" Magic Animeals "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
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Animeals--Anime Animals! I made it up! Pronounced an-ih-may-uls, it's like talking animals from anime. And these are magical!!!!!!!!! The usual magical animals in anime are wolves, foxes and sometimes leopards. But you can be whatever you want, as long as it's a land mammal! You have to take two slots, one human and one animal.

2: No powerplaying!
3: Nothing inappropriate.
4: Come on once every week, and make your first post within three days.

Tragic backstories are allowed. Love is also allowed, but keep it to moderate love. Everyone is magical in this world! Tell me if I should add buyables, and have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 16:47 [Hello!]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 16:47 [Welcome to Magic Animeals!]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 16:52 [Miku: Dark red and white fox. Wears a black hoodie. Lives in a hole in the ground under a tree where another animal lives, but has no idea that the other animal exists.]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 16:56 [Is the last of the magic foxes in the world. Most of her powers will be revealed later, but she has a power that allows her to remember all of her past down to the last detail.]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 16:58 [Considers every creature equal because she has a fox-human form. Is lonely because her human BFF, who accepts Miku for who she is, lives halfway around the world.]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 17:07 [Has olive skin, dark brown eyes and long, dark red hair in human form. Still has her fox ears, so she folds the down and puts on a knit winter hat in human form. Wears a white shirt with half-length sleeves and long red pants in human form.]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 17:12 [Takes walks in the middle of the night occasionally. Is depressed most of the time, but is cheered up easily. That time comes rarely, though.]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 17:14 [Is immortal, but is only 11 so far. Nobody has any idea that she exists except her BFF and her BFF's family.]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 17:21 *it is a cold winter night**is curled up under a blanket on her velvety couch, watching a movie to take her mind off her past*
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 17:28 *pauses the movie* Why does this movie su ck?
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 17:36 *puts on a different movie* At least this one's decent.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.21 22:34 *is walking home with a mouse in her mouth**mutters to herself* They kicked me out just because I pounced on a mouse that ran in. Seriosly. I'm a cat! they should've prepared for that if they invited a cat!
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.21 22:36 [Hikari is the other animal that lives in "Miku's" den.]
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.21 22:38 [has snow white fur that has black stipes. she looks like a snow lepord but is really just an EXTREMLY rare breed of bobcat.]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.21 22:42  Secret message to Hikari  
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.21 22:43  Secret message to Hikari  
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.22 22:07  Secret message to Miku  
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 22:21  Secret message to Hikari  
5>Hikari (human form), 10yo.2015,Oct.22 22:41  Secret message to Miku  
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 23:27  Secret message to Hikari  
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 17:14 [Susan is one of Miku's friends and they've known each other for a long time.]
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 17:32  Secret message to Miku  
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 17:33  Secret message to Miku  
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 19:34 [Susan looks like a regular snow leopard but she wears a black and white leopard print hat.]
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 19:38 Oh, I can't wait to eat this delicious mouse. Mmmmmm. Tasty. *arrives home**sees Miku and drops her mouse and screams*
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 19:40 What are you doing here?!?!? Who are you?!?!? Why are you in my house?!?!?
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 19:43 [When she gets angry enough she can accidentally turn into her human form.]
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 19:43 *turns into a human*
5>Hikari (human form), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 19:44 Uhhhhh! Why does this always happen?!
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 19:49 *IS walking along the forest path singing* 🎵Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! [Find a tune for the song.] We work better together than apart!🎵
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 19:50 [I made up that song myself, and I'm only 9!]
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 19:56 *arrives at Miku's house and is surprised to see Hikari standing in the doorway* Um, Miku? What's going on here? I thought this was your house! This is your house, isn't it?
5>Hikari (human form), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 19:58 No, it's NOT her house. It's mine. *crosses arms* Why am I still in this form anyway?
5>Hikari (human form), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 19:58 *changes back*
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 19:59 Yes, Susan, this is my house!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:00 I've seen a wild cat who looks just like you come out of the tree upstairs, Ms. Stranger.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:00 Now that's more like it. And this is NOT your house this is MY house!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:00 Maybe that mouse's blood made you go nutz.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:00 What upstairs?
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:01 The den is my house. The tree is probably yours.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:01 Finally! Someone who knows I'm a cat!
