" Chat: freinds of Walker, Angel, and Trent, Etc. "
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Hi peeps! just having a fun time here!

1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.5 01:41 sup peeps!
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.5 01:43 hello!!!!
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.5 01:43 how are you guys?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:44 hello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:45 hello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:45 play guinea pigs in daily life
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 01:46 Hi
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:46 this is called WAT
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:47 hello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:47 play guinea pigs in daily life
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 01:48
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 01:48 Great name!!
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 01:49  Secret message to walker  
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:50 walker you on
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.5 01:56 Im on
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.5 01:56 how do you get to the board?
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.5 01:57 I don't know.
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.5 01:59 :(
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 02:02  Secret message to walker  
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 02:02  Secret message to walker  
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 02:02 make a new tab
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 02:03 angel i changed the guinea pig game
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 02:03 walker go to guinea pig in daily life
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 02:07  Secret message to walker  
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 02:46 \
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 02:48 Hey
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 03:16 hey jessica
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 03:16 wrong message
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 01:33 hello
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 01:35 Hi
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 01:35 do you know if walkers on
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 01:36 hello
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 01:36 don't know he came on for a bit then went off again
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 01:37 iknow sadness lol
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 01:37 back to game
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 01:38 very sad
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 01:38 ok
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:00 hello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:01 comet on wolves has a dog in real life that might not make it i fell sad
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:01 it might die
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:02 i had a dog die this year
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:02 hello you on
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:03 that is very sad and I'm very sad your dog died this year
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:03 yeah I'm on
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:04 its ok I'm not to sad anymore she was 14 and a half in human years
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:05 she was102 in dog years
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:07 there is tension the us dressing up as scary clowns and threating schools and stuff in the u.s.
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:07 that is pretty old was her hearing and sight bad
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:07 there is teens the us dressing up as scary clowns and threating schools and stuff in the u.s.e
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:07 she had one eye
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:08 yes that too
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:08 there is teens the us dressing up as scary clowns and threating schools and stuff in the u.s.
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:09 its because a new clown movie came came out and same happened in the80s
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:09 That is very sad has anything bad happened at your school? I hope not
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:09 no but a school was shut down close to us
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:09 they haved killed anyone yet though
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:10 I hate seeing bad things happen :(
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:10 we had a creepy clown message on our school frount page on there website
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:10 but i think my friend was lying
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:11 she showed it to me but it was probably a hoax
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:11 thank goodness
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:12 Hopefully she was lying and I will hope nothing happens at your school
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:12 meant to say hope nothing bad happens
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:13 just feed guineas
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:14 ok does aust. have a prime minester or what?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:14 ok does austrailia have a prime minester or what?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:14 ok
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:16 yes we have a prime minister as Australia is a part of the Commonwealth and as we are still a bit under England aswell
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:17 huh, what state do u live in. its tasmania right?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:19 yeah I live in Tasmania. When I was younger I lived in Western Australia.
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:20 i heard that western austailia has the biggest gold and diamond mines in the world
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:21 or biggest pruducer in those mines
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:23 and south austrailia had a mine thats the biggest producer of opals
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:23 Yes htat is true. Western Australia is a Very wealthy state because of all the mines
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:24 western austrailia also has a pearl bunnies thats the biggest producer in the world
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:24 western austrailia also has a pearl buiness thats the biggest producer in the world
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:25 have you seen the "reef"
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:25 great barrier reef
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:27 Yes Western Australia is very well known for it's pearl :) and South Australia does has the opal mine. Australia is a big country
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:27 i think walkers on food rp
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:28 no that is in Queesland but I hope to maybe see it this summer
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:28 i know that
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:29 we are studying austrailia and oceania in geo. class
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:29 Ok
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 02:29 but he's not responding
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.7 02:32 Hi guys!
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:33 Hey Walker
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.8 00:03 hello!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.8 00:04 walker
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 01:10 Hi Trent
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 01:58 Ho
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 02:02 sorry typo
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 03:05 Hi!
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 03:05 What did you want to tell me?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 03:07 I just couldn't send you secret messages
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 03:09  Secret message to walker  
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 03:11 I tried to make an account on thelego msg board
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 03:11 It's ok, just wondering. :)
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 03:12  Secret message to walker  
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 03:12 Getting off. :( . same time tomorrow?
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.8 03:12 No. :( have to try it on my fast one. bye!
