" A Horribly Amazing World 3: The Future Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
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Over two decades have passed since Eira came home to find that everyone she loved was gone. Now, on a lonely, snowy Otemjarian mountaintop, a young, one-eyed woman and her trusty dog set out to fix things that were broken all those years ago...
This is a private/invite-only RP. If you do not understand what is going on, then you are not among those who were invited.

9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 07:48 Hmm... ancient legends?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 07:51 Is there anything in the index or table of contents about what I'm looking for?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 07:57 *looks through the table of contents* There are references to various gods who were once associated with accepting confessions. Probably talking about Hagan.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:09 Hmm...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:09 No, that doesn't sound very helpful...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:10 *pushes the book away, though she doesn't close it**sets another book in front of him and opens the table of contents*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:13 Not these stories, no. *stands up and walks over to the bookshelf* I guess it would have been better to start a little closer to home. *scans through the books and pulls a faded red one. Drops it on the table* This one could be of use.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:13 *Not those stories
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:15 I'll still look through the others, of course, but this is something worth looking into.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:20 Alright... *reads the title of the red book*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:22 *"The Immortal Phoenix" is what the title reads*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:24 *is a bit confused upon realizing that this is also likely about Hagan**opens the book anyway*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:32 It's a short story recalling one of Siegfried's adventures. The original Siegfried from the earlier days of Urmukka. I've always looked up to him, though he's long gone. Anyway, it's the story of how he managed to get the assistance of the god, Hagan, to
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:34 root out the ones among the government officials who were steadily corrupting the land.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:37 *skims over the book, then flips back to the beginning of it* Alright...I'll look into it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:40 I believe it's worth the read. After all you're ancestor is the one who wrote it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:40 *your
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:43 *looks up at him, surprised, and then checks the author*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:44 *there's a "K.S." etched into the book*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:51 I suppose the "S" stands for Surtil?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 08:54 Yep. The author is Kira. Kira Surtil.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 08:56 Huh...haven't heard of her...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 09:03 She's probably one of the oldest members of your family. Old enough that she was there to record Siegfried's stories.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 09:08 *nods and looks back up at him* Could you help me read this?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 09:16 Of course. Once again takes a seat*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.7 09:27 *opens it at the beginning*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 15:00 *translates the writing and reads the story aloud to her.*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 18:04 *the story tells of Siegfried, a gifted young Urmukkan man who strived to better Exocoellian society. He is trained by the brilliant red bird, Hagan, in order to act as her champion.*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.7 18:14 *once his training is complete, Siegfried crafts a tool which Hagan promptly blessed*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 04:43 *listens, her knee bobbing a bit now and then out of impatience*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 04:57 *With this new artifact, Siegfried was able to subtly squeeze the truth from his targets and take down the criminals destroying the civilization he'd been working to save.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 05:05 *sits up straighter, her eyes fixed on the book* Does this artifact exist--or, well, still exist?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 05:11 It hasn't been seen since Siegfried's passing.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 05:12 Does the book say what kind of tool it is or what it looks like?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 05:15 In the back there's a sketch of Siegfried wearing it. *flips to the back* It appears to be a necklace. Actually it looks just like the necklaces the doctors wear..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 05:23 *sighs* So there are thousands that look just like it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 05:25 maybe.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 05:36 Does the book say anything more about who owned it and its whereabouts?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 06:23 No. This story took place when he was still alive.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 06:24 He was the sole owner of it, I believe.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 06:30 Huh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 06:30 When did he pass away?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 06:44 A long, long time ago.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 06:45 Hm...if he was the only owner then maybe it was buried with him?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 07:27 It's possible.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 07:29 *sighs* I wouldn't want to be a graverobber...that's just...no...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.8 08:06 Agreed
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 08:18 *glances at the other books* Maybe there are other options...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 08:50 *sighs again, thinking hard, and shakes her head**is looking towards the books, but her expression seems distant, as if she's not really looking at them* I just--I don't know...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 09:04 It's important that I get something like that necklace fairly soon, but I really don't want to do anything like THAT to get it...I really appreciate you coming to help me, but...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.8 09:20 *pauses* I'm sorry, I'm just...thinking...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.9 05:47 Perhaps it's not in a grave...it could be anywhere, really...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.9 07:29 If you would like to think more about where the artifact could be, go ahead. I really should get going as soon as possible. I'd like to go back home and spend some much needed time with Pierce and Wren.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.9 07:33 Alright. Thanks for the help.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.9 07:40 anytime
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.9 07:42 I'm glad to be of help.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.9 07:48 Maybe...maybe we could talk over this sometime later, when you're not busy?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.9 07:58 Sounds good to me. Stop by anytime.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.9 07:59 *nods* Goodbye...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.10 02:32 Goodbye. *heads back home to help Pierce with dinner*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.10 02:57 [Word of warning: I'll be about an hour late tonight.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 05:41 *thinks for a few minutes, then picks up the book and heads to a librarian* Excuse me?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 05:41 Can you read the old language?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.10 06:02 Librarian: I cannot, sorry. We mostly keep those books there for show. That language is almost dead.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 06:13 Oh...alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 06:24 Do you...do you know of any books with stories about an artifact that was used long ago to cause people to tell the truth?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.10 06:31 Librarian: None that are not works of fiction, I'm afraid.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.10 06:31 There are some books of local myths.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 06:50 Alright...would those books have anything on what I described?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.10 07:32 It's possible that such an item could be in a myth.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 07:52 Where are the local myth books?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.10 09:05 Mythology
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 09:07 Er--thank you... *heads to that section and picks some books**starts reading*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 09:39 *after a while she manages to find a book that does discuss the artifact*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 09:40 *all she gets is what she knows already--that is disappeared with Siegfried**gets back up and goes to the librarian*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 09:40 Hi again--sorry to bother you--do you have any books on the original Siegfried from ancient days?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.10 09:50 Yes, there are a few accounts. Can't say how accurate they are. Not many who can read those old books come in here to verify the history.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.10 10:00 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 05:07 ~TWO DAYS LATER...~
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 05:37 *has been visiting various libraries on Exocoel and has also stopped by Emerson's place for further information**Emerson and Olympia could not provide anything useful, while Eira did obtain some new information at the libraries*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 05:48 *after hours of work she heads to the pub in Urmukka to try to wind down and clear her mind*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 06:06 *It's a crowded night. Sits on the floor in a corner with a bottle and a glass, rocking slightly, but intentionally, as if to the beat of a song*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 06:09 *makes her way over to the counter**sees Siegfried but decides not to disturb him**sits at the counter and orders a drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 06:09 *it's rather strong, but it's small*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 06:32 *finishes her drink**hesitates, then orders another**gets up and walks over to Siegfried* Haven't seen you in a while.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 06:32 How have you been?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 06:37 Not too bad this time around. Relaxing it a pain, but I'm getting there. What about you? How's the research going?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 06:44 It's going slowly.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 06:44 I dug up some interesting things from other libraries, but couldn't find much anywhere else.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 06:56 The story of Siegfried and his artifact is pretty skewed depending on where you are. I've read so many things about him. *smiles* Call me a bit of a fanboy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 07:01 *shrugs her shoulders* It's hard not to be a fan of a hero you were named after, I suppose.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 07:01 And yes, many of the sources I found contradicted one another. The only consistency I can find is that the artifact disappeared with him.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 07:31 That's all I've ever known, too.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 07:31 The main area of disagreement between the various sources is on what he was and whether he died or not.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 07:32 If he did die then at least I'd know where the artifact is...it'd be wherever he and his family were buried.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 07:35 His family lived here, so they were all buried here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 07:47 Ah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 07:47 *sighs* Dead or alive, though...either way I'm stuck.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 07:48 If he really was some non-human who never died I wouldn't know where to look for him. And if he really did die...as much as I need this, I don't think I'm willing to stoop as low as to...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 07:53 *nods a bit, then pours another glass*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 08:20 *sips her drink* Really, I'm considering looking for another solution at this point...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 08:21 *looks at her drink**chuckles a bit darkly and shakes her head, then sighs* Well...I came here to clear my mind...obviously I've failed.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 08:21 Oh well.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 08:33 If whatever you're wanting to do is that important... I know where his family is buried..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 08:46 ...Are you sure?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.11 08:47 ...Yeah... I only ask that the artifact be returned if it actually is there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 08:55 I promise I will.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.11 08:55 I only need it for one thing.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 01:40 *sighs, putting the bottle down* Bartender! I'm headed out. *stands up* Let's go.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 01:41 *the bartender says goodbye and heads over to grab the bottle*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 05:09 *quickly sets her drink down within the bartender's reach as well as some money**follows Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 05:31 *the bartender stares at Siegfried for a few moments, then gives an annoyed smirk before picking up the drinks and returning to the bar*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 05:31 *smiles awkwardly at the bartender and picks up the pace to leave*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 05:37 *glances at the bartender, a bit confused, then follows Siegfried out*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 06:00 What was all the weird smiling about?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 06:15 Just a bit of a silent apology. He didn't want to speak up, but picking up my drink from that corner is something he'd agreed to do quite a long time ago. He doesn't clean up after everyone else like that.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 06:18 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 06:19 "Quite a long time ago," huh? How long have you been around?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 06:26 He began working as a bartender, say... twelve years ago?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 06:27 Oh yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 06:30 He's good, but I do miss the one before him...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 06:33 Ah, yes. That bartender used to let me study at the bar some nights. He'd sometimes offer me a soda on the house while I worked.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 06:36 Oh, nice.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 06:48 *leads Eira out of the main city, into an untraveled sect of the woods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 06:49 *doesn't have much to say the whole time. Mostly keeps his focus on the area around him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 06:57 *has gone silent, focusing on what lies ahead*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 07:31 *the Naedyrm around peer through the branches curiously as they near a thicker wall of bushes*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 07:40 *glances around, getting the feeling of being watched**keeps following Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 07:43 *pushes through a bit of a gap between two of the bushes, into a cleared area, complete with specially arranged flowers and small trees. In certain patches of flowers lie headstones with ancient writing etched into them*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 07:49 *looks around* So this is it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 08:06 *pauses, frowning a little at the flowers**then walks over to see what the headstones say, but cannot read them*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 08:56 I can't read this...whose names are these?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 08:57 I mean--I figure one is Kira Surtil...I just don't know who's buried where.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 09:08 Kira and Siegfried's headstone is right there. *points at a decorated headstone amidst soft yellow and orange flowers* Siegfried wanted to always be by her side, even in death.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 09:11 *points up at the bigger headstone in the middle of silver and light blue flowers, between two trees* That is the headstone of Siegfried's parents.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 09:14 *nods**walks over to Kira's and Siegfried's grave and stands before it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 09:23 *looks down at it carefully**moves slightly, as if to prepare to do something, but then stops*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 09:31 *hesitates some more, then shakes her head, turning away from the headstones* This just...feels wrong...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.12 20:27 It will be alright as long as it gets returned
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 20:30 *nods a little**hesitates a minute more, then turns around and concentrates, putting her hands on the ground and closing her eyes*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 20:40 *creates sharp dark magic around the grave that digs down into the ground**forms a dark magic box that is at least 8 feet deep into the ground*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 20:44 *winces slightly as she lifts the dark magic construct up and out of the ground*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.12 20:47 *feels along the side of the rectangular segment of the ground she removed until she feels something harder**her fingers have come across the casket*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.13 00:44 *bites his index finger*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 04:08 *another wall within the dark magic box just above the casket, partitioning off the dirt on top of the casket**splits the dark magic box into two boxes, moving the top one (with the dirt on top of the casket in it) aside*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 04:08 *creates another
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 04:35 *is left with a dark magic box full of dirt and another box that is open on the top with the casket in it (as well as some more dirt underneath the casket)*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 04:47 *stares down at the casket, again hesitating**finally takes a deep breath and moves to open it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 05:07 *opens it and looks inside for the artifact*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 05:28 *reaches in and carefully takes out a wooden box that is in there with the skeleton**opens it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 05:43 *takes the necklace out of the box* I...I think this is it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.13 05:56 I think you're right. *lets go of his finger and wraps it tight between his thumb and middle finger*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 05:57 *puts the box back in the casket* I'm guessing I should put everything back...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.13 06:04 ...Please do-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 06:08 *nods and closes the casket, muttering "I'm sorry"**uses her magic to set the casket and the dirt underneath it back into the grave**then sets the rest of the dirt back on top of it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 06:18 *turns back towards him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 06:22 Thank you for your help...I'll return this as quickly as I can, I promise.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.13 06:27 *nods a bit*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 07:17 *starts heading back to town*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 07:19 *says over her shoulder* Thanks again! You really helped me a lot.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 07:22 *returns to the Surtil house and looks for Saxon*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.13 07:24 *sits down beside the grave* I'm sorry we disturbed you. I'm making rash decisions again, but it's for a good cause, so that's alright, right?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 07:27 *locates Aedona first and then finds Saxon* Dad?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 07:28 I need to-- *lowers her voice* --I need to talk to you for a minute...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.13 07:43 Hm? About what?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 07:49 I've found a way to get Mom to tell the truth about things...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 07:50 I'm going to try to get her back to the Rift again, and I'm wondering if you want to listen.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.13 08:42 I don't know...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 08:43 Maybe it'd help if we both finally knew what the problem is.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.13 08:45 I a not sure I want to know what the problem is
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 08:49 *hesitates, looking at him, then nods a little* Alright...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.13 08:49 ...I mean I AM curious..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 08:52 I'm going to try to get her to come to the Rift tonight. If you don't want to listen in you don't have to.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.13 08:56 I might..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:05 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:06 I'm going to check on Roffe and make sure he'll be ready...I'll be back soon.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.13 09:10 Okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:11 See you. *opens a portal to the Rift and heads to Roffe's house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:16 *finds Roffe* Hi...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.13 09:17 Hey. News?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:19 I found something that should work. *takes the necklace out of her pocket*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.13 09:20 *arches his brow* However did you get your hands on that?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:20 From what I've read, if you wear this then whoever you ask questions must tell the truth.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:21 *said that before Roffe replied*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:21 I had some help...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:22 One of the locals knew about it. I vowed to put it back where it belongs once I'm done with it, though, so I need you to promise me to give it back once all of this with my mother is over.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.13 09:24 Are you sure it shouldn't be returned to its rightful owner?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:28 Its owner is long gone. I'm just going to put it back where it was being kept.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.13 09:29 It's owner is Hagan.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.13 09:29 *-'
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:33 Really? Most of I read said that it was owned by an old hero that acted as Hagan's champion.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:33 *of what
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.13 09:39 It is still Hagan's power.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:46 It was...I found it with various memorabilia around the hero's grave, and I made a promise that I would put it back.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.13 09:48 We could tell Hagan about it later and I'm sure she could get it if she wanted it. But I have to uphold my promise.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 04:10 *sighs* Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 04:48 I'm going to go see if I can convince Mom to come back here. If I can't I can probably convince her to at least leave Urmukka.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 04:52 Dad may want to listen--he's still deciding--so could you make two earpieces?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 05:03 Sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 05:10 Thank you. *holds up the necklace* Promise me you'll give this back?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 05:16 Yeah, sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 05:22 *nods and hands him the necklace*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 05:51 *gives Eira two earpieces*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 05:56 Alright...if I can't get her here I'll let you know... *turns away slightly and is about to open a portal**then hesitates* Um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 05:57 *cringes slightly as she says this:* Once she realizes what's happening she'll likely try to leave...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 06:17 I understand that and I'll handle it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 06:27 *nods a little* Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 06:28 Don't...don't be too hard on her... *opens a portal and steps through it, returning home*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 06:39 *closely examines the necklace before putting it on*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 06:41 *returns to Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 06:41 So, are you...um...going to listen?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.14 06:59 Might as well.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:01 Alright... *gives him one of the earpieces*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:02 *hesitates, then hugs him**seems a little shaky* We'll fix things, alright?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.14 07:04 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:05 *lets him go and smiles at him briefly, but there's nervousness in her eyes**heads off to find Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:06 *is sitting at a table with Jane, teaching her math*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:11 Mom?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:13 Yes?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:15 We need to talk. It's important.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:16 *sighs* Fine. *pushes a pad of paper towards Jane* Jane, do these problems.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:16 I'll be back soon.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,May.14 07:16 Alright... *frowns slightly as she begins to read the problems, itching her head*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:18 *follows Eira outside*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:19 *stands out on the back porch with her mother* Mom, you haven't spoken to Dad in days. This is serious.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:19 I want you to go back to the Rift and try again.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:20 I have spoken to him.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:21 No--I mean REALLY speak to him. "It's in the cupboard" and "I'm going to bed" aren't really meaningful communication.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:22 What use will it be? You saw what happened last time. We got nowhere.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:23 You were still angry then. You've had several days to wind down. I'm sure you'd get somewhere now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:24 Look, I just don't want to talk to him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:24 I've interacted with his types before. It never ends well.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:24 And what are "his types?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:26 Types who are incredibly smart and ruthless and will do whatever it takes to get the information they want.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:27 So you don't trust him?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:27 Why am I obliged to trust him?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:27 For the gods' sake, he's the reason you're out of Auceaster!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:28 And I'm grateful to him for that, but just because someone can do you a great amount of good doesn't mean they're trustworthy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:29 Well I trust him, and if I didn't trust him I wouldn't be asking you to go talk to him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:30 You're naive.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:30 I'm not naive, I'm trying to help you!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:31 If you want to help me then just leave me alone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:32 And let you slice your arms open every night?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:32 *flinches, turning away from her* It wasn't like that--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:33 I know what I saw.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:33 Maybe it wasn't every night, but even just once is too much.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:35 If you need to let something out, then please come back to the Rift. Don't do it like that.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:35 I haven't been doing it like that...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:35 Then show me your arms.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:36 *doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:36 Show me your arms!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:37 *her voice has become quiet* Open a portal. Let's just get this over with.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:38 *looks at her for a few moments, then opens a portal to the Rift*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 07:41 *goes into the Rift without looking at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:41 *follows Aedona and closes the portal behind them**they go to Roffe's house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 07:54 Hi...we're back again...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 08:37 Welcome back. *is leaning back in a chair so the front legs are off the floor and the back is against the wall* Both of you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 08:49 So...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 08:49 What is it you want to talk to me about now?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 08:49 *mostly sounds tired*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 08:50 Er--there's something I forgot about that I need to take care of, so I should probably go.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 08:51 That may be best. Thank you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 08:51 *turns towards Eira* Could it wait a little longer?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 08:51 I don't think so. I'll be back soon, okay? *Aedona nods a little* Bye. *opens a portal*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 08:52 Bye... *watches as she leaves and makes the portal disappear*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 08:55 Now that you're here, why not pull up a chair? Make yourself comfortable, you could be here awhile.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:07 *looks at him for a moment, then grabs a chair and sits down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.14 09:10 *is back at home in Urmukka**puts on the earpiece*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 09:12 Thank you for cooperating there. I really do not wish to make this seem like an interrogation.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 09:13 I'd rather this seem more like just a talk than a lineup of questions.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:17 I'd appreciate it if we got through this in a timely manner. Being in the Rift makes me uncomfortable.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 09:19 I could take this elsewhere, but anywhere else is easier to just run off.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:21 "Run off?"
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 09:22 Its easy to try and leave when things get uncomfortable.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:28 *frowns slightly* I see...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 09:33 Now I have already spoken to Saxon multiple times. You can talk about hin for starters if you'd like. Or you can talk about you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:36 *shakes her head a little as if she's confused* What about him or what about me do you want to know?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:36 We had a bad argument the other day and we're still sorting things out.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 09:39 I would like to know your thoughts on the most recent events you say are being worked out. Go ahead and vent. I am here to listen.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:41 *pauses to think*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 09:41 *her voice becomes quieter* He had been talking to me less and less over the course of about a month. I grew increasingly frustrated at how he was shutting me out, that's all.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 20:07 You sure?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 23:05 *shakes her head* No, that isn't all...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 23:16 *leans forward, putting the chair's front legs back on the floor* Mind elaborating?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 23:19 Yes, I do mind.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.14 23:22 I figured. Let me rephrase. Would you please elaborate?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.14 23:29 I don't want to...but... *sighs* He keeps visiting Litho and it really...stresses me out...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 04:05 I see... He has been trying to visit him less, yes?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 04:53 I believe so...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 04:59 That's good to know. Unfortunately it hasn't appeared to be enough. It could still be quite some time before he is able to become who he once was. You understand that?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 05:00 Yes...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 05:15 *isn't looking at him anymore*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 05:15 Anyway, back to you. How are you faring? Dealing with the stress? Are you able to handle it professionally?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 05:26 I'm not faring well...I've tried, but I can't handle it professionally, especially when I'm on my own...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 05:29 I am going to assume you do not want to talk about that
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 05:31 *catches herself itching an arm**folds her arms and nods slightly*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 05:44 *raises his brow slightly* You know, Malaucay responded the same way when he tried venting about you. He couldn't talk about it either, but subconsciously reacted. *mimics scratching his arm.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 05:52 *avoids looking him in the eye and just responds with a neutral "Mmm"*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 05:53 So THAT'S how it is, huh? No wonder he was so uncomfortable.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 05:55 ...I know I shouldn't...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 06:18 Are you sure you're cut out for this? Can your psyche handle much more of this strain?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 06:25 I don't know.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 06:26 *finally looks him in the eye again* What's going on?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 06:47 My sincerest apologies, but there was little chance of you actually telling me the truth about anything. Therefore I got some assistance.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 06:51 You've heard more than enough. I would like to go home.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 06:55 I know you would, but there are still a few questions.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 07:06 *pushes some hair out of her face* I'd rather just wait for Eira to get back. *gets up*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 07:15 Eira will not come for you yet. Sit down.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 07:19 *had started walking towards the doorway**stops* I don't feel like it.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 07:31 There is nowhere to go out there. I do not wish to use any force, nor do I wish to keep using this borrowed power, but I will if I must.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 07:37 *takes a deep breath* I just need to go on a walk. *continues heading to the doorway*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 07:43 You are not to leave my sight until we are finished here.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 07:48 Why? It's not like I can leave the Rift on my own.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 07:49 The Rift is bigger than it looks.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 07:49 It is easy to get lost.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 07:52 And I figure you're currently not in the mood to walk?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 07:59 Oh I wouldn't mind a walk.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 08:19 Alright. *leaves the room and heads out of the house*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 08:21 *as soon as she's out of the house she glances behind her and takes a few rapid breaths as if she had been holding her breath**quickly resumes normal breathing*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 08:22 *follows Aedona. Removes the artifact and keeps it in his pocket* So you plan to just wander the void?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 08:25 I suppose so.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 08:30 *starts walking away from the main area*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 08:30 Come with me. *picks a direction and starts walking*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 08:33 *follows him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 08:35 We're closer to the edge here. *walks through the dark mist wall that gives the area its open, empty look*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 08:36 *hesitates, looking at the wall* Huh... *reaches out to the wall with her hand and then goes through it*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 08:44 *outside the veil is an odd-shaped terrain composed of geometric formations*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 08:56 *stares at the outer Rift, visibly astounded*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 09:00 Not that bad a place, after all. As I said, the Rift is bigger than it looks.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 09:04 I wonder what made the terrain shaped like this...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 09:13 I've been searching for that answer for centuries.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 09:14 *looks at him for a moment, glancing at his chest**then starts walking*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.15 15:21 *follows along, just a few feet behind.* It's such an odd place. That's why I love it. Still. No source of light, but the area doesn't need it. I think it's beautiful.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.15 19:52 It definitely is an interesting place...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 00:43 The longer you stay, the more there is to see.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 00:44 It's even greater to see from above.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 04:07 *looks up, scanning for a pathway to the top of some of the taller formations*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 04:14 *holds out his hand* May I?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 04:22 *looks at him for a few moments, then nods a little and takes his hand*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 04:30 *Pulls Aedona closer and takes off into the sky as gently as he can.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 04:34 *holds on, looking down at the landscape**is rather tense*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 04:42 *climbs high above the walls* It's almost like a maze.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 04:43 Yeah...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 04:45 What's more fun, though, is doing this. *hides his wings midflight and starts falling*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 04:49 *gasps a little and holds on tighter, but remains calm*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 04:53 *rolls a bit in the air* I don't suppose you've ever free-fallen?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 05:00 I've done it plenty of times.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 05:03 Not like this, though. Unless your world is THAT special. *lets go of Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 05:07 *creates magic around herself and uses it to pull on her body upward, causing her fall to slow down to a safe speed before she lands on one of the formations*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 05:10 Awh. You don't need that. *slows himself to a stop, just hovering above the surface beside Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 05:11 What do you mean?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 05:14 *leans back and turns his back to her, but angles himself so he can still see her* I mean you never needed magic, nor did you need to touch the ground.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 05:19 *frowns slightly in thought, looking at him**then looks over the edge at another formation next to the one she's on; it's about a 30 foot drop down**jumps down, but doesn't summon any magic this time*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 05:25 Just tell yourself you're weightless.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 05:37 *closes her eyes in concentration, silently telling herself just that*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 05:41 Floating is such a relaxing experience.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:04 *when she opens her eyes, she is floating**flails around a little for a few seconds, struggling to get used to it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:11 *manages to angle herself so that she can look out at the landscape without straining her neck and then stops moving*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 06:11 *floats over to her* You'll get used to it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:20 How--why does this work?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 06:26 This isn't a planet it's still just part of a void.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 06:27 The only thing keeping you on the ground is yourself.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:38 Huh...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:38 So could you do basically anything here based on belief?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 06:43 Not exactly, but gravity technically doesn't exist here.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:44 Alright...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 06:49 You can float around or just walk as you please.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:55 *nods and closes her eyes for a moment, then drops to the ground*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:56 *has told herself that she has some weight but not as much as on normal planets, so she can jump much higher than usual**makes her way up to the top of nearest tallest formation*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 06:59 *sits down with her legs dangling over the edge and looks out at the Rift*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 07:00 *lands on a small platform and raises it up to Aedona's level*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 07:04 *raises her eyebrows slightly*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 07:10 This place is a lot more manipulatable than it seems.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 07:17 Huh... *looks at the platform she's sitting on and silently wills it to be taller*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 08:09 *it gets taller until she wills it to stop*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 08:18 *continues to sit with her legs dangling for a minute**then tells herself she's weightless and pushes herself off the edge*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 08:21 *floats far above the landscape**looks down at it for a little bit and then closes her eyes*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.16 08:41 *stays back for awhile*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.16 08:45 *just stays floating for a while*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 03:41 *decides to keep his mouth shut and just enjoys the calm of being in the air*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 05:02 *after a while longer she opens her eyes and manages to pull herself back onto the platform she came from*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 05:18 *sits back down and stares out at the Rift, fidgeting slightly with her hands*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 07:12 *sits beside her* This is the real reason I stayed in the Rift. For the life of me I couldn't get my wife to come.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 07:20 Huh...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 07:22 *holds her hands together to stop fidgeting* Strange...this isn't that bad of a place...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 07:38 It wasn't home, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 08:02 I see...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 08:15 I had to wait to come here. That was alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 08:24 *nods a little*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 08:58 I really would rather all my family live here. It's a realm free to control. It's safe. However, I will not try to control their lives. Their choices are their own, even though I give my own input on them.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 09:26 You can't really blame us for not living here after everything that's happened...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 09:27 If I'd been here none of this would have been this way. There would have been more order.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 09:33 Perhaps...but it's too late now...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 09:54 Everyone can live wherever they want. I don't care. Whatever gives them the most fulfillment in life.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 10:08 *nods a little again*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.17 16:22 So I want to ask. Do you feel a sense of fulfillment trying to stay with Saxon? I know you love him and I'd want nothing more than my family to be happy, but is trying to wait for him to get better worth the mental and physical pain you're going through?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.17 22:57 After everything they've been through what matters is their happiness, not my sense of fulfillment. Of course it's worth it.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 00:11 That's not a safe way of thinking. You're killing yourself.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 00:15 They are not going to be happy knowing you are not.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 00:59 Which is why I've done what I can to not let them know when I'm not happy unless I absolutely have to.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 01:04 They've waited and persevered well over thirty years for things to go back to the way they were. I'm not about to let some petty little nonsensical feelings of mine destroy everything. *tears up ever so slightly* I am safe--I've restrained myself before
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 01:04 and I can do it again.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 01:08 Are you aware of the greatest issue regarding Saxon's condition?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 01:12 (Jumping in and out of reception)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 04:57 I understand that his condition poses a great danger to himself and others.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 05:11 I'm used to danger.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 05:20 No the greatest issue is his involuntary feeling of imprisonment by being held back. He wants to be cooperative but there is only so much a natural free spirit can take.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 05:22 He will see his restrictions as a cage he wants to break out of.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 05:43 I haven't been monitoring him nearly as much as
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 05:43 *as before.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 05:45 I could easily quote you and say "perhaps, but it's too late now."