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:02 Hey, where's my cat bowl?!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:03 I found this house completely empty when I moved in just a couple hours ago.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:03 I used magic to move all my stuff in here.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:04 Maybe you should check upstairs. Maybe all your stuff got moved up there. By the way, I'm Miku. What's your name?
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:04 But where's my cat bowl?!?!?!?
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:05 I'm not telling you..........well YET.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:05 I don't know!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:05 Just check upstairs! It might be there!
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:06 And the upstairs is my food supply. Did you see me come out with blood on my mouth?
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:07 I didn't see your face!
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:09 I don't care! Go climb up there and see for yourself! Foxes can climb, right?!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:11 I don't trust you. You're probably going to take the den as soon as I go up there.
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 20:12 Uh, sorry to break up this big argument but before you told me this was your house Miku, I did see a cat that looked like her come out of this den a lot.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:13 Fine then I'll come up there WITH you. And I'll jump on the tree first! How about that?
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:14 Hm. I did get this house just a couple hours ago.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:14 Sure, Stranger.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:15 Okay. Let's go.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:15 *teleports me and Hikari to the tree**we look inside*
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:17 See? Mice!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:17 kkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakak
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:17 Sorry.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:18 Wait, I see something back there.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:18 Oh! Here's my bowl!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:18 *goes behind the mice* Looks like....a couch? A bowl? A frying pan?
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:19 Huh. I guess someone did move your stuff.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:21 Nah. I just like my mice cooked. *snikers at herself* Crazy, right?
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:22 Wait. There's something else here. A diary? A TV?! This is crazy!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:22 [Be right back.]
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 20:22 What did you find up there? I may be a cat but I'm afraid of heights.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:23 Okay. Now THAT is crazy!
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:24 Well........I guess we found my stuff!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:28 *yells to susan* We found her stuff, Susan!
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:28 But why's it here?
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:28 I don't know!
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 20:29 *yells up* Cool! Good for you guys!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:30 That's really annoying!
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 20:30 I know, that's why I do it!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:33 Be quiet!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:33 I wasn't talking to you Stranger.
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 20:33 No quieting down.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:34 Just ignore her. What's your name, by the way?
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:35 I actually don't mind people saying "good for you". BTW my name's Hikari.
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 20:36 Insulting!
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2015,Oct.24 20:36 [That was sent to Miku]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:37 Well, she was saying it all sarcastic-y.
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:38 I still don't really care.
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.24 20:42 Wanna stay with me for the night?
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2015,Oct.24 20:44 Ummm, sure!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2015,Nov.8 17:29 ^.^
3>Helen (Human), 11yo.2015,Dec.25 12:22 [Hi!]
19>Hunter (shifting animal), 12yo.2016,Jan.17 21:19 (Hunter can shift like any animal, but the real one is snow husky with blue eyes, he wears gray scarf, he don't really trust anyone, but he will trust you if he would like you)
10>Hunter (human form), 12yo.2016,Jan.17 21:21 (in human form he wears gray scarf, white shirt, gray jeans and white shoes, he have gray hair and gray eyes)
19>Hunter (shifting animal), 12yo.2016,Jan.17 21:24 *walking in the forest, searching place to stay for the night*
19>Hunter (shifting animal), 12yo.2016,Jan.17 21:26 *sees Miku's tree, thinks it's a good place, turns into human form so he could better climb on the tree, when he's up, he shifts back to his animal form and falls asleep*
7>Susan (snow leapord), 9yo.2016,Jan.18 22:57 [Hi guys!]
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2016,Jan.18 22:58 *hears a monstrous roar outside*
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2016,Jan.18 23:01 I'm gonna go get my stuff from the squirrel hole. *pauses* Hey, I do not have a diary. *climbs the tree**sees Hunter and screams* WHY ARE YOU HERE?! WHY DOES EVERYONE LIKE MY TREE SO MUCH?!
1>Miku (Magic Fox), 11yo.2016,Jan.18 23:04 *runs outside*
19>Hunter (shifting animal), 12yo.2016,Jan.19 15:03 *wakes up* oh sorry I did'nt know it's yours...
20>Hikari (Wild Cat), 10yo.2016,Jan.30 03:42 Nah, it's okay. I know some pretty good trees around here.
