" A Horribly Amazing World 3: The Future Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Over two decades have passed since Eira came home to find that everyone she loved was gone. Now, on a lonely, snowy Otemjarian mountaintop, a young, one-eyed woman and her trusty dog set out to fix things that were broken all those years ago...
This is a private/invite-only RP. If you do not understand what is going on, then you are not among those who were invited.

13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.1 06:54 I wouldn't mind either.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.1 06:56 Tomorrow in the library, then?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.1 06:56 No. Um...the lake. Eira: Tomorrow at the lake. The LK: Yeah. *quickly heads away*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.1 07:06 I don't really know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.1 07:06 *watches and listens, seeming a bit frustrated*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.1 07:13 *does appear to become frustrated at some points, but he tries to keep his cool as he makes his points and explains himself*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.1 07:17 *after what seems like hours of talking, Mayhem nods and waits for a bit, then approaches Pierce, tilting his head* I don't believe we've met. *Pierce: We have not, sir. Many generations have passed since you last came here.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.1 07:18 I see. You appear to be doing well for yourself as a the newest Historian. Keep up the good work.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.1 07:18 Of course. *nods* Thank you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.1 07:21 Did it work?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.1 07:40 *looks at Mayhem and Pierce expectantly*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.1 07:54 It would seem so, since he was able to come to me. So, Malaucay, what are the terms?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.1 08:01 It would seem I am allowed to enter the valley so long as I have some kind of security present. They still seem unsure about me, which is understandable.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.1 08:09 Yay!!! *hugs him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.1 08:23 *Lifts Jane up onto his shoulders and starts walking upstream* So, Pierce, who would I go to if I'm wanting to chop down several trees from this valley? *Pierce: What? *Mayhem: I need them for various projects.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.1 08:24 As long as saplings are planted in their place, I don't see the problem. *Mayhem: Got it.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.1 08:34 *says excitedly:* Where are we going?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.1 08:36 Well I haven't seen the valley in so long, I think it's time to go see how the place has grown.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.1 08:46 Okay!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.2 05:10 *Narblin sits hissing at Amadeus*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.2 05:12 *has gotten the Liska King to collect Narblin and Narblin's supplies for him*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.2 05:12 *keeps Narblin trapped in magic*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.2 05:23 *once Narblin has been acquired (with Rivkah's permission and gratitude), he rounds up the Liska King and Eira and they set up the terrarium in the tree house*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.2 05:35 *eventually makes his way to the center of town*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 05:47 *they are most of the way finished when she realizes she promised Jane that she'd take her to Mayhem* Oh crap...I'll be right back, I need to deal with my little sister.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 05:48 *exits the tree house to see Mayhem arrive with Jane on his shoulders*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.2 05:51 he sits in his cage sulking
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 06:08 Malaucay?!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.2 06:15 *waves at Eira, smiling*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 06:19 So...so it worked?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.2 06:23 It did. I can now be here as long as there is a Naedyrm keeping an eye on me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 06:44 That's great!!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 06:50 Um...so...stay here, I'll be right back. *runs back to the treehouse*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.2 06:51 *hisses at Eira as she walks in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 07:03 Everything ready? Amadeus: Yep, we just finished up. Eira: Okay, I'll go get her. *goes back*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 07:17 So...um...Jane, we have a surprise for you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.2 07:24 *puts Jane down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 07:30 Come to the treehouse. *gestures for them both to follow and then heads back towards the treehouse*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.2 07:32 *sits in the cage looking out the treehouse window*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 07:34 [He's in a terrarium BTW.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 07:35 [They gave him a proper and safe home, basically. So long as Jane doesn't so anything royally stupid he's not escaping.]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.2 07:37 [I know hes in his terrarium looking out the window but still in his cage]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 07:56 [What??]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 07:56 [The terrarium is made of glass. He was removed from the cage and put in the terrarium.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 08:00 *heads to the treehouse with them*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.2 08:08 [Yes Glass is see through he can see the window from his terrarium which Im calling a cage bc its fasster then typing terrarium]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.2 08:13 [Okay then. XD XP]
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.2 23:06 *is a bit reluctant to go into the treehouse, knowing who it belongs to, but does so anyway*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 04:43 *sees the terrarium and gasps*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 04:43 Is that...?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.3 04:43 A pet for you? Yes. *smiles*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 04:44 *runs over to the terrarium* He's so cute!!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 04:44 Can I pet him?!!!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.3 04:44 Er...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.3 04:45 Not yet, I'm sorry. *he and the Liska King are still present**recognizes Mayhem and seems a little surprised**just nods in greeting towards him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 04:45 Why??
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.3 04:51 This is a species that's picky and grouchy. They like kids, but not adults. If you let him out, he might be mean to an adult who's nearby.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 05:19 "Mean?" Amadeus: When he licks people, he makes them sick. He might lick somebody, so he needs to stay in the terrarium for the time being.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 05:21 When can I take him out and pet him? Amadeus: I...am not sure. You will need to tame him. Jane: What's that mean? Amadeus: It means he came from the wild and you need to make him suitable for living around humans.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.3 05:24 You also want to keep him in there so that he doesn't escape. He could run away if you take him out. Jane: Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 05:27 *stares at Narblin* He's sooo cute!! Eira: *chuckles* Yes, we heard you.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.3 05:28 Given time, you should be able to understand what Narblin says. If you tame him, he'll become the most loyal companion you'll ever have.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 05:29 More loyal than Mommy and my Dads?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.3 05:29 Y-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.3 05:31 Ehhhh...probably not.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.3 05:33 *glares at Amadeus for a split second, then turns around, distracted. He sniffs the air for a bit and leaves the treehouse*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.3 05:42 *wonders what got Mayhem's attention, but winds up teaching Jane more about Narblin instead of inquiring as to why he left*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.3 05:47 *follows his nose to the cellar and turns to the Naedyrm following him* Yesss.. *When the Naedyrm doesn't react he unlocks the cellar with his magic and goes inside then grabs a bottle and sits down*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.3 05:55 *Trills at jane and chirps happily*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.3 05:59 *she and Amadeus teach Jane how to feed him**they help her take a piece of the flesh flower and put it in his feeder**it drops down to where he can get it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 06:05 *watches him excitedly to see what he'll do*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 06:09 *hears a faint screeching from outside and immediately gets up and runs outside.*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.3 06:26 *he runs over and munches on it then starts flying a bit*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.3 06:35 It can fly?!! Eira: Yep! Jane: That's AWESOME!!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 06:40 *on his way out he grabs a leather cuff*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.3 06:48 *follows Saxon* What was that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 06:55 A message. *walks out into the center of town and whistles twice in quick succession, then holds up his arm. Seconds later a falcon dives from the clouds above and slows to perch on the cuff. There's a harness with a pack on its back*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.3 07:02 *has followed him**watches intently*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:04 Does anything require a response? *the bird shakes its head* Alright. *opens the bag and removes the contents: two scrolls and a letter* Thank you. *raises his arm and the falcon takes off, back into the cloud layer*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.3 07:09 Who are they from?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:10 I know we get messages via avian, but it's rare. Someone is behind the times. *sighs* Well actually SOMEONE has to keep those birds in business. *starts back toward his house* Wonder who still writes to this place. I'm sure Pierce would know.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:11 *said that before Aedona asked her question*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:11 We'll find out when I read them.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.3 07:13 *follows him* Alright.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:18 *heads inside and breaks the seals on the scrolls* Hm... Whoever this is, they're well-read. Not many write like this anymore. *sets them aside* They're for Pierce, anyway. *opens the letter. This one is in English*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:24 *it reads* "Headmaster of the Surtil household, my latest expedition has come to a successful end. However, I shall remain on hiatus until further notice. Please give this to the Historian's sister." *picks up a tiny crystal pegasus which was tied to
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:26 the bottom of the page. Looks for a signature, but there is no signature, just a small stamp bearing the image of a falcon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.3 07:33 *peers around his shoulder* Huh...just a stamp.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:36 Whoever it is, they seem to work for us, or at least report to us.. Another thing I'll have to ask Pierce about.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.3 07:39 Alright.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:41 I'll let Pierce or Aidan give this to her.. *sets the pegasus in a spot where it won't fall and break*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:43 *sighs, but otherwise remains silent*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.3 07:45 Hey...you doing okay? *smiles gently*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.3 07:52 I want to be somewhere else right now... Someplace exciting.. I know I should appreciate finally having peace, but... I can't help but feel that it's so d*** boring...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 04:59 Well...why don't we go somewhere?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 05:03 Like where?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 05:05 Perhaps the Yinyang Universe?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 05:06 There are plenty of highly active places there...and it'd be safer there than here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 05:09 It's not the same... I miss Earth..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 05:19 Yinyang has its own Earth.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 05:21 They're not the same.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 05:55 *sighs* Would Litho know if we went to Irakurri's Earth?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 05:58 Probably.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 06:21 And would he know if we went to Yinyang's Earth?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 06:36 Probably not. I dont know anyone there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 06:40 Well, why don't we try going to Yinyang's Earth and see if we can make do with it?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 06:41 I guess...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 06:42 *holds out her hand to him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 06:49 *takes her hand*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 07:00 *tessers them to Yinyang's version of Earth, landing in a place not far from Yinyang's version of where they used to live*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 07:03 The people here aren't the same. I knew people there.. Upside might be... *shakes his head*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 07:07 Might be what?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 07:22 Nothing... Intrusive thought..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 07:26 ...Alright...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 07:26 So what do you want to do? You want to go to a theme park or a dance or a bar or what?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 07:30 Anything, I guess.. Dancing sounds nice... Real dancing for once... Refreshing..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 07:31 Alright. Let's find a place to dance.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.4 07:33 Dunno where you'd rather go.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.4 07:58 It's been so long...I honestly don't entirely remember where exactly some of the places we used to go to are...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 04:08 Perhaps someplace typically less crowded.. *lists a few options*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 04:21 *they pick a place and, with some help from Saxon, they go there*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 04:40 *for the time being he just orders a drink and sits back to listen to the music*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 04:49 *orders a drink as well**is a bit bored, but she figures he'll ask her to dance sometime soon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 05:03 *it takes awhile for him to feel less uncomfortable. Though he isn't comfortable yet, he still does ask Aedona to dance*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 05:05 *naturally accepts**seems a little happier now that she's back on her feet*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 05:05 ...Um...with how long it's been, you may need to remind me of what some of the moves Earth people do are... *chuckles awkwardly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 05:18 Heh, let's see if I remember.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 05:21 *works on remembering the right steps to make and guides Aedona as he does so*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 05:24 *puts his tiny paw up to the glass*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 05:26 *follows along fairly well*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.5 05:26 *puts her finger up against his paw on the glass*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 05:30 *teleports to the bar after awhile and sits at the counter watching Aedona and Saxon. He looks like a regular human*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 05:37 *trills happily and runs over to the terrarium opening and trills again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.5 05:38 *reaches for the opening, but Eira grabs her wrist* Amadeus: Careful...he might try to run away or even be mean to us.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.5 05:39 But I wanna hold him! Eira: You can once he's more tame. Here, feed him some more. *helps her cut some more of the meat plant**Jane drops more into the feeder*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 05:43 *is having fun and for once trying not to worry about everything*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 05:50 *While he does notice Roffe, he pays little attention, trying to keep his focus on Aedona*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 05:50 *he munches a bit more but looks up sadly at jane and sirs near the door again he chirps sadly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.5 06:16 He's so sad... Amadeus: It's a trick. He probably wants to escape. Give him time.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 06:16 *recognizes Roffe, but like Saxon she tries to ignore him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 06:24 *patiently waits for them to return to the counter*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 06:35 *eventually, they finish dancing and she and Saxon go back to the counter*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 06:38 What are you doing here? *Roffe: I've been wanting to check up on you. Quite difficult when you're in that valley.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 06:42 What for?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 06:44 I want to see if he's getting any better.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 06:52 *nods a little, not looking at him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 06:54 I'll be honest, it's hard to say. Saxon, be honest with me. How much progress have you been making?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 06:56 I... Don't know...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 07:01 *refuses to look up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:06 *doesn't say anything**is thinking about when she caught him texting Litho*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 07:11 Have you been going to a therapist? *Saxon: I don't- *Roffe: So that's a no to making progress. Saxon you aren't acting like you want things to change.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.5 07:21 ...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:25 *finally looks at Roffe again* He HAS been trying to change.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 07:31 You sure about that?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:35 Yes.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:35 We've run into problems and I've talked to him about them and he's listened.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 07:51 If you say so. He still needs professional help.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:54 Maybe, maybe not. I can't really comment on that, considering my feelings about "professional help."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:55 He can make decisions for himself. Whether or not he seeks help is not up to me.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 07:57 It's not a matter of "maybe not".
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:58 *just sighs*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 07:58 And you're supposed to be his wife. You should have a say in this kind of decision. To an extent it is up to you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:59 "Supposed to be?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.5 07:59 What gave you the idea that I wasn't?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 08:06 The fact that you are not taking the initiative to do what would be best for him. A couple should be making decisions together, for better or for worse.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.5 20:03 Neither of you may not want him in therapy, but he certainly won't get any better with just the love of his family. That's not how this works.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.6 04:37 *hasn't said anything or made any attempt to respond*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:17 Look, if you knew anything about my past then you would know that it probably isn't a good idea for me to make any decisions about therapy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:17 In all other regards I have been giving him as much support as I can.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 05:21 I don't know anything about your past, nor do I care. It's rather selfish of you to deny the most helpful option because of your own bias.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:24 I am not denying him anything.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 05:27 He won't make the decision himself and will continue to deny that he needs the help and if he's anything like his family, he isn't really getting anywhere since he will have a natural ability to conceal the truth almost flawlessly.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:30 *doesn't have a response, so she doesn't say anything*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 05:36 Thinking that simply being there for him will help will certainly lead to more issues. Especially when he knows what will make YOU happy. I'm sorry, Saxon, but I don't want to hold back any of the harsh details.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.6 05:36 ...I understand..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:39 *had been looking at the counter**looks at Roffe as soon as she hears the word "happy"**there's an edge to her tone* What exactly do you mean by that?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 05:43 I mean he cares more about you than himself and thus will do what is necessary to see you happy. Yes, by proxy that will also make him a little happier, but he certainly still couldn't care less if he died today.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 05:44 It's unfortunately something I tend to see quite often. People would rather see others happy while they remain miserable, in pain, or alone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:46 "Unfortunately?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:47 There's nothing wrong making some sacrifices to help others be happy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:49 And for some people, the act of helping others become happier is in itself what makes them happy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:52 I want Saxon to be happy. I AM trying to help him, and I am fine with helping him.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 05:54 It's wrong if your existence revolves around slaving over someone else's happiness in life. He probably wanted out of that valley, which is understandable because nothing happens there. It's possibly the most boring place around for someone like HIM.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 05:55 *You're here because he probably wanted out of that valley...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:55 I know...but it's not like we have much of a choice about whether or not we stay in the valley.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 05:56 We both would've preferred going to the Irakurrian Earth, but because of Litho we came here.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 06:13 Litho's only an issue because he likely knows that Saxon still wants to spend time with him and Saxon doesn't probably hasn't been able to turn him down for good.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 06:15 That will be difficult because he's long since been conditioned to react a certain way to Litho. Even if he knows he doesn't have to respond, he'll still react.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 06:17 That's just what he's been rewired to do.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 06:25 *looks at Roffe for a few moments, then looks at Saxon**her expression is sad*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.6 06:30 *has his eyes closed and is trying to regulate his breathing to sound normal, but it's still a bit shaky*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 06:37 *says quietly* Hey...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.6 06:44 *shakes his head*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 06:49 *initially goes to gently hold his hand, but hesitates, wondering if that would trigger him in some way*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.6 07:02 *takes a few deep breaths* ...I... How do you know this much...?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 07:04 You're changing the subject, or at least trying to, and it won't work. You think I don't know how my own brother does things? Or that I haven't seen this before?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 07:06 It doesn't matter how I know what I know. What matters is that you don't seem to have taken what I've said to heart and aren't doing anything.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 07:12 *doesn
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 07:13 **doesn't know what to say*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.6 07:27 *starts coming up with ideas for responses, but winds up staring at the counter again because they all sound pathetic to her*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.6 07:35 You need help. REAL help.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 04:29 *anger registers in her eyes for a split second, but she holds her tongue*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 04:30 I know your family means a lot but it won't be enough.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 04:30 *sits sadly by the door chirping*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.7 04:33 Why would he be mean?? He doesn't look mean...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.7 04:33 His species has been hunted by adult humans for a while now. His kind thus don't like adult humans.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.7 04:34 His kind have tongues with substances in them that make people sick. You wouldn't want him to make your big sister sick, would you? Jane: No... Amadeus: So give him time and let him adjust before you let him out.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 04:35 How do you know that for sure?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 04:43 Because I'm a lot older than you and have seen this before. Not to mention Saxon is MY descendant. I should know a thing or two about a typical corvid behavior.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 04:43 *starts "crying" with his chirps which sounds so much more sad*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.7 04:46 He's crying! Amadeus: Well, he's-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.7 04:46 Remember how you felt after you came here from the mansion? Jane: Yeah, I was excited... Eira: After the excitement wore off, I mean.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.7 04:47 Remember how you got all moody and it was because you were homesick? Jane: Yeah. Eira;
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.7 04:47 *Eira: Maybe he's just going through the same thing.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 04:49 *looks up at Jane with his big sad eyes while he paws the door and cries*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.7 04:52 Why don't we leave him be for a while so he can adjust to his environment?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.7 04:55 But he's so unhappy! Eira: Here, um... *
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.7 04:56 *grabs a bag of treats that Amadeus recommended that she and the Liska King get* Give him one of these.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 04:58 I've known him for a lot longer than you have.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 05:07 Then you should know that he is more likely to withhold the truth if it means you're more content.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 05:17 And I'm likely to see past that behavior.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 05:19 If you say so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.7 05:26 *takes a treat and drops it in*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 05:33 *she puts the groceries on the counter including some of Rivkahs favorite candies back when they were friends on earth*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 05:35 *checks out the groceries once Sara isn't near them**has been antsy lately, as she knows that she will be allowed to leave soon*
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:37 oh! she got the pop tarts!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 05:42 Yep... *passes the Poptart box to Lila and subsequently uncovers the candies**stares at them for a minute*
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:45 *she opens the box and puts 2 in the toaster immediately* Why dont you ask for stuff?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 05:50 ...She already knows everything to get... *picks up the candies and pockets them*
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:52 oh...were you guys friends?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 05:52 I do say so.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 05:52 ...Kinda.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:53 what happend?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 05:56 *hesitates, then says:* What happened that caused you to get stuck with Prisim?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 05:58 I can only hope at this point that your denial doesn't fail you. *stands up and leaves some money at the counter then walks out*
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:58 my...planet...got destroyed....and...I somehow survived and he found me....and took me to his home....at first...he was very kind...but then...I met that parasite that lives inside of him...he tries so hard to keep it from coming out...but...he cant...
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:59 Prisim...is nice...hes mostly just lonely but that thing...its...horrendous..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 05:59 "Parasite?"
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:02 yeah....its like...something posses prisim...Prisim is a very nice man actually. hes wonderful but this creature it has a deeper voice and it hates prisims human form so it looks like a dinosaur
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:06 I wouldnt mind living with prisim if that thing left him....I know the parasite isnt part of him beacause Prisim has the iblis cacat
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 06:11 *turns towards him as if to say something to him, but doesn't say anything**just watches him go*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:16 He has the what??
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:18 its...hard to explain its a mark that means you have something evil inside you that isnt you
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:18 So...he has...like...a demon or something in him?
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:20 demons are not always evil so no....but just...an evil parasite...
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:20 its sad...that...prisim gets blamed and hated for things he didnt do... anyways...what happend with you and sara?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:22 Wait, you believe in demons?
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:26 I've met quite a few, they are all over most are very kind.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.7 06:30 ...I think... I'm ready to go back home..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:35 ...Okay...then...weird...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 06:35 Alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 06:35 *helps pay and then takes him back to Urmukka*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:36 So...um...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:36 I suppose...um...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:37 What the therapists and other people say is...um...Sara has enemies on Earth who put me in a simulation where...I thought I saw her do really...really...bad things...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:37 I'm still figuring things out...
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.7 06:37 *looks at the treat but then goes back to crying at the door not bothering to touch the snack*
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:38 oh...so...you found out she wasnt who she said she was...and she did bad things...yeah I can see why that would effect you like that
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:43 Yes...no...I don't know...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:43 Everyone's saying what I saw wasn't real--like...it was a hallucination or something that her enemies created.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:43 But it felt really...well, real.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.7 06:44 That was fun while it lasted.. I think I want to go lay down for awhile.. I'm sorry.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:45 whats the point of a hallucination if it dosent feel real? isnt that the whole point of them?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 06:57 For what?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 06:58 I mean...I wish it didn't...otherwise I wouldn't be so...confused.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.7 06:59 Making us come home so early..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 07:00 Don't be. We can go out again tomorrow.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 07:01 well, did you try asking her? if the fake memories are about her then surely she could tell you real vs fake
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 07:02 I don't really want to ask her...
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 07:04 are you afraid that...you might be right and that she hurt you or are you more afraid that you might be wrong?....both are scary
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 07:05 I'm not sure...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 07:05 I think I'm more afraid that I'm right, though...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.7 07:06 *kisses his cheek* Get some rest.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 07:07 so...go prove yourself wrong.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.7 07:16 ...Huh...never looked at it that way.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 04:35 want a poptart?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 04:52 What flavor is it?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.8 04:54 *nods and makes his way to his bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.8 04:55 *watches him go for a few moments, and then goes looking for Jane*
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 04:56 blueberry
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 05:00 I prefer chocolate...but eh, that'll do.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 05:01 *hands her one* I think Saras in her room reading again
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 05:04 So?
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 05:06 in case you wanna prove yourself wrong.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 05:31 How would talking to her prove anything wrong?
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 05:32 how would it Not prove anything wrong?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 05:40 I mean...there's no way I can tell that anything she says is the truth.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 05:44 did...your sensors get damaged?...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 05:49 "Sensors??"
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 05:49 What sensors??
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 05:53 you dont have sensors? to detect when people are lying to you?
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 05:57 dosent work unless your skin is touching theres tho...so like touching their hand...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 06:05 No...no one from my planet does.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 06:06 If we did my planet wouldn't have so many problems.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 06:06 its...in your wavelength with your pack...your group of friends and family.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 06:06 so wait....you just dont know if people are lying?....but how to you make sure everyone is safe if people lie?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 06:09 We can never really make sure...that's just life.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 06:10 We make our best guesses at who's safe and we stick with them.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 06:11 ....I can go with you to talk with Sara and tell you when she is lying.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.8 06:12 *is still down in the cellar. He hasn't had much to drink. Just enjoying the one bottle he had chosen*
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 06:18 no wonder you dont wanna talk to her....not being able to tell lairs apart is terrifying
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.8 06:18 *heads to the treehouse* So you finally gave her the pet? Eira: Yep...though we kinda...um...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 06:18 *shrugs her shoulders* It's how I live every day.
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 06:20 thats awfel....Yeah...How do you manage talking to anyone without being scared?....your right your not up for talking to Sara I dont know if you could handle it...not knowing lies vs truth
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 06:34 *mouths "We need to get her out of here" at Aedona*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.8 06:35 *is still arguing with Amadeus over letting out Narblin*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.8 06:36 *is still pawin at the door and "crying"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 07:01 *turns to Jane* By the way, Jane, er...whatever happened to Malaucay? Jane: I dunno. Aedona: Malaucay? Eira: He's been let in so long as he's guarded. Aedona: Oh...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.8 07:01 *has left the treehouse as well and gone off to be alone*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.8 07:20 How about you and your big sister go look for Malaucay?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.8 07:20 I'm sure he's missed you both and wouldn't mind your company.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 07:34 Yeah, I've missed him too. You want to go find Malaucay, Jane? Jane: *sighs* Fine...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 07:39 *manages to get Jane out of the treehouse**Jane often looks back at Narblin**Eira reassures her that she can check on him later*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.8 07:41 Well...I doubt her pet likes me all that much, so I'll be on my way. *carefully makes his way out of the treehouse, using magic as an aid**he has crutches since his back can't support him very well*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.8 07:41 *looks at the terrarium for a bit**then goes to check on Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 07:42 *walks around for a while with Jane**she didn't think of checking on the cellar*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.8 07:54 *goes to the section of the treehouse with their beds in it and finds Saxon**settles down next to him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 07:56 *finally pauses and asks herself what she would do if she was Mayhem**this sets them in the right direction; she soon leads Jane near the cellar and sees that the door is open**heads inside with Jane close behind her*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.8 07:58 *sips from the bottle* Ah so someone finally looked down here, huh? *chuckles* I found the stash.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 08:01 Yes. Someone who knows how you think. *smirks*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.8 08:10 You know, Urmukka has some of the best wine there is.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 08:12 Indeed.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.8 08:12 You can take some with you if you want. If anyone asks, I'll say that as a member of the Surtil family I gave you permission.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.8 08:13 This stuff smells weird.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.8 08:17 Yeah...so...maybe I shouldn't talk to her.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.8 20:20 Probably. And no I shouldn't take some. I have no place to store it.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.9 04:16 *walks into the kitchen and grabs Mozzorella sticks from the freezer and into the microwave* Shouldnt talk to who?...Nah Im kidding I know your talking about me, its fine Im just grabbing some food Ill be out in a sec
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.9 05:54 Really? Huh...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.9 06:09 But...I...don't want to...um...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 06:27 Soon I will have a new place to live. Rather not go back to live in the old mansion.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.9 06:55 Where are you going to go?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 06:59 Not sure yet, but I have a couple ideas.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.9 07:02 Like what?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 07:10 *puts the bottle down* THAT is something you'll have to wait to find out.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.9 07:19 Why aren't you living in the mansion?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 07:20 It belongs to Cadmael now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.9 07:37 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 07:50 He's taken good care of it while I was gone and he deserves a good home. I can make another home
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.9 08:01 I just...I'm going home tomorrow and I don't want any trouble. *walks out*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.9 08:02 But why? The mansion is a good home...I wanna go back there.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 08:04 We can go back to visit.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 08:13 We'll still have the garden, though.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.9 08:17 We will??
