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AHAW shorts

1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 05:58 David Sara Jack and Connie are moved into a new area of the lab after completing some sort of training, this section has a bedroom bathrooms eating hall, training area and a lounge. They are all ushered into the lounge seeing and meeting each other for
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:01 the very first time, altho they have met Higgins before if they have been on missions* Hello! welcome to your new living facilities! these are your roommates and partners! You will be going on missions together once your comfortable with each other so
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:02 Get to know each other! for those who dont know me Im Higgins the Mission Leader I'll be in charge of were your going and what tools you get to use and such.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:03 *looks around at David, Sara, and Jack*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:03 *waves*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:04 I have some paperwork I need to get done but I will be in that Room if you need me! *he points to a door that says "Mission Leader" above it*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Feb.2 06:04 *he walks off into his room*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:05 Hi! Oh my goodness I havent seen anyone my age in a while! this is so cool!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:05 Well...I'm 18, actually...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:05 I'm Connie.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:06 *he sits on the top of the couch, putting his feet on the cushions*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:06 Im Sara and Im 20!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:08 Oh, cool. *didn't expect that*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:10 *looks around at everyone else quietly*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:11 hi *he signs at Jack, as he isnt able to talk*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:13 *waves back at David*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:14 *she turns to the boys* So what are your guys names?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:15 Im david Im 16
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:16 *says quietly* Nathaniel, but most call me Jack.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:16 are you deaf? *sara signs and talks at the same time*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:17 no Im just mute *he smiles as he signs*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:17 oh cool!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 *looks at David and Sara, a bit confused*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 how is Jack short for Nathaniel by the way?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 Um...so...you can't talk? *@ David*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 ...It's not...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:19 then why would people call you Jack?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:20 yeah so I sign instead *he moves his hands quickly*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:21 Um...I'm sorry, I don't know sign language...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:22 he said yeah thats why he signs
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:23 It's name on his birth certificate.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:23 Oh, okay...thank you...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:29 Oh so you changed your name?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:34 In a way.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:34 I prefer Nathaniel.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:35 ok Nathaniel! so what are everyones cool abilities?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:45 ...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 06:45 I can manipulate magnetism to some extent.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:52 oh cool!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 06:53 *doesn't answer*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.2 06:54 I can give 1st degree burns if I touch someone for long enough, like a sunburn in the shape of my hand *David laughs it sounds throaty and weird not like a normal laugh but Sara laughs with him*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:54 oh thats Awesome David!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:55 how about you Natheniel what do you do?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:00 I can read people.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:00 *@ Connie* David can burn people mildly if he touches them.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:01 Thanks...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:01 oh like mind reading?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:09 A little.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.2 07:09 I sense people's emotions and motivations. I cannot fully sense what they're thinking exactly.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:11 oh ok thats cool! I can not die, well I can but I pop back up a few minutes later, its really scary though
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:15 Wow...you're immortal?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:22 I guess, I still age though so Ill probably maybe die of old age one day
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:34 But wouldn't you come back?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:36 Well I've been here since I was 7 and when I die I dont turn 7 again so no I dont think I will
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 07:57 But wouldn't you come back at whatever age you die from old age at?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:07 probably not? beacause its my whole body stopping
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 08:25 Okay...??
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 08:26 So...um...where are you from?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:28 remmington
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.2 08:30 Where's that?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:31 absolutely no idea.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.3 04:39 *chuckles awkwardly* Okay then.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.4 20:40 Connie, is your magnetism strong enough to undo locks? Or is it more of a paperclip level which wpuld also be very helpful
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.6 05:06 Yeah, so long as the lock is small enough. It's still pretty tricky, though...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 04:31 Um...do any of you have any idea where we're going to go? You know...in terms of missions?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:32 No but we should probably train together, what training have you guys done?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 04:35 I was trained on how to torture, and torture tactics, covert operations, deep cover and gathering intel, People assume im deaf so they will talk around me.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 04:36 *promptly lists the titles of types of training she's had**most of them are technical, though some self-defense is in there as well*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:37 oh nice, Im trained in gathering Intel...under cover, suicide missions, and hostage situations, by that I mean how to gain the most information while being a hostage. since alot of the times they will assume they killed me
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 04:37 *lists his training types as well**it's evenly split between diplomatic skills/gathering intel and combat*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 04:38 *quickly adds after listing some fairly advanced combat training programs he was in:* I don't like fighting, though. It--it makes me rather...nauseous.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 04:38 I know someone who really likes it, though...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 04:39 I dont get how people can kill, I never have I dont know If I could. but Ive never been on missions just simulations. have any of you guys killed?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:40 I dont like fighting either only If I absolutely have to but I usually dont, because 9/10 my missions are for them to think they killed me
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:41 oh and David wants to know if you killed anyone
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 04:44 *gently shoves sara a bit smiling and signs* Thats not all I said God you make me sound like a creep
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:45 *Sara and David chuckle a bit*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:03 Not me, no.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:18 And yes, I could understand him, though I assume you translated for Connie.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:19 yeah
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:22 you guys are super cool! do you want smoothies? I can make us smoothies!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:25 Sure.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:25 *chuckles* When have I never wanted smoothies?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:30 make mine mango!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:32 ok! *walks to the kitchen and starts making smoothies*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:33 Jack: Um...David gave the flavor he wants. Connie: I would like strawberry! Jack: I wouldn't mind having that flavor too...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 05:35 *sara yells "Ok" from the kitchen down the hall*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:35 what do you guys do for fun around here?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:37 We...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:37 He asked what we do for fun.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:37 Oh. I like to read. I also like riddles and mind games.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:42 cool, I make stickers
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:50 He makes stickers. Connie: Ooo, what kind of stickers?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 05:51 really swell ones
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 05:56 Uh...good ones.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 05:56 Could you show me some?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:01 *he pulls some stickers from his pockets, its bees, and people and many other drawings on cut out bits of paper with dried glue on the back, he licks the back of one to wet the glue then slaps it on the wall*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:12 They are very nice!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:12 You ought to put them all over the place! Jack: Uh...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:14 I do they peel them off all the time they get so annoyed! *He starts laughing a bit*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 06:21 He says he does, but people who work here peel them off.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:21 That's a shame...if I catch anyone doing that, I'll have a word with them. *chuckles a bit, but is serious*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 06:26 *walks in with the smoothies* Strawberry....Strawberry...mango and bannana for me!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:34 Thanks! *she and Jack take the strawberry smoothies*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 06:34 *nods in thanks as he takes his**flinches a tiny bit and says "Shut up" under his breath just before he slurps on his smoothie*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:40 are you ok Nathaniel?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 06:42 I'm fine.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.7 06:49 *drinks his smoothie*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.7 06:58 *drinks hers* Wow...you really need to teach me your recipes for these!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 07:01 *she blushes a bit* Thanks!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Feb.7 07:16 *finishes his smoothie astoundingly fast*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 04:35 oh if any of you need to practice leathal combat, im the best for it since I pop right back up
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.8 04:51 Uh... *chuckles nervously* I'm good. Jack: Me too...definitely...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Feb.8 04:55 no thanks..
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 04:55 thats good then...dying hurts alot...anyways we should train together so we are on the same wavelength
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.8 04:56 Alright.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.8 05:18 When are we going to start training?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.14 04:17 Well what areas are your weak spots? Thats what we should train in
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.14 04:55 I dunno...I guess I never got into advanced combat, but that's not my field, and I don't like fighting, so...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 05:35 I know...fighting sucks..it makes my stomach churn...but if you guys die you dont come back..and the feild can be tough
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.16 06:40 Yeah...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Feb.21 03:45 Im going to head to the training room *she walks off*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Feb.26 05:06 *hesitates, then decides to follow*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.1 04:27 *he fallows to the training room*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 04:29 *decides to follow only because everyone else is going there*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 04:32 *sara goes over to the guns looking very uncomfortable near them, she picks up a hand gun beacause its the smallest and points it at the human shaped targets, she aims for the leg and misses, flinching as she pulls the trigger before trying again*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.1 04:34 *he turns to Jack and signs* Why do you thing shes shooting guns? She looks terrified of it
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 04:49 To try to get over them, maybe...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 04:51 *walks over to Sara* Er...you okay?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 04:52 *lowers the gun* Oh um...yeah...I hate guns they make me nervous but um...Higgians the mission coordinator told me I have to learn how to use a gun well
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 04:53 so...Im tryinf to get better at um...shooting this gun *shes holding it as far away from her as she can*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 04:57 Maybe you shouldn't be using that if you're this nervous about it...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 04:58 well thats why he said I..have to beacause he said I need to get over my fear of shooting guns...Im ok if other people shoot them...but I dont like shooting them
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 05:06 How come?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 05:07 I mean...I don't like shooting either, but...I have a way of coping...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 05:10 well I guess knowing how to shoot is something Ill need for future missions...thats what he said
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 05:39 Probably...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 05:39 But...I know someone who could do most of the shooting...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 05:45 well I assumed everyone else already knew how to shoot already...unless...you want to practice or need help practing something Else I can help you practing something else if you want! *Sara says looking for an excuse not to hold the gun anymore*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 05:49 Er...sure, I guess.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.1 05:50 *looks at Connie* Do you know how to shoot? I can shoot pretty well, oh wait you dont know sign never mind
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 05:50 *she puts the gun back quickly* Ok what do you want to practice?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 06:04 Uh...guys, what's he saying??
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.1 06:08 *smiles big as sara turns around knowing shes waiting for him to speak again so she can translate* I dont know hes just waving his hands around
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 06:08 he said,...I dont know hes just waving his hands around *starts laughing a bit realizing what David was doing*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 06:31 Wait what??
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 06:32 *starts cracking up as well*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 06:33 *just keeps laughing since she hasnt laughed this hard in a long time*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 06:42 What's going on??
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 06:43 *keeps laughing* He...He...said ...*she just keeps laughing*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.1 07:02 He literally signed the words "I don't know, he's just waving his hands around." Connie: *chuckles* Oh! Oh...okay... *glances at Sara nervously*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 07:03 s..sorry I...I havent...I havent laughed in a while...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 07:05 No, i-i-it's fine.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.1 07:06 *David is smiling ear to ear*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 07:09 *smiles as well a bit*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 07:11 ok...we...we should probably work on training together so we all know each others fighting patterns
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 07:14 Alright, fine with me.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 07:17 ok weapons or hand to hand?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 07:35 How about hand-to-hand?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.1 07:38 ok, im pretty good at and to hand
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 08:00 Let's pair up with each other, then. Who wants to practice against who?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 08:00 [Note: I may prefer if Sara and Jack team up.]
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.1 08:01 [I'm not entirely sure, but I'm leaning towards Sara and Jack sparring.]
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 22:48 *lands in a fairly rural area with a burst of swirling magenta and black magic. Is heavily disoriented and dazed*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 22:51 *signals go off in the lab detecting strange signals he grabs his equipment and 2 of the armed gaurds as they drive him to the signal so he can investigate*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 22:57 *gets up and brushes himself off. looks around at he surrounding area and stumbles toward a nearby foothill*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 22:57 *about 30 minutes of fallowing the signal they pull up to Aron whoes giving it off, he hops out* Oh its a person, *he walks over to Aron one of the gaurds is behind him* Hello would you mind comming with us? We are with the U.S government and you are
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 22:58 Giving off some very strange signals
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:00 Am I? *holds his head* Ugh....
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:01 Yes, are you...feeling alright? Im Doctor Griggs
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:02 Yeah... Just a big headache.. *shakes his head* What did you want again?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:03 Wed like you to get in the truck and come with us please.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:04 Yeah. Alright
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:07 Thank you, *he ushers Aidan to the truck and sits next to him ans they start heading off to the lab* so how long have you been in that feild?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:08 About... somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:11 Oh, how did you get there? *he pulls out a pen and aa peice of paper and starts writting things down*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:13 Where am I?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:33 Nevada, were are you from?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:39 Nevada? Hmm.. I lived further East.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:39 were?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:45 I really don't remember..
