" The Unknown: An Adventurer's Guide the Unexplained "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
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This is an exciting and fast paced roleplay, about a group of misfit kids who have unlikely adventures in the woods of their small town. Their leader is a young boy, who keeps all of their misadventures in his Journal, The Unknown: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Unexplained.

1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:18 Hello everyone! My name is Phoney, and this is my new roleplay! Feel free to join it, whenever you'd like.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:18 I will explain the general rules:
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:18 No bad messages, please and thank you. They will not be tolerated here!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:19 Do try to keep up. I explained in the above that this will probably be very fast paced, though I will offer up summaries if you miss something, which brings me to my next rule.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:20 Try to be on here often. Roleplaying is like storytelling, and it needs everyone in the story in order to move forward. If not everyone is here, we can't continue. It is understandable if you need an excused absence, but try to say something beforehand
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:21 I'll make it so that you should come on at least once a week, or we'll move on without you.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:23 I would like to keep the group number to a minimum, so we'll try for at least five other people to join before we start.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:24 I'm playing as the group leader, Dimitri, who leads his group of friends on all sorts of wild adventures in the woods.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:24 He has wild brown hair, and large nerdy black glasses with green eyes.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:25 I think that's about it. I'm new to this site's system, so if anyone would like to help me out along the way, I'd appreciate it greatly!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:34 [Gogo Yoko:
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:35 [Oops.]
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 20:36 (Hello, Felicity! I'm glad you joined!)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:41 [Gogo Yoko: Resembles Gogo Tomago from Big Hero Six in a lot of ways. Has short black hair with an electric blue streak in a ponytail, green eyes and tan skin. Wears a white T-shirt, blue jeans and black ankle boots.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:46 [Also wears a black pleather crop-top style jacket and black fingerless gloves. Chews gum constantly. Gogo Yoko is just a nickname. She doesn't mind being called either one.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 20:49 (has greyish eyes and brown shoulder length hair dosnt trust people beacause of her past has a very rare ablity that she dosent want anyone to find out about)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:50 [Has a constant need for speed, like the nickname implies, and seems to have a fire permanently burning in her core. Is feisty and fierce, but can also get really emotional. Graduated high school at 13 and goes to a college in Tokyo devoted to inventors.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 20:50 (is kind of like a starfish when she dies she sprots from a pice of her hair or skin cell it takes about a hour they only way to kill her completely is to kill her with fire)
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 20:52 (she was in a kind of testing lab since she was 5 and she just escaped a few days ago is very scarred and nervouse and is trying to run away as far as she can)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:55 [Has an actual superpower: the power to fly at just over the speed of sound. She's never made a sonic boom, though because she's not sure how fast she can go. Has a small group of friends who are also inventors.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:56 [Each one of them specializes in a specific category. Obviously, Gogo specializes in speed.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 20:57 [Her friends might join the RP later.]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 20:59 (Leo has blondish brown hair just slightly below his ear he enjoys tormenting people and hunting he is an excellent cook and a decent hunter/fisher he is kind of rude and great about finding others secrets)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 21:05 [Forgot to mention that she can be silly, but that's really rarely, and that she's a really good singer.]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 21:08 (Leo is pretty tall and very strong they kicked him out of school beacause he panked to may people he didnt get caught he just confessed)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 21:08 [Nobody know that she has her power.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 21:09 (hey we have 5 ppl now)
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 21:09 [Sarma is Gogo Yoko's little sister and assistant. Sarma also has a superpower: telekinesis she can also read people's minds and turn invisible.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 21:12 (so want to start the rp now? we do have 5 ppl now)
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 21:12 [Sarma specializes in magic.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 21:12 [No. We should wait for Phoniciple.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 21:13 (true)
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.24 21:13 (want to go on math is amazing and fun?)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.24 21:13 [Sure! Seeya!]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 21:18 [Has LONG blond hair with pink and purple highlights that goes down to her knees. She wears a really dark blue shirt with a royal purple sequined heart in the middle.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 21:23 [With a black shall. She also wears dark blue sparkly skinny jeans with royal purple lace at the legs. Her shoes are black flats with black bows made of silk. She always has a dark blue royal purple and black backpack slung over her shoulder.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 21:25 [My outfit matches BIG TIME!]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 21:29 [Inside her backpack are: sneakers that match her backpack, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a lavender amulet that makes her powers stronger, 3 water bottles, lots of food, and a phone.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 00:57 [Hey guys, I know there's already five people, but I'm going to try to join. I'll create two or three characters. If there's not enough room for me, though, you can just delete my profiles, Phoney.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 00:57 *]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 00:59 [Nicole has long black hair in a sharp ponytail and gray eyes (I'll probably have her eye color change later, though). She wears a sleek black hoodie set and black military style boots.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:00 [Nicole actually came from another realm; it was a dystopian, futuristic city. Basically some sort of evil power (which Nicole will reveal later) controls everyone's minds so that they all think alike and are all equal; they also are made to believe that
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:01 there is nothing beyond the city walls, so they never even consider trying to leave. However, Nicole-as well as a few other rare people-was somehow immune to the power. The began to wonder what was beyond the city walls.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:02 [So, one night, she simply climbed to the top of the walls; she had to avoid the spotlights and the guards that made sure no one would do such a thing. At first she saw nothing but blackness, but as dawn came, she saw other parts of the world.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:03 [However, the light of the sun also revealed Nicole herself. She was arrested and put under quarantine, where the power attempted to control her, but she resisted. Some of her friends-who were the rare people who weren't controlled by the power-came,
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:04 rescued her, and tried to escape the city with her after learning that there really was more to the world than the city. However, among the group of six friends, Nicole alone survived and escaped.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:05 [Over time, Nicole learned about the normal world. She has gone under many aliases and mainly pretended to be the average girl in high school, but often people became suspicious of her and she is forced to go to another town.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:06 [Currently she's attending high school in Dimitri's town. Dimitri is pretty much her only friend, but, like everyone else, he knows nothing about Nicole's past.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:07 [Nicole's power is black magic; it is similar to Teen Titans Raven's telekinetic black magic power. Nicole can use it to move objects, levitate herself, or simply blast people with it. It also has some psychic properties that makes her immune to Sarma's
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:07 mind reading ability.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 01:59 [Superpowers weren't required. It was just something that I added to make Gogo special. But cool character! And it was gonna be Dimitri and 5 others. So you're safe!]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:06 [what if I'm wearing my amulet? It increases my powers by 100%.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:07 *]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:08 [That's up to Brunnhilde.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 02:10 (hi im here to!)
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 02:11 (hi whats going on)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:15 [Wanna go on A Whole New World?]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:16 [Felicity and I just made up a backstory for our characters! It begins like this:]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:22 [When Sarma was 5 and Gogo was 7 we went for a walk in the woods. We found a chest and without knowing it I opened it with my powers. Inside were our amulets and they reacted to our powers and flew around our necks. Streams of magical light swirled around
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:23 us and showed us what was happening and what we were capable of.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:26  Secret message to Dimitri  
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:34 [It took Gogo half a year to learn to use her powers properly and a 6 more months to control her powers. It took Sarma a year to learn to use her powers and a year and a half to control them. Before Sarma learned to control her powers Gogo and her got in
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:34 an argument.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 02:40 (sorry i was gone for a bit but im back now id love to go on a whole new world)
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 02:41 (sorry not a whole new world i closed that one but mathi is amazing and fun ill be there)
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:41 [Their parents were driving and Sarma didn't know but if she got to angry she could shoot a power beam out of her amulet. The beam set the car off course and it crashed. Quickly before the car crashed Sarma thought about Gogo and her not dying from the
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:42 [Wait, aren't u shutting it down? I saw that u were shutting it down.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 02:43 crash and in a split second she encased them in an indestructible bubble and they survived.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 02:43 (ill be on mathis amazing and fun)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:11 [I'll post the rest of the backstory.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:15 [They get shipped to an orphanage, and at Christmastime, Sarma shoots a power beam at the tree.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:17 [The Christmas tree was falling on someone, and Gogo saved her by flying. They get kicked out because they're freaks.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:22 [The Sarma's amulet teleported them to a place with superpowered people, where they learn to control their powers. They end up living in a small cottage on a peaceful street. Their big backyard is basically half Gogo's testing chamber.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:32  Secret message to Dimitri  
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 02:39 [Gtg. Night.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:30 [@ Kalista: While Sarma wears the amulet, she might be able to read Nicole's mind. But Nicole's willpower-and powers themselves-is EXTREMELY strong. So if Sarma wanted to read her mind, she'd have to put so much energy into it that it would render her
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:31 unconscious a split second after she managed to read Nicole's mind. It would also make Nicole weak, but not as weak as Sarma.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:45 [Since Phoney said that there could be at least five other friends of Dimitri, I guess I'll make one or two other characters.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:49 [A bit info about Nicole's personality: She's mainly quiet and tends to keep to herself, mainly because a few people she met during her travels turned out to be agents from the dystopian city sent by the evil power to track her down and either put her
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:49 under the evil power or kill her, since she might come back and reveal to everyone the great world beyond the city walls. Of course, in reality, Nicole never wants to see her former home again.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:50 [She is also this way because she needs to hide her past and powers; otherwise she'll be driven away for being a "freak." The only person she really opens up with is her only friend-Dimitri. But she is even careful around him.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:52 [She'll eventually open up with the rest of the team. She's brave, selfless, and smart; she's still "working" on her kindness (for her love of her friends who died during their escape from the city ended up temporarily tearing her apart after they died)
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:52 and she'd love to be honest too, but with her past and powers that is currently not an option.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 03:53 *A bit more info
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 04:08 (so when will we start the rp?)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 12:58 [We'll start it when Phoniciple says so. Btw, Phoniciple's a boy!]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 12:59 [I'm gonna tell everyone what my amulet does: my amulet increases my powers by 100%, it gives me more energy, and it gives me more control over my powers because telekinetic powers are harder to wrap your head around!😂
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 13:00 *]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 16:06 [Gogo's amulet creates a thin layer of oxygen around her in flight. The layer lasts for half an hour.]