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 08:18 Of course! That will always belong to me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.9 08:19 Wait...you mean you'd move the entire garden to your next home?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 08:20 One way or another.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.9 08:30 Alright...um...I'd be willing to help with anything if you need me. Jane: Me too!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 08:33 Well when I get to the point when I want to move things from the mansion I'll be sure to let you know.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.9 08:41 Will Cadmael and Karma help too?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 17:10 I'm certain they will.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.9 21:13 You'll love the new plans I have. Don't think I haven't been doing anything while on my little hiatus. Speaking of my plans, I must be leaving fairly soon.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.11 05:15 Aww...why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.11 05:17 I need to talk to some people, that's all.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.11 05:52 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.11 05:55 Because I'm an adult and adults go talk to other adults.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.11 06:10 Other adults are boring...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.11 06:11 So I'm boring? Jane: No... Eira: And Mommy and Cadmael? Jane: No. Pierce isn't boring too, but other adults are.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.11 06:16 Well adults have things they need to do with other adults whether or not they're boring.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.11 06:53 *sighs with exasperation*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.11 06:56 ~THE NEXT DAY...~ *is sitting by the lake while he waits for Eira**is staring down into the water*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.11 07:07 *arrives
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.11 07:07 **arrives at the lake* Looking into the water like that may not be the best idea.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.11 07:10 Why? Eira: You might have a less than pleasant interaction with someone...the Irakurrian gods are closely connected to this place.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.11 07:58 Hm... Eira: So what did you want to talk to me about? The Liska King: Er...well...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.11 08:09 What...has brought you to this place? Eira: My family lives here. I like to spend time here. The Liska King: Ah...and how come you've been visiting Amadeus?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.11 08:13 I've just been curious...the valley doesn't really let in foreigners all that much, so his case was unusual.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.11 08:13 I also don't interact with other Pantheans all that often. Say...are you Panthean? The Liska King: *nods a bit reluctantly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.11 08:14 Ah, cool! My mom's Panthean. The Liska King: So I heard.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.11 08:16 *has been reluctant to go outside all morning and at this point is just staring out the window*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.11 08:20 *walks into the room**has been playing with her teddy bear**sees Saxon and just looks at him for a few moments**figures that he's gloomy*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.11 08:22 *creeps up closer to him and then charges at him, leaping up onto him from behind, getting her arms over his shoulders*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.11 08:22 GOTCHA!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.11 08:22 *walks into the room with Jane's lunch just in time to see her charge Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.11 08:26 *tenses up and grabs Jane's arms, holding his breath for several moments before he lets go and exhales, breathing frantically*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 04:24 *stares for a moment, then fast-walks over and pulls Jane away from Saxon* That's enough.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.12 04:34 Hey! Aedona: Go play with somebody else. Jane: There isn't somebody else! Aedona: Sure there is. You just need to look harder.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.12 04:34 *huffs with exasperation and stomps out*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 04:35 *turns to Saxon* Hey...what is it?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 04:36 Nothing important... *takes a deep breath* I'm alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 04:52 Are you sure you are?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 05:04 Yeah.. Just... Caught off guard...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 05:20 ...You were a little more than caught off guard.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 05:24 What is it really?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 05:30 I don't...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 05:35 You don't what, Saxon? *her tone is quiet but a bit tense*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 05:43 *shakes his head and sits down on the floor* ...I just... *pauses* ...It hurts... My back...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 06:24 More than before?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 06:28 *nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 06:34 What happened?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 06:39 I... May have gotten into a fight...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 06:40 What? When?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 06:41 Last time I was out..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 06:44 With who?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 06:48 *looks down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 06:55 ...Don't tell me you've been with him again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 06:56 ..Then I won't..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 06:57 *sighs* Saxon, how many times have you done it since that day by the overpass?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 06:58 A few..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:00 And he's been hurting you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:01 *sits down, her hand on her forehead*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 07:05 Every time I swear I won't respond again...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:06 ...I...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:07 *sighs through her nose and closes her eyes* Saxon, I think Roffe is right.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 07:10 *looks at Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:12 *opens her eyes again, but looks at her knees instead of him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 07:20 I'm sorry.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:23 It's not you who's the problem, it's...it's Litho...really...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:24 But you need...you need what Roffe suggested.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 07:29 I don't know where to go.. No place that won't just think I'm...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:31 ...I don't know either...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:37 Maybe there's a decent place on this planet...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 07:39 Maybe... I haven't found one yet, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 07:50 Well...there are some things we don't HAVE to mention about all this...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 08:00 I mean...is it really necessary to say that we've been interacting with gods?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 08:04 Probably not, but... Who's to say I wouldn't let such information slip?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.12 08:11 We'd just have to be careful about what words we use.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.12 14:57 I'll try.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:26 ...So why'd you invite me here? Amadeus says you don't like people.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:26 I don't dislike all people. Otherwise I wouldn't have accompanied him here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:27 Well...I guess I mean you don't like new people. The Liska King: You're not new. I've seen you come over to talk to Amadeus plenty of times.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:29 *sighs* Alright then...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:29 So...anything else you wanted to ask me about?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:30 I...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:30 Can't think of anything at the moment.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:32 Well...my grandpa is visiting today and there were a few things I wanted to ask him, so I think I ought to get going. *gets up*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:33 *leans toward her slightly as if he is intent on saying something to her, but looks at the ground for a few moments**then nods* I understand.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:33 *watches her as she begins to walk away**suddenly gets up* Could we...?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:34 *pauses and turns back slightly, looking at him* Hm?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:35 *tenses up a bit and puts his arm behind his neck as if to scratch, though he fidgets more than scratches* ...Nothing...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:35 *turns away from her a bit* Nevermind...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:36 Alright...um...see you. *walks away, looking back over her shoulder several times as she returns to the Surtil house*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:36 *fidgets and waits until she's out of his sight**then turns and kicks a big rock* [BLEEP] it...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:38 *sighs, leaning his head back and closing his eyes**opens them again and goes to pick up his things**pauses and stares at the water for a few moments as he does so*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:39 *Erikas arrives at about the same time that she does* Hi!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:39 Erikas: Hey. *gives Eira a brief hug and then goes towards the front door* I need to discuss things with your mother. Eira: Things about what?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:40 Erikas: Well...it's more like she wants to discuss things with me. Eira: Things about what? Erikas: Immortality.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:40 Oh...that again...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:41 Can I talk with you afterwards? Erikas: Sure. *they head into the house and enter the room Saxon and Aedona are in*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 05:41 *seems a bit startled* Erikas: Did we interrupt something?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.13 05:43 *a fish causes the surface of the water to ripple, distorting the Liska King's image for a split second, revealing a massive bluish-gray creature staring down at him from behind. Of course the creature isn't really behind him*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:53 *freezes**tilts his head slightly, but can't quite see behind him**doesn't say anything or move*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 05:55 N-no. We're just finishing our talk.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 05:57 *hesitates, then says:* Y-yes, we were.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 05:57 Erikas: Are you sure about that? If not, I can wait. Eira wanted to talk to me, anyway.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 05:59 *says quietly after a minute:* Why here?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:02 *stands up* No go ahead, you're okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:09 Um...yeah, it's fine, I actually want to speak with Dad now anyway...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:10 Erikas: Suit yourself. *walks over and sits by Aedona*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:10 *gestures for Saxon to come out of the room with her*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:11 *follows Eira, looking back at Aedona before leaving the room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:17 *turns to him* What happened?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:19 I... Reacted harshly..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:20 To what??
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:21 To Jane.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 06:21 *stares for a minute longer, then turns around quickly to see that there's no one behind him**sighs and turns back to the water*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:22 ...I don't understand.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:23 Erikas: So I managed to talk to your mother about turning Jane or me immortal... Aedona: And?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:24 Erikas: She thinks Jane would be tolerated, but me...not so much. Aedona: Why? Erikas: Well, for one thing immortality is treasured by the gods and handed out very sparingly...it'd make a lot of them uncomfortable since I'm not a biological relative.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:25 There's more to it than that. Erikas: *sighs* Yes...yes, there is. Aedona: So what's the bigger problem? Erikas: It's similar to why your mother refrained from visiting you as much as possible.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:25 Before you ask, I didn't hurt her. I wouldn't.. I just.. I shouldn't have gotten as worked up as I did.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:26 ...Izar... Erikas: *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:26 But why??
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:28 I'm not afraid of him wanting to visit me and my daughter at the moment. We're in a place he can't reach. Erikas: Well, it's more like she's afraid some latent rage from when she was in a secret relationship with me would come out of him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:29 Erikas: With his mental state like this, we never really know what he might do in any situation that puts his patience to the test, so it's usually safe to assume the worst would happen.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:31 Because... *sighs* I can't keep ignoring Litho...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:31 Even with all he does, I keep going back..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:31 Maybe we can get you immortalized in secret. Erikas: I already suggested that. The gods watch their zauber like hawks...because some of them are hawks. *smirks a bit* Aedona: *sighs* Now's not the time for that... Erikas: Alright, alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:31 ...Dad, you... *sighs, looking strained*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:31 You need to consult somebody...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:40 Erikas: Anyway, it's not that big of a deal...I have decades before I get to 180 years old, and I'll try not to die in the meantime. Aedona: *says quietly* I... *tries not to tear up**holds his hand* ...I don't want to lose you again...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:41 Erikas: *squeezes her hand* I don't want to either. But hey, look at it this way...life is much more adventurous if you don't keep your memories forever and ever.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:42 Erikas: I really am still not sure if I'd want to be immortalized even if it was feasible...being immortal sounds like it'd get boring eventually. Aedona: I hope it won't...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:42 I know... I don't know who to go to..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:43 Erikas: *sighs* Oh...yes, I keep forgetting you're that way. I'm sorry. Aedona: Don't be...one of my best friends can't die and would love to be able to actually die. You're probably right.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:43 I...I can look for places and ask for recommendations.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:45 I just... *tears up a bit* I don't want to be stuck in this world forever without you. Last time didn't go so well.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:49 Erikas: *hugs her* You did the best you could do last time, you've done the best you can do this time, and you'll keep doing the best you can do next time.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:50 Erikas: Even if I lose my memories I'll still always be with you in spirit...and physically I'll try as hard as I can to find you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:55 *hugs him back tightly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 06:56 Sometimes it was hard to get by without being about to talk to you...and decades really isn't that long...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 06:56 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:04 Do you want me to go do that now?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 07:05 *aren't
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 07:07 Erikas: If I've taught you well enough, you should be able to fare well without talking to me. And so far things really haven't been that bad. I have two beautiful grandchildren who are doing fine and you are safe and with your family.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 07:09 Erikas: Not everything is as bad as you think it is, and not everything is your fault to the extent you think it is. You are more than good enough, okay?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:10 I don't know... Maybe?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 07:11 *nods a little, sniffling* Okay. Erikas: No matter what happens, things will be alright. That's how life goes as I've seen it...things have a tendency to pan out.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 07:15 Okay... *pulls one arm away from him to wipe her nose* Erikas: *looks around silently for a few moments**then says:* Where is Jane? Aedona: I sent her off to go play when a problem arose with Saxon.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 07:15 Erikas: Yes...what happened with that? Aedona: *sighs a little and then briefly explains what happened when Jane jumped on his back and the subsequent conversation she had with him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:16 Well, I...I think the sooner the better. I'll go do it. *hurries off*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.13 07:17 Erikas: *shakes his head a bit* Should've listened to Roffe. Aedona: *sounds a bit irritated* Well now we are.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:29 *goes home and gets on her computer**does some research for a little while on her own and then decides to pay Roffe a visit*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.13 07:30 *after he turned back to the water, he just rolled his eyes a little and walked away*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.13 07:37 *has been fairly busy and thus wasn't in the Rift when Eira visited, but he does come back after a short while*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:41 *has gone looking for Karasu or Corvis to see if they know where Roffe is*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.13 07:43 *sees Eira and walks toward her* Welcome back!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:44 Hey! Um...I wanted to ask you about something... *glances at the other Ravens awkwardly**doesn't want them involved*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.13 07:46 *gestures for Eira to follow as he turns to walk toward his home, which he'd rebuilt for the most part*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:47 *follows him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:47 *raises her eyebrows upon seeing his home*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.13 07:49 It's not much, but it's home. *sits down on the couch* So what did you want to talk about?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:50 *sits down as well**hesitates*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:51 Well...I... *fidgets awkwardly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 07:52 I want to find a therapist for my dad, but I can't really think of or find anyone he could talk to about matters like these.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.13 07:57 Ah. A good therapist. I'm afraid I don't know many. At least many that are still alive. If I'd known anyone I'd have sent Litho there before he lost his will to change. *shrugs* Earth is a no-go. The best I can think of is perhaps Hikari's sister.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.13 08:00 Suecra?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.14 02:45 I only think to refer her because she worked with the demons for a long time.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.14 04:33 *he waits for jane to return so He can start crying and pawing at the door again*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.14 04:54 *has gotten packed and ready to leave Sara's house**turns to Lila* Uh...you can come stay at my place if you want. I will warn you that it's kind of loud there sometimes.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.14 05:01 But would she really be that good of a therapist? My...my mom's told me stories about her encounter with her...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.14 05:16 Well I do believe you'd be pretty ticked as well if your whole existence was to be looked down upon as a demon while your brother is an angel.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.14 05:17 What happened to her after everything that happened when she got out?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.14 05:31 Word has it she was killed. Her brother had been taking care of her since, while she grew up again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.14 05:40 Do you think she's really suited to be a therapist?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.14 05:52 I don't know anyone else.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.14 06:00 *sighs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:06 ~SEVERAL DAYS LATER...~ *it's morning and she's saying goodbye to Saxon before he goes to work*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 06:22 *says goodbye as he throws his bag over his shoulder and teleports to a smaller town on the opposite side of the mountains from Stadtler*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:27 *goes to prepare breakfast for Jane**after she's done, she stares out the window for a minute**leaves the breakfast on the table by the chair Jane usually likes to sit in and hurries off*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:29 *changes into simpler clothes and goes digging around in her old supplies from when she was Solvig**takes a few items with her and heads off to where Saxon usually works*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:37 *very quickly checks the places in Stadtler he's supposed to be in, hoping that therapy would've helped already**rapidly loses hope and goes to the small town Saxon went to*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 06:41 *he's already been to his hotel room to drop off his clothes and is walking through the town, taking little detours to see how the place is faring while on his way to the facility the Surtil had built generations ago to help aid people in need.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:51 *hangs around near the Surtil facility, keeping a close eye on the entrance*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 06:55 *approaches the entrance to the facility and pauses, turning slightly toward Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:58 *is leaning against a building across the street from the facility**notices Litho and casually turns and goes into a cafe she's right next to*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:59 *carefully peeks out a window at him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 06:59 *starts evaluating how far other buildings are and calculating potential tessers*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 06:59 *goes into the building and waits*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:02 *sighs and sits down**orders a coffee and watches the entrance to the facility through the cafe window*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:05 *glances at a clock and takes out her phone**has it ready to call Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:11 *roughly 10 minutes later he goes inside the facility*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:14 *called Saxon as soon as she spotted him approaching the facility*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:16 *has had his phone on silent since he left his room*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:18 *calls him repeatedly**finally gets up and sighs**puts her phone on vibrate and puts it in her pocket**walks over to the facility and peers through a window into the lobby*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:21 *is spending much of his time talking to the people at the main counter. Eventually he goes behind it and looks through their books. Litho has been following him around the whole time, speaking to him from time to time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:27 *thinks quickly**then closes her eyes and lets out several high-pitched screams, as if she's in severe pain*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:27 *closes the books and goes back around the counter, then pulls up two seats and talks with Litho*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:27 *did that before Aedona did anything*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:28 *as soon as she's done screaming she tessers into the cafe and watches from the window there*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:28 *immediately stands up and runs outside, Litho hesitating to follow*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:28 *is doing rapid calculations in her head*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:29 *as soon as Saxon comes outside she tessers over a few feet away from Saxon, grabs him, and tessers into Urmukka with him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:30 !? That was you?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:31 I should be asking the same about the man I saw sit down with Litho.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:32 So you're just here on business, huh?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:32 *there
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:35 I WAS there on business. I cannot control if he wants to join me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:36 Really?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:37 Then why'd you tell him you'd be there?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:37 I don't know.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:38 Saxon, give me your phone.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:39 *complies*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:42 *pockets his phone, sighing* I told you I'd have to get rid of your phone if you kept texting him...here. *gives him a new phone* Don't let him contact this one.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:44 *hesitates, then says:* Promise me you won't.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:44 *nods slightly* I do have contacts in that phone that I must keep, though.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:45 I won't let him know this phone exists.d
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:45 Tell me which ones and I'll add them to that phone.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:47 *sighs and lists the important contacts*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:49 *takes back his new phone and takes out his old one**goes through his contacts on the old one and adds the ones he listed to the new one**then hands the new phone back to him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:51 I don't want you to go back there today.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:54 I still have things to finish... Maybe... Perhaps I can get Avery to finish the work..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:54 That sounds like a good idea.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:56 *looks up her contact and calls Avery, informing her of the number change, then asks her to stop by so he can send her to the town*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 07:58 *once he's done calling her, she says:* If you really need to go out and do something with someone, there's always me and Eira and Aidan...actually, we ought to go out with Jane sometime...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.14 07:59 I know. *waits for Avery to show up, then he opens a portal to the hotel room for her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 08:03 *waved in greeting to Avery**watches Avery go through the portal, then says more quietly* Saxon...every time he hurts you, he hurts everybody who loves you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.14 08:04 I just can't let this sort of thing keep happening.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.14 08:04 *Avery gets herself situated in her room, then grabs her things to continue where Saxon left off. She's supposed to visit and assess certain shops. On her way to her third stop, a big white dog leaps from an alley and pulls her into the shadows.*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 08:05 *pins Avery to the ground* You. Where'd Saxon go? Did that wretch take him away again? ANSWER ME!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 08:05 *where'd he go?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.14 08:09 Avery: *trembles* I don't know what you're talking about! *Litho: Don't you DARE lie to me! You smell of him. Where's Saxon? *Avery: Back home! Let me go, please! I just want to finish my job!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 08:15 No. I'm afraid knowing where he is just isn't good enough... I had plans and now they're ruined... Who will I talk to? You? Nooo, you wouldn't listen... Not to the likes of me.. We were gonna get lunch... Now what? *his glare softens considerably* Hmm...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 08:18 *licks his lips then sinks his teeth into her throat. Normally he wouldn't let go until he doesn't feel a pulse, but someone notices what's going on and attacks him, so he lunges at the attacker, killing him first, before returning to
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 08:20 finish off his first victim. Afterward he searches Avery and takes various items from her, including her phone, then he takes both of the bodies and teleports to a nearby forest*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 08:25 *takes the man's body and places it in a clearing, then finds a trail and leaves Avery just off of it. Once he's set everything up he howls and essentially causes the forest to erupt into a symphony of howling. *teleports into a tree and texts Saxon with
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.14 08:27 Avery's phone. It reads:* "I need some help. There's been increased wolf activity and someone's gone missing. I hope this reaches you in time. Reception is spotty."
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 04:22 *reads the text* (bleep)...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 04:33 What is it?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 04:41 Trouble..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 04:45 What happened?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 05:04 Trouble in the town we just left. Outside of town actually.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 05:20 *pauses, thinking**then says:* Is it Litho?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 05:25 I don't know. There has been a history of wolf attacks there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 05:38 *comes over and looks at the text**sighs* Maybe...maybe I should go check things out...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 06:31 I should come too... I know that forest quite well.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 06:54 I don't want Litho to find you again.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 06:54 He won't cause any problems.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 07:49 What if he's caused this problem?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 07:52 We'd have to go find out.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 08:21 And if he did?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 08:28 I don't know, but that's not what matters right now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.15 08:31 I think it matters quite a bit.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 10:07 If he is there and you go alone, you'd be in danger. Why? Because he hates you.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.15 18:20 It'd be safer if I went as well.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.16 03:00 *looks through the contacts on Avery's phone again, confused about why there are two contacts for Saxon. Cross-references the numbers and saves the new one into his phone, then throws the phone beside Avery's body*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 03:14 [I will be one hour late BTW.]
15>Lila (Human), 16yo.2020,Feb.16 05:41 When rivkqh leaves she ends up staying with Sara since she dosent have a plave to go back to
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 05:57 I don't want him to hurt you again.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:00 As where he'd likely only hurt me, he'd go as far as killing you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:11 *sighs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:11 Alright, fine, but let's make this quick.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:14 *nods and opens another portal back to the motel room*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:17 *goes through the portal, visibly tense*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:19 *it's been several days since she left Sara's place**is more familiar with how to use teleporters and safe places she can visit**has left the house and gone on a stroll because she's gotten fed up with her mother again*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:21 *he walks over to Rivkahs house with a plate of multi colored pastel hexagons and knocks on the door*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:23 *calls Avery, and of course gets no answer* She'd better not have gone out there alone. *tosses a jacket to Aedona* The forest here is a lot colder than the town itself.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:25 *nods and puts the jacket on*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:32 *goes outside and starts down the trail toward the forest*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:35 *walks beside him, listening to and watching their surroundings carefully*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:35 *her mother answers and says "Yes?"*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.16 06:36 *yawns. Only then does he notice how much his mouth is watering. Shakes his head and shrugs off his desire for food*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:37 *about a mile out of town is where a thin blanket of snow lies.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:37 **
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:38 Hi My family just moved in next door so I brought over some Den kibs for your family
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:39 I haven't seen anything yet...maybe we should try to track down her phone or call her?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.16 06:39 *watches the wolves approach and growls at them, warning them to back off*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:39 Rivkah's Mother: Ohh, thank you! I'm so flattered...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:41 *nods and tries calling the phone again. Nothing* She didn't go that far into the woods... did she?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:41 *smiles* Im olvier by the way nice to meet you ma'am
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:43 Why would she? She isn't trained to handle that sort of thing, is she?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:43 *Rivkah's little brother comes over and looks at the plate* Rivkah's brother: What are those??
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:44 *starts walking back to the house*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:47 She is, but she's not as strong as I am. Especially not at her age.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 06:50 You'd think she'd bring help, then...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:51 Bye! *he walks off and starts exploring the neighborhood*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:53 Rivkah's mother: *says quietly* I don't know, dear...um... *hesitates, wanting to ask Oliver, but heads back inside, muttering "He has weird hair..."*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:54 *walks by Oliver as she's heading back home*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 06:56 He smiles and waves at Rivkah as he walks*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 06:56 She tried, but time is of the essence in these situations.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 07:01 *is on her phone**notices Oliver in her peripheral vision and waves back, but then trips on a divot in the ground because she wasn't paying attention to where she was going*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 07:01 *nods and continues walking**after a little time passes she says:* Are wolves unusually aggressive on this planet?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 07:02 *runs over to her* oh my goodness are you ok?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 07:08 Wolves have always been an issue for the people here. They're bigger than Earth wolves, that's for sure.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 07:08 Yeah...kinda...heh...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 07:08 *allows him to help her get up* Just a scrape, that's all...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 07:09 So I figure they're not nearly as afraid of people as they are on Earth.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 07:14 *nods a bit and smiles* Im olive I just moved into that house *points to the house next to Rivkahs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 07:17 No. They're usually a lot smarter than Earth wolves as well. Most will leave you alone as long as you are on the trail.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 07:20 *nods and continues to keep careful watch of their surroundings as they continue down the trail*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 07:25 Ah, okay...um...I'm Rivkah. *goes to shake his hand*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 07:26 *another mile or two into the woods he calls the phone again and hears it not too far away. Picks up the pace*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 07:30 *picks up the pace as well**glances over her shoulder several times*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.16 07:46 *sees Saxon and Aedona from far away. The pangs of hunger return, even greater this time. Freezes, reliving a memory in his head. When he snaps out of it he's in a bit of a panic. Changes back into a wolf and stops using his magic.*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.16 07:54 *falls out of the tree since he has no way of gripping the branch*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 07:57 *hurries towards the sound of the phone*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 07:58 *is being as observant as she possibly can now**she hasn't spotted Litho, but she senses something eerie about the whole situation*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 08:10 *keeps close to Aedona, looking around a bit before rushing toward Avery as soon as he can* Avery! *kneels down beside her* ...I thought I'd taught you not to take on tasks like this if you can't handle them..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 08:17 *stares down at Avery, speechless*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.16 08:18 *lays where he is, dazed from the fall*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 08:18 *her mind doesn't seem to be entirely in the present**when she snaps out of it, she looks around quickly and spots a figure lying in the snow not too far away**stares for a few moments, then taps Saxon's shoulder*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 08:19 *points to the figure and then heads over towards it**it is the other body*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 08:19 *mutters* This shouldn't have happened..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 08:19 *said that before Aedona did anything*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 08:20 *doesn't look up, just sits beside Avery*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 08:22 *kneels beside the body and grabs the wrist to check for a pulse, but only does that for a few seconds, as the wounds make it apparent that the person is lifeless*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 08:23 *looks down, closes her eyes, and mutters something in Sahlemese**then opens her eyes, gets up, and walks back over to Saxon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 08:24 *puts her hand on her shoulder**isn't nearly as observant about her surroundings as she was before; she feels almost as if she is in a dream*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.16 08:24 *on his shoulder*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.16 08:26 *pushes her hand off his shoulder* D*****, Aedona, this would NEVER have happened if I were the one here!
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 22:58 *looks at Rivkahs hand for a second before extending his hand ad well, not grabbing her hand, just extending his*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.16 23:15 Is that the way you greet people here? There are so many cultures here its hard to learn all their proper greetings *he chuckles a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 04:02 *says quietly* I'm sorry...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 04:03 Uh...no, it's more like this. *switches to using her left hand since Oliver extended the wrong hand and shakes his head*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 04:04 *hand*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 04:05 I'm not from around here either, but this is how people greet each other in the place I'm from.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 04:13 I could have made sure no one got hurt! Now someone I care about is dead because I couldn't continue my own work!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 04:15 *her voice becomes even quieter* I just wanted to protect you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 04:17 I didn't need protecting!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 04:19 *rolls over and stands back up, shaking the snow from his fur, then fixes his gaze on Aedona and Saxon.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 04:25 *notices movement in her peripheral vision**looks up slightly**her gaze locks on Litho*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 04:31 Saxon, there's a wolf here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 04:32 Of course there is... *stands up* They'd never leave the bodies for long.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 04:33 *emits a low growl as he steps a bit closer to them*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 04:37 *puts one hand behind her back and summons a bit of magic on her fingers*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 04:38 *leaps at Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 04:40 *quickly thrusts her hands forward, launching a strong wave of magic to throw Litho back*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 04:47 *is quick to jump back to his feet and rush her again, this time from an angle, ready to avoid an attack*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 04:51 *quickly evaluates him as being too fast to dodge, so she surrounds herself in a thick protective aura of magic and launches a strong blast of magic at his side*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 04:55 *pushes himself away from the blast, toward Saxon* *Saxon: *punches Litho. His ice has little effect on the wolves in this forest so he doesn't bother using it*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 04:59 *rolls up against a tree, pausing before deciding to get back up. Stares for a few seconds*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 05:12 *draws the magic surrounding her body away from it and around her fists, ready to use it**looks back at Litho*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 05:13 *pauses as well, dropping his hands to his sides* We don't want any trouble. Just let us take the girl at least and I promise we'll compensate for the loss.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 05:15 *says under her breath* There's a second body...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 05:17 *bares his teeth and starts toward Saxon, crouched and ready to leap at any given moment*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:17 oh thats fun!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 05:18 *says back to Aedona* I know there is. There's no way they'd accept us taking both.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 05:23 We don't mean harm.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 05:24 *@ Litho*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:24 How do people on your planet greet each other?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:28 oh well you lift your foot up a bit, and tap the other persons show with the side of your shoe twice
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:31 Uhhh... *giggles a bit* Ooookay.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:34 see look *he lifts up his foot slightly* now you lift up yours not super high
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:35 Okay. *lifts her foot a bit*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 05:38 *picks up the pace as he gets closer to Saxon, then tackles him to the ground, opening his mouth wide and leans in over Saxon's face*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:38 *he taps the inside of her foot with his foot twice* just like that!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:47 *giggles again* Okay... *does the same to him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 05:48 *quickly wraps magic tightly around Litho's neck, getting behind him and pulling, trying to choke him and drag him back*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:48 yeah you got it! *he smiles and puts his foot back on the pavement*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 05:53 *puts her foot down as well* Nice.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:53 *she said/did that XP*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 05:54 So...where do you live now?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 05:54 *snaps his mouth shut on Saxon's shoulder as he is pulled back.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:00 *wraps more magic around Litho's neck and makes the magic press in on Litho's neck extremely hard*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:03 right in that yellow house *he points to the one right next to rivkahs*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:04 Oh...that's my house there! *points at her house*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:10 oh! I just dropped some Den kibs over there for your family
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 06:10 *lets go of Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 06:12 *yelped when he was bitten but is more just staring, his expression mostly blank, but partially disturbed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:13 *yanks Litho as hard as she can with the magic, trying to fling him off of Saxon*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 06:15 *wherever he lands he just remains where he is*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:17 *makes more magic extend from the magic wrapped around Litho's neck and bind itself to some nearby trees, in effect tying him to those trees*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:17 "Den kibs?"
