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14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.16 01:05 *hangs unside down from a tree hokds onto the branches with her legs and swings slightly*
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.17 23:26 *walking down a path by the tree. Sees Sara. Nods to Sara*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:09 Hello *her face is red from the blood flowing to her head*
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:18 Hey *his face stretches to a smile, but after a second his face returns to a careworn expression*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:23 Whats wrong with you?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:27 *he shrugged* just off today
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:33 Why?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:35 *he paused. Uncomfortable about the straightforward manner of the girl* it's just... I left my family, peace, and death to be here... I'm wondering if I made the right decision.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:39 I left my family to well...more like i was voplently ripped away as they pushed me out of their lives but still, I am doing fine wothout them
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:41 Yeah. I guess I might just need some time.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:43 So, what are you doing in this forest at 2am? You could go anywere but you chose here, why?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:43 It's close to where I'm staying for the summer
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:44 What about you?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:44 Oh, were are you staying for the Summer?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:46 I am seeing how long it takes until all my blood rushes to my brain and kills me
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:46 Just in the neighborhood north of here. I've come here more than once. It's one of my favorite places I've been so far on earth
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:47 Earth Sucks but I have stuff to do here so...yeah
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:49 Oh yeah me too. Wait... did you say kill you? Are you okay?!
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 02:56 Oh yeah im fine I have been here for 2 and a half days so I should drop any minute now
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 02:57 *Aric runs to her* don't die!
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:00 *chuckles* No its a thing dying is normal
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 03:03 *Aric stops in his tracks very confused. Stranger still he understands her situation almost completely* how?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:04 See in 5...4...3...2...*falls from the tree her head hits a rock and cracks open a few seconds later she sits up without a scratch on her and checks her watch* aw sweet a new record! I lasted 3 minutes longer this time
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:06 Im kind of imortal if I get a cut or something it will heal normally but if i get a cut then get shot in the head I will wake up perfectly fine and fully healed
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 03:09 *Aric looks extremely relieved* Okay.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:09 Huh...most people scream when they see me die, your cool whats your name kid?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:10 [I should mention Sara looks 14 for enternity]
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 03:10 The names Aric. Yours?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:21 Sara
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 03:32 You aren't human either then, right?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:48 That is debatable Technically yes I am human but on earth im not classified as human beacause of some stupid loophole scientists use
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 03:53 What do you mean?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:55 I mean exactly what I said, im hungry, do you wanna get lunch? I can pay Xantherban 12 has Amazing hatchi buns
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 03:57 [Hey do you want me to invite my friend to this rp to add more charaters or would you prefer it to just be us? You can choose]
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 03:59 Sure. I could eat.
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 04:01 [I told mom only you and Reanna so I would have to ask her tomorrow she at work. And I can add more characters too]
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 04:02 [ I mean if you want me to add more characters because I have more :)]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 04:02 [Ok if your mom says yes then I will ask my friend tomarrow]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 04:03 [Go for it add your oc's I'll add more to]
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 04:07 [can Reanna too? ]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 04:08 [I can ask but she usually has work so she isnt able to come on oftain]
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 04:14 [okay sound good]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 04:14 Ok! *takes a bracelet from her backpack and puts it on her wrist* put your hand on this bracelet here
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 04:17 Alright * puts hand on the bracelet*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 04:21 Now you might...well almost definitely feel really sick when we land and or puke so lets go! *presses a button and they telaport to an alien planet outside a large tree*
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 04:27 * Aric did feel sick. But he knew how to hold his stomach juice. He looks at the tree* big tree
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 04:37 Yeah how good are you at climbing? The resturant is at the top come on *starts climbing the tree*
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 05:07 *Aric transforms into a cat and begins climbing* I'm actually pretty good in my original form
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 05:12 Oh your shapeshifter fun
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 05:12 Dont eat the blue jelly orbs on the table they will make your head explode
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 05:39 Hehe. Why do they have that?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.18 16:36 They taste good, their species can handle it though they absorb the explosion somehow so it dosent effect them
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 23:05 Huh. Cool. What about the red squishy looking stuff in the bowl next to it?
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:13 [Hi]
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 02:15 Hi
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 02:15 [woops forgot these []]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:16 *continues climbing past tables on branches with aliens eating strange food* red stuff i mean it wont hurt you but its gross we are almost at the top, i own a table at the top, its the best one
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:17 Beautiful veiw, its worth the climb
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 02:19 Alright. * he continues to climb with her*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:23 *after a while she reaches the too and sits down at the table*
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 02:24 What will we eat?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:27 *a small robot with helicopter blades rises to their table it has a touch screen on the frony
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:28 *front*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:28 You pick it from the menue *starts swipping the screen and picks a few items
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 02:28 What is that?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:32 Its the menue swipe yo see a new page and tap what you want to eat
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 02:37 Okay. * he swipes once then taps on the meat looking thing.* like that?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 02:38 Exactly like that, drinks are on the 4th page, desserts are on the 5th and 6th
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 02:39 * Aric swiped a few more times, then he tapped on a red drink*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 03:54 *the robot decwnds* So Aric, why did you leave home?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 05:54 Which home?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.19 16:13 Any or all of them
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 22:58 The first time I was killed. The second time I didn't belong. The third time is only temporary, I'll be back at the end of the summer.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.20 02:22 Wait..killed? Are...are you imortal to?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 06:26 Not really. I only was with a cursed necklace. It keeps you from being hurt. Eventually when you are mortally injured, it will take you and your body into the spirit realm and torment you even after all you want to do is die.
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 06:26 I've heard it makes most kill themselves...