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.25 16:39 [I thought that this RP needed more boy characters, so I created Origami! Once again, a nickname! He has sha ggy red hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Wears an orange fleece vest, a yellow long-sleeved shirt, long khakis and black sneakers.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 16:52 [I come up with the nicknames.]
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.25 16:55 [He's part of the Nerd Group, which consists of Sarma, Gogo, Soy Sauce and him. Specializes in paper-thin things. He's an introvert with a big heart. His baby brother and puppy make him good with animals and little kids.]
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.25 16:56 [Has a brave side under his timid exterior, but it only shows in emergencies.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:33 [@ Felicity: Yeah, I know...I found out a he's a boy a couple minutes too late after looking at The RA...whoops... XP]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:34 [A bit more info about Nicole's black magic powers: Black magic is more than just manipulation of black energy. Using the black energy, she can wrap it around stuff and thus use it like telekinetic energy (except it's visible) to move things. She can also
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:35 it to levitate herself, but when she does this, unlike when she moves other objects, it is not visible. If she abruptly speeds up in mid-flight, however, one may spot a small burst of electricity-like black energy trailing behind her for a moment.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:35 [Since the powers have psychic properties, she also has some telepathic powers, but they definitely aren't as strong as Sarma's. She can communicate mentally with a few people at a time (while I'm guessing Sarma can track hundreds of people mentally if
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:36 she wanted to, but that's up to Kalista), and her powers are strong enough to fully block out Sarma while Sarma is at average strength (in other words, not wearing her amulet). When Sarma is at full strength, however, it takes both Nicole's powers and
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:37 strong willpower to block Sarma out. Also, Nicole doesn't use her telepathic powers much; she mainly sticks to using black energy to move and blast things.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:38 [The black energy can also be used for "soul-self": basically she can create a duplicate of her body out of black energy (or an animal that symbolizes herself made of black energy) with a piece of her soul in it, and that "soul-self" can hurl itself at
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:38 enemies to deliver a powerful blow or act as Nicole's eyes and ears and be used for spying.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:40 [She only does soul-self when she's strong/at full health; among most of her black magic abilities, soul-self often takes a lot of energy and concentration.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:42 [Her black magic also has some healing properties. She can transform it into starry, glowing blackish-blueish healing energy that can be used to replenish the energy of others, heal bruises, and make sore body parts feel better.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:43 [However, her healing powers can only reduce soreness and bruises and give a little extra energy to others. That's it. Note that all of her powers are related to the same black magic power.]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:47 [My last character for now is Egan. He has fiery red hair, odd hazel/golden/orange eyes, olive skin, and always wears something red. Usually he wears a red T-shirt w/ matching pants and crimson sneakers.]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:48 [His personality is the perfect example of the Aries Zodiac sign-he's fast, jittery, hyper, and literally can get in your face, but he has VERY bad temper. Do NOT get on Egan's nerves!! Oh, and he doesn't like slow people. At. All.]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:50 [His parents immigrated from Ireland, but oddly enough Egan himself has the accent of a typical Californian surfer dude. XD o.o Egan has pyrokinetic powers, and also has superhuman speed (but he is not nearly as fast as Yoko).]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:53 [Here's how Egan got his powers: At the age of 12, he and his twin sister were arguing about whether a Celtic legend that was related to fire and the Druids was real. They lived in a mainly Irish town then, and legend said that strange things happened to
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:55 people who found a special place in the woods just outside the town. He thought it was all stupid mumbo-jumbo; his sister believed in it. So, they went out and found the special place.]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:55 [At first nothing happened and Egan mocked his sister, but suddenly dark, ghost-like figures surrounded them, chanting something in the Celtic language. His sister was lost in the crowd; the last thing he heard her say was his name.]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:56 [Egan was surrounded and felt intense searing pain when the figures touched him; he slumped to the ground, unconscious. When he woke up, the figures and his sister were gone. However, he could control and create fire, and he found that he could run at
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:57 about 45 miles an hour (note that I think the fastest runners can run up to 30). At first he was excited about his new abilities, but he quickly realized that his sister was gone. He tried finding her, but she was nowhere to be found.]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:59 [Finally, he gave up. Ever since he's been using his powers just to help himself out in life (e.g. he sleep a little late and then run to school and make it anyway), but his sister's disappearance has emotionally scarred him; his weakness is that
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 17:59 he feels fully responsible for the loss of his sister, and if someone mentions her he quickly loses it.]
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:32 (Goodness, I feel left out for not having given Dimitri a backstory! I'll just make one for him, quick!)
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:34 (Unlike most of the others, Dimitri isn't magic, or special. He's perfectly normal, except for his personality of course. To most, he seems like the average bookish nerd, but those close to him know that he's a kid with a real passion for the paranormal
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:35 That's mostly the reason why he has so many friends with strange abilities. He enjoys being around weird phenomena, and learning all there is to know about them. He lives with his aunt and uncle in the town, who always disapprove of his excursions to
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:37 the woods, though he doesn't really care. As Brunnhilde stated previously, Dimitri is a close friend to Nicole, though he doesn't yet know about her abnormal abilities.)
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:41 (Oh, and by the way, the setting of the rp is a small town in North Dakota called Pennsworth (it's fictional). It takes place right after school ends, so that would be June 5th. The characters all know each other, and are all friends.)
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:42 (So, we can begin now! At the moment, Dimitri is going around to get his friends together. Everyone else can be anywhere they would like!)
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:43 *is at his house, in his attic room* *quickly grabs his backpack, which contains his journal, and a case full of pencils and pens*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:44 *rushes out before his aunt and uncle can see him* *breaths in the fresh summer air, which is still pretty chilly, and begins walking down the sidewalk*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 18:47 *he begins to head to Nicole's house first to get her* *has to walk only a couple blocks, then rings the doorbell, waiting on the porch*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 19:01 *is rrunny through the forest has just escaped yesterday hasnt stopped runnning gets her food caught in a bear trap and falls down* AHH ow ow ow! *is starting to cry*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 20:04 [My last character for now is Soy Sauce. She has long brown hair in pigtails, gray eyes and tan skin. Wears a pink knee-length sundress with a red sash, leggings and flats. Also wears thick gray glasses.]
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 20:07 [Her personality is like Pinkie Pie's, but more realistic. She's in the Nerd Group, and specializes in turning liquids into solids and stuff like that.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:10 *is tearing up the backyard with a bike that has wheels that she invented**stops abruptly* Zero resistance, faster bike. But not fast enough. *gets off* Sharmi!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:14 [Oh, BTW, only Sarma knows that Gogo has powers.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:19 What!? Oh, tearing up the yard again? Now I gotta fix it. *makes sure nobody is watching**uses powers to fix the lawn*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:21 I'm going up to my nerd lab. You coming?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:22 Nah. I'm going to check if I caught anything in my trap. See ya!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:22 What trap?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:23 Remember those magical bears you unleashed?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:24 No. What magical bears? I specialize in speed. I can only fly. You're the one who specializes in magic.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:25 *sighs* We combined our powers for an experiment.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:26 It was kinda part your fault, then.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:26 Anyway, by!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:27 *sees the trap Sara got caught in* Oops! Sorry, sorry, SORRY!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:28 *goes up to the lab with the bike**looks out the window* Oh, there's Dimitri and Nicole.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:29 *thinks* I never noticed how cute Dimitri is. I bet Soy Sauce has a crush on him!
