" Cackles Academy for young witches "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello! And welcome to Cackles Academy! I welcome any young girls age 11 to 16 who want to unlock their magical powers, abilities and knowledge. This academy will teach you everything you need to know. These will be your subjects: Potions, Chanting (Music), Magic Science, History of Magic, Flying and Art. You will buy books and attend certain classes. But we will also play games, have fun and you can spend Time with your fellow witches. Hope you can be a future student of mine! My name is Ada Cackle, just call me Miss Cackle! When you enter please tell me a bit about yourself and what subject you are most excited about studying.I will then choose the Head of Year! And now, Welcome to Cackles Academy!! :)

1>Miss Ada Cackle (Headmistress), 50yo.2022,Dec.28 19:27 Hello, I am your Headmistress and welcome you to Cackles Academy. There are four houses, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple. Please tell me what house you prefer. Miss Hardbroom is head of Year one and your teacher. She will tell you what you will be studying.
11>Miss Hecate Hardbroo (Potion and Science ), 37yo.2022,Dec.28 19:28 Good morning girls. I am Miss Hardbroom. In my potions class I don't want to see any trouble. We will look at Levatating, Invisibility and Flying. I will tell you more later.
12>Rita (Rita the witch), 50yo.2022,Dec.30 04:51 女孩们好,我是新来的学生丽塔,我会好好学习魔法的,会成为优秀的女巫
12>Rita (Rita the witch), 50yo.2022,Dec.30 04:52 Hello girls, I'm Rita, a new student. I will study magic hard and become an excellent witch.

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