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 05:46 I dont believe it is.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 05:46 Or at least I don't want to.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 05:53 *goes silent for a minute*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 05:53 ...I only meant to protect him...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 06:01 Just as he only means to protect you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 06:15 ...It's not like he can't travel at all...he spends a lot of his time away from home already, and besides, he could go to my universe--Litho wouldn't go after him as much there...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 06:16 You think he wants to leave his home universe?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 06:20 *shakes her head*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 06:45 I know you only mean well, but his recovery process is going to be a painful one. I see that now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 07:12 I understand...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 07:21 *scratches his neck. In the meantime he disables the earpieces/mutes the mic* Forgive the change in subject. Do you love Malaucay?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 07:29 *looks startled**says quickly* What--no!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 07:41 *is a lot more tense than before**stares at him, her eyes wide, then looks away*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 07:42 You don't have to lie to me. I'm just curious. It's okay if you do.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 07:45 No it's not...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 07:49 *lowers her head slightly, letting her hair obscure her face more*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 07:55 You cannot help that your feelings have changed in the time before you got Saxon back.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 07:57 *wipes her face with her arm and then turns back towards him again* Of course I can help it. They're my feelings. Who I love is my choice.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 07:59 That's your head speaking.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 08:01 By your logic my second husband just couldn't help but cheat on me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.18 08:07 *starts checking on her earpiece, frowning a bit in confusion*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 08:10 You do not choose who you fall for. What you do choose is what you do with those feelings. It's not your fault that your husband hadn't the strength to discern what's more important to him. And this is where I have always seen your confliction.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 08:12 You wish to remain loyal to Saxon, despite your feelings for Malaucay. The effort, while proving to be dangerous for you, is admirable.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 08:35 *turns and stares out at the Rift without really looking at it**distress begins to enter her expression* I don't want to hurt any of them...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 08:48 Neither of them want to hurt you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 08:51 It's not just Saxon and Malaucay...I don't want to hurt Eira either...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 08:56 Eira is bound to be hurt, no matter the choice. From what I can tell, there is no winning there. It's almost boiling down to your ultimate decision and your communication regarding the future.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 08:57 Saxon has known from the first time I really spoke with him that there was a possibility that his own inability to help himself could push you away. He knows the chances of you having feelings for Malaucay.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 08:59 He's not let that get in the way of his progress. He still very much cares about your wellbeing and understands how it could affect you. He does, however, doubt himself now.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:00 *understands how his health could affect you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:16 *as he was speaking she leaned forward and started resting her chin on her hand**she soon wound up covering her mouth with her hand, looking a bit strained as she tried not to cry**started crying at the word "wellbeing"*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:27 I'm sorry...there's just...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:27 Something really wrong with me...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:30 You're trying to make everyone happy. It's a soul-crushing ideology.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:30 They waited over thirty years for me and they love me and yet I keep having these thoughts about Malaucay...and so I tell myself that I feel nothing for him and I'm not allowed to feel anything for him...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:31 Saxon's been unsure if he can actually recover anymore but through his conflictions, one thing remained the same as when I met him. He's happier simply knowing his loved ones are happy. I'm led to believe that whatever you do, he will come to accept if
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:31 it makes you happier.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:33 They're so close to what they've always wanted and needed and then I have these thoughts that are just as bad as trying to run away again...and I hate myself...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:33 *said that before Roffe went on about Saxon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:36 *shakes her head, crying harder* Acceptance isn't happiness! After everything Litho did to him I can't hurt him like this...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:38 I can't run away again...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:39 Eira just wants her family back. I'm not destroying it again.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:42 Family is still family, even if apart.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:44 I want to see Eira grow, but I just can't see it happening when she, too, has to deal with the stress of her parents' problems.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:45 How is the stress she's experiencing now even vaguely comparable to the stress of losing her family again?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:47 The stress now cannot be turned into anything useful. And her family isn't lost. She still has both of you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:50 That isn't what I meant.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:52 She wants us together and happy...that isn't too much for anyone to ask, except I somehow keep managing to wreck everything...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 09:54 We cannot always get what we want. I'm pretty sure that goes to show for any of the universes.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:55 I tell myself that over time I'll get used to it and I'll be happier when Saxon's happier, and I only antagonize him instead...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:55 *said that before Roffe replied*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:56 *finally looks at him, her expression turning extremely bitter* You think?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:56 Throughout all of my lives I've had the things I wanted snatched from me over and over. I just thought the least I could do was give those I care about what they want.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:57 But apparently that's too much as well?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.18 09:57 *looks out at the Rift again**her voice is steadier but the tears are falling faster* If I had been the one to deliver that phone instead of my father things would've been so much better.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 10:03 If you'd gone in Erikas' place, Saxon would have given himself up to release you since you would not have much of a say in his decision. Then things would end up worse. You're still separated forever, only Saxon would likely never be seen again. It'd
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.18 10:04 have been worse than the family splitting apart. THAT is destroying the family.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.19 01:28 *You'd still end up separatee, only Saxon would likely...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 04:29 "Still?"
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.19 05:00 I'm being hypothetical.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 05:06 You think you already have decided what's going to happen in our future, don't you?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.19 05:07 Not decided, just considered the possibilities and the chances of each one.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 05:18 You think my and Saxon's relationship is going to fall apart, don't you?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.19 05:25 I will not deny the possibility. I consider every option, even the ones I don't particularly like.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 05:43 *stares out at the Rift in despair*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.19 06:23 I will not tell you what choice to make. That is strictly between you and your husband.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 06:26 I know...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 07:02 ...I don't know how much more I can take...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.19 07:12 Will you do something about it?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 07:14 I don't know...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.19 08:08 I've already done enough by starting that argument...I don't want to do anything more to hurt them...hurting others has been what I've been best at for well over a decade now...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.19 20:45 You're trying too hard and kicking yourself in the head too much when you mess up.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 04:27 Why shouldn't I? When I mess up people I care about die or get hurt or worse.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 05:52 If you don't believe me, look at Malaucay, Eira, Saxon, Erikas, Lior, Trinh, Chrysantha...I could name so many more if you really wanted to know.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 05:53 I have so much godd*** blood on my hands I sometimes want to chop them off.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.20 06:10 And prove what point?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 08:24 The point would be that I just don't want to hurt anyone anymore.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 08:52 But apparently it's inevitable at this point that I'll do it again...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.20 10:16 It is with that mindset.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 10:23 Then what oh so special mindset am I supposed to have? You yourself said that Eira is going to be hurt no matter what I do.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.20 10:27 Sometimes you just have to make the decision and roll with the punches. She's going to be hurt, so you broaden your perspective. Awful as it may be that he has considered going back to Litho on several occasions, he's done so knowing how many more he can
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.20 10:28 protect by making the decision.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.20 10:29 *that Saxon has considered
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 10:37 So I'm supposed to look at things more pragmatically then?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.20 10:39 Not all the time.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.20 11:01 *sighs and looks out at the Rift again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.21 06:33 *goes silent, thinking*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.21 06:48 Thank you for being so open with me. *turns the mic back on* I wish I could tell you what's best, but the decision really is not mine to make. I do think you should take time with Saxon to make such a decison. Think long and hard about it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.21 06:55 *nods* I will...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.21 06:55 May I go home?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.21 07:07 Yes, you may. Do come again sometime. I will listen to whatever you have to say. *opens a portal*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.21 07:12 Thank you... *goes through the portal*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.21 07:38 *as soon as she's out of the Rift she heads to Panthea*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.21 07:41 *goes to a rocky cliffside by the sea in Otemjar**it is windy, cloudy, and cold, and the waves are wild**stares out at the ocean, unperturbed by the cold*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 07:41 *looks around for Aedona but can't find her**goes over to Saxon* Have you seen Mom?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.21 07:53 No I haven't. Roffe didn't say anything about where he'd let her go, either.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 07:55 Maybe I should try calling her...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 07:56 Also, the way the earpieces stopped working was weird.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.21 08:06 It was deliberate
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 08:12 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 08:14 I didn't know he was going to do that...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 08:14 I'll um...I'll be right back. *heads to the Rift and looks for Roffe*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.21 08:18 *has since gone back home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 08:26 *knows that Roffe and her mom went to the outer Rift, but she decides to check Roffe's house just to make sure*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 08:26 *finds him* Er--hi again...I guess I'll be needing the necklace back.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.21 08:33 Yeah, yeah, here. *puts the necklace down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 08:43 Thank you... *takes the necklace, fumbling a little**doesn't look entirely focused*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 08:50 *turns to leave, but hesitates* Roffe?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.21 08:56 Hm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 09:00 I can't help but ask...why did you mute our earpieces?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.21 09:10 I had some questions that were best kept private for now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 09:14 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 09:14 Thanks for your help...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.21 09:41 Mhmm.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 09:48 *heads back to Urmukka**thinks for a little while before going back to Kira's grave*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 09:53 *has fallen asleep in the flowers. Often twitches and rolls in his sleep*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 09:55 *stares at Siegfried, not sure what to do*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 10:02 *grits his teeth for several moments, then opens his mouth to take quick, pained breaths*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 10:03 Siegfried?...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 10:03 *walks over to him and squats down beside him* Hey...are you--? *slowly and gently puts her hand on his shoulder*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 10:07 *wakes up with a start and a gasp. Looks around quickly before focusing on Eira. Gradually his breathing slows*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 10:09 Are you okay?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 10:10 *has a rather knowing look*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 10:11 Just... Just a dream.. I'm alright.. *sits up and looks at his trembling hands* ...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 19:38 *follows his gaze and looks at his hands as well* I um...I just came to return the necklace...I no longer need it...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 19:54 Alright... How long was I out?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 20:50 I don't know...I just got here.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 20:53 How long were you gone, then?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 20:56 I'm not sure...it couldn't have been more than a few hours, though.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 21:01 I see... I need to get home, then.. I have something to stop this.. *rests one hand in the palm of the other*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:05 Alright...I'll put the necklace back where it belongs.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:06 *turns towards Kira's grave, but then hesitates* Siegfried?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 21:08 Yes? *starts pushing himself to his feet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:11 If you have problems sleeping, my...my mom used to sleep like that a lot.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:12 Then a friend of hers taught her how to lucid dream. If you need help, you can come ask and perhaps she can help you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 21:12 It's normal for me.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 21:12 I've dealt with this for years.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:16 You don't have to.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 21:21 It hasn't worked. It may work at first, but the dreams never remain in my own control.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:23 Oh...I'm sorry...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 21:24 It's a pain, but I'll live.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:32 Maybe there
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.21 21:32 *there are other ways. My mom once had a dog that stopped nightmares, but that was a long time ago.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.21 21:39 A dog... *takes a deep breath* Dogs.. *shakes his head* They don't necessarily scare me, but.. They make me uncomfortable..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 00:52 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 00:55 *hesitates awkwardly, then looks back down towards the grave* I'll put the necklace back now...please stand back.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 01:14 *stumbles to the bushes and uses them as support*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 03:39 *turns towards him, looking worried* Hey...are you okay? Do you need me to take you somewhere?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 03:54 No, just put the artifact back..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 03:56 Are you sure? You don't look so good...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 04:10 This is normal. I just need to get home.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 04:14 *walks towards him* I can take you there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 04:14 It'd be a shorter trip if I teleported you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 04:40 Put the artifact back. I'm not going to die, it's just a bit of a nerve problem.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 04:44 Nerve problem?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 04:49 Uh...alright, I'll get this over with quick... *does what she did before with raising the grave via the use of magic boxes*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 04:50 *holds up his trembling arm* Nerve problem.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 04:50 *said that before she continued*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 04:53 *is faster than before, but also clumsier than before as she tries to rush things*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 04:58 *nearly drops the wooden box as she takes it out again**puts the necklace back in it and then sets the box back where it belongs*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 04:59 *shuts the casket and puts it back in the ground*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 05:00 *has closed his eyes, huffing quietly from time to time*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 05:05 *turns back to Siegfried* Let me get you back home.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 05:13 *stares at the grave for several moments* ...Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 05:14 *glances back at the grave* Did I do something wrong?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 05:49 ...N-no.. Let's just go..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 05:50 ...Okay. *puts an arm around him to help steady him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 05:50 Brace yourself. I doubt you've tessered before.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 06:16 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 06:19 *closes her eyes and tries to visualize and estimate where they are with respect to Siegfried's house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 06:20 *frowns slightly* I can't quite see where we are with respect to your home...I can approximate it, but I'll put us in the air so that we don't risk landing in the middle of a hill or a tree.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 06:22 Hold on.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 06:30 *puts a second arm around him as she tessers**they appear about 30 feet off the ground not far from the path to his home**summons her wings so that they glide down gently*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 07:17 *lands with him**lets go of him with one arm, leaving her other arm around him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 08:44 ..Thank you. *looks down at the ground for a couple moments*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 08:47 No problem. *hides her wings* Come on. *starts heading towards his home, keeping her arm on him to steady him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 09:10 I hope everything works out for your family. Whatever's going on.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 09:17 *pauses slightly, but keeps walking*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 09:17 *says after a minute:* Thank you...I really hope so too...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 09:29 *once they reach the front door he turns to Eira* I can handle myself from here. Think I'll get some more sleep before anything else.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 09:33 Alright...are you sure you don't need anything else?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 09:36 No. I'll be fine. You should also get some rest.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 09:38 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 09:38 Thank you so much for your help. Goodnight.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 09:39 Goodnight. *goes into the house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.22 09:41 *walks back part of the way to the Surtil house**finds that she is more tired than she expected to be, so she covers most of the rest of the way through tessering*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.22 19:07 *goes right to bed and falls asleep rather quick*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 04:26 *looks around a bit for her mother, but can't find her**goes over to Saxon* Sorry I took so long...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 04:27 Um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 04:27 Do you want to talk...?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 04:42 Sure.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 04:46 Do you have any questions regarding what we heard?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 04:56 I only wonder what the best decision is..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 05:01 ...Me too...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 05:08 What do you think we should do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 05:09 I know she wants to help me, but it's been so taxing on her..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 05:09 I don't know what to do.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 05:15 *is about to reply when Aedona comes in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 05:15 *stares at her, worried* Mom?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 05:29 *walks over and hugs Saxon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 05:30 *her tone is quiet* I'm sorry for how I treated you earlier...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 05:43 I'm... Sorry I've been ignoring you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 05:45 *hugs him tighter*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 06:39 *lets go after a little bit**her eyes are teared up**heads off to bed*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 06:44 *looks down slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 06:47 She...she seems a little better, I guess...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 06:51 Yeah.. *pauses* I'm going to turn in.. Goodnight. *follows Aedona*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.23 07:00 Um...okay, goodnight. *watches him go**doesn't feel tired anymore, so she goes outside and sits out on the back porch of the Surtil house*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 07:01 *hears Saxon coming in and closes her eyes quickly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 07:12 *takes a few minutes getting ready for bed, then settles in beside Aedona. Doesn't say anything, just gently wraps his arm around her.*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 07:23 *remains still for a few minutes**then opens her eyes a little bit**says very quietly:* Do you want to talk?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 07:28 If that's what you want. Let's talk.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 08:06 ...I haven't been honest with myself, and it's been hurting me and those around me.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 08:10 It's hard, what you're trying to do...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 08:18 What you're going through is harder.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 08:20 It doesn't make your struggle any less valid.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 08:31 Perhaps, but...I've had thoughts that have been very unfair to you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 08:37 Unfair or not, it doesn't matter to me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 08:40 I'm just often scared that I might act on those thoughts.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 08:40 And I have already several times.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 08:42 *doesn't respond*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 08:49 I don't want to do that again, but I can't achieve that goal alone...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 08:53 Maybe we can work it out together...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 08:57 *nods a little*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 09:09 I love you..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 09:10 I...love you too...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 09:16 Whatever happens, I'll still love you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 09:19 *her eyes begin to tear up again**closes them to hide/stop it*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 09:24 *holds Aedona tighter and closer to him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 09:46 *tenses up for a few moments, then turns over so that she faces him**her eyes are still closed*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 09:50 *rests his forehead against hers and closes his eyes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.23 21:13 *just holds still and tries to go to sleep*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.23 22:25 *in a quiet whisper* No matter what you choose...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 04:51 *trembles a little for just a moment and sniffles a few seconds later*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 07:12 ~FIVE DAYS LATER...~
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.24 08:02 *hasn't gone out anywhere and has mostly been trying to communicate better with Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 08:02 *Jane's birthday is coming up, so she heads to the plaza to get some things in preparation for this*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 08:04 *over the last five days she has tried to spend more time with Saxon and communicate better with him and
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 08:04 *and Eira as well*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 08:32 *is browsing the various shops set up in the plaza*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 08:47 *goes into one of the buildings to the dessert shop*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 08:53 *buys a snack at one shop and takes it to a tree at the plaza center, where he sits to rest*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 09:04 *comes out with a package in her hands**goes to one of the stalls at the center**due to the tree Mayhem is sitting by, she doesn't notice him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 09:20 *gets a toy**another toy stand catches her eye and she starts walking towards it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 09:21 *passes near the tree and jumps/jerks slightly when she realizes Mayhem is there*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 09:25 *tries not to look at him as she walks on but does anyway**while taking a quick look back at him she trips on the border between the grass and the concrete and falls down, dropping her package and toy*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 09:27 *swears under her breath*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 09:28 *manages to catch the view of Aedona tripping and can't suppress a snort of amusement. Nevertheless he gets up to go help her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 09:36 *reaches to pick up the toy, but completely freezes when she realizes Mayhem has come over*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 09:41 Are you alright? *picks up the toy and holds out a hand to Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 09:46 *stays frozen for a few moments, then forces herself to look at him**her cheeks are a bit red and her eyes are wide**only manages to look at his face for a second**looks down at the ground and nods, getting up without taking his hand*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 09:50 *sighs and instead picks up the package as well and holds them out to her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 19:04 *her face turns slightly redder; she had forgotten about the package**takes the toy and package from him* Thank you...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 19:59 No problem.. It's Jane's birthday, isn't it? I'd gotten carried away with work I practically forgot..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 20:44 Close...her birthday's two days from now. I'm making preparations for it a bit early.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 21:06 I see.. Well at least I didn't miss it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 22:39 I think it'd be impossible to miss it. Just earlier today she wouldn't stop talking about when you, Cadmael, and Karma will come to the party.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 22:40 She even asked what your, Cadmael's, and Karma's birthdays are.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 22:45 Cadmael might not be able to come if it's here in the valley. Can't see why Karma couldn't, though. As for our birthdays, I only know my own in terms of an Earth date.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 22:48 I told her that Pierce might know your and Cadmael's birthdays. Maybe she'll learn what your birthdays are in Exocoelian time.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 22:56 I like my birth date in accordance to Earth, though. I get the holiday that is basically a worldwide masquerade. Honestly Halloween is such a fun concept. A bunch of humans pretending to be various monsters. I find it rather amusing.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 23:08 *has been avoiding eye contact and has forced her tone to remain so calm that it sounds a bit robotic*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 23:10 *finally chuckles a little, her expression lightening* Oh, THAT'S your birthday? I remember back when Aidan was a kid, Eira liked to dress up with Aidan... *trails off, her eyes becoming rather dull*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 23:13 Earth still proves to be one of the most interesting places... *chuckles a bit awkwardly* ..I should probably get back to my search...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 23:16 Your "search?"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.24 23:39 I'm looking for a spool of thread made only by the locals here. That and I would love to have some rugs from this place.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.24 23:41 I don't know about the thread, but... *describes where a shop with some really nice rugs is*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.25 00:50 Thank you. I'll check the place out once I find the thread I'm looking for. Nice seeing you again. *starts walking away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.25 03:56 I--I wouldn't mind-- *cuts herself off*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.25 03:56 Nevermind. See you.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.25 04:03 *stops. Doesn't say anything for several moments, then continues walking away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.25 04:05 *has turned and started quickly walking home, forgetting about the second toy stand she was going to browse*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.25 04:13 *stops by several more shops, including the shop Aedona recommended. Finds the thread he was looking for and buys a pretty-looking rug*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.25 04:21 *first goes into the Surtil house and squirrels away the dessert and toy**then heads back to the treehouse*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.25 04:40 *sits down, her posture slumped*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 04:41 *on this particular day he's been walking around the main parts of town, just trying to enjoy his surroundings*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,May.25 04:42 *has gone off with Pierce to learn what Mayhem's and Cadmael's birthdays are*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.25 04:43 *comes into the room to greet Aedona. Pauses* Everything alright? What's wrong?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.25 04:49 *glances at him, but can't bring herself to look at his face, so she looks down at her hands as she fidgets* Everything's fine...I've just been thinking...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.25 04:58 Hm?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,May.25 05:00 Bad thoughts...I'll get over them...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,May.25 05:05 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:00 *is off shopping to help gather supplies for the party*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:04 *starts walking home with bags slung over her shoulders and arms full of supplies*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:21 *passes by Siegfried and nods at him in greeting*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 06:23 Do you need help with those?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:25 No, I'm fine, thank you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 06:28 You sure?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:37 Yeah.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:38 The only thing I can think of needing help with is opening doors, but the house is still a ways away. I can handle it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 06:42 I have nothing better to do since Pierce is busy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:45 Oh...well that's Jane's fault... *chuckles*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 06:47 So I hear.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:49 She's a little obsessed with birthdays right no.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 06:49 *now.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 06:54 Birthdays are fun. I haven't celebrated my birthday since I can't remember when. My parents were adamant about making sure the celebrations were something special.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:01 Yeah. They're great if you have the right people or family involved.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 07:02 I agree.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:07 *has started walking home as she talks**adjusts the stuff she's carrying so that it's easier to handle*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 07:11 *walks beside her* So is all of this for Jane?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:18 Some of it is. We're going to hold the party on my mom's home planet so that everyone can come. Some of these supplies are just for setting things up there, and some of them are for everyone attending to share.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 07:24 Ah. Well that sounds like a lot of fun.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:25 I hope it'll be. This is the first birthday party of hers that I'll attend in person.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 07:33 Hmm.. Anything I can do to help out?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 07:34 More or less I have nothing better to do overall until I head out of the valley again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:37 I can't really think of anything.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:38 Though...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:38 Would you be familiar with the life cycle of Naedyrms?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 07:40 I am quite familiar. What do you need to know?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:46 Is there a way to hatch an egg besides waiting thousands of years for the perfect storm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:48 You see...a Naedyrm showed Jane where an egg was--it was stuck under some thorn bushes--and let her keep it.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 07:54 It takes a tremendous amount of power to hatch a Naedyrm egg. Either a considerably powerful lightning spell or a well-timed lightning strike, usually supercharged by another Naedyrm.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:56 Huh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 07:57 It has been stormy here since she got the egg...what dictates whether a Naedyrm will decide to supercharge a lightning bolt?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:02 Typically when another Naedyrm is nearing its death, the others will make it a priority to find and hatch another as soon as possible.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:07 So they have a population cap?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:09 No. The more young Naedyrm there are, the more poachers there are. So they only raise a few at a time in order to better protect them so their species doesn't go extinct. Back in the early days they would completely abandon their young, but now they will
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:10 protect the young that do hatch.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:10 Unless said hatchling is born under the care of a human
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:18 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:19 It would be great if Jane's egg was hatched for her birthday, but if it's too complicated it's fine if it doesn't...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:24 Maybe I'll ask Pierce if his Naedyrm friend could help out.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:36 *shakes his head* Really that Naedyrm isn't the most social. There are others who would potentially work better.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:38 Would they really do something like this for a little girl's birthday party??
