" Cool Girls Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This roleplay is daily life is in the Summer with a 'cool girls' group' in this I will allow boyfriends but nothing innapropriate. kinda like a NICE version of the movie mean girls.

1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 21:47 Helloo
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 21:47 Hi!
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 21:49 Welcome to Cool Girls Roleply!
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jun.28 21:49 Yeah!
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 21:49  Giving apple iPhone (x 1) to Maddie  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 21:50  Giving rottweiler < 3 (x 1) to Maddie  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 21:51  Giving Nokia Lumia Phone (x 1) to FeliciGirl  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 21:51   + 1000 Money points to Maddie  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 21:51   + 1000 Money points to FeliciGirl  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 23:10 So....
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 23:43 Hey
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 23:44  Buying apple iPhone (x 1)  
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 23:45  Buying One Peice Swimsuit (x 1)  
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 23:45  Buying towel (x 1)  
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jun.28 23:48 I'm gonna go to the beach, who wants to come? *Adjusts glasses*
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:01  Buying lipstick (x 2)  
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:01  Buying foundation (x 2)  
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:02  Buying eyeliner (x 2)  
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:02  Buying Bikini Top (x 1)  
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:02  Buying Bikini Bottom (x 1)  
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:03 I'll come it will be fun
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:13 I'll call up Katrina, see if she wants to come!
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:16  Secret message to Katrina  
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:17  Secret message to Katrina  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:20  Secret message to Maddie  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:21  Secret message to Megan  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:22  Secret message to FeliciGirl  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:23   + 20 Money points to Megan   Secret message to FeliciGirl  
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:27 Heyyyyy Megannnnn Katrina is in on coming to the beach but she will show up late!
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 14:28  Buying beach chair (x 1)  
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jun.29 15:43 Yea i wanna go to the beach, Megan!
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.29 17:05 good so we are all going great me you guys there... but what beach
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jun.30 02:52 Megan?
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jun.30 05:36 I don't know...
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jun.30 05:37 Which one do you guys want to?
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jun.30 13:34 (this is a fictional beach) How bout Hanokuni Beach?
2>Maddie (BFF of Katrina's), 14yo.2015,Jun.30 16:19 Yeah sounds fun!
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jun.30 17:00 Megan, how bout that beach?
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.30 22:21  Giving One Peice Swimsuit (x 1) to FeliciGirl  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jun.30 22:22  Giving towel (x 1) to FeliciGirl  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 02:17  Giving towel (x 1) to FeliciGirl  
4>Megan (Nerd), 14yo.2015,Jul.1 05:04 "Alright, lets go"
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jul.4 00:21 Yeah!
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 15:25  Giving towel (x 1) to Euodia  Oh, I have an extra towel. You can have it, Euodia.
5>Euodia (FeliGirl's BFF), 10yo.2015,Aug.9 15:52  Buying apple iPhone (x 1)  Thanks
5>Euodia (FeliGirl's BFF), 10yo.2015,Aug.9 15:55  Buying sneakers (x 1)  
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Sep.26 20:26 [Does anyone do this anymore?]
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Sep.28 20:56  Secret message to FeliciGirl  
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Sep.29 21:06  Secret message to Katrina  
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Oct.22 21:44  Secret message to FeliciGirl  
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Oct.24 20:20  Secret message to Katrina  
7>Kay (New Person), 12yo.2015,Oct.25 04:09 Hey in new here
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2015,Nov.17 02:53 Oh hi!
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.31 16:15 [Does anyone do this anymore?]
3>FeliciGirl (Sassy Girl), 12yo.2016,Jan.30 02:27 [Does anyone do this anymore?]
1>Katrina (leader of CGR), 14yo.2016,Apr.13 00:56 hey guys! So whay do you wanna do now?
16>Isabelle (Singer), 10000yo.2016,Sep.22 02:39 hi guys
16>Isabelle (Singer), 10000yo.2016,Sep.22 02:41 HI?....
16>Isabelle (Singer), 10000yo.2016,Sep.22 02:42  Buying lipstick (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 17:44 Hi Girls! Can I join?
