" Awaken "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

You are trapped in a dream linked to all the other people in this role play group. Your goal is to wake up. Not as easy as it sounds due to the fact that your body is stuck in a very very deep sleep. If you die in your dream, you die in real life. Cut your arm? Cut in real life. What ever forces are inflicted on your body during the dream, are inflicted on your body in real life. It is a dream so creating scenes and people is allowed but objects must be bought or given.

1>Chai (Dreamer), 14yo.2020,May.14 08:23 One Backpack, One Water, and One Food for everyone
1>Chai (Dreamer), 14yo.2020,May.14 08:24 Game will begin at 5 characters
2>Lyn (Crazy, Wild friend), 13yo.2020,Oct.18 01:38 HEY
4>Amaani (girl), 9yo.2021,Feb.6 09:23 Hi! I'm new.
4>Amaani (girl), 9yo.2021,Feb.6 09:24  Buying Knife (x 1)  
4>Amaani (girl), 9yo.2021,Feb.6 09:24  Buying Book (x 1)  

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