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 06:20 *as soon as he realizes he's tethered to something he starts freaking out*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:22 *the magic around his neck squeezes him more when he moves*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:22 its a desert pastel little treats they are soft and squishy with a jelly center
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:23 *quickly grabs Saxon and pulls him farther away from Litho*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 06:24 *finally grabs his shoulder, still staring at Litho*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:26 Oh, okay. Thanks!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:28 *says quickly* Saxon...I can tesser you out of here and come back and get the body...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 06:29 ...Take the body first...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 06:30 *snarls and growls begin to mix with little yelps*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:38 *opens her mouth to object, but instead she swiftly puts her hand on Avery's body and tessers, frowning with concentration*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:39 *smiles a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:39 *lets go and tessers back within a second, but she still couldn't keep her magic from weakening when she was gone*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 06:41 Let him go... Then we'll leave.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:44 *puts her hand on Saxon before making her magic disappear*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 06:44 *tessers to Avery's body as soon as she releases Litho*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:44 So...you just moved here?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:46 Yeah its a nice neighborhood I guess, My parents got a really great deal on it.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.17 06:46 *changes back into his human form, breathing quickly. Collapses onto the ground and remains there until he passes out*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:49 Where are you from?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:52 Al Can
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:53 what about you?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:53 Where's that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 06:54 I've never seen a single wolf attack. Though he was huge... Alphas tend to be larger than normal, though.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:56 I'm from Earth.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:58 My parents said I had an earth name *he smiles big* They thought it was exotic
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 06:58 Al Can is by Alpha d 6 near the galaxy of castoasoros and the nyph storms
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 07:03 *checks his shoulder* This needs to be bandaged..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 07:03 ...Okay then.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 07:03 *scratches the back of her neck awkwardly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 07:05 *notices the angle his foot is at* Is your foot alright?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 07:09 [Nvm that.]
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 07:09 yeah...I know its obscure most people have never even herd of my planet
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 07:09 We should get you to the pool in Urmukka.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 07:13 *shakes his head* I don't want to heal too often using that. It's not healthy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 07:16 Alright...how so?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 07:16 I've barely heard of any planets, actually...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 07:17 Healing that quickly puts strain on the body
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 07:19 *nods a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 07:20 *has several things she wants to say, but seeing Avery's body again in a calmer situation silences her*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 07:20 maybe..I can show you some of my favorites sometime then
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 07:24 Er... *chuckles awkwardly* Maybe.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 07:32 I'm in no hurry to leave the few planets I am familiar with.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 07:35 I just need to get this wrapped up so I can work on breaking the news to the people.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 07:54 *nods a little again*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.17 08:08 I really ought to get going now...see you around! *waves and starts heading back to her house again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 08:08 ~A COUPLE OF DAYS LATER...~
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 08:14 *is working on preparing for Avery's funeral*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 08:19 *hasn't been talking to Saxon as much*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.17 08:20 *she has had questions on her mind, though, and finally she goes into the room Saxon is in**says quietly* Is there anything I can do to help?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.17 08:22 Just... Let me work on this...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 04:06 *nods a little and turns to leave, but pauses**turns back and says:* Do you know what happened to her exactly?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 04:15 She... Was partially choked to death. The throat is torn, but not to the point where it'd be the cause of death..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 04:24 Choked to death by what?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 04:25 *he is lying on his back in his cage, not moving, and pretending to be dead*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:30 *has been talking to Yinyang Sara in private via the communication orb Mayhem made for Eira so that she could talk to her family while they were in Auceaster*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:30 *comes into the tree house**makes sure nobody else is here and goes to the room the terrarium is in*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 04:31 The wolf. His mouth.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:33 *sees that Narblin is on his back and not moving**gasps and knocks on the glass* Narblin??
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:36 *goes and picks the lock in the way Sara taught her**in about 5-10 minutes she manages to open the terrarium*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 04:36 *looks at him for a few moments, then starts walking out*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 04:38 *runs up to Jane and Chirps Happily*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 04:38 I think I know why Litho wanted to talk to me today...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 04:38 *that day
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 04:39 *he jumps out of the cage and onto Janes Arm and runs up to sit on her shoulder, making sure hes under her hair*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:39 *beams* Narblin!! *goes to pick him up*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:40 *did that before he jumped on her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:41 *giggles and goes to grab him so she can hold him in her hands* You tickle!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 04:41 *pauses*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 04:41 Why is that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 04:43 I think he wanted advice... He kept asking questions. I think... He hadn't had a drink in awhile...
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 04:44 No! Im not going back in the cage! *he backs up so hes on her neck behind her head*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:48 You can talk?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 04:48 *turns back towards Saxon* How does he behave if he hasn't drank in a while?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:49 *reaches behind her neck, trying to grab him* I wanna see you!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 04:51 I could always talk it just took you a while to start listening
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 04:52 *he crawls into Janes Hands* Also Your sister and that Amadeus Fellow are mean and stupid
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 04:53 Not entirely different. Definitely smarter. Less impulsive. But also he's more aware of his hunger... Now that I think about it he was asking about getting lunch...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:56 What??
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 04:56 No they are not! Eira is the best sister ever!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 04:58 *looks distant for a moment**then says:* Saxon, did he do this?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 04:58 You might not think so highly of them if they locked YOU in a cage and refused to let you out.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:01 I like you tho you tried to let me out but they wouldnt let you. Thank you for breaking that lock for me, I hate cages
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:01 He did. I wouldn't have realized until he was "threatening" to kill me in the woods. I thought those were just nightmares..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:02 They don't want you to hurt them. I'm not scared.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:02 One day I was at home minding my own Buisness when a dog kidnapped me and Gave me to Amadeus who owned that dog, he was collecting lizards, he then locked me up in a cage, it was very rude
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 05:03 *frowns a bit* You thought what were just nightmares?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:06 .....
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:07 And for the record I wasnt going to hurt them, I only licked that other one beacause I was trying to escape so I could get back home
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 05:10 *says more quietly* He hurt you like that before?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:14 Well it's still mean to call people stupid.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:14 I'll stay with you though I like you, But your sister cant hear me so Please tell her that I dont like her or being in cages.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:14 I used to wake up a bit, like... with sleep paralysis... Most times when this happened, what I thought was just a hallucination would be standing over me... Poised to make its kill...
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:15 Its even meaner to lock someone up beacause your scared even if they did nothing to you.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:15 can you take me outside? put me on your shoulder again I wanna see the flowers
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:16 other times.... *puts his hand to his collarbone*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:20 I'll take you outside if you stop being mean about Eira.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 05:21 *nods a little*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:25 *goes quiet*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:27 ...fine.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:37 *he crawls up her arm and onto her shoulder under her hair*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:38 Promise?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:42 yeah
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:46 Okay. *looks out the window to make sure no one's nearby and then climbs out of the treehouse*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:47 *starts walking around the general area around the treehouse*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:47 Its nice outside. Your not gonna put me back in the cage right? I dont ever wanna go back in there
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 05:47 ...I wish it had been me...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:48 ...If I don't I will get in trouble...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:49 I don't like getting in trouble.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:49 No. You don't..
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:49 You wont get In trouble I wont let them be mean to you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:53 *sounds a bit alarmed* I don't want you to make them sick.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 05:55 No I wont make them sick I only do that If I feel like Im in danger and they dont back off after my warnings
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 05:56 You didn't deserve any of this.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:57 Maybe not. *shrugs&
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 05:57 **
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 05:58 You won't make anybody sick if I don't put you back?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 05:58 Not "maybe not"...of course not.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 06:00 You have my word, Unless someone is trying to hurt you then I will but Ill ask you first before I try anything
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 06:00 *turns to leave**says before going:* ...Don't...don't put your phone on silent unless you absolutely have to...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:01 mhmm..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:02 Pinky promise?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.18 06:03 I don't want to have to resort to tactics like that again. *starts walking out*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 06:04 I dont have a pinkie
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 06:05 but ok pinky promise
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:07 *puts her hand up to her neck so that he can put his foot on her pinky*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 06:12 *puts his tiny foot on her pinky finger*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:15 *the Liska King had invited her to meet him had the lake again**has talked with him a while, though mostly it's small talk about what they like vs. dislike*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:21 *they've exchanged thoughts on books they've read and animals they like (she likes dogs while he prefers foxes)**she reveals that she's a painter; he confesses that he likes to carve things**she shares her love for jazz, while he shares his appreciation
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:22 for the sound of the wind over frigid oceans, or the dripping that occurs in some glaciers during summer*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:29 *he also shares that the Otemjarian glacier water is the best-tasting water in the multiverse* ...Well...that's subjective... The Liska King: No, it's fact.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:31 *chuckles* If you say so. *checks her watch* I really ought to go...it was nice talking to you! *gets up and starts walking again*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.18 06:32 Tomorrow, then? Eira: Er...I'm not sure. I'm going to be busy this week, and Mom's been getting me to take care of Jane more and more during Dad's workdays...we'll see.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.18 06:32 *sighs**looks at the ground next to the lake as opposed to the lake itself*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.18 06:32 *waits for Eira to be gone before getting up and walking away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:38 *notices that Jane is seemingly talking to herself while walking around the flowers near the treehouse* Jane? *walks over towards her* Are you alright?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:38 *is a bit startled**turns to Eira quickly* Uh...yeah!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:40 *hesitates, then notices something green* Jane, you have something in your hair... *reaches for her* Jane: *backs up* No I don't!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:43 Er...yes you do.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:44 *just looks at her guiltily*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:44 *at the lake again [How the h**l did that typo happen...?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:47 *frowns slightly* Wait...is that Narblin?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:48 What is he doing outside his terrarium?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:48 *backs up a step*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:48 Did you let him out?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:48 *hesitates, then nods a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:49 He's not supposed to be out of his terrarium, Jane. He might run away or make somebody sick.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:49 He won't!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:50 He said he wants to stay. And he pinky promised me that he wouldn't make anybody sick.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:50 "He said??" Jane: He can talk.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:50 Oh...right...so you can hear what he says now...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:51 He doesn't want to be in the terrarium. Please don't make me put him back in!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 06:55 Well...I don't know if that's feasible...he might make the adults nervous... Jane: He promised!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 06:56 *he crawls up and sits on Janes head and looks Eira right in the eye*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 06:58 He's tame!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 06:59 *he nods*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:00 Please let him stay out of the terrarium!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:01 *sighs, thinking**then says:* Okay. But he's not allowed out of the treehouse unless we give you permission, as I don't know how the locals would react to his species...the people around here are skeptical about all sorts of foreigners.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:02 We won't tell Amadeus and we'll try letting him roam free in the treehouse for a day or two. If everything goes well he can continue to roam free, but if anything ever goes awry he goes back into the terrarium. Alright?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:03 *beams* Okay!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:03 Did you hear that, Narblin?!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:04 Im going to the flowers. *narblin runs down Janes leg and into the flower bush*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:15 Hey! What is he doing?!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:15 Can you tell your sister I dont like being locked up? no matter how big the cage is?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:15 He wants to be in the flower bush. *runs over and gets on her hands and knees, crawling into the flower bush, looking for him* Narblin?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:16 *he picks a flower with his mouth and climbs back up Jane with it* I dont want to be trapped in the treehouse.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:18 Im not a pet, that people own Im a friend and I deserve to be free.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:18 and I want to be free with you Jane. I dont want to be locked up in a cage or a treehouse or anything.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:19 *narblin tucks the flower behind Janes ear*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:21 *sighs*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:21 *smiles* Thank you...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:22 *turns to Eira* He doesn't want to be stuck in the treehouse.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:22 Please tell your sister that I am my own person and I do not want to be locked up anywhere including the tree house
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:22 (nvm)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:22 He'll have to live that way for a while, and if he behaves we'll see what we can do about letting him roam elsewhere.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:23 There are other animals outside here, anyway. You wouldn't want him to be eaten by something, would you? Jane: *shakes her head*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:24 *leans out the back door* He IS considered an invasive species to the territory. If he goes anywhere on his own he could and probably would be picked up.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:24 I wont be eaten. Tell your sister that Im an inteligent creature that dosent deserve to be locked up anymore then she dose.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:25 *nods towards Aidan and looks back at Jane* See what I mean?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:25 Picked up by what??
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:26 I used to live in the wild Jane, I am very good at hiding and protecting myself from dangerous creatures. Im a smart lizard. Your sister is scared of me beacause of what I am not WHO I am and that is called racism.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:28 like If I were to want to lock your sister up beacause she could squish and kill me. but I know that people should be free and not be scared based on pre determined stereotypes
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:28 Plus Im planning to stick with You jane not run off into the wild.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:30 My sister's not a racist!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:31 *starts heading back up into the treehouse*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:33 I dont want to go to the treehouse! *he runs down her leg and back into the flowers* and I didnt say she was Racist!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:35 Yes you did!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:35 I said you could come outside if you stopped being mean about my sister!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:35 Come on!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:36 *picks up Narblin with a little ring of magenta magic* I don't think you heard me, little guy. Put distance between yourself and Jane and a Naedyrm will certainly come for you. *he hasn't moved Narblin other than holding him above the flowers*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:37 Shes being mean to me! Why should I have to be locked up just beacause Shes scared of me?! Thats not my fault! I didnt do anything to her! shes scared of me for no Reason and thats hurtful!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:39 *looks at Aidan then at Jane* Please tell him to put me down! Im not running away im still close to you I just dont want to be locked up!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:41 I'll tell him to put you down if you follow me!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:42 are you going to lock me up again?...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:42 And she's not scared of you for no reason! You can make people sick if you're not tame!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:43 No. I just want you to go in the treehouse so the Naedyrm don't get you!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:43 [The treehouse is huge BTW.]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:43 And she could kill me as soon as she wanted to! she could step on me or rip of my head in a second! dose that mean I should be afraid of her?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:44 [dosent matter how big or comfy a jail cell is, its still a jail cell]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:44 [Maybe he doesn't realize its scale because he's only been in a couple of rooms, but it goes across multiple trees. It really isn't that "horrible" of a place to be stuck in.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:45 She wouldn't kill you!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:46 *sighs* What is he saying? Jane: He doesn't wanna be in the treehouse.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:47 *@ Narblin* Look, around here you really don't have a choice. As Aidan pointed out, the Naedyrm will get you if you leave the treehouse unattended.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:47 There's nothing we can really do about that. So just follow Jane into the treehouse.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:48 and I wouldnt make her sick! [he comes from the ground, hiding in the rocks and grass and flowers and tunnles, being up high in strange rooms isnt comfortable for him he likes small hiding holes among the dirt rocks and plants]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:49 [The floor of his terrarium is built like that.]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:49 [in the treehouse it smells diffrent, it looks diffrent and it feels diffrent, its a whole new "world" and its big and diffrent and scary. and being stuck in a big unfamiliar place is scary]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:50 [and the terrarium it dosent have the fresh outside air or the natural sunbeams or rain]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:52 Whether he likes living in the treehouse or not, it's for his own safety. It doesn't matter how good he might have been at hiding back in his old home. The creatures who protect us from so much will have no issue finding him.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:53 [most importantly it dosent feel like home, its depressing to him he was suddenly ripped from his home and life and thrust into a new one it makes him sad and lonely and he wants to hold on to the things that remind him of home, he wants the freedom to ]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:54 (Which will 100% lead him to his death)
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:55 [go outside and sit with the flowers so he can feel normal and safe and happy for a little bit, so he can pretend everything is fine he's afraid of not having the option to go outside and feel like his own person again]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:55 [This is an entirely different planet. I imagine that the outside here smells and feels different too.]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:56 [yeah may lead him to his death but he still feels that way, just beacause its not safe for him dosent stop those feelings or desires]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 07:56 *is thinking**looks at the flower bush* Jane...ask him if he likes the flowers here a lot.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:56 *looks a bit confused* Do you like the flowers?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:57 [altho its a diffrent planet, rain is still rain, sunlight is still sunlight, dirt and mud as the same and so are the shade and coolness from flowers and the corners in rocks, Outside feels the most like home even if its not 100% it feels close enough]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:58 I...I like the outside, I like the flowers and the rocks and the dirt...I like the wind and the smell of fresh grass...I like how the natural sunlight feels and how the rain smells when it hits the dust and how it feels when dew drops run down my tail.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 07:59 [Not necessarily. The sun shines here differently and rain and dirt have different compositions depending on the region.]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 07:59 I...I dont want to be stuck in the treehouse beacuse if im stuck inside then I cant be outside were Im happy.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:00 [Heck, Narblin comes from a planet where rare flesh flowers can grow out of rocks. That REALLY insinuates that the dirt and rock compositions are quite different there.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:00 [The sun is brighter in Urmukka, I think. RaeAnna can elaborate on this.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:01 He...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:01 He's happier outside on the ground...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:01 *sighs* Look...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:01 Narblin, you can't stay outside here forever because Jane can't stay outside forever. She spends a considerable amount of time indoors, and if you're unattended the Naedyrm will get you.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:02 [I know that Florida air feels diffrent then idaho air and all that but For Narblin its As close as home as he is able to get given his situation and its not going to change his feelings. This is Very in character for Narblin and yes outside is not safe]
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:02 [for him on this planet, but thats not going to change his feelings]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:04 I have a lot of plants I've been growing at home. I can bring some of the ones in pots to the treehouse and try to put them in sunny places.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:04 We can also keep the windows open on nice days.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:05 I miss my home...and my family...outside...feels the most like home on this planet...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:06 [BTW, we sometimes have wild anoles sneak indoors and they usually hang around on our indoor potted plants. They keep the bugs off of them and generally seem alright.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:07 ...I miss my home too...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:08 *climbs back down* I used to live in a big mansion with the biggest and bestest garden ever.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:09 [Narblin isnt an anole] Can...you tell him to set me down please...Ill go inside...*he seems alot more sad*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:09 I can't live there anymore...I sometimes wanna go back, but Mommy says it's not safe anymore there.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:09 But some things I like more here. There are more kids to play with.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:10 Maybe you'll find things you like more here too.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:10 I miss my family most of all...Its lonely here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:12 Aidan, please put him down. He says he'll come to the treehouse.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:12 Maybe your sister can stick around so I can talk with her to.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:13 I miss my family too...I can't see my Dads and Amy as much.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:14 *puts Narblin down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:14 Yeah. My sister and grandpa and Mommy like to be with me. *smiles a little and holds out her hand to Narblin*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:15 *he walks over to jane*...maybe Ill tell you what happend when your older.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.18 08:17 *sighs, seeming a bit irritated* Fine...Mommy says stuff like that to me a lot... *picks him up, puts him on her shoulder, and starts heading back up into the treehouse*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:18 I'll get some potted plants... *@ Aidan* Could you help me or are you busy?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:20 Ask your sister to talk to that sara girl, she has a device so your sister can talk to me since I want to talk to her.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.18 08:20 As long as it doesn't take three days, I am available.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.18 08:28 I would have you tell her but these are grown up things that you shouldnt have to worrry about....Im a bit hungry tho
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.19 03:05 [Warning: I will be late tonight.]
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.19 05:07 *once she reaches the top she turns back and says loudly to Eira:* He wants you to talk with Sara! Eira: Alright...why? Jane: She has a thingy that lets him talk to you!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 05:08 Alright, give me a little bit. I'll get the plants and then I'll contact her. *turns to Aidan* So long as teleportation doesn't take days at a time, you're good.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.19 05:13 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 05:22 Let's go. *heads to her house with him and picks the plants that she wouldn't mind moving*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:26 *she telaports to a planet she has never been to before, telaporting right infront of Rivkah on acident* oh..Hey sorry
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:27 Didnt mean to telaport in your room! Sorry about that Im saea by the way! *she holds out her hand*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 05:30 *screamed a little when Sara showed up**doesn't take her hand*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:31 *she turns around quickly* What?! Whats wrong is there something behind me?!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 05:33 Wh...wh...wh...why are you here???
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 05:45 *with the help of Aidan she moves a whole bunch of potted plants to the treehouse**puts most of them on a shelf by a fairly big window in one of the rooms*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:47 Oh well my friend Kansap told me that a resturant here cooks the best Sqilblims but I told him No gandors dose, but he said I couldnt prove that until I try Srabs the restaurant on this planet so I set my coridents to someplace random on this
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:49 Planet beacause I love exploring new planets and ive never been to this planet before so With random telaportation I guess I ended up in your bedroom...which happends quite alot actually..popping up in bedrooms Anyways Im sorry If I startled you, you look
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:49 Pike you've seen a ghost? Are you alright?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 05:52 ....... *shakes her head a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 05:53 *thanks Aidan and calls YY Sara once she's done with the plants*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:56 Oh one sec I gotta take this
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 05:57 *answers her phone* Yeah whats up?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:02 Hi Sara. Jane has a pet reptilian who claims that you have a device that allows him to communicate with others.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 06:04 Ph no I dont other Sara probably dose...um Ill call her a bit latter and tell her to send it to you do you need anything else?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:07 No, I don't think so...though Mom's talked about you recently. You ought to drop in and visit sometime.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 06:14 Yeah good Idea, Stay safe! Bye *she hangs up and looks ar rivkah* Sorry about that, anyways are you ok?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 06:20 ...Just...please leave...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:22 *waits for Eira by the back door. He hasn't asked her to meet him or anything he's just waiting for her to show up*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 06:22 Oh...um alright sorry then...well Nice to meet you I guess, Oh hey Im buying lunch anyways and im...crazy rich, wanna come with?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 06:24 ...No...thank you...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:28 *shows Jane where she and Aidan put everything**Jane goes over and takes Narblin off her shoulder and sets him in one of the leafier plants*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 06:28 Alright, also If you dont mind me asking? Are you ok? You dont look well and Granted Ive never met you before and I definitely dont look it but I have alot of life experience maybe I can help?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.19 06:28 Like it?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 06:29 It'd...it'd help if you go...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:31 *notices Aidan through a window and leaves the treehouse**goes over to him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:31 Hey...whatcha doing now?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 06:42 Alrighty *walks out of the room and downstairs and accidentally runs into Rivkahs mom* Oh sorry I was just leaving I acidently telaported into the bedroom upstairs, it happeneds, nice to meet you, Im sara by the way, were is your front door?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:43 Just thinking about my next trip. It's more of a little getaway to a planet I liked to visit. If you're not doing anything you're more than welcome to come along.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:47 *smiles a little* I wouldn't mind coming along at all.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:48 Though...Mom may assign me to watch over Jane some more...if that happened would Jane be allowed to come along?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 06:48 Rivkah's Mother: Ohh, Sara! No no no, it's fine... *chuckles* It's right that way. *points* Didn't expect to see you around...by the way, how's Amadeus?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 06:50 Ama who?....Oh...Oh! ...f...No sorry Im...Im a diffrent sara we are like um twins kind of sorry
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 06:51 Rivkah's Mother: *is visibly confused* Oh...oh, okay...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 06:54 Yeah see you can tell us apart since my hair is alot longer then hers...yeah its confusing
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.19 06:55 I don't see why not
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:01 Alright. When are you leaving?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:02 In about 3 days
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 07:04 Rivkah's Mother: Indeed... *chuckles**turns towards Rivkah's room upstairs and sees her peeking out of it timidly* For god's sake, it's alright, she's Sara's twin sister!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 07:04 ...Oh...o-okay... *slinks back into her room*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:06 Sorry *sara leaves then calls Irikurian sara who telaports the device to Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:14 *notices that some mail came**retrieves it and takes out the device* Hm...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:14 I'm guessing this is the thing I can use to talk to Narblin...I'll be right back--I'm gonna test it out. *heads back into the tree house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:15 *plays with the device's buttons and whatnot once she gets into the room Narblin is in**Jane is with him around the plants*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:18 Oh your sister found the device
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:19 Ah...I can hear you now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.19 07:19 Cool!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:20 What did you want to talk to me about, Narblin?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:23 Oh Jane...could you grab me some more food while I talk to your sister?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.19 07:25 Okay! *goes to the other room to get him a piece of flesh flower*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:27 *looks at Narblin*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:28 *he looks at Eira* Take me back to my planet.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:32 Where is your planet?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:33 Amadeus knows were it it, since hes the one that kidnapped me and murdered my family in the process. I do not want to live here among murderers
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:35 You're not among murderers. This is Urmukka.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:35 This is a valley that does not let truly evil people in.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:37 I want to go home. I am not a pet or a toy I am an intelligent creature with rights, Im also in the U.I.S list so its illegal for you to try to keep me as a pet. I want to go home.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:37 And yes, I would set you free, but what am I supposed to tell Jane? "I released the pet you loved so much into the wild?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:38 She doesn't understand that you're not truly a pet.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:38 And frankly I didn't either until today.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:42 For that matter, what would I tell Amadeus? I like him a lot. He's not a bad person, and I think he considers you a heartfelt gift to us.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:42 *sighs* Yes...I'll release you because it's the right thing to do...but I would like you to provide ideas for what I'm supposed to tell them.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:44 Tell him not to kill Lizards for drug money. We are an endangered species but poachers seak us out to kill us beacause our venom can be used for drugs. Tell Jane I was just visiting and its time for me to go home
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:44 I was Kidnapped from my home, I would like to go back To my home
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:45 *he said "our organ," not "our venom"*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:47 *her eyes widen slightly**sighs again and nods* I'll see what I can do...
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:50 Thank you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.19 07:52 *comes in with the food
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.19 07:52 **
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:53 Take good care of Narblin and don't get into trouble, okay? I'll be back in a while. *goes to talk to Amadeus*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 07:53 *is sitting outside, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air and lazily watching the kids play not too far away**Eira finds him rather quickly* Oh, hi.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 07:54 It's a beautiful day. Would you like to join me? Eira: No thanks. I want to talk about Narblin.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:54 Why did you give us an illegal pet?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:55 (Pierce just like: U.I.S? There is no such thing here.)
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 07:56 *hesitates, then sighs* It was Char's idea to get some much-needed money...I honestly felt a bit guilty about the whole thing, so I decided to save one of them, considering how they can make extremely loyal and protective compnaions.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 07:56 *companions.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 07:56 [U.I.S. could be a thing in Yinyang.]
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 07:56 [Amadeus, C.J., Char, etc. originate from the Yinyang Universe. Narblin could too.]
