" Evacuees "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Everyone has been evacuated into the countryside to escape the war, who will miss their family and who will make friends? Who will fight?

2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:01 Hello, I have just been evacuated from Glasgow. I have really long copper coloured hair and grey eyes. I am staying with a really strict family and i miss my parents. I am her with my 3 little sisters and my older brother
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:02 Hello, I have just been evacuated from Glasgow. I have really long copper coloured hair and grey eyes. I am staying with a really strict family and i miss my parents. I am her with my 3 little sisters and my older brother.
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:04  Buying Postcard (x 5)  I am going to write to my friends and family back home
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:04  Buying Pens (x 1)  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:04  Rolling 8 sided dice... Result=4  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:04  Giving Postcard (x 1) to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:08 Ugh, I hate my foster family. my little sisters, Marilyn(7) Joyce(5) and Annie(4) also miss home but Oscar, my brother dosent seem too bothered
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:10  Buying Lunch-box (x 1)  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:10  Buying Note-book (x 1)  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:11  Buying Hairbrush (x 1)  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:11  Buying Football (x 1)  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.8 13:12  Secret message to Louise  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:43  Giving Sweets (x 1) to Josie   Secret message to Josie  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:44  Secret message to Josie  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:47  Secret message to Josie  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.25 21:59   + 20 Experience points to Josie  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:45  Secret message to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:45  Secret message to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:45  Giving Sweets (x 1) to Louise   Secret message to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:46 oops, i accidentaly gave the sweets back to you,Soz
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:47 Hi Marie
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:48  Giving Postcard (x 1) to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:49  Secret message to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:49  Giving Postcard (x 1) to Marie   Secret message to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 22:49  Secret message to Marie  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 23:01  Secret message to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 23:03 Ok, I will roll the 12 sided dice. If the result is 6 or lower I have a bad first day at school. If it is 7 or up I have a good first day
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 23:03  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=1  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.28 21:44  Dropping Crisps (x 1)  Oops
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Nov.29 13:10  Buying Unlimited Buss pass (x 1)  Hello, I'm Marie. I'v been evacuated from London. I have shoulder length black hair and big blue eyes. I have been evacuated with my cousin, Pansy
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Nov.29 13:11  Dropping Unlimited Buss pass (x 1)  I have lost my bus pass, if you find it please give it back
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.29 13:13  Buying Crisps (x 1)   Secret message to Louise  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.30 18:19 Thanks Josie, I think we need to start walking to school or we will be really late! Are you coming Marie? I think I saw a bus pass by the hill we will have to quick or Mr Smith will beat us
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.30 18:22  Taking Unlimited Buss pass (x 1)  FOUND IT!!! * gives it to Marie*
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Nov.30 18:23  Giving Unlimited Buss pass (x 1) to Marie  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Nov.30 20:03 "coming Louise"
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Nov.30 20:04 thanks for finding my bus pass Louise, can i walk to school with you?
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 18:16 Come, on guys, if we dont leave soon we will be late for our first day
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 18:18  Buying Letter from home (x 1)  This morning I got a letter from my dad. My family have survived all the bombing so far, but my cousin was killed in action, He was a fireman. I wish I could help the war effort.
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 18:18  Taking Crisps (x 1)  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 18:19  Dropping Lunch-box (x 1)  Oh no, I can not find my lunch box
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.1 20:31 Guys hurry up, I bought us all lunches now we really need to run
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.1 20:35 * running madly* come on I'll give you sandwiches later!
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.1 20:41 GIRLS come here!! You are 25 minutes late. At lunch time come to my office!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 20:55 Thanks for the sandwiches Louise, but I think they are the least of our worries right now
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 20:56 *Agrees with what Josie said*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 20:56 Oh, no. It is almost lunchtime. I wonder what Mr Smith will do to us?
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 20:57 I bet he will beat us
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 20:58 I hope not, I have never been beaten before, what do you think will happen Louise?
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 20:58 Me neither. But my cousin has been beaten tons and says its awful
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 21:00 Well, lets hope Mr Smith is in a good mood and decides not to beat us
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:04 *starts talking to her cousin Pansy* " Pansy, you said that your headmaster punished you tons, what does he usually do"
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:05 Usually beats, If not he writes a letter home and mum and dad spank me so either way, it doesn't make much of a difference
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:06 why are you asking me? Are you and your friends in trouble?
