" We Are The Past (Prequel Of We Are Legend And Rodents Abroad)(Open RP) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Long Before James (a guinea pig) tried to take over the world by brain washing humans and rodents...there was a mysterious place. The Vault! The Vault is heard to contain great power and treasure. You are a vault hunter rodent. You are the ancestors of Hoyt,Codex, and Melody. There are no humans on earth. There are dinosaurs, birds and giant insects. So join my team and lets find the Vault! You have to be an age from 1 and 8 in the game. You also have to be a rodent. BTW the rodents stand on two legs. Go to our blog and talk to me or Corona in the forum and we might let you join.

1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.12 17:16 [hello everyone! if you have playes we are legend or rodents abroad please join again for the prequel!!!!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.12 17:16 *played
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.12 17:18 [Angel is the one to give me this idea to have a rodent game so i made rodents abroad which was a pretty big game..thanks Angel!]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 20:16 [Hello!]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 20:33 [Shardena is the ancestor of the original Codex (not the robot, obvi).]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:03 [yeah!! COronas here!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:12  Secret message to Shardena  
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:18  Secret message to Beirut  
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:18  Secret message to Beirut  
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:19  Secret message to Shardena  
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:19  Secret message to Shardena  
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:20  Secret message to Shardena  
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:22 [are you on any other games/sites?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:23 \
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:25 [hello?]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:27 [There, I added a picture and short description on the blog.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:28 [oh ok thought you left]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:28 [Um, not really. Sorry, doing schoolwork.]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:29 [Why don't you format your blogs?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:33 [what do you mean?]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:38 [Change the font, backround color, size, add a header... you know, fancify it. XD]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:39 [CCCCCCCMMMMMMEEEEEEE]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:39 [just did]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:42 [Much better. XD In the header I would add text on the image that says 'We Are the Past' in Arial Black or Impact font on top of the Guinea pig pic.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:44 [can you put a header on Beirut and the text on the image cuz i have no clue how to do that]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:45 [what do you mean, a header on Beirut? You mean how I have Shardena's name over her pic?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:46 [yes]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:49 [okie!]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:51 [how's that? And the header will be ready in a few minutes!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:51 [you almost done with homework?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:51 [hows what?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:54 ]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:54 [I added a header for u]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:55 [Oops we must've both been editing XD lol]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:55 [I'll redo it in a sec]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:55 [yeah]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:55 [sorry]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:56 [Added text to the picture header]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:56 [yeah!!!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 21:57 [thanks!]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:57 [all done! :3]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:57 [If you ever need help editing a blog (or photos for a blog) just ask me.]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 21:58 [Beirut is Belt.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:00 [what???]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:01 [Shardena's nickname for Beirut is 'Belt'. XD]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:01 [Read her description.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:01 [😡]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:02 [And Beirut is Hoyt's ancestor, I assume? You might want to add that in your description.]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:03 [It looks like he's wearing a belt. Deal with it.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:05 [lets start]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:05 [oki
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:05 *]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:06 *runs from hawk flying right above him trying to have dinner*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:06 [Replies will be slow.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:06 ahhh!!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:06 [ok]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:07 *runs into tree* *knocked out*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:08 *peeks slightly around rock* *whispers* By the forest...
