" Awesome Warriors "
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You are now apart of MoonClan!I am the Medicine Cat.

1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.6 14:44 Hello, to all of MoonClan!
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.10 21:18 Hello, Moonheart.
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.11 15:36 Hey Grayfire!
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.11 15:37 [So are you wanting to be Leader?]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.12 01:09 Sure!
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.12 02:25 [Does that mean I have to change my name to Gray'Star' now? I was just thinking that since this is a Clan that is made up then it could be a little different, that's all.]
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.12 16:25 [I personally think that you should change it to Graystar]
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.12 16:25 [But you don't have to if you don't want to]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.12 19:19 [Alright, I'll change it. It is your RP.]
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.16 22:07 Hello Graystar. Has hunting been well? It is such a beautiful day. I can just imagine 100's of voles jumping into your paws!
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.16 22:24 Yes, hunting has been great, and there hasn't been as much rivalry against the other Clans lately, either. Have you had many patients lately?
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.18 19:39 Thankfully no. I had one, but she just had some brambles caught in her fur. I think one of the queens is going to be having her kits soon. Means more healthy and strong warriors.(Smiles)
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.18 19:42 [Hey um I have another RP, its called Wolves. You should join! We still need an Alpha Male, Omega Male, Beta, and regular wolves.]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.18 22:07 [I'll think about it, but my schedule is really packed.]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.18 22:07 That is good. Would you like to come on patrol with me?
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.19 00:07 That is good. Would you like to come on patrol with me?
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.22 16:00 Yeah sure! I don't know if I'll be much help, but I can try! ;)
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.23 22:20 Thank you. I want to show you something. *walks to the border* Follow me.
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,May.24 16:35 [Walks with Graystar.]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.24 22:54 Look over here. *points with tail*
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,May.24 22:55 It's a group of rogues, and they seem to have been killed by some kind of poison or disease.
12>SilverFrost (Warrior), 16 TYyo.2016,Jun.8 09:23 Hi, can I join?
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,Jun.14 04:45 What should we do about it? These cats don't have any smell of a disease I know.[Yes of course you may join Silverfrost)
7>HeartBurn (warrior), 21yo.2016,Jun.30 18:00  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Jul.21 22:05 We should make sure none of our cats hunt around here, just to make sure whatever happened to them happen to us.
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Jul.21 22:06 [I won't be on much this summer, sorry, I have books to write. I'm busy.]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.10 00:39 [It has been so quiet around here I see.]
5>GoldenLeaf (Medicine cat), 8yo.2016,Aug.11 04:15 [Can I Join?]
5>GoldenLeaf (Medicine cat), 8yo.2016,Aug.11 04:19 [Can I Join?]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.12 00:01 [I'm sure you can. btw when you are talking as yourself and not your character, put brackets around it plz, it makes it easier to tell if you or your character is talking.]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.15 22:00 [Lets start RPing again!]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.15 22:04 *sniffs the dead cats* I think it's contagious.
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.15 22:05 *suddenly falls down**speaks hoarsely* Very contagious...
5>GoldenLeaf (Medicine cat), 8yo.2016,Aug.18 22:26 *bacjs away from The contagious thing* Graystar......
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.18 22:41 I'll... I'll be fine... just go...
5>GoldenLeaf (Medicine cat), 8yo.2016,Aug.19 00:52 *steps closer to him* I won't leave you...
5>GoldenLeaf (Medicine cat), 8yo.2016,Aug.19 00:53 I refuse too.....
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.19 02:01 Don't... I have to... protect my cats.
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,Aug.19 15:09 It's okay Goldenleaf, Graystar has many more lives still and she will only lose one. But you only have 1 life. Now please go and catch a vole; I'm sure Graystar will need strength after losing this life.
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,Aug.19 15:12 [Hey Goldenleaf so are you apprentice to Moonheart? Cause I noticed you say you are Medicine Cat]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.20 03:30  Secret message to GoldenLeaf  
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.20 04:18 [idk where to go from here]
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,Aug.20 07:07 [Yeah... Idk either. I've mostly been on my Wolf Roleplay. It's a heated battle there and it's very interesting!]
5>GoldenLeaf (Medicine cat), 8yo.2016,Aug.20 15:57  Secret message to Graystar  
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Aug.22 21:12 [I know, it's been fun! I play the 2 Ratches, Mistfly and the Backpaw, remember?]
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,Aug.31 01:17 [You play Mistfly too? I thought you just played the other ones lol. So what are some of your plans?*Totally intrigued*]
2>Graystar (Clan Leader), 24CATyo.2016,Sep.29 00:57 [Sorry I haven't been here, I just got my laptop's charger fixed.]
16>Frostclaw (Medicine Cat), 1/2ysyo.2016,Oct.15 00:54 Hello....Whats going on?
1>Moonheart (Medicine Cat), 9Moonyo.2016,Dec.9 03:43 [Okay, just out of curiosity, how is it that there are 3 of us Medicine cats]
6>Carter Alexander (Warrior Cat), 12yo.2017,Jun.5 15:43 UHhhh...

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