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you already know

11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:09 (mwahahahahaa!! This is gonna be fun!)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:09 is it alright if i put my chat stuff behind 2 parentheses instead? ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:10 (sure)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:10 ( we never picked an age for Ahren...)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.22 06:10 (ye as long as its behind a parenthesis)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:11 every 10 years is 1 human year so i usually go with something in the 200 range ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:12 (alright)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:12 (just a little younger than Beltane)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:15 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5uwNA7IRmpAdDctcVpERzc4RmM/view < -- here's beltane's ref btw ))
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:16  Secret message to Ahren  
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:17  Secret message to Beltane  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.22 06:18 (ah yes)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:22 (you both know what he looks like already, but this is Felix's design. Just imagine him a lot smaller, since he is still young)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:22 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1kwEuclC9KKYWZQWWxsNHNvckN0UnV4ZHZ0WjhXd3dWSzh3/view?usp=sharing
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:22 felix is adorable tbh i love him ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:23 (honestly I don't think I want to make more than just our two Catadraconis. They are a special species)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:24 i'm trying to find a good ref of saylem, i know i don't have any of lucian and xaphan ))
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:24 felix and valerian are the only ones worthy tbh ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:25 (lol its fine. you can describe them if you want)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:25 (storylinewise, Valerian is the original. And I agree.)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:27 alright i don't but i have a headshot of saylem as a pup ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:28 (Saylem is precious)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:28 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5uwNA7IRmpAOGJ1TWZxbHRsejg/view < -- awful quality but there you are ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:30 (;-; It says i need permission)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:30 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5uwNA7IRmpAdXNrMGwtTmRaTjA/view < -- and there's her and eligor if anybody was interested ))
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:30 ugh hold on ))
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:31 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5uwNA7IRmpAOGJ1TWZxbHRsejg/view?usp=sharing ))
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:31 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5uwNA7IRmpAdXNrMGwtTmRaTjA/view?usp=sharing - try those ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:33 (aww the bbys
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:35 alright what else do we have left to plan?? ))
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:35 bc i'm ready to start whenever ))
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.22 06:36 (almost there we just have to "kill" aron)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:36 (well I have some more *cough cough* details to discuss in private. But we also need to get Felix and Spark here)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:39 alright well i'm ready whenever ))
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:41  Secret message to Beltane  
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:42  Secret message to Beltane  
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:43  Secret message to Ahren  
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:44  Secret message to Beltane  
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:44  Secret message to Beltane  
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:46  Secret message to Ahren  
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:46 (gosh darn it now im listening to nothing but songs that fit for beltane! XD I'm really into these coming events!)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:47  Secret message to Beltane  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:49 *appears somewhere in Ireland with Spark* Whoa! This place feels so different from our home..
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:49 *apears next to Felix and his telaporter falls off and apart*
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:49  Secret message to C.J  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:49 (also I'd wait a bit for the kids to come across the Cataphiles)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:49 (it wont take long)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:50  Secret message to Ahren  
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:50 yeah....so many feilds....look! i think i see a forest someplace back there....lets go find a Cataphile
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:50 Yeah
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:50 (ok)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:50 *follows his nose, searching for any scent similar to his.*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.22 06:51  Secret message to Beltane  
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 06:51 how did they find out about the cataphile species? i thought they didn't know what felix was exactly ))
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:51 (oh sorgin is sorta a huge bookworm/thief. he knows A LOT)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.22 06:52 (Sorgin just told Felix and Spark that Felix was half Cataphile)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:52 (he's about the only one who knows what a cataphile is.)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:52  Secret message to Ahren  
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.22 06:52 (its fine with me)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.22 06:52 (he is the resident know it all him and sara have a text group)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 06:53  Secret message to Ahren  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:53 *while later the scent grows much stronger* Spark! I think we are nearby!
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 06:55 Looking behind her she watched her son struggle to keep up with her stride, loping over to him she grabbed him by the scruff and practically bolted towards the edge of the treeline.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:55 cool!
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:56 lets keep going!
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:57 *leaps happily into the air and runs ahead*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:59 *runs with him laughing*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 06:59 *sees Saylem in the distance* Look over there!! *points at her*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:00 Cool!