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:09 These other rodents have no respect for quiet. *goes back behind rocks*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:11 [DaAAANGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:12 [I JUST ACCIDENTALLY DELETED MY SOTW ACCOUNT!!!]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:17 [
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:17 [i did]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:23 [wrong character i think]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:23 [maybe? idk]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:23 * hawk swoops down and pecks at him*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:24 [brb I'm trying to recover my SOTW]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:24 *wakes* what happened to my leg!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:24 [ok]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:24 its bleeding!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:24 *hawk flew away cuz he got bored cuz the Guinea wasnt moving*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:24 [there we go]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:34 [back]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:34 [brb taking shower....will be quick]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:35 [sorry :(]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:35 [I've collected all the Ref #s of the people in my list that have messaged me recently, plus some others who I remember. I hope it is enough. :( DX]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:35 [kk]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:41 [back]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 22:43 [gtg]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 22:45 [okie]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 23:15 [back]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 23:16 [sorry thought i wouldnt be back]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 23:22 [hi I messaged you from my new SOTW account]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.13 23:25 [sorry gotta go again...sooo sorry]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.13 23:27 [its fine I'm WAAAAY behind schedule on schoolwork because of my SOTW catastrophe.]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.14 20:36 [All caught up.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.14 21:04 [im here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.14 21:05 [just waiting for you]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.14 21:05 [lalalallala!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.14 21:06 [sooooo bored!!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.14 21:06 [brb feeding guinea pigs]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.14 21:52 [XD ig Shardena invented the belt? ick XD lol]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.14 21:52 *idk not ick
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:02 [here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:03 [maybe guinea pigs invented belts and the pepresent power...GP kings and queens wear them]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:04 *they represent
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 02:06 [whatever. It's a taunting nickname, tho. XD]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 02:06 [I like 'pepresent'. Sounds peppy. XD]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:06 [XD]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:07 [lets start]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:09 *limps to near by rock where Shardena was*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:09 [hello?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:13 [guess you left]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:17 [hello?!?!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 02:31 [hello?!?!]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 20:33 [yeah I had to go it was getting late for me.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 21:13 [hey]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 21:13 ]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 21:36 *half-glances at Beirut, then turns back to her stuff*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 21:49 hello who are you? i havent seen someone for ages
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.15 22:02 [hey]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 22:12 [hi I'm off and on all day]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 22:12 *silence*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.15 22:32 *walks up to Shardena* Is there anything else you need, ma'am?
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 22:34 *quietly* Yes. Collect me some longer grass blades.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.15 22:34 *leaves to collect supplies*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.15 22:43 [Shardena is being called ma'am, not me, so DON'T. EVEN. THINK ABOUT IT.]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 01:08 [Yo Trent, do you still go to You're Banned? I just now remembered it.]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 01:26 Hey I'de like to join. P.s I'm a squirrel in studded leather armor.
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 02:01 [Hey! When you're talking as yourself and not your character, please put brackets [] around your words. It makes it easier not to confuse them. :) ]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 21:38 [Got it]* Spy's through bush wondering who these new rodents are then accidentally steps on twig*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 21:55 [hey]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 21:55 [Thanks :) ] *hears twig* SCIMON! REPORT!
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 21:55 [Oh, hi! XD We got on at the same time lol]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 21:56 *hears Thy*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 21:56 *runs from other direction with grass in mouth**drops grass* Yes, ma'am?
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 21:57 Scimon, investigate.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 21:57 *confused face*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 21:57 who ...is that?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 21:57 *Scimon walks cautiously around Beirut and towards the noise*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 21:58 *doesn't even notice that Beirut exists* Scimon? Analysis?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 21:59 *waves paw in her face* hello?!?!
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 21:59 *looks behind bush* There's no one here, ma'am. But I see paw prints, resembling a squirrel.
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:00 *growls* Scimon, containment.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:00 [7 years old?!?! thats a olld guinea]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:00 Pardon, ma'am?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:01 [Thylane said she's a squirrel]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:01 [oh yeah *facepalm*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:01 *]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:02 If that... outsider was spying on us, this guinea may as well. Containment protocal 17.
