" BoardingSchoolKidz "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 19 years of age.
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Be your self in this weird friendly school.And if u want to be a teacher, tell me.

1>Ms.Myers (Headmaster), 42yo.2016,Jan.9 21:45 Ahh I just opened a new school with new students and even a school shop.
1>Ms.Myers (Headmaster), 42yo.2016,Jan.9 21:47 I guess the students will be arriving soon.
1>Ms.Myers (Headmaster), 42yo.2016,Jan.9 21:48 Ahh, this office looks nice*Walks into office*
1>Ms.Myers (Headmaster), 42yo.2016,Jan.9 21:51 I declare this school open!!
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.26 21:46 [Dani: Shoulder-length straight hair as black as the night with a wide electric blue highlight in her bangs and the back of her hair, extremely pale skin and eyes the same color as the highlight in her hair.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.26 21:55 [Dark blue jacket made from an exercise shirt with thumbholes, black crop top with 3/4 sleeves, denim bootcut jeans, brown leather belt, black sneakers with a 2 1/2 inch wedge.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.26 21:56 [I've stopped giving personality descriptions. They're so...hard to do.]
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.26 22:03 [Takato: Messy brown hair, yellow goggles with blueish lenses on his forehead, slightly tanned skin and reddish-hazel eyes.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.26 22:05 *is the first student to walk into the school**is carrying a black Japanese style messenger bag* Hello?
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.26 22:08 [White T-shirt with the Patriots logo on it, black zippie hoodie, blue jean shorts.]
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.26 22:08 [Oh, and red sneakers.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.26 22:09 [Basically looks and acts exactly like Rika Nonaka from Digimon.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.26 22:10 [Basically looks and acts exactly like Ryo Akiyama from Digimon.]
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.26 22:17 [Kari: Pink fitted tee with a purple heart on it, white vest, red skirt that goes just above the knee, capri pink leggings with small notches in them and five white rhinestones in a vertical line above the notches, white sandals.]
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.26 22:18 [Long wavy hair tied up in a ponytail and dyed bright pink, brown eyes and pale skin.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.26 22:24  Secret message to Ms.Myers  
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.26 22:24  Secret message to Dani  
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.27 02:20 *starts walking around* Is anyone there?
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.27 02:24 Ah. The office. I bet the headmaster'll know where all the people are.
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.27 23:42 [Sorry for waiting so long, I will do my character descriptions tonight.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.29 00:05 [It's been over 24 hours...]
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 00:48 *walks into the school**sees Dani**runs over* Oh, hi! We haven't met! I'm Hikari Kamiya. Kari.
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 00:49 *force-shakes Dani's hand*
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 00:49 Um, hi, I'm Danielle, but everyone calls me Dani.
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 00:52 Great! I'm such a foodie! I know all the good places to eat around here. There's, like, two. But they're fabulous!
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 00:54 Um, no thanks--
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 00:55 So we're on for Friday night? I can tell that we're gonna be best friends!
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 00:55 Um, I don't believe in friendship.
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:43 What?!
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 01:44 Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find the office.
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 01:45 *walks off*
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:46 *had walked in quite some time ago**was listening to Dani and Kari's convo*
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:47 What's her problem?
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:47 I dunno.
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:49 *turns around**takes one glance at Takato and falls in love*
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:50 *takes one glance at Kari**isn't sure what he's feeling*
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 01:51 *walks in, annoyed by Ryo following her*
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 01:51 *runs after Rika* Rika, wait up!
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:52 Um, hey!
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:53 Hey.
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:53 I'm Kari...
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:54 I'm Takato. So, where'd you move here from?
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:54 San Fransisco.
8>Takato (Junior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 01:55 DC.
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 01:59 *is trying to find the office*
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 02:00 What is that girl's problem?
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 02:35 *trips over her own feet* Whoa! *looks up**the headmaster is there*
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 02:36  Secret message to Ms.Myers  
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 02:36  Secret message to Dani  
20>Lauren (Senior), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:43 [Lauren:
20>Lauren (Senior), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:43 [NVM]
20>Lauren (Senior), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:44 [Lauren: red hair in an "over the shoulder" with her bangs held back by a flower clip, pale skin and reddish-hazel eyes. Magenta tank top with a pink hat, a red skirt and violet flats.]
