" Ashlyn's Team "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 12 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a game where you can have powers and you can make up a magical character!I hope you enjoy my role play!

1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 04:57 Hi come and make a chrecter
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 04:59 So come on and join!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:42 [Volta is a teenage heroine with long, wavy brownish-blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and she wears a black bodysuit and black boots. Her bodysuit and boots have light electric blue lightning/electricity-shaped markings.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:43 [Her powers are probably obvious by now: Electrokinesis/the ability to create and control electricity.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:43 [She is also fairly decent at hand-to-hand combat.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:43 [However, her powers are actually even more advanced than that. Her power to control electricity stems from her ability to control electromagnetism itself, making her one of the most powerful beings in existence.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:44 [But she has little experience in controlling electromagnetism except to use it to create and control electricity. She can, however, create very magnetic electricity, allowing her to use her electricity to attract and repel metal.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 05:45 [welcome,I am dark skinned teen,with shoulder length Curly dark hair.I wear a white and purple body suit and I have earth and water piwers]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:45 [Her powers are thus very versatile and complex.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:45 [@ Asha: A roleplaying tip: Don't say "I" when you describe your characters. Otherwise it sounds like you're describing yourself.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:46 [@ Asha: You should only talk in first person as your character when you are not using brackets. The brackets are used so you can speak as yourself, not your character.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:47 [Her other power is probably indomitable will...she has enough willpower to withstand really nasty telepathic attacks and break free from illusions. She also almost never gives up.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:47 [She is brave, inquisitive, intelligent, and fairly good-humored.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 05:48 [I hope you enjoy helping me save my home!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 05:48 [ok thanks!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 05:49 [She is brave and will do anything for any of her friends]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:51 [Why don't you post the plot up in the roleplay description so that everyone knows what their characters are supposed to do?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.30 05:52 [Also, I recommend posting some rules up there too (e.g. no bad-minded messages, each character can have only two powers, etc.) to avoid confusion.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:02 [ok thanks]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:03 [The plot is in Ashlandia,in our tour]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:04 [Also,They are evil cahrecters (that I will make later) So we can battle and test our powers]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:05 [so yeah those rules Br
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:05 [sorry typo!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:05 [those rules that Volta put are the only rules!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:51 [ok!Now to start the role play!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:52 *looks at bear fur covered bed*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:52 What did I do to those evil creeps?!NOTHING!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:53 *grumbles* I SWORE to EVERYONE that I'd keep Ashlandia safe,and and....
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:54 Uhhhh!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:54 Just uh..
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:54 They DIDGUST me!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:54 The pieces of filth!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 07:55 *jumps off of bed and paces*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 17:54 [She is brave and will do anything for any of her friends]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:05 [I have light brown skin,dark brown eyes I am tween,and I wer a white and green body suit,you are the youngest girl on the team]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:06 [I am Asha's sister]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:07 *knocks on Ashlyn's door* Uh.....Ashlyn?
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 21:10 *opens door* Erm....Hi Hypna just....*looks around the room and spots map* Plotting for the next plan!Im you know....kinda busy so plz leave!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 21:11 *smiles in a very fake way hoping her little sis will take the hint*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:12 Oh sorry Ashlyn!Ill leave right away just uh....can you quiet down a bit please?
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:13 *leaves leaving her sister to do her planning*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:13 I wish Volta was here....Now there's nothing to do!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 21:24 *sighs* That was close! Now.....the filthy brutes,the awful scabs, the....
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:25 (Hi)
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 21:26 The disgusting warts,the meddling chickens the dare devil but heads,the...
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:26 *Goes home*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 21:26 [Hi K]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 21:27 [Um....Kya you are already homer XD!]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 21:29
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:08 (Sorry)
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:10 [its ok]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:10 [so...let's continue]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:11
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:12
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:13 *goes on phone*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:13 The brutal- *stops Becuase she thinks she hears a loud noise* What is that?!