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 03:13  Secret message to walker  
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 03:15  Secret message to walker  
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 03:15 bye
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 00:50 Hey I'm back :)
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 00:50 Anyone on?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 00:51 hello
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 00:51 Hi Trent
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 00:51 back too game bye
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 00:52 '
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:05 hello!?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:06 see i stuck to one game
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:06 Hi
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:07 hello'
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:07 see i stuck to one game
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:07 cool :)
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:07 what have you been up to apart from rp's?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:08 i was logging with my dad
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:09 a tree fell in woods and he cut it in pieces and we stack logs
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:10 cool sounds hard
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:11 eh it was mostly boring
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:11 he did most of work
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:12 anyone could do it it wasn't easy but it wasnt hard
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:15 oh
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:19 it probably bured a little calories though
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:21 you still on?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:22 yeah probably :) do you play sport in any teams?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:24 no
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:24 i dilike sports
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:25 oh :( Ask me something you want to know about me?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:25 i played baseball in 3rd grade but thats all
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:26 oh ok
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:26 i cnt think of anything
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:26 im in 6th now though
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:27 what age did you start school?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:27 z
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:27 3 or 4
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:28 what about you
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:29 oh my that is really young. We don't start grade 1 in Australia till we are 5 and going to turn 6 in that year
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:30 i went to preschool and kindergarden\n
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:31 is
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:39 Have you gone trent?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:41 no
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:41 im here
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:42 cool
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:43 favourite game to play on xbox?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:44 minecraft,watchdogs, black ops 2
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:44 wha about you
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:45
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:45 what about you
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:48 viva pinata, harry potter, lord of the rings.
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:50 never played those
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:52 what viva piñata?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:54 it's a game where you have a garden and you need to attract pinata animals
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:54 then you feed them candy and fruit
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:55 what are piñata animals
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:55 you need to earn money to make your garden better and attract bigger pinata animals
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:56 oh things at birthday partys
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:56 you know pinatas Right well the game just makes them as real life animals
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:56 you play any shooter games
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:57 yep
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:58 and yes the things at birthday partys
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:58
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 01:59 whatshooter games
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 01:59 I play Resident Evil Number 5 is the best, Gears of War, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:01 ive played all of those!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:01 me and my mom love left or dead one and two
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:02 do you play any of these?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:03 re evil 6 is awesome
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:03 all of them
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:03 i dont like gaers of war that much
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:04 it is awesome too
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:05 yeah it isn't the best. The makers built the game up but it was a bit of a FAIL I think :)
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:05 this is boring now since she's a main character in this part i can't go on with out her
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:05 wrong message
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:05 this is boring\
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:07 im bored
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:07 I have to go anyway Do you think Walker is coming on later?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:07 idk
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:08 OK I'll see you tomorrow Bye
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:09 why do you have to leave
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:10 \
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:10 I have to go and do some of my learning :(
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:11 ok bye
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:11 how long?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:11 i might still be on
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:12 I'll come back in about 30 minutes :)
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:12 ok cool
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 02:13 be on then bye
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 02:51 I'm Here :)
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 03:07 :)\
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 03:08 I'll be on tomorrow :)
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 04:14 heello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 15:14 im here
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 15:15 walker get wrecked
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.10 22:48 Yay found it!
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.10 23:04 Hi Kayla :) Do you have a penpal number?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:29 Yes I do and I have it here but I can't figure out how to log into my account..
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:30 Or I thought I had it here..... Hold on
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:31 Found it! 1247304
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:40 hello
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:40 I'm here
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:41 got any other games that are yours?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:41
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:42 Nope.... Pretty new to this site actually. Gp is pretty much the first one I'm properly playing... I half joined other ones but I got bored quick
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:42 ]
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:42 you should make one
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:43 have you seen the purge!
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:43 You think so? But what topic.... Hehe maybe something Fairy related
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:43 Purge?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:43 have you seen the purge!
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:44 What's that?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:44 you haven't seen the purge!!!!!>:(
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:45 its only the best three movies in the universe!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:45 its 12 hours every year that all crime is llegal including murder
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:45 ?!?idk if you've noticed with the whole fairy thing, I hate horror movies
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:47 theres the purge,purge: the anarchy and purge: the election year and i think they are coming out with a fourth one mayb
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:47 HATE. I mean, idk know if you've seen dr who (BEST SHOW EVER) but even some of those episodes give me nightmares
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:47 e
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:47 *really
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:47 Like silence in the library (shudders) or angels.... The angels....