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:02 [XD *videotapes facepalm and makes a remix*]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:03 [REALLY!!!!! *facepalm*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:03 Understood, ma'am. *turns to Beirut* Sir, I am afraid you are infiltrating our fieldspace. Please come with me.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:03 *]'
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:04 [*posts remix on Youtube and gets a million likes in under half a minute, plus someone made a 10-hour version*]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:04 uhhhhhhh......what? why am i coming with you?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:05 youre not tricking me! *runs away to where he is out of sight*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:06 Infiltrators must be escorted from ma'am Shardena's workspace. Please come with me.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:06 *glances at Shardena for permission to persue, Shardena nods*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:07 *slowly goes in the direction Beirut ran*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:07 *has disappeared*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:07 [no its not magic! i have a plan]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:07 [OMG Scimon is totally a mix of M. Arronax, Fixit, and Data. XD]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:07 [okie]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:07 [????????}
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:08 [what???]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:08 Ma'am, infiltrator is nowhere to be found.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:08 [nvm idc....not trying to be mean just want to rp]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:09 [M. Arronax is from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which I am reading for school. Fixit is a Minicon Autobot from TF. And Data is from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I watched this moring.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:09 *bites nails in underground house (is actually a storage container that was made into a house)*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:10 Continue searching. And bring me a new supply of wackestone, will you? I'm running low. *Scimon leaves*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:10 *morning not moring
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:10 there after me *talks to someone that is not there*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:11 [what is wackestone???]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:11 [What is it with you and underground bases?]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:11 [Wackestone is a rock.]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:12 [Wait a minute... nvm the underground lab was my idea. XD]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:12 [dont judge me!!!! *cries*]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:12 *looks around* Sir?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:12 [but what does it do? is it a mystery atm]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:13 [XD *videotapes crying and makes a remix with crying and facepalming*]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:13 [It's just a rock. A brown rock. Simple.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:14 [ok]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:14 yes .....sir definatly yes
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:15 Sir, I have been ordered to speak with you. *jumps when he hears rustling in nearby bush* S-sir?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:15 [he still doesn't know where you are he's just calling out]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:15 [sir? i thought it was mam]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:16 *ma'am
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:16 [Scimon is looking for Beirut.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:16 [okie]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:16 [He's calling Beirut 'sir'.]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:16 [back to RPing]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:17 *hears Scimon* crap hes on to me *whispers that so he doesnt hear*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:18 Sir, please. I am not here tohurt you-ACK! *trips and falls on face* Ow.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:18 *to hurt not tohurt
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:19 *whispers* Sir what shall we do?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:19 *talks to a small cardboard box*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:20 *old raspy voice coming from box* wait till there gone
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:20 *stands*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:21 *sees sun start to set through the trees* I best report to ma'am. *heads back warily*
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.16 22:22 he's gone you can explore now
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:22 i need to wait
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:23 *hears Scimon's footsteps* Well?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:23 I... I lost him. I am sorry, ma'am.
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.16 22:24 you need to find it...the vault....now go
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:24 but?!?!
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.16 22:24 go!
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:24 *turns and looks at Scimon dissaprovingly* You fail me yet again, Scimon. *Scimon ducks his head*
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.16 22:24 *opens secret latch*
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.16 22:25 *closes and lockes with a special key*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:25 [Haha TF reference! I OWN this! XD]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:26 *puts things in big bag* Carry this to the cave.
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.16 22:26 *⎇ key hole looks like this symbol*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:26 *throws bag on Scimon*\
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.16 22:26 [wrong message]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:27 *opens secret latch*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:27 *closes and lockes with a special key*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:27 [there we go]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:27 *bends under weight* Oof! Yes, ma'am. *the two head to cave*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:29 *takes out small cotton bag*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:29 *pulls out three very small pieces of a map*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:30 *starts to go inside the cave with Shardena*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:30 well this map doesnt have village names so i will look at phisical features
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:31 *pushes him out* What are you doing? You have unfinished tasks to complete!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:31 i just cant figure anything out from these pieces
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:31 M-ma'am?