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:38 All of them don't seem that social to me...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:42 While none are particularly social with people, some will still be gentle with people while others are more aggressive.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:45 Alright...do you know which ones would be willing to hatch the egg?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:49 We could go talk to them.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:56 *raises her eyebrows* We could?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:57 Um--alright...the sooner the better, I guess...just let me drop off all this stuff. *they get to the Surtil house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 08:57 *waits for him to open the door*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 08:59 *opens the door for her and waits out front*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 09:06 *puts the stuff she got away and then comes back out*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 09:18 *starts walking with him**hesitates, then says:* First the necklace and now the Naedyrm...you really seem to help me a lot.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 09:39 Your records may not show it, but I have served the Surtil family for a long time. Since I was old enough to actually be of help, actually.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 09:41 Huh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 09:42 How come?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 09:49 It was a personal choice. The Surtils tend to have a lot of work on their hands and ever since I was a kid I've wanted to play a part in keeping this place alive. Exocoel as a whole, not just the valley.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 09:50 What do you do outside of the valley?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 09:53 I travel around. Gather intel on potentially dangerous groups and find ways to put a stop to their plans. Things typically along those lines. It may not look like it, but this planet has quite a number of dangerous factions.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 10:04 Really? Sounds like a really interesting job.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 10:06 It's got its pros and cons.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 10:12 So are you like a secret agent for the Surtil family?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 10:18 I guess you could say that. I try to keep a low profile, though I do have a sort of notoriety here in Urmukka.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 19:58 "Sort of?" Every time I hear someone else talk about you it seems like they think you're the coolest thing to ever come from here.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 20:07 Well not many get to do what I do.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 20:22 If you don't mind me asking, what is it like?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 20:29 A roller coaster. That's what it's like.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 20:31 Well then I guess the main question here is do you like rollercoasters?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 20:34 Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. There are days when I feel invincible and others when I just want to quit.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 20:36 Alright, interesting... *looks down at what's in front of her feet, but it's unclear if she's actually paying attention or if her mind is elsewhere*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 20:40 *paying attention to where she's going
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 20:43 Overall the work is well worth it. Though I guess you have to experience it to know if it's actually worth anything.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 20:48 Yeah...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 20:49 Sorry if I'm being nosy--I know your kind of job deals with sensitive matters. I know someone else who won't tell me almost anything about their experiences with a kind of similar job.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 20:59 No you're alright. I believe I can trust you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 21:05 *glances at him and nods a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 21:20 You know, if you really want to see what my work is like, I wouldn't mind bringing you along. Just don't tell Pierce.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 21:24 ...I don't know...I've been busy lately...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 21:26 I'm not going anywhere for at least a couple of weeks.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 21:31 I'll think about it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.25 21:32 Right now I need to prioritize my family.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.25 22:21 I get that.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 01:59 *deep into the woods on the opposite side of the river stands a tree with a hollow formed in the branches. Clears his throat and whistles/mimics the call of a falcon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 04:12 *looks around, waiting for something or someone to appear*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:16 *the branches of the tree tremble as a massive orange Naedyrm appears and slowly crawls out of the hollow. It emits a low growl, but cuts itself off and leaps straight for Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:17 *tries to dodge, but fails. Ends up being smacked to the ground. Rolls away from the beast and dodges more of its swipes until it strikes him again, knocking him to the ground. The beast roars in triumph and steps on his back*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:19 AH- OFF! OFF! *The Naedyrm backs up quickly, allowing him to sit up* You know better, Hayden.... *groans* That's gonna hurt for a good week...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 04:19 *had yelled Siegfried's name and started forward to help, but then froze, not sure what to do*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:23 Eira. This is Hayden. He's among the oldest Naedyrm here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 04:23 Are you okay?!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:23 *Hayden wags his tail excitedly*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:25 Yeah... He just stepped on me wrong. AGAIN! I swear he does it on purpose.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 04:26 *glances at Hayden* I...I don't mean to offend, but...are you sure he could handle a little girl's birthday party?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:37 He's the most docile of any Naedyrm I've met. Just really playful around people he knows.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 04:42 Oh...alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 04:44 *turns to Hayden* Er--hi.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:49 Besides, I don't think he'd be there for the whole party. Just to help hatch the egg. Speaking of which, is there a possibility of a storm being brewed? The most effective way to hatch it is to supercharge a lightning strike.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 04:50 *Hayden crouches low, huffing and growling, wagging his tail*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 05:14 I don't know...my mom might know where to locate a storm on that planet. I'd have to ask her about it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 05:25 *@ Hayden* I'm Eira...my younger sister Jane has a Naedyrm egg and her birthday is coming up in two days.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 05:25 Do you think you could help out and hatch it on her birthday?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 05:39 *Hayden looks at Siegfried, confused, but turns his attention back to Eira when Siegfried just motions for an answer*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 05:40 * Hayden opens his mouth and sighs, then nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 05:44 Thank you! Is there anything I could do for you in return?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 06:01 *Hayden shrugs, turning back to Siegfried*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 06:01 I'll bring you something good to eat.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 06:11 Oh...thank you both.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 06:58 It's really no trouble. Now we do have to talk how Hayden gets there and how quickly he can get back here.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 07:02 I can get him there through tessering.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 07:02 And I can get him back the same way.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 07:03 He doesn't even necessarily have to go where the party will be set up. Maybe we'll just go wherever there's a storm.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 07:24 Perhaps. He will need to use the storm's energy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 07:27 Could I come back here tomorrow? I need to talk about this with my mom.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 07:28 Of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 07:31 Okay. Hayden can usually be found around here, right?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 07:42 He lives up in that tree.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 07:51 Oh, okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 08:16 *turns to Hayden* I'm really grateful and humbled to have been allowed to talk to a Naedyrm. Thank you both again.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 08:21 I need to get going. *starts heading home*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,May.26 19:40 Goodbye.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.26 19:41 *on another trip for supplies he decides to stop and find Vitar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,May.26 20:28 *Vitar is in Char's building, quietly talking with Char*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.26 20:31 *had finally left Urmukka maybe about a week ago**is in Char's building with Rivkah sitting beside him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.26 22:53 *takes a seat and waits for an opportunity to approach Vitar and Char. Doesn't feel like interrupting them. Now and then he finds himself people-watching, being particularly interested in Amadeus and Rivkah*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.27 02:09 *looks happy and is rather talkative**his posture is odd--he is on a plushy chair with his side against the back of it, and occasionally he winces and adjusts himself*
19>Rivkah (Human), 17yo.2020,May.27 02:11 *is a lot quieter than Amadeus**she smiles, nods, and/or laughs at a lot of what he has to say, but when he isn't looking she checks her phone and her expression becomes one of discomfort*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 02:18 Vitar: *knows Mayhem is there**speaks with Char for a few more minutes, his brows furrowed**at the end of the conversation, Char smiles at him gently and pats him on the back, then turns and walks away*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 02:20 Vitar: *hesitates**has a look of indigestion**shakes his head a little, his expression becoming neutral, and then walks over to Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 02:36 *taps the table repetetively. Now and then he opens his mouth a bit and clicks the masks teeth together*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 04:16 Thought you were busy. What is it?
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 04:16 *Vitar said that*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 04:18 I am very busy, yes. However I do not like being in debt to anyone so I have been thinking about ways of paying back the courtesy shown in letting me stay here.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 04:42 Well...after what you've done for me regarding Avis, I wouldn't think that you're in my debt.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 04:47 Well maybe I'm not in your debt, but I am in his. *nods toward where Char walked off to*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 04:56 Maybe. I'm the one who talked him into letting you stay here, though, so if anything I owe him.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 05:09 Theres not exactly much money or estate that I can offer, nor am I particularly interested in whatever he does for a living, but the best thing I figure I can do is offer a partner from my domain, the Midden.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 05:11 There's one in particular that would be of good use. It's one of the few well-behaved beings that Cadmael worked alongside.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 05:13 *pulls a piece of paper with a detailed sketch of the avian from his pocket and places it on the table* It's a loyal bird, capable of quite a number of tasks.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:17 *looks at the sketch for a few moments, thinking hard**then looks at Mayhem* Mind if I leave for a moment to go get Char?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 05:21 Go ahead.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:29 *heads off to Char's dressing room, knocking twice before coming in* Char, I--
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:30 *a woman shrieks and jumps out of Char's arms* What the--
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:31 Char: *chuckles and leans back in his chair, putting his feet up on the counter* Mmmhmm?
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:33 *sighs* Well now I see why your haircuts take an hour.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:33 Come on, Malaucay has an important proposition.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:34 Char: Oh? *jumps to his feet* Vitar: He's supposedly grateful for your hospitality and he wishes to give you a Midden bird to serve you.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:36 Char: And who else will the bird serve? *goes out the door and into the hallway* Vitar: As much as I've grown to trust him, I wouldn't be surprised if the bird reported back to him.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 05:44 Char: Hmm...we'll see if the bird's worth the risk then. Is he still where he was when I left? Vitar: Yes. *they walk back to Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 05:55 *has been lightly scratching the top of his mask the whole time they were gone* So. Decisions to be made.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:08 Char: Indeed. *sits down across from Mayhem and crosses his legs* Vitar has informed me you are offering to put a Midden bird in my service. Please elaborate on its abilities.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:15 Compared to other Midden creatures, this one is a lot more intelligent. It cannot communicate like we can, but it does understand everything we say. It's meant to be used as for fieldwork but I haven't done anything of the sort in countless years. Cadmael
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:25 was the one who recommended I offer the bird, since it's practically suffocating where it is now, with nothing to do. Back to what it can do. Just like any Midden creature, it does have a supply of dark magic, though admittedly I had never tested the full
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:25 capabilities of its magic, just its ability to follow orders and carry out complex tasks.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:30 Char: What have you confirmed so far in terms of its magical capabilities?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:35 It's able to hide in someones shadow and enforce its talons with dark magic for fighting purposes.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:39 Dark magic has been known to be fairly malleable, though. Just depends on how it's used.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:42 Char: When it hides in someone's shadow can it stay there for long periods of time completely undetected?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:44 It can and has, from my experience.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:45 It may not be able to speak, but there are still ways of teaching it to communicate. Cadmael had taught it to write, though I do know there are forms of tech that can give it a voice.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:47 Char: *thinks for a minute**then says:* It sounds like it'd be of great help to us. How about I take it for a test drive for a week and then let you know whether I'd like to keep it?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 06:50 Sounds good to me.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:57 Char: Then it's a deal.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:57 Char: Amadeus!
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.27 06:57 Hm?
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:59 Char: See what you can do about getting one of those devices that lets creatures talk.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.27 06:59 Alright, but...they come in so many different types...
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 06:59 Char: Then stop messing around with your girlfriend and come over here.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:00 Char: *turns back towards Mayhem* Could it be brought to us now?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 07:02 *looks at the ground around him* If you're alright with the portal being opened up on your floor*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 07:02 *-*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:10 Char: So long as it doesn't leave any scratches it should be fine.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 07:12 Okay. *opens a small portal in the ground and the bird flies out and lands on Mayhem's shoulder. Closes the portal*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:18 Char: So...what's its name?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 07:20 I don't call it anything, or at least not anymore. It will respond to the name given to it, though.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:30 Char:
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:34 *Char: What's his species? Does he have typical vocal chords for that species?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 07:37 It's one of a kind and really Midden creatures don't have species names if therel are no more than one. It's vocal chords are still similar to a bird.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:41 Char: Amadeus, take note and see if you can find something that allows it to speak.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.27 07:42 *nods* Will do. *starts walking off **notices Rivkah looking at him nervously and goes over to her, taking her hand* I'll take you home. I have work to do.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.27 07:43 *Rivkah nods and he tessers away with her*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:43 *has narrowed his eyes ever so slightly while looking at the bird*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 07:44 You're going to work for Char, alright? *scratches the neck of the bird*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.27 07:44 *snaps at Mayhem's finger*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:50 Char: For written communication, will a simple pencil and paper do?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 07:51 It should. I don't think it enjoys writing, but it can.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 07:57 Char: Alright...what pronoun does it prefer to go by?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 08:03 I do think it's a boy?
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 08:08 Char: Got it. Anything else I need to know?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 08:15 Uh, yeah. As a creature that isn't alive the same way we are, it does have to recharge every so often in the Midden. It will let you know when it is out of energy to keep it going.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 08:16 I will be sure to have Cadmael craft something to let you open a small portal for it.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 08:16 It should be just fine for the week
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 08:18 Char: Alright. How often does this happen on average?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 08:19 That it must return?
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 08:20 Char: Mm hmm.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 14:31 Two weeks is the longest I've gone before risking its health.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 19:56 Char: I see...that should be plenty of time for some projects.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 20:04 *opens his mouth for a couple moments, then just shuts it, making a loud click*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.27 20:10 *focuses on preening his feathers*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 20:28 Char: I hope you don't mind if I go off-topic, but I have to ask--why do you wear that mask?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 20:37 If you must know, a deity will wear it to conceal their shame for disgracing themselves. One tends to feel less comfortable being seen by those who know who or what they are.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.27 20:46 Char: *confusion flashes in his eyes for a split second, but he nods anyway* I see...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.27 22:48 It's mainly a matter of pride.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.28 04:56 Char: Alright. Well...are we about ready for me to start working with the bird, or is there more yet that I need to know?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.28 06:01 Not really. It's already trained, so it shouldn't be too much trouble.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.28 11:31 Char: Got it.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.28 11:38 Char: Well, thank you for your contribution!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.28 17:58 Yeah... Alright.. *tells the bird to get off his shoulder and stands up* I still am busy, so forgive me for leaving so soon.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 03:56 Char: Oh, there's no problem. We're all busy.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.29 04:12 I'll bring you something to help it get bsck to the Midden when your trial is up and you determine if it's worth keeping.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 04:15 Char: Got it.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.29 04:42 Thank you for hearing me out and accepting the gesture.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 04:49 Char: And thank you for your help.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.29 04:56 I'll be back eventually. Until then. *nods and turns to walk away*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:01 Char: Until then. *salutes to him and then stands up, stretching*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:05 Char: *looks around* Huh...would've thought Amadeus would be back by now...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,May.29 05:06 *goes back to the worksite to work on his house*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 05:07 *looks at Char, then ruffles his feathers, staring quietly*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:09 Give the kid a break. He still has trouble walking.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:09 *crosses his arms* Yes yes, and whose fault is that?
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:10 *doesn't say anything*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:17 *sighs* Nevermind, shouldn't have said that. I know you're sensitive about that and I apologize.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:18 *turns to Roffe* Now...you can respond with nodding and shaking your head, can't you?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 05:28 *nods*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 05:42 Good. Do you have a preferred name?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 06:40 *nods once more*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:31 Vitar, get a pencil and paper.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:31 What-
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:32 You do realize I understand the languages of all living things, right?
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:32 All PANTHEAN living things.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:34 It's not like I can't try to understand him.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 09:35 *shakes his head a bit, covering his beak with his wing*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:37 He's a Midden creature. You think something THAT unique would be understandable?
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:39 If his language is similar enough to certain bird groups that we are familiar with, then yes.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 09:39 *starts looking around the room*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:40 Suit yourself. I'll get what we know actually works. *walks off*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:43 *sits down* You can try to speak to me if you want to.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:43 I might be able to understand you or I might not. There's only one way to find out.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:45 *goes and gets a pencil and a small pad of paper*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 09:45 *looks back at Vitar* "You can try, I guess." *his call sounds like a weird mix between reptillian and avian*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:46 *as he's walking back he hunches over and starts dragging his feet with a pencil in one hand and the paper in the other*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:46 uuuUUUGGggGGhhhHHH
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:47 *frowns, looking taken aback**barely notices Char's groan* Huh...that's interesting...
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:47 Oh dear GAWDSSSSS
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:48 *trudges into the room* ThIs PeNcIl AnD pApEr ArE tOo HeAvY fOr My RoYaLlY sTuCk Up [BLEEP]
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:49 *collapses over the back of one of the chairs, "just barely managing" to put the pencil and paper on the small table*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 09:49 *sort of mimics Char's posture and caws quietly as if mimicking what he said*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:49 *rolls his eyes and smirks slightly* Sounds about right.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:51 *frowns again at Roffe, thinking*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:52 *Vitar did that, not Char*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:52 *his mouth is smushed against the seat of the chair* MMMHPPHHM
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:53 It's really interesting. He sounds like he's speaking two languages at once--one's a bird language, but the other I can't quite pinpoint...something reptilian or aquatic or both? I'm really not sure.
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:53 Either way, it's muddled together so much that I can't make out what he's saying.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 09:53 *caws, but ends the caw by blowing raspberries*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:54 MMMHPPHHPHH
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:54 Good talk. Very nice input from both of you.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:56 *yanks his legs over the back and side of the chair and points at Roffe* I like you!
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:56 *taps his fingers by the paper* What's your name?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 09:56 *sits up and grabs the paper and pencil so he can start writing*
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:59 *rises again* It's about time I go. You two have a nice chat. *while Roffe is looking down at the paper, he and Char exchange a look*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 09:59 Alrighty. Have a wonderful day.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 10:00 *writes as neatly as he can* "My name is Ethelram."
1>Vitar (Panthean God of Life), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 10:00 *leaves Char's building, passing Amadeus along the way* About time. You got what Char needs? Amadeus: I think so! Vitar: Good. Be careful what you say around the bird, alright? Amadeus: Alright.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 10:02 Well I am honored to meet you, Ethelram.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 10:03 "Likewise."
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.29 10:03 *arrives with several devices, limping slightly* I think one of these should work!
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 10:04 Let's see about that.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 10:07 *puts one of the devices--which amounts to a small collar--on him snugly*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 10:08 *speaks, but the translator doesn't appear to do much*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.29 10:09 *sits down* That one's for reptiles in general and these other two are for birds or bird-like things.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.29 10:10 *he had tried one of the ones designed for bird-like things**removes it* Hmm...let's try this one instead. *puts the one designed for reptiles on him*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.29 10:13 *speaks a bit, slowly. At first it doesn't do much, but soon his voice sounds clearer* -so I said to the beast- Oh! Well looky here. Guess this works, eh?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.30 04:18 It's working!
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 04:19 Indeed. I do apologize, but the translator didn't kick in right away. We only understood the last ten or so words you spoke.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 04:30 It was just some rambling. So this is what it's like to speak. Cadmael is the only humanoid who can understand me normally.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 04:48 I see.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 04:54 So...tell me about yourself. I've heard enough from Malaucay. Now I'd like to learn about you in your own words.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 05:01 What would you like to know?
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 05:09 What do you like to eat? What are your favorite hobbies? What sounds do you like and not like? Things like that. Just tell me about yourself.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 05:28 There's not much to eat in the Midden... Cadmael brought Caulis and I some sweet bread once. That was good. Oh! I like music! But what bird doesn't like music?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 05:29 Most of what I know comes from Cadmael. He's kind to all of us and brings us all sorts of fun things.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 05:42 Sweet bread, you say?
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 05:44 Hm...if you do an extra good job with some tasks I have for you, perhaps I can roll some sweet bread into our deal here.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 05:44 Anywho, back to you. Do you have preferences about your living space?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 05:47 I suppose just about anything is better than the hollow I lived in. Some kind of perch I guess.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 05:53 Amadeus, prepare a room for him to stay in. Make sure it has a perch and maybe include some...natural accents.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,May.30 05:54 Will do. *seems a bit disappointed, as he was clearly curious about Roffe, but leaves anyway*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 05:57 It is exciting, the idea of working again.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 06:04 Indeed...but there are some very real dangers in this line of work.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 06:04 I would like to know if you're absolutely sure that you are up for this.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 06:10 Of course I'm up for it. The Midden itself is a dangerous realm. Everything there is conditioned to be deadly if need be.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 06:45 Good.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 06:51 Let's start with a simple task. *glances at a clock* I have a meeting in thirty minutes.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 06:57 It's a conference with other people who work here. There's one employee who I have suspected of foul play for a while now, but he has been smarter than the ones I've caught in the past.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:02 I think he works for someone else in secret. I can show you what he looks like. I assure you he will be at the meeting today. If you could monitor him for a while and find proof and details for what he's been up to, that would be extremely helpful.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 07:04 I'll get right on it.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:11 Come along.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:19 *gets up and starts walking out of the room*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 07:19 *hops/walks with him*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:28 My building has a vast number of rooms with different uses. Some rooms require certain things to access them. Naturally I have access to every room.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:36 *takes him to the elevator**they go to a lower floor and into a room with computers*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:42 *goes to a computer, signs in, and brings up a profile of an employee**he is a humanoid, though clearly not human*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:42 This is the employee in question.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 07:49 *steps back* You may read this if you think it'll be of assistance to you.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 07:57 Why, thank you. *starts reading*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 08:08 *stands around for about 30 seconds, then goes to another computer and starts playing games on it*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 08:46 *is playing a digital version of a board game and beating the computer rather handily*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 09:05 *takes whatever information he thinks could be important and steps away from the computer*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 09:17 *holds up one finger and then wraps up the game he's playing*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 09:17 Ah, that was fun...it's too bad better software doesn't exist for that game... *gets up*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 09:24 So you would like me to tail this person. Doesn't seem too difficult.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 09:29 Probably not. I doubt they know of beings who can literally hide in the shadows.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 09:29 But you've been in the Midden for such a long time. It can't hurt to get a bit of a warm-up.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 09:29 Oh, and try to complete this task in less than three days, will you?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 09:30 I will do my best.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.30 09:41 Good to hear.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.30 16:10 I will join you at this meeting. *slips into shadow* Don't mind me at all while I use your shadow to kick this off.