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 17:44  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Goggles  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 17:44  Buying eyeliner (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 17:45  Giving eyeliner (x 1) to Isabelle  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 17:56  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=textbook  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 17:56  Buying Stillettos (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 17:56  Selling Stillettos (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 20:41  Buying Bikini Bottom (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.23 20:41  Dropping Bikini Bottom (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.24 07:43  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=socks  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.24 07:43  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bikini Bottom  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.24 07:44  Buying eyeliner (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.24 09:04  Buying lipstick (x 1)  
9>Sexy Girl (?), 14yo.2016,Sep.26 21:01  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=pens (6 pack)  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.3 16:37  Buying lipstick (x 1)  Hi
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.3 16:37 Hi
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.4 19:31  Secret message to Katrina  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.4 19:32  Buying lipstick (x 1)   Secret message to Katrina  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.4 19:33 I think this group is on fire!
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:24 I'm socking wet.
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:27 *looks for a towel and dries her hair *
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:36  Buying lipstick (x 1)  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:38 *applies lipstick *
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:38  Buying Bikini Top (x 1)  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:39  Buying lipstick (x 1)  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:39  Buying Bikini Bottom (x 1)  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:40  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=iPad  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 15:34 I'm feeling hot, need some water!
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 15:36 *takes a bottle of water, and drinks it*
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 15:38  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bikini Bottom  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 15:38  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Goggles  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 15:39  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=rottweiler < 3  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 15:40  Buying pens (6 pack) (x 1)  
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 15:41  Giving pens (6 pack) (x 1) to john  
18>dulsanaya (me), 15yo.2017,Aug.15 15:27  Taking Bikini Bottom (x 1)  
18>dulsanaya (me), 15yo.2017,Aug.15 15:29  Buying eyeliner (x 1)  
18>dulsanaya (me), 15yo.2017,Aug.15 15:30  Buying Bikini Top (x 1)  
18>dulsanaya (me), 15yo.2017,Aug.15 15:30  Buying apple iPhone (x 1)  
18>dulsanaya (me), 15yo.2017,Aug.15 15:31  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=sneakers  
18>dulsanaya (me), 15yo.2017,Aug.15 15:31  Buying sneakers (x 1)  
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:20 *Harriet glances around the beach sadly, watching the popular girls as they dance around happily, giggling, and splashing each other with the ocean water. She wishes she could join them, but alas, she could never friends with the likes of them. She was
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:25 West High School's resident nerd girl, and therefore interacting with other girls higher up on the popularity scale than her was unthinkable according to the laws of awkward adolescense. She looks around for something to keep her occupied, so as to avoid
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:29 being caught watching the girls and being labeled that annoying, whiny kid who gets upset over other people not 'playing' with them. Harriet sees a couple of seashells here and there, but none of them are particularly impressive. All of it is sand, sand,
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:33 and more sand. The only inconsistency to break up the immense sea of sand is some stupid stick laying ten feet away. Harriet crosses over to it, intending to snap it in half to vent her frustrations,, but as she picks it up, she notices it looks odd. All
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:39 around it are beautiful leafy vines engraved into the mahogany wood, and holding it in her hands is giving her a strange, tingling sensation. Harriet wonders why someone would make such beautiful engravings on a stick. Trying to answer that question, a
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:42 thought pops into her head and she laughs and says to herself.* It could be a Harry Potter wand. *She smiles. Part of the reason she was West High's nerd girl was her obsession with the Harry Potter series. She knew the name of every character (no matter
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:45 how minor), knew the layout of Hogwarts better than the Marauder's Map, and knew enough spells to put Hermione Granger to shame. She even had memorized the entire first two chapters of the Philosopher's Stone and was working on the third. Harriet sighed.*
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:50 If only Hogwarts were real. Then I could be someplace where I'd fit in. And oh! *Harriet grins and flips the stick in her hand.* If this were a real wand, then I could solve so many of my problems just like that. *She snaps* I could do my chores faster, I
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:55 wouldn't have to get up to get the remote, aaaaaannnnd... *She jokingly points the wand at Katrina, who often mocked her for her thrift store clothes and thick framed glasses.* Avada-Kedavra.