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Feb.16 22:32 Go on! Find him, bring him to me.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:32 *it is now night**sighs* Yes, ma'am. *leaves*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:33 *pulls out mountain climbing pick axes*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:33 *go down cliff in dark*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:34 [wait, so how advanced are the gps? I'm assuming no electricity, but... ?]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:34 *hears something in distance* Wh-what's that? [btw Scimon has very good senses]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:35 [melee weapons...bows,crossbows,backpack, stuff like that]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:35 [I don't want hi-tech stuff in this one. I mean, this Vault thingy can be beyond their time, but I don't want laser guns or gamma swords or robo-armor this time.]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:36 [Okay, thanks.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:36 [same]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:36 [XD]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:36 ---two hours later---
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:37 *lights small torch and walks towards noise*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:37 [this is a time change so when this happens the time changes with your character too]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:38 *gets to end* whew
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:38 [ikt i didn't see that till after I posted]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:38 [ok]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:39 *reaches a cliff* Whoa! *steps back*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:40 [actually it isnt a storage container its just wood planks underground]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:40 [and there is no card board box its a bucket]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:40 [just trying to get the time right]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:41 *sees indents in the cliffside* These were not here on my last patrol...
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:41 [okie I was wondering at least about the shipping container]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:41 *storage not shipping
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:42 [same thing]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:43 [Whatever. RP now.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:43 [pretty much i was talking about the kind on like a ship]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:43 *walks to a cave*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:44 *carefully clmbs down the cliff using the deep indents as holders*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:45 *suddenly looses his footing**slides down cliff face* WHOA!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:45 this should be where the next page is *points at a x that wasnt oringinally there (someone drew it)*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:45 [each piece shows where the next piece is]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:46 *piece not page*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:46 *crashes at bottom*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:47 *moans* Ow... *passes out*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:47 [okie dokey lokey]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:47 *goes into cave* *incounters large pythons*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:48 *screams* ahhhhh!!!!!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:48 *runs out*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:48 holy crap!
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:48 [you know, Beirut doesn
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:48 *pulls crossbow*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:49 [*doesn't seem to be fitting your description of him. XD I like it.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:50 *shoots one in the eye to blind it and it falls of other cliff which has staglimites at bottom*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:51 *snake dies*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:51 [So stalagmites are the ones on the ground? I always get stalagmites and stalagtites mixed up.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:51 two more to go!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:52 [idk i just guessed XD}
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:52 *throws crossbow on ground*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:53 *throws spear in ones mouth which then chokes and dies*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:53 one more!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:54 *takes out two swords* ahhhhh!! *runs at snake*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:54 *moves a little, making a rock hit the ground*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:54 *jumps on its back and stabs swords in its eyes*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:54 Unh... *opens eyes a little*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:55 *rock hits him on the head and he passes out again*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:55 that took alot of weight of my back *picks up cross bow and leaves everything else and heads into cave*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:57 *gets up again* What the hell...
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:57 *touches his head and pulls his hand back red with blood* Ow.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:58 *turns and sees a cave with weapons laying by it* What? Who's crazy enough to...
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:58 *finds piece on a wooden table*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 22:59 *takes piece*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:59 *walks over a dead snake into the cave* Ew...
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 22:59 *freezes when he hears Beirut's footsteps*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:00 *walks close to entrance but cant be seen* hes here *whispers that*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:00 [nvm about that sentence]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:00 he here *he whispers*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:00 *hes
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:01 *pulls out crossbow*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:02 *Backs out quietly*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:02 *falls to the ground from inguries from crash* AGH!
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:03 *holds his head where it is bleeding*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:03 *runs to entrance and points crossbow at Scimon*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:03 what are you doing here!
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:03 *doesn't notice Beirut because he's in too much pain*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:04 *a blood pool forms slowly under Scimon* Agh...
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:06 guess you wont talk *puts crossbow on back and walks away*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:07 *sits up slowly*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:07 [NOW Beirut is acting like your description.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:08 [patience...patience young grasshopper]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:08 [a quote]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:09 [Nu. Nu grasshopper. Too tiny. -.-]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:09 [Well he was acting like a scaredy-pig.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:09 *grabs sword from snake while walking*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:11 *looks at Beirut* Y-you...