19>Hunter (shifting animal), 12yo.2016,Jan.30 22:57 my name is Hunter *smiles* what's yours?
14>Hakumei (Shadow Cat), 12yo.2016,Feb.5 00:30 [hi! Hakumei is a black cat with purple eyes that can turn into a shadow or travel by shadow. Personality is mostly cold, but once know well, prankster and nice]
18>Hakumei (Human Forme), 12yo.2016,Feb.5 00:35 [Human form wears black tight pants and a purple running hoodie over a lilac tanktop. Has black eyes and black long hair down to waist.]
18>Hakumei (Human Forme), 12yo.2016,Feb.5 23:54 [Human form wears black tight pants and a purple running hoodie over a lilac tanktop. Has black eyes and black long hair down to waist.]
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.5 01:34 Colden is an arctic fox, with pure snow white fur, and ice blue eyes. Because almost all magic foxes are gone, it is difficult to live in a harsh, wintry environment. But as difficult as it is, it[s made Colden one of the most level headed animals around
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.5 01:37 Colden doesn't interact with other animals often, because of the wiping out of most of the fox population, so he is incredibly grateful when he has company of friends. HIn terms. Physically, his tail is very fluffy, although it is not too large.
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.5 01:39 He possesses ice powers similar to those of Elsa from Frozen, except he's pretty much mastered them. Also, I know a lot of people hate Frozen, but it was the only character I can compare him to.
8>Colden (human form), 15yo.2017,Mar.5 01:46 (in human form, Colden is a tall teenager, with olive skin, hazel eyes, and white hair. he wears an ice blue t-shirt, gray hoodie, gray beanie, and stone washed jeans)
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.5 01:46 By the way, his fox form also wears a gray beanie
18>Hakumei (Human Forme), 12yo.2017,Mar.24 00:36 *bored and walking through forest* Wonder if there is anyone else here? *sees Miku, Hunter, & Hikari*
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.24 13:59 *staying by his home* Why is everyone so afraid of the cold? *Hears rustling behind trees* What was that? Is someone finally coming to visit me?
18>Hakumei (Human Forme), 12yo.2017,Mar.27 21:01 *yelps* A-a fox! First I see a snow husky, then a snow leapord, then a arctic fox? Is it supposed to be in the mountains here or something? *changes to cat forme
18>Hakumei (Human Forme), 12yo.2017,Mar.27 21:02 *yelps* A-a fox! First I see a snow husky, then a snow leapord, then a arctic fox? Is it supposed to be in the mountains here or something? *changes to cat forme
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 16:59 Don't be scared!! Please! I never see anyone here! I knew there were other animals around here somewhere! Please! Don't run away!
14>Hakumei (Shadow Cat), 12yo.2017,Mar.30 23:23 *whimpers and walks closer* You from around here?
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.31 00:59 Yeah. This is my home, but I never get visitors. It gets really lonely around here. I guess no one else can stand the cold.
14>Hakumei (Shadow Cat), 12yo.2017,Mar.31 18:49 Welp, it helps being part shadow. I can stand almost all temps, except super warm temps. What's your name?
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Mar.31 21:35 Oh, I'm Colden. I hope you'll come to my house. Everyone always runs from me, but I'm just trying to be hospitable...
14>Hakumei (Shadow Cat), 12yo.2017,Mar.31 21:44 I'll come! Now lead me!
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Apr.1 15:02 *Leads Hakumei over to his house, an igloo* Do you want to come and warm up in here? I can make us some hot chocolate.
14>Hakumei (Shadow Cat), 12yo.2017,Apr.1 23:08 Thank you! I really like chocolate! This igloo is huge!
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Apr.2 00:52 You'd be surprised by how much time I have
14>Hakumei (Shadow Cat), 12yo.2017,Apr.8 14:30 Mmmm! Yummy! I like your fur, by the way!
13>Alice (Human), 14yo.2017,Apr.8 16:07 Hello, It is my first Roleplay so I need to know whats happend here :)
12>Colden (Arctic Fox), 15yo.2017,Apr.18 00:34 Alice, can you read the rest of the roleplay? It's kind of difficult to explain
9>Mia (Omega wolf), 16yo.2020,Feb.11 10:01 * touches tail* h...i

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