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:00 He whined as he swung from his mother's jaws, his tail plume catching on dead branches as she fled. His dark fur was caked in mud to hide his scent and his paws hurt from traveling so far.He watched as the trees started to become fewer and far between.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:02 *he starts yelling as he sprints toward Saylem and Xaphan* HEY!! ARE YOU A CATA-WHATSIT??
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:02 (had to do it X3)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:03  Secret message to Felix  
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:03 *runs with him excitedly*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:04  Secret message to Spark  
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:05 (k)
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:05 Her head whipped around at the sound of an unfamiliar voice, setting her son down and stepping in front of him she stood her ground and growled low in her throat. She didn't have time for a pups nonsense right now.
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:05 she's lowkey terrified they've been found out rn poor thing ))
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:06 *he skids to a stop* Umm... Hi..? *steps back slowly*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:07 Hi im spark this is my brother he was adopted he is half catafiddle we are trying to see were he was from
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:09 Her ears pinned back against her head as she watched him stopped in front of her, he looked like a Cataphile but,at the same time, not. He wasn't part of her Pack nor a part of any other's she knew. "Who are you..?" she asked him tentatively.
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:10 YALL TYPE FAST JEEZ ))
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:10 also brb ))
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:10 (yeah you learn to its why we use the * method its faster)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:10 *had started trembling slightly, but he forces himself to stop and speak* My n-name is Felix, Ma'am..
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:11 (kk)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:12  Secret message to Spark  
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:12  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:14 (SAY HELLO DANGIT!!!)
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:14 alright back ))
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:14 (?)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:15 (BLITZ ORDERS YOU TO SAY HELLO!!)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:15 (XD)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:15 (im confused)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:15  Secret message to visitor  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:15 (I HAVE EXPOSED YOU! NOW SAY HELLO!!)
20>visitor (visitor), .yo.2017,Oct.22 07:16  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:16 (also wb)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:16  Secret message to visitor  
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:16 She dipped her head at him, "Pleased to make your acquaintance."
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:17 (oh hi Amber(
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:17 *copies Saylem's action and dips his head as well* Likewise.
20>visitor (visitor), .yo.2017,Oct.22 07:17  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:18 (AHA SAY HELLO!)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:18 Do you know were my brother came from?
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:18 Xaphan peeked out from between his mother's legs, two unfamiliar figures stood in front of them and he trembled at the site of dark fur. (hes terrified of his father)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:18 (poor bby.. )
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:19 "What Pack are you from, little one?" she asked Felix. He didn't come from anywhere around the immediate area.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:21 Pack? I don't belong to a pack. *thinks back to CJ and Bakura* I have a family. Is that the same thing?
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:21 *spots Xaphan trembling behind Saylem* Aww, don't be afraid.. *his ears flatten with guilt, as he knows he scared the child*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:21 we found him as a baby on the planet Falconx but there are no people like him there
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:22 "Well, yes and no. What are you parent's names?" She figured he came from a rogue group if he didn't have a Pack.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:23 *he shakes his head* I don't know. I only remember my adopted family
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:23 C.J and Bakura but they are not our biological parents we are both adopted altho im a chia wolf like my mom
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:23 He looked at the stranger, realizing it wasn't his father he stopped trembling.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:24 (btw chia wolves also live on this planet. That is where we decided Ahren is hiding_
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:25 She was stumped, "Falconx...Chia Wolf??" Shaking her head she gazed between the two, "How did you get here?"
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:25 (altho C.J and Spark think they are the last chia wolves along with Alfie and Leo of course)
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:25 chia wolves also live on earth? ))
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:25 Sorgin gave us telaporters
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:25 *he drops the teleporter* this thing.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:26 (They live on so many planets its my species still in the planning phase this is kinda a test run altho i made C.J years ago before i even met Raeanna)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:26 (yes. in huge communities in forests)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:26 YOu might not have herd of Chia wolves We are a species created in a lab
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:26 Leaning down she sniffed the teleporter, "What is a teleporter?" she asked
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:27 What's his
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:27 I was made in a lab by Tomas my mom dosent like him but he gave me to her as an Im sorry present
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:27 name? *is staring at Xaphan*
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:28 "I do believe I've heard of Chia wolves before, I'm sorry for my initial ignorance." she apologized.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:29 you have? oh cool my mom was the leader of a planet in another universe
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:29 and A telaporter makes takes you from one place to another instantly but that one only worked once
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:29 "My name is Xaphan." the pup said quietly as he poked his head around Saylem's leg.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:30 (i gotta switch to my phone now. about to head home)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:30 Xaphan? *he smiles* What a nice name
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:31 "How will you get home then?" she asked
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:31 Hi Xaphan Im Spark do you like animals?..I have an animal book
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:32 He smiled shyly at the compliment, "Thank you."