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:47 oh *he writes something down, they talk for a bit before arriving at the lab* Please fallow me inside
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:48 *nods and follows Dr.Griggs*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:50 *he leads him inside and to the sanitation zone* If youd be so kind, there is a shower right in there leave your clothes on the ground and we will wash them and get them back to you,
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:54 I just showered no more than half a day ago, but okay. *heads into the shower and gets undressed. He leaves everything but his cape on the ground. The cape he puts up where he can see it.*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:56 *they take the clothes and put them in the wash*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.1 23:56 *they set new clothes out for him as well*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 23:59 *once he finishes his shower he dresses in the new clothes and puts his cape back on*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:00 ah...would you mind..we need to have this cape washed
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:00 its a sanitary concern
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:03 I'll wash it myself, then. Depending on the chemicals you want to use on it.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:05 ok will you please walk with me to the laundry room then?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:06 Okay.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:07 *he walks with Aidan to the laundry room* here it is just pop it in the washer please
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:09 No no this is hand wash only. The material is strong, but still too delicate for machine wash.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:11 well ok, there is a sink over there... heres the soap
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:11 *he grabs the laundry soap and leads him to the sink*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:16 *fills the sink and washes the cape* I've never had to go through this kind of procedure. So what is this place?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:19 well its alot of things, a lab and a a training center mostly
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:20 *pauses* A lab, huh?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:24 yes, if you have that all washed you can put it in the dryer
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:28 *shakes his head* No this must air dry.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:32 ok, you can hang it up...in your quarters lets stop by there first.. *he walks to the living quarters and takes Aidan to a room attatched to a small bathroom* there is a shower in your bathroom you can hang it up there
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:35 Will do. *goes to hang up the cape* I do wonder why I am here. I'm not necessarily concerned, though I guess I should be, but I should have probably gone back home by now.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:40 well you were giving off some very strange signals...do you have any...non..normal human abilities?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:48 Well those "strange signals" would have come from my perhaps former companion getting angry at me and sending me away.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:49 I cannot help wanting to stop him from murdering more of my family. *shrugs* He's a bit of an ahole, dunno why I still visit him.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 00:55 Oh...so your friend has telaporting abilities? Do you have any abilitys as well?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 00:58 *chuckles* My bad for rambling... I've had a pretty stressful day. He has some marvelous power, but me? Not so much.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:00 Even if its not marvelous thats ok, we arent going to make you use it but id be helpful to know about it
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:02 What power I have is none of your concern.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:07 I can see were yoyr coming from but It actually is my concern my whole job is to be concered about other peoples powers but that can wait, we need to get you processed so If youd please fallow me
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:08 So I take it I am not leaving?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:10 if...you want to go on feild missions we can get you set on that track, but itl take a bit before your able to do that, alot of training is involved and trust.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:13 I don't really think I need any more training, for one.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:14 how so?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:16 My father taught me everything he knew. I don't think anything you can teach will be anything new.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:16 *he walks to what looks like a 1940s doctors office since thats indeed what it is* Please have a seat and roll up your sleeve im going to take some blood
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:19 *backs up* I really don't like needles.. Nor do I feel comfortable with my blood being taken. *starts looking around the office* ...
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:21 *there are 2 gaurds at the door the same gaurds that have been fallowing them around* I know... most people aren't but its important and its the only thing to do with needles. it helps others to look away
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:23 What do you plan to do with my blood?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:25 just test the blood type and see if you have any diseases we need to worry about, your still giving off signals so its pretty safe to say you have some sort of power which is fine since everyone here dose, you can meet some of them later once your past
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:26 the Quarantine period if youd like
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:32 I have most of my files memorized. Whatever you need I can tell you, starting with my blood type, which is O-.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:33 oh...your doctor files...who was your doctor and which office? we can call and get your records transferred if they are in the states
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:34 altho we do still need your blood to check for diseases
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:37 That's... Impossible to do, I'm afraid. There must be some sort of deal we can make where you do not get ahold of my blood. Especially considering my services do not come cheap.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:38 if it helps we have anesthesia we can put you under for a bit so I can take it if that would help
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:39 Bottom line is I do not want my blood being drawn.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:40 *-being
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:40 any particular reason? is there something in your blood that your nervous about us seeing?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:41 No diseases or anything like that.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:44 we, are not going to cut you open or do experiments on you even if your blood is strange, that isnt what we do here. all the the participants here have some sort of ability or power, would talking to one of them calm you down a bit?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:46 here at this establishment our goal is to help the American content and we believe people with abilities are the best way to help with the future, we have teams that go on missions thats feild work, we have groups that deign new technology to help advance
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:47 Not really. Maybe?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:47 the American dream, we have groups that help create vaccines and medicines, and groups that help with so many other things, some using there abilites and some not, no one is going to force you to use your abilities here
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 01:47 *said that about talking to someone else*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 01:48 we just need to make sure your blood is clean and healthy so you can meet the others in whichever group fits you best
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:13 My blood is clean and I am as healthy as can be.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:14 If I had anything wrong with me the last doctor I saw would have had a field day finding the cure for whatever it was. He was a fanatic like that.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:16 if you caught something between your last visit and now wed need to know please sit down
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:20 If I caught something I'd know it. *reluctantly sits down anyway*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:20 thank you, please lift up your sleeve this will only take a minute
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:24 *rolls up his sleeve*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:26 thank you, *he starts to clean the area when he notices a bit of color under his sleeve* oh do you have a tattoo?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:27 Uh.. Y-yeah..
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:28 cool, ok...1...2....3, *he sticks the syringe in Aidans arm then uses it to pull out a vial of blood before removing it* there not to bad huh? *he puts a band aid on his arm*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:29 *cringes*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:30 ok now we are going to do some x rays, and mri and an ekg.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:31 *nods* Alright, then.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:33 the mri is a new machine that we think will revolutionize the medical fields...its like a more detailed x ray using magnets
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:36 I don't doubt that.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:38 *he walks towards the room with the x ray machine* do you have anything made of metal on or inside you?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:38 Um... Not that I know of.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:41 good, please stand on the red X with your arms stretched out
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:42 *does so*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:43 ok....*the machine buzzes a bit then stops* ok...can you turn around please?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:45 *sighs and turns around*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:47 *it buzzes loudly again* ok thank you, *he walks twards the room with the mri machine* the x rays will print in a bit
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:48 Mri, then?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:49 yes its pretty big and very loud but for it to work you need to lay perfectly still, it can be scary for some people
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:51 I can handle it.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 02:53 ok *walks to the room with the mri machine* just lay down with your arms and legs at your side and stay perfectly still
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:54 Yep.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 02:59 So what kind of field work are you talking about? *lays down*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:01 oh mostly spy work, gathering Intel mostly but sometimes the odd rescue mission, not my area though thats Higgians job he coordinates the missions
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:02 Can't say I've particularly enjoyed specialist work, but Litho and I did it anyway. Not for money, though. We never really bothered with the money.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:02 Most times we just enjoyed exploring
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:04 well if your interesting in exploring then field work is for you altho it takes months of combat and stealth training
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:08 *huffs* I don't NEED any more combat training.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:09 well we can go to Higgians later and you can show him what you know
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:12 Whatever.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:13 and were done....do...you have wings by chance or used to?
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:21 just the mri on your back...up you have these bumps...some kids that used to have wings have the same ones
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:26 or maybe you had an extra pair of limbs at one point? like...if you had a parasite conjoined twin? if that was the case a doctor would have amputated the extra limbs but wings are more likely givin the bone structure
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:30 "Used to"? *shivers* The poor kids who lost theirs..
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:30 It's like declawing a cat..
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:31 I know...its awful...sometimes parents cut them off...before we can rescue them...poor things
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:32 I knew someone who lost just one of their wings... From what I know they're still suffering.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:33 its a long...long recovery process
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:34 I don't believe they'll ever recover. Not someone of their rank.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:35 *he nods a bit* ok the Ekg just monitors your heart rate so its going to stay on the rest of the day if your ok with that, itl just tell us if anything irregular happens
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:41 Got it.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:42 great I have it right here just lift up your shirt for me
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:44 *lifts his shirt*
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 03:52 *he attaches the wires to his chest then cips the box to his jeans* ok now just keep that on, and are you interested in feild work?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 03:58 Might as well be if it'll get me out of here.
13>Dr.Griggs (Scientist), 42yo.2020,Mar.2 04:01 alright *he picks up his radio* Higgians, can you come down to the MRI room? we have a new participant interested in field work thank you. *he puts the radio back in his pocket* he should be down here soon
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:03 *nods*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:05 *after a few minutes he saunters in and looks Aidan up and down* eh...you sure your cut out for feild work?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:15 You're thinking I'm not?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:20 *he shrugs a bit* come on Ill see what you got, *he starts walking twards one of the training areas* so whats special about you that makes you think you can do feild work? whats your power?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:21 Well for one I don't need my power. I don't know if I can trust this facility to see my power.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:24 the feild work that goes on in this place is strictly for those who have power so if your to nervous to use it then you need to find another unit.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:25 anyone can be taught to fight hand to hand combat, or to be stealthy, feild work is only for those who are willing to use their abilities to help America
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:30 I'm not at all nervous, I just do not trust you people. I've only trusted one doctor in a lab and that was the man who raised me for the first several years of my life.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:32 *he stops in his tracks and looks at him for a second then walks into the training area with weapons and punching bags, and mannequins* ok then. show me what you got. if your so good without powers prove it.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:36 Does anything in here move? *scans the area* I really do better against a moving target.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:37 hmm ok *he goes to a control panel and presses something that activates moving targets*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:40 *rolls his eyes* Whatever. What would you like me to do? None of these things can fight back.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:41 show me what you think would let you be a feild agent.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:50 THAT depends on what you define as a "field agent".
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 04:51 well, show me your definition.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:57 *walks into the field and finds a place just out of sight where he can summon his elbow blades. He doesn't have anything to work with so he just goes for the moving targets, specifically aiming for what would be vital organs on a human person. Makes sure
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 04:57 to be moving constantly and holding one arm slightly closer to himself as a means of quicker defense.*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 05:01 *he watches carefully and nods a bit as Aidan goes for the moving targets*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 05:13 ok, Ive seen enough. your good on your own how are you with teams?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 05:14 I usually never worked alone until recently.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 05:17 hmm... alright fallow me then..this is a trial period. got it?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 05:21 Yeah, sure.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 05:27 alright walk with me please
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 05:50 *he starts walking towards the groups living area*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 05:51 *follows close behind, deciding to just remain silent for the time being*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 05:57 *he walks him to the teams living space it has a kitchen/dining area, a living space bedrooms, bathrooms, and a training area, he walks Aiden to the training room were the team is* Guys this is your new team member, David I need to talk with you alone for
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.2 05:57 a few minutes *he walks out into the kitchen*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 05:58 *he nods and waves at Aiden before fallowing Higgians*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 06:02 *stands there quietly*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 06:04 *waves and walks over exitedly extending a hand* Hi Im Sara Im 20 Nice to meet you! whats your name?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 06:07 *stares at Sara almost in shock for a few moments, then blinks and turns away slightly, refusing to shake her hand*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 06:18 *waves awkwardly*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 06:18 *waves enthusiastically* I'm Connie!!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 06:18 *sounds a little too excited*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 06:21 *smiles a bit at Connie's enthusiasm. Chuckles* Pleasure meeting you, Connie. I'm Aidan.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 06:25 *giggles*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 06:25 *can definitely sense Connie's motivations and emotions and is just standing there like:* o______________o'
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 06:28 *backs away a bit, muttering to himself*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 06:35 *waves at Jack*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 06:37 *waves back a bit more out of instinct than anything else*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 06:39 *finds a place to sit down* So I gotta ask. What are the chances I get to go home? *gets quieter* Also what year is this?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 06:46 alright..*she puts her hand down*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 06:46 *says the year immediately (I can't remember what it is, but it's in the WWII era)*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 06:46 oh im its 1938, and...home...well sorry no one goes back home...really
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 06:48 This...this is our home.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 06:49 *grumbles quietly to himself **his demeanor suddenly shifts from awkward and defensive to cocky*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 06:50 19- So I'm not crazy.. Well I can't go home even if I wanted to, it seems.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:00 Where are you from??
