadily**lands, stumbling*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.30 20:29 ?: Ah, the keeper returns. *Roffe: Yeah yeah. What are you doing up here? *?: Keeping lookout. No reason. Who's your partner?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 20:30 Karasu: Seeing how you only visit when you want something from us.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.30 20:33 A friend. *?: Friend? *scoffs* The blackbird does not make friends. *Roffe: Not lightly, no.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.30 20:37 *the creature can be described as tall, furry, and a bipedal mix of rodent, feline, and some other creatures. It wears a cropped v-neck jacket with blades attached to the forearms**
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 20:40 Have I ever really asked for much?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 20:46 Karasu: In hindsight, no. At the time, yes.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 22:08 I don't get it. I don't get how 5 minutes out of three decades was too much.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.30 22:09 Eira-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 22:10 Shut up Jane.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.30 22:10 *looks mostly confused, but also a bit shocked and hurt*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 22:31 Karasu: I don't expect you to. I don't know what you want. An apology? Because those make things better all the time, don't they? *hasn't really tried to hide the sarcasm*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:11 An apology doesn't bring back lost decades.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:15 Karasu: Exactly.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:17 Karasu: We can't change anything, so why get worked up over your being pissy?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:30 You all disgust me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:30 *is shaking her head a little*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:32 Karasu: To each their own.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:36 You all really don't care about anything, do you?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.30 23:41 Karasu: We have different priorities.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 01:00 Yes. I value family. You don't.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 03:34 Karasu: I value family in different ways. I don't expect YOU of all people to understand.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 04:54 What's that supposed to mean?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 06:25 Karasu: It means you don't take after Dad, you take after your mother. Dad would have understood our motives. You've taken it personally.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 06:42 *nods in greeting* Hello...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 06:45 Tyr: Greetings, youngblood. Tyr's the name.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 06:50 I'm Amadeus.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 06:54 Tyr: Pleasure meeting you. Are you really the bird's friend?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 06:55 Karasu: It also means that between the three of us, you've been the spoiled one.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 06:57 Karasu: I mean, which one of us has the gods wrapped around her widdle finger?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 06:59 *yells:* You rotten lying [BLEEP]! *hits her*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:01 *hesitates a little, then nods*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:03 Karasu: *is knocked to the ground, dropping her headphones*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:04 Tyr: *raises his brow* I see.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.31 07:04 *her eyes grow wider and she puts her hands over her mouth, staring*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:05 It's been awhile. Would you mind being our guide through the city? *turns to Amadeus* Any types of places in particular you like? There may be some variation.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:07 *shrugs his shoulders* I don't really care...though I like smaller colorful places I guess...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:12 Tyr: Ah, Tyr knows just the place. *stands up and hops off the spire. A hexagonal stone platform appears below him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:13 I think I know where we are going. *spreads his wings and takes off* By the way, transportation here is easy. It's based on thought projections. If you will it that there is a platform below you, there will be a platform.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:15 Huh...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:16 *looks over the edge and at the ground**looks rather unsure*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:18 *closes his eyes and inhales for a moment, then summons a platform that floats just off the edge of the spire**jumps onto it, steadying himself upon landing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:21 *shouts as she approaches her:* Tell me about having people wrapped around your finger, little miss leader of the family! *jumps down on her and hits her again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:23 And I am NOTHING like my mother! *hits her several more times*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:25 Karasu: *shields her face* That status means so little! Don't even try to compare it to what you have!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:26 *the ravens who have been watching don't move, mostly uncertain of the situation*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:27 Don't [BLEEP]ing lie to me! I don't control any of them!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:28 *Tyr guides them through the city, to a pewter gray tunnel floating just above a tall structure. Halfway through the tunnel, the gray turns to a midnight blue.*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:34 *follows, his expression distant and somber/his thoughts lingering elsewhere until the change in color catches his attention*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:34 Karasu: *throws Eira off of her with her magic then stands up* You practically do.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:39 *the tunnel opens up into a dark room lit by countless floating white diamond-shaped lights* Tyr: This is where many of us go to unwind. *makes some lights connect and change color* A test of the imagination, too. Almost anything can be built from the
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:41 lights. *connects more until it forms a wolf. It runs around the room with a faded starry purple streak of light behind it.*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:44 *blinks, looking surprised*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:46 *connects some lights and forms a dolphin, or at least a dolphin-like creature**it swims and frolicks around*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 07:48 Tyr: Nicely done. You pick up the functions of this world quickly.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 07:50 Thanks...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:54 Ah yes, that's why my family was taken from me and that's why my parents aren't married anymore!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:54 *gets up quickly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:54 It's because I control and orchestrate everything! *sarcastically laughs*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 07:55 Go [BLEEP] yourself!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 08:08 Karasu: Yet another reason you hardly show that you are your father's daughter. You blow things out of proportion.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 08:13 Says the person who claims I control the gods when all I have are normal relations with two of them.