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:57 (I'm not stupid I know it would be a thing in Yinyang)
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 07:58 Technically he's not illegal here...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:58 Not quite. He's invasive, though.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:58 (Univesal endangered (in Narblins language it traslates to In Danger) species list, so a universally protected species)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 07:59 What the h**l do you need the money for? You said Char owns a skyscraper on one of the most expensive streets in Ahntor!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.19 07:59 (Ye hes from ying yang)
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:00 *hesitates again* I can't tell you that, I'm sorry. That information is kept secret among a select few of the Panthean gods. Even I don't know the whole picture, but I assure you the money is for a good cause.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 08:01 So the ends justify the means?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:02 *sighs* Look, as I said, it was Char's idea. I was mainly the researcher and the delivery man. I regret it, but I tried to and did save one.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 08:02 How many were there?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:02 Not that many.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:04 In all honesty I don't have much control over what Char says and does. If I hadn't done some of the job for him, he would've found someone else to do it, and it probably would've resulted in a lot more bloodshed.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 08:05 Why do you work for him?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:07 Well...I like him. He's like family to me...I've known him since I was a kid. He's really an extraordinary amount of fun sometimes.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 08:08 Just because you like somebody doesn't mean you should work for them.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:09 Well it's not like we just do things like that for a living. We go on adventures...I've gotten to see a lot of great places in the multiverse.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:11 I've met a lot of interesting people as well along the way. I'm sure there would be a lot of people who are nicer than me who would love to have my job.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.19 08:11 *pauses, thinking**then nods a little and says:* I want to return Narblin to his home. Where is his planet?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:35 Because of the way it's protected I don't know. However, I know somebody who does.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.19 08:39 I'll see if I can contact them... *takes out his phone and calls C.J.*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.20 04:53 *gets no answer**sighs* No answer...look, I'll try again later and once I get a hold of them I'll let you know, okay?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.20 04:54 Fine...but get a hold of them soon. *starts walking away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 04:59 ~LATER, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT...~
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 05:03 *can't fall asleep. Eventually just gets up and gets dressed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 05:07 *hasn't been able to sleep either, as she's been ruminating all day about Avery**sits up upon realizing that Saxon is up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 05:11 *puts on something casual as opposed to his usual formal clothes. Paces through the house for awhile*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.20 05:26 *wakes up as well**rubs her eyes and watches Saxon for a few minutes before going over to her mother* Mommy, what's Saxon doing?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 05:37 It's not important...go back to sleep. Jane: Fine... *heads back to her bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 05:37 *sighs, gets up, and goes over to Saxon**whispers to him:* What are you thinking about?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 06:04 I need to know why he did what he did..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 06:37 *hesitates, then says:* You aren't going to visit him again, are you?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 06:42 I have to. Before he decides to blow it off.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 06:44 Blow what off?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 06:45 The whole event.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 06:57 ...You mean he'll just act like nothing happened?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 06:58 If he's started drinking again he won't care anymore.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 07:14 Will it make any difference at all whether he does or doesn't care?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 07:18 I just have to know why he did that.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 07:30 *sighs* I don't want you to endanger yourself...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 07:33 I don't have to go alone. He just will not react well if I look like I'm with someone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 07:34 What's happened happened. Is this truly necessary?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 07:39 I'd known Avery since she was born.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 07:55 *pauses**nods a little, though the look on her face clearly indicates that she doesn't want him to go*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 07:58 I also have to know why he hasn't been drinking
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 08:00 I suppose I'm not going to be able to prevent you from going...can I at least covertly watch everything and make sure you're alright?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 08:02 *nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 08:11 Okay... *quickly gets dressed*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.20 08:19 *waits for Aedona by the door*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.20 08:23 *comes over to him once she's done dressing**is also in casual clothes*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.21 03:44 *keeps ignoring his phone calls*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 04:24 *nods a little to indicate that she's ready to go*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 05:15 We'll walk to the edge of the barrier.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 05:16 Alright. *follows him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 05:20 *once they get to the barrier he steps outside and calls for Litho. After his initial call he quiets down* ...I know you can hear me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 05:31 *is hiding not too far away**has paid attention to the breeze to ensure that she's not where her scent will be carried to Saxon's area*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.21 05:47 *teleports to Saxon* You have some nerve calling me so soon..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 05:49 *listens, remaining still and silent*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 05:49 *isn't watching because her eyes glow in the dark a bit, and she fears they would give her away*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 05:50 What's that supposed to mean? What did I do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 05:55 Litho: I did NOTHING to you and you had me chained to a tree! What did I do to YOU!? *Saxon: *raises his voice* YOU KEEP KILLING PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT! Do you expect me to do nothing while this happens? Why did you do this? She did NOTHING!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.21 05:59 Litho: She took your place! I needed to talk to you and you left me behind with no warning! *Saxon: That didn't mean she had to die! *Litho: Because she died didn't mean you had to tie me up like that! *pauses*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 06:02 First off I had no say in that! I was just being protected! YOU didn't have to attack us! *Litho: stares at the ground for a minute* ...Just... *slowly approaches Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 06:03 *takes a small step back* ...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.21 06:09 *falls a bit and embraces Saxon, burying his face into Saxon's chest* ...Don't do something like that again... *his voice starts to crack* Please... don't... I didn't mean to do cause any trouble, I swear... Don't lock me up again... Please...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 06:11 *looks a bit confused, but he doesn't push Litho away. Just remains silent*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 06:16 *hears that Litho's voice is muffled and dares to peek out from behind the trees and bushes*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.21 06:22 I don't want to do that again... *Saxon: ...Okay. I won't have you chained up again...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 06:32 *just stares*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 06:32 *doesn't know what to make of this*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 06:38 Litho... Why haven't you been drinking? *Litho: ...That's... What I wanted to talk to you about... *hesitates, then stands back* It tells me not to drink, but it's... I don't like feeling like this...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 06:40 "It"? You've never mentioned an "it" before. What's it look like? *Litho: I don't... See it... Please, what do I do? *Saxon: Whatever is talking to you now, stop listening. It's making you make terrible decisions. I hate to say that drinking is
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 06:40 good for you. A sober you is... Even more so disturbing than the regular you.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.21 06:46 *nods a bit* I'll... Try something... Please don't be mad at me... *teleports away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 06:49 *slowly comes out from behind the trees and bushes*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 06:51 ....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 06:54 *takes his hand and starts walking back slowly towards the valley with him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 07:02 *says quietly* Was that all legitimate, or...?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 07:07 Most of it at least. He appeared to be having another breakdown. Not seeing things right. He's... Never begged like that before.... Usually he's more apologetic....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.21 07:44 Is the "it" he talked about another thing that talks to him that is a figment of his imagination?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.21 07:48 I believe so.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.22 03:10 [I will be late tonight.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.22 05:50 *sighs* Figment of imagination or no figment of imagination, he has no excuse for what he's done.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.22 05:53 At least now I know why he did what he did. It's not at all justifiable, though..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.22 05:55 Of course it isn't...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 06:13 ~LATER, IN THE MORNING...~ *one of the first things he does when he wakes up is try to call C.J. again*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 06:14 *she once again ignores his call*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 06:29 C.J., don't make me force you to talk to me!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 06:30 *calls her again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 06:32 *has awoken earlier than usual**is on her stomach on the floor of one of the tree house rooms, drawing*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 06:33 *actually nvm, she's lying on her stomach on the back porch*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 06:38 *finishes drawing and goes back into the treehouse, eager to show her drawing to somebody*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 06:38 *sees that everyone else is still asleep and sighs*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 06:42 *spots Saxon's phone among some of his stuff **remembers overhearing an argument he and her mother had not too long ago about certain texting habits*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 06:49 *answers* crap like that is Exactly why I dont want to talk to you. What do you want.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 06:51 *picks up the phone, goes to a closet, and sits in it with the door closed, looking through his contacts*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 06:52 I need you to go to *lists the coordinates* in about 30 minutes. The Liska King will meet you there with a delivery.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 06:53 I hate to do this, but I don't want any uncertainties, so... I order you to take his delivery, put the delivery safe and sound back on his native planet, and let him be free.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 06:55 That planet got blown up...If I try to do that my magic will literally kill me in the process of trying to meet that command.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 06:57 What?!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 06:57 When?! By who?!
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 06:59 I dont know, some stupid villian, I dont do hero work anymore, anyways please command me to not fallow through with your previous command or you will kill me.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:00 Or I dont know...Maybe give me my free will back instead of literally fircing me to do things?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 07:03 *finds almost none who are familiar**sighs and starts looking through his
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 07:03 *his notifications*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:04 Alright, um...you don't have to do anything I just said in the last five minutes.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:04 And...I don't think that's an option...my mom's a bit protective, and if she found out I didn't have you anymore, well... *sighs* I don't want to deal with that.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:05 Thank you...now how about you give me my freedom so my life isnt tethered to yours.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:05 *said that before he talked about his mom*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:07 Sara wouldnt want you forcing someone like this. We both know shes been more of a mother to you than anyone else so dont use that bs excuses with me if your going to be a Bleeping Bleephole then the least you can do is own up to it your spineless coward.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:09 You are the only one in control of this and you are the only one who can set me free so if your going to keep on holding me prisoner the least you can do is own up to your own revolting actions
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:10 "Spineless"... *chuckles* You're not completely far off, considering my most recent injury...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:12 Also don't lie to yourself. You're not a prisoner. These last few times regarding the reptilians were virtually the only times I have talked to you since I was a boy.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:12 If your going to do awful heinous crimes you Dont get to pretend your a good person beacause your not.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:13 Yes, there were some other times, but they were few, far between, and nothing major.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:14 Also if you're going to call others "cowards," at least be kind enough to do it to their face.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:15 And yes I am a prisoner beacause I am literally tied to you as soon as you doe I am killed immediately. And i cant use 3/4s of my energy at all since its tuned into you..wating for your stupid commands! I am exhausted all the time I can barely be out of
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:15 If you want some advice, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You'll never be with Prisim again so long as I have control.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:16 Bed for more then 8 hours a day. And *teleports to Amadeus and looks him dead in the eye* you are a worthless...sniveling spineless coward.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:18 Dont you dare try to justify what you are doing to me Amadeus beacause there is not excuse for it. So if your going to Act like a villain own up to it and stop pretending that your some hero beacause you never will be.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:18 And may I ask why you didn't tell me about your problems for all this time?
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:19 *her knees wobble and she stumbles a bit as she stops to cstch her breath*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:19 *sighs* You do realize that if you had told me these things long ago I would've fixed them?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:20 You can use all of your energy however you want.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:20 Would it have made a diffrence if I did? I have literally been worked to death by people like you. You dont give a crap if Im weak when your not using me.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:21 And you saying I can use my energy isnt going to change that, thats not how it works
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:21 You can stop telling lies any day now. Of course I care about your health.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:22 Then how does it work?
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:23 No you dont. You couldnt care less what happends to me Im just a tool for you to use when you need things done and nothing more.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:24 I can not use 3/4th of my energy beacause you are in control, its reserved for you so if you do command me to do something it makes it less likely for me to die in the process.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:30 How's this, then...I'm not in control unless I call your name.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:31 And it's not my fault that you never told me anything about how this works. If you had told me at any time I would be willing to work out a solution with you.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:35 The solution is you set me free instead of keeping me enslaved which is what this is
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:35 You have more mercy for that stupid lizard then me
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:37 This isnt a "team work makes the dream work" situation its you claiming ownership of me and forcing me to do what you want. We are not a team or partners or co workers and we are certainly not friends
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.22 07:43 *a message had popped up a couple of minutes ago. It just reads: "I think I'm getting better... Can we get a drink?"*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 07:45 *frowns slightly**texts back: "Who are you?"*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 07:46 *says quietly* I don't really appreciate some of the things you've said to me.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 07:46 *replies* "Did you just wake up or something?"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 07:49 *texts back: "Kinda"*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 07:49 "Who are you??"
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 07:53 "Haha... Funny, Saxon. You know who it is."
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:53 And I dont really appreciate you being in control over me even if you dont use it, beacause wether or not you choose to use it, it still effects me and my life.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 07:56 "I'm not Saxon."
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 07:56 If you are going to keep doing awful things to people then grow a thicker skin beacause When you hurt people they will have no problem insulting you to your face. But just know, you deserve it if your going to be doing things like this to other people
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:01 "Oh? Then who might this be?"
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 08:01 Your not a naive stupid child anymore your actions are 100% yours and you do not get to pick the consequences that come with them
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:02 "I'm Jane and I'm 8."
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:02 "Who is this?"
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 08:03 Hm...that's funny... *looks around* I'm apparently a villain, yet look where I am.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:05 "Jane? Never thought I'd hear from you again. It's Litho. :)"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:06 "Hi!"
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 08:06 You are a villian to me and anyone can get into here as long as they are not planning to hurt people who live in thisnplace, being here dose not mean you are a good person
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 08:08 You know, dubbing people "heroes" and "villains" seems really narrow-minded.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 08:08 You forget that morality has infinite shades of gray.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:09 "How's the valley been treating ya?"
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 08:09 If you're stuck in bed all the time, maybe you should pick up a good ol' philosophy book. A friend told me that there are plenty in the library here.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:09 "I like it!"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:10 "But I miss home."
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:10 "And my Dads."
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 08:10 That dosent justify your actions and I know since I have been in literally every shade of grey along with Black. And you...your growing black
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 08:11 No, I'm growing p***ed.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:11 "Word has it Malaucay is allowed there now."
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.22 08:12 In fact I am p***ed. Go wherever and don't talk to me until you learn manners again.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 08:13 You have all the signs of being villiounus, you dont own up to your actions, you try to justify every messed up horrendous thibg you do, and you do tiny good things to make yourself feel better while in reality you dont give a crap about who you hurt.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:13 "Yeah! He likes the basement place."
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 08:13 *said that vefore he told her to go away*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.22 08:14 *c.J telaports off*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:14 "I don't like it there. It smells weird and it's creepy."
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:15 *there's a long pause* "Good for him."
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:15 "I don't like basements. Best stay away from them."
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:16 "Okay
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:16 *"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:18 "I got up and I was bored and I made a picture. Wanna see it?"
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:20 "Of course!"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:21 "Okay, one sec"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:22 *takes a picture of it**it's a little dark since she's hiding in a closet**sends it to him*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:23 *it's a crayon drawing of a dark blueish quadruped with red markings and a long head**lighter blueish squigglies are all around its feet, and she drew a silver moon higher up on the page*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:24 "That's real neat! I've never seen such a creature. What is it?"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:25 "It's a horse!"
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:27 "Never seen a horse like that! It's cool!"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.22 08:29 "Malaucay showed me lots of them!"
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:30 "I bet he did"
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.22 08:31 *there's another pause* "Saxon should be awake by now. You shouldn't be texting me when he finds you have his phone. If he asks, you wanted to play a game on the phone."
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 04:42 *peeks out of the closet**sure enough, she sees some of the family stirring**texts back: "Okay"*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.23 04:49 "Text me again if you get the chance."
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 04:52 "Okay, I'll try"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 04:53 "gtg, they're waking up"
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 04:53 *turns the phone off and sneaks out of the closet*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 04:53 *thinks for a little while, then calls Char*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 04:55 Char: *answers his phone* Mmmmmyes? Amadeus: You knew that planet was going to be destroyed. Char: ...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 04:55 Char: ...That I will not deny. Amadeus: Why didn't you tell me?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 04:56 Char: Because I knew that if I did you react like this and want to go off and play the hero. Amadeus: So? I could've--WE could've done- Char: No and no.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 04:57 Char: Amadeus, my dear boy...it's easier to ride a horse in the direction he's going. Publicly opposing the gods is never a good idea.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 04:58 But we ARE- Char: No. Not yet. Not on that planet. Deities there are not dictated by immortality, they're- Amadeus: *sighs* I know...they're dictated by money.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:00 Char: I have a present for you. Hasn't it been delivered yet? Amadeus: *the Liska King enters the room* I think it's being delivered right now.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.23 05:02 *drops an Ahntorian news pamphlet on his lap* Char insisted that I bring this to you. Amadeus: *sighs and begins to read it* Char: Yes, I know, "paper as usual," I'm old-fashioned...so what?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:03 Char: I like reading things that are tangible, that have a feel and smell to them- Amadeus: Why didn't we expose their plot before it occurred? We could've stopped this.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:05 Char: Well...yes and no. First of all, we couldn't risk saying anything lest they begin talking about my own goofs. I'm closer than ever to the goal; I cannot sacrifice this position for a temporary victory.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:07 Char: Secondly, letting it happen was the only surefire way to administrate their fall. Trust me, Amadeus, they have had their fingers everywhere doing millions of things just as bad or worse for years, and they had plenty of future plans with about the
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.23 05:09 *comes back to the valley to visit. Goes to the library for awhile*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:09 same consequences if you only take into account severity. Thirdly, planets are like mortals: there are countless numbers of them. They come and go, are born and die, age and evolve. You cannot really think of them in terms of individuals; at the most, if
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:10 you are so inclined to rescue them, you must think of them in multitudes. By letting this happen, I was thinking of multitudes...multitudes of planets under their rule, their false godhood.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:11 *sighs**shakes his head a little and chuckles darkly to himself* You really know how to phrase things to make it seem like you're a saint. Char: Hey, Vitar didn't pick me for this job for nothing.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:12 Can you tell me anything about what caused their fall, exactly? Char: Sorry. I'd love to teach you, but... *starts laughing* I had nothing to do with it.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:17 Sure. Of course you had nothing to do with it.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:28 I need to go now. There are some things I need to attend to. Char: See ya later gator. *Amadeus hangs up*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 05:36 *goes home and back to sleep*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:40 *turns to the Liska King* Can you do me a favor? *the LK nods a bit* Take this to Eira. Tell her to read it and then meet me her.e
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 05:40 *here.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.23 05:48 *nods**heads to the treehouse**climbs up and knocks on the door*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 05:51 *has put Saxon's phone back where she found it**runs up and answers the door* Yes? The Liska King: I have a message for your sister. Go get her.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 05:52 *sees the Liska king and hisses from his plant*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 05:52 Uh...okay... *runs and gets Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 05:53 *comes over* What is it? The Liska King: Amadeus wants you to read this and then come see him. *hangs her the pamphlet**sees that some of her family is looking at him, so he quickly goes away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 06:00 *sits down and reads the pamphlet, which shows a story about a trio of Ahntor's wealthiest, most influential men who are being tried for various offenses against society, including their involvement in the destruction of Narblin's planet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 06:01 *they are also being charged with illegally possessing Narblin's species; the species were found by investigators and taken in by an intergalactic animal protection/rights organization*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.23 06:05 *initially starts heading back to Amadeus' room, but pauses upon seeing the library**enters the library instead and starts browsing the books*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 06:14 *wanders around the house to fine Jane*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 06:19 *watches her mother cook**glances a bit nervously at Saxon sometimes*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 06:21 *finds jane and crawls up her leg on onto her shoulder* I dont like that man that came in...he smells like Amadeus..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 06:23 He's Eira's buddy.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 06:23 Eira says he's a fox king.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 06:23 so is Amadeus but I dont trust him eaither
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 06:24 *said that before she mentioned fox kinf*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 06:24 mm thats probably why then...foxes eat lizards
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.23 06:36 They do?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.23 06:39 yes
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 06:40 *sighs and goes to Amadeus after reading*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:00 *says when Eira comes in:* Eira, I want us to be friends.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:01 And with the recent things that have happened, I feel like I owe you an explanation. However, you must promise not to tell anyone else the details of what I am about to tell you. Eira: ...I promise.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 07:03 So what is the whole story?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:10 *thinks a bit**then says:* It began when the trio of men there--and possibly others--offered Char the opportunity to join them in a huge economic opportunity.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:22 The eggs produced by Narblin's species can only incubate in extremely special conditions that, until recently, their clutches could not hatch anywhere apart from
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:24 their home planet. The men who were arrested proposed a plan to Char which basically involves hiring the universe's best scientists to figure out how to incubate the eggs and then farm the reptiles.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:40 The men planned to obtain some of the lizards and destroy the planet once the secret to incubating the eggs was unveiled; that way they could have a monopoly over the species. Char refused to join them.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:45 Char, however, did refer them to a "professional company" who could deliver a batch of the reptilians and their eggs to them. The reality is that the company didn't exist; really, WE were the company.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:47 Char told me that if I didn't get the reptilians, they would go extinct. He advised me to get someone else to do the d*rty work, and so I did.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:52 He didn't tell me that he knew the planet would be subsequently destroyed...if he did I would've done something about it.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:53 *in such extremely special conditions that,
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 07:59 After the planet was destroyed, however, the men were caught and held accountable, as you read there... Eira: Were you involved in their undoing?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 08:02 Me? No, not personally or directly. I suppose I was involved in planting evidence on them by delivering the reptilians.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 08:05 As for Char, he denies it, but I think he did orchestrate their undoing.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 08:09 *sighs* On a brighter note, Narblin's family should be alive. As the pamphlet says, the reptilians in their custody are now in safe hands.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 08:09 *just nods a little in response*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 08:11 Eira...I don't want this to come between us...I really have appreciated the conversations we've had. I wouldn't want to lose a friend like you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 08:13 *hesitates, then says:* I guess I need to tell Narblin all this. *gets up and leaves*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 08:14 *his eyes widen for a few moments**stares at the floor for a little while*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.23 08:14 *goes to the treehouse and finds an excuse to shoo Jane away from Narblin**picks up the device and says:* There are some things I need to tell you.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.23 08:17 *finally says loudly:* C.J., come here. You're free.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.23 17:39 *has pulled about 20 or so books on myths and legends and dragons*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.24 04:28 *peers over his own book at Mayhem**notices how many books Mayhem has and raises an eyebrow, though this can't be seen due to his fox mask*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:28 I have good news and bad news.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:33 *telaports to Amadeus* You need to say "I release you from my command" for it to work
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.24 04:33 I release you from my command.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 04:34 *gets up and looks through another aisle, grabbing several more books in the process*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:36 *A loud cracking sound can be heard* Thank you I hope I never see you again. *she telaports off*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Feb.24 04:36 You're welcome. *doesn't care if she heard him or not*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:36 I do not like that fox king who came to the door.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:39 Er...yeah, he's a little weird, but actually he's fine.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:41 no he smells to much like Amadeus...so do you...I dont like it
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.24 04:42 *while Mayhem is getting more books, he rises and walks past the books Mayhem as already collected, curiously glancing at the titles*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.24 04:42 *has already
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:43 *sighs* Well that's because he's been helping take care of Amadeus because Amadeus has been injured. I also just talked to Amadeus. He provided the information you needed.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:43 *sets down the pamphlet in front of him* I don't know if you can read, but the good news is that it appears that your family is alive.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:44 I can read just not in whatever language that is
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:44 They weren't killed because they were going to be used to start a farm of your species. However, the men who paid for their capture have been arrested, and your family was saved by an animal rights and rescue organization.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:46 The bad news is that...um... *hesitates, then sighs**her tone is quieter and gentle* The executives who paid for your capture also hired somebody to destroy your planet. I'm sorry, but they succeeded.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:46 ...Send my family here then there is enough space in the plants
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:46 They wanted a monopoly over your species now that scientists figured out how to incubate your species' eggs. Again, I'm sorry.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:47 I don't know if I can do that. I doubt the organization would allow it, and I can't really steal your family.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 04:47 *The majority of the books are about legends spread throughout the universe about the gods and myths about dragons, both native and foreign.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:48 It'd be easier to send you to your family...the organization is probably looking for other survivors to save and relocate.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.24 04:48 Huh... *keeps walking and sits down in another corner, opening his own book back up again*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:48 get the wolf to steal them back then...shes a good theif...if not get paperwork so I can file a claim or something
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:50 if its a conservation effort they will most likey lock us up for what they assume is our one good so we can repopulate into larger numbers since they cant understand us and when thry do they dont care
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 04:50 "The wolf?"
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:52 yes the red and orange one with the green sweater, thats who Amaeus sent to capture us, he has full control over that wolf..he enslaved her which is what she told us she tried to tell him she only found a few of us so she could get us back safe but he
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 04:53 *returns to his circle with books on the local history*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:53 forced her to give the rest of us up...powerful magic I could taste it, its a very sad magic
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:03 Red and orange with a green sweater...huh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:11 Did you get her name?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:12 yes...poor thing enslaved forced to fallow every command she is yearning for freedom. another Reason to not like Amadeus
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:13 Why would she steal them back for me?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:13 strange name.... Seen Flay I think...2 syllables not of our launguage
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:15 She might for me...she mentioned that she just wanted to be free to be with her family again..and she tried hard to keep mine together
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:15 You mean C.J.?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:18 Yes...thats it C.J
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:18 a very sad creature...I pity her...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:28 She's my mother's friend...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:28 I'll go see if I can contact her.
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:29 Please do I would like my family to stay here *Narblin crawls down Eiras leg and onto the floor and heads twards his plants*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:30 *goes and addresses her mother briefly about contacting C.J.**Aedona lets her borrow her phone**calls C.J.*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 05:31 *flips through a ragged old book for awhile, then drops it and picks up another* D*****....
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:32 hello?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:33 Hi, this is Eira...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:34 *explains that Amadeus gave Jane Narblin as a present and that, now that Narblin's family is in the custody of an animal rights/rescue organization, Narblin wants his family to come live with him here*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:36 I know you're not obligated to do anything for me, but I would really appreciate it if you did this.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:36 Is this something Amadeus Told you to ask me to do?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Feb.24 05:37 *without moving, he looks over his book at Mayhem again, this time staring*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:37 No, Narblin asked for this.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:37 Why would Amadeus need to ask you anything??
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:38 ok then I will do it. were is the address?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:39 The address for the organization? Um...I'm not sure...it's a really well-known one, though, so it should be easy to find their offices and whatnot.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:39 I figure where they keep the reptilians is top secret, though.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:40 I can track them easily I already got ahold of their scent
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:40 Ill be back soon with the lizards *she hangs up
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:44 *a few hours later C.J returns to Jane with 32 Lizards* I didnt know which ones were his family so I took them all
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:44 were should I put them?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 05:45 *the dropped book was a compilation of theories about a god whose wings were stolen and what became of him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:48 Um...oh geez...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 05:48 There's a room with Narblin's terrarium in it. He doesn't use it anymore, though, he resides on the plants in the room. Put them on the plants.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:50 ok *he walks to the planet room and talks to Narblin before putting the lizards in the plants carefully, The lizards happily chirp and Narblin talks to them a bit and tells them the rules of the house*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:51 *he bassically tells them not to lick anyone and to stay in the treehouse but C.J chimes in* yeah you guys cant lick anyone here except Amadeus if he gets close enough to touch you, lick him*the lizards nod in agreement*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 05:52 *walks in as she sees C.J. bring in the lizards* Uh...what's going on?? Eira: Narblin has family...C.J. saved them for him.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:54 *the lizards chirp happily* They wont lick anyone its fine
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 05:55 How will we feed them? Eira: Gotta get more flesh flowers, I guess.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 05:56 *has been off drawing**comes back and sees the multitude of lizards**gasps* LIZARDS!!!!! *runs in*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 05:56 *glances up for a moment, then looks back down at his book. Flips through some more pages, then says something in another language, pauses, then nods*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:57 *narblin runs to Jane and climbs up her, the 32 other lizards fallow suit*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 05:58 Jane! this is my family! and some of my friends *the lizards say hi a bit, jane should be able to hear most of them since most of them share Narblins wavelength*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 05:59 Hi!! *beams*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 05:59 You're all cute!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 05:59 Narblin's the cutest, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:00 *is now looking at C.J.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:00 C.J.... *smiles, tears in her eyes**then hugs her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:00 I missed you so much...
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:01 *narblin chuckles a bit* Jane do you wanna show them around the house?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 06:01 *The Naedyrm watching him gets up and runs out of the library. Soon another falcon lands on a post and they speak for awhile before the bird takes off again.*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:01 *hugs her back* I missed you to, do me a favor and stab Amadeus next time you see him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:02 *chuckles a bit* Any preferred area?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:03 Yeah!!!