10>Jasmine (Senior/Lauren's Sis), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:46 [Jasmine: brown hair that flows down to her waist, also pale skin and hazel eyes. Silver 1/2 sleeved dress, gold leggings, and silver and gold swirled heels.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:47 [Hi Kalista!]
20>Lauren (Senior), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:47 Come on Jas! Let's go!
20>Lauren (Senior), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:47 [Hi!]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:48 [I'm on too!]
10>Jasmine (Senior/Lauren's Sis), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:48 For the last time! Don't cal me Jas!
10>Jasmine (Senior/Lauren's Sis), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:49 *they run in*
20>Lauren (Senior), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:49 *stops* Hold on! No running in the halls. Especially in those heels Jas.
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:50 [Short light brown hair usually tied up in two braids. Light blue dress, white cardigan, tall white socks, white tennis shoes.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:50 [She also has a golden locket that has her father and mother in it.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:51 Ryo, I said stop following me!
2>Nicole (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:52 [Indigo/blackish hair with bangs. She usually wears purple/blue/indigo/black outfits.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:53 [Cec, can you go on The One That Got Away?]
2>Nicole (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:54 [Doesn't talk much. She is really strong and powerful though. She will open up though.]
2>Nicole (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:54 [Sure!]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 03:59 [We can still be on here.]
2>Nicole (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:01 [I know.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:02 Fine.
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:02 [Can you make your characters enter the school?]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:03 *Walks around the school.*
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:04 *bumps into Abigail*
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:04 [Quiet, loves writing, reading, poetry, art. Shy, and is a orfan.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:07 [Hello?]
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:08 [Medium length brown hair, green eyes. Red dress, white choker around her neck.]
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:08 [Oh sorry. I was on Warrior Cat RP.]
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:09
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:11 [Okay.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:11 Um, who are you?
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:12 [Sorry.]
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:12 Abigal. And you?
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:13 Abigal. Any you?
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:13 *And
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:13 [You should post on the Abigail slot with that.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:13 [Oops.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:14 I'm Rika. Bye. *walks off*
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:14 [Confident, easygoing, smart.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:14 Rika, wait!
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:15 *Walks into the school.*
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:15 *starts to run after her, but Abigail grabs his arm*
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:15 [Choose why.]
3>Atticus (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:16 [Why what?]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:17 [Why Abigail grabbed this arm.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:17 [Oops, I meant his.]
3>Atticus (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:18 [Brown hair, brown eyes. Navy blue shirt, and white shorts.]
3>Atticus (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:18 [Hmmm.]
3>Atticus (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:19 [Smart, sporty, easygoing, popular.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:19  Secret message to Abigal  
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:20  Secret message to Ryo  
3>Atticus (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:20 [Kalista? Still here?]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:20 [Shes not.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:21 I don't really know.
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:21 [Oh.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:22 What do you mean?
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:22 [Who is Mystery? Do think she's still here?]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:22 [Sorry. Meant to put that in brackets.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:23 [I dunno.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:25 [Me too.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:26 [Anyway, can you decide why Abigail grabbed Ryo's arm?]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:27 [Brb.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:27 [Brunny's on!]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:27 [Yeah. OK.]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:30 [Back.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:31 [Cool.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:33
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:33 [Still thinking.]
4>Grace (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:33
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:36 *puts headphones over her ears*
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:36 [Hi Mystery! Guess Felicity left, glad you are on!]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:37 [She's on now.]
4>Grace (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:37 (Hey)
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:38 [Hi!]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:39 [She's on now.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:39 [Is everyone still here?]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:39 [CURSE OF THE DOUBLE-POST!]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:40 [Kalista's browsing YouTube.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:42 [Does she have an account?]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:43 [No. I do, though. She doesn't use my thingy.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:44 [Ah. I do too.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:45 [Anyway, have you decided why Abigail grabbed Ryo's arm?]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:47 [She was trying to get to the library, so she pushed in front of him.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:47 [No. That wasn't it. She needed to ask Rika something.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:48 *Runs after Rika.* Why go?
