" Story Baking "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 20 years of age.
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Have you thought about how it would be if your favourite characters were cookies? Or muffins? or cakes?

1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 11:48 'I'm going to make the most exciting villain cookie of all time! What you gonna make Muhammad?'
2>Rita (girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 12:20 I think fondant cookie pie would be better.
4>Muhammad (Boy), 10yo.2023,Jan.11 12:30 I'll make the tastiest Sun Wukong muffin ever
2>Rita (girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 12:34 Wow, the Sun WUkong! That's cool!
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:16 Oh! cookie pie. We'll all make some cookies and put them in a pie. What are you going to make Rita?
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:17 Hope you have the money for all the overpowered ingredients your going to need for our chaotic Sun Wukong though Muhammad
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:18  Giving Lazer Berries (x 2) to Muhammad  I'll lend you these though
4>Muhammad (Boy), 10yo.2023,Jan.11 15:19 How do we get more money?
4>Muhammad (Boy), 10yo.2023,Jan.11 15:19 And i'll need a, lets say special kind of dough
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:21 Sell your baking to others!
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:21 Or you can make ingredients and sell them
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:21 And do you mean furry dough, or O.P dough, or fire-resistant dough?
4>Muhammad (Boy), 10yo.2023,Jan.11 15:24 Ohpedo
4>Muhammad (Boy), 10yo.2023,Jan.11 15:25  Buying O.P dough (x 1 cup)  
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:30  Dropping Baking kit (x 5)  
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.11 15:31 Just ask if you want any items to be added
2>Rita (girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 02:14  Buying O.P dough (x 1)  
2>Rita (girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 02:17 Oh, fluffy dough is really good. I'll buy one, too, and make fluffy little monster cookies (oh, I've always liked cookies))
2>Rita (girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 02:28  Buying Furry dough (x 1)  
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 10:57 Ohhh, like cookie monsters, lol
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 10:58 Ok, I added fluffy dough and chocolate drops.
1>Amaani (Girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 11:01 My first character recipe was one of a villain in a kind of obscure Jack London novel, the Sea Wolf, but I think I'll make a milder kind of villain now. What do you think would taste good in a pie with a Sun wukong and little fluffy monsters?
2>Rita (girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 13:41 Jelly? Pop rocks? Oh, maybe ice-cream will do.
2>Rita (girl), 12yo.2023,Jan.13 14:00 Or yogurt, I don't know if anyone likes lactic acid bacteria stuffing made of yogurt.

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