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:03 well Aiden, your welcome to make this your home like we did, and you dont need to talk about out...there if you dont want to
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:05 I come from
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:05 (whoops)
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:05 I come from back East. Afraid I can't exactly remember where.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:15 thats alright, I dont know what state im from eaither, I was taken when I was 7
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:18 I can't believe I'm in another lab. These places are such a drag...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:19 I was born in Chicago, which is in Illinois! *grins*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:22 anyways...we are training, I cant die, what can you do?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:23 *after talking to Higgians for a while he walks back in and walks to Aidan* Im David, Im not deaf I just cant speak, nice to meet you
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:26 *sneers for a split second* It's none of your business what I can do. *can only read bits of what David said* Hi, David.. I'm sorry, I couldn't really understand most of what you tried to tell me.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:27 oh...um...a...alright...sorry..um sorry for asking... *holds her arm and backs up a bit looking at the ground*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:30 *looks at Aidan then at Sara then back at Aidan* Not cool...you could have just said you dont want to say, you dont have to Bust your chops about it *he walks over to Ara* hey are you ok?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:31 yeah.. Yeah im ok, hes probably...probably just upset...I mean he just got here...so..he..hes probably just nervous
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:32 *cannot stand what David is saying anymore**starts muttering to himself irritably*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:32 **cannot understand
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:33 and um...David just said he. not Deaf he just cant speak, he Said it was nice to meet you Aidan
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:35 Im...going to make us some Snacks...*Sara rushes out of the room quickly seeming to wipes her eyes on the way out*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:36 *sighs* Of course I'd be forced to stay HERE...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:37 *looks at Aidian again making sure to sign slowly* hey, I get that your upset being here but dont take it out on the ladies, they aren't gonna hurt you.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:40 *he looks at jack* Hey, can you traslate for me?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:41 Sorry, I don't do sign language. *his voice sounds a bit different now--it's lower, louder, and more certain*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:41 The guy who does chickened out. Connie was getting on his nerves.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:42 What do you mean you "Dont do sign Language?" you were 5 minutes ago?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:42 *has quieted down ever since Aidan started hurting Sara's feelings**finally speaks up again* What?!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:42 *understand more of what he's saying, but still not all of it* I'm sorry. It's difficult to explain why I feel so much resentment toward her. Perhaps I'll get over it because she doesn't know... Otherwise I have no quarrel with anyone else here.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:42 I seriously have no idea what you're saying.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:42 *understood
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:43 What did I do?!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:43 Nathan doesn't fare well around gawkers.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:43 *signs slowly to Aidian again* You just got here, shes been here her whole life, what did she ever do to you?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:43 I-I-I wasn't gawking!!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:43 *looks confused* I don't believe you did anything wrong.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:44 im tired of speaking slow..* looks at connie and pretends to write on his hand and smiles at her hoping she gets it*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:47 *hesitates, then after a few moments she gets it* Ohhh...uh...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:47 Okay, I'll be right back. *runs off, gets some paper and a pencil, and brings it back to David*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:47 *said "Sure you weren't" before Connie ran off*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:48 *turns back to Jack once she returns* I. Wasn't. Gawking. *walks off and goes looking for Sara*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:50 *is in the kittchen filling canned pear halves with cottage cheese for a snack wiping away a tear now and then*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 07:51 *says gently upon seeing Sara* Hey...are you alright?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:51 *writes down "how about we just train for a bit ok?" and holds it up for them to see*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:52 *jumps a bit and wipes her eyes wuickly* Oh..yeah, Yeah im ok
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 07:55 *quickly
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 07:55 I think I'll see what you all can do for now.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:58 Sure.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 07:58 My name's Conrad, by the way.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 07:59 *write down on his paper and shows it to Aidian* Beacause im mute people assume Im deaf so im usually in chage of helping gather intel rather then fighting, but if I touch someone I can give them 1st degree burns, like sunburns
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 08:00 *writes down again and shows it to Jack* I thought your name was Nathaniel
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:03 No, Nathaniel is someone else.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 08:03 I don't have power like what you seem to have.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:04 Nathaniel comes out when intel needs to be gathered. I come out during the important stuff--life and death situations.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:04 What, did he not tell you?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 08:07 *shakes his head no*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:08 There's more than one of us here.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:09 *points at himself*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 08:09 *david nods a bit*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:10 *a few minutes later she brings in a plate of pear halves filled with cottage cheese* I um...I made snacks
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 08:11 *is carrying a second plate**she helped Sara out*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 08:12 *nods his thanks, trying not to harden his gaze when he sees Sara*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.2 08:16 drops the pen and paper* These look Beautiful thank you, and Nathinal has more then 1 person in his body with his power, so Conrad is out now hes a bit more Grumpy
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:16 oh, *turns to Connie* Narhinal has more then 1 person in his body they switched its a Conrad now
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:17 *she sets the plate down and eats one* so? training?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 08:19 He does?? Weird...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:19 Not nearly as weird as your choice in men.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.2 08:19 *blushes angrily*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:19 *@ Sara* Let's get to it.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:22 alright, so your Conrad, ok sure, sparing practice maybe? hand to hand or weapons?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:29 Either is fine. I excel at both.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.2 08:30 *smiled at Conrad's comment to Connie. Sits up straight so he can watch the sparring**
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:30 Hand to hand is safer if we are sparing with each other *she walks over to the mats* ready?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:38 *walks over* Ready.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:39 alright 1...2...3...go! *she quickly hooks her ankle behind his and pulls quickly so he lands flat on his back*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:41 ...I wasn't ready. *gets back up*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:41 *mutters "[BLEEP] you, Nathan"*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:42 [Conrad should be able to kick her butt BTW.]
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:42 *she chuckles a bit* sorry cheap shots, ok lets go for real you can say go
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:42 [He's the protector personality for a reason.]
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:42 [probably but again, cheap shot]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:42 *gets up*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:43 *wait nvm, he got up already, brain what are you doing XD*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:43 *NATHAN STOP LAGGING BEHIND XD*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:43 1...2...3...GO! *throws a fast and powerful kick at her*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:43 [sara is a good fighter but not like SUPER good yet shes only been doing combat training for 5-10 years at this point]
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:44 *she tries to block it but falls on the ground, while on the ground she grabs his ankles and pulls hard and fast to get him down while she starts to stand up again*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:45 [Yep.]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:45 *angles his fall so that he falls down on her and pins her to the ground*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:47 *aims a powerful blow at her neck and stops a centimeter short* Bam. You lose.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:47 *she trys to get up but she cant* Ok ok you win
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:49 but actually in real missions I want them to kill me beacause then when they leave what they assume is my dead body on the floor I can run off with the intel
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:57 can you get off me now?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 08:58 *smiles* Eh...I'm kind of enjoying the view... *gets back up anyway*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 08:59 *stands up after him* so your really good at fighting huh?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 09:07 You got it.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 09:08 I'm the real spine here. Nathan...not so much.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.2 09:09 Nahtan is nice tho
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.2 09:10 Eh, he's a wimp.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 04:30 thats a bit rude to say about your? well...what are you guys? brother? maybe?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 05:50 *Leans back again, staring up at the ceiling*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:00 He doesn't care.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:05 *says loudly* Alright, who's next?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.3 06:21 *David walks over to Jack* Lets go
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:22 *walks over and stands by Aidan* I've never met anyone like you before, you talk funny. I get that you probably didnt mean to get upset at me, most people hear are used to sharing, how long have you been at the lab?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:25 Just today
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:25 *since today
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:28 Really?!....wow Im sorry...I remember my first day it was...awful...most people are taken as kids, Ive never met anyone who was taken as a full on adult before
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:29 did you turn yourself in is that why your so calm about it all?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:29 3...2...1...go!
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.3 06:31 *he quickly darts behind jack and places his hand on jacks arm giving him a mild sunburn that kinda stings a bit when you touch it*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:31 I don't feel like it's worth fighting right now.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 06:33 *sits down nearby and listens to the conversation between Sara and Aidan*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:33 *snakes his arm around David's arm and easily pushes him down*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:34 they are probably watching you like a hawk right now...I herd they have little cameras that they use... with film like movie camera its really advanced technology
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:34 *aims a kick at David's leg, but just rests his foot on it* Annnd your knee breaks.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:34 Grabbing people really isn't the best idea unless you're super big and muscular compared to them. It's so easy to get leverage.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:35 "advanced".. yeah.. They can watch me all they want.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.3 06:35 *on the ground he rolls away from jack and quickly stands up before grabbing the now fresh sunburn on his arm causing a stinging pain, he uses his other elbow to give a powerful blow to Jacks back*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:37 your really strange...I think thats cool though, were are you from? Are you from another country?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:39 No I'm not.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.3 06:39 *he hit him before he was shoved to the ground again*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:40 oh, what state were you from?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:41 Don't remember the name.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:41 *had gotten up and turned away a bit* Hey!
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.3 06:41 *while he stays on the ground he raches into his pocket and pulls it out his hand shaped like a gun and points it at jacks head* My knee is broken but your head is gone I win
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.3 06:42 *he smiles big and laughs a bit which still sounds very strange*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:43 *grabs the arm David is using to burn him again and creates an armbar*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:44 *shoved him to the ground and pinned him and threw a fake punch at his face before David pulled out the "hand-gun"*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:44 Good point...good point... *is a bit weirded out by the laugh, but doesn't show it*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:46 *lets him go and gets up*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:47 Next!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:47 I dont remember mine either...I came here when I was 7 so I didnt know much
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.3 06:48 *stands up and nods at jack a bit before going to Aidain making sure to sign slowly* Are you going to go?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:48 oh David wants to know if your going to go, sparing practice I think
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:49 I probably should.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 06:50 I've really tried to refrain from fighting
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 06:51 I-I'll go.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 06:51 *gets up and walks over*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 06:51 *gets in a fighting stance* Ready.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:51 *it's clear from the look on his face that he finds her stance disgusting*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:52 *sighs* If you say so.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:52 3...2..1...go! *easily takes her down in a few seconds*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:52 Im not good at it im still learning, but Ive been trained in alot of other things since I came here, mostly exit strategies, how to get information from a hostage position and more, Ive been on solo missions but this is my first team! Im super excited to
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 06:53 *has her pinned down**aims a fake blow at her neck, then releases her and gets up* Annnd that's how you die, folks.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 06:53 *is visibly embarrassed**sits up, adjusting her ruffled blonde hair*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:55 work with others, most of the time Im supposed to be captured, and gather intel and then when they kill me or they think they do I basically run off with the information...I have to play dead alot to..I've been in alot of rugs...and holes...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:56 they decided I was for field work the moment I came here since they find my ability useful, I havent killed anyone though...I honestly dont know If I could ever bring myself to do that to someone...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 06:57 You must be really good at something if they send you to feild work on your First day, do you mind if I ask why? If you do then I wont since I guess you have sensitive subjects
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:01 Next!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:01 *gets up, shakily takes a pear half with cottage cheese in it, and sits down and eats quietly*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 07:02 *stands up finally* I might as well humor the ones watching... *winks at Connie as he steps toward Jack.* Alright, ready when you are.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:03 *looks like a deer in headlights**she's deciding if she really saw Aidan wink or not*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:03 3...2...1...go!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 07:05 *walks over to Connie and whispers a bit as she smiles* did he just wink at you?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:06 *blushes a bit* I dunno...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 07:09 *sweeps the leg, intending to make Jack jump*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 07:11 hes kind of cute dont you think? I bet hes Cookin’ with Helium to.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 07:11 (Cookin’ with Helium means he can dance really well and quickly to)
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:11 *jumps backwards to dodge*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:11 Fancy.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:12 Yeah...I mean...um...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:12 I dunno... *tries to hide her face while watching Conrad and Aidan*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 07:13 *smiles at Connie* maybe you can ask him if you can make him a milkshake later, you 2 could split it
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:19 That'd be nice...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:20 I wish the lab had a soda shop...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 07:21 Indeed. *pushes himself back as well, back onto his feet* Come on, then.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:21 *launches a side kick at him*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 07:24 *steps back and blocks the kick*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 07:27 oh, I think in that kitchen there they have all the supplies! I took a look in there and its sure stocked well
