" Bridgeway High (boarading school rp) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 21 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

-~.>^The Deans Acceptance note^>.~-
Hello (Your in game name),
I am so happy to inform you that you have been accepted into Bridgeway High! This boarding school has been around for over 75 years and only 3 years ago it became a multi gender school! I'm so happy to have you! See you soon.
-George Mullin
``````````````````````````````````````````````````Hi! Welcome to my game! Be sure to join. It's fun, keep it appropriate though. No bullying (unless your character is popular), sexual remarks, high amounts of cursing, and ect. You may describe your character in [brackets] and then just begin to rp! Have fun, hope to see you soon.

2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,May.13 03:31 what role can i have?
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,May.13 03:32 hey, are you the same harper as in the one with rachel?
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,May.13 03:32 the one about the powers?
1>Harper (Shy student), 15yo.2016,May.14 04:05 [Hey Delaney, Yes I am! Also speak in brackets if you are talking as you behind the computer screen. You can have any role you want :)]
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,May.14 14:05 [sorry forgot]
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,May.14 14:05 [what roles are there?]
1>Harper (Shy student), 15yo.2016,May.18 00:55 [You can be the popular girl, a nerd, a jock, whoever you want to be. Typical school sterotypes.]
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,May.18 11:41 [well can i be a nice, peppy, popular? i dont really know how to be a snobby one.]
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,May.25 00:58 [oh and i have a rp called NYC Preforming Arts Academy. plz come check it out]
1>Harper (Shy student), 15yo.2016,Jun.8 04:33 [Sure!!]
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,Jun.8 13:46 [ok!]
2>Leveana (?????), 15yo.2016,Jul.10 20:25 [hey]
4>Jade (Jock), 13yo.2018,Mar.28 23:49 (Kicks soccer ball, just missing Harper) Oh.. sorry. Just practising for my big game. How are you? (BTW my friend is named Harper! Love that name!)
11>Luna (Student), 13yo.2018,Sep.22 04:30 [Hi just joined what do you do?]
11>Luna (Student), 13yo.2018,Sep.22 19:01 [Hi just joined what do you do?]
11>Luna (Student), 13yo.2018,Sep.23 03:22 [Hi just joined what do you do?]
14>kawaki (cute boy), 15yo.2021,Jan.8 19:02 hi
14>kawaki (cute boy), 15yo.2021,Jan.8 19:03 hi jade
14>kawaki (cute boy), 15yo.2021,Jan.8 19:03 waves*
14>kawaki (cute boy), 15yo.2021,Jan.8 19:04 any one here
3>kitty girl (new student), 11yo.2021,Jan.22 20:31 hi im new
3>kitty girl (new student), 11yo.2021,Jan.22 20:32  Buying Hair dye (x 1)  
3>kitty girl (new student), 11yo.2021,Jan.22 20:33  Secret message to kawaki  
9>Ash (Tomboy), 13yo.2021,May.19 02:55 Hey! I'm new
9>Ash (Tomboy), 13yo.2021,May.19 02:57  Buying Phone (x 1)  
9>Ash (Tomboy), 13yo.2021,May.19 02:57  Buying Computer (x 1)  
9>Ash (Tomboy), 13yo.2021,May.19 02:58  Buying Headphones (x 1)  [lol I'm wasting money]
9>Ash (Tomboy), 13yo.2021,May.19 03:10  Secret message to Jade  
9>Ash (Tomboy), 13yo.2021,May.19 03:39  Secret message to Jade  
5>Casey (Builder), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:17  Buying Computer (x 1)  
5>Casey (Builder), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:17  Dropping Computer (x 1)  
5>Casey (Builder), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:19 hi im new *picks up computer*
5>Casey (Builder), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:19  Taking Computer (x 1)  

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