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:31 * Walks on the street* I wonder if there are friendly people here
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:31 Let me help you. *disables the trap* There.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:32 Let me help you. *disables the trap* There.
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:32 Hello, may I befriend you?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:32 [Double post. Sorry!]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:35 *looks around the room* Why the heck is my bedroom also my lab? Well, because I don't have any other space.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:47 *takes the wheels off the bike**puts them in the junk pile in the corner* Back to the drawing board.
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:49 * Knocks on Gogo's door*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:51 I'll get it, Shima! *goes to the door* Yea? What?
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:52 (hey guys! Welcome to the roleplay, Euodia!)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:52 [Be right back.]
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 20:53 *walks to Yoko's house* *sees Evie and waves*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 20:58 Oh, hey, Dimitri!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 20:59 (hi im here im going to read what happened)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 21:00 [Hey, Caprial!]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:00 *is terrified as soon as she is out she attempts to run away but she cant beacause her leg is hurt badly*ahh! ow ow..
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:01 *walks around outside*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:02 *looks at the tree behind her trys to climb it to escape Sarma but falls down again*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:03 *is agenst the tree terrified is kind of shaking has her head down is hoping Sarma will leave*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:06 Okay. Bye?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:06 *walks back to Gogo*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:07 *sighs in relife*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:08 *looks down at her badly mangled leg knows she cant get very far sits down and starts to cry*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:08 *smiles at Yoko* Hey! I'm just rounding everyone up, so we can head to the woods.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:09 *bumps into Sarma accidently on her way to gogo's* Hey Sarma whats up?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 21:09 Cool! I'm coming with!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:09 *over hears them* Going were?! i want to come!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:10 *runs twards Dimitri
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 21:10 [Be right back.]
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:10 We're heading to the woods.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:10 It's the start of the summer, and I figured we could go...
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:10 awesome for how long?
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:11 *shrugs* I guess it depends. Probably no later than an hour.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:12 alright cool im in
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:13 Great! *thinks* Who else should be coming?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:13 Sarma should come
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:14 Right, I almost forgot about her! *looks around* Where is she?
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:14 We also need to find...Egan, Origami...oh, and Soy Sauce!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:14 she was right here a second ago...
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:15 who names there kind oy Sauce
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:15 *soy*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.25 21:16 [Gotta go. I'll be back as soon as I can!]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:16 any way ill go find them you should scout out the area in the forest
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:16 (ok)
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:16 (alright!)
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:17 Ok, you go find them. I'll meet you there!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:17 *races out of the house, and off into the nearby woods*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:18 *hears Dimitri gets terrifieed again* no..no no..not again!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:18 *quickly comes upon Sara, and is surprised to see her there*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:19 *starts trying to limp away wich is near impossible beacause her ankle is so badly damaged*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:19 Uh, hello. Are you, ok?
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:19 *sees her limp leg* Oh! Hey, I could help you with that!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:19 *rummages through his backpack, and grabs a first aid kit* *being the dork he is, he brings it everywhere*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:19 y..yes..fine im..perfectly..*fall down*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:20 im fine!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:20 *trys to get up and walk away*
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:21 * Smiles to her self* This town's a little bit weird. But it's WEIRDLY AWESOME!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:21 *laughs* You don't look fine. Here! *get's out a splint and some gauze*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:21 *easily catches up to Sara*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:22 no! please im fine! *keeps trying to get away*
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:23 Sara are you scared?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:23 *is breathing very quickly*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:23 *looks skeptical* I could at LEAST help you get home.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:23 (sara is alone with Dimiti in the forest)
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:23 Don't worry. Dimitri will help you.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:24 NO!..please! i cant go into town please dont make me go there! *is hypervantalating*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:24 Ok, ok! You don't have to go into the town!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:26 *starts to calm down a little*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:26 *sees Evie in town* Hey new kid!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:27 *flinches slightly her ankle eally hurts*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:27 *really*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:28 *decides it's better not to pester Sara too much*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:28 Well, if you're sure you don't want help with your leg, I'll just be on my way.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:29 wait!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:29 *stops* Yeah?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:29 it..its pretty bad...
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:29 Hello Leo!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:30 *smiles* Would you like some help?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:30 me and some others are going on an adventure wanna come?!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:31 *nods*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:31 Ok. *kneels down, and inspects the injury* Geez, this is in pretty awful condition!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:32 i got stuck in a trap...
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:32 *splints the leg, and patches it up with gauze* There, should be somewhat better now.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:34 *nods slightly*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:34 *stands up* There are lot's of traps in these woods. You should be more careful wandering around out here.
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:34 Yes i would love to.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:35 *takes out his journal, and writes in it a little, then puts it back in his backpack*
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:35 But where to?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:35 *passes out from exhaustion hasnt slept in 2-3 days and ha been running constently*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:35 we are going into the forest i think
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:36 Eep! *catches Sara*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:37 *looks around, then gently places her on the ground* *sits nearby and waits for the others to arrive*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:38 we have to wait for Dimitri tho he should be back soon
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:38 Yes wait for me.* Grabs her bow and arrow and then her backpack* Let's Go!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:38 *wakes up a few hours later
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:38 *
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:39 Sits up then smiles* YES!! *chuckles slightly is very relived* im safe im actually safe for once finally!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:41 *wonders why the others haven't come yet* *starts to worry a little*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:41 *sees Dimitri* im i anywhere near Norfolk?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:42 Norfolk Nebraska? how fa away im i from it?
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:43 *looks surprised* Oh, well, right now we're in Pennsworth, North Dakota...
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:43 I'm not really sure how far exactly we are from Norfolk...
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:45 yes! oh yes! im two states over!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:46 Is Norfolk where you're from? I don't recognize you, so I don't think that you're from around here.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:47 I am never stepping foot in Nabraska again!
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:48 ( Dimitri we are waiting for you)
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:48 hmm.. he isnt back yet...
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:49 he has been gone for hours
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:49 *nods, but his mind is elsewhere* *mutters under his breath* I told Leo I would meet him here with the others! Ugh, where are they!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:49 *sighs* I think I'm going to have to go back into town. It was nice meeting you... Uh, what did you say your name was?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:51 oh um... *has to think really hard* S..Sara yes its Sara
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:51 *climb the tree and sits near the top of it*
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:52 *nods* Nice name. I'm Dimitri, by the way. *starts to jog off* Nice meeting you! Try not to fall into any more traps!
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:53 Here comes Dimitri, Leo.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:53 *jogs out of the forest, and sees Leo with Evie and the rest of the group*
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:55 Dimitri! Where in Heavens name have you been?!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:55 what took you so long?
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:56 *slumps a little* I ran into someone in the woods. They got caught in one of the traps, so I had to help fix them up.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:56 *huffs* And besides, I said I would be meeting you guys IN the woods!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:57 did not!
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:58 *shrugs* Well, anyway, I'm here now.
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 21:58 *looks around at everyone* Are you guys all here?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:58 alright
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 21:58 i think so
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 22:00 *counts them all off in his head* Let's see...Egan, Evie, Yoko, Soy, Origami, Nicole, Sarma, and Leo. Looks like everyone's here.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 22:01 lets get going then
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 22:01 (i gtg bye)
1>Dimitri (Journalist), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 22:01 (bye!)
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 22:02 (nvm)
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 22:07 See Ya!
