" Ravenfield Academy (High School for Monsters and Supernatural Beings) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

'Diversitas: ars cogitandi seorsum simul'

Ravenfield Academy is an academic institution for different magical creatures and species like sirens, vampires, werewolves, hybrids, gorgons, ghosts, witches/wizards, psychics, humans with other superpowers(e.g shape-shifting, elemental) and many more. It was founded in 1740. The school is currently hidden from normies after the incident that happened last 1901.

- No bad minded messages and no swearing
- Be anything you want
- No doubling characters
- No overpowering/exaggerating actions
- Don't break the rules
- Don't be rude in real life only when roleplaying

- Respect the academic personnel and students
- Do well in school
- Be friendly to everyone
- Don't disturb the sleeping troll
- Don't jump at the lake near the campus without permission
- Gorgons must wear their beanies around people to avoid turning someone into a stone
- Listen to your teachers

- Boat Racing
- Sports Day
- Club Fair
- Family Day
- Appreciation Day

- History
- Potions and Alchemy
- Herbology
- Defense
- Astronomy
- Some Normie Subjects

This is inspired by Hogwarts and Nevermore
(The academic points are only for students while experience are for teachers)

1>Nerissa Douglas (Principal(Siren)), 49yo.2023,Jul.28 07:33 Hello everyone my name is Nerissa Douglas, the school principal but you can call me Ms. Douglas. You are all lucky to choose the Ravenfield Academy as your second home.
2>RAIDEN BOLT (THUNDER STUDENT), 15yo.2023,Jul.29 08:13 Hi
5>kim (student), 14yo.2023,Jul.29 09:05 hello
1>Nerissa Douglas (Principal(Siren)), 49yo.2023,Jul.29 15:31 You all may explore the whole school but be careful, don't get lost somewhere. Always follow the rules and protocols. And most importantly, don't disturb the sleeping troll.
6>Adriana C (sophomore), 16yo.2023,Jul.29 16:26  Secret message to Ben Kirkwood  
3>Ben Kirkwood (Hybrid Freshman), 15yo.2023,Jul.29 16:28  Secret message to Adriana C  
6>Adriana C (sophomore), 16yo.2023,Jul.29 16:29  Secret message to Ben Kirkwood  
4>Landon the Gorgon (2nd yr Stud), 16yo.2023,Jul.30 07:34 Hi Landon here
4>Landon the Gorgon (2nd yr Stud), 16yo.2023,Jul.30 07:34  Buying Beanie (x 1)  
6>Adriana C (sophomore), 16yo.2023,Aug.13 09:35  Buying Chewing Gum (x 1)  

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