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:13
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:15 *peeks out of window and sees Frostibite,and her army*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:15
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:17
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:18
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:22 (Okay I'm back)
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:24 Oh MY gosh FROSTIBITE?!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:24 I can't beat her!Volta isn't here!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:25 *starts pacing and sweating*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:25 Well,I ain't going down without a fight!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:26 *runs out of room* Hypna suit up!
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:26 Hears loud and strange noise
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:28 *goes into suiting capsaule*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:28 Okay
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:31 *is transformed into Herione with white and purple bodysuit curls are up In a bun and purple mask is on her eyes* I AM ASHLYN!
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:32 *goes into suiting capsule
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:34 *is transformed into white and green bodysuit and black straight hair is out with green mask on eyes* I AM HYPNA!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:35 Let's go Hypna!
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:36 Wooho
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:36 *becoms sister*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:37 LETS GO!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:37 *she and Hypna fly to the top of the tower*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:39 Another motion of adventure
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:41 GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CaME FROM! *snarles* I DONT WaNT ANY FROSTIBITE,BUT THANKS FOR ThE GENOURUS OFFER!
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:42 (I'm going to blow my nose😊)
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:42
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:43 [ok]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Jul.30 23:45
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:46 [you back het?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.30 23:50
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:47 [I'm here!]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:48 [What are Hypna's powers?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 04:50 [she can hypnotize people and has invisibility]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:51 [BTW, who is Frostibite? Also, how can Ashlyn fly if her powers are terrakinesis and hydrokinesis (unless she's riding a chunk of earth and/or ice)?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:51 [Oh, okay.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 04:53 [So RP?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:53 *is reading in her home**hears crashing and looks out the window to see Frostibite's soldiers trashing the street* What the - no!!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:54 Frostibite is back...
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 04:54 [everyone in THIS RP can fly Brunny....]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:54 *is wearing normal clothes**stands up* I am VOLTA! *goes into heroine mode**her clothes turn into her usual superhero bodysuit*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:54 [In a lot of superheroes can't fly BTW.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 04:54 Volta!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:55 [Or they have to use their powers to imitate flight. Flight isn't part of "the package" when it comes to terrakinesis, hydrokinesis, etc....]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 04:55 We need you here!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:55 [Also, Volta's in her house...she's currently nowhere near Ashlyn and Hypna.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 04:55 [Well....in my RP everyone CAN FLY]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 04:56 [Um....No Brunny They All live in a tall tower,sort of like the teen titans so....]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:57 [Ohhh, okay!]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:57 [YOU WATCH TEEN TITANS?!?!!? *gets in your face* :D]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:57 *is in the tower's library, then*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:57 [I hope you mean the original show, not Teen Titans Go!...]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:57 [Teen Titans Go! is okay, but I like the original show (Teen Titans) more.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:59 *uses electromagnetic forces to fly*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:59 *flies out of the tower and up beside Hypna and Ashlyn*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 04:59 [Who is Frostibite?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:02 [I watch both!Frostibite is an evil villain I made up who wants a land for her spoilt baby Luise]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:03 [Awesomeness! Who's your favorite Teen Titan?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:03 [Mine is Raven. :D]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:03 It's Frostibite Volta thank God you heard me!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:03 [I am a Teen Titans maniac BTW...so high-five!! *virtually high-fives you*]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:04 [: O I LOVE Raven!she is my favorite in both shows!]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:04 [Is it okay if I play as Frostibite? Or would you like to play as her?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:04 [SAME!! :'D]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:04 [Me too!]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:04 [I have three second favorite characters: Robin, Terra, and Slade (yes, you read that right; he's my favorite villain).]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:05 [I dislike how Terra acts in Teen Titans Go! though...she treats BB like crap... -_-]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:05 [You can play her or can you please get one of your friends to play her....]