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 22:09 I gtg too, but maybe I'll be back soon.(Maybe)
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.25 22:35 Yay! Woods walk!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.25 23:43 Hey, I forgot to mention before that our crazy names are just nicknames!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 22:39 The reason we have our nicknames...Really good with paper.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 22:40 Need for speed.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 22:41 Every time we go to a sushi place, I spill soy sauce on my shirt.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 22:41 Sarma comes up with 'em.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.26 22:44 He, he! My nicknames are Sharmi and magician. I'm called magician because I'm trying to find a way to actually give people magical properties!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.26 22:44 *winks at Gogo*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 22:49 *whispers sharply at Sarma* You know I was born with them, and you were too!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 22:49 What was that, Gogo?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 22:50 Nothing!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 22:59 (hi)
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:00 oh and i dont have a nickname how kind *rolls eyes and chuckls slightly*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:26 The nicknames are only for the Nerd Group.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 23:28 Should we call it the Nerd Squad? I mean, you're the head, so I figured I would ask you.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:29 I'll think about it.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:31 alright weirdos
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:32 *gets mad at Leo**gets in his face* Who you calling a weirdo?!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:33 We're inventors, not weirdos!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:33 right sorry wong word Geeks ya thats the word i was looking for
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:34 Shut up. We can be who we want!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:36 yep but you will always be geeks in my book *ruffles Gogo's hair slightly*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:38 *fixes hair*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 23:38 Well, you know what, Lion? We don't mind.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:40 oh Lion king of the jungle so you declare me as king then hmm?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:41 No. He was not.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:41 He was trying to be assertive.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:42 Ha seriously? *looks at Origami* you assertive thats funny!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 23:42 Lions live on the savannah, and they aren't anywhere close to the most dominating animal.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:43 *fumes* Stop being so mean to him, you big jerk!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:43 Leo, you're nothing but a bully--
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:43 and a smart-aleck.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:44 Nobody likes you. And we're ignoring you--
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 23:44 until you learn to be nicer!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:44 you guys are cute with your little group its funny
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.26 23:46 *the Nerd Group walks along in silence*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:46 *walks with them*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:47 boy you guys are uptight arnt you? cant even take a joke *smiles slightly*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:48 *says nothing*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:50 alright im sorry
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 23:54 *raises eyebrow* You promise?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:55 ya *ruffles Origami's hair*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.26 23:56 Stop that. *fixes hair*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.26 23:58 *chuckles slightly and puts his hands in his pockets as they walk through the forest*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:01 *sees them from the tree falls out of the tree when she was leaning over to get a closer look at them falls on Origami*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:04 *quickly gets off him* S..Sorry!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:05 It's okay. *stares into her eyes*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:08 I'm Joe, but everyone calls me Origami. What's your name?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:10 S..Sara... I''m Sara *smiles nervously notices that they are kids sighs in relife*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:11 That's a beautiful name. How about you come along with us...Sara?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:12 oh..ok *blushes slightly*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:13 *chuckles slightly*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:14 *casually* What are you laughing at?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:14 nothing
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:20 Ooookaaaayyyy?
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:21 [Whoooaaa...that's a lot of posts...]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:21 Hey. Don't I know you? *points at Sara*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:22 [brb, gotta read everything...]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:23 no i dont think so
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:23 Really, Shimi? You know Sara?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:25 Yea, I do know you. Your the girls that got trapped in my bear trap.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:25 no..she...she wouldn't if you did i would definitly remember you..
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:25 *girl]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:25 oh ya
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:26 the person who caused me a few hours of agonizing pain i remember
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:26 Yes I definitely know you. I NEVER forget a face. Absolutely NEVER.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:27 ya good for you
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:29 [Done.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:29 [Yay!]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:29 [Hip hip horray... XD XP]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:30 [I finally read something OTHER than sci-fi... XD]
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:30 *notices Sara's leg* What's up with your leg, Sara?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:30 i think i should be going actually now that i think about it *walks off twards the right*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:30 Hey! That's my line!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:31 *thinks* She's so beautiful...and so nice. Could it be, suddenly...*gasps*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:31 Uh, what was that about, Origami?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:31 *uses powers to make her come back* So you decided to come with us? Great!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:32 Nothing.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:32 Ooookaaaayyyy?!
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:33 *came with Dimitri**is walking along near him* [Oh, and I'm changing her hoodie color to gray for now.] *puts the hood of her hoodie up without even touching it via her powers*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:33 *Yoko spots the black energy she used to put her hood up in the corner of her eye*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:33 *isnt even starrtled by it* I said no! *walks off again
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:33 *isn't even really aware of what she did; putting her hood up with her powers is a habit of hers*
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:34 *walking along and talking with Leo and Evie**just won't shut up XD*
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:34 *sees Sara repeatedly leaving* Ooo, drama queen!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:35 What was the black stuff around your hood, Nicki?
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:35 Whoa...wait, you're actually leaving? *zooms over to her and pulls her back* Dude...you could get lost. These woods are more weird than you think. Just-don't.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:35 *walks up to Nicole**whispers to her* Black magic huh? Cool.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:35 *is delighted when Sara returns*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:35 *is a little startled, but continues to put on a poker face**says to Yoko without looking back at her:* It's called hair.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:36 *when she isnt in site startss freaking out* magic! she is magic! that is.. no one should be magic! *is terrified and starts running to get away from them*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:36 *whispers to Sarma* Er, I have no idea what you're talking about, sooo... :/
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:36 No, it was on the OUTSIDE of your hood.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:36 (nvm)
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:36 [Whoa, wait...no one knows for sure that Nicole is magical.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:36 [Only Yoko noticed, so... XP Sorry if I'm being pushy.]
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:37 Do you have something to say to us, Nicole?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:37 I am fine.. *is freaking out inside beacause they are magic runs off agaiin*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:37 I had my hoodie laundered today. Probably just lint.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:37 *whispers* Hey. Telekinetic powers here. *points to herself*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:37 And no, I don't.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:38 [gtg! *offline* See ya!]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:38 Lint isn't black!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:38 [I noticed to!]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:39 *is running through the forest franically trying to get as fa away as possible from them*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:39 *nudges Origami* if you like her go after her she might get hurt in that forest
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:40 *is sad that Sara left**thinks* And just as I thought I found love...
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:40 *calls to Sara* Watch out for bear traps!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:40 *runs after Sara* Sara! The woods are dangerous! You could get hurt!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:42 *isnt scared that they are magic but is scared of something else so petends to freak out about them being magic* They re magic! with like freaky powers and stuff!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:44 that is scarry as heck!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:45 *catches up to her* We aren't magic.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:45 then what do you call the super speed and the telaportation?!!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 00:46 Huh. Weird. There was this wavery black thing around her hood.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:47 Hm. Maybe some of us are magic. But not all of us, I can assure you that!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:47 Sara, the woods are dangerous. You should come with us. *puts arm around Sara*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:48 yeah but itss still freaky!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:48 and ill be fine in the woods
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:48 *amulet flies out of pocket and smashes into Nicole*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 00:48 [gotta go]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:50 (k bye)
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 00:50 ha!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 00:53 WOAH!
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 03:16 Wha- *bats away the amulet* Er...what was that?
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 03:23 [IMPORTANT NOTE TO PHONEY AND CAPRIAL: Please start going on The Spirit of the Full Moon @ the fixed times whenever you can! To help avoid confusion, please find out what your time zone is so you aren't off by an hour or two.]
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 19:11 (sorry i was a hour late ill be on time tonight)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 19:15 It's Sarma's magical amulet, Nicole. Why? Got something to say to us? Hmm? *raises left eyebrow*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 19:20 *rises a millimeter off the ground by accident*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 19:33 gogo you are hovering
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:01 No, I'm not, Dope Of The Savannah. Quit making things up. *returns to the ground*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:04 Anyway, Nic, what about the black stuff? Lint isn't black and the supposed 'hair' was on the outside of your hood.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 21:06 *amulet falls and I catch it* This is really special to me.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:07 Hm, Nic? *gets in Nicole's face*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 21:09 Got something to say to us?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:13 *eye twitch staring at Nicole*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:16 I know I saw something, so why not you tell us?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 21:20 *raises hand* I saw something to.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:31 Really?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:33 Huh.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:33 Anyway, Nicole?
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 21:39 *glares at Nicole*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:45 *glares at Nicole*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:49 *raises eyebrow* You promise?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:49 [Oops.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:50 [Ignore the 'you promise' part.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 21:58 *stares hard at Nicole*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 22:36 *looks back, easily staying calm and keeping on a poker face*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 22:37 I don't know what you saw. Maybe you hallucinated. Maybe it was a mirage. How should I know? Your sister-and possibly yourself-are the magic ones. Not me.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 22:38 Also, please...just...get out of my face. I don't like people getting in my space.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 22:39 *Yoko backs away a little, and Nicole continues following Dimitri* Huh...I've seen her around for a few months. She's oddly introverted, but there are just people who are like that...she seems normal to me, so...