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:32 ...I can telaport but ive never telaported more then a mile before...
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:32 also *takes out his animal book and hands it to Xaphan* this is my book it has alot of animals in it
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:33 "I like birds." he said, pawing at the small one that adorned his small mane.
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:33 at the small feather that adorned his mane* ))
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:34 *turns the pages* there birds there are 5 pages with birds on them
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:36 So what are you doing out here?
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:36 Curiously he looked at the colorful pictures on the pages, there we some he recognized and many he didn't.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:36 my mom said she knew an owl once named Nico
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:36 She winced, "Leaving." he stated simply
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:37 Oh.. Alright. Why?
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:37 He stared at Spark wide eyed, "But owls will eat you if you're not careful."
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:39 "Reasons that don't concern you." she snapped, her nerves still on end.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:40 *steps back again, his hackles raised* Im sorry..
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:41  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:42  Secret message to Saylem  
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:42  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:43  Secret message to Saylem  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:44 I-I didn't mean to be so nosey..
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:44  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:45  Secret message to Felix  
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:45  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:46  Secret message to Felix  
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:47 She sighed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you."
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:48 *turns to spark* I just realized that we didn't tell mom and dad that we left.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:48 *to Saylem* It was my bad, really. *lets his hackles fall*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:50  Secret message to Spark  
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:53 (sorry my parents needed help with the groceries and i forgot to click eneter when i typed (brb)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:54 (k)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:54 its ok mom and dad when they are fighting something or on a mission they dont notice your gone until your gone so they wont notice till Talie is back and mom will easily find us
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:55 And he was a nice owl he was a very small one he ate only small mice and berries
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:55 *to Spark* oh okay then.
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 07:56 Saylem's ears perked up upon hearing the distant baying of the Pack, "You must leave immediately. If they find you they will kill you." she said hurriedly.
18>Xaphan (Cataphile-I.P Pup), Pupyo.2017,Oct.22 07:57 Xaphan started whining upon hearing the howls, his tail tucked between his legs and his ears pinned flat against hie head.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:57 *he hears the baying as well* Who's they? What about you?
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 07:57 why?...would they kill us? its not like we are Sara
8>Saylem (Cataphile-I.P AlphaF), 230yo.2017,Oct.22 08:00 "The Pack! If Beltane finds you he will not take mercy on you, please, just leave. Run as far as you can for as long as you can. We will be fine." Picking up Xaphan by his scruff she looked at them a final time, "Be safe." she said before running off.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:01 Spark, we have to go.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:01 No
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:01 *now
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:01 (omg theres a countdown on netflix for stranger things!)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:02 *BANGS FISTS ON TABLE* SEASON 2 SEASON 2 SEASON 2 ))
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:02 (:D)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:02 ok..to the forest... I know how to hide in them mom taught me *runs*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:03 (5 days, 0 hours, 56 minutes, 40 seconds left!!)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:03 *grabbed his book before he ran*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:03 (ye)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:04 (*bangs fists on the table as well, chanting with Cataphile* SEASON 2 SEASON 2)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:04 *starts running away*
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:05 Beltane snarled as he lost the scent trail of Saylem for the third time, she had escaped the boundaries of the territory with his pathetic excuse for an offspring while he was 'tending to business' .