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:49 [You mean Ryo?]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:49 [She grabbed Ryo's arm.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:49 [She's starting to be like Rosemary meeting Kari, from SC.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:50 [That already happened I thought.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:51 [Why did Abigail grab Ryo's arm and pull him back?]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:54 [That already happened I thought.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:54 [Yes, but I let you decide why she did it.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:55 [Why?]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:55 *Grabs Ryo's arm to push her farther. Runs up to Rika.* Why go?
4>Grace (Student), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 04:55 (Bye I've got stuff to do)
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:55 [That's why.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:56 *can't hear Abigail through her music*
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:56 [Uh, OK. You barely posted anything on this RP yet. Could you post something?]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:57 Hello? Can you hear me?
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:57 *quietly sings without even realizing it* 🎵 Turn your face towards the sun, let the shadows fall behind you...🎵
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:58 🎵...I remember when my heart was filled with ghosts...🎵
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:58
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:58 HELLO?
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:58 HELL?
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:58 [The song is Towards The Sun by Rihanna.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:59 [Omigosh! What did I just post there?]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:59 *lifts off one side* Did you say something?
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:59 [I did not mean it!]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:59 [It's Okay. It's normal for tweens.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:00 [Awkward typos.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:00 [Yeah Rika. I said a bad word.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:01 [Never mind that.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:01 [It's not a bad word.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:05 [Hello?]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:06 [Never mind that.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:07 [I'm still here.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:07 [Make Abigail respond to what Rika said!]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:09 [Brb.]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:11 [Back.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:13 I
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:14 Yes. I did. Why did you run away?
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:15 Just leave me alone. *lets the side of the headphones snap back to touching her head*
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:17 Do you know how to get to the office area?
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:20 [Oh, and I'm a big fan of your blog!]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:21 *doesn't hear Abigail*
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:21 [Thanks!]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:23 [Your welcome!]
18>Rika (Freshman), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:24 [Bye. I have to do my nightly looking-at-instagram-even-though-i-dont-have-instagram spree.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:25 I'll just find it by myself. Maybe there will be more people there.*Finds the office. Goes indide*
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:26 [OK. I have no Instagram too. It's just funny going to Instagram.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:26 [Bye!]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 05:30 [Bye!]
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 14:08 *starts running after Rika
19>Ryo (Sophomore), 15yo.2016,Jan.30 14:08 [*Rika*]
20>Lauren (Senior), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 14:16 [Testing]
9>Kari (Senior), 17yo.2016,Jan.30 14:17 *hears something* Gotta go. *runs off*
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 18:47 Hello? Is there anyone in this office?
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 18:49 [Hi!]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 18:49 [Oh.]
7>Dani (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 18:50 [Looks like you left.]
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 23:09 [Sorry. I started reading blogs.]
1>Ms.Myers (Headmaster), 42yo.2016,Jan.31 18:57 Oh, students, I declare the store is OPEN!!(The speakers said that...)
1>Ms.Myers (Headmaster), 42yo.2016,Jan.31 18:58  Giving Pony Mascot Shirt (x 1) to all players  
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.31 22:33 Hello?
16>Abigal (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.31 22:34  Buying Detention Slip (x 100)  
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.31 22:34 *Goes to the office.*
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.31 22:34 *Sits I.
12>Rosemary (Student), 14yo.2016,Jan.31 22:35 *Waits.*
5>Chelsea (Sophomore), 16yo.2016,Feb.7 16:42 *enters office* Hello! Anyone here?
15>Johany (tomboy girl), 15yo.2016,May.31 14:43 (is this roleplay active?..)
13>Stephanie (new girl ), 14yo.2017,Mar.6 08:49  Buying Pony Mascot Lunchbox (x 1)  
13>Stephanie (new girl ), 14yo.2017,Mar.6 08:50 This is good
13>Stephanie (new girl ), 14yo.2017,Mar.6 08:51 *Walks out of the shop
13>Stephanie (new girl ), 14yo.2017,Mar.6 08:52  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=9  
13>Stephanie (new girl ), 14yo.2017,Mar.6 08:53 *Walks into principal's office*
13>Stephanie (new girl ), 14yo.2017,Mar.6 08:57 What are u doing here, Rosemary?

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