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,May.31 07:42 Alrighty. *heads to the room the meeting is in*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,May.31 19:34 *takes his place and hides*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Jun.1 05:27 *soon the meeting begins and he and his employees talk about implementing plans for providing services for another company*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Jun.1 05:28 *the employee Char suspects of being a mole is there too*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.1 06:07 *listens to the meeting for several minutes before he makes his way to the target's shadow*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Jun.1 07:41 *during the meeting they mostly discuss how to go about handling the needs of a company who has turned to them to help them with finding the cheapest and most efficient way of getting a material that is ordinarily very difficult to get*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Jun.1 07:46 *various employees present their research**the most efficient way often involves buying up land and ousting locals*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Jun.1 07:47 *the suspicious employee presents research that is about on par with everyone else/not out of the ordinary*
3>Char (Panthean God of Heat), Imrtlyo.2020,Jun.1 09:32 ~TWO DAYS LATER...~
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.1 09:35 *everything has been set up on Panthea**Eira has discussed how they'll go about hatching the egg with both Aedona and the Naedyrm*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.1 20:15 *waits with Hayden to meet with Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.2 04:52 *on Aedona's orders, she has informed Cadmael and Mayhem of where the hatching will take place**heads back into the woods to meet up with Hayden and take him to where the hatching will occur*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.2 04:58 *has rounded up Saxon, Jane, and the egg*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.2 04:59 *is ready to head to Azahar with them*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.2 05:22 *has made sure Jane has something to cover her face with since it'll be very sandy during the storm*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.2 05:42 *has been in a pretty good mood, considering it's Jane's birthday and they're all about to witness a Naedyrm egg hatching*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.2 05:43 *arrives at where Hayden lives* Hi again. *looks at Siegfried* Didn't expect you to be here.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.2 05:51 Well Hayden is my friend and it was my idea for him to go.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.2 05:57 *turns to Saxon and Jane* You ready? Jane: YEAH!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.2 05:58 Well...I'm about ready to go, so...do you feel it would be best for you to come along?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.2 08:12 I wouldn't mind either way. It's your sister's birthday.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.2 09:01 *shrugs her shoulders* I don't see why you shouldn't come and make sure everything goes the way it should.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.2 09:04 I guess.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.2 09:05 *climbs onto Hayden's back*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.2 20:26 I am a stranger to everyone there, though.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 06:34 You're not a stranger to Jane. Besides, I told my mom I had help with locating the Naedyrm. She'll understand.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 06:57 Alright then.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 06:58 *walks up to them* You both ready to go?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 07:04 * nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:04 *tessers the three of them to the coordinates Aedona gave her**spots Aedona, Saxon, and Jane waiting nearby*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:09 *they are on the edges of a desert town**it is windy and bright despite being overcast above**takes some sunglasses out of her pocket and puts them on to help shield her eyes from the sand and light*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 07:10 *jumps off Hayden and waits beside him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:12 *waves and walks over to her family*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 07:13 *is staring at Siegfried, though her expression is unreadable* Who is that?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:13 He's the guy who's been helping with the Naedyrm. I just figured it'd be safer to bring him along to make sure everything goes alright.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:16 *vaguely recognizes Siegfried from town. Simply nods a greeting to him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 07:17 *nods back, then turns to Hayden*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 07:18 Whoa!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 07:19 Is that another Naedyrm?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:19 Yeah! His name is Hayden.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 07:20 *runs up to Hayden and Siegfried* Hi!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 07:20 *looks up at Hayden* Can I pet you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 07:23 Hayden: *lays down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 07:25 *pets Hayden's nose* You're really cool!!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 07:30 Hayden: *snorts*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 07:34 *pets Hayden's side, not really saying much*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:36 *watches Siegfried for awhile, then goes to Eira* I've known so many people from the valley and never once before seen this guy until recently. Just who exactly is he?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:36 Hayden's going to do something great for you. Come on.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 07:37 *Aedona said that, not Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:44 *says quietly as she starts walking with the family:* He's some kind of adventurer--at least that's what the kids think. Pierce and Wren trust him and he's apparently like a dad to them, so I think he's trustworthy.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 07:44 *runs after Aedona and co. as they start moving* What's he gonna do?!!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 07:45 You'll see soon.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:48 You'd think we'd know a little more about him, though, right?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 07:48 *waits to give Hayden the order to take to the sky*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 07:50 I don't know...I guess...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.3 08:01 I've talked with him a whole bunch, though. He's alright.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.3 08:09 Hm.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 08:24 *they walk out of town towards what appears to be a giant mountain**brownish storm clouds swirl around it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 08:36 *sends Hayden up into the sky, telling him to wait until everyone is ready, then follows the group*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 08:44 Whoa!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 08:44 The clouds are all circular-ish!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 08:45 Yes. They're pretty much always circling around that volcano.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 08:45 Legend has it that this place is cursed and that's why the weather is always turbulent.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.3 08:50 *watches Hayden climb higher into the sky*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 08:51 *Hayden roars, sounding just like thunder*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 09:07 *has been carrying the egg for Jane**sets it down* Alright, let's get back.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 09:08 Pretty far back, I'd say.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 09:08 And I'd cover your ears.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 09:23 *keeps her tone entirely calm and formal* I should probably make some sort of barrier under our feet as well to prevent a shock from coming up through the ground and hitting us, correct?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 09:27 It's unlikely, as the egg will absorb the electricity.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 09:35 But could it happen?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 09:41 You do whatever you want.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 09:45 *nods slightly and gets back with the family*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.3 09:48 *shows up with Cadmael*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.3 09:49 *glances at them, but mostly pays them no mind*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.3 10:13 *holds Jane close and prepares to create magic under their feet to minimize the risk of electrocution**goes out of her way to not look at Mayhem, though she smiles briefly at Cadmael*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 10:14 *wriggles slightly, but not enough for Aedona to let go*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.3 10:15 Cadmael: *smiles back, then looks at Mayhem to see his reaction, or more accurately a lack thereof*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.3 16:37 *was staring up at Hayden**when Mayhem's and Cadmael's presence finally registers in her mind, she wriggles harder and gets out of Aedona's grip**races over to them* Malaucay!! Cadmael!! *tries to hug them both*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.3 20:32 *lets Cadmael hug Jane first*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 04:29 *hugs Cadmael tightly and then lets go of him with one arm and tries to pull Mayhem into the hug*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.4 04:34 *points up at the sky* Why don't you focus on what's about to happen?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 04:37 Oh yeah! *turns and looks up, still holding onto Cadmael*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 04:49 *lightning begins to ripple through the clouds, frequently illuminating the silhouette of Hayden up in the sky*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 05:01 *her eyes widen**points up at where she last saw Hayden's silhouette* He's way up there!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.4 05:10 *focuses on the sky*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 05:11 *glances at her mother, Saxon, Mayhem, and then Siegfried before looking up at the sky as well*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 05:13 *soon Hayden drops through the cloud layer, static rippling off him. He hovers and breathes in deep, sparks of lightning spewing from the sides of his mouth. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes him and as soon as he's finished recoiling he spits a
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 05:15 massive bolt of lightning directly onto the egg, shaking the ground around it, but little explosion occurs. The dust takes some time to clear, but when it does it reveals a small crater in the ground with the egg lying at the center*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 05:16 *Hayden immediately drops to the ground, slowing its fall towards the end and just lies down*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 05:16 *lies down once it lands
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 05:18 *grabbed onto Cadmael tighter when the lightning hit the egg*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 05:19 *coughs a little bit from the dust, squinting to try to see the egg better through the sandy wind*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 05:20 *lets go of Cadmael and walks forward about a meter, staring towards the egg*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 05:21 *looks at Hayden, a bit concerned*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 05:22 *glances back at Mayhem and Cadmael**then takes off running towards the egg*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.4 05:22 Jane!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 05:23 *runs after Jane* Don't touch it, it's hot!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.4 05:24 *had started chasing Jane, but stopped when he realized that Siegfried was quicker to act*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 05:29 *stops* When is it gonna hatch?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.4 05:30 *had started forward but hesitated for the same reason that Mayhem stopped*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 05:37 Give it a bit. *gets close to the egg and gestures for Jane to approach it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 05:46 *walks over**instinctively reaches out for it, but stops*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 05:50 *watches intently as the egg begins to rock a bit, then it cracks*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 05:57 *gasps, staring at the egg*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 06:01 *walks over to get a better look at what's happening**Aedona follows*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 06:05 *a chunk of shell breaks from the side and a little nose pokes through the gap*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 06:06 *gasps again, stepping closer* I see it...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 06:23 *leans forward and picks some of the shell away from the hole, helping the hatchling break through more of the shell*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 06:26 *reaches for the egg* I wanna help.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 06:28 *quickly pushes her hand away* No, don't- *shows her the bandages on his fingertips. They're charred black*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 06:39 *looks alarmed* Does it hurt?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 06:44 No. *rubs his index finger and his thumb together* I can't feel anything in my fingertips.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 06:46 Why?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 06:46 *her eyes widen some more* Is it that burned?!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 06:49 *shakes his head* No no, I've had no feeling for quite a long time now. Might as well take advantage of it.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 06:54 Why?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 07:00 Why not? Unless you're asking why I have no feeling, in which I say I can't tell you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 07:03 You don't know why you don't have feeling??
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 07:07 I know why. I just can't tell you.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 07:10 Why?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 07:15 It's a secret
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 07:24 W-- *senses more movement and turns her attention back to the egg again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 07:26 *a massive chunk of the egg breaks and the baby Naedyrm tumbles out of it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 07:34 *beams* It's ADORABLE!!! *reaches out to pick up the baby Naedyrm*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.4 07:35 *leans over and grabs one of Jane's arms gently but firmly* Jane, no, careful.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 07:46 Oh, let her take the hatchling. What's the worst it could do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.4 07:48 *comes forward to see the baby Naedyrm. Stands beside Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.4 07:50 Are you sure it's not blazing hot as well?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 07:51 Only the shell was hot.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.4 08:09 Alright... *lets Jane's arm go*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.4 08:09 Jane, be careful with it.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 08:10 *picks the baby Naedyrm up*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 08:10 Hi!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 08:10 *the hatchling squeaks in protest*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.4 08:21 Hey! *lowers the hatchling back to the ground, though she doesn't take her hands off it* It's okay!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 08:21 *looks over at Hayden* Is he alright?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 08:24 *looks at Hayden as well* He's exhausted. This is why Naedyrm only hatch the eggs on rare occasions. It is no easy feat.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 08:31 Will he be okay?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 08:33 Yeah. Just needs rest.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 08:34 Speaking of which, I think it's time we get him home, myself included.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 08:40 Alright...thanks for the help. And please thank Hayden for me.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 08:41 I will.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.4 08:43 Goodbye.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.4 18:04 *with Eira's help he takes Hayden back home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 04:29 [I'm just popping online for a few minutes to say that I have an exam tomorrow and some more reading to do, so I will not be available to chat and RP for a while. Also nvm the "Goodbye" part; I forgot Siegfried can't teleport. XP]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 04:29 [I'll be back later. See you soon!]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 06:14 Is there anything I could do for Hayden?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.5 06:22 No he'll be alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 06:32 Oh, okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 06:32 Well, I need to get back now. Thank you both again and see you around.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.5 06:36 See you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 06:42 *returns to Azahar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 06:42 *actually nvm, she is about to return to Azahar, but pauses:* One more thing...is it safe to teleport the hatchling?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.5 06:46 Should be.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 06:58 Alright. Bye! *heads back to Azahar*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 07:07 *tries to lift up the hatchling again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.5 07:33 *the hatchling protests some more*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 07:38 Here, you're being a little rough with it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 07:40 Let go and let me try. *Jane sets the hatchling down reluctantly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 07:45 *gently slides her hand under the hatchling's armpits and lifts, supporting the hatchling's hindquarters with her other hand*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 07:48 *nvm that*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 07:54 *looks at its shadow legs, thinking for a few moments, then gently puts her hand on its back and begins to lift it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 07:55 *uses her other hand to support it as she tries to bring it in towards her body and flip it over gently so it can be cradled against her like a baby*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 07:55 *has created a bit of magic over her chest and abdomen in case its shadow legs make contact with her*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.5 07:57 *as soon as its on its back it wraps its tiny wings over its shadow legs' shoulders*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:02 *cradles it gently, smiling at it a little**then looks up at some of the others (e.g. Saxon and Eira)* I got it. We can go to Panthea now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 08:03 Can I hold it?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:03 Maybe once we get to Panthea.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.5 08:06 Hatchling: *yawns*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:09 Somebody's sleepy already...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:09 Anyway, let's go. Hold onto me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 08:10 *nods**goes over to Mayhem and Cadmael and holds out a hand to them*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 08:10 *holds onto Aedona, staring at the Naedyrm*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.5 08:13 *holds onto Cadmael and grabs Aedona's hand. Doesn't make eye contact. Mostly tries to focus on either the Naedyrm or whatever Cadmael is looking at*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:17 *was more focused on the Naedyrm, so she only realizes Mayhem is holding onto her hand a second after he grabs on**tenses up a lot*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.5 08:17 *takes Cadmael's free hand and holds out her other hand to Saxon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:33 *nvm those last two posts, Mayhem actually grabbed Eira's hand and Eira, in turn, put a hand on Aedona's shoulder*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.5 08:34 *nvm, Mayhem takes Eira's hand and holds onto Cadmael. He still does focus mostly on the Naedyrm and Cadmael*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:36 *also focuses on the Naedyrm, though she glances at Saxon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:45 *once Saxon grabs on she tessers everybody to the place in Panthea where the party was set up*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:49 *since it's still chilly in Otemjar and Sahlem, the party has been set up in more equatorial Nakada*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.5 08:54 *is fairly quick to find a spot to sit and keep an eye on Jane. Cadmael decides it'd be more fun to be in his feline form*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 08:59 *the ground is sandy and very light in color**huge reddish rock formations surround them; they are down in a canyon of sorts, really*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 09:01 *a spring can be heard trickling not too far away**they are in a clearing surrounded by various paths that lead between rock formations--like being in the hub of a wheel made up of canyon spokes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 09:10 *it's still chilly out, but it's not too bad**tables have been set up with food and wrapped up presents, as well as a canopy/beach tent type of thing so they can keep out of the sun if they want to*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 09:10 *there are also some chairs, of course*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 09:14 Can I hold it?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.5 09:18 Alright... *instructs her briefly on how to hold it and cradle it and then gently passes it over to her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 09:30 *cradles the hatchling, looking down at it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.5 09:34 *
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.5 09:34 *Cadmael opens a small portal and helps Karma through, telling her she can decide if she wants to be human or feline. She chooses human*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 09:59 Karma!! *beams and rushes over to her* Aedona: Be careful! You don't want to drop the hatchling or trip!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 10:00 *dang it, she said "Amy," not "Karma"*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.5 10:01 Amy, look!!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.5 15:41 Amy: Woah, what is that?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 00:23 It's a Naedyrm!
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.6 01:42 Amy: What's a Naedyrm?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 05:00 It's like a Drakoo but bigger!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 05:01 And it has lots of wings!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 05:01 But this one's smaller because it's a baby.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.6 05:16 Amy: It's so cute!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 05:30 Yeah!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.6 06:30 *picks up a flower crown off of one of the tables and comes over to Jane* Here's the birthday crown for the birthday girl. *puts the crown on Jane's head*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 06:32 *beams&
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 06:32 **
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.6 06:32 *looks at Amy* You want to hold the Naedyrm too, don't you?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.6 07:15 Amy: Yes!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.6 07:23 Jane, why don't you let her hold the Naedyrm? There's some presents for you on the table. It'd be a bit hard to hold the Naedyrm and open your presents at the same time.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 07:24 Okay! *steps closer to Amy and, with some help from Aedona, holds the Naedyrm out to her*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.6 07:58 Amy: *takes the Naedyrm* Awwwwh.... It's so cute.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 08:05 It's the cutest thing ever!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 08:27 *looks around* Where are the presents? Aedona: *points* Right over there.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.6 08:39 Amy: Cadmael! Come look at this! *Cadmael: *trots over to Amy* Yeah! It's a pretty little creature, isn't it? *Amy: It's pretty!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 08:40 *has gone over to open the presents*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 08:41 *opens a present that was contributed by Eira**it's a blank/new journal*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.6 08:45 *has left a present for Jane from himself and Cadmael*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 08:49 I got another journal!! *holds it up for a few seconds before going after another present**this time she opens the one from Mayhem and Cadmael*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.6 08:55 *the gift consists of a blue jade bracelet, presented by the little catlike Midden creature Cadmael is always seen with*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 08:58 *gasps* Hi!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 09:05 *looks slightly confused* Another pet?? Aedona: No, I think the creature is giving you something.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 09:05 OH, okay!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 09:10 *goes to take the blue jade bracelet* Thank you!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.6 18:52 *the creature mews and wags its tail*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.6 20:47 It's pretty!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.6 22:00 *the creature sits in the box, purring fairly quietly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 04:52 *holds the bracelet up to show it off*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 04:53 Can I put it on?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.7 05:02 Of course.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 05:03 *puts it on**finds that it's big on her, so she shoves it onto her upper arm and then pets the Midden creature*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.7 07:40 *the creature accepts being pet, continually waggimg its tail**
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 07:41 *after petting the creature for a few moments, she turns and opens another present*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 07:43 *this present is from Aedona**it's another set of a couple remote control cars (Jane had broken one of her older remote control cars)*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 07:43 More cars?!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.7 07:49 *smiles* Yes, more cars.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 07:50 YAY!! *tries to open the package to no avail*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.7 07:50 *sees that Jane is quickly getting frustrated and helps her open the package and get out her cars*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.7 07:57 *they don't come with batteries, though she has this covered/has batteries ready on one of the tables*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.7 07:59 *helps get the cars and controller ready*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.7 08:10 *goes over to Amy and holds out a controller* You wanna race?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.7 21:20 Yeah! *looks for a place to put the Naedyrm. Doesnt want to put it on the ground*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.8 05:56 *notices what Amy is doing**thinks quickly, then runs up to Cadmael* Cadmael!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.8 06:08 Do you wanna hold the Naedyrm?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.8 06:25 Cadmael: I would love to, but I think I'd rather stay in this form for now. Maybe ask someone else.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.8 06:29 Aw, okay... *looks around and then runs over to Mayhem* Do you wanna hold the Naedyrm for Amy?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.8 07:37 I don't see why not.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.8 07:46 *turns towards Amy* Amy! *waves for her to come over*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.9 04:05 Amy: *brings the Naedyrm to Mayhem. He takes it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 05:07 Thanks!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 05:07 *hands Amy the controller*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 05:07 *a
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 05:24 *races Amy for a while**once she's content with racing, she goes to open another present, which is one from Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 05:38 *had gotten Jane an rc plane*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 05:42 Ooo...what is it?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 05:42 It looks like a little plane! Jane: What's a plane?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 05:43 Um...you know the flying cars on Ahntor? Jane: Yeah! Eira: It's like one of those, except planes are a lot bigger.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 05:43 Oh! So this is like a remote control flying car?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 05:43 Uh...sure, kind of.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 05:51 *smiles*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 05:52 I want it to fly! *takes it out of its package*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 05:56 You might need to charge it first.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:06 Aww...for how long?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 06:08 Not super long. Maybe about ten,fifteen minutes.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:30 Okay!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:31 *picks it up, then looks around* Where do I charge it?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 06:32 Here, I can take it home and have it charge for you and then bring it back when it's ready.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:37 Okay. *lets Eira take the plane away and tesser off*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:47 *looks around at everyone, bouncing slightly* Are planes as fast as flying cars?!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 06:51 I'm certain most planes are faster
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:52 Really?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:52 Is my plane faster too?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 06:54 *chuckles* I don't think so.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:55 Aww, why?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 06:55 Well, are your remote control cars faster than normal cars?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 06:56 No.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 06:56 There you have it.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 06:57 *reappears* Alright, it's charging.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:05 Can I feed the Naedyrm?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 07:05 *is rather hungry, so she goes to one of the tables and starts putting food on a plate*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:14 *her question was mostly directed at Mayhem since he's holding the hatchling*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 07:15 Of course! Do you know what they eat?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:16 Uh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 07:17 Practically anything at this age, but meat and fruit are recommended.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:17 Yeah, that!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 07:21 I'll see what I can get, then. *gives the Naedyrm to Jane and goes to get food*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:24 I wanna help! *follows close behind him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 07:27 Alright. What do you want to feed it?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:35 Uh...fruit!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 07:38 *starts grabbing different fruit and loading the plate*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 07:41 *gets around to adding fruit to her plate at about the same time Mayhem adds fruit to his**accidentally goes for the same fruit he does at one point*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 07:44 *freezes for a moment, then slowly retracts his hand*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 07:45 *when her hand touched his she instinctively looked at him and froze*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:46 *looks up at them both, frowning slightly* What's the matter?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 07:46 *Jane's voice helps her regain focus a bit**quickly pulls her hand back*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 07:54 *clears his throat* ...My bad..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 07:59 *says a bit more loudly* What's the matter?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 08:01 Nothing...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:02 Why are you acting all weird?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:02 *is still looking at them both*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:06 It's nothing, Jane. *starts picking at different fruit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 08:09 *has turned and started walking away*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:09 You two never acted like this before...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:10 What's wrong?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:13 Nothing's wrong..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:15 You and Mommy used to talk all the time...why won't you talk to each other now?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:17 It's just... Complicated.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:19 What's that mean?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:20 Hard to explain.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 08:20 *stops, but can't bring herself to look back at Jane and Mayhem*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:21 But I wanna know!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:29 *sighs, putting down the plate and speaking in a semi-quiet voice* Because your mommy is married and I do not want to come in between that.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:36 Why does talking to her come in between her marriage?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:37 She's married and you still hugged her and--
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 08:38 *turns around* Jane, you