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 22:39 *said that to everyone except Nicole and Dimitri*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 22:50 Nicole, you only hallucinate when you're sick, and I feel fine. And it's not nearly hot enough to be a mirage. *softens up a bit* Tell me the truth. You can trust us.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:07 *chuckles* you guys are terrible liars all of you
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:17 *spins around, getting pretty irritated* Look, stop questioning me. Accept me for who I am. If you knew about my past, you wouldn't want me here. Ever.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:18 I'm NOT magical, but I have a certain past that you shouldn't know about. That's all I can say. The more you ask questions, the more I will be forced to leave this place.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:22 *feels Sarma attempting to probe her thoughts and memories**uses her powers and her willpower to put a psychic barrier up that blocks Sarma from entering her mind*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:26 *smiles*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:29 Please? I won't tell anyone. I promise, Nicole.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:30 I said NO. I am like Pandora's Box. Don't become Pandora. *turns and storms past Dimitri to get away from the others and take the ead*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:30 *lead
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:32 [gtg! *offline* In case you haven't read the famous story "Pandora's Box," you can look it up.]
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.27 23:33  Secret message to Nicole  
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:33 girls *rolls eyes*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:35 I'm seriously tempted to punch you in the face, Savannah Dolt.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:37 [Be right back.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:40 [Well, expect me in 20 minutes.]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:41 Its dope of the Savannah to you *raises his eybrows and smiles*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.27 23:41 *sends a message through minds to Gogo* It's no use. I can't seem to get into her head. That proves she has powers.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:42 (wouldnt the point that she can block you out of her head prove as powers? beacause wouldnt using powers to block be powers?)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:51 [Back.]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:53 (k)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:54 I've got a present for you, Leo. *punches Leo in the face*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:56 *puts Gogo in a headlock and pushes her head into a hole in the tree*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:56 Im going home *starts to walk twards home*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:57 *looks at Origami*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:57 *pulls head out of tree* That doesn't hurt.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.27 23:57 *gazes at Sara* What is it?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:58 *ignors her and contiues walking*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.27 23:58 even if they didnt have powers i wouldnt come.. i dont like large groups of people
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.27 23:59 Whatever. He's a jerk, and he doesn't deserve to hang out with us.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:01 but i guess it wont hut for a little while *smiles and starts walking twards the group*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.28 00:02 Great! *follows Sara*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:03 *walks up to them with Origami is clearly uncomfortable*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:04 What's Sara doing here?
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.28 00:04 She decided to come back!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:05 *half smiles nevously*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:05 hi
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:06 Ooookaaaayyyy.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:07 *notices leo is gone but dosnt say anything*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:09 *moves foot around in the dirt making swirly patterns*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:09 soo...
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:09 What?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:11 you guys are like..magic yeah?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:11 *eyes become wide**frantically* Not me!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:13 afraid of scientist and the goverment? yeah i get that..more then most people...but you are magic.. you can see it in peoples eyes if you look
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:14 I'm not magic! My eyes were wide because I was roleplaying! I'm silly like that!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:15 *sticks toungue out playfully*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:16 yeah.. never mind then I should probably go i need to um.. yeah *starts to walk off beacause she is uncomfortable around people*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:17 Okay...
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:17 Guys, she's probably just shy.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:18 *is walking slowly not picking up her feet very much*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:20 *comes back and is eating pizza*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:21 *shouts* Where'd you get the pizza, you twit?!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:22 I made it you idiot!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:23 Oh, you did go back to your house.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:23 yeah i was hungry
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:23 And you're the idiot.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:24 Exactly. *high-fives Soy Sauce*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:24 what ever *eats some more of his pizza*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:25 *looks left and see's Sara walking slowly* Whats up with her?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:25 *ignores Leo*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:25 did you punch her to gogo?
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:25 She's just shy.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:26 I didn't punch her! I only punch jerks like you!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:26 Stop accusing me of things, Leo!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:27 you threw the first punch!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:27 That was because you're a big bully!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 00:28 Maybe some people are magical.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:28 [Be right back.]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:30 Me! oh what did i ever do to you?!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:31 *walks over to them* Stop fighting! were i come from they would kill you or hurt you pretty badly if you started fighting!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 00:32 *uses powers to make Leo drop his pizza and stomp on it*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:32 *ignores Leo* Shimo, you're the magical one.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:32 I don't have powers.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:33 *walks away quickly is quite upset*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:33 look you made her upset Gogo!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 00:33 Yeah right!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:34 No, I didn't!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:34 It's Simo she doesn't like! SHE'S the one who's magic!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:35 *covers her ears and keeps walking*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 00:35 Again yeah right!
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:36 *runs off into the forest*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 00:36 Bye!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.28 00:37 *stares back at Sara sadly*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:37 *sits on a rock far away from them and crys*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:38 *pulls out phone and starts playing Minion Rush* I'm bored.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:39 *starts laughing*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:39 What are you laughing at, Leo?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:40 cause we are idiots all of us
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:41 We aren't idiots!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:41 Cool it, Gogo. If he says we're idiots, he's calling himself an idiot.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:42 You have a point there, Soy Sauce.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:42 yeah we are i mean we were borded so we stared a fight forr no reason
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:43 *ignores Leo*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 00:43 *pulls out her phone and plays a game* I'm bored to. Ooh! Tickets! *looks up* Sorry something from the game.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:43 and we also made Sara run off and she is probably crying thats what girl do right you cry?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:44 but seriously she ran off into the woods and it will get dark soon someone should see if she is ok
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:45 It's only 4.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:46 [Be right back.]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:47 but still she shouldnt be alone so who is going to see if she is ok im definity not so it has to be one of you
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.28 00:49 *volunteers immediately* I'll do it!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:50 *pushes Origami in Sara's direction* Then do it!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 00:50 alright she went that way *points into the forest*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.28 00:50 *runs the way Gogo pushed him*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 00:56 There. He's getting Sara.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 01:03 thanks
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 01:03 (brb ill be back in about 20)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 01:12 *plays more Minion rush*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 01:12 Oh well.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 01:13 Oh well what?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 01:33 Oh well this is boring.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 01:38 (im back sorry i took so long)
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 01:38 *is sitting alone on a rock crying*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 01:53 *hears Origami quickly wipes off her tears and looks up* hi
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 03:07  Secret message to Daria  
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 03:08 *leans against stuff (e.g. trees, boulders, etc.)**changes his position and what he's leaning against each time he says "I'm bored"* I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm bored.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 03:09 I'm bored. *leans against Yoko* I'm- *Yoko backs off, causing him to tumble to the ground* -oww...
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 03:13 why dont we play blind mans buff?
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 03:15 *gets up* Yeah! Er...what's that?
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 18:55 *sighs* ok one person closes there eyes while everyone else finds a spot to stand they arnt allowed to move from that spot and the person with there eyes closed walks around and the first person he finds is the next blind man
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.28 19:45  Secret message to Nicole  
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 19:48 (hi)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 19:55 [Hi?]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 21:31 Nah.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.28 21:36 *cocks head*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 23:23  Secret message to Daria  
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 23:25 I'm up for it. Kind of reminds me of Marco Polo, except no one speaks and everyone except the blind man holds still.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Oct.28 23:25 *says without looking over her shoulder at the others:* Go ahead, but I'm not playing.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.28 23:37 On second thought. Sure!
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.28 23:52 [Daria: A female vampire. Looks like Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. None of her personality, and almost none of her past, needs to be revealed.]
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.29 00:06 *checks time on phone* Oh! Gotta go. I promised my mom I'd help with something at 4:30.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.29 00:08 *runs toward house**soon enough, a scream is heard*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 00:09 That sounds like Soy Sauce!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 00:10 *the gang runs toward Soy Sauce, Gogo and Dimitri in the lead*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 00:11 [Oh, what I meant was Gogo and Dimitri were in the lead. ]
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.29 00:12 *soon, Soy Sauce's screams fade**as Soy drops to the ground, Daria turns towards the gang* Now it's your turn. *her fangs show*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Oct.29 00:13 She's a vampire! Just get her into the sun and she'll be toast! Literally!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 00:14 [Gtg, bbs]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.29 00:22 Let me handle this.*steps forward*
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.29 00:40 *lunges at sarma* hhhhhhhhhhhh........ *sucks her blood*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 00:47 [Note: Try not to defy Daria, because me and Brunnhilde have a surpise planned!]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 01:46 *throws Daria off Sarma* Stop it you ugly goon!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 01:49 [Short brown hair that always has a clip in it, white catsuit with black belt around waist, small black ballet slippers.]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.29 01:50 *jumps on top of a tree to avoid getting bitten**jumps away* Your welcome!