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:06 [Yeah...I mostly watch teen titans go because it more kiddy....but I agree some of it can be a little more...what's the word?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:08 [OK.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:08 [Some of it can be a little more stupid? :P]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:09 [When I was younger, I liked Teen Titans Go...but I sort of grew out of it, I guess. The original has better animation, more intricate plots, and is more epic and intense, anyway.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:09 [Teen Titans Go! has its funny/good moments, though.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:11 [Anyway....Let's RP don't forget to tell your friends about it!]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:13 [I have!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:13 [ok thanks!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:14 Ok so....Hypna you know what to do,all ;0Frostibite can do is freeze with her hands and ice breath
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:15 *creates electricity on her hands*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:16 [I invited Paige and Joan to join, so they might pop up out of nowhere.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:16 [Sort of...]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:18 [Paige and Joan just said that they'll probably join tomorrow since they and myself have to go soon.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:19 [I have to go soon also]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:20 *With brain has nearby nature and river s on her side*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:25 *thunder roars overhead; is creating an electrical storm*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:26 Your doing great Volta get it stronger and we might win her!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:30 *sees Frostibite's army of ice and snow creatures (I guess that's what they are) flying at them at full speed*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:30 *lets out a yell and lets out a powerful burst of electromagnetic power**lightning comes out of her hands and comes down from the sky, striking many of the soldiers*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:35 Your doing great Volta get it stronger and we might win her!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 05:36 *gets water drops at side Water drops are floating in mid air*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Jul.31 05:36 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 16:54 *gets water drops at side Water drops are floating in mid air*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 04:42 [Hey you there Brunny?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 04:53 [Hey you there Brunny?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 04:59 [Hey you there Brunny?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 05:00 [Brunny?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.1 05:20 [Calm down dude. XD]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.1 05:24 [BTW, Paige and Joan informed me that they like superheroes, but they're currently members of too many superhero RPGs and they are turning down my offer of letting them join this RP. They might reconsider, though.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 05:27 [*frowns* Okie dokie!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 05:30 *sends drops of water to creatures making some melt*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.1 05:31 *sees Frostibite herself* [Can you play as her for now? It would be boring to battle myself.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.1 05:31 *flies at her*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 05:32 *sends drops of water to creatures making some melt*
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.1 05:34 *cackles evily* I will take over Ashlandia!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.1 05:34 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.1 05:36 [Awwwww plz stay!]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.1 18:32 [Could you create a profile for Frostibite? Sorry if I'm being bossy; I just don't know what she looks like, what her powers are exactly (but I can easily guess that they include ice and snow manipulation), etc.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.1 18:33 Oh no you won't! *her eyes glow**raises her hands; lightning comes down from the sky and hits her hands, electrifying them**aims her hands at Frostibite and launches the electricity right at her*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 04:47 [Here!]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 04:49 [Fristibite is young adult with hip lengthed white hair and a whit and cyan bodysuit.She loves snow and her daughter Elise]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 04:54 [Fristibite is young adult with hip lengthed white hair and a whit and cyan bodysuit.She loves snow and her daughter Elise]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 04:55 [OK, thanks for the info!]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 04:57 [*winks*]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 05:02 *shoots ice at Ashlyn's team and also screams in pain at her shock from Vilta*
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 05:07 [uh....Brunny?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:07 *creates a barrier of electromagnetic force that causes the ice to melt*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:07 *the ice coming at her, I mean* [Sorry; I got distracted.]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 05:10 [uh....Brunny?]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 05:11 [ok]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 05:12 *screams dramatically*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:14 *looks at Ashlyn and Hypna, expecting them to help out*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:14 ^throws rock at Army with brain* We ARe WINNING!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:14 *creates more electromagnetic energy and thus more electricity around her*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:15 Don't look at us like that your the oldest *pouts*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:17 We're a team! We're SUPPOSED to help out one another; otherwise we'll fall apart!
