This game is destined to players of 13 to 999 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello and welcome to your KOREAN MUSIC world!
There are multiple ways to play in the virtual drama of South Korea:
-play as a talent agency (one of the Big 3, etc.)
-play as a trainee
-create your own musical group with friends
-play as a solo artist
-play as an existing musical group/artist

As a trainee, you can work with others to form a group under an agency and practice til debut.
After debut, you can pitch in ideas for new albums or release
your long awaited mixtapes.

As a talent agency, you can make a contract with a trainee from talent scouting, schedule interviews for the groups/ artists, rent larger apartments, studios, and/or buildings.

You can also play as a fan, producer, manager, talent scout or an employee, too!

Your musical genre/theme/role is up to you!!!!!!

HAVE FUN!!! (and please bookmark this game, okay?[www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=kpopidol] I've had enough of temporary players already)

2>Maeve (Main Dancer, Maknae), 16yo.2020,Jan.2 15:29  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=4  
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4>Chunho (Leader), 17yo.2020,Jan.13 19:49 hi
6>Lisa (Trainee, Singer), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 02:19 Hello
6>Lisa (Trainee, Singer), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 17:32  Buying Song Lyrics (x 1)  
6>Lisa (Trainee, Singer), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 17:34  Buying study english! (x 1)  
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5>Daseung (Trainee, (Rapper)), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 00:11 Hi :)
5>Daseung (Trainee, (Rapper)), 17yo.2020,Feb.19 00:13  Buying new album tracks (x 1)  
6>Lisa (Trainee, Singer), 16yo.2020,Feb.23 04:18 Hello! :) I'm new

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