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 08:38 *you're being rude!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:39 *looks at Aedona, then remembers what Aedona told her as soon as they came back to Urmukka after spending time with Mayhem after Erikas' death*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:39 Oh! *glances at Saxon* Oh...sorry...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 08:42 *has turned away*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 08:44 *one glance at Saxon leaves her visibly ashamed**turns and quickly walks away into one of the thin canyons that branches out from this clearing*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:45 *looks around at everyone and fidgets with her feet* I'm sorry...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:47 *picks up the plate again* You don't have to be sorry. Come on, let's feed the Naedyrm.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:49 *is staring down at the Naedyrm**her voice is much quieter than usual* I said something I shouldn't have and now I've hurt people...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:51 They'll be alright.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:51 Come on.. *holds out his hand to Jane*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:52 I hope so...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:53 *said that before Mayhem continued and held out his hand to her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:53 *looks at his hand**hesitates, then goes to trade the Naedyrm for the plate*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:54 *makes the trade*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:55 *picks up a piece of fruit and holds it over the Naedyrm*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:55 *often glances at where Aedona went*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.9 08:56 *the Naedyrm opens its mouth and sort of snaps at the fruit*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 08:57 *paces for several moments before deciding to go after Aedona*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 08:59 *gasps a little and smiles a bit, turning her attention more fully to the Naedyrm and dropping the fruit into its mouth*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 09:00 *the hatchling eats the food rather quickly and squeaks a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 09:01 *has continued fast-walking across the sandy bottom of the gorge and has climbed over fallen boulders that are in the way**has had the urge to cry but suppressed it*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 09:01 I think it wants more. *gets another piece and holds the piece to its mouth*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 09:02 *once again the hatchling quickly takes the food*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 09:03 *calls out for Aedona from time to time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 09:04 *hesitates but keeps going the first time she hears him**ignores him the second time, but stops the third time*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 09:06 *looks around a bit and then sits down on the sand under a tropical tree, waiting for him to catch up**wraps her arms around her knees*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 09:07 *when he does catch up he sits beside her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.9 09:08 *keeps feeding it for a bit**then turns towards Amy* Hey Amy, do you wanna feed the Naedyrm too?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 09:09 *doesn't look at him**just looks straight ahead*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 09:22 .... *takes a deep breath* I know you don't want to talk about it...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 09:27 *buries her face under her arms*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 09:32 *would've told Jane to stop talking earlier if Mayhem and Aedona hadn't kept addressing her (Eira didn't want to interrupt them and trusted that they could handle it)**regrets not intervening*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.9 09:33 *considers following her parents but decides to remain in the clearing**sits on a rock on the edge of the clearing, away from the others*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.9 15:09 *even though Aedona isn't looking at him, he keeps his head turned away from her to hide the hurt in his eyes* ... Are you really okay with how we're living?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.9 23:14 *her voice is muffled* ...I don't want to hurt you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 00:40 I know you don't...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 01:17 I'm trying to be as understanding as possible. I also don't want you beating yourself up to spare my feelings.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 05:27 I never wanted to hurt you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 05:30 After everything that happened with Auceaster, I want you and Eira to be happy...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 05:52 And what about yourself? It's pointless if you're unhappy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 06:00 No it isn't.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 06:06 It is.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 06:09 My unhappiness is my own doing. Don't make my problems yours...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 06:14 You know you have your options.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 06:17 *doesn't respond to that*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 06:26 You're just as important as we are.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 06:32 You've been through so much worse...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 06:33 I don't care who's had it worst.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 06:41 ...You know what I did and it was wrong...I swear I won't do it again...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 06:53 Yeah, sure, it was wrong. But where have I been all this time? It's hard to blame you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 06:59 *raises her head slightly, then lowers it again and shakes her head a little*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 07:09 I'd much rather you be happier..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 07:11 Don't...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 07:54 Don't tell you how I feel?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 07:54 *is trying to focus on controlling her breathing*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 07:56 I don't want to... *trails off*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 08:05 Stop worrying about hurting me. I can live with the hurt if it means you're happier, so if seeing you in a better place means leaving the picture...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 08:12 No!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 08:13 *is trembling slightly and sniffles a bit* Don't say things like that!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 08:15 *wipes her face on her arms and finally lifts her head to look at him* I couldn't do that to you and Eira...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 08:21 I can't help but feel like you're suffocating, trying to see my progress...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 08:29 How I feel about your progress shouldn't matter.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 08:31 It does matter.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 08:47 I've brought much of this upon myself...don't punish yourself for what I've done.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 08:59 It cannot be helped..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 09:22 Of course it can...just...let me deal with my own problems...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 18:18 You really feel that way, huh?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 18:51 ...I don't know what I feel.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 20:20 You really shouldn't have to feel this way.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 22:22 It's better this way.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.10 22:53 I don't think so.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 23:50 Then what do you think would be better for you and Eira?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.10 23:51 You and Eira have wanted things to be the way they were for so long. I'm just trying to make that happen.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 00:14 I dont want your attempts to help me to cause your own suffering.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 00:17 If I'm truly worried about anyone it's Eira. It's not exactly a situation where we can win. I want her to have more freedom, which isn't exactly something she's had..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 01:28 I don't follow...she chooses to stay with us because she wants to.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 01:36 If she's anything like either of us, then she's staying close because she almost feels obligated to.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 03:16 [I will be at least an hour late again tonight. Sorry. XP]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 03:17 *hesitates*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 03:18 I don't know...I don't get that impression from her...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 03:22 How often has she been babysitting Jane when she could have been out doing her own thing? There is no doubt she loves her family and wants to help, but even she needs her freedom.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 06:10 *doesn't answer*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 06:42 She needs to be able to do things for herself, otherwise she's just as caged as I have been.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 06:56 She's already proven she can take care of herself. She has a house of her own...she lives in Urmukka with us because she chooses to.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 07:03 I never said she couldn't take care of herself.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:07 So what are you suggesting?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:08 That watching her family fall apart is better than babysitting her sister every so often?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 07:18 No. I'm suggesting we do what will allow her better opportunity to live her own life. She spends so much time trying to see us through and that hurts to watch.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:20 *looks down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:26 ...But if we threw everything away...all that time she spent would've been for nothing...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:26 I can't hurt her like that...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 07:33 Is it any better to have her keep trying, even though there are little results?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:36 There weren't little results...things were getting better...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:36 I just made a mistake...I shouldn't have come here...I should've stayed home and things would've still been better...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 07:41 Things would not have been better. The tension would still be there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:43 We just need more time...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 07:46 How long are we willing to keep this up?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:48 *doesn't answer**squirms a little, visibly strained**gets up and starts walking away slowly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 07:54 I don't want Eira to see her family fall apart, but I also don't want to hold either of you back.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 07:57 You're not holding us back...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 07:58 I am, though.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 08:03 If it wasn't for how I've been acting there wouldn't be this much of a problem...you're not the problem...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 08:07 And you likely wouldn't have been acting the way you have if I'd been able to help myself be more available. I might not be the whole problem but I am a big part of it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 08:12 *puts her head in her hands* Don't try to justify what I did...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 08:17 I'm not justifying anything.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 08:36 I'm not...I'm not feeling well...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 08:47 I need to...um...I need to... *shakes her head a little with her hands still over her face*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 08:51 *sighs*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 09:17 I just...need time...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 09:19 *tessers back home*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 09:20 *isn't very aware of her surroundings**trips and bumps into a small table, knocking some things onto the floor**backs off quickly and presses up against a wall, her fingers curled and her hands against her chin, shaking a little*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 09:21 *back against
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.11 09:25 *stays there for a minute before heading to the kitchen to get something**instead of going to some other planet and/or hiding in a room like she usually does after retrieving something from the kitchen, however, she wanders out the back door*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.11 18:04 *stays where he is*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.11 19:12 *is out taking a walk around the edge of the woods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 04:32 *walks away from the house and into the woods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 04:56 *is mostly lost in thought*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 04:57 *wanders through the woods for a while before sitting down with her back against a tree*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 05:07 *rolls up a sleeve, but after some hesitation her hand with the knife in it sinks to the ground**just sits there and stares ahead*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 05:48 A barebacked(no package on back) black falcon with maroon-tipped feathers lands on the tree above Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 05:51 *doesn't move*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 06:01 Bird: *drops down a couple branches*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 06:06 *even though she can probably hear the bird landing on each branch, she still doesn't move at all*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 06:09 Bird: *stares at Aedona, then the knife, then calls out into the woods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 06:11 *normally she would flinch at the sudden noise coming from right above her, but she remains still*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 06:26 *doesn't exactly come running, but he does come to where the falcon called. Before showing himself he assesses the situation. Remains in the cover of bushes* You really do need help, ma'am.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 06:34 *doesn't look in his direction**her gaze is unfocused and her tone is quiet* Don't want to hurt anymore...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 06:38 Care to elaborate?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 06:40 *goes silent*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 06:44 Either way, I feel ya. *comes out into the open and sits down, but not before picking up the knife*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 06:44 *the falcon flies off*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 06:48 *her grip on the knife is rather loose, so it was easy for him to take it away, and she still doesn't move*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 06:57 *fiddles with the knife, slicing the ground* You don't want to hurt anyone, but still manage to anyway. I get that. It's hard.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 07:04 *doesn't say anything*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 07:09 You can talk to me if you'd like. Or better, just talk. Like I'm not here. You can trust me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 07:15 *remains silent*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 07:24 *moves to sit beside her. Puts his hand on her shoulder* The woods are no place for this kind of behavior.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 07:28 *though she doesn't visibly move, she leans ever so slightly towards him and he can probably feel the pressure between his hand and her shoulder increase a little bit*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 07:33 *sort of turns that action into a bit of a hug* Will you come with me?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 07:36 *still doesn't say anything, but she hasn't become more tense/she clearly is not making any efforts to resist him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 07:40 *sits still for awhile* Come on. *stands up, hoping to help Aedona to her feet*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 07:41 *stands up along with him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 07:53 I know a good place for you to rest. Away from people and safe from the forces of nature. *starts walking. Leaves the knife stabbed in the ground*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 07:55 *walks with him, still looking straight ahead*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 08:03 *doesn't say much during this walk, but he does constantly check on Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 08:07 *just moves along with him, her expression not changing**seems conscious of her surroundings enough to step over things that could potentially trip her*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 08:32 *leads Aedona to Kira's gravesite, then to another hidden grove of cherry blossoms* I'll let you stay here for now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 08:37 *her eyes seem a little more focused now*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 08:43 *stopped when he stopped*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 09:21 It's a pleasant area. Perfect for you. *sits down in the center of the trees*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 09:23 *sits down as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.12 09:29 *gets up and walks around the edges of the clearing a bit aimlessly since she figures outright pacing would be rude**wants to check on her parents, but doesn't want to interrupt them if they're talking to one another*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.12 09:39 *has mostly stopped glancing towards the place Aedona and Saxon disappeared off to and has cheered up considerably*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 09:42 *her sleeve is still rolled up and her gaze is locked on something in the distance*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 09:43 *just sits with Aedona for awhile*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 09:43 *follows her gaze*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 09:45 *after some time passes, her faraway look seems to subside somewhat when the wind picks up a little and sends the branches of the trees flailing*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 09:46 *finally moves on her own, her head tilting up a little bit towards the blossoms*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 09:47 *smiles a bit*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 09:50 *after a few minutes tears come to her eyes*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 09:52 *looks down**her expression has changed from blank to ashamed* Can't let him go...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 09:53 Let who go?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 09:54 Malaucay...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 18:05 Malaucay, huh? That is understandable. He's a good man.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 20:01 ...I'm not good...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 20:05 What makes you say that?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 23:03 They just want their family back...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.12 23:07 Doesn't just about everyone?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.12 23:13 But they could've had it back...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 00:34 And it's okay to be sorry for that.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 01:12 But you implied that you've given up, or at least you're thinking about it. Is that right?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 02:56 *one thing to note is that he's been speaking in a fairly quiet voice*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 03:55 *tenses up, trying not to cry* Can't keep going like this...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 05:01 May I ask what's been going on?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 05:08 *hunches over a bit more, her face hidden by her hair* Everything hurts...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 05:18 I'll bet it does.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 05:55 *covers her face with her hands*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 05:59 I won't push you to tell me anything. It's not my place. I am here, though. If you need anything I will do my best to help.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:01 *trembles slightly every few seconds, going silent again**stays in this position for a while and gradually stops trembling**wipes her face*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:02 *lowers her hands, looking at them* ...You know Malaucay.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 06:02 Sort of.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:06 *turns her head very slightly towards him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 06:08 I've seen him around and read about him. History has not been good to him.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:10 But you know he's good.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 06:10 I do.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:13 ...How?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 06:14 He got a second chance. The only Viscount to be allowed back in the valley.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:26 ...The only one...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 06:35 It's an impressive feat
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:46 ...What am I going to tell Saxon...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 06:49 I don't know. What do you have to tell him?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:55 *pushes her fingers into her hair and makes fists, clenching her hair and tensing up some more* I don't...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:56 I don't want...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 06:56 I don't want to think...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 07:08 *gently grabs her wrists* Then don't. Just take some time to settle down.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 07:10 *flinches and lets go of her hair*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 07:18 *guides her hands back down to her lap*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 07:31 *her back hurts from being hunched over for too long**fidgets with her hands shortly after they're placed on her lap*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 07:40 Is there anything you need?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 07:45 I don't know...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 07:53 *says after a minute of silence:* Am I...am I crazy? *there's a hint of fear in her voice*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 07:58 Based off of what I know about you, no. You just seemed exhausted and conflicted.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 07:58 *seem
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:01 But I've...done similar things...a-a-and I...I just...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:06 I do not believe you are crazy.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:12 ...It's my little girl's birthday...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:12 How could I be like this on my little girl's birthday?...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:14 It happens
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:21 We all
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:21 To who?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:22 We all have
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:22 (FRICKIN)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:22 (I keeo hitting enter with my bandaged pinky)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:24 [Oof. XP]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:24 I'd say it happens to everyone but that is not true.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:27 It's unfortunate that today of all days you break down, but it happens to the best of us.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:33 I used to be better than this...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:45 As did I. You're not alone there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:53 *finally looks up at him for a few moments*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 08:53 Why are...?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 08:57 Hm?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 09:21 Why are you helping?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 09:21 Why not help?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 09:45 Surely there are more important things or people in your life...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 09:46 There really isn't...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 09:51 *looks at him again*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 10:03 It's alright, though. I've lived this way for awhile.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 10:11 I thought you were close to Pierce and Wren?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 10:21 We care for each other, yes, but there's not much I can do for them anymore. They take care of each other. Always have.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 18:22 But yes. They are important to me, but they live mostly within a completely safe environment. They have no need for my help.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 19:36 *looks down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.13 19:36 I shouldn't need someone to take care of me...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.13 20:13 No one should. There's no need to feel bad.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.14 01:28 ...You don't know-- *cuts herself off*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.14 02:04 No I dont think I do know whatever you were going to say.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.14 05:00 ...That's fine...it's not your business and I shouldn't make it anyone else's problem...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.14 05:00 *looks up at the cherry trees* We...are still in Urmukka, right??
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.14 05:42 We are. You have never known about this place. It's a pretty well kept secret.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.14 05:46 It's a lovely secret...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.14 06:04 Thank you. I've taken care of this place since I was young.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.14 06:12 *the sun comes out from behind some clouds and warms her face**closes her eyes for a minute before saying:* Why did you take me here if it's a secret?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.14 21:26 Because I felt it was the place to bring you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.14 21:50 (more and more ideas about Litho. Both dark and heartwarming. Big oof.)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.15 01:13 [Alright. I am curious regarding what the big oof is.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.15 04:18 *nods slightly, looking out at the cherry trees again**her eyes seem a bit shifty now, as if she is thinking rapidly*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.15 21:56 I would hope you do not tell anyone of this place and as long as you come here, you do nothing to harm yourself. It's sacred ground of sorts. A safe space.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.16 00:31 I won't tell anyone...I don't even really know how to get here, anyway...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.16 00:33 [BTW, if I don't make it online tonight, it's because it's thunderstorming and I wouldn't be surprised if a lightning strike knocks something out and prevents Internet access on our part.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.16 00:37 You'll see the way when you leave.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.16 04:59 *nods a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.16 05:17 Stay here as long as you feel too off. If you get hungry I will bring you food.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.16 06:31 Okay...thank you...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.16 06:52 It's no problem at all.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 07:43 *has tried to distract herself through interacting with Jane to no avail**finally goes looking for her parents*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 07:44 *summons her wings and flies around and lands on some of the rock formations to make searching for them faster*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.16 07:46 If you would like to be alone for a time, I think I'll go home and make some tea. *looks up at the trees* Been awhile since I've used cherry blossom.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.16 07:48 *nods a little again* I think I'd like that...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 07:48 *finds Saxon after a little while of searching*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 07:49 Dad...?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.16 07:49 *gets up and picks some of the blossoms, then leaves*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 07:50 *stares at the ground* Hm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:09 Are you okay?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:11 ......Not really..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:23 What happened?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:25 An argument I guess..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:26 Where did Mom go?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:31 Home, I think.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:42 *is visibly alarmed*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:42 You sure?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:48 I think so..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:50 Maybe I should go look for her then...she--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:51 I don't trust her when she's alone after something like this...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:52 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 08:59 Is there anything I can do to help you?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 09:00 I'll be alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 09:01 *hesitates, then gets on her knees beside him and hugs him* Are you sure?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 09:04 *leans toward Eira* Yeah..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 09:06 I love you so much...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 09:06 I love you, too..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 19:41 Things...things should get better given enough time...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.16 20:05 *doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.16 23:02 I'll make sure of it...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 00:33 Don't try too hard..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 01:17 There isn't such a thing as trying too hard to help after everything that happened to you two...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 01:41 *simply sighs in response*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 05:29 ...What's wrong?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 05:51 I just.. *shakes his head* Best go check on your mother..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:03 *hesitates, then nods and says "Okay" quietly**gives him a reassuring squeeze before letting go and tessering back to Urmukka*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:11 *looks for Aedona first at the treehouse and then in the Surtil house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:22 *goes out and looks around, thinking quickly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:32 *runs into town, looking for Raina*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:43 Raina: *is taking a walk around the center of town*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:44 *finds her fairly quickly* Raina!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:44 Have you seen my mom?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:45 Raina: No, I haven't. I did hear someone at home before I left. Maybe that was her?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:48 Maybe...how long ago was that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:50 Not long ago. No more than an hour, ish?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:56 Alright...um...did you hear or see anything that hinted at where she could have gone? That probably was her...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 06:57 I heard the back door open. Not the front.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:00 The back door?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:00 Huh...um, thanks.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:03 Mhm.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:05 *hurries back to the Surtil house and goes behind the house**looks around a bit and even calls out Aedona's name several times*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:07 *thinks for a minute and then decides to ask Pierce if he's been around the Surtil house and has noticed anything**summons her wings and goes to the Siegfried house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:09 *to Siegfried's
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:10 *lands and knocks on the door*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 07:15 *answers* Eira? What do you need?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:27 Have you been at the Surtil house recently? If so, did you see my mom?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 07:37 I haven't seen her.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 07:39 *calls from the other room* Pierce, who is it? *Pierce: It's Eira!
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 07:49 What she want?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:49 Oh, alright...when's the last time you were at the house?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:49 *said that before Siegfried asked another question*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 07:53 *calls back to Siegfried* She's looking for her mom! *looks back at Eira* I haven't been there today, sorry.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 07:57 Oh, okay...sorry to bother you... *hides her wings and starts walking away*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 07:58 Eira! Come inside a moment, please!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 08:23 Um...alright... *comes in*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 08:25 *sets the table and brings out some food for Wren and Pierce*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 08:28 Your mother is safe.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 08:32 Where is she?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 08:33 At a bit of a hideout of mine. Someplace quiet and peaceful.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 08:56 How did she get there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 08:57 I brought her there, of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 09:05 *hesitates, visibly confused* What happened?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 09:06 Nothing really happened. I wanted her out of the woods since it could be dangerous.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.17 19:43 *says rather quietly* What was she doing in the woods?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 19:49 Nothing much
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 20:10 I could tell she was not in a good place. *grabs a knife and starts cutting up a bunch of fruit on the counter*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.17 20:19 *as much as he wants to listen, he turns his attention away to focus on his sister*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.18 00:34 *her gaze is focused on the fruit and the knife* I need to check on her.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 00:41 *glances at Eira* She's alright for now. Give her a bit of time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.18 05:10 *looks skeptical, but doesn't say anything*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 05:16 I guess you could come with when I bring her this food and tea, but I ask that you do not enter the area.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.18 05:22 Alright.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 05:25 *puts the fruit in a bowl and grabs the teapot and a couple cups* I'm leaving now. *goes outside*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.18 05:27 *follows him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 05:29 *heads back out to the grove, silently making sure Eira doesn't follow him into the area. Brings the fruit and tea to Aedona* I'm sorry I was gone so long.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.18 05:32 *tries to watch from a distance**feels like calling out to Aedona but stays silent, as she doesn't want to anger Siegfried*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 05:32 *flinches slightly the moment he speaks, as if she didn't notice him until then* No...it's...fine...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 05:35 I brought you some fruit and tea.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 05:38 Thank you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 05:38 *takes a cup of tea but doesn't touch the fruit**her stomach doesn't feel well*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 05:39 I'm sorry you have to go through so much.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 05:48 Don't be...this doesn't have anything to do with you...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 05:49 It doesn't, but I still feel for my people.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 05:52 *hesitates slightly* I'm not Urmukkan.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 05:56 What do you mean? Of course you are.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 05:59 I am a Panthean who married an Urmukkan. I have not exactly assimilated into the culture, though I have the utmost respect for Urmukkans.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 06:01 You think we care about the difference in our cultures?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:05 *shakes her head a little and sips the tea*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 06:09 Together or apart, you're still part of this family. There will always be that connection, even if you feel you don't deserve it.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:12 ...Even together I don't deserve it...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 06:19 You do, more than you know. It's something everyone deserves.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 06:20 There will always be someone here who cares for you, even if it's not a blood family member.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:21 *puts the tea down slowly and, leaning forward a bit, covers her face with her hands*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 06:32 Hey... *puts his hand on her shoulder* Don't think too much right now.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:33 I can't...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:35 I can't stop thinking about how Eira will react to finding out I can't let go...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.18 06:47 *tenses up and holds still, staring in Aedona's direction*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 06:50 She's your daughter. Would she really think so much less of you?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:51 I don't know...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:52 I don't know what all of the Surtils will make of me...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 06:54 They will be alright.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 06:55 *sniffles**her voice is muffled and her tone clearly sounds like she is crying* How would you feel if your wife f-- *cuts herself off*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 07:07 I haven't married but I know I'd feel betrayed or that I wasn't good enough. But if I loved someone, I'd want whatever makes her smile. Guess it's just a part of who I am.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 07:43 ...I don't want to hurt them...that's the last thing I want...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 07:49 That means you're a good person.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 09:53 But it's come to a point where no matter what I do I'll hurt them...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 09:54 At that point you do what will hurt you the least. It almost sounds like you're the deciding factor here.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 20:01 What hurts me the least hurts them the most...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 20:06 Would it really change their view of you that much?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 20:23 You're causing yourself so much pain by trying so hard to keep everyone else from hurting. You should do what will help you most. Physically and mentally.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 20:45 (I am in shipping today so I can periodically check this)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:34 [Oh, okay.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 21:35 (Ye. Also I GOT A STABBY STABBY)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:37 [XD Now are you truly Blitz, Master of Shivs?]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:37 [I'll be just on here/not on Hangouts for a little while BTW. I don't have much time to be on here.]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 21:38 (I can't be super active)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:39 [Alright.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:39 You mean I should be selfish?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 21:41 Yes. It's pkay to want to take care of yourself.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:43 It's not okay if it comes at the cost of harming those you love.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:45 *has managed to stop crying for the most part**wipes her face on her sleeve*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 21:48 You just make your family's love seem so fragile.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:57 *turns and looks at him intensely* You don't understand. They've been waiting for decades for things to be the way they were again. My husband went through years of h**l that you couldn't even begin to imagine. I'm surprised that my daughter is as well
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 21:58 off as she is today after what she had to go through. They've only ever really wanted one thing, and I've tried to give it to them and I have finally learned that I can't.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 22:03 Even after years of waiting for the same thing I can't and because of that I'm worthless.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 22:07 Oh I can imagine what going through h*** is like.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 22:08 But I never once thought less of my family for not being able to help me get my life back together.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 22:19 I would utterly deserve it if they thought less of me...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 22:20 I would utterly deserve it if Malaucay thought less of me...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.18 22:26 I don't think so.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.18 22:26 [I gtg. See you later!]
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 00:47 You are not perfect. Your feelings aren't any less valid than theirs because they've been through worse.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 05:22 If acting on my feelings hurts those I love then their feelings are far more valid than mine.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 05:44 You need to stop believing that. That feeling of worthlessness will only bring you and your loved ones further down. You think they cannot sense the state you're in?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 05:46 ...I've tried hiding it so that they won't be affected...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 05:55 *sighs* This confliction will tear you apart. *sits back against a tree*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 06:01 ...I don't understand why...I've endured so much in the past...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 06:02 I know I have to do something and I will do something, just...not today...not on her birthday...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 06:05 Then go ahead and just think about what you'll do. Take the time to settle down.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 06:09 The more I think about what I might want to do the harder it is to settle down...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 06:13 Then do just one of those things.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 06:16 *nods slightly and stares at the ground, fidgeting*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 06:20 I can stay here with you if you'd like.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 06:20 If not I can go.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 06:23 ...I'm sorry...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 06:25 I really shouldn't be burdening you with myself or my problems. I should probably be the one to go.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 06:26 You have nothing to be sorry for.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 06:43 I should be able to take care of myself..