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.29 23:23 *picks up Egan**flies up into the sky*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 23:24 Hey, Ugly! Drop the guy, you bloodsucking freak!
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.29 23:25 *thinks* The brave girl. I should go after the brave girl.
6>Daria (Vampire), Imrtlyo.2015,Oct.29 23:27 *puts Egan back on the ground**goes after Gogo*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 23:28 *is frozen with fear* I didn't know this would happen!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 23:30 *as Daria comes closer, Gogo lets out a surprisingly girly scream*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.29 23:36 [It's time for the surprise!]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 02:28 *hears the scream* They need me.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 02:28 *jumps back*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.30 02:29 *uses magic**heals herself* There. That's better.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.30 02:30 (hi)
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.30 02:30 *knocks Gogo out of the way*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.30 02:31 *kicks the Vampire hard pick up the pizza from the ground and presses it agenst the vampies face* Garlicky pizza!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.30 02:33 *uses magic**puts half of Daria's body in the sun*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.30 02:33 *sings* That girl is on fire!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.30 02:34 ya! *high fives Sarma*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.30 02:34 (im also on a horribly amazing eorld rp if you wanna go on)
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Oct.30 02:41 *smiles*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:56 *jumps off tree and as
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:57 [Ignore that]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Oct.30 03:58 *jumps off tree and sees Daria* Okay.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Oct.31 01:29  Secret message to Gogo Yoko  
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 18:07  Secret message to Sarma  
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 18:13 [Sorry Brunny] Nicole: And for good measure...*blasts Daria completely out into the sunlight* Gogo: Yes! Iknewitiknewitiknewitiknewitiknewit!!!!!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Oct.31 18:19 Hubbydubby huh?!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Oct.31 18:31 *spina around like an anime character* Iknewitiknewitiknewitiknewitiknewit...
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:21 *managed to blast Daria while no one (except Gogo, I think) saw her use her powers*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:22 *looks at Gogo, but looks more sad than annoyed* I need to go. Egan: Wha?!
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:23 The-they'll be coming for me soon. I don't want anyone hurt. Because of what Gogo saw, I'm moving to another place. And don't expect me to come back.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:24 What the what?!
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:24 Who's "they?" Nicole: You don't want to know.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:26 *turns and starts walking away**knows that the others are going to try to stop her, so she takes them by surprise and sends them all flying back with a wave of black energy, knocking them all out for a few minutes*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:26 *while everyone else is unconscious, she runs away*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:26 *has a hunch that Daria is lurking around so she goes out into the open sunlight*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 03:27 *keeps running non-stop for a little while**the others soon wake up to see a hovercraft fly over the forest in the direction Nicole fled*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 13:27 *wakes up**finds Nicole**grabs her by the shoulders* Nicole, you don't have to run away. You can reveal your secret to us and we won't feel any different about you. You can trust us. And you're not the only one with a supernatural ability!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:24 *uses powers to fly herself up there* I can sense black magic. So can my amulet
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:25 You have the gift of black magic.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 14:26 *jumps onto the hovercraft* Hi! Who are you?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:27 No powers here.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:27 [Ignore that]n
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:27 [Ignore that]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:29 Like I told you, telekinetic powers right up in your face. *goes in nicole's face*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 14:30 No powers here.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:30 Stop that, Shimo. *pulls Sarma out of Nicole's face*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 14:31 No powers here.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 14:31 [Ignore my last post.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:32 So, Nic, is what Shami here said true?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:32 *is upside down*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:32 Do you control black magic?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:32 Get back down. Somo!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:33 Be normal! BE NORMAL, SOMA!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:33 *using powers I move the hovercraft to the ground* There. That's much better.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:34 I can
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:34 do this if I want.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:34 *people from the dystopic city come out of the hovercraft*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:34 These are my powers, right?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:35 Dystopic People: It's over, Nicole.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:35 Gogo: Look what you did, Shima!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:35 *moves people away* stay there. *has a threatening look on her face*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:36 Or else.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:36 Screw it. Sarma, go get the others.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:36 *goes back upside down*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:37 *brings the others to us* There. Others.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:37 As for us, Nicole...we take them down.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:38 EVERYONE ATTACK!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:38 [I used my powers to do that]
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 14:39 *throws an orb at one guy's feet**the foam that comes out turns into rock in a split second*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:39 *pins the Dystopic people to the ground using powers**yawns* This is to easy, give me a challenge.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:40 *is still upside down*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 14:41 *traps the people Sarma pinned with this weird growing sticky fabric sheet as thin as paper*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:41 Soy Sauce! Rock please! *puts the people upright*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:41 GANG, STAND BACK!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:42 [Ignore my last post.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:42 *flies 3,000 feet up in the air*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:43 *steps back* She's my older sister, how could I NOT have to do what she says?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:43 *flies down so fast, it creates a sonic boom, killing the people who came for Nicole, but not the gang*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:44 *Cheers* You made a sonic boom!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:45 *as the dust cloud clears, Gogo sees her friends lying on the ground unconscious**momentarily thinks they're dead until Origami wakes up*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 14:46 Whoa! Gogo, that was crazy!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 14:46 Crazy awesome!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:47 I didn't know how fast I could fly until today!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 14:48 *the fact that Gogo can fly sinks in* Wait, YOU CAN FLY, GOGO!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:49 Yup!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:52 She has been able to fly since she was 7.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:53 *shrugs shoulders*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:54 What's the big deal?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 14:54 *fixes hair* Yea, whatevs.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 14:55 Well, we didn't know until now!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:55 *moves people into a pile with powers*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:56 Telekinetic powers here. *points to herself*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 14:56 *goes back upside down*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 15:07 Stop being upside-down, Sarma.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 15:10 *bows* my name is Karima. What is all of yours?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 15:11 No. And my name is Sarma.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 15:11 *bows while upside down*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 15:28 She said Sarma.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 15:29 Now, Simi, do you know Karima?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 15:32 No? Whatever.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 15:33 Oops. NAME CONFUSION! Let's forget this 'she said simi' thing ever happened.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 17:44 Anyway, I'm Yoko, but everyone calls me Gogo.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 17:47 I'm Kari.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 17:48 Aren't you forgetting something?
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 17:48 Oh yea! Everyone calls me Soy Sauce! Haha!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 17:49 *thinks* Cute guys make me weird. Just don't talk to cute guys.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:49 Well I will call you all by your real names.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:50  Secret message to Soy Sauce  
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 17:50 Real name is Joe. Nickname is Origami.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:50  Secret message to Soy Sauce  
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 17:51  Secret message to Karima  
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:51  Secret message to Soy Sauce  
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:51  Secret message to Soy Sauce  
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:51 Okay. *bows*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 17:52 Sarma comes up with the nicknames. Her nickname is Magician.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 17:53 She's working on a way to give normal people magic abilities.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:53 Like I said only real names.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 17:54 Yea, we heard you.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 17:56 Hey, we should be nice!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 17:57 Sarma and Yoko, you may not know me, but I know you. I put out the chest you found with your amulets inside.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 17:57 *goes into mental dreamland**tunes out the world*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 17:58 What the huh?!
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 17:59 *turns right side up**bows* Thank you.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 17:59 *thinks* Hmmm...maybe I should work with something weird, like cornstarch and water...
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:01 *turns towards Soy Sauce* Hello! Earth to Soy Sauce!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:01 Come. *starts walking*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:02 Screw it! *punches Soy in the face to make her snap out of it*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:02 *turns around* Are you coming?
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:02 Ow! Whatcha do that for, Gogo!?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 18:02 Yes. *runs after Karima*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:03 Well, you were in your own world, and I had to bring you back.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:04 *pulls Soy by her wrist**runs towards the gang*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:05 *stops walking**holds her hand up* Please. You must be calm, or they will not let you in.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:05 Well, at least she wasn't flying!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:05 *calms down* Okay, Karima.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:06 By the way, your amulets are your tickets inside. The rest of you are allowed in because of me.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:06 *with shoulders down and head back, follows the group*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:08 Not to calm. You must be confident, not layed back and not jumpy.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:08 Like me.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:08 *as Gogo and Sarma enter, their amulets give off a blinding light the color of the amulet[Sarma's is lavender and Gogo's is turquoise]*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 18:09 Got it.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:09 [We are not there.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:10 *takes amulet off from beneath shirt* Whoa! Why is it glowing, Karima?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:10 [Well, I guess as they draw nearer.]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:10 Because we are near the creator of the amulet.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:11 Will it glow brighter when we get closer?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:11 *takes amulet out and puts it around her neck*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:12 [Ignore my last post.]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:12 Yes. Yes it will.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 18:13 *takes amulet out and puts it around her neck*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:14 This is weird...you aren't taking us to someone or something evil, are you?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:17 Why would I give you one of the most powerful items in the world if I was taking you somewhere evil?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:17 You do have a point.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:18 I do, don't I.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 18:19 *thinks* Headstrong, isn't she?