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:03 probably his stupid face *she chuckles to*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:04 I'll see what I can do. *lets go of her, smirking*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:05 *starts running around the house, covered in lizards, talking at 1000 mph about what certain places are and what her family does there*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:06 *finally reaches C.J. and stops* You're C.J. from the orb?
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:06 *the lizards hang on happily looking around*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:06 Yes, that's C.J. from the video call orb. *smiles*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:07 and your the tiny gremlin who took half of my name
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:08 *smiles* your very good with those Lizards jane, they like you
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:08 *looks confused* What's a "gremlin??"
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:09 its a cool name for a child
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:10 *smiles and looks up at Aedona* Mommy, I'm a gremlin!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:11 Er...yeah.
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:11 *C.J smiles at Aedona really big trying to hold back laughter*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:17 And Amy's a gremlin too, right?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:17 Sure. *makes a strained smile, also trying not to laugh*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:18 I have something cool for you jane, *she reaches into her hoodie and pulls out a green cloak with a hood* It has a bunch of pockets on the inside and outside for the lizards, they like hiding spots
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 06:18 *has covered her mouth with one hand to keep from laughing*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:19 *gasps* Thank you!!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:19 *is smiling wide now**says quietly* You remembered...
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:21 *puts it on**Aedona helps tie the part at her neck, making a nice bow*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:22 Its not like I can forget even if I wanted to...go ahead try it on Eira can help you tie it
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:22 *nvm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:23 *nods* Ah, yes...I forget I'm the forgetful one... *chuckles*
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:23 *the lizards climb into all the pockets with the tops of their heads poking out, making it look like its covered in flowers, narblin stays on janes shoulder tho*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:24 *@ the lizards* Okay, get in the pockets!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:27 *said that before they got in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 06:27 Oh gosh...that's so pretty!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 06:27 They make you look flowery.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:28 *goes over to a mirror, spins around 360 degrees, and comes back* I love it!! *hugs C.J.*
17>C.J (chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:29 Oh um *hugs her back* your welcome
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:29 *says after she lets C.J. go:* I wanna show the lizards around the valley!!
10>Narblin (lizard), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 06:35 Itl...be better for them to get used to the tree house first
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.24 06:35 I don't see why not so long as you make sure they stay on you or in your cloak. The guardians of the valley see them as an invasive species, but they're safe so long as they're with you.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.24 06:42 *hes in the store shopping for some snacks*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.24 06:46 Okay! *runs off*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:47 *turns to C.J.* I'm really happy to see you here.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.24 06:50 *closes the last book and just lays back* Nothing in those whole d*** library...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 06:58 ~THREE WEEKS LATER...~
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.24 07:08 *has come to visit his family in Urmukka**has told Jane a story of one of his recent adventures, to which Jane replies with stories of what happened when she, Eira, and Aidan went off on a trip together to other places*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 07:08 *has been trying to listen, but her thoughts linger elsewhere and she can barely keep her eyes open*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.24 07:17 *listens to Jane and soon turns to Aedona* You okay?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 07:17 Hm? Oh, um...yeah...just didn't get much sleep last night...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 07:19 You also kinda woke me up early... *rubs her eyes*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.24 07:22 *chuckles* Well, isn't being a nuisance my job?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.24 07:25 I don't know...I think somebody's been vying for that position as well. *glances at Jane, smiling*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.24 07:26 That position, however, is in such high demand that some family units are in need of multiple nuisances. *smiles back*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.24 15:01 *grabs his bags then goes and kisses Aedona goodbye* I'm headed out. It's just a council meeting so I should be back in a day or two. *goes outside then teleports to Stadtler's hotel*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.24 17:35 *just like every week, he is back at the store looking for good snacks*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.25 04:02 Alright, goodbye. Stay safe. *said that before he left, of course*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.25 04:24 *she enters the snack store, knowing Oliver is there*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 04:36 *heads out to some stores before the meeting. By the time the meeting is over, it is just after sunset. He returns to his room to change his clothes, then tell the receptionist where he went in case someone needs him, then heads down to a buffet on the
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 04:36 other side of the city*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 04:41 *has spent the day with his daughter and granddaughters*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 04:42 *is about ready to leave when Jane picks up a phone*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Feb.25 04:43 *looks a bit confused* Mommy??
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.25 04:44 Hm? *looks over at her* Oh, that's Saxon's phone! *gets up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.25 04:44 *grabs it* I'll take it to him-
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 04:45 I can take it to him. I'm about to leave. I'll give it to him before heading home.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 04:50 *talks with Litho inside the buffet for awhile before they are actually seated. He doesn't particularly want anything but Litho seems overjoyed at just being there.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.25 04:52 Well...okay... *lets Erikas take the phone from her* Erikas: Where shall I find him?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.25 04:54 He usually stays at a hotel in Stadtler on (so-and-so) street. *goes on to give him somewhat more detailed directions*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.25 04:55 ...Just ask the people who work there at the front desk where he is. They'll know.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:05 Got it. *kisses Aedona, Jane, and Eira on the forehead* Goodbye, you three. *@ Aedona and Eira* You two stay out of trouble... *@ Jane* ...while you...you have the privilege of not having to stay out of it. *ruffles Jane's hair**Jane giggles*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:06 *chuckles* Hey, that's not fair.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:07 Well, as I said, someone has to fulfill the role of family nuisance. *grins, says goodbye in Otemjarian, and heads off*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:07 *of family nuisance while I'm away.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:09 *goes to Saxon's hotel in Stadtler and walks up to the receptionist* I'm here to see Saxon Surtil.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:11 Receptionist: Ah. He's gone out to dinner. Said he can be found at *gives Erikas the address of the buffet*. I'm unsure if he'd like to be bothered. I can take a message if you're okay with that.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:14 Nah, it's fine. I'm his father-in-law. I came to bring him his phone--he forgot it.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:16 Receptionist: Alright. Have a good evening.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:20 *nods* You too. *heads off*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:21 *after a while he reaches the buffet**walks in casually*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:23 *is sitting at the booth. Litho had gone to get food*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:32 *spots Saxon first and starts heading towards him, but notices Litho as well as he's going towards Saxon*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:33 *sighs a little to himself and picks up the pace**goes over to Saxon* Jane noticed that you forgot this. *takes out his phone and sets it down*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:35 *his tone grows quieter* And I suppose it isn't really my right to judge others, but I will say this: if I had the time off from work to go out to dinner, I would invite the people who actually love me and treat me with respect.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:35 Oh... Thank you.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:35 *said that before Erikas' last statement*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:35 *turns and starts leaving*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:38 It's not what you think..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:41 *pauses**turns back, but doesn't walk towards him* What is this, then?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:46 He hasn't been keeping up with his usual routine. If he had, he'd have gone home that day and Avery wouldn't have died. Litho NEEDS to get back into that rhythm..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:48 And what about you?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 05:49 Are you part of his routine?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 05:51 *shakes his head* I don't know. But when he's not been drinking he gets... aggressive.. More so than usual.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:10 *just nods a little**hesitates, but glances at Litho and decides he had better get going**starts walking away again*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:12 *returns with several plates of food* -Oh he's here... *turns to Erikas* Hey, what's your name again?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:13 *is within feet of the door**stops and turns back around* Erikas.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:14 Ahh, that's it. I vaguely remember you. Not stopping to eat? There's plenty of food to go around.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:18 No, I'm not hungry.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:20 You're more than welcome to stick around until later. We're getting drinks. *picks up a drumstick* Not a lot, though. Saxon is an UNBEARABLE drunk.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:23 No thanks. I have business of my own to attend to...I'm running a little late, actually.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:24 *chuckles a bit* Liaaaarrr..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 06:27 Litho, that's not okay. *Litho: Shushhh...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:31 *sighs and leaves the building**starts setting his teleporter's coordinates*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:33 *follows Erikas outside*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.25 06:34 *gets up and follows as well* Litho, no! Just forget about him!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:34 *ignores Saxon* Well THAT was awful rude.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:39 Was it? I'm sorry.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:39 I wasn't lying, though.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:44 Saxon: Let's just go back inside. *Litho: No. Not yet. *sniffs* I do know you... You're that... that (bleep's) father....
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:47 *is angry, but doesn't show it*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 06:52 I just left from visiting my daughter and my granddaughters, but I am a busy man. *presses the button on his teleporter**has set the coordinates to Urmukka*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 06:58 *grabs Erikas' collar as he teleports*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:02 *instinctively grabs Litho's wrist with the same hand Litho used (e.g. Erikas' right hand would've grabbed Litho's right wrist) as they teleport*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:04 *once they land in Urmukka he uses his free hand to press hard just above Litho's elbow*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 07:13 *loses his balance and falls to the ground after being forced to the side.*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:15 *lets go of Litho and backs away quickly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:15 *looks around and then looks at the coordinates of his teleporter in disbelief*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 07:18 *rolls over and leaps at Erikas*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:22 *quickly moves to the side, trying to dodge him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:22 HEY!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 07:23 *glances to his right and reaches for Erikas again as he sees a large Naedyrm jump toward him off a nearby building*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:25 Calm down! *tries to dodge again*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 07:31 *grabs Erikas by the forearm as the Naedyrm sends him sprawling out of the valley*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:33 *loses all sense of where he is and what he's doing*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 07:39 *pulls Erikas closer to him as they near the ground*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:40 *doesn't really react*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 07:45 *crashes into the ground, rolling a bit as he does so. When he finally stops moving he lets go of Erikas, breathing quick and shallow breaths*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:45 *once they land he lies there for about a minute, his eyes closed, before he starts moving*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:45 **once they stop
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:46 *gets up, stumbles, and falls back down again, panting and wincing*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:49 *instinctively feels for his teleporter, but it and other items he had are gone and/or broken*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 07:54 *starts trying to sit up*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 07:55 *after feeling around for a bit he lets himself slump fully down on the ground**says under his breath* [BLEEP]... *his tone is filled with pain*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 08:00 *pushes himself to his knees* Don't worry... *coughs* ...I'll heal you right up... *can't really find the strength to stand up so he just leans/falls to where Erikas is and teleports them both to the cathedral*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.25 08:01 *winces more, the sensation of teleportation aggravating his pain**doesn't move very much, though he does try to get a decent look at his surroundings*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.25 08:02 On second thought.... *passes out*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 03:04 [Warning: I will be late tonight.]
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 05:19 *it takes him a couple minutes to realize where he is**once he figures that out, he says "[BLEEP]!" again, this time more loudly*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.26 05:19 *quickly finds Oliver in the store* Oh, hey!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:20 *teleports back to Urmukka, having heard the crash from his location*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.26 05:24 *finds Saxon outside and runs over to him* Saxon what happened? How Polonius get in here? *Saxon: Word travels fast, doesn't it. *Pierce: *Nods*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.26 05:24 *How did
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 05:24 *naturally, she and others heard the crash too*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:25 *is also outside**notices Saxon and Pierce*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:25 He joined Erikas in his teleport... I didn't think that was possible...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.26 05:27 *sighs* Saxon, WHY was he even given the opportunity to be here? *Saxon remains silent* What do you think could have happened if nothing was around to re-enforce the barrier?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:30 .... Where's Erikas? *Pierce: *pauses* Polonius caught him as he was launched from the territory. *Saxon: Wait, but... Can a human even survive that kind of a blast? *Pierce shrugs and shakes his head slightly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:31 Tell me which way they went! *Pierce points in the direction they were launched and he immediately summons his wings and takes off in that direction*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:34 *rushes over to Pierce* What's this about Grandpa and Polonius?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:34 *due to the distance she was at and her hesitance in initially approaching them, she only heard about the last half of their conversation* Wh-what happened?!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.26 05:37 *huffs* It would seem Polonius managed to follow your grandfather back here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:38 Why would he be following him in the first place?!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.26 05:40 He might have gotten in the way of Polonius' antics.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:41 *stays back and just listens*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:42 *had been awoken by the crash and is trying to figure out what happened*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:49 But how?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:49 Unless...unless Saxon was...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:50 *sighs, putting her hand on her face* God freaking...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Feb.26 05:53 *just shakes his head and turns to go back to his house*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 05:58 *wakes up for a minute* Not dead. *looks at Erikas again* Oof. You're a (bleepin) mess..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:59 *hesitates, then runs to find Aedona and/or Aidan*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 05:59 *says very quietly* ...Been worse...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 05:59 *is standing on the front porch*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 06:00 *has his eyes closed and his breathing is controlled to try to minimize the pain*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:01 *goes to Aidan first* Did you hear all that?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 06:01 Oh I don't doubt that.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 06:02 I said I'd heal you.. *raises his index finger* Gimme a minute- *loses consciousness again*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:04 Quite a bit.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 06:09 ...Sure...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 06:10 *slowly drags himself over to a nearby wall and uses it to help him sit up a bit*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:10 Wh...what do we do??
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:11 For now I guess we find Dad.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:17 Alright...should we tell Mom?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:21 Probably. Regrettably.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:23 *sighs* Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:24 I'll...I'll go tell her real quick... *hurries to the treehouse**finds Aedona and explains what she just happened with Saxon and Pierce*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:24 *listens quietly, then puts on her shoes and whatnot furiously* Eira: So...um...Mom, what are you doing?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:25 Contemplating having a chat with Litho. Eira: What?! No, don't do that, we might lose you again!! Um...Aidan said we should find Dad, so let's do that!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:26 *doesn't reply**once she's done getting fully dressed, she heads out of the treehouse, Eira following close behind* Where was Aidan? Eira: The front porch. Aedona: I'll come with you two.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:27 *sighs with relief and follows her mother over to Aidan*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:29 Dad has probably reached the crash site by now. We're well behind him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:32 *takes out her phone* Well, he should hopefully have his phone now, shouldn't he?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:32 *calls him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:33 *rejects the call*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:35 *sighs* He has his phone alright...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:35 We can teleport. Maybe we'll catch up with him. Which way did he go? *Eira points in that direction*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 06:40 *wakes up again and rolls onto his back* Here's a deal. Down in the kitchen there's a bottle of either whiskey or wine. I'll heal you and you bring me that.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:42 *sits at the last place Litho had been, looking over all the damage, his expression growing more distant by the second*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 06:45 *hesitates, thinking a bit, then nods* Alright...sure...which way is the kitchen?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:46 *tessers them in the direction Saxon went**lands short of where Litho and Erikas landed and tessers some more, taking into account the position of the sun to keep them oriented in the right direction*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 06:48 Uhh... Down the stairs... Mmmmm take a left.... Right when you get to the room with the thrones.... *passes out for a few moments* !?- Middle hallway on the left... Any of the doorways on the left side..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 06:57 *It's starting to set in, what happened here.* (bleep)... Why.... D*****.....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:58 *soon they land in an area with significant damage*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 06:59 *her eyes grow very wide**follows the marks over a hill and spots Saxon*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:00 ...Got it...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 07:04 Mmmmhmm... *passes out once more*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:05 *sighs*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:06 *tries to get up, but the pain is too great, so he slides back down again, panting*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 07:13 *shakes his head and raises his arm. A magenta ring forms around his wrist. Heals Erikas, at least mostly, before he gives up trying to use his magic.* D***, I need a drink.... *pauses* (bleep) you, I've had a terrible day.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:13 *freezes, then runs over to Saxon*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:13 *just neutrally makes am "Mmm" sound and gets up slowly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:13 *an
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:17 *walks with a slight limp towards the staircase**heads to the bottom of it and goes left**pauses and looks around upon getting to the throne room*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:18 *is sitting against a tree at this point with his eyes closed*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:20 *looks at the statues and freezes upon seeing Litho's statue**shakes his head a little and heads onwards to the kitchen*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:21 *stares around at the damage, her breathing unnaturally shallow**turns to Saxon**her voice is quiet and shaky* Saxon...?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:23 *flinches*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:26 Saxon...he's...what...what happened? What did he do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:29 *his voice is barely audible* I'm sorry...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:30 Saxon, where's my dad?!
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:31 *retrieves the bottle and heads back the way he came*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:32 *doesn't respond*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:36 *raises her voice* Where's. My. Dad?!!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:38 ...Don't make me answer that...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:40 *opens a portal behind him and walks into it, then closes it before anyone can follow. He's in his old room.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:40 I need to know!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:41 Aidan-! *freezes after he leaves, not sure what to do*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:41 Mom...Dad...just...stop it! Calm down!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:42 "Calm down?!" *turns to Eira* LOOK AROUND YOU!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:42 *flinches slightly, glancing around*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:42 What the [BLEEP] does this area look like to you?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:43 *Eira doesn't answer**turns back to Saxon* I need to know what happened! I need- *her voice cracks* -to get him back!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:45 ...You can't...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:49 WHY?!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 07:51 Litho... Decided to take him...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 07:51 *Saxon said that*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 07:52 (also why the heck am I on HIS character I don't even have anything to say as him right now-)
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.26 07:54 *sets the bottle down beside him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:54 *is silent for a minute**then nods slowly* I...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:55 I'll...get him back...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 07:55 I need to get him back...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.26 07:57 Ah, yes... *sits up and opens the bottle* This'll do nicely.. *drinks*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 07:58 It cannot be done...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 08:04 It can...I'll...I'll have talk to him...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.26 08:05 No no no! Wait! Um...shouldn't we go talk to Roffe about this?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.26 08:05 Litho... hates you... He wouldn't make the trade... Unless...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.26 08:09 Unless?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.27 00:38 We know what he wants. Who he wants. It's my fault anyway.. I offered to try and help him..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.27 04:10 No...absolutely not. I am absolutely not letting that happen.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 04:23 Oh hey!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 04:31 Oh, hi! *chuckles* How are you doing?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 04:32 Im looking for snacks
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.27 04:35 I don't see why not.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 04:37 Oh, cool! I am too.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 04:37 Got any recommendations?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 04:37 What snacks do you like?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 04:44 Um...well, I usually like the peanut butter flavored ones. Also those gummies are really good. *points at some fruity gummies*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.27 04:59 I see a million reasons why not, and if you don't see any you aren't looking.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:00 Guys...please...I can open a portal right now to the Rift...we really, really ought to talk with Roffe about this...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 05:07 Oh these mellow ropes are my favorite
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:10 At least then your dad will be alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.27 05:24 And you won't.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:24 Alright...um... *opens a portal to the Rift* You can come with me if you want...if not, stay here. *runs in and goes looking for Roffe*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:27 *doesn't move. Hasn't really moved at all since Aedona showed up*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.27 05:28 *is sparring with one of his grandchildren*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:33 *finds Roffe*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:33 Roffe! Sorry to interrupt, but there's an emergency!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.27 05:36 *stops fighting and arches his brow* Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:40 *glances at the other Ravens, but feels that her time is limited before something else happens**says quickly:* Litho's taken my grandpa and both of my parents want to trade themselves for him and we aren't getting anywhere and I don't know what to do!!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 05:41 *puts the bottle down after a couple of minutes* Now... What to do with you...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.27 05:43 That is a tough decision, now, isn't it?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 05:46 What did you bring me here for?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:47 I just...I don't want to lose anybody again!!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.27 05:48 I'm afraid there's not much that can be done without someone getting hurt. Litho knows he cannot force Saxon to stay with him. There is no such rule for your mother or your grandfather. Both of them would end up dead, most likely.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.27 05:49 I do not wish to see any of my family living with him.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 05:50 Well I WANTED to kill you, but that clearly failed.. *closes his eyes* Well perhaps we can think of something more than just killing you. Murder in cold blood is so... Boring.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 05:51 What did I do to you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 05:54 I don't want any of my family to have anything to do with him! What the [BLEEP] did we all do to deserve all this?!!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 05:55 Oh, those. Yeah, those are kinda tasty.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.27 05:55 Say...how about you choose a snack for me and I'll choose a snack for you?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 05:58 I was about to have a decent night until you showed up. Y'see I haven't been feeling too good. I murdered one of Saxon's loved ones without his say-so. That's two, now. Heck, I almost made it a third. *pauses* ... If you didn't want to be involved, you
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 05:58 should never have shown up.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:02 On the contrary, I had been informed that this was an ordinary work day for Saxon. He gave no indication whatsoever that you would be present, and there was no way to contact him without showing up in person.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.27 06:03 You didn't have to do anything. But he's got an obsession now and that makes all the difference. I've really never seen this level of persistence in Litho before.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:03 He had supposedly forgotten his phone, and if I hadn't brought it someone else would've. So sorry, but someone was going to interrupt your night no matter what unless you weren't with Saxon.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:04 He has a hotel room, you know.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:05 And frankly, I was telling the truth when I said I had business to attend to. I was very much intent on leaving. You really didn't have to bother with all this.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:08 Mybe not, but I sure wanted to.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:08 Yes, I know. I went to the hotel first, actually. But I don't come to Exocoel very often, so I doubt I would've been given access to his room.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:09 *said that before Litho's last response*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:09 May I ask why?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:11 *takes another drink* Because I want to have a little fun and I'm not allowed to take Saxon.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.27 06:14 So what does that mean for my grandpa?!
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:18 *revision: the post/lines starting with "Yes, I know." came before the one starting with "And frankly, I was"*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.27 06:18 I don't know.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:19 You seemed to be having fun at the buffet.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:21 That's a different kind of fun. Nothing exciting happens there.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:24 *just nods a little*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:35 *yawns* After that expulsion from Urmukka, I'm beat... Our game will begin when I wake up. There are other bedrooms around here. Make yourself at home while you still can.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:36 "Game?"
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:39 *chuckles as he shakily stands up* You're too old to not know what a game is.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:41 True, but there are practically an infinite amount of different types of games.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:41 So what is this type of game?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:45 *opens the door to his wardrobe* The kind that really get your blood pumping. Adrenaline rushing. Ahh, I can hardly wait.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:48 Got any advice for a newcomer?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 06:54 Nope. You'll have to just learn that when it's time to begin
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:58 *sighs* Alright.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 06:59 I suppose I'll have a look around. *leaves the room*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:01 *peeks into other rooms as he passes by them*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Feb.27 07:05 *changes into something more comfortable and collapses in his bed*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:13 *opens doors that aren't closed just a little bit and peeks in**reaches Aidan's room and opens the door a bit*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:15 *peeks in**looks surprised* Aidan?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 07:15 *is laying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 07:16 *looks over* I'm sorry.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:21 *hesitates, then sighs* I'm really in a bind, aren't I?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 07:23 *nods* I doubt I can talk him down.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:25 How long do you figure I'll be here, then?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 07:26 Not very long.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:31 D***...
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 07:39 I'm not sure what to do.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:41 Me neither.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:41 He said he's going to play a game with me tomorrow. Do you have any advice?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 07:43 Be careful. Your life is likely on the line
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:46 *nods* Anything else?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 07:48 Pray he doesn't give you the same kinds of terms as he often gave my dad.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 07:56 Alright...I wouldn't mind if you prayed for me as well.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 08:09 Any recommendations for what I should do before he wakes up?
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.27 08:15 I'd say go for a bit of a walk around the cathedral. It's really a pretty place.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.27 08:17 *nods* Will do. *says goodbye in Otemjarian and heads off to think**soon reaches the throne room again**looks at the statues*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.28 02:21 Why does it even matter anymore? I just keep getting people hurt..
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Feb.28 02:24 (Oof. Saxon said that)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.28 04:42 Ever since I got my memories back I've been hoping and trying to get you out of Auceaster. I'll die again before I see you go back in there.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.28 04:43 Even if he survived, he'd only end up like me. I don't want that..
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 04:51 *he smiles a bit* Alright sounds fun!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:10 *thinks for a bit, then picks a snack for Oliver* Uh--you don't have any allergies to anything, do you?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.28 05:13 ...He wouldn't end up like you.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.28 05:15 Yeah, that's what I thought. That I wouldn't break... Nothing seemed wrong until I left that place.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:19 no, do you?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:19 I'm really allergic to mangoes, but that's it, I think.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.28 05:24 *suddenly raises her voice* Look, I'm not letting Litho keep you or him!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.28 05:25 Nothing will get any better so long as anybody I love is trapped with him, whether they're psychologically trapped like you are or physically trapped like Dad is!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.28 05:26 So for the love of the gods STOP OFFERING YOURSELF TO HIM!!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 05:27 Erikas is my family. Doesn't that make him your family?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 05:28 *stands there for a while in contemplation**then sits down in front of Mayhem's statue**clears his throat a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.28 05:28 *there are tears in her eyes* You're only making things worse!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.28 05:28 Stop it and help me!!
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:30 ok...I dont know what a mango is but Ill keep an eye out on the ingredients list *he buys some snacks for rivkah, these little fish shaped crackers that are tan and have flakes of green on them they taste a bit like seeweed*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:31 *gets him some nutty snacks that come in various little roundish shapes and are salty and sweet*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.28 05:36 I'd like to help you, but I can't. The leverage I held in regards to Saxon is solely because we share the same blood. Litho is already unstable enough as it is. The last thing we need is him snapping on us and causing some REAL trouble.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.28 05:37 I'm sorry your grandfather is stuck with him, but I cannot just take everyone from him and burn what's left of any trust he has for his own siblings.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:39 oh nice! those are good
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.28 05:43 *quietly stands up*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:48 Okay, good! I was kinda nervous I picked something you wouldn't like...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 05:48 Let's check out!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 05:49 *hesitates, but can't think of any valid counterarguments**nods a little, looking distraught*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 05:54 I don't know if you can hear me...or if anybody can hear me, for that matter...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 05:55 But I just want to say that I am here now and I do not fear death...I only fear what may become of my daughter, and I will do whatever it takes to find her again no matter what happens.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 05:58 Depending on what happens, she may be prone to do something she'll regret out of anger or despair or both, and I don't want that to happen.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 06:03 alright
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 06:05 There's nothing I can do now except explore and contemplate...I'll be playing a game with Litho when he wakes. I just hope that I'll still be around--I'm still intent on meeting with my daughter and granddaughters again.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 06:05 *still be around by the end of tomorrow--
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 06:21 *stops whatever he's doing and listens, confused. He's not had anyone pray to him in thousands of years so he feels a little uncomfortable*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 06:23 *goes and pays for the snacks with Oliver**then leaves the store with him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 06:31 If you can hear me, then--while help would be very appreciated--I only have one request that I really want fulfilled: tell Aedona that I love her and I'll try to get back to her no matter how long it takes.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Feb.28 06:36 *sits there in silence for a minute**then gets up and walks away*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 06:38 *stares at the ground for a minute, then teleports to the Rift* Roffe... *stops as his gaze meets Eira* ....Keep me well updated, okay? *holds his head down. He refuses to make eye contact with Eira*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Feb.28 06:44 You know any good places to...well, be at while eating snacks? *giggles a little*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 06:45 *looks back at Mayhem straight in the eye, then looks at Roffe**is confused but suspicious*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.28 06:47 Of course. *Mayhem: I'm.... Going to be needing your help. *Roffe: I know. Don't worry, I'll go with you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 07:02 Wait, what's happening??
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 07:03 *turns his head away slightly* ..