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:48 its not really scary but they might give YOU nightmares
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:48 Lol I have a fear of all stone statues thanks to dr who though lol
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:48 what is that?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:48 -.- I feel insulted.... But it's true
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:48 wghattttt!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:49 the purge id so awesome they need it in real life
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:49 Weeping angels. If you turn, or even blink, they will come at you
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:50 what about incidous 1,2 and 3
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:50 i hate those
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:50 Actually, (usually) they won't kill you
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:51 i hate horror movies too but dr. who isnt a horror so
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:51 No scary movies. At all
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:51 i like paronormal activity
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:51 No it's not. Which is why I love it. My fav is Matt smith 120%
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:51 that is a good series of movies
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:52 NO DONT PLEASE I SAW ONE OF THOSE JUST DONT
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:52 never watch dr.who
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:52 what!!!!!!!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:52 paranormal is the best
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:53 seen 1,2,3and4
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:53 lol pls no! The momorys can stay forgotten
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:54 which one
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:54 Idk. Something about a baby
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:55 Or something. Like I said I did my best to erase it!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:55 thats the secound one im pretty sure
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:55 freddy vs. jason is the best
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:56 Idk how anyone can watch them
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:57 Lol I may be 15 but in heart I'm really no older then 5
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:57 what about zombie movies?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:58 do you like zombie movies
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 00:58 Um, watched some of the walking dead, but zombies don't "scare" me per say, they just make me want to puke
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:59 watched every series of walking dead
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 00:59 have you been to a haunted house?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:00 Same with other movies. Not scary but I want to puke. I'm no good with blood and guts. My family wanted me to be a doctor but like my mom I couldn't do it
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:00 do not go they are cool but i whent on a haunted bus ride and lets says that i wouldnt do it again
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:01 \
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:01 I hate haunted houses. Think of me as a wimp. Lol sadly what i am. I hate it but I just can't take stuff like that
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:01 family guy?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:01 Lol
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:01 simsons
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:01 \
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:02 it was ok i wasn't like about to die though
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:02 Yes/no I've seen it, know what it's about, but don't find it to funny.
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:02 do you like family guy?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:02 I like Stewie.... But I hate the dad himself
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:03 I love stewie
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:03 simsons?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:04 \
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:04 simsons?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:04 I've only seen it once. If I were to base it of that episode it was ok
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:05 I prefer shows more like.... Flash and arrow
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:05 And dr who
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:05 Once upon a time
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:06 who's your fav. actor mines uhhh.... adam sander!
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:06 Prison break and breaking bad wher
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:06 do you watch grim? da best
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:07 Ah! I'm bad with actor names
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:07 really i have all breaking bad series but haven't wacth tried to though
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:07 Been meaning to watch grim! Is it
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:08 i am waiting for next series it is the best choice
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:08 Haha it's something my parents watched, and I watched when it got interesting. That's how I watch MOST shows
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:09 I'll check out grim then! I think it's on Netflix
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:10 i used to rewind 24/7 because i had to knoe EVERYTHING
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:10 probs
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:10 Lol any notes for while I watch?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:11 are you watching it now!?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:11 dont leave!
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:11 Man I gtg. For the night. I'll be here tomorrow!
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:11 Nah chores and family games
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:12 uh it is very fantasy maybe scary for you idk
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:12 ok bye
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:12 My bros bday was on Sunday and the bday celebration lasts a week in my house lol
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:12 when will you be back i can stay on
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:12 I'll see :) bye!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:13 ok i might not be on idk
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.11 01:13 Not for the night sorry! :(
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:13 bye:)
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 16:26 hello?!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 16:26 anyone
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 16:26 on
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.11 23:33 Hi Trent
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 15:25 hello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 16:31 hello if nobody can find gps its rodents abroad now!
1>walker (talker), 10yo.2016,Oct.13 20:03 Hello people!