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.21 04:16 oh ok
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.21 23:21 What about you? What's your story?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.22 04:37 Oh...you dont wanna hear that boring old story its been told a million times over...they get it mostly wrong but thats fine...
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.22 18:51 What about you? What's your story?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.23 05:00 Again..its very boring not something you want to hear
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 22:51 *is hopping along the tree when she slips and lands on the table she is wearing a purple cloak and a tan mask with red swirls*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.24 22:53 Sorgin? Wait no you cant be him...he would...be dead by now...who are you and why are you wearing sorgins clothes?!
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 22:54 You knew my great grandpa? He gave me theese
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.24 22:54 I knew him yeah, we go a long ways back...
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 22:55 Not to long you look my age he died when I was 7
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.24 22:57 I knew him before he got married im not young, I just look like I am why are you here? Foxes..are are never up to any good tell me, what are you doing?
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 22:57 Not saying im a fox we are good at keeping secrets
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 18:59 They sent you to poision my food didnt they?
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 18:59 Wait how did you..?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 19:08 How did I know? 1 your shaking, probably your first kill right? *jade nods* 2, I can see the bottle in your pocket its peeking out its nightshade poision. And 3 they are always trying to kill me here
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 19:10 I always eat here and I have alot of enemys. Here is a hint kid, if your going to kill someone dont look them in the eye unless you have done it many times before, here and me the poision
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 19:12 *hands her the poision*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 19:14 *drinks the poision she falls onto the table then sits back up* tada
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 19:16 And you look small and tiny you are probably scared of killing someone, good you should be scared of killing people *hands her some money* If your havong money problems find me instead of those flea bags who keep trying to kill me but wont ever be able t
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 19:16 To do it.
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 19:19 How...how did you surbive that?...it...its strqight poision 1 drop is enough to put down a dragon...
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 19:20 I dont die you can try but its never gunna happen
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.26 03:54 Oh... hi
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Sep.26 06:14 Yeah I should have mentioned you might not want to hang around me, im a walking death wish
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.26 15:36 Oh... hi
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.27 05:35 Oh... hi
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.27 05:36 (Ees so nice he says it twice)
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Sep.27 06:04 [sorry for the repeats idk what happened...]
1>Alex (Human), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 18:27 [It happends sometimes]
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:46 Aric? *Sakura runs up to Bluefrost.*
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:46 What are you doing here?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:47 Me? How did you get here?
16>Bluefrost (Supprter), 15yo.2018,Oct.2 00:47 Magic rock. You?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:49 Sara. *Aric nodded to Sara.*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Oct.8 05:58 Really magic rock? have you herd of telaportaion bracelets? honestly...
16>Bluefrost (Supprter), 15yo.2018,Oct.19 04:18 Nah we'r sorta new to this... what year is it?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Oct.24 16:31 Ugh...I dont know I stopped counting a few thousand years ago
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 02:45 A thousand years?! If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 07:19 *sighs* I I dont freakin know.... again I stopped counting
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 17:23 A thousand years?! If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 17:24 [shoot it did the repeat thing again I'm going to ignore that.]
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 17:25 [It happends sometimes]
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 17:25 I dont remember us having any rock that take you through time and space.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 17:26 Dont! Use time travel Ever! Trust me its a bad Idea
16>Bluefrost (Supprter), 15yo.2018,Nov.3 17:30 Why not? We used and we're fine. A bit shaken up, but that's nothing serious...
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 17:31 I'm sure she would have a different reason for telling us. *after she whispers this to Bluefrost she turns to Sara*. What are the side effects?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 17:32 Ye at first its fun and then bad thinngs start to happen people die, people that were saposed to he born never are born like Michell Harlem
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 17:32 Sometimes if you do it a bit wrong you blow up...um...oh ya also the progression of disease is a thing
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 17:33 If you go back in time you could end up killing people with modern diseases going into the futre will probably kill you with their advanced diseases
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 17:34 Its just genuinely a bad Idea
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 17:45 Well we don't really know what this has done. But that does sound pretty terrible.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.3 17:47 Gimme your time travel thing...seriously I thought I collected all the time travaling objects...
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:15 We can't get back without this... is there anyway we can get back to where we were and still give this to you.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.17 02:17 Absolutly
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:18 Great! How?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.17 02:18 fist were do you need to go?
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.17 02:18 *first
5>Sakura (MC), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:19 We don't really know... we have to pick up a friend.
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.17 02:20 thanks ok, here hand me your stone
16>Bluefrost (Supprter), 15yo.2018,Nov.17 02:22 Here. I think it's some sort of wishing stone... I wish that this random stone will take us back to where we were and then return to Sara.
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:23 *the two girls disappeared but the stone didn't come back.*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.17 02:25 *gives out a very long annoyed sigh*
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.17 02:28 Alright im not doing this today Im going home *gets out some money and puts it on the resturaunt table and starts fiddling with her bracelet* I'll probably never see you guys again
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:31 Huh. Well maybe I'll see them and figure out how to destroy it. I don't remember any of this happening... so maybe it's in my future
14>Sara (Human?), ?yo.2018,Nov.17 02:32 have funny getting home *telaports off*
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Nov.17 02:32 *hops onto Arics shouldert* Hello
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:39 Aric transformed back into a human so he could support a fox on his shoulders
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:39 [forgot to put those in astricks...] **
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Nov.17 02:54 Im Jade
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Nov.17 02:54 [its fine]
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 02:58 Aric. But you've probably know...
4>Jade (Fox), 17yo.2018,Nov.17 03:01 why would I know your name?
7>Aric (Shapeshifter), 14yo.2018,Nov.17 05:31 *Aric coughed uncomfortably* I just meant if you heard...

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