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.28 07:05 Malaucay has a job to do. It's a job he's always loathed, but it's one he must do.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.28 07:07 *@Mayhem* Do remember you cannot be wearing that mask. Either be human or Skotadi. You cannot remain hidden. *Mayhem: I know... I'll not show up with it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 07:09 *looks at Roffe for a few moments, then turns to Mayhem**just looks at him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 07:15 *steps toward Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 07:18 Who?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 07:24 *opens his mouth a bit, but says nothing. Continues toward her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 07:29 *looks more upset after he doesn't answer her*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 07:33 *goes to hug her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 07:41 *lets him hug her**says quietly:* I-I don't want him to die...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 07:46 There's nothing much I can do...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 07:49 It can't be too late already...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.28 07:51 *had turned away for awhile to look through a window* I'd contact Aidan ASAP. He won't help, either, but at the very least he can stop him from dying in Auceaster.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 08:04 Why does he have to die?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 08:10 *wasn't hugging Mayhem back before**after that last sentence she hugs him back*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.28 08:10 I don't know.. Don't tell your mother... You're not supposed to know, either..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 08:11 I never intended to tell her...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.28 08:12 *sniffles* Why does Litho keep doing these things to my family?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.29 02:42 I wish I knew why..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 04:55 W-why can't you just teleport there and grab him and leave?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.29 04:56 *says nothing*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 04:57 *sighs* He's afraid to go back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 05:01 *hesitates, then says:* I can go there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 05:01 I can go look for him.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 05:04 Absolutely not.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 05:12 Why?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 05:15 You let me go there once before.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 05:20 You were with me last time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 05:48 Yes, and you were distracting him. Maybe if I ask Aidan to distract him...maybe it'll work...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 05:52 So you'd risk your brother?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 05:57 ...I didn't think Litho would hurt him...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 05:59 You cannot predict his actions.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 06:18 I seriously doubt Saxon is the only one he's hurt.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 06:19 Well I can't just let him get away with this.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 06:20 Karma will collect his debt when it is time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 06:21 It isn't right to do nothing!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.29 06:21 What will we do, then...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 06:25 But nothing is the best we can do against someone like him. For now...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 06:28 We can...we can think of something...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 06:32 I could find a way to distract him while someone else gets Dad out of there...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 06:43 And nothing will get Grandpa killed!
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 06:46 Yes, it's sad, I know.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 06:56 I [BLEEP]ing... *pushes Mayhem away from her, but cuts herself off before she finishes that sentence*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.29 06:57 *stumbles back and falls to a sitting position*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 07:03 I'm sorry there's not much we can do without risking loved ones or the safety of the universe.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 07:21 *intuitively turns to Mayhem, her first instinct to help him up, but stops herself*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 07:22 *while she mostly looks sad, anger is visible in her expression as well**opens a portal and goes through it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Feb.29 07:24 *sighs* ... *teleports away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 07:28 *comes out in the area Aedona and Saxon are in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 07:33 *wipes some tears away**sees their expressions and says loudly:* If either of you do anything that results in Litho taking you away again, I swear I will confront him and make sure I'm taken away too.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 07:33 I'm not waiting outside forever again.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 07:36 Don't say something like that, you don't-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 07:36 I MEAN IT AND YOU BOTH KNOW IT!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.29 07:48 *suddenly teleports*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 07:52 Saxon!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 07:52 D*** it...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 07:59 What...what happened?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:00 Nobody will help us.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:00 So I might just do something myself- *Aedona suddenly comes over and puts her hands on Eira's shoulders*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:01 Eira, look at me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:02 You're not going to do anything involving the situation with Litho. You're going to go home and make sure Jane is alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:03 *pushes Aedona's hands off of her and raises her voice again* I'm NOT your [BLEEP]ing babysitter!!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:04 I'm an adult and I make my own decisions! And the fact of the matter is that this is urgent!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:04 I know this is urgent-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:05 So why are you just standing there?! DO something!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:06 You can't just plunge into this head-on. You'll get killed or worse.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:07 You have plunged into more dangerous situations head-on in the past! Aedona: No. No, I have not plunged head-on into anything as dangerous as any situation with Litho.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:07 *looks confused* Decay was far more dangerous-
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:08 In some ways, yes. But Decay and Litho are apples and oranges. Litho is far more dangerous in a variety of ways. That's why you need to stay back while you still can-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:08 I'M SICK OF DOING NOTHING!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:09 I keep being told to do nothing over and over!! "Do nothing, Eira, and watch everyone you love die and disappear!!" I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:10 *hugs her* AND I CAN'T LOSE YOU AGAIN! *both of them have tears rolling down their faces*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:11 *stiffens up**intuitively moves to hug her back, but stops*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:14 ...There really is nothing you can do...so please...go home...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:14 Stay safe...don't make it worse...I can barely stand it as it is...I'll do my best to take care of it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:15 *doesn't move for a few moments**then gently pushes away from Aedona and tessers elsewhere*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Feb.29 08:17 *stands there for a little bit, collecting her thoughts and trying to stop the tears**then calls Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Feb.29 08:22 *answers and just says quietly* I can't talk to anyone... This is my fault...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 04:21 I usually just eat them on the front steps of my house, I havent been here long enough to know the good spots
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 04:32 Saxon...I just want to ask you a question...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 04:32 How does he treat drunk people?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 04:33 ....He....
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 04:33 I can show you a good snack-eating spot.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 04:35 ok *he smiles a bit*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 04:36 Come on! *starts walking*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 04:37 alright! *he happily flallows her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 04:40 He what?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 04:41 I don't know why you're asking...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 04:42 Please just answer my question.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 04:43 *heads to the park and leads him through some bushes to a little, nice clearing among the trees and shrubs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 04:46 ...He treats them with kindness... Sometimes acts like he's drunk... as well.... Then...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 04:51 Then what? Kills them?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 04:52 ..Eventually....
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 04:55 oh this is nice!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 05:01 And before he kills them?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:01 Yeah! *sits down* I...I haven't shown anybody else this place because I like the solitude.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 05:02 *remains silent*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:02 oh
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:11 *starts eating*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:12 *frowns a bit**didn't expect this kind of taste* Huh...odd.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 05:12 *sighs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 05:12 How long does he usually treat them kindly?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:15 do you not like them?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 05:16 Until he gets bored of them..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:29 No, they're great!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:29 I've just never had anything like this before...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 05:33 please don't try anything..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 05:39 ...I have an idea, I'm just trying to figure out of it'll work.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:41 its has bits of a plant that grows in the brine rivers, its really tasty
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:43 Yeah, it is!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:44 Also...huh...brine rivers where? *looks at the package, trying to find its manufacturer*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 05:47 I don't want you to get hurt...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 05:47 on from the Planet Alcosto they make those and all other sorts of brine river snacks
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 06:04 He can't do anything to hurt me worse than what he's done now.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 06:05 Where's Alcosto?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 06:06 Debatable..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 06:08 I just...I'll need somebody to go to Auceaster and get him out of there while I'm dealing with Litho...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 06:10 No. I don't want him near you...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 06:15 Its between Finosa and Gron in the Galaxy of Castosoros
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 06:19 Uhhhh...where's that relative to here?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 06:19 I can do this. I've done operations like this before.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 06:22 about...50 thousands jorts that way... I think... *He points forward and up to the sky*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 06:28 Litho hates you and loves suffering... That's a terrible combo.. He'll savor your life.....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 06:35 He's already got me backed into a corner, Saxon--don't you realize that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 06:38 But he's not after you... It's me he wants..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 06:53 I know...that doesn't mean I can just do nothing.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 06:57 *chuckles awkwardly* Okay...um...I'm assuming a jort is a measure of distance?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 06:59 Is there sense in giving Litho more to hurt?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:01 yeah *he smiles a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 07:02 There's sense in taking away what he can hurt.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 07:09 If you are there then there will be others who will also come to get you and the cycle will never end..
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:09 Uh...so...what sort of measure of distance is it, then?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:10 Like...is it the number of years it'd take for light to get there?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:12 no...no 500 glems make up a jornt and 500 fins make up a glem and 500 kilns make up a fin and so forth
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:24 Uh...and what is a kiln a measurement of, then? I know it's of distance, but the distance of what?
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:27 its just a unit of measurement like a tinji is about this big, *he shows a space between his thumb and pointer finger* like that big is a tinji
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:31 Oh, okay.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:32 Guess I gotta re-learn my units of measurement around here. *chuckles*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:33 there are so many units...thats just the one my country used on my planet,
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:35 True...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:36 what measurements are there were you come from?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 07:37 Better me than my Dad.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 07:37 I'm stronger and faster, I've known Litho for longer, and if I die I won't be gone for good.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 07:38 *Litho longer,
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:38 Well...we have several as well on Earth...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:38 oh
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:39 We have inches which are about like that-- *separates her index finger and thumb about an inch* --and then twelve inches make a foot.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:40 Those are part of what's called the imperial system of units. More commonly used units in science are the metric standard, which uses meters, which are a little longer than three feet.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.1 07:41 Then there's centimeters which are one hundredth of a meter and millimeters which are one thousandth of a foot and so forth.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 07:41 This isn't your universe, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 07:42 ...I know.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 07:42 But I am an immortal...surely this universe handles the deaths of immortals differently?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 07:42 For their own, yes...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 08:12 Nevertheless, my chances of survival are far better. I can't just leave him there. I...I wouldn't be able to stand it...letting him just...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 08:16 ...And my chances of survival are even greater....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 08:27 I wouldn't be able to stand it if you wound up back there either...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 08:35 That doesn't mean you throw yourself in my place.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.1 09:05 That is not your place!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.1 18:43 It's more mine than yours!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 06:00 So you think you belong with him now?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 06:11 No! YOU don't, though! I don't want to live on knowing what he will have done to you if you went to him..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 06:23 What will he have done to me? If he finds me and he thinks I'm dead drunk, what will he do? Tell me, Saxon!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 06:30 I don't know what he'd do to YOU, specifically!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 06:32 What does that mean?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 06:37 He's spiteful.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 06:39 So he wouldn't loiter around and try to toy with me if he found me and deemed me dead drunk?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 06:40 Because I would rely on him loitering a bit.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 06:42 I can't say what he'd be like...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 06:50 If I can't get any definite answers, I may just try and take the risk. I need somebody to get my father out in the meantime.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 07:11 Don't do it.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 07:25 cool
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 07:29 As soon as he took my father, he forced my hand. I have to do something.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 07:51 So...yeah... *chuckles awkwardly*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 07:51 Sooo...what planet are you from again?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 07:53 *puts himself on mute and teleports to Vulkanisch. Ignores everyone as runs to the first room with a chemical closet. Grabs a bottle and a rag and runs back out. A doctor tries to stop him but he makes it by them and teleports away as soon as he gets
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 07:54 back outside. Unmutes himself after popping open the bottle* ...Whatever you try will not work...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 07:55 I've been told that plenty of times about various enemies.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 07:56 So long as there's a chance to save my father, I have to try it. There are no other options that I could live with.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 07:57 I cannot lose him or you or anyone else again. I'm sorry...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 07:57 Goodbye, Saxon. *goes to hang up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 07:59 *douses the rag in chloroform and wraps it neatly under his sleeve* I just... *teleports back to Aedona, hanging up the call* ...I don't want to lose you to him... *hugs her*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:00 *says his planets name again* your from earth tho right?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:03 Yeah. On Earth we don't know about that many planets...well, we do, but we have different names for everything.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:03 cool...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 08:05 *hesitates, then hugs him back*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 08:06 I'll be back eventually, no matter what happens...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 08:06 I promise...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:06 What's your planet like?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:10 *while his hands are still behind her he slips the rag out from under his sleeve. As he moves to let go he shifts to the side and holds on tight to Aedona with one arm while he presses the rag against her nose and mouth* I'm sorry..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.2 08:13 *doesn't realize what's happening until it's too late**lets out a muffled yell as she tries to resist**a look of betrayal enters her eyes as she falls unconscious*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:15 *holds onto Aedona and teleports back to Vulkanisch. Tells the nearest doctor to send for Nixon right away.*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:17 oh its...nothing to nice we left for a reason
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:19 *Once Nixon arrives he tells him the situation and asks for help with a way to harmlessly keep her sedated for longer than what chloroform could. Nixon takes them inside, to his office, and works on a little bracelet, adding components of different magics
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:20 Oh...what happened?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:21 and anti-magic until he believes it strong enough to hold her sleep.* Nixon: You say she's a god, so this will not last very long. I give it a single day, tops. *Saxon: That's.... Good enough...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:21 Thank you... *Nixon activates a small teleporter he'd built and sends them back to the shore of Stadtler*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:23 *takes Aedona back home and lays her in bed, then sits beside her*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:24 just it wasnt a good place to live ya know?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:27 *had not gone home**was on the verge of trying to do something herself, but she finally returns to Urmukka and just sits down beside the lake, staring ahead*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.2 08:28 *has gone off and been pestering Pierce since nobody who usually takes care of her has been home until now*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:28 Yeah, I guess so.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:28 What drove you away? The people?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:30 *is surprised when she soon looks up and sees that Amadeus is coming over on his crutches*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:31 How'd you get here?? Amadeus: Teleportation does wonders.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:31 *nods in greeting* Didn't expect you to be here...the Liska King told me you've been busy. He's also told me a bit about this spot, so I just had to see it. *settles down, sighing with relief as he gets off his feet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:32 *nods a little and resumes staring ahead*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:32 ...Hey...are...are you okay?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:32 ...No... *starts crying*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:33 What...what happened? *looks very concerned*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:33 I've just...I've had a really [BLEEP]y day... *sniffles and wipes her nose*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:34 My grandpa is dying and everyone's been telling me nothing can be done about it and I just feel so useless...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:34 You're not useless.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:34 Is there...anything I could do to help?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:35 *shakes her head, sobbing* No...I...I don't want any more people involved...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:35 Is the situation dangerous?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:36 Yes...they keep telling me this is one of th
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:36 *those things where doing nothing is better than doing something...I don't want to believe them...I don't...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:41 no just my family, rising house prices, crime in the neighboorhood stuff like that
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:46 I'm sorry... *slowly moves to hug her**she hugs him back*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:46 Ah, okay.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:46 How do you like this neighborhood?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:49 I hate it...I hate everything about it...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:50 You hate what?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:50 B-being told to stay back...th-that there's n-nothing you can do...that you have to wait until the n-next terrible thing happens...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:51 its nice *smiles* how about you why did you leave earth?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:52 It just...what's the point of even being around if I can't do anything?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:53 Uh... *chuckles very uncomfortably* It's complicated...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:53 Supposedly there are some bad people there who would've done bad things to us if we didn't go.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:54 oh..im sorry
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:54 You're right...people's worth is in their actions...but you certainly have a point. You've done things that make you more than worth being around.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.2 08:55 It's fine...that life there was boring, anyways...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:56 From the things you've said to me, I think you love your family very much and you do what you think is best for them every day. You're not useless at all.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 08:57 *stares up into his eyes*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 08:59 *looks back down at her* At the very least...I... *she starts getting even closer to him* ...sure...enjoy your...company...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 09:00 *her face is inches from his when he suddenly puts his hand up between their lips* No. I'm sorry, but...but no.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 09:00 *looks hurt and confused* Wh...what is it?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 09:01 I... *they are in each other's arms* I have a girlfriend. *gently pushes her a bit**they go back to sitting apart from one another*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 09:01 Oh...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 09:02 Her name is Rivkah, and I...I love her very much.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 09:02 I think of you as a friend. A great friend.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 09:03 I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 09:03 *is staring down at the ground**says quietly* It's...it's okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 09:03 *more tears are falling* I understand...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 09:05 *wipes her face with her sleeve* I'm just...I'm being silly...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 09:05 *doesn't know how to respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.2 09:05 I need... *gets up* ...to go now... *tessers elsewhere*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.2 09:06 *just sits there**after a minute he puts his head in his hands, shaking his head a bit*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Mar.3 04:03 *heads up to Litho's room and waits for him to wake up*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Mar.3 05:02 *at this point had gone to sit at the edge of Litho's bed*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 05:03 *sits up, rubbing his eyes a bit* When did you get here... *Aidan: Not long after I learned what you'd done. *Litho: What I'd done? *looks confused*
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Mar.3 05:08 Why do you keep taking my family from me? *Litho: *yawns* Ah... That one isn't your family. You're unrelated to him. *Aidan: He's still my dad's father-in-law! That's family enough.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Mar.3 05:10 Litho, can you just let him go? *Litho: No. *Aidan: What have you to gain from this? *Litho: I've already promised him a game, so a game we must play.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Mar.3 05:14 You know you can throw the game! You've done it before! *stands up* I don't want you killing my family! You've already messed up my dad. Don't ruin what's left of what little connection I still have with my own family.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 05:18 Aidan. I don't care what happens to your family. *Aidan: I'm telling you not to go through with this! Will Dad ever speak to you again? *Litho: Now is NOT the time to try ordering ME around. *climbs out of bed*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 05:21 Saxon will do as he pleases. That's always how it's been since he left. I have not made him do anything.
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Mar.3 05:26 Litho. I won't let you do this. I want you to take him back home.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 05:34 *narrows his eyes* What did I just say? *Aidan: Take. Him. Home. *Litho: *picks up Aidan with his magic* I'm getting awful sick of your attitude, kid! I think YOU need to go away until you can learn some manners!
16>Aidan (Raven), 40+yo.2020,Mar.3 05:36 I'll just come right back! *Litho: *clenches his fist but just suuronds Aidan in a massive wave of magenta magic. The magic mixes with thick shreds of black magic before the teleportation happens.*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 05:38 *the force behind the spell rattles much of the cathedral and overturns everything in Litho's room, breaking the windows and sending Litho himself sprawling off the balcony*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 05:43 *has been exploring in and around the cathedral**is just outside it now**feels the slight tremor from the spell and looks up to see Litho falling*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 05:43 *heads back inside quickly*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 05:44 *summons his wings and flies back to the balcony*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 05:49 *figures Litho will come looking for him soon**contemplates looking for Aidan*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 05:54 *starts heading upstairs*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 05:58 *looks through the ruins of his wardrobe and finds his day clothes*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:01 *reaches the top after a little while*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 06:06 *just finishes fixing his hair by the time Erikas makes it to his room* Oh good you came to me.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:13 I was actually on my way to check on my grandson.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 06:14 Yes, he's gone. It's just you and me now.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:29 Oh...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:36 *turns and starts walking away*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 06:38 So about that game. I'll give you a choice. A labrynthian maze, a battle, or hide and seek of sorts.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:40 *stops walking**sighs and turns back* Could you give me details on each?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 06:43 The maze you must survive until you meet me in the center, then you win. A physical fight against yours truly, or a citywide game of hide and seek.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:45 A physical fight against a deity?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:45 *chuckles* How big do you think my ego is?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 06:52 There are a surprising amount of people who can hold their own.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 06:55 *nods a little**weighs his options in his head*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 07:09 What might I face in the maze?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 07:10 Just about anything this time around.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 07:18 So you could pair me up against some god-level abomination there?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 07:25 now why would i be the one who stalks you through the labyrinth?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 07:26 Why should I trust you not to?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 07:35 Because I'm not that boring.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 07:38 Alright...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 07:39 How would I win a physical fight against you, exactly?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 07:40 A being like you can be slammed through twenty thick walls and still be ready to fight.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 07:52 True
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 07:54 I have quite the stamina. *winks*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 07:58 Mmm hmm.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 08:00 I suppose I'll choose the labyrinth.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 08:08 *smiles* good choice.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 08:09 *doesn't say anything in response*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 08:09 *snaps his fingers and teleports them to an old stone maze* i'll be in the center. do what you must to make it through as long as you do not break anything or climb the walls*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 08:09 *actually nvm, he hesitates**then he says quietly:* I should hope so.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 08:15 *he said that before Litho snapped his fingers and teleported them*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 08:16 *nods in response*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.3 08:19 You may begin whenever.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.3 08:22 *nods again**looks around, picks a direction, and starts walking*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.4 03:39 *chuckles* good luck. *teleports*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 05:52 *starts making his way through the maze**whenever he reaches dead ends, comes back, rips a bit of vine off the wall and puts it on the ground to mark that that path is a dead end*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 06:03 *remains as vigilant about his surroundings as he possibly can**he usually pauses and carefully peeks around corners to make sure the coast is clear before heading down different paths*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.4 06:52 *
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.4 06:54 *there are no creatures, or signs of creatures for that matter, but as Erikas walks down a path, the ground begins to fall beneath him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 07:13 *backs up as quickly as possible, realizing what's happening*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.4 07:33 *the ground below crumbles into a pit about 15 feet deep. There is a path down there*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 07:40 *pauses, looking at the path below*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 07:43 *thinks for a little bit, then carefully goes around and past the pit**tries the paths ahead*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 07:43 *several of them are dead ends**marks them and looks back towards the pit, sighing, then tries one above ground path he hasn't tried yet*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.4 08:03 *that path leads to a large room with several tables, each loaded with food*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 08:08 *looks at the tables, then at the area surrounding them, confused*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.4 08:08 *decides not to touch anything and continues onward*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.5 18:08 *one path splits into two staircases, one going up, one going down. Litho waits at the base of them*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:08 *heads on the staircase going up*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 05:09 *frowns* Oh well
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:14 *nvm that, he just walked over to Litho*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 05:15 How's the maze treating ya?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:18 Alright.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:18 I figure this isn't the end?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 05:30 Of course not. Here we have two stairways. Both lead to a powerful creature, one ferocious, one unpredictable.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:36 I suppose you're not going to tell me which staircase leads to which?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 05:41 Where's the fun in that?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 05:42 *the fun in telling you?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:50 *sighs* Figured...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:50 *looks at the two staircases, thinking, and then decides to go up*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 05:52 *slows down when he reaches the top*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 05:55 *the top of the stairway is pitch black. the base of the stairs is also dark*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:08 *stops and stares ahead, listening carefully**glances back over his shoulder*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:12 *keeps his breathing calm and quiet**slowly steps forward as quietly as he possibly can*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 06:18 *once the top of the staircase has been reached, the darkness fades, revealing a light room with a massive white winged beast, lying asleep on the ground*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:20 *quickly observes his surroundings, looking for exits*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:24 *starts trying to sneak around and get to an exit as quietly as he can*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 06:29 *the creature lifts its head and stares at Erikas*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:30 *freezes, thinking quickly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:30 *after a few moments, he starts moving away from it slowly, careful not to make any sudden movements*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 06:36 *it bares its teeth at him as it pushes itself to its feet*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:40 Er...I apologize for disturbing your slumber. I sincerely did not mean to. I'll be out in just a few moments.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 06:47 *it stomps, more like limps, toward him, unfolding its wings slowly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:52 *turns and runs towards the nearest exit*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 06:57 *takes a deep breath and exhales a breath of dark fire at the exit*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 06:58 *skids to a halt before reaching the exit to avoid running into the fire**falls down while stopping*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 07:06 *winces in pain and gets up as quickly as he can*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.6 07:14 *it picks up the pace and sloppily gallops toward him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 07:14 *turns to face the beast, glancing around quickly to identify where other exits are*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 07:18 *also identifies where the nearest weapons and places to hide behind are**runs over and gets behind a small wall*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 07:22 *hesitates, then darts out of his hiding spot**grabs a halberd and runs as fast as he can towards another short wall ahead of him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.6 07:29 *gets behind the short wall and glances around the side of it to see where the beast is*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 03:34 *the beast runs to follow him but slams facefirst into several obstacles*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 05:39 *raises one eyebrow slightly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 06:00 *tries to move around various walls without being seen*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 06:24 *jumps onto some of the obstacles and looks around some more*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 06:32 *has sneaked his way towards an exit**makes a run for it*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 06:35 *spots Erikas and blocks the exit with his fire*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 06:43 *skids to a halt*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 07:03 *stumbles off of the obstacle*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 07:08 *raises his halberd and starts moving sideways behind another wall*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 07:10 *it charges his way and crashes into another wall*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 07:14 *darts over to where there's some more gear and grabs a shield*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 07:19 *climbs over another wall, trying to find Erikas*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 07:23 *starts making his way towards another exit*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 07:24 *jump in front of Erikas*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 07:39 *tries to remain as stealthy as possible**as he gets fairly near it, he picks up a rock from a crumbly stone wall*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 07:42 *did that before the beast jumped in front of him*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.7 07:53 *the beast stands tall and opens its mouth wide, but no sound comes from it*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.7 07:54 *goes around the wall, backing away quickly, his shield up*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 01:41 *it jumps onto the wall, almost failing to get a grip on it*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 05:27 *turns and runs for another cluster of walls and barriers*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 06:30 *the beast cuts off Erikas again*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 06:31 *stops and backs up rapidly, shield and weapon raised, but trips over some rubble*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 06:34 *crawls over to Erikas and stops, looming over him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 06:48 *tries to roll over and quickly get away between the creature's legs*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 06:49 *puts its paw in his way*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 06:55 *bumps into its paw*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 06:59 *grabs him a little rough, but not too rough*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 07:04 *tries to use the weapon, but the creature has got the arm he's using to hold it**also hesitates a bit, realizing that the creature is grabbing him a bit gently*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 07:22 *drops Erikas back to the ground*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 07:25 *falls onto his bottom, wincing**gets back up quickly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 07:26 What do you want?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 07:28 *opens its mouth and huffs a bit*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 07:29 *sighs* I do not understand that.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 07:46 *sits down*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 07:54 Why won't you allow me to leave?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 08:04 *shakes its head*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 08:14 Look, I have to leave if I have a chance to get out of this.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 08:22 *bares its teeth*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 08:29 Why are you so adverse to that?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 08:29 You don't seem to want to harm me...so did he order you to do this?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 08:32 *nods a bit*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 08:43 And if I don't leave, then what?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 08:44 Then I suppose I'd lose the game. I have a daughter I need to get back to, and I can't afford to lose this.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 08:44 *looks up at the sky*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 08:50 *frowns slightly, then looks up as well*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 08:54 *slowly stands back up*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:00 *doesn't see anything unusual and looks at the creature again* What are you looking at?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:04 *spreads its wings and grabs Erikas again*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:05 Hey! *instinctively tries to wriggle out of its grip*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:08 *takes to the sky after a bit of a struggle*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:10 *once he knows he's not getting out of this, he holds on tight*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:13 *climbs over the walls and flies toward the center of the maze*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:21 *looks down at the maze, continuing to hold on for dear life*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:23 *gets close to the center when a fauchard launches from the ground and drives deep into its chest*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:24 *it roars silently and falls from the sky*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:29 *was looking at the center of the maze when he saw the fauchard more as a flash of light (from the reflected sunlight off the blade) than anything else*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:30 *crashes into the ground. Litho approaches them shortly after* I expected better from you, Adonis.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:30 *rips the fauchard from Adonis' chest*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:32 *is recovering from the fall**gets up slowly*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:34 I can't exactly blame you for this act of cheating
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:34 *looks at Litho, then at Adonis**his hands curl into fists*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:34 It wasn't your choice. Ah, but the beast sure paid for his actions.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:37 *puts one hand on Adonis, patting him gently, if not tenderly**says very quietly* I wish I could repay you...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.8 09:39 You'll have plenty of time to repay him where you're going.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.8 09:44 What is that supposed to mean?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 03:11 I think you already know.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 03:49 *doesn't say anything in response*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 04:43 I cannot let you finish the labyrinth now.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 05:11 Why?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 05:16 Adonis cheated and it affects you as well.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 05:24 I did not do anything wrong.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 05:31 Yes, it really is unfortunate. So I'll let you make the first move. *jams the fauchard into the ground*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 05:41 *just looks at him**then says:* I'd rather not.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 05:43 See, if I made the first move, then this would be over too quick and there's no fun in that.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 05:52 Sure.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 05:56 It should be considered an honor to be given the first move.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 06:02 Not really...in a lot of cases, it's the aggressor who's at a disadvantage.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 06:02 But if you insist... *launches a side kick at him*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 06:05 *takes the hit and stumbles, trying to keep on his feet. Smiles* Not bad at all.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 06:19 I don't quite understand the point of this.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 06:19 *starts mumbling things a bit**is barely waking up*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 06:20 It's fun to play around for awhile. Besides, how disappointing it must be to know that no fight was put up? Humans are usually so determined.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 06:24 *looks back at Aedona*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 06:53 *resumes standing normally* Why should I give you the satisfaction of fighting back, then?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 06:59 Well, aside from the thrill I'd get from it, at least you can die with the satisfaction of having made the attempt to take me on.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 06:59 *her eyes are closed**turns over onto her stomach* Mmmm...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 07:05 ...M...Mal...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:06 And what if I'd rather die with the satisfaction of preventing you from getting what you want?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:07 Even if you refuse to fight I'll still be getting what I want.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 07:09 *looks a little confused. Tunes out of whatever he'd been thinking and focuses more on her*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:12 Which is?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:15 You'll die either way. I don't often feel the desire to kill someone just to see them die.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:22 Why do you want to kill me, then?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:24 I've gotten sick of your family interfering with my life. If only it were his wife who'd shown up. I'd have had so much more in store for her.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:29 We're interfering with you?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:29 There really would be no problem whatsoever if you left us alone.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 07:31 M...Malau...cay...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:31 The only one I don't want to leave alone is Saxon
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 07:32 ..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:33 Then maybe you need to get past that, because frankly none of us are the problem.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 07:35 ...Aedona? Are you feeling alright?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:35 You really have no idea how much you've made my family suffer--Saxon included--do you?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 07:35 ...Scared...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 07:35 Stay...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:37 You all meddle in affairs you know little about. I will not leave him be. *chuckles* I'm so much better with him around.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:38 And what about him?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:38 With the way you treat him, if you actually cared about him you'd stay well away from him.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:38 Your family's suffering is a small price to pay for even the slightest peace of mind.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:39 I beg to differ.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 07:40 Stay?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 07:40 With...me...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:41 *looks at his hands for a few moments. Smiles nervously* I'm dangerous... *looks up again* I need him..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:41 No you don't.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:42 You dictate your own actions. His presence does not "make" you behave better or worse. You merely choose to behave better with him around.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:42 If you truly wanted to get better, I wouldn't be here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 07:43 *frowns*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:45 Don't pretend to be like Malaucay. If you actually wanted to get better, you would. But all you're going to do is trap yourself and Saxon in a vicious cycle where you abuse him and then come crawling back to him and then abuse him again.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:45 Yes.... I make better choices... I need him so I can make better choices...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:46 And don't give me the old "You don't know anything about what you're talking about" excuse. I've been receiving eyewitness testimony ever since you took my daughter to Auceaster.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:47 *said that before Litho replied again**sighs and shakes his head* I suppose it's pointless to argue with the deaf.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:50 You are perfectly capable of making better choices on your own. You just don't want to.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:55 I need... Help... Saxon helps me...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 07:56 What you need is a psychiatrist.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 07:58 *is barely audible now* I'm scared...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 07:58 You will not take him from me..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 08:01 *sighs* I know...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 08:02 I never said anything about taking anything from you. However, last time I checked, he does not belong to you. He has a life of his own to live.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 08:05 He's mine... Even if I can only see him now and then. He has his freedom, as requested by Roffe.. I've not made him do anything.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 08:07 He isn't yours. And yes, you haven't made him do anything, but you've damaged him, and if he is to heal you need to stay away from him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 08:10 Please...stay...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 08:13 I cannot leave him... He tells me what to do... Without that voice... I'll do it again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.9 08:14 *looks away*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 08:15 Do what again?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.9 08:19 *goes silent for a while*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 08:21 Innocent people... I know better than to go after them... *twitches his hands* They're such easy targets...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 08:23 Killing them is so easy and... Satisfying..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 08:24 *pauses**then says quietly* If you know better, then may I ask how I got here?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 08:24 Or, for that matter, what happened with all the other Pantheans you've killed?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 08:28 They're not my people... To h*** with them... To h*** with you...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 08:30 Then I don't think you can claim you know better.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.9 08:36 I do not care for your people... My laws on the hunt do not apply.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.9 08:40 Oh, I know.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 03:37 That doesn't mean you have the right to claim you know better than to go after innocent people.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 03:56 Knowing better doesn't matter..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 04:02 If that doesn't matter, then by your own logic you don't need Saxon.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 04:09 Saxon is a good voice... He doesn't yell much... *looks away a bit* Tells me I'm okay... You all want to take him from me...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 05:19 .