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:11 i what? huh?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:12 *remembers Shardena's order* Con... containment protocal 17.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:13 *laughs*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:13 *stands shakily*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:14 Infiltrators are subject to removal. Forcibly.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:15 \
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:15 [I LOVE TF REFERENCES!}
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:15 *]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:15 *kicks him down* get up!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:15 you weakling
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:16 *change removal to deactivation*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:16 *stands*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:16 Infiltrators are subjest to deactivation. Forcibly.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:16 *subject
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:17 *kicks him down and puts sword tip on his neck*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:17 i could kill you right now
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:18 or not
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:18 *puts hand on bag her was still carrying from earlier*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:18 i think i will cut you up into little pieces and send you back to Shardena
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:19 *glances at peices of paper Beirut has*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:19 get off of the bag! *kicks it away from him*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:19 get off of the bag! *kicks it away from him*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:20 [ *puts hand on bag her was still carrying from earlier* what does this mean?]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:20 [The bag is on his neck]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:20 [okie]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:20 [The bag Shardena gave him]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:20 *pulls out peice of paper about the same size and puts it on tip of sword*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:21 [okie]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:21 what is that?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:22 Mine. Well, ma'am's. She found it.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:22 *PUTS HIS PIECES IN A LITTLE COTTON BAG*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:22 a piece of the map?!?!?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:22 [why caps?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:23 [sorry]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:23 How should I know? It looks like garbage to me. *starts to dip it in his blood on the ground*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:24 noo!!! dont!!!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:24 STOP IT! now!
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:24 And I get what?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:24 your life
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:24 It seems to be just some paper. But it must be valuble if you want it so badly.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:25 and away from that woman come with me and we will find the vault
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:25 erh um nvm
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:25 *lifts it out of the blood slightly but not all the way* My life. Hmm... Is that a promise?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:26 yes sir
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:26 Shardena is my teacher and my master. I am content with her. But... my life, you say? Let us see...
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:27 Alright. If you let me live, you get the peice of trash.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:27 *puts paper in his bag*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:28 come and find the vault with me!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:28 erm nevermind about that
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:28 Let me up.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:29 give me the paper then
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:29 You are VERY bad at keeping your secrets.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:29 mt secrets?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:29 *my
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:29 Your promise was to let me live. I am currently injured to where without help, I will soon die.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:49 [FINALLY the connection is working again! XD]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:50 [Although, I'm assuming you left.]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:52 You may not thinkit has to do with you. Oh, but it does, sir, surely it does! You see, you said you would let me live. Leaving me here is letting me die. The OPPOSITE of your promise.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:52 *smirks*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:53 [hey back]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:55 [hi]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:55 \
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:57 [I assume connection went out for you too?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:57 [brb i have a lot of homework]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.16 23:57 [yeah]]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.16 23:58 [kk me too XD Doing a paper on tarantulas.]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 01:00 [Just finished my article. Whenever you're ready.]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 20:55 [You online today?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:36 [here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:37 [sorry could come back before]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:38 *couldnt
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:39 [but i am here now]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:39 [waiting]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:48 [see this game isn't realistic cuz you cant kill the real players cuz i could kill scion right now but he is your character]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:49 *scimon
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:49 \
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:52 [Hey Isabelle in two days you will be deleted unless you comeback on]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 21:59 [ok gtg will be back in exactly an hour]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 22:31 [hi]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 22:32 [no one can be killed without permissionisms. *Trollicon face*]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:46 [hey]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:47 nr
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:47 [oops]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:48 [my character said something about the vault and your character didnt respond cto it]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:48 *to
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:51 5r1e`1
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:51 21
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:52 [oops]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 22:52 [wut?]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 22:53 [If you are attempting to speak in Cyclone, you are failing intimately.]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 22:54 [also that was not 'exactly an hour]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 22:54 *']
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:55 [
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:56 [hey lets play]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 22:58
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:00 *reaches for piece in bag...does he get or fail? ROLL and lets see!!!*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:01 \
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:02 [hey lets play]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:04 [guess you're gone]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:05 [bye then]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:15 [sry I'm doing schoolwork I told you I'm on and off]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:16 [btw I still dont like the roll the dice strategy. It takes the pure pretending out of roleplaying. -.-]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:17 [ok whatever]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:17 [Role-playing is just a fancy way to say pretending for me. :3]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:17 [XD]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:17 *rips his bag off his neck*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:18 *takes out piece really fast and drops the bag*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:18 *kicks Beirut in gut*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:18 *points crossbow at Scimon*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:18 Abduction of private property.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:19 Very dishonorable.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:20 *falls but is still pointing it at him*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:20 *grabs his bag*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:20 *gets up and runs*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:21 Hmph. Wimp.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:21 *dissappears behind cave*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:21 *stands and goes slowly over to a few plants nearby*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:21 *turns around*
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.17 23:22 what did you get beirut *whispers*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:23 i got two pieces *whispers*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:23 [brb dinner]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:23 *cleans his wounds with the leaves*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:23 [kk]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:34 [back]
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.17 23:35 are they still out there?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:35 yes sir
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:36 he is right out side
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:36 i took a piece from him because he was reaching for a weapon most likely
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.17 23:37 you WIMP
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:39 i am not a WImp!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:39 *wimp!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:40 you go out there and do it!