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:05 (remember caprial. Young 'uns cannot run as fast as adults)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:06  Secret message to Spark  
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:06 (ok)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:07  Secret message to Beltane  
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:08  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:10  Secret message to Beltane  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:11  Secret message to Beltane  
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:11 Kai (the beta) trailed along in front of him, his nose low to the ground. "She couldn't have gotten far, especially with that waste of fur slowing her down." he growled. His head snapped to the right as he heard twigs snapping, looking back at Kai>
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:11 *as he is running, his wing unfolds a little and trips him. He rolls to a stop*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:12 *he tripped right before beltane got there, so that noise was him*
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:13 he signaled for him to take the other side. Stalking forward on silent paws he listened for more movement from the underbrush.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:13 *runs over to Felix* you ok?
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:15 Yeah I'm okay. *gets back up and starts limping quickly away* Come on
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:15 your hurt...
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:16 It's just a little sore. Nothing's broken
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:17 Noticing the small, limping figure he drew himself up to his full height growling low in his throat. "And what do we have here?"
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:17 are you good or do you need help I can heal you it takes a bit longer to work up magic here though
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:18 *turns and sees Beltane*....you look like my dad...a bit...
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:18 *stops in his tracks* ... Um... *doesn't know what to say as he begins to tremble much more than before*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:18 Spark.. This... This is nothing like dad..
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:19 he is black and white...right he is to fluffy...
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:20 "Didn't your parents ever tell you it's rude to trespass?" he chuckled, stepping towards the two.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:20 um...we were just heading to the forest...dont mind us...we didnt mean to um bother you sir
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:20 *is too afraid to move, the feeling of fear in Beltane's presence is that great*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:20 we didnt know this was your territory...um sorry..we will leave
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:21 bel has a monochrome palette and is a ball of fluff, he does have bright blue eyes thou and a crown.....and a pendant )
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:21 (yes, which is very close to Bakura's color scheme)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:22 (minus the crown, pendant and he has dark blue eyes)
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:23 "Oh but it doesn't work that way,young one. Naughty pups get punished for their wrongdoings."
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:23 I um.well..Ill go tell my parents t do that then...
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:24 also beltane has a big white and silver mane )
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:24 (cool)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:25 S-Spark... D-don't.. Stop talking... *gulps* Y-you m-m-must be Beltane...
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:25 Beltane watched as Kai stalked up behind the pups, "And where might they be?" he asked Spark, looking down at him.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:25 *sits by Spark*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:26 my parents...they are on falcon..but the should be here...shortly
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:27 they..um should be picking up me and..my brother shortly...
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:29 He grinned upon hearing his name, "And who told you that?" he asked Felix.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:29 I've heard... about you..
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:30 "Hm, and what might those things be? Do enlighten me."
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:31 *he manages to move, inching closer to spark* You are not a good person...
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:32 .....
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:33 *wispers slightly* on a scale from sara to old Ziraph...how bad?...
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:33 ..."Shows no mercy..." *inhales deeply, trying desperately to shake the fear*
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:34 He made a tsking noise, "Now that's not very nice. What ever would make you think that?"
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:34 ...right..ok..Old..Ziraph then...
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:35 You... Give off a horrible vibe...
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:37 *is sitting trying to work up some magic to make a distraction so they can maybe run*
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:38 He gave him a wicked grin, "I'll take that as a compliment."
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:39 you..know there is a certain giraffe who you would...really get along with...
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:40 *keeps looking from Beltane to Kai*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:40 *mustered up enough magic to make light look like a rabbit hopping through the air
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:41 *
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:42 *has it run around Beltane and Kai hoping it will distract them*
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:43 Kai watched the dancing light, growling when it got closer to him. Beltane watched it in confusion.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:44 *taps Felix and motions for him to go*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:44 *he starts running away*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:44 *starts slowly backing away*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:45 *starts running*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:45 That rabbit will stay for about 15 more minutes...
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:48  Secret message to Felix  
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:48  Secret message to Beltane  
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:49 He saw the two make a break for it from his peripheral vision, growling he chased after them.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:50 *as Beltane gets closer, her grabs hold of Spark and unfolds his wings to take off into the air*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:51 Whoa! whoa!
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:51 ...ok...ok this is kinda cool but
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:51 Please tell me this isnt your first time flying!
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:52 It isn't!
