" Aura "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to the world of the Aura...well, it's still Earth, but you get the idea! Meet, the Aura, people who came from another dimension in order to protect Earth from an evil that wants to take away all light and color from the world. The Aura are humans that come from color itself. Will you become one of the Aura, and protect Earth as well?

1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:48 Hello, and welcome to Aura! In this game, you get to play as an Aura, a person who is the humanized version of a color!
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:49 Here are some quick rules about the game... No bad messages, no fighting, no powerplaying, and please please PLEASE come on frequently!
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:50 Some character rules... Ok, so here's some things about the Aura. Aura are humanoid, but they besides figure, they don't really look the part. Everything about them is like their own color: skin, hair, eyes, even personality.
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:51 The name is always the same as their color, for example, my character's name is Yellow. They must be between the ages of 12 and 20, no higher or lower. Every Aura also gets some special abilities...For starters, all Aura have the ability to control a
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:53 magic that has their color, so it looks like a bolt of energy in whatever color you choose. It can do a lot of things by itself, like burning, stunning, blinding, and it pretty much can give the user telekinesis of sorts. Each Aura also gets one extra
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:54 power as well, besides the colored energy. For example, Yellow has the power of Mind Reading. That's all for characters!
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:55 Oh, yeah, you can also choose to join as a bad guy. These are usually Aura that are darker, or colorless in general, and are led by their dark master.
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:56 Another thing, at first you should join as one of the primary colors, until they get taken up, like Red, Blue, Black, and White. I'll explain why later!
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:57 Besides that, there isn't much to explain! Happy roleplaying all! Enjoy the game!
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 19:58 (Yellow: One of the Aura. Yellow is one of the Primary Aura, a strict leader of the group. She's extremely intelligent, and can even read minds. She's honest to a fault, and this can sometimes make her seem a little rude. She's very strategic, and
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 20:00 won't let others get in her way when she knows that she's right. Yellow has extremely light yellow skin, and corn colored hair that she keeps down to shoulder length, and sometimes keeps in a ponytail. She has golden eyes, and wears a light yellow
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 20:00 iconic baseball cap, no matter what)
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.12 20:02 (Orange: Another Aura. He's kind of a misfit of the group, being one of the youngest members. He's a new member, and doesn't fit in very well. Since he's new to the group, everyone seems to agree that he has a lot of training to do before he's ready to
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.12 20:03 really be an Aura. He's very childish when it comes to almost everything. Unlike the others, he seems almost...normal. His extra power is control over temperature, and he can also sometimes summon fire at will.)
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.12 20:04 (Yellow is like a mother to him, and always pesters him about learning and stuff, since she's sort of the mature one of the group. Orange on the other hand is a little too unruly, but also very smart and driven. Orange has very pale orange skin, and
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.12 20:05 fiery orange hair. He has gingery eyes, which will sometimes change in shade depending on his mood.)
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 20:07 (my final character for now, Red, another Aura. He's fiery, fierce, mischevious and driven to a point. He's hot headed, and very impulsive, despite having messed up many a mission because of his "instincts". He tends to not care what other people think
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 20:08 but don't let that make you think he's a terrible person. He sticks up for what he believes in, no matter what, and he's also very brave and selfless. He'll do anything for a friend, even die. He loves Orange a lot, and takes him under his wing to
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 20:09 Practice most of the time, which Yellow disapproves of greatly. His extra power is the ability to summon fire at any given moment, but his fire is usually quite notably weaker than Orange's for some reason...)