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 05:21 That's because you repeatedly abuse him. We're only trying to protect him.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 05:27 He doesn't need you to protect him.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 05:32 Perhaps not me in particular, but he needs his family.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 05:38 I need him more...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 05:39 Not after what you've done to him.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 05:40 He needs anybody but you.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 05:44 I've only left him hurt a couple of times.. I always heal him.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 05:47 That doesn't make hurting him okay.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 05:50 I cannot help it when rules are broken. Punishment must be administered.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.10 05:52 *says quietly* Things will be over soon... And you'll remain safe from him..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 05:55 You mean you lash out when people don't allow you to dominate them?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 05:59 *remains silent*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 05:59 And then you never take responsibility for what you've done by saying that it "had" to happen?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 06:08 *had started scratching his thumb with his middle finger* ...I must keep the order... I don't want to get in trouble...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 06:09 In trouble with what?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 06:11 You create trouble everywhere you go, but because of how powerful you are you never take responsibility for it or have to fear it.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 06:17 Stop... Talking.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 06:21 Why should I if I'm just-- *hesitates, then sighs* Fine. Sure.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 06:27 *focuses on his hand, which is already steadily dripping blood from his thumb* ...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 06:57 *looks at his hand, then back at his face*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 07:07 Look what you made me do....
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 07:07 I didn't force you to do anything.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 07:10 Why can't you just keep your mouth shut and just fight? Why is everyone from that stupid universe so lacking in determination?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 07:16 *hesitates, then just shakes his head a little and crosses his arms*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 07:28 *clenches his fists, then hesitates, taking a deep breath, exhaling with a huff. He says nothing. After a minute he turns his attention back to Adonis and calls his weapon back to him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 07:33 *says quietly* I fight if it's in self-defense.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 07:37 *spins the fauchard a bit and stabs Adonis' paw*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 07:50 *winces slightly*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 07:54 *removes the blade and orders Adonis to stand up*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 07:54 *his tone remains quiet* That's redundant, don't you think?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 07:58 *ignores Erikas. Adonis pushes himself to his feet just in time to be stuck by the backend of the weapon. despite being several times largr than the blade, the force still knocks him into the air*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 08:00 *huffs repeatedly, unable to decide if he should continue venting*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 08:03 *takes a slight step forward when Litho hits Adonis yet again*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 08:09 Get up. *Adonis hesitates* I said get up, d*****... *Adonis shuffles but doesn't make it to his feet* Do as you're told, you worthless shred of insignificance! *grabs Adonis by the back of the head with the fauchard's hook and drags him forward*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 08:11 *his hands turn into fists again**rushes at Litho and aims a kick at Litho's hands and fauchard*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 08:23 *drops the fauchard and turns around, grabbing his hand*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 08:24 *glares* Enough.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.10 08:26 *gets in a fighting stance* Try hitting someone who isn't down already, you cowardly son of a [BLEEP].
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.10 08:32 Well it's about (bleeping) time!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 03:21 *begins with a series of punches. While at first glance they may look random, they are in fact all well-calculated*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 03:42 *dodges and blocks all of the punches except the last one**was in the middle of blocking the punch before the last when the last one hits him and he stumbles a bit*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 03:46 *aims a kick at Erikas*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 03:50 *sweeps an arm from his ear (on the side opposite to which arm he is using) across and downwards, hitting Litho's leg from the side and thus blocking the kick*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 03:55 *comes forward quickly and aims a strong punch at Litho's neck*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 03:55 You're gonna have to be more than defensive to get anywhere against me!
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 03:56 (nvm)
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 04:01 *drops down to dodge and immediately swerves to kick him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 04:25 *blocks again, though this time isn't as effective as the last time and he stumbles a bit again*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 04:32 *moves to tackle him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 04:54 *as Litho closes in, he snakes his arm around Litho's and tries to push him to the side**at the same time, he lifts his leg and aims a strong downward kick at Litho's knee*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 05:20 *yells something incoherent when he gets hit*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 05:37 *tries to throw Litho down to the ground and then kick him in the neck*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 05:42 *hits the ground but blocks the kick*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 05:46 *aims a second kick at his side*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 05:49 *smiles and takes the hit*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 06:11 *kicks again, but then hesitates slightly upon realizing he's smiling*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 06:18 *chuckles* What? *grabs at his ankle*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 06:21 *tries to stomp on his hand*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 06:35 *reaches with his other hand as well*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 06:36 *aims a kick at his face*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 06:43 *grabs Erikas' foot and pushes him away, using magic to give more power to the push. *sits up* Get away from my head..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 06:45 *stumbles away a bit**turns back to him and aims a swift kick at Litho's neck again*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 06:47 *aims his next punch at Erikas' leg*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 06:51 *a punch from a normal human would likely just deflect his kick, but the force of Litho's punch causes him to slip and fall*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:04 *quickly starts getting back on his feet*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:18 *jumps at Erikas again*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:23 *moves to dodge to the side, though Litho probably manages to catch his arm*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:24 *turns and throws a punch at his jaw*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:24 *swings him around and throws him*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:24 *let's say he does this after he gets punched*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:25 *holds his jaw* ...Now what did I tell you about my d*** head...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:26 *godd***
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:26 *hits a wall**supports himself against the same wall as he gets up, panting a bit* I don't think either of us are the kind that respects the rules others lay out for us.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:36 *glances down and quickly moves to pick up a fairly large rock in his hand*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:37 *grabs his fauchard and throws it at Erikas, or more appropriately at the wall right beside him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:39 *instinctively jerks away from where the fauchard lands*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:39 *rushes him and aims to kick him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:40 *moves to dodge while aiming to slam the rock on his face*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:43 *grabs Erikas' wrist and twists it*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:45 *winces in pain and instantly drops the rock*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:49 I'm getting sick of your targeting. *pulls Erikas down and kicks him in the leg*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:51 *cries out in pain*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:53 *is paralyzed for a few seconds by the pain*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 07:54 *grabs Erikas' other wrist and pins him to the ground*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 07:59 *wriggles hard, trying to break free*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.11 08:06 Don't bother. I have no intention of letting you go.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.11 08:11 *spits in his face*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:12 *leans in uncomfortably close and whispers* I'm going to pretend that didn't happen. *smiles wider* I'd sure hate for Saxon to learn I went too far.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 04:22 Good for you.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:31 I certainly do not hate you.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:32 But you do get on my nerves.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:34 There's so much
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:34 (FRICK)
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:35 (I'm not used to typing on the regular laptop keyboard anymore)
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:38 There's so much for me to do. But where to start? *tightens his grip on Erikas' wrists, specifically in the space between the ulna and radius and the carpal bones*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 04:42 *grits his teeth**is in pain, but keeps his mouth shut and his expression calm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 04:48 *opens her eyes and slowly rolls back over onto her back*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 04:49 I could break your bones... Maybe cut you open. I can make you taste death..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 04:58 My appetite for anything has been completely obliterated- *winces slightly, then regains his composure* -by everything about you, from your appearance to your mannerisms.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 05:03 That's alright. It'd be the last thing you'd taste anyway.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:08 Why don't you go taste death? You'd be doing everyone a huge favor, especially Saxon.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:13 With the way you treat others, nobody really needs or likes you in the long term.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 05:18 Oh that's not true. I'll always have at least one good friend.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:19 And who is that good friend now? Saxon?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:19 He doesn't need, want, or like you.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:19 He never did.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 05:24 That's not true.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:29 Don't lie to yourself. To this day you have caused him so much pain, and in doing this to me you're only going to damage him and his family more. His life would be unfathomably better if you had never entered it.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:31 I'm amazed at how functional he is after everything you've done to him. Very few are as strong as he is; very few deserve to have him as their companion. And you, my friend, are the least deserving of his attention.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 05:37 But I do get his attention as I so please. None of you will stop that.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:43 We'll see about that...you only get his attention because of how much damage you've caused him. He doesn't give you his attention because he genuinely wants to be your friend.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:44 *damage you've done to him.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 05:48 Maybe that is the case, but I'll at least have someone who will talk to me.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:50 You really think a friendship that is this fake is going to last?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 05:53 I don't care. It's real enough for me.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 05:55 From my experience, these things don't last.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 05:58 I can make it last. Do not underestimate me.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 06:00 I don't underestimate you, but I also don't believe that you will succeed in the end.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 06:02 We'll see about that. For the time being, it's time to say goodnight.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 06:05 *had mostly gone limp as he spoke**suddenly he strongly tries to surge upward and break free*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 06:09 *lets go of one of his wrists and plants his hand over Erikas' mouth, shoving him back to the ground* Now this is going to hurt. *creates a significant amount of shadow magic in the palm of his hand*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 06:10 *instinctively slaps his free hand on Litho's arm just above the elbow, trying to push his hand off*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 06:16 *his eyes widen a bit. Stifles a laugh*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 06:19 *seemed alarmed and confused at first when she woke up, then mostly groggy**has looked at Saxon, but not said anything to him**has made multiple unsuccessful attempts to get up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 06:21 *finally tries getting up again, using a wall for support**manages to stand up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.12 06:22 *doesn't look at Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 06:23 *feels dizzy**looks down and finally notices the bracelet on her arm**leans against the wall and takes it off **examines it briefly, then drops it onto the floor, looking mildly disgusted*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 06:25 *manages to stand without support within seconds of getting the bracelet off **starts hobbling towards the doorway*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 06:41 *hasn't really been paying attention to his surroundings. Before he realizes what's going on he is slammed into the wall by Adonis. Adonis steps over Erikas and starts trying to summon a lot of magic.*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 06:41 No you (bleeping) don't! *calls his weapon back to him and slams the blade hard against Adonis' neck.* *Adonis stumbles, but completes the spell anyway, and teleports them to the only place he knows: Earth*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 06:41 *exits the treehouse, stumbling and nearly falling off of the platform**climbs down shakily and looks around, agitated and not really processing her surroundings*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 06:43 *punches the wall* d*****!
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 06:48 *tries to get up out of instinct, but is in too much pain and is too weak**lets out a frail, strained gagging noise as he slumps back down*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 06:50 Adonis: *collapses almost as soon as they reach Earth*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 06:59 *starts shakily searching through his pockets for anything he might have that is of use that wasn't broken from the impact of when he practically flew out of Urmukka*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 07:03 *takes out his phone**the screen is cracked, but it seems to still work**with trembling hands, he barely manages to call Aedona*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.12 07:06 *answers, mostly expecting Litho*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 07:07 *all he hears for a little bit is faint, strained breathing**tries to talk, but chokes and coughs instead*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.12 07:13 Oh, (bleep)- *gets up and runs out to Aedona.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:13 *heads back up into the treehouse and goes into a closet where she has the backpack she wore when she was Solvig**starts digging around through her supplies in there*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:13 *did that before Saxon came over to her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:14 *turns to Saxon when he approaches her, but doesn't say anything*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:15 *her eyes lock on her phone and she quickly snatches it from him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.12 07:17 *backs off*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:18 *puts her phone up to her ear* Daddy? Daddy, where are you? Are you okay?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.12 07:21 *the breathing has turned to wheezing**just barely manages to get the words "Get me" out**his voice is extremely faint and scratchy*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:26 Okay, I'll come get you as fast as I can. Hold on, okay? Don't hang up!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:28 *tessers to Ahntor and runs as fast as she can to Char's building**rushes to Mayhem's floor and bangs on the door to his room*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:29 *is practically praying for him to be there*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:30 *hears that her father's breathing has gotten more labored**says gently into the phone:* I'm finding you, don't worry. It'll be okay.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:31 *closes her eyes for a few moments and repeats the words "Please be there" over and over in her head*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 07:32 *opens the door a bit* I knew you'd show up eventually..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:32 *opens her eyes and turns towards Mayhem quickly* Where's my dad?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:33 *her heart is pounding and she is visibly shaking from fear and adrenaline*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 07:35 Earth. Greece, or at least nearby. Hurry up.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.12 07:35 I need something more specific--give me coordinates NOW!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.12 16:28 I do not have the coordinates. I only know what the area is. Roughly 3 miles Southeast of Athens, 100 or so feet from the botanical garden in the Kesariani Vyronas forest. He's just out of sight of the public eye.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:07 *tessers quickly to Earth*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:08 *goes to a library somewhere near where she and Saxon used to live and gets on one of the computers**quickly looks up the location of the Kesariani Vyronas forest*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:12 *looks up the botanical garden there and tries to get as good a picture as possible of where it is with respect to other places she's more familiar with*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:13 *whispers reassurances to Erikas through the phone as she does her research**finally carefully calculates a tesser to the botanical garden*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:14 *appears in Greece and winds up falling from several hundred feet in the air**cushions her fall with magic*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:16 *doesn't care at this point if Earth humans see her**runs out of the garden, calling out her father's name*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 04:18 *tries to answer back, but just winds up coughing up black guck*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:21 *quickly spots Adonis and runs over to investigate**finds Adonis familiar, but is too focused on Erikas to take the time to determine why Adonis is so familiar*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:31 Daddy!! *rushes over to Erikas' side and kneels beside him**her eyes grow very wide when she sees how his mouth and the are around it is guck-covered and burned*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:38 *quickly goes to wipe the guck off and her fingers wind up burned*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:42 *looks at her fingers**wipes them off on the ground, wincing, and then grabs Erikas* We're getting out of here, okay? *tessers them to near the pool in Urmukka*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:45 *wedges him over her shoulder and somewhat drags him towards the pool* I've got you...it'll be alright...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:46 *his mouth and the area
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 04:51 *throws up more black guck on the way there**holds onto her as much as she can, but his grip on her is extremely weak*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 04:52 *he feebly pokes her as if to try to get her attention once they reach the pool's edge, but she goes ahead and falls into the pool with him*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 04:58 *starts gesturing a little for her to come towards him once they're underwater*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:02 *swims towards him, taking his hand**Erikas squeezes her hand with the miniscule amount of strength he has left, then lifts his arms to put them around her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:02 *leans in and hugs him**he hugs her back gently, then goes limp*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 05:09 *shows up in an etheral form to meet Erikas' spirit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:19 *pulls away from him and looks at him, her eyes wide with alarm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:20 *checks Erikas' pulse and swims upward with him, dragging him out of the pool as quickly as possible**starts performing CPR, or at least a Panthean variant that is similar to that*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:30 *winds up burning her face when she tries to blow into his mouth**gags and has to dunk her face in the pool*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 05:30 *his spirit sits nearby, but gets up upon seeing Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 05:39 I hope you can understand the reasons why I couldn't save you. My own cowardice aside, we cannot afford to make Litho snap. He's not particularly dangerous to the universe, but he very well could be. For now we cannot afford to incurr his wrath.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 05:41 *just nods a little, watching his daughter forlornly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 05:41 ...I wish I could stay with her...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 05:42 I wish I could've said something...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 05:44 I haven't the strength to help you manifest, unfortunately.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:50 *coughs a bit once she resurfaces**turns to Erikas and moves to continue CPR, but stops within a few seconds, crying uncontrollably* No...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 05:52 *instinctively moves towards Aedona and reaches for her, but hesitates, knowing it's no use**sighs and says very quietly:* What now?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 05:53 Well now you will be escorted to the Sundra.*sighs* You can come back, given enough time. That's something you've got going for you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:54 *slumps down beside Erikas' body, crying hard* No...please no...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.13 05:55 *her voice cracks* I love you...I love you so much...don't leave me...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 05:57 *had turned to walk over to Mayhem, but stops and looks back* And what if I don't want to go with you? What would happen to me then?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 05:59 Well you can stick around on this plane, but will be mostly unable to interact with anything. No one will notice your presence. It'd eventually drive you mad. Ever wonder why ghosts are perceived as malevolent beings?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 06:05 *just nods a little in response again**turns back around**there are tears on his face**walks over to Mayhem a bit slowly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 06:10 I'm not supposed to, but I'll let her know that you will one day have the opportunity to return to this plane.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.13 06:10 *appears beside Mayhem*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 06:12 Thank you.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 06:12 *didn't expect Roffe to appear**wipes his face with his arm*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 06:19 Roffe is here to help me get you to where you are going.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 06:20 Alright...um...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 06:27 Hm?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 06:42 *glances towards Aedona* ...I lost my train of thought...um...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 06:43 There was someone who helped me--a big white creature with six legs and a sad demeanor. It is dying...perhaps you could help it?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 06:45 *lets out a long sigh* ...Alright... We'll go to him first...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 06:45 Roffe? *Roffe nods and teleports them back to Earth*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 07:01 Thank you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 07:04 *kneels before Adonis and pulls his soul from the beast's body. His spirit appears as a human in what appears to be ancient greek attire. He stares at Mayhem, almost anxiously*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 07:05 *is a bit surprised to see the spirit as a human, but doesn't say anything*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 07:09 ...You've done well, Adonis. *pauses, then bows his head* I'm sorry. I should have let you go a long time ago.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.13 07:10 Adonis: *looks confused* I'm being let go?.. Does that mean... I am forgiven?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 07:12 *is trembling ever-so-slightly* I will never forgive you for what you've done. Under no circumstances was it okay to take her away from me. From her mother. I am, however, ready to let you move on.... You've.... Served your sentence...
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 07:14 *watches silently*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.13 07:16 Adonis: I understand... Will I see my daughter again? *Mayhem: No. You will wait at the gates of the Sundra for Hikari to guide you. I will allow no interaction with anyone but him.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 07:17 We will leave now.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.13 07:20 *Roffe and Mayhem summon their wings and prepare to take them to the next realm* Adonis: *looks at Erikas* I'm sorry for what your daughter must go through..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 07:25 *hesitates, then looks back at Adonis* I am sorry too...and I hope to get back to her as soon as possible...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.13 07:27 Adonis: One day, maybe I can do the same.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.13 07:27 Adonis: Best of luck to you
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 07:29 Same to you.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.13 07:30 *Essentially helps Mayhem build up sufficient power to take the four of them to the gates of the Sundra* I'll wait out here. Hikari is not fond of me.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 07:41 *just nods a little bit*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 07:42 I shouldn't be too long. Thank you for assisting me with this. *starts toward the gate, gesturing for Erikas to follow*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 07:45 *follows Mayhem, glancing back at Adonis*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 07:52 *pays no mind whatsoever to Adonis*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 07:59 This is the realm you'll call home until Hikari decides that you are worthy of returning to the overworld
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.13 08:04 *nods* Who is Hikari?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.13 08:08 The dragon who guards this realm. He's the one who will watch over you and determine if you're safe to either let go to the overworld or to the spirit realm. Hard to miss him. You'll not see any dragons around these parts.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.14 03:34 Alright...have any advice on how to be deemed "safe" sooner?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 03:35 Not a clue, really. Foreigners have more to prove. Hikari isn't too strict, though.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 03:50 It really depends on the person. I've known people to be sent to their next life or go back to the overworld within days.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.14 04:30 Okay. I hope to get back soon.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 04:35 *nods* This realm will recreate your body in due time. In the meantime I have to talk to someone before I leave. Before I go, do you have anything left to say?
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.14 04:46 Just... *thinks hard, but briefly* Tell my daughter that I'll be back as soon as I can and that I love her...and that she shouldn't give up.
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.14 04:49 *thinks again, then says:* You can also tell her that she's not at fault for being your friend and it's okay if she wants to spend time with you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 04:50 *raises his brow slightly*
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.14 05:09 She's been avoiding you on purpose. It's not your fault.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 05:12 Oh. That's good to know..
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.14 05:23 Her feelings and confusion regarding you have been putting a lot of stress on her, I think...that's why I want you to tell her that.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 05:38 I'll let her know.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.14 05:43 well this place looks super exciting!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.14 05:54 *chuckles and says sarcastically* Yeah...a hiding spot in the trees and bushes is super thrilling...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2020,Mar.14 05:57 *shes talking to someone on the phone* Hey were do you wanna go for lunch today?.......No...No I cant eat there its a sandwich shop,... because I hate sandwiches....no yeah...that Groblon place is better
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.14 05:58 its better then were I was from, mostly just buildings nothing else, all the plants are in books or on the interweb or tv I love plants so I learned about some, I like trying new things
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.14 06:01 Really? Weird...sounds almost like some parts of New York City...
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.14 06:02 Er--that's a place on Earth. A huge city. It has a park, but outside the park plants are sort of scarce.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 06:05 Pardon me. I would like to get back to the overworld as soon as possible. *starts walking further down the path*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.14 06:07 oh
3>Erikas (Panthean), 70yo.2020,Mar.14 06:10 *nods* Goodbye.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:13 *hours pass where she is before she has the willpower to get up and walk out*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 06:17 *is finishing up his conversation with Hikari about taking Adonis to the next realm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:19 *walks aimlessly, winding up going into the woods for a little while**then turns and walks back, heading to the treehouse*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:21 *goes back to the closet and stares at her backpack for a few moments before putting it on*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:22 *stands back upright and turns and looks at Saxon, but doesn't say anything*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.14 06:26 *hasn't made any effort to make eye contact*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:28 *looks at him for about a minute and then leaves, turning and tessering away*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 06:36 *returns to the overworld with Roffe and goes back to Urmukka*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:38 *lands somewhere in rural Otemjar**it's snowy, quiet, and rather dark despite being the middle of the day*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:41 *finds an area with large rocks among the snow-covered pines and sits down on one rock**sets her backpack on her lap and digs around in it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:42 *takes an Otemjarian gun out of one pocket and its ammunition out of another pocket**puts her backpack on the ground, loads the gun, and sets the gun down carefully on a rock in front of her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:43 *controls her breathing as she sits and stares at the gun*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 06:44 *cant seem to find any signs of where she might have gone. He has a good idea where she is, but not exactly where. Heads back to the Rift and talks to Roffe*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:49 *her expression is eerily calm despite the fact that tears have started rolling down her face again**picks the gun back up, not taking her eyes off of it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 06:51 *stares at it for a little bit longer, then presses the barrel against her head*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 06:55 *Roffe finds her quickly, provided he is told what planet to look on**Stares through the window in disbelief for a moment. Teleports to Aedona and grabs her wrist, pulling her hand/the gun from her head. His expression is borderline cold*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 07:03 *the gun goes off, but hits nothing/is aimed at the sky by the time it does go off **instinctively resists, moving to get her arm out of his grip, but goes limp and drops the gun when she processes what has happened*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 07:12 There is no way in H*** that I am going back to tell your father that you shot yourself.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 07:15 *looks at him as he speaks, but looks away once he finishes his sentence**starts crying harder* ...I'm sorry...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 07:17 What reason would he have to come back if you aren't here when he gets the opportunity?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 07:22 *is visibly rather shocked**looks at him again* He...he can...?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.14 07:25 He will.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 07:26 *hugs him tightly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.14 07:29 *is still crying* What's wrong with me?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 03:10 *takes a deep breath and sighs* You're under a tremendous amount of emotional and mental stress. I had hoped it wasn't this bad.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 03:55 *goes back to being serious* Stop trying to do this. It only hurts everyone, even yourself, because you'll only come back to being "you" eventually. There is even more stress in the regret that is to come from such a cycle. I'll tell you now that if you'd
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 03:55 tried this in Irakurri and succeeded I would not have given you the luxury of going straight to your father.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 04:05 I'm sorry...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 04:13 *wraps his arms around her* Erikas doesn't want you to give up. He loves you so much and... I know it'd kill him to hear that you'd thrown your life away because of him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 04:23 *just nods a little, hugging him a little tighter*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 05:01 *sits silently for a few minutes* ...He told me you'd been avoiding me on purpose. I knew this already. Figured it awhile back. He said I'm not to blame, but also that you're not at fault, either.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 05:23 *sniffles* That's not true...it's...it's my decision, it's my fault...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 05:32 did you live in new yolk?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 05:35 I know you've been trying to cut me out of your life. He believes it's okay that you're my friend and I can live with that. We both just want you to do what causes you less stress.