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:28 *bounces back a little, retaining his balance**comes forward and launches another kick, this time at his head*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 07:32 *rushes forward as well, putting one arm in the way of the kick while he reaches for Jack with the intent of dragging him to the ground*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:36 Oh, great!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 07:36 maybe, you should go make one for you two to split, and Ill put the records on! somethings to jive to!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:36 *his kick misses**as he lands back on his two feet he tries to grab Aidan's arm and create an armbar*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 07:45 Maybe... *giggles*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 07:49 all start the music then *she smiles and runs off to the lounge to put a record on, you can faintly hear it in the training room*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 07:51 *drops to the ground, then rolls to the side where he can regain a better composure.*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:53 *turns to face Aidan again*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:54 You're not too bad, kid.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 07:54 *scoffs* "kid"?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 07:58 *chuckles* Don't tell me YOU'RE older than me. *aims a strong punch at him*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.3 08:01 *hears the music and seems a little flustered**didn't think Sara was totally serious*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 08:02 *it pushes him back and does indeed hurt, but he catches Jack's fist* I most certainly am. And I've been doing this sort of thing since I was 12.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 08:03 I've been doing this since I was 4. *aims a kick at his knee*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 08:06 *slides his legs back, making a bit of an awkward position, but he yanks his arm back as well, still holding onto Jack's fist*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 08:06 Good for you.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.3 08:08 *gets yanked forward**tries to break free by rolling forward and out of this*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.3 08:17 *lets go of Jack's fist and aims to grab ahold of his legs*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 03:34 *jerks forward, but is determined to keep a good grip on Jack's legs*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.4 04:18 *watches chuckling slightly from how well Aidan is doing against Conrad/jack*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 04:55 *is unable to complete his somersault because Aidan has held onto his legs so tightly**tries to kick him*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 05:02 *struggles for a few moments, then tries to flip him onto his stomach*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 05:33 *winds up flipped over**tries to get back on his feet as quickly as possible*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 05:40 *now that Jack is on his stomach he leaps forward and presses his elbow between his shoulder blades*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 05:49 *goes limp*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 05:56 *grabs Jack's head and twists slightly.* And with that your neck would be broken and you'd be dead. *stands up* You're really quite skilled.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 06:13 *was hoping Aidan would relax after he went limp**gets up, muttering something bitterly to himself*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 06:21 You shouldn't beat yourself up. I was beaten into the dirt for years before I could any of this right. *holds out his hand to Jack* Good fight.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 06:22 *insert this before he holds his hand out to Jack* It's not at all that you aren't good enough.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.4 06:23 *smiles big*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 06:28 *looks a bit happier*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 06:29 *goes back to his seat*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 06:32 *he reached for Aidan's hand, then stopped, pulled his hand back, and walked away*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.4 06:34 *looks at Conrad smiling,* good job *he gives him a thumbs up as he holds back a chuckle*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 06:35 (should we just say that Aidan went back to his seat after Conrad walked away? I completely forgot that Aidan was waiting on him)
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 06:38 [Yeah. That's why I put my post as Conrad in past tense.]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 06:38 *ignores David
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 06:38 **
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 06:40 *glances at the kitchen nervously, wondering what Sara is up to in there*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 06:40 *chuckles* I got angry, too.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 06:40 *lounge, not kitchen, WTH brain
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.4 06:41 (Sara in in the living area/lounge)
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.4 06:41 (Ye)
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 06:45 *looks at Connie* So what do you all get to do here?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 06:47 Oh, we can do all sorts of things. We can listen to music and read and play games.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 06:47 They provide you with supplies for all sorts of activities.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 06:50 I mean so did Nixon, but all the same games and books tend to get boring. Do we go outside?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:05 Oh no.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:06 Yes on missions you can go outside on missions
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:07 (they have a few 2+ player board games and music thats about it activity wise since they want the team to focus on each other and know each other really well)
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:07 Yes, on missions. But that's it.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:08 So really it's not so different- Alright. So what do we do now?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:10 well music is playing we could dance
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:12 If there's nothing else to do. Why not?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.4 07:14 *he walks in* Did I hear about dancing?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:14 maybe *sara smiles at David*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.4 07:16 *David turns the record player up* Lets dance then *he grabs Saras hands and they start dacing, sara giggles a bit as David spins her*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:18 *holds his arm out to Connie* Would you like to dance?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:19 Uhh... *giggles*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:19 S-sure.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:24 *pulls her out to an open spot to dance* Have you tried swing dancing before
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:24 *?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:25 Of course.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:28 Ah, good.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:29 *sara and david are swing dancing pretty well*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:29 *walks over to Jack* Why dont you go join the others?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:39 Why should I?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:41 Who doesn't? *chuckles*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:42 any effective team needs to know the ins and outs of their team members, itl make you a better fighter by playing off your teammates, how about instead of fighting them you learn how to fight with them and make them better.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:44 Aidan is here on a trial basis and if its just between us we believe hes a spy thats why he's here because hes to good to be an average Joe so keep him close, and be his friend.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:44 How about I don't feel like hanging out right now?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:44 *said that before he said Aidan may be a spy*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:44 and if anything suspicious comes up on missions you let me know.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:44 Spy for who?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:45 The Germans?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:45 *The krauts? [Nvm, I decided Conrad would definitely use derogatory terms regarding the Germans.]
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:47 no the soviets
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:49 we believe anyways altho It could be Austria
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:49 we dont know but I doubt its Germans
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:54 Most people where I come from cannot dance like people around here.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:54 Weird...where are you from?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:54 Got it.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 07:55 Maybe I'll tell you later.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:56 so, go out there and be his best friend, and teach your other team mates to fight.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 07:56 Uhh...alright. *chuckles awkwardly*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 07:57 So after I befriend a Commie what do you want me to do? Balance the Eiffel Tower on my nose? That'd be slightly easier.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.4 07:59 If you cant handle working with a team then I dont belive you can handle feild work, so prove to me that you deserve to stay by fallowing orders. and get to know your team
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:00 So who taught you to dance?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 08:03 Er...my dad initially did, but some friends here have helped me get better over the years.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 08:04 *sighs**mutters "Yes sir" and starts walking towards the lounge**mutters to himself*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.4 08:04 *when he reaches the lounge, his shoulders are slumped and he doesn't make nearly as much eye contact with people*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:09 Well that's nice. A couple of people taught me. One was my dad.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 08:12 Oh, that's swell!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:19 *smiles* I guess it is.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 08:25 What is the outside world like?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:29 Around here? Empty. Not really familiar with this area. The air is certainly fresher outside. It's brighter.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:29 I already miss seeing the sky
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:29 Though it's not nearly as beautiful as the skies back home
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 08:30 Ohh...what are they like?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:35 The sky is a brilliant color of blue with a slight lavender tinge to it. At first glance you'd never know it was anything other than blue. The sun is the purest of white and its beams of light shimmer with the colors of the rainbow.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:35 It's a beautiful sight fit for the gods themselves.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 08:38 Wow!!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.4 08:38 *suddenly pauses her dancing* ..."Gods??"
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:40 *pauses as well, then mutters* ...(bleep)...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 08:42 *whispers* I shouldn't talk about my homeland here. Too many ears.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 16:33 *she looks at Connie* alot of religions belive in multiple gods, I learned about it from books and from some missions to!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 16:38 Like hinduisim and Buddhists, or some people belive in the ancient greek gods
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 16:39 Dont worry Aidan no ones going to judge you for practicing your religion *she smiles warmly*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.4 18:34 There are places I've been that are not so accepting of the concept of polytheism.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 21:23 The same people who get offended by what others belive are usually the same people who think im an abomination
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 03:15 It doesn't bother me, what others think. Some places people would either try to arrest you or kill you for practicing polytheism. That's just bothersome to deal with.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 03:53 well gods bless america land of the free unless your broken or Flip your wig, thats what we are a group of broken kids are bodies dont work well, I suppose its that thing Charels Darwin wrote about evolution and all that
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 04:15 Yes, I've read Darwin's studies. Fun little addition to Earth's collective pondering of where we all are in the universe.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 04:33 Your strange
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 04:39 Probably
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 04:44 *just looks a bit flustered*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 05:06 Um...okay...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 05:07 Well...my mother wouldn't approve...but...you seem nice. *fidgets and smiles awkwardly* And it's not like she...matters anymore...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 05:07 I try not to
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 05:07 (ignore that)
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 05:10 *smiles at Connie* I don't really consider myself super religious anyway. Whether or not gods exist is a concept that is best left untouched.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 05:33 *pauses* Why's that...?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 05:34 *shakes her head a little*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 05:35 Nobody's families really matter in here. We're not allowed to contact them.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 05:35 So it's not like they have any influence over us anymore.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 05:43 Huh... *looks down* I think I'll go for a walk.. *turns toward the nearest exit/hallway and just starts walking away*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 05:44 *watches him go**her eyes widen**wonders if she said something wrong*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 05:45 *casually walks over to the hallway he went down and peers around it, watching him**tries to probe his feelings and motivations*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 05:49 *takes a deep breath and looks around the hall from time to time, but mostly stares at the ground ahead of him*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 05:51 *ducks back out of view every time Aidan seems to be looking back towards the way he came*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 05:55 *more or less just wanders aimlessly. He doesn't stop for anything*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:59 9he has acsess to the bedroom hallways altho the rooms are locked til 8:30 pm, the kitchen, bathroom training room and living room any place else is locked)
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:00 *Looks over at Jack and yell a bit* What are you doing? Leave the poor guy alone!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:03 *turns to Sara, looking as if he was startled out of slumber*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:04 Conrad, *she motions for him to come*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:04 I'm not Conrad...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:04 Oh...Nathaniel? well come here anyways
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:06 *walks over, not really looking at her as he does so*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:09 Sorry, thought you were Conrad, Im pretty sure hes mad at Aidan, anyways, I don't know if Aidan mentioned it to anyone else but its...literally his first day here and we all know how awfel that day is so we should probably give him space if he needs it
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 06:10 *eventually sits with his back to the wall and taps his foot slightly*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 06:18 *has lost the urge to dance, so she's sitting and eating another pear half filled with cottage cheese*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:19 *nods a bit* I know...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:27 *she turns the music off* yeah...must be awful comming at this old since....everyone I met here came as kids
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:36 *just nods a little*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:37 how old were you when you turned up?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:39 So long ago...not sure anymore...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:39 Those years are blurry for me...the younger ones...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:40 I got here when I was 7, I remember it really well...I dont think Ill ever forget it
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 06:57 Mm...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 06:57 I got here when I was 11.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 06:58 I got here when I was 8
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:00 *he walks into the room* Sara its time for your Endurance Training with Dr. Jackson team.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 07:02 Um... *looks at Nathaniel**Nathaniel sighs and translates what David said for her*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 07:03 *that happened before Higgians came in*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 07:03 *she tenses up immediately and you can see a mix a nervousness and dread in here eyes* D...Do you think I can skip it today? to...to you know get...get to know my team better?..
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:09 your a brave girl you can do it, come on
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 07:10 Please...just this once I wont ask again..*her voice is shaking a bit like shes about to cry*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 07:15 *probes Sara's feelings and winds up staring at Higgians*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:18 *he speaks softly and wraps his arm around sara* hey...I know...I know you dont like it but your super strong and you can do this ok?...come on lets go...*he leads sara along a bit* your ok its only a few hours you got this right? your so Great at it,
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 07:19 *her voice is barely above a whisper* yeah...yeah I got this..
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:21 we are so proud of you, your so brave you know that? *he unlocks the door leading her out to Dr. Jackson whoes outside the room before locking it again and turning to the team* sorry about that, she will be fine I promise I'll be in my office so if you
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:21 need me just knock ok? *he starts walking twards his office door*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 07:33 ...What sort of endurance training is that?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:35 If, she wants to tell you she will, but Im not allowed to go into details about it without Sara's or Dr. Jacksons permission but you can certainly ask her when she gets back
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 07:47 *says nothing and tries to probe him*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:50 *his mind is blank as he stares at Nathaniel thinking of literally nothing*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 07:55 you done trying to poke around in my head?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 07:55 *turns away, staring at the door Sara left out of*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.5 08:01 *he walks to his office*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:07 *a while afterwards, she approaches Aidan in the hallway and holds out a pear half with cottage cheese in it* Want one?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:11 *smiles a bit and takes it* Thanks.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:16 ...I'm sorry if I said something wrong back there...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:21 *looks at Nathanial* What do we do now?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:24 No, you didn't say anything wrong. I'm just thinking about my family.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:24 We wait.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:24 I guess.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:24 Oh...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:25 Yeah...I guess I thought about them at first a lot too...but it gets better over time...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:25 You'll think about them less and less...and then the lab will sort of be your family.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:25 what do you think about sara, like why she got so upset?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:26 ...Whatever they're doing with her, it's not normal. It's not endurance training of the kind we know of.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:27 how do you know? what is endurance training anyways? maybe shes just scared of it like some people are terrified of needles
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:29 Conrad's had it...mostly it was just more intensive exercise and combat training.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:30 oh, thats probably why then, she's scared of those guns so maybe they are doing a weapons training right?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:31 Maybe.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:31 I don't want my life to be dedicated to another lab.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:31 not like we know what normal is here though *he chuckles a bit and nudges Nathaniel a bit*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:32 "Another??"