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 20:10 (his skin is a bright red that he wears proudly, and he has deep crimson hair the color of blood. His eyes shift like Orange's, depending on the mood.)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:02 [Violet:An Aura of the color purple/violet. She is VERY quiet, secretive, and tends to isolate herself a lot. However, it will be revealed that she is very wise, selfless, and brave, and she'll eventually open up with the others.]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:03 [Although she can be crabby and moody, she is mostly quiet and a somewhat sad. Her feelings can also be hurt quickly-the way Red often insults her for her strange behavior reveals that.]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:04 [Her eyes are a deep purple, her hair a more brighter shade of purple/violet (like Raven from Teen Titans' hair, except even more deep in color), and her skin is light gray that has a hue of violet.]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:04 (hi!)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:04 [She tends to wear purple and black hoodie sets. Oh, and her hair is long and wavy.]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:04 [Hi!]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:05 (thanks a bunch for joining both my games!)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:05 [Actually, here's a full profile of what she wears:A black bodysuit with some purple electric/flame-like markings. She also wears black gloves and boots with the same markings.]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:05 [Your welcome!]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:05 [I might join the Tribes game, but probably not.]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:06 (yeah, that's fine. I'm going to focus most on these two anyhow!)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:07 [BTW, above you said the Aura's magic gives them telekinesis. Does that mean they can wrap their magic energy around things and them hurl things at their enemies by lifting the object up via the energy?]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:07 [OK!]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:07 (yeah, that's what it meant.)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:07 [So...just noticed Red and Violet are total opposites. XP]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:08 [Red=warm color, fiery, hothead. Violet=cool color, calm, quiet. Red+Violet=bad things. XD]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:08 (yeah, pretty much...which is going to end up being sort of surprising later then...)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:08 [Can I create one more character?]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:08
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:09 (yes, go ahead, feel free)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:09 [Oops]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:09 [Okie dokie artichokie!]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:10 [Blue:My last Aura for now. Blue is calm, cool, and chill. He tends to "go with the flow" of things and doesn't get at least a tiny bit ruffled when insulted. He is also rather cheerful and has a good sense of humor. He respects Yellow, has a strange
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:11 understanding of Violet's odd behavior, acts like a protective but kind big brother for Orange, and oddly enough is a good friend of Red.]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:12 [He has navy blue eyes, wavy, short indigo hair, and light blue skin. He wears simple blue/indigo hoodie sets and matching indigo sneakers.]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:12 (speaking of last characters, I may make one myself...)
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:12 [He is also selfless and brave, and likes peace.]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:12 [OK!]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:12 [Are you going to make a bad guy?]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:14 (a traitor, and a bad guy...though that's technically two... oh well!)
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.12 23:15 (Green, my first sort of bad guy! Green is a young Aura, who's still training like Orange. She likes Orange well enough, but despises everyone else. Eventually, there's going to be a big reveal coming later that finally pushes her off the edge, causing
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:15 [OK, cool!]
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.12 23:16 her to go to the Dark Side. Right now, she's a tomboy to the extreme, and acts a bit like a jerk to the others except Orange.)
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:17 [Cool character! Ready to start?]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:18 [I'll be on here and WB! Paige and Joan are on WB.]
14>Gray/Silver (Aura), 15yo.2015,Mar.12 23:18 (And finally, I hope...Gray and Silver, identicle twin Aura who work for the bad guys. Gray is the brains of the operation, being a smart and deceitful girly side to the dynamic duo, and Silver is the power behind her schemes. They both just look kind
14>Gray/Silver (Aura), 15yo.2015,Mar.12 23:19 Of grayish. Gray's power is draining the energy out of people, and Silver can turn anything he wants to stone. Ready to start!)
14>Gray/Silver (Aura), 15yo.2015,Mar.12 23:20 (afraid I won't be joining you on WB though. I just haven't been getting into them as much lately, so I think I may just stop wasting the slots you guys could be using)
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:20 [Oh...I forgot to point of what Violet and Blue's powers are!]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:20 [OK.]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:21 [Blue:He can create and control water.]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:21 [Violet:"Real" telekinesis rather than the kind used via the magic energy. She can actually move things with her mind and is strangely extremely powerful. However, she can't really control her telekinetic powers very well.]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:22 (awesome!)
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:22 [That's why Violet is always so secretive-she tries to conceal her extra power so she doesn't hurt anyone. The other Auras don't know about her telekinesis and just assume she never received an extra power.]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:22 [I'll create a bad guy-White!]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:23 (hm...her secret power thing is really going to help with that reveal thing I keep mentioning...yay!)
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:25 [Great!!]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:26 [White:Sort of acts like the leader of the evil Auras. Has long pure white hair, skin that is so pale is looks white and lifeless, and white eyes. Her pupils are a shade of gray rather than black.]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:26 [She wears a long, flowing white dress and has grayish lips instead of red ones. She is sort of like Jeanine from Divergent and is smart, a good leader, but evil and cunning.]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:27 [She specifically has a rivalry-type relationship with Yellow, the leader of the good Auras.]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:28 [OK, I'm ready to start!]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 23:28 (cool characters! I'm sorry, I have to go, but I will be back later tonight!)