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:17 *hypnotizes soldiers*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:18 I may be the oldest, but you're the leader. Age doesn't have to do with it; for all we know, you're the most powerful one among us, or Hypna./
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:18 *.
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:18 Guys stop arguing! *pouts at them for being so childish*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:18 It's totally childish!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:20 *Frostibite took advantage of the fact that they were distracted**turns to see a giant snowball being flung at her**doesn't have time to react; is hit by the snowball and sent falling down to the ground with it*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:20 *uses various electromagnetic forces to help shield herself from taking damage upon hitting the ground*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:20 *rolls eyes* OH NO VOLTA!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:21 Are you ok *meanwhike HYPNA is hypnotizing*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:22 Are you ok *meanwhike HYPNA is hypnotizing*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:23 *growls* you hurt my sister!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:24 *lays on the street, recovering*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:24 *gets up, rubbing her stomach and side a bit*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:27 *growls* you hurt my sister!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.2 05:27 *throws water AND rocks at Fridtibite,but she diges them easily*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:30 [Wait, Volta's Ashlyn's sister??]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:30 [Or is their relationship sister-like and Ashlyn is calling Volta her sister in an affectionate way?]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:30 Calm down sis!Volta is Fine look!*shiws Vokta recovering*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:31 [afevtion way XD]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:31 [Oh, okay.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:31 [BTW, please define "afevtion." I have never heard of such a word. XD]
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:31 BREATHe!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:32 *rises off the ground, flying back up into the battle**Frostibite sends a bunch of ice and snow creatures down at her; they fly towards her*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:32 *halts in mid-air and starts launching electricity at them*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:32 [really Brunny*rolls eyes playfylly*
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.2 05:33 *hypnotizes creatues* Loom into my eyes!
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 05:36 *cackles evily * You will not stop me this time Ashlyn!
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.2 05:37 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. Also, yes, really. XD Anyway, bye!]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.2 05:41 *cackles evily * You will not stop me this time Ashlyn!
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 10:57 Asha are you here
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 10:58  Secret message to Ashlyn  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 10:58 [yea I am]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 10:59  Secret message to Crystal  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:00  Secret message to Crystal  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:01  Secret message to Ashlyn  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:02 *frowns* Younwill not beat me cause I always beat you!*rhinks* no no redo I can think of a better comeback!
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:02 My powers is Ice and i can fly
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:03  Secret message to Ashlyn  
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.3 11:03 [um everyone can fly in this RP Angel.....and make the profile!]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:04  Secret message to Ashlyn  
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.3 11:05 *rolls eyes* Even I coil think of a better come back Ashlyn!
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:05  Secret message to Frostibite  
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.3 11:06 And now I will destroy you an your teams,hey sold ties go easy on the volcano,that's your hot tub!
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:06 ok I will have ice and water
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.3 11:07 Know ATTAK her you pile of snow!gonon make yourselves useful!
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.3 11:07 [ok]
5>Frostibite (Evil leader), 23yo.2016,Aug.3 11:08 [you can't have water I have water sorry but you can have wind]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:10 * i ice you Frostibite HA HA HA
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:10 Ok I will have wind
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:11  Secret message to Frostibite  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:13  Secret message to Ashlyn  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:14 *growls* you will not destroy my home!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:14  Secret message to Crystal  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:15  Secret message to Crystal  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:15  Secret message to Ashlyn  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:16 * saying to Frostibite where are you Ha Where are you come on ;)
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:16 *breathes heavily*
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:17 Ok
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:17 *makes vines and drops of water charge after intruders with mind*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:17 You
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:17 OMGG are you all right Ashlyn
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:18 Will
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:18 Not
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:18 Destroy
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:18 My home
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:18  Secret message to Ashlyn  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:19 I am going to Destroy HA HA
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:20 your home
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:20 Argh!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:21 Wait....your on Frostibites side?
