" The Best Superhero Roleplay Ever Created "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello to all Marvel And DC Fans! Hope you are ready for a fun roleplay that is going to be starring all of you! There are just some rules that are going to be created!
1). Please no bad words or fighting! (Unless in the roleplay itself)
2). Have fun!
3). Please create no more than 4 characters. Maybe 2 good guys and 2 bad ones. If there are spots available, you can take them.
4). Please have some description of your character. Be specific!
5). Enjoy the roleplay

1>Wolverine (Good), 40yo.2016,Jan.15 18:07 (Wolverine, is from the movies X-men, his nickname is Logan, or James Howlett, but Logan is preferred. He posses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and powerful regenerative ability that is known as healing factor.)
1>Wolverine (Good), 40yo.2016,Jan.15 18:08 (He is not a fan of Magneto and any other bad guys that are on his side. Wolverine is also a tough fighter that sticks by his own side, but will listen to others when they have good ideas.)
11>Hawkeye (Good), 30yo.2016,Jan.15 18:11 (Hawkeye, he is known as Clint Barton, but is also mostly commonly known as Hawkeye. He is very good as an archer and has terrific aim with his bow. He also enjoys pushing Tony and Captain America's buttons when he has down time. He hates all bad guys,)
11>Hawkeye (Good), 30yo.2016,Jan.15 18:11 (But will pick on them when needed.)
12>Sabretooth (Evil), 40yo.2016,Jan.15 18:15 (Sabretooth, is a villian that is also Wolverine's nightmare. He enjoys ruining his life and making things worst for him. His name is Victor Creed, who is also a mutant, but has cat like claws that are very dangerous. His primal instincts is leaving death
12>Sabretooth (Evil), 40yo.2016,Jan.15 18:15 (In his wake. So be careful of him!)
14>The Penguin (Evil), 40yo.2016,Jan.15 18:22 (The Penguin might not be as evil as others would want him to be, but I personally find him to be a terrifing villian that gives me chills every time he appears. His umbrella conceals a variety of deadly weapons and gadgets that can be dangerous to.
14>The Penguin (Evil), 40yo.2016,Jan.15 18:23 Civilians. So be careful of him everyone! He is going to be the main leader of the bad guys, but unless Magneto joins, he will be his second in command.)
16>The Winter Soldier (Assassin), 33yo.2016,Jun.9 09:38 (The Winter Soldier, AKA Bucky Barnes. Bucky was brainwashed by Hydra and depending on who you hear it from, either a plane or a train. Historians still speculate, given that Steve Rogers doesn't want to talk about it. During his time in Hydra he carried
16>The Winter Soldier (Assassin), 33yo.2016,Jun.9 09:39 out
16>The Winter Soldier (Assassin), 33yo.2016,Jun.9 09:43 dozens of assassinations. Enhanced with the Super Soldier Serum and a metal arm to make up for his missing one, which was the aftermath of the fall off the train/plane-which I accidentally forgot to add he was presumed dead-and put in cyro sleep and was
16>The Winter Soldier (Assassin), 33yo.2016,Jun.9 09:44 thawed when needed to complete a mission. His childhood friend, Steve Rogers, helped him regain his memories after an intense battle. Now Bucky Barnes uses his abilities to fight evil, instead of good.
16>The Winter Soldier (Assassin), 33yo.2016,Jun.9 09:49 Bucky/Winter Soldier is a sniper and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He can fight his way through hordes of enemies and come out barely scathed. He has enhanced strength and speed. Bucky is loyal, rather stoic, snarky and doesn't back down from a fight)
13>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2016,Jul.6 04:35 [Magneto is the main villain from the X-Men movies. Being a Holocaust survivor and having experienced all kinds of anti-mutant descrimination and abuse, he has been motivated to form The Brotherhood of Mutants - a group of evil mutants who think the only
13>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2016,Jul.6 04:36 way to solve the mutants vs. humans conflict is to start a war and take over the world. The only thing that stands in their way is the X-Men.]
13>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2016,Jul.6 04:42 [Magneto's real name is Erik Lehnsherr. Being able to control metal via electromagnetism, he is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. But that's not all - he is VERY smart. He practically has a genius-level intellect.]
13>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2016,Jul.6 05:01 [@ Jack: Hm...the Penguin is a bit creepy at times, but I read a Justice League comic with him as the main baddie, and he was actually a bit more comedic. There were several awkward moments where Batman just outright outsmarted him that cracked me up.]
13>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2016,Jul.6 05:06
13>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2016,Jul.6 05:06 [Oops]
4>Enigma (???), 19yo.2018,May.10 22:55 [Hey guys! I'm new. I'm not sure who the GM is here, but I really wanted to join. I made my own character. Hope that's okay.]
4>Enigma (???), 19yo.2018,May.10 22:59 [I'd be happy to provide more info on her backstory as soon as anyone's on, but it doesn't seem like anyone's been here in awhile...]
7>Death (Unknown), 22yo.2018,Aug.10 12:06 [I made my own character, can it be problem? and i can join?]

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