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:32 What do you mean?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:33 *chuckles awkwardly* Yeah...true...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:34 I was born in a lab. This environment will never be my home again.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:34 *there's some more silence with no communication going back and forth between them**can't stand the awkwardness**looks at the games available and picks one quickly* Uh--you wanna play charades?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:35 [Credit goes to Caprial for that golden piece of dialogue. ^.^]
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:35 *looks Nathaniel right in the eyes* I play charades every day of my life.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:35 You were...what?!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:35 .........Sorry.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:36 How did that happen??
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:36 pasteurized milk.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:37 *hesitates, then inevitably snickers*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:38 *looks down at the ground* My parents both lived in the lab. My mother was killed and my father escaped.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:38 *smiles big*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:41 *smiles as well* Alright, what do you actually want to play?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:41 ...Oh my god...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:44 I dont know, would you rather I guess?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:45 Um... *seems a bit nervous* Sure.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:45 A doctor there raised me and risked everything to get me out of there and so this is not what I wish to do with the freedom I was granted.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:46 ok you first
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:49 Was this one of those foreign labs?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:51 I guess you could call it that.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:51 Er...would you rather...sweat syrup or...*glances at the plates* cottage cheese?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:53 Um...okay...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.5 08:53 I'm sorry about your mother...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:54 What kind of syrup?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.5 08:55 Maple.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 08:57 *opens his mouth, but decides not to say anything*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.5 08:58 Syrup, not as smelly and its not chunky, would you rathey have tounges for feet or heave beans for fingers?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 18:11 *clears his throat and whispers* She didn't stay dead... They brought her back. *speaks up again* I didn't even know my parents until I was about 10.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 05:12 They can do that?!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 05:12 *lowers her voice* So is she...unusual like um...like us?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 05:15 Hm...I guess tongues for feet.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 05:16 You didn't specify how many tongues, so I could theoretically have a whole lot of tongues that make up a foot, so maybe I could still walk.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 05:21 *shakes his head* She was a normal human.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 05:22 ...How did they do it??
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 05:31 I'm not allowed to say here.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 05:33 Would you rather be in the middle of a desert or an ocean?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 05:33 Oh...okay...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 06:06 Maybe elsewhere.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:08 Well, I...I hope you get used to being here...eventually everybody has to.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 06:10 I think I'd sooner die than call this place my home.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:11 *sara srumbles back in at 8pm about 4 hours later, her hair is frazzled and messy and she looks like crap, shes very tired, she walks in and just lays on the couch first thing since the rooms wont be open for another 30 minutes*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:13 *you can see blood stains on saras clothes but no wounds on her at all, she has dried blood elsewere on her body*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:13 *she had been a bit shocked to hear that from Aidan and left him to contemplate things shortly afterwards**has mostly been in the lounge with the other boys ever since*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:13 Sara?!!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:13 *says loudly* Sara's back!! *runs over to check on her*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:15 Mm..im fine im just tired
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:16 *gasps* There's blood on you!!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:16 Are you okay?!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 06:16 *walks in* Uh...do we need to get first aid?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:17 No...yeah Im fine, I dont need first aid I cant die remember?...plus I dont have any wounds right now
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:18 I'm good just Really tired
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:19 Oh...um...okay...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:19 Do you need anything?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:20 No...Im just gonna lay down for a minute then go in the shower, clean my blood off
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:21 Alright...are you hungry?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 06:22 *waits to go to his room*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:24 *she groans and just ignores Connies question*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:25 Guess...guess not...sorry...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 06:25 Let her rest.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:25 Yeah...okay... *walks out, feeling a bit embarrassed*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:33 *after about 20 minutes she goes into the bathroom to shower*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 06:33 *starts getting ready to settle down for the night*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 06:39 *goes into his room and immediately scopes the place for cameras.*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 06:42 *walks by Aidan's room and looks at him weird then signs slowly* did you loose something?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 06:44 *pauses* No.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 06:45 oh, what are you looking for? all the rooms are the same maybe I can help
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 06:49 *doesn't understand everything* Umm... I'm fine, thanks..
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 06:52 ok *he signs a bit slower* I sleep under my bed since I dont like the camera seeing me sleep, if thats what your worried about. *he walks off to his room*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 06:57 *sees David walk away from Aidan's room**walks over to David* Is everything alright?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:58 *she goes to her bedroom after showering and pulls the blankets and pillow off the bed before going under the bed to sleep*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 06:59 yeah I was just telling him he could sleep under the bed if hes nervous about the camera
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.6 06:59 *goes to bed--or rather, under her bed--as well*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:00 Oh, okay.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:02 *hesitates, then walks over to Aidan's room* I know what you want to do.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:02 Don't.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 07:06 *somewhat glares at Jack* What's to stop me?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:07 You don't want to find out.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 07:07 *he goes to bed under his bed*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:07 Just sleep under the bed. It's what nearly everyone does here.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 07:08 I should not have to.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:09 You don't.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 07:13 I'll do whatever I have to
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:17 You don't have to disable anything.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:18 *she yells from her room which is next door to Aidan's* Can you 2 Quiet down?! I need to sleep
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 07:20 Forget about me and just go to sleep.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.6 07:20 *sighs**adds more quietly* I'm only trying to help. *walks away to his room, takes off his shoes, gets his blankets and pillow, and gets under his bed*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:21 Thank you!...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 07:41 *turns his glare to the camera. Points at it for several moments, then withdraws and looks at his hand* ....Gods d*** it.... *flips the mattress from the bed and drags it into the bathroom. Uses that to barricade the door, then moves the shower rod deeper
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.6 07:41 into the shower and uses a bit of magic to hold it in place, then climbs up and hangs by his legs from it. Summons his wings and wraps them around himself like a blanket*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:19 *she wakes up the next morning and heads to the bathroom she notices its not locked but she cant get in* what the? *she knocks on the door hard*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.7 05:33 *comes out of her room, rubbing her eyes*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.7 05:42 *is startled awake and falls from the shower rod* AH, (BLEEP)!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:44 are you ok?, The bathroom door isnt locked but its stuck?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.7 05:47 - No. I'll be right out.. *crawls to his feet and hides his wings, then moves the mattress*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:49 *walks in* why, your mattress in the bathroom? Is everything ok?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.7 05:50 It doesn't matter.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:51 ok, if you need to talk, I know the ins and outs of this place pretty well
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.7 05:53 *walks over, needing to go to the bathroom too*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:54 If you wouldnt mind...leaving the bathroom for a second though...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.7 05:56 Yeah. *goes back to his room*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:59 *she locks the door and dose what she needs to in the bathroom before leaving* hey Connie Sorry If I was a bit rude last night I wasn't trying to
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.7 06:01 Oh, it's fine.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:01 *smiles a bit then heads to the kitchen to make breakfast*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.7 06:13 *finishes up and then goes to the kitchen to help Sara*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:14 Sorry about last night, I'll just head straight to my room next time
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.7 06:20 You don't have to.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:22 Well I dont want be rude and ignoring you guys
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.7 06:33 It wasn't rude...you were tired...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:40 yeah but being tired shouldnt be an excuse to be rude
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.7 07:05 *wakes up and comes out, his shoulders still a bit hunched*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.7 07:07 *he comes out and walks over to JAck* whoes out right now? out of you 3?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.7 07:22 *blinks tiredly* Hm??
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.7 07:23 which one of you is the one most awake and controlling the body.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.7 07:32 *you 2?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.7 07:32 Nathaniel...
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.7 07:35 thats a shame, Can Conrad be pushed forward I have a feild mission for him...and sara but he needs some training first, Aidian can go to keep an eye on him.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.7 07:42 Conrad doesn't feel like coming out right now.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.7 07:44 to bad, I need him to practice something that he hasnt done before yet unless hes to scared that is.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.7 07:49 *hesitates, then turns away*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.7 07:49 *closes his eyes*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.7 07:50 thank you.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 04:18 *when he turns back to Higgians, he looks him straight in the eye, unlike before* What do you want?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 04:44 you have your first mission assignment with Sara and Aidian, Fallow me I need to grab sara as well and Ill debrief you on the game plan along with some training that you 2 will need, hows your Japanese?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 04:45 You mean how's Nathaniel's Japanese?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 04:46 Because mine isn
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 04:46 *isn't that great.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 04:48 fallow me *he walks to the kitchen* Sara I need to speak with you and Conrad outside *he walks twards the door and opens it sara sets down her things and fallows him out*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 04:57 *follows Higgians*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 04:57 What is this about?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:01 *he closes the door* you two along with Aidain are going to Japan but you need a special training, you specifically Conrad, but Sara as well, were talk while we walk to the specialized training area *he walks down the hall as he talks* This mission is
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:03 deep cover we are trying to see if Aidan is a spy so right now a Japanese terrorist group has been known to be hunting down and torturing known american spys but they are also recruiting, I want you Conrad to become a recruit saying your turning on
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:06 The usa, convincing them your a double agent, and your partner Sara. your going to sneak in to pretend to steal some plans Conrad your going to get there attention and knock Sara out. Sara is going to be posing as your team leader and the one with the
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:08 most information and you will tourture and possibly kill her, Aidan will hang around watching from a distance he dosent know your turning so this will be a good test for him. hes told to go in if things go south.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:08 any Questions?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:10 well told to call us if things go south we wont send him in
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 05:11 Sure. How am I going to get out alive if he really is a spy?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:11 well we will we havent yet
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:12 When Sara "Dies" volunteer to bury or burn the body they will probably send someone with you shoot them then you two can book it then go kill Aidian
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 05:15 *sighs* Okay.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:19 sounds like a plan
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:20 we are going to the endurance training room since You have to be comfortable beating up and killing Sara, also Sara, sorry.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:20 Its alright, do you want me to up the crying and screaming to make it seem more real?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:22 *looks at Conrad* are you up for that or do you want to slowly work up to it?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 05:23 Just do what you need to do.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:25 ok
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:27 I'll act real then. I can withstand pain pretty well so keep in mind Ill mostly be acting ok?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:29 *he opens the door to the endurance training room it has a pool chairs, polls, alot of ropes, chains, and wire and knives hammers and many other tools* It looks worse in here then it is Im going back now Dr, Jackson will be over the convincing performance
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 05:31 Hello Sara and Conrad.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:32 *he walks back were the team stays and finds Aidian* Aidian How do you feel about going on a mission?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:32 Hi
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 05:48 I got it.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 05:48 *sounds a little annoyed*
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 05:51 so I need you to pretend to be sneaking around and then do something to get there attention and turn on Sara you need to be convincing so convince me, then prove how serious you are, it needs to last at least 3 hours to give Aidain time
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 05:52 Sara you just need to act convincing like your long term partner betrayed you.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:52 ok got it, lets party *she chuckles a bit*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.8 05:55 I'm ready anytime
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 05:57 I'm ready.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:58 great, so your Going to Japan with Sara and Conrad your staying in a hotel near were their mission is, they are going to run in and steal some important files it should be a quick in and out shouldnt be more then a few days, you are going to sit in the
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 05:58 hotel with binoculars and watch them, if anything goes south your job is to call us.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:59 ok lets go we can use the fake walls to hide behind *she walks over to the fake walls*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 06:01 any questions?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:06 *goes and "hides" with her*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.8 06:08 Nope.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:09 I think the file room is just around this corner, *she leads the way walking carefully*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:10 *nods and looks back a lot, pretending to make sure nobody is tailing them*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 06:11 also is something wrong with your bedroom do you need better sleeping accommodations?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:12 *she continues to pretend to sneak around*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:17 *as Sara is "peeking around a corner," he grabs her from behind and slams her head into a wall hard*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:19 *she drops for a few seconds before trying to stand up disoriented looking around for the enemy*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:20 *slams her head into the wall again and again*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:22 *she trys to fight back but cant manage and passes out*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.8 06:22 I'm so tempted to disable the camera.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:23 *shes drops dead and pops back up* You went to strong I died he said it needs to last a few hours. and you forgot a step you need to first get the enemies attention first then turn on me and say you want to join them.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 06:24 I would highly advise against that, most just sleep under the bed.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:26 lets try that again ok? your goal shouldn't be to knock me out yet its to restrain me If they ask you to knock me out tho, do it
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 06:32 *he chuckles a bit* Your doing my job for me Sara, but yeah once you capture her confirm to the enemy that you dont know much information since your young but she dose but confirm that you know how to get it from her beacause you know her well
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:34 *sighs, grumbling* Fine...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:37 But she's younger than me, so the "I'm young and don't know [BLEEP]" excuse isn't gonna work.
