" BTS Hostel Life "
This game is destined to players of 17 to 24 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This game is about you 'role playing' as one of the member. Whatever person in Bangtan you choose, you have to act like them. Not accurately be them, just act like them from what you knows.

*I already make a character. You just need a password from me to join as the member. To get the password, you have to know me ;)

Sorry but I create this game for my friends.

1>J-Hope (Dancer), 19yo.2016,Jul.2 20:15 Welcome Army!
1>J-Hope (Dancer), 19yo.2016,Jul.2 20:16 I wonder if any Army would notice this roleplay?
1>J-Hope (Dancer), 19yo.2016,Jul.2 20:16 Feel free to be any member that you like (except J-Hope bcoz i already him)
8>Fan (Saesaeng Fan), 17yo.2016,Jul.2 20:46  Buying Guitar (x 1)  
1>J-Hope (Dancer), 19yo.2016,Jul.2 20:47 hi
8>Fan (Saesaeng Fan), 17yo.2016,Jul.2 20:48  Dropping Guitar (x 1)  
1>J-Hope (Dancer), 19yo.2016,Jul.2 20:48 lol
1>J-Hope (Dancer), 19yo.2016,Jul.2 20:48  Taking Guitar (x 1)  
10>BIN (WHY), NOyo.2018,Feb.28 18:36  Buying MP3 (x 1)  
10>BIN (WHY), NOyo.2018,Feb.28 18:37 I WILL PLAY ESRB YTP!! LOOOOOOL
10>BIN (WHY), NOyo.2018,Feb.28 18:37  Dropping MP3 (x 1)  Bad jk

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