" Avengers Assemble: Earth's Mightiest Heroes "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to my RPG!
This RP is about, of course, the Avengers. You can choose any character from the MCU. Or, you can create your own. But, if you did create your own, you have to give a short description about your character.

At the beginning of the RP, I'll give a mission for you to complete, if you complete in together, your Experience, Strength, Wisdom, and Health will be doubled. However, during the role play, if something goes wrong and a player (the character) gets defeated, the amount of the above mentioned will be lowered.

You can buy whatever you need, and tell me if you have ideas to add more stuff.

Lastly, ENJOY. Have fun, and Be CREATIVE

Also, *NO MEAN WORDS OR TALKS. YOU CAN NOT CRITICIZE A PLAYER. YOU CAN NOT HURT EACH OTHER'S FEELINGS (unless it's part of the RPG. If so, remember, it is told to your character not you. But if something like this happens, tell me. I'll delete the character if that happens)

If the things marked with (*) were broken, you will be deleted.


Yours truly,

1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.1 10:30 WELCOME!!!!
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:46 Hello
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:46  Buying Bow Arrows set (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:47  Buying Chocolate cake (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:47  Dropping Chocolate cake (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:47  Taking Chocolate cake (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:47  Buying Encyclopedia (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:47  Buying Taser Gun (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:48  Buying Mittens (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:48  Buying Coat (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:48  Buying Winter boots (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:48  Buying Stormbreaker (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:49  Buying Falcon's wings (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:49  Buying Spidey's Web Slinger (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:49  Buying Widow's Dual Batons (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:49  Buying Iron Man suite (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:50  Buying Cap's shield (x 1)  
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:50 There, I think I'm set
Player 162022,Feb.1 17:50 What's my first mission?
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 04:53 Hello Marlaya! Welcome. So, your first mission is to is to find the rest of the Avengers. Since you're supposed to do this together
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 04:54 Team Work is a Dream Work. That's my moto
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 04:55 But, since you are willing, I want you to go and find an infinity stone. I want, the soul stone.
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 04:56 I know, it requires a sacrifice, but, some how find out a way
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 04:56 I'm not gonna help, but I will if you can't.
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 05:02 If you need more equipment, just tell me
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 05:03 I'll get them ready for you
Player 162022,Feb.2 09:36 Ok. Is there a hint to where it is or do I randomly look for it?
Player 162022,Feb.2 11:02  Secret message to  
Player 162022,Feb.2 11:02 By the way feel free to check out my Rp 'Night Hunters' It's kinda like this one in some ways
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 12:31 Well, have you watched EndGame?
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 12:36 So, According to it, Cap put the stones back to where there were. Maybe, it's still in Vormir
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 12:36 You better check
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 12:36 I'll help if you need any
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:46  Buying Cap's shield (x 1)  
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:50  Buying Gun (x 1)  
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:51  Buying Mjolnir (x 1)  
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:51  Buying Coat (x 1)  
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:52  Buying Hover Bike (x 1)  
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:52 Right, I think this is all I need
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:52 Hey, Marlaya, Malissa, nice to meet you
Player 122022,Feb.2 12:53 Maybe I could help?
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 13:20   + 5 Strength points to  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 14:19  Secret message to  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.2 14:19  Secret message to  
Player 162022,Feb.2 17:13 Huh. I have to take my pet wolf-dog to get to Vormir because that's what I love the most I believe.
Player 162022,Feb.2 17:15  Secret message to Malissa Twilight  
Player 162022,Feb.2 17:18  Secret message to Malissa Twilight  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:12  Secret message to  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:12  Secret message to  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:14 Oh! Well, what am I supposed to do. I guess, um.....Oh! you know what, you can just abort the mission if you want. I my self am a dog lover and it just breaks my heart to think...you know
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:16 It's ok! you know what, if you still wanna keep going, you can, I'll keep a jet ready for you. Or, if you feel like not doing it, feel free to select a different mission
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:17 I don't have one ready yet, but I'll get one ready.
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:18 You have a strong heart to even suggest letting your dog go with you
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:18  Dropping Space Ship (x 1)  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:19   + 1 Strength points to  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:20   + 10 Health points to  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 05:20   + 5 Wisdom points to  
Player 162022,Feb.3 10:53 Well, I think I'll choose a different mission for now, since that one's difficult for a beginner.
Player 162022,Feb.3 10:54  Secret message to Malissa Twilight  
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:03 Alright, then your next mission is to find what is called The box of secrets. It contains secrets not meant to be told, but kept hidden.
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:05 The box of secrets is a sandalwood box with intricate designs carved in it. It has four beautiful gems studded on it's lid
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:06 The first gem is Blue, it is told that it represents the element Water. Your mission now, is to find it.
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:08 Here's a poem I found on an old book, In the deepest ocean floor
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:08 *You'll find a Jewel
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:09 (Oops, just ignore the earlier ones. I accidentally pressed enter)
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:10 Ok, Here's the poem, In deepest of the ocean floors, you'll find a jewel worth more than gold, A jewel to help you summon, The great box of Secrets
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:11 Now, you have to think about this a little. Once you think you solved the riddle, tell me what you might need and I'll get it for yo
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:11 you*
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 13:12 Deepest of the ocean floors..hmm....I wonder what that means
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 14:59 Hey, Sorry to say, But, I'm gonna delete this RP. It's okay with you right?
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 14:59 It was nice meeting you. I'm still gonna stay in your one though
1>Malissa Twilight (Avenger), 16yo.2022,Feb.3 15:00   + 100 Strength points to  
Player 162022,Feb.3 17:20 OKay then. It looked like it was going to be a fun game but I don't mind if you want to. I'm glad your going to stay on mine though. Bye on this one then!

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