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 06:37 itl convince them better if you can torture your partner while looking then in the eye thatt you are serious rather then just knocking her out or killing her so after you get her ask were you can put her then tie her down Well. you need to be belivable
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:38 well just say Im a higher rank so I have classified information that your not authorized to have.
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 06:41 that will do nicely
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 06:42 ok I will pretend to be the enemy and Ill engage in some Dialog
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:45 *nods*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:45 Let's go from the start, then.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.8 06:47 No
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.8 06:48 ok, but dont tamper with the cameras
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:48 right *she goes back the the start and starts sneaking again*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 06:55 *sneaks around with her until he pretends to spot the "enemy" nearby**grabs Sara and punches her in the head**the punch is designed to knock her out*
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 06:57 *sara falls unconscious and he runs over with a gun and is speaking in Japanese* Put your hands up!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:00 *puts his hands up**says in the best Japanese he can muster:* I'm on your side!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:00 Don't shoot, I'm on your side!
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 07:03 I've never seen you before your clearly American!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.8 07:11 I'll do what I have to.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:12 I'm a double agent!
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 07:14 *he lowers the gun and goes back to English* you have to get them to recruit you since your not a double agent with them yet thats what you want to be sara is the proof that your serious. and again try not to knock her out itl be more convincing if shes
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 07:14 awake. reset her and lets try again. *he walks off*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:17 [BLEEP]...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:17 Did I say "I'm a double agent?" I meant "I want to be a double agent."
2>Dr. Jackson (Endurance specialist), 57yo.2020,Mar.8 07:19 *yells a bit* Maybe get Your head pal to feed you lines
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:20 *mutters irritably*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 07:21 *after a few hours Sara and Conrad return Conrad had blood on his hands and sara is bloody in several places* And Then she Said wouldnt you like to know?! *she laughs a bit*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:22 *fakes a smile**he did not enjoy this training experience*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 07:24 anyway we need to pack, you did good um...yeah im sure we will make a great team
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 07:26 you can have first shower if you want.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.8 07:42 Fine...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 15:50 Hey...if its any consolation you were a nice change of pace and what you did was alot less well...painful that my normal endurance training so I got a bit of a break today
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.9 03:13 Japan, though...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 03:42 ...What's your normal endurance training like?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 03:56 *she goes quiet for a second before brushing it off* Oh you dont wanna hear about that.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 04:24 But I do.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 04:27 no..Its...Its boring stuff plus you need to shower your covered in blood
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:07 *sighs* Fine... *heads off to shower*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 05:09 *sighs a bit and sits down as she waits for him to get out so she can wash up*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 05:19 *she starts crying a bit since she dosent see anyone around*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:23 *comes out not long afterwards*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:23 *only took about 10 minutes to wash up*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:23 *notices she's crying after a few moments* ...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 05:26 *she dosent notice him standing there so she just continues sit cry for a bit its quiet but you can tell shes crying as she looks at the floor*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.9 05:27 *heads out to the lobby to find something to do*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:30 *doesn't know what to do**just says:* Um...the bathroom's all yours.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 05:32 Oh...*quickly wipes her eyes and stands up* thanks I...I just got blood in my eye its fine it just stings...*she rushes to the bathroom to shower*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.9 05:34 *just kind of stares blankly at Sara as she leaves*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 05:36 *he walks into the lounge eating a burrito he nods at them as he sits on the couch*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:41 *looks at where Sara was for a bit, then sits down as well*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 05:45 *he looks at jack* hiya were did you go today? you and sara were gone when I got up.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 05:49 you left me with the 2 people who cant understand me *he chuckles a bit*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:52 Training.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:53 Endurance training.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 05:54 oh, was it as bad as sara made it seam yesterday?...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:54 As for your other question, I can't understand it.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 05:55 I'd swap out with Nathaniel, but he's being a bit of a [BLEEP] right now...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 05:57 I need sara her understanding isnt conditional unlike dr jekyll and mr hyd here
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 05:57 this burrito is good.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.9 05:59 *finds a place to sit and think about finally leaving the place*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 06:01 *sara comes out of the shower and walks to the lounge* Conrad, Aidian we are leaving tomarrow so you should pack
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:01 Sara's washing up. She'll be out sometime.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:01 *mostly understood that he mentioned Sara, but not much else*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:02 *said that before Sara returned*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 06:06 If you need any help finding things Aidian let me know *she smiles and walks off David fallows her quickly*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.9 06:06 I'll be packed.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 06:06 Pack? Pack for what?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 06:06 Conrad Aidain and I are going on a mission
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 06:07 what? for how long?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 06:07 a week or 2 tops
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 06:08 no! you cant leave me alone with Connie for that long She just stares at me like shes brain dead every time I say something!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 06:08 grab a note pad then
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 06:09 no that takes to long...dont be to long Id miss you.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.9 06:09 I'll be as fast as I can
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 06:09 here Ill help you pack
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:12 *sighs*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:12 I'll start packing... *goes to his room*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:12 [Wait, nvm, I forgot that their bedrooms are locked.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:12 *]
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 06:16 [they would unlock Saras Aidaind and conrads for packing]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.9 06:17 [Ohh, okay. Nvm my nvm.] *starts packing*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.9 06:18 *comes into the lounge* I made food since I figured you guys would be tired and hungry when you got back.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.9 06:18 All of you are welcome to have some, though. It's in the kitchen.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.9 06:20 [I think Aidains the only one in the lounge now]
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.9 06:37 [Oh. I thought Sara and David were still there since you didn't indicate that they left.]
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 04:06 [If they're gone now, then just pretend she popped in right before they left.]
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 04:30 [Well nvm, she said that to them in the hallway and then went to tell Conrad as well.]
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 04:30 *once she's finished telling Sara, David, and Conrad that she made food, she goes to tell Aidan**finds him in the lounge*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 04:37 *more or less seems a little zoned out*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 04:43 Hey...I made food. You can get some if you like.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 04:50 Thank you. I think I will eat.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 05:17 *nods* Me too... *chuckles slightly and heads to the kitchen*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 05:23 *follows Connie to the kitchen* What kind of things can we make around here?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 05:31 We just work with whatever they provide us with. It's still enough to make tons of things, though.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 05:43 Litho was never the best at cooking. I hear his older brother is an amazing cook...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 05:49 Litho? Who's that?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 05:54 He's the one who practically raised me.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 06:01 Oh...he's your father?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 06:08 More or less that one creepy uncle in the family.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 06:12 Oh...alright...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 06:14 My father was around. Litho didn't like us spending too much time together.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 06:16 Why?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 06:19 Litho was afraid of me hating him and he.... Wanted my dad to focus more on him.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.10 06:22 *after packing david and her walk to the lounge* Hey Connie, Aidan wanna play Sorry?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 06:22 Weird...um...okay...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 06:22 [They went to the kitchen BTW.]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.10 06:22 *comes in shortly afetrwards*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.10 06:22 *afterwards
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.10 06:23 [oh then she went to the kitchen]
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.10 06:24 Oh Conrad I was asking if they wanted to play sorry, would you like play to?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.10 06:28 *shrugs his shoulders* Whatever. I'm ready to go when you are, by the way.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 06:28 In a few minutes, maybe. I would like to eat.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 07:05 Same.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.10 08:31 See you two, then. *heads back to the lounge*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.10 08:32 So wait...you said your dad escaped some foreign lab...did you escape with him?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.10 14:27 No. He escaped alone.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 00:18 A nice doctor helped me out of there.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 03:45 Oh my...what happened to the doctor?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 03:47 As far as I know he's alright.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 03:52 Really? How was he not caught?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 04:13 Oh he was caught.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 04:24 Wasn't he punished?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 04:27 In one way or another. He's important to the lab so they'd not be too harsh.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 04:48 Really?!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 04:51 I'm sure he's alright
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 04:55 I can't imagine what would happen if somebody here tried to smuggle out one of us...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 04:56 *smirks*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 05:10 *looks a bit confused* ...What?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 05:17 Nothing.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 05:37 What's funny?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.11 05:48 Just thinking of some things. I'm certain whoever made the attempt would get in some serious trouble.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 05:51 Yeah...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.11 06:36 *realizes she hasn't been eating and starts doing that*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.14 03:35 *has been playing Sorry with David and Sara*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.14 04:27 Conrad, Sara Aidan do you have everything packed?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.14 04:31 *nods curtly*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.14 04:36 Mhm
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.14 04:39 good Go to the bunker there is a small Airplane Dante is flying he will drop you off at outsource tech before Japan got it?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.14 04:42 Outsource tech?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.14 04:44 *gets up and grabs his bag*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 04:46 yeah, its super advanced tech, some say hes an alien but I dont believe in aliens hes just s super smart guy who lends us tech and when we are done we bring it back to him
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 04:47 Ive never gone to pick it up tho! this is my first time usually I get it here and then someone drops it back off for me!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.14 04:49 An alien? *looks thoughtful*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 04:50 *chuckles* yeah just as much an alien as you or me
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.14 04:51 *chuckles* Yeah.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:20 *smiles a bit* your a bit strange Aidan but like a fun good strange
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:21 *she runs off ang grabs her bag before returning*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.14 05:33 *points to the stuff she made* You guys can bring some food with you if that's okay with Mr. Higgians.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.14 05:36 yeah you will need the energy, you have money for food and accomadations mostly for you Aidan since your the look out which is a very crucial job
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:37 Ooh! what did you make!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.14 05:47 I understand.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.14 05:51 good, some people dont take it seriously or think its just the easy job. it isnt, if anything goes wrong you call right away there will be a telegraph in your hotel room, you know how to use one correct?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.14 05:52 outsource tech will let all three of you talk to each other but you need a telegraph to connect back here
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.14 05:54 I made sandwiches--a whole bunch of different kinds.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:55 oh I love sandwiches! thank you!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.14 05:56 *nodded in response to Higgians' question*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.14 05:56 *smiles* No problem!
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.14 05:56 Good luck!
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 03:41 Aidian are you going to grab your bag?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.15 05:02 Yes. Give me a minute. *walks off to grab his bag*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.15 05:25 I'm ready to go when you are.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 05:28 alright *he hands Conrad an information packet and opens the door* head on out get in contact when you reach the hotel, that packet should have all the money and information on were your hotel is and such
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.15 05:30 Yes sir. *starts walking*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:32 bye connie by David! *she grabs the bag of sandwiches smiling big*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 05:43 Bye! Be careful!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:48 thanks! *she happily walks down the hallways heading to the aircraft hanger* I love missions! you get to go out into the world and do cool things and not worry about training or conditioning
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.15 05:51 Mmm.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 05:54 *looks at connie* this is so stupid, you cant understand a thing I say and writting su cks, you should just learn how to sign because you know I can hear you but you cant hear me its going to be 2 weeks of charades..
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 05:58 ...Sorry, I don't know how to sign...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 05:59 I should probably learn some...hey, maybe you could help teach me. *smiles*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:01 *he shakes his head* no Im not good at teaching ill just get frustrated and I know you dont know how to sign go read a book thats a good way to learn except for the fact that you dont know that im telling you to read a book
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 06:14 I seriously...can't really understand you, sorry...
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:18 I know, but Im gonna talk anyways maybe you will pick up something, probably not, most likely you will think you know what Im saying but you actually wont like if I sign pasteurized milk, that made Nathaniel laugh because its a pun but you probably think
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:18 it means something stupid like "Blind" or "jellyfish"
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:20 jellyfish you probably think that means bird because it kinda looks like wings but nope you would be guessing and thats why I cant teach you beacause its frustrating and stupid
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:21 you make good sandwiches tho thank you for that you might not be able to understand me but your ok I guess
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:26 its not your fault, im just an awful teacher
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:30 Oh I know! *he jumps up from the couch quickly* ok I know who can teach you! *he grabs Connies wrist and starts walking quickly*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 06:36 *follows him*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:39 *he knocks on Higgians door since he went back into his office until he opens his door*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 06:40 yes David?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:40 can you teach her sign please?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 06:41 Im sorry, Im much to busy and its only taught to those who need it, we are a bit under staffed and so we dont have to time to teach that unless its necessary. Im sorry I must get back to work though *he closes his door*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 06:44 *David drops Connie's wrist and Groans loudly its sound really weird, he walks to the couch and face plants himself into it*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 06:47 Um... *knocks on the door gently*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 06:47 *he opens it* yes?