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 05:43 *shakes her head* Nah. I've been there, but I didn't live there.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 05:56 oh
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 05:58 New Yolk...sounds like an egg brand. *chuckles*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 05:59 what? thats what you said the town was called new yolk city
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:14 I said New York City.
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:24 *laughs* why would they name it New York city?! dont they know what York means?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:36 *shakes her head* No...what's it mean?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 06:39 I just...I keep feeling like some of the things I want are wrong...
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:46 its dung from a Snorb Grapp
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:51 *laughs a bit* Oh!
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:52 Well, nobody on Earth knows of Snorb Grapps, so unfortunately they didn't know any better. *laughs a bit some more*
4>Oliver (Lentin), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:53 oh *chuckles a bit*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 06:56 Like what?
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,Mar.15 06:59 What is a Snorb Grapp?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 06:59 *just shakes her head a little and says nothing*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 07:01 *sighs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 07:36 *just quietly continues hugging him and crying for a little bit**her crying gradually gets less intense**says quietly:* It's cold...can we go somewhere else?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 07:38 Of course. Any places in mind?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 07:40 *shakes her head*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 07:52 Alright. *teleports them to a mountainside on a different planet. It's the middle of summer so nights are comfortably warm as opposed to cold. Around the area small streams run down the hill, creating a calming ambiance*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 07:54 *wipes her face and looks around*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 07:57 *The area is almost a mix of grassy plain and pine forest*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 08:08 Where are we?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 08:14 It's a planet similar to Earth. Climates are very similar.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.15 08:15 *nods a little* Okay... *rubs her eyes, which have very dark circles under them*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.15 08:26 You need to get some sleep. Proper sleep.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 04:35 I guess...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 04:36 You can just rest here.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 04:57 *says quietly* Okay.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 05:01 Just... Relax. *summons a bit of dark-colored energy and creates a peaceful, relaxing aura.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:07 *becomes less focused on her father and more focused on how her body feels**blinks drowsily
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:07 **
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:08 *sits down tiredly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 05:09 Let your mind shut down. Listen quietly to the sounds of the world around you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:11 *closes her eyes and says "Okay" again, her voice barely audible*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:19 *without really thinking she lies down*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 05:22 *sits beside her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:27 *hears him sit down near her and instinctively turns towards him a bit, but doesn't open her eyes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 05:29 *his voice drops to a whisper* Let your imagination wander and carry you into a restful sleep.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:35 *falls asleep within a few minutes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 05:56 ~20 HOURS LATER...~ *begins to wake up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 05:56 *has returned to Urmukka hours ago and learned of Erikas' death**has kept to herself*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:02 *at this point has been preparing some form of breakfast over a small fire*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 06:03 *hasn't spoken to anyone*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 06:05 *stretches, but keeps her eyes closed for a little bit longer before she finally looks over at Mayhem*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:07 *has been spending more time keeping an eye on Jane. From time to time he's brought her to visit his sister up by the lake*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:10 Good- afternoon.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 06:12 Hi... *rubs her eyes and sits up*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:15 Sleep well, I presume
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 06:19 *nods*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 06:19 *has enjoyed the trips and often talked to Pierce about her lizards*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:21 Good. I've gathered some ingredients for a small meal.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 06:26 Thank you...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:27 It's no problem at all. Gets me out of that city.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 06:28 *just nods a little*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.16 06:29 *since Amadeus has been getting better and able to deal with things on his own, the Liska King has been absent for days**finally returns to Urmukka*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.16 06:30 *visits Amadeus, drops off some things for him (mostly some deliveries from Char) and then starts walking towards the library**pauses before entering**changes his mind and decides to go looking for Eira*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:33 *has been out walking with Jane. He points up at the sky* Look. There's been increased activity in the sentries. See all the birds up above?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 06:37 *looks up* Yeah!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 06:37 What's a "sentries?"
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:38 They keep watch over the area. Make life a little easier for the Naedyrm. Want to meet one?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:40 *puts down a plate of food for Aedona*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 06:41 Yeah!! *nods enthusiastically*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:44 *smiles and looks back up at the sky. Whistles and holds up his arm, bracing himself as he does not have a leather gauntlet. A single falcon dives from the sky and lands on the ground as opposed to his arm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 06:44 *takes it and eats quietly*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:45 Oh. Thank you. *drops his arm back to his side and kneels down* I'm sorry to take you from your post. Just wanted to show Jane here what you falcons look like. Is that alright if she maybe pets you?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:45 *the falcon looks at Jane, then nods*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:46 *the leather pack on its back reads "Adalyn" in the old written language of the Urmukkans*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:49 Her name's Adalyn.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 06:50 Hi!! *walks over and pets Adalyn's head*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 06:50 You
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 06:51 *You're pretty!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 06:51 *Adalyn chirps quietly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:53 You've slept for quite some time, though I think you are still in need of some more. I'm afraid that if you went back now you'd stop sleeping again, so I cannot allow that right now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 06:57 *hesitates, thinking of objecting, but gives in and just nods a little in response*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 06:59 You will go back once you're well rested.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 07:02 The falcons here usually carry messages across the planet, but they also spend free time scouting the area from above. They respond to a whistle, but only from a few people in the valley.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 07:03 Okay. *keeps eating*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 07:04 My Mommy can whistle and make birds do cool stuff!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 07:04 Did you do that too?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:05 *has finally gotten around to confronting Saxon*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 07:06 That would be cool to see. These birds are like people, though. They think and act for themselves in the same way that we do. That's why you can ask them questions such as if it's alright to pet them. They can and usually will respond.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:07 Dad, what happened to Mom?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 07:07 They know whose whistle to recognize and come when called, that's all.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:09 She's... In mourning I believe. And she's likely angry with me. Rightfully so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 07:10 Oh, okay.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 07:17 There are plenty of other birds around here, though. Maybe your mom can try make those birds do cool stuff.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 07:18 *looks at him every so often, feeling a bit inclined to speak (though she doesn't)**finishes her breakfast*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 07:18 Yeah!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:19 *sighs*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 07:20 *Adalyn gently headbutts Jane then backs up and takes off back into the sky*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 07:21 *doesn't have much to say. Puts the fire out*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:23 I could have done something..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.16 07:23 *waves at Adalyn* Bye-bye!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.16 07:24 They're all typically nice birds
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:27 Like what?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:28 ...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 07:28 *sits there in silence for a little bit**has turned away from him and started crying again, but is as quiet as she can be about it*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:28 I..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:31 You what?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:32 You could've traded yourself for him? Is that really better?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:33 In some ways, yes.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:34 And in some ways it's worse.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:36 Pros and cons to everything. Pro: Nobody would have died.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 07:38 *takes a deep breath but says nothing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:39 Con: we'd have to live knowing that you're trapped with him again and worrying forever about what he might do to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:39 *worry
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:44 What's happened happened...there's...there's going to be a funeral in a couple days...I was just hoping if I could find Mom...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:44 The price to be paid I guess. Besides I'm good at working out deals with him, I could have figured something out.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 07:44 *after a little while she calms down a bit**wipes her face and says:* Malaucay?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.16 07:45 *said that before she continued*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 07:45 Hmm?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 07:50 Would you have done something if it was me?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 07:55 ... Against my better judgement. I did not initially know what was going on until Erikas... Contacted me. He knew what was already coming. He wanted to be able to see you and his grandchildren again, so I did the next best thing: Claim him for Irakurri's
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 07:56 heaven.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 07:58 This way he can come back. I want him to come back to find his daughter still alive and healthy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 08:01 *nods a little*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 08:08 It may have been a good thing that this happened, in a way... If this hadn't happened, Adonis would never have been allowed to move on. I'd have never let him go if Erikas hadn't been there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.16 08:14 Adonis?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.16 08:19 *scowls a bit* Adonis. The one responsible for the death of my firstborn. I'd made him suffer for his actions for so, so long. But he's been tormented since the day I took on my status of god and he still went out of his way to help Erikas.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 03:46 Oh...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 03:46 I...I saw him on Earth.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 03:48 You did. Sort of.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 03:50 "Sort of?"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 03:51 Adonis was human.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 03:57 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 03:58 I guess you don't know where she is?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.17 03:59 No. She does not want to see me.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Mar.17 04:00 *see me anyway
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 04:06 *nods a little, sighing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 04:06 *heads away, digging out her phone and trying to call Aedona**Aedona set her phone on silent, however, when she went to Panthea, and it has remained on silent ever since*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 04:07 *doesn't get an answer**sits down, looking worried*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 04:07 *sees Eira sitting near the tree house and walks over to her* Hello!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 04:07 ...Hi...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 04:08 *doesn't really look at him*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 04:08 Could you walk with me to the lake? I'd like to talk to you in private.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 04:08 *shrugs her shoulders and gets up**starts walking with him in silence*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 04:17 I wasn't exactly kind to him through the years.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 04:22 *nods a bit in understanding*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 04:59 *walks with her to the lake before turning to her and handing her a fairly small box*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 04:59 *seems a little shaky*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:00 What's this?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:00 It's for you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:01 Um...okay... *opens it, revealing a silver necklace with ice-like crystals attached to it**gasps* Oh my gosh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:02 What kind of crystal is this?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:03 It comes from liskas, though I made sure to make it stronger...in its natural form it's a bit brittle.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:06 Thank you...you shouldn't have...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:06 Eira?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:06 Yes?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:07 I'm thinking that I'll be going on a trip soon, and- *hesitates awkwardly* -a-and I'd be honored if you'd join me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:15 *hesitates, then says:* Are you...is this like...your way of asking me out?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:16 *doesn't answer her**had a hard time making eye contact with her before, and now he can't do it at all*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:17 *slowly reaches up and takes his mask off **he looks about 20, has pale skin, and has fairly neat brown-gray hair*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:20 Please...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:20 I...I can't, I-I really can't.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:30 I have responsibilities to someone else--I just...there are other people in my life right now who need me and I've been really stressed lately and this really isn't the best time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 05:49 *starts backing away* I'm sorry, but I must go. *turns and leaves*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:54 *stands there for a minute before slowly putting his mask back on*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.17 05:58 *sits down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 06:11 ~HOURS LATER...~
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 06:12 *has spent the day in the same area with Mayhem**has been rather quiet*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 06:23 *night is falling**is visibly getting tired again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 06:28 *looks up at the sky, then back at Aedona* Ithink it's about time you turned in for the night. I think I will, too, this time.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 06:32 Alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.17 06:34 *lies down, staring up at the sky*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 06:59 *once again uses his magic to help Aedona fall asleep*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:04 *has gone to bed, though dawn approaches*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:04 *As soon as he knows Aedona is in a deep enough sleep he returns to Urmukka, looking for Jane*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:05 *is asleep near Jane, though she's been tossing and turning and waking up on and off throughout the night*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:07 *sneaks to where Jane is sleeping as to try not to wake anyone else*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:08 *stirs a little*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:08 *is sound asleep*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:08 *nudges Jane a bit*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:10 *groans faintly and turns over*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:12 *nudges her again* Hey..
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:13 *opens her eyes upon hearing his voice**looks at him and gets up quickly, hugging him* Malaucay!!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:13 *wakes up*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:14 -_- Yes it's me. Now you have to be quieter. People are trying to sleep.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:14 *lifts her head a little to see what's going on*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:14 *whispers* Okay!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:17 *turns his head slightly toward Eira* We're going to go see your mom now, okay?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:22 Okay!!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:22 *sits up**whispers* Is she okay?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:23 Yeah. She's doing alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:23 Thank goodness...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:24 There's...going to be a funeral in a couple of days...I wanted to tell her, but I couldn't find her...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:25 I'll try to have her back by then.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:27 Okay...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:28 She's sleeping right now. As she should be.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:31 Thank goodness.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:32 She keeps staying up to make sure Saxon doesn't sneak off...I tried telling her to stop and even volunteered to take her place, but she refused.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:39 I'll make her rest if I have to.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:48 *sighs* I hope she doesn't keep doing that when she gets back...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:48 Should...should I come or no?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:51 Probably no. I don't want to risk any more added stress. She'll be back in a day or so.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:56 '
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:56 Alright...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 07:58 I might be back soon as well. Until then. *teleports back to Aedona*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:58 Are we going?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 07:58 *said that before Mayhem left*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.17 07:59 *sighs**mutters "Yes you are" and lies down, trying to get back to sleep*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 08:01 Try not to wake her up, though, okay? She needs to sleep.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 08:04 *keeps whispering* Okay!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 08:09 Can we play?!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 08:10 Not around your mom.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 08:11 *points at a more open area nearby* Can we go over there?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.17 08:11 *and play?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.17 08:12 Yeah, sure. We have to be kind of quiet, though.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 03:46 *nods and runs over to the area she pointed towards*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 03:48 *follows her* So what do you want to play?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 04:05 Tag! Or the dog rider game!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 04:13 *changes into his dog form*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 04:34 *beams and goes to climb up onto his back*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 04:44 Let's go!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 04:47 *has managed to get up onto his back by herself*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 04:54 *starts up the mountain* We must make it to the top before that monster, Caulis, catches us! Up there is a sacred sword. It's the only thing that can stop him!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 04:58 Okay!! Hurry!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:02 *summons Caulis behind him, telepathically telling him the game. Caulis gives chase at a slow pace, putting on a show by hopping from rock to rock and staying low to the ground*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:05 *looks behind them and gasps* He's there!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:12 *glances back* What do you say we do?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:16 Go up fast!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:20 Got it! *picks up the pace. Caulis slowly closes in*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:22 *looks back often* He's getting closer!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:29 *reaches the top of the mountain and looks around quickly until he finds a good-looking stick on the ground* There it is! The sword!
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:32 *jumps off of Mayhem and makes a run for the stick*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:35 *qhips around and stands in Caulis' way to stall for time. Caulis hesitates, but then jumps at him, trying to wrestle him to the ground*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:37 *grabs the stick, then turns and runs back towards Mayhem* Malaucay, I'll save you!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:44 Quick! While I've got him- *Lets Caulis wrestle him to the ground. Caulis turns his attention to Jane*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:45 *runs over* Hi-YA!! *pretends to stab Caulis with the stick*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:49 *Caulis jumps back, roaring a bit, mocking pain*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:51 Gotcha!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:54 *Caulis falls over dramatically*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 05:56 *turns to Mayhem* I did it!!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 05:57 *stands back up and shakes the dust from his fur* Did you? *Caulis starts crawling back to his feet*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 06:00 Uh... *turns and sees Caulis getting up* No! *runs over and prods him with the stick again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 06:04 *Caulis falls back down again*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 06:06 Is he dead now?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 06:11 He is. You beat him.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 06:12 Can I pet him?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 06:16 Go ahead.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 06:21 *goes over and pets Caulis* You're cool!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 06:23 *Caulis adjusts himself so he's in a more comfortable position*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 06:24 Have you ever met Caulis?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 06:38 I think so...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 06:46 Not surprised. He's one of the calmer creatures.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 06:58 Why can't I keep him?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 07:03 He can't live in this place. He has a home of his own to go back to.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 07:10 Aww...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 07:21 Besides I don't think your mom would be too happy about seeing him.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 07:39 Why??
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 07:40 She's met him before. I think he scares her.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 07:47 Why?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 07:59 I don't know. He's not all that scary.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 08:01 Weird...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 08:10 Yeah.. *looks back up at the sky* So what now?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 08:21 Let's play another game!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 08:23 Okay
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.18 08:24 *continues running around and playing with him and Caulis until dawn**by then her lack of sleep has caught up with her and she's clearly tired*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.18 22:05 *as soon as dawn hits he sends Caulis back to the Midden and picks up Jane* Hey. I bet I can fall asleep before you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.19 03:16 That's not true!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 03:27 Is it, now?
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.19 03:31 Yeah!! *nods avidly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 03:38 Alright, prove it.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 03:50 Close your eyes annd go to sleep before I do. *yawns*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.19 03:51 Okay! *closes her eyes, resting her head against him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 04:10 *uses his power to subtly help her fall asleep, then sits down, still holding her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.19 04:26 *squirms slightly for a moment, but then falls asleep rather quickly with the help of his magic*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 04:51 *closes his eyes for awhile, but doesn't really fall asleep*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 04:51 *starts waking up when it gets somewhat lighter out/farther into the morning*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 04:55 *yawns from time to time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 05:16 *wakes up**stretches her arms, sits up, and looks around**is mildly surprised to see Jane in Mayhem's arms*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 05:27 *gets up and walks over to them quietly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 05:35 *is only somewhat zoned out*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 05:36 *crouches down beside them*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 05:48 *feels his head tilting forward and startles himself awake again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 05:54 *puts her hand on his shoulder gently and pushes him a little, as if suggesting that he should lay down slowly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 05:59 *whispers*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 06:00 I'm not as tired as I look. I've just been sitting here awhile.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 06:03
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 06:04 [Oops]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 06:09 *shakes her head a little**whispers* You need rest too.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 06:10 *pushes him a little more*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 06:10 I can rest later.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 06:14 You can rest now. I'm not going anywhere.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 06:31 *finally complies and lies down*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 06:43 *falls asleep rather quickly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 06:44 *lies down and closes her eyes, but doesn't manage to get back to sleep*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:20 *in the meantime, she wakes up and is quite tired, but gives up on trying to get more sleep*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:20 *goes about doing chores around the treehouse that haven't been done due to the crisis that unfolded with Erikas and whatnot**is mostly trying to distract herself from what has happened*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:21 *finishes up by making sure Jane's lizards are alright and explains to them briefly why Jane is absent**then heads out of the treehouse*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:22 *hasn't felt hungry, so she hasn't eaten*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:27 *has been sitting near the treehouse for a while**gets up, hobbling over with his crutches* Eira!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:27 *sighs a little and turns to him* What?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:28 I just...I wanted to talk to you again after what happened the other day...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:29 *looks around, then says:* Let's talk in a more secluded area, okay?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:29 Come on. *starts walking with him*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.19 07:32 *had also headed to the Surtil house to at least check on Eira**sees her and Amadeus walking together and quickly conceals himself*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:34 *she and Amadeus don't see the Liska King, as their backs are more towards him**they head to a more wooded area not too far from the treehouse*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:37 We're not really supposed to be in the woods, so make this quick.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:42 I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:42 You had a terrible day and I treated you coldly-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:42 No. No, you didn't,
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:43 *.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:44 I just...I should've known someone as um...good-looking and worldly as you would've already had a girlfriend. *chuckles awkwardly* So...I'm the one who should be sorry.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:46 *blushes a little* No, I mean, um...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:46 Okay, sure...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.19 07:47 *is hesitating near the Surtil house, staring in the direction they went*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:53 I suppose I'll say that...um...I think you're really beautiful and I hope you get through this...no, I think you'll get through this okay.
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.19 07:53 *has finally decided to follow them**sneaks over to the wooded area and peers through the trees, listening to them*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:56 And that's because you're a strong person, and I'm honored to have met you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:57 *hesitates, then smiles a bit and hugs Amadeus*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 07:57 ...You really...think I'm beautiful?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:59 Sure, why...why not- *tries hugging her back without the support of his crutches**ends up accidentally unbalancing them both**they fall to the ground*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 07:59 Whoops, sorry! *they both laugh a bit, but stop laughing when they lock on to each other's gazes*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.19 08:00 *is crouching nearby**slowly and quietly lifts himself up a bit for a better view**by the time he sees them, they're kissing*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.19 08:01 *stares for a few moments, then storms away, not caring if they hear or see him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 08:01 *they definitely hear the Liska King run away**they both jump, separate, and look around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 08:01 What was that?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 08:02 I don't know...um...maybe an animal... *starts trying to get up, not looking at her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 08:06 *helps him stand up, giving him his crutches again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 08:06 *looks at him**he's staring at the ground**follows his gaze*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 08:07 *says after a minute:* I can't keep doing this...I'm sorry...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 08:07 I know...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 08:07 Just...just go...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.19 08:08 *finally looks at her with sympathy, then hobbles back the way they came*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.19 08:08 *sinks down to the forest floor and stares ahead at the ground without truly looking at it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.19 08:10 *a few hours later, she's sitting next to Mayhem and Jane, half-asleep*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.19 17:04 *opens his eyes and stares at Aedona for a minute, then shakes his head and quickly gets up and walks away. Heads downhill, to where the stream falls off a short ledge, into a small pool*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 03:37 *was snuggled up next to Mayhem**wakes up when he gets up*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 03:43 *looks around*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 03:43 Hey, it's alright. Go back to sleep.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 03:44 *had perked up when she sensed movement*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 03:46 *is visibly groggy* Where's Malaucay?? Aedona: Not far. Don't worry, he didn't leave us. Go back to sleep.
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 03:47 *settles back down, scooching nearer to Aedona* It's bright...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 03:56 Here... *takes the green cloak C.J. gave her--which Jane is wearing over her night gown--and helps pull it off of her gently**puts it over Jane's head*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 03:57 Better? Jane: Mmm... Aedona: Sleep...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 03:57 *sits beside her for a little while, then gets up and looks around for Mayhem, though she doesn't dare to stray too far from Jane*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 04:01 *is standing by the little waterfall, quietly watching the water*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 04:06 *spots him and hesitates**looks back at Jane to make sure she's sleeping**decides to put a dome of twilight magic around her to protect her, then goes and walks over to Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 04:11 I'm sorry. I just had to distance myself for a moment.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 04:18 *hesitates, then says quietly:* How come?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 04:23 It's... Nothing..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 04:31 *just looks at the waterfall without replying*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 04:35 *finally says something after a minute, her tone still quiet* I sensed you looking at me...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 04:44 *nods* And so I left.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 04:48 What were you thinking about?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 04:48 Was there something else I did wrong?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 04:54 No you've done absolutely nothing wrong.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 04:55 I just...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 04:58 *looks at him, waiting for him to go on*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 05:00 Waking up to see your face.. *sighs* I'm only here to help you. Nothing more, nothing less. I just needed to clear my head a bit.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 05:57 *looks down* Don't be sorry...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 06:03 I have every right to be.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 06:06 I'm the one who should be and has been sorry...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.20 06:08 *has gone off to inspect the colder areas of the valley**comes back to where Amadeus is resting*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 06:08 You should not be sorry for what I feel.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 06:15 I...it doesn't matter...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 06:21 What's important is that you're feeling better than you were two days ago.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 06:41 ...How have you been feeling?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 06:43 Me? As good as I can be as a disgraced deity. But that doesn't matter. I'm still kicking.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 06:48 *looks at him* Of course how you are doing matters. *looks away quickly again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 07:03 I don't want people to pity me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 07:12 I don't...I just... *sighs*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 07:30 I especially do not want you to pity me. I'm learning to get by.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 07:41 *looks at him, opening her mouth to say something, but then looks back at the waterfall quickly**is stressed, but doesn't show it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 07:46 I'm okay now. I got the few moments away that I needed. But why are YOU so stressed?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 07:50 *doesn't answer**doesn't know what to say*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 07:53 *says very quietly* I don't know...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 07:53 *turns around to face her* I stress you out, don't I?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 07:54 No...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 07:57 I understand that you want your space.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 07:58 It's not that...don't go...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 08:03 What is it, then? What can I do to relieve that stress?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 08:05 *just shakes her head a little, keeping her eyes fixed on the waterfall**the only moment she looks away is when she glances at his hand*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 08:13 *follows her glance and stares at his own hand for a few moments, then looks back at Aedona*
6>Jane (Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 08:16 *has finally awoken**gets up and leaves the magic dome--which has weakened considerably since Aedona is heavily preoccupied--and looks around*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 08:29 ... *slowly raises his hand in an attempt to take hers*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 08:31 *extends her hand a little to his, allowing him to take her hand*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.20 08:32 *her stress begins to subside, but her heart rate only grows quicker*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 08:35 *hesitates*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.20 14:52 Your- ... I thought you- ... I... *takes a deep breath, or at least tries to. He's not whispering but his voice is certainly quieter* What's going on?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 03:36 *shakes her head a little, not saying anything*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 03:36 *has lowered her head slightly to cover her face a bit more with her hair because her cheeks feel a bit warmer than they should be*
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 03:47 Amadeus, there's something I need to show you.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.21 03:48 *was deep in thought**looks up abruptly* Hm?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 03:48 Come with me. *starts walking**Amadeus sighs, winces slightly as he gets up, and hobbles after the Liska King with his crutches*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.21 03:48 What is it?
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 03:49 You'll know when you see it.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.21 03:49 *is used to the Liska King being a bit cryptic in order to avoid having to talk a lot* Okay.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.21 03:50 *follows him for a while, but gets worn out fairly quickly and starts hurting**says a bit breathlessly:* Can't we just tesser there? I'm...I'm not feeling so well...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), Teenyo.2020,Mar.21 03:50 I don't think we should be out in this wilderness for too long, anyway...
1>The Liska King (Humanoid), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 03:51 *stops, his back to Amadeus**hesitates, then turns his head slightly towards Amadeus* Fine. *puts his hand on Amadeus' shoulder and tessers them both to the colder part of the valley he investigated earlier*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 03:53 *lets go of her hand and takes a step back. His voice is still quiet* I... Don't want to create another one of those moments.. The last thing I want to is hurt you and I know I will. I always do.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 03:55 *Multiple falcons are still up in the skies, keeping watch on the valley below*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 04:03 *reached for him slightly when he let go**lets her hand fall back to her side**finally brings herself to look at him, shaking her head a little again* No...it's alright...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 04:04 I...I shouldn't be acting like this...I'm sorry...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 04:09 Don't. Don't be sorry. This is my doing. I keep tempting you like this, even though I know I shouldn't be. The fact of the matter is you deserve better.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 04:14 You don't intentionally try to tempt me, you're just being you and that's okay.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 04:27 Is it really okay? I feel like I just keep creating unwanted tension and stress.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 04:37 I don't want to force you to not be you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 04:37 You didn't create my stress...I did.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 04:52 You do not force me to do anything.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 05:17 I'm fine with you being you, I'm just less fine with me b-- *cuts herself off, shaking her head a little and turning back towards the waterfall*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 05:31 What? *shuts his mouth, not having intended to actually ask*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 05:32 It's nothing that matters...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 05:35 It matters a great deal to me..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 05:38 It...it shouldn't...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 05:48 It does because all I have left to care about is you. And if you're not happy, then I want to do what I can to fix that.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 05:50 That's not true...you have Eira and Jane...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 05:50 Don't worry about me...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 06:07 I couldn't have had either of them if it weren't for you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 06:26 I'm doing my best...I don't really think there's much more you can do for me...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Mar.21 06:28 Are you sure?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Mar.21 06:35 *hesitates, then nods a tiny bit*