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:21 * i am going into your home *
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:21 Yes I am Ha Ha
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:22  Secret message to Frostibite  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 11:22 *gasps*
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:22  Secret message to Ashlyn  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:24 * ice a picture of you *
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:24 * I am so cool and evil HA HA HA HA
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:27 * I am so cool and evil HA HA HA HA
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:28 tip and start caying
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:29  Secret message to Ashlyn  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:30 is any one home
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:31 Help me i fall please help me
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:34  Secret message to Ashlyn  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 11:44 I am in a Black crop top and a red and black skrit and i got my hair is in a plait my hair is to my bum ;)
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.3 16:22 (Anyone here) :
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 16:51 I am here
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 16:54 Lily
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 16:59 Helloooooo
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 16:59 Lily
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:00 Player 2 who are you
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 17:00 /
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 17:01 I am a girl :D
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 17:01 LOL
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:02 Lily
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:02 Cool LOL
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 17:04 Who are you?
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:06  Secret message to Dianna  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:06 [ Hi its Soph. ]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:07  Secret message to Imi  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:08 [ Lily has power over electricity and is good in hand to hand combat]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:09 My power is ice and mind
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:10 [How do I read secret messages.]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:10 I am in a Black crop top and a red and black skirt and i got my hair is in a plait my hair is to my bum ;)
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:11 is show you on the computer what send ;)
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:12 What are you in lily are you evil
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:13  Secret message to Imi  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:14 Oh okay. I am good. I am wearing a black and dark blue shirt with leggings
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:14 No I cant see the message
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:15  Secret message to Dianna  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:17 ok coz if you send me the send is show on my computer
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:18 so you are nice lily
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:18 Where does it show at?
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:18 Yes I am
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:18 I am very evil :) HA HA HA
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:21 is show right next to the Secret message and i have to go is 1.21am OMG OMGG
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:22 Okay bye
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 17:23 BYE all
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 17:23 I got to go too. Bye * offline*
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 17:26  Secret message to Crystal  
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 17:28  Secret message to Crystal  
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.3 17:28  Secret message to Crystal  
4>Hypna (In Ashlyn's team), 9yo.2016,Aug.3 17:40 (Hi)
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.3 17:52 [Hi there guys]
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 18:13 [ Hi]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 23:39  Secret message to Dianna  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.3 23:48  Secret message to Dianna  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 00:37  Secret message to Imi  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 00:40 [Slcrach that I dont have power over electricity]
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 00:44 I have bio morphing. Which means I can change into any living thing. I am good at hand to hand combat.]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.4 00:48  Secret message to Imi  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.4 00:49  Secret message to Imi  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.4 01:03 [Okie Dokie!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.4 01:15 [guys before you join you have to describe your characters apearence]
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 01:52  Secret message to Crystal  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 01:53  Secret message to Crystal  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 01:54  Secret message to Crystal  
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 01:55 I have dark brown hair that is wavy and fuzzy and light colored skin. I have bright vivid blue eyes and long eylashes
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 01:57 She is tall and has a big smile
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.4 01:57 And that is Lily3
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.4 03:11 I pretend to be nice but am so evil you won't see my trickery. My hair is white and my eyes are the darkest blue, I am very tall and have a wicked laugh , I do not smile but if I do smile you know I am very happy
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.4 03:12 I like to ice skate but thats a secret lol
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.4 03:13 [ok]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.4 03:13 [how long is your hair Gardenia?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.4 03:28 [my description is a few posts up]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.4 05:04  Secret message to Ashlyn  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.4 11:47  Secret message to Crystal  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.4 11:47  Secret message to Dianna  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.5 04:17 [Is anyone on?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.5 04:41 [Aren't ice powers already taken by Frostibite and mind powers taken by Hypna?]