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 06:58 Sorry, but I didn't catch what he wanted you to teach me.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 06:58 Perhaps I could teach myself whatever it is?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 06:59 asl isnt something you can just teach yourself, not well anyways. it requires someone else to teach you.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:04 Well...I can try to practice it with David. Nobody's around to translate, so I might as well try. It's better than doing nothing. Do you have any books on it?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 07:12 no we dont.
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 07:13 sorry, maybe give him a note pad, he can hear you he knows what you are saying
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:14 Is it possible to get books on it?
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 07:17 its not even a real language, any books on it are rare and not certified
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:17 Uh...okay...I guess... *walks away and goes looking for a notepad*
1>Higgians (Lab mission Leader), 32yo.2020,Mar.15 07:19 *closes the door and gets back to work*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:21 *gets a notepad and quietly sets it and a sandwich down on the table by the couch*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 07:25 *looks up at the notepad and then at Connie* Is this a joke? *he points to the notepad*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:26 Mr. Higgians said I should give you that.
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 07:33 oh F--- him oh sorry shouldn't swear around ladies
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:35 Uhhhhh...you're welcome?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 07:38 *david starts smiling big and holds up a thumbs up as he picks up the sandwich* this is great...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:40 *smiles back* Um...mind if I turn on some music?
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 07:42 *smiles and gives a thumbs up as he picks up the sandwhich*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:48 Okay. *gets a record playing*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Mar.15 07:56 *eats the sandwhich a bit*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.15 07:58 *starts dancing a bit*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.16 02:03 *walks to the hanger and waves at the pilot as she climbs in the small plane*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.16 03:40 *follows Sara into the plane, looking around, intrigued but calm*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.16 05:23 aron you comming?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.17 04:25 *says after a minute:* Aidan, hurry up.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.17 04:54 Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.17 04:58 *joins them on the plane*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.17 05:03 Hey, pilot!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.17 05:04 I'm curious...how do they know we're not an enemy plane?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.17 05:04 *...what makes them think we're not
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.17 05:46 That's Ryan, he's Deaf Conrad, he cant answer your questions I've flown with him before, but the bottom on the plane is black we fly in at night
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.17 05:49 Oh.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.18 04:06 By the way, why do you keep calling him "Aron?"
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.19 04:35 (oof that was a mistake on me I ment Aidan not Aron)
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 03:14 *the small plane takes off, a few hours later they land at Nixons place*
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 03:26 [Ohh, okay.]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 03:35 *looks around curiously as he begins to leave the plane*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 03:35 you boys ready?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 03:38 *Sara hops out of the plane*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 03:46 Ready as I can be. *follows Sara**walks quickly, passing her and taking the lead*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 03:57 *jumps out of the plane and stares almost in awe at the building*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 03:58 *she walks to the door* do we knock?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:01 *shrugs his shoulders and knocks anyway*
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:22 *opens the door a couple minutes later* Can I help you?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:24 *his awe turns to excitement* Nixon! *Nixon: *looks a little confused* I don't believe we've met. *Aidan: ...Right. *looks a little disappointed*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:28 This is outsource tech, correct?
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:32 That is correct. I assume you're from the branch in Nevada?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:35 No.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 04:35 Yes
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:36 [Pretend he didn't say that. >__< ]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:36 Yes.
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:37 Right. I have what you've asked for. Come in if you'd like. *heads back into the building, leaving the door open*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 04:39 *walks in* This is SO cool! Im Sara by the way nice to meet you!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:39 *follows Nixon*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:39 *glances around warily*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 04:22 So where we goin', Doc?
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.26 03:54 To the second lobby. The main lobby is a front.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.26 03:57 Awesome!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.26 03:59 *continues following Nixon* Would you mind giving the details on what you have for us?
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.27 04:45 You're a new bunch so you will be supplied with some prototypes that could help you with your mission. Transmitters, trackers. Stuff like that.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.27 04:46 Got it.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.29 04:59 That sounds fun!
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.29 05:03 *has them wait in the lobby as he goes to get the supplies. Comes out with a couple cases. Places them on the table and opens them. Picks up a transmitter* So these are still prototypes. We've not made transmitters this small before. The wire that will
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.29 05:07 run around your ear is mostly clear. That should help make the device near invisible. This earpiece just fits in your ear and the wire runs behind it, up and around the ear. *puts it down* There's a button on the side that turns it on. *picks up a fairly
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.29 05:09 small device* This is a tracking device. It'll help the leader keep track of everyone's location. These ones are best when hidden, so find a good place to hide them. I've found that inside the soles of a shoe work great.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.29 05:10 *nods along, looking focused as he listens*
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.29 05:12 There is a main controller that will show where each tracker is at any given time.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.29 05:15 oh cool, hes the one that needs to know are location at all times *points to Aidan*
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.29 05:16 *nods* Quick question. How far will your leader be from the main mission?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.29 05:19 about 2-3 miles
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.29 05:32 It might vary a bit since Sara and I will be on the move.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Mar.29 05:36 yeah its in a building thats about 2-3 miles from the hotel
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.29 06:26 Do we each get one case?
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Mar.31 06:14 You will each get one of the devices within the cases, plus a small knife.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.31 06:25 Alright.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Mar.31 06:26 Anything more we need to know?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 07:12 Oh cool! knives are nice!
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Apr.2 07:51 Knives are nice, yes. They are one of the more versatile tools. I trust you all know how to use them properly.
3>Nixon (Silivii(human)), ?yo.2020,Apr.2 07:52 Other than that, no. You all should have been briefed already on what you are doing.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 07:53 alrighty thank you! come on guys lets go we dont want to be late
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.2 07:53 We have. Are we ready to go?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.2 07:58 I am. *hasn't looked away from Nixon nearly the whole time*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.2 07:59 Let's go then. *starts walking*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 08:11 *quickly walks out and hops in the plane*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.2 08:12 *starts following Jack*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.2 08:14 *gets back in the plane as well*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 08:18 *the plane takes off* Ok Aidan are you briefed on what you need to do?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.2 08:22 A refresher could never hurt.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 08:24 ok we are going to get to the hotel and test the equipment make sure its all working, there should be a telegraph in the room that will send morse code back to the lab, you know morse code right?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.2 08:27 *hears that last question and smirks a tiny bit*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.2 08:29 Of course.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 08:31 great so Conrad and I are going into a guarded facility there isn't to many guards but enough that it may be trouble, so Conrad and I are going to get in grad some important classified file stored there and Get out, your job is to send a signal to the
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 08:32 lab if something goes wrong. So if we get caught or someone gets shot something like that, you watch and listen to us and if we are in to much trouble then you call in
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.2 08:32 any questions?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.2 08:45 *just looks out a window, frowning a little as he thinks*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 05:53 Nope
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:27 *A bout a day and a half later Conrad and sara have been sneaking around the base for about 30 minutes*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:28 *whispers a bit* so...it looks like the file room should be right up ahead....we have to be super quiet its probably guarded well
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 06:31 Got it. *starts sneaking towards the file room*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:32 *she sneaks twards it as well* ok...Ill slip in and grab it...you cover me alright?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:34 Aidan...do you see any gaurds up ahead in the file room?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 06:40 Yep, I'll cover you.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 06:46 Just one, from what I can tell.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:47 ok... alright Ill...slip in you take care of the guard conrad... lets go *Sara slowly slips in imediatly doging behind a desk in the room, the gaurd was looking at a poster on the wall so he didnt spot her*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 06:49 *waits for Sara to start moving again**nods at her, as if indicating she'll be alright*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:50 *slowly makes her way to the file cabinet*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 06:55 *starts edging towards the guard**waits for Sara to be in a position where she could be spotted, then yells "INTRUDER" in Japanese*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:56 *the gaurd turns around quickly pointing his gun at conrad first yelling* Who are you?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 06:56 Sara: Conrad what are you doing?!
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 06:59 (made this to avoid confusion)
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 06:59 *keeps his gun pointed at conrad and looks at sara* Back away from there!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:00 ok...ok *she stands up with her hands up and backs against the wall and looks at conrad* Conrad...what are you doing take him out
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:01 *raises his hands**everything he says is in the best Japanese he can muster* I am on your side!
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:03 get back against the wall with her. Now!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:03 I am a double agent! I am on your side! *starts moving towards Sara*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:03 Conrad! You better have a good reason for this. this wasnt part of the plan!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:04 She is my superior in America! I do not have much information, but she has a lot of valuable information!
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:04 *The gaurd yells out the hallway and a few other gaurds swarm in all pointing guns* the boy says hes on our side ive never seen him. should we shoot them both?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:05 *turns and hits her, speaking in English again* Shut up, [BLEEP]!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:05 Conrad...Conrad what are you doing?!
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:06 no...this looks intrestinf I want to see what the boy dose..
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:06 ok...you on our side prove it...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:07 conrad if you so much as touch me im body slamming you to the ground...We dont need this mess
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:08 Get down! *hits her again and then throws her down*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:08 *hits the ground hard but sweeps her leg under Conrad trying to trip him as she stands up*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:08 *switches to Japanese, though he's still addressing Sara, and calls her various unkind things*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:11 she knees Conrad hard in the gut*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:11 *then feels a gun press against her neck*
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:12 Stop back away from the boy. hands behind your back *someone throws conrad a rope* Tie her up...go on..
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:13 *sara pauses and puts her hands behind her back making sure to say everything in english* Why are you doing this Conrad?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:13 your making a stupid mistake this mission was supposed to be 3 days tops they are going to notice pretty quickly that we are gone
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:14 *ties her up quickly and tightly*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:15 *switches back to English* You were the one who made a mistake, [BLEEP].
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:17 come on this way, you can so us how you get your friends information *The gaurds lead Sara and conrad into the interigation room there is a chair in the center and a table with some pliers a knive and other small tools*
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:17 go on do your thing...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:18 Conrad.. dont do this we are partners! at least give me a good Reason!! I can understand not liking the lab but what did I ever do to you?!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:40 [We are re-winding to when Conrad told Sara to shut up and when Sara asked what he was doing]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:41 [Okie dokie.]
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:43 Conrad...Conrad what are you doing?!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:43 Get the [BLEEP] down! *grabs her, slamming her against a wall and pushing her down*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:45 *looks up at conrad as she trys to stand up again* You do NOT! Get to tell me what to do this isnt how this works!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:45 *chimes in on the transmitter* Conrad. You don't need to be so rough at this moment. No doubt the guards do not trust either of you and it is important to know that they will not trust you, even if you are a double agent. Nevertheless,
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 07:45 inform the guards that you work alongside their spies in America and brought your superior because she has information that could assist them in expanding the territory.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:50 *pauses**keeps a good poker face on
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:50 *on and turns to the guards, switching back to Japanese*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 07:51 I work with your spies stationed in America. I brought my superior-- *gestures at Sara* --as she has knowledge that will assist you in capturing new territory.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:53 Conrad...you dont have to do this! we are friends!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 07:57 Aidan I dont know if...your with Conrad on this or not But im hoping your not....Please...you need to call this in right now...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:00 *turns unexpectedly and throws her down* Get down and shut the [BLEEP] up!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:00 *has switched back to English*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:01 *she stays on the ground*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:08 *Armored Quinlynn teteports into the building, in a hallway, dazed and confused. The armor is a bit damaged from her battle and looks around in confusion. She slowly walks around; trying to figure out where she is.*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:10 Conrad...I want you to really think why uour doing this to your friends! conrad I thought we were friends!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:11 You might want to express a bit of regret for your actions, Conrad. You've already forsaken your honor by being a traitor. Try not to seem like a soulless one at that.
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:11 Try something along the lines of "I don't want to hurt you." Add a bit of your own spice to that.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:11 *turns back to the guard, switching again to Japanese* I wish to bring my superior to yours.
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:12 *did that before Aidan started speaking again*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:13 *spots Quinlynn* What the f-... *mutes the transmitter so he can basically talk to himself for a minute*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:14 *Quinlynn drags her mechanical tail across the floor; making a loud screeching noise.*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:16 *recognizes the magic and calls his superiors*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:17 *pauses slightly, then turns to Sara* I'm sorry. I did what I had to.
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:20 *some of the the gaurds hear the loud screeching and see Quinlynn* ITs a monster! *they start shooting at it one goes into the room with Sara and conrad and points to a single gaurd* you watch the foreigners everyone else come there is a monster whoes
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:20 not stopping from bullets! *he and the others run out shooting at Quinlynn*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:21 *looks at Conrand confused* What?...the?....
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:22 *looks about as confused as she is*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:22 *says in Japanese:* What is happening?
