" Harry Potter Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

For starters: This Role play/game is meant for all ages. It is meant for pure fun, and harassment, bullying, etc. will NOT be tolerated.

I do not take credit for the Harry Potter universe, that belongs to J.K Rowling. Although the story takes place that we are in the same year as Harry Potter himself. Have fun and be safe.

13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Jan.10 21:06 Hello! I am Hermione
3>Ginny Weasley (witch), 10yo.2018,Feb.12 19:30 Hello, Hermione. I am Ginny Weasley. Would you like to be friends? I would love to get to know you, and I have heard about you. I think my brother Ron and his friend Harry know you. :)
13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Feb.12 19:31 Hello, Ginny! Yes, I do recall hearing about you from Ron and Harry. I would love to get to know you, also! What are you buying?
3>Ginny Weasley (witch), 10yo.2018,Feb.12 19:33  Buying Pet (x 1)  Okay....Let's see, I am gonna buy a pet owl. I'll name it Squeaks
3>Ginny Weasley (witch), 10yo.2018,Feb.12 19:33  Buying Robes (x 1)  And a robe...Oooh! This fits! I am in Gryffindor. Do you like it, Hermione?
13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Feb.12 19:34 Ooh, yes, I love it! Here, I will help you into it.
13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Feb.12 19:34 O, I love your wand!
3>Ginny Weasley (witch), 10yo.2018,Feb.12 19:35 Thanks!
3>Ginny Weasley (witch), 10yo.2018,Feb.12 19:36 Well, I have to go, so, hope to see you around...you're in Gryffindor, so I'll definitely see you! Bye, Hermione!
13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Feb.12 19:36 Yeah, see you, too, Ginny! Nice to meet you! Bye!
3>Ginny Weasley (witch), 10yo.2018,Mar.7 20:37  Secret message to Ginny Weasley  
12>>-+😄 (>-+😄), >-+😄yo.2018,Mar.30 15:27 PARTY POOPER! XD
12>>-+😄 (>-+😄), >-+😄yo.2018,Mar.30 15:28 😄
3>Ginny Weasley (witch), 10yo.2018,Apr.8 22:37 Hi
13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Jul.26 21:32 hello, Ginny! How is the year going?
13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Jul.26 21:33  Buying Quality Quidditch(2) (x 1)  Ginny, happy birthday! This is for you!!!
13>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Jul.26 21:34  Dropping Quality Quidditch(2) (x 1)  there you go!
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:01 Hey guys... name's Xanthe.. Xanthe Lestrange...
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:04  Buying Pet (x 1)  Ooh, nice. A black cat. Muggles used to believe they were bad luck... *winks*
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:06  Buying Wand (x 1)  Unicorn hair, 10 3/4''. Flexible and unyielding cypress wood. Niiice. *turns to cat* You like it? No? Ugh.
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:06 *strokes cat* I'll call you... Hex. Like a, a bad spell, or something.
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:08  Buying Robes (x 1)  Slytherin robes. *sighs* Well, it's what everybody's expecting, my family being my family and all...
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:08  Buying The Leaky Cauldron (x 1)  Mmmm... always been a fan of Butterbeer.
11>Xanthe Lestrange (Fourth Year student), 15yo.2018,Aug.20 20:10 *looks up and sees two girls* Hey there. How are ya? Name's Xanthe.
14>ember (student ), 12yo.2020,Dec.2 03:12 hi
14>ember (student ), 12yo.2020,Dec.2 03:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=61  
14>ember (student ), 12yo.2020,Dec.2 03:13  Buying Wand (x 1)  
14>ember (student ), 12yo.2020,Dec.2 03:14  Buying Robes (x 1)  
14>ember (student ), 12yo.2020,Dec.2 03:14  Buying Pet (x 1)  
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:37 hi, I'm Harry. *waving hand* How are you guys?
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:38  Buying Wand (x 1)  
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:39  Buying Robes (x 3)  Gryfindor robes. I hope Hermione would stop minding the rules! Where's Ron? *sigh*
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:40  Buying Skiving Snackbox (x 10)  Don't like Potions much...
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:41  Buying Quality Quidditch(2) (x 1)  No Nimbus two thousand and one...
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:41 How can anyone buy the Leaky Cauldron?!
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:42  Buying Parchment & Quills (x 10)  need ter write
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:42  Buying Pet (x 1)  A snowy owl called Hedwig
4>Harry Potter (wizard), 15yo.2021,Apr.12 03:44 *going into the common room* *going up the boys' dormitory*
5>Jethe Lestrange (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2021,Apr.24 14:27 Hi guys. I'm Jethe Lestrange.
5>Jethe Lestrange (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2021,Apr.24 14:30  Buying Pet (x 2)  A black cat. And a wonderful brown owl. The cat's name is Uropa and the owl's name is Freddie.
5>Jethe Lestrange (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2021,Apr.24 14:30  Buying Robes (x 1)  Of course...Slytherin.... ;D
5>Jethe Lestrange (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2021,Apr.24 14:31  Buying Wand (x 1)  
6>Luna Lovegood (student,ravenclaw), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 05:12 hi

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