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 06:50 I do believe we all need someone to take care of us sometimes.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 09:18 Yes, sometimes...but not very often.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 09:21 Some need help more than others. Whether or not someone is willing to accept that help is another thing. Please don't let that pride be a hindrance.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 20:11 So it's better to be an unnecessary burden on others?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 20:29 How many people actually see you as a burden, though? (Sorry I was grilling everyones lunch
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 20:36 [Eh, it's fine.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.19 20:38 Just because others may not see me as a burden doesn't mean I'm not one.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.19 21:03 I guarantee they feel the same way.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.20 03:06 [I will be late tonight.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.20 05:31 *chooses to drink some more tea in part so that she doesn't have to respond*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 05:50 It's not my place to make your decisions for you. It
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 05:51 *It's just painful, even as a stranger, to see you and your family's suffering.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.20 06:06 You shouldn't make our pain yours...everyone has enough troubles of their own.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 06:09 I won't go too far out of my way.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.20 06:13 *drinks some more**says quietly* The tea is really good. Thank you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 06:20 *nods* If there's anything I can do, I'll be here in the valley for awhile longer.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.20 06:22 There probably isn't...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 06:29 Alright..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.20 06:39 You don't have to stay here if you don't want to...I'll...I'll probably be here a while longer...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 06:42 Okay. *gets up* Take care. Leaves the grove and walks a good distance from it before pausing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.20 06:45 *hasn't left her hiding spot**is staring towards the ground*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 06:53 *comes back to get Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.20 07:11 *says nothing*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 07:22 *says quietly* come on.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.20 07:33 *her voice is barely audible* What if I want to talk to her?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 07:34 I don't know. Depends on what you want to say.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.20 07:45 *doesn't say anything in response*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 08:07 Patience and support is what she needs.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.20 08:56 I don't know if... *hesitates and shakes her head*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.20 09:57 ... I have a good idea of what's going on. All I can say is that it is a delicate matter, if I'm correct.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.21 04:09 *turns away from him and vanishes, tessering elsewhere*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 05:19 *looks up slightly, but says nothing*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.21 07:19 *sighs and sits down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 07:58 ~HOURS LATER...~ *finally gets up to leave when the sun is setting*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 07:59 *looks around, seeming a bit dazed, as if she only fully realized where she was just now*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.21 08:06 *is still sitting outside the grove*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.21 08:07 *had since gone back to the party and mustered the strength to help Mayhem keep Jane entertained*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 08:17 *thinks about returning to the party but quickly backs off on that idea**looks around, trying to figure out which direction she came from*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.21 08:33 *taps his foot to an imaginary beat*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 08:37 *doesn't even remember much about what the path to this place even looked like**looks up at the sky and decides to see if gaining height helps her get her bearings*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 08:43 *creates magic under herself and around herself and builds it up under her, pushing her upward on a growing mass of magic*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 08:50 *stops when she's about 50 feet in the air and looks around*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 08:59 *spots the lake and a small bit of town**gradually makes her magic go away, lowering herself to the ground*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 08:59 *starts walking into the woods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 09:35 *heads through the woods in the general direction of the lake*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.21 09:42 *tails Aedona, unsure if he should talk to her again so soon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.21 09:58 *realizes she's being followed fairly quickly**pretends she doesn't notice for a little while before pausing to sit on a large rock*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.21 20:01 *catches up to her* apologies. I'd be more comfortable making sure you get out of here safely.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.22 05:44 I can just tesser if anything happens.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.22 05:48 That's true, I guess, but if you just run away I can't do anything about the danger.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.22 05:56 Would you need to if I were on another planet?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.22 05:58 I would like to be there so I can stop the creature and tell it off. That's my reasoning.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.22 05:59 Oh...well, alright. *gets up and starts walking*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.22 06:04 I'll take you as far as the lake. From there I expect you can make it home.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.22 06:15 I can make it home from wherever...I just want to walk for a while...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.22 06:19 Yeah, walking is pretty relaxing, isn't it?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.22 06:21 *nods*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.22 07:43 *doesn't say much as they head towards the lake*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.22 07:44 *still seems lost in thought even when they get there*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.22 09:25 I hope you can get things sorted out.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.23 04:34 ...Thank you for your support...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.23 09:44 It really isn't a problem for me to try and be of help.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.24 05:44 It doesn't feel right to take your time and energy like this...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.24 09:30 Oh well. It's not like I don't have a choice.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.24 10:12 *nods a little* ...Thanks again. *starts heading back towards town*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.24 17:11 *heads to the lakeside and sits down*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.25 03:02 [I'm sorry to say it, but I will be late again tonight.] *tries to stay around the edges of town/away from people as she makes her way back towards the Surtil house*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.25 04:52 *brings Siegfried a blanket and his pack, but doesn't stick around.*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 06:25 *is glad that Saxon's back, but Aedona's and Eira's absences make her increasingly worried*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 06:25 *finally she asks:* Is Mommy angry at me?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 06:39 No, of course she isn't. If she's angry at anyone, she's angry at me.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 06:39 Why?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 06:47 I may have said some things that I shouldn't.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 06:56 Oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 06:56 Will she come back?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 07:00 Probably. I'm sure she's just at home.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 07:13 ~LATER...~
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 07:14 *the party ends and everyone is ready to go home*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 07:14 *hugs and says goodbye to Mayhem, Cadmael, and Amy*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 07:22 *thanks everyone for coming once they've all said goodbye to Jane. Makes sure they aren't forgetting anything*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.25 07:23 Hey, Jane. Pretty soon I'll have another house maybe you could come visit. I'll be linking it to the garden as well. By extension you could see Cadmael and Amy more often as well.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 07:31 Really?!!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 07:32 I will!! *hugs Mayhem again*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.25 07:43 You behave yourself now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 07:44 I'll try. *is smiling*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 07:51 Alright, let's go home now. *picks up the Naedyrm* Don't forget you have to set up a place for this little guy to stay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 07:52 Yeah! *comes up beside Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:02 *nods goodbye to everyone and takes Jane back home*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.25 08:05 *got home not too long ago (she walked for quite a while)**is lying in bed and staring at the ceiling**pretends to be asleep once she hears Saxon and Jane get home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:05 *arrives back at the site of the party*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:06 *her eyes are red and puffy**looks around*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.25 08:10 *is still there, talking to Cadmael*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:15 *turns towards Mayhem and Cadmael, not making eye contact* Did they go home?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.25 08:17 Yeah.. Just missed em. Your father is going to help Jane set up a space for the Naedyrm to sleep.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:18 *nods* Okay...see you... *tessers back to Urmukka*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jun.25 08:23 *sighs and continues his conversation*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:25 *finds her father and Jane* Hi...I'm sorry I left...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:36 I don't have much room to speak.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 08:37 Where were you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:37 Oh, I had to um...go do something...I'm really sorry I missed the rest of the party.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:40 You need help with preparing a space for the Naedyrm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:40 *smiles a bit, though it seems forced*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:41 I think we could use some help, yes.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 08:43 I can do it!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 08:45 You sure? Where is it going to sleep?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 08:52 Uh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 08:53 In my room!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 13:56 Maybe you should have Eira help you set up someplace for it to sleep.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jun.25 22:20 Okay.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.25 22:20 *looks at Saxon with concern*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.25 23:07 *briefly glances at Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.26 05:03 *sighs* Alright Jane, I'll help. Let's go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.26 05:09 *had already gotten some supplies for the Naedyrm*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.26 05:49 *leaves Eira to help Jane and goes to his room*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.26 06:11 *has gotten what amounts to a really nice/soft dog bed and a few little blankets to boot**helps Jane set it up by her bed*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.26 06:43 *sits on the edge of the bed, staring at the wall*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.26 06:48 *once they're done putting the Naedyrm to bed, she makes sure Jane goes to bed herself **then goes looking for Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.26 07:21 *walks to her parents' bedroom and stops, looking at them both*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.26 07:21 *within seconds she looks like she's on the verge of crying*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.26 08:00 *turns slightly toward Eira* ...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.26 08:17 *looks at him, then shakes her head a little at herself and walks out with her hand over her face*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.26 09:51 *sometime just before it begins to get light out she gets up and, without saying a word, walks out of the room*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.26 10:11 *as the first light from the sun arrives she walks to the Urmukkan pool*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.26 19:42 *leaves to follow Aedona, but ends up just heading down to the cellar*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 01:06 *sits down about 10 feet away from the pool and stares at it*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.27 01:34 (Always right when I leave for awhile)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 06:27 *spends a couple hours silently thinking and sometimes crying**then goes home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:27 *only got a few hours of sleep**is up in the kitchen, making tea and breakfast**it's still early in the morning; Jane is asleep*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:44 *goes to get a knife to cut some fruit and pauses, staring**counts the knives, then looks over her shoulder when she hears Aedona come in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:47 *walks in the direction of the door**grabs Aedona's shoulder before she can head back to bed* Mom...where's the knife?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 06:48 What knife?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:48 Where's the knife you took?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 06:48 I didn't take any knife.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:49 I'm not [BLE- *sighs through her nose and takes a deep breath* I'm not blind. I counted them. Where's the other knife?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 06:50 I didn't...I didn't do it again, I swear. Maybe it fell or maybe it got mixed up with the knives in the main house.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:50 *comes back from the cellar with an unopened bottle of liquor and a glass. He sees Aedona through the window of the back door so he enters the house as quietly as possible, not wanting to disturb her. Sits down on the stairs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:51 *of course did this before the conversation started*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 06:51 I wouldn't lie to you about this-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:51 Wouldn't you?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 06:52 *doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:53 I'll ask you again...where's the knife?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 06:55 I didn't use it!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 06:55 Yeah, and you didn't leave your own daughter's birthday party either!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 07:05 Eira, please...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 07:07 If you're not lying then show me.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 07:07 Eira, don't-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 07:09 SHOW ME! *grabs at Aedona's sleeves*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 07:09 DON'T TOUCH ME! *pushes her away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 07:13 *catches herself against a wall**doesn't look at Aedona**is on the verge of tears**stares at the wall for a couple moments**then the tea kettle starts whistling and she goes back into the kitchen to tend to it*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 07:14 *makes it part of the way to the bedroom and then just leans against a wall and slides down it to a sitting position*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 07:27 *gets up about 10 minutes later and goes to the kitchen, where Eira is sitting with her breakfast and tea but not eating*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 07:45 Eira...I'm sorry...I forgot I...it's in the woods somewhere, but I swear I didn't use it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 07:49 *messes with her food with a fork, not looking at her* The woods?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 07:49 The woods out back...I don't quite remember where...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 08:23 *puts the glass down but keeps the bottle in his hand as he gets up again and walks out the door*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 08:26 *hears the door and looks in its direction*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 08:26 ...What-
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 08:26 Probably Dad.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 08:28 *slowly and tentatively goes through the house to the door, but is confused when Saxon isn't there**notices the glass along the way*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 08:29 *also she suggested the knife got mixed up with treehouse knives, not main house knives*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 08:39 *pauses, looking around, and then peeks out the back door*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 08:41 *paces around the back yard for awhile before opening a portal and leaving*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 08:47 *had seen him pacing and decided not to confront him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:16 *steps into a snowy flatland and waits for awhile before sighing and muttering "just get over here already.."*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:17 *a few minutes later she gets up and goes looking for her parents**finds Aedona sitting near the back door* Didn't Dad come back in?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 09:17 No...he...he left...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 09:17 He must've been in here already... *is fidgeting*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:18 Did you see where he went?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jun.27 09:19 Through a portal.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:19 ...Oh. *heads back to the kitchen and sits down**tries to finish her tea*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:21 *after about 10 minutes she grows restless**tries to doodle to distract herself and get herself to finish her now cold breakfast**Jane has arrived with a major bedhead*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:27 *prepares some breakfast for Jane and then goes back to trying to finish her tea and whatnot**hasn't made much progress*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:28 *checks the time on her phone as Jane finishes her breakfast**about 25 minutes have passed since Saxon left**sighs, picks up the phone, and calls Saxon as she walks through the house and out the front door*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:35 *answers the phone* What timing? Hello?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:41 Dad, are you alright? Where are you?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:46 Yeah, I'm alright. Just. Away. I need to blow off some steam.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:48 Is there anything I can do?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 09:48 I'm not...I'm kind of...I...I wouldn't mind joining you in doing that...
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jun.27 10:04 *finally shows up, straightening his jacket's collar*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 10:04 Thanks, but... This is something I will handle on my own this time.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.27 10:05 Okay...come back soon, alright?
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jun.27 10:34 *grabs the phone* Dont worry, he will. *hangs up and tosses the phone aside* Not often you call for me anymore. It's been pretty lonely, but I always knew you'd come back eventually.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.27 10:36 *flinches* Yeah... You know me so well, don't you? So you know why I needed you here? *Litho: No I can't predict the future. *Saxon: You're the only one who can help me with this.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jun.27 10:38 Oh? Why exactly is tha- *before he can finish his sentence he is punched in the face. The force knocks him well away from Saxon*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jun.28 00:47 *rubs his cheek* Well well well. You got some fight back in ya. How about that? So you came here to fight- *cuts himself off to block another series of punches. A minute passes, then he catches Saxon's fist* I'm going to keep this fair and not use magic.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jun.28 00:48 I expect you to do the same. Deal? Deal. *finally hits Saxon square in the chest*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.28 02:50 [I
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.28 02:51 *[I'll be about an hour late. XP]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.28 04:27 *immediately starts coughing when he's punched, trying to get his breath back. In this moment Litho pulls him close and rabbit-kicks him across the field*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.28 06:02 Who was-- *said that right before Litho hanged up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.28 06:08 *rolls through the snow. Catches himself and lands on his feet, skidding to a halt. Begins toward Litho again. Litho meets him halfway*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.28 06:09 *is about to call Saxon again when she realizes who that was*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.28 06:09 *freezes, doubting herself **starts pacing around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.28 06:43 *thinks about telling her mother, then stops herself*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.28 06:44 *finally opens a portal to the Rift and looks for Roffe*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.28 19:56 Karasu: *approaches Eira* Hey! *was smiling at first, but she quickly changes her demeanor* What's- going on? Did something happen?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jun.28 22:32 *the two exchange punches and often lock hands, trying to push one another back, usually resulting in Saxon being the one losing his footing and once again being thrown or kicked away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 03:26 I just...I don't know where Dad is and I think he's put himself in danger...I'm looking for Roffe...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 03:30 Karasu: Roffe hasn't been around for awhile now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 03:39 Oh...um...is Corvis around, then?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 03:41 Karasu: Yes, of course.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 03:55 Where is he?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 04:02 Over at Roffe's house.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 04:03 Okay, thank you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 04:04 ...Um...don't go after Dad yourself...I think he's dealing with someone who's really dangerous.
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 04:10 Karasu: Oh boy...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 04:11 Karasu: I won't go after him..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 04:16 *nods* No matter what you do or think...don't. *goes to Roffe's house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 04:16 Corvis?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 04:20 Corvis: Hm? *is looking through the bookshelf*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 04:27 Can you...can you locate Dad?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 04:27 I think he's with someone dangerous and I don't really know where he is or what to do...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 04:38 Corvis: Uh, yeah. It's not hard to use the windows. *puts a book back and goes outside*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 04:51 I know, but...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 05:01 It's simple. Just focus on who or what you are trying to find.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 05:42 I guess I'll...try it...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 06:01 Go ahead.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 10:32 *closes her eyes, concentrating and trying to make a window**one appears, then flickers and disappears and she punches the wall, causing some books to fall out*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 10:34 Oi. Calm down. Know what you're looking for and hold onto that. Settle with just who you want to find.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 10:35 Don't talk to me. *leaves the house, slamming the door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 10:35 *opens a portal*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 10:40 *sighs* Alright... *locates Saxon himself and watches the battle. Opens the door* I don't know what's wrong with you, but if you just wanted me to do it, you could have just told me. Your father is fighting Litho. Seems almost like a sparring match.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 19:37 *was about to go through the portal**doesn't turn around to face him* Thirty-seven years. Thirty-seven [BLEEP]ing years, that's what's wrong with me!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 19:39 *looks over her shoulder slightly* Don't you dare talk to me ever again! *goes through the portal she opened and closes it*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 20:05 *Corvis just stands there for a minute before going back to his original order of business*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.29 20:11 *goes for a walk around the edge of town*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 23:54 *is in a rocky, flatter, rather barren part of Geysir full of acid pools**stands there for a minute, trying to control her breathing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.29 23:56 *then screams and releases a huge amount of twilight snow with tremendous force in front of her, creating what amounts to a horizontal avalanche**the sheer force she releases sends herself flying backwards*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 00:00 *hits a giant rock and tumbles to the ground**is left lying on her stomach**props herself up slightly with one shaky arm**a section of her shirt on her back has a tear in it, and the fabric around that section turns darker*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.30 00:21 (Heck)
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jun.30 00:38 (Always late(
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:26 *sits up slowly, her breathing a bit shallow**tries to stand, but hurts too much, so she sits back down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:28 *raises a hand and tries to make a window that shows what Saxon is doing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:30 *much of the landscape in front of her is covered in pale lavender/lilac snow*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:30 *glowing rain starts coming down on the land in the distance**the acid in the rain accelerates the destruction of the snow in that area*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:34 *can't make such a window**yells and punches the ground, then winces in pain and lies down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:48 *lies there for a minute, then makes another effort to stand up**rolls over onto her stomach and gets on all fours**turns and grabs onto a boulder behind her**groans as she drags herself to her feet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:54 *stands there for a few moments, panting, and then tessers to the nearest coordinates to the Urmukkan pool that she remembers*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:55 *almost immediately falls**catches herself on a tree*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 05:55 *slowly makes her way from tree to tree for support, heading towards the cave*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 06:02 *at one point she trips and falls onto her hands and knees**painfully pulls herself back up and manages to get inside the cave*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 06:03 *leans against a wall and starts trying to take off her shirt, but some of the movements required make her back hurt too much, so she leaves her shirt on**slips off her shoes and pushes herself forward, falling in*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 06:17 *holds onto the side so she can keep her head above the surface**stays there for a little while, then pulls herself out and sits down**tries to make another window*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 06:34 *fails again**picks up her shoes and walks out of the cave, still soaking wet*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 06:51 *decides to go try to call him again**starts fast-walking home*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 07:51 *gets home, avoiding Aedona, and gets her phone**has second thoughts and puts it back down**tries to make a window yet again and fails yet again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 08:56 *takes off her wet socks**paces, then hits a wall and opens a portal and returns to the Rift, slipping her shoes on*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 08:56 *looks around for Karasu*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.30 09:16 *Karasu is sitting on the ground, her forehead in her hand*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 10:20 *spots her and heads over to her**tries to keep her tone formal* I left the Rift a few minutes ago and tried multiple times to open a window to locate someone without success. Can you tell me what I've been doing incorrectly?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.30 17:56 Karasu: *sits up* You have to be here for them to work. It's not some power that can be used freely, just a perk we've learned to take advantage of.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jun.30 19:58 *immediately says "Thank you" and walks away quickly*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jun.30 20:03 Karasu: mhm
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.1 04:27 [I'm sorry to say that I will be on later. I have work to do. XP]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.1 06:14 *hurries away from the settlements so she can be alone and tries to make a window that shows Saxon*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.1 07:16 *it takes several tries and a few minutes as she struggles to push anger to the back of her mind, but she finally manages to make a window showing Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.1 08:42 *is still fighting Litho. Both seem fairly beat up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.1 09:21 *her eyes widen* Dad... *her anger comes back on her and she loses focus**the window disappears**kicks the ground, stirring up dust, and paces a bit before trying to regain focus and make yet another window*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.1 09:28 *manages to make another one after closing her eyes and focusing on her breathing for a minute**decides that she wants to intervene, but then realizes she doesn't know how to get to them*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.1 09:29 *tries focusing on the concept of their location/coordinates, hoping that'll give her their coordinates*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.1 09:39 *gains the upper hand and knocks Saxon to the ground. Before Saxon has time to react, he pins him facedown, holding his head buried in the snow* Nice try, buddy, but it still isn't enough. *leans in close* So tell me... Whatever made you attempt such a
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.1 09:43 futile thing? You cannot best me. Not unless I want you to. Were you merely wishing to relieve some tension or did you lose your mind and think you could actually win?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.1 09:46 *doesn't make much effort to pull his head out of the snow. His breathing shifts from heavy to short, shaky breaths* ...I'm sick of it... *of course the snow muffles his words*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.1 21:12 Sick of what exactly?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 00:13 *pauses, staring at Litho and Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 01:43 Where do I start? I'm sick of holding everyone back. No one is happy...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 02:50 [I will be late again. My family wants to watch a movie and I have more studying to do afterwards.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:01 *is visibly taken aback*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 05:08 What a shame. Why do you persist, then?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:10 I still care for them... I just... *goes silent*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 05:11 The offer is still on the line. You can come back with me and we'll have all sorts of fun again.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:11 ..... (Bleep) you... * Litho raises his brow*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:12 *her eyes widen and she quickly goes back to trying to derive their coordinates from the window*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 05:20 You're usually so adamant about fighting being pinned like this. *smiles* I'm surprised you're so submissive.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:27 *almost loses the window again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:47 *hesitates, then starts looking a bit nauseous**lets the window vanish and goes looking for Karasu once again*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:49 *Karasu hasn't moved*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:53 *pauses upon realizing that she's in the same position as before**approaches her tentatively*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:55 *keeps her voice down* Karasu, um...how do you get coordinates from a window?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jul.2 05:58 Karasu: That's usually the job of someone with more authority in this realm.. It's so we don't openly abuse the power.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 05:59 ...I just want to get Dad's coordinates...he's in trouble...I want to help...
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jul.2 06:09 Karasu: You really shouldn't... I'll help you, though.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 06:12 ...Why now?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jul.2 06:15 Because Dad is someplace where we CAN reach him.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 06:21 *says nothing*
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jul.2 06:32 I've already looked for him. He's on an ice planet. *give Eira the coordinates*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 06:36 Are these the coordinates of his exact location or somewhere nearby?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jul.2 06:59 It's the coordinates of the field.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:00 Where in the field with respect to Dad?
20>Roffe (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jul.2 07:19 You should be able to see them
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:19 *nods* Okay...um...thank you... *heads off again quickly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:20 *takes a deep breath, focuses, and creates another window showing Saxon so she can see if he and Litho have moved*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 07:33 *hasn't moved much at all, other than lifting Saxon's head a bit so he can breathe better*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:44 *stares, thinking quickly, then decides to take a risk**her heart pounds as she makes a small portal that opens at the coordinates Karasu gave her(
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:44 **
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:44 *glances constantly between the window and the portal, trying to keep an eye on Litho in particular*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 07:53 *tenses up slightly as he stops to listen to his surroundings and sniff the air. Doesn't turn around* I do wish you'd reconsider..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:58 *freezes and holds her breath*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 07:59 *her hand aimed at the portal is shaking*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 08:07 *lets go of Saxon's head* It'd certainly make me happy. That's something, right?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 08:10 *spots the location of the small portal via the window**shakily begins to let the portal shrink and disappear*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 08:28 *sits down and breathes again, panting, once the portal is closed**looks up at the window, watching and trying to guess just how far Saxon is from her last portal*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 08:45 *tries to listen, wondering why Litho paused. Waits a bit before deciding to respond* ... It would not make THEM happy..
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 08:48 You're so difficult. I've always liked that about you. You don't simply give me what I want.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 09:08 *tries to test whether she's got his location right by creating a little portal located about 15 feet above them*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 09:14 *her location is a off, however--it's not quite directly over Saxon**squints at the window, struggling to tell if it's
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 09:14 *it's correct*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 09:38 Shall we take this elsewhere? Someplace free from distraction.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 09:38 What?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 09:39 *her eyes widen**isn't sure what to do*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 18:08 I'm saying I would like to leave this place.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 19:27 *can't tell whether her portal's location is correct from looking at it via the window, so she again holds her breath**scoots over and pokes her face through the portal*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 19:47 (Really Litho won't do much unless there's someone actually there.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 20:19 [She's currently too scared to actually go there. She doesn't want Litho's attention. What she wants is to get Saxon's attention. BTW, does the ground of the Rift in the main area have any rocks/pebbles?]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.2 20:33 (No, but Saxon isn't in a position to see anyone)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 21:18 *quickly withdraws her face and makes the little portal disappear**looks through the window, thinking hard**briefly experiments with creating a basic small solid--e.g. a small rock-like object--with dark magic*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 21:20 *experiments with changing its consistency from hard/strong to fragile*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 21:23 *once she's finished, she looks back at the window**her heart is pounding as she re-opens a portal at the coordinates Karasu gave her/the location not far behind Litho**this portal is considerably bigger and vertical*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.2 21:24 *throws the fragile (i.e. it will shatter on impact into tiny/hard to see pieces) "rock" at Litho's back and then immediately closes the portal*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.2 22:49 *twitches* Your family is so unbearably annoying...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 00:45 *her eyes widen**was counting on him to turn around**just sits there, not knowing what to do*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.3 00:49 Cute little magic tricks.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.3 02:44 *tricks, though.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 04:35 I don't... Follow?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 04:35 *watches in silence*
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.3 04:40 Some (bleep) threw something at me but they aren't here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 04:40 .....What...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 04:54 *draws her knees up to her chest and hugs her legs nervously*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 05:04 Litho, let go of me..
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.3 05:05 But this is so entertaining.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 05:08 *gets up and is on the verge of opening another portal, but stops herself*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 05:39 *turns away from the window**pushes her hands into her hair and then clenches them into fists**her scalp hurts*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:05 I would like to go home now. *Litho: So soon? *Saxon: I did not come to speak with you. I fought. That's all. Now let me go home.
5>Litho (Demon God), ??yo.2020,Jul.3 06:06 Whatever. Killjoy. *stands up* I still don't see why you continue this way.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:07 *stands up and glares at Litho* You have absolutely no right to say THAT to me, hypocrite. *opens a portal and leaves*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:07 *goes right to his bed, which he promptly collapses in, but doesn't fall asleep*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:17 *looks back at the window just in time to see Saxon leave**sinks to her knees*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:25 *lets the window disappear*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:25 *stays where she is, staring at the ground*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:30 *keeps his face buried in the pillow*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.3 06:35 *soon notes that Saxon is back but leaves him alone*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:38 *stays there for a while**then goes home and dries off, switching out her clothes for a robe*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:39 *takes a brief trek around the house to see where everyone else is**pauses at the room Saxon is in**enters, bends over, and kisses him lightly on the back of the head*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:44 *buries his head deeper into the pillow, sliding his arms underneath it*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:46 *says quietly* Should I have not tried to interfere?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:47 *his voice is muffled* that was you?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:49 ...Yes...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:50 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:52 I tried to distract him so I could get your attention or get you out of there, but...I was useless...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:54 *shakes his head*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:56 Do you need anything?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 06:58 Bandages... Eventually...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:06 I--I can get them right now...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:07 *doesn't say anything, just takes a deep breath*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:12 *hesitates, then hurries off and gets some medical supplies**returns to his room quickly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:13 I can treat you right now if you want...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:13 *rolls over onto his side, but holds the pillow to his face*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:17 ...Or not...I can wait...or I guess if you want to treat yourself I could just leave this here...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:21 I'm sorry...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:24 You don't have to be sorry...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:27 Why not?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:28 What's been happening isn't your fault.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:29 It's got to be..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:30 *shakes her head* No...it's not. You're not the one letting the family down.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:32 ....
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:38 You can't be blamed for...for being unwell and sometimes not making the best decisions after everything that's happened.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:41 It's no excuse...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:41 It's not an excuse...it's the truth.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:44 *sits down on a chair nearby* And even if it were an excuse it wouldn't make any difference to me. I'm just happy you're here with us again.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:50 I'm hardly really here..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 07:53 You've just been finally doing the things you want to do...no one can blame you for that.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 08:03 I can..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 08:10 You shouldn't. It's been so long since you've had this much freedom...you have the absolute right to do all sorts of things you want.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 08:17 *doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 08:25 Please...don't beat yourself up...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 08:46 *goes silent for a little bit**then asks:* Is there anything I can do for you?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 08:59 *shakes his head*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:11 Is it okay if I stay here with you?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:18 Maybe...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:22 If you...if you don't want me here, just say so...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:26 I do, but...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:28 But what?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:29 I don't have any problem with staying here...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:32 *goes quiet again*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:39 *gets up, walks over, and sits down on the bed next to him**puts her hand on his shoulder* I love you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 09:46 *his breathing gets shakier and he curls up ever so slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.3 23:06 *leans down and hugs him, resting her cheek on his shoulder* I'll always be around for you and rooting for you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.3 23:23 *takes another deep breath, then exhales slowly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 00:27 *stays where she is for a minute before letting go and sitting up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 00:56 (Oh heck I was too busy chatting with someone on Minecraft)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 04:55 *just stays there for a while*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:03 *eventually his breathing returns to normal*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:16 *has kept her hand on his shoulder most of the time*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:17 *says a little while after his breathing goes back to normal:* Can I help you with the bandages?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:22 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:27 Alright... *had put the medical supplies on the nightstand**moves them onto the bed*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:37 Can you... Go grab a damp towel, please?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:41 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:41 *heads off to the nearest bathroom and comes back with a damp towel*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:44 *holds out his hand to take the towel*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:58 *gives it to him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 05:59 *turns away from Eira and wipes his face with the towel*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 06:30 *holds the towel to his face for a couple minutes, then sits up and puts the towel and his hands in his lap*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 06:30 Where have you been hurt?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 06:52 All over. Worst injury has to be around the ribs... And my arm...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 06:53 You sure you just need bandages?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 07:03 I can recover on my own..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 07:07 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 07:11 Where do you need bandages?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 07:14 *starts to roll up his sleeves, only to realize that it's no use since the shirt is torn. Sighs and just takes off the shirt* My arms got beat up pretty bad. I think my head is bleeding somewhere. I hit a rock at some point and cut my side a bit. *looks
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 07:16 at his forearm* That (bleep) bit me. Go figure. "Normal fight," he said. Yeah, normal fight against an animal..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 07:17 *winces*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 07:58 *holds a tube of antibiotic cream towards him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 08:12 *takes the ointment* thanks...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 09:11 *a while later they're done bandaging him up*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 10:27 Thank you... *looks down at his lap, seeming rather distant*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 19:50 *says quietly* No problem...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.4 19:53 *gets up, goes to some drawers, and gets him another shirt**holds it out to him while sitting back down beside him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.4 22:54 *takes the shirt but doesn't put it on right away. Just continues to stare at his lap.*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 05:12 *puts an arm around Saxon* ...You'll be okay...we'll be okay...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 05:53 Mm.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 06:10 *rests her head on his shoulder and stays like that for a little while*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 07:02 I dont know what to do anymore..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 07:29 We can figure something out...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 09:11 *stays next to him like this for a while longer before saying:* We can do something if you like...we could go out for something to drink or go on a walk or just stay here.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 09:26 I don't know... I'm exhausted... I feel defeated..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:04 *looks worried, but doesn't raise her head from his shoulder* Maybe rest will help...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:06 Maybe..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:07 [Oh, hi!]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:07 *sighs* I've grown so soft... What happened...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:08 [I'll only be here for a few minutes. My class officially starts tomorrow and I already know from the syllabus that I will be swamped with work, so I would like to play some multiplayer Minecraft tonight for one last time before that happens, as I may be
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:08 unable to play for a while starting tomorrow.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:09 You survived something that I can't...what you went through is almost incomprehensible to me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:10 I wouldn't call you overly soft.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:10 [So yeah...I'll probably log onto the server once I get back online later tonight.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:10 (One big deterrent. Excessive power play called homework. Homework is annoying it has never helped me in my studies.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:11 [Well homework is 100% of my grade for this class.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:12 (I don't miss it. I miss tests, not homework.)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:12 [There are no exams or quizzes. Just homework assignments due every day starting on Wednesday (except Sundays).]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:13 [My experience with homework is more mixed. I've found that homework helps for some topics (math especially, and this is a math class) but is annoying and unnecessary for others.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:14 I shouldn't have lost so quickly.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:14 [This class is approximately quintuple the speed of a normal class, so I think the instructor is trying to give us a break by removing everything that can influence the grade other than homework problems that cover each topic.]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:14 (Homework always killed me but I still practically aced the tests)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:14 [I'll have to see tomorrow if that actually helps or not.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:16 [Yeah...from my experience homework seems to have a death of a thousand cuts type of effect sometimes, especially if multiple classes pile it on.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:17 [I think what I'll have to see is just how many questions there are in each assignment and how tough the questions are. If there's a ton of hard questions then I may be in trouble and have to not come online on some days to study. XP]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:18 [At least there's nothing group-related that influences my grade. *shudders in horror*]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:19 You're tired and have other things on your mind...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:21 And how you compare to him in anything shouldn't matter.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:21 How disappointing.. I expected better of myself..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:22 Anybody's better than him regardless of fighting skills.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:24 I often wonder....