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:07 Yes, Mr Smith told us to go to his office at lunchtime cos we where 25 minutes late
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:08 Marie, you are in so much trouble.not even I have been that late before. Really, I wouldn't swap places with you ate lunchtime if I were offered 100
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 21:09 *bell rings* "come on Marie, lets find Louise and try and get our punishment over as soon as possible
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:13 *walks slowly up the stairs to the dreaded office with Josie and Louise*
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.1 21:32 (Whispers) I'm really scared, what if he sends a letter home Anne-Jen my foster mother would smack me
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:48 I know, I am scared too. I have never been smacked before but I bet my foster mother would definitely smack me
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 21:51 I think it would be worse to be beaten, but it would be really akward being smacked by my foster mother
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:53 Well, I just hope he doesn't send a letter home
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 21:53 knowing him, he probably will
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:54 Pansy once said to me that sometimes he didn't even send a letter home, He actually visits your foster parents
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 21:55 that would be 100x worse than a letter
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 21:56 *They reach Mr Smiths door* Josie knocks and hearing the furious voice of Mr Smith tell them to come in, she opens the door
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 22:26 *shivers in fear*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 22:27 Secretly very scared. Hoping that Mr Smith wouldn't send a letter home or have a meeting with her foster mum but knowing deep down that he would
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 22:51 *Thinking a lot about how Marie is getting on*
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 22:53 "I bet Mr Smith tells their foster parents, as well as giving them a beating they remember. But I think I would be more worried about the letter than the beating. Their foster parents will smack them for sure
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.2 07:58 Girls I have been expecting u
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.2 08:00 ( sorry about that I pressed go before I was ready)
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.2 08:06 Girls you were 25 minutes late on your first day of school, what sort of an impression does that give me?
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 16:44 Not a very good impression
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 16:47 But please don't beat us, or send a letter home we wont do it agin
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 16:48 *wishes she hadn't said that, realising that now they will definitely get beaten and a letter sent home
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 16:49 *wishes marie had not said that*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 17:02 *akward silence as mr smith considers their punishment*.
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 17:17 *very loudly*. "How will you punish us, Mr Smith"
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 17:18 I hope Marie and her friends are all right, last time i was beaten by mr smith i coudn't sit down for days
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 17:19 And i know that the Marie, Josie and Louises foster parents can smack hard
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 17:20 Oh well, i am sure they can cope
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.2 18:37 Hmm well as its your first day I will let you of with a warning, but you won't be so lucky next time, now go and enjoy the rest of your lunch!
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.2 18:40 Thank you Sir!!! * walks quickly out of office*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 18:58 We are so lucky, and Mr Smith is not as bad as we thought
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 18:59 Yes, he is actually quite nice
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:02 But when josie gets home the news is not so good. !
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:02 Her little sister Mara
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:02 Oops, didnt meen to post that message
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:03 Her little sister marilyn had a letter sent home with her because she had been cheeky to her teacher. Their foster mum was not pleased
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.2 19:09  Taking Lunch-box (x 1)  Hey Josie do you want to come round for tea tonight, my foster mum said it would be ok?
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.2 19:09  Giving Lunch-box (x 1) to Josie  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.2 19:10 Found it!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:35 thanks for finding the bus pass, Yep, I will come round for tea, could Marie come too
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:36  Buying Hair-gel (x 1)   Secret message to Pansy  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:36  Buying Poster (x 1)   Secret message to Pansy  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:37  Buying Earrings (x 1)   Secret message to Pansy  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:37  Buying Boots (x 1)   Secret message to Pansy  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:38 I have got you all some presents, Louise, The hair gel and the earrings are for you
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:38  Giving Earrings (x 1) to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:39  Giving Hair-gel (x 1) to Louise  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:39 and The boots and poster are for Marie
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:39  Giving Boots (x 1) to Marie  
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 19:39  Giving Poster (x 1) to Marie  
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 19:39 Thanks Josie
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 17:53  Buying 10 Headbands (x 1)  
5>Pansy (bad girl), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 17:53  Buying Folder (x 1)  
1>Louise (Evacuee), 10yo.2014,Dec.3 21:08 Yeah sure Marie can come, thanks for the gifts! I've got a ton of stuff that is practically new that I have to throw out, when you come round in 10 minutes you can take anything you want!
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:11 Louise, Josie, Marie! I have told you once that you can not teac
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:11 (soz about the first one pls ignore it)
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:14 Louise, Josie, Marie! Stop giving out gifts and playing happy families. This is not a playground this is a classroom, come and see me after school and remember you won't be so lucky!!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:22 whispers to Louise, "OOPS"
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 21:23 *starts thinking about beatings and letters home again*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:25 Passes a note to Marie and Louise saying REALLY SORRY GUYS, THIS IS MY FAULT
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:28 (bell goes) girls follow me! * slowly girls follow him not even daring to cough*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:33 *makes a face behind Mr Smiths back*
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 21:35 *literally shaking with fear*
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:35 Cough cough ( awkwardly
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:36 You dont seem very impressed with us
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 21:37 Are we in trouble?