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:29 [Aw, okay. Bye!]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:31 [Oh, and White's extra power is creating and controlling light. She can also drain the color out of things, making them white and colorless, thus making her rather dangerous to the good, brightly-colored Auras.]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:31 [Her white energy and light powers allow her to turn things white.]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:32 [If you think her control over light and her ability to drain color out of things counts as two powers, I'll just have her be able to drain color out of things if you want.]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.12 23:32 [What is Green's extra power?]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 03:30 [Here!]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 03:42 [Izzy?]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 03:53 [Anyone?]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 03:56 [I guess you're not on.]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 16:27 [Should we start? Or wait for more members?]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 16:27 [I'm considering making one more bad guy. Does the color brown count as a good Aura are a bad one?]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 16:28 [I might make two bad guys-Brown and Cream.]
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 16:28 [Therefore, dibs on the 19th and the 11th slots!]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 01:41 (Brown would be a bad guy, I believe. So would Cream, so go ahead and make them! After that we can begin. It may seem a little comical, but the good guys all start out living in a small apartment in the beginning, so that's where our characters start)
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.17 23:52 [Since White can manipulate white energy, which resembles light, I'm removing her ability to control light. Her powers are:Manipulation of pure white energy and the ability to drain the color (and life) out of anything, including living beings.]
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,Mar.17 23:53 [Brown:Like Green, he will start out as one of the good guys. However, eventually he will grow to like and prefer the ways of the bad Auras and eventually join their side, especially because the other Auras will dislike him for being so dark and he'll
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,Mar.17 23:54 feel like he fits in more with the other bad Auras. This makes him a little bit more of a sympathetic character, but he's still going to be a bad guy.]
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,Mar.17 23:55 [Due to what color he represents, he sort of looks more like the typical African American-dark brown skin, VERY dark brown (almost black) eyes, and short, neat black hair. He is tall, but not skinny or brawny-sort of average in width.]
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,Mar.17 23:57 [He wears black pants and dark brown hoodies. He can produce and manipulate brown energy. His other power is the ability to control the earth. He can also control metal to some extent-as long as it's rusty and brown-ish.]
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,Mar.17 23:58 [In terms of personality, Brown is a bit like Violet except more dark and evil-he is very quiet, keeps to himself, but at the same time feels very left out around the brighter colors. He is actually witty and brave, too, but he'll only open up when he
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,Mar.17 23:58 joins the evil side.]
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:01 [Cream:One of the bad Auras, but strangely enough she is more expressive and less emotionally "blank" than the other evil Auras. She has long blond hair that has a tint of cream color, light olive skin that is more of a light cream color, and she wears
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:01 pants, a turtleneck sweater, and tennis shoes-all of them solid cream color. She is brave, loving, but due to her blankness in color she prefers being with the evil Auras and doesn't think she belongs with the good ones.]
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:02 [She was actually a good Aura not long ago, but she left the good Auras because she didn't fit in. She will form a close relationship with Brown due to their similar traits when it comes to where they think they belong.]
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:03 [Other than how kind she is, Cream does have somewhat of a bad side-sometimes her own color can sort of "get control" over her and she turns blank, ruthless, and evil. This makes her powerful, but she can control it pretty well. Sometimes she even puts
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:03 herself in this kind of state to enhance her fighting strength.]
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:10 [Powers:Manipulation of cream-colored energy and a form of astral projection/soul-self-she can release her spirit and let it fly free, making her capable of spying on others without being caught or seen, and she can make her spirit enter someone else,
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:11 thus "possessing" them and controlling them. The only giveaway to when she possesses someone is that that someone's eyes become cream color.]
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.18 00:11 [What is Green's extra power? Or are you going to keep it a surprise?]
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.19 01:30 (ok, so Green's normal powers are the manipulation of green energy, just like every other Aura. At first, with the good guys, she doesn't get her extra power, making many of the others believe she is weak or defective, another reason she hates them)
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.19 01:31 (then, Orange helps her unlock the beginning of her powers- she learns how to give sentience (life) to plants such as trees or flowers, and have them fight alongside her. She eventually leaves, and the baddies help her unlock her full potential)
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.19 01:32 (long story short...her extra power is the ability to give anything life and feelings. It makes her different from all of the "lifeless" and "dull" baddies)
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.19 01:33 (so, ready to begin! Let's get this roleplay started!)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.19 16:15 [Cool! The way Green doesn't really have her extra power unlocked at first reminds me of Violet's situation, except she
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.19 16:16 *except Violet's fully aware of her extra power and keeps it hidden to prevent herself from hurting her friends and losing control.]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.19 16:16 [Let's start! :D I'm really excited about this RP!]
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:36 (I have also decided that to keep us motivated, I'm going to introduce "episodes" to the roleplay. We will work through small plotlines, one at a time, in order to keep us going.)