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:22 *Quinlynn is startled and reacts quickly; Her tail lifts up and she swings it at them, not wanting to kill anyone*
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:23 *they keep shooting at her*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:24 *Quinlynn's stress increases again and she grabs one and throws them at the wall with full force*
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:26 *they yell and shoot more aiming for the head*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:27 *Quinlynn ducks and realizes they don't intend to stop anytime soon. She injects one with a bit of her high grade sedative, and leaps to do the same to another*
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:28 *the yells and shooting in the hall gets quieter as each gaurd goes down*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:29 Conrad we are breaking mission whatever that is out there it dosent sound good Get behind the desk now!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:29 *turns the transmitter back on* Change of plans. Find the best opening and get out of there.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:30 Yeah....ok...were is the nearest Outlet Aidan? Conrad Ill distract that thing you book it ok?!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:30 *When Quinlynn knocks them out, she looks around and fans her wings; hitting them against the hallway walls. She then peeks her head into the room the others are in.*
17>gaurd/other small oc (probably bad guy), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:30 *the gaurd in the room goes into the hall to shoot at Quinlynn*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:30 *switches back to English* Why? What's happening?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:31 *looks at Quinlynn as she pops her head in*... nothing good...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:31 some sort of robot...stay Ill lure it away....
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:32 when Im gone run for the exit...
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:32 *Quinlynn grabs the guard and flings their head into the wall enough to knock them out; startled at another guard.*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:32 Aidan... Please direct Conrad out of the building when Im far enough away...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:33 * walks up to Quinlyn and into the hall trying to get Quinlynns attention on here* Hey over...here! hey look at me!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:34 *Quinlynn looks at Sara and tensed, raising her tail like a scorpion.*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:35 Whoa... Whoa... ok yeah.. *she backs up a bit* Yeah.. ok Fallow me thats it... come on...
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:35 *Quinlynn stays where she is, her tail following Sara's movement*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:36 you are the most terrifying thing Ive ever seen but I dont think you understand me so Im just going to yell to get you to fallow me... HEY! HEY! OVER HERE!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:37 *backs up a bit more yelling a bit* Come on! fallow me! come on! you had no Problem killing these guys! come on! come after me!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:37 *Quinlynn tilts her head and realizes she's acting a bit like an animal and lowers her tail*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:38 *runs out and hides behind stuff*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:38 what?... um...crap no I need to be a theat...ok...um *throws her knive at Quinlynns head*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:38 *peers out at Quinlynn and Sara**takes out his gun*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:39 *Quinlynn is startled by Sara's words about her killing the guards-- Unsure if she killed them now her wings fan out and she looks at the guards, worried*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:39 Conrad no! you Escape I cant die you Can dont engage! bullets dont stop it!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:40 *Knife just bounces off of her armored head*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:40 your behind her she didnt see you Run! ok! I will be ok! Get out!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:41 Thats an Order Conrad! this is some serious tech it has organic movements its better then anything we have ever seen
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:42 Both of you get out of there!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:42 *picks up one of the guns a gaurd dropped and throws it At Quinlynn since she cant shoot*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:43 *Quinlynn jumps and stares at the gun and looks at Sara; confused why she would throw a gun.*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:43 Aidan!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:43 *starts moving to leave, but stops, staring as if he's sleepy for a few moments*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:44 I cant die, Conrad can I will get out after Conrad is safe
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:44 *perks back up again**his tone and mannerisms become a lot gentler* Sara, you need to get out of here too.
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:44 *Quinlynn picks up gun and breaks it in half and sets it gently on the fround*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:44 Come on! fallow me you big...Machine thing! *throws another gun*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:45 *Quinlynn takes gun, shoots it at a wall and sets it down, confused that Sara doesn't know how to use a gun.*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:46 *jumps a bit when Quinlynn shoots it* ok...you know how to use a gun crap but...*picks up another gun takes out the bullets walks over to Quinlynn a bit and hits her on the head planning to quickly back away*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:47 Sara, get out of there!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:47 There's no need to do this, just go!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:47 *Quinlynn just lets it happen, but then takes gun from Sara; nothing more.*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:47 oh heck! now she knows your here RUN!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:48 D*****, Sara, get your partner out of there! Put some space between yourself and the robot!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:48 It killed them its agressive! I cant die and we cant have this fallowing us! you get out I told you thats an order!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:48 *sighs loudly and grabs Conrads hand and runs*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:48 *jumps from the window of his room and changes into his avian form. Flies to the facility and uses the chaos to his advantage to make it through the halls with less interference.*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:49 This thing cant fallow us Aidain! Im getting Conrad out then going back in while the plane takes you 2 away! Im going to try to figure out what that hing is
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:49 Im the only one who can do it safely!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:50 *uses a vent to hide from Sara and Nathaniel*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:51 *lets go of Nathaniels hand* Keep running find the exit get aidain from the hotel and get out I will circle back that thing cant do anything to me I will see you at base
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:51 *Quinlynn reaches her arm out; just now remembering she can talk through the suit* Wait-- why-- did I actually kill them??
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:52 this robot might attack towns people we dont know how agressive or what its planning I need to find out beacause its dangerous
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:52 Wait--- *Chases after Sara*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:53 *gets out of sight of Sara and changes back into a human and runs to find Quinlynn. He skids to a halt when he finds her and stands in a defensive position*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:53 *more or less cuts off Quinlynn when she chases Sara*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:53 *hears Quinlynn talk and walks back over to her* you...speak English?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:53 No, stay with me!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:53 The Japanese will bring in reinforcements!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:53 You will be captured!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:54 [wait nvm her going to Quinlynn*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:54 Im trained to be captured and what inforcements all the gaurds are dead?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:54 They'll realize something's wrong soon. We both need to go.
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:55 *Quinlynn stops when Aidan cuts her off. She nervously waves at him."
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:55 If you get captured you die. you need to GET out and Get Aidan! GO!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:56 That is an ORDER not a request it is not negotiable this is a legitimate threat Nathanial
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:56 I will see you a base is that Clear?
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:56 If the Japanese built this thing then they can handle it. Come with me!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:57 *holds his hands up in a submissive manner, though he does read her body language* I don't think either of us want to hurt each other..
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:58 Thats an Order. *turns around and starts running back twards were Quinlynn is* Aidan?!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 08:58 I don't want-- I *Looks back at the incapacitated guards.* Did I kill them??
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:58 What...are you doing here you need to be at the hotel! back away from that thing and get out!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:59 I don't know. Are YOU alright?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 08:59 it speaks english?!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 08:59 *hasn't acknowledged Sara*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:00 I was doing-- I was-- I think-- *Quinlynn shakes her head to try and clear her head*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:00 *has paused again and then finally started running away*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:01 wait...Aidian...is this our reinforcements is this the labs new tech they sent?...
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:04 *Quinlynn looks at Sara* N-no??
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:04 I didn't mean to land here--
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:04 *looks at Quinlynn* ok...what are you...and what country do you work for?...
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 09:04 Sara, I don't know who or what this is. Keep your distance. *takes a step toward Quinlynn* How did you end up here?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:05 Aidan you should be the one keeping distance your the mortal one! do you know what this thing is?!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:07 I think I panicked and ended up here due to probably the mental state I was in-- *Her tail lashes as her brain begins to function again* The magic must of sent me somewhere new; I wanted to just get away, so the magic did what my brain told it to---
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:07 *Quinlynn begins to fall into one of her rants and her voice lowers to a mutter as she tries to sort it out herself*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:08 we...we should bring this back to the lab...if it isnt to hostile
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:08 *Quinlynn looks at Sara again--* I am not an it--
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:09 oh..um sorry?....
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 09:09 ... Hey.. Hey! *snaps his fingers, trying to gain Quinlynn's attention*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:10 *she looks really confused and she is clearly panicking a bit and dosent know what to do*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:10 And, what lab--? Is it my lab? That'd be great if you did.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:10 do...you have a name?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 09:10 I have an important question for you
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:10 I'd love to go home and recover, then I can get back to what I was doing.
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:11 Hm? *Looks at Aidan*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 09:12 What happened to Litho?
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.3 09:15 *Quinlynn blinks* He's fine? Why? Do you know him? Are you friends too?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 09:16 *she stands there very confused*
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.3 09:18 We are. But... If he's okay, then what's with the... * points at his head where the horns are on her suit*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.4 04:30 Oh-- these?? *Pokes her horns* These are grafted!! I made them from scratch-- And all I needed was Litho's blood and some equipment!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 04:31 do...you have a name?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.4 04:36 No one's done anything like that before. He just gave you his blood- no wait that is something he'd do...
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.4 04:51 Yeah, we like-- traded. Blood for blood. I have like, a whole cabinet full of grafted horns-- They contain a lot of magic-!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 04:55 you have blood?...
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.4 04:57 Yeah! Did you think-- *Giggles* Nah, this is armor--- I am a person under here--!!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 04:59 Oh....whats your name? Im sara
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.4 05:00 Oh-- Quinlynn!! My name is Quinlynn!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:02 oh....ok we would like you to come back...to our lab with us if thats ok.
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.4 05:02 Hmmmmm--- I can come if I get to use your equipment to fix up my armor, if that's okay?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:04 ok. its a deal
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:05 you can use any of my equipment
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.4 05:08 Sweet!!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.7 06:10 Yeah. Let's get out of here before backup comes...
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:13 ok *she starts walking in the building and goes outside and sees Nathaniel* Its good...Nathaniel! its not even a robot its a girl in...some sort of armor...shes coming back to the lab with us
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:19 *Quinlynn follows and waves at Nathaniel with her arm and tail and then laughs at herself for waving with her tail*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:20 [nvm she didnt see him she used her earpeice to tell him*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:21 also Nathaniel meet us at the building Aidan is already here
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:21 [Okay, then nvm what QUinlynn did < 33]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:24 *stops, panting* Uh...fine...I just gotta...go all the way back... *turns around and starts heading back the way he came*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:26 *Quinlynn fiddles with her armor, assessing the damage she took from her previous fight before the guards attacked her*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:28 *looks at Quinlynn* are you....alright?...dose your helmet come off? or...it it stuck to the rest of you?
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:30 *Quinlynn continues to check herself* My helmet can come off once the bottom face-plates are hinged open.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:32 oh alright *she looks very confused not sure by what that means*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:32 *Quinlynn assumes her intelligence and taps the metal covering over her lower face* This opens, and allows the rest of the head to come off.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:33 oh fun like rolling down a car window?
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:35 I guess? It doesn't open like a window; but I guess??
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:37 how do you open it I dont see a gear or crank....or is it like a tubbawear lid?
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:39 No? What kind cars are you driving??
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:41 the lab has some of the latest models!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:42 I mean, I'm sure-- but do you only drive old cars??
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:43 we have a Daimler Consort and a Wolseley Ten and a Ford Model 91 but my favorite is our BMW 335
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:44 sure we have older models to but I like the new shiny ones!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:44 I got to drive the BWM once!! It was so cool!
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:45 *arrives, panting*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:45 Just the bees knees! It was wonderful!
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:45 Oh Hi Nathaniel!!
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.7 06:48 *coughs*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:48 That-- Those--- Wait--
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:49 THose aren't---
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.7 06:49 *whispers to Quinlynn* It's 1938.
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:49 The plane should be here soon
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:50 *Quinlynn pauses* It's... It's what?
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 06:51 *the plane lands after a few minutes* Ok everyone hop on in!
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 06:53 *Looks at Aidan* What do you mean, 1939(or 8)???
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Apr.7 06:54 *looks at Connie and signs* When do you think they will get back?
16>Aidan (Raven), ?yo.2020,Apr.7 06:59 I'll explain later.
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 07:01 *She lashes her tail* Okay...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Apr.7 07:03 ...Er...
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 07:03 *is still trying to catch his breath*
14>Sara ("Special Skills"), 20yo.2020,Apr.7 07:05 come on we gotta go *climbs into the plane*
7>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 07:06 *Follows reluctantly*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,Apr.7 07:08 *climbs in as well*
12>David (human), 16yo.2020,Apr.7 07:11 as soon as they get back im complaining about you so much...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Apr.7 07:49 I really...um...
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,Apr.7 07:50 Something about...getting...something? I'm sorry, I don't know what you're saying.
5>Connie (Human), 18yo.2020,May.4 04:42 [I'm here!]
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,May.4 05:46 *is visibly quite confused about Quinlynn*
15>Jack (Human), 23yo.2020,May.4 05:46 *finally whispers to Sara:* Who is this?

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