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:09 Karasu: Once again blowing things out of proportion. I never said control. They would, however do almost anything for you if you asked.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:13 That's not true.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:15 *she is still being rather loud*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:16 Karasu: Of course it's true! They all love you- and for little-known reasons!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:18 "Little-known?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:19 I guess Malaucay's and Roffe's love would be little-known to you considering that you know nothing of familial love!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:24 Karasu: I can't believe I'm related to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:32 I can't believe I'm related to anyone here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:32 *!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 10:36 Corvis: *steps up* That's enough from both of you.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 10:37 *another Raven had stepped up as well, but only to get Jane away from the altercation*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.31 10:42 *jumped when the Raven subtly touched her to guide her away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:49 Who are you to say what's enough?!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 10:52 Corvis: The last thing we need is a fourth tragedy in the Rift.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 10:58 What do you care?!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 11:00 Corvis: Because I'm getting sick of the (bleep) with Saxons family. There's always something.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 11:02 Again, why do you care?! We might as well not be related to you!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 11:16 Corvis: I care because we're related.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 11:17 *simply creates several small things with the lights*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 11:20 *fiddles around with the lights, often making things and then getting rid of them/starting over*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 11:22 *some of his shapes tend to be cosmic/reminiscent of planets, moons, galaxies, etc.**he also makes several humanoids, but at one point he also makes a hawk and an ornate-looking fox*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 11:23 *doesn't get rid of only a few creations, one being the dolphin**another is a male humanoid who seems rather eerie, though Amadeus doesn't find him off-putting*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 11:23 Sure you do.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 11:25 What happened to not talking to me? I told you not to talk to me.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 11:30 Corvis: I don't see why you keep coming back if you hate us so much.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 11:31 *meanwhile a small insect creature tracks down Roffe. It lands on his shoulder and says some things to him, then flies off*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 11:32 *sighs* I'll be right back. There's an issue that's come up. Tyr, don't fight him. *Tyr: Of course not! We just met!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 11:33 *leaves the tunnel and flies back toward the Rift*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Dec.31 11:38 *would find Roffe's last statement disconcerting but he's too lost in thought to care*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 11:38 *pushes Corvis away from her* [BLEEP] you!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 16:26 Corvis: We've left you and your family alone, for the most part. We have never asked that you acclimate yourselves to this environment. Leaving us in the past is as easy as staying away.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 22:44 *is shouting again* I hate you! *tries to hit him* I hate you all!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 22:55 Corvis: *blocks*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Dec.31 22:56 Corvis: Be rational, Eira. Fighting us won't help.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 23:17 Oh, so ignoring someone for over three decades is rational now!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 23:19 *turns back towards Karasu* Not checking to see if there's anything you can do at all to help your father is rational! Not even checking if he's alive is rational!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 23:20 *turns back to Corvis* If this is rationality, I hate it and I hate you!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Dec.31 23:25 *chsnges back into human form as Eira finishes her last couple sentences* .... *gestures with a nod for the raven with Jane to back off*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.31 23:47 I told you not to talk to me! I mean what I say!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2021,Jan.1 00:35 Corvis: You need help.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 00:36 Don't we all?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2021,Jan.1 04:08 You son of a- *tries to hit him again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 04:09 *once she realizes the Raven who pulled her away as backed off, she races over to Eira*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 04:10 *grabs onto Eira and hugs her tightly**looks determined and unsmiling*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 04:22 *wraps magic around all three of them and moves them apart* None of that here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 04:35 No!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 04:45 Corvis: What th- Dad?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 04:52 *fights Roffe's magic, trying to break free*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 04:55 Settle down. All of you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 05:06 Let me go!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2021,Jan.1 05:07 *glares at Corvis, panting a little, but doesn't resist*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 05:12 I can't leave you all alone, can I? Son, stay here. Jane. Home or with Caulis?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 05:23 I'm staying with Eira!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 05:25 No, I need to talk with Eira.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 05:29 I'm staying!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 05:34 Jane. You cannot join us. You'll be stuck out here alone.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 05:45 No I won't!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2021,Jan.1 05:46 Jane, go home!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 05:46 I don't want to!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2021,Jan.1 05:54 Just go!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 06:00 Jane. I am not the same as Malaucay or Cadmael. I will not bend over backwards for your happiness. You have your options. Pick one. It'd be best if you went home.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2021,Jan.1 06:01 *opens a portal back to Urmukka*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 06:01 *looks hurt and angry*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2021,Jan.1 06:06 Go!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 06:06 *lets go of Jane* Go back home. I will speak with you later if you still wish to. Later does not mean tonight.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 06:06 ...Let me go!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 06:06 *she said that before Roffe released her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2021,Jan.1 06:07 *storms through the portal**Eira closes it as soon as Jane is gone*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2021,Jan.1 06:14 *lets go of Eira* Come. *walks to his house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2021,Jan.1 06:17 *hesitates, looking around and then glaring at Corvis once mor