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:19 I'm just wondering, how much longer will we be walking?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:20 What was that Joe?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:20 Not to long.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:21 Actually, no longer! *grabs Soy by the wrist**is about to take off when Karima stops her*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:21 Joe, I am not headstrong.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:22 There are booby traps.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 18:22 *thinks* How was she able to get into my head like that?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:24 If anyone that doesn't have power over an amulet tries to get in the base they get shot with a laser, that is without a worker escorting them in.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:25 And Joe, I have an amulet that allows me to hear people that are around me's thoughts.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 18:27 No offense, Karima, but can you not do that? It might be really personal business!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:28 I'm sorry, but it can not be prevented.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:29 If you do not want it to happen I advise you stay away from me.
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 18:30 Well, can you be trusted with our secrets?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:32 If it is something bad about me I will get you for it, otherwise, yes I have never told a secret someone wanted to be kept a secret in my life.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:34 *thinks* I don't understand, and I want to keep it that way. It adds to the element of mystery.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:35 As you wish Kari.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:35 [Gogo thinks in pictures.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:36 *thinks about darkness ripping off of someone's eyeballs and a shadow villain looming over the person*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:37 [Then I get the visualizations]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:37 *shudders a little bit*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:38 Yoko that is BRUTAL.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:38 I think in pictures...how did you know what I was thinking?
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:40 *jumpily* What was she thinking, Karima?!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:47 I get the visualizations, and you do not want to know what she was thinking.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:48 I do want to know!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:51 Fine if you insist. She was thinking about darkness ripping out someone's eyeballs and a shadow villain looming over that person.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:51 No, it was darkness ripping OFF of the person's eyes.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:53 Eh close enough.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:53 Are we close?
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 18:53 To the place?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:53 *blows a gum bubble*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:54 *stops* As a matter of fact, we are here.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:56 *something burns in the hand she has the amulet in* Ow! *unclenches her fist to reveal a light so bright, it practically swallows Gogo's vision field* Whoa!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:57 But...there's nothing here.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:57 Exactly.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:58 I don't mean to offend you, but you make no sense.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 18:59 The base is underground.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 18:59 Oh!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 19:21 Cool!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 19:22 *tells Sarma the coordinates of the entrance*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 19:22 [Sarma can teleport other people but not herself]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 19:23 *teleports them there*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 19:23 *Karima shows Sarma the entrance*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 19:24 Here we are.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 19:25 Coooooooool!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 19:26 No, serious.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 19:34 No. She's right This place is cool.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 19:39 All it is futuristic technology. It's only from 3028.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 19:43 *screams*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 19:43 What?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 19:44 This place is awesome...
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 19:52 No, it's serious.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 20:55 Awesome.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 21:54 Well, it's awesome to us.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 22:16 *groans*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 22:32 *blows a gum bubble*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 22:41 Will you so
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 22:41 [Ignore that]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 22:41 Will you PLEASE stop that?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 22:50 Stop what?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:01 The gum chewing!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:02 No.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:03 I chew it to keep my mind off my past.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:12 [One sec, got to read everything.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:14 [I know, a lot of posts!]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:15 [Done. BTW, Gogo and Sarma finding Nicole in a matter of seconds makes no sense.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:16 [Gogo's pretty fast, even on her feet!]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:16 [Nicole ran away, and she was pretty far away by the time everyone woke up. Gogo would have honestly no idea where she went off to. Plus, Nicole is immune to telepathic people-Sarma wouldn't be able to track her psychically.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:17 [Oh, and I can't help but be the annoying correction "fairy" again, so, here it goes..."dystopic" is not a word. I think you meant "dystopian."]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:18 [For now I'll just pretend what happened made sense, but if something weird and illogical happens again, I'll probably insist that you guys alter what happened. Sorry.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:19 [It's okay!]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:20 [Oh, and a brief piece of info for Krysta: Karima won't be able to hear Nicole's thoughts; the psychic properties in Nicole's black magic powers will shut out Karima just as much as they shut out Sarma.[
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:20 *]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:20 [Just wanted you to know, Krysta.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:20 [Crap...brb. I'll be back @ about 6:00 PM ET, OK?]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:21 [Okay. Forty minutes or a little later's okay.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:22 [BTW, what's the issue that required you to run away?]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:26 [And wanna go on Candyland Adventures when you get back? We haven't been on in a while!]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:34 [The power comes from my amulet, not me.]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:34 [Nicole's still resistant.]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:36 (hi oh wow i missed alot..)
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:37 [Just stating the fact]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:41 [You sure did, Cap!]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:43 [You made her sound like Captain America]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:44 *wakes up from his nap* so what did i miss?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:44 [Her nickname's Cap. You know, Cap, Caprial?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:44 Hello. Finally awake.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:45 yeah
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 23:45 Yea. I had to carry you.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:45 you could have woken me up!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:45 Uh, you missed a ton, Constellation. You know, Leo the Lion? The constellation?
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:46 *has been fallowing them at a distance*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:46 yeah what about it?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:46 And constellations seem to be asleep?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:46 Hello, Sara.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:47 yes
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:47 I can't beleive I'm wasting all this wordsmithing on a jerk.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:47 *gives an acnoaging nod but dosent say anything*
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:48 just tell me
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:48 Is your name Sara Leo? I didn't think so.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:49 I was talking to gogo!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:50 Okay. Sara, would you please come out?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:50 You missed things like hearing thoughts, secret bases, glowing amulets...*motions to the amulet in her hand*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:50 *sits done on a porcupine accidentally stand up quickly* OW!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:50 *puts amulet on*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:51 *sounds in pain* im.. im fine were i am thanks
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:51 did any of you read my thoughts?!!!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:52 Not thinking aloud.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:53 [Back!]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:53 [Yay!]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:53 *looks very concerned*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:54 [I'll be on here and The Spirit of the Full Moon, Lici and Cap! ^.^]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:54 [Wait, brb.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 23:54 *puts amulet on*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:55 [OK.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 23:55 [No Brunnhilde. Here.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:56 [Wait, was Nicole teleported with everyone? Just wondering. Note that she can use advanced black magic to open portals or escape other people's portals.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:57 [Also, what?? What do you mean, "No Brunnhilde. Here."? Sorry, I don't understand.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:57 [Note that I know you're not a member of TSFM.]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 23:57 [Yes she was, did you not want to go in the futuristic 3028 base?!?!]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.1 23:58 *hopes no one read his mind*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.1 23:58 [I meant only on here.]
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.1 23:59 I hear thoughts, not read minds.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.1 23:59 *the amulets start blinking on and off* Yaaahh!
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:00 The amulet wants to bring you somewhere. Come.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:01 Um, okay?!
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:01 so you can hear what im thinking when im thinking it?!
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:01 [@ Kalista: OK. I was addressing Caprial and Felicity only about the TSFM part, though. Also, yeah, I wanted Nicole to flee again, but we can just say that Karima sort of just dragged her along.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:01 *fidgets, wanting to get the heck out of here*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:02 *comes along after she gets out all the porcupine needles looks in pain and depressed as sshe limps along*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:02 *feels Karima probing around and listening to various thoughts**is quick to put up a psychic barrier that hides her own thoughts*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:04 *doesn't want to follow Karima because she doesn't wanna take a chance*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:04 Fine, if that's the way you feel about it.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:05 *plays more Minion rush*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:06 [ignore that]
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:07 *trys not to think dosent want Kamima invading his thoughts*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:15  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:15  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:19 Karima have you ever read my thoughts?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:21 You don't think aloud.
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:21 ook
12>Leo (hunter), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:22 (when you say thinking aloud what do you mean by that exactly?)
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:26 [Secret]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 00:26 *blows a gum bubble*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:28 *is thinking of were she came from is crying but dosent realise it*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:28 Yoko, my place my rules. Stop with the gum bubbles.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 00:29 Sara, calm down.
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:29 *is thinking of the sounds from here past specifically the crying and screams*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.2 00:29 *looks up and whipes her eyes* s..sorry i didnt realise i was crying...