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:25 What?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:27 Well.. *pauses, then shakes his head* nevermind...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:28 *hesitates, then says "Okay" quietly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:31 *lays back down* Maybe one day I'll get better...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:32 You will get better.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:34 Right now that's only a dream..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:37 You have made some progress already...and dreams can become reality.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:38 You'll be okay. Try to get some sleep. *gets up and closes the drapes*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:38 [I gtg now. See you!]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.5 23:39 *nods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.6 09:24 I'll be right back. *heads to the kitchen, gets a glass of milk, and warms it up**comes back with the warm milk and puts it on the nightstand next to him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 05:02 *gives his hand a reassuring squeeze, then turns off some of the lights and heads out of the room*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.7 05:37 *closes his eyes and attempts to fall asleep*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 05:55 *thinks for a little while, then goes to put on some dry clothes and put her hair back up in its braid (she let it down after switching to a robe to let it dry off a bit faster)*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:00 *passes by Aedona*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.7 06:01 Eira, could you please take care o--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:02 No. She's not my daughter.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:03 *doesn't look at Aedona even once**heads to another room, changes into dry clothes, and sits down**sighs and picks up her phone**thinks for a minute, then calls Amadeus*
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Jul.7 06:03 *answers after a few moments* Hello?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:08 Hey, Amadeus...do you want to go get a drink?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Jul.7 06:09 I'm sorry, but I've been really busy...and I'm about to meet up with my fiance at our place.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:12 *raises her eyebrows* Your fiance?
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Jul.7 06:16 Yeah...Rivkah and I are going to get married. We're still planning when. And Char helped us get this great apartment in Ahntor.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:16 Oh...well...congrulations.
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Jul.7 06:17 Thanks. Maybe...maybe some other time. And maybe you could bring Jane. She loves the flying vehicles here, right? Eira: Yeah...
12>Amadeus (Panthean God), YAyo.2020,Jul.7 06:17 There are races here that I think she'd love even more. Well...anyway...see you!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:18 Bye. *hangs up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:21 *sits there for a few minutes**finally gets up and heads out*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 06:28 *heads to the bar and sits in his usual corner*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 06:39 *doesn't even really notice him**still has her hair down--after putting her clothes on she didn't bother to braid it**finishes her drink rather quickly and orders another one*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 06:49 *casually drinks, mostly just people watching. He has noticed Eira but hasn't made any real effort to get up. Calls the bartender over and tells him to put Eira's next drink on his tab*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 07:00 *raises her head slightly**looks over at Siegfried, then says to both the bartender and Siegfried:* That's unnecessary.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 07:03 Maybe. I don't really care much today. Drinks aren't that expensive, anyway.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 07:03 You seem a bit down on your luck, so why not?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 07:13 I really don't need it...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 07:13 *looks back down at the counter*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 07:17 *scoffs* No one "needs" any of this crap, yet here we are, drinking it anyway. It's just something we want.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 07:20 I meant I didn't need you to pay for me.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 07:23 Ah. Oh well. Too late now. *chuckles and finishes his drink* Another, please. How bout a bit more kick in the next one?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 07:29 *hesitates, then finishes her drink and says to the bartender:* I'd like the same in my next one.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 08:03 *the bartender brings both of them their drinks*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 08:29 *leans back against the wall and swirls his drink* Stressful days require stronger liquor. Not that it does much for me. I can pretend, though. *takes a sip*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 09:39 You built up a tolerance too?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 09:39 Of sorts.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 09:45 3
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 09:46 *sips her drink as well* "Of sorts?"
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.7 09:47 I've not been able to determine exactly why I am less affected by alcohol.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.7 23:26 *snorts**smirks a little as she says:* Maybe you're divine. *takes a bigger sip of her drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 01:37 *laughs* Heresy!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 03:01 [I will be about an hour late.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 05:25 *chuckles a little* Maybe.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 05:35 The h*** could I possibly be a divine for?!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 05:51 I don't know, but apparently needing to drink entire bars to get drunk is part of being godly in this universe.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 05:52 How many does it take for you to get drunk?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 05:55 I don't really know. Never aimed to get myself drunk. I don't like the resulting hangover. Got enough problems to deal with already.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 05:59 Ah. *finishes her drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 05:59 *contemplates ordering another, but just shakes her head a little and pays*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:06 *gets up* I think I may go to Stadtler.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 06:11 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:13 Going alone wouldn't be that fun.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 06:20 *sets down his drink* Is that an invitation?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:23 *nods*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 06:28 *gets up as well* Well then I accept.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:29 Would you like to finish your drink beforehand?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 06:30 *shakes his head* It's fine. I'm ready to go when you are.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:35 Alright, let's go. *holds out a hand to him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 06:37 *takes her hand*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:38 *tessers them both to Stadtler*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:39 *lets go, puts her hands in her pockets, and starts walking*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 06:41 *follows* If you don't mind me asking... Why Stadtler?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 06:47 I just wanted somewhere else to go to that's not too remote.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 06:50 Understandable.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 07:06 *has taken them somewhere in between the observatory and the docks* Have you ever been to the observatory?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 07:10 I have once before. Not in a long while.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 07:14 What about the arcade?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 07:20 Never played any games, just rode the rides.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 07:28 Would you like to go to either of those places?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 07:28 If you don't want to or you're neutral we won't.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 07:39 If you have the time, why not go to both?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 07:46 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 07:47 *starts walking in the direction of the observatory*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 07:55 *they get there in about 20-30 minutes*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 08:05 *stares up at the top of the observatory* Never ceases to fascinate me; human engineering.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 08:16 Mm. *has only grown quieter as the walk went on, as she has been sobering up a bit**enters and pays for them both*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 08:23 *feels a little awkward being paid for but doesn't say anything*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 08:27 *goes to the elevator*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 08:30 *stands in the corner of the elevator* You've gotten considerably quieter.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 08:37 I don't have much to say.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 08:40 Ah. Nor do I right now..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 08:45 *hesitates, then says:* Don't feel like you need to pay me back. You already did with the drink.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 08:47 Oh.. Alright, thanks.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 09:10 *waits for the elevator to reach the top*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 09:16 When was the last time you were up here?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 09:25 ...I don't know...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 09:25 Probably...probably decades...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 09:27 Wow.. That's quite awhile.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 09:28 We took my younger brother up here when he was a kid.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 09:28 I haven't been back since...well, since now.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 09:28 *doesn't look at him*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 15:22 I'm not certain I've met your brother.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 19:24 You probably haven't. He's been away for a while.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.8 19:26 Though...have you seen him? His name is Aidan and he has black-ish hair and light blue eyes. He likes wearing a gray cape.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.8 20:33 I don't believe I've seen him. Maybe I have caught glimpses of him, but I can't be sure.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 00:45 *steps out of the elevator and looks around again* Exocoel really is a gorgeous place. Despite its issues, I'm glad to call it home...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 04:47 *follows him out of the elevator**nods a little, looking around*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 04:49 ...Are you sure you haven't seen him at all?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 04:56 I have not. Sorry
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 05:02 *nods and goes silent*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 05:10 If I see him I will let you know right away.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 05:18 Okay, thanks...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 05:39 *walks to the edge of the observatory, to a telescope* Have you ever wanted to touch the planet's rings?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 05:43 I guess...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 06:00 Have you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:02 They're still a mystery.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:03 I always have wanted to see them in person. Maybe one day we'll figure out just what they're made of.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 06:07 They still don't know after all this time?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:08 It's still not exactly something our science has had much interest in exploring. What a shame.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 06:19 True...but still...last time I heard something along those lines was a little under forty years ago...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:23 *nods and stares out at the sky for awhile* This makes the idea of stargazing rather appealing...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 06:29 Surely they'd send someone with the proper abilities up there...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:31 Abilities? There aren't THAT MANY mages around here. Besides, the biggest field of science here is mostly focused on genetics.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 06:33 What are they researching in particular?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:39 I don't know. They keep their work secret.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 06:45 Huh...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:54 *keeps his eyes on the sky* Is there something on your mind?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 06:56 Yes...but it doesn't concern you.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 06:57 I know.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 07:07 *avoids eye contact by looking at the rings*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 07:18 I'll try to never pry, but I'll always make it clear that I am here to listen.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 07:23 There's nothing I have to talk about with anyone outside the family.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 07:40 As I said I will try not to pry. I just know that some people do better talking about their problems. *sits down* Not always.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 07:51 How long do you want to stay here?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 07:57 That's all up to you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 08:03 I think I'm about ready to go.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 08:09 Well just say the word and we can go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 08:28 ...You can stay if you would prefer to be up here.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 08:40 No no. I'm out here because you didn't want to be alone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 08:42 ...Well...let's go then. *turns to leave*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 08:44 *stands up and follows Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 08:48 *leaves the observatory and walks to the arcade*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 09:09 *turns towards him slightly* So you've never played the games here?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 16:16 I havent really been that into video games. At least I've just never had much opportunity to play. *pauses* I hope you're doing this because you want to, not to keep me entertained.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.9 20:09 Let's try some of the games. *walks into the arcade*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.9 20:22 *follows* You might have to teach me..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 02:36 [My family wants to watch a movie and I have some work to do, so I will be a bit late tonight. I've been complaining to my dad about how Minecraft runs on my computer, and we have determined it's not so much a problem with RAM as it is a problem with an
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 02:38 inadequate CPU. He has a more powerful laptop that we wants me to test Minecraft on and he might be willing to donate that laptop to me (he doesn't use it much), so I will be open to multiplayer Minecraft later tonight.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 02:39 [I'll have to do some work prior to Minecraft, though, so I won't be able to play from the moment I come online later.]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 02:40 *that he
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 05:42 It's not too hard...each game has controls such as buttons that lets you interact with things on the screen.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.10 05:48 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 05:59 *goes into the arcade*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.10 06:21 *isn't sure where he should go*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 06:28 *goes and buys a whole bunch of tokens**comes over and gives Siegfried half of them*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.10 08:59 *tries out a few of the games. Some are proving difficult for him while others not so much*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.10 20:18 (I had more thoughts about Thunor last night. Something most in character regarding his learning of emotions)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 20:22 [Ooo, okay. What did you come up with?]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.10 20:27 *plays some games solo for a while, but generally stays in an area where Siegfried is still visible to her**finally walks over to see how he's doing on a game he's having some trouble with*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.10 20:41 (I guess you'll read about it later)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.11 04:50 Having trouble?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.11 07:20 Uhh... Little bit..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.11 07:27 Here, let me...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.11 07:37 *backs up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.11 09:14 *quickly takes the controls* It takes som
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.11 09:14 *some coordination to do this... *dodges several enemy attacks and takes out a few enemies*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.11 20:09 *watches, trying to understand how the game works*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.12 02:55 [I'll be late again tonight. XP]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 05:57 *tries giving him a few tips and barely manages to make it through the level* I'm rusty...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 05:58 *dies rather quickly in the next level**sighs* I'm VERY rusty...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 05:58 *some loud laughter is heard coming from a section with multiplayer games*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 06:09 *glances over at them*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.12 06:09 *looks over toward the direction of the laughter*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 06:26 *looks down for a few moments**then holds her tokens out to him* I ought to get going. You can have the rest of these. I don't need them.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.12 06:33 But... A-... Alright then...?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 06:48 I can give you my phone number and you can give me a call if you want me to take you back to Urmukka.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.12 06:49 I can make my own way back, thank you...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:09 It's a fairly long trip...you sure?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.12 07:21 Yeah. I've made it several times before. You just take care of yourself. I'll be alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:22 ...Well...alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:23 See you around... *turns and opens a portal back to Urmukka**steps through it and closes the portal*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.12 07:27 *turns his attention back to the people who were laughing*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:31 ~THE NEXT DAY...~
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:41 *wakes up later in the morning than he usually does but doesn't get up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:42 *has stayed home since she got back to Urmukka**makes Saxon some breakfast and brings it to him*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.12 07:44 *got very little sleep**has assigned Jane some reading and homework to keep her occupied*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.12 07:46 *sits on the back porch and stares out at the woods*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:54 *rolls onto his side to better face Eira* ...You didn't have to...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 07:57 *shrugs her shoulders* It's not a matter of having to or not having to... *sets the plate and cup down on the nightstand*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:11 Thank you...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:13 No problem. How are you feeling?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:17 I ache all over, but that is expected
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:21 Is there anything I can do?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:23 *shakes his head* You've done enough.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:26 You sure?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:31 Yeah..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:38 Okay...I'm going to eat too...call me if you need anything, okay?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.12 08:44 I will.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.12 09:13 *goes and eats her breakfast*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.13 02:36 *sits up and picks at his food. Doesn't eat much*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.13 05:02 *stays out on the porch**Eira brings breakfast out to her and Aedona quietly thanks her**Eira leaves*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.13 05:02 *doesn't touch the food**hasn't been hungry for a while*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.13 06:55 *finishes his drink but leaves the food*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 05:07 *checks on Jane and her mother, then goes to check on Saxon again**briefly peeks in his room*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 05:35 *is still sitting up. Hasn't really moved much*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 05:36 Hi...you need anything? *glances at his food*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 06:10 No, I'm fine. ...I think I'll go for a bit of a walk.. *gets out of bed and limps to his dresser and puts on a plain shirt*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 06:23 Okay...would you mind if I came with you, or would you rather be alone?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 06:30 I wouldn't mind if you came along.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 06:42 Alright, I'll get my shoes. *goes and puts her shoes on*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.14 07:08 *comes back inside**heads towards Saxon's bedroom*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 08:53 *goes back to sitting on the edge of the bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.14 09:39 *sees Saxon and Eira, but notices that they seem to be getting ready to go out and decides to turn around and head back downstairs*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:41 *starts to say something, but cuts himself off and looks down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:42 What is it?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:43 N-nothing... *sighs as he stands up* You ready to go?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:44 *glances back at where Aedona was* Did you...did you want to talk to Mom?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:46 I don't know what I'd say..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:53 Oh...alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:58 If you do want to talk to her I can wait...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 09:59 I do, but... I'm afraid I'll just say something wrong.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 10:04 ...I think she's afraid of doing the same.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 10:06
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 10:06 [Oops]
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 10:07 It's getting us nowhere..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.14 10:08 Maybe we could consider talking to her together after the walk?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.14 22:38 Maybe.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.15 05:23 Alright...you ready to go?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 05:27 Yeah.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 05:27 Let's go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.15 05:40 *heads outside with him*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.15 05:41 ~AFTER THEIR WALK...~ *returns to the house with Saxon*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 05:42 *is sitting at a table with her hands on her forehead as she tries and fails to write**Jane is caring for her pets in the treehouse*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 06:52 *stops at the end of the room, watching Aedona. Looks down after a few moments, but doesn't walk away*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.15 07:07 *stops, looking at her parents*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 07:08 *says very quietly:* There are some things that I think we should talk about...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 07:40 Alright...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 07:42 Just between you and me...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 07:43 *looks at Eira for a moment, then looks back down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.15 07:47 *hesitates, then quietly leaves*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 07:56 *her tone remains quiet* I'm sorry about my behavior at the party...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 08:13 I wish I could have handled things better.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 08:38 I wish I could've too...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 08:39 And I haven't been honest with you on a...variety of things...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 08:45 *just responds with a fairly quiet "mm"*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:02 Saxon...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:03 I never wanted to hurt you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 09:11 Just as I never wanted to hold you back...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:14 You aren't the main problem...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:15 *gets up and forces herself to turn towards him* Saxon...I have feelings for Malaucay...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:15 But I'm willing to keep trying...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 09:15 I don't care who or what the main problem is...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:15 Especially if you want us to...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 09:16 *said that before she continued*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 09:18 ..I figured you did. But... I don't want you to be suffering over this...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:28 And I don't want you to be suffering...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:29 You've suffered for over thirty years...I want to stop that...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 09:30 Not if it's breaking you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:32 Helping you shouldn't break me. It shouldn't break anyone.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 09:33 I agree, but that is what's been happening.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 09:48 I can try to change.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 18:24 You can try, but I know those feelings will not fade. You can only learn to cope with them and that's a pain I do not want you to suffer through. If you'd be happier with him..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.15 19:04 ...Your happiness matters too.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 19:06 But I won't be happy living like this...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.15 19:07 ...knowing you could be better off..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 05:18 Would you be much happier with me elsewhere?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 05:38 Nothing would make me happier than to be with you forever, but could you really be happy with me? Happier than you could be with him?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 05:44 *stops looking at him**guilt is written all over her face*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 05:49 I have gotten a little better at communicating, but I have a long way to go before I can be the man you loved..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 05:55 I still love you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 06:11 I know... But there's so much I still can't control... I keep hurting you..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 06:21 And I keep hurting you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 06:40 It's a dangerous cycle...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 06:44 I want it to stop...I just want to do something for once that'd be the best for both of us...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 07:04 The best for me is still unknown to the both of us...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 07:15 We can't just ignore what you need.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 07:31 I am not certain of exactly what I need anymore.... So I would rather focus on what you need..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 07:38 *says more quietly* Do you need me?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 07:50 I.... I know I want you... *looks down* I think you're what I need... I'm sorry.... I've lost so much confidence....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 07:58 If I'm what you need...I can't just...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 08:06 You can... And you'd be living a happier life. I know that such knowledge would put my heart at ease..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 08:10 ...Can you be so sure about that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 08:13 I can... I want you to be happier..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 08:27 *stands there for a minute**then sits back down again, staring at a wall* You want us to...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 08:34 .....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 08:36 Do you...?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 08:40 ...No... But it might be best....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 08:49 Best for both of us?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 09:08 *doesn't respond*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.16 09:18 No...it wouldn't be best for you...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.16 15:06 At least one of us will get what we want. Better than both of us not.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 03:08 [I will be very late tonight.]
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 06:59 That's not true...if I stayed you could get what you want...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 07:46 ...I don't want to go round and round about this...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 08:27 *goes silent*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 08:47 I'm sorry.... I am going to be stubborn here when I say I care more about your happiness because you have more of a chance of succeeding..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 10:25 Who says I have more of a chance?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 10:30 I do.....
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 22:52 And what about Eira? And Jane and the rest of the Surtils?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 22:53 If we went through with...it wouldn't just affect us...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 23:31 The Surtils will be just fine. I'm afraid I do not know how Eira or Jane would be affected.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 23:44 I know that this is one of the last things Eira wants to happen...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 23:45 I know...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 23:48 It'll be hard to handle... I don't know what to do there.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 23:53 I don't want to do this to her...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 23:54 Neither of us do...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.17 23:55 I spent almost the last 40 years of my life fighting for what would make her happy...and now I keep being drawn toward things that would undo at least part of that...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.17 23:59 I wish I had something to say there. I really don't want to say that it's just life...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 00:13 ...I don't want to do this if it isn't best for everyone...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 00:19 You can't satisfy everyone...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 00:30 But I can try not to hurt everyone...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 00:33 You do try..
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 00:35 And you most certainly do not hurt everyone..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 00:35 But if it comes down to this, maybe I didn't try hard enough...maybe I--we need a bit more time...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 04:49 If that's what you think..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 05:17 *sits in silence for a minute**then says:* ...I've been telling myself that every day for at least a month.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 05:28 I don't want to make this decision alone, but... No matter what we choose, I'll still feel the same about you. I won't hate you. I couldn't...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 05:45 ...I just don't know if this is the right choice...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 05:46 We keep hurting each other no matter how hard we try to change, so in that regard...but still...there might be a chance...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 05:53 ...Do we want to keep trying, though? Is it worth the pain we keep causing one another?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 05:58 At this point...I don't know...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 06:16 I think.... We should stop stalling and just make the decision... I feel it'll only hurt more, the longer we wait..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 06:20 *goes silent for a minute again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 06:21 *says very quietly:* Do you think it'd be better for both of us if we got a divorce?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 06:27 *flinches* I.... Maybe... *closes his eyes* ...It's hard to say yes..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 06:38 *covers her face with her hands, nodding ever so slightly*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 06:38 ...I...I think so......too...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 06:39 I'm sorry...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 06:47 *walks toward Aedona* I'm sorry, too..
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 06:49 *her upper body shakes slightly, but otherwise doesn't move*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 06:49 *otherwise she
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 07:17 *hugs her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 07:21 *takes her hands off of her face and hugs him back, her arms over his shoulders*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 07:24 *breathes deeply and shakily through her nose*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 07:43 *when she finally lets go she avoids eye contact with him**looks ashamed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 07:52 *leans forward and puts her elbows on the table, covering her face with her hands again*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 07:59 Please... Don't beat yourself up too much... It's not all your fault... This is OUR decision...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 08:06 *hesitates, then nods and says "Okay" very quietly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:17 *comes back home about 20 minutes later*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:23 *looks for her parents*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 08:23 *is still at the table*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:25 *is sitting at the table as well*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:31 Did I...um...did I come back too early?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:45 I don't think so..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:47 *looks at them both for a few moments**then says:* What happened?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:48 What's going on?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 08:52 Well...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 08:55 ...We decided that...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:00 ...That perhaps... *takes a deep breath* ...That perhaps we should... *looks down at the table*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:01 *just stares at them*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 09:02 That perhaps we should...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 09:02 Get a...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 09:05 *winces as she finally gets out the last word * Divorce...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:06 No...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:10 No, why would you do that?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:13 ...This isn't healthy... What we've been struggling with... We have been trying, but it's... Not working like we hoped..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:23 But you were making progress...you can't, doing THIS is what's unhealthy!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:23 You can't!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:25 *her eyes are wide and she's having a hard time keeping her breathing steady*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.18 09:26 Eira, we've tried...we just keep hurting each other...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:27 Yes, and that has to stop, but not like this! Not like this!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:30 I'm sorry...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:31 *is talking faster than usual* There's more that can be done. I can help you both. We just have to keep trying.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:51 Eira.... We have been trying... Not everything can be saved... You can try to help, but then you're not giving yourself the opportunity to live your own life.. I want both you and your mother to have that opportunity. We may be apart, but it doesn't mean
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.18 09:52 we don't care... This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make, but I feel it will be the best option in the long run... For everyone.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 05:10 But I want to live here with you two. Being here with my family--this is what I want!
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 05:14 Tearing the family apart...this can't be the best option.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 05:19 It is... I'm sorry. I know how much you love your family, but you have so much life that you're missing trying to keep us together..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 05:28 I'm not...I was missing life when you were both gone...now you're here...I can't miss anything when I have you...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.19 05:43 Eira...it's wrong for us to be a burden on you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 05:44 You haven't been a burden on me. I've chosen to do this and I'm completely fine with it.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:02 I'm sorry if I find that hard to believe..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:12 You are not a burden on me! Don't do this because of me!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:14 It's not because of you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:19 Then what is it?!
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:32 It's mostly just because of us..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:35 "Mostly?"