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 07:59 *She had just barely said it, but apparently that was enough, and green light shot forth from the stick and struck Katrina, who fell to the ground upon the light touching her. Harriet gasped. All the popular girls were gaping at their fallen friend. Half
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:03 a minute passed before one of the girls, Megan, broke out of her stupor and tried to shake Katrina awake. When that failed, she looked in the direction that the attack came from, trying to find the source of the light, but by that time, Harriet had gone,
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:10 sprinting as fast as she could away from the nightmarish scene that had so quickly spiraled down into chaos. She ran into the city, dodging cars as she went with people turning to watch the fleeing girl. Harriet had no idea where she was going, so she
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:15 just kept on running and running until she reached an alley that she ducked into to rest. She panted. Harriet knew she would have to find somewhere to hide, as she couldn't keep going on forever. She started to think about where she could go. She couldn't
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:20 go home; she was a murderer now, and she definitely would have to avoid the poli-* Hello! *Harriet jumped and looked up to see the man who had startled her. He was wearing a blue, pinstriped suit, a long, tan trench coat, and red converse and his brown
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:25 hair stuck up at odd angles and looked like it had never seen a comb before. His dark brown eyes looked to her cheerily as he continued.* Lovely day, isn't it? Just wondering... you haven't happened to see anything out of the ordinary going on recently,
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:30 have you? *Harriet didn't know what to say. She was still in shock from the beach incident, and the man's question caught her off guard. What if he was working for the police? Should she try to run for it? She could try, but the man could probably catch
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:36 her with ease, so Harriet decided she would answer him and try to act innocent. She attempted to keep her voice steady, but it still came out a bit shaky in her response.* N-no, no, I-I haven't. *The man smiled.* Oh, good. I guess it just must have been a
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:42 malfunction with the TARDIS's scanner. You see, just finished dealing with a glitch in the code of the universe which lead to a bunch of characters from the Harry Potter series coming to life. Do they have Harry Potter yet? I think I landed in the
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:47 twenty-first century. Feels like the twenty-first century. *He sticks his tongue out, as if he's tasting the air, the concludes.* Yep, definitely twenty-first century. Anyways, glitch in the code of the universe, Harry Potter characters come to exist in
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:55 reality, and so the golden trio and I had to work together to save the universe from Voldemort. It was quite the adventure. Fixed the glitch in the universe, so everything's back to normal, but then the scanner picked up on some magic here, so I came to
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 08:58 make sure everything was normal, so as long as you say you haven't seen anything unusual, then we're good. *He smiles at Harriet.* Worst case scenario, someone finds a wand that was left behind and hurts someone with it. You haven't happened to see
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 09:02 anything resembling a wand, have y- *The man is cut off by a Dalek entering the alleyway. It says,* THIS ROLEPLAY FAN FICTION HAS GONE ON TOO LONG AND THE AUTHOR HAS LOST INTEREST IN THE STORY, CONSIDERING IT WASN'T GOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE. ALL CHARACTERS
10>Harriet Porter (stereotypical nerd), noyo.2017,Aug.17 09:04 WILL BE EXTERMINATED! *The Dalek blows up the earth and everyone dies, except it not, because this is a fictional story.* THE END
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Aug.25 18:09 *Violet looks around and sees Hariet*
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Aug.25 18:12 Hey dummie,why don't u speak like everyone does?of are u scared to be shooed by someone?*Violet says with a wink and a mischievious smile*
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Oct.6 23:28 (hey dummie Harriet whatever how can u just barge into someone's roleplay game.If u want a group make one your self DUMMIE.YOU'RE NOT A GIRL BUT A CRAZY BOY.I DONNOT WANT TO SEE U HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
14>Violent (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Oct.7 08:36 I'M SORFY BUT I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND U.WHAT DO U WANT TO DO?

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