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:38 (we can begin the first one today. Episode One: Portal Problems. Synopsis- the Auras are just going about their normal day, when Red comes home with a new dishwasher. Everyone gathers around to try it out, only to find that it activates a portal to
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:39 the dimension where the bad guys come from. Everyone tries to destroy the portal before it's too late, only to find that the villains have managed to get through the dishwasher portal into Earth. A battle ensues, and the Aura wind up victorious, sending
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:41 the villains back through the portal and then getting rid of the dishwasher. End of Episode One! This will mostly be kind of an episode to allow all of our characters to be introduced, and to see how they interact with one another, etc. Another thing,
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:41 some of the younger and newer Aura, such as Orange, Green, etc. do not know about the bad guys or the threat that they cause. LET'S BEGIN!)
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:42 *is sitting at the kitchen table, playing a game of chess with Orange* *concentrates hard on her next move*
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.22 20:43 *let's out a long dramatic sigh* This is soooooooooooo booooooooooooooring! Why can't I do something fun? Green get's to train with Blue, and punch stuff....all I get to do is watch you beat me for the thousandth time...
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:44 *sighs* Well, maybe you'll get lucky this time, if you'd just focus! Chess is an important training session! Honestly, being an Aura is not all about...punching things!
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.22 20:45 It's certainly a lot more fun.... *grumbles some more, as Yellow wins...again*
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:46 You see Orange, chess is an important teacher. It can show you strategy, and technique! It's not just something to bore you.
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:46 *kicks down the door* I'm back everyone! Look what I got for us!
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:46 *brings in the dishwasher*
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:47 RED?!?!?! What on Earth is that? Why did you....ugh you broke down the door again...that's the third time this week...
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:48 This my friend is a dishwasher! Now, this machine will wash dishes for us, so I don't have to do any work! Isn't it great, Yellow?
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.22 20:49 Woah! Cool! *runs over to the dishwasher* *by this time, many of the other Aura have also gathered around the dishwasher*
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.22 20:49 How does it work? *gives Red puppy dog eyes*
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:49 How it works is not important! We're getting rid of this...machine...right away!
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:50 No way! No more dishes for me, or for anyone else! This'll get it done for us. NO MORE DISHES! WHO'S WITH ME!
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.22 20:50 Yeah! No more dishes!
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.22 20:51 I could really care less. How does it even work? I don't understand Earth's technologies very well myself.
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.22 20:51 *rolls her eyes*
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:52 *looks a little flustered* It came with a manual...I'm sure I can figure it out... *takes out a large book* Oh! It says right here that you just turn it on, like this!
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:52 *runs over to the machine and presses a button* *the dishwasher starts glowing*
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.22 20:53 *laughs* Awesome!
4>Green (Aura), 13yo.2015,Mar.22 20:53 Er...is it supposed to do that..?
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:54 That's not awesome! We need to get rid of it now! *starts to walk to it, but suddenly get's blasted back by it* *it has opened a portal*
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:54 Red! Do you know what you just did! That's a portal you idiot! Hurry up and get rid of it!
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:55 On it! *summons some fire and tries blasting the dishwasher, to no avail* *the others also try to destroy it, but it doesn't work*
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 20:56 *suddenly, White steps through the dishwasher portal* Oh no...
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:56 Wait...is that-
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,Mar.22 20:56 What? Guys, what's going on?
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:57 It's...White.
1>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:57 (gonna change my character slot really quick. I just can't take Yellow seriously when her color is in White.)
6>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 20:58 (there, much better!)
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 23:50 [XD Red brings in a magic dishwasher. That's actually sort of funny.]
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 23:51 *when the dishwasher exploded and turned into a portal, she had cowered in a corner**looks up and sees White**recognizes White only by the stories she was told about her*
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,Mar.22 23:51 *looks at White grimly*
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.22 23:52 *smiles, but it is an emotionless grin* Hello, Yellow. Long time no see...
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,Mar.22 23:53 *is, of course, right now on the good guy side**sees White and is somehow attracted to her blank emotionlessness*
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.22 23:56 [Note:I'm going to make up a reason on how/why the dishwasher became a portal. If this isn't the reason, you can just tell me it isn't and I'll sort of just "scratch" this.]
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.22 23:57 Hm...my Auras did a very good job bewitching your...what do you call it? Ah, dishwasher...and make it turn into a portal as soon as Red brought it here.
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,Mar.22 23:58 Now...it's time that us light and dark Auras rise again. And there's nothing you can do about it, Yellow. We're coming to get you and your pathetic colorful friends.