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:40 *looks at Aedona
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:40 **
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 06:41 ...Is this because of you and--
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.19 06:41 *has been keeping her eyes on her clasped hands on the table* No...only partially...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:02 No one here alone is to blame.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:20 You sometimes blame yourself for things you shouldn't, Dad...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:21 *shouldn't blame yourself for,
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:26 It's not like I have no blame here
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:31 You've been sick.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:40 That's no excuse.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:42 We've been through this. It's not an excuse, it's the truth.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 07:49 The truth doesn't make it any less of a problem for both of you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 08:13 *goes silent*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 08:27 I know this is going to be difficult to handle, at least for awhile.... But I do believe it is for the best..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 08:35 You can't...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 08:36 This isn't the best for all of us...at the very least this isn't the best for me...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 08:36 It's not right to blame you for things you've done that you couldn't control...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 08:55 I don't really want to argue about whether or not I should be blamed for anything...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 09:20 *was glancing at Aedona a lot while stating that last sentence*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 09:21 *goes silent again**Aedona also keeps her mouth shut*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 09:26 I'm sorry, Eira..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 09:30 *at first moves to push hair off her forehead and then winds up clutching at her scalp with both hands* Don't do this...please...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 09:36 *doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 09:37 *her voice cracks* Please don't do this...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 09:43 We've already decided...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 10:25 But you can change your minds...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.19 10:27 Just change your minds...*raises her voice* For gods' sake, change your minds!! *tears her hands out of her hair, looking like she's about to punch something, but stops herself*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 10:28 *flinches*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.19 10:42 *covers her face with her hands again*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.19 10:42 Eira, I'm so sorry...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.19 18:42 *doesn't say anything at all*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 05:19 *her voice gets quieter* Change your minds...please... *turns away, leaning forward against a wall, putting her arm between her forehead and the wall*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 05:51 *doesn't respond*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 05:52 *her voice is muffled and slightly more high-pitched* Change your minds...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.20 05:56 Eira... We're not changing our minds... I'm sorry..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 05:57 *trembles slightly* Why?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.20 06:00 Because we've tried for so long already and had plenty of time to think about this...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 06:15 *hits the wall* You can't--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 06:15 You can't just--
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.20 06:16 Eira, stop..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 06:17 *slides down the wall onto her knees**had raised her voice, but it grows quieter again* You can't...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.20 06:20 ...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 06:41 *goes silent, trembling and keeping her face hidden behind her arms and hair*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:18 *stays there for a while, occasionally sniffling and/or repeating herself (e.g. saying "You can't," "Don't do this," etc.)*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 07:19 *gets up quietly*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:20 *eventually makes his way upstairs. Seemed reluctant to go, but couldn't handle staying down at the table any longer*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 07:21 *walks over to Eira, trying to put her hand on her shoulder**Eira flinches away from her as soon as she feels Aedona's finger*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 07:22 *hesitates, then walks out and sits on the back porch, staring out at the woods*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:32 *stays on the floor with her arms around her knees and her head down**after a while she finally lifts her forehead off of her arms**her face is red and her eyes are puffy*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:33 *looks around**starts shaking a bit more when she sees that she is alone*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 07:38 *tessers away*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:39 *comes into the main house* Hello?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:40 Mommy? *finds Eira*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:41 *stares at Eira for a few moments* Are you okay?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:41 ...No...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:41 What's wrong?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:42 *shakes her head*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:43 What is it?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:43 ...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:44 *her voice is a bit scratchy* Can I have a hug?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:44 Okay. *walks over and hugs Eira around the neck*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:44 *hugs her back tightly**tears fall as she closes her eyes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:47 You're shaking...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:48 Are you crying-- *tries to pull back so she can see Eira's face, but Eira puts her hand on the back of Jane's head*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:50 Don't...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:51 *sighs through her nose and keeps hugging Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:52 *puts her hand back around Jane's back**they stay like this for a few minutes before she finally lets go of Jane*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:53 You can go...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:53 Why are you crying?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:53 Just go.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:54 *Jane starts to walk away* Wait-- *Jane pauses**thinks for a few moments, then shakes her head* Nevermind. Go.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.20 07:54 *walks out, looking for her mother*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:55 *pulls herself up stiffly and starts heading upstairs to look for her father*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:55 *stops about 3/4 of the way and sits down*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 07:55 *leans her head against the wall*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 08:57 ~ABOUT A WEEK LATER...~
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 08:58 *she and Saxon have agreed on what to divide up**she just wanted the things she already owned and a place to stay**wound up getting a small, quiet rental property outside of town; Saxon has made the first few payments on it**has also received money from
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 09:01 him, though she tried to minimize how much he gave her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 09:02 *they have signed all the papers and she has just finished moving the last of their (her and Jane's) things to their rental home**Jane has been confused and a bit upset throughout this whole thing--she particularly did not enjoy having to relocate her
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 09:03 pets, and now she already misses the treehouse on top of missing the mansion*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 09:04 *Eira has remained quiet and elusive, hovering around the Surtil house like a ghost, not saying almost anything to anyone**Eira has stopped talking to Aedona entirely, and the people she's talked to the most are Saxon and Jane, though she's still said
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 09:04 very little*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:06 *hasn't made much effort to leave his house, other than to head out to buy food*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 09:07 *enters her little house, sighing as she closes the door behind her**Jane is sitting nearby, poking at one of her toys absent-mindedly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:09 *sits at the table her parents were at when she last talked to them both**has her phone out in front of her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:10 *fiddles with it for a while, shoving it around**then decides to call Kieron*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:11 Kieron: *answers after awhile* Hello?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.20 09:11 *goes into the bathroom to wash up a little**winds up staring at herself in the mirror, looking at herself as a Gunvaldssen for the first time in many decades*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:13 Hey...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:13 *her voice is quiet, scratchy, and a bit monotone* How are you doing?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:13 Kieron: What's up...?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:14 *asked that before she continued*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:15 Kieron: I'm not dead. ...I should be the one asking how you're doing? You never sound like this.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:16 ...I want to go traveling with you.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:18 Kieron: I'm not certain you want to join my "adventures". They're not exactly fun.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:19 What do you mean?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:24 Kieron: Nothing happens other than a bit of travel, then finding myself in a fair bit of trouble. It's repetitive but overall a learning experience for me.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:25 That's alright...I'm not looking for fun anyway...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:28 Kieron: You don't sound okay. If I've learned anything, it's that you cannot afford to be distracted by other things during these travels.
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:29 Kieron: My concern is that you might not be able to handle what nature here throws at me on a daily basis.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:30 I just need to get out of here for a while.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:30 Is that too much to ask?
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:31 Kieron: I don't think I'm the right person to go to for that.... I'm sorry..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:34 I just...I want to go away for a while but I don't want to be alone...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:35 My family...it... *struggles to control her breathing*
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:35 Kieron: Is there no one around there that you can confide in?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:40 Not really...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:41 Kieron: No one in that place you live? No one at all?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:46 Just Dad...he's in no condition to talk about it...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:49 Kieron: I'm sorry. I just don't think what I'm up to now is suitable for you.. Especially in your case at this time..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:52 *is silent for a few moments**her voice sounds extremely strained as she tries not to cry again* My parents got divorced...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:53 I don't know what to do...I feel like I'm suffocating in here...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:54 Kieron: Then get out of there. You mean to tell me you've made no friends after all this time?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:56 I have, I just...none of them are that kind...they've got lives of their own... *sniffles*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 09:56 I...I shouldn't have bothered you...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 09:57 Kieron: It was worth asking. I'm sorry I couldn't be of help.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.20 10:03 It's...it's alright...goodbye...
8>Pierce (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.20 10:07 Kieron: Goodbye.... *hangs up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.21 05:38 *sets her phone down on the table slowly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 05:55 *knocks on the bathroom door* Mommy? I need to go to the bathroom...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 05:56 *is on the floor**tries to sound normal* Oh--okay... *snags a tissue and wipes her face with it**gets up, throwing the tissue away, and leaves the bathroom*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 06:05 *after she's done in the bathroom, she comes out and says:* Can I go play with my friends?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 06:06 *has gone to the kitchen to look for something to drink**sighs, realizing she has to run some errands* Sure.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 06:07 I need to go to town too, anyway...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 06:34 *gets her things and heads into town with Jane*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 06:37 *lets Jane run off to the other kids while she goes shopping*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 06:38 *she tries to play for a while, but she finds herself oddly unenthusiastic about it and/or often sitting at the sidelines (not because she's being pushed out of games, but because she chooses to exclude herself)*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 06:41 *finally just gets up and decides to leave**starts walking in the direction of Mayhem's project*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 06:43 *at this point the house actually looks like a house from the outside*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 06:48 *has her hands in her pants pockets and her hood on her green cape up**visits his work-in-progress house for the first time in a week**stops and looks up at it, her eyes widening at the sight of its/his progress*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 06:50 *is currently inside putting up insulation*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 06:53 *walks inside, looking up and around in awe**stumbles on some tools since she wasn't watching where her feet were going*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 06:54 *stops what he's doing and looks down at Jane* Are you alright?!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 06:56 *catches herself with her hands on the floor* Yeah... *stands back upright*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:01 Everything alright? *climbs down the ladder* You haven't stopped by in awhile.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:03 I guess...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:03 Mommy and I have been moving out...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.21 07:08 You have??
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.21 07:11 (whoops I switched to the computer)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:12 (Apparently I was still logged in)
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:12 [Ah, okay]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:16 *nods*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:17 Does that mean your mom and Saxon...?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:18 I don't like it...there's not enough room for my lizards...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:18 *said that before he continued*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:18 *hesitates, fidgeting with her feet*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:19 ...Mommy and Saxon got a divorce...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:22 Oh... I'm sorry.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:26 I liked Saxon...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:26 *turns away, shrugging her shoulders to herself and intending to go over and sit down somewhere, but stops*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:27 *pauses for a couple moments, then walks over to Mayhem and hugs him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:31 *picks Jane up and hugs her*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:34 I miss Saxon's house...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:35 I miss Saxon and Eira and Pierce...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:35 ...I miss your mansion...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:36 Pierce? Pierce lives at his own house. What's stopping you from seeing him?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:39 I've been staying with Mommy more...I'm worried about her.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:39 She's not handling it well, is she?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:40 And I tried visiting him yesterday...he's gone.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:40 *said that before he continued*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:40 *shakes her head*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:42 Pierce will be back.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:42 As for you mom... I knew it was going to be hard on her..
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:45 *looks confused* You knew they were going to get a divorce?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:47 I didn't know. I did think about the possibility, though.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:48 Oh...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 07:51 I'm really sorry that it actually happened.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 07:58 *says nothing, just rests her head on his shoulder/the side of his neck and hugs him a bit more tightly*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:01 Is there anything I can do for you?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:04 Can we visit the horses again?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:05 And Cadmael and Amy?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:06 Of course we can. Now?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:10 If you wanna...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:13 I can make time to do whatever you want. We just need to make sure your mom knows where you are.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:15 Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:15 Mommy's shopping.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:17 Let's go find her, then.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:18 *pushes away from him, indicating that she wants to be put down*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:26 *puts her down and heads out the front door*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:31 *follows him*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:37 *walks to town and looks for Aedona*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:39 Mommy said we needed more food.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:39 *has walked along with him, holding his hand*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:44 If you need more food I can always get some fruit and vegetables from my garden. Can't say anything about a source of meat, though.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:45 Do you have lollipops?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 08:49 No, but I can buy some.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 08:53 Can you? Please?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 09:00 Sure. I'll pick some up next time I go to Ahntor.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 09:15 Okay!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 09:17 *comes out of one of the buildings and goes to buy some beans at one of the stalls*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 09:23 *spots her mother while looking around rather idly* Look! *yanks on Mayhem's hand and points to her**she's about 60 feet away*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 09:25 *starts heading toward Aedona once he sees her*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 09:36 *is facing the other way**doesn't know they're coming*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 09:41 *lets Jane go up to Aedona first*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 09:43 Mommy~
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 09:43 *!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 09:47 Hm? What is i-- *turns around and freezes when she realizes Mayhem is there*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.21 09:47 Malaucay's going to take me to see the horses and Cadmael and Amy again!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 09:48 Oh...that's...um...that's fine.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 09:52 You're more than welcome to come with us if you're interested.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.21 19:23 No, I'm alright...I have some more errands to run...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 19:39 (EEEEEEEEE)
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 19:46 That's alright. By the way if you need more food I can let you and Jane pick from my garden.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.21 19:46 It'll certainly save you money.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 05:00 Oh, thank you.
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 05:01 I already got produce...I'll have to ask to go to the garden next time..
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 05:08 Okay
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 05:14 Jane, you ready to go?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 05:16 Yeah.
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 05:23 Horses or Cadmael and Amy first?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 05:26 Cadmael and Amy!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 05:31 Alright. *teleports them to his garden and from there walks to the mansion*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 05:33 *at first trails behind him, looking around and taking in the nostalgia**then runs ahead of him and into the mansion* CADMAEL? AMY?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 05:37 ~LATER..~
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 05:37 *...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 05:53 *has regained her energy after a day of fun with Cadmael, Amy, and horse-riding**finally returns to Urmukka with Mayhem*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 05:58 *carries two boxes under one arm and holds Jane's hand as he walks back to Aedona's house after their day with Cadmael and Amy*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:02 *leads the way*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:02 *moves to open the door when they get there*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:05 *gives Jane the boxes* Remember. The top box goes to your mom, okay?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:08 *enters the house* Mommy, I'm home!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:08 [Nvm that]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:08 Okay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:08 You're not staying?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:09 I dont know if I should right now.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:13 Oh, okay...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:16 Maybe another day.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:16 When can we go to the candy shop again?
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:19 When you finish that box of yours. *pauses* ....Uhhh... Plus a week at least. Don't go eating all of that at once. I like life, thank you very much.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:24 Aww...alright...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:31 I need to go home now and you need to go to sleep.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:34 Okay...goodnight! *tries to hug him the best she can while still holding the boxes*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:34 *smiles and hugs Jane, then backs up so she can close the door*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:35 Goodnight.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:42 *closes the door with her foot*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:42 Mommy, I'm home!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:42 *cringes slightly as she sets down the boxes on a little table* Mommy? It smells weird...
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:43 *goes back home and lies down in bed*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 06:43 *has dozed off with a number of empty bottles beside her**wakes up with a start upon hearing Jane*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 06:44 Jane? *gets out of bed and rubs her eyes as Jane starts turning on some more of the lights**leaves the bedroom*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:49 Malaucay got us candy!
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 06:54 *sits up moments later and opens his journal to a blank page near the back and writes*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 06:56 *gets her box and opens it and starts sucking on one of the lollipops*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 06:56 Jane, it's a bit late for sugar...just have that one, okay? Jane: Mmm...
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 06:57 *walks over, looking at the other box* This one's for me? Jane: *nods* Mmmhmm!
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 06:58 *opens her box*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:04 *inside are various candies he thinks she'd like. There's also a folded up paper in the box*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:09 *picks out one of the candies and tries it**also takes out the paper and unfolds it*
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:12 *the original note just says "I'm sorry", but another line of text appears moments later* "You are taking care of yourself.... Right?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:16 *frowns slightly, thinking**then walks over, gets a pencil, and comes back to the table and sits down*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 07:16 What have you got?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:16 A note from Malaucay.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 07:16 What's it say?
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:17 It's private. Have you eaten? Jane: Yeah. Aedona: Then finish your lollipop and go to bed, alright?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 07:17 *sighs* Okay...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Jul.22 07:18 *goes to check on her lizards and Naedyrm while she's sucking on her lollipop*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:18 *hesitates, thinking, then writes:* "I am."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:20 *wasn't exactly expecting to get a response so soon* "You've been drinking. How much?"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:28 "Not enough to get drunk"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:29 "I can't help but be concerned for you.."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:34 "I can care for myself and Jane."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:35 "I didn't say you couldn't. I'm just worried about you."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:43 *after a minute of nothing from her end, she finally writes:* "I think I just need some time to think about everything."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:43 "Don't worry about me."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:49 "Alright. Just know that I'm here for you anytime."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:49 "I can't help but worry about you."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:54 "Thank you for being there for me. I just don't want you wasting your energy by worrying like this."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 07:56 "It's no trouble for me."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 07:59 "You sure?"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 08:01 "Absolutely"
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 08:19 *stops writing for a couple minutes**hears Jane laughing a bit as she fumbles around with her pets*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 08:20 *starts writing again* "Thanks for the candy."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 08:31 "No problem. I'll tell you the same thing I told Jane. Don't eat it all at once."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 08:34 *smiles slightly* "I'll follow your advice and see if I can make sure Jane does the same."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 08:51 *rubs one of her eyes with her free hand**then writes* "I need to go to sleep."
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 08:55 "Then sleep. Sweet dreams."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 08:59 "Goodnight."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 08:59 *is about to put the pencil down, but hesitates*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 09:00 "Are you planning to visit me tonight?"
2>Mayhem (Ikri. God of Night), ??yo.2020,Jul.22 09:13 "Only if you'd like me to."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 09:16 "No, I'll be alright. Goodnight."
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 09:16 *finally sets down the pencil*
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 09:22 *goes to Jane and reminds her to go to bed once she's done with her lollipop (which she isn't)
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 09:22 **
11>Aedona (Goddess of Twilight), 175yo.2020,Jul.22 09:23 *is very tired**she wants to stay up and make sure Jane goes to sleep, but she winds up falling asleep within a minute of lying back down*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.22 18:03 *heads over to the bar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.22 18:17 *has already been at the bar for a while*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.22 18:22 *this is the first time she's been here in a week*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.22 20:05 *sits at the bar, beside Eira* How are you holding up?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 03:55 *shrugs her shoulders and sips her drink*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 03:57 That bad, huh? *orders a drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 07:03 *says nothing**looks at her glass, rotating it around bit by bit with her fingers*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 07:14 *even though her hair is back up in a braid, her braid is messier than usual*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 07:28 I'm sorry for what you're going through.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 07:32 And how would you know what I'm going through?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 07:34 I've seen this before.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 07:43 The look of dejection on ones face when their life as they know it falls apart.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 07:49 *her tone is still rather monotone* Why do you care?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 07:52 Because unlike everyone else here, your family has serious issues to handle. I've always taken it upon myself to try and be of help. Also I think you're fun to talk with.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 07:56 *rotates her glass another 120 degrees and then takes another sip* ...Where are you headed again?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 08:07 I'm headed up North this time. Fairly small job but it must be done.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 08:10 What's it like up there?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 08:13 Icy. Lots of little volcanoes. Not a bad place.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 08:19 Can I come with you?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 08:30 I don't see why not.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 08:32 When are you leaving?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 08:36 A week at most.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 08:36 I can technically leave whenever.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 08:42 Could you set a specific date?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 08:44 Well when would you like to go?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 08:50 *hesitates, thinking**finishes her drink in one big gulp**then looks towards him* The day after tomorrow.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 08:52 I'll wait outside here that morning, then.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 08:59 *nods a little and orders another drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 09:22 I'll be there. *takes a big swig of her drink*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 09:34 *shakes her head a little to clear it, then finishes her drink and pays the bartender*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 09:38 I look forward to travelling with you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 09:48 *says "You too" quietly**seems rather preoccupied*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 09:48 *turns to leave, but pauses and turns back towards him slightly* What are you doing up north, exactly?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 09:53 I shouldn't say in public. Not that it's something super secret, just a bit of my own policy.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 10:01 Oh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 10:01 Would you be willing to tell me while walking home?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 10:04 Walking home? *tilts his head slightly*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 10:16 I'm thinking of heading home, but if you're staying here we can talk about this tomorrow.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 10:25 I can walk with you. *pays his tab and gets up*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 10:33 No, you don't have to...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 10:56 Too late I already paid.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 11:02 *sighs* Alright...let's go, then... *starts walking out*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 11:18 *follows Eira*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 11:20
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 11:21 [Oops]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 11:22 *walks towards her house*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 11:22 *the Surtil house*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 11:36 There's a settlement in the mountains up north. Usually they keep constant contact with the larger cities, but lately they haven't been responding to any communications.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 11:54 Do you know why?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 11:55 That's what we're going to find out.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 12:05 Alright.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 12:06 *stumbles on something a few seconds later**mutters a swear, holding out her arms to balance herself*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 12:07 All goes well and it was just some errors in the system.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 12:08 *said rhat before she stumbled*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 12:08 *catches Eira by the arm*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 12:09 I'm fine...
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 12:16 Are you sure about that?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 12:19 Absolutely. *wrenches her arm free* I can walk by myself-- *trips on a stick and winds up twisting around in mid-air as she tries not to fall and lands on her butt*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 12:19 *looks a bit pouty*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 12:23 ...I'm fine.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 17:39 ...No you're not. *helps Eira up, this time keeping a tighter grip on her*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 22:23 I am... *wriggles her arm a little*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 21:58 Well you can fight me when you're sober. Until then I'm going to make sure you make it home without any incidents.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.23 22:31 I'm not drunk.
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.23 22:41 Yeah. Sure
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 05:34 You don't believe me?
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.24 05:40 I don't.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 05:43 *tries to think of some rebuttal but can't come up with anything good, so she just silently walks with him, still looking a bit pouty*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.24 05:53 *takes Eira back home. Saxon spots them approaching from his bedroom window and runs down to meet them* make sure she gets to bed, please. Thank you.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 05:54 Yes, of course. Thank you. *glances from Eira to Siegfried several times, clearly confused.*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.24 05:54 Do get some rest, Eira.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 05:56 *doesn't look at her father's face**nods in response and tries to wrench her arm out of Siegfried's hand*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 05:59 *helps Eira into the house, simply nodding a farewell to Siegfried before closing the front door*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:01 *pushes away from Saxon and falls down into a chair at the first opportunity*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:05 *sits down in another chair and rest his forehead in his hand* Eira...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:08 ...what...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:10 Please.... Don't make that a habit... It won't solve your problems...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:13 I didn't drink THAT much...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:15 Someone had to help you get home..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:16 I didn't need help. I asked him to come with me.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:23 Who is that guy, anyway?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:29 He's the guy who hepped--hepled--he's the--he's the guy who--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:29 [BLEEP]--
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:30 He's the guy who helped with the Naedyrms.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:50 But who is he? I've never really seen him.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:53 What do you mean? He's Siegfried.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:55 I've never really met him..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 06:59 He's like...Pierce and Wren's family or something.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:03 Huh...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:11 Even though he looks like a homeless man he's really nice.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:14 He seems really nice.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:16 Yeah. He's kinda weird, though...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:17 Oh?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:19 Alcohol doesn't do much to him.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:20 Some people can handle their alcohol really well.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:20 *starts chuckling* I told him he might be divine and he said that was heresy... *is laughing now*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:25 *chuckles* A good response.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:26 Just...I... *her laughter fades rather quickly**seems to space out with her elbow on the armrest and her hand on her head*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:26 Hm?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:28 I agreed...um...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:31 *looks concerned and confused*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:32 I just...agreed. Yeah.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:34 Alright...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:38 ...I'm gonna go traveling soon.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:38 Traveling? That sounds like fun.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:39 Yeah...I'm gonna see more of Exocoel.
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:40 That'll be good for you. It's a pretty place.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:40 But I'll call you every day and visit you because I love you.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:41 *gets up in a rather wobbly manner and winds up holding onto the armrest while reaching towards Saxon with her other hand*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:41 Don't visit so often that it takes away from your experience.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:51 Okay...um...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:51 Hug?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:51 *manages to let go of the armrest and approach him some more, holding out both arms towards him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:53 *gets up and meets Eira halfway for a hug*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 07:59 *hugs him* I love you so much...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 08:15 I love you too..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 08:27 Is it okay that I'm going traveling?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 08:28 I don't want to make you lonely...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 08:37 I will be just fine..
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 08:37 Are you sure?
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 08:38 Because you...you lie about being fine sometimes...
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 08:56 Yes I am sure I'll be fine.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:12 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:13 *keeps hugging him*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:30 *after some time he backs off* I think we should turn in and try to sleep.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:32 *looks a little bit pouty* Do we have to?
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:33 Yes. We both need to get a good nights rest.
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:37 Okay...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:40 *yawns* You smell...citrusy...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:41 I like it... *starts heading to bed, putting her hand on the wall along the way*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 09:51 But it makes me sad...
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 10:03 *her voice grows quieter* I don't wanna be sad... *goes to the nearest bedroom, talking half to herself as she walks along, and flops onto the bed without taking her shoes off*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 10:04 *mutters partially to herself for a while longer, giggling to herself at one point, before falling asleep*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 15:34 *watches Eira for a few moments before heading to his own bed*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 17:22 (Methinks a time skip is due. Two days later? Morning?)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 18:49 [Sure!]
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 18:50 ~TWO DAYS LATER...~
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 18:52 *spent most of the previous day thinking and packing**gets up in the morning earlier than usual and has breakfast**has some trouble getting most of it down*
9>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Jul.24 18:52 *leans against the wall next to the front door of the bar*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 18:53 *checks her bag to make sure she has everything she needs**is about to close it back up when she notices her cloak hanging in her closet in the corner of her eye*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 18:54 *walks over and takes it out of the closet, brushing some dust off of it**turns towards a mirror, pulling it over her back and letting it hang from her shoulders without the brooch secured*
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Jul.24 18:55 *looks at herself for a few moments and then folds the cloak up quickly and stuffs it in her bag**zips her bag up and slings it over her shoulder**goes looking for Saxon*
7>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2020,Jul.24 18:57 (I gotta finish an order real quick)
13>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.