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 08:52 He picked up the pace, ready to lunge before he faltered at the sight of the pup's wings.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:53 good....ok good
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:56 *with Spark's weight, he has a little trouble gaining altitude*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 08:57 I can try to make myself lighter with magic but magic is hard on this planet...
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 09:00 Pushing himself he lunged towards the two, swiping towards Felix's wings. His aim was off though and instead of meeting leathery skin, his claws met with fur and soft tissue.
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 09:02 *he yelps and falters a bit, but he flaps his wings harder, gaining enough altitude to stay out of reach of beltane*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 09:02 Leave us Alone! we did nothing Wrong!
7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo.2017,Oct.22 09:05 it's late here, i'm gonna hop off for the night )
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 09:05 (alright. goodnight)
13>Laolia (chia pup), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 09:06 *telaported to were Spark and Felix landed when they telaported* cool...
13>Laolia (chia pup), kidyo.2017,Oct.22 09:06 (ok bye)
13>Laolia (chia pup), kidyo.2017,Oct.23 06:13 *starts walking around*
13>Laolia (chia pup), kidyo.2017,Oct.23 06:20 *makes herself invisible in case there are any creatures around who might be scared of her*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.27 02:16 *flaps his wings, desperately trying to reach the forest*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.27 02:17 *flaps his wings to the point of pain, truing desperately to reach the forest* (this one is better)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.27 04:29 Are you ok Felix?!
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.29 01:24  Secret message to Beltane  
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:26 *attend to try to use his magic to make himself lighter but it isn't working very well*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:27 *attempts
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:33 Does that help?
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:34 He grunts through gritted teeth "Yes, a little.."
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:35 (I've been rping on wolfquest and am adopting that style)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:35 I'll try to keep it up but I don't know how long I can last...
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:36 (Ok)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:41 *after a few minutes his magic falters*
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:42 (We can't really continue without Cataphile)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:43 (Yeah...Ik..is she coming on?)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:44 Idk yet. I told her we could continue our planning on here)
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:45 (Oh)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 01:51 I'm on the other to too))
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Oct.29 02:01 (K)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.31 05:35 *is crying slightly she lost a child and a friend in the same day*
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.31 05:35 (since certain events havent happened yet, CJ and Bakura shouldn't come in yet)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.31 05:35 we are never going to get our little girl back *is in tears*
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.31 05:35 (laolia still needs to meet beltane)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.31 05:36 (ok that will wait then)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.31 05:36 (is cataphile going to come on?)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.31 05:36 (also thats another thing. Is talie ever gonna come back?)
11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo.2017,Oct.31 05:36  Secret message to C.J  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 16yo.2017,Oct.31 05:38 (oh ok and I havent decided if she is or isnt yet)
12>Felix (Catadraconis), kidyo.2017,Nov.9 03:40 Without the help of Spark's magic he quickly loses his strength and falls, landing in a deep crevice of a boulder.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), kidyo.2017,Nov.15 23:41 *tumbles onto the ground he has a few cuts and scrapes nothing to extremely serious runs over to Felix* are you ok?!
15>??? (???), ???yo.2018,Feb.4 11:08 HEY, WHAT'S YOUR PASSWORD AMY?!
6>Soorythisismyinvite (crash), 200yo.2020,Jan.23 15:42 shewwow
6>Soorythisismyinvite (crash), 200yo.2020,Jan.23 15:42  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
6>Soorythisismyinvite (crash), 200yo.2020,Jan.23 15:42 :((((((
6>Soorythisismyinvite (crash), 200yo.2020,Jan.23 15:42  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
6>Soorythisismyinvite (crash), 200yo.2020,Jan.23 15:43  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
6>Soorythisismyinvite (crash), 200yo.2020,Jan.23 15:43 why cant i do aANYTHING??????WWWWWBHYHYHYY
6>Soorythisismyinvite (crash), 200yo.2020,Jan.23 15:44 11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo. 2017,Oct.22 06:09 (mwahahahahaa!! This is gonna be fun!) 7>Beltane (Cataphile-I.P AlphaM), 250yo. 2017,Oct.22 06:09 is it alright if i put my chat stuff behind 2 parentheses instead? )) 11>Ahren (Cataphile), 219yo. 2

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