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 23:59 *hides among the back of the crowd of good Auras, trying to keep her extra power under control*
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Apr.7 17:13 [Hey Izzy, I've been waiting for you to reply on Last of Us for a long time. Could you make a few posts on there?]
6>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.1 02:49 (hey, reopening this rp! Let's get this thing started up again!)
6>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.1 02:50 (about the whole, how and why the dishwasher became magic, you're kind of halfway right)
6>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.1 02:51 (a long time ago, the Aura's all lived in the other dimension, but then portals were opened up so travel could become possible to Earth and other dimensions. Eventually, the "good" Aura's rebelled, and went to Earth and shut down the portals.)
6>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.1 02:51 (the only problem is that portals could be anything or anyone, and there nearly impossible to shut down once activated.)
6>Yellow (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.1 02:52 *glares at White* No, you aren't! *lunges at White, and a huge battle ensues*
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,May.1 02:53 *gets shoved to the back by the other older Aura* *Iooks at the evil Aura curiously as the battle goes on*
9>Orange (Aura), 12yo.2015,May.1 02:54 *suddenly gets attacked by Gray, and screams*
14>Gray/Silver (Aura), 15yo.2015,May.1 02:54 *starts to try and drain Orange* Shut up you little Aura!
14>Gray/Silver (Aura), 15yo.2015,May.1 02:55 *gets suddenly knocked out by Red from behind*
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:55 *takes the initiative* Yellow! We've got to close that portal!
3>Red (Aura), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:56 *rushes over to the portal quickly, shooting fire at White and Silver*
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,May.10 03:26 *quickly blocks the fire with white energy*
11>Cream (Aura), 16yo.2015,May.10 03:26 *releases a cream-colored soul-self and makes it slam hard into Red, knocking him down*
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,May.10 03:26 *grabs Red while he's down, draining his color and his powers*
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.10 03:27 NO!!!! *runs towards White*
8>White (Aura), 20yo.2015,May.10 03:27 *uses Red's powers to launch fire at Blue*
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.10 03:28 *quickly launches water at the fire, quenching it**keeps running for White but is knocked down by Brown*
12>Blue (Aura), 17yo.2015,May.10 03:29 *sorry, typo, meant Cream
19>Brown (Aura), 18yo.2015,May.10 03:29 *impressed by Cream and rather interested in the bad guys*
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,May.10 03:31 *is attacked by Silver**quickly prevents Silver from grabbing her and turning her to stone by blasting his hands back with violet energy*
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,May.10 03:34 *Silver is knocked back and lands by Orange**he tries turning Orange to stone, but Violet's extra power activates immediately* NO!!!! *some of the pieces of the dishwasher are sent flying and hit Silver by an invisible force*
2>Violet (Aura), 16yo.2015,Aug.6 00:36  Secret message to Yellow  
10>Honey Lemon (...........), .....yo.2016,Aug.8 09:46 Hello
10>Honey Lemon (...........), .....yo.2016,Aug.8 09:47  Secret message to Orange  
15>Hot pink/Pink (Aura), 11yo.2016,Aug.13 02:02 [I am hot pink/pink I am a Still training Aura.I am shy calm and joyful I wear A hot pink T-shirt and Jean shorts]
15>Hot pink/Pink (Aura), 11yo.2016,Aug.13 02:03 [I have angelic pink eyes and Waist length Hot pink hair.My skin is brown and my feet are unusually small]
5>Fuchsia (Aura), 15yo.2016,Aug.29 23:49 May I join?
20>Purple (Team advisor), 13yo.2019,May.7 00:15 ( purple is tall with a dark purple suit and fedora underneath, a magenta shirt and purple tie)
20>Purple (Team advisor), 13yo.2019,May.7 00:16 (He does not like the mention of his feet which are abnormally large)
20>Purple (Team advisor), 13yo.2019,May.7 00:17 (He can shoot purple sparks from his fingers and use telekenisis)
20>Purple (Team advisor), 13yo.2019,May.7 00:17 ( he is cunning, clever and logical but is also untrustworthy and cowardly)
20>Purple (Team advisor), 13yo.2019,May.7 00:20 ( he does not approve of red or orange as he theorizes that they slow down the aura agencies unnecessary problems)
20>Purple (Team advisor), 13yo.2019,May.7 00:21  Secret message to Yellow  
20>Purple (Team advisor), 13yo.2019,May.7 00:22  Secret message to Yellow  

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