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:38 *This is only the second time she has seen his office and she is not impressed by it*
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:40 *Slaps Josie hard on the neck in front of 2 passing teachers* oh miss know it all how about you take my place and try and run a whole school when I have got three troublesome kids doing silly things like making faces!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:40 Starts fiddling with her hair
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:41 "You shouldnt slap me, or call me miss know it all"
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:42 I dont know everything, but sometimes I think I know a lot more than you
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:42 ANSWER ME GIRL!!!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:42 I think i know a lot more than you"
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:42 that is my answer
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:43 I am following you straight home so I can speak will your foster mother! At this rate you may be expelled!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:44 Ok, fine by me. *runs out the office and down the stairs before Mr Smith can even move*
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 21:44 *Starts laughing hystericaly*
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:45 You too other girls can clear off I need to speak alone with drama queen!
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 21:45 hurries out the office
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:45 ( only just figures out she is gone) huh?
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.3 21:46 "Burn, take that Mr. Smith"
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:46 Ring ring hello is that the guardian of miss Josie
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:47 I want to speak to you about her behaviour
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:49 Yes this is Josies foster mum
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:49 just pretend I am for now
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:50 What has Josie done now
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:50 (ok) Josie has been very challenging today
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:51 Oh really?
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:51 VERY challenging
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:51 Should I have a word with her about it
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:52 Well today she arrived 25 minutes late
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:52 Oh, dear, thats awful
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:52 is that all she did
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:52 And she was giving out 'gifts' in class
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:53 WHAT?
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:53 Anything else?
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:53 AND when I was telling her off she talked back and ran away
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:54 Thats awful, trust me, I will punish Josie well
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:55 I am also thinking about her being expelled!
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:56 I can not put up will such rudeness!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:56 Oh, please dont expell her, beat her instead!
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:57 Trust me, Josie will be punished a lot by me
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 21:58 R U there
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 21:59 Ok i will give her 35 lashes tomorrow, please make sure she is in school by 08:45 and that she does not bring any friends along! Goodbye and thank you for your time.
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:00 Bye, by the way, are her other friends being punished. I think they should be
6>Josies Foster mum (angry), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 22:01 Josie come here this instant
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:01 walks into the room
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:01 Yes, what do you want
6>Josies Foster mum (angry), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 22:02 I want to know why you were almost expelled today
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:02 Hasnt Mr sMITH ALREADY TOLD YOU
6>Josies Foster mum (angry), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 22:03 Josie, I do not except this type of behaviour in my house. I am going to spank you
6>Josies Foster mum (angry), 46yo.2014,Dec.3 22:06 Goes over to Josie and smacks her really hard where it hurts
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:06 Owww
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:07 NEXT morning at school
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:07 Goes up to Mr smiths office
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.3 22:08 My foster mum aaid you will give me 35 lashes
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.8 20:03 Hey, Is anyone here
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.9 19:28 IS THIS RP STILL ACTIVE???????????
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.12 17:41 ( sorry been revising for a test all week)
4>Mr Smith (Head teacher), 46yo.2014,Dec.12 17:43 Yes Josie I will only give you 20 but at lunch I will give you more *whips Josie over and over again*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.12 19:46 OK, thats fine about the test
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.12 19:46 Ow *doesn't cry*
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 21:49 hi
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 21:49 IS THIS RP STILL ACTIVE???????????
3>Marie (shy ), 12yo.2014,Dec.21 21:49 Hi I am back :)
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 17:44 please join
2>Josie (sporty), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 17:44 or start playing again
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:33 Hello, I just got in from London. I have black hair and green eyes.
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:34 Don't whip her!
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:34 Mr. Smith, please don't whip her. What did she do???
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:36  Buying Letter from home (x 10)  
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:37 *sob, sob, sob* These letters say my parents died yesturday in a bomb explosion!!! *cry uncontrollably*
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:38  Giving Letter from home (x 1) to Marie   Secret message to Marie  
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:39  Secret message to Marie  
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:39  Giving Letter from home (x 1) to Marie   Secret message to Marie  
7>Eliza (Shy, brainy), 9yo.2015,Jun.30 01:39  Secret message to Marie  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:09 Hi, I got evacuated from Manchester, I have rich auburn hair and bright blue eyes.
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:09  Buying Book (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:10  Buying Note-book (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:10  Buying Teddy bear (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:10  Buying Necklace (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:11  Buying Work book (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:11  Buying Dress (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:12  Buying Pens (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:12  Buying Hairbrush (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:13  Buying Gloves (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:14  Buying Letter from home (x 1)  
9>Penelope (Bookworm ), 11yo.2016,Jun.23 10:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
10>Luis Castro (Cuban Escapee), 18yo.2016,Oct.8 18:09 Hi, I Evacuated from Havana, I have Dark Brown hair.
10>Luis Castro (Cuban Escapee), 18yo.2016,Oct.8 18:09 My Family Has got Captured while Escaping, And i am Still in need of Help

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