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.8 09:40  Secret message to Crystal  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:25  Secret message to Dianna  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:41 [ok my power will be the power of sun and the power of Fire]
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:42  Secret message to Volta  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:44  Secret message to Dianna  
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.8 15:45  Secret message to Crystal  
2>Dianna (Evil :D (oh yeah)), 16yo.2016,Aug.8 15:46  Secret message to Crystal  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:52  Secret message to Dianna  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:53  Secret message to Dianna  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:54  Secret message to Dianna  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:54  Secret message to Dianna  
10>Crystal (Very Evil ), 13yo.2016,Aug.8 15:55  Secret message to Ashlyn  
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.8 16:05 Ok
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.9 03:28 [So....... lets play]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.9 03:29 [ok]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.9 03:29 [Are you still here Lily?]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.9 03:31 [Lily?!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.9 03:31 [Oh well.....]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.9 03:31 *water is on her side* You will not take over my home!
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.9 03:32 *splashes water at Frostibite*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.9 03:33 You will NOT EVER take over Ashlandia!
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.11 01:18 *turns into cheetah and runs to Ashlyn to help her.*I heard you yelling I thought you might need help. I heard you yelling cause I took the form of the Greater wax moth. They have the best sense of hearing.
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Aug.11 04:09 Lily,!Where he heck have you been?!
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.11 04:43 Sorry had other things to attend to.
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:50  Secret message to Crystal  
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:51 [Can I create a supervillain?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:52 [@ Shani: Could you please create a profile describing your character's appearance, personality, powers, etc.?]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:54 [@ Shani: Just note that water & earth powers are taken by Ashlyn, illusion & hypnotizing powers are taken by Hypna, electricity & electromagnetic abilities are taken by Volta, ice powers are taken by Frostibite, shapeshifting is taken by Lily, and sun
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:54 and fire powers are taken by Crystal.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:55 [@ Shani: There are MANY other powers available out there, though - sand manipulation, air manipulation, darkness manipulation, light manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis...the list goes on and on. :)]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:55 [My personal favorite is telekinesis, but I like electrokinesis and electromagnetism manipulation a lot too so I chose those powers for Volta.]
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:57 *continues to fly up and blast her way through hordes of ice and snow monsters*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:58 *sees Frostibite up ahead**eyes glowing, Volta releases a POWERFUL bolt/wave of electricity; the magnetic field around it is so strong that all metal within a 1 mile radius leans/floats a bit towards Volta and her electricity*
7>Volta (Heroine), 15yo.2016,Aug.11 18:59 *the wave of electricity cuts through the ice monsters and soars towards Frostibite*
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.12 00:06 Good job Volta.
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.12 04:36 Hey, it is soph or Lily. I changed my name to match who I am better. Imi stands for imitation.
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Aug.12 04:38 [Oops meant to put the signs to show I was out of character.]
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Sep.25 17:56 [Are we gonna play?]
9>Emily (Soon to be hero), 12yo.2016,Sep.26 13:17 *watches the battle from the road cheering for Ashlyn's team*
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Sep.29 00:26 [sorry this club had been so inactive!]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Sep.29 00:27 [plz describe your characternEmily]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Sep.29 00:28 [anspd you cannot be a random girl,you will be killed by either Ashlyn team (not purpose) or fristibjtes team(purpose)]
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Sep.29 18:02 [Yay now can we start role playing]
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Oct.1 04:39 [So where were we]
1>Ashlyn (Team leader), 10yo.2016,Oct.2 04:28 [reas above]
9>Emily (Soon to be hero), 12yo.2016,Oct.3 23:23 [Emily has long blonde hair with brown eyes and is fairly tall. She gets extremely hurt by frostbites team and without realizing it frostbite gives her powers]
3>Imi (Heroine), 14yo.2016,Oct.7 04:39 [Cool]
6>Stealthinator (Dungeon keeper), 16yo.2018,Jan.1 13:54 I am the ...............
6>Stealthinator (Dungeon keeper), 16yo.2018,Jan.1 13:54 DUNGEON KEEPER
6>Stealthinator (Dungeon keeper), 16yo.2018,Jan.1 13:54  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=1  

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