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 01:09 Fine, I won't blow them.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 03:23 Thank you.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 03:24 Thank you.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 03:24 [Ignore that]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:42 *is in the mood to be annoying (not that this is anything new... XD)**nudges Yoko and whispers to her to pass him some of her gum*
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:43 *hoping Karima doesn't already know his intentions as he chews the gum**finally blows a bubble**makes sure to add some heat into it with his powers; when the bubble comes out, it's on fire*
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:43 *tries not to smirk**can't wait to see if Karima-or at least anyone else-freaks*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:44 *shakes her head a little**is in the back of the crowd*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:44 *decides to get back to the real world**sneaks away into the darkness; no one notices her backing away from them*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:45 *closes her eyes and concentrates hard**then creates a ring of black energy around her on the ground**creates a ring with the same size above her on the ceiling*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:46 *both rings grow thicker and thus stretch upward/downward until they touch each other**is now inside a cylinder of black energy*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:47 *a portal opens above her**floats up through the cylinder and into the portal* [A fun fact: When Nicole travels through a portal, she's actually tessering-her portal is a tesseract.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:48 *flies into the portal**meanwhile, in Karima's secret base, there is a flash of light and then the cylinder of blackness is gone; Nicole left them behind and they have no idea where she's off to*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:49 [Oh, and in case you don't know what tessering is, I think it has to do with the fifth dimension. Imagine this: You are holding a piece of string; one end is in your left hand, the other end in your right.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:50 [Now imagine an ant at one end of the string. It would take the ant a while to travel across the string and to your other hand. However, what if you brought your hands together so the ant could go across onto your other hand in a matter of a few seconds?]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:51 [Now instead think of the ant being a person or something, and one end of the string being Earth and the other end being some other place in another galaxy. By bending the string, you "bend" a huge amount of space so you and your destination are brought
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:51 closer together and you can go to the destination in a very short amount of time. That is a tesseract.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 18:52 *flies through a tunnel of blueish-black energy that has some white lines here and there that mark the "edges" of the energy*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 21:37  Secret message to Gogo Yoko  
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.2 21:37  Secret message to Gogo Yoko  
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.2 23:07 Stop blowing bubbles. And Sarma, could you bring back Nicole?
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 23:08 Sure! *teleports Nicole back*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.2 23:08 Hi again!
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:00 [Sorry, but that can't just happen. Again, Sarma has no ability to track Nicole; Nicole is immune to Sarma's psychic powers. Also, they have no idea where she went.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:01 [Therefore, what Sarma just did is virtually impossible.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:01 [I don't really want Nicole to be found, so please...don't have your characters find her when it's impossible to find her. I apologize if I'm being pushy.]
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:02 *that didn't happen**she still is somewhere else, and cannot be found*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:02 *gets to the end of the portal and makes it back into the normal world**lands somewhere in Europe-specifically, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic*
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.3 04:02 *looks around warily**then heads over to a cafe and relaxes there, grateful to have gotten away from everything again*
2>Sara (.), 15yo.2015,Nov.3 17:43 *is kinda breathing heavy and her eyes are closed tight like she is trying to block something out*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:06 *has some sort of vision**gasps*
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.4 22:06 What is it?
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.4 22:07 What is it?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:07 I...I saw her.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.4 22:08 Her who?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:08 Nicole. She's in Europe.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:15 Prague. In the Czech Republic. I think.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:15 I think that's where she is.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:17 It was all fuzzy...like it was a dream.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:20 Gotta go. *flies straight through the roof*
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.4 22:21 Hello guys. I have some BIG news.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:27 *flies back down* Lemme guess. Nicole's in Europe.
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.4 22:41 Nope.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.4 22:45 What is it?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.4 22:49 Does it have to do with Nicole?
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.5 21:44 I have tickets for the 12 of us to go to Paris. We are supposed to do some research for a HUGE amount of money.
18>Nicole (Wanderer), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 21:55 [Note: Don't have your characters find Nicole. I'll have her come back to them eventually.]
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 21:55 Whoa, cool!
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 21:56 Fine. I wanted to go to the Czech Republic to find Nicole, but Paris is cool.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.5 21:56 [Great!]
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.5 21:57 [Awsome!]
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.5 22:03 So who's on?
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.5 22:03 In the plan I mean.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 22:14 *reluctantly* Me.
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.5 22:17 Okay
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.5 22:19 City of romance? City of lights? The place I've wanted to go most in all my life?! *squeals hysterically*
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.5 22:20 *facepalm*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 22:21 *facepalm*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.5 22:21 Eh, Paris. Been there, done that.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 22:24 No, we haven't. *still hovering*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.5 22:31 *slaps Sarma in the face*
4>Evie (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.5 22:32 ;Let' get going
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.6 23:13 Okay.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.10 05:18 Er...Karima, can you teleport us now please??!
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.10 13:47 Evil said tickets. As in airplane tickets.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.10 13:48 [*Evie]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.10 13:49 Well, then I'm flying. Airplanes are too slow.
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.10 22:11 Sarma teleports, not me.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 23:14 *looks at Yoko* What? I thought you said you didn't have powers.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 23:15 *@ Sarma* Teleport us now please. Otherwise I'm gonna explode from the boredom.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 23:15 *his hair lights on fire, but since it's his fire it doesn't get singed at all* Seriously.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.12 23:50 You weren't there when I did a sonic boom? Can't you see what I'm doing right now? Hm? *is hovering*
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.13 23:27 No, I'm not teleporting anyone. Evie spent her hard earned money for those tickets, so we're using them. And don't even TRY to convice me, 'cus I'm not budging.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.14 00:01 Fine. I'll take the plane as long as I can listen to my tunes the whole way.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.14 18:40 Oh...right. *sort of stares at Yoko* 8|
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.14 18:40 But weren't you the one who insisted she didn't have powers? Other than Nicole, of course?
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.14 18:41 Also, Sarma, the least you could do is teleport us to the airport. Unless you're actually blind and think we're in an airport. *switches positions every two seconds**is kind of dying from boredom XD*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.14 21:16 I was trying to keep my secret a secret, but the time when I did a sonic boom was an emergency.
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 19:39 Okay, I'll teleport us to the at
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 19:39 [Ignore that}
20>Sarma (Adventurer), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 19:41 Okay, I'll teleport us to the airport.......as long as we're done here. Are we done here Karima?
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.16 22:43 No, we aren't.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 10:45 Whaaat?! Not done here?! But all we've been doing is standing around!!
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 10:48 *facewall*🙇
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 19:10 Shut it, Ethan.
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 19:11 *kicks Egan's butt...literally XD*
5>Karima (Fighter), 18yo.2015,Nov.28 03:26 Do you guys like super advanced futureistic technoligy? Mainly robots? Personal robots?
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Nov.28 15:08 Awesome!
9>Origami (Adventurer), 17yo.2015,Nov.28 15:09 What Gogo said.
8>Soy Sauce (Adventurer), 15yo.2015,Nov.28 15:10 *excited girl squeal**pushes glasses up nose*
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 00:57 Ouch. -__- *singes some of Yoko's hair* So there.
3>Egan (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 00:58 That's for being a HOThead!! *BA DUM TSSS*
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 02:47 *tugs on the part of her hair that's on fire with her fingers, extinguishing the fire* Not cool.
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2015,Dec.14 16:43 (Tiffany is kinda forest ghost but just because she's a little weird. she's blind so she don't realy trust peoples. she's always talking something about white rabbit... atsualy she is just a little girl lost in the woods but she have magic, she just don)
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2015,Dec.14 16:47 (don't know that jet and she don't know how to use it. she's very mysterious person)
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2015,Dec.14 17:17 (ok so where are ya all now?)
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2015,Dec.14 17:27 ht***tps://ww****w.go***ogle.lv/imgres?imgurl=ht***tp://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk272/totakeke626
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2015,Dec.14 17:33 [I'll send the second part of this link and than you'll copy it, delete stars and than you will see how she looks)
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2015,Dec.14 18:17 [ok, no, go to my profile and the 6 picture is my oc for this roleplay :)]
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2016,Jan.26 21:28 [Does anyone do this anymore?]
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2016,Feb.29 18:28 (guess not.. and I deleted that picture of this character so if you ever need to see it just ask..)
7>Gogo Yoko (Adventurer), 16yo.2016,Apr.13 20:46 [Why doesn't anyone do this anymore?!?!]
16>Tiffany (forest ghost), 12yo.2016,Jun.7 22:42 (I would do this but looks like it's forgoten..)
17>Clary (Magician), 13yo.2016,Sep.23 17:26 Hi friends! What can I do for you?

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