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 22:34 Hey
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 22:37 hello
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 22:51 do you know if walker is coming on today?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:11 hllo
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:13 hello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:14 hello? you on
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:14 I'm on
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:15 [good]
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:15 Gonna die if my internet could get any slower. Took a couple mins to load it up
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:15 [im thinking of making a new game but im not sure what it would be about]
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:16 [ erm..... FAIRYS. lol jk. Idk ]
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:17 [i hate fairys sorry]
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:17 But.... Why are we using []?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:17 idk
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:17 \
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:18 And I know you prob wouldn't do that. Just what always comes to mind :p. Well what have you done?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:19 idk
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:19 Um.... Haunted house? That might be cool
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:19 Oh! A game of clue?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:20 alien abduction
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:21 hitmen
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:21 There's one! Why didn't I think of that lol my moms always saying I was swapped out as a baby by aliens (jokingly of course)
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:22 killer clown
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:22 hackers
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:23 Lol I'll pass on the last on though
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:23 Oh! Hackers!
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:23 Real life I plan to go into computer science
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:23 Computers can't bleed :p
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:23 plants vs. zooms but not like the game
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:24 where everyone diisappeasrs
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:25 dogs take over
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:25 cats take over
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:25 sharknado
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:25 It's a good idea for this site! ( I don't like the game either but that seems fun
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:25 NO TO SHARKNADO
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:25 i love the game
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:26 Lol I love the others though ^^
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:26 its a cheesy show!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:26 giant vines take over
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:26 I hate that movie! Why was the fist one made let alone the others?!?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:26 i like game of clue
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:27 Thanks! But I figure you'd have to plan it all out before hand. And play as loads of people
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:27 where peeps are trapped in a house and is killed one by one
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:28 ]
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:28 Well. I'd go with being in control of 5, and already knowing which one is the murderer
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:28 trapped on an island
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:29 im making the island one
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:29 maybe
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:29 Oh cool!
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:29 eh i feel like peeps are going to steal our ideas
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:29 I'd love to join ^^
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:31 Is there anything you could really do about that?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:33 Um?
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:33 Oh wow I just looked at the ages and I feel so old *crying* lol
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:34 \
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:35 im making it now hold up
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:37 Ok! Tell me the name and genre and I'll join
2>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 19:37 its on and ready to play called the forgotten island in adventure
3>Kayla (None), 15yo.2016,Oct.14 19:38 Ok!
7>Asha (Girl), 10yo.2016,Oct.15 22:34 I joined people HE-LAU!!!
7>Asha (Girl), 10yo.2016,Oct.15 22:35 It's me again lol hi Kayla yeah you old lol jk
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:14 Is Angel here?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:15 Is Angel here?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:16 Sorry for the double messages
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:18 hey
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:18 no she is not
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:20 Where did she go?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:21 idk why?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:21 hello?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 00:23 We are pen pals and she wants to roleplay with me
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:23 Hello?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:24 I'm here
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:25 Want to rp here?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:25 Sure
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:25 What RP
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:25 ???
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:26 maybe Zombie?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:26 What are you thinking to play?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:27 Ummmmmm whatever you want I don't care what theme but prefer real life rps
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:28 yeah zombie is good :)
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:29 Ok we start out in woods
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:29 OK what do you want me to call it?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:29 [forgot these]
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:29 Zland
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:29 I meant Z.land
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:30 Or you can choose
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:30 hello
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:30
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:31 Hello we are making zombie Rp wanna join?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:32 ???
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:32 OK making it now what age for our characters?
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:32 idk
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:32 ok?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:33 Young teens
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:33 no im good
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:33 What age would you put your character Caleb?
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:33 I am thinking young teens
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:33 15
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:34 And my name will be Archabald JK
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:34 [a suggestion is to not make items because it coplicates things]
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:34 What should my name be?
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:35 I made it is called ####Z Land
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:35 We should roll to find them though
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:35 remember that game where it got over 1000 in text points!
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:36 My characters age is 13 :)
2>trent (no), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:36 [to make items in the when you make the game]
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:36 Yes that is a good idea Trent and also a good idea Caleb :)
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:37 {Joined!
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Feb.10 02:37 [Thank you!]
5>Angel (To Be Awesome!!), 12yo.2017,Feb.10 02:38 You're welcome Trent are you going to join?
6>Voilet ((?)), 11yo.2017,Mar.8 00:54 Hi! I just joined, this group looks fun!
6>Voilet ((?)), 11yo.2017,Mar.8 00:54  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
4>Caleb (Awesome), 11yo.2017,Mar.10 19:19 Hello Stephanie!
6>Voilet ((?)), 11yo.2017,Mar.11 00:15  Secret message to Caleb  
19>monika (from the lit club), 11yo.2019,Feb.23 16:43 hi i am new what do we do here?
19>monika (from the lit club), 11yo.2019,Feb.23 16:48  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=3  

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