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.17 23:41 im a small hairless guinea pig with my legs boneless (not really it is a disease) plus! dont talk to your father lie that!
5>(No Name) (Beiruts master), ?????yo.2017,Feb.17 23:41 *like not lie
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:41 *begins to walk warily back to where he fell to try and find a way up.
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:42 *
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:44 [Father. *sigh* Classic, overused.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:44 WHATEVER! *crawls through tunnel and opens latch*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:45 *gets out*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:46 *sees Scimon*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:48 *stops*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:48 Hey i will help you if you promise me you wont do anything tricky and tell your master that to *screams*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:48 *reaches into his bag again*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:49 *screams that*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:49 Um... what? *is thinking: This guinea needs help. O.O*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:50 *pulls something out of the bag*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:51 what is that???
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:51 Me? Tricky? Hardly, sir. I merely use logic. Is this something unheard of where you come from?
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:51 Um... its my food? *takes bite*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:52 you think i want something?!??!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:52 dont you
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:52 i have everything i need
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:53 Anyway, that is beside the point. I am to continue my mission unless commanded otherwise.
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:53 what is your mission?
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:53 to cotain me???
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:53 no way
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:54 *pulls a cloth from his bag and wraps it around the injury on his head*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:54 '
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:55 Irrelevant. Good day, and I hope your mental illness improves. [Ooh! >:D]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:55 well ok whatever i will be on my way *walks to edge of the secound cliff]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:55 *continues wwalking slowly with a slight limp*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:55 *walking
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:55 [Beirut got burned!!!!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:56 * astreik not bracket
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:56 *starts climbing down*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:58 [if Beirut had a tunnel to the cave why did he climb down the cliff instead? idk a minor mess up]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.17 23:59 [idc lets play]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.17 23:59 [XD]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 00:02 *jumps off close to bottom and gets over the staglimites*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 00:05
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.18 00:06 [you spell stalagmites wrong. -.-]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 00:07 [idc]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 00:08 \
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 00:10 [gtg]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.18 00:12 [k]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:00 *After a week of utter confusion spying on these new comers decides it's time time to confront them but first.......*
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:03 Slowly sneaks into their camp and steals these map parts that seem to be so important to them. They'll work as for great leverage .
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:06 If these parts are as important as I think they'll find me themselves. * leaves obvious trail through forest*
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:10 [ Oh yeah sry I've been gone but I had a essay for language arts. Could you guys completely catch me up.]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:18 [ Oh and can you tell me what times you'll most likely be on. Thx]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:18 [ Oh yeah sry I've been gone but I had a essay for language arts. Could you guys completely catch me up.]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:20 [ Oh yeah sry I've been gone but I had a essay for language arts. Could you guys completely catch me up.]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:20 If these parts are as important as I think they'll find me themselves. * leaves obvious trail through forest*
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:20 Slowly sneaks into their camp and steals these map parts that seem to be so important to them. They'll work as for great leverage .
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:20 *After a week of utter confusion spying on these new comers decides it's time time to confront them but first.......*
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:22 [ just read a little and oops.]* Leaves obvious trail through cave*
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 01:23 [ just read a little and oops.]* Leaves obvious trail through cave*
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.18 01:54 [Them? Who's 'them'? Scimon and Shardena aren't asocciated with Beirut (other than the fact that
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.18 01:54 *the fact that Scimon thinks he's cray-cray]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.18 02:05 [And try not to repeat yourself so much... to reload your page, just hit enter with nothing in the textbox.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 14:15 [btw the pieces are with beirut in his backpack]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 14:16 [btw no ones in the cave??? i am utterly confused]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 14:21 [Corona catch her up]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 14:21 [since your the 'co-owner' of the game]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 14:27 [so does Scimon and Shardena know about the vault yet????]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 15:07 [hello]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 15:26 [[gtg playing video games]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 16:25 [im back]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 16:25 [no ones here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 16:38  Secret message to Scimon  
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 16:38  Secret message to Scimon  
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 16:58 [no ones here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 17:08 [well gtg]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 19:50 [here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 19:50 [no ones here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 19:51 [why hasnt no one playing???
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 19:51 *]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 20:48 [really?!?!? no one???]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 20:58 [btw the map is fairly big 8 HUMANS could stand on it]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 20:58 *8 guinea pigs
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:04 *incounters a large poisonous fly like insect at bottom of cliff*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:04 crap
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:04 *aims and fires*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:04 *misses and it knocks him down*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:05 *reloads a bolt*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:05 *shoots and kills it*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:05 it looks poisoness...perfect
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:06 *drags it to a forest near the cliff face*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:06 *puts it up againest a tree*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:07 whew that was hard
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:07 luckly it didnt spit posion at me
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:08 *cuts open its belly and blood spills*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:08 *pulls out two small poison glands*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:09 *cuts them open and dips bolts in the poisoness liquid*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:10 *sees sun coming up*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:10 [gtg]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 21:11 [BTw Isabelle when you are gone you have to read what you have missed]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 22:53 [hey]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 22:54 [COrona????????}
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 22:58 [why has no one been on!!!]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 23:10 *puts back part of the bolt n the ground and lets the poison dry on the bolts*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.18 23:10 *in not n
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:10 [hello???]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:12 *bolts dry* yes! poison bolts
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:13 *picks up his 6 bolts left* better use these for urgent uses
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:15 *dabs fingernail in poison and licks his nail* better get immune to this [for anyone who doesnt know some poisons you can get immune by taking small doses everyday but making the doses bigger and bigger until oure immune]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:16 *your not oure
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:16 *untill
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:17 *pours green poison in a glass jar and screws the glass lid on*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:18 *puts it in his backpack* better move on to the next location
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 02:18 *walks threw forest*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 03:20 [gtg]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 03:38 [here]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 03:44
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 03:53 \
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 13:35 [serously????? no one??????]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 13:36 [spelling error]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 15:15 *thoughts* im leaving father forever...he wants it all to himself
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 15:15 *thoughts* feels bad about leaving scimon
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 15:15 that was a weird thought i just had *shakes hed with his hands*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 15:15 [gg]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 15:15 [gtg]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 17:00 `
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.19 19:05 WHOA! I just came to check in and I see POWERPLAY-ITIS!
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.19 19:05 *[]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 20:50 [hi]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 20:51 [i do have a lot of homework but idc]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 20:51 [lets play if your still on]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 21:00 *looks into the morning sky and sees a bird...* that is about twice the size of me...i think i could take it down
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 21:01 *pulls out a non-poisoness bolt* [forgot he only poison three]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 21:01 *loades into crossbow*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 21:02 *poisoned
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 21:04 [waiting for Corona]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 21:08 \`
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 21:09 -well bye]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 22:49 `
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.19 22:49 [hello]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.20 00:44 [Hey guys! check out "Murder!!!" It's a fun game!
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.20 00:44 *]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.20 00:45 [its on rp-city btw]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.20 00:59 \
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.20 01:39 [gtg]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.20 01:57 `
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.20 02:02 [nvm i archived it because there was one part that wouldnt work out]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.20 23:42 [Wait a minute... 'the Vault'?]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.20 23:42 [GODZILLABOT PRIMAL ROBBAH! *rapidfires on Trent*]
4>Thylane (Awesome), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 02:10 [Sorry about that earlier I am totally confused. Could everyone just tell me were they are?]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.21 04:25 [IDK either. Alright, Trent, enlighten us.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:05 [ok soi am at the forest at the end of the two cliffs (the regular one and the one with staglamites)]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:05 *so
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:06 [and Thylane is at the forest at the top of the two cliffs]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:06 [idk where Scimon is at]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:07 [Thylane has dissappered when Scimon tried to look for he]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:07 *her
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:08 [thats all i know]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:12 [if you guys want details just let me know]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:21 [i have killed a large fly like animal and harvested its poison and i am about to kill a bird]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 21:24 [gtg]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 22:16 [back]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 22:16 [gtg]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.21 22:19 [You're still a Godzillabot Primal robber. -.-]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 22:55 [wut??]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.21 23:17 [*starts talking like G1 Blurr* GodzillabothadavaultwherehekeptMichaelBay'ssoulinthesoulcannonbeforeheescapeditsalsowheretheMonsterAKARavagewasputandwhereOptimusandShockwave'sfreakyghostsparkswerefound!]
12>Scimon (Shardena's Student), 2yo.2017,Feb.21 23:18 *ROBBAHnotRODDAH
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 23:20 [lets play]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 23:22 *shoots ahead of bird*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 23:22 *bird flys ifront of bolt*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 23:23 *in front
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.21 23:23 *kills it*
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Feb.26 14:08 [hello]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Mar.11 14:08 [heys guys im on! haven't been on forever though]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Mar.15 19:24 [Hey Trent, I just read a part in a Transformers comic that reminds me of you.]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Mar.15 19:25 [ "STARSCREAM: Like I said, my people want a fair trial." ]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Mar.15 19:26 [ "RODIMUS: Will you stop saying that, Starscream? They're not you're ANYTHING. They're a bunch of people who went insane and put you in charge. Any day now they'll realize the mistake they made and commit suicide: Death by facepalm." ]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Mar.15 20:31 [hilo]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Mar.15 20:31 [hello]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Mar.21 23:48 [hello i know i havent been on this game for awhile]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.8 20:15 [ok i am in a forest at the end of the two cliffs...thyane is a the forest above the two cliffs....shardena is in the same place and im pretty sure Scimon is in the middle on the flat ground between the cliffs]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.8 20:16 [the two cliffs are pretty much one...half the cliff bulges out so it looks like to]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.8 20:16 [the end half]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Apr.24 20:11 [Sorry I haven't been, my laptop had a virus. XP]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Apr.24 21:36
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:32 [its ok]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:35 [so there is a ledge bulging out of the cliff (about half way) so it looks like a giant step]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:35 [the cave is on the ledge]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:36 [i am in the forest below the cliff]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:36 [scimon is on the large ledge]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:36 [and thyane and shardena are at the top in a forest]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:37 [the notes are in my backpack]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Apr.27 21:38 [i am on to my next location leaving my father in the secret space underground]
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,Apr.28 04:25 [okie dokey lokie artichokie]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,May.10 21:18 [any questions?]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,May.10 21:19 *sees bird fall and trys to find it*
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,May.10 22:21 [Only question is how th
2>Shardena (Guinea Pig), 5yo.2017,May.10 22:21 [Oops, wrong rp, wrong message.]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,May.27 17:45 [im ready to start rping]
1>Beirut (Guinea Pig